A Call to Arms | Heavenletters

God said:

I have put out a call to arms. Arms in this case means love. The love We speak of now does not mean affection. It is much larger than that. It means understanding. It means being pliant, receptive, awarding. It means being something like a Buddha sitting still with a smile and seeing beyond the obvious.

You talk about life as an entity: How you greet it. What you make of it. You say to face it, as if life were your foe, as if life were a wrestler opposite you, out to get you, trample you to the ground.

Consider how you are disposed to life. What is your disposition? What is your position? If you have heretofore been looking at life with suspicion, perhaps now you can look more kindly toward it. Life is innocent.

And so with all the other people who inhabit the Earth. The most sophisticated are just as innocent as you. They are off on tangents just as you. They are just as blind.

Another word for “blind” is “unseeing”. The unseeing have been blinded by fear. Whatever it may be called — greed, ambition, anger, lust, control — it is fear.

So, as My child, you want to help others be less fearful.

I have told you that your greatest fear is that you are not lovable and, therefore, not loved. And everyone who looks at you, that is their fear too. It is no more nor no less than yours. It is yours. The manner in which and the degree to which they compensate for their fear may be different and greater than yours.

All the authorities who scare you are trying to scare away their fears. Why else would anyone want power and control? What are they afraid of? No matter the particular name of a fear, it is fear, and they seek to prove the illusion that they are safe and above fear. The truth is that they are, but that is on another level beyond their present belief.

Those who are blinded by fear and are unseeing are seen as self-centered. They are selfish because they think they have to fend for themselves. They believe they live in a grasping world, and that they must look out for themselves. They do not dare see beyond themselves. They do not consider being considerate.

But now you are a leader of people, and you lead them gently. You must look kindly at them. You, above all, go beyond the surface appearances and treat all with kindness. You see all with kindness; therefore, you can be kind. But you are kind without anyone knowing that you are.

When you are obviously kind, it is unkind. When you are obviously charitable, it is uncharitable. All you are aiming to do is to see more clearly so that others may also.

Today, consciously pause and find another way to meet what is not pleasant to you. Perhaps a co-worker offends you — you feel offended by a co-worker. Distance yourself a little, and respond in some way never done before. Pause a little. Rise not above the other. Rise above yourself.

You do understand what We are talking about here. We are talking about turning the other cheek. That does not mean you offer your other cheek to be slapped. It means you perceive from a different angle. The angle you perceive from can make all the difference in the world. It will make a difference in you.

The strands of life are not to be wasted. Enmity is not to be incurred. It is to vanish. And you can vanish it by seeing a different way. How important it is how you look at the world and the people and events transpiring within it!

You are not going to be everyone’s buddy. You are not going to fake that you love the entire world and everybody in it. You will simply accomplish much by sitting like a Buddha statue who greets silently and changes the world.

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