The Truth of Your Existence | Heavenletters

God said:

When you have regrets, you are missing the past. You are longing for opportunities from the past to undo or add to or change the course of. That is living in the past, and the past, a fluctuation on the screen of life, cannot be undone. You cannot change the events. You can only agonize over what was never so anyway.

You think something happened when you met someone and parted, or never got to know someone, or you didn’t take a certain job, and only if you had, or you did take a certain job and what if you hadn’t. Just as you cannot predict and live in the future, you cannot unpredict the past.

The past was scenery that moved past you. And you, yourself, moved past a reflection of what you thought was you. You saw a passing picture of yourself go by, and you thought it was you. Because you were part of the passing scenery, you thought you were existential. But an unmoving you, a thorough unchanging you, mistook the reflection for yourself. You thought that was you! You who are unchanged thought the changing scenery had something to do with you, as though it were vital or fatal to your good.

You are a high unchanging self. I won’t even say you have weathered the storms of life, because you weather nothing. Things happen but they are irrespective of you. You are not touched by them. You only think you are heaved and wracked by them, but you are untouched. Untouched means pure. Nothing touches or sullies the pureness of you. It is unreachable. Whatever transpires, it cannot touch the truth of you.

Somewhere deep in your heart you know this truth of your existence. You know it when you tell a lie because with a lie, you are really trying to tell the truth of yourself. You, the self of you, cannot do anything wrong. The twist of events called a lie, that ragged attempt at truth, comes from your projected need that events had something to do with your truth and that you must cover up what, in reality, can only be false. You lie to try to reaffirm the truth of you. You didn’t do it, whatever it was. You, the you of you, did not do anything. An assemblage of yourself did or didn’t do, but all the time you were pure being, safe from pictures in life.

Your error was in thinking you had to deny. Nothing could take away your truth in the first place. So in a lie, in a wayward way, you are trying to tell the truth. You think you are lying when you say that you are innocent of some event or non-event, but that is the truth. You are innocent. And you are an innocent. No matter how sophisticated you think you are, you are an innocent.

You are guilty only of being a human being who mistook something.

When you know your truth, you do not need to affirm or disaffirm anything. All the past has been absolved, and the future has no need to be, for the future is nothing real either. This is not telling you to be irresponsible or to make up stories. It is telling you to know your truth, and then to be it without a backward or forward glance.

You can look at it like this: to the left is what you call the past, to the right is what you call the future, and the present is straight in front of you. You can only enter the present which is right here right now. The past and the future are memories of what have already passed by you or memories ahead that are no more real than the past, all imagined the same. Thoughts back or thoughts ahead, no difference.

Don’t miss the present because that is where I am, and you don’t want to miss Me. You cannot miss Me because I am right in front of you. I am right here right now. I am your mirror. Look at Me and see yourself.

Don’t get caught up in the past. It is like going through old storage. It falls apart in your hands. It is the dust of dust. You can spend your time there, but you leave with nothing. You find nothing, and nothing finds you. You walk the same path, looking for treasure, but there is nothing new there. Actually, you walk in place. Now walk a different path and discover something new. Discover something new about yourself.

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