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God said:

What if everything you have done in your life is really right and not at all what you have thought? What if, despite whatever you might think, you played your hand well? What if, impossible as it may seem, you have no cause for regret for deeds done or undone? What if your mistake was thinking mistakes exist? In that case, you have been mistaken!

The concept of mistake has a short-ranged focus. You see A and then you see B, and that is as far as you go. You lost the spelling bee because you misspelled a word, but what if it were right that you misspelled it? All you can know now is how the word is spelled. You cannot know the significance of the misspelling; therefore, you cannot know that you were wrong to misspell it. How do you know that the slip of a tongue was a slip?

You hammered your thumb. How clumsy. Yet, what if that were, unbelievably, a great finesse? What if, because you hit your thumb, events in the world and your life swung into place? What if hammering your thumb heralded something wonderful, perhaps in the future, perhaps in the past, or how about right now?

You will never know, but perhaps you can imagine it.

You lost your wallet, or your wallet was stolen. How do you know that was a dreadful event? Dreadful is only a conclusion you draw. What interlude does the loss of your wallet perhaps create, unseen and unheard by you, but played nevertheless? Of course, you will never figure it out.

What if foolish is not foolish?

What if loss is not loss?

What if victory is no more victory than loss is loss?

Not only are you a critic of life in general, and yours in particular, you have also made yourself judge. It isn’t only people that you judge. All day you sort through your life, you sift it. You are judging right and left. Whenever you come to conclusions, you have wrapped up a segment of your life and filed it away. You can be sure you have overlooked something.

Whatever has happened to date is erased. That’s what clean slate means. What you are erasing is your attachment. You have been very attached to the concept of error. Error is an either or thing. To your mind, you erred or you did not err.

What if error and non-error are both possible at the same time? Then one cancels the other, and neither error nor correctness exist, if they ever did. In truth, error and non-error cannot coexist because error is a concept like any other.

So long as you think in terms of success or failure, you are missing the boat.

So long as you think of right or wrong, good or bad, you keep yourself from sailing.

The coexistence of opposites does not exist. Or, they exist ephemerally so long as you say so.

Can there be loveliness, you ask, without unloveliness? I say there can.

What if the one adjective in the world was lovely? Or magnificent? What would you make of things then?

What if the life that goes along beside you has no influence at all upon your state of being.

That is, of course, absolutely true, but you have not yet perceived that. How you feel, what you think, are not part of your being. Being is being regardless of anything else. How you feel, what you think, do affect your ego, however. That is all that can be affected. What is your ego but your picture of yourself? Draw another.

What if you could utter no word but Yes?

Start saying it. Yes is a lovely filler.

Today, in your heart, say Yes to everything. Then you will be very close to Truth.

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