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God said:

You feel grounded in familiar places surrounded by familiar things. You feel settled, and that is how you think you are supposed to feel. You feel you are the person who lives among these belongings and who, of course, belongs among them. It is as if you sit on a couch, bolstered by pillows on each side. You don’t slouch, but the pillows nevertheless keep you upright. They support you. They keep you in place. You depend on them. They help you identify yourself. “I am the person who lives here.” You feel safe and sound at home.

It is as if where you live tells you who you are. The walls demark your universe, yet it is a far vaster universe that you live in. The walls are a little illusion within the Great Illusion.

Spend a night under the stars.

Yes, the walls around you protect you from the elements. They also confine you. Your pictures on the wall are not really the guide to who you are. When you rely on your environs, you are like a swimmer who swims in the bath tub, and yet is meant to swim in the ocean. Anyway, the bathtub is located in the ocean.

Loose yourself from the bonds of your usual habitat, and you will remember what you are part of and where your true identity lies.

You are more than a resident of your house, town, state, country, continent, planet. You are far more than a citizen of the world. You are an angel of Heaven. And you are a resident of My heart.

Expand your boundaries. Be not confined to one space. Travel far. Float. Fly.

A star blinks in the night sky. A star reaches far. Its light reaches you. Where does the star belong? Surely it covers a greater area than where the compass says it is.

You are an expanded Being in a universe of love. You are a star set in arbitrary space to give light. You are a star who emanates light from Earth. Stars do not object to where they are. They know they are not limited by where they are, for their light reaches everywhere.

Let yourself loose amidst the universe. You are not a settler. You are a traveler. You are an explorer. You are on a tour. You belong where you happen to be, and you belong everywhere else as well. There is no space where you don’t belong. There is no space, beloveds. Your true location is My heart, and My heart is boundless, and so are you who resides in My heart. There is no end to My heart. There are no borders to it, nor are there borders to you. You have none.

You like to feel grounded in reality, but what you call reality is a passing fancy. You think the ground holds you up. It is My unbounded love that holds you up. Glued to the ground, you are not held up, you are held down. Come aloft, beloveds. Fly with Me. That is the Reality. That is the Actuality. That is the Truth. Where I AM, are you. I am the Immovable Stillness and Silence that go nowhere and yet are everywhere. What I AM, are you.

That you are located in one place, or even one place at a time, is merriment, beloveds. It is an idea you have. You are My great idea, and My ideas are vast. I have no little ideas. Did you think I did?

Your hand reaches further than your eye can see, unless, that is, your eye can see to Me.

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