You Are a Golden Filament of God | Heavenletters

God said:

Jump into the flow of life. Life flows for you to catch. Embrace the life that flows for you. Dive in. Get wet. Splash.

Do not be timid with life. Do not withdraw from life. Only know that your life does not have to be like any other. Your life is yours to choose but not to refuse. Journey you must. You are here for it. You are already on it. You already chose to set out. And now you choose which way to go. Right this moment you can choose. In fact, you are choosing every moment.

Everything you do is more than you think it is. Every drum roll of your heart is a call to other hearts. Every step you take bounces off somewhere else. Your every move reverberates in the universe and has far-reaching effects.

Amazing, isn’t it?

And you are also affected by the motion of others. A common boat you sail on rocks according to the ocean, but it also rocks according to the leanings of all those on the boat.

You who are before Me may be the far-reaching effect of a motion made elsewhere.

You do not know from where you have come. You do not know which star gave birth to you. Nor do you know where you are going. What transpires does not tell. What transpires does not matter so much as you think, but you matter more than you know. Your thoughts matter. Life rises and falls with your thoughts. The outer events are the lapping of the waves, but you are the waves supreme.

Your actions may be representative. Or they may not. How you seem may not always be the true event.

Let your thoughts follow your heart. Do not be an actor on stage. Be a liver of life on or offstage.

In a secret moment, reveal yourself to yourself.

You are not the frightened fish caught on a line. You are the Ocean. You are the whole Ocean furling and unfurling. You swim in yourself. Give yourself a nod to begin your swim.

Signal your entry into life. Do not divert from your life. Follow others only so far. Never forget the uniqueness of you. Your expression is vital to the universe.

But you do not have your own style for yourself. You have it for Me. You have it to exalt Me. I Who am exalted cannot be exalted more, yet it is your purpose to exalt Me through your swim on Earth. Consider that you weave My threads. And of course you do. We are connected by golden threads of thought, and as you think and as you move, you weave Me across the universe. You are My golden filament, and you weave the web of the universe. You hold it in place and you expand it. You venture forth on the loom of existence and pull all threads with you and you cross over all threads, and that is how you weave.

Do you begin to note your importance? You are vital. You thought you were a silent violinist who went through the motions of playing, as if the sound your one violin could make was not integral. You thought you could fake it, but the whole orchestra has been waiting for your music. So now play. You are playing more than your own violin, and you play it for more than yourself. You play for Me, the Great Musician, Who gave you the music to play and the violin and the bow that are in your hands.

Do not be overwhelmed as you steer the helm of the universe. You turn the wheel, and you steer, and I am ever guiding you. We sail together. We weave and We sail and We play the violin, and We listen to the music and We sail on and We weave some more. We furrow the waves of the Ocean.

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