You are the beloved children of God, forever inseparably in Her Presence.

Jesus through John

All are One, there is only One. You, each and every one of you are One with the One. It is that simple. The divisiveness and separation that you experience as humans in form is extremely confusing for you because, for the brief moment that you spend in form, experiencing the pain and suffering of separation, that state of separation appears to your human senses to be very Real. It is NOT! Reality is One, and the sense of separation that you are all experiencing is completely unreal.

The One in Whom you all have your eternal existence is Consciousness, the Effusion of life that flows through your human bodies, the infinite field of energy in which all of Creation, which is God, which is infinite loving Wisdom, or, if you prefer, Love is forever extending Itself in glorious harmony for the joy of All. Every sentient being – every…

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