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God said:

One of My dear children has asked why are lies believed. Why are lies believed over truth? Everyone has had truth belied one time or another, just as everyone — I say everyone but perhaps not you — has had their own lies believed or semi-believed and started to believe them himself.

Why do My holy and beloved children often hold on to lies more than truth?

The deeper question is: Why are there lies? Why would a child who is Mine resort to lies? Why does he fear he needs to?

I will say that lies are often spoken, lies that they may be, because they are closer to the truth. Even as the facts are misrepresented, they represent a greater truth. This what I say is not to endorse lying but to reveal the good behind even lies and even lies that are aimed straight at your heart.

In lying, one portrays himself as he would like to be and would like to be seen, not as he may have done. Even in lying, he wants the truth of himself to be known, that he is capable of only good, and would never do that which he has done, or, if he accepts that which he has done, then he accepts it only so far as he has done it for good and not for wrong, so it was not, in his case, a wrongdoing. To his mind, it was a necessary defense or attack. He lied consciously or unconsciously to get what he thought he had to have.

Be wary of attachment to that which you want.

One who has lied has fought tooth and nail for what he wants and wants to believe, and he pays mightily. But whatever another’s design in telling less or other than truth, We are not here to talk about him. The subject is you and the consequence of his lies that have hurt you to your core.

If everyone is here to be your teacher, then what is your lesson? This seems very hard to bear. You are the injured party, and I tell you to find your lesson.

I know you feel that you are screaming in the wilderness, and no one hears you. You feel that even I do not hear you. You think I fluff off your pain and the pain you feel accruing to those dear to you because of hurtful lies and a judge’s decision that alters your life and those who matter most to you.

Let Me tell you something you are not ready to hear. No matter how unjust this appears to be, no matter how unjust this is, there is good here. There is good for you and, and, as unbelievable as this may seem, there is good for all involved. You cannot predict the good, and you cannot begin to see it now, but there is good nevertheless. That which is yours cannot be taken away. That which is in your heart is within your heart. Your love is not lessened. That which is yours, you keep. Whatever happens in the physical does not begin to equal what happens in the spiritual. And your spirit is intact. Your influence is no less than if the judge had said Yes to you.

You, who have been hurt to the core, will rise from the ashes of this decision. In this, if We must speak of win or lose, you have won. Even in your loss, you have won. Your life is going to triumph, My beloved.

There has been a fire, and in the ashes lie diamonds unscathed.

If you have to love from afar, then you will love from afar.

On the surface, your life has turned upside-down. The changes are in circumstance. Circumstances are not forever, and circumstances are not the undoing of you. There has been no change except in circumstance. Circumstances may seem like everything to you, but they are not.

Keep moving forward, My beloved. You are, despite the injustice, gaining new strength and new direction, and you will see that there is a happy beginning in all this.

Leave off blaming yourself, another, Me. Keep your heart on target. Do not abandon Me nor your belief in good. More than injustice, cynicism is the bane to your heart.

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  1. Thank YoUS Denise, and ALL of our BeLOVEds! Your encouragement, and the direction which is its focus, is a most welcome reminder that I needed today.

    I have been positioned by Creator to address the legality and morality of the practices being used by the corporation who is managing the Assisted Living Facility where I’ve been dwelling for 11 years.

    Three and one-half years ago, just prior to the onset of the covid experience, a “Moses on the Mount” kind of message was given through me to impart to the Upper Management corporation. It said, “You have gone as far as Universal Law can allow. If you do not turn around IMMEDIATELY, and start giving instead of taking, your business will be closed down within a year.” I passed it along as requested, but conditions continued to deteriorate. I didn’t realize that I would also be used as the vehicle to bring it to the forefront.

    The details are too extensive to share via this forum. What I AM being asked is, to request that WE ALL return our primary focus to Universal and Natural Law. The challenges and the scope of these changes we’re passing through, are huge. Indeed. Most of us have given many years to preparing for these times. I was fully awakened in 1972 ~ 50 years ago. I’ve been in training through the forces of Love AND of not-love, to be available for this NOW. We ALL have, whether or not we were aware of what this NOW would require from US.

    For me, and I believe that, for most of US, this NOW is demanding that WE Stand in Our Truth at the highest level, and beyond, of which WE ARE AWARE. This is a shifting from horizontal thought, action and deed, which is duality’s game, double down to the vertical knowing that when Divine Right Relationship is served for the Greatest Good for All Concerned, on every level of consciousness with which we participate, every ONE wins!! This request is both personal and planetary, and beyond.

    When each of US puts on this mantle, there is no greater way that I know of, which can serve each of US in our respective Missions, here on Mother Earth.

    With Love and Deep Gratitude for US ALL

    Joie Round Star
    Ambassador to Earth, with the
    Rainbow Councils of Love and of Light

    Nikanisitook ~ Mitakyue Oyasin ~ NAMASTE ~ In Lak’ech ~ ALOHA ~ Shalom ~ e Pluribus Unum ~ Kanyini

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