Let the Music Begin | Heavenletters

God said:

You think you need comfort, but what you truly need is awareness. That you need comfort is an illusion.

True, you may be uncomfortable, but you are growing, and old clothes feel tight.

You are coming out of the shadows.

Comfort is not the golden carrot held in front of you.

Comfort is too little. It is not enough for you. Easy to slip into, but not enough.

Get up from the couch of your life. Sit up now. Soon you will stand, and you will leave the living room, and you will leave your house, and you will enter the universe that awaits you.

Vast is the horizon before you. And you are big enough for it. It is where you belong. You do not belong half- smothered in a small place.

Be glad for growth. Do not resist it.

It is your awareness that grows. As your awareness grows, your life takes on new dimensions. Encompass the universe in your awareness. Expansion is your path. Take it. Enough of hesitation and inner debate.

The choice is yours, and yet you have no choice. What you outgrow, you have outgrown. Catch up to yourself.

Walls do not contain you. A town does not keep you contained. And nothing looses you but your self. You have habits of containment, but they cannot contain you for long. No longer do they fit.

Your domain is more than a spot on the universe. Your domain is the universe.

You have been preparing. Now consider that you are prepared. And what does this mean? It means it is time to go out on a date with Me. You have kept Me to yourself, and now you accompany Me and you introduce Me. Of course, it is I Who introduces you. I will show you the way. Do not be modest, for I beckon you to come with Me. I have invited you a hundred times, and I will invite you again a hundred times more until you say Yes and then get up and come with Me.

This is Our time to dance.

We will jiggle the world and wake it to itself. The steps We take will open the world to discovery of eternity, for this moment on earth is eternity. All there is is this eternity. There is no timetable. The foreverness of love is encapsulated in this moment of eternity in which We hold hands and venture forth.

Your step quickens. Your heart lifts as We enter the dance floor of life. No wallflower are you. You are the wearer of a corsage I gave you. And I gave you My Will. I will that you dance forth, and that you twirl the universe. Introduce it to itself as I twirl you.

It is fun to be with Me. Whatever transpires, being with Me fulfills your heart. And, above all, you want your heart fulfilled. You have had enough of wounds and heartache. Now is the time for your heart to be filled with joy. You will fill your heart when you no longer think about its aching. Start thinking of its joying.

Joy to the world starts with you. Offer your joy to the universe. It is a little thing to give, but it goes far. Reverberate the world with joy. Set the beat for the world. Hum its tune with your life. Set a new rhythm with the tap of your foot.

You have lain on the couch of life long enough. Now is the time to get up for Our dance. Let the music begin.

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