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God said:

What is it that you think you are missing from your life today? What is it that you think you need? What obstacle do you feel you face?

Regardless of all that weighs on you, here’s what to do: Imagine that you already have what you think is missing. Whatever it is that you think you need, consider that you have it. Whatever obstacles you see, consider that they are behind you.

Now move on as if all your concerns were already remedied. Yes, as if already remedied. Really, I ask you, what else makes sense? Surely to fear and aggravate is not sensible. When you meet an obstacle, it is sensible to step over it. Step over it in your mind.

When you have a difficulty engaging with a certain person, do not pick up where you left off. Start anew. Have you had the idea that everything has to be settled between you before you move on? There does not have to be a resolution before you continue in a better light.

I am not telling you to hoodwink yourself. Beloveds, I am saying not to let anything stop you from moving forward. I am saying that attention on what you see as difficulties holds you back. I am telling you to move forward.

I am not telling you to run roughshod over your feelings or anyone’s. Acknowledge, and move on. You do not have to pick up all the pieces and put them back together again before you move on. Even when you have a sore toe, you can walk. Even in darkness, you can open your eyes. Even in ignorance, you can get up from where you are.

No matter what the circumstances, you can get up from them. You must get up from them, or they hold you back. You can be what you want to be regardless of anything surrounding you. When someone is rude or unkind, certainly you don’t have to be. You don’t have to let anyone or anything hold you back from the shining light that you are. Have you already forgotten the golden light I bequeathed to you? I took goldenness from My heart and placed it in yours. I intended you to be My shining example. I intended you to radiate My light for all to see. I didn’t intend that you wait for better circumstances.

If you are ill and confined to bed and cannot move, in your mind, you can still get up from your sickbed. You must, or you hammer yourself in place. Even if you are ill, you do not have to see yourself as incapacitated. I’m sure you understand what I mean. Even the lame shall walk.

When you read between the lines of what I’m saying, you understand I am saying that you are not bound to the concepts of the world nor to any diagnosis. While you are alive on Earth, you are not limited to your body. You always were greater than any body.

When you read between the lines of what I’m saying, you understand this is yet another way I tell you to get out of the past. You had a skirmish yesterday? That was yesterday. Why carry over hard feelings or any kind of disturbance? The last I knew, today is another day on Earth. It is not meant to be yesterday. Yesterday is over. Today has begun. Today is your opportunity to start off fresh, and so I ask you to use today for all you are worth.

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