Nothing Is Final | Heavenletters

God said:

Extend your vision. Look into the horizon. Look up at the sky. Look even higher.

And also look directly before you. Just don’t be hemmed in by any present picture. When your immediate life is beautiful, enjoy it and let it work its magic. When your immediate life seems unwieldy, surely, it is not to set you back. What happens in life is not meant to be the determiner of you. You are far more than the life you live at any one moment. So, enjoy what you enjoy and don’t take to heart that which seems to squeeze your heart and wring it dry. Don’t worry, not even a dry heart is permanent. Not even a hardened heart can turn to stone. You do not need to be stoic, nor do you have to beat life at its own game. What you do have to do is to move your thoughts on as quick as lightening. Reach another plateau.

When you feel wounded in life, do as you would do with a cut on your hand. You might blow on it to cool it for a minute, and then you would quickly wash it, put something on it, perhaps, and then go on about your life. The cut wouldn’t hold you back. It is only a nick. You might even kiss it. You would not relive how you got the cut a dozen times and how you didn’t deserve it or how you foolishly caused it. An accident happened. All accidents are foolishly caused. And now you leave the scene.

One thing you do know for sure is that the cut will heal. You do not feel that this wound will follow you all the days of your life. Why then be so obdurate about the emotional cuts you take such offense to? They won’t last either. You can’t even remember now what your last flurry was all about. You will not remember this one either.

Move on in life quickly. Do not react quickly. Just pick yourself up and go along your way.

Beloveds, you do not really know that it is an ill-wind that blows. Even so, ill winds clear the air. Whatever dust and debris that have steeped in your heart, the winds of change will blow them away.

Nothing is final. Do not think that anything is final. Your hurt is not final. Your relationships are not final. They also move and reassemble themselves. As with a kaleidoscope, a new picture is forming. Right before your very eyes, it is.

Whether it is a real tempest or one in a teapot, it is the same. You leave it. You do not stay there and mull it over. You go past it. Whatever amends you or the other can make, that is good, but in any case, you move past it.

You are in a moving van of life. Life does not stay still. Life forges ahead.

Beneath the churning ocean lies a stillness, yet surface waves lap. Sometimes the waves go high, and sometimes they go low and then the waves are little ripples. You cannot predict. You cannot stem. You cannot depend on the waves to do as you bid. You can know that there is the constant depth and stillness of the Ocean that the waves ride on.

When a hurricane rages, you do not take it personally. You may not like it, but you weather it. All storms blow over. You can count on change in life. You can count on that it is ever-moving, and so must you move along as well, knowing full well that you always, always have My love.

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