Other People’s Lives | Heavenletters

God said:

Another’s life is their choice. Even if they are truly mistaken, their life is theirs. It is for them to work out. You cannot do it for them. Try as you may, you cannot live another’s life for them. Even when they are going down a wobbly path, the choice is theirs. No matter how right you are, how much can you meddle in another’s life and still be right?

Everyone’s life on earth today seems to be under scrutiny. There are so many laws and so many laws of conduct. Written or not, custom is as much a law as any. Freedom may be narrowing. The world has not always desired freedom for you. Would you take it away from another?

Critics always think they are right. But what they think may not be their right to enforce. Control is a narrow strip of life. Take over your own life. You have enough to do without taking on others’ lives. Help is not always help. Sometimes it is control.

No matter how much you may believe in minding your own business, it is not always easy to know what is your business and what is not. Where does caring end and indifference begin? Can one care and keep his hands off? Almost always, one must. Be busier with other things than other people’s lives.

Gossip is a poor sport. Better to poke at a piñata. What is so wonderful about being the first to know something and to spread it? Why would one take joy in another’s pain? It is unsporting.

The three little pigs set out to make their fortune. No one stopped them from setting out each in his own way. It turned out that a brick house was better than a straw or a wood one, but the three little pigs had the gift of freedom to find out.

No one can know for a fact what another’s path is. In truth, no one knows where detours lead. Sometimes the long way round works out just fine. Follow your own path, give love along the way, and tip your hat to others who take a different road. Because your road is just right for you doesn’t mean it is for everyone else or even any other one unless they choose it.

When your children are young, you are responsible. Letting go includes letting go of responsibility. Letting go of responsibility that is no longer yours is not being irresponsible. Letting go is the responsible thing to do.

There are enough of your own ideas and own ways to let go of. That really doesn’t leave you much room to mix in others’ lives. Give the right of freedom you covet for yourself to others as well.

There is a fine line between responsibility and interference. Even with young children, often there is too much interference. As well meaning as it is, it is still interference. Even young children are entitled to some life of their own. Let them be. Give them opportunity to discover themselves. Don’t mold them too much.

You are made in My image. It is not for you to make another in your image. Be inspiring rather than supervisory, and all will want to emulate you. No matter what your authority, you cannot make another in your image. You can only keep them from theirs. Have a higher image of yourself, and you won’t try.

When you try to change another’s choice, you have given thought to it. Meaning well, you see your way as superior and therefore virtuous. From the throne of your thought, you impose.

When you see a child in the road and a car is coming, you don’t think about it. You rush to the child and pull him away. Bravery comes without thought and without concession and without condescension.

If you were not condescending, you would not be so sure you knew what another should or should not do. A silent blessing, however, carries great weight. Bless more.

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