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God said:

Whatever you are doing with your thoughts, you are doing with your life. Your thoughts are the inciters and enrichers of your life. Your thoughts are your advance guard, and then you follow. Your thoughts wend their way through your life. In a sense, they pursue you, at the same time as they lead you. Now is time to set your thoughts straight.

Pull down from Heaven thoughts that benefit. I don’t mean wishful thinking. I mean pulling down useful spirit-raising thoughts. Accept no less.

Consider your thoughts like clothes you hang on the line. Whatever clothes you hang up, those are the clothes you will take down. Those are the clothes you will fold, put in a basket, and carry home with you. The thoughts you put out are the thoughts that you take home with you.

What thoughts do you want to have? Then have them. Discard unwelcome thoughts. Take on thoughts that meet your requests.

One thought follows another. This you know well. Your mind is always rambling on. Now point your thoughts in a direction. Your thoughts are like children. Tell them which way they should go.

Heretofore, you have sorted people and countries. Now I suggest that you sort your thoughts. Make two categories. Thoughts that you greet with open arms, and thoughts you step aside from. You do not have to welcome every thought that comes. You can send it on its way, or you can stop it in its tracks. You can substitute one thought for another. Accept only the very best.

When you eat strawberries, you don’t eat the ones that won’t taste good.

You don’t eat burnt toast.

You don’t spread your bread with spoiled butter.

You would not accept broken merchandise from the store.

You would not eat food off the floor.

Yet you would accept tainted thoughts, down-turning thoughts, thoughts with rough edges, thoughts that will cause you discomfort, thoughts with only three legs that will unbalance you, thoughts that you would not want to pass on to your children, yet you will pick up thoughts from off the floor, and pop them into your head.

Request the thoughts you want. Ask for them.

When you are in a hotel, and you have room service, and you order one thing, and they bring you another, you send the food back. There is nothing you have to accept as if you have no say.

It is unlikely that you will get the best without asking for the best.

Why should you not have the best, most forward-moving, most uplifting thoughts in the world? They are free. They are for all, the wealthy as well as the poor. The powerful thoughts are for everyone as well, not only the mighty. Perhaps the mighty are mighty because they chose powerful hard-working thoughts that surmount obstacles.

You have been inculcated to expect obstacles. Now expect miracles instead. Call them to you, not in desperation, but as you might call a dear friend to your side. Call up miracles. Your thoughts will call them to you. The vibration of your thoughts will call them to you. Miracles will rush to you. They are lined up waiting for you to catch them.

They have wanted you to till your mind as a farmer tills the soil. Be ready for miracles, and miracles you will have. When I suggest that you settle for only the best, what can I be talking about but miracles, that which you call miracles, which are only, after all, the return of the line you cast into the waters.

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