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                                          JULY 15, 2018

We of the Arcturian Group wish to say that much change is on the horizon.  You are witnessing the death throes of world beliefs that have held mankind in bondage through lifetimes.  These dense miscreations can only dissolve as higher frequencies of truth begin to replace the energy that formed them in the first place.
A sense of discord comes when everything  familiar begins to change but intense fears and confusion will not come to those who understand that nothing real ever ends,  but rather transmutes into higher levels of expression as consciousness becomes more enlightened.  Because third dimensional energy is so dense, this process is  gradual and involves many twists and turns of resistance.
Focus your attention and efforts on being the highest level of truth you know in every moment and situation, rather than on the  illusions of material sense around you.  Your Light, the Light of awakened consciousness, is serving to open the pathways that allow more Light to flow to earth.  These high frequency energies are affecting all life. Everyone is  feeling them, the un-awakened, the awakened, and the animal kingdom as well.
These high frequency energies are causing many of you to experience times when emotions,  physical aches and pains, or extreme physical exhaustion seems to take over.  If you are not alert, it can easily lead you to believe that something is seriously wrong, but then within a day or two things seem back to normal and you feel fine–until the next time.  These experiences are related to the process of clearing,  translating and integrating new and higher frequencies into the physical,  and the mind’s interpretation of the process.
It takes energy to do these energetic upgrades  leaving you with less for your usual everyday chores. Ascension energies are replacing the denser in physical  cells.  Allow the process to take place without immediately concluding that something is wrong, but rather know that  something is right.  Your physical expression is unfamiliar with what is taking place because serious energetic upgrades while remaining in the physical has never happened before.
As you integrate these new energies  and your resonance changes, you will no longer be in alignment with many things that up to now have been a part of ordinary living.  Heavy foods, alcohol, sugars, and processed foods that you may of  previously enjoyed with no problem, now either don’t appeal to you or make you feel sick when you eat them.
Because everything is energy, energetic alignment is necessary if there is to be  harmony of anything–   marriage relationships, friendships, foods, entertainment, employment, ideas, beliefs, etc.  You are no longer in alignment with many of the seemingly ordinary things  you were once  aligned with.  Your evolving state of consciousness is resonating with new and higher frequencies and attempts to make something spiritually outgrown continue as it once was, will not work.
Free will allows everyone to ignore truth as long as they wish, but truth can never go away because it is the reality. Only those things created from illusory concepts can dissolve permanently.  Try to see change as a graduation, dear ones.  Many believe that they are open to change, but when something familiar begins to change or disappear, even the very awake will often respond with  resistance because there is a sense of security in what is familiar.
You are no longer evolutionary beginners and are well prepared to withdraw your sense of security from the outer  through the realization that  safety and security are already fully present within, facets of  your own Divine Consciousness.  Learn to go with the flow while giving no power to events and situations that may affect your sense of security.  Stay in the now moment, trusting that all is proceeding according to a Divine plan individually and globally regardless of whether or not anyone believes it.
This does NOT mean that you never take precautions in situations where they may be required.  It means that you take the practical actions you are guided to take for living in a third dimensional world, but you do these things without surrendering to fear concepts regarding certain people, places, or things  secure in the realization that one with God is a majority.
We wish to speak of suffering which is a general term describing the feelings that follow great loss or simply living day to day in  physical, emotional, or mental pain.   Many ( awakened and  un-awakened) are suffering as the result of the intense clearings of old energy now taking place in Gaia,  individuals, and within the third dimensional belief system as a whole.
In previous  lifetimes, most individuals incarnated  with one lesson they wanted to concentrate on. Because of the powerful ascension process taking place now,  you came into this life with the intention of resolving and moving beyond any remaining issues with people, places, groups, or belief systems–anything in  need of completion or that might act as a barrier to your ascension.
Intense experiences of good or bad remain stored in cellular memory and are carried from lifetime to lifetime until cleared.  Cellular memories you are ready to to clear are surfacing through experiences that alert you to their presence but do not need to be identified or “figured out”.
As you live from a higher state of consciousness,  frequencies of Light automatically dissolve the lower resonating energies.   It is a waste time to dwell on or try to figure out everything that may be clearing because this just focuses on old energy.  If it is necessary for you to know something for your spiritual growth, you will somehow get that information  through dreams,  intuition, or actual memory.  At this time many of you are clearing for the world and not always personally.  Remember there is only ONE.
For those  of you experiencing  depression, sadness, and sorrow we say to you, allow these emotions to flow through without resistance.  Suffering is created by holding on to unfulfilled expectations of how things should look or be in order to be right which always reflects one’s personal belief system.
In the three dimensional world, most suffering is caused by seemingly uncontrollable forces–nature, laws, religious beliefs etc.  This is how a dimension based in duality and separation, works.  This is what you are evolving out of.  Duality and separation does not exist in the higher dimensions.  The three dimensional belief system represents the lowest rung of a very high dimensional ladder although most as of yet do not realize this.
Suffering remains and will continue to remain alive and well as long as world consciousness continues to create through beliefs of duality and separation.  Never forget that as expressions of the Divine, everyone is a creator, forming their world out of the substance of their state of consciousness.  Help those who suffer in whatever practical ways you are guided to, but never believe that it is your duty to save anyone for all are learning  lessons they themselves chose with the help of their Higher Self and Guides.
Mind  interprets one’s attained state of consciousness and  manifests it as physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual form.   Suffering is resistance, a yearning for things to be the way a person believes they must  be in order for them  to be happy.  Nothing will or can change globally or individually  until consciousness changes because consciousness is the substance of all that is.   You have reached that place of readiness that will enable you to move into the realization and experiences of who and what you really are.
Visualize  a bright sun with many beams of intense light shining outward.   As these beams of light get further away from the sun source, they start to become less bright, change appearance, and accumulate colors and  shadow.  Each light beam begins to look different from the other, absorbing different colors and accumulating layers of energy that take on the appearance of various fabric textures and color that change and increase as each ray passes has different experiences.  The ray of Light never disappears, but is now completely obliterated by the layers of debris.
This is your story, the story of every man, woman, and child from the beginning.  You are the Sun Beam that forever remains pure, intact, and perfect regardless of how much illusion  is draped over IT.  Evolution is the gradual removal of all debris.
Accept that you are already awake and that there is no longer any need to seek and search outwardly for what is already fully present within you.

Allow the process and trust that everything  is proceeding according to plan.
We are the Arcturian Group 
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Dear readers of the Arcturian Group Messages,  due to family and summer commitments, there will be no Arcturian messages for about a month.

Redecoration | The Creator


It is time to explore your new ‘digs’.  Your space, without your conscious realization, has been expanding at a rapid rate and you have only had a moment to look around. Today, you are invited to take a tour of your new renovations!  See what is within and without, what has changed, what has stayed the same.  You may notice that ‘some of the furniture has been moved’, the colors changed, and extra art added.  (Laughing) The Universe created this redecoration and it was designed especially for you…enjoy it! ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

Surveying the 9th Dimensionals ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been conducting a survey amongst the various councils and collectives that we have here in the ninth dimension, and the results indicate that you are all doing a very good job at receiving what we have been offering to you. For many years, the majority of humans, even the awakened ones, had a type of shielding around you. The shielding prevented you from receiving all that you were being offered from the higher realms.

There has been, however, a collective giving up on the part of the awakened ones, and this has resulted in a lowering of those defenses. Many of you have had to give up the struggle at some point in your lives. You have been faced with adversities, like ascension symptoms. You have been faced with tragedies, like the loss of a loved one, and you have sought to make connections with individuals, and have felt abandoned by them.

You have felt the trauma of being human at this time so often in this lifetime that the vast majority of you have given up at some point. And in that surrender, you have received all that we up here have been offering. And now you’re beginning to unpack all of it, bits and pieces at a time. Now, you don’t have to go through a traumatic experience in order to give up the struggle. You don’t have to be crippled by anxiety, fear and physical exhaustion to be in a state of surrender.

You can let in more by consciously deciding that you want to let in more of what we are offering. You can also decide, once and for all, that you are not the ones who have to do everything. You are not the ones who have to make everything happen. You can rely on those of us who are non-physical, and quite frankly, have nothing better to do.

We are here to assist you. We are here to serve you. We are here to provide you with whatever you need and most of what you want. We are loving you unconditionally, whether you receive what we offer or not, and that is the greatest gift that we give you.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

To the Ends of the Earth | Heavenletters


God said:

Beloved, there are no ends to the Earth, nor is there truly a beginning, yet there is indeed a purpose in the Creation of the world beyond speculation. Earth has something to the point. I, God, am true to the core. I am true from the get-go. Earth has something to the point, even within the trip of illusion that holds you in its thrall. Fiction is also a kind of journey, no matter how you may be fooled. There is a purpose in everything, even in fol-de-rol.

Even as you sleep, there is value in sleeping just so there can be value in waking up. Supreme value. Even in folly, you serve a higher purpose. Going around the mulberry bush serves.

Jack and Jill going up and down a hill serves.

Even Jack Horner sitting in a corner serves.

In this sense, there is purpose in everything – even including that which makes you cry your heart out. I do not suggest you seek out weeping. Nevertheless, it is good for you to know when to dry your tears and get back to life in the making rather than life in pain or disappointment.

Pursue looking at the trees and flowers’ unleaving and the connections of Oneness all over the place to see what a difference you, yes, you, make to the Universe. How present the Universe is, and how high you fly and how you don’t crash.

Believe in Me as I believe in you. Believe in the merit of life even when it is fiction and quite unreal. Sometimes you would like to be spared from what you see as blunder, yet how do you know what is a blunder any more than how you know what is a miracle right and left and day and night? Sometimes it takes you awhile to catch onto to what is what.

Turn your head on differently – not solely the way a cover to a jar holds onto its contents, yet also to announce that you serve a purpose and meaningfulness everywhere all over the land.

One way or another, you speed to Me. Oneness am I, and Oneness are you. In what a wholeness of Oneness We exist as One.

On any day of the week, start anew.

Unless you fall asleep, how will you wake up?

Come to think of it, without you, what would I be engaged in right now? You and I gravitate to a dot in the sky somewhere over the rainbow.

You are about to come true before Our One very eyes. Your service to the Universe is about to come true, and you will know this well. Congratulations. You are about to get your sights on straight and no longer portend that you lag. You are on track just as you are.

Have a seat, and you will well know where you are coming and going with perfect eyesight. You will no longer have any mix-ups or think you do. You are exactly at the helm of your ship. Make no mistakes. Do not let yourself be held up. Be on your way without further ado. Accrue greatness to you. This isn’t immodest. This is virtuous. This is how it is. Life is to befall and be worthwhile to and for you and on your path. Offer your worthiness all around the block without batting an eye. You are not here for nothing. You are here for something. Make hay while the sun shines.

Love and good fortune are before you. This is your day before you. Make no excuses. You don’t have to justify yourself. By the right of eminent domain, you are here, and you are here for all and no exception. What is before you to do is for you to do for your benefit and the benefit of all.

Look yourself squarely in your eyes.

See as I do see.

Lightness Of Being | The Creator


Over the next few days/weeks and as the energy to your Earth plane increases, there will be a lifting.  You have been carrying around a great deal of weight, dearest one, and this energy will begin to lift you as well…sending the heaviness and your soul in different directions.  For some of you, this may feel overwhelming because the protection the extra weight has given. For others, there will be a great sense of relief.  Please do not judge these reactions.  Each will be unique.  Observing those around you, with their own opinions and beliefs, is one of the reasons you chose to be here now!  Remember, during this great journey you are on, there is always time for play; revel in the lightness of this beautiful time and know all is as it should be. (Smiling) ~

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

How the World Began | Heavenletters


God said:

Beloved, a thought of separation from the Creator and Creation never had a foothold. There were no second thoughts nor revisions made to Creation. You hold the original Creation in your hand, as it were, and the world is holy. Life is in the midst of Holiness. There isn’t all that much you can make of Creation other than how it appears. You are in the same realm as skies being blue, grass being green, and stars being starry. When you come down to it, how simple is life, even as it holds you in its thrall.

Give Creation its due. Creation created itself as it first appeared. There have been no improvements, no revisions nor retractions. Creation isn’t an explicated blueprint.

Creation appeared as a God Almighty inspiration. What could Creation be but a burst of inspiration inspired spontaneously all at once? Remember, time is not.

Oh, no, Creation cannot be a long thought-out and crossed-out prescription with a lot of time and energy spent on back and forth. Not at all. I desired Creation, and Creation appeared beautifully. Creation enacted itself all at once. Boom, boom, boom is Creation, all in place, not scratched out nor rescheduled in increments. Creation iexists before your very eyes.

Well, how does a flower in nature blossom? Flowers are curved affairs that steal your heart with a buoyancy far exceeding right angles. Do you see any square flowers? I love multi-colors and rounded shapes like bouncing balls blowing in the breeze. I doubt that My burgeoning heart could have been distracted, even at the peak of the glory of Creation – let alone in repose. I saw Creation was good, and here you are.

In Godwriting, I move the hand of the Godwriter who writes down for Me, and the die is cast. So is it with Creation.

Creation created itself. It is my desire and intention to have what goes through My head and heart reproduce itself on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Of course, admit, Beloved, you may well desire to make some adjustments to Heaven itself. You may not see Heaven perfect as it is. You may want to put on different music. You have a tendency to espy or conceive flaws and have doubts. Earth and Heaven both came out perfectly no matter what. Of course, you would love to be well-pleased, yet often you are not.

Also, you might wish that I could be a little less certain in My reckoning, and you could come across more capably and call life’s shots yourself. How happy you would be to turn the tide of events yourself. You are up in the air as it is. You don’t really have the say. You do understand that you have some say in life, yet not the whole say by a mile. Your hands are tied.

Life confounds you. You may act as confidently as you like for all the good it does you. You may still wind up tied to the mast, and there’s not much you can do about it – try as you may. That you could draw the line any better than you rank Me in the final analysis – where does this leave you just the same? The fact is that life, as you know it in the world, is uncertain. Even when you may feel certain, you have to confess that you could be off course. You simply don’t as yet have mastery over life to the degree you would like. Mostly you look on life in retrospect. And yet, and yet…

Getting Excited ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been excited for all of you for quite some time, and we have noticed that you all have been getting excited. You’ve been getting excited because you feel yourselves getting closer to some very big changes in your world. We want to remind all of you that in spite of the shifts that occur in your solar system with the other planets, and the moon, none of that is as powerful as you all are as individuals and as a collective.

Don’t look for confirmation for your excitement with a full moon, a super moon, a blood moon, or an eclipse. Don’t look for where Venus is relative to any other planet to affirm what you know at the very core of your being-ness. You are the ones making the changes, and you can always find yourself jumping to another timeline, a better timeline. You can always find yourself creating a new reality and then living that reality.

You don’t have to wait for someone else’s prediction, and you don’t have to wait for the planets to align for you to align your own energy with that which you want to experience in this world, and for the entire solar system, and galaxy. You are a part of something very big, but you are also at the center of it.

Because there are so many different energies from all across the galaxy, and even the universe, there on planet Earth, you are at the heart of this shift in consciousness. And the excitement that you feel is warranted, but you also get to create the journey that you want to be on. You don’t have to wait for something big to happen outside of you to create something big inside of you and for you and the rest of humanity.

Practice exercising the power that you feel within you. Practice using that power because you are on the verge of releasing so many limitations, and now is the time to hone your skills as conscious creators.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Negative self-judgment, recrimination, and blame closes you off from the Love that is your true nature.

Johnsmallman's Blog

Saul Audio Blog for Friday July 13th.

All the apparent ongoing chaos in the world most definitely does have a purpose and that is to encourage and nudge humanity to move forward enthusiastically along the path to awakening.  In this context moving forward means to recognize and become fully aware of all the “stuff” that no longer serves you, and then to very consciously intend to release it.  The recognition is easy, but the releasing can be very demanding, especially when people attempt to deny and disown what comes into their awareness in this fashion because it is seen as unacceptable, unreal, and shamingly painful.  No one enjoys becoming aware either of their inadequacies or of their unkindness in their relationships, and yet there is no one who is free of words or actions that have been driven by these attitudes or behaviors.

However, this “stuff” is, in truth, unreal!

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Ready Or Not… | The Creator


Ready or not here it comes!  With the next big wave arriving, it is best to keep yourself as grounded as possible and remind yourself, on a moment to moment basis if necessary, to not take anything personally.  This is where the boundaries you have been practicing will come in handy. (Winking) The skills and tools you have been given and trying out these past few weeks will be an integral part of moving through the current energy.  You are and have become stronger since this particular journey has begun but, that does not mean you have to ‘go it alone’.  Reach out to like minded friends/family and let them know you will be there if needed.  Once this very important phase is concluded, some of the changes you may have been manifesting will take place in your personal world as well as globally.  You are ready for this, it is possible, and you will be amazing throughout! ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

Hallowed Be Thy Name | Heavenletters


God said:

Beloved, you are vital to Me. You are My integral gift to Me, you Who art also My Self. You are true to My heart. You are a blessing I cannot keep to Myself. I never wish to keep you a secret. You are for sharing, and so I share you. I share My Self with you. Since We are One, and there is I, the One, then there is yourself, also My One Self. I share you in Oneness. There is naught else I can do. When I say: “Hallowed be thy name,” this is exactly what I mean to say.

I read over every word of a Heavenletter again and again. I recall you. I take you to My heart. I keep singing a song of you. I hold you out to Myself. I kiss My hands that hold you out to the Universe. I am in gratitude to you, that is, to My Self. What do you imagine I would do but to be beholden to you for the miracle I made without any fuss about it? You are My Self. You give Me and the Universe and everyone in it a great return – a return of Beingness Itself Originally Given. I account for Oneness simply.

I ponder you. That is, I relive the grace within which I found you, or, from which I discover you as a key to Myself without having any lock to turn. You are a divine key to the Universe. You are.

I hold you up to My window and embrace you again and again with such joy and wonder at what a marvel of a Creator I AM. I am true to My Self. I gaze upon the good again and again that I welcome, that I more than welcome, that I adore as My Self and find I cannot put down. I keep you within a briefcase close to My heart. Hallowed am I in you.

When I call you divine, you can believe Me.

We are a mutual offering. There is only One in the whole Universe. I have not made a dozen or a million or more of Me – just One in My completeness. I look into the mirror of Myself, and here I Am, you and I as One beautiful Being. You are ready for your Self and ready for the Oneness of Me as I display My Self in you.

What could be easier than Oneness? There isn’t much to it. You don’t have to pat Me on the back. Pat yourself on the back, even as the reality is that One and One is One. There is no doubling. The addition and multiplication and subtraction and division are awry. They are a fly in the ointment.

There is one Whole. There is no accounting or mathematics to fiddle with. Of course, I understand that you have thought otherwise. In fact, I keep telling you that Oneness Alone Is. Hunting for answers is no longer necessary, Beloved. Oneness is what is. Happiness is declared. The deal is sealed.

Oneness can’t be taken apart. There is nothing insular about Oneness. There is no way to slice Oneness open. In the eyes of the poet, no man is an island.

Furthermore, no God is an island unto Himself. Secrets do not exist. Love is no secret. Love abounds, and naught but love exists. What have you imagined Oneness was cooked up to be if not love?

What do you think happiness is anyway? Happiness is of the greatest simplicity, and happiness is built into the Oneness of One. There is nothing to look up. Oneness is! Naught but you and I exist as One, of course.