A Legion of Angels | Sophia Love

April 11, 2019
From a point of pure love, I reach out now to a point of pure love. I seek information about angels. Is there someone available to connect with that information?
Yes, Sophia, we are here. We are a legion of angels, at your service.
Hello! Thank you for coming forward!
You are most welcome, most welcome indeed!
There are so many of you! (The visual with this contact was a huge gathering of angels… they went further back than I could fathom, I did not see the end of the grouping. Sophia)
Yes. We are gathered now, so pleased at having been called in this way, called by you. What is it you would ask of us?
Oh, there are so many things…
Go ahead then! We have many who are willing to respond.
Thank you.
Do you sometimes incarnate as human?
You are aware of this*. Yes, we do.
What makes that happen?
Extreme urgency and choice. It is sometimes the will of the angel to choose life in the physical form. It will be for experience, for the other end of the giving and receiving spectrum.
This is not chosen often. Yet, it is a choice that occurs more than once for an entity. All incarnate beings begin someplace else – the choice to be human is a heavy one. In the current cycle it is especially burdensome as the values and lifestyles and happenings are so opposite to those that are angelic.
As was stated initially, it is most often for extremely urgent situations that this occurs.
I am taking from your comments that such an extreme situation is ongoing now on earth.
It is, yes.
Okay, then.
When not incarnated, what do you do?
We watch.
We tenderly hold, sometimes for entire lifetimes, beings in need of extremely powerful protection. Not all of you do, not even the majority.
This time now on earth however, is awash in angels – both incarnate and otherwise, protecting you as you proceed through your transition.
Note – the energy of them was so, so powerful. It was putting me to sleep and this was in the middle of the day. It was a struggle to maintain the connection. I fell asleep for a few moments here, woke up and re-stated my intentions. Sophia
Are you able to continue?
We are here, Sophia.
Thank you, please go ahead. What else can you tell me? I feel you all so powerfully, it is having an anesthetizing effect on me.
We will attempt to hold up, hold back. Yet, many are assembled.
Okay, let’s keep going. I’ll do my best. You are all so very strong!
As are you! We have waited for such a long time for you to receive us. The call was heard loud and clear today.
So many (angels) incarnated on the planet now chose lives that were/that are colored with pain. This was done for more than one reason.
First, it may have been because there was another who would have experienced the pain if not for them. They, you would say, “stepped in”, in that case. Took a lifetime so that another would be spared.
Second, and most often, are those incarnated angels who are here to guide and protect and assist in the process. They too have often chosen difficult lives. Not always.
You have among you Archangels in human form. You have among you Angels.
Will they ever show as their angelic form during this lifetime as human? I refer now to the process we currently experience, that of letting go of ego and personality that holds us to the earth and to the third dimensional programs.
An interesting way of describing what occurs for you now, yet not entirely accurate.
This process of returning to your origin is one of becoming who you are in essence. What form you present varies as in each moment you’ll choose and decide. This will be angelic if you choose an ultimate return to that form and yet if what is chosen is continued assistance for humanity – you will not stay there.
(Note – I took this to mean that if you were an incarnated angel, and had incarnated to help humanity, that you would remain human until your work was complete. Sophia)
We see the lives and circumstances shifting rapidly now into an ever-changing menagerie.
Much depends on purpose. All depends on intent.
Please, tell me about Angels.
We are a race of beings who began for an ultimate point/purpose of service to the race.
Service comes packaged many ways.
Yes, there are wings.
They emerge when called out, when brought forth out of necessity.
There are angels for every incarnate being on earth.
There are moments when we gather. These are moments of great catastrophe.
What we do is ease pain. We sometimes bear pain.   We often remove the possibility of instant death. There are sometimes accidents with life and we intervene at such times.
All harm is not stopped. It cannot be. We do not have control of individual life, or lives.
We are ever watchful.
We can be called on for assistance, for comfort, for protection, for calm. We always respond.
Who do you answer to?
Why to the creator, of course. We will …
(there was silence)
I don’t hear you.
You are asking more than one question.
In a sense, I guess that I am.
Each incarnate being has an angel, more than one often, but always (at least) one. You may refer to this as a constant companion. If you attempt, you may visualize/see your angel.
They will not always show themselves as winged. We choose how we appear to you, according to your beliefs and your need at the moment.
How would one attempt to see his or her angel? Is there a method?
There is, yes. At least one that has proven to be most effective.
Would you explain it for us?
As your angel is always with you, there is never a “wrong” time to attempt visual confirmation. Understand that in most cases this will not be physical. You won’t be able to touch your angel. You will, under welcoming conditions, maybe feel them however. This will occur as a sense of presence.
It will feel powerful. The contact is best initiated when you feel wonderful. This could happen anywhere. When filled with joy, intend to see her or him. Use your mind to imagine them right there, enjoying your joy with you; reveling in it. For they are.
Angels are celebratory beings! You may try asking for their name. If you suddenly then hear a name or a name comes to mind – that will be it! Request confirmation.
With a name you’ll be able to ask for a visual. Whether or not you see them will depend on your own level of tension, anxiety, acceptance, peace. It will be fleeting but impactful. It will be clear under conditions of peace. This is because the effort to slow themselves down enough to be seen, is massive.
Their purpose is not to entertain you but to protect you. This requires their consistent attention and effort and is their primary purpose. It will precede any other action taken by them.
If you do not see them, it doesn’t mean that you are without an angel.
Humanity can trust and relax and know that they are powerfully protected and fiercely loved.
We are here now in force also because so many of our kind have incarnated. We are friends and associates of those while human. The multiplied importance of this moment on earth, as well as the force of those that would stop it (the “dark t-shirts”), brings us here.
We do not rest, but watch as you do.
I must go. Thank you.
Is there anything else? Any sign you leave us when you are nearby?
We do not leave calling cards as a rule.
You will notice, and only by paying close attention, a change or shift in circumstance or personality or health, that has no worldly origin. Pay attention then. Look for us. We are there.
Thank you.
Thank you, Sophia.
The conversation ended.
*I know some incarnated angels, they are with us now. Sophia

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Angels | Sophia Love

December 10, 2018
Today’s conversation includes and answers eight questions. It being so close to the holidays, it seems like a perfect time to consider, once again, the existence of Angels.
Here are the questions as they were asked:
“Have you ever asked the One to describe and define who we call angels? How is the angelic realm connected to humanity? Are angels guiding the development of humanity more than other beings with some interest in humanity’s fate? Will the angels make themselves seen in the coming event? How many angels are now incarnated in human bodies? What percentage has any idea of who they really are and why they came? Will that percentage change as the veil continues to thin? What is the risk to angels if they make bad decisions in human form? 
This is a series of questions for One. Are you available to connect?
It is I. It is One.
Thank you for coming forward. I have received some questions and they are for you. They all revolve around angels. The first is this:
Would you “describe and define who we call angels?”
Angels are not human, but another life form altogether. The name carries with it, multiple definitions. These have evolved over time and civilizations. This current version carries a heavy dose of “divinity”. Neither true nor false, the characteristics spring then from the particulars of the religious persuasion at its base.
Note – with the word “characteristics” came an image of different forms, depending on which religious text was portraying it. Sophia
My description would be thus:
A being incarnate who exists solely for the safety and protection of another. These can adopt any current form, yet originate with a purpose of service underlying all else.
How is the angelic realm connected to humanity?
They are bonded with humanity due to the experiment and will be bonded always to races undergoing such.
Are angels guiding the development of humanity more than other beings with some interest in humanity’s fate?


There is no “more” or “less” in creation, but alternate reasons and purposes that emerge and withdraw at various moments.
Will the angels make themselves seen in the coming event?
Angels have been seen always. Those with eyes to see will see them now – when the event takes place there will be experiences of what will be called celestial intervention.
Some will see what they imagine to be angels. This according to their preparation, experience, expectation and ability.
Others, due their own fear, will perceive only 3D. What they imagine to be miracles will in fact be performed by unseen angels.
This happens now.
You know this, have experienced this. Those witnesses often question what was seen.
I will tell you this. At the time of the event there will be no question. Those numbers of you with eyes to see beyond 3D will be and have multiplied now. This answers the question.
How many angels are now incarnated in human bodies?
How many?
They come in great numbers and do not leave. There are walk-ins – those who take over for a moment or a life-time that assist. It is a domino effect. There is never just one human assisted.
Particularly now, your internet connects you all beyond what has been possible physically.
There is not a stagnant number. There is no maximum number. Many hundreds of many thousands are and will be here with humanity.
What percentage has any idea of who they really are and why they came?
Most are unaware. Awareness serves no real purpose as the internal drive is what motivates all action. These beings do not allow form of any physical kind to dissuade them from their purpose. Angels may be unaware, but they will not be inactive – not uninvolved.
This evolution of man is the directive they follow. This is aided in small and large ways, most unrecognized.
Will that percentage change as the veil continues to thin?
What will change is the activity, not the percentage. The purpose of their mission will take more and more center stage as the veil thins.
What is the risk to angels if they make bad decisions in human form? 
There are no risks in any form. This is all perceived.
What may look like a “bad decision” from today’s eyes, was enacted to progress another sequence of events, that serves the ultimate purpose “to serve and protect.”
Angels do not overstep bounds or hard and fast choices made by humans in depths of despair or exiting on purpose. Even in those cases, gentility is chosen and best-case scenarios are enacted.
Human eyes often mis-perceive.
Angel eyes see clearly and deliberately.
Do these answers satisfy?
I am not sure. You are saying that there are human angels?
In just the same way as there are other star-seeds?
In sort of the same way. Angels do not originate from a specific star. Angels emerge from creation itself as an arm of constant assistance in order to propel evolution.
Angels serve without need.
I feel as if we’ve exhausted our word choices here. So yes, this satisfies the questions asked.
Thank you.
Goodbye Sophia.
This conversation ended.

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You are flying along magnificently. – channeled by Ron Head



We wish to return today to one of our favorite topics, the phenomenon of channeled messages.  You will have noticed a distinct change in the type, clarity, and, even in some instances the sources of these.  What has changed?  Have you given it any thought?  More than a few of those involved in bringing these messages to you have done so.  We bring this up today to illustrate a different, but related point.  So we will spend a little time explaining and then we will connect the dots, as you say.

The changes that these messengers are experiencing are surprising even themselves as they become filled with information that they find more detailed, wording and tone that they have not previously had access to, and in some cases an entirely new feel to the energies surrounding them.

This reflects exactly what we have so often discussed for quite some time now.  It reflects precisely the change in the energies surrounding them, and surrounding all of you.  It also reflects the changes in your abilities to sense these energies, although they might be a bit more practiced than others in doing so.  It reflects the ability of yourselves to contain more of the energy of your own higher Selves, which we capitalize in order only to distinguish that of which we speak.  For the purpose of illustration we speak of self and Self.  And that does not seem odd to you, perhaps.  But please realize that our goal, your goal, is the realization of no difference between the two.

And there, dear ones, we have just connected the dots.  What you may have noticed in the evolution of the channeled messages is a reflection of the changes in the channelers and also in yourselves.  Are you there yet?  The answer will always be no.  And the answer will also always be yes, you are more there today than ever before.

This is a journey, dear family.  And you are flying along magnificently.  As each of you learn a portion, remember a portion, feel a portion, so does it change each and all of you.  And these changes radiate outwards into the all.  As you continue to ‘do the work’, as you term it, we will continue to insure that you receive all of the support appropriate to where you are.  That is our function, and as we have said, our joy.

Take joy in this yourselves, brother angels, sister angels.  Close your eyes and see what a magnificent world you are building.  Accept our love now as we bid you good day.

There are two published books available on Amazon that contain the collected messages received by Ron Head (that’s me). The first is The Wisdom of Michael, available HERE, and the second is It Rings True, Available HERE. A third book is being compiled now.

Copyright © Ronald Head. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link: http://oraclesandhealers.wordpress.com/


Archangel Gabriel Daily Message ~ Tuesday April 5, 2016 by Shelley Young

“The flow is an incredibly intelligent and efficient system, designed to give you exactly what you need at any given time. To be resistant is to deny yourself the support and movement to get to your next grand expression of self.” …

Original here at Trinity Esoterics.

A Message to Lightworkers – February 4, 2016 | Caroline Oceana Ryan

MirrorLakeThe latest guidance from our friends, the fifth and sixth dimensional beings known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends! We are glad to have the opportunity to speak with you again today.

We see many, many changes occurring in your outer world, all of them leading you into the beauty and daily reality of life on a fifth dimensional planet.

We are aware that much that is occurring does not seem to be coming from the Light.

You are seeing disturbances—in the weather, in the news headlines, in governments, in your families and workplaces, and in your own heart-mind.

It may feel at times that these energetic earthquakes, both small and large, are a sign that things are getting worse, not better.

Yet know that these things are happening not to keep you in the shadows of the third dimension, but because you are actively stepping out of them.

You are not being “rescued” by some great Galactic force that is doing for you the work of constructing a New Earth, including the many disclosures and revelations that must come before that.

You are not being owned and operated, corralled and herded by an overt force that claims to be your authority, as humankind once might have been.


Nor are you losing yourself in the void of transition—not the inner transitions of your own life, nor the larger outer ones that affect whole communities, countries, and continents.

You are doing as any explorer would do—cutting away at the undergrowth and scaring off the predatory beasts as you create a path where none has ever existed before now.

We would say, that chief among the disturbances are those that affect your own heart, mind, body, and spirit.

It can be a jarring experience to have highly involving dreams that you cannot remember upon awakening.

Or to awaken in the middle of the night and feel that a presence is with you—perhaps you were just in conversation with a group or individual, but again, cannot remember what about.

It can be unsettling, even upsetting to experience the need for changing your job, your relationship, your TV and internet habits, the way you eat or exercise.

Suddenly there are new needs, new preferences, new ideas or people or places that draw you toward them.

And these impulses and requirements come with the knowledge that you must let go of the old in order to make room for the new.


And so how does a person remake their life, exactly?

We would say, it is best to do it in steps that are manageable, calm, considered, and led by the higher wisdom of those you brought in to support you throughout this life journey, before you incarnated—your higher self, Angelic guardians, and spirit guides.

Though it may feel rocky at times, this great Changeover From Within does not have to feel like a building toppling down around you.

Your etheric support team (Divine helpers some call them) are here to aid and encourage you with exactly the wisdom you need, whenever you need it.

But you must ask.

Because it is a crucial part of your journey into the fifth dimension, that you realize that you are not alone, even though it may look that way at times.

And that you reach out to those already in and speaking from higher dimensions, and learn to become comfortable doing so.

They are always there, ready to respond, to reach out and supply you with answers, wise insights, encouraging readings of a situation or person.

And to explain the next step in your beautiful, ever-unfolding life purpose.


And so we would say, that if you are able to sit quietly for a moment—Now is good!—and simply say to your support team, “My friends—what do I need to know right now?” that you would in that one moment begin removing more of the bumps and jolts of this New Earth journey than you could know.

For you will have started a habit, if you have not done so already, of turning to your helpers and asking for their guidance, rather than insisting on the third dimensional belief that the only beings worth interacting with are those you can physically see.

They are most assuredly real, and they are in the room with you now, in more beauty, Light, higher brilliance, warmth, and compassion than you are currently able to imagine.

It is time to remember who you are, to remember that your conversations with those of a higher dimension are part of what make you a Lightworker.

A Being who long ago embarked on a journey—a series of Earth lives that required you to hack your way through the undergrowth in a seemingly useless effort, expending great amounts of energy in each life to see, to understand, to milk some meaning out of life’s hardships, to survive.

It’s time to understand that you are one of these higher dimensional beings—new at it, in your current incarnation, but a higher being nonetheless.

You are in the emerging stages of creating not just renewal, but new life—new thoughtforms, ideas, and inventions, new ways of relating to those you love, of doing work that is meaningful to you, of doing what you came here to do.

And so yes—there are days when the dark clouds seem as if they will never part.

Family pressures get to be too much, work stresses are too high, and the whole schema of modern living seems made to defeat and anger you.

That is because you are being shown a better way.

And we have seen your perseverance, and can say, You will not rest until you create it.


So speak with your team each day, and require them to answer you.

If you do not hear their reply inwardly, say to them, “Speak in ways I can hear! Show me what you mean in outer signs—conversations, images, information that reaches me during the day.

“Or use infused thought—an idea that pops into my head suddenly. Answer me! What is my next step?”

And then relax, and know that that information is coming.

Open to receiving it. Watch for it; listen for it.

For you are never alone.

And these ones—your best friends, as well as your soul family and twin flame—have been charged with being your guardians and wise counselors for the whole of your Earth life.

Put them to work! Don’t ignore them any longer—you have a New Earth to build, and a new life to build as well.

Namaste, friends! If you knew all that was occurring now, you would never doubt again.

Copyright 2016, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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“The Journey of the Soul Through Life and Death” – Taryn Crimi @ Angelic Guides

Found at Pauline Barttell 

art Claudia Tremblay on etsy

ART : Claudia Tremblay @ Etsy

November 10, 2015

flower essence childrenToday we would like to focus your attention upon the topic of what we have titled “The Journey of the Soul Through Birth and Death”. Many often wonder what it is like for the soul just prior to incarnating into a physical vessel as well as what it’s like for a soul during the departure of the physical body. So we will share with you our perspective in hopes of offering you more clarity.

When a soul has made the decision to re-enter your physical world it must make a few decisions first. Please know that there is no time in the higher realms and therefore we cannot tell you the amount of time it takes before a soul is ready to once again reincarnate into another life after their physical death. It is different for every soul. Now with that being said, the soul must make a few decisions before it can once again incarnate into another physical body. These decisions include what region they would like to be born into, who they would like their parents to be and what lessons or themes they would like to further explore.

We will tell you that birth is far more traumatic than death, and the reason for this is because you are once again crystalizing your consciousness into physical form, you are coming from the higher realms in which you are well aware of your divinity and interconnectedness into a state of forgetfulness so that you can explore duality from this unique perspective. It often takes souls several years before they choose to fully ground into their physical bodies upon birth. This is why very few of you have any memories of being in the womb, being born, or even any experiences before the age of 2 or 3. You begin to have conscious memories when you are fully grounded in your body, which usually occurs anywhere between ages 2-5 depending on the souls preference. It is not to say that the soul isn’t present as this is not accurate, rather we would say the soul is simply choosing to view the experiences from a “birds eye view” as you say in your vernacular. This is also why some of you remember events from your childhood from outside of your body, with the perspective of hovering above the scene rather than being submerged in it.

There is a medical condition that affects many infants that is known as “colic”. Your medical field is not entirely sure what causes this condition in some baby’s and not in others. This condition is known to cause constant crying, discomfort and fussiness for extended periods of time within the first few months of life. Your medical field is under the impression that it is due to the digestive system being under developed in some way and therefore causes discomfort in the child. We will tell you that though digestive issues are just one of the symptoms that cause the discomfort in the infant, others are muscle cramps, headaches, and vertigo. The reason for this is simply that some souls have a more difficult time acclimating to the physical realm than others; as we will tell you it requires a large step down in vibration in order to crystalize into a physical form from the high frequencies of the non-physical realms.

There is sacred geometry throughout your entire universe; your universe in particular is based upon the circle. This is why your planets are circular, your planets circle around your star, your galaxies are circular, and so too is your life cycle. There are many similarities between a young infant and a very old body. The body has come full circle if you will. The body once again requires quite a bit of sleep, you find that walking is once again difficult, your strength weakens over time, and you require assistance that you did not require as a healthy young adult.

Many of you are familiar with the disease known as “Alzheimer’s”, it is a condition in which the mind looses its ability to retain short term memories however those affected with this condition are still able to recall events from decades prior. The reason is very similar to why you don’t remember your first few years of life. The soul begins to detach from the physical realm, it in a sense chooses to hover and view the body’s experiences from a “birds eye view” once again. However the mind has no problem recalling events from years prior when the soul was fully grounded in the body. Certainly this is not the case with all souls, some of you will choose to remain fully engaged and remain grounded in your body until the very moment you choose to leave your body. It is a preference of the soul, just as each soul is free to choose how soon it would like to ground into the body as an infant. You will find that if there is a traumatic event it instantly pulls the soul into the body and grounds the soul and the person will be able to recall this particular moment. Those of you that had a traumatic experience at a very young age will likely remember it even if you cannot remember much else from that time period. The reason being is that the soul is fully grounded and engaged.

We will tell you that the days leading up to the body’s last breathe, the soul almost always chooses to detach from the body. We would say that this state is very similar to your sleep state, in that the consciousness is not submerged in the physical body but rather remembers that it is in fact inter-dimensional. The body is still able to preform the subconscious tasks of pumping blood through your veins, breathing oxygen into your lungs and many of the other necessary functions required for life, however the soul begins to long for the peace and stillness found within the higher realms. You are once again reunited with loved ones and legions of Angels await you who gladly greet you and welcome you once again back into the higher realms.

We hope that this message has served you in some way and that you found it to be of interest.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides

Copyright © 2012-2015 by Taryn Crimi. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included. http://www.Angelic-Guides.cPauline Barttell om


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Growing Our Wings… | Sophia



So today we’ll start with a song… it’s one I heard, acapella, at two different schools today. Sung by children, boys and girls, age 5 to 55+.  The writing of this post took place before the songs did… Both were unplanned. I think they provide the perfect theme… Here is the link.

The most profound gift we have to offer is ourselves.  It is something we have always with us.  It is all that we came here with, and will be the only thing we take with us upon exiting.  By definition then, it is rare and without equal; this is your moment to share it.

It is useful in any situation, with any population, at any locale.  It is not dependent on finances, position, title or education.

If you can find no other reason to love yourself today, use this one.  There is none other than you.  You are intentionally present whether aware of it or not.  You are here to contribute.  What you came to give is you.

Within, you hold the truth.  You may not think you do, but it’s there.  It’s like deleting something from a hard drive.  It isn’t ever permanently deleted – you just can’t see it on the directory.  You have only removed the pointer to it (not the data itself).

It feels like that’s what we are doing now – locating the pointers to internal truth.

We’ve each worn many hats, costumes and titles.  What is constant about each of them is you.

The hats are interesting.  The costumes can be entertaining topics of discussion.  As in “What was I thinking???”.  Yet they are not you, not now, and not relevant.

You are entering unlimited.  Notions of bringing the “past” into the NOW serve to pre-define you.  If what you are out to do is return to what you were, this works perfectly.

If not, you can now take advantage of those deleted pointers.  You actually don’t need them.  It’s upon you to build new ones, more to your liking.

Make them flexible, invisible, bendable or don’t make them at all.  The possibilities are infinite.

Infinity is hard to wrap your head around.  We have habits of being, expectations created by a life lived fully.  No one is more of a task master than you.  Standards of behavior are mostly put there by you.

If there was a theme to this blog and this moment it would be “Letting go”.  Once those words are applied to every facet of your life, expansion happens.  The song we started with has been sung to me all day today… live spontaneous performances that only serve to validate the current mood.  “Let it go”.

As we let go personally, we’ll simultaneously witness a global release.  It is happening on every scale.  Governments, financial systems, beliefs and long held dogmas are dissolving, changing, re-forming.  The only way this is possible is if it also happens here.  In your life.  To you.

You are dissolving, changing and re-forming.  While that happens, old data-pointers aren’t helpful.  Notice them, breathe and allow a new pointer to emerge.  This new one won’t change you – it will re-direct you.  Who you are remains the same.  I did not say your costume stays, I said you do.

This time of massive shifting can feel uncertain and shaky.  It is tempting to want to hold on to judgments and ideas that used to define you.  They feel solid and not much else  does right now.  It’s a wobbly time.

Remember “Weebles”? “Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down.”  Maybe that’s because they figured out how to fly.

That’s what we’re doing.  To hell with data pointers.  We are growing wings.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

With love,


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Via Growing Our Wings… | Sophia 

The Waves of Awakening Light and Your Emergence from the Chrysalis

Timely Message for September 27


Seven Signs That An Angel Is With You! | In5D

Seven Signs That An Angel Is With You!

by Linda Preston, January 17, 2015

Angels exist on a different vibrational frequency to humans, and most of us are therefore unable to see them but we can often feel their presence around us.

Angels have a way of making their presence known and it is not necessary to be deeply religious or to have a strong spiritual belief to sense the presence of an angel.

7 Signs That An Angel Is Close By

1. The temperature in the room may change.

You may feel a sudden rush of warm air or a warm glow surrounding you. You may also get goose bumps or tingling at the back of your neck or head.

2. An intriguing fragrance may appear out of nowhere.

It may be an unusual aroma that you have never smelt before, and you will probably not be able to identify it.

3. Different colored lights may appear from nowhere.

You may see shafts of light streaming down or shooting across the room or may catch glimpses or sparks of light or notice shadows. Do not be afraid, you will not see an angel appearing until you are ready to, and angels of course have no desire to harm you.

4. You may hear angelic voices trying to communicate to you.

If the voice is merely a whisper or is muffled, send a mental message for the angel to speak louder. Do not assume that the angelic voice you are hearing is a product of your imagination.

5. White feathers may suddenly appear in the most unlikely and unexpected of place.

This is a sure sign that the angels are with you and are ready to answer your prayers…

6. Angels may appear to you in your dream state with a solution to a particular problem.

By the morning, you will feel more positive and clearer about which direction to take…

7. You may feel as if there is someone in the room with you.

(As if someone has just brushed past you) or you may experience the sensation that a presence is standing behind you perhaps with their hands on your shoulders.

Often the angels will make their presence very obvious. A common experience is when you are in a bookshop or a library perhaps unconsciously looking for guidance and suddenly a book will fly off a shelf and drop at your feet.

This is angels at work, trust in them and you will receive more signs.

They are here to help us on life path.

Via Seven Signs That An Angel Is With You! | In5D

Tune Your Radio | Angel Messages

Posted on September 5, 2015 from Ann Albers

You are all so much more powerful than you can possibly imagine. You have the entire universe at your disposal. You are like a radio that can tune into any station you like, any frequency, any number of “songs” that are sung by the Divine. It is your focus, your attention that selects the “station” and your emotional attachment that holds you in a space of receiving the same frequencies over and over.

This is good news! This means that with your focus and attention you can change the energies that you “tune” into. With your joy, your passion, your excitement, you can allow yourself to receive new frequencies, new energies, and therefore new possibilities into your life.

Think of one of your biggest complaints, either about yourself or life. Ask yourself, “How attached am I to keeping this complaint? Am I willing to do the emotional work to let it go? Am I willing to stop “tuning” into this sad reality, and focus on a better reality? Am I willing to give up this complaint in exchange for a happier life?” Be honest with yourselves. Sometimes complaints buy you companionship for many others share the same. Sometimes complaints are comfortably uncomfortable. They are familiar. They keep you in a reality that is known. And so although most of you would say, “Yes! I want a better reality!” it takes incredible honesty to look at whether are not you are willing to give up the familiar, the old, and the comfortably uncomfortable situations in which you exist.

When you get to a point where you are willing to give up the complaint, either about yourself or life, ask yourself next, “What reality would I prefer to create? What reality would I prefer to “tune into?” Imagine you are a radio, or a television and you can tune into any reality you like! Then using your imagination, take time each day to imagine yourself in this new and better reality. Imagine the best possible outcome! Imagine joy! Abundance! Ease! Grace! Love! And every time you catch yourself going back to your old reality, “tuning into” what you don’t want, change again, and “tune into” what you do. This will take time, patience and practice! Allow yourself to feel the joy and the excitement of an imagined beautiful reality. For as many of you have heard, the universe does not distinguish between reality and fantasy – it reads and echoes back your energy – conscious and unconscious. The more consciously you “tune” your being, the more beautiful a reality you will create.

You are powerful dear ones. Allow yourselves to start “tuning into” better and happier realities. Do the work to create the lives you actually dream of. You have the power. Divine love and all that it encompasses is within and around you, flowing to you, through you, and from you.

Original at VisionofHeaven.com