But of course, life on Earth at present is far from normal.

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Saul Audio Blog for Saturday February 4th

Humanity is preparing itself for a massively inspiring and uplifting occurrence, a general spiritual awakening that is available to all, offered to all, But imposed on no one!  You have free will, which is an essential aspect of your divine nature, the absolute freedom to accept or reject the Love that surrounds you in every moment of your eternal existence.

Love is freely offered and bestowed upon you by God, our divine Source, the Center from which all consciousness, all awareness flows constantly and without interruption.  It is the Life Force, the field in which all experience occurs.  It is eternal, without beginning or end, and It is Indestructible!  There is nothing beyond It, because all is contained within It, safe, secure, at peace, while beautifully and harmoniously interacting with Itself in every moment.

And yet, because Love is infinitely gentle, constant…

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The Key Is How You Look at Yourself | Heavenletters


God said:

It is up to you to open your heart and your mind. Ultimately, it is your job. You are the key. Expand your heart. Expand your mind. Expand the world you live in.

Wait for no one. It is you who has the key to fit the lock that allows you entrance to freedom, and freedom means expansion. Freedom can’t mean confinement. Freedom can’t mean the freedom to make yourself smaller and less noticeable. Freedom has to mean to untie bounds and to break yourself free from the bonds that bind you. What is lack of freedom but imprisonment? There are many kinds of imprisonment. The mind can be imprisoned. The spirit too. The mind can be in lock-up. You can be the imprisoner of yourself.

My desire for you is your freedom within so that you soar above the world. Accept the freedom to take off, to free yourself from inhibiting yourself from your God-given self-expression. Self-expression beats self-repression any day of the week. I speak of your unlimiting your own Self-Awareness. Wake up, darlings.

Note the thought you wake up with in the morning. You may wake up with a thought from a sleep dream that pushes through. You may wake up with a random thought. There are thoughts that pursue you. Wake up to your thoughts. The way the sun breaks through to the dawn, the way, when you crack open an egg shell, a whole bright orange egg yolk appears. Your thoughts are lining up for you to take care of them. You can’t push back these thoughts forever. Recognizing your thoughts is how you take care of them. You allow thoughts you have repressed to take their place in the world.

One thought after another is waiting for you to address. Most often it is you who has infringed upon your thoughts. You may wait to address thoughts until you feel stronger. Look, a thought is waiting for you to address it. This thought is no longer to be put aside as if it does not exist. No thought of yours is to be kicked aside or told to wait for another day. When you just take an honest look at a troubling thought you don’t want to look at, you can whisk away the troublesome aspect of the thought, and be freed from it.

Otherwise, the thought, no matter how much you try to submerge it, will persist in being addressed, rather like a virus that will make itself known. If the thought is there, it is there for you to nod to. Sometimes that is all you have to do, and then you are done. Face your thoughts. Wake up your thoughts. Tell them it’s okay for them to speak.

You may not have noticed thoughts that seek to wake you up. They are not the plague. They are your friends. Listen to your thoughts. Once listened to, your thought is heard, and it is reduced to size, and then there is another once submerged thought that can make its way through. Acknowledge your recurring thoughts. They have a message for you.

The message could be: “I am not well thought-of. I am disrespected in this world. I am not given my full value or value at all.”

Dear Ones, it is you who is not respecting yourself enough. Acknowledgment may be all it takes so you put your shoulders back and stand straight. And your whole demeanor to the world is changed. Treat yourself differently, and now, somehow, without effort, the world starts to look at you and give you your due. The key is how you look at yourself.

This works.

It is not your ego I am referring to. It is not vanity We are dallying with. Not at all. It is you who has to stand up and respect yourself. There is no other music you have to face. Now, finally, address yourself and give you your due.


Arcturian Group Message January 29, 2017 | Marilyn Raffaele


JANUARY 29, 2017

Dear ones,  in these times of global stress and conflict we remind you of the reality– that all is well and  proceeding according to plan.  Know that you are actors in a grand theatrical production written and produced by you.  The third dimension is not your real home and when you are once again back to your real home you will look on these times as powerful creations necessary to push the awareness of mankind  into remembering.
Resist the temptation to add more negative energy to world conditions, but instead consciously allow love to flow to them regardless of what you are seeing.  Love is all there is and is therefore the key to and the glue of every solution.  Outer conditions are quickly lifting many into the realization that love is the only power and thus the only solution to every situation.  Many who never before considered love beyond the human sense of it are awakening.
Love is the only solution because love is all there is.  Limited thinking would have you believe that love is only an emotion and it is this belief that holds many back from opening their heart to a higher sense of love.  Love is the essence of a consciousness of Oneness.  Everything within One can only be in and of that One–every life form made of the same substance and energetically connected.   This connecting energy is what the world calls love.
This does not mean that you are supposed to like everything see, or that you are not allowed an emotional response, but does mean that as spiritually evolved beings you are now able and required to start looking beyond appearances and recognize that what you are bearing witness to is the final act of a powerful play about separation, one that has for eons and still is serving as an  “awakening school”.
You are ready and it is time to move more fully into a consciousness of real Love–Love that is free of limiting three dimensional concepts  and that you live and express in  every experience of daily living.  Love is the realization of ONE.  As awakened individuals you are ready to begin to translate every situation, recognizing that the “bad guys” are Divine beings just as fully as the “good guys” within the evolutionary play.  Every time you do this, you add more Light to world consciousness.
Self cannot be left out of the equation but self love can be difficult for anyone still holding concepts about what constitutes valid spirituality.   Self love  becomes natural and judgement/self loathing  releases as individuals come to understand that negative emotions or experiences of the past or present are tools for deeper insight actually written into the play by self/Self.
Emotions can only be experienced if the energy of the particular emotion is resonating in one’s energy field–cellular memory, emotional body, etc.   Once you realize this, you are able use  your emotional responses as guides to understanding what you may still hold in your belief system.  Bless and thank all emotions  (this is loving self) when they arise instead of meeting them with  resistance in the belief that they are barriers to spirituality and something to be gotten rid of.
Higher dimensional frequencies automatically override the denser ones.  As you practice love, you will discover that the negative emotions disturbing you today are gradually fading  into the nothingness they really are and often without any awareness until the day comes when you realize that your responses  have drastically changed.
See and give gratitude for the perfection of the path of awakening you have chosen–the realization of Oneness attained through  experiences of separation.  Earth is a difficult school but one in which you yourselves have chosen to journey. There are souls on other planets evolving in less difficult ways without the intense sense of separation that is experienced on earth.  Graduation from “earth school” results in a PHD in Oneness because you have actually experienced a sense of separation.
Trust that all actions, emotions, and experiences are necessary facets of your evolutionary process.   At a certain point every soul chooses to awaken, and from then on nothing is random and there are no accidents.  The choice is often made on a higher level of consciousness when the Higher Self determines that “like it or not” an individual is ready.
Resist nothing dear ones, for resistance only bestows power onto something that has no power of its own to hold it in place, only the power of belief.  This is difficult in  these times of so much seeming turmoil.  Try not to immerse yourself in the news, negativity, and fear but instead use what you become aware of to practice truth realizing that nothing has power to separate you from who and what you are.
Yes, there is much you do not understand or resonate with right now but what you are witnessing is the struggle of the old  to remain intact.  The present outer scene is serving to awaken many who up to now have been content to live without real thought, simply accepting and  believing whatever they were told by governments, churches, leaders, experts etc., giving away their own innate power in the process.
Every individual must at some point embrace his true identity and claim his Divinely bestowed power–if not in this life time then another, but the energy is intensely present now for all  ready and choosing to do this.   You yourselves have chosen to be here for this energetic feast.  World conditions are serving to help a majority become aware of goings on that have been previously purposely swept under the rug for self gain.
Be not afraid dear ones, for the Light and all within it is held infinitely in place by Divine law, while the  illusions formed of false concepts and beliefs are simply balloons with their skins peeled off.
The energy of LOVE is the only energy and thus the only power.  Never forget this or allow yourselves to revert back to giving power to appearances.    Divine Love is all there is simply because it is all there is–One Divine omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient Consciousness.  If that is all there is, then how could there ever be anything real separate and apart from it?  What would it be made of?
The energy of the grand illusion of separation and its accompanying duality has formed the three dimensional world you have come to believe is the real world, but which in actuality it is the bottom rung of a very high ladder.
Mankind in general is in the process of moving up this evolutionary ladder.  Those of you reading these messages have already done so or they would make no sense to you.  However, in times of stress there remains for everyone the temptation to step back onto that familiar  bottom rung.
You are ready to integrate love in its truest form dear ones, a Love that recognizes the Divinity of every person , place, thing, experience, etc, and which NEVER excludes self because no one is or ever can be outside of ONE.
We are the Arcturian Group


Your Father awaits your awakening with joyful enthusiasm.

Jesus through John

Jesus Audio Blog for Christmas Day

On the anniversary of my birth it is always a joy to see so many celebrating it.  As we move forward powerfully toward the moment of humanity’s awakening celebration is a most appropriate activity in which to engage.  To awaken will be stunning for you all.  You have prayed and hoped for this for a long time, and now that it is imminent, celebrations put you in the right frame of mind to accept the wonders that are being offered, and acceptance of them will bring you great joy.  Our divine Source has planned a most exalting welcome for you all, a welcome that we here in the spiritual realms as yet have no knowledge of except that it will be absolutely astounding for all present.

As time ends and all move into full conscious awareness of NOW, all that was not in complete…

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Arcturian Group Message December 4, 2016 | Marilyn Raffaele @ Onenessofall.com


DECEMBER 4, 2016

Greetings, dear ones.  Again we come together in love and understanding, and with a mutual desire for truth.  Each day becomes new as global and individual awareness grows for  as consciousness unfolds and expands, so do its outer expressions.
Many of you are beginning to have experiences of synchronicity as you go about your day.  Solutions now seem to appear more easily, and issues that previously caused distress or worry no longer feel  important.  These are the fruits of your expanding consciousness, one that is coming into alignment with truth’s grace and harmony.
Experiences of Grace will continue to increase as you live out from your highest level of awareness, letting the truth you know flow into and through all  daily activities.  As you allow the truth you know to flow out,  more is given.
Evolution is a never ending journey into spiritual awareness for Divine Consciousness is infinite.
Think of it as an elevator that reaches high into the ethers.  One that stops and opens its doors at every floor allowing passengers to observe or exit.  At one stop the view seems so wonderful, so full of interesting people and things that you decide to step out.  It takes years to comprehend everything on that floor and when you do, you decide to remain there permanently, because it is familiar and comfortable.  All you will ever have need of is right there.
However, just when you are settling in, your Higher Self steps in, powerfully (wake up calls) causing you to realize that there are many more floors to be experienced and that you will never see or experience them unless you leave where you are and get back on the elevator.
It is very important for anyone firmly embedded  in a particular path or tools that helped them to  awaken, to understand that there comes a time to let them go.  At a certain point in the journey, a continuing dependence upon outer rites, rituals, and tools acts as a block.   In order to  move to higher  levels of consciousness, there must be the willingness to stop giving power to anything in the outer world in the realization that;  “I already am, and thus need nothing outside of myself to make me what I already am”
Give yourselves permission to rest, to enjoy, and  feel no guilt for doing nothing at all or simply having fun.  The energy closest to Divine is the energy of joy.  It is time release the  puritanical beliefs that have infected much of  mankind’s thinking and open to joy, for it is only ignorant beliefs that promote hardship to be the reality.
Human beings over lifetimes have become familiar with struggle and suffering and so there are many who only feel comfortable when in the midst of some sort of dilemma.  These dear ones go about their lives seeking it out and stirring it up for everyone around them.  The energy of duality and separation attracts experiences of duality and separation– needless negative experiences.
Experiences of hardship are often the only way the Higher Self can awaken an individual perfectly happy to remain asleep in the illusion, but those of you reading these messages are beyond that state of consciousness even if or when you experience hardship which at some point in the journey becomes more about clearing than awakening.
Anyone living  fully in an un-awakened three dimensional state of consciousness, is open and receptive to all beliefs floating about in the three dimensional belief system.  These beliefs are impersonal and only become personal when accepted.  Since many previous lifetimes were lives of hardship, the energy of difficult experiences often remains stored in cellular memory without a person’s conscious awareness even if they are now spiritually awake.

Do not judge yourselves to be failures when and if some foreign negative emotion, thought, or physical experience  suddenly pops into your life.  Recognize it as the surfacing of cellular memory and see it as a graduation,  meaning that you are now evolved and strong enough to look at and  permanently clear the energy of something you may have been dragging around with you for lifetimes.
Arcturian Group wishes to speak about language.  Language reflects the state of consciousness of groups or individuals  and flows through song as well as spoken and written words.  Language often reflects a state of consciousness long outgrown but  continued out of habit.
Words carry energy–words are energy.  Many Beings of Light  have no names to give you when asked, because they are known by their energy signature, not a spoken sound. The need for language as you know will lesson as  intuition  becomes the dominant form of communication.  Words are the three dimensional world’s way of  expressing  beliefs, concepts, ideas, which  flow outwardly on streams of personal energy.

Often a sincere student of truth will assume (still thinking within the three dimensional state of consciousness), that being spiritual means being a quiet, sweet mouse gratefully accepting anything that comes along with hands folded and eyes lifted to the heavens much like the depictions of saints.
Evolution brings with it empowerment,  allowing individuals to comfortably  speak and quietly live  truth regardless of general societal  beliefs which  is exactly how many found themselves tied to a stake in life times of heavy dense energetic belief.
Occasionally it becomes necessary to speak firmly to another using words that the other person can relate to.  However, when the necessary words flow forth on an energy stream of love they will have a lifting impact rather than a depressing impact especially if the receiver is receptive.  It is important for those whose work is helping others sort out their problems–therapists, social workers, prison workers, nurses and doctors etc., to understand this.
As you evolve you will discover your language becoming more refined with many verbal expressions simply falling away.  This is because your energy has become lighter and more refined.   You discover that without conscious decision,  you no longer feel any need to engage in verbal battles to convince others of your beliefs or opinions.
The three dimensional world has always been  a world of distractions, fruitage of the belief that one’s good  is outside of self.   Present day technology has brought with it an infinite variety distractions and although technology is serving to advance the world in many ways, the moment it becomes the god,  it also becomes a major deterrent to spiritual growth.
There must be times for quiet contemplation, meditation, and spiritual study for the still quiet voice of Soul cannot be heard in the presence of noise and distraction.  It is important that parents  monitor their children with regard to time spent in technological distractions.  Children, in order to unfold spiritually must be allowed time to do nothing, to play and interact with nature and other children–just being themselves without schedules and electronic babysitters.
It sometimes happens that individuals of high energy frighten or inadvertently bring about resistance in others even  when their intent was loving discussion.  Some of you may have had the experience of  speaking emphatically about something to someone expecting discussion while the other only hears a  lecture or judgement.   If this has happens to you, know that the person is reacting to your energy and  not your words.  Learn to speak more gently and softly.
There is a great deal of pressure in today’s world to be politically correct when speaking about almost everything.  This concept is a first step toward understanding the importance of words, but is not yet on the level of awareness that knows power lies not  in words, but rather in the energy of intent behind the words.  Everything is energy–a rose is just as sweet no matter what it is called, and prejudice is prejudice no matter how flowery or politically correct the words describing it.
Words can be important tools in helping to identify old energetic patterns.  Stay alert to those words and expressions that pop up without conscious thought when you are  surprised by the unexpected, hear some piece of news,  or see certain persons.  Language is necessary within the third dimension, but will no longer be needed  in the higher dimensions where a realization of oneness allows knowledge and conversation to be intuitive and silent.
Now, and in every moment to come you will express your ever expanding  consciousness.  Let every word you speak reflect this.  If you find yourself emotionally involved, pause  before  saying what you wish to say, remembering that the person or persons you are speaking to are Divine Beings.
We are the Arcturian Group          
Via Onenessofall.com                      

Love is melting away the last bastions of bitterness and hate that have been enveloping humanity.

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  Saul Audio Blog for Thursday November 24th

Humanity’s awakening is accelerating.   Do not be distracted by the worldly news of conflict, betrayal, and intense suffering. Yes, it is ongoing, but it is now clearly perceived for what it is, a massive release of an enormous and long held collective state of bitterness and resentment that has supplied the corrupting energy for the eons of suffering that the illusion has brought into your lives.  Love is melting away the last bastions of bitterness and hate that have been enveloping humanity, and, as that occurs, the weights that have dragged you down into the bitter and painful distractions of the illusion and seemingly anchored you there are being untied.

There now remains very little to hold you collectively entangled within the illusion.  It has served its purpose – allowing you to experience separation from Source – and is now disintegrating all…

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God, Creation, Source, the Universe, is always on your side.

Jesus through John

  Jesus Audio Blog for Tuesday November 22nd

As you wonderful Light bearers and Light workers are becoming increasingly aware, humanity is waking up!  There is no possibility of this divine process reversing itself or stalling, you are going to wake up purely because you have collectively chosen to do so.  What you have set in motion, with enormous assistance from those in the spiritual realms, is unstoppable, so rejoice in the knowing that all your doubts and anxieties are utterly groundless, and continue to restate your intention to be loving in absolutely every moment, regardless of the situations or of the interactions in which you are engaged. Love changes everything, so be loving, and observe in wonder what happens.

There is practically no one on Earth who is not feeling and experiencing the powerful divine energy inflows that are now intensifying daily.  However, many, having a sense that…

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Choosing the Best Route ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

You form your reality from a myriad of possibilities, each of which has its own merits. You arrive at a conclusion about which reality will serve you best, and then you align with it. You do this in an instant, and you are not very conscious the choices or the decision point.

That is all changing now, however, and you will be more conscious of the choices available. And you will make the decision more consciously. As a rule, you would never choose a reality that would in any way thwart your progress. There is only the expansion of your consciousness and the route that you choose to take. You can take the easy route, or you can do it the hard way. The choice is always yours and yours alone.

You, as an egoic being, have your own ideas about which reality is the best for you. When you surrender the ego, you align with your greater purpose and you take yourself to the reality that is most appropriate for you and that serves you on every level, including the egoic one.

The faster way is not always the best way. Sometimes you still need to absorb some data and release some of that which no longer serves you, and so you will always choose the reality that gives you the greatest possibility for meaningful expansion and conscious expansion. You want more than just to evolve and expand. You want to experience it. You want to feel it.

When you feel your way into your expansion, that is when you know you have taken the route that serves you most, and you also recognize that you are on the path that gives you the greatest opportunity for enjoyment.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton


You are Real, the illusion is not.

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Saul Audio Blog for Sunday November 20th

We are in the end times.  This does not mean the end!  It refers to the dispelling and disintegration of the illusion.  The illusion is a dream or nightmare in which humanity has been collectively enmeshed for eons.  It is an unreal state, an hallucination, something unreal but imagined – similar to the misdirection used by magicians – which is very convincing.  What you believe in you see!  The collective has seen and experienced the illusion for eons and thus it has become virtually impossible not to believe in its reality.  Until very recently your scientists were producing “evidence” that proved you lived in a physical universe, and everyday experience confirmed the illusion’s solid reality because objects cannot pass through other objects without becoming damaged.

However, at the forefront of modern physics it has finally been confirmed that nothing is solid…

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Arcturian Group Message November 20, 2016 | Marilyn Raffaele @ Onenessofall.com


NOVEMBER 20, 2016
Greetings dear ones.  All is proceeding according to plan even though it may seem to you that the world is going backwards.  Powerful energies of Light are creating a new world awareness resulting in battles between the old and the new.  New frequencies of Light are exposing  information and those who benefit from leaving things as they are, do not like it.
This is what will bring change although it cannot happen in a moment for the majority needs time to process what they are becoming aware of.  Those who are more intuitively awake know what it is they are seeing, and their realization of the truth behind all appearances is what is  helping to dissolve these old energies.
Every individual  is consciously or unconsciously journeying toward full awakening but not everyone is  at the same level of awareness at the same time.  Old souls are those who have lived and learned through many lifetimes, whereas newer souls may have been only on earth several times and still need many more life experiences before they will be ready to move into  higher levels of awareness.
Continue to send Light and love to the world, visualizing earth and all her life forms as pure Light, for this is what they really are.   This makes you Lightworkers.  A lightworker is anyone who not only knows the truth but lives it, in the realization that in spite of appearances to the contrary everyone is a Spark of the one Divine Light.
Many continue to think of lightworkers as being only those spiritually gifted individuals doing healing work, teaching, or channeling. This belief is a facet of the belief in separation for in truth everyone is a spiritual being and every activity becomes Lightwork when done with awakened eyes and ears.
Lightwork is the natural effect of an evolved state of consciousness, one that without conscious effort can lift the energy of those receptive.  Even the most seemingly  insignificant of daily interactions are Lightwork when they flow on energy streams of true Love and Light.
The time has arrived for mankind to cease declaring everything as either good or bad.  This is duality and separation for  nothing exists but the Divine in expression and to limit any person, place, or thing as less than that is third dimensional consciousness.  Nothing exists that is not in its truest sense,  spiritual.  The un-awakened state of consciousness ignorant of truth,  judges by appearances and then places labels on everything.  You are ready to stop playing this game.
Stay centered in what you know to be truth, aware that the energy of concern and worry you may flow to something adds energy and power to it.  Pretending not to see discord  by sticking your head in the sand and shouting; “God is all”, is very human.   No, as enlightened beings, you are learning not to  give power to appearances knowing that belief in and fear of anything perpetuates it.  You can then take whatever assisting human footsteps you may be intuitively guided to take, if any.  Actions done from this higher sense of awareness carry a  higher energetic resonance  becoming Lightwork.
Because the world is quickly moving into a seasonal time of giving and celebration, we wish to speak of Care or caring, a term that is  commonly  understood  to  mean consideration of another’s feelings,  needs, and general welfare.  It is this, but much more.
Caring is actually one of the first steps  everyone makes in their soul journey toward attaining the  consciousness of unconditional love.  In reality caring and love are one and the same, but this fact is usually not known by those unaware of deeper truths.   Caring is usually an individual’s first experience of interconnectedness, especially for those who limit their expressions of love only to family and friends.
This is part of the loving service that pets can provide.  Accepting responsibility for a pet may be the first time an individual has had the experience of caring for another.  A pet’s natural ability to love provides the individual with experiences that will begin to open him to  unconditional love despite the fact that he may believe  he is simply taking care of an animal’s  basic needs.
In order to move into the deeper truths of oneness and love, one must first learn to care.  However, if not alert to the vast amounts of  “pretend caring” floating about in the material world,  those new to the emotions of caring can find themselves in situations of codependency doing whatever is asked of them and giving away their power in the belief that they are caring.
Just as is true of loving, so it is true of caring that spiritual actions never mean being a doormat–the surrender of ones personal power–no matter how much pressure may be present.
Some so called actions of caring are nothing more than platitudes of pretense and this can be easily seen in the actions of some (not all) corporations and businesses that promote their caring activities as a means of placing themselves in  better public light for financial gain.
The un-awakened ego often uses  “pretend caring” to prove to itself and others how wonderful and unselfish it is. This type of caring  is based in  duality  and separation but even this can be a first step for those just beginning to awaken.   When donating to charities, always use your intuition and do your research, for not all “caring charities” are serving on the highest levels in spite of how they may promote themselves.
We speak of caring because many  are beginning to shift into  more enlightened ways of  seeing the world which  in turn is opening many more to emotions of caring.  World events are being known about and seen almost immediately through the rapid circulation of photos and news. This is bringing the plight of others face front to many who have up to now lived each day comfortably secure in believing whatever they are told by those in positions of authority.
Caring action serves to open the mind and prepare it for the higher truths of love when spiritually ready.  Acts of caring serve to change the consensus energy and open it to new levels.  Caring in its truest and highest sense is;  “I care because I know who you are.  I see your struggles because I too have faced struggles.  I care because you remind me of myself, and make me ponder what would I do in your situation.  I care because I am you.” 
Because the world is entering a time of seasonal celebration, promotional ideas of love and caring are flowing from all directions, the majority of which are based in financial goals and three dimensional concepts, not love.  During the upcoming seasonal time stay alert and  centered.  Learn to recognize the hype of pretend caring, seeing it for what it is and not allowing it to become yours.
The energies of earth have become increasingly intense and are manifesting through all levels of consciousness.  All serious students of truth must stay alert, for it is very easy to align with the energies of political unrest and commercialism as they are pushed to you moment by moment each day–activities that express the material concepts of a world still lost in duality and separation.
Stay centered and focused within, as best you can at all times.  If or when you feel yourself slipping into some level of  world hypnotism,  pause  right where you are and realize just for a second; “I AM”.  This can be enough to lift you out of it for denser energies cannot enter into the higher.  If you do find yourself well and good in the illusions of sense, do not judge yourself to have failed, for there is no such thing, you just begin again, now more alert and aware.

Let your holiday season acts of caring never be based in emotions of guilt or obligation  but instead reflect a realization of Oneness.  Let  Thanksgiving represent a true sense of gratitude which is;  “I have because I am”  and let gift giving be; “In giving to you I honor the Divine, for you are that”.  Learn to recognize all celebrations as  joy within Oneness.
In celebration of our Oneness…
We are the Arcturian Group  
Via Onenessofall.com