No Matter What | Heavenletters


God said:

More or less, you thought the world had been brutal to you, and now you wonder about yourself and your culpability in it all. Now you count yourself in. Once and for all, perhaps you are getting real.

Have you been seeing yourself as others see you? What an awakening. This is not the kind of awakening you had desired. You had wanted to be right, meaning that you had been wronged. It may be that you had deceived yourself all along. How little did you know, and how sure you were you knew it all. You are taken aback a peg or two. This could be about time. This is revelatory awakening is actually not a bad thing at all.

What a world it would be if there were no justification nor indication of right and wrong. No one would be imperious. Life would just be.

A rose would be a rose. A daisy would be a daisy. No one would insist that one flower would be more like another and less than what it is. Cabbage could be cabbage in all its glory. Differences would be differences, and that’s all there would be to it. All would be acceptable. There would be no warring, no disputing. All would be okay. There would be no recriminations. There would be no judgments and final knelling of the bells of judgment.

There would be no less and no more. All would be good. There would be no bad.

There would be no perceived need for anyone to hurt another. There would be no cause. There would be no reprisals. There would be no objections. There would be no arguments. All would be well. Life on Earth would be to enjoy, day and night, dusk to dawn.

There would be smiles on every face. There would be nothing to frown about.

There would be no criminals. No murders. Nothing to be set right, for what could be wrong?

There would not be need for compassion. There would be no need for uprisings or compensation either.

There would be God’s Grace in the world contributed in My Name. Well, what else could there possibly be in the world, for hurray, all is well, and all is getting better.

At present, fault is seen. Therein is the rub.

Finances would work themselves out differently. The world would have no need for distinctions such as haves and have nots. Work would be Joy. Freedom would ring! This is how Life will be. Whatever might be needed will provide itself.

Worry would be a thing of the past.

Everyone would have free choice. Wise and sociable choices would be made. All for one, and one for all would be the Theme of Life. If someone wanted to be a recluse, that would be fine. If someone wanted to be a social butterfly, why not? There would be room for all at the Inn.

Whatever could the matter be when there is nothing to fight over?

There would be fewer accidents, of course. With less tension in the world, accidents would be fewer. When accidents occur and lives lost, as it is told, loss of Life would not be so momentous as it had seemed to be. So much more Joy in the world now and so much less strife, just so.

No one’s nose would turn up in the air. No one would be above or below or lagging another. All would be welcome. This in itself would be known as Joy. The Sun’s rising and the Sun’s setting would be adored. What would not be adored? Who would not adore, and who would not be adored?


Walk Like an Angel | Heavenletters


God said:

What if I were to tell you that, on My Behalf, you can let go of holding on and begin to allow yourself to be akin to an angel? No longer are you to exult in disharmony. No longer are you to feel beleaguered and find arguments to extend even internally with yourself at great length. Have you thought that arguing and finding fault enhance the world and the Word of God?

You have the wherewithal to please and be pleased rather than to be displeased.

Bestow harmony. Harmony is a blessing. What is all this fuss you have made about how so-called others in the world treat you? Must you go around feeling put upon? What if you would expend greater Good Will and make Good Will shine on Earth?

Which of My Children hasn’t wished for Earth to be more welcoming and less disheartening than it may have seemed? Is it possible you would start the trend?

What would it take? It would take some letting go of your hard feelings. You might not yet be able to admit to the straight goods that: You have been more likely to latch onto discontent rather than content.

It seems to be easier for you to feel aggrieved than to feel pleased. It might even be that you may stir up an argument more than you are genial and likely to quell arguments. Your stance in Life may have been to look for a fight.

You may tend to feel that there is more honor due you. You are undoubtedly right. You never saw yourself as a rabble-rouser, yet now you are wondering if you don’t rig your Life in such a way that you might rally disturbance in the world.

You had thought you were the good guy, and now you wonder. You have thought you were stepped on. You may have been an underachiever in the world, mistreated, abused and, now, you don’t like to see it or say it, yet you begin to see that you could have been the one who has been looking for a fuss all along. You see the possibility that you are the disrupter, the arguer, the one who lacks appreciation for others that you always thought others were lacking for you.

Perhaps you have been the culprit all along, you the good guy that you now come to wonder about. It seems that you are quick to convict others of what you were oblivious to in yourself. You dwelt on an I and a thou, a you and a me. Alas, it is thee of little Faith.

You had seen yourself all wide-eyed and innocent. If anyone had been set upon, could you have been the troublemaker, not the other way around?

But to whom do you apologize? There could be a long line. This one and that one didn’t do well by you. You were sure that this one and that one didn’t care enough about you. All these years, you could have had the shoe on the other foot. You had sincerely believed that you were owed apologies. You had sincerely believed that you had been trespassed upon.

It is a lot for you to swallow that you may have been unkind, unthinking, and unloving, looking for fault. You were the displeased. You had been the accuser. Maybe you really weren’t not so merciful as you had believed.

Where do you begin now? You are seeing yourself in a new light, and not a brighter Light. Now you find yourself looking at yourself straight in the eye. How do you change the world when it is yourself who is to change and to grow? Now you have confronted yourself.

Beloveds, where do We go from here?

I See You Beautiful | Heavenletters


God said:

You don’t have to be wrapped up in circumstances. Pretty much circumstances are how you rate yourself in terms of the world. I see you Beautiful. The world and I, as you know by now, don’t see you in the same way.

The world may have taught you that this and that matter. You don’t have to be a certain way for Me. Not at all. I do not demand that you live on a so-called better area of town. I don’t require where you live at all. I do not recognize homeless or palace or mansion or hovel. I don’t require a certain wardrobe of you or education. You don’t need to have a new car to be loved by Me. I am Light and Love. I see with My Eyes and not those of the arbitrary world. I rate you. I rate you not by appearances or anything at all. I Love.

Do you think that for one minute I go by status in the world? I see quite differently. Instead of your thinking I rank you, start from the premise that your place in the world is of consequence most of all to Me of the Highest.

The world may have its cart before the horse.

I hold you dear. That’s My Story. Isn’t it laughable to think of Me as basing My Value on you by height, weight, color, posture, physical mass, sports ability etc. I don’t count anything.

I include all My Children, even the naughty, even the good, the poor, the gifted, the famous. I don’t even think in these terms. I see you, and I Love. I look at you, and I see the Glory of you that you may not as yet be acquainted with. You are a dear part of Me. No matter how far you have wandered from the Truth of Your Self, I see you. I see the Palm of Your Hand. I see your eyes. I see you. I see you from the Eyes of God.

I do not look upon you as your shaded past. Why would I spend so-called time on the past? I look upon you as I look upon the Veranda of a Palace. I see Truth, not error. I don’t have to look for Truth. I see with Eyes of Truth. This is how it is.

If you have crawled in mud, I see you as you Truly ARE. I don’t see all the costumes you may wear. What do disguises have to do with Me? Why would I see pretenders to the Throne when each of you is the Real Thing.

I don’t digress. You digress, not I.

I see what is. I hear what is. Come see with Me. I do not demand the perfection from you that you demand from yourself. If you see yourself as going off the Path, then get back on the Path. You may kick and scream, yet nothing will hold you back for long. It may seem long to you. The only always that exists is Infinity. All this diversion you experience in Life is along the way. All these fictionalized detours are superficial to Me. Beyond foolish acts –what could be more foolish than cruel acts? Where you are may lie a Prince who believes deeply in his own inability to be a Prince.

Nevertheless, a Prince is a Prince. I know you. I don’t just believe in you, I KNOW YOU. I know you like the Palm of My Hand. And do you know what the Palm of My Hand is? You are the Palm of My Hand.

There is a far Deeper You than you have any clue to.

Get over here, and I will sing Songs to you. You will begin to sing as I do sing from the Beat of My Heart.

The Work Police Are Not Chasing You | Heavenletters


God said:

When Life is too busy, you are too distracted. It really is in your mind that you are too busy. You may be out of your mind being over-busy.

Perhaps speeding up isn’t the answer. Your mind is too busy as it is simply bouncing off being too busy. You have the same hours everyone else has. The heavy sense of being too busy is a habit of mind. It keeps you from getting down to the business of getting the work done.

If it were hot summertime, and you were wearing a heavy sweater, you would take off the sweater and put on a tee shirt or thin cotton top. How do We make this metaphor work on your sense of being weighed down with too much to do? This comes down to a matter of belief. It isn’t that you have too much to do. You keep too much on your mind, not too much to do. You have been stockpiling obligation in your mind. You pile up yourself, and you block yourself with an overwhelming sense of being overburdened. You can’t seem to get out from under.

Must you carry a sense of having too much to do? Is it true? Is it true, or is this a clinging sense of over-obligation you nurture? Maybe you really would profit from slowing down rather than speeding up.

No one can do ten things at one time. Perhaps you can stick to one thing at a time. The concept of having too much to do makes you specialize in having too much to do.

The value of a list is that you can scratch off the whole list.

What are you too busy with? For one thing, it has to be that you are too busy with the idea of having too much to do. Life itself isn’t too busy. Yes, the overbearing sense of too much to do wears you down. The pressure you feel is of your own making, dear ones. The work police are not chasing you.

Kick out the sense of being pressured. In world time, everyone has the same 24-hours a day. Don’t panic. Do what you do without panic. Be at ease with Life as it presents itself to you. Have the idea that you are a wise person at the top of a mountain who gets everything done without jumping around.

Hurry-Hurry can be a matter of avoidance. It is self-recrimination. You lug ten wagons behind you. It’s not so much that your work is back-breaking as it is that the weight you carry is accumulating. Let Us find a way to ease the weight.

Get back to focusing on what is helpful to you and not what is not.

Give yourself greater appreciation. It’s obvious. Instead of a list of what you haven’t done, list what you did get done. Honest, you are not so fettered as you seem to think. Work can be work and yet be effortless. Don’t be short of breath. Don’t race.

All of your Life doesn’t need to be a panic attack. Slow down. Easy wins the race. Anyway, who needs to win a race? Certainly not a race against time. Yes, I know that in the world at large, everything takes time. Even doing nothing takes time. Keep up with the present.

Define yourself away from a sense of time. Then you won’t have to feel that you are running out of time. Get going. Perhaps you will find that you have more time. I kid you not.

Watch your posture. Watch your stance in Life. In the world, you may well sense that there is not enough time, yet, how it is in this timed world, you have just the right amount of time. Remind yourself that you are timeless.

Ye of little time, slow down your interior clock.

What Will the World Be without You? | Heavenletters


God said:

You may worry about everything under the Sun no matter what. You are so tied to Life on Earth as if Life can only be one prescribed way and not another. If you could, you might well control everything under the Sun. You would keep everything in place just as it is now. Contrary to what you may speculate about Life, no matter how much you may begrudge how Life has treated you, Life is enduringly dear to you. One way or another, perceived or not perceived, you know Oneness deeply. You just don’t let on to yourself.

Nevertheless, if it were up to you, even after you yourself have departed Earth for a vacation in Heaven, you might want to call the shots from afar. It’s hard for you now to let Life go its own way. It always was, true?

Among your worries, you worry about what if the Earth should be decimated and Earth be no longer? What if your family no longer exists? What if there is some kind of end-play? You worry about posterity. True?

What would happen to the internet, you wonder. Would all precious knowledge stored on Earth disappear? What will happen to language? Music? Will instruments be the same? Voices the same?

Beloveds, Beloveds, all that you see as happening on Earth is all story, remember. It appears to you to have happened. You see disparity and such things such as heartache. Story all.

The only Truth on Earth that you really and truly experience is Love Itself. You may have had an on/off feature with Love, yet Love Itself is ever constant. Aside from Love which is another word for Oneness, you do honestly believe that the Stories on Earth are your True experience of Life.

You even experience the history of the past. You even experience sci-fi in the future as well. Unless you are experiencing a sense of Love on Earth, what you experience on Earth in what is called the Present, you experience from your imagination. It is a fly-by-night that you imagine, yet you buy it as real.

The passage of time isn’t True.

That which lasts, that which is called Infinity, is True. There is no time and space in Infinity. No beginning and no end. Infinity is incapable of having an end, and Infinity never was not. You and I exist as One in Infinity and this is the Truth. This is a Valiant Truth.

Dear dear Darlings, do not agitate about possibly losing the internet or anything.

See Life as an interlude, an out of Life experience. You can consider Life as a ride on the Roller-Coaster or like a slow day Fishing in the River. There is plenty of start and stop on Earth.

You may feel that time goes faster, and that it really used to go slower. Of course, this is one way of looking at Life on Earth. It is not, however, the only way.

Let Me put all this differently. If the world as you know it did end, nothing is lost. You can’t bear to think of a world without Shakespeare. What would happen to the Bible? You can’t bear to think of the world as you have known it without existing.

Dear Ones, I, God, will never disappear. The Ability to Create still exists. Details may vary, yet Life Itself will be beautiful and touching. Love will abound.

How do I prevail upon you the idea that nothing is lost? In Reality, you will let go of the concept of loss. There are other worlds, and there is Love and there is Life. All is well.

You will continue to swim in the Ocean of Life whatever it may be called. The Real is always yours. Truth is never lost, for you always hold Truth. Truth is vouched-safe.

The God Train | Heavenletters


God said:

Take advice from Me. Let go of everything you have always thought in regard to your own value. No longer will you downplay your True Self.

You are My Self. We can say that you are the Fledgling of Me. Can I make it any clearer than this? You come from Me. You are My Child. I love you. You are My Inheritor. I would like you to listen to Me. Let even an inch of what I say enter into your Heart and your Soul and radiate from you to every corner of the Universe. No effort on your part. I will accomplish this Reality and Self-Realization on your behalf. It is in the bag, Dear Ones.

You and I are One. We are of the same Dimension, or, We can say, of the same Unlimited State that goes beyond Dimension. There never was a moment when you and I were separate. You have long-held the idea of separation and the impossibility of Oneness with Me. Now I press Oneness into your hand and from there swiftly into your Heart.

I don’t put you on. I am not a false Prophet, nor do I wish you to be false to the Truth of Who You Are. Okay, you are not yet fully aware. I agree that you have a way to go. I tell you frankly that you will come to the point where you begin to allow the tiniest possibility. This is all it takes, My Beloveds. A tiny whisper of Truth will open up the entire Heavens to you the same way as the Morning Dew and the Dawn accompany each another.

Let a little Light enter your mind. Once a little Light of Possibility enters you, you will go further, and faster and your Self-Value will blossom fulsomely.

When you enter a train, you sit down. Whatever train you board will take you to New Delhi or New York City or wherever your chosen destination is. All you have to do is to get on the train.

In terms of Enlightenment, this objective that seems so far away from you or even impossible, listen: I give you a Ticket from Me. The ticket clearly states where you are going. There are no incorrect tickets.

I tell you very frankly that you are already on this train. That you are on the right train is a Gift I give to My Self. Right here where I am, and this is where you will find Me waiting for you to catch up with yourself.

Come a little closer, I say to you. I have all the riches of Heaven right here waiting for you.

If you only knew, you have always been on this train with Me. Not only have I given you your ticket, I reserve your seat, and I make sure you get on the steps to the right train.

Be advised that there is no train that says: “Here you will go backwards where ignorance used to be.”

There is only one God Train, and it is called Express to Enlightenment. Call it Heaven. Call it what you will. It is where I AM and where I happily wait for you day after day. Dear Ones, don’t take so long. I am eager to greet you.

To reach Infinity – well, what you actually reach is your realization of where your Infinite Self already is.

One day you will say: “Oh, this is it. Imagine this! I was here all along, yet I didn’t see. I can hardly believe I am here! What wonders You do strew on Earth, God.”

Now, of course, I don’t say: “I told you so.”

I say rather: “My Beloveds, now you have come to Me, and now We rejoice!”

The Language of Oneness | Heavenletters


God said:

You are not a Pretender to the Throne. You are the Inheritor of the Throne. Any way you size it up, this is who you are. You are not an Imposter. The thing is that you may be the last to know. What a fine kettle of fish this is!

Stand upright right now, and be the first to know. Claim yourself. You are ultimately the sparkle in My Eye. It is you I see, and it is you that I look at directly before Me.

There is no distance between Us, Beloveds. Not even a hair’s breadth. You are My One Love. You are the Oneness of which I speak. I whisper in your ear. I look you in the eyes. I see Bright Light zooming all over the world, and the Light is Ours. Come, be in step with Me. We have a cadence, you and I.

I am your Reality. You are My Desired Dream. I call you to Me, and you appear. Never are you without Me. Even as time does not exist and therefore non-time does not really, I am in Infinity and seemingly without you. I long for you. I dreamed you into Existence. My Dream is inevitably True.

When I say: “Appear!” you appear. As it happens, you don’t see the Whole Truth. On Earth, you see only part Truth. Ah, it is the Whole God’s Truth with all the Love in My Heart that you want to see and to know. There are no slices of Truth except in your imagination.

Now I tell you that you are dreaming. You play a part in the midst of your dream. Take not your dream to heart. The partial dream you dream seems heartless. This is how you can know it isn’t the Whole Truth and nothing but the Truth. You can call it Eclectic Truth which isn’t the same as Consummate Truth. What you accept as Truth is less than Truth. Less than Full Truth is not Truth at all.

There is no bogeyman, Beloveds. There are no true Dark Forces. I see All and Know All. I know your interpretations. The shadow you see is no more than a spot of dust on the mirror. Actually, the mirror you look into is a plain piece of glass that doesn’t begin to reflect the Light you are.

You have downsized yourself. It’s as if you have thrown a tennis ball up in the air and hit it with a paddle, and it moves, so you think you must have hit a home run of some sort even as it doesn’t begin to tell the Truth of Who You Are.

You hardly have the barest awareness of Who You Are. There never is a good time for you to be skeptical of the Fullness you are. You cut yourself short. You may even doubt half of what I say to you about yourself. “In a sow’s ear,” you say.

You throw a baseball into left field, and that’s as far as you dare to go.

There is no daring involved in coming to Me, for We are Oneness Personified. Believe in Me, then believe in yourself as Tried and True. You are authentic. You are the Real Thing even as you may scoff at what I say. All this time together, We could be making hay while the Sun Shines.

Look Higher, Beloveds.

There is a True You, and it takes so little for you to be Divinity Walking. I hand you your credentials, and you fuss about them. You are certified, and you say, “Sorry, God, I’m not.”

It is a good thing that I am the Oneness of All. According to world ideas, I am what might be called patient. I am not patient whatsoever. I Who AM away from the frailty of time and in full Presence of Infinity cannot possibly enter into the nonexistence of time. I AM, and You and I are One. Patience has nothing to do with Oneness.

You do not yet quite speak My Language of One.

Lovvvvvvvvvvvv | Heavenletters


God said:

Surely you don’t think you are meant for suffering in whatever form suffering may appear to you at one time or another. When you feel in the doldrums, don’t add insult to injury. Now it’s about time to get your head on straight once and for all. Detach from the concept of having to hold on to all you hold onto. The Truth is you have to let go.

I know very well you would not destine the whole population to unmitigated suffering. Even you know enough to know that happiness also exists and is happily bestowed.

Sure, that suffering seems to exist is undisputed. The idea that unhappiness is all you have the right to claim is pure slipping the wool over your own eyes. You are made for Happiness. Never would I claim Happiness for Me and for Myself alone and leave you high and dry.

If We are One, and I say We ARE One, then Happiness is to be shared right and left.

If anyone declares that suffering is your due, it is likely you, Beloveds. Well, of course, someone may have taught suffering to you first hand. Certainly, now it is you who sets up the equipment for suffering. You even see it coming. You look out for it.

No longer keep looking for suffering. Keep your eyes open for all the Goodness in the world, for Goodness and Happiness are My Will for you day by day, instant by instant. Of course, Goodness and Happiness are My Will for you.

You tend to have a different expectation. Don’t ever say that suffering is My expectation for you. Never. My Vision goes far beyond suffering.

Because you interpret loss as suffering, you suffer. If you could know non-attachment rather than loss, what would you suffer? You set up all these Earth rules and regulations. You believe in them. Don’t believe in your own propaganda.

You believe that Love is lost and found, found and lost, and, so, you go around in circles. To go around the Merry-Go-Round is fun, but that’s as far as going around in circles goes.

Children look forward with joy to every day. This is how it is supposed to be. If you consider this to be True, move forward without further ado. Anticipate Joy every day. Draw Joy to you with My blessings.

Not all the weeping in the world has a clue to how Life is supposed to be. Crying isn’t meant to be the bulk of your Life, yet you persist in crying. In fact, everyone knows the meaning of having a Good Cry.

In fact, you can’t have a Singular Joy. Joy is a non-count noun. Joy to the World. Not this kind of Joy and that Kind of Joy. Joy is Joy. For the Life of Me, Joy isn’t ego-prompting. Joy isn’t broken into pieces this way and that way.

Note I said that Love isn’t ego-prompting. The word Love has four letters, yet notice how the word Love has an extended name. In fact, Love is a word without ending. Lovvvvvvvvvvvv. However, you may see Love as a temporary word when Love requires no words at all.

Love doesn’t have to have sound go along with it. Of course, Love is fortified with music, much like the rustle of leaves in a tree. The Truth is that Love is never absent. Love absent isn’t a feat capable of being enacted, not in a million years.

You, however, invent the absence of Love every day. You see Love absent backwards and forwards. You may be well-able to see darkness where there is light. In fact, you are good at this. Of course, you have it all backwards.

Let All the Sunshine In | Heavenletters


God said:

From this moment on, when you are aware that you are worrying, blow yourself a kiss from Me and substitute something else for the worry. Often your worries are imagined. You put yourself in a precarious place. You do realize that you are doing this, don’t you? You bet on worries. You may even feel amiss without something to feel on edge about.

When you recognize that you are worrying, replace your worries with something else for a few moments, if you please.

Run around the block. Drink a glass of water. Wash your face and hands with cooling water and sweet-scented soap. Look at yourself in the mirror, and take a chance on a smile instead of a frown or whatever you do when anxiety takes over.

Yes, smile a big smile at yourself.

Say something nice to yourself.

Kiss the palm of your hand.

Amuse yourself. Make clown faces in the mirror.

Stick out your tongue at yourself. Try to make yourself stop smiling if you can.

Find a beloved phrase in a Heavenletter.

Press the Cosmic Heavenletter Generator (

Recollect a sweet memory from childhood.

Recollect a sweet recent memory.

If you could travel again to where you once did travel, where would you choose?

If you could go anywhere in the world where you have never been, where might you go?

What was the last time you gave something away to a resale store? What was it?

What could you give away today?

What is a favorite dessert from childhood?

Of a long list of work tasks before you, which might be your favorite choice? Start there.

Do you see now that you are not quite so in the same place as you were before you did one or two of these exercises? Next time, know this ahead of time.

By your own will (and Mine) change your mind.

How do you change your mind, your mood, your focus of worry? You change your mind by getting onto a different subject.

When you are in a frenzy of worry, find a way to change the track you are on.

I have given you a magic potent. Avail yourself of it.

When you draw a dark color, change the color crayons you draw with.

If you want to get into a better mood, get into a better mood, and you will find yourself there. Don’t try to prove to yourself otherwise. Because you may feel miserable, doesn’t mean you have to continue miserable. You have a chance for better.

Even when the worst thing has happened, whatever that might be, be kind to yourself. Open your blinds and let the Sun in. Know you deserve the Sunshine. Put a new spin on your Life into your mind. Open doors for yourself.

Cheer yourself on. Pick yourself up off the floor. No matter what, you have a choice to feel better. Take a chance on feeling better now.

Retrain your mind. There are certain signals now that trigger your mind. Reform your signals. Start all over. Do this any hour of the day or night.

You have been letting something trigger you. You call some days good days. You have the wherewithal to call any day a good day. You can choose the kind of day you will have. You are not helpless.

Now choose choicer choices. You can do it. Anyone can do it.

Now I steer you in worthwhile directions. This isn’t escapism. If to you a little happiness is escapism, go ahead and be an escapist from worry. Happiness does exist. It exists for you. Allow yourself happiness. You are meant for happiness right now.

What Is One Thing the Quality of Your Life Depends On? | Heavenletters


God said:

Beloved Ones, there is no good time for you to be impatient with anyone.

Your Life — and everyone’s Life — depends upon how you present yourself. It is not My desire that you be rough on anyone, not even on yourself.

Truthfulness doesn’t mean that if you are cross, you have to reveal your irritability. You don’t have to make your tension visible. What does anyone on Earth have to know for a fact that you are feeling tense today? Whatever your circumstance, whatever the conditions you find yourself in, be a lady or gentleman walking on an even path.

The least you are on Earth for is to do your part to create harmony in the world at large.

When your tension quotient is at its highest, this is when it is most necessary for you to be resilient. You can do it. At such times, this is exactly when you must ask more of yourself. No snapping at anyone. You must already know this. Never forget it.

Excuse yourself from less than the least you can do, and the least you can do, dear one, is to veer away from being testy and hard to please. It is little enough for you to contribute to ease in others’ lives. Never is it okay for you to disrupt anyone else’s good day.

May everyone reveal his or her good nature. No matter how you may be feeling, you don’t have to let the world know. There are no spiritual laws against your waiting wisely for a better time to bring something up that may take you to the edge. Exercise forethought.

Be responsible for your own good nature. No excuses for your settling to be less than your best when it comes to pleasantness. Be firm with yourself. Say to yourself as if you were in front of a mirror and point your finger at yourself: “No matter what is going on with you, you will be peaceful today and not cranky. Do you hear what I am saying? If you have something important to express, find a better time to discuss it than when you are at the end of your rope. Are you agreed?”

Beloveds, you may be sure that there are no circumstances under which I give you the authority to be out and out cross. Even when you have a headache, be congenial.

Look, you can count on that tonight will not come your way again. There are no dress rehearsals in Life. You have one chance. There is no opportunity that will allow you to try today over again. This is your one chance for this day. Do it right the first time. Make Life compatible.

You are responsible for courtesy in the world. Your deportment in the world teaches the world how to react or how not to react. Somebody sets his clock according to yours. Someone follows you. It has always been so.

If you want to be a hotshot, be a hotshot in kindness and mercy.

Be in good stead of yourself. If someone is impatient with you, you don’t have to be curt. Stay a while. Return another’s impatience with kindness.

There is already enough ill-ease in the world. Be easy. Be all right. Be generous. Make merry. It is high time. There is no time like the present. Besides, all there is anyway is right now.

Fulfill the Kingdom of Heaven right now. No delay. Later is not good enough. The time to bear good fruit is right this moment.

Once upon a time many years ago, you didn’t know better. Now you know better.

Now you greet everyone in My Name. That’s it. No excuses. None.