You Are a Hardy Flower | Heavenletters


God said:

Beloved, what if you would stop seeing life as it appears to you possibly as an outright challenge? Life isn’t meant to be seen as a duel you are offered. Life is meant to be, if not a piece of cake, at least a peace-offering – certainly not a boxing match in Madison Square Garden.

What if you didn’t put on your boxing gloves in readiness? What if you could see a new offer in life – not as a confrontation, yet more like a handshake or a step toward progress? If you would, if you did – wow, how differently you might treat life! Do you see this?

Life today, as it may appear to you – often at the last-minute as a guest who doesn’t give you prior notice – may indeed make you feel off-guard. If life would have given you some advanced notice, you might not have felt left so high and dry with dishes in the sink. You might have had a nice dessert baked to welcome life with rather than a last-minute dash to the store feeling empty-handed.

Of course, you would rather be gracious. So, note, I do not tell you to be prepared. No, I tell you to be simply gracious.

Imagine yourself now as the Queen of England. You would never close the door and tell your guest – life – to stay away or to come back later.

You would smile and say: “Please come in.”

You might think inside: “Hmm, what will I serve?”

You might remember that you have a carton of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice cream in the freezer, and you would take it out, or you would buzz a servant to put this joyous ice cream in your best dishes with your best silver.

Of course, your guests would never plan to come at the wrong time or not well-dressed.

Beloved, you never know who is going to knock on your door or how dressed up or dressed down your guest may be.

What you can know is that you will open the door and say: “Oh, please come in. Please sit down and rest your feet. Let’s see what I can get for you. You have gone to all the trouble to come and see me. How may I help you?”

If the Queen of England arrives to tell you that you lost the latest rugby match, you would remember your manners. You know that tomorrow is another day. You may receive heavy news that leaves you crestfallen, yet you will be patient. Life may be the messenger at your door, yet, as it is said, you don’t have to shoot the messenger.

Perhaps you say to Me : “Oh, please, dear God, give me a chance to swallow this news,” even as you may regard today’s news as a noose around your neck.

“Forgive me,” you may say to your uninvited guest. “Excuse me a moment, please. I will be right back.”

Now, consider yourself as the Queen of England receiving an unexpected guest. You take the news on the chin. You may well be astonished, yet you also know deep down that this news is not the last news you will ever receive. You also know that you are a hardy flower who will recover. Yes, you may feel deeply stunned, yet you will not always feel stunned.

Life also gives you the opportunity to recover. The same life that delivers the hard news will also soothe your brow and make you strong and resilient and help you find ways to honor life on your behalf with the good grace worthy of one who is a guest of Mine in this world no matter how zany the world may appear to you, Beloved.


Hello, I AM Here, God! | Heavenletters


God said:

Beloved, if the beautiful created world We live in has been taken over by outside sources or wayward inner sources, We, the lovers of life, are reclaiming the world now. We reclaim the extant world with simple grace and truth. We rise with Our hearts attuned to love, and that’s it.

Love is Our motivating factor, or forget about it. To prove anything is not Our purpose. To receive can’t be Our goal. Our aim is to give back to the Universe the joy that may have been eclipsed and hidden away for one kind of misinterpretation or another – from foolishness or short-sided importance of less than truth when love is Our straight goods. It’s clear now that individual self-importance is no kind of importance at all.

There are directions to go in, and there are directions to leave behind. Reclaiming the world in no way is a coup. We certainly aren’t kidnapping the world. We take love seriously and not rule to heart. We supply nutrients. We give the world back to its origin. We do not have to be very serious, yet nor are We frivolous. No one here with Me today lacks awareness that the world, as it was created, may have been somewhat tossed aside. It may be that ignorance was exalted, whereas goodness and mercy may have been fragmented. There may have been awareness, yet lack of alertness.

Always, who is responsible for anything? No pointing fingers elsewhere. Reclamation begins with all who are here today. Now, look, this is no big deal. This is no grand sweep. We set Our intention to the return of generosity to all the world – which means for everyone. No one is singled out for more, nor is anyone singled out for less.

We speak of constituents of a world that somehow unzipped themselves from Paradise when no one was looking. This happened without full realization. Too many were snookered. Those who led the list were also snookered. Now, let’s return to rebuilding and restitution. We are talking about loving your brother as your Self or more.

This is not an all-at-once action. This isn’t ganging-up. There aren’t any factions. This isn’t splitting anything in two. Everyone is a winner, and there are no losers. This is reassembling and realigning. Start off on your right foot aligned with Mine. This is all it takes to uplift the world. Come with Me. We are on a Peace March. We are right out in the open. This way to Heaven. Return to Heaven.

In truth, We go forward. Peace and love are on the rise. Make a commitment to give your heart to the truth of goodness and mercy. You do not try to make up for anything nor to placate anyone, least of all not anyone’s little self. Simply now, all are lining up for peace on Earth and Good Will to all. This is what We do. We are speaking of this wonderful Room at the Inn. Beloved, what else is so fitting as to make more room for all? Frankly, I know of no other way.

Somehow, Room at the Inn was being cramped. As this was happening, too many were not looking. This isn’t about having regrets. Now We are about an upsurge of more rooms being built. This is all. This isn’t stretching boundaries. This is using the space there always was and building anew. Perhaps there was hesitation for the mistaken idea that you or someone would be left out. Come, return to the land of milk and honey. This is where your Consciousness rightly belongs and has been meant to be all along.

Music! Music! Music! | Heavenletters


God said:

You and I, as Oneness, are as close as close can be. One is One. Yet, this Reality may continue to seem far-fetched to you. Alas, you may well feel closer to the presence of loneliness than you feel to the beat of My Heart.

Our Oneness does not mean that I own you, or that you own Me. If I were a guitar, it would mean that in Oneness, you and I are One and the Same Guitar. We’re not talking about two guitars. There is One Guitar, and it plays Itself for all to hear. We don’t have to get down to brass tacks with this metaphor, you understand. Music is Self-Evident.

Ah, the Music of the Spheres.

There are no two ways about it. We speak of music being played, and We speak of music being heard. Who is the Listener, and Who is the Player? In one sense, We can say there is the Music Supreme, and that’s it. We may speak of an observer as well as a player. There is no observer. I suppose I (or We) could say simply that music plays itself. A song is sung. The song sings itself. Humanity is attuned to it.

It could be said that there is a host and there is a guest, yet who can differentiate, and why?

Music exists. Music is heard. Love is. There is a piano, and its keys go up and down. Music creates itself. You and I are the Music We hear.

It could, perhaps, be said that We or I, the One of One, am the Music heard. I can be delineated as the Music itself. What matters is the Music and not any delineation. There is nothing to find out but to hear the Music that the Universe plays for one and all. Music is no secret. Rhythm exists. Bang the drums.

Who discovered music? Can something that has always existed be identified as discovered? When has music not come across? Ever since Creation, does not the wind whistle in its wake? What about rain beating its tune on the pavement or a pond? What about little feet running up and down and breaths being taken and a baby’s gurglings? What about the percussion of hands clapping?

Yes, the world makes music. Music is to be heard far and near. There is no missing a beat or the shape of music.

O, My, Yes, there is a chorus of heartbeats in a symphony.

The waves of the oceans play their songs. Does each soul hear the same tune? How can this be known, and what does it matter? The oceans sing. Even when you are not present at the shore, Music of the oceans may play in your ears. Yes, Music is contained within you. Music is the speech of your heart.

You also have been granted bird song to listen to at your leisure.

What does it mean to strike up the band when there never was not music at the ready for you to hear and feel it running through your bloodstream and tapping into your ears as if from somewhere within you? You are the music you hear. Cicadas appear, and they sing to you. Your response is to listen and to know that the cicadas intend their music for you. Cicadas sing for you, or they rub their feet for you. Music! Music! Music!

Music was always. Sticks were rubbed. Leaves unanimously fell as a chorus of leaves. Your heart cries out for music, and music appears as naturally as dolphins swimming in the ocean.

Who makes the music? Who makes the ears that hear?

You also have something to do with the entrance of music into the world.

Hmm, without silence as a precursor, how else would music exist?

Your Garden Grows New Fruit Now | Heavenletters


God said:

Beloved, to what do you devote your time and energy? Sometimes, perhaps too often, to toil and trouble, sorry to say. No go in the direction in which you truly want to devote your mind and heart.

Beloved, and I mean, Beloved, does it make sense to divert your attention to what you don’t want in the first place? I ask you not to carry a sense of dread about what might be coming up in your life and the world you happen to live in. What possible advantage can there be in this for you?

Yes, soon or late, so-called death awaits you and awaits your loved ones. To your sodden heart, this is sorrowful news beyond measure. It must not be allowed – I understand that this is the way you see it, yet I am asking you, what possible virtue can there be in your mourning ahead of time? Simply, you don’t know how to desist. You seem to be held captive by the idea.

When it hasn’t rained yet, for what purpose would you carry a big black umbrella before the actual occasion?

Beloved, must the thought of pulling up a chair in Heaven for you or a loved one present its entry to you as a somber event? Leaving Earth offers up more than doom. Beloved, there is more than one color to choose from in your pencil box. In fact, there is a whole line-up of colors. Help yourself.

Permit me to tell you that all is well. In truth, there are greater glorious possibilities than you dare dream of. The water is fine. All is well. Let go of your fears. You are going to be happy, very happy. There is gold waiting for you, yes, for you and your loved ones.

Even in the world, when you move out of one apartment, soon you begin to live your new life in your new quarters. It may take a little getting used to. Or it may not. You live in your new home now. You sure can’t bring the old place along with you. No longer are you concerned with repairs or redecorating of the old place. You have a new place now to paint and a new garden to plant. To think of your new garden pours happiness upon you.

From the vantage of Heaven, there is no cause for sadness. You do live in a fortuitous new land now, and your garden grows new fruit now. The Sun still grabs you to shine on.

Wherever in the world you happen to inhabit now, every thought you have and every sound you hear influences you. Every bird call zings your heart. Every word has its vibration that affects you. In your song dictionary, the word tonight and the word spell take longer than the word but. But cuts itself off short. Each word has its sounds and syllables and its influence.

There is nothing where you live that is inconsequential to you. Sun and snow have their own vibrations. Big city or little town, dry or moist, all words paint their own portraits as do the illusory when and where and how come.

One view of life is that nothing is as it seems. Another view may be, oh, yes, everything is just what it seems, take it or leave it, yet, in habit, you may ask again and again. With all the fullness of your heart, you feel duty-bound to know for sure. Beloved, let go of all this pre-knowing and put aside the idea of forestalling what may come.

All you really need to know is to live in this moment right now as a bird on the wing. A bird does not have to ask ahead of time for a date on which he is to fly south before winter or about anything at all.

The Sun Awakens You | Heavenletters


God said:

Love is always. You are born to it, and you expand with love. If you want to know what life is about, this is what life is about: The subject upon which life is based and the object to which love abides, is love. All else may leave, yet love is not fleeting, no matter how you may glance at it.

Love is the constant, even as you are not always aware of the love that fills you inside and out. The Sun is said to set, and in the morning the Sun rises. You greet the Sun evermore. And the Sun greets you. You awake to the Sun, and the Sun awakes to you. Life lives in light. There is not a moment when you are not awaking. You reflect the Sun, and the Sun reflects you. We are speaking of the Oneness and permanence of love as it fuses Earth into an abundance of love, involving and dissolving into the light of love forevermore.

The substance of love is light, and light has rays. Love swells. You may feel vacant of love, yet love is your mainstay. Without the willingness of love, you would lack the substance that joins you now. Yes, your substance is love. Make no doubt about it. Love is yours, and love is here to stay.

The concrete is that which is fleeting. You can hold onto the physical for only so long. You think the physical is warm and cuddly. Love is what lasts.

Stone does not last in proportion to love. Love is all.

Try as you may, you cannot feign love. Love is the true reality. Life and love are partners. There is not life nor love without the other. Believe Me, life and love are in step. They are a worldwide partnership as are the Sun and the Moon. They abound. You already know the attraction of the oceans and the Moon known as tide.

Oneness goes further than attraction. Oneness is Oneness. Oneness goes beyond the strength of a magnet. Oneness is of equal mettle, far beyond comparison.

Do you begin to grasp now the illusory quality of time? Time is very definitely bounded, whereas love and life are off the charts. Time exists only on the charts and nowhere else.

You may think of soil as under your feet and that which you stand on. In truth, love is your foundation, love and nothing but love. Without the reality of love, your body could not stand up.

Surely, you have attachment to your physical body and all the senses, yet your true long-lasting sense is love, and that’s it. You are born from love to give love. Love is not an add-on. Love is integral to everyone’s Being, no exceptions. No war is truly fought over love. Wars are waged over pride. Duels arise from vanity, Vanity stands apart from love.

Love arises from love and naught else and naught less. Illusory vanity and pride have no place in love. Love is not approbation or adornment. Love is not a need, because love is your substance now.

In the world, it may be said that love is wanting. Love may be shunted off somewhere, yet the whole idea of love absent is off the wall.

Talk about love can only be talk about love. There is all the love in the world whether you catch on to it or not. Love is. Absence of love is not. Non-love does not exist. That which is considered as the opposite of love is love that has been thwarted and not let go of. Love makes no demands. Love is.

The ocean has waves, yet love and the ocean go deeper than any waves.

Who Has the Wisdom to Make All Decisions? | Heavenletters


God said:

What causes misunderstandings amidst My Children? Usually, simply that – misunderstandings. There are many roads to understanding as well as many roads to misunderstanding. Both appear as free handouts any day of the week.

One partner may say: “Sell the business.”

The other may say: “Expand the business.”

This isn’t really a misunderstanding. It’s a disagreement.

How can two people come to a common decision and each stand firmly in his or her truth?

Can there be a democratic decision, or is too much being asked of you or anyone to decide?

Which restaurant to eat in today can be conceded. Heart and soul are not at stake.

Now, here is the crux. Where do two partners go from here? Is one response true and another untrue? When a decision has to be made based on two disparate points of view, what will you do then? What if two responses cannot be unified? Where does agreement lie if it lies anywhere at all?

In theory, everyone’s commitment is honored. In actual life, when there are two different truths, how can both be honored?

If this is a case of marriage, it can be said that one of the couple makes his or her decision, and the other’s decision may well fall by the wayside.

Marriages break up. Business partners part. I imagine no one is exactly dancing for joy. There was a time when a vow between a husband and wife was inviolate regardless of the heart of the matter. There was and may still be times when an outside observer casts the decision and no one is happy, well, perhaps except for the seeming dispassionate judge whose decision is done.

There are hearts left broken. There are decisions that simply do not give happiness any way you slice it.

How many right decisions are there, and who decides them? We can also ask: Does anyone truly personally decide? Years later might a seeming decider have chosen otherwise or not? Was there ever a truly personally made choice?

Are there decisions that are already cast long before the time comes?

Do people mess up their own lives, or is it true that the die is cast long before the people concerned had any idea? Is the die cast not a decision, but inevitable?

When someone decides to go left or right, is this a true decision or more of an inkling?

Sometimes it may seem that unhappiness comes whatever the decision, and there really doesn’t seem to be a good arrangement to be made. Is it possible to make a decision bearing on others’ lives that does not matter keenly?

How far can a human heart go in decisions that the mind makes? Sometimes it doesn’t seem possible that there can be peace, liberty, and happiness for all.

There may also be unspoken contracts by the dozens. Unspoken commitments and hearts laid bare.

You could be the finest, most loving person in the world, and no matter which way you go, you leave a trail of broken hearts along the way, including your own.

Yet how can you always make decisions that spare anyone’s pain, let alone everyone’s?

Is doing what is called the right thing always or ever the right thing to do? On what basis does any human being faced with making a hard decision decide it? There may not be one precise turn in the road to take. In the world, one result seems to be a consequence of many turns at the time and no clear turn if ever to choose from. There just may not be a flowered path out there. Blindfolded, you make a choice. Even when you don’t make a conscious choice, then in not making a choice, a choice is being made no matter how chancy it may be.

The Backstory of Another’s Life | Heavenletters


God said:

When life happens to feel overwhelming to you, step in with Me and let’s give life a good hug. Is this a new thought? What cost does this carry? None? Imperceptible? Why even think about cost?

When anyone or anything seems to tread heavily on you, this is just when and where you can come in and disarm the heaviness that seems about to hang in your heart. Never do I wish your heart or any heart to feel put upon.

When a friend doesn’t quite seem like your buddy anymore, put your arm around your friend. Make this gesture in your mind and heart. From the depth of your heart, think of a simple word or deed with which to bless your friend, even in silence. Do it. Go ahead and desire to give a lift to someone near or far who can use a little upliftment – even from out of nowhere. Sure, you are offering something as a free-will offering genially to your friend simply from the goodness of your heart. This pleases Me greatly, for, yes, you to strew good-heartedness around on My behalf. It is My request that you send My regards to all you meet as you go about on your daily path in life.

It’s a good bet that you are not the only one today who will welcome an elevating gesture. Why not uplift someone else’s or anyone’s entry into life on any day of the week?

It is clear to Me that on any day, if you knew the backstory of another’s life, your heart would grow humbly in compassion, and you would be richer as well as the hearts near and far. Accept an opportunity to change someone’s day around, make yourself a little less central, and venture Heaven forward for even just a moment.

As an old song goes, no one knows what a difference a little change can make. Be ripe to contribute to the softening and highlighting of the world. Dissolve the hardening of hearts that seem to get strewn around for the sake of whatever disabling loneliness you do not fully begin to understand.

If you have the privilege of ringing a bell even a little bit to make someone’s step in life a little lighter, even if once in a lifetime, what a glorious contribution! It doesn’t require a gigantic hero to spread sunshine to another heart here and there for a few quiet moments. Life never was meant to be heartless. Whose heart cannot swell at an offering of a few minutes of sunshine? When you brighten another’s life, no matter how briefly, then your heart too, is brightened as well.

Beloved, stand in for Me. As My stand-in, you act on My behalf. It is on My behalf that you build harbors of joy for all while you are on your way to adventure. Come closer to happiness and inspire others to put a new bounce into their step, just a little at a time. A little at a time is good. Great blessings to all those who bless, for you bless in My Name.

In any case, you know I thank you and thank you with all My heart. What you give will be put to great use. Life signals that at any time you bless the world – it is a good time for you to uplift the world to an occasion of greater friendliness. Wow, what a great gift you endow for the benefit of all. God bless you for your commitment to shining the world.

The Seeker and the Sought Are One | Heavenletters


God said:

Beloved, come right this way to My Heart. There is no other way. We meet directly.

What is My Heart but our mutual Oneness of Being? Call Our Mutual Being Our One Heart or Our One Voice or One Soul engaging within the One and the Same Who Speaks and the One who also hears Himself thinking and speaking as though He were another listening in on His Very Self.

Oneness is Self-evident. How the One of the Seeming Me and the One of the Seeming You – how We crave a mutual audience, as if One has the culpability to sift Oneness into two perceived cups – Beloved, Oneness Itself isn’t to be beheld as two random entities!

I blurt out to You:

“Be here. Be here as One with Me.”

I blurt this out to you because it isn’t possible for One in Reality to meet as two parted Beings, one of whom somehow missed out on catching onto the True Reality while the One Self pours out One Heart in a Single Voice. In Truth, One of One exists, and here I AM. Anything less than Oneness is nonexistent. We are One!

For sure, you, Oneness speaks, and Oneness listens. This, I say, as Our One Unified Self. Here it is, Beloved. Surely, you know this. The Seeker and the Sought are One. There is no separate Speaker or Listener. There is no separation. I can’t say that separation is unheard of because, on the surface of the world,the world is hung out to dry. The concept of separation would mean that Oneness sits apart from Oneness, as if the possibility of sitting across from Oneness can be conceived, as though We really sit across from each other in the guise of two separate Beings – One Who speaks, and One Who listens.

However, this does indeed seem to exist as a common phenomenon in the world. From Earth, most of My dear Children look up at a Full Moon as though you – now I reluctantly call the Reflection of Me as You are new to the Beauty of the Moon even as you are contained in the Beauty of the Moon, and the Beauty of the Moon cannot not be otherwise than contained in You.

You are less contained in a streetlight than you are contained in the Moon. The Moon doesn’t surprise you. You can look fully at the Moon without sunglasses. The Sun, the Moon, one exists in the other. The Sun lights the Moon. Were it not for the yellow Sun, you might not see the Moon light before you.

How far is a taster from the taste? Can the taster and the tasted possibly be remote from each other?

The cool Moon wraps the warm Sun around its white shoulders.

Do you begin to now conjure how My Voice wraps Myself around Our One Being and how I boldly say that I am never absent nor are you? There is no Soul anywhere on Earth and in Heaven that your Soul is distant from or out of sight of. Distance doesn’t exist on one side of the Earth or another. Nowhere does Soul-lessness exist. What is present exists and meets everywhere. We can say that there is a Union of Souls. Call it love, or call it Presence. Oneness is.

Say Yes to and Greet Life | Heavenletters


God said:

Beloved, be sure to know that life is serving you. Cease now from being frustrated with life. Say Yes to life. Greet life without making demands on it.

In one way, yes, life is your servant. In another way, it is for you to give your support to life. Life as it is and your desires aren’t meant to be a tug of war. Align with life. Give life a pat on the back. Give all who share life with you a pat on the back. Encourage life. Form a co-op with life and all those who also welcome your support. Be glad in life. Become a well-wisher. Acquire patience and no longer be undone because life chooses a different direction from you, or so it may seem.

Bend to life, Beloved. Leave joyous post-it notes all over for life. Say to life and to Me:

“Thanks, pal. Glad you’re here. Let’s make merry. Dear Life, it means a lot to have you here with me. Bless you, Life, for hanging in with me and being in my corner. You are giving me your all. May I come across as genial and as considerate to you as you are to me. With all my heart, I will make sure that you will see me as gracious to you.

“Right and left, Life, I will make it clear to you that you mean a lot to me, and how I love you with all my heart. I thank you for every consideration you give to me. I know that you go to a lot of work for me, even during the times when I may not always seem loyal to you.

“Life, I apologize for the times I seem to be stymied by you.

“Starting now, I bend over backwards for you. I will come across as a well-wisher to you now and no longer as a critic.

“Dear Life, you are the one life I have right now. I will show gratitude for you. Life, you are a privilege. God blesses me herewith.

“Thank you for your kind patience with me, Life. I know you bend over backwards for me with every courtesy you can possibly give.

“I will do everything to show my earnest gratitude to you.

“I will be gracious to everyone you bring into my acquaintance. I will remember my allegiance to you, Life. You and I both work on serving God as best we know. We are here to serve God. To serve God’s Will, to see that God’s Will be done. Yes, this is what we are here for, not for our ambition but for service to Your Will, God.

“Together, Life and I desire to serve God in the Highest. We do not seek for our recognition. We seek to recognize our service to You, God. In all ways, we are glad, above all, to serve You. We ask for nothing more than but to serve. You don’t require our thanks. We require our thanks to You, God, and to all who serve You. Our hearts are full with You, God. Our personal will can sit in the back row. Our will is the least of us. Let us shine forth Your Will for all to see.

“Life, you are a gift God gives to us. Life, may we remember that you and I are both here to serve God and God alone. What else would life be here for? Together, we put our shoulders to the plow. We remember we are here together in gratitude to You, God, and the love you bestow. That’s it.

“You, God, You matter. Life, you and I, we are aligned in service to God Who serves us, and, yes, to You, God, Who do indeed sometimes serve us in mysterious ways. We may not always see Your thinking yet, nevertheless, we are always here to humbly serve in Thy Name.”

Here I Am | Heavenletters


God said:

Here I Am!

Between Us, Beloved, between you and Me, exists a great connection. That We are One isn’t an accident. Nothing is by chance. Certainly, aspects that surround Us may seem to be hit or miss. You and I, this seeming You and I, We have fun with this idea as well. Why not?

We, as One, are destined to gaze into each other’s eyes and to hold hands as dear friends.

You are no stranger to Me, nor am I a stranger to you, nor are Heaven and Earth strangers, nor can it be that anyone in your life that you come across is a stranger. All is as it is meant to be.

Of course, Beloved, you and I, We are greater than old times. We are acquainted once and for all. Souls touch across the non-existent miles. Our hearts touch in one beat forever and anon.

To think that We are One! To think that We are One and have forever been One over all the imagined miles and centuries all the way unto Infinity, which is, after all only a breath away. Not even a breath away – more like in One breath. We breathe in and out as One. Two of Us do not exist. One! Remember Oneness!

The so-called you plays at being My student, and I act in the role as your Teacher as laughable as it is, the idea that Oneness seems to look into another’s eyes, as if there were a you and I Who exist separately anywhere in the Universe. There is no you nor I apart from Oneness. There cannot be both a hero here and there when there is no here and there to be apart from anyway.

Counting numbers is a pastime. There is no need to count numbers at all. Oneness tells the whole story. Together as One, ever have I been. One is One. One is uncountable. Of course, Oneness depends upon nothing but Itself.

What an illusion it is that One ever existed as two!

How simply do I speak so that Oneness may hear Its One Self. I said the Word, and you appear. You are My Word spoken on Earth. You are beyond My Word, and you are My existence, One and the same.

I speak within your apparent hearing so that you may know Who it is Who speaks to you. Beloved, you are the Word of God as spoken forth into the light of day. Here are you, and here am I, One and the same on Earth and in Heaven, as it is written.

The illusion of the relative world can only be illusion. Illusion is a popular pastime. A game can only be a game. The truth is that One is One – therein lies the whole story.

I said to multiply, and you began to invent countless numbers even as One alone exists. Now you can stop counting worries and other such multiples.

In the Beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

How simply do I speak so that you may hear. You are My Word spoken on Earth. You are beyond My Word, and you are My existence, One and the same.

He Whom I call into existence, exists. You are My Word bound on Earth. I speak within your hearing so that you may know Who speaks to you and speaks to you again and again, You are the Word of God spoken forth into the light of day. Here are you, and here am I, One and the same on Earth and in Heaven, as it is written. And so it is.