Abraham Hicks ~ Being Tuned In, A Lightworkers Guide | YouTube Video

A very powerful teaching from Abraham, unknown time and workshop from which this was obtained…

The Teachings of Abraham are based on a universal principle called the Law of Attraction and on the key role our emotions play, and they illuminate and inform every aspect of our experience.
Abraham, a group of obviously evolved teachers, speak their broader Non-physical perspective through the physical apparatus of Esther. Speaking to our level of comprehension, from their present moment to our now, through a series of loving, allowing, brilliant yet comprehensively simple, recordings in print and in sound — they guide us to a clear connection with our Inner Being — they guide us to self-upliftment from our total self.
Check out Abraham for yourself.


Originally found at A Unity Consciousness World

Abraham Hicks ~ You are closer to a breakthrough than you think | YouTube Video

Published on May 21, 2015

Asheville April 12, 2015

Thank you to the Source of this information, Abraham-Hicks

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2015 Abraham Hicks – How Do You Hold On To That Eternal Love For Self | YouTube Video

Abraham always makes me smile, this video included  So, follow your path of least resistance and hear Abraham’s answer to the question “How do you hold on to that eternal love for self.” You’ll smile, too.