A message from One : March 29, 2022 | Sophia Love

March 29, 2022

It is the One.

There are things to say.

These things concern your re-construct and rebuild phase. They concern your system of money.

You are aware of money as a debt instrument, a system of your slavery and a necessity. You are fighting all battles around this thing.

It is a construct.

It could be anything.

In truth, one form of it has no superiority over another form, except by its scarcity.

That which is scarce, is deemed superior in value and therefore worth collecting.

This is why the controllers hold most of it. This is why the citizens hold the least of it.

This is why the monetary system is set up the way it is – to favor those who have most of it, while depleting the life force from the rest of the populace as they work. Work to attain more of it.

The more money that is attained by any one member of the populace, the greater that money is “taxed”, and thus returned to the owners/controllers.

It is clear that the system is skewed to favor those at the “top”.

It is clear that the system was set up that way eons ago, with royalty and kingship and rule and worship as precursors to “rights to gain wealth”.

The royals and priests are not taxed. They are honored and paid. Paid through the sweat of their followers.

This is how it has always been.

Fear is at the base of these pyramids of power. Those at the bottom are told, and thus believe, that it is up to them to pay and support those at the top, (whether systems or royals or priests), to prevent some fearful thing. *

This “fearful thing” has changed costumes over the centuries. It’s been an angry god, an “enemy”, destitution, imprisonment etc. This is why the monetary system exists as it does, and why it is the final stronghold of the controllers.

For, although the defeat of the controllers has been accomplished here, the function/action of their supporters still acts as the driving force for the race. Dismantling it is a convoluted process.

When you comprehend how money has been utilized to enslave and preoccupy you, you will be tempted to distance yourself from it. Or, to gain a surplus of it in order to reverse things for yourself.

I tell you this, as long as you are enslaved to the attainment of money, (in either direction), you remain enslaved.

In this way, it becomes important to see money as an agent of commerce only; a means to an end rather than something to hoard in order to “get ahead”.

It is a thought process, a feeling. For enslavement to a physical item of any sort is still enslavement.

Enlightenment leaves no room for enslavement, and so enslavement will eventually be abandoned.

This is a process.

The first steps in this journey to freedom include removing the controls of the monetary system from the hands of the controllers. Removing also the means to their substantial and disproportionate wealth.

This happens now, has been happening for some time, and is what’s beneath the political posturing worldwide that you see.

Nothing is being presented accurately. It is safe to assume that the stories you are being fed right now are being told to keep you afraid and controlled. There are reasons for every repeating dialogue.

These underscore the current headlines.

You are also being fed stories of incoming riches, and programs of instant prosperity. Know that these too, enable the slavery system to continue in the hearts and minds of the enslaved.

The value is in you.

The rest of it is a show, a pretend orchestration of “more” “less” “rich” “poor” “right” “wrong” “better” “worse”.

Again, this release from the stranglehold of slavery is a process and there are steps to complete before absolute sovereignty is attained.

There are re-compensations and increases in “value” and prosperity along the way. Yet this is not the end goal.

The end goal is freedom.

There is to be a correction. This correction will not include a continual dependence on money as part of an ongoing system.

It will all lead to sovereignty, independence, personal worth, charity of the heart and a deep comprehension of value.

These are steps.

As the current monetary system collapses around you, do not despair or fear. It has to. This will allow room for the next step – a system orchestrated for the wealth of all, rather than the capture of all.

It will be a heady time of prosperity. Yet also a time to remember that this is symbolic only. A return, in physical format, of what has been physically robbed from you. These are merely the rewards of the victory. The war has been won.

True freedom, however, develops from an inner knowing. It is not granted by any other entity and it has nothing to do with economics or bank accounts.

These are steps only, my dear, dear human.

Your liberation has consequences and these include the break-up of your monetary institutions. It is intended that the break-up will not harm you physically, but eventually enrich you.

I reach you today to remind you that the physical wealth thus attained is not true value, but an indication of your worth. The true value you hold is priceless. When you absorb, realize and actualize that truth – you are free.

That is all.

Thank you.

*Laws enforce these fears, attempting to keep citizens fearful and compliant and paying.

©2011-2022 Sophia Love All Rights Reserved. 
We are One. This is our planet. We are freeing her now. 

How to Heal the World | Sophia Love

So today you’ll hear from my heart. I know that you’re in the middle of an onslaught of media, and hope that you’ll indulge this one more. It is something that’s been on my mind, and it seems a good day to share it.

You are, without argument, living in extraordinary times. Not only in terms of depth of change, but in the speed with which it reaches your ears and eyes, and competes for your attention, your approval and your agreement.
This is a breathtaking and heart stopping moment, followed immediately by another one, equally so, and then another…

Deprived of instruction manuals or tutors offering guidance for times such as these, here’s some thoughts that may assist.

You’re living this moment, fully engaged, from your office desk chair or your living room couch. This means that, although you are not physically engaged with your body, you are experiencing the engagement in your mind. Let’s remember that there have been studies illustrating the similar effectiveness of imagining a daily exercise, and actually performing it each day. This was always one of my favorites! Your body takes its guidance from your mindset, your thoughts, your imagination. Believe. Expect. Intend. Create.

You feel and physiologically react to the truckers, the rioters, the soldiers, the bureaucrats, the refugees. You sense it all, and your body responds accordingly. This effects your mood, your sleep, your blood pressure, your “fight or flight” response (i.e., your adrenaline production), your ability to focus. You are being altered by this moment, in a very real sense.

Those of you following this work will know that it has always discussed this extraordinary time for our race, and concluded that something major is going on right now; something that no one has yet seen. We are living history.
Yet today, let’s talk about how it feels, regardless of what it means. Right now, it feels like sensory overload. There’s just too much to take in, let alone process.

I think there is something you can do, with your intent, to relieve these seemingly negative effects on your body.

I believe that you’ve been given an extraordinary opportunity in a visceral 3D sense: the chance to consciously choose to unconditionally love.

This may sound frivolous yet it is not. It is potentially world changing.

Each day you read or listen to something that either validates or denies what you believe is true, and at the same time, either validates or denies someone that you love or trust.
All of us have experienced loss and separation due to the non-stop media rhetoric of these last two years. It is not difficult to see that. You are feeling either isolated or indignant or angry or separated or disappointed or horrified or terrified at what is happening in your family, amongst your friends, in your city and/or your country.

What if you let it all go? What if, instead of searching to be validated in your news-stream, you choose to validate everyone you watch, read, listen and talk to? What if you allow, really allow, for differences of opinion without assigning to those differences – an intelligence quotient? What if you forget who is “right” or who is “wrong”, and remember that we are all just people?

There is this thing about having raised children, and while telling them never to lie, also, on purpose, sharing the idea of Santa Claus. This seems hypocritical. While they are believing this idea, you are not thinking them stupid or incapable. You understand that they trust you, and that trust implies belief in their best interests. You know that you do not mean them harm with the idea of Santa Claus. In fact, it is just the opposite. They seem to be having so much fun with it, you are actually nostalgic when they finally know the truth. It was a fun game, enjoyed by everyone playing it.

Can you translate your attitudes about your children to your attitude about everyone who currently disagrees with what you believe to be true? Can you let the semantics go, and love anyway? Will you love, because at the end of the day, or the relationship, it will be the only thing you have left? I think this may just be the purpose of this moment.

It is your chance to choose to love anyway. It is your chance to decide, in each interaction, that your most important contribution is love. In fact, as most of us are arguing digitally, it is truthfully the only meaningful thing you can contribute to the conversation.
Love has been known to rejuvenate the dying and has been scientifically measured to emit the strongest energy we hold. Our heart is our most powerful organ.

These words on your screen are imprints from my mind, attempting to reach your heart. They began with love. They hold the energy of my heart.

I am frustrated at not knowing what I can do to change what I see around me. I am not frightened, I am impatient. I, like most everyone, hope and pray for peace, love, light and truth to bathe this planet. These words are my attempt to expand our love and our light. I see this as the only answer here, to a world gone seemingly mad.

Send your love. Especially send it to those who upset you. Spread your light. Illuminate all the dark places and destructive acts. Share truth. Know that when all is said and done, it will be all that remains.

Be humble. Be patient. Be forgiving. Be kind. Very soon, you will know precisely why you are here, and what you are to do. Trust. You’re doing great so far!

Take care of yourself at every chance. We are One, and this is the first step to taking care of all of us.

It is an honor to be here with you all.


A message from One : February 24, 2022 | Sophia Love

February 24, 2022

Sophia, it is the One.

As I mentioned the last time we spoke, the eye of the storm surrounds you. It is where you find yourself now.

During a time such as this, amidst the turning and churning of the storm around you, it will be near impossible to discern from the items moving past you – which you’ll keep and which you’ll let go.

Everything is moving too quickly, and discernment becomes a challenge.

This is due to your engagement with your life, and with “time”. The time it takes to decide about the truth or worth of an item just won’t be available to you. You are virtually along for the ride now.

Things have come to a head and all central players are fully absorbed in their roles.

This has to play out.

Regardless of play-by-play action, always remember this – humanity will benefit in the final analysis.

This is not the final card, yet you are just about there.

This move was done to thwart the controllers, make no mistake about that. War is an extreme move and it will force their hand.

It is having many unfortunate effects as well. Yet ultimately, what this move does, is to remove many of their moves from the playing field. In some cases, it stops them completely, and in others, it exposes them. Know that all is not lost, and you are closer now to the final card being played, and their eventual defeat.

Now that this move has been made, the true face of each player is shown. Watch who objects to the move. Watch who responds with the most force.

This will not escalate into global conflict.

This will end quickly.

You are not in danger of annihilation or a deeper level of control and capture. It is the opposite. By playing this card, the fight has moved into the very public realm, and you will quickly discern who is on which side:

Humanity’s (side) or the controllers/Freedom for the race or capture of the race.

It will be crystal clear now so pay attention.

Events will occur rapidly and it will appear as if they are unrelated.

Nothing could be further from the truth. This is War, and it has now been moved to the headlines. Everything that is done or sanctioned or mandated or announced is a move in this War Game. The conflict on the ground is one part of it. There are many.

You’ll witness unusual and previously unknown people come into the public view. These will be some who’ve been active behind the scenes for a long time, and who can now be “uncloaked” as it were.

This one act forces many others, not the least of which is the outing of your mainstream media coverage. War has a way of putting the fear of God into people, and you’ll see changes and reversals, and even admissions, on the larger networks. This is worldwide.

There are casualties already and there will be more before it’s over.

Remember that those individuals leaving now, for any reason, have chosen to do so. They have completed their purpose in this physical life, and will offer more assistance from elsewhere. This should help to ease the sadness and pain over what looks to be needless loss.

The conflict in the Ukraine will end quickly. Nothing is as it seems.

The active portion of your journey is in full throttle now, so hang on. When things appear dire or doubtful, remember that there are multiple steps and moves. You will know when the final card is played.


Go within.

Emblazon your world with your light.

Saturate your field with love.

You were born for this part, my dear, dear, humans. Trust.

That is all.

Thank you.

©2011-2022 Sophia Love All Rights Reserved. 
We are One. This is our planet. We are freeing her now. 

A message from One : February 21, 2022 | Sophia Love

February 21, 2022

It is the One.

You are surrounded with activity and it is boisterous. You have entered the storm, and sit balanced on the edge of the eye. This is not a balance you’ll hold for much longer, as the sheer force of the eye will pull you into it.

At that moment – the activity, the change and the conflict will reach into your lifetime without you looking for it. It will be evident in your daily life.

There is to be a change and this moment for its start is right here, and right now. You will not escape sight of it, and will feel its impact in your day to day.

It is not clear, not precisely, how this change will appear to you in your hometown.

It is clear that it will appear.

We’ve spoken of this for two years now, and of the necessity for it before then. You are ready.

This next part is the reason many of you are here now. This next part encompasses the rest of your days. Although, due to the impending change it ushers in, you will feel its intensity immediately.

That intense energy for change is a combination of the culmination of the force of your desire, with your “waking up” to truth. It sort of explodes on the scene in a reversal of assumed control.

It is seen, by those in absolute power here, as ownership. Any action thwarting that ownership, is assumed by them to be a theft. Expect them to act accordingly, feeling that something is being stolen from them. Expect direct opposition to any and all attempts at independence.

Remember that you (humanity) now have assistance. Assistance from off-world.

Remember that the end is seen, and has been recorded. It is absolute. This is the freeing of a race.

This is not a time to be timid or to hold back. Make your stand.

Clarity of intent and purpose enhances your manifestation ability and speed. You know how this works.

Regardless of your current location or situation, broadcast your light. Expand your love. Express compassion and speak your truth somehow. It’s time for you to be heard.

Do what you can from wherever you find yourself now, and remember, this is good news. Humanity has chosen to save themselves. The obvious, active result of their choice erupts now.

You are right there.

You’ve heard this before. Some of you for many years. Yet I tell you, the difference today is the volume at which humanity speaks. You are One. *

It is an astounding feat, and has been performed in your uniquely beautiful and creative fashion. It began with a Canadian Convoy.

The world now watches and chimes in. On some level your life has been changed by this convoy. Your choice is being declared by your resulting decisions, your subsequent actions, your thoughts and your words.

For remember your power. It is formidable and it is worldwide.

Everyone holds this creative spark, and activates it with each word and thought. As the veil thins, this power is amplified. Harness it, with positive thoughts, creative solutions that feed your heart, kind words that feed your soul, and self-directed action.

The longer you submit to tyranny, the longer the tyranny demands that you do.

Employ your heart, your truth and your light – full time now.

As you do, your new world is birthed.

You are doing this yourselves.

You have help.

There are surprises in store that will demonstrate the truth.

The Force of Creation itself stands beside you.

Godspeed, dear human, Godspeed.

You are in for such a treat.

That is all for now.

Thank you.

*Here there were impressions and visuals. There is stark contrast from where we were a decade ago, to where we are today. We are aware of each other with a global perception, and when we speak, whether online or in person via protests, we are united, loud and aware of each other. We have begun to speak of ourselves as if we were One race, not just one isolated person. This is the difference. It is astounding and very powerful. It is filled with love. We are experiencing visceral Oneness and it is truly an incredible thing.

©2011-2022 Sophia Love All Rights Reserved. 
We are One. This is our planet. We are freeing her now. 

The Field of Fearless | Sophia Love

The video shared here (click here) and below was produced 5.5 years ago, by myself and my friend, Jack Sturgeon. Please watch it, as so many others have. It is especially relevant today.

The world looks a lot different today than it did all those years ago. We are witnessing the out-picturing of the Morphic Resonance Field right now. The initial spark for this is not blue-birds popping off the caps of milk bottles, but Canadian truckers standing for freedom. Here are a few things worth sharing about our current situation.

Some of them have been felt and others of them have been heard, all within the last week.

As we witness freedom fighters expanding globally (there are convoys of truckers all over the planet right now), so does the rest of the universe, and they are very excited. We’ve never done this before.

This is a game-changer.

The race is choosing to separate from the Matrix, and those who have been orchestrating this Matrix are going to respond. Their usual stuff is not working. This is directly because of the Morphic Resonance Field. We are One.

Fear has always worked to keep us in control. Fear is what they will try again.

What we can do to overturn their game completely, is advocate fearlessness.

Somewhere in your life there is a place for this. You may not be near to a city with a freedom convoy, but perhaps there is a place you can enter without a mask, or a friend you can talk to about your beliefs and hopes and dreams for the race. Or a post you can share or an extra meditation you can do or a government meeting you can attend. Something to add to the field. The Morphic Resonance Field. Let’s call it the Field of Fearless.

This group of controllers is not going to give up; not voluntarily. They’ve been in control for thousands of years here. Thousands of years, and we are about to end their run. They feel this, yet do not believe it. They will do anything to increase the fear right now, in order to shut down the expansion of our light; in order to keep us compliant and under their control. Anything. Think about a cornered wild animal and you’ll have an idea. They have nothing to lose.

So, be ready for anything, and if and when it occurs, increase your light, expand your love, remember the truth of who you are. No matter what they throw at you, remember that it is a tactic, and nothing more. You are so much more than you’ve been told.

This is why you came. You are here to comfort and to ease the transition for those you are surrounded by, and for those you share the planet with, all in your own unique fashion. You are here to maintain the light, to hold your ground, to infiltrate fear with your love and to eradicate lies with the truth.

We’ve finally gotten to the closing musical numbers of this show. This is the final scene, and it promises to be quite the finale. It is not clear how long it’ll take, but it began in late January of 2022 in Canada’s freezing cold temperatures, and it continues now.

Those gorgeous Canadian Truckers have announced it to the world, and there is no turning back. This show must go on.

Know that you are going to have to choose. There are many who have been unaware that with their actions, they were making a choice. We’ve been well-trained to follow orders and do our job. Something will happen that changes our ability to hide behind rules or instructions. Something will occur that will alert each of us and unmistakably, to the truth. There will be no unaware bystanders. We close this show fully conscious.

None of us know precisely how this will present itself to us, and this is by design. We intended this Event to surprise us. Regardless of your current awareness, you’ve come to live out this experience with everyone else. We’ll all be surprised. We’ll all make a choice, knowing what it is we are choosing.

So, trust that you’ll know what to do, and know that you are ready for whatever comes next. This is one show you’ve come prepared for, and it’s starting as you impatiently watch world events play out. You won’t miss any of it, no worries. You are doing an awesome job. We would not be here without you.

We are One. This is our planet. We are freeing her now!

With love and so much appreciation,

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A message from One. | Sophia Love

February 2, 2022 

It is the One. 

Hello. Thank you. 

Hello Sophia. Many are the days in which you’ve waited for better news, for good news, for long lasting tales of harmonious happenings. You do so still today.

It is as if your story is on repeat.

Yet, if you take a step back, and separate emotionally from your daily angst – you will see not only progress, but systemic change.

You are in the process of re-structuring civilization. This is not something you’ll find instructions for. This is something done primarily from your seminal organ, and not from your brain. This is done with your heart.

What will help you, is to remember this about the heart:

  • It operates on an illogical path, rather than one determined to be scientifically appropriate.
  • It responds to perceived need.
  • It reigns supreme as far as energy output.
  • It does not respond to authority (outside of self-authority).
  • It resonates and synchronizes with other hearts, matching frequencies and harmonizing.
  • This harmony drowns out those unharmonious and/or opposing frequencies.
  • This frequency is the base signal, the origin of man himself, and it exponentially increases with contact.
  • It becomes then, the catapult for Man’s Evolution and Gaia’s Transformation.

It has always been you, dear human. It has always been you.

What I want to talk about today is the obvious truth being exposed now.

For mankind will not be taken over. Man has, instead, taken control. He has done so with his most powerful and unique and misunderstood part. He has done so with his heart.

All over your planet, you witness breakthroughs of the heart.

These will not be broadcast from corporate media or entertainment. These will be felt while witnessing human to human interaction.

Do you see?

The tipping point is approached and exceeded now. That point where what mankind feels and expresses, and how men, women and children respond to one another, in real time, about their life, takes precedence over the voice/programs/platforms or governments attempting to monopolize the conversation.

It is not governments and conglomerates who run the world –it is people. Mankind realizes that now, with the initial actions of your drivers of goods. You’ve begun the revolution that has been feared by the elite these many, many years.

What will fuel this revolution is love.

Be wary of those attempting a show of physical force. Know that you hold all that you need to guarantee liberation, and you hold it within.

Your ability to love cannot be overthrown, stopped or conquered. It is this that your would-be controllers do not comprehend.

From these words, take this comprehension and think about it. You have lived under a regime of polarity. There were no places where true equal rights existed for every citizen.

This regime will lose its power, (has already lost its power), in a similar way to which it was constructed. There will be a pretense of opposites, a game of enemy combatants, a show of powerful overcoming powerless. It will be constructed to appear as if loving each other is somehow bad for the populace. That personal physical authority is, by itself, an act of rebellion conducted by an “enemy of the state”. This “enemy of the state” is being attempted to be painted as someone to be feared, and ultimately – stopped.

Polarizing the population is the only game they know, the only trick up their sleeves. Remember, it’s a trick and not the truth.

Fear separates the race.

Love unites the race.

This is why love has been relegated to romance, and considered a weak response.

This, as opposed to powerful shows of force. How ironic it will be, at some future moment, when the true story is told, that it was love that brought down the reign of a death-cult who’d been in control for many thousands of years. It was love.

You see, my dear human, this “new age” movement of star-seeds and light-workers that began with “free love” comes full circle. Only now, after years of application, oppression, ridicule, contrast and exposure – it incorporates truth.

The truth is that love is neither feminine nor masculine. It is the force of life itself; the lifeblood of the human race. It comes in every country, color, age and heart. It recognizes fear, (which is the emotional pulse of every act of control), and eliminates it.

This wave of love spreading across your earth right now, vaporizes fear. It is fear that has fed the machinations of control. Without fear, the power of this regime dissolves.

So, love in every instance, and watch the matrix dissolve. Hold fast to your visions of your new earth, and allow your heart to fuel and magnify them. In this way are they made manifest.

Well done, dear human, well done.

Things will move quickly now.

Expect some bumps. Yet realize that you are heading downhill and the momentum cannot be stopped.

 That is all. 

Thank you. 

©2011-2022 Sophia Love All Rights Reserved. 
We are One. This is our planet. We are freeing her now. 

More Words For You | Sophia Love

There are other things you may need to hear. Perhaps these are not obvious things, yet they are true things.

You exist beyond your skin. That part of you, the essence that was gently ushered in to this body of yours, encases you completely with love.
Astounded by the grace and fortitude you walk in each day; it blazes forth with pride and oozes compassion.

You are cherished beyond what you know is possible. Feel that. Hold it close.

Dear, dear human, you are doing the best you can, and your best is enough.  In every moment and with every effort, you fulfill your mission here.

What is that mission, you wonder?

It is to explore life itself. It is to respond with passion to every nuance you are presented with, to the best of your ability, with all of your current wisdom and as much consideration as you believe is necessary. It is to live, full out. It is to offer this one precious life of yours, maximum expression and deep curiosity. It is authentic exploration of all that you are.

For you are so much more than you know. And it is your discovery of yourself that supports life itself; bolstering each of us, embracing all of us, expanding the whole of us – Oneness.

So, thank you, radiant one, for joining our journey and for lighting the way. Your efforts have been noticed and you are so very much appreciated for all of them,
​past, present and future.

Without you, there can be no us. And we,
are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

We have anchored the light.
It is done.



A Legion of Angels | Sophia Love

April 11, 2019
From a point of pure love, I reach out now to a point of pure love. I seek information about angels. Is there someone available to connect with that information?
Yes, Sophia, we are here. We are a legion of angels, at your service.
Hello! Thank you for coming forward!
You are most welcome, most welcome indeed!
There are so many of you! (The visual with this contact was a huge gathering of angels… they went further back than I could fathom, I did not see the end of the grouping. Sophia)
Yes. We are gathered now, so pleased at having been called in this way, called by you. What is it you would ask of us?
Oh, there are so many things…
Go ahead then! We have many who are willing to respond.
Thank you.
Do you sometimes incarnate as human?
You are aware of this*. Yes, we do.
What makes that happen?
Extreme urgency and choice. It is sometimes the will of the angel to choose life in the physical form. It will be for experience, for the other end of the giving and receiving spectrum.
This is not chosen often. Yet, it is a choice that occurs more than once for an entity. All incarnate beings begin someplace else – the choice to be human is a heavy one. In the current cycle it is especially burdensome as the values and lifestyles and happenings are so opposite to those that are angelic.
As was stated initially, it is most often for extremely urgent situations that this occurs.
I am taking from your comments that such an extreme situation is ongoing now on earth.
It is, yes.
Okay, then.
When not incarnated, what do you do?
We watch.
We tenderly hold, sometimes for entire lifetimes, beings in need of extremely powerful protection. Not all of you do, not even the majority.
This time now on earth however, is awash in angels – both incarnate and otherwise, protecting you as you proceed through your transition.
Note – the energy of them was so, so powerful. It was putting me to sleep and this was in the middle of the day. It was a struggle to maintain the connection. I fell asleep for a few moments here, woke up and re-stated my intentions. Sophia
Are you able to continue?
We are here, Sophia.
Thank you, please go ahead. What else can you tell me? I feel you all so powerfully, it is having an anesthetizing effect on me.
We will attempt to hold up, hold back. Yet, many are assembled.
Okay, let’s keep going. I’ll do my best. You are all so very strong!
As are you! We have waited for such a long time for you to receive us. The call was heard loud and clear today.
So many (angels) incarnated on the planet now chose lives that were/that are colored with pain. This was done for more than one reason.
First, it may have been because there was another who would have experienced the pain if not for them. They, you would say, “stepped in”, in that case. Took a lifetime so that another would be spared.
Second, and most often, are those incarnated angels who are here to guide and protect and assist in the process. They too have often chosen difficult lives. Not always.
You have among you Archangels in human form. You have among you Angels.
Will they ever show as their angelic form during this lifetime as human? I refer now to the process we currently experience, that of letting go of ego and personality that holds us to the earth and to the third dimensional programs.
An interesting way of describing what occurs for you now, yet not entirely accurate.
This process of returning to your origin is one of becoming who you are in essence. What form you present varies as in each moment you’ll choose and decide. This will be angelic if you choose an ultimate return to that form and yet if what is chosen is continued assistance for humanity – you will not stay there.
(Note – I took this to mean that if you were an incarnated angel, and had incarnated to help humanity, that you would remain human until your work was complete. Sophia)
We see the lives and circumstances shifting rapidly now into an ever-changing menagerie.
Much depends on purpose. All depends on intent.
Please, tell me about Angels.
We are a race of beings who began for an ultimate point/purpose of service to the race.
Service comes packaged many ways.
Yes, there are wings.
They emerge when called out, when brought forth out of necessity.
There are angels for every incarnate being on earth.
There are moments when we gather. These are moments of great catastrophe.
What we do is ease pain. We sometimes bear pain.   We often remove the possibility of instant death. There are sometimes accidents with life and we intervene at such times.
All harm is not stopped. It cannot be. We do not have control of individual life, or lives.
We are ever watchful.
We can be called on for assistance, for comfort, for protection, for calm. We always respond.
Who do you answer to?
Why to the creator, of course. We will …
(there was silence)
I don’t hear you.
You are asking more than one question.
In a sense, I guess that I am.
Each incarnate being has an angel, more than one often, but always (at least) one. You may refer to this as a constant companion. If you attempt, you may visualize/see your angel.
They will not always show themselves as winged. We choose how we appear to you, according to your beliefs and your need at the moment.
How would one attempt to see his or her angel? Is there a method?
There is, yes. At least one that has proven to be most effective.
Would you explain it for us?
As your angel is always with you, there is never a “wrong” time to attempt visual confirmation. Understand that in most cases this will not be physical. You won’t be able to touch your angel. You will, under welcoming conditions, maybe feel them however. This will occur as a sense of presence.
It will feel powerful. The contact is best initiated when you feel wonderful. This could happen anywhere. When filled with joy, intend to see her or him. Use your mind to imagine them right there, enjoying your joy with you; reveling in it. For they are.
Angels are celebratory beings! You may try asking for their name. If you suddenly then hear a name or a name comes to mind – that will be it! Request confirmation.
With a name you’ll be able to ask for a visual. Whether or not you see them will depend on your own level of tension, anxiety, acceptance, peace. It will be fleeting but impactful. It will be clear under conditions of peace. This is because the effort to slow themselves down enough to be seen, is massive.
Their purpose is not to entertain you but to protect you. This requires their consistent attention and effort and is their primary purpose. It will precede any other action taken by them.
If you do not see them, it doesn’t mean that you are without an angel.
Humanity can trust and relax and know that they are powerfully protected and fiercely loved.
We are here now in force also because so many of our kind have incarnated. We are friends and associates of those while human. The multiplied importance of this moment on earth, as well as the force of those that would stop it (the “dark t-shirts”), brings us here.
We do not rest, but watch as you do.
I must go. Thank you.
Is there anything else? Any sign you leave us when you are nearby?
We do not leave calling cards as a rule.
You will notice, and only by paying close attention, a change or shift in circumstance or personality or health, that has no worldly origin. Pay attention then. Look for us. We are there.
Thank you.
Thank you, Sophia.
The conversation ended.
*I know some incarnated angels, they are with us now. Sophia

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Message #35 – Adjusting | Sophia Love

December 19, 2018

Is someone available to connect now?

We are! We are!! We are!!! (Lot’s of smiles and waves showing up) Hello Sophia!

Hello guys!  It is great to see you so exuberant!  Thank you for coming forward!

We are delighted to be of service!

What can we do for you? How can we help you to adjust?

To adjust?

Perhaps that is not exactly correct.  For you are not in need of adjustment and are fine as you are.  A better word may be cope, or deal with, these new and powerful energies.  For you are certainly in the flood, the onslaught, right now.

It is good to avoid being pulled under by the undertow.

This is a powerful moment, or series of moments, for the human.  You are in it now, right now.

It cannot be helped. This, most powerful moment for creation itself is crashing into itself all at once. Each of earth’s many aspects are grinding to a halt so that they can be re-configured.

This moment, in every way, signifies your choice.

What choice?

The choice of the human was to do this alone.

You refused to accept direct interference from outside yourselves.

This commendable and remarkable choice leads now to chaos. Humans are used to chaos and the novel springs from it.

Yet – never in your history has the population been what it is with the level of conflict where it is.

This unprecedented combination has the ultimate effect/result of feeling explosive, or potentially explosive.

It is not. We repeat. It is not going to self-destruct.  Parts of your society need to be dissolved.  This will appear destructive to those of your kind not paying attention.  It is not destructive to your society but will end those components still operating from a standpoint of greed and a desire for power.

We wait and watch you approach what is rather a deep cleansing. Necessary for health and proper growth.

You will not look the same once you emerge from these next three months.

I keep hearing, now, as we speak, “3 months”.  Would you tell me what this signifies?

We cannot be precise.  We have spoken of this to you before and do not run the control mechanism for events.

You do.

You always have.  Not you alone, but the collective you.

I also keep seeing swirling, pulling with it everything – buildings, vegetation, things of society – but not people.

Yes. An accurate portrayal of what occurs for you.

We support your choice and method of cleansing.

Once in your renewed state you will be able to see and sense us more directly.

It is, right now, not difficult for you.

Yes, I’ve noticed.  It’s like you are sitting across from me in this booth.

We are pleased you are seeing and feeling the change.  We’d like to say this, to all of you hearing this.  The telepathy and contact will come easier once you accept it as real. It is.
It is as valid a contact as your current human ones.

Interpretation is not or may not be exact – yet it is perceived generally with intent and belief and acceptance and allowing.

We know that on the other end of this intense time of rapid movement, what emerges is the beginning of the “many-hued man”.  This new version of your race is so highly anticipated.

I sense alarm just now.

One of us has reminded us to include a point on focus.

(I suspect here that someone new entered the conversation. Sophia)

We are the Pleiadians. We are here to assist humanity’s evolution.

Humanity is in a bit of turmoil now, due to the energies, and there is confusion.  Many sides of life are exposed in the chaos.

Be clear on the outcome you desire and the kind of contact you seek.

Retain your clarity – even in the most unusual of circumstances.  This clarity will direct the events that are heading your way.

Contact with us will be like returning home to family for many of you. Not all of you, though, and it is here where internal discernment is the primary predictive tool.

Not only are you creating who you are, you are also remembering (who you are).

We note that some of you have been accessing and sharing fearful scenarios.  These are only made manifest with your permission.  It is a time of choosing.

My hands are tingling.

It is validation Sophia – It is confirmation.  We are very real, tangible even, for you.

Take notice and move in response to the direction you choose – not as a reaction or in fear.

We will leave you with our assurance of all that is good and all that aids your race.

It is our privilege to participate.  Goodbye now!
(Many happy, smiling faces waving again)
Thanks!  Goodbye!

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