Message #31 – A Shift In Timeline | Sophia Love

October 20, 2018

Hey everyone.  This is a surprise edition.  These have been coming since September 2017 and this is the 31st conversation, which averages out to roughly 2 -3 each month. It’s been just days since they reached out and last night I was woken up 4 times!  I did not respond well and said I would reach out in the light of the following day. I was surprised at their insistent wake-ups because the group I usually speak to knows that if I don’t “answer” their call, I’ll reach out to them the next day.  This group did not.

Here’s how today’s conversation went.

“I was woken up several times last night and did not connect. Are the beings who did so available now?”

We are here Sophia, yes.

Hello. Thank you for becoming available once again to connect.

You are welcome. We would like to begin.

Please, go ahead.

Our information regarding your planet and its journey has changed.  No longer are you proceeding on a slow meandering path towards Ascension and a major shift – but a rapid one.

This is the reason for the disruption of sleep. We are feeling a sense of urgency and wanted that to be included in the words.

There are typically days in between our messages and when it is shared. (Ouch!)  We feel it needs to be put out now.

You are the Pleiadians? From the Pipeline?

Yes, although this is a slightly different voice.

Yes, I feel that. I would describe your voice as slightly more masculine and/or scientific.

Why yes. It is from this area of observation and knowledge that newer intel is received and shared. The timeline has shifted.

For everyone?


I felt 2 days ago that it had done so personally.

It has done so globally.

Sophia, you are a messenger and your message is spreading to more than you know.

Today you are asked to share this message.
People need time to see it and prepare.

Become serious about this message and the urgency of its timing. It will help if it is seen. It will help if it is shared.

So, yes, of course it will be shared. Please specify precisely what you want to be known.

Things have sped up. This new timeline asks you to take action right away in all areas that require preparation – spiritual, personal, emotional and physical.  Be sure that you are synchronized in your relationships and also where you are.

I am not clear what that last sentence means.

It means that if you feel, after deep and humble introspection that changes are needed, don’t wait to make them. Those who need to heed this message will know and respond appropriately.

We have such great love for humanity and aim now to afford the majority of awakened and un-awakened ones every opportunity to choose their most favored path in the process. When the shift (meaning here the recent timeline shift) occurred, we wanted to relay our interpretation of what it means for you.

We do not wish to cause alarm.  Only a reinforcement, if you will, of encouragement and insight.  We can only be of assistance to you in this way – with sharing what is seen.  We see things rapidly approach.

We are pleased you sense the urgency of our contact and of this message.

Are there any specifics you can offer to us?

Not at this time. That is not our purpose.  Yet, overall, as a process, “sooner” rather than “later” would be accurate.

Okay. The urgency is felt. I’ll share this today.
Please reach out again if you sense more changes.

We are pleased. It is an honor to participate. This is a joyous message! We hope that it is received that way and felt with only love and admiration.

Thank you. Goodbye now.

Goodbye Sophia and company.

Note – as a visual there were 3 beings there, all of them male.  This was not the usual smiling and waving exit, but a quiet and gentle goodbye with a sort of serious demeanor; the “and company” is not a phrase I’ve heard before. This explains why I was woken up. I’ve not spoken before to this group. Sophia

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A Message From One – Reaching The Finish Line | Sophia Love


Hello everyone. Please join together today and utilize your incredible individual and collective power. This day has been isolated as one of importance, not by your actions or desire, but by the actions of others, for their own self interests. All days are days of importance and power, make no mistake and do not be fooled. Embrace each of them with consciousness and presence and intent, and watch what transpires. In this conversation that follows, we are reminded that regardless of what it looks like around us, we can create again. That is how it works.

September 7th, 2018 (early morning)

Is it possible for me to connect now with One?

It is I. It is One.

Thank you for coming forward.

I sense, as do many others, something imminent. Please tell me something about our current situation on the planet.

You approach now, and immediately so, an ending. This is not an ending of life, but an ending of the kind of life as it has been practiced on the planet.

Up until these moments, all major directions were ordered and then followed. First, ordered by those controlling things here, those who imagined themselves owning the planet. Second, followed by their minions and (then by) the rest of the population who generally obeyed.

In this arrangement, although not in the best interests of the population or the earth – there was a sense of order.

That order is no longer.

The controllers have “left the building” and (those) who remain are those who may or may not be aware of this.

What happens is now felt by all beings and the planet itself as a wrestle for order and for control. There will be and are, disruptions on all fronts; physical, meaning the earth itself, and also the beings on her.

There is a “finish line” for the journey you are on, yet there is not a clear and singular track to reach it. What is felt as imminent are the frequency shifts of things – systems still in place that have run until now – adjust to the dismantling of any such business as usual.

This can’t help but play out as destruction and death as surely this level of change demands it, requires it.
The old way of order here ends now.

What your friends feel and you sense is this ending as seen in real “time” and with your own eyes.

The news is not that that it’s happening, for you’ve known and felt it doing so for years. The thing to discuss is HOW IT LOOKS TO YOU AS IT HAPPENS.

These are not words to frighten or even alarm you.  For surely all of you (who are) aware, conscious and paying attention can see that in order for the massive overhaul of physical control to be accomplished – there must be a massive visible physical overhaul.

It is not that the earth and her people rebel and fight what occurs now with death and destruction as a result. No.

The earth and her people adjust to a new frequency that supports only cooperative and collaborative management of itself.

Things will be shaken off and discarded so that the new has room to enter.

As specifics play out before your eyes, keep conscious always of your unity.
You have all the power here and with intention this can be not only a re-do of a planet but a healing for all concerned.

Healing does not discount or omit a need for an ending or departure.

Healing can be incorporated into your intent for this ending.

Become clear on what it is you expect and desire and intend, and only that.

You are witnessing your own re-birth.

There will be much shouting and gnashing of teeth. Yet once that stops – great joy will ensue.

That is all for now.

Thank you.

With appreciation and love,

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As We Shift – Superglue Love Is Heading Your Way | Sophia Love



Love is visible now. It is palpable. It is focused. It pours forth from eyes and floods out as a force unseen, perhaps, yet unmistakable. It is the bonding element; the superglue of Creation. It is what holds us all together. It propels deep Unity.

For there has always been love, yet in this moment it’s as if it has grown wings.  Like the caterpillar, its been forming itself into something else, something new, something more expansive, something that moves faster and further than its previous version had ever gone.

It’s visible in previously estranged relationships.  It shoots out of smiling eyes. It crops up in conversations about “difficult” situations and “challenging” folks. It can be witnessed in automobile repair shops, hospitals, kitchens, airports and dentist offices.

It appears to be going exponential.

Something new is manifesting in perfect order. Each component must be added with precise timing.  We are doing this ourselves.  We are following the recipe for success with maximum participation. This requires global awareness and billions of willing hearts. We are individually and collectively shifting. All of us together are doing this alone.

As our hearts remain open, there is more room for love. We will not force this Event and subsequent Ascension with a closed heart. No.

Profound change cannot be forced upon us, it has to be allowed in.

This superglue love will hold it all together for us.  We’ll be able to confidently throw our arms open wide with hands outstretched. We’ll stand unencumbered by guilt, judgment, debt or blame and allow our arms to sprout wings.

Beautiful wings for wrapping around ourselves and each other; safe and fearless. Powerful wings to take us places we’ve only imagined.

It’s already begun.  Just today there are 3+ messages in my inbox saying virtually this same thing. We are noticing. Once we notice, we believe. Once we believe, we expect. Once we expect, we create.

We are the ones.
We have anchored the light.
It is done.

With appreciation and love for all that you are,

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The Event & this week, a chat with One | Sophia Love


July 22, 2018   3:33 AM

Would whomever it was that woke me up come forward now to connect?

Yes Sophia.

It is I. It is One.

Hello. Thank you for coming forward.

I have watched you now navigate these current fluctuations of energy _____ (??? I cannot read this last word, shoot. – Sophia) They are brutal to your physical instrument, yet you are not despairing or imagining any state of disrepair.

This tendency to ride the wave is the thing I want to encourage. You are in for a storm of unimagined proportions. These, like nothing you’ve yet to feel.

You specifically as well as empirically would do well to remain always in a constant state of hydration and rest.

These frequencies are going to knock you off balance. As you see now they will instigate in your physical self what appear to be fevers and other signs of illness, infection, invasion by foreign bodies.

You must not assume any bodily response right now is indicative of new illness.
Doctors will find no such illness. Resist all urges to be drugged with chemicals during these upcoming waves. These chemicals will alter your ability to take in consciously what is happening.

Ascension while physical will not occur overnight or without a host of symptoms for which there are no traditional explanation. The chills and fevers you feel now will be felt at one time or another by all who go through the process. The timing has to do with physical constitution as well as the process itself.

This is not a race yet there are personal timelines and individual progressions that determine the appearance of symptoms. Strength and length has to do with how much processing remains to be accomplished and also your own choice.

Some of you are ready spiritually and residing in a body that is catching up to your readiness and processing rapidly. This would be a way to explain what is happening for you Sophia, right now, with your current extreme episodes.

Others of you are physically more in tune due to original constitution and a lifetime of practices that yield for you a body in tune with these frequencies. For those of you in this dynamic, what may be happening in greater intensity is emotional upheaval within your world, your work, your loved ones.

For sure all of you are in the midst of great and rapid alteration right now.
Extremes in emotional and physical ranges are to be expected. Accepting them will allow your passage through the process a bit of calmness and ease.

It will not be easy.

This is not medical advice and those of you who have feelings of illness need to always follow your intuition in the decision around how to deal with these symptoms.

You will feel ill. You will despair, at times, of peaceful relationships and situations. Remember that you are changing and as you adjust, your body, your life, and everything in both must alter.

This will not be the same place in a year’s “time”. This is not the same place today as it was a year ago. The time frame of a year is offered merely to illustrate an easily seen method of comparison.

You are entering now, this coming week, a moment of intensity.

This next surge will be seen and noticed by everyone on your world and labeled.
It will be one of the signs you’ve been expecting and waiting to witness and its appearance is being already anticipated by those of you who are sensitives (who are akin to the canaries in the coal mine). Yet even you canaries do not clearly see the magnitude and resulting alteration of what is about to show itself now. There is no way for you to do so, its an individual process that will be experienced in unique ways.

Care for yourselves now in each moment with adequate water and sufficient rest. Do not be alarmed at lack of productivity. You will each be in the correct place at the perfect moment to experience what you’ve decided to take on, and, in the manner, most successful.

You’ll have to trust your inner knowing and this may be a challenge to do in the midst of such massive alterations.

Do not despair. All is in perfect order.

Your world is set for the next phase of its evolution. Active engagement happens now.

Rest often and remain positive in outlook. Do not ignore pain yet do not define yourself by it either.

You are not merely this physical instrument. You are a piece of the light who animates and inspires and embodies this physical instrument.

Your wisdom and capacity to carry this through successfully is what has put you right here, right now, reading these words.

You will then lead the way for the rest and in this way fulfill your mission to propel the Ascension of humanity. These are not small, inconsequential words and they are not said lightly. They are to inform you that you have entered a moment of very active engagement and you must stay the course now.

The symptoms and reactions of the physical world around you may seem to be telling a story of disruption and alarm and destructive outcomes. Yet go within via meditation and quiet and there you’ll find truth.

If there is one thing I’ll leave with you now, it is that each process is individual and will be most accurately defined that way. Your sense of self awareness and inner peace will be the framing of your individual journeys now. Regardless of symptoms, it is in how they are handled and defined that outcomes are determined.

It is the moment to include broad love and peace intentions for all that you know and love. Each of you came to accomplish this, and to do so as One.
Do not despair. What is before you now will astound all of your senses and feel like home. You are doing a remarkable thing in a unique and remarkable way.

This method has been, and is continuously, currently altered by humanity’s deep sense of kinship with itself, regardless of outer appearances.

You’ll see. You are about to embark.

That is all.
Thank you
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The New Light Warrior | Sophia Love



Let’s start with a telepathic conversation that took place a few days ago with a light warrior.

“Sophia, you will find me willing to communicate frankly and honestly while also feeling it is abrupt.

This is because I am a warrior myself. I am not someone who has spoken to you before this now or spoken ever in this way.

I reach out now solely to assist fellow warriors as I honor their journey. It is not one I would have taken and not for the faint of heart.
(Those who do) are indeed strong willed.

What has occurred is interference into the timeline, into the energy available to the warrior, into their very will. This is edging deeper into personality. All interactions are seen as a call to action.

This is indeed a call to bisect (intimate, personal) relationships – to divide everything.
Any contact without clear instruction is seen as a call to conquer. Their very nature is being infiltrated – there can be no softness, no letting down. No weakness. Yes, this was intentional.

Its purpose is to break (those of you who are not warriors), to split relationships up. It will not break the warrior for the warrior is unbreakable.

If the warrior gives in to the (perceived) weakness of allowing feeling, then the warrior could falter. This programming does not suit the warrior in this now moment. The warrior is being primed for the divide, not the union. The warrior will let everything go, inflict deep pain, to win now. First on the list of the warrior is him/herself. Second is winning.

Who wants this?

The general goal of the Archons is trauma, so that they can feed.

Without loving energy, many will feel a void. This current struggle becomes your global journey.

This is a delaying tactic. There is no one (of the Archons) who care that this end with union, not anyone who is emitting these energies and waves at you.

The thing is, once this tactic/technique is seen and stopped – you become invincible.

How does it get stopped?

You must appeal to the higher self (of the light warrior) directly, now that this has been seen.

Thank you. Anything else?

Only this. Realize that this is a war & the most powerful techniques are being employed in these final stages.  That is, your most deep and personal components. This war is for all of you and these component parts – your heart, your loves, your sympathies – are all a part of you.

Everything must be considered as a possible target. Do you see?

I think so.

This is (seen as) a war Sophia, these beings are about to lose everything and they will hang on just as long as they can. Everything is in season and a possible target if it serves their agenda. Their agenda is to feed.”

The conversation ended.

Now… on to today’s post…
Raised in a world where winning is praised and losing is despised, we are ill-equipped to navigate the dialogue of a unified planet. Our responses instinctually follow the socially accepted narrative, fully promoting the warrior spirit.

These conversations are chock-full of heroes and villains, good and bad, right and wrong, someone to idolize vs someone to reject.  We can’t help but think winner or loser into every conversation.

Our heads are full of comparisons, criticisms and judgments; enlightened or mis-informed, left or right, liberal or conservative. Each carries its own arrogance.

If you read this article (click here), you’ll see that these dysfunctional, unharmonious energies are and have been purposely directed at us. This may be true.

Yet using the Archons or anyone else as an excuse for continuing maladaptive behavior is, at the very least, not self-aware.

The conversation you just read happened as I considered the article linked above. This is not a post about what is happening exactly, it’s a reminder that whatever it is – we’ve chosen this journey and are creating it with each thought.

The massive shift in consciousness from polarity to unity will only play out on a world stage when it happens first in our kitchens and our bedrooms.

Acceptance and agape do not magically show up as we are showered with light in some future Event. These spring from within.

This conversion is more than an upgrade; it is a replacement of an operating system.

We are switching from ME to WE in every case, each conversation and all situations.

The conversation I had with the light warrior the other day, brought to mind this song from an old Christmas movie (click here)

It would seem that many of us came for the initial “clean-up” and remain here still. The strength and power necessary then is still needed now, yet methods differ.

The change we’ve chosen to undertake is nothing short of magnificent.

We will not only stop fighting on the battlefield, but in our hearts and minds. We are choosing the embodiment of unity. This looks like acceptance, without exception or condition, of every other point of view as valid. This looks like joining as one, not winning over anyone.

Some of us chose the dark t-shirts for this moment and refuse to take them off. They (those dark shirts) will not be sustained in one unified field. There is no need to hate them into leaving. What is needed is consistent promotion of love, unity, compassion and consciousness.

It is time now to love. Those of us who know only to fight need new strategies, new words and other alternatives.

If we remove the idea of opposition and replace it with clarity, those who are ready only to fight will have no enemy with which to do so.

This new earth we are building needs solid ground.  It requires a field of consciousness.  It will expand in love. It will brilliantly and quickly engulf every one willing to open to it with immeasurable power.

The new warrior is one now willing to take up these unused weapons and expertly wield them for the benefit of all of us. For the work to remove and conquer changes now, into the practice of accepting and surrounding.

It’ll look like the same place, only instead of lines and walls to divide, there are intertwining circles with no end or beginning.

This new warrior looks always to assist with compassion and clear sight.  These new warriors are us. We are the ones. We have anchored the light. It is done.

With appreciation and love,
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The Event – When? | Sophia Love



This is about the arrival of this Event and what it is, I believe, that we are waiting for. This may be a particularly long post, as it includes some things that are not easily explained. These are things that are happening within and around me. They are personal observations, responses and unavoidable moments that seemingly originated elsewhere. Yet remember, all is illusion and there is only us.

I think the Event happens when we stop expecting it to be an outside occurrence at the whim of the cosmos. This is not to say that it isn’t those things.  This is to say that it isn’t only those things.

Much of what has been shared here these many years is from a knowing deep within. They are things that were initially recognized as a question and then, explored internally as well as on this blog and in these videos.

This Event, which is described as the shotgun blast that begins the conscious and intentional race to Ascension, feels cataclysmic.  Not necessarily because of earth changes or unusual waves of rainbow clouds, but because it will only happen when we are willing to be undone in preparation for its appearance. It is time for our egos to hit the road. Not our humanness. Our ego.  There’s a difference.

I’d be the first to tell you I’ve got this.  That I love myself and I am ready.  Events as of late have illustrated my error. There is something yet to do.  It is the thing I don’t see, but changes everything.
It is akin to an avalanche.

We will have to give up control and allow ourselves to unpack inner awareness and self-actualization. If your intent is to consciously accomplish this Ascension, these things must be done now. These things that you’ve neglected must be opened and inspected. You’ve only allowed yourself to receive crumbs of affection when what is coming with the Event, and what you desire, is an avalanche of love.

What happens to initiate an avalanche is that something erupts to trigger an extremely gradual buildup of snow to begin to cascade down the slope. As it moves, it carries with it everything it touches. It can begin very slowly. With this post, it is suggested that the initiating event has either already occurred for you or is about to. This avalanche is cataclysmic.  It will represent a crisis in your life – in either relationship, family, health, housing, self-image, love, prosperity or something else you have held onto.

You will recognize it. Don’t miss this.  It is the trigger that needed to be pulled so that the gun could be fired to begin the race. Your race. Your race to Ascension. It will cause you to be undone, to have to do something new, to look at things with new eyes, to let go of the personality that participated in creating this buildup of ego. You will need new pathways. You will need to allow.

We are in an Improv moment, folks. The first rule of improvisation is “Yes, and…” It means that whatever your partner on stage says or does, you go with it. If he jumps in a spaceship or she turns into a clown, your response supports the change and keeps going without a glitch.

You don’t need to look far to notice signs of this massive and impending change. Pick up a newspaper, turn on your car radio, check social media or your favorite news outlet.  Resist the urge to polarize as you hear and see these things.

Watch the animals. Two days ago, while driving in the early morning, a robin was sitting in the middle of the street looking up at the sky.  It did not move as I approached with my car. I had to swerve almost on the sidewalk to avoid hitting it.  When I checked the rearview mirror after returning to the road, that robin was still sitting there, gazing up at the sky!

The video below shares some other signs from nature that are unusual, including a grackle who did the exact same thing as that robin!  I saw it after my experience on the road.

Yet this post is about more than these signals outside of ourselves. This story is about how what is gradually becoming apparent is that it is the inside stuff that finally and absolutely heralds the moment of the Event.

This Event is about the realization of massive love.  We know that love, truly, does not come from somewhere or somebody else. There is no one here but us. Love shows up to the precise degree that we allow it to.  Love will not crash through a closed door, closed arms or a frozen heart if it has no place to land.  It needs an opening.

The excitement, anticipation and announcements around this Event are still fuel for placing it outside of ourselves.

This Event, just like this Ascension, is not happening in another dimension or to other versions of us. It is happening to us, right here and right now.

There are many reasons for this conclusion today and they are deeply personal. Perhaps the birds see something we don’t. Yet the trigger for this beautiful love wave moving through, and that the animals are already noticing, is right in our very own heart.

It is clear that the force to initiate such a massive absorption of energy would have to cataclysmic.

These things cannot usually be planned. What is about to be unleashed is an avalanche of love. These egos of ours, the ones with all the judgments, will be shattered if they are not released or adjusted before the onslaught. This Event is not supposed to shatter us. That was never the plan. It will instead infuse us with a love that is not like any we have ever seen or felt.

We are almost ready, that much is clear. Around us folks are making stands. They are declaring where they will or will not go, what they will or will not do, and either pushing the world away or opening up their arms.

It’s scary.  It involves risk. It requires trust. We are, in some facet of our lives, not used to doing those things. It is that facet in which the cataclysm will appear.

Someone or some situation in your life is right now asking you to take a step, maybe trust, perhaps let go a bit and try your wings in a new direction. Notice. Open up. Watch what happens.

What is a sure and absolute fact, is that you will not fail.  You cannot fail.

This part is why. You are here.

Right now, it is not you who is waiting for the Event. The Event is sitting there, right there, on the other side of that door you are holding closed, waiting for you to let it in.

The birds can see it. It will only happen when harmony is possible, so our frequency, our vibes, our tones and our melodies all have to be in the same range.

This event happens through you, not to you. You’ll have to give it some room to enter.

We are the ones.
We have anchored the light.
It is done.

In gratitude for all that you are,

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The Event ~ A Crystallization of Love | Sophia Love


With each passing day I sense and tap into more information regarding what is happening for us now. Here’s a few more thoughts on the upcoming changes and how we can proceed through them with ease and success.

What is happening now, and in this conversation, is that my greater self sounds and feels
more and more like me.  So, this will be written in one voice to all of us.

It will be like the blink of an eye. Surreal and then everything changes. This is real.

It is a joining and recognition of all of you. Every component. This gives you your full force.

These coming times will not feel easy. They will be confusing and could appear frightening.  You know better.  It is why you are here now.

This event will come through and be experienced as a crystallization of love.  It will be a visual  and cerebral experience, felt and understood and seen.  Yet, almost forgotten as if in a  dream for those of you unprepared for such an occurrence.  It is not something you will  find “in your wheelhouse” as the current expression goes.

No one can predict exactly how it will feel for you or what it will look like for you. Each
perspective defines its own experience.

Yet what will be universally grasped is the import of what has occurred. It happens in the same instant for all of you.

Some of you will be asleep when it occurs and will remember it as a dream.

All of your earth-bound systems are affected by this.

It is the real starting point of your rapid acceleration towards your higher frequency earth. It starts as a surprise.  You cannot prepare more than you are. This means to focus on love, unity, peace, compassion and light.

You have come (empirical you) to anchor the light here. It is done. This does not imply
that your work is complete and that you will be leaving now. The anchoring took a herculean effort by many. It is what had to happen in order for the shift to finally and absolutely be initiated. It has happened.

What you can do now is to spread love where you are and beyond. Visualize yourselves as beacons for light and keep yourselves turned on.

Now is not the time to focus on the “enemy”. It is clear enough who that is. No.

Now is the time to focus on the light.

Anything you can do, (and by this I mean everything you can do), to tune your dial to the
maximum setting, full volume, for every supportive emotion you can muster, do it. In every thought. In every conversation. In every action.

Doing this will only help you and in turn, help everyone you are connected to.

Right now, you are putting yourselves in the best place to proceed successfully through these coming alterations.

Trust your intuition.  Move decisively and with love.

You have this in your plan. It has been there always. Trust.

Let yourself go with the flow. This is the main message and it concerns your health issues
(if there are any right now) also. When you notice resistance – stop.

Look at what it is you are resisting. Reconsider. Come up with a new approach.  Allow.

These are the methods that will create ease for you while going through the event and
more to the point, after.

Because, you see, this event is beautiful and beyond explanation. Yet, it stands as the starting point for something even more-so.

This will be an entire life of beauty beyond current explanation.

This life, this world, will be and is already, one that you create. For it is in the creation of our life that the real fun lies.

You are not here as branches in the wind, who just happened to be planted in the right
place and time to feel this extraordinary happening. No.

You are the planters of trees. Putting them in perfect alignment and with grace so that
something exquisite grows and remains.

Creation is your gig.

This event is excellent fertilizer for your new earth.

You are doing fine.

You are the ones. You have anchored the light. It is done.

With gratitude for all that you are,

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A Message From One – Now Is The Time | Sophia Love


Hey everyone.  This post refers to a quote that I learned to type (yes, on a typewriter)
with.  It may or not be familiar to you, but it is one of those things I have had no reason
to think about for lots of years. I was woken up in the early hours of this morning
with it going through my mind.  I did not get up then.

The following conversation happened a few hours later…

February 13, 2018

I am looking to connect with the being who woke me last night. When I awoke, this was
going through my head: “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country”.

Is this being available?

It is I. It is One.

Hello & thank you. What are these things you want to say?

These things concern all beings.  Most of them, for this transmission, living in the
country you occupy, the United States of America.

Okay. There is a mix of people who will read these words.

It is okay. This entire planet and race is in need of assistance from within. The infiltration
into the ranks of humanity runs deep.  The various coalitions of organized law
enforcement are working to take care of physical arrests.  This is not the job of most
humans, but certainly for some.

The job I am here to talk about, and the reason for your waking realization of that phrase,
“Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country”, is one of raising
awareness. You must all come out of your respective closets, regardless of how long
you’ve been in there or how large your audience may be.

It is no longer helpful to sit on the sidelines and watch the unfolding.  You are here,
in fact if you are reading this, you came here to roll up your sleeves and unfold
some of this massive covering that shields your people from the truth.

Most of your audience understands social media. This is a tool which can now be utilized.
More voices, more songs, more art, more poetry, more words – spread the truth as
you have discovered it to be.

The stage is set for a mass awakening and disclosure.

The shock will be eased for those unaware if they have access to their places on the
internet that now expose them to the truth, to something other than the story fed to
them these many years.

It is time to come out of the closet. This means in your social groups. In random

Know this – there is no part of your current main stream society narrative that is not
touched by this. The depth and breadth of this goes deeper than even you have imagined
Sophia. Your tears are shed for it all now.  Imagine getting this story over days, maybe
hours, instead of years, as you did. The shock and feelings of loss will be/could be
catastrophic. It doesn’t have to be though. It can become a coming together.

A re-claiming of your own power and sovereignty; an igniting of passion.

Humanity is stubborn and determined, independent and loyal. You’ve chosen this course.
It is the course that allows for help, yet not takeover and instruction by outside forces.

You’ve chosen to get this done yourselves, thank you very much.

It is one of the reasons you are considered, along with the earth, a jewel. Your light is
strong, individual and deeply provocative.

The saying I chose to woke you up with evokes memories for you. I wanted to inspire a
sense of duty.

For this time right now is one of the reasons you came.  Not meaning for you to aid
your country as in join the military forces, but aid your country’s people from the place
you stand right now.

All the information you can share with your loved ones, friends and associates
needs to be shared.  They will soon see a replica of it on their evening news.

Share it with love and compassion. You are One people. In truth, the saying should read
“Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their people”.

This is what I woke you to say.

Okay, thank you.

Thank you. Goodbye Sophia.

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love notes before I heard from One this morning… seems as if we are heading for some
intense moments.

Take care of yourself.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

With gratitude,

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This is one of my favorite videos… from 5 years ago, it still rings true ~

As We Shift – Come As You Are | Sophia Love


Hey guys.

There’s this song I have listened to again and again and again. It speaks to me and yet,
well, I won’t let it touch me.  Do you know what I mean?

We started out as one, and on this day at this moment, we are playing out everywhere the
truth of our singularity. There is not one of us that will remain hidden in this blackness.

We are, in fact, coming out of the dark.  We are doing it in headlines, boardrooms,
bedrooms, kitchens and cell phones. No longer will your light be hidden.

Five years ago, we expected a glorious emergence. We’re not quite there yet.
First comes the shedding. This can get ugly.

Do not cower or look away.  These parts are you also. Those parts you refuse to love are
the ones who most need acceptance. Until and unless you clearly see who you are,
you remain unable to forgive.

It’s all okay you know.  There is no almighty god with a tally sheet determining your worth.
You are worthy right now.

This part is really important.  The part where you question everything you’ve done,
everyone you ever been and all that you believed was true about you. Don’t skip it.

I promise you, the answer is better than you think.

Everything you’ve done is in the past.  You can’t see it and it is only as real as your
memory keeps it alive.

Everyone you’ve ever been only exists as long as you insist they do, with
repetition of their behavior.

All that you’ve believed was true about you? That depends. The good parts are true.
Anything less than glorious is ego.  You are not your ego.

You are a powerful, radiant piece of forever, housed in this beautiful bit of flesh called
a human. A human being. Being what?  Well that is the question now, isn’t it?

Because you see, the veil is gone, the curtain is up, the masks are off and we are naked
in front of the world.  Right now.

It is time to love without opinion.  Don’t kid yourself, this is not about loving every
public figure being thrown under the bus with illegal, amoral and predatory allegations.
This is much, much harder.

You will have to absolutely love every inch of you, inside and out.  You will have to
forgive all that you’ve done and all that you’ve thought of doing. You will have to accept
that you are capable of exquisite emotion and brilliant action as well as some not so
noble stuff.  You will have to embody compassion and breathe forgiveness.

You will have to inhale humble and exhale gratitude.
You will have to love without condition or exception.

For at the end of the day or the conclusion of a life, what matters most is the love
you give. And when you give love internally, you’ll find that you were never alone.

We have all been here, waiting. Seven and a half billion lights, perfectly reflected,
ready now to blaze forth.

We are so happy you have finally seen the truth. All that was needed, was you.

And you are the one we’ve been waiting for
Thank you for your forgiveness and for your generosity.  Thank you for your love
and for your light. All that you are, we are too.

With so much love,

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As We Shift – The Paroxysm Arrives | Sophia Love



  • A disturbance of the atmosphere
  • A disturbed or agitated state
  • A heavy discharge of objects
  • A tumultuous outburst
  • paroxysm, which is a fit, attack or sudden increase or occurrence of symptoms.

So, there are a few ways to go through one of these. One is, I confess, where I began last
month. It was without preparation, and when I realized I was at its onset, I did nothing
substantial to brace or protect myself.

Perhaps it was due to my gradual awareness of the rising conditions, as I, with all the fervor
of an addict, feverishly checked my device over and over for updates and stories.
The consequence has been a repeated emotional and spiritual bashing by headline after
video, after tweet, after post. I began looking and feeling a bit raw; a bit beat up by the news.

For so long I stayed away from the frontpage, realizing that major happenings were sort of
“in the air” and I would hear about them always – without being plugged in.  This
time felt different; things were spinning and changing by the hour; it felt epic. It was addictive.

With this sharing, comes an umbrella and a rain jacket, along with a hoodie, some boots
and mittens with hand warmers.  We will get through this without permanent damage.

This is a storm that can feel like a paroxysm – sudden, accelerating and aggressive. Realize
that the reason it feels that way is because you’ve been expecting this, you’ve seen this before,
and the familiarity of it sort of exacerbates it. 
It feels bigger than it actually is because it’s
a repeat. It’s a familiar refrain.

This is to your advantage.  Realize you have the upper hand.  Nothing is actually a shock
for you. You know what these sorts of programs and beings do to empower
and control populations. You’ve seen it before.  It’s why you volunteered to be here now.

Let’s do away with names and titles and even jobs.  Let’s focus on the current conditions,
how we can navigate successfully through them and even move beyond them. Let’s
not label ourselves or sequester ourselves into small groups with specific talents.
For this conversation, let’s look at the whole enchilada, the big picture.

We are absolutely in the storm of disclosure. This will lead us to our new world.  In order
to put each story into its proper perspective; hang onto that idea. The movement towards
a new earth will only happen if it looks absolutely better than the old one. We humans
are like that. We only jump fences if the grass is really, really greener on the other side.
Oh, some of us are risk takers and adventurers, but by and large we like our stuff to
remain solid and dependable and unchanged.

So here we are, in the midst of the onslaught, with full awareness that the beginning
is like a summer’s day compared to the apex.  Those standing nearby don’t know this,
but we do. Remember?  We’ve seen this before. It’s why we came now.

It is time, dear, dear reader, to remember who you are.  You will have to intrude
into your awareness of current events with an equally powerful onslaught of your divinity.
This does not mean you’ve got to quote scripture to people or attend religious services.
Yet you will notice there is an increase of that sprinkled in the most unlikely of places.
No, this is because the truth of you has been largely defined within that atmosphere,
and that’s okay. It’s all okay.

In preparation for the effort ahead of us, go within. Do it daily. Do it more than once a day.
We’ve had lots of years to prepare for this. YouTube and our personal libraries are
packed with remedies and methods, meditations and prayers with one message. That
message is one of empowerment, of inner radiance, of self-forgiveness and finally of
unconditional love.

These characters and costumes are showing up right on time. They are not unexpected.
They are here for our use. They are here, demanding that we love. It does not mean
for-get. It means for – give.

You see, this verb is set up so that in doing so, nothing is removed or taken. Life is an
action of creation and ultimately, our evolution demands that our actions proceed
always consciously towards that outcome (creation). For – give someone and you’ve both
received the gift. You will move ahead with a fuller appreciation for the variety of possibilities
and they too, will benefit. Without your judgment, they will be left to assess themselves.
This is the ultimate test of maturity and development, no? The act of self-examination.

We came to deliver a gift you know. The time for its offering is right this moment. Stand
up and remember your light, it is so very much needed in these dark and disturbing days.
Once you turn on the switch, the dark vanishes. Just realize where the switch stands.

It rests in your heart; the brilliant light of self-love that illuminates the darkness. In times
such as we now face, the onslaught of announcements brings daily bouts of self-
examination. These are mirrors we set up eons ago, nothing more; judgment is
counter-productive. I am finding that all of my practices are helping now…
meditation, visualization, the repeating of mantras. I need a strong base. I’ve been
asking myself, “We signed up for this?” “What were we thinking?”

The trick seems to be remembering how many tools we have at our disposal, and
accepting who we are.  We are not better than any other, we ARE every other. Which is why,
I suspect, this violent storm, this paroxysm, is experienced viscerally. Who better than
us to turn this around?

We are creator gods, brilliant beings of light all dressed up for the greatest show in all
of creation. It’s been perfectly cast and the set itself is dazzling. It’s show time.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are anchors for the light. Let’s do this.

In gratitude and with so much love,

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