More Words For You | Sophia Love

There are other things you may need to hear. Perhaps these are not obvious things, yet they are true things.

You exist beyond your skin. That part of you, the essence that was gently ushered in to this body of yours, encases you completely with love.
Astounded by the grace and fortitude you walk in each day; it blazes forth with pride and oozes compassion.

You are cherished beyond what you know is possible. Feel that. Hold it close.

Dear, dear human, you are doing the best you can, and your best is enough.  In every moment and with every effort, you fulfill your mission here.

What is that mission, you wonder?

It is to explore life itself. It is to respond with passion to every nuance you are presented with, to the best of your ability, with all of your current wisdom and as much consideration as you believe is necessary. It is to live, full out. It is to offer this one precious life of yours, maximum expression and deep curiosity. It is authentic exploration of all that you are.

For you are so much more than you know. And it is your discovery of yourself that supports life itself; bolstering each of us, embracing all of us, expanding the whole of us – Oneness.

So, thank you, radiant one, for joining our journey and for lighting the way. Your efforts have been noticed and you are so very much appreciated for all of them,
​past, present and future.

Without you, there can be no us. And we,
are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

We have anchored the light.
It is done.


A Legion of Angels | Sophia Love

April 11, 2019
From a point of pure love, I reach out now to a point of pure love. I seek information about angels. Is there someone available to connect with that information?
Yes, Sophia, we are here. We are a legion of angels, at your service.
Hello! Thank you for coming forward!
You are most welcome, most welcome indeed!
There are so many of you! (The visual with this contact was a huge gathering of angels… they went further back than I could fathom, I did not see the end of the grouping. Sophia)
Yes. We are gathered now, so pleased at having been called in this way, called by you. What is it you would ask of us?
Oh, there are so many things…
Go ahead then! We have many who are willing to respond.
Thank you.
Do you sometimes incarnate as human?
You are aware of this*. Yes, we do.
What makes that happen?
Extreme urgency and choice. It is sometimes the will of the angel to choose life in the physical form. It will be for experience, for the other end of the giving and receiving spectrum.
This is not chosen often. Yet, it is a choice that occurs more than once for an entity. All incarnate beings begin someplace else – the choice to be human is a heavy one. In the current cycle it is especially burdensome as the values and lifestyles and happenings are so opposite to those that are angelic.
As was stated initially, it is most often for extremely urgent situations that this occurs.
I am taking from your comments that such an extreme situation is ongoing now on earth.
It is, yes.
Okay, then.
When not incarnated, what do you do?
We watch.
We tenderly hold, sometimes for entire lifetimes, beings in need of extremely powerful protection. Not all of you do, not even the majority.
This time now on earth however, is awash in angels – both incarnate and otherwise, protecting you as you proceed through your transition.
Note – the energy of them was so, so powerful. It was putting me to sleep and this was in the middle of the day. It was a struggle to maintain the connection. I fell asleep for a few moments here, woke up and re-stated my intentions. Sophia
Are you able to continue?
We are here, Sophia.
Thank you, please go ahead. What else can you tell me? I feel you all so powerfully, it is having an anesthetizing effect on me.
We will attempt to hold up, hold back. Yet, many are assembled.
Okay, let’s keep going. I’ll do my best. You are all so very strong!
As are you! We have waited for such a long time for you to receive us. The call was heard loud and clear today.
So many (angels) incarnated on the planet now chose lives that were/that are colored with pain. This was done for more than one reason.
First, it may have been because there was another who would have experienced the pain if not for them. They, you would say, “stepped in”, in that case. Took a lifetime so that another would be spared.
Second, and most often, are those incarnated angels who are here to guide and protect and assist in the process. They too have often chosen difficult lives. Not always.
You have among you Archangels in human form. You have among you Angels.
Will they ever show as their angelic form during this lifetime as human? I refer now to the process we currently experience, that of letting go of ego and personality that holds us to the earth and to the third dimensional programs.
An interesting way of describing what occurs for you now, yet not entirely accurate.
This process of returning to your origin is one of becoming who you are in essence. What form you present varies as in each moment you’ll choose and decide. This will be angelic if you choose an ultimate return to that form and yet if what is chosen is continued assistance for humanity – you will not stay there.
(Note – I took this to mean that if you were an incarnated angel, and had incarnated to help humanity, that you would remain human until your work was complete. Sophia)
We see the lives and circumstances shifting rapidly now into an ever-changing menagerie.
Much depends on purpose. All depends on intent.
Please, tell me about Angels.
We are a race of beings who began for an ultimate point/purpose of service to the race.
Service comes packaged many ways.
Yes, there are wings.
They emerge when called out, when brought forth out of necessity.
There are angels for every incarnate being on earth.
There are moments when we gather. These are moments of great catastrophe.
What we do is ease pain. We sometimes bear pain.   We often remove the possibility of instant death. There are sometimes accidents with life and we intervene at such times.
All harm is not stopped. It cannot be. We do not have control of individual life, or lives.
We are ever watchful.
We can be called on for assistance, for comfort, for protection, for calm. We always respond.
Who do you answer to?
Why to the creator, of course. We will …
(there was silence)
I don’t hear you.
You are asking more than one question.
In a sense, I guess that I am.
Each incarnate being has an angel, more than one often, but always (at least) one. You may refer to this as a constant companion. If you attempt, you may visualize/see your angel.
They will not always show themselves as winged. We choose how we appear to you, according to your beliefs and your need at the moment.
How would one attempt to see his or her angel? Is there a method?
There is, yes. At least one that has proven to be most effective.
Would you explain it for us?
As your angel is always with you, there is never a “wrong” time to attempt visual confirmation. Understand that in most cases this will not be physical. You won’t be able to touch your angel. You will, under welcoming conditions, maybe feel them however. This will occur as a sense of presence.
It will feel powerful. The contact is best initiated when you feel wonderful. This could happen anywhere. When filled with joy, intend to see her or him. Use your mind to imagine them right there, enjoying your joy with you; reveling in it. For they are.
Angels are celebratory beings! You may try asking for their name. If you suddenly then hear a name or a name comes to mind – that will be it! Request confirmation.
With a name you’ll be able to ask for a visual. Whether or not you see them will depend on your own level of tension, anxiety, acceptance, peace. It will be fleeting but impactful. It will be clear under conditions of peace. This is because the effort to slow themselves down enough to be seen, is massive.
Their purpose is not to entertain you but to protect you. This requires their consistent attention and effort and is their primary purpose. It will precede any other action taken by them.
If you do not see them, it doesn’t mean that you are without an angel.
Humanity can trust and relax and know that they are powerfully protected and fiercely loved.
We are here now in force also because so many of our kind have incarnated. We are friends and associates of those while human. The multiplied importance of this moment on earth, as well as the force of those that would stop it (the “dark t-shirts”), brings us here.
We do not rest, but watch as you do.
I must go. Thank you.
Is there anything else? Any sign you leave us when you are nearby?
We do not leave calling cards as a rule.
You will notice, and only by paying close attention, a change or shift in circumstance or personality or health, that has no worldly origin. Pay attention then. Look for us. We are there.
Thank you.
Thank you, Sophia.
The conversation ended.
*I know some incarnated angels, they are with us now. Sophia

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Message #35 – Adjusting | Sophia Love

December 19, 2018

Is someone available to connect now?

We are! We are!! We are!!! (Lot’s of smiles and waves showing up) Hello Sophia!

Hello guys!  It is great to see you so exuberant!  Thank you for coming forward!

We are delighted to be of service!

What can we do for you? How can we help you to adjust?

To adjust?

Perhaps that is not exactly correct.  For you are not in need of adjustment and are fine as you are.  A better word may be cope, or deal with, these new and powerful energies.  For you are certainly in the flood, the onslaught, right now.

It is good to avoid being pulled under by the undertow.

This is a powerful moment, or series of moments, for the human.  You are in it now, right now.

It cannot be helped. This, most powerful moment for creation itself is crashing into itself all at once. Each of earth’s many aspects are grinding to a halt so that they can be re-configured.

This moment, in every way, signifies your choice.

What choice?

The choice of the human was to do this alone.

You refused to accept direct interference from outside yourselves.

This commendable and remarkable choice leads now to chaos. Humans are used to chaos and the novel springs from it.

Yet – never in your history has the population been what it is with the level of conflict where it is.

This unprecedented combination has the ultimate effect/result of feeling explosive, or potentially explosive.

It is not. We repeat. It is not going to self-destruct.  Parts of your society need to be dissolved.  This will appear destructive to those of your kind not paying attention.  It is not destructive to your society but will end those components still operating from a standpoint of greed and a desire for power.

We wait and watch you approach what is rather a deep cleansing. Necessary for health and proper growth.

You will not look the same once you emerge from these next three months.

I keep hearing, now, as we speak, “3 months”.  Would you tell me what this signifies?

We cannot be precise.  We have spoken of this to you before and do not run the control mechanism for events.

You do.

You always have.  Not you alone, but the collective you.

I also keep seeing swirling, pulling with it everything – buildings, vegetation, things of society – but not people.

Yes. An accurate portrayal of what occurs for you.

We support your choice and method of cleansing.

Once in your renewed state you will be able to see and sense us more directly.

It is, right now, not difficult for you.

Yes, I’ve noticed.  It’s like you are sitting across from me in this booth.

We are pleased you are seeing and feeling the change.  We’d like to say this, to all of you hearing this.  The telepathy and contact will come easier once you accept it as real. It is.
It is as valid a contact as your current human ones.

Interpretation is not or may not be exact – yet it is perceived generally with intent and belief and acceptance and allowing.

We know that on the other end of this intense time of rapid movement, what emerges is the beginning of the “many-hued man”.  This new version of your race is so highly anticipated.

I sense alarm just now.

One of us has reminded us to include a point on focus.

(I suspect here that someone new entered the conversation. Sophia)

We are the Pleiadians. We are here to assist humanity’s evolution.

Humanity is in a bit of turmoil now, due to the energies, and there is confusion.  Many sides of life are exposed in the chaos.

Be clear on the outcome you desire and the kind of contact you seek.

Retain your clarity – even in the most unusual of circumstances.  This clarity will direct the events that are heading your way.

Contact with us will be like returning home to family for many of you. Not all of you, though, and it is here where internal discernment is the primary predictive tool.

Not only are you creating who you are, you are also remembering (who you are).

We note that some of you have been accessing and sharing fearful scenarios.  These are only made manifest with your permission.  It is a time of choosing.

My hands are tingling.

It is validation Sophia – It is confirmation.  We are very real, tangible even, for you.

Take notice and move in response to the direction you choose – not as a reaction or in fear.

We will leave you with our assurance of all that is good and all that aids your race.

It is our privilege to participate.  Goodbye now!
(Many happy, smiling faces waving again)
Thanks!  Goodbye!

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Angels | Sophia Love

December 10, 2018
Today’s conversation includes and answers eight questions. It being so close to the holidays, it seems like a perfect time to consider, once again, the existence of Angels.
Here are the questions as they were asked:
“Have you ever asked the One to describe and define who we call angels? How is the angelic realm connected to humanity? Are angels guiding the development of humanity more than other beings with some interest in humanity’s fate? Will the angels make themselves seen in the coming event? How many angels are now incarnated in human bodies? What percentage has any idea of who they really are and why they came? Will that percentage change as the veil continues to thin? What is the risk to angels if they make bad decisions in human form? 
This is a series of questions for One. Are you available to connect?
It is I. It is One.
Thank you for coming forward. I have received some questions and they are for you. They all revolve around angels. The first is this:
Would you “describe and define who we call angels?”
Angels are not human, but another life form altogether. The name carries with it, multiple definitions. These have evolved over time and civilizations. This current version carries a heavy dose of “divinity”. Neither true nor false, the characteristics spring then from the particulars of the religious persuasion at its base.
Note – with the word “characteristics” came an image of different forms, depending on which religious text was portraying it. Sophia
My description would be thus:
A being incarnate who exists solely for the safety and protection of another. These can adopt any current form, yet originate with a purpose of service underlying all else.
How is the angelic realm connected to humanity?
They are bonded with humanity due to the experiment and will be bonded always to races undergoing such.
Are angels guiding the development of humanity more than other beings with some interest in humanity’s fate?


There is no “more” or “less” in creation, but alternate reasons and purposes that emerge and withdraw at various moments.
Will the angels make themselves seen in the coming event?
Angels have been seen always. Those with eyes to see will see them now – when the event takes place there will be experiences of what will be called celestial intervention.
Some will see what they imagine to be angels. This according to their preparation, experience, expectation and ability.
Others, due their own fear, will perceive only 3D. What they imagine to be miracles will in fact be performed by unseen angels.
This happens now.
You know this, have experienced this. Those witnesses often question what was seen.
I will tell you this. At the time of the event there will be no question. Those numbers of you with eyes to see beyond 3D will be and have multiplied now. This answers the question.
How many angels are now incarnated in human bodies?
How many?
They come in great numbers and do not leave. There are walk-ins – those who take over for a moment or a life-time that assist. It is a domino effect. There is never just one human assisted.
Particularly now, your internet connects you all beyond what has been possible physically.
There is not a stagnant number. There is no maximum number. Many hundreds of many thousands are and will be here with humanity.
What percentage has any idea of who they really are and why they came?
Most are unaware. Awareness serves no real purpose as the internal drive is what motivates all action. These beings do not allow form of any physical kind to dissuade them from their purpose. Angels may be unaware, but they will not be inactive – not uninvolved.
This evolution of man is the directive they follow. This is aided in small and large ways, most unrecognized.
Will that percentage change as the veil continues to thin?
What will change is the activity, not the percentage. The purpose of their mission will take more and more center stage as the veil thins.
What is the risk to angels if they make bad decisions in human form? 
There are no risks in any form. This is all perceived.
What may look like a “bad decision” from today’s eyes, was enacted to progress another sequence of events, that serves the ultimate purpose “to serve and protect.”
Angels do not overstep bounds or hard and fast choices made by humans in depths of despair or exiting on purpose. Even in those cases, gentility is chosen and best-case scenarios are enacted.
Human eyes often mis-perceive.
Angel eyes see clearly and deliberately.
Do these answers satisfy?
I am not sure. You are saying that there are human angels?
In just the same way as there are other star-seeds?
In sort of the same way. Angels do not originate from a specific star. Angels emerge from creation itself as an arm of constant assistance in order to propel evolution.
Angels serve without need.
I feel as if we’ve exhausted our word choices here. So yes, this satisfies the questions asked.
Thank you.
Goodbye Sophia.
This conversation ended.

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Message #34 – Telepathy | Sophia Love

Hello Sophia! We are so grateful you have joined us here!

Hello. Thank you for coming forward.

We would love to engage!

We have been witnessing your recent transformation and have been hanging back, unsure of your readiness.  For, although you have stepped into another “room” so to speak, you have not yet turned on the light and so can’t yet visualize where you are.

Oh, you know you’ve moved, that much is clear.

Are you speaking to me personally or to us as a race?

Why, both would be true.

This is why the words resonate and you ask the question.  You recognize the truth in them.

I feel the truth in them.


This will happen to a greater degree now.

What will?

Feeling things, sensing them, noticing that you are aware of truth even before you see it in your world.  It has to do with the faster moving vibrations.  Things are travelling and appearing more quickly into your awareness.

Remain cognizant of this. It is the start of your burgeoning telepathy. You have these abilities and have never been told by any authority.

How you have chosen to realize them is via personal experience.

This happens now.

The personal had to open up its channels a bit.

It is the reason for so much coming forth to you.

You will learn to distinguish truth from show very quickly.

Truth, once recognized and acknowledged, only gets louder.  Soon it will be all you hear.  It will drown out the false narrative that is shouted by those attempting to set up decoys so you miss the mark, and focus in the wrong direction.

Once you speak of your synchronicities, of your “6th sense” and the things it told you – belief in what is real will spread.  It will be what you know.  It will be the only station you tune in to.

These are the beginning steps, yet they will quickly lead to a sprint. We see you catching up with your true selves quickly now.  We are so very excited and pleased to be a part of it, to share in your becoming.

We welcome any and all opportunities for connection.

Know that you’ve entered a moment when your dearest dreams will manifest in your everyday.

We are honored to be here when that begins.

We say goodbye now and look forward to hearing from each of you.

We love you deeply.

Thank you.

I keep hearing “We are the Pleiadians”, which I’ve not heard you say until now.


We are a new and larger group.  Your forum is one we’d like to participate with.

Okay, I was unsure where it was coming from. There was no visual today.

We are many. 😊 😊 😊

Thank you. (I received an image with this.)

Goodbye Sophia.

Goodbye now.
This conversation ended.

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Message #31 – A Shift In Timeline | Sophia Love

October 20, 2018

Hey everyone.  This is a surprise edition.  These have been coming since September 2017 and this is the 31st conversation, which averages out to roughly 2 -3 each month. It’s been just days since they reached out and last night I was woken up 4 times!  I did not respond well and said I would reach out in the light of the following day. I was surprised at their insistent wake-ups because the group I usually speak to knows that if I don’t “answer” their call, I’ll reach out to them the next day.  This group did not.

Here’s how today’s conversation went.

“I was woken up several times last night and did not connect. Are the beings who did so available now?”

We are here Sophia, yes.

Hello. Thank you for becoming available once again to connect.

You are welcome. We would like to begin.

Please, go ahead.

Our information regarding your planet and its journey has changed.  No longer are you proceeding on a slow meandering path towards Ascension and a major shift – but a rapid one.

This is the reason for the disruption of sleep. We are feeling a sense of urgency and wanted that to be included in the words.

There are typically days in between our messages and when it is shared. (Ouch!)  We feel it needs to be put out now.

You are the Pleiadians? From the Pipeline?

Yes, although this is a slightly different voice.

Yes, I feel that. I would describe your voice as slightly more masculine and/or scientific.

Why yes. It is from this area of observation and knowledge that newer intel is received and shared. The timeline has shifted.

For everyone?


I felt 2 days ago that it had done so personally.

It has done so globally.

Sophia, you are a messenger and your message is spreading to more than you know.

Today you are asked to share this message.
People need time to see it and prepare.

Become serious about this message and the urgency of its timing. It will help if it is seen. It will help if it is shared.

So, yes, of course it will be shared. Please specify precisely what you want to be known.

Things have sped up. This new timeline asks you to take action right away in all areas that require preparation – spiritual, personal, emotional and physical.  Be sure that you are synchronized in your relationships and also where you are.

I am not clear what that last sentence means.

It means that if you feel, after deep and humble introspection that changes are needed, don’t wait to make them. Those who need to heed this message will know and respond appropriately.

We have such great love for humanity and aim now to afford the majority of awakened and un-awakened ones every opportunity to choose their most favored path in the process. When the shift (meaning here the recent timeline shift) occurred, we wanted to relay our interpretation of what it means for you.

We do not wish to cause alarm.  Only a reinforcement, if you will, of encouragement and insight.  We can only be of assistance to you in this way – with sharing what is seen.  We see things rapidly approach.

We are pleased you sense the urgency of our contact and of this message.

Are there any specifics you can offer to us?

Not at this time. That is not our purpose.  Yet, overall, as a process, “sooner” rather than “later” would be accurate.

Okay. The urgency is felt. I’ll share this today.
Please reach out again if you sense more changes.

We are pleased. It is an honor to participate. This is a joyous message! We hope that it is received that way and felt with only love and admiration.

Thank you. Goodbye now.

Goodbye Sophia and company.

Note – as a visual there were 3 beings there, all of them male.  This was not the usual smiling and waving exit, but a quiet and gentle goodbye with a sort of serious demeanor; the “and company” is not a phrase I’ve heard before. This explains why I was woken up. I’ve not spoken before to this group. Sophia

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A Message From One – Reaching The Finish Line | Sophia Love


Hello everyone. Please join together today and utilize your incredible individual and collective power. This day has been isolated as one of importance, not by your actions or desire, but by the actions of others, for their own self interests. All days are days of importance and power, make no mistake and do not be fooled. Embrace each of them with consciousness and presence and intent, and watch what transpires. In this conversation that follows, we are reminded that regardless of what it looks like around us, we can create again. That is how it works.

September 7th, 2018 (early morning)

Is it possible for me to connect now with One?

It is I. It is One.

Thank you for coming forward.

I sense, as do many others, something imminent. Please tell me something about our current situation on the planet.

You approach now, and immediately so, an ending. This is not an ending of life, but an ending of the kind of life as it has been practiced on the planet.

Up until these moments, all major directions were ordered and then followed. First, ordered by those controlling things here, those who imagined themselves owning the planet. Second, followed by their minions and (then by) the rest of the population who generally obeyed.

In this arrangement, although not in the best interests of the population or the earth – there was a sense of order.

That order is no longer.

The controllers have “left the building” and (those) who remain are those who may or may not be aware of this.

What happens is now felt by all beings and the planet itself as a wrestle for order and for control. There will be and are, disruptions on all fronts; physical, meaning the earth itself, and also the beings on her.

There is a “finish line” for the journey you are on, yet there is not a clear and singular track to reach it. What is felt as imminent are the frequency shifts of things – systems still in place that have run until now – adjust to the dismantling of any such business as usual.

This can’t help but play out as destruction and death as surely this level of change demands it, requires it.
The old way of order here ends now.

What your friends feel and you sense is this ending as seen in real “time” and with your own eyes.

The news is not that that it’s happening, for you’ve known and felt it doing so for years. The thing to discuss is HOW IT LOOKS TO YOU AS IT HAPPENS.

These are not words to frighten or even alarm you.  For surely all of you (who are) aware, conscious and paying attention can see that in order for the massive overhaul of physical control to be accomplished – there must be a massive visible physical overhaul.

It is not that the earth and her people rebel and fight what occurs now with death and destruction as a result. No.

The earth and her people adjust to a new frequency that supports only cooperative and collaborative management of itself.

Things will be shaken off and discarded so that the new has room to enter.

As specifics play out before your eyes, keep conscious always of your unity.
You have all the power here and with intention this can be not only a re-do of a planet but a healing for all concerned.

Healing does not discount or omit a need for an ending or departure.

Healing can be incorporated into your intent for this ending.

Become clear on what it is you expect and desire and intend, and only that.

You are witnessing your own re-birth.

There will be much shouting and gnashing of teeth. Yet once that stops – great joy will ensue.

That is all for now.

Thank you.

With appreciation and love,

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As We Shift – Superglue Love Is Heading Your Way | Sophia Love



Love is visible now. It is palpable. It is focused. It pours forth from eyes and floods out as a force unseen, perhaps, yet unmistakable. It is the bonding element; the superglue of Creation. It is what holds us all together. It propels deep Unity.

For there has always been love, yet in this moment it’s as if it has grown wings.  Like the caterpillar, its been forming itself into something else, something new, something more expansive, something that moves faster and further than its previous version had ever gone.

It’s visible in previously estranged relationships.  It shoots out of smiling eyes. It crops up in conversations about “difficult” situations and “challenging” folks. It can be witnessed in automobile repair shops, hospitals, kitchens, airports and dentist offices.

It appears to be going exponential.

Something new is manifesting in perfect order. Each component must be added with precise timing.  We are doing this ourselves.  We are following the recipe for success with maximum participation. This requires global awareness and billions of willing hearts. We are individually and collectively shifting. All of us together are doing this alone.

As our hearts remain open, there is more room for love. We will not force this Event and subsequent Ascension with a closed heart. No.

Profound change cannot be forced upon us, it has to be allowed in.

This superglue love will hold it all together for us.  We’ll be able to confidently throw our arms open wide with hands outstretched. We’ll stand unencumbered by guilt, judgment, debt or blame and allow our arms to sprout wings.

Beautiful wings for wrapping around ourselves and each other; safe and fearless. Powerful wings to take us places we’ve only imagined.

It’s already begun.  Just today there are 3+ messages in my inbox saying virtually this same thing. We are noticing. Once we notice, we believe. Once we believe, we expect. Once we expect, we create.

We are the ones.
We have anchored the light.
It is done.

With appreciation and love for all that you are,

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The Event & this week, a chat with One | Sophia Love


July 22, 2018   3:33 AM

Would whomever it was that woke me up come forward now to connect?

Yes Sophia.

It is I. It is One.

Hello. Thank you for coming forward.

I have watched you now navigate these current fluctuations of energy _____ (??? I cannot read this last word, shoot. – Sophia) They are brutal to your physical instrument, yet you are not despairing or imagining any state of disrepair.

This tendency to ride the wave is the thing I want to encourage. You are in for a storm of unimagined proportions. These, like nothing you’ve yet to feel.

You specifically as well as empirically would do well to remain always in a constant state of hydration and rest.

These frequencies are going to knock you off balance. As you see now they will instigate in your physical self what appear to be fevers and other signs of illness, infection, invasion by foreign bodies.

You must not assume any bodily response right now is indicative of new illness.
Doctors will find no such illness. Resist all urges to be drugged with chemicals during these upcoming waves. These chemicals will alter your ability to take in consciously what is happening.

Ascension while physical will not occur overnight or without a host of symptoms for which there are no traditional explanation. The chills and fevers you feel now will be felt at one time or another by all who go through the process. The timing has to do with physical constitution as well as the process itself.

This is not a race yet there are personal timelines and individual progressions that determine the appearance of symptoms. Strength and length has to do with how much processing remains to be accomplished and also your own choice.

Some of you are ready spiritually and residing in a body that is catching up to your readiness and processing rapidly. This would be a way to explain what is happening for you Sophia, right now, with your current extreme episodes.

Others of you are physically more in tune due to original constitution and a lifetime of practices that yield for you a body in tune with these frequencies. For those of you in this dynamic, what may be happening in greater intensity is emotional upheaval within your world, your work, your loved ones.

For sure all of you are in the midst of great and rapid alteration right now.
Extremes in emotional and physical ranges are to be expected. Accepting them will allow your passage through the process a bit of calmness and ease.

It will not be easy.

This is not medical advice and those of you who have feelings of illness need to always follow your intuition in the decision around how to deal with these symptoms.

You will feel ill. You will despair, at times, of peaceful relationships and situations. Remember that you are changing and as you adjust, your body, your life, and everything in both must alter.

This will not be the same place in a year’s “time”. This is not the same place today as it was a year ago. The time frame of a year is offered merely to illustrate an easily seen method of comparison.

You are entering now, this coming week, a moment of intensity.

This next surge will be seen and noticed by everyone on your world and labeled.
It will be one of the signs you’ve been expecting and waiting to witness and its appearance is being already anticipated by those of you who are sensitives (who are akin to the canaries in the coal mine). Yet even you canaries do not clearly see the magnitude and resulting alteration of what is about to show itself now. There is no way for you to do so, its an individual process that will be experienced in unique ways.

Care for yourselves now in each moment with adequate water and sufficient rest. Do not be alarmed at lack of productivity. You will each be in the correct place at the perfect moment to experience what you’ve decided to take on, and, in the manner, most successful.

You’ll have to trust your inner knowing and this may be a challenge to do in the midst of such massive alterations.

Do not despair. All is in perfect order.

Your world is set for the next phase of its evolution. Active engagement happens now.

Rest often and remain positive in outlook. Do not ignore pain yet do not define yourself by it either.

You are not merely this physical instrument. You are a piece of the light who animates and inspires and embodies this physical instrument.

Your wisdom and capacity to carry this through successfully is what has put you right here, right now, reading these words.

You will then lead the way for the rest and in this way fulfill your mission to propel the Ascension of humanity. These are not small, inconsequential words and they are not said lightly. They are to inform you that you have entered a moment of very active engagement and you must stay the course now.

The symptoms and reactions of the physical world around you may seem to be telling a story of disruption and alarm and destructive outcomes. Yet go within via meditation and quiet and there you’ll find truth.

If there is one thing I’ll leave with you now, it is that each process is individual and will be most accurately defined that way. Your sense of self awareness and inner peace will be the framing of your individual journeys now. Regardless of symptoms, it is in how they are handled and defined that outcomes are determined.

It is the moment to include broad love and peace intentions for all that you know and love. Each of you came to accomplish this, and to do so as One.
Do not despair. What is before you now will astound all of your senses and feel like home. You are doing a remarkable thing in a unique and remarkable way.

This method has been, and is continuously, currently altered by humanity’s deep sense of kinship with itself, regardless of outer appearances.

You’ll see. You are about to embark.

That is all.
Thank you
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