As We Shift – Come As You Are | Sophia Love


Hey guys.

There’s this song I have listened to again and again and again. It speaks to me and yet,
well, I won’t let it touch me.  Do you know what I mean?

We started out as one, and on this day at this moment, we are playing out everywhere the
truth of our singularity. There is not one of us that will remain hidden in this blackness.

We are, in fact, coming out of the dark.  We are doing it in headlines, boardrooms,
bedrooms, kitchens and cell phones. No longer will your light be hidden.

Five years ago, we expected a glorious emergence. We’re not quite there yet.
First comes the shedding. This can get ugly.

Do not cower or look away.  These parts are you also. Those parts you refuse to love are
the ones who most need acceptance. Until and unless you clearly see who you are,
you remain unable to forgive.

It’s all okay you know.  There is no almighty god with a tally sheet determining your worth.
You are worthy right now.

This part is really important.  The part where you question everything you’ve done,
everyone you ever been and all that you believed was true about you. Don’t skip it.

I promise you, the answer is better than you think.

Everything you’ve done is in the past.  You can’t see it and it is only as real as your
memory keeps it alive.

Everyone you’ve ever been only exists as long as you insist they do, with
repetition of their behavior.

All that you’ve believed was true about you? That depends. The good parts are true.
Anything less than glorious is ego.  You are not your ego.

You are a powerful, radiant piece of forever, housed in this beautiful bit of flesh called
a human. A human being. Being what?  Well that is the question now, isn’t it?

Because you see, the veil is gone, the curtain is up, the masks are off and we are naked
in front of the world.  Right now.

It is time to love without opinion.  Don’t kid yourself, this is not about loving every
public figure being thrown under the bus with illegal, amoral and predatory allegations.
This is much, much harder.

You will have to absolutely love every inch of you, inside and out.  You will have to
forgive all that you’ve done and all that you’ve thought of doing. You will have to accept
that you are capable of exquisite emotion and brilliant action as well as some not so
noble stuff.  You will have to embody compassion and breathe forgiveness.

You will have to inhale humble and exhale gratitude.
You will have to love without condition or exception.

For at the end of the day or the conclusion of a life, what matters most is the love
you give. And when you give love internally, you’ll find that you were never alone.

We have all been here, waiting. Seven and a half billion lights, perfectly reflected,
ready now to blaze forth.

We are so happy you have finally seen the truth. All that was needed, was you.

And you are the one we’ve been waiting for
Thank you for your forgiveness and for your generosity.  Thank you for your love
and for your light. All that you are, we are too.

With so much love,

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As We Shift – The Paroxysm Arrives | Sophia Love



  • A disturbance of the atmosphere
  • A disturbed or agitated state
  • A heavy discharge of objects
  • A tumultuous outburst
  • paroxysm, which is a fit, attack or sudden increase or occurrence of symptoms.

So, there are a few ways to go through one of these. One is, I confess, where I began last
month. It was without preparation, and when I realized I was at its onset, I did nothing
substantial to brace or protect myself.

Perhaps it was due to my gradual awareness of the rising conditions, as I, with all the fervor
of an addict, feverishly checked my device over and over for updates and stories.
The consequence has been a repeated emotional and spiritual bashing by headline after
video, after tweet, after post. I began looking and feeling a bit raw; a bit beat up by the news.

For so long I stayed away from the frontpage, realizing that major happenings were sort of
“in the air” and I would hear about them always – without being plugged in.  This
time felt different; things were spinning and changing by the hour; it felt epic. It was addictive.

With this sharing, comes an umbrella and a rain jacket, along with a hoodie, some boots
and mittens with hand warmers.  We will get through this without permanent damage.

This is a storm that can feel like a paroxysm – sudden, accelerating and aggressive. Realize
that the reason it feels that way is because you’ve been expecting this, you’ve seen this before,
and the familiarity of it sort of exacerbates it. 
It feels bigger than it actually is because it’s
a repeat. It’s a familiar refrain.

This is to your advantage.  Realize you have the upper hand.  Nothing is actually a shock
for you. You know what these sorts of programs and beings do to empower
and control populations. You’ve seen it before.  It’s why you volunteered to be here now.

Let’s do away with names and titles and even jobs.  Let’s focus on the current conditions,
how we can navigate successfully through them and even move beyond them. Let’s
not label ourselves or sequester ourselves into small groups with specific talents.
For this conversation, let’s look at the whole enchilada, the big picture.

We are absolutely in the storm of disclosure. This will lead us to our new world.  In order
to put each story into its proper perspective; hang onto that idea. The movement towards
a new earth will only happen if it looks absolutely better than the old one. We humans
are like that. We only jump fences if the grass is really, really greener on the other side.
Oh, some of us are risk takers and adventurers, but by and large we like our stuff to
remain solid and dependable and unchanged.

So here we are, in the midst of the onslaught, with full awareness that the beginning
is like a summer’s day compared to the apex.  Those standing nearby don’t know this,
but we do. Remember?  We’ve seen this before. It’s why we came now.

It is time, dear, dear reader, to remember who you are.  You will have to intrude
into your awareness of current events with an equally powerful onslaught of your divinity.
This does not mean you’ve got to quote scripture to people or attend religious services.
Yet you will notice there is an increase of that sprinkled in the most unlikely of places.
No, this is because the truth of you has been largely defined within that atmosphere,
and that’s okay. It’s all okay.

In preparation for the effort ahead of us, go within. Do it daily. Do it more than once a day.
We’ve had lots of years to prepare for this. YouTube and our personal libraries are
packed with remedies and methods, meditations and prayers with one message. That
message is one of empowerment, of inner radiance, of self-forgiveness and finally of
unconditional love.

These characters and costumes are showing up right on time. They are not unexpected.
They are here for our use. They are here, demanding that we love. It does not mean
for-get. It means for – give.

You see, this verb is set up so that in doing so, nothing is removed or taken. Life is an
action of creation and ultimately, our evolution demands that our actions proceed
always consciously towards that outcome (creation). For – give someone and you’ve both
received the gift. You will move ahead with a fuller appreciation for the variety of possibilities
and they too, will benefit. Without your judgment, they will be left to assess themselves.
This is the ultimate test of maturity and development, no? The act of self-examination.

We came to deliver a gift you know. The time for its offering is right this moment. Stand
up and remember your light, it is so very much needed in these dark and disturbing days.
Once you turn on the switch, the dark vanishes. Just realize where the switch stands.

It rests in your heart; the brilliant light of self-love that illuminates the darkness. In times
such as we now face, the onslaught of announcements brings daily bouts of self-
examination. These are mirrors we set up eons ago, nothing more; judgment is
counter-productive. I am finding that all of my practices are helping now…
meditation, visualization, the repeating of mantras. I need a strong base. I’ve been
asking myself, “We signed up for this?” “What were we thinking?”

The trick seems to be remembering how many tools we have at our disposal, and
accepting who we are.  We are not better than any other, we ARE every other. Which is why,
I suspect, this violent storm, this paroxysm, is experienced viscerally. Who better than
us to turn this around?

We are creator gods, brilliant beings of light all dressed up for the greatest show in all
of creation. It’s been perfectly cast and the set itself is dazzling. It’s show time.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are anchors for the light. Let’s do this.

In gratitude and with so much love,

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As We Shift – The Apocalypse | Sophia Love



Apocalypse means an uncovering of what is hidden. Are we there yet?

We are running out of fingers to point with; approaching that moment when all that’s
left to do is to stand there, in open mouthed awe or horror at what we have become.
We are remembering the art of holding love.

It’s not possible to isolate this issue that is smearing our headlines with sex and violence.
I almost wrote “power”, yet this is not about power, not in its true sense. Do no confuse
gender or personal violence with power. What we are witnessing is attempted
dis-empowerment on a massive scale.

This exposure now, (and we are only just beginning), brings to light the dark
underbelly of polarity.  It will not be cured separately or with individual shame and
punishment. We can’t fire everyone. This is a global reckoning.

Conditions as powerful and fearful as those that await the headlines – misogyny,
world-wide pedophilia, satanic ritual and human trafficking – have to be seen before
they can be stopped. These abuses continue unabated due to fear. We are collectively
becoming unafraid. For a race that bases its primary organizing activities on violence,
this is a big deal.

Both the woman who states out loud what happened and the man who states out loud
“I’m sorry” are stepping up. Both assume, in doing so, they are facing their worst
nightmares. Yet all of us feel this.

As it unfolds, we have this golden opportunity to lay the foundation for a new culture.
We must hold a place now for love to respond.  We’ve answered violence with more
violence for as long as we can remember. You are here now to answer this darkness
with light.

For sure, our light illuminates the darkest corners.  Every ugly behavior and hidden
solution shows itself. It is clear what’s controlled our narrative and behavior before
today – fear and polarity.

These things fall away now.  Not by accident, but by intent. They will not leave us without
a viable option to replace them. This is where love enters.

Not as a weak, tear filled reaction to what is happening, but as a solid force of acceptance
directing our movements. We’ve all participated in this allowing of a culture to
continue that violates the basis of human rights. Our silence, our shame and our fear
of exposure all contribute. We must move past shock and into “what do we do now?”

This is answered in responsibility and integrity. The door has been flung open and it
will not ever be closed again. Oneness sits beyond that door. Yet we have to stroll in,
unafraid, to get there.

Fearless means loving anyway. We’ll soon be looking at the face of evil and realize
it’s a human one. What then? We will not throw out the baby, but the bathwater
has to be changed.

New methods and programs and even words are needed.  There are isolated societies
already dealing with how to successfully and powerfully navigate the human condition.

They’ve sprouted on the fringe of mainstream. They will no doubt soon be our guides.

We must trust what we know to be real. Our heart becomes the new focus – the driving
organ for all human activity – the standard for intelligence – the holder of our essence
and the place where true power resides.

Let go of blame and shame and judgment. They eat up your time and waste your energy.
Instead, love. Gently hold each other there. Allow for this new response to emerge.
This one rests in oneness.

We will define the specifics together. Don’t ignore the headlines, but move past
them into tomorrow.  It is on that unwritten page that you are right now penning a
rough draft. What do you see? Make it amazing.

We are anchors for the light. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. Let’s do this.

With many blessings, much gratitude and infinite love,

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As We Shift – How Do You Want It To End? | Sophia Love


Hey everyone.  It’s like we are living an end times science fiction thriller, right now. Regardless of where you are on the “scale of skepticism”, some pretty extreme stuff is happening.  It’s happening right now, to people you know (or know of).  You cannot make this stuff up.

In July, two people, Randall Keith Beane and Heather Ann Tucci Jarraf, were detained by agents under very sketchy circumstances. Their story can be read here. They are still in custody.

Last night, the radio program “Fade to Black” with Jimmy Church, reported several blatant aggressive actions by a group which is participating in this deception of control.  Corey Goode’s family has been threatened, Pete Peterson’s entire home has been emptied and buried, and it looks like David Wilcock’s brakes were sabotaged. Listen to that show here.

These are American citizens who have done nothing other than speak or act on the truth.  

The Eclipse is coming up in just a few more days. In South Carolina, here is what they are saying about it (click here); it is really quite bizarre. Lizard’s seem to be on everyone’s brain.  I’ve seen several references to them in the last few days; my own (here), Wisdom Teachings (from August 14th) on Gaia, and this radio show with James Gilliland. There are others.  The purpose of mentioning them here is to show that our consciousness is raising on an epic scale. The population is feeling it, all of us.

I want to help.  I write, pray, meditate, send cards and love where they are needed, but truthfully, what is the most effective thing that I or any of you can do right now?  Some of us, light warriors and light workers, are working “the night shift”.  Others of us are heading to Knoxville, TN to be present for that effort. Many, many of us are making videos and pushing on the system with withdrawals from our Treasury Direct Deposit Accounts, or whatever they are called in your country of origin. This is incredible and felt exponentially by every one of us.

I felt that there could be more, so this morning I reached out and asked “What more can I do?  What more can we do?” Honestly, I’ve been gradually more and more horrified at the scope of this destructive effort by those who would keep us enslaved.  This is real and has become quite personal. It took a bit to even center enough to ask the question.  Once I did, the words that follow came flying in.  I hope they will help you as much as they did me. They are from One.

These forces right now on your planet are beings who’ve turned 100% service to what they perceive as self.  This “self” is a distorted image and in fact it is not self, but rather an imaginary view of a controlling force now embodied on earth as the cabal or deep state or the dark alliance or all of the above.
This force now present on your planet means to push their agenda forward to what they deem as an inevitable conclusion – domination of the planet.
It is important now for you to know that they are wrong about the inevitable conclusion – they will not dominate the planet.  Their agenda is one of total destruction and will not be carried to completion.
How this ends however, is up to the beings involved – not just human, but all. There are many races now stepping in and up to the plate.
They are here for the final moments and these moments are here.
Do not lose faith.  This agenda, the one put forth by the dark ones, is not the final story.
Your story has yet to be told. You are writing it now. Hold fast to every knowing you have of what is true, important and life sustaining.  Now, perhaps to the greatest extent ever in your history, you need to remain clear and true to your purpose.
You’ve come to enrich a planet with love and unity.  It (the planet) has felt you, and your intentions are seeped into all beings on her, on Gaia.
It is for this reason the push back is so blatant and aggressive.  Fear predominates the agenda of the controllers.
Love must predominate the force of those here for other reasons. This would be all beings focused now on the light, on unity and on evolution.  Continued focus and determination are paramount.
It is this moment now that all of your formidable power comes into play.
Use these most recent, blatant, aggressive and destructive actions as a catalyst for your own force. It is a force of love and it is this force that controls and sustains all of creation.
You come now to the table fully armed and prepared. Stay. Not to fight, but to propel the light that you are.

You are the ones you’ve been waiting for – let’s do this.

With gratitude and so much love,

PS – I will be traveling for the Eclipse and unavailable for a few days.  Please join the global meditation at the moment of the full solar eclipse on Monday 8.21.17.  Focus on Unity. Corey Goode and Cobra have shared details in multiple languages,  here.  It is time.

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Choose Love.



As We Shift – A “Kick-Ass” Love Fest | Sophia Love


!Home. The word is a conjurer, wielding pain, pleasure and profound exposure simultaneously. We all have one, some would argue more than one. Right now, this is being scribed from my physical birthplace. Yet, as familiar as this all is, there is another home out there of mine, also familiar, and in surprising ways, more-so.

I know these roads. On them, I began my journey – first on foot, then bicycle and eventually with automobile. The back streets come to me without Google or Yelp. I find the fastest route and the yummiest ice cream. The birds are familiar. I notice the absence of a distinctive song bird; we called it a “bob white”. I am told they seem to have gone from here. The woods are overgrown. I can’t find that tree under which I had my first kiss.

What is not gone is the feeling. It springs from those of us who grew up on this island. We are familiar. It is a similar feeling that tells me of another home. This one has no visuals – yet. I am fortunate. I’ve “spoken” to my other family, getting a sense of them and of home. Profound love rests there. It feels bigger in a different way than this love from my birthplace. Both are real.

For me, this other home is the Pleiades. I know not which celestial body. For you, it will be that place (or people) that conjures up this emotion of “home”. I’ve been told that most of us doing this work are a sort of hybrid. That DNA from others was added to that of our earth/birth parents. That our essence chose the configuration specifically for this moment on earth. We are human. We were born with a sense, sixth sense perhaps, of not “fitting in”. With a knowing deep within that there were others, that they were family also. Yet they were not from earth, and not here with us.

I am told that there are also 100% humans. No additional DNA has been included in their physical costume. All of their memories take place here, on this slave planet. It is all they have ever known.

This results in a sort of split. Those of us with memories of “free” and those of us without. You can perhaps see, in this scenario, how everyone is “right”. We know what we know and believe what we have seen demonstrated. Genetics play into our physical expressions. We are all human, of that there is no doubt. The split shows up in belief patterns, in reasons for being alive at all. We (the light workers) have shown up to demonstrate that another way is indeed possible. This shift in consciousness only happens when enough of humanity wants it to.

It is not enough that we are waking up, but it is a necessary start. The more of us that awaken, the greater effect our numbers can have on humanity. And once enough of humanity wants to shift – we shift as One.

This script is being written each day. You’ll hear scientific explanations for the changes, as well as “woo-woo” explanations. It’s all true. What none of them have is an exact “time”. That will be determined by the whole of us.

We come from many places, and have converged on a planet for a purpose. It’s not enough that we talk only to each other. We must reach everyone we have access to.

The Wonder Woman film is astounding in so many ways. The most powerful, however, is in its expression of love. This is not a hearts and flowers, teary, sappy, kissy-face love. No, this love has the force of creation behind it. It is kick ass. It’s appearance on a big screen production heralds a generation of little girls with new heros, as well as ways and reasons to enter the fray and make a difference. Without giving anything away; it’s worth seeing and sends a potent 5D message to humanity.

Now, we all don’t have access to Hollywood, but actual change happens within relationships and we all have those. The more we get out there and share, the faster things change.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for – let’s do this.

With love and gratitude,

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As We Shift, It’s Over, and We are Not Done | Sophia Love


Pay attention. These are the days you’ll look back on, the vivid memories you’ll recall, the tales you’ll relate to anyone who asks.  You’ve ended an era, and begin a new age.

When you raise children, you are so deeply embedded in each hectic day, that most of them pass without a sense of loss. Without a thought that you will someday longingly wish them back.  It is like that now.  Not that we’ll wish back the struggle, but that we may long for the adventure in our quest for freedom.

We are close enough now to feel it. The visionaries amongst us see it.  There is nothing to compare it to, and no way to prepare. We are creating a new world.

We came for many reasons, not the least of which is excitement. It is the contrast, the goal, the “go where no one has gone before” part of life that spurs us on and fills out minds with purpose.

This moment now, this storm before the quiet, is one in which we hone our skills. The quiet will come at our bidding, it’s true. Yet as humans, we’re addicted to the storm.

We are creators without directors now. The controllers have left the building. The theme and action is ours to build.

We tread on new ground.  Remember that a show without direction can be chaotic, and seemingly purposeless. Keep always in your mind, “to what end?” This is what makes a good director.

Let outcomes drive your thoughts and words, while compassion guides your movements.  We did not come only to remove the shackles; we came to demonstrate sovereignty.

What’s over is the ownership.  What is being witnessed now is akin to fish as they flop around in the net that captured them. Their only option is one they won’t see. They will continue to flail. Watching doesn’t change their fate, but it may alter ours. A more productive act would be to prepare for what’s next.

This is the “we are not done” part.  Our role as conscious creators now takes center stage.  Pay attention. Choose the direction of your thoughts.  What emerges now are individual roles and tendencies. We co-create this part while directing it; all the time on stage performing.

Belief and intent force the seed to split and begin to grow. Realize nothing happens now until we make it so. We are that powerful.

The field is wide open.  I’ve heard incredible dreams from some of my friends. I’ve read beautiful posts describing wonderful imaginings of where we are headed. SPOILER ALERT: The Trolls movie concludes with the message that happiness is something inside you, not something you have to get. All around us are visions, pick one to start with and create your own.

It’s all possible now. None of us know exactly when on the calendar this change shows up before our eyes.  Yet it is certain to manifest once the feeling is true. The trick is to abandon the notion that it has to make sense, or follow any particular order. These are the moments of reckless abandon.

Allow into your heart your wildest dreams. This heart of yours is the engine, waiting for your spark of realization. It will take you anywhere you deem possible.

So, do not wait until the fat lady sings. She may never. It’s over. Yet we are not done. Now comes the fun part; the part we create ourselves. We can do this.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

With so much love,

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As We Shift – Ascension Fatigue – Sophia Love


There is, perhaps, a diminished tension in the air, while a remaining floating physical stress remains.  Waking up is a lot to do (both literally and figuratively). Once awake, the sense of reckless shots of forceful energy blasts are not as prevalent as they once were.  What persists though, is a sort of fatigue. To muster enthusiasm for new projects or endeavors is a bit of a struggle. What’s weighing us down?  What force threatens to keep us pinned to the mattress each morning?

Contemplation leads us to a specific culprit. It is, I suspect, a symptom of this gradual 3D release.
There is no blueprint for this transformed human.  We are a WIP; work in progress. As we shed non-supportive patterns and let go of heavy attachments, there are parts of us new, bits of us reforming, and some of us still deciding what to hang on to and what to release.  We are doing this without instructions and we are doing a great job!

Watch carefully and you’ll see evidence in your every day.  Just today, one of my friends shared with me the fact that he and a mutual co-worker had reached a compromise.  They decided they were both right. Until this now, they’d been mostly arguing.

Other pieces of evidence spring from the children. One of them comforted a staff member when a mistake was made.  One more told me today, as he played a game with a younger child, that he’d “take care of her” so I could work with some of his older classmates. 😉 Still another left our table to engage and instruct a much younger child in a different and more age appropriate activity. All of this without request or instruction by myself or any professional in the room.

These may seem like unimportant moments.  Yet most days include a cacophony of “Me first!”, “I’m right!” and “Look at me!”; with little, if any, regard for anyone else.  These are minor miracles, indicative of major alterations.

It is the children who will first express the deep nature of this incoming energy. They are showing it in the way they watch and subsequently attempt to help each other. There is an emerging sense of collaboration.

In a place where self-love is consistently felt, the desire for constant reinforcement diminishes. This is what I see in the majority of interactions.

There is also a struggle witnessed in some. I’m happy to report that this is not most. The struggle is evidenced in their ever-increasing staunch refusal to be challenged or pulled closer. Their demand for authority, their refusal of close emotional contact. These are the hold outs. It is for them we must retain our vigilance.

It may appear they have no need of our approach or comfort or attention.  They would be the first to assure you that “they’ve got this”.  For sure they do. Yet our moments now are not superficial or isolated. In our choices to either embrace or refuse, we telegraph our answer.  Are we separate and isolated? Are we united and together? In each moment, we decide.

What I feel lately is an increasing degree of discomfort with those who cross their arms across their chests and declare their truth.  A far more comfortable place to be in, is that place or person or organization with open arms and listening ears.  Choose carefully where you are standing, for in each moment we announce our intention.

There’s been speculation around how we give our answer.  If you are not sure of the question, it’s being asked of you in the headlines as well as your relationships – “Unity or Polarity?” We are giving our answer in every choice and intent.  There will be a “you can’t erase your previous answer” moment, at some point. We aren’t there yet.

The polarity shouted from the news begins in our everyday relations.  What we are reading and watching is orchestrated to divide us. It won’t work if in our hearts, we are unified.

This is a gradual unfolding. We are not being asked to let go of every belief.  Only those that do not support a sovereign people.

It can be hard to release things you imagined were holding this life together; things like rules and systems and even a sense of history or god.  These things we imagined were the bedrock of society.

This switch will uncover the real foundation of society, and that would be us. For society is an extension of the individual. It rises and falls on what you hold to be deeply true.

Hold fast to your heart and realize in every moment you can love.  It is in each small choice to accept and welcome, that mastery resides. This is the choice before you now. It is one you’ve gladly taken on.  You knew you could do this. You are in the perfect place to get this done.

You are the one’s we’ve been waiting for.

With so much love,

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One & Perpetual Oneness | Sophia Love


This conversation took place in the early morning hours of September 16, 2016.  For reasons you will read here, I believe its timing has everything to do with the harvest full moon and lunar eclipse taking place now.
“Is there someone who wants to connect?”
Yes Sophia.  It is I.  It is One.
Go ahead then.  Hello.
We have come to a point in this rapidly shifting and expanding timeline that there will be noticed a stop; followed by a start.
What will stop are all things feeding polarity and self above other.  What will start are all things feeding other over self.  This looks like charity work, but it is no longer considered charity – it is considered the work of man. (Italics mine, Sophia)


Charity implies something extra required;(for us) to give to those who are in extra need at this time.
Work implies something that must be done as a part of life.
This focus on other is your life.
When man realizes other is self, all in this life changes.  This is the stop and start that is referred to.
Selfishness is a focus on self while ignoring other – acting as if other does not exist.  This is not possible when the turnaround occurs – when other is all inclusive, when other and self are one.
See how this will look in your relationships.  Each other has a value equal to self and cannot be ignored or belittled or loved or cared for without effect – effect that is internalized.
This becomes clear now.  This development in consciousness makes it absolutely apparent who serves who and what the net effect is of each action.  Buffoons and braggarts are obvious to all.  Sincerity and kindness are the real force for this change, for this turn in humanity.
This comes now in small ways and everywhere at once.  Those not able to muster up the self-acknowledgement will stick out like sore thumbs.
Self is actualized in each encounter with other.  You will no longer be able to hurt other without a bounce back emotion.  This emotion may confuse you but only momentarily as even the densest will see clearly now.

Once choices and consequences become clear – actual decisions are made in each action.  You can choose to disrespect.  You can choose to ignore.
You can choose to insult.  Each of these then will become self-imposed and pointed within.  What will result is a sense of less than; a sense of worthlessness, a sense of small.
These are not the feelings of a god and from this point on in the journey it is led and fashioned by those accepting and actualizing their godhood.
You came now to proceed to carry the race to a point.  That point is reached with this turn.  By you is meant the empirical.  The race has reached a decision making moment.
From now on, decisions to ignore other will be made at a conscious level.  They will be made for faulty reasons that stem from a false sense of worth.  It no longer matters who got there first or who is the best, it matters that everyone gets there and participates.


Other does not require your approval – other requires your acceptance and allowing.  Other shows up without meeting your requirements for performance or supplication – other merely shows up and prospers.
It will be from this point on quite clear which others are closer matches energetically and which are more distant.  There is no fault in the distance. It is an indication of the choice made by each self.
There is no reason to mourn this choice or to attempt to sway it or skew it to serve your own desire.  Each choice now serves self and how that self is defined tells the story of what choice has been made.


An inclusive choice allows other into your self-definition.  A self-serving choice isolates, separates and divides.
Service to other does not mean sacrifice or discomfort.  It does not ignore personal needs.  It expands those needs and allows them to be fulfilled by the world.
Do you see?  This turning point is a pivot point for Unity.  A starting moment where from here on out what will feel good will always mean oneness.  You are not alone.  All that you have worked towards will reflect in your choices and actions now obvious to everyone you interact with.
Oneness will be felt within.  It will satisfy in a way love stories have been written about.  Only this is a new love story – re-written now to tell the tale of the new human.  This human is in love with an entire race and this love does not stop where the race stops.  This love expands to all of creation itself.  You are entering Oneness…


It will be expressed in your most intimate moments and your most mundane acts. It will become like breathing for you once it is accepted.
I come to you now to tell you this.  Discomfort now, emotional discomfort indicates selfishness.  How this plays out for each of you will differ yet as you experience joy know that you are on the path to your destiny.
Discomfort now is a clear indication you are not on that path.  It is an indication of polarity.  Choose where you are most wanting to live because clearly now you are walking on that path.  The path to Oneness is actualized in constant awareness of other as self and then loving without condition. This is the ultimate love story as the human displays passion without bounds.
Your passion is now unleashed on all of creation.
This begins at home.  That is all.
Thank you.
This conversation ended here.
With joint effort we’ll grow a sustain-ably conscious world. At this time our collective force is paramount. It is a pivotal moment. Use your energy – focus, share and support every action towards disclosure & sovereignty. 
No one can do this but us.
We are the gods we’ve been waiting for.
With absolute love,

As We Shift – End Times Madness | Sophia Love


A parade of blog posts marches through my head.  Each personal challenge and every conversation with someone new sparks another one.  It’s crazy right now.  Perhaps this is the start of that term we’ve all heard “End Times Madness”…

Humans, ages 5 to 86, are saying “My head hurts”, “It just feels strange today”, “I never reacted that way before”, “I feel nervous”, “I feel weird”, “The energy is just off” (this from a cashier at a grocery store I had never met) and “I’m just done with this part”.

You may have seen this posting from “the lighted ones”.  They say we have chosen the accelerated path.  I’m inclined to agree.  Here’s what I’m hearing from my off world connections…
“It was this month in which the major prediction was made for the end of corruption, of slave states, of human experiments.  Now it is seen in the open and what differs is these charges will stick”

(Here I am reminded of this article from VT)

“No longer will this group be allowed to continue.  The human will have to see to it that some sort of justice is served. This justice will not necessarily be the typical justice as dished out by your legal system.  It will be formulated by you all as new humans.”

“It is love that dominates and forces this shift. This love will be evident in how you see your people treated, regardless of who they are or what they may have done.”

“Now that the control is returned to humanity – we wait to see what humanity looks like as a driver of its own fortune.”

“We are aware of the Event…with so many expecting one then in order to settle all accounts an event must occur.  This expectation is what drives all of creation and sets the form for your reality…Your focus of energy drives everything, especially now when so much is in disarray.”

“Realize that as August brings an end, September heralds the new.  This looks to be an active and world altering month.  All of what is to occur on your planet has no precedent.  It is for this reason that you cannot clearly see it.  Your associative mind has nothing to associate. You are inventing this.”

“Your people are headed for many upticks in energy.  The fastest course is what you are on.  We speak of an acceleration of consciousness. This acceleration arrives almost as a surprise.”

“You humans continue to surpass plans for your own transformation.  What interests us is these are not plans you’ve seen or known existed. It would seem that with very little to go on the human adapts and proceeds with an unmatched level of energy and acceleration.  It may appear chaotic.”
“You are on a course for ascension that there is no veering off of.”

“This is meant to be a journey, to be a surprise and to delight you.  All of these are just around the bend.”

“When the chaos is noticed resist the urge towards fear – it is not helpful. Flexibility is the order of the day and conviction.  Know that all is well.  You are on your chosen path.”

Here’s what I notice in my everyday…

  • Lots of unusual physical complaints.  They seem to pop up out of nowhere and have no explanation.
  • Personalities shifting.  The loud ones are quieter, the calm ones are a bit wilder, and the compliant ones are argumentative while the winey ones are agreeable.
  • Animal behavior is different – just like people.
  • A lack of direction is felt – a sense of feeling a bit “lost” without a real drive to find the way.
  • Unemployment is an acceptable answer to “What do you do?”
  • Intimate relationships are being re-negotiated. (I believe this is a reaction to the emerging feminine.  That is another, longer post.)
  • There is a sense of gentleness to it all; this flows from us… which is a sharp contrast to how it feels as it roars through us. We are softer somehow.

As we move quickly into this last quarter of 2016, we are clearly not the same beings we were in January.  I can barely remember her.  I will say though that inklings of what I see now were evident then.

Egos are all over the place, playing their games with us as they dissolve and morph anew.  We will not lose the ego; we will decide which parts best represent who we are.  This gets confusing as some parts fiercely hang on and demand to be recognized or accepted or forgiven or noticed.  They can be really loud.  The noisiest will probably be the first to go.

Meditation and quiet are important now.  We are a collective of individuals.  We do this alone, yet all at once. You cannot copy anyone else this time.  It doesn’t get graded and there are no speed limits or speed minimums.  No one knows what this looks like.

It’s like that story of a young child furiously drawing.  The teacher asks “What are you drawing?”
“But no one knows what God looks like.”
“They will when I get done!”

Everyone will know what this shift looks like just as soon as we get there. This is what we came to do.  We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Thank you for joining us!
With so much love,

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As We Shift – Some More Departures | Sophia Love


June 19, 2016

Hello and Happy Father’s Day. What follows has been told to me today, and it has been confirmed by four others (both yesterday and today) as a true telling of what took place on Saturday,
June 18th, 2016.

It was the removal of another level of control, the top most human level. The Draco’s were removed in April. Two months later now, those human controllers below them have been either returned to Source, or moved elsewhere.  They no longer are present in any fashion, and are not in power.  Another step towards liberation has occurred.

I am sharing it here, now, because your light and power are being asked for.  With intent and belief and love, you will together, help create a peaceful transition. This is a call to all who consider themselves workers for the light!  Visualize, visualize, visualize!  This is really happening folks, and this milestone brings us that much closer to the event we have all anticipated.

Is there someone who wants to connect?

Oh yes, there most certainly is.

Who are you?

We are a confederate, or we represent a confederate of Light.  Beings whose command post includes the observance and protection of your current home planet – earth.  We wanted to alert you to happenings as there are many and the trickle down impact on our race is about to become a flood.  We are anxious, very anxious, to engage. Will you do so now?

Yes.  Go ahead then. It sounds as if you bring a message rather than conversation.

We do.  Our message is one of great news!  You’re entering a zone of deep shift and rapid change on so many levels.

The massive outpouring of love (a reference to the Orlando tragedy), which overtakes the remnants of hate shown – both (of them given) as a response to the killing of innocents intentionally in your country – has further established the divide.

There has always been a divide – not every being on the planet will go with the increased accelerated consciousness as a way of life – new life.  If that were the case these changes and shifts would not be as dramatic.  Contrast is key and your planet exhibits contrast at every turn.  It is a place where major growth occurs and in order to spur that growth, contrast is key.

The catalyzing events initiate others and they happen on all levels – some seen, many not.  To be clear, all have witnessed or have access to (almost all) reports of tragedies such as the one previously mentioned.

Not all are aware of what is also pushing your race and its planet, or, more correctly, your planet and her race, more rapidly towards an event, an ascension event.

You have been told of more removals.

Yes, yesterday.

These will be un-mentioned in your media.  Some of the sensitives felt them. Others with intel were told.  Others still engaged in the work of the cleansing were there, whether or not they remember specifically.  Memories are either intentionally wiped out or else forgotten as a choice of the being involved.  This process has many players with many parts.

What you’ll now witness is unclear.  Heads of state and corporations are still present.  Without their superiors now, it is uncertain what will occur.

We care for the hearts, souls and bodies of your race and planet and want to tell you to remain confident throughout this next part.  With the visible authority still in place, it may seem that things are getting worse, not better.  They are desperate and feel their own moment of truth is imminent.  Indeed it is.

Those held accountable and removed ultimately, one way or the other, may come as a surprise to humanity.  Things have been done as a response to fear.  Family’s lives were threatened if there was not compliance.

All of this will be made clear to you eventually.  Initially though, things may be a bit shaky.
These things that may be seen are expressions of efforts to hold onto or control even more of the planet and her resources than was previously held.  With the removal of the upper most layer comes a release of control as well as a release of protection.  This means fear has become the primary motivating force.  It is uncertain which actions will be adopted as all are possible and already known.

This is so very vague.

It is not meant to be.  We wanted to say that right now your light is required – as a force exerted in any direction effects events. 

Love has so very much more power than hate, control, and dominance.  Those last three are merely disguises of fear. Your powers, and those doing light work, are therefore exponentially greater than any seemingly opposing factions.

We wanted to say do not despair as these upcoming events unfold.  All is happening according to the path chosen by you and by Gaia – one of a shift to love, light and peace as predominant forces.  This path will not be altered.  The course is set.

We are so very pleased to engage and wish you to know that all is well.  Please assure your readers of this.  Any disruptions witnessed are not permanent and do not change your destination.  Your arrival is certain.

Are there any questions?

Well, it sounds like you are saying we may witness some drastic attempts at control and further corruption.  Can you be specific?

We choose not to be.  We speak now to urge the powerful and aware ones to visualize and create and expect harmony, prosperity and ultimately a peaceful conclusion for all concerned.  Thoughts are creative and details need not be introduced.

Okay.  There are no further questions then.  Thank you.

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With so much love,

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