The High Road | Heavenletters

God said:

Tension comes from a pull between what you know can be and that which does not seem to be. It is like you are the rope being pulled in a tug of war, and so sometimes you feel fraught. The threads of you seem to fray. Being pulled in two directions at once, you have choices to make. It seems you are on the cusp of decisions all the time. Sometimes you want both options. Sometimes you want neither. And so you find yourself in a pickle. Which do you choose? Truth and honor or, so far as you can tell, a lesser choice which may well dodge honor and truth and yet, to the world, seems as though it has to be. You feel forced to take the low road instead of the high road. It may even become a way of life for you, and you do not think of choice any longer.

You are pulled between the obvious world in which you live in and the world that is pure and true and ideal which you sometimes shake your head at and have the idea that the ideal must be too far out of reach, nice but not practical, nice but foolish. You fear that what is good and true must be illusion, and you come to the conclusion that what is expedient and seemingly necessary must be true. How is it that you, who are a breath of God, have to work for money and, sometimes, in exchange, leave your soul unattended? What are all these matters you are obliged to take care of when your heart is elsewhere?

How do you reconcile the truthfulness and honor with the machinations of the world that too often seem self-serving and without regard for the good of all?

Beloveds, it would seem that you are tested all the time. You veer and do not always follow what you know to be right, and yet you simply don’t know how to reconcile truth and honor with what is in front of you. You want to be good and true, and you don’t want to be a fool. Sometimes that seems to be the choice in front of you, and no one wants to be a fool. It may seem that you have no choice but to comply with that which you do not feel good about complying with.

It would seem that you are faced with choosing gain or loss. And so you dodge bullets and jump around, trying to avoid snakebites here and there. It would seem that you feel faced with a lesser choice to survive or to choose a dream in which you may feel you are the only one. It may feel as though you have no choice but to choose the way of the world over the way of the heart, the world over truth, the world that may take the easy way out, and you follow the world, and so you may vacate what you truly value.

You are squeezed. The world does not always honor the simplicity of truth. Nor does the world always honor the one who is as straight as an arrow. And, yet, beloveds, what are heroes made of? They are made of courage. Wherever they may be, they live with honor. You can go by them. They put truth and honor before convenience.

How easy it will be in life when everyone chooses the high road. The rules of the road will change. The rules of the road are already changing, and it will be easier for you to make choices that you honor.

Hello, Sunshine | Heavenletters

God said:

Hark, the herald angels.

You are one of them. You most assuredly are. You are Earth Angels, every One.

You are not here on Earth for nothing. You are here for something, and something great. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

You are a Magnificent Being in a Magnificent World. You may never have thought so, yet you have always been. You have never been less. The world has mistaken itself and induced you to mistake yourself. Now it is time for this mistaken identity to be tossed aside and the True You brought to light.

That is an apt expression – brought to light. You Who are Light are having the Light dawn on you.

However poorly you have perceived yourself, your perception is now going to change. You are going to look at yourself in a new way. You have seen yourself and everyone else amiss.

Too many of My children have looked down on themselves. They have looked down on themselves or closed their eyes altogether and just listened to rumors and took them as gospel.

Listen to Me, and you listen to your Self.

There has been calumny in the world, and you have bought into it. Therefore, you have been off-track.

I am cleaning the lenses of your vision right now. I am clearing your hearing right now. Hear Me. You are valuable. You are essential to the well-being of the world. You are a Being. You are part of My plan for love to take over the running of the world. The world is not as you know it. The world is not its details. The world is not its misdemeanors. Nor are you your misdemeanors.

As of this moment, open your eyes and ears to your true value as an Instrument of God. There is no other. You are an exponent of the Universe that is Mine.

Forget what you have seen and heard all your life. Forget your old beliefs that included the concept of unworthiness. A lie is a lie even if it is believed in. You are bound to reinterpret yourself. This is the end of judgment unless you have a lot of good to say about yourself. You previously allowed yourself to be put in a vise. The vise of judgment no longer has say over you. You are removing all the shackles that subdued you and subjected the world to suffering.

When you stop suffering, what is going to happen to the world? You and the world will be in bright sunshine, and you will discover that you are the sunshine. You are the Sunshine. You are My Truth, and, like all herald angels, you will herald the New World. In the New World, love will lead. Love will come first. Nothing else will. No more of the previous waste that was promulgated upon the world.

My Children, you were like sitting ducks. And those who denied you your Light were also like sitting ducks. Now you are coming into your own. Your own is My Own. You are going to be light-winged, and you are going to soar. This is inevitable, and it will come about as you move over to new beliefs. Love begins with you. Life begins with you. The dawning of love begins with you.

You are coming out into the sunshine right now. You never were what you perceived. You never were that old picture of yourself that you carried. Throw it away. Accept this photo I take of you. It shows you as you are and always were. No longer believe in the tales that were told about you. They never were true. They are not true now.

You are and always were a Magnificent Child of a Magnificent God, and it is you Who make the world go round.

A God of Love | Heavenletters

God said:

When you feel angry, the anger comes from a sense of powerlessness within you. With a sense of strength, you would not feel powerless, and you would not break out in anger, and perhaps so many occasions for anger would not present themselves. In any case, when you come from strength, you will not be angry.

When you think someone else has power over you, then you feel angry. You can’t get your point across, and this frustrates you.

I wonder why you feel you must get your point across. Why must your point be understood? You are the one who has to understand it.

You may hammer your fist down and act so sure that you are right, but you would not do that unless you had a core of belief that your honor or dignity is at stake, and that you have to be taken into account. From that, you strive to prove that you are right. What does a Being of Light have to prove? Nothing at all. All he has to do is to be what he is, and that is a powerful Being of Light.

What problems could be created when you maintain a sense of your own strength? Your own power is your Being. What could the problem be just because someone was rude to you and treated you as though you were inconsequential? When you know you are powerful, you come from a place of power. A place of power is a place of peace. When you know you are a giant, you don’t let little Earthlings hold you back. You do not get upset when someone else does not know you are a giant, and, of course, when the other does not know that he is giant as well.

There is not much difference between an accuser and an accused. They both vibrate at a resounding notion of fault. An accuser does not feel any better than the accused. Both feel judgment, and judgment is not comfortable. Personal judgment does not come from power. It too comes from a sense of powerlessness, or you would not spend your time and heart in judging. There is no judgment without accusation. There is no accusation with a thought to winning, even when there is nothing to win but a tiny sense of false power.

When someone faults you, they are somehow feeling they have to defend themselves, and they then project their fear of fault onto you. No matter how right or how wrong someone is, no one defends or attacks except from a sense of weakness. Therefore, they assume a role of power. Their voice is louder. They exert an attempt at control because they feel they have none and are powerless.

When you know the Infinite Power you are, you can relax once and for all. You can take a deep breath and know your containment. In powerfulness, there is life to live and no need to spend it on proving anything. In powerfulness, you don’t build a moat around your castle.

Of course, the power I speak of is not power that you exert. Your power is simply your awareness of your own magnificent state of Being and your most intimate connection to Me. We have a bond that cannot be broken. What occasion then is there for strife? Is there something that matters more or anywhere near as much as Our connectedness? And what about your connectedness to all beating hearts in the universe whatever tune their heart beats to? Be the God of Love that I made you.

How to Respond to Hate ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have noticed a tendency for humans to place a great deal of importance on what someone else is thinking or believing. We are noticing a recent increase in the number of people who are calling others a racist, a bigot, a homophobe, a misogynist, a xenophobe, and so on. We know that pointing these things out is a way for individuals to try to make a change. In other words, if your parents wanted to stop you from doing something as a child, or even saying something, they might shame you for it. Now, as adults, you have taken the same approach to one another.

The thought is that if you call someone out on their hateful speech, writings, or beliefs, you can get them to stop, you can get them to see the error of their ways by shouting those types of judgments at them. We want to suggest to you that this approach does not work. You don’t want more separation. You don’t really want to be people who are divided by your beliefs. When someone is speaking out or writing something that is meant to diminish an entire group of people, there is something that person feels, and it doesn’t feel good. Those of you who want unity, compassion, unconditional love, and so on, then see what the person has said or written, and you respond emotionally. And you are supposed to.

That’s why you created that circumstance for yourself. Remember that everything is co-creation. These individuals with their beliefs about certain segments of the population being better than others do not exist in a vacuum. You are co-creating the experience with them. So they do their job of triggering you, getting you to feel something. And then, because you are awake, because you want to help all of humanity, not just the likeable people, it is up to you to process your emotions. By processing the anger, the sadness, the fear, and everything else that you feel in response to what someone has said, or done, or written, then you can come to a calm space.

And in that calm space, you can decide how you want to feel. You can decide to forgive. You can even decide to attempt to find out why that person is so filled with rage, hate, fear, and other emotions that no one wants to feel. In order to have a unified collective consciousness there on Earth, a certain segment of the population needs to step up. And those of you who are receiving this message are awake enough to be the ones who unite those who exist on the dark side of the spectrum with those of you who are there holding the light. This is a part of your mission, and that’s why there’s more awareness than ever of those who are coming from that very dark place.

We are inviting you to turn up your light even brighter, rather than sinking down to the level of name-calling and dividing. This is something that you have evolved past, and it’s time to start demonstrating that to the rest of humanity.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

One Great Sweep of Love Will Cover the Earth | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloved God, the gorgeousness of writing to You. The sweetness. The surge of relaxing energy. From tenseness to melting. The joy of You, dear God. Thank You.

God said …

And now you know how I feel when you, My One Child, come sit with Me. I am nourished. I am content. I am overjoyed, if it were possible! As it is, I am in a constant state of joy, so I don’t know overjoy. I do, however, know love in My Very Being, and you, My One Child, are caught up in My love.

I dreamed of you, and you appeared. There is one huge crystal that, figuratively, broke into billions of shards of light exquisitely, and here you are, and here I AM. There is joy enough to go around. To go around? To fill all the seemingly-disparate hearts in the Universe, past, present, future, as if time really existed. As it is, We are One Heart circling Eternity, and Our One Heart is Infinity with a Smile.

Feel Our Completeness. What else is there to know? What else matters? When We sit together, what else exists but this stream of love that fills Us? Next to Our love, Our exquisite love, well, what else is there? What do fame and wealth amount to next to this melting barrage of love that stirs the melody of Our One Heart, spilling Our love out unstoppably? But Who would ever want to stop it? Anyway, it cannot be stopped.

We not only love, give love, We ARE Love. We are the Oneness of Love. It could be said that We are love and nothing but love. Our Love is death-defying, as it were. Where does love belong? Everywhere. And who has love surmounting all mountains of doubt? Everyone. Love is the field of all possibilities. There is no escape from love, even as every day you may be longing for it. What you long for is already yours. Where are your keys? Where did you put your Awareness of Love? Right here in front of Us.

Here, in this moment, My Will is done. And, here, in this moment of Infinity, you discover that Our Love is Everything. Our Love is all there is. Would you like to float away in love with Me? Where shall We go but where We are? This is the Wholeness of Our Hearts. We embrace the world, and We are also the world embraced.

You are configured in My Heart by My Heart. You are entwined in My Heart of Love. Our love is inseparable. Our love is. We are love. We are streaming love that covers the Universe, fills the Universe, IS the Universe.

There is no trading, beloveds. There is nothing to trade with. There is, however, love to explore in every crevice of Our melting hearts. Ta Boom Ta Boom Ta Boom goes Our Love. There is an explosion of Love covering the world and integrating the world. One Heart, One Love, One World is just right. We can call the world One Great Explosion of Love. This is the Big Bang. Boom boom goes love. Love has been set off. What a spectacular surging of love covers the Earth and each human being who seeks something more, craves to uncover more. There is only more love and more and more.

Love in the Universe is mounting to its full height. One Great Sweep of Love will cover the Earth, for, underneath it all, lies the Garden of Eden unmasked, untrammeled, unsurpassed. In the blink of an eye, Earth is restored to Heaven for all to see, all to jump in, all to swim in, all to splash in. It isn’t that Heaven has come to Earth. Heaven is where it’s always been. Earth has risen to Heaven, and all can rejoice in the Pot of Gold wisely named Love.

Even When You Are Right | Heavenletters

God said:

You are not necessarily equivalent in how you judge yourself and how you judge others. You may be harsher with yourself or harsher with others. But all judgment is harsh, beloveds.

You may say that you don’t judge, that you live and let live, yet judgment is also in the mind of those that say Live and let live. There is no call to grant permission for that which is natural and, to all extents and purposes, not really your concern. Even when you are right. Even when you, above all, are right, you have stepped out of bounds. That you are your brother’s keeper does not mean that you have jurisdiction over another. You have no say on how another conducts his life. A brother does not seek to overtake or countermand his brother.

Each person acts in the world according to his perception. His perception is not the same as yours. Bearing that in mind, everyone is right. Everyone is right as he sees it.

Even when the person himself avows that something is not worthy to do, he may do it. And so one drinks too much or overeats or drugs himself or steals or is short-tempered. In that case, it would seem that people don’t even have say over themselves, for they do not always follow their own advice. What makes you think that someone would follow yours?

Even when you are right by every standard you know, you don’t know. Even when a beloved’s actions lead to their demise, or imprisonment or poor health, no one on Earth can say for sure that their life was wrong. Maybe it was right in a way that you cannot see.

Another’s life may not at all fulfill the hopes you have for them. Yet it is their life to live as they choose, even when their choices are not the choices you would make for them, or anyone. Even when you love someone, you have to let them go according to their vision or lack of vision, even if, from your perspective, perhaps from everyone’s perspective, perhaps even from their own, they hurt their life on Earth. It is their choice, not yours, beloved.

This is not throwing up your hands. This is loosening your hold. Your emotional hold. This is acknowledging to yourself that everyone is a free-wheeling being and has the right to the determination of his own life, whatever you may think of it. In this way, you free him and you free yourself from obligation. Obligation is a great weight. Obligation is an infringement on freedom.

You also have choices. You have the choice to let go of your perceived right to condemn or chastise another’s life. And you have the choice not to be heart-broken. You have the choice to run your own life. You have the choice to give up disapproval, even when disapproval is the only thing that makes sense. This is humbling.

When someone is crippled and cannot walk, you do not demand that they get up and walk. You don’t demand it time and time again. You are not irate with them. You do not hold it against them. You do not rail at them. You are aware that, at this juncture of time and space, they simply cannot walk.

It is not your mission to insist that they walk. You do not take over their life. You hold doors open, and you let them go through portals themselves. And then you walk on.

And so must you do with all those who appear less capable than you. Bless them. Entitle them, just as I entitle you.

The Constancy of God | Heavenletters

God said:

Listening to My voice has two parts. One is remembrance. The other is that you hear the remembrance in the present. That is why My words vibrate truth to you. They are familiar.

I Who am changeless do not change My messages. They are the same. How they have been written down may not be the same, but what My messages say, and how they are given, is precisely the same.

I do not change My tune. I do not say one thing today and another tomorrow. I may speak of another topic, but without exception, the topic comes back to Me and My love and My love for you, for that is Truth.

Truth does not change. What kind of God would be changeable? What kind of God would it be Who says one thing today and another tomorrow. Humans do that. They can be one way today and another tomorrow. But a God of Wholeness speaks One Truth, because only One Truth exists.

When you are fully yourself, you too will not vary. One will be able to count on how you are. You won’t be sweetness itself one minute and then blow your top another. You will be a constant flowing stream, and sunlight will sparkle on you, and you will flow ever the same.

A God does not have moods. A God does not play games. He does not use His children as pawns on a chessboard. He does not do experiments, and He does not test His children.

Do not think of yourself as a test-taker, for how you think, it will be. Do you want tests, or do you want your life to be surging waves of beauty and goodness? Tests are for the uninitiated. Tests are for novices. You are not a novice to life. You do not need tests. You are not an experiment set on earth.

An experiment has unknown results. An experiment in which the results are already known is not an experiment. Every time it rains you see that rain is water and that water is wet, but that is not an experiment. You can say it is verification, but how much verification is needed.

Look, I do not waste your time or Mine (though of course there is no time, so let Us say that I do not waste My love) on experiments or tests. I do not waste My love. I do not waste My thought.

Do not waste yours.

You are on a simple journey. It is not a test. It is your journey. You are on this journey of Human life to find your Light. You are not here for something else, unless you call finding your Light for Me something else, but that is not something else. Finding your Light is finding Mine. There is no difference.

You find Light and you revel in it and you reveal it. How much Light you shine is your choice. How long you take to find it is up to you. How long you hide yourself from view — that is your choice. You have choices, but you are not an experiment. There is one result, and there is no need to tabulate it.

All roads lead to Heaven.

Whither goest thou?

We know where you are going.

You know and I know what lane you walk on.

You and I know that through the esplanade of trees lies the entrance you seek.

Keep walking, and you will reach it.

Keep your destination in mind. It is a sure thing.

Follow Me.

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The Country of Love | Heavenletters

God said:

Let’s get chummy today. Let’s have a get-together. Let’s have a meeting of hearts. Let all hearts meet in Mine. That’s how it is anyway, so let’s announce Our meeting. Let’s set a time for it. Write it in your calendar. “Meet with God.” Pencil it in. Meet with Me a minute this afternoon, or, if you can spare more time, two minutes. Even a passing thought will serve. How I love to be thought of.

You know this is not from ego on My part. I like to be thought of in a light way because a thought of Me lightens and brightens your day. I am not exactly Santa Claus, but you get the idea. I am a Benefactor. Certainly don’t think of Me as some kind of villain in disguise. I am a giver of gifts. I do not take away.

You may have thought of Me as the Taker-away of your loved ones and your joys. I gave them to you. I do not take them away. They have their time, that’s all. They step over thresholds, that’s all. Your loved ones and you take a walk in the park, and, when the walk is over, then you go your own way. You and your loved ones met and walked and dined and danced in a passage of what is called time.

When the leaves of autumn fall, you do not shake your fist at Me. You may regret the passing of summer, yet you know that all the seasons are in place. There is no end to them. They come again and again. Before you came to Earth on this jaunt, the seasons were. And when you return to the Country of Love, the seasons continue without your being there, without your being there in the physical form you are accustomed to.

There is good in everything. There is good in the apple that falls from the tree and is eaten. There is good in the apple that falls from the tree and rots on the ground.

There is good in what you call birth, and there is good in what you call death, except sometimes you capitalize the word Death. You may consider birth an angel, and Death the reaper. And, yet, beloveds, death is also a gift I give to you, and one you will meet. Death of the body is not a bad thing. It is not an affront. It is a gift.

It is not like I evict you from Earth when I bring you to Heaven.

When the whistle blows, and the game is over, that is not such a bad thing. There will be another game anon and anon. And so goes the cycle of life on Earth.

A child grows into a youth and then adulthood and then age. So are the seasons. They are not to be regretted. One season follows the other, and each season serves. Sun and rain both serve. Even droughts and floods serve. That you do not like them doesn’t mean that they don’t serve.

Life on Earth is what it is. It is not something else. Yet what life is depends upon your perception of it. Perceptions change. Everything in the world changes. That is the world for you. It is only the world, beloveds. It is nothing more. Well, I take that back. The world is much more than it seems, however. It is only part of the story. It is only one dimension of a tale that is told.

So let Us meet today. Let Us enjoy the sun that shines and the rain that falls. Let Us enjoy Our meeting. Let Us meet in camaraderie and walk down the street arm in arm, heart in heart.

What Is There to Gain by Not Having Joy? | Heavenletters

God said:

Love calmness as much as you love excitement! Calmness is not dullness. Excitement can be low-key. Excitement and calmness can go hand in hand. Let life stir you. Excitement can only be a blip on the field of life. Your life can stay simple. Let the little things thrill you.

Do not look so much for exterior excitement. Every morning there is the greatest show on Earth. The sun rises each day unlike any other sunrise in the history of the world. The same with sunset. And is not the display of the night sky beautiful? Are fireworks as impressive?

There is enough excitement available without paying money for more of it. Always there is a mountain or a plain or a tree or a flower or a street or a house to look at. Life is full of beauty to be thrilled with. Your life is full of beauty. Be enchanted with it. See with your heart.

There is the face of a loved one or a dog’s tail wagging or something to find joy in. Yes, seek joy more than you seek excitement. And seek the giving of joy. There is no joy like that of giving joy. Let your face be lit up when someone gives you joy so that they may receive your joy as well. Who is the giver and who is the receiver anyway? Who can tell them apart?

Your mission is to find and give joy. You can’t give it unless you have it. So your mission is to find joy. Then you won’t even have to think about giving it. You won’t be able to not give it. The way a tree carries fruit on its branches, so will you carry joy. So will you be a joy-giver. The joy you are and the joy you give will somersault over the face of the Earth. Joy will dismantle burden and woe. Burden and woe will go out the window. They cannot withstand so much joy as you will propel on Earth.

Your responsibility is joy. Work isn’t as much your responsibility as you think. You have laden yourself with a darkened view of responsibility. Make work and responsibility joy. The same motion can be labor or it can be joy. Turn labor into joy. Remember Me. That will help.

If your work is polishing stones, know that you polish them for Me.

If your work is selling gems, know that you sell them for Me. You sell them to increase the joy in the world. The money earned is secondary. Joy is primary. Consider that, instead of earning money, you are earning joy. Joy multiplies better than money. Joy is real, and money is token.

I understand that you need money in the world and that you also realize that money, of itself, is joyless. Of yourself, you are joy. I will you joyful. Turn worry into joy, and you will be joyful. It is your cup of joy that is to run over.

Even if you work on a chain gang, remember Me, and that will be your joy. What is there to gain by not having joy?

If you did not feel that you had to prove something or protest, would you not have joy? Let joy be what you prove, rather than protest a lack of it. Make joy instead. Wrest it. Proclaim it and claim it. I will you to have joy. This is My commandment to you today. Make joy. Entertain joy. Have joy. Be joy. Be My joy.

The Magnificence and Beauty of You | Heavenletters

God said:

You want All of Me, don’t you? You don’t want just some of God, a little bit here and a little bit there. The fact is that you do have All of Me. You have All of Me right now. You do not miss even one particle of Me. Of course, there are no particles of Me, so how could you miss them? And yet you feel longing. It is yourself you desire to know. It is yourself you are seeking. Not this propped-up picture of yourself, the one who struggles, who fails, who succeeds. You know you are something more than how you present yourself as you twirl around on Earth.

You know very well that you are something more, and it is this something more that you know you must have. It’s right here, right here under the surface, and, yet, you haven’t been quite able to reach the core of you, that which is above your searching self. How you long to know yourself in the glory in which I know you. How you long to look out through My eyes and see as I do see, encompass what I encompass. How you long to be your True Self without all the flim-flam that presently enfolds you. How you long to stand before Me in My light and know that My light is yours.

Yet, presently, you have inkling, and yet that inkling is almost too much for you to accept, almost too much for you to bear, for, if you are wholly what I say you are, if you are truly the Pure Spirit I say you are, you don’t fathom how you can be it. You would like to be it, and yet it seems like a fairy tale.

It seems like a fairy tale, for fairy tales are like that too. Cinderella wasn’t really Cinderella. She was a princess. In fairy tales, many things are not as they seem.

And, in real life on Earth, you are not as you seem. Why has no one on Earth told you of your magnificence? You may have been told of the magnificence of others, but for yourself, you have primarily been told how far you are from ideal.

Those in the world have used fallible measuring sticks, beloveds. They didn’t know what they were doing when they denied your Essence. They denied your Essence because they had not found their own. No one who knows his own Greatness would ever grumble about you, or rail at you, or see less than the Magnificence and Beauty that you are.

It is also incumbent upon you to know your own value so you can also value others.

How far away is ego from the Glory I speak of. I do not speak of momentary Glory. I do not speak of a flash in the pan. I speak of what can hardly be spoken because your Magnificence is so great, so magnificent that it takes the breath away. Oh, to know the Truth of you. The Truth of you is beyond the horizon, and, yet, you can get a glimpse of the horizon. You can pull the horizon to you. You can do anything.

You can come to experience the Truth of you and what you are about on Earth. You can be ablaze with the Truth, and you can light up the world in half a second. You. Yes, you. I am speaking of you. I am speaking of Myself within you, for I AM the Truth of you, if only you could know. You keep coming closer, and then will come the day when you do not find your little self any longer, for very soon, you will have embraced Oneness in its Entirety, and it will be your little self that you no longer know.