Let There Be Love | Heavenletters

God said:

Today let there be love. Instead of fear, let there be love. Today when you see a mouse or a bat or a spider or a soldier, let there be love in your heart. You have forgotten the idea that you can love instead of fear. Why not venture love to all that comes your way? You have that choice, beloveds.

Until this moment, it may not have occurred to you. Until this moment, you may have been on automatic. You learned a response. To eek at a mouse. To step on a spider. To run away from a soldier or to hurt a solider who is, after all, only a man who happens to be in uniform. Flight or fight response is not a true instinct, beloveds. True instinct is to love. Love does not have to be requited for it to be love, but fear is always requited. Pass on love instead of fear. Why scare a mouse? Why alarm the universe over a mouse or anything?

The thing is: you do not have to be scared. Isn’t this a novel idea?

It is fear to be afraid of. Fear makes you tremble. It is not the mouse that does.

The mouse is an innocent creature, but fear is not innocent. Fear is jaded. It thrives on itself and always craves more. Your heart is the food it craves. Fear gains a great sense of power from taking bites out of your heart.

Let fear go. Fear is of the past. It does not have to take up the present nor the future. It is old clothing. Throw it away. It is out of season.

You have the idea that fear profits you, but there is no profit in fear. You do not have to carry fear.

The mouse is not your foe. Fear is. A soldier would not exist except as fall-out from fear. Who would need a gun except one who is afraid? One will even attack first to rule out the possibility of attack, and, so, fear fights fear in a duel to the finish.

Love is your crowning glory. Love shines. Fear tarnishes.

Wear love like a flag raised high. Be the love you are. Hide it no longer. Hide love behind fear no longer. Take a stand for love. Go with it. Let love be the side of the road you walk on. Let love be the tune you hum. Love will make no room for fear. It will leave fear by the wayside. Fear cannot keep up with love. Fear loses its oomph in the presence of love. Fear is a braggart and a blackguard. Have nothing to do with it.

Have to do with love. Favor love. That’s all you have to do. Remember it. Have it in mind. Just the way you may think of eating a sweet mango when you get home, think of love. Have it on your list. The next thing you will do is love. You will take love by the lapels, and you will hold it firmly before you. Or take love by the hand, and hold it close to your heart.

There is no chance to take when it comes to love. Love is a sure thing. It is the only sure thing. It is the only thing to rely on in all circumstances. No matter the event, love will serve you well. Remember love, beloveds. Consult it often. Wear it as a string around your finger so you will remember it always. Wind and unwind love. Drop love the way you would breadcrumbs so you will always find your way.

The Power between Thoughts | Heavenletters

God said:

When your heart feels strained, let your heart rest itself for a while. Leave it alone. Your heart can wait for an answer to come. Your heart does not have to solve everything. It certainly does not have to solve whatever is going on right now. The fact is, beloveds, that everything is already solved. If you can leave the revolutions of the Earth to Me, can you not leave your difficulties to Me as well?

Let your heart rest with Me. Your heart abides with Me anyway, so let your mind go on to something else more fulfilling. You find many things urgent. What is urgent, however, is that you let go of urgency and return to the peace I give to you. Recline in My love, beloveds. When you feel troubled, what else is there to do but return to Me? I suppose you can pound your chest if you like. You can repeat your heartache to anyone who will listen. You can go over it again and again in your mind, this gigantic problem that you will soon forget about in a week anyway.

When you find yourself up against what you feel incapable of solving, then turn it over to Me. Ideas will then present themselves to you. Or, you will turn around, and the problem simply will no longer be there. Where did it go? Where did it come from, beloveds?

It likely came from thoughts in your mind. What kind of thoughts? Fear thoughts, of course. What agonizing thoughts could you have that did not arise from fear? You are fearing something. You are fearing your inability to solve. You are fearing consequences if you do not do something. You are fearing that you are responsible. You are actually fearing that you are the cause of whatever upset there is. You may fear that you are the cause of all upsets. Certainly, you are the cause of your being upset.

It is not pretending to let decisions that are not yours to make rest a while. When you make bread, you let the dough rest, and then it rises. Do the same with difficulties. When you don’t know what else to do, this is the thing to do — let it rest. Have you not learned this many times?

It may be that whatever decisions you face seem big because you are too close to them. Distance yourself a little, and then you see them for the size they are. Close up is one thing. From a distance, is another. Bless your problems, for they are the oars of your boat.

Great discoveries have been made while the mind is at rest. Great power lies between thoughts. Thoughts are a dime a dozen. The silence between thoughts rolls over in diamonds and emeralds and rubies.

When a ship sails, it leaves a port. The ship sails awhile before it reaches the next port. There has to be the ship’s sailing on the water in order to reach the next port. When it comes to decisions you are faced with, the port of origin is your difficulty, and the solution is your destination. Set the direction in which you want to go, and the ship will simply go there.

There is no need to race the ship there. There is no need to fear the voyage. There is no need to stand always at the prow. Go take a little snooze, and let the evolution of the world take its course. When you wake up, you will find you have arrived, or, at least, gotten closer.

Catch the Brass Ring | Heavenletters

God said:

You have noticed by now that I am an original Thinker. I think for Myself. I have My own thoughts. I certainly do not copy yours nor do I just copy My own thoughts and repeat them. I do not have to remember what I have already said and how I said it before, no matter how great My expression of it may have been. So in that way, My thoughts are always new even though I’ve certainly had them before.

There is a tendency for My children to hold on to their old thoughts, to remember them, and repeat them, instead of discovering (or re-discovering) the truth now. Truth is unchangeable, but your perception is not.

Even if your thinking today is truly the same as yesterday, you tend to repeat a remembered thought rather than expressing it anew. Repeating is not the same as alive. Repeating and remembering are from the past. You want to catch up to yourself and be present in your thinking.

Let your thoughts be fresh every day. Move on in your evolution. Let your thoughts be ladders. You do not have to stay on the same rung.

Change your opinions. Because you have viewed the world in one way does not mean you have to keep your views the same. Look out from a higher place where you can see a greater vista.

Your thoughts are not your own unless they are yours today.

Do not be afraid to change your mind. Or empty it. Do not keep so much clutter there. Your mind has become an attic filled with old things collecting dust. Some of your thoughts are antiques. Some antiques have lost their value.

In any case, you are more valuable than anything in your attic.

Be a filterer of your thoughts. Be a sieve.

Thoughts serve their purpose and move on. Let your thoughts move you forward. Let them be propellers.

Thoughts are not to be tacked in place the way upholstery is.

You are a traveler in life. You may have drunk water from a magnificent pool, but now you travel further and find another pool of good water before you. A traveler cannot stay too long in the same spot or he does not progress nor can he be considered a traveler.

Even a whittler in life cannot whittle the same piece of wood every day.

What is it that you fear may be before you?

Do not stay in one place. Move ahead on your own steam. You do not want the crowds to push you forward, nor do you want them to keep you back. You evolve yourself. You are an evolver. Find your own place in the universe. Do not bookmark your thoughts.

Catch the brass ring. It is here for you to catch.

You may have to stretch a little to reach it.

Consider life as exercise. You stretch. You bend. You get up and you get down. And you reach tall. You pedal your feet and you jump in a pool. You swing. You do somersaults. And you rest in between. Quell your hyperactive thoughts once in a while.

Exercise your being. Hear its hum. Being is stillness, but sitting still is not the same as being. Even as you move, you are established in beingness. Your beingness rides along with you. You can hear it always.

Although your being is irrespective of your thoughts and your actions, beingness does not mean that you are not to budge. Budge your thoughts. Budge your responses. Budge an inch.

From your beingness, new thoughts arise. Recognize them, and arise with them. Hear anew. Hear higher notes. I play them for you.

Bless the Earth | Heavenletters

God said:

You are the crown I wear. Your presence blesses Me. I, God, am blessed by you. You are My blessing, and you are the focus of My attention. I tend to you. You are the crown of glory I cover Myself with. I occupy Myself with you. You fill My heart, and you fill My thoughts. You are My occupation.

I tend to you even as I know that you are all set. I send you reminders of your worthiness to Me. I see you have forgotten. I have never forgotten, and so I bless Myself with reminders of you on your behalf. I write to you in remembrance of yourself. When you remember Me, you remember yourself. Climb up a rung in the ladder. Climb to Me even though you are already stationed deep in My heart.

You are deeply established in My heart. You cannot fall out. You cannot disappear from My heart. Not a whit of you can disappear from My heart. You are My heart. You are the centrifugal force of My heart. I placed My heart out across the land of Earth. You have taken over My heart. I gave it to you in the same way that I gave Earth to you, as I gave you life on Earth, as I gave you the Garden of Eden, and now you roam in it, and you know not where you roam. You know not. You were found long ago, only you have a memory lapse. Your memory lapse is your fall from grace. You never fell. You forgot.

You have not quite figured out your surroundings. You have located yourself on Earth, so you believe, and you have forgotten your current place in Heaven, as it were. You forgot your true identity, and you took on a false one. You took on an alias of yourself, as it were. You took on a false persona. You whisked on a mask. You forgot the mask was your disguise. You believed your own propaganda. You sold yourself a bill of goods. You advertised it to yourself.

You thought you had made a good bargain with yourself when you had sold yourself folly. You are My true begotten love, and you have dubbed yourself Forgotten Love, yet it is you who has forgotten. I have never forgotten you and My love for you. My love is indelible. It cannot be shaken. I cannot do otherwise than love you and love you with all My heart. My heart is a lot of love indeed. My heart is perpetual love. It is Eternal Infinite love. It is yours, do you understand? You are My beloved. You.

From the moment I had a thought of you, you were Mine. I wrote your name across the Universe. I placed you gently on Earth, and you had the idea that you were thrown out of Heaven. I placed you gently so that you would be Heaven-placed on Earth.

The apple Eve ate was an apple of forgetfulness. The tree the apple came from was the tree of forgetfulness.

Now, in remembrance of Me and in remembrance of Our Oneness, I ask you to remember. Remember Me, and remember yourself. Remember that you are My glory. Only a semblance of you is strewn across Earth. Your body is strewn, yet you are not your body. You are not your body. You are not your body.

You are far more. You are My song sung from My heart. You inhabit the Earth on My behalf. You stand in for Me. Bless the Earth now in My Name and yours.

High Noon | Heavenletters

God said:

Friendship is a beautiful thing, for when you value and love your friend, you naturally feel great consideration for him. This awareness of your happiness in loving your friend is a symptom that you see him as yourself. He has become yourself. This friendship is not based on gain. It is based on giving from the purity of your heart because this is what you want to do and what makes you happy. Beautiful friendship has given you a head start on Oneness. It is a good beginning for the Oneness that is yours to live. Imagine how it will be when you feel for everyone the love you feel for your dear friend now. What a world this will be then. What a world you will create then. What unfathomable riches and happiness await when you do truly know everyone as yourself, not on the mind level, but on the level of reality of the heart. How marvelous to be surrounded by such loveship, and how marvelous for you to radiate it. This is ascension, beloved. This is rising in awareness to the state that already belongs to you yet you have thought was far away, perhaps impossible for an ordinary mortal like yourself to reach.

Whatever man has thought of is possible. There is nothing impossible. Certainly the Kingdom of Heaven is more than possible. It is real, and it is meant for you in this lifetime on Earth. It is likely. It is what you are here to bring. It is like you are carrying a chariot of the Kingdom of Heaven. You carry it and put it down, and others come to help. Soon enough, you will not have to carry it any longer because it will have already reached everyone. Where then could you carry it to?

With My love and the heraldship of Oneness delivered and assimilated – with awareness of Oneness having overtaken the world — what then is left for you to enjoy but to bask in the sun of completion? This will be High Noon all over the Universe. Love bestowed and accepted. Oneness understood, believed in, and seen all across the board. My One Son walks the Earth, and as he does, he sees endless mirrors of himself. Whosoever eyes his glance meets, he recognizes as Me. Namaste becomes more than words. It points out what everyone knows and feels in his heart. It is recognition, not of what may be, but of what is.

This is the day of reckoning. This is the day of recognizing. This is the day of Self-Realization, and it is a celebration for all. No one is left out. All are invited, and all attend. And everyone is you. Everyone is the same essence as you. Everyone is I. It has always been thus. Nothing is new except the grandness of your recognition.

You have been seeking yourself all along, and now you find yourself wherever you look. You are amazed at the Oneness. How this awareness of Oneness beats the awareness of duality.

Now you stop counting, making exceptions, checking genealogy because now you see the Source of All, and you know it is your Self.

For a while on Earth, you accepted a false identity card. It was so brief and unfinished. And now you have granted yourself the real visa to Heaven. You have donned a pair of glasses that allow you to see Reality in all its dimensions, and you see that the world is truly One, and you are the One.

Blessings like Apple Blossoms | Heavenletters

God said:

Apples fall from a tree, and blessings fall on you. There are so many blessings in the world that they are like autumn leaves. Blessings fall to you like spring rain. There are puddles of blessings around your feet. Blessings fall to you like snowflakes, enough for all. Apple blossoms drop from the trees. Their sweet scent reaches you even before you see them lightly falling and before a breeze sweeps them up. Apple blossoms swirl around you, and you absorb their scent and consciousness whether you pay attention or not. You are made of all these things.

Thoughts of blessings are blessings in themselves.

Imagine how the love of the universe drops at your feet. You are inundated with the universe’s love for you. With every breath you take, you breathe in universal love. With every breath out, you exhale love universal. Like air, the love is often silent and invisible, and yet it is everywhere. It permeates everywhere. It filters through your DNA, beloveds.

Imagine that everyone has your DNA. Imagine that DNA is like a voice. Everyone has a voice, and yet each voice has a timbre of its own. No two are exactly the same, yet every voice is a voice. And everyone has a heart. Everyone has a heart throbbing in his chest. Everyone walks the Earth, and everyone is in a quandary, walking around Earth as if it were the only place in the world, as if there were no further they could go, as if they were immobilized in a pasture bounded by a fence. Even when the view seems to be muddled, there is still a valley hidden by a mountain, a mountain hidden by mist, and your soul hidden from yourself.

What if you did see everything as love? What if you recognized that Heaven reaches its arms to you and lifts you up and throws you high and buoys you? What if you recognized that you never left Heaven and that Heaven is your very Being. If you knew you carried a great treasure, might you walk differently? What if you knew you have never been anywhere but with Me?

What if you really did know that what you are enmeshed in is only a dream. Somehow the dreams are shared, and yet there is only you to dream. And to dream of what?

Now try dreaming of how the universe rocks you, as if you were in a cradle treadled by Mother Nature’s foot.

Presently, you dream of little episodes that you think are major. The world seems huge to you. And yet you are vaster. The skin around you is nothing. It doesn’t keep you from entering the sky and rising to the stars, collecting them like apples, or like blossoms with the scent of Heaven. You roll the stars like hoops. You fling them. You send them off like sparklers. What is the difference between you and a star? The stars share your soul. Dream of that.

Dream that you hold the universe in your arms. Dream that you are pregnant with the universe. Dream that you give birth to the universe. Dream that you plant the flowers of the universe and pick them too. Dream that you venture to the furthest star and bring it home with you. Dream that the universe is your home. Dream that you are the whole universe. Dream that your body is nothing but a dream, a dream that you will outlive. It is a fascinating time that you lead encased in an imagined body. You will drift away from it. You are not tethered to it even now.

In the Oneness of Light | Heavenletters

God said:

You think you know what bliss is, but you have been only holding onto its tail. You have only a soupcon of what bliss is. Beloveds, it is more than the absence of what you call the troubles of the world. It is a joy so intense that you will never recover from it. You will certainly not get out of it. There will be no will to leave it, and no door nor crack for you to get through. Bliss will be the whirling golden energy that you associate with Higher Beings, and you will know that you are Higher Being. You never were all those things you imagined. You have never been anything like them, nor has anyone else.

I am using the word bliss with hesitation because I don’t want you to think that it is something apart from you and regular life or that it is affectation blissified or sissified and let you think that you don’t want it. The bliss of which I speak is not pristine nor prissy. It is simply laden with laser light. It is intense. It is what moves mountains and heals all wounds. Ordinary mortals will be immersed in Eternal Joy and will know with certainty that ordinariness does not exist and never did.

This Bliss of Eternal Joy will be so intense that you will hardly speak, and yet you will communicate, and you will communicate love which the intense joy is made of.

I call this bliss intense. This does not mean it will be a strain for you. You won’t have to clench your teeth and hold on as on a roller coaster ride. Beloveds, that is just it. You will hold on to nothing. What would there be to hold on to when all is golden light? You will walk through it, as you are walking now, only you will know the Goldenness you walk in, and you will never forget again.

Golden light was shadowed and foreshadowed for a finite measure of time, for a millisecond that you called a lifetime or history of the world. That person you thought you were, and the world thought you were, never existed. Everyone only thought that raw life existed. The TV news channel showed it. Books were written about it. It was analyzed from head to tail. It was studied in school, and it was all phantasmagoria. It was drama par excellence, and the bliss hidden. And yet the Light you now find yourself in will make all the drama worth it.

But the imagined time of imagining is at an end, and real life is beginning. The light of Heaven and the soil of Earth are blended. You cannot avoid the Light any longer. This is the meaning of “the blind shall see”, for you have all been blinded by the shadow of darkness. No longer will you be.

Oh, beloveds, you are going to stand in the Light with Me. You are going to hold hands with the Great Ones and all manner of Heavenly Beings, for you are of the same rank. You are the Holiness that has ever been, and you are the Holiness that you seek. Holiness is becoming rampant on Earth as it is in Heaven. Heaven and Earth will no longer be imagined as twain. Oneness is Oneness, beloveds, and you are the One Light that shines in Heaven and shines on the once-seeming-isolated Earth now merged in the brandishing light of Heaven. You will see. You will see.

If you want to gain nourishment from the air, you will. If you want to fly at will, you will. Your wildest dreams will become every day reality. You, My beloveds, are waking up and finding Me and smiling back at Me in the Oneness of Our Immeasurable Golden Light.

Bless Yourself | Heavenletters

God said:

You select what’s on your mind. Whatever you are attending to, you could be attending to something else. What are you looking at, beloveds?

With what you see right now, you can see aright. There is enough beauty and love to see. No need to look at blight. What you look at and what you think go in tandem.

Where you have seen fault, you have sought it. See the other side of it. Go around the corner in your thoughts. Beneath where you see disorder, perhaps great good-naturedness lies. Does disorder take precedence over good nature?

If you can interpret one thing, you can interpret another. If you can interpret one way, you can interpret another. Give before you take. See the other side of the horizon. See beyond what you presently see and notice.

When you see an angry man, you can also see caring.

Where you see disturbance, you can also see desire for peace.

Where you see inertness, you can also see hurt.

What are you looking for, beloveds, to be pleased or displeased? It is just as easy to be pleased. Being displeased is a habit of small perception. You can give up that habit. You can give it up for love.

Every time you find fault, you compound it. You etch the fault deeper. You run it into the ground. You stomp on heart energy and tamp it down. Every time you find favor, you etch joy in gold.

Consider that pleasure and displeasure are voting at the polls. Which do you vote for? When you are being open to being pleased, you are voting Yes. When you are displeased, you are voting No.

It is easy to find fault. You don’t need any instruction in it. Fault was found in you. Faultfinding was passed on to you. You were never good enough in someone’s eyes, so now you look through their eyes and do not see good enough either.

On a day when you feel happy, today, for instance, things that might have bothered you yesterday, don’t bother you today. When you are happy, what bothers you? When you are content, you are not discontent. Come from the angle of being pleased, and you will be happier. Carry the banner of appreciation.

Beloveds, worthy as you are, who are you to approve or disapprove? Your role on Earth is to bless. The world is not yours to walk through casting a stern eye here and there. The world is for you to walk through and give and gain pleasure. You are not meant to be exclusive. You are not meant to snub the world. The world before you was made for you. You were not intended to be a drama critic. You were meant to enjoy the show.

And whether you are on stage or off, your role is not so much to please others as it is for you to be pleased. This is not selfish. This is being gracious. When the world presents you with an apple, bite into it. When the world offers you an onion, be not dismayed. There are more apples around. Look for them.

You are the fertile ground in which seeds are planted. You are also the planter who chooses which seeds to plant. You can sow goodwill. Start now with being pleased that you are a Human being on Earth. Use the opportunity to create happiness.

Now, do not spend time faulting yourself for being such a faultfinder. Bless yourself instead and become a joy-finder and so a joy-giver and so a blessing be.

A Spark of God’s Light | Heavenletters

God said:

I am a plentiful God. I survey My Creation and I give. I know what to give. I know what I have given. Do you know what you have received?

Probably not.

Probably you notice everything that you don’t want and forgot to see what you have been blessed with. Everything you don’t want is clear to you. You make an objection after the fact. What good is that? Your knee has already been scraped, and you say, “I protest”. A judge has sentenced you to a night in jail, and you say, “Your honor, I protest.” Or you say, “God, why did You do this to me?” or “God, how could You have let this happen.”

Instead of bemoaning what has transpired, wave your good to you.

Usher it in.

Welcome it.

Invite it.

Be assured of it.

Make acquaintance with your good.

Think beyond your present possibilities, and then you are thinking.

Do not mire yourself in conditions. Circumstances are but scenery passing you by. Scenery is not the director of you, but you have been kowtowing to it. Scenery around you is not the present. Scenery is something put up and then taken down. The present is something else. You have to look behind and beyond the scenery to know the present. You move through the scenery. The scenery does not place you somewhere. The scenery doesn’t alter you although sometimes you believe it does.

You are far mightier than the scenery. And you will do well to look far beyond it. You must, or you are entrenched in the scenery, locked in to pictures around you, enmired in a backdrop.

Look to your heart, and look to Me, and you will see past the subterfuge around you.

My friends, you do not need to obey the events and circumstances of your life. Uphold only that within them which upholds you.

Look to your inner knowingness.

Be your own guide. Rely on truth and not so much on factors. Factors are but shifting sands. What do they really have to do with you? What does the impermanent have to do with the permanent? What does unholiness have to do with holiness? You are the permanent, and you are the holy, for you are a section of Me. You are a part of Me. Not just a splinter of Me, but a part. No, not a part. An integrated whole. You are My consciousness in Human form. Partake of My consciousness, for it is yours.

You are a little embarrassed when I call you holy. You cough behind your hand, as if I were not All-Seeing. You think you see better than I. You think I am blind not to see your misdemeanors, but you are blind to see them, for around you is a vast light so bright and so beautiful that if you could but see it, you would look at nothing else. You would not be blinded by this brightness, but you would see in this brightness, and you would breathe it in, and you would become it fully in your appreciation of its greatness. You would absorb it, or it would absorb you, and which was which would not matter at all, for you and the light would be merged, and you would be the light, or the light would be you, and there would be light magnificent, and you would know it. You would know Me, and you would know you.

I have always known you. You have not departed from your initial created moment. That spark is within you still. That is who you are. You are My true light. You who are made of My light are My light.

The Myth of Time and Space | Heavenletters

God said:

Difficulties seem to all come from the outside. Your pen doesn’t work. The computer isn’t behaving. Customer service puts you on hold and you wait and wait. The weather does not always cooperate and so on.

These interruptions to your peace of mind are called problems or frustration or trouble. They are really nothing more than inconveniences, My beloveds. That’s all. In certain situations, inconveniences may seem dire and urgent, but an inconvenience is an inconvenience. Urgency and direness exist in your mind. You rate inconveniences as dire and urgent because you think time is important and that their limits have to be upheld. Sometimes an inconvenience goes away by itself. Sometimes, no matter what you do, it won’t go away. And so you have “good” days and “bad” days.

Who is it who has two different kinds of days? Who is it who is aggravated? Do you not have some say in the kind of day you have?

What if nothing has to be a certain way? What if everything, as is, is all right? What if you think of delay as okay? What if you think of having to wait as a chance to rest? What if waiting is a blessing? Will you admit that it could be?

What if you decide that whatever befalls, there is a blessing contained within. It must be so.

You have made certain rules for life. You think they are laws. Make different laws for yourself and no longer be dismayed. The sky is not falling.

There is much talk of priorities. Perhaps you want to make lightheartedness instead of seriousness a priority. Wouldn’t you like to make sense of humor a priority? Wouldn’t you like to abolish aggravation from your repertoire? Aggravation is not what happens. Aggravation is your perspective. There is no law that says you must be aggravated or frustrated or annoyed or angry because of anything at all.

If everything is all right, what is there then to be aggravated about?

If a train is supposed to arrive at a certain time, and it doesn’t, is that cause for tenseness? Who says it must be?

If you get lost on a highway, what makes it a problem really?

Much of your aggravation stems from matters of mythical time. You want to be on time. Time tells you to rush. It doesn’t tell you to take your time. Time is not courteous at all. Yet it is you who makes life a mad dash. You seem to be in such a hurry to get somewhere. Time and space dominate. They have dominated your happiness.

You must think that time and space are yours. You think you own them, and that you are, at the same time!, liable to their supervision. They are a secret boss who governs your every move. You are very partial to time and space. You have made altars to them, perhaps hoping for special dispensation.

Go ahead and love imaginary blocks of time and blocks of space, but be not subservient to them. They are in plenty of supply. There is more than enough to go around. Even though they are illusions, there is no end to them. Because they are illusions, you cannot run out of them. You can re-imagine them any time you choose.

You can also politely tip your hat to imagined boundaries and say you have more important things to do than to keep bowing down to them. Time and space are boundaries, beloved, and you, who are unbounded, do not have to be bound to them. Release yourself now from their occupation of you and your preoccupation with them.