There are no accidents, every event and experience has a purpose.

Jesus through John

Humanity has entered the final stages of the collective awakening process. You have all done incredible work, both individually and collectively, to bring this about, and you are about to be enormously honored for the work you have been doing, absolutely vital work that only you could do. All are One, so every individual thought or intention to be only loving at all times combines with those of all others with the same intent, vastly and purposefully intensifying the final stages of your collective awakening process. Do not doubt the immense power of your individual intentions to be only loving, because they are massive, being completely integrated with and in alignment with God’s Will.

Yes, you are humans in form and are daily experiencing the limitations of that state, nevertheless, your true nature is Love, and Its divine energy flows through you in every moment, expanding outwards like a vast…

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You all dearly desire to honor and love God.

Jesus through John

Lovewards is the way forward. You all know that Love is the only Reality, the only way that relationships can grow and evolve, and you all want Love in your lives. But you often do not trust yourselves, mainly because of traumas experienced in childhood, or traumas from past lives as humans, and that lack of trust shows up in yourselves as guilt, shame, unworthiness, and other invalid beliefs you cling to as a result, and then you indulge in further meaningless negative self-assessments as you compare yourselves to others.

You are all perfect divine beings because you are all the beloved children of God who created you as eternally perfect expressions of consciousness, of Himself! All conscious sentient beings who exist were created by Mother/Father/God and are eternally present as the most beautiful and harmonious aspects of the One, and are never for even the briefest of moments separated…

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Fear empowers your egos, but Love dissolves fear.

Jesus through John

Life is about Love, and nothing else! Yes, I do keep talking about Love, and that’s because all that exists is enfolded most lovingly within It because It is All That Exists. There is not and could not possibly be anything or anywhere else because It is infinitely vast, enveloping all sentient life, all of creation, and thereby satisfying every need and desire, and, of course, all that exists is alive.Every one of God’s infinite number of creations is alive, is sentient, although humanity has chosen to believe that most of the apparently inanimate matter or basic elements which makes up the world of form – in fact the whole universe – is without life, consciousness, or sentience of any kind.

Your mainstream science still believes and continues to spread the message that life just arose by chance for no reason and with no purpose, even though the statistical…

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Large numbers of you do still not believe in your own unchangeable perfection.

Jesus through John

As your collective awakening process approaches completion an enormous amount of ‘stuff’ is bursting into the collective consciousness for acknowledgment, thanks, forgiveness, and release. It holds within it many generations worth of resentment, denial, and anger that has been deeply buried because it was too intensely painful to acknowledge either as it was happening or at any time afterwards, up until now. Now the whole human collective is allowing it into awareness, and with it comes much guilt and shame for past long forgotten words and actions.

It has to be dealt with NOW! Until it is complete your awakening remains on hold. There is only a very little bit more of the awakening process that needs to occur before it comes to its most amazing and magnificent completion. However, all the ‘stuff,’ which is not and cannot be in alignment with Love, has first to be one hundred percent…

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God/Love/Source never punishes anyone! 

Jesus through John

Here in the spiritual or non-physical realms we are very much aware of your concerns and anxieties as chaos and confusion seem to be escalating on your beautiful planet Earth. DO make a point of starting your day by going deep within yourselves, to your holy inner sanctuaries, and then opening your hearts to Love, which resides there permanently, waiting patiently, ready and most willing to embrace and comfort you when you choose and remember to invite It in.

You are never unloved, or without Love. Such a state is impossible because Love is your true nature, as you do know deep within yourselves; and It is always with you, It is You. However, it often seems to you that you are without It, living unloved and abandoned in an inhospitable world. And yet you do know that this is not the case, that it only appears that way because…

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Life is a Miracle, and you are all Alive!

Jesus through John

As you are all well aware, humanity’s awakening process is moving forwards beautifully, just as God intends, no other way is possible. Therefore, relax! God’s intent is always perfectly achieved, so release your doubts about His Reality, which is Reality in all its magnificence and glory, and TRUST Him completely. You only have problems or issues when you engage with doubt about the reality of the divine plan, and when you attempt to conceive of how, in your opinion,it could or should be unfolding. Those ‘mind-games’ that you play with yourselves – the ‘what-ifs,’ and the ‘this has to be wrong,’ and the ‘God would not allow this to happen’ thoughts and arguments you have with yourselves – are egoic distractions which delay your acceptance of the fact that the collective awakening process is occurring right now.

Your thoughts do not and could not interfere with the process, let…

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You are REAL, form and the fear it stimulates are NOT.

Jesus through John

There is only Love. Nothing else is needed because Love is All. All sentient life is enfolded in the One, the energy field that is the infinite Vastness that is All. Never for even the briefest of instants has Love ceased embracing Its creation. However, due to the free will that is an essential aspect of the freedom in which all were created, free choice is always available, and a choice was made to experience separation, and a seemingly unattached state – an unreal imaginary state that has never existed – was constructed in which to engage in that experience. That state has seemed extraordinarily real because that was the purpose for which it was constructed, and all sentient life that chose to experience form has found it to be an extremely convincing reality, even though it is totally Unreal!

Because it appears to be so real, the happiness, pain…

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Intend to be fully integrated within the field of Love.

Jesus through John

The collective awakening of humanity is proceeding apace, so do not allow yourselves to be unduly disturbed by the less than uplifting stories that the MSM focuses on, and then publishes with monotonous regularity in order to spread fear and anxiety. There is far more going on in the world, and of a far more uplifting nature, that is clearly indicating that your awakening is progressing quite beautifully. The divine Will is always achieved, so release any doubts to which you may be clinging, even inadvertently.

Often unsettling thoughts, feelings, and emotions flow through your minds far too freely, without you being aware of what they are – just that . . . thoughts, feelings, and emotions – they are not you, but, to you, they feel like you. Part of being human, with a veil hiding Reality from you, is to identify yourselves with your thoughts, feelings, and emotions…

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Keep on being and expressing the Love that you all are.

Jesus through John

You – all of humanity – are awakening, there are signs of this all around you, so let go of any doubts or negative judgments about it, and allow yourselves to become aware of these signs. As you do so you further strengthen and empower the flow of Love, the Life Force that enlivens you and your human bodies, as it flows through you and out into the collective energy field of humanity, intensifying everyone’s sense of the imminence of the awakening. To do this, and just this, is why you are presently incarnate as a human on Planet Earth at this precise moment of now. Each one of you made the most positive, personal, and individual choice to be here now. So, now that you are here, allow yourselves to know this, and then at least once daily reset your intent to share and extend the Love that you…

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Now is the moment to choose to accept that God’s Love for you is inexhaustible.

Jesus through John

In this new year of 2022 you may expect great and uplifting changes to the way you live on Earth as humans because of your collective awakening. It is to be a year that will inspire and delight all those of you who have been looking forward with great enthusiasm to the awakening, and you will not be disappointed. Your prayers, meditations, and powerfully loving intentions over the last few years are coming to fruition as many, who up until now had totally forgotten that they had a divine purpose on earth as humans, start to seek a spiritual purpose in their lives. This new-found interest in “things spiritual” will surprise and delight them, especially as they discover that they do indeed have a spiritual purpose – their true purpose – and that in this they are not alone!

All sentient beings are divine spiritual beings – mystics – but…

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