Beyond God there is nothing because God is the infinite ALL.

Jesus through John

Here in the non-physical realms we are overawed by humanity’s amazing and extremely rapid progress as you move from being deeply asleep and dreaming back into your natural, normal, and beautiful state of fully conscious awareness that you are eternally, and in every moment, One with God. You are coming to the realization that there is no place, space, or state of being, other than of Oneness with God. And to come to that realization is wondrous and amazing, because you have for so long believed that, as humans, you are each an individual, completely physically separated even from those with whom you have the most intimate of relationships possible. As humans it appears that you are born alone and that you die alone. But in truth you are never alone because separation from God is utterly and completely impossible.

Being human is NOT a state of individuality separated from…

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While experiencing life as humans you are unconscious.

Jesus through John

Life as a human in form presents you with many lessons that you planned for yourselves prior to incarnating, and which sometimes shock you when they are presented to you, as they normally arrive unexpectedly; or you may not even notice them, in which case they will definitely be presented again. This is NOT a failure on your part! Life as a human is confusing and demanding, and just day to living is frequently extremely difficult for many people purely because of the paths they planned for themselves before incarnating.

When you are planing your next life paths, prior to incarnating, what you wish to learn and place on your paths is very clear to you. However, it is almost impossible for you to really conceive of the difficulties that you will encounter once you are actually incarnate, and have forgotten that you yourselves actually planned the experiences that you…

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Respect and honor yourselves, and respect and honor others.

Jesus through John

Humanity’s collective awakening process is proceeding apace! Do not allow yourselves to be unduly distracted by world events, although they seem very real, very troubling, and as though they are leading to further pain, suffering, and conflict for all of humanity. Instead, be fully aware – and this why you are presently incarnate – that what you are seeing in the world around you IS unreal! Humanity IS awakening, there is no going back because you have collectively chosen to open fully to your true nature – LOVE! This has always been your intention, and God’s Will for you. Finally, after what seems like eons – and in time it has been!– but which has been but a moment, you have affirmatively answered God’s invitation, delivered to you at the instant of your choice to experience separation, to return to Love, to Oneness, and to joy.

As these last few…

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God’s Love for His children is infinite, eternal, and unchanging.

Jesus through John

As you prepare to start a new year, do relax into that space of deep inner knowing that you all possess, and allow yourselves to know that God’s plan for humanity is unfolding precisely as She intends, knowing, as you all do, that what She intends always occurs exactly as She wills. Humanity is awakening, and there are signs of this all across the world, even as it seems from the presentations of the various media outlets that pain, suffering, and conflicts are increasing enormously. Yes, there is much conflict occurring, and that is because there are still many on Earth who are clinging very fearfully to large amounts of judgment, anger, resentment, and hatred as it becomes ever more apparent to them, quite naturally, that the authoritarian governmental organizations on whom they have been relying for personal and global safety have been failing in that task.

To awaken into…

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Here’s one of Jesus’ uplifting messages from 2020 to reinspire us all this Christmas, Blessings, John.

Jesus through John

Sorrow is a powerful emotion that arises when you experience loss.

Today I want to address sorrow. Many people are experiencing great sorrow as a result of being separated from friends and loved ones, due to the present worldwide restrictions on meetings and social interactions of all kinds. When you experience yourself feeling sorrow, sadness, or any kind of dissatisfaction with the circumstances of your life, please call on me. I am always available, and I will always answer your call immediately! It is my joy to assist you all in your ongoing awakening processes, which many of you are finding extremely unsettling. As you spend more time alone, and find emotional issues arising powerfully within you which need to be addressed, thanked, forgiven, and released, ask me to help you to relax into your holy inner sanctuaries where Love awaits you, wishing only to embrace and honor you if

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It is in fact you that are vast, and, in relation to you, the universe is truly insignificant.

Jesus through John

The collective human awakening is almost upon you, it will NOT be delayed! Now is the moment for this magnificent event to come to fruition, to bear fruit, and it will. You have, with massive intent and through the enormous power of Love, now reached the point from which colossal joy will flow freely and abundantly through vast numbers of you, joy that will totally envelop, embrace, and amaze you. You are going to be so glad that you you chose to be incarnate as a human at this moment in this most beautiful further unfolding of God’s divine will for Her beloved children.Yes, the environment that you experience as humans in form is most certainly unreal, illusory.

Yet, while you are seemingly conscious of being a small, and sometimes quite insignificant, mortal beings in a vast, unconscious, and unaware universe, it is in fact you that are vast…

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Releasing personal doubts is an essential aspect of everyone’s awakening.

Jesus through John

We are all One! Any of you reading this cannot be unaware of this divine Truth, the very Foundation upon which Reality, Mother/Father/God rests in eternally glorious Peace and Love. This provides for and satisfies all your needs before you have any, and so you have none! As humans in form, however, it seems that you do have endless needs, a multitude of needs that never are and never can be satisfied. That is what the state of separation is, only it is not, because separation from the One cannot ever happen. Nevertheless, the human experience of life in form, consciousness enclosed within a limiting form or body, is one of separation, of individuality, of being one and alone, and appears to be totally real. Humans generally have become so accustomed to accepting their bodies as themselves, as completely independent and separate beings, and of living life in a manner…

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You are all individual and brilliant Sparks of the Light that is God expressing Herself through you.

Jesus through John

Life is good, it is always good, but then you allow yourselves to be distracted by the unrealities or illusions of the world of form in which you have collectively chosen to experience separation from your Source, Mother/Father/God; and then intense suffering, pain, or terror can rise up into your field of consciousness. When that happens you temporarily cease to experience life as good, and frequently blame the dissatisfaction or pain that you are experiencing on others, the government, or even on God.

Due to your collective choice eons ago to experience the unreality of separation from Source, and humanity’s collective choice to awakennowfrom the unreality of that state, much is arising all across the world that has to be addressed, forgiven, and released. In other words, humanity is now in the process of acknowledging, forgiving, and releasing on an individual and collective basis everything within them that…

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Separation is unreal, and has not and never will occur.

Jesus through John

As you wait most expectantly, and filled with excitement for the grand awakening, it is essential that you continue to visit the holy inner sanctuaries deep within yourselves every day to reset the intent to be only loving whatever arises. You are all Love incarnate, but for the most part you become so busy with your daily human lives, and distracted from the reality of who you truly are by the stress of those daily lives as humans, that you remain in your illusory or dream-like state of unawareness of your authentic nature. The world of form seems very real, because this was your intention when you built it, and this is indeed very confusing for you as you live within it today.

Visiting your holy inner sanctuaries and resetting your loving intent reminds you, for a moment or two, that you are Love incarnate, then you get re-distracted by…

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Every one of you is an absolutely indispensable master craftsman.

Jesus through John

Good day to you all, and, despite any worries or anxieties you may be feeling, it is a very good day. Humanity is awakening rapidly, the main event is very close now, and, of course, there is only Now! Yes, I and many others have told you that again and again to assist you to come to an awareness of the unreality of time. In fact your most recent science has come to the realization that time is flexible and variable, changeable, and therefore unreal, even though it continues to seemingly flow from the past through the present to the future. And as you can choose to be aware that there is only now, you are, therefore, always in the now; you may remember the past and dream of or dread the future, but you always do that now. When you allow yourselves to accept that, then fears and anxieties…

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