Let go of your doubts and BE yourselves with courage and determination.

Jesus through John

We are all connected, we are all at one with each other, we are in a collective and intimate relationship with each other – always, in every moment. There is NO separation because there is only the ONE! Life is eternal, It is forever, It is Mother/Father/God, the infinite energy field of Love that is REALITY!

Presently you are experiencing a dream, an illusion, a game of separation in which multitudes are suffering greatly because the human collective believes that life as a human in form is real, is a one time event that unavoidably and inevitably terminates finally and forever in the death of your human bodies. But you are NOT your bodies, your conscious awareness is Who You are and is inan eternal and joy filled state of existence at One with God– even if that awareness, as is the case for the majority of humans…

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You Are the awakening process, so trust it and celebrate it.

Jesus through John

There is no separation, such a state is impossible because we are all – and ALL – One. Mother/Father/God, Source, Love – whatever word or words anyone chooses to use to label the All is totally immaterial – can only be known and experienced because It is totally beyond naming. And when there is only the One naming is obviously completely unnecessary. The One is infinite consciousness, infinite awareness, infinite wisdom, infinite intelligence that expresses Itself – makes Itself known to Itself, to all sentient life – as the infinite all-embracing vastness that is All.In humans It is experienced as consciousness aware of itself, as constrained and restricted by the limitations that are the nature of human form, the inability to see or sense energy frequencies that are not extremely close to those that enliven that form.

To awaken is to know, to be aware of All, to experience Self…

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The form you have chosen is always perfect for you.

Jesus through John

All sentient life forms are Love expressing Itself through those forms. That is not always apparent because, as beings in form, the need to care for those forms is an ongoing daily requirement that very frequently distracts you from your overall intent to be only loving whatever arises. So forgive yourselves for any “sins or errors” that you “commit,” and make a point of fully accepting yourselves, just as you are, in the here and now environment of life in form. You are all, without any exceptions, doing your best, but because you are all, by design, evolving spiritually in every moment of your lives in form, you keep being brought to the awareness that you need to evolve even further, that you need to stop reacting egotistically when something unexpectedly occurs and upsets you, even momentarily.

You all chose to be in form in whatever age you experienced or…

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Guilt never serves you.

Jesus through John

Be at peace with yourselves, all is flowing beautifully, just as divinely intended. Trust yourselves, because you are, every one of you reading this message, precisely where you are meant to be, where you chose to be before you incarnated for this present human life experience. You all chose to be in form at this precise moment – NOW – to massively assist in humanity’s awakening process, and that is exactly what you are all doing. You are all setting and holding the intent to be only loving whatever arises daily in your lives, even if at times it does not seem like that because, unthinkingly and unmindfully, your egos react unlovingly to an unexpected event or personal interaction. Just remind yourselves, when you become aware that such an event has occurred, that your true intent is to be only loving, and forgive yourselves immediately for your error.

Let go…

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Your natural state is Being, Being at One with Source.

Jesus through John

Humanity is awakening, Now! It is the divine Will that you do so when you decide that you no longer wish to engage in the ego’s game of separation, and the collective has made that decision and, therefore, your awakening is already happening; signs of this momentous event are appearing worldwide. Enormous numbers of people have come to understand that life as a human is a marvelous opportunity to evolve spiritually, and to release themselves from reacting unthinkingly to the issues with which life presents them in every moment due to the fear-driven guidance or directives of their egos. More and more people are becoming aware that their egos always encourage fear-driven reactions that do not serve their soul’s bests interests. As you cease allowing fear (ego) to be the leading rationale or motivating factor directing your thoughts, words, and actions, you will find your lives flowing more smoothly and…

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You are alive and conscious of being alive, and that is indeed Miraculous.

Jesus through John

As you wait impatiently for humanity’s awakening to come to fruition, make a point of reminding yourselves regularly throughout the day that the divine Will is always achieved, absolutely perfectly – the only perfection there is – just as divinely intended, and that there is only the divine Will, anything else is unreal, illusory. Your awakening is divinely assured, and is, therefore, absolutely inevitable – just as day follows night! If you will look you will see encouraging signs in many places as the moment for this most magnificent event draws ever closer.

Yes, I know that you have all heard this before, and that living in unreality as you do, impatience is therefore an unavoidable state or sensation that you all experience quite regularly for numerous reasons, not least as you await your long promised awakening. Just remind yourselves that all is divinely taken care of, and that whatever…

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Your awakening will be a most glorious occasion.

Jesus through John

We are all One . . . there is NO separation. The experience of separation is unreal, illusory, like an excessively long dream, from which you are awakening. You need to awaken to enjoy the fullness of life as One with Source, life as it is meant to be lived, fully conscious, fully mindful, fully aware, fully AWAKE!

However, your thinking human minds are constantly distracting you from your intended path of spiritual evolution, the path you designed for this human lifetime, and which is leading you – ALL of humanity – back to Reality, the Home that your Father created for you, and in which you have your eternal existence. Separation never occurred, never could occur, because there is only the infinite and limitless energy field that is God, Mother/Father/God, Source, LOVE!

You are at Home, you just chose a moment ago to be unaware of this divine and…

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The state in which you are most joyfully aware of your Oneness with Mother/Father/God.

Jesus through John

Here in the spiritual or non-physical realms we are watching with joy as humanity processes and releases all the ‘stuff’ that is arising purely in order to be lovingly released. The lessons with which the ‘stuff’ has presented you have served their purpose and are no longer needed as an aspect of your awakening process. When all has been fully released – that release is occurring now worldwide – you will feel the strength of peace pervading your individual physical environments, your personal human space, as you open your hearts fully to Love, offering It the invitation to enter into your hearts to embrace you. It has been patiently waiting for this invitation for eons, and receiving it now allows Love to spread the magnificence of Its joy to all of humanity.

So, I would remind you yet again that you are Love, Love incarnate, and that Love is All…

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Inner peace is available to all.

Jesus through John

As Saul and I have often told you: There is only One! Let that statement sink in and settle deeply into your hearts, because it is the TRUTH. You need to remind yourselves of this at least once daily, and preferably many times. You are One with Source, with Love, and with all sentient life forms. There is no separation and there is no possibility of separation, so set, and keep setting, the intent to treat all, especially yourselves, only lovingly. There are NO enemies! Love is always unconditionally loving and accepting of ALL sentient life because it is All Sentient Life, that is how It has always been and how It will always continue to be.

For a long time, as humans, when you too strongly judge yourselves negatively, as not good enough, unworthy, shameful, or unacceptable in any way at all, many of you develop cancer. Now avoid…

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You do not need to do anything to move into wakefulness, you just need to BE.

Jesus through John

You are all – every sentient being without any exceptions – firmly established on your personal paths to awakening. Even though there is only the One, the One experiences Itself differently through each of you as you follow your individual paths to awakening. None of those paths are accidental, unintended, or inadvertent, each of you very carefully chose the paths that you are now following towards the grand awakening because you wanted to be as helpful as you possibly could be by proffering and portraying an uplifting and inspiring demonstration of the awakening process to those with whom you would interact during this lifetime as a human in form. And everyone of you, without any exceptions, is doing precisely what you planned to do, as you designed and set up the human life paths that you are presently following, quite brilliantly. Do not be concerned by the seeming worldwide chaos…

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