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God said:

Have a little faith in what I say. Only a little will carry you far. Attend to what you can embrace here. Look not for argument. What can you gain by argument with Me? Do you really think you know more than I?

When you learned algebra, you accepted that there was something you needed to learn. You accepted that you did not know it all. But when it comes to what I tell you of the grandness of creation, you are like the two-year old who says no automatically. He considers himself the arbiter of the world and its Heavens. He makes pronouncements and denouncements. As he duels with his father, you duel with Me.

But I do not duel with you. I play no game. I prove no point. I speak Truth. I cannot hear it for you. You must hear it for yourself. Put your energy somewhere else rather than debate with Me. I am not an adversary, nor are you an adversary to Me, no matter what your fussing and fuming. We are Love. What more is there to it than that?

Never mind trying to understand what I say. Understand Me. Understand My place in your life. Accept My friendship. I do not expound My precepts for anyone but you and for nothing but you. I do not talk to hear Myself talk. I lift you with My words. I am raising you. I am telling you what is in My heart to tell you so that you may find the grace in life.

You do not need lessons in finding the graceless. You are already good at that.

I will stretch you. I will not let you stay the dreary same. You will come out of your nest and awake to the Sun. You will sing a different tune. You have to change your refrains. Now you sing a new song, and I am teaching it to you.

Your intellect is weary. It assails itself. It courses and winds and ties itself up. The intellect is a spider caught in its own web. Rest your intellect a while, and recline in your heart.

Your heart knows not of arguments. Your heart knows of love. That is its natural state.

Because life does not always follow your bidding or arrange itself the way you think, do not use that as an excuse to encumber your heart with judgment. Leave your heart to itself. It is well aware of Me. It is not your heart that criticizes Me. Why would it? Your heart knows Me very well.

You are My generation. You are My seed. You are not meant to be My accuser. It is not your place to defend the downtrodden when it comes to Me.

Ego fans itself with argument. You try to catch My attention with argument. You already have My attention. My attention is called love.

You may think you want the last word with Me, but you don’t. You know you are insufficient without Me — as if you could ever truly be without Me. Yes, you argue with your very underpinnings.

If you seek Truth, let it in. Give it admittance. Start from the premise that what I say is true. Consider this certainty at least a possibility. I offer you Heaven, and you quibble. Why would you do that? Be chagrined. Look up.

Arise to your true stature. You are not smallness. You are greatness. Do not debate such matters with Me. Do We have time for debate? It seems that We have a lot to do for the world. All your arguments are just staying actions, and We move onto greater fields. Put down your sword, and come travel with Me. Haven’t you seen enough of the ways of the world. Come, let Me show you Heaven.

Energy Surges Continue ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been experiencing surges of energy ourselves, and while we cannot completely relate to what it has been like there on Earth, we want you to know that we can empathize with how unsettling the surges can be. You are all doing the best that you can to stay on track with these energies, and we applaud you for that. We know that the challenges before you are about maintaining your physical and physical existence while simultaneously having so many different spiritual experiences.

These spiritual experiences must be integrated into the physical realm, and what is very challenging about that is the fact that the physical human body is the most dense part of you. It is the hardest part of you to keep on track. This is why it is so important to stay hydrated and grounded at this time. It’s never going to be a good idea to be dehydrated or ungrounded, but with the recent energy surges that you and we have been experiencing, it is particularly important for you to take care of yourselves.

Recognize that the journey you are on is a very intense one, and that you’re not just there on Earth playing out the same old stories that you have in previous lifetimes. You are there to ascend. You are there to become your higher selves, and that is a gigantic undertaking, the likes of which you have never experienced before in this universe. It is going to be a rough and rocky ride at times, and you are going to need to listen to your bodies. Give yourself the rest that you need. Let yourselves off the hook, and enjoy the physical as best you can, because in your enjoyment of the physical, you are more likely to be grounded in your bodies.

Now is not the time to be taking on a lot of physically taxing and challenges tasks. Now is the time to be checking in with your body on a regular basis and seeing what it is that you really need, as opposed to what it is that you just normally do. This is a time for receiving these energies as well, and in order to receive them more fully, sometimes you just have to take a break, take it easy, and let go of your list of things to do. Taking care of yourself in that way is an act of self-love.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Open The Door… | The Creator

Take a moment and look at those around you.  Look into their eyes.  In that instant, you may be able to glimpse what path they are on, the battles they may be fighting, if they have begun their movement toward the light and if they truly like themselves.

This is not to place you in a position of judgement…it is an exercise in compassion.  When you can see and understand what your fellow human beings are going through, a connection is created, giving you a chance to see within yourself and what changes need to be made.  It also affords you the opportunity to see their innate beauty regardless of outward appearances.  You have an amazing life, with abilities, knowledge and wisdom you have barely explored…it is time to open that door and begin. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

Arcturian Group Message April 21, 2019 | Marilyn Raffaele @

                                                                      APRIL 21, 2019

Dear ones, we greet you on this religious holiday of Easter being celebrated in Christian communities the world over in remembrance of the suffering, death, and resurrection of the master teacher Jeshua.  However,  just as with the Christmas story, Easter also holds much deeper meaning and every human is living the Easter story at some level.
Every individual throughout their many lifetimes has experienced the death of old beliefs and the integration of new ones but always within the third dimensional belief system. This is how evolution happens.  At some point a spiritual completion of sorts is reached and the death of what has become one’s outgrown state of consciousness begins.   The soul has reached a place of readiness for new and higher dimensional awareness although usually not consciously aware of it.
Many past lives were short and filled with suffering while others were long and fulfilling but all were necessary in order for the soul to experience and grow from every  aspect of three dimensional living and then move on which begins with a growing sense of dissatisfaction with what has previously been comfortable and normal.
Confusion and a sense of loss comes as a person gradually begins to shift out of alignment with some friends, traditional family values, religious doctrine, certain foods, entertainments, work, etc.  This is the period in which many make futile attempts to restore that which they feel they are losing, not realizing that their energy is no longer in alignment with these things.
The death throes of one’s old state of consciousness can be painful on one or all levels but is short or long depending upon resistance. This is the period known as the “Dark night of the soul”–the part of the Master’s story where he was alone, confused, and praying in the desert with a sense of what was coming.
Change is eventually embraced and understood as being necessary and he/she begins to seek, accept, and practice increasingly higher levels of truth.  The length of this phase varies with every individual and often extends through lifetimes.  However, there eventually comes the personal resurrection and ascension that  births a new state of consciousness. The Easter story is your story.
You have all lived as both genders, all colors, warriors, rich and poor, good and bad, etc.   Every lifetime experience has served to develop your intelligence and wisdom so that over time you became a person wise and experienced regarding the best forms of three dimensional living and survival.  It was not meant for this to be the final goal, but rather a portion of your journey toward remembering–every experience a step along the way to  higher awareness.
Ascension is a process.   When a spiritually prepared person becomes comfortable in their three dimensional world believing that they have reached the pinnacle of success and that there is nothing more, this world will often collapse on one or more levels– physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually allowing the first stage of their personal Easter to begin.
For those living fully in the the third dimensional belief system these types of experiences are usually the manifestation of their belief in duality and separation but for the spiritually evolved, they represent the dissolution  of the person’s an old  illusory belief system.  Always remember that nothing real can ever be lost but rather only changes form.  That which seems to have disappeared will reappear in  better and higher form if it is a part of one’s consciousness of wholeness.
The crucifixion of one’s belief system can be an excruciating experience  leaving the person with  no foundation to depend upon or to look toward for answers and solutions.  Friends and family often try to assist during this period but are unable to because the three dimensional tools they offer are not in alignment with the higher frequency process taking place.
After many “failures” to recreate what has been lost with three dimensional solutions,  he/she begins to give up and stop resisting which then allows the person to open to the inner guidance that has always been present but ignored.  He/she begins to disengage from the false beliefs that created the pain and suffering and enters the tomb to rest and process what has taken place.
A  new and higher state of consciousness is born as the individual rises out of his/her personal death and darkness, a consciousness that only those at a similar level of awareness can recognize.  As he/she begins  incorporating and living from their new awareness, more truth unfolds and they become increasingly enlightened until at a certain point they are ready for ascension out of their old state of consciousness.
On earth at this time, ascension means the shift of consciousness out of the third dimension and into the fifth, a dimension governed by frequencies of unconditional love and Oneness.
The Christ is already fully present within each and every person but can not be experienced until recognized.  Many continue to cry out;  “How could a loving God allow this?”  God activity cannot be present in a vacuum but  must flow through his expressions on earth.  It is the same as having a large bank account that one is totally unaware of and so lives ignorantly in poverty.
Through un-awakened ignorance the third dimensional state of consciousness has created the world of pain, suffering, lack, and limitation that most have come to accept as normal.  A world that many continue begging God to change.  Divine Consciousness knows nothing about what three dimensional thinking is creating  because  illusion does not exist in Divine Consciousness.  This is why the changes you wish to see, you must create.
The Easter experience  is here for all who choose it.  Mankind is now in the midst of the suffering, pondering, and dying part in preparation for resurrecting out of the duality and separation that has ruled and governed over hundreds of lifetimes.
Up to now individuals  had to physically die in order to ascend to a higher dimension, but at this powerful time mankind is ascending while in physical body.  The integration of higher more refined Light energies cannot take place with the old still in place which is why most of you are in the process of clearing old cellular energy and remaining karmic issues at this time.
Arcturian Group wishes to speak of the energy changes taking place on earth.  As the frequencies of earth become increasingly refined, there comes increasing chaos because when Light flows to that which is dark and heavy, it causes  a reaction.
Those continuing to hold tightly to the illusions of old energy are experiencing resistance and fear as they struggle through means that no longer work, to keep the status quo.  Everyone, those awake and those who are not, are experiencing the higher frequency energies, but because many do not understand what is going on, they are acting out in ways that make sense to their un-awakened consciousness.
Negative and false beliefs are beginning  to be recognized for what they are in the awareness of an increasing number of people starting to realize that they no longer agree with many of the beliefs and laws they previously accepted.  People are waking up the world over and starting to question what they have been told which in turn is causing resistance and action on the part of those who thrive from everything remaining  in old energy.
Hold to your center dear ones, holding the Light of truth closely within you at all times.   Try not to get overly involved in the negative appearances that confront your awareness every day.  Concern and worry over appearances only adds more energy to those very things.  Allow false creations to dissolve into the nothingness that they really are which will happen if they are no longer fed.
Much is yet to be revealed.   Let trust and truth be your shield and sword always remembering that nothing can make you  less than the Divine Being that you are.  If someone were to shoot you in the heart, you would continue simply watching the show but from a different seat.  You are Divine beings always have been and forever will be, for there is nothing else.
This realization is your Easter.
We are the Arcturian Group
Via Marilyn Raffael at

What Do You Talk About? | Heavenletters

God said:

When you feel ache in your heart, did someone else put it there? Do you really think that’s possible? Outside events and people influence you, certainly, but must they to the extent they do? Must your life rise and fall according to what someone says to you or what comes in the mail? Must every event in life put a stamp on you, as if you were no more than a package at the post office?

You are a sovereign Being of Light. Your light is laser-like and can cut through anything. Despite what goes on around you, you are light. Keep that knowledge, and how dismayed can you be by an irrelevancy of the world?

You must think you are dependent upon what transpires around you. You must think you play the triangles in an orchestra and have to wait for signals from the conductor before you sound them. All the while, you have fooled yourself, for you are the conductor, and you can make any music you want. Choose the oboe or choose the drums, it’s up to you. You are the chooser of how you are affected by circumstances in life. You are the chooser of how much pain or joy you will have. If you cannot accept that, can you accept that you are, even to a small extent, a maker of what you will? You have made joy and you have made pain, and you have gone back and forth, dismissing one after the other.

When you make a choice of joy today, you will have more of it. Life will roll along, and whatever corner you find yourself in, you will find a tidbit of joy, or a barrel of it. Find that which you seek. Make sure you are seeking joy and not woe.

What do you pick out to talk about? Joy or problems? Let problems even be joy. That will put them in their proper place.

You are meant for joy. Joy is your due, but that doesn’t mean it’s coming to you. It’s not for you to complain or stamp your foot when it doesn’t. Catch joy as you would a butterfly. Your eyes are the net, and your heart is the branch the butterfly alights on. Once you have caught the butterfly, then you let it go as if joy were bubbles that you blow. Waft joy upon the Earth, and there will be more of it visible.

Replace the complaint department of your mind with a joy department. Make room for a joy department. Shove woe aside. You cannot go to a store to return your life nor exchange it for another. But you can make good use of what you have. There is no better use of your life than joy. Will you remember that?

You are more than a receptor of life. You are an interpreter of it. Translate life into the language of love and joy. Joy is your native language, although you may have forgotten it. Expand your vocabulary now. Focus on joy, and see what even an off-day can be. Consider your work week a vacation, and see what happens.

How can a day be joyful for you unless you admit the possibility?

Today, open your heart and mind to possibility. Call the angels to you by your joy. Angels are more than guardians. They are not so serious. They are joy-givers. Be like your angels. Capture joy, and then let it fly. Be a joy-giver. The message I have just sent to you is to give joy.

The Light You Shine ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very pleased to announce that you are making the progress that we would have hoped you would make from the recent energies that have been coming in and hitting some of you very hard. There is never any certainty on our part as to how you will handle the energies as they come in. There is only hope that we and the other beings who are sending you energy have done the correct calibrations. We are very happy to see how many of you are beginning to recognize yourselves as the brilliant beings of light and love that you truly are.

And when we say that, we also want to include that we notice when someone is in their ego and when they are not, and what we are noticing is that the vast majority of those of you who are awake have absolutely no ego involved when you shine your light. You have been shining your lights for the rest of humanity ever since you awakened in this lifetime, and now you are beginning to increase the amount of light that you allow to flow through you without hesitation and without fear.

You see, early on when many of you awakened, there was a period where you hid your light from the rest of the world out of fear that you would be ostracized or worse, and those fears have mostly been completely processed and cleared because of the work that you do on yourselves. We cannot process your emotions for you. We cannot clear anything out of you. That’s your work. We give you the upgrades, activations, and downloads that encourage you to do that work and that give you incentive to do that work. Because once you have cleared what you need to clear, you then have access to what we have deposited into your fields. And of course, we are not the only ones doing this.

So you have many reasons to be on top of the whole clearing and processing game. So that is what we see happening, and as a result, you have access to the downloads, the activations, and everything else that we send to you, and you’ve been shining your light without that egoic sense of being better than anyone else as you do. And that is why you don’t attract that negative attention. So you have learned through the clearing what you need to do in this lifetime to be the leaders, the healers, the guides, and the wayshowers that you are without getting yourselves in any trouble along the way.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Truly there is SO MUCH for which you should be filled with gratitude!

Jesus through John

Jesus Audio Blog for Easter

Easter is a time of celebration because it honors my resurrection, the main feast in the Christian year, the feast that reminds you all that you are the divine children of God, forever enfolded in His most loving embrace, and that you are eternal beings blessed with life everlasting. Life should and can be joy-filled, and when you awaken it will be!

As humans, very, very few of you truly acknowledge or pay attention to this feast day, other than to have a celebratory meal and enjoy eating chocolate eggs.  There is nothing wrong with that, but, as your awakening draws ever closer, it behoves you to pay attention to your spiritual lives and to the holy days that occur throughout the year.  The Christian calendar of holy days was established to remind people of their spiritual heritage, and to bring to their attention the…

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The Slow Burn… | The Creator

Huge changes are on the horizon.  You may think of it as a tearing-down; what you once knew will fade (and for some of you, crash down) to make room for something much different.  It may not always be what you were expecting but, it will be what is in your highest and best.  The Universe would like you to use this time to manifest what you want in your life.  This is not ‘snap decision’ time, it is a slow burn thinking/feeling/being process that will require some extra attention.  Grieve if you feel you need to, release what need to let go of and know you are moving in a direction that will have beautiful results. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

Have a Heart | Heavenletters

God said:

How much focus there has been on imperfection. How much attention have you put on imperfection? You have perhaps specialized in it. Imperfection may be the subject of your every thought, your imperfection, others’ imperfection, the imperfection of the world! Endless has been your focus on imperfection. What an expert you have become!

What would happen if you genuinely changed your focus?

Light would happen!

Love would happen!

Peace would happen!

What if you welcomed yourself and others to your heart? What if you saw without hindsight? What if you were okay? What if you accepted yourself and blessed yourself? Then it would be easier to accept and bless others, and so you would be twice blessed.

It is easy to find fault. There is no lack of fault to find in the relative world. Yet, why would you be interested in fault? How does fault-finding make you feel?

There is always a down-side. When people are this, they are not that. Why do people have to be either this or that? What does your mind say?

Have a heart, beloveds. Have a heart for yourself and see how others bloom.

Look on life as you look at a garden. Sure, there may be weeds. Sure, the soil may be dry. Well, then, water the garden. Nourish it. Nourish it with your thoughts about it. What are you looking at, and why are you?

Take our children. They are everything they are, and they are not what they are not. Love them, and what will they be? What can they not be, nourished by your love.

Criticism is a dime a dozen. Everyone is a champion at it. Be a champion at something else. Become a cheerleader.

Most of all, everyone does not have to be like you. You are not so pleased with yourself either. We could safely say that you are hard to please. What if you were easy to please, what then?

What if everything is okay the way it is? What if you do not have to fix anything? What if you do not have to fix the world! When you do not feel impelled to fix the world, you are admirably letting go of control. What are you controlling anyway when it is hard to control yourself?

Let go of control. Let go of the need for control. Life has a mind of its own. You can let life be.

If life is a soup, you can stir it. You can add spices to it. You can serve it with love. You can enjoy it.

What you can do with soup, you can do with life.

Specialize in serving life. You are not to turn your nose up at it. You are to welcome it. Become your own best booster, and you will lift the world. You will raise it. You are raising the world. You are bringing it up. Lift the world high. You are indeed serving the world and you are serving the world to all others. What else is there for you to do?

You may think that all you do is to go to work or clean the house or pick up after others and yourself. And, yet, these are not your purpose. You have a much higher purpose.

It is incumbent upon you to serve the world. With every breath you take, you are serving the world. Serve it well. Serve it majestically. And serve the world to yourself with all credit to the world and yourself and to Me. Serve in the spirit of giving. If everyone served, there would be no need of taking or keeping or keeping anything away from you.

Human/E.T. History ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are excited about the uncovering of so much of your past history there on planet Earth. We can see that people are digging up little bits and pieces, little clues to let you know that your history is far more extensive and glorious than others throughout history have theorized. You will discover your extra-terrestrial roots through science, and this will pave the way for full, open contact with e.t.s.

Once you recognize that you have already been visited and you have already been helped, it will be easier for individuals to set aside their fears and their prejudices, and it will be easier for all of you to open your arms, your minds, and your hearts to the other beings who want to connect with you, who want to play with you, and who want to co-create with you.

These are experiences that many individuals have been seeking for decades of their lives, and we can see you getting closer and closer to the realization that you have been visited and that you have been helped. You already have scientists who are discovering e.t. DNA within certain sea creatures, and those discoveries will continue. Eventually, the connection between your junk DNA, as they call it, and other beings will be established.

And you will continue to uncover the truth that there is life out there, even in your solar system, and certainly beyond. We know that none of this is news to those of you who are receiving this transmission. But we want to assure you that the findings of your scientists will continue to unlock the doors to a full and open contact experience for all of humanity. In the meantime, continue to look at the skies and analyze your dreams. Continue to see the evidence in your own lives of how beings from other parts of the galaxy are affecting you.

And we would suggest that you focus on the groups that are affecting you in a positive way, because they far outnumber those who seek to control and manipulate you. And when you band together with these positively-oriented e.t.s, you are very strong as a galactic collective.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton