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  JULY 14.2019

Dear readers, know that the  strife and conflicts taking place at this time on earth indicate the shifts of consciousness that are happening.  The status quo is being questioned and no longer blindly accepted by an ever increasing number of people.  The innate self serving goals of many three dimensional standards are beginning to be recognized for what they are and as more and more awaken, will be  eliminated or transmuted to higher forms.  Know that all is proceeding according to plan.
Some refuse to let go of three dimensional concepts now being recognized by many others as false.  They continue to identify with what is familiar in the belief that their belief system is their identity, showing others who they are. These dear ones believe that  they would no longer be the person they believe themselves to be if they were to change.
This type of thinking represents separation and demonstrates the common human need to create an ideal persona based in the individual’s concepts of what constitutes a good, bad, perfect, ideal human–illusion at its finest.
Many continue to believe and promote  that change and new ways of thinking will never be as wonderful as in the past.  These dear ones live in the past, nostalgic for what they falsely believe were “the good old days” not realizing  that the past only seemed better because the same issues being exposed today were very much alive at that time as well, but were hidden.
Never forget that those who remain fully three dimensional are also Divine Beings.  Your job is to live from your highest enlightened realizations in the ordinary moments of each day.  Many of those choosing to remain rigidly attached to illusion will at some point leave the planet as they will not be able to  align with the higher dimensional frequencies.
Do not overly concern yourselves with those choosing not to awaken at this time even if the person is a loved family member or friend.   Remember, every person has a Higher Self, Guides, and a spiritual contract and this lifetime may not be their chosen time to awaken.  After enough lifetimes lived in the illusions of duality and separation every soul grows tired of the nonsense and begins to seek for more. Evolution can be postponed, but not avoided forever because the reality of every soul is Oneness with Source.
Every one of you has experienced lifetimes mired in the sticky energy of duality and separation.  It is important and necessary to have hundreds  of different three dimensional experiences before a person is prepared  to let go and seek the deeper realities.  That is how the ascension journey works.
Everything you see, hear, taste, touch, and smell  is energy . Everything is in vibration.  The faster the vibration, the higher the frequency, the highest being pure Light.  High resonating frequencies cannot be seen with human eyes because the two frequencies (three dimensional versus fifth and higher) do not align.  This is why most people are unable to see their Guides and beings from the higher dimensions.  However this is rapidly changing as the ascension process brings change to the personal resonance of every individual.
There are some who have brought psychic abilities with them into this lifetime, they see “ghosts” and get information usually from the 4th dimension.  Contrary to what many believe, psychic is not the same as spiritual.  Psychic information  flows through  the consciousness of the individual giving the information and will reflect their level of awareness.  Keep this in mind when getting a reading or body work from another.  Seek out those who work from a high level of spiritual awareness and always trust your intuition.
Earth is a spiritual  universe filled with Divine Beings and governed by love, but what most see and experience are the false mental interpretations of this spiritual reality.  This is why it is so important to practice non-judgement regarding appearances at all times.  Example–Rather than being shocked, repulsed, or pitying of someone with a severely deformed body, say to yourself; “Oh God disguised as a deformed body.”  This is unconditional love.
We are not speaking of deformed fetuses. The soul does NOT enter a fetus at the time of conception as many believe.  In  preparation, the soul may come or go into the developing fetus during pregnancy, but many do not fully enter until birth.
Unconditional love is a state of consciousness that is able to acknowledge the realities that lie hidden behind all appearances.  It is a conscious realization of Divine Oneness regardless of circumstances.  It does not mean ignoring whatever human footsteps may be necessary but does mean that these human footsteps are taken with a consciousness of Oneness.
Many of the negative situations you observe in others lives are actually facets of that person’s spiritual journey, experiences chosen by them (not consciously) as being necessary for their evolution. Even what is termed “karma” is an energetic reflection of energy given out,  a learning experience and never punishment.  God does not punish.  God could not punish ITself.  Never forget that.  All painful experiences are creations of the one experiencing and no one else.
Consciousness is omnipresent energy.  Energy is not good or bad, it just is.  Everyone feels energy although most do not understand what they are feeling.  When you enter a place of heavy dense energy, you feel it and want to leave.  These frequencies are  commonly felt in bars, antique stores, and businesses that thrive on lower human instincts.  When you enter a place where the energy is light and refined, you feel that as well.  It resonates with you and you want to stay– commonly experienced in places of natural beauty or places of prayer and meditation.
The state of consciousness of the individual determines the energy they align with.  Those living fully in duality and separation and who get all their pain and pleasure from this level often enjoy being in heavy dark energy and frequent places of that density.  Some go on to create their own situations of dark energy–satanic rituals, serial killers, and those who thrive on the pain and suffering of others.
They feed from these energies because they are unable to access the inexhaustible source of energy within themselves.  They have blocked their flow and need to find it elsewhere, outside of themselves.
Always know that high energy frequencies of Light are the reality and that heavy low resonating energy cannot enter into the higher because there is no alignment.  Let this realization be your “sword and shield”  in every situation.
There exist many metaphysical protocols for “protection”, and most of you learned and have  practiced them along the way of your spiritual journey  but you are now shifting into a higher state of consciousness where your Light is the only protection you need.
You no longer require  rites and rituals meant to protect,  lift you into the Light, or bring you closer to God.  These practices are based in beliefs of separation and you now know that you never have been or ever could be separate from God.   These practices serve newly awakening students of truth and were important facets of your journey at one time, but at some point become obsolete.
This is the shift from metaphysics into mysticism that you have been preparing for over lifetimes. Metaphysics is changing a bad picture into a good picture through the use of energy tools, mantras, etc. Mysticism is the realization that nothing needs to be changed, healed or corrected.
Let go of assigning power to anything that does not reflect truth, always remembering that God alone is power.  You who read and resonate with these messages have been preparing though many lifetimes for a higher way of living and are ready.
There is nothing but God, Divine consciousness, regardless of how the outer scene may appear.   As you begin to acknowledge and live this truth, it becomes  your state of consciousness and your lives will begin to reflect it because you will be creating from reality rather than from concepts of duality and separation.
We cannot emphasize enough that at some point you must cease  being  the student and become the  master.  False ego based “humility” will say; “Oh I am not worthy”.  This type of thinking  is impersonal and reflective of the un-awakened three dimensional collective belief system.
Intellectual levels of spiritual study reach a place of completion where one begins to be taught from within rather than from some guru, book, class, or practice.  There comes a point at which every individual must let go of the tools that served them along the way and begin living and being truth.
It is every person’s free will choice to stay in the illusions of separation, continuing to seek and search for some concept of God to save them.
You have graduated and are ready to experience the infinity of Consciousness not available to the human mind should you choose.
We are the Arcturian Group
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Earth’s Oneness with Heaven | Heavenletters

God said:

There is nothing like the fireworks of the soul. There is nothing to compare to it. If you want to see something dazzling that lights up even the whole galaxy of stars, then you should see the soul. You cannot see it, however, yet you do have glimpses of it. Love is a good glimpse of it. The trees and other growing things outside your window exude love at every moment. The sun does. You do. I do. It is inevitable. The soul loves.

Whatever you think life is about, it is about soul. It’s not about success nor fame nor wealth nor health nor illness nor good grades nor education nor cars nor even travel to the moon. It is about the human heart, and, with that, your soul in all its Greatness. You and I are one in soul, and everyone else is one with us in soul as well. Oversoul, undersoul, there is only soul. You are soul, beloveds. Whatever else you may be, you are infinitely and ultimately soul. You are a soul traveling on Earth. Your soul travels everywhere, for your soul is not bound. Your soul is boundless. Your soul is tied to nothing but love, and that is freedom like no other.

It is not the world that sets you free. You are already free. Handcuffs do not inhibit the soul. You are a soul traveler. You can never lose your soul, and yet on Earth, you go to great lengths to discover it.

Let freedom ring. Let it reverberate through the Universe. All souls touch another. All are securely in one embrace, for pure soul and pure love go hand in hand, a field of hearts emblazoned across the Universe. No fireworks can simulate the explosion bursting from your heart. Your heart is a sunburst of love.

It has been said that there is a veil between you and the core of your life, the core being your amazing soul. But what is a veil, beloveds? It is a gossamer thing that you can push aside as if it were not there. You can see through veils. They are an illusion like any other. It’s just that you attribute great power to this sultry veil.

Anyway, your soul isn’t on the other side of the veil anymore than I am. Where I am, so goes your soul. And you too, My beloveds. I am as close to you as your soul. We are bonded, you and I, heart and soul, and that means such exquisite supreme Oneness, Oneness that cannot be contained, but must burst forth as the dawn the day.

Electrical lights are useful and, oft-times, beautiful, yet man-made light next to the sun is dwarfed. Nothing equals the sun, and nothing equals you who are beautiful soul, manifested in a human body on the God-given Earth. What a magnificent creation you are. Whatever you may display, you are as grand as the sun. I wasn’t kidding when I said you were My greatest creation. You can do anything, beloveds. You can do everything. You can discover the soul of you, and you can display it, and you will. You will rise to the summit of Earth and proclaim Earth’s Oneness with Heaven.

You can be the sunlight through the leaves of Humankind on Earth. You can shine your light in myriad ways. But don’t think about it so much. Just get up and do it. Set yourself off the way you do fireworks, and you will display such grandeur that you will be in awe and the world will stand up and applaud itself.

Honor Each Person… | The Creator

A gentle reminder; as you travel your path, be gentle with yourself and others. There are many, many different paradigms. Some will resonate, others will not. Rather than acting in a derisive manner, honor each person and their chosen path. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

Love Is All | Heavenletters

God said:

When you let go of everything you hold to yourself, then you are pure love shining. Love in your heart is known when everything that has blocked it gets out of the way.

Love needs no bolstering. Love is not something you try.

Love in you is like a shining sun. The sun shines no matter what. Only sometimes it is obscured. You cannot do anything to the love in your heart but obscure it. You cannot alter one inch of it. Love is not a dress that you can alter according to your vision or style.

Love is not a hunter that must narrow itself down and aim at a target. Love is not a focus. If love were a focus, it would have to separate itself from that on which it does not focus. Love does not separate. Love embraces. It has a wide lens.

Love is not a miser with a tightly-clasped change purse. Love is an open envelope filled with endless thousand-dollar bills that waft themselves out and land everywhere. Love is love, or it is not.

Sometimes you feel so far away from love that you are reduced to effort. Often it is your ego that is far from love. Believe Me when I say that you are pure and total love. Love doesn’t get squelched. Your ego does. With or without ego, you are love, but your ego competes with it. Your ego thinks love is something you have to get.

Ego wants you to be a lady bountiful who dispenses love, only where — according to her view — it is well-deserved. But love is not doled out. It is given. Love is not charity. It is love. Love gives itself freely. Not just here and there. Love emanates. It is perfect in its roundness. It radiates out like the light from an unshaded lamp.

Love is not custom-made. Love is universal.

When you sequester love, your heart aches. Love cramped is love cramped. Loosen your love. You have had enough withholding it. You have withheld it from yourself. You have loved yourself least of all.

Love is not meant to be the value you set on yourself or anyone. It is not to be saved for a rainy day or the perfect occasion. It is not conserved. It is not braided. It is to be let loose. Like long hair relieved from combs, it is meant to fall wherever it falls. Love has its own grace.

Love cannot be held on to, or, if it is held, it can only escape your grasp.

Love is like flowing water that knows no highlands nor lowlands. It only knows to flow and so it flows everywhere. There are no channels to love.

Love is an everyday phenomenon. It is the very sustenance of life. Therefore, the occurrence of love is not spectacular, although, like the dawn, it is spectacular every day. You are love, and love is eternal. Follow My thought.

Without the existence of love, you would not exist. You could not move. It is love you move towards. You seek the substance of yourself. You seek it everywhere. All the while, it is yours to give out everywhere. The source of love dwells within you, and from you it pours. Cast off its anchors. Let it go its own way. It really doesn’t need help from you.

The Next Wave of Energies ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very interested in seeing how humanity is going to respond to the next wave of energies that are about to come in to assist you. We know that we have recently told you to go within and get the fifth dimensional energies yourselves, that we and others like us would be backing off a bit, and we have seen how you all have responded to that prompting. We, and the other high frequency beings that we connect with in a regular basis, are very satisfied with how much more you have summoned that fifth dimensional energy from within you.

The next wave of energies that is on its way to Earth is about establishing more of your sovereignty and your Divinity. We send these energies to activate you, to remind you of your true nature as Beings of Source, as beings who are not under the control of anyone else. And then, once again, all of us here in the higher realms will step back, and we will see how you will incorporate the new wave of energies. We are interested to see what you will create and how you will handle yourselves differently.

We have been waiting for the right time to send these energies, and we can see that there is more of a readiness amongst those of you who are awake. We know that you can handle more at this time, and we can also see the necessity for more unity in the consciousness of the human collective. Sovereignty and Divinity means unity, not separation, not independence in the sense that you don’t need anyone. It is about recognizing yourselves as the Creator Beings that you are and exercising your abilities to create your reality.

The emphasis within certain segments of the new age community on defeating ‘them,’ disarming those outside of you who are somehow responsible for the creation of your reality, this is something we are attempting to disrupt with these energies. We want you to see yourselves as the creators of it all, and we want to activate within you the knowing that as Divine Beings of Love and Light, there is no one, no force outside of you that is more powerful than you all are. Expect to feel these energies coming in in the next few weeks.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Choose Wisely… | The Creator

One of the most profound things you will notice during this current changing time:

Those who have not embraced their personal power will spend all their time attempting to convince others they have an abundance of it. What this really shows is a lack of understanding and the insecurities they have yet to release. Those who truly have it will remain silent and assured in the knowledge of its existence within and exactly where it came from.  The Universe has always given you the choice of which direction to go and how you present yourself to the world. Choose wisely, dear one. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 12 July 2019

There is no doubt that the vibrations of Mankind have increased considerably within the years that followed 2012, when the New Age officially commenced. It is notable amongst the younger generations who had a head start because they had already lifted up their vibrations prior to their incarnation. Their influence has helped many individuals reach new levels of Light, enabling them to achieve their objectives in a much quicker time. Much of their good work is acknowledged but goes unpublicised, yet in fact they do not seek recognition for it. Generally evolved Lightworkers do not seek a reward for what they do, and it is the satisfaction of doing work for the good of humanity that is their first concern. Nevertheless, should your work be acknowledged it is a credit to your efficiency and dedication to your tasks.

Every soul that takes an incarnation upon Earth comes equipped with the means to successfully complete their task. That includes advice and guidance to set you upon your right path, and at different times during your life souls will help you with your tasks to ensure your success. Inevitably sacrifices have to be made, but you will have agreed to them prior to your incarnation. Yet having freewill you could easily defer your work or ignore it in full and it would not bring any recriminations, but a similar task may follow on to test your intent to carry out your work as planned.

Some souls ask why Lightworkers do not always identify themselves when working for the Light, and it is because it is often best way to ward off unwanted attention to enable them to complete their work satisfactorily. The dark Ones will go to great lengths to interfere with your work, as their motives are to cause as much confusion as possible. Naturally in some circumstances you cannot avoid publicity but you would be protected in your work. The secret to your safety is your vibrations as high as possible at all times, and the Light will protect you from the lower energies.

Whatever effort you put into uplifting your Light, it will be rewarded as you will have expressed your intent and it will benefit you. What you focus upon will be attracted to you in the course of time, which is why it is wise at all times to guard your thoughts. Following the same line of approach you can for example help those souls who need help, by sending them healing bands of colour according to their needs, and the purer the colours the more potent they are. However with the new way of expressing things in the New Age, you do not need to send specific healing energies repeatedly, as once you have sent them to do their work it should be sufficient.

You are currently in a great stage of change as the new ways and methods that are available are waiting to be introduced. It will take time but ultimately they will be successful, as it is in accordance with your wishes to move on from a period of slow changes and growth because advancements have been deliberately held back. Know that there has always been a plan for your evolution, and those who oversee your progress will ensure that it is followed. It is your right to benefit from the advances made over many years, and whilst some have filtered through in areas such as medicine and electronics many have been deliberately denied you. That position cannot remain for much longer as more and more people are demanding that the information is released for the benefit of all mankind. When you become aware for example that the surgeon’s knife will no longer be needed, and that “operations” could be carried out without the use of it you realise how far behind you are in medical matters. You may question why such a situation is still allowed and it is because we must respect your freewill to arrange your own destiny.

You could say that the Earth is a pictorial of “Life through the Ages” as examples of it can still be found all over the world. It was not through design but inevitable as various groups of souls at different levels have incarnated upon Earth. They were at very contrasting levels of evolution and kept apart so as to allow their advancement to suit their needs. Through the passing of time such souls have evolved but are not necessarily ready to take a major step forward. Again those who have advanced are often further ahead of younger groups than ever before, and in some instances there has been a deliberate policy of keeping them in ignorance so that they could be used as virtual slaves. Clearly those souls being held back must be helped to advance, just the same way as in the very near future you will also be given an opportunity to ascend to a higher level.

You have been kept in the dark for many Ages and suffered many unpleasant experiences, yet you have come through them to be much stronger and have emerged as souls capable of expressing yourself in love and joy as one that has “Seen the Light”. By your example others will follow in your footsteps having seen the peace and light that you radiate around you. Even now by doing so some of you are radiating your Light to all and helping to uplift the vibrations. In general terms evolved spiritual Beings have an instinctive feeling and desire to help other souls lift up, and when you are ready to do so you may be sure that your talents will be used accordingly to help them.

Whatever your role in this lifetime you may be certain that at some stage you will be called upon to help others to evolve. It is a matter of using your knowledge and experience to help a soul who may benefit from your experience. Taken a stage further you may desire to become a teacher of spiritual matters yourself, and that can happen either inside or outside of the organised religions. You will have already reached a stage of understanding in which you know that you only give a soul as much as they are ready for and can comprehend, as too much may confuse them.

I leave you in love and blessings and may your dreams be fulfilled and the Light brighten your days. This message comes through my Higher Self my Godself.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

Website: Tree of the Golden Light

The Bakery of Heaven | Heavenletters

God said:

Right now I pour a treasure into your lap. Unceasingly, I pour down treasure from Heaven, aimed at you. Avail, beloved. Avail. All the coins from Heaven are yours to pick up. This is your lucky day. Yesterday was also.

The sun shines. Birds sing. There is a blanket of love in the world. The world is a hammock of love for you to lie in. Rock and receive the sweet delicacies I serve you. Pop them into your mouth.

Think about the sweet food I have prepared for you. Let your mouth water for it. Taste it. Absorb it. Absorb it even before it physically reaches you. Absorb My love that comes along with the fare. My love precedes the food as well. My love is the tray it comes on, and My love is the food, and My love is the aroma. Let the aroma reach you now. Be sensitive to love and nothing else.

Love is My gift to you. It comes in many forms, yet there is One Love, and it is perpetuated upon Earth. And it is yours free for the asking. It is yours free whether you ask for it or not.

Heaven is not a bakery that you stand outside looking through the window. You may like that sweet torture, but you can come into this bakery at any moment. You can come in right now. There is no waiting line. You don’t have to wait for a number. You can come inside and pick out all the chocolate-covered cherries you like. Come right in. This is My office. This is where the candy is made. And this is where it is given away. And this is where I abide, and this is where all the sweetness it is.

The sweetness of Heaven reaches all the way to the center of Earth. Earth is inundated in the sweetness of the Heaven bakery. And everything is fresh, freshly-made in a thrice, in an instant of love. There is an outpouring of love and nothing else but love.

What is baked in the oven of Heaven today? Love. Love alone. Love original. Love individually wrapped. Love like lemon drops. Love dropped from the sky. See it coming. It falls to you. Look up. Put your hands out and catch it. Catch it on your tongue like snow. Savor it.

This is the love cooked up for you. Special-order. It is personal and universal at the same time. Consider it as a giant pizza. There is enough to share with all. All will eat, and still there will be more. No one will be hungry for love because you will have shared it. You will have waved it around as though it were a wand. Love, like stars, fills your heart It spills all over. You are meant to trip over it. There is nowhere to go where it is not. As your heart becomes rife with love, so does the universe.

You had to pick up the love first, and you had to strew it. It was never yours to step over nor tiptoe around.

Swab the deck of Earth with the love from Heaven.

Catch it like the sun and shine it everywhere.

Ignite the love in your heart, and see the world lit up with it.

See the difference your love makes when it is not denounced, nor kept secret, hoarded, hidden, relegated to the back burner.

See the difference your love makes when it is brought out into the light of day. It will turn night into day. Twenty-four hours of love every day. How natural. How Divine.

Surviving the Fourth Dimension ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have begun to appreciate the urgency with which many of you are seeking massive changes on your world. We see so many of you crying out and feeling the depths of despair over not fitting in, not wanting to be, not resonating with the majority of the human population, and we see this as the tragedy that you all experience it as. We are not going to attempt to minimalize what you are feeling and experiencing there on Earth as you wait for the massive changes that you’ve been promised time and time again.

We know that there are many avenues and opportunities to escape your lives. You have drugs. You have alcohol. You have video games that seem almost real, and you have more ways than we care to count here to remove yourselves from the harsh conditions of reality in the fourth dimension. So we invite you to come together as a community of awakened individuals. We invite you to support one another, and we know that a lot of you are spread out so far from the nearest awakened person that this suggestion seems preposterous, but we also know that there are plenty of places on the internet where you can find people who are sensitive, heart-centered, caring and compassionate, and just as awake as you are.

And you can lean on those individuals. You can share your stories with each other. You can create networks, and certainly the possibility always exists for you to come together face to face. Therefore, as much as we love hearing from you and supporting you, as do our colleagues here in the higher dimensional realms, we particularly love to see you supporting each other and coming together to unite under the awakened flag.

Now, that’s not to say that we want you to feel separate from those who are not awake or that you need to exclude anyone from these groups that you form. But we do understand how challenging it is for many of you to connect with those who do not share in your knowing of who you really are. Therefore, we are suggesting that you look to one another, to those who get you, those you can speak to about ascension symptoms, visitations from e.t.s, and so on.

This world will be better served by people such as yourselves coming together peacefully and loving each other and showing compassion for each other, and in so doing, you will inspire others to do the same. And when you unite with the intention for the greatest and highest good of all as your mission statement, think of what you all can accomplish while still being there in the fourth dimension.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton