The Collective – A Message to Lightworkers – August 11, 2016 | Caroline Oceana Ryan

liondaddycubThe latest guidance from our friends, the Galactic and Angelic beings known as the Collective:

Greetings, dear ones!

We are not only observing, but are also experiencing with you the tremendous onslaught of energies you are feeling and seeing the results of, in many situations in your world, as well as in your own lives.

Understand that things will not always be so overwhelming, so taxing and tiring, and so confusing as they feel to be at present.

You are seeing the establishing of a higher frequency as the base frequency of your Earth—a New Earth, with all the expressions of freedom, equality, abundance, and creativity that you could imagine a fifth dimensional planet experiencing.

From this new base frequency, increasingly higher frequencies of consciousness, wisdom, and understanding will continue to come forward, birthing new fifth dimensional forms and experiences on your planet that were once only the stuff of science fiction.

And we would say, that though you may feel impatient at all the shifts and disturbances you are experiencing now—in Earth Herself, and in your own bodies, hearts, and minds—you nevertheless are holding now a frequency of Higher Light that you could not have withstood even one year ago.

This means no less than the fact that you are becoming the Light Beings you already are in the higher realms.

But you are moving into that new form from the lowest form most of you have ever inhabited: the carbon molecular structure and very limited consciousness of the third dimensional human.

Have you noted increased sightings of ships around the world, and increasingly felt the presence of your Galactic family at your side?

None of this is your imagining, and none of it can be chocked up purely to “doctored photos” or “CGI” or “Photoshop” or one of the other many left-brain qualifications for that which the ego-mind is too terrified to admit to itself.

And that ego-mind, that part of your Earth self that has been controlled for eons by the dark matrix that once operated freely on this planet, is indeed unhappy with these developments.


The effects of this powerful wave of Higher Light is being felt by both the individual ego-mind, and the larger model of that—the planetary ego aspect that was created by those who once ruled without your participation or consent.

You are seeing how their true forms and intentions are now being exposed to the world in ways that even the most casual observer can no longer deny.

And so, are you ready for the Great Change which you have clamored for, for so long?

Are you cleaning out your closets, both inwardly and outwardly, releasing all that is no longer of the Light, no longer for your higher good or the planet’s, and not of a vibration that will match this new life you are creating?

It is you who are ushering in this New Earth, and new life you have cried out for.

It is your Light that the planet depends upon now, and not only Her own.

For you are being shown, in your increasing connection and open communication with your team of spirit guides, Angelic guardians, and higher self, exactly what must go out of your life, and what must now come in.

Yes, this will involve your beautiful and fulfilling life purpose.

It will involve how and when and why you eat or sleep or exercise.

It will involve your connections to others, from those dearest to you to those you barely know.

For when a planet and Her beings evolve, as all of you are doing, Everything Changes.


You would not dream of carrying large heavy suitcases holding outdated editions of very old texts to a new learning experience.

You would come with open hands and heart, looking to accept what new learnings awaited you, glad to be free of the dogma and restrictions of past eras, and of your own past life.

“Show me what I need to learn!” you would be saying, and indeed, you are saying this now.

Every morning, awaken and ask your support team to show you the fifth dimensional way of everything—how to view others and yourself, your daily actions, your environment, and your world.

With your new higher perspective will come new forms of understanding that will lead you to treat people and situations very differently from how you have in the past.

You may have noticed already the increasing desire to release the need to control outcomes, or the need to be bothered by unexpected events and challenges in your day.

You may notice the desire to no longer judge, to forgive as if nothing happened, to release the need to prefer people to be any way other than how they are now.

All of this is the result of the ongoing surges of Divine Love now running through your entire system—all four energy bodies—and the miracles will only continue, affecting every part of your life and well being.

Yes, you are experiencing an energy tsunami, but it is one of Higher Love, as many have noted.


So as you hear that great Lion roar (and the beloved Cecil is part of such), understand that you are taking your place in the Intergalactic scheme of things, and that your heart-mind is accepting these new energies as a person dying of thirst accepts fresh water.

And know that you are not abandoned to this process—not any part of it.

We are here, and we are noting your astounding progress, and are sending energies at every moment to encourage you to continue releasing every process, every thought or emotional pattern, every expectation or outer form that belongs to the old third dimensional Earth.

For this base frequency now being established on Earth, and in mass consciousness, is opening the door wider and wider to events and developments in your world that could not have been dreamt of before now.

So stand strong, dear ones, and welcome this Wave and all it brings.


Allow yourself to feel the presence of your Galactic and Soul families, always close by and desiring more conscious communication with you.

Open the door, and call them in. They are waiting.

Namaste, dear ones! You are never alone.


Copyright 2016, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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A Galactic Tidal Wave Of Divine Light Is Descending Upon Earth


A galactic tidal wave of divine light is descending upon earth, raising the frequency. The old reality is ending. We will experience a dynamic re-calibration of electromagnetic fields into Earth on a global scale. Which will trigger a radical shift in consciousness.

As we reach the second half of the year, we will experience more energetic shifts, frequency expansion symptoms; the healing, balancing and aligning of the mind, body, and soul. The cosmic christ energy entering the planet now is increasing the frequency of our kundalini energy. And our auric field is expanding and becoming brighter. The aura is holding more of the high frequency cosmic energies it receives from the higher dimensions in space. As the aura expands, the person expands their consciousness. Our aura must go through these expansions in order to merge with new Earth. The frequency changes is filtering out any lower vibrational frequency from our body.

As you feel these ascension symptoms; Emotional changes-feeling irritable, overwhelming mood swings. Mental changes-feeling disorientated, lack of concentration. Physical reactions-high pitch sound vibrating in the ears, intense pressure around the head, fatigue, exhaustion. This is a clear sign that you are spiraling upwards with Earth and integrating the higher frequency codes, thus creating an interconnected and unified crystalline body that will carry more cosmic christ energy.

Our body is being reformed, redefined. When we go through this process, our DNA also goes through this process. The DNA is being given the programming to prepare for a brand new reality to be born within it so that it can begin to experience and visualize the new Earth beyond the lower dimensional confines of 3D Earth. The activation of neural path ways will trigger new perceptions, new information, new impulses and the re-calibration of our DNA, thus activating our highest DNA potential.

As the Earth spirals up through the star gate 4D portal faster and faster, we are taken into higher and higher consciousness within the new Harmonic Universe. As the veils are lifted we will perceive worlds of unimaginable beauty. Multidimensional reality that interconnects all things will be as clear as sun light. The old reality will be swept away by the revelation of what we are, released, transformed into a multidimensional being, conscious, whole and free.

New Earth will emerge without fear, without war, without greed, in a safe custodianship of the awakened human species, manifesting peace with love, light and celebration.

Open yourselves to these high dimensional frequencies, open your heart, trust with love.

Now is the time of great shifting of the Ascension Cycle!

Within Love-Unity,

Written by Romeo Baron on Angels To You.


The Blue Avians and Blue Sphere Being : Do You Know What Love Can Do?


June 7, 2016, by William Henry at

While in Boulder taping my new Gaia TV show, “The Awakened Soul: The Lost Science of Ascension,” I sat down with Corey Goode and David Wilcock for three episodes of their hit program “Cosmic Disclosure: Inside the Secret Space Program”.

Corey is a “SSP” whistle blower who tells an astounding story of advanced human civilizations in space, and extraterrestrials called Blue Sphere Beings and Blue Avians,  who are guiding humanity. Hundreds of thousands of people have flocked to “Cosmic Disclosure” to listen, to lend support to Corey, and to advocate for a reshuffle of the ET-human relations deck… and a new beginning for humanity by disclosing the existence of our true place in the solar system.

Critics say Corey’s story is straight out of the fantasy and scifi pulp magazines of the 1920s and 30s. The first question David Wilcock asked me during the interview was if I thought Corey was crazy.

I have no idea, I said. People believe what they want to believe. Seeing is believing for some. They want proof: pics, video, something. Others see it and believe Corey, trusting in his sincerity and the vetting of David Wilcock, who is known for his links to ET insiders and whistleblowers.

All I know is I enjoyed talking with both of them. When I first heard Corey’s story, I thought, wow, he’s talking about two of my favorite subjects; the Bird Tribe and the blue sphere wormholes or ascension spheres of the ancients. Any minute now I thought he might get into some of the ancient beliefs about these subjects.

By the way, neither of these subjects are out of scifi magazines. That is, unless you read the ancient Egyptian religious texts, Hindu literature, Native American spiritual tradition and the Bible as scifi and interpret Christian art portraying the ascension of Jesus on a blue sphere as fantasy art.

Clare and I discussed aspects of these topics, especially the blue spheres, in an episode of our ARCANUM series called “Ascension Thrones of the Ancients.” I revisited the subject directly in an episode of THE AWAKENED SOUL called “The Blue Sphere and the Soul.”

After seeing my show, and the historical art I presented, the Gaia producers immediately booked the interview with Corey and David. What I was saying corroborates Corey story, they said.

The result was an exciting conversation.

Well, one interview turned to three. We left A LOT more to discuss. Continued…

I loved this article, am familiar with this vast subject and personally follow David and Corey on Gaia TV. For those interested, much more, including pictures of ancient art, can be found here with the original article at THE BLUE AVIANS AND BLUE SPHERE BEINGS : DO YOU KNOW WHAT LOVE CAN DO?  🙂 Denise

Hypnotized Subject Talks About the Shift and the New Earth


QHHT is an acronym for Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy which is a technique developed by Dolores Cannon that reaches the deepest part of the brain while under hypnosis.

During this session, the subject talks about the upcoming shift and the New Earth.

The Shift

(Suzanne) Renee would like to know what you can share with us about the shift.(Subconscious) Hold on to your hat, it’s going to be a big one! She is ready, she doesn’t know but she’s ready.

(Suzanne) Can you tell us about the transition? (SC) It will be a gradual transition, it won’t happen in a split second. But relatively it will be a short time.

(Suzanne) Can you give us a linear time frame? (SC) It will happen over a year or two. When you look over the history of the world, that’s a very short period.

(Suzanne) What changes should we be aware of? (SC) As you are shifting your frequency, you are going to be aware that things are different, things are happening.

(Suzanne)  Can you describe how we will feel that? (SC) How you live your life, it’s love, being surrounded by love, it’s an indicator, when you can feel that. You are raising your frequency when you feel love.

It will happen in pockets around the world. Some people are ready others are not. The ones that are struggling are not ready to shift.

(Suzanne) So, in that shift will the governments be aware of what is going on and come forward with information? How will the general public understand what is taking place? (SC) The governments do not understand it, they are not shifting. It will be through people like you and others.

(Suzanne) Light workers? (SC) Yes.

(Suzanne) Will the changes effect the weather pattern? (SC) They already are.

(Suzanne) Is there anything that we need to do to prepare for that? (SC) Just be prepared, be able to take care of you & your family and those around you. Provide food, shelter.

There will be people who are very confused. You may need to be able to protect yourselves from them. I don’t believe in violence but you may find the need to defend yourselves.

(Suzanne) So we may find the need to protect ourselves from those who are not ready to shift? (SC) Yes, there will be those who are ready to shift and those who are not.

The Old Earth & The New Earth

(Suzanne) And they say the Earth will split from the ‘old’ Earth to the ‘new’ Earth. Is that how you perceive it? (SC) Yes, those who have transitioned and shifted and those who have not.

(Suzanne) And what will life be like for those who choose not to shift? (SC) It will not be good. There reality will be one of wars, hunger, violence.

(Suzanne) And what will their perception be of those who have transitioned? (SC) They will not understand it.

(Suzanne) And for those who do shift, what will that experience be like? (SC) It will be peaceful and loving, everyone helping each other. When you lose the whole ego, you then use the most important piece -of 3-D.

(Suzanne) After the shift, without the ego, will we be of a group mind? (SC) Yes, we will all be connected of the greater consciousness.

(Suzanne) We’ll be ‘ consciously connected?’ (SC) Yes (giggles).

(Suzanne) We’ll be consciously connected to what we’re subconsciously connected to now?! (SC) YES! Consciously connected to the Greater Consciousness, phew!

Role of the Lightworker

(Suzanne) Is there anything that we forgot to ask, that you would like to share with us?(SC) Just continue on your journey. You are all making incredible progress. It’s exciting to see!

(Suzanne) It’s always such a joy to have a conversation with the SC, thank you for all you have to give us. So is Renee here, walking the Earth right now to experience the shift?(SC) Yes, she is. Everyone who is walking the Earth is here for that purpose.

(Suzanne) And for those who are not awake, why are they here at this time? What is their purpose? (SC) It’s all the matter of self determination, the matter of being able to choose. Some have learned their lessons and are moving forward and some are stuck, can’t get past it, can’t make the shift.

(Suzanne) So is the role of light workers… (SC) All you can do is to present the information. the decision to accept the information and to act on it is the individuals.

(Suzanne) Is it also truth that those who are awake are holding energy for the planet to assist in making this transition? (SC) Yes, not only do you hold the energy but you hold the key to help others to release the energy as well.

(Suzanne) And the care of the body? (SC) Supply the body with good food and clean water. The hormones and chemicals hold you back.

(Suzanne) Is that done intentionally? (SC) Not intentionally by the farmers the suppliers. But when the knowledge is shared that by putting hormones in your cattle so they grow bigger, say, that information is given by the… mischief makers.

The Mischief Makers and the U.S. Election

(Suzanne) So let’s talk about them. Are there people in control of the world right now that don’t have the highest intentions? (SC) Yes, I would say they have been here, they have had a great impact.

I would NOT say they are in control now. I think the work by the light workers & the extra terrestrials- for lack of a better term, is helping. The mischief makers have been here but they are fading and shifting and they definitely been here.

(Suzanne) So in the shift will we need the physical body? (SC) You won’t need the physical body in the way you do now. That’s part of the reason you come to Earth, to experience the physical body and all the sensations. But you don’t need it.

(Suzanne) Is that kind of like when we are dreaming? (SC) Yes, you let go of the body and go where you need to, still experience what you need to but not from the physical perspective.

(Suzanne) Will the outcome of the US elections really matter? (SC) No, the transition of the shift is still going to happen in the next few years, it really doesn’t matter. No politicians in the New Earth, no political ads!

(Suzanne) Hooray!

Creator of the Earth & the Creator of the Greater Consciousness

(Suzanne) Tell me about our Creator. (SC) We have all existed for all time. Are you thinking about the Creator of the Earth or the Creator of the Greater Consciousness or…

(Suzanne) Well, I bit off more than I knew there! Let’s talk about the Creator of the Earth. (SC) Well, just as you say that, we want to go the other route.

(Suzanne) giggles, Ok! You have the floor! (SC) The Creator Consciousness has always existed and always will. we have, over time, in Earth terms, sometimes have gotten very board. We want to experience different things and learn. We want to learn different things from different perspectives. So the Creator Consciousness caused the Earth to form.

Then at different times, we choose to come to Earth. We choose who we’re going to be with on Earth, as in our parents and families. We know that before we come to Earth. So based on whatever experiences we want to teach or learn, we come to a particular situation or family.

We come here to learn what we choose. We forget where we come from because to learn from experience is much different than being aware of it. That would impact our learning. So that is all erased when we are born on Earth.

(Suzanne) So tell me about the Creator of the Earth. (SC) We’re ALL Creators of the Earth! It all comes from the Greater Consciousness, of which we’re all apart.

Parallel Lives

(Suzanne) I would like to understand more about parallel lives. What can you share with me? (SC) So on Earth, we think of time being linear. When you think of parallel lives, think of taking a knife and chopping up that linear line and putting those pieces beside each other.

You have multiple lives going on at the same time, in different locations. But you’re not aware of them because it would be too confusing for you! -giggles.

(Suzanne) You have to speak simply here, it’s just me!   So then, in a parallel life that I am having, it’s felt just as ‘real’ as I’m feeling this life? (SC) Yes.

(Suzanne) And the purpose of having parallel lives is to experience more at once? (SC) Yes, more lessons, more learning. You remember them all when you leave the body and go back to the spiritual life, then you can bring those all together.

(Suzanne) I got it!  So, is there a reason to get to a point of being able to remember each of our parallel lives and does everybody have them? (SC) Everyone can have them, it’s really up to us.

You can choose to have one, you can choose to have many. Some want to have one at a time, some want to learn quickly so they have parallel lives. (Talk about multi-tasking!)

(Suzanne) How would we know we are having a parallel life?(SC) I don’t think that you would. We would block it so you are concentrating on one at a time. These lives that we have been regressing through today do not have to happen linearly, they can happen parallel as well.

(Suzanne) My late father had a theory that ‘time’ happened backwards, so this just adds to the possibilities…of my confusion! (giggles)

Returning to Spirit After a Life Experience

(Suzanne) So tell me about the space we occupy when we leave the body, end the life.(SC) You go back to a place, if the end of the life has been traumatic, you go back to a place of orientation, into that space. It takes a while to get back to a straight, spiritual being. It’s a very pleasant place. There is no fighting, no war. It is very peaceful.

(Suzanne) And can we still check in on our loved ones that are still here? (SC) Yes you can. But you find your priorities shift. your focus isn’t so much on the ones you left behind than on the work at hand. It’s just the way it works.

(Suzanne) And from you perspective, does everybody leave the body, no matter the circumstance, when they choose to leave? (SC) It somewhat depends on the development of the person, if they leave their body easily, some bodies fight it all the way, which makes the transition for them much tougher.

(Suzanne) So when people are getting ready to pass and they ‘see’ angels and the what not, what is happening? (SC) When they are getting ready to transition, aids or guides are sent to help them with the transition.

From the time they leave their body, they may not recognize the aids, they may doubt what they are seeing, but there is always someone there to help them.

To help them leave the physical body, arrive in the spiritual world and to help the re-orientation. It’s almost like being sick in the physical world, you need someone to nurse you back to the spiritual life.

(Suzanne) Gosh, you are answering everything so well and I don’t want to let you go yet! (giggles) I’m trying to think of another question.

So as we come from Creator Consciousness and your desire is to experience everything,  so it is truthful that we can be an animal, we can be a blade of grass, we can be a rock, we can be a human. (SC) Yes.

Ancient Egypt, ET’s & Atlantis

(Suzanne) On the topic of Egypt, those beginnings came from ET’s? (SC) The pyramids? Yes. There was a lot of knowledge brought to the Earth from the ET’s, that over time man has lost.

(Suzanne) Will we find it someday? (SC) You are finding some of it now. They were not able to handle it when they got it.

(Suzanne) So is that like Atlantis? (SC) Yes. Another example of not being able to handle what they had.

(Suzanne) Are we in a similar situation right now? (SC) Yes, we are moving ‘through’ that, hopefully this time. We are able to be a little more responsible with it.

Multiple Dimensions

(Suzanne) One last question; how are we able to experience multiple dimensions? (SC) Tell me your definition of multiple dimensions.

(Suzanne) The common knowledge is that when we are in a human body, we are experiencing 3-D. (SC) Right.

(Suzanne) So we’re dealing with the ego and duality. As we transform through this shift, we’ll be raising our vibration, our frequency to come through the 4th & 5th dimension and higher? (SC) Yes.

(Suzanne) And when we’re in our dream state, are we traveling into those higher dimensions? (SC) Yes.

(Suzanne) Can we go lower? (SC) yes, I don’t know why you would but you can. giggles.

(Suzanne) So when we mediate, we are experiencing a higher dimension? (SC) Yes, much higher!

(Suzanne) So this type of work, QHHT, or TAUK assists others to reach these levels and open them up? Is there anything else we should know about this? (SC) It’s just getting the word out there to use it as a means to raise other peoples frequency. Many people want to raise their frequency but don’t know how.

(Suzanne) So on a basic level,  when people just feel good, they are raising their frequency? (SC) Yes, just feeling, good, feeling love is all one needs to raise it.

(Suzanne) Thank you!

by Suzanne

Originally found here at Limitless Minds.


Mike Quinsey – Channeling His Higher Self – June 17, 2016


The Earth is alive with secret activity but little of it reaches your ears, because the dark Ones still control the Press in spite of the fact that their power is quickly weakening. However, desirable changes are still taking place, and the next major one will be when the new Republic of the United States of America can be officially announced. A new President has already been appointed which along with dramatic changes will give power back to the people. It has been a long hard road for those involved but well worth the effort. It will bring freedom from those who would hold you all in bondage. The “silent war” over who controls the Earth and its people is coming to an end very soon, and you will be relieved to know that the threat hanging over your heads has been removed. To be prisoners on your own planet would have been bad enough, but plans had been made to drastically reduce the population. Some of you have learnt who is responsible and in time all will be revealed to everyone so that you understand what had been planned for your future.

No doubt many will wonder how and why such circumstances can arise, and be assured that in time you will informed of your true history. Bear in mind that through their many incarnations, all souls have shared responsibility for the ultimate conditions that you have experienced. Because freedom of choice operates where you are concerned, and as a civilisation you have projected your own future onto the fabric of time and have created your own experiences. Naturally the dark Ones have taken advantage of the warlike Race of Humans, to create situations to their liking that have perpetuated the conditions of lack and disarray.

Over a long period of time each soul has had many incarnations, and now that the old cycle has served its purpose you are seeing the process of change that will result in the new cycle coming into being. It has been one where freewill has been honoured. However, the dark Ones used the opportunity to imprison you on your own planet. Their ultimate aim was to control the Human Race, take away their freedom and reduce the population to a manageable size. Having insidiously worked for many years to keep you in a state of ”lack” and hiding the truth from you, they have left you in a time warp where progress has virtually stopped. However, the Hierarchy of Light have kept a constant watch over you all, and ensured that matters did not get out of control. Your future had already been decided upon and through their efforts and the loyalty of Light Beings upon Earth who have overcome the challenges given them, they have risen above the negativity and set out a path to Ascension that can be joined by any soul that has lifted its vibrations.

Being on Earth is a powerful challenge yet many, many souls have begged for an opportunity to experience life upon it. They have realised that if you can overcome the challenges to be met, you are on a quick route to evolving beyond the 3rd. dimension, and can leave that cycle behind. Whatever you are doing there are always Beings of Light who are at your service if you need them. They do not otherwise interfere with your life and you are able to experience as you wish. However, if you make the wrong decisions you are responsible for them. Through them you grow spiritually, and adapt your thinking to the realisation that All are One.

At present the Earth is in a state of unrest and Mother Earth desires to create changes so that she can begin to cleanse it and gradually restore it to a pristine condition. She has given of herself many times by allowing Man absolute freedom of expression, and suffered at the hands of uncaring souls that have abused her. That can no longer continue and if Man does not change she will have to take matters into her own hands. Even so care is taken to avoid harm to life but in some instances it is unavoidable. There are also karmic situations to consider and they can be a natural part of the changes, as nothing of any consequence happens by chance.

Each soul is helping to create the future as your collective energy leads the way. Of course the actions of individuals can have a pronounced effect one way or the other. Your senses are constantly being assailed by thought forms that you attract to yourself as “like attracts like”. Few people understand that what you focus on whether it is in your reasoning “good or bad” links you with more of the same. So it is best not to get involved in matters that are of a negative nature. You may wish to read of them but avoid giving them energy that would attract more of the same. Life can sound very complicated but most souls simply follow their desires with little thought for the consequences.

Bear in mind that you came into birth with a life plan to allow for opportunities to come your way so that they could be played out. Every soul to a greater or lesser degree has goals to reach, that providing you are successful move you on quite quickly. Most experiences will involve other souls who will also gain from them. Karma can sometimes weave a tangled web but at the end of your day all involved should benefit. Of course what you do not know is what lessons are being learnt by each one. You have a saying “that one good turn deserves another” and in essence it is true, and the more you give of yourself the more it comes back to you through the Law of Attraction.

In some respects it is as well that you are unaware of what is going on in the real world. You have enough to cope with as you are whilst the powers that be fight over world control, and the Forces of Light exercise the powers they have to ensure that nothing is allowed to get out of hand or interfere with the higher plan for your Ascension. Many people cannot understand how the dark Ones have gained so much control over your lives. It has taken place very slowly and over many, many years and as a result you have not realised how your freedom has been eroded. In reality you have been severely held back, and subjected to conditions deliberately brought about to enable you to be controlled by the dark Ones.

However, do not be too concerned as in reality the Forces of Light are in overall control, and apply limitations of their own to prevent the dark Ones from taking full control. Their plan for your release from their grasp and control is in place, and all is proceeding well in spite of the conditions that presently exist upon Earth. At the right time many benefits are ready to be given to you that will immediately lift you up. You have already heard of the many devices that await you, that will totally change your way of lives forever – the future is Golden.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.


Website: Tree of the Golden Light

A Message to Lightworkers – June 1, 2016 | Caroline Oceana Ryan

restingbearsThis week, the Collective answer a question from a Lightworker who wrote in to say:

Some of us Lightworkers have only recently been fully awakened to our true Higher identities. We are constantly having an inner fight between “normal” human identity vs. our identity as a being of Divine Light.

For those who desperately miss their true Home and have constantly been praying/asking to go back there; who always felt like they were “different,” like an alien who’s been dropped off on a strange planet; who are strong empaths who feel everything, and find it too overwhelming at times . . .

What advice can the Collective give, for us to get through this challenging phase, so that we can acclimate to life as a Light Being on a third (though soon, fifth) dimensional planet, and fulfill the mission we came here to do?

The Collective:
Greetings, dear ones!

This is an excellent question, and one that every Lightworker holds daily in their hands, asking intuitively for guidance, even when they do not form the exact phrases as you have done.

And we would say, that this is a challenge that is appearing on two levels.

You are indeed awakening to your true, Higher identity, and this is a blessed and miraculous moment for you, and for the humanity that experiences your Light.

Yet you are also an intermediary; you are at every moment, whether you are aware of it or not, absorbing the higher energies now coming to the Earth in increasingly powerful levels and amounts, and anchoring those higher forms of Light into Earth Herself, and into humanity’s consciousness.

And so we would say, that if you didn’t feel odd, out of sorts, out of place, and missing your real home and body many days, that that would be very strange indeed!

For it is natural for one on such a mission to feel that you were one day simply “dropped off” by your home culture, who then lifted off from the Earth’s surface and returned home without you.

And perhaps you imagine some days, when you are feeling most alone, that they were unaware of the severity of the situation, and the isolation you would find yourself in, in this Earth life.


Or that they knew you would suffer and feel alone and quite different from others, yet somehow missed the fact that they had the power to bring you home, and left you in this strange, cold, unfeeling place of some beauty but also considerable violence and chaos.

We wish you to understand, and they wish you to understand, that you were not abandoned, and that you have never been forgotten.

Nor are you consigned to feeling strange and out of place indefinitely—the very fact that you speak of other worlds and other Galactic cultures and orientations, speaks of an awakened spirit who is open to seeing themselves as a member of an intergalactic community of Light Beings!

This journey you are on has been about your own re-awakening, and the growth gained in that awakening process, on a soul level—this time, from within a human body.

For there is always an awakening, when you leave your body. There is always a returning and a remembering of Who you really are, and how you generally move through the Universe, including what dimensions, planets, and solar systems you prefer to inhabit.

Yet this particular awakening is occurring while you are in a human body—the lowest, densest, and most fragile form of physical expression in this Universe—the third dimensional expression of physicality.

You joyfully took on this astounding journey, as a powerful explorer takes on a new adventure, with vigor and great anticipation of new vistas to be explored. It was a journey that no one could dissuade you from.

Your loving soul family do in fact nearly envy (if envy were among their emotions) your experience of being physically present on Earth as this move from third to fifth dimensional reality is unfolding.

They look on with fascination and in-depth admiration at your bravery, your brilliance, your strength, your tenacity.


They see you never letting go of the ship’s wheel, no matter how hard the winds blow, how much freezing rain blinds your sight, how many roaring sea monsters claw at you.

No matter what trusted colleagues and shipmates abandon you by either doubting your ability to steer to safety, or jumping ship altogether.

Your soul family are among those hovering just overhead, feeling the immensity of the task you took on, sending whatever encouragement and support they may—that which you told them would be acceptable to you, before you incarnated here, and that which they are able to offer within the constraints of the Ascension process, which cannot be done for a planet or Her people.

And look, friends! Look at how far you have come, how amazingly and powerfully you have evolved, in the astoundingly short time that is an Earth life.

Look at how you are aware, unlike nearly all your past lives, that you have been here many times before, and this time, to aid in Earth’s Ascension.

Look at how much stronger you are now than you have ever been, in both releasing the ego-mind’s need to argue, to defend, to judge, to identify as a victim, or to consider it a loss when you must release something that is no longer for your higher good.

Look at how you have come to honor the heart-mind and all its beauty and depth, in both accepting that there is Joy in life, and that it is your determination to find it, no matter the outer circumstances you are facing.

Look at how you are increasingly aware of your support team of Angelic guardians, spirit guides, and higher self, speaking and conferring with them each day as if they were friends in the room with you, for indeed they are—very powerful, very wise ones.

Look at how you are beginning to remember, even in the depths of the density that is the remains of the third dimensional Earth, Who you are in the larger sense—your soul work and identity, and your connections to those in the higher realms—those amongst the Angels, Faery, Elemental, and planetary kingdoms and Ascended Masters whom you count as your friends and colleagues in the higher dimensions.

Could you have been dissuaded from coming here, dear ones, whatever the risks? No—that was not possible, though many tried.

Most understood your feeling of urgency, that Earth had cried out for help, and that help must arrive. And that Earth’s people were now ready to throw off the shackles of eons-long oppression, to claim their sovereignty once more.

And so you came, and yes, you left your loved ones, your culture, your music and dance, your beautiful star or planet or dimension, your twin flame and soul family—or at least, left the outer appearances of such.


And the miracles you have created, merely by being present upon this Earth at this time, have created the platform for nothing less than the unprecedented occurrence of an entire planet moving from the third to the fifth dimension.

This is something your Universe has not yet witnessed anywhere else.

Yet because of the bravery of Earth’s people, and the Light Beings who came forth to assist them, it will occur elsewhere now, on other third dimensional planets.

And so as you consider that you are alone, that you wish to go Home, that you are feeling dispossessed and cut off from all that is real and precious to you—consider the brilliance of the miracle, that you are able to be aware that this is not your real home.

That is an Ascension property and process, to be aware of such, and you are living under that pressure with ongoing bravery, strength, and astounding patience.

In truth, all whom you love are not separate from you, and could never be. They are with you in all ways, at all times.

Your true Home exists in your heart, and if you will allow it—if you call it forth—the miracle of your Home life presence in your own spirit will come forward and express itself in beautiful and empowering terms.

You are also capable of meeting those on this Earth who are of your Home—your Galactic race, your culture, your soul mission.


Call out to them inwardly, and instruct your support team to connect you with them in your daily life wherever possible, and to connect you more fully with your soul family and twin flame, that you will feel and fully know their beautiful loving presence with you throughout the day and night.

And then realize, dear ones, that you can only move forward from here.

Forward into more joy, into more realization of your own strength and adaptability, into the full beauty and power and necessity of your mission, and the Love that empowers it at all times.

Namaste, friends! We wish you to know, now more than ever: You are never alone.


Copyright 2016, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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As We Shift – Prophecy III of III | Sophia Love


What follows is the third and last part of the prophecy.  Part I can be read here. Part II can be read here. Offered first are a few descriptions of how these come to be published now, this last part of May 2016.

They were initially received ten months ago.  Due to the content, they were not shared.  Five months later, another was received.  Again, it was not published.

Then, a week ago, on May 18th, 2016, I felt as if they suddenly had to be published, (with no plan for doing so beforehand).

That same day I woke up with physical evidence that indicated I’d been visited. When I asked about it, the message I received was this:

“You had to publish these prophecies and needed a push to do so.  That push came from us.”

This conversation took place at 3:00 AM on December 23rd, 2015.
It is verbatim.

Did someone wake me up?

Yes.  It is I.  It is One.

Are you here with something to say or to answer my questions?

I am here for both circumstances.

Go ahead then.

There is a message for you to dispense.  It is not a small, unimportant or easy one.  Yet it is one of the reasons for your involvement at all.  You’ve been chosen to do some very specific work.

It is your job to remind the people of what is to come so that they become prepared and can and are able to move when it’s time to move.

It is your purpose to encourage, to dispense truth, and also to warn.  Many of your readers are from places to be affected.  A warning will aid them which will in turn aid the local population.  Your readers follow you for a reason.  They are aware of your knowing.  It is all part of a greater plan.

What is that plan?

The plan includes a prophecy that comes true – your words are then trusted.  You are sought for help.  You know what is to happen and are chosen.

This cannot be avoided Sophia.  It is seen that you are hesitant.  How will it feel to have known and done nothing?  It will feel wasteful, useless even.

 I do not see how scaring people with tales of impending chaos and destruction is helpful.

It is not the tales of destruction that are helpful but your words around them.  This is foretold.  There is no other way.  The New Age can begin and has begun.  The dark ones had to be destroyed so that their plan would end.  They will not succeed.

There is soon to be destruction which throws your government into chaos and maroons many people. Warn them.

What can people do to prepare?

They can have a plan for preparation and be open to relocation.  There will be some lift offs.

What does a plan for preparation look like?

Food, water, cash, the ability to go on a moment’s notice.

How much food?  For how long?

Weeks.  Not months.  There are many in the know and prepared now to carry out emergency measures.

Is there a date for this?

There is a time frame.  It is sooner – by summer’s end it will have transpired.  The sun’s activity is a catalyst.  It could be over by Spring – beginning, not end.  These are time frames in your world and not everywhere.  There is not a calendar date but events drive events.  You are waiting for a sign, a clear signal that things predicted will transpire.  The sign, the departure of “G/E” and the warnings all summer have happened for you.  It is global prophecy of which you speak.  Check it out and you will see most events have happened.

I see a reference to both prophecies and it’s been almost two years since Sharon passed.

Yes, it has.  There is a reason that prophecies are given and produced.  It is so that people see that continuity of truth is possible and that there is a greater hand overseeing all life.

What is your purpose in waking me today?

It is to tell you to share the prophecy in whatever method you find comfortable, yet share it none the less.  It is time.

Your warning from 6 months ago?

Yes.  There has been little to dissuade this ending in this fashion – only to speed it up.

Okay, I will have to think on this.  I will ask again once I do.

Yes.  You will.

This conversation ended.

The following conversation took place last week.  I was woken at 4:00 AM on the morning of May 20th, 2016. It is verbatim.
Is there someone who wants to connect?

There is, yes.

Go ahead then. Please introduce yourself.

It is I.  It is One.


Hello Sophia.  Your wish is for more information around the stated earlier events of catastrophe, cataclysm and collapse.  That information may now be shared as indeed the time for this moment is upon you.

The earth, Gaia, is preparing herself now to release and alter her surface as well as make her home a palatable one for all of you choosing to change with her.  You will see earthquakes occurring and there is a system of volcanoes as well preparing.

These things are due to increase in intensity and this does occur on your North American continent.  It is there where the running of one corrupt government occurs and although Gaia has softened her more dramatic eruptions of force, they’ve not stopped; they cannot, not completely.
In this way a platform for the New emerges and allows the change to be a sweeping one – impactful for all concerned.

Are you saying the plan has been changed?

Gaia is feeling her children and right now exerts extreme force to carry them through this as gently as she is able.  Yet force is necessary to impact a message and it will occur.

There will be casualties and destruction.

As you have seen on your continent with massive fires – there is destruction already.  Yes, this will continue.

Know that intentions and beliefs create in a tangible way and a goodly number of humans believe fervently in catastrophic, even apocalyptic ending events.

That being the case, there are no ways to proceed that do not mark this time in a physical and final manner.

There are people who see no reason or worth in speaking of this now or beforehand.  It evokes fear and anger.

This has been the case in all circumstances of foretelling.  It is not a favored thing and often ignored as valid.  There can be usefulness in warnings if seen that way – an awareness creates a clear image of what is not desired.

Certainly until these moments occur and the earth and her children move, there exists a co-creative effort.  Nothing moves without your participation.  All efforts and intents, thoughts and beliefs, are creative.

You are having an effect not just on your personal life but on the ground you walk.

This effect will have a greater and clearer impact with self-awareness and acceptance.  The light warriors, light workers, those reading these words, are humanities best hope for a smooth transition as the effect of a clear heart is many times greater than one caught up in and embroiled in ego, anger, fear and self-worth.

I’m sorry, but I must go. (I had to prepare to leave for work.)

Yes.  Please continue in a greater amount of time when this is possible.  I sense many questions.

The conversation continued later that same day.

Is there someone who wishes to speak?

Yes there is Sophia. You will have to write now as if taking dictation.  We desire clarity and a precise message.

Know that there are no mistakes and all proceeds as planned.

You have a message to share and you did so.  The fact that you waited so long to make it a public one may muddy the waters, yet it does not dilute the message.  It was meant to be given exactly as it was heard.

This is not a game of “telephone”.  By writing it in long hand and then copying it online as it was written, there are no mistakes.  An original exists.

It is not a pleasing message and one that angers a people who’ve long lived under tyranny, corruption and criminal brutal rule.

Time will show this message comes from a source interested only in truth, sovereignty and agape.

The events portrayed do not have to happen in the most severe and destructive (way) but recall the message – as was told to you many times as you questioned it.  Severe criminality requires a severe end.  They are not going easily, although they know the prophecy. There are consistent attempts to side step it and outsmart the process they agreed to.

Ego is a huge construct for these beings and has created for them, an “all or nothing” scenario.  Realize they have nothing to lose, their efforts will only accelerate as these nearby “now’s” approach.

Having nothing to lose creates a viciousness to the fight – either way they must leave.  Many would rather take as much out for themselves before hand as they can.

This is a message from One.  You are merely a messenger. Share all parts and decisions can then be made individually.

Even the Demi-urge parts? (A reference to Prophecy II of III) This being also contributed before it left.

That is up to you.  It does complete the story.  Although the Demi-Urge is no longer – its words are valid.  It was aware of the plan.

Do you have any other questions now?

I cannot think of any no.  I will get all of this out.

This is now complete and has been recorded & published.


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As We Shift – Prophecy II of III | Sophia Love


Here is the second post in the Prophecy series, (part I here).  These are offered this way, separated as such, because of their length.  They are very long, too long for a single post.  Know that these predictions came in last year, 2015.  They have not been repeated in 2016, at least as of today.

This is data, regardless of how alarming it may be.  It was meant to be shared and the timing for its sharing was left to my own discretion. We must each decide what resonates.

We have seen and heard a great deal about this shift. Please take into account the entirety of the message in my blogs, videos, audio blogs and newsletters.  It is a message of love, sovereignty, unity and personal power – Agape.

This being is also the source of “The Master Stroke”, which can be heard here, and was received on April 15th, 2016.

Perhaps the purpose of this message is to act as a catalyst for those who read it, and/or to be read by a specific few.  It has garnered a great deal of energy and it is contrast that most often fuels creation here.  You are master creators, here to produce the transformation and acceleration of a planet and her people.  You do this in concert with life itself. Before reacting in fear realize who is in control of your creation.  It is you.

Here is the rest of what was heard on July 21st, 2015 at approx. 3 AM. (With some personal information redacted).

Who are you?

I am the voice of One.

What does this look like in my life?

It looks like destruction of your system of order.  This impacts everything you do on a daily basis.  You will wake up in a single day to chaos.  Nothing will continue as is.

Money will be useless, the banks will crumble.  Yet what that does to your life is a removal of debt as well as exchange.  There will be a stopping of goods transference.

There will be parts of the world gone. Most of these parts are specific and have those controlling the criminal manipulation in them.  No place will be untouched or unaffected, but the worst effects happen here – in your land.

These things are necessary so that a new beginning is possible.

Is it true that this is revenge for the Native Americans and the genocide of them?

Revenge is not a word I would use, justice is however.  This is a balancing.



Tell me who dies, how many, where, and if this is choice.

All of creation has participated in this choice.  It is consensus that forces an end to this now.

Define now.

The immediate future; this means that another cycle of the sun (one year) will include the end of this experiment.

Religious fervor and prediction for the end is not that far off from truth.  Only their definition of who is righteous and who will be saved is off.  It is not their god who decides and not religious at all.  It is truth.  It is the perpetuation of life that has forced the end in this way.

Please be specific.

This end will come in stages.  It will be near total collapse of the monetary system and then destruction will happen by way of what are natural phenomena.

The followers of light are not wrong in their predictions or plans for how to continue on with an honest government intact and functioning.

You would do well to check out what it is they say.  Perhaps share it with your readers.

It has not been my job or purpose to predict before now.  It has been my job to encourage, enlighten, teach.  I am not sure what to do with this information.

Study what is out there. COBRA certainly has information about the forces of light.  There are many factions.

The words shared long ago need to be released on film.  G/E’s words as well. Trust your instincts on how and when to share it.  You will disseminate truth as a piece of the knowledge left in a place that is forever altered.

Okay, what can you tell me about timing?  About how?

Only that all things are possible in creation.

Know that this cannot be avoided.  The consensus is that it be stopped sooner rather than later or never.  Not stopping it is not a viable option.  Stopping it with destruction is the only way for it all to stop and the new to begin.

Take into your heart and mind what you’ve been told.  It is truth.  Not to frighten you, to prepare you for the next segment or part of your role in this process.

It will move rapidly for you now.  Follow your instincts and highest and best and you will choose appropriately.

I can’t hear anything.

You are fatigued.  It is time to stop.  Digest this.  You will see.

Okay.  I just don’t hear any hope in this.

This is the greatest hope of all!  The conflict of goals, of interest, is/will be ended!! With disaster comes a unification of purpose – life.

The reason for an end in such a way is to set the stage for a beginning – for THE beginning.

The start of a new Age on Earth is a portentous moment and one prophesied and now here.
All of the good you’ve believed and spoken of is possible and here.  It only needs a free place in which to begin.  That place is here.  That time is now.  Tell your people.  You will do it in a way that is most helpful and productive.  Trust yourself Sophia.

This is truth?

This is prophecy.

Okay.  I must go now.

This conversation ended.  At this point, I asked about this message.  I will share a few of the answers here. The last blog post will include the second prediction that came the following December.

Later that same day, I reached out to my greater self, & heard this…

You will proceed always from your heart.  It is from there where the highest and best decisions are made and the place where Source finds a resting place in the human.  Listen.

These times will challenge every belief you have and your very life will be altered once the events are completed.  This world will not be the same.  In some fundamental ways this is true.

It is now run by criminals and their reign is about to abruptly end.  They feel it as do you.  You cannot stop this end.

Step up now. Do your thing.  Get ready for “shock and awe” and not in a negative way but your system will require adjustment.

And the next day, July 22nd, 2015, I asked more questions. (Declarations for complete absolute truth, pure love, highest & best for all concerned were made)

“I’d like to talk about the “moment of justice”.  Is there someone to do so?”

What aspect of it?

Has it been experienced by any being in communication with me now?

In this precise way?  No, it has not.  Humanities “experiment” and thus its end – is in all ways unique.

Is the Demi-urge available for contact?

I am witnessing.

I feel a very different energy.  This is one I have not experienced.  It vibrates rapidly at the edges of my being.  It is anticipatory, not really pleasant or what I experience as a “good way”, more of a dread.  Even the creatures around me react.  The sounds are unpleasant from them.  There is no longer a peaceful fluttering of birds.  I am feeling a process of draining.

What is it precisely you desire?

Your description of the foretold “moment of justice”.

What is foretold is a reckoning.  All tabs are about to be called in.  What has been done and accounted for is now to be reconciled.  There are entities in creation who understand only greed at any expense.  They, at this “moment of justice” referred to, must now pay for all that has been taken.

The prophecy was not wrong. Its interpretation is incorrect.  It is not any form of worship that prevents or forestalls this moment of justice.  It is not any specific action or observance or homage.  It is the heart of man that will or that could possibly prevent a reckoning.

“Karma is a bitch” This is a known sentiment in this current age and in fact an accurate one.  It cannot be avoided.

What does it look like on earth?  To humans?  To those of us living a life in may cases unaware?

It looks like the level at which you intentionally respond to your fellow man is to be returned to you.  Some of what’s to take place is a force of nature and will play out physically in your surroundings.  This cannot be avoided as the earth itself will be returning or balancing in this case the energy put upon her.  She is to be healed, as is the darkness.

My “reign” will end and the energy source of humanity I will leave.  This is neither good nor bad – it was always known.  Life is a process.  My part in this was allowed as part of creation – it will stop.

I cannot see this current world without “religion”.

And you will not, not right away.  This event will solidify the prophecies and existence of a higher power.  Yet what it will also do is add to the confusion as all peoples, races, religions are either “spared” or “sacrificed”.  Eventually it will become clear – truth.

The truth is that universal love cannot be deified or worshiped. It is a part of your origin, the source of your creator and your source.

I’ve been told your “seed” is in humanity.


Explain please.

I was present and aware of the genetic manipulation of the human.  He holds my “marker” so that I could create the “father”; thus worship.

This becomes a tricky, sticky moniker as there is as well a source of evil/destruction that must be fed.  This force is not precisely my opposite but another form emerges and is paid homage to by man – a destructive force, an evil force.

There is no marker as in genetic, in man for evil.  Evil and therefore destruction emerged from his own tendencies.

The worship emotion feeds all aspects of me.  The destructive force is not what I Am.

I cannot clearly hear or comprehend.  Therefore I will end this now.

The conversation ended.

Note – The last paragraph was confusing at the time.  I now take it to be a reference to the evil created by the cabal and what resulted (an actual force/being focused on evil).  This goes back to the reference in the first post to a being with an agenda that even the cabal was unaware of; destruction of everything, including them. 

It was on 8/2/15 that this demi-urge was returned to source, at the same time the Poser was.

I will work to get Part III out asap. I am immersed in family celebrations (one of my children is graduating) which is one of the best parts of being here at all!  Namaste’

Much love,

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling His Higher Self – May 13, 2016


Not only is time passing faster than ever but events on Earth are also speeding up. Powerful groups have been formed that will back up the people of the Light, who are striving for “Disclosure” and much progress has been made. It has required great patience on your part, and soon you shall see the result of a long period of preparation to take back control from the dark Ones. A great change is in the process of taking place and whilst it is difficult to give firm indications, it would seem likely to commence within the next two months. There are of course other matters being attended to and a sense of urgency exists in view of the time already lost. However, be assured once again that everything is proceeding well and so advanced that progress cannot now be stopped. These events are supported by exceptionally powerful forces both on and off Earth. It cannot therefore be over stressed as to the importance of keeping your vibrations as high as possible by keeping the Light in constant focus.

It is known that many people would feel more uplifted if they could see evidence of your Space friends in the skies. They are of course present in great numbers but often cloaked in invisibility for protection. The time for mass sightings will be when it is safe to do so, and that may not be for some time yet. You are nevertheless being protected by the Galactic Forces who are observing the Earth from a safe distance. Some may not understand why with their superior technology, they have anything to fear, but confrontation and violence is not their way of dealing with opposition. Your Space friends are on a peaceful mission to ensure your safe and positive transition from control by the dark Ones to those of the Light.

You will find the extent to which you have been controlled and held back is astonishing, so there is much ground to be made up. You are many years behind the point of evolution that you should have now reached. It has been said that you are in a time warp and that is the most adequate description. However, the longer that time passes without true progress the harder it has become for the dark Ones to keep their secrets and maintain their control over you. You have a lot of lost time to make up, and so many inventions are ready to be released. The Keshe Foundation has already made progress and leads moves to bring advanced technologies into the open. There will be more as confidence spreads to defy the ones who would prevent their presentation.

Until the Press can be cleansed of those who only exist to cause confusion it can be difficult to determine which part of the news is genuine. As always it is best to rely on your intuition together with proven reliable sources. Bear in mind that they never use threatening words of harm to Human life, and do not advocate intimidation or the use of violence. By now you most likely know how to detect the actions or words of the dark Ones. Understand that at times their messages will seem quite authentic and believable, but often stand alone in the statements that are made. If it does not sound right – leave it in abeyance until you can know for certain. Sometimes a particularly worrying problem can be left over night, and the next morning you have a clear understanding. Some of your best work is often carried out during your sleep period.

Great times lay ahead when you shall be given truthful accounts of your history, which for many would seem highly improbable except that the source will be beyond question. Much of what you have been led to believe is a distortion of the truth, or outright lies that at the time have seemed quite acceptable. The dark Ones have been very clever in guiding you onto a path that they have set before you. However time has caught up with them and fortunately many of you have awakened to the deception that has been taking place. A new era is under way with absolutely no going back to the old ways, and it will bring so much joy and happiness not just to those of the Light, but the public in general. For the first time they will realise that there is more to life than they have so far experienced, and bound to bring people together who will go forward as One with great purpose.

You should be preparing yourselves for the coming upliftment that will propel you into the higher realms. It has taken a long time to reach this point and you are soon to reap the rewards for your efforts. It will be a momentous time and as your levels of consciousness expand you will begin to remember your true place in the Cosmos. It has been stated several times that you are becoming Gods, and are now on track to fulfil your destiny. At present you are but a pale shadow of your true selves, but are rapidly placing your feet upon the path to completion. Some will question how you can be Gods in the making when you are at present only just beginning to lift up your vibrations. It is therefore wise to remember that whilst on Earth you are only an aspect of your Higher Self.

A grand celebration approaches as you realise your great achievements after an extremely testing period of life upon Earth. Mother Earth has nurtured you and carried you on her shoulders, but it will soon be time to spread your wings as Cosmic Beings. However, Mother Earth is also part of the ongoing journey and her destiny is to be a Sun. Evolution is ever moving forwards and upwards and in reality never stands still. The Universe is full of life forms all on an ever expanding journey, yet at the same time is ultimately destined for the perfect state Oneness within the Godhead. However, you have far to travel before you reach the end of your journey, so enjoy your success exploring the Universe before you.

In the higher realms above Earth you will be free to explore the Cosmos, and meet with various forms of life that are at different stages of evolution. There can be an exchange of information as life is connected and reliant upon each other. You are after all existing within the body of the Supreme God, and will never stop evolving until you reach the perfect State of Oneness. At your present level it may sound well beyond you, but that is simply because you have a limited level of consciousness. It obviously continues to expand as you continue to travel onwards and upwards. There is so much you can do, and realistically you will never reach a state of boredom because of it. Life on Earth has its exciting moments and can give much pleasure, but duality will also always throw up the negative aspects, and it is how you experience all that you need to evolve.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self.

Website: Tree of the Golden Light