Wholeness on Behalf of the Universe | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloved, where are you going? What journey are you on? This time around for you isn’t likely your first time around, yet who knows and how significant is a question anyway? There are more meaningful matters than curiosity or stealth to account for.

There is Love Abundant. There is Love Abiding. There is Love known to stir your heart on My Behalf and on behalf of the Universe and also on behalf of yourself and others as well.

Of course, generally speaking, you are curious beyond measure – the Oneness that is referred to as You My Beloved, you at this moment. You don’t have to be curious. It isn’t a necessity, nor is curiosity a strike against you. At the same time, your curiosity doesn’t have to be answered right and left. Please understand your place in the Universe.

Beloved One, You are the One Divinity that I Am, yet only in one sense. You have no right to take over others’ lives as I do. In one sense, you are a mixed bag, and why not? Who says you can only be one way or the other? I say you are the same Oneness as I am. None other than I. I say you are Truth. I speak Truth once and for all. What can I possibly say but the One Truth which is to say that you are My way fully-blessed in My Heart, inseparable from Me, never severed.

You are on the adventure of your life no matter how many times you have been here on Earth with Me. Numbers are not of supreme importance. Important are you. Where are you going?

It is certain that you find yourself alive in this round on Earth. Anyway, the long and the short of it is Infinity, which means Oneness here and anon. Infinite am I. Infinite are you. There is nothing to make of this but that Oneness rides on a trolly. This is hard for you to wrap around what you refer to as your mind, true?

Ah, but your heart! Your heart is another story. You and love and I are One. There is no getting away from this. True love exists. One heart beats. One hearts beats as One. Your Self is the object of all you seek. There are not two. Separation is an impossibility.

There is One Name alone that can be answered to. The Same Name only be. Within, Oneness is included. It isn’t that two can be stuffed in storage, in a closet or in an attic or a cellar or garage. Not at all. Aloneness is not a consideration you are to argue or question with Me. It cannot be said that there are two of Us existing on the same strata. Supposition is off-center. You are not a match game, for you are the real thing. I say you are the real thing, and you are not to argue debates with God, and yet, I, God, say you are One with My Self. You are the Supreme lying low. You are not really small potatoes. You are the real thing. Nor are you to take over anyone else’s life as if it is your free range. You are not a masquerade. You are caught up at the top of the mountain with Me, I, God Eternal.

Discern your own life, make no mistake. Take over no one else’s life, because you are not to trespass. This holds his own place. To each his own.

Days of Self Service | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloved, you mean everything to Me. You are My Beloved. You are My Joy every day of the week and year and for all the years to come – forever and forever. This is Eternity. You are My Beloved Always and Forever. You are My Happiness. It is for you that I, God, am forever. You are My tie to Earth. You are My Total Joy, hither and yon. You are My Heart’s Desire. Don’t you know My abiding love for you?

You may not take this as the God’s Honest Truth because there may be times when you do not feel well-served. You may have a sore toe or a sore heart, and you are not well-pleased with all the delight you see heralded in Me when you are yet left wanting.

You may make conditions. You may feel unloved because you believe that if I loved you, I would jump to My-Lou to change a bit of your life here and there as I deliver life to you.

If you only knew, you would experience life to its fullest with roses in your cheeks and gratitude for life at the tip of your toe to the top of your heart. Gratitude would steer you forward and no longer longing for what you feel you may be being denied.

It is easy to believe that if I truly loved you, you would constantly be filled to the brim to your happiest at every moment.

Beloved, if you are not experiencing happiness to your fullest now, you may think you are railroaded and lack the freedom of your own free will when you are capable of holding a full cup of joy to your own lips.

Freedom of choice matters to you. Of course, it does. You are not to have your free will tossed away. You merit your freedom as you choose.

Fill your happiness to the brim right now. Decide your happiness. Don’t shirk at it. Take your happiness at its full value right now. Are you waiting for your happiness to be delivered to you as if you are hapless?

Toast happiness to your Self. Accept happiness as I will it to you. Drink up happiness, Beloved. Make a toast to happiness for everyone in the world, and this includes you.

Beloved, you are not to be a slug-a-bed. Serve yourself loyally and royally. Everything is self-serve in the world these days. Don’t slog around waiting to be hand fed, Reach your arm out and serve yourself as well as others. There is no longer lying around waiting for Me to press a cup to your lips. These days are days in which you offer service to yourself as well as to others.

Few these days can lie around and be served elegantly. Serve as much as you can. No longer lollygag around waiting to be served tooth and nail. These are days of independence. You are the server as well as the served. It is also royal to serve another as your Self.

There is joy in serving yourself and others. Being waited on is no longer so divine and timeless. Waiting on others has its joy. For one thing, it is good exercise. This also means that to thine own Self, be true. Be true to your Self and to Me, God, Who is insatiably true to you.

Love. Love even without an object. Strew love everywhere. Love will be known. Love high and low, and you will know it. You will be love known to the top of the rafters. Love will be known because you are yourself love to be known in the springtime and in the fall, winter, and summer.

Call Goodness to Yourself | Heaveletters

God said:

Beloved, I don’t tell you anything new when I say that into each life some rain doth fall. You already know this well. Sometimes you don’t believe it, for instance, that even saints have days that seem unfair. There seems to be random pain. Gandhi was so for peace, and yet he was assassinated. Christ was misunderstood, etc.

What looks like grievous error to you seems to fall where and when it may.

I am aware that you are not desiring to give your pain away to others. You do not desire this kind of atonement for yourself nor for others. You would love everyone on Earth to avoid pain and suffering under any or all conditions, and you don’t want to run into hurt either.

You wonder that cannons are fired, hit or miss. You do not imagine that I would cause anyone unnecessary suffering, yet you see the repercussions that befall hither and yon. Long have you heard complaints from every corner of life. Suffering is suffering no matter upon whom it falls. It would seem that everyone can use the protection of armor. There does not seem to be armor handed out to everyone. Protective vests do not seem to exist.

Neither youth nor age protect you. Nor do your beliefs seem to spare you. You can do penance or not do penance and still not defray one kind of difficulty or another. Exoneration doesn’t seem to be the way it works in the world.

No matter who you are or how innocent of wrong-thinking or wrong-doing you are, no matter how loving you may truly be, alas, you are unable to defray all difficulty. Sooner or later, it seems that everyone suffers alike.

I ask you, regardless, to merit a portion of joy to yourself just the same. Go through what you must and not belabor it. Don’t think that it is your right to suffer. It is fine to make do with the best there is for you . It is for you to keep your eye on the sun that shines so vastly before you.

Beloved, you have the cream of the crop to pick from. Your fate is more than one-sided. You have choices as to what to dwell on. You have more than one option. You have the contents of the whole Universe.

The idea that you are suffer is a man-made idea. I say kindly to you that it is primarily the world’s idea and not your idea that you must suffer. You mandate that you must suffer, and then you account for the reasons. You add them up. You have an open-ended list, and, as it happens, the more you think of the people in your life who seen ti foil you, the sadder you become. Is it not like this for you? . Herein is how you may seem to bear the brunt of the world, Beloved

Beloved, you are a fall guy only when you say you are. This is the picture you paint and the picture you keep looking at. Rather you are obliged to call goodness to yourself, so say I.

A new world is a-coming!

Our Covenant | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloved, be beholden to this day that connects Us as One. The day isn’t beholden to you even as today is at your feet. A day is to lead you. A days sets itself before you. What will you do with this day that is before you? There is something in this day that you are to make beautiful.

Who says your day, as it is first offered to you, has to be your heart’s desire and not an inch less?

Follow the day set before you. You have choices to make, yet you do not call all the shots. This is how life is. Life doesn’t have to be exactly how you desire it to be. Who says that life has to be your cup of tea? Who says that you are to have days of only sunshine and never rain?

On some days, you receive a day that is beyond your highest dreams, and some days you may feel left out. Either way, this is life, and it is yours. You are the beneficiary. Each day comes as it comes.

I put clay into your hands. Whatever clay I put into your hands, every day the clay that arrives is yours to knead. You give your best to the God-given clay handed to you and make the best God-given pottery you can. Every day has that which is up to you to wed.

There is always more beauty to come. Make your day as you will. Sing today’s highest praises. This is your day, not someone else’s. Today is in your hands.

There is an aftermath of joy that comes to you. More joy is on its way. This is Our Covenant. We shake hands on it. Here is where your free will comes into its own.

My Will is that you uphold life. Give life all you’ve got to give.

Consider that you are not lacking or lagging. Make a list of all the benefits you have received in life to this day as opposed to what you may think you are missing and may have been denied. The benefits win by a mile. What then is your complaint? Be gracious. What else can you be, Beloved?

It takes less effort to be grateful for all your blessings than to complain once. When you feel worn out, complaint is likely the reason why you are so tired. You are looking at the downside when you could be at the top of the arbor. Make good choices for where you put your attention. It is your attention after all. Remind yourself that you are made in My image. Don’t waste one moment feeling sorry for yourself. Be all the goodness you long for. Diminish what you don’t want and have had too much of based on your own point of view.

Want to know the secret of how to get what you want? I will tell you. Here it is:

Never mind that you think you didn’t receive. Go for what you want and never mind the rest. Be what you want to be. Take the bull by the horns. This is your one life right now. Give it your nod. Downplay what you don’t want. Be your own marching band. No feeling sorry for yourself. No crying: ”Wolf!”

Whatever the circumstances, it is up to you to depend upon yourself now to raise your spirits.

Say: “God, thank You for showing me the way to come nearer to Thee. God, what I want most of all in the world is You.”

Look into My Mirror | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloved, how might life look differently to you when you see Me as top coach in your book – not as a possibility but as an absolute reality? What if you saw Me tossing basketballs into the net of your life, not now and then, but every second of the day?

What if you could see Me playing out in your life fervently, as if you can see Me meaning everything to you as I run interference for you, doing everything for you? How might you find yourself feeling more eager about life? You wouldn’t have to put the wind into your sails.

When you can feel that I am YOUR basketball player, wouldn’t you be relieved? Might then your life be more of a bird in hand?

Would you not have more of a spring in your step?

When you would think or say: “MY God!” how enlivened you would feel! Might you not bet more on yourself? Wouldn’t you be more self-empowering and running a mile-a-minute with infinite energy? WOW, you would be jumping for joy! You would know the God You are made of.

Why aren’t you solidly aware of Who You are right now? I cannot believe you would be dragging your feet. Have you ever heard of an angel dragging his feet and leaving his heart in left field? You would be more like the Little Engine Who Could. You would have all the steam in the world.

How could you not?

You are as you think.

I ask you to absorb My view of life. Wait not a moment longer to be Who I say you are. See as I see. I see you as the spitting image of Myself. You, too, would see miracles before your very eyes. You would be the gold standard. You would have no doubt.

See your posture now. Boy, would you be standing straight and tall. You would be a whiz-bang. You would be a horse at the gate ready to run a race with great enthusiasm.
You would not have to urge yourself on. You would, of your very nature, be chomping at the bit.

It seems to Me that you may see yourself as draggy-down. What’s the good of your being low energy and heavy-laden? Be as light as air. Be the subject of your life and not the object. Be substantive. Be alive. To be alive is why you are here. Reach the stars.

Grow the muscles to leap tall buildings. Be High-Spirited. Build your life of huge building blocks. You yourself are to be your inspiration. Be it.

When you Love | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloved, let’s come back to some of the good old-fashioned childhood sayings that speak well of life on Earth.

Sayings such as: If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. To which I add: If you are going to talk about your friends when they are not present, talk about them the same way as when they are present, or keep silent.

Some sayings are clear-cut, whereas some sayings are open to interpretation.

Love another as yourself. You may indeed not love yourself enough, so what then?

Speak truth. Many may not want to hear truth. And how do you know you have found truth?

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

Some sayings seem flimsy.

You can make up some new sayings. Here is one:

What a relief! Not everyone is odd.

Bless the world. Wish all well. Love your enemy.

Of course, if you love now, how is it you would have an enemy?

Some sayings are too pat. Two is company, and three’s a crowd.

Some sayings you don’t want to hear.

The world is relative, after all. One man’s meat is another man’s poison.

Speak your mind. Keep quiet. Say what you think.

Make up your mind, yet bend toward being flexible. Change is the name of the game.

Be unselfish, yet have compassion for your needs as well.

Don’t kid yourself.

Work hard, yet not too hard.

Be conscientious, yet not overly conscientiousness.

How do you know you are close to the truth? How can you be so sure?

It has been said that everything is known and that the innocent know best of all.

Don’t worry. Be happy! Be simple. Look at the blue of the sky. Drop complexity. Life doesn’t have to phase you.

Life is only life. Life is here today and gone tomorrow.

There is no time and no space, yet you feel suspended in time and space. That you feel suspended arises from the very non-existence of time and space.

Waltz your way to Heaven. Somewhere over the rainbow… Once upon a time in a faraway land… Are you really here, or is this a dream you are in? It seems like a dream, but what do you care? You can only be in life…

Life doesn’t have to be a big deal. Life is going on all around you. Life is for the taking. Life is handed to you. You have lots of life to choose from. Choose a bigger selection. Life is for the asking. Life is also for the giving. Life is. Let a song be in your heart. What are we talking about anyway? When anything is said or done, who is listening? When is anything said or done?

Can you get off the hook?

Life may be at your service. You are also at life’s service. Jump in. Life on Earth isn’t forever. Be the best you can be, yet expect not perfection on the Earth plane. There is greater life than life on Earth, wouldn’t you say?

Must poetry end? What about time and shortness of breath and hail to the King?

One day seems long, and another day seems short or too short.

You’ve been here forever and not at all long enough.

You may feel that you got here late. Where are the tallies kept in any case, and what for? Why store anything?

For the long and the short of it, be open to change. Otherwise, you keep yourself captive. For all you know, you are tied by your thumbs somewhere for old times’ sake, and you don’t have to stay bound..

My favorite new saying for you to take on is:

“Keep up with love! Surpass life!”

In Your True Light | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloved, you do not have to think so much. You are a Being of God. You contribute to the Earth. This is natural. It is yours to do. You aren’t doing anyone a favor. You are a High Being, High Human Being. You uplift the world simply by flying high.

The occasion of Our Love is ongoing. Our love never evaporates. It is Infinite. Our love shines. It shines now.

You are as I AM. You ARE I AM.

It isn’t that you have to grasp what I say. You ARE what I say. You are the Heart of My Existence. You are far greater than any image or crown or aura. You are Godness Itself. I exalt you with all the power of God. I tell you the God’s Honest Truth. I do not speculate. I state.

Does it make sense to you to doubt Me? How do you make sense of this? What is the meaning of God Almighty to you? We are One Breath. We are One, and so you are also Almighty. This does not mean you make magic tricks. No tricks, yet the you that you seem to see as constricted to one body, yes, of course, you can do anything, and, of course you go beyond that which you tend to hold onto as your lesser self, as if you cannot accept the beauty and goodness and brilliance of your One identifiable Self.

No longer hide. You do not to have to cough or choke on your own glory. When you ARE the Glory of God, take the Glory of God in your own stride, for You ARE the Glory of God.

You do not have to grasp what I say, for you ARE what I say. Now accept and take to heart the gist of what I say. Ride with Me in a chariot to Heaven. All the beauty of what Heaven means in all languages calls you to Me. It calls you to where you already are. Where you already are is with Me.

I do not exaggerate. I speak simply. You are in a position where you will do well to accept yourself in the True Light that is yours. You don’t have to be awkward and feel out of place or hold back Who You Are. Accept all the majesty you have within you, as this is for you to give. You are as I say you are, yet you seem to cast yourself in a lesser role.

Perhaps it can be said that you, Beloved, are an absent-minded God of Love whose thoughts are elsewhere. Sometimes you forget yourself. You get side-tracked from truth. You may invest in being less, as if you are not capable of shaking off any debt you impose upon yourself. Be as free as a bird. I am telling you that you already are.

Responsibility isn’t the same as worry. Responsibility is the same as containment and offering glistening fresh fruit to all. Responsibility isn’t a weight. Change the angle you see from. Beloved, you are a high-flying bird. You will not fall.

Avow yourself. No longer disavow yourself. Say to Me as One with Me:

“Yes, My Oneness, the God of All, I accept the treasures You hand to me. I will disperse them like rose petals. I will stand tall, and from my true height, even as time does not really exist, I recognize my God-Given life on Earth in Thy Name as the Great Time of my humble life. Never am I arrogant.”

Rest in Me | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloved of My heart, clear the passageways of your heart. Nothing is to get in the way of the free-flow of Our One beautiful heart. Clear the smallest blocks that get in the way of Infinite clear-seeing and clear-hearing. Let Us realize constant comfort and joy in Our Union. Oneness flows, I accept you wholeheartedly. There is no reason for dismay to cover up the Oneness of Infinity.

Seat yourself comfortably in My heart. Be at ease with Me. Be separate from tension. Do not for one moment overlook Oneness.

I welcome you, and the world welcomes you on My behalf and on behalf of Oneness. Do you stymie yourself to the extent of your own resistance to welcoming your perceived Self to life on Earth?

What within your Self do you fight? Are you not good enough for this world and above? Wake up! You are exalted to the High Heavens. Is there any other kind of Heaven but the one on High?

I exalt you. I have never not. I hasten you to My heart. Come close. Come, climb to the top of My message board. I hear you before you hear yourself. I am Yourself as you are Mine. We are not a mixed bag.

No longer think of yourself as some kind of quarry.

Safe are you with Me.

Whatever you deliberate about, let go of it. Come closer. All these worries you parade around like ponies in a circus – they are irrelevant to you. They are insignificant to the whole of life in Heaven on Earth.

When events are irrelevant to Me, they are irrelevant and unnecessary to you. Relieve yourself of these little tics that disturb you. Love My essence, for this is the same essence in which you are blessed. You are here to fill the world with essence of life all the way in excess of Heaven.

Forget the necessities of taxes and all the seeming matters that rub you the wrong way.

Be you on Earth as you are in Heaven.

I, God, penetrate your Soul. I, God in Heaven, the very God Who stands before you and leads you, I find you in Me. Why, here you are. Stay.

Do you think you are a gnat or ant on Earth and, to your mind, of no royal merit? Forget that, for any and everything on Earth has a purpose and fulfills its purpose. You appear in the world for a while. Whether you know the High Purpose of your seemingly illusive Being, deliver it. Have no concerns. I’m taking care of all life. Rest in Me.

You are not a passing fancy. You are a remarkable presence. You, the Essence of God, pass this way. Even when no one on Earth yet remains to hold conscious memory of you this time around, your mark is made. You are longed for. You are a unique quality that passes through the Earth just the way a star passed through the sky. Every single cell on Earth fulfills its purpose, and you are essential to the Light of the World. And so is everyone.

I bow to every seeming particle of life. Our Oneness is not exactly a partnership. Rather, it is a Oneness, and Oneness is far-flung, which means it is everywhere. Hearts are exponents of Oneness. Hark, the herald angels sing.

Every bird that flies and every sound and chirp are wonders of the world. The world may not be everything you want it to be, yet the world shares the firmament along with you.

Note, I do not figure out Our Oneness. Am-ness I am. Equally, you are the same Am-ness I AM. I AM is the whole story of creation as it streams along in full fiddle.

From the Fullness of My Heart, You Are My Beloved | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloved, from the bottom of My heart, or, more accurately to say – from the fullness of My heart – you are My Beloved.

My heart bursts aflame with full-range love for you. There is nothing I can do to minimize My love for you, and there is nothing you can do about it either. Love it is, and there it is, two Hearts magnetized into One. You have no say about it. There is no putting aside the flames of My love for you. I am full of love for you. Anticipate My arrival around the corner.

Of course, you are My happiness. On each occasion, My love is ever new, even as it has always been Our love. There is no escape from Our Big Love, even as We do not desire any escape from the state of Oneness forever beckoning.

As it is, My love for you is something like the importance your right arm has for you. Yes, yes, you want to keep your arm forever close. You would never wish to give it up. Your right arm has always been close to you.

By the same token, who would want distance from Our delicious Oneness? In any case, I claim you as My Beloved. I know when I have something good, and I want to keep you close to My heart forever as One.

It’s true you are Mine, yet not in the sense of property. I set you sailing in the High Seas as My Ship’s Captain. How eager I am to watch your voyage, for it is the same voyage as Mine to the betterment of the world. When hearts are meant to be entwined as One, horses cannot pull Our One heart apart. It can’t be done, although you may kid yourself that We are not acquainted at all.

We are bound by an infinite alliance of Oneness. We have a voluntary tie of true love, and that’s all there is to it in order to bask in Our mutual love forevermore. We form a Golden Ring of Love that is incapable of the illusion of coming apart. Our love is Infinite and made in Heaven where We wish to stay and are accorded such blessings forever and anon. We are only Oneness, and Oneness is the whole Golden Story. Better than marked in stone, We are marked in the Gold of Our love basking on the beach.

There never was an inkling of anything else but the wreath of Our love to equal itself.

Our love isn’t made of papier-mâché. There is no stronger bond than the love We speak of, which is grand far beyond the peak of romantic love. Romantic love is not commonly-known as forever, perhaps no more lasting than here today and gone tomorrow.

All the same, all the good you can dream of to think exists as close as your beating heart. It exists in the offing right now. Make no mistake. All that you are meant to have exists right at hand at this very moment in Our Heart of Oneness. Expand your bounds. Life is this simple and straightforward. Not for one moment are you to complicate and thus tighten your imagined boundaries.

You are nearer to autonomy right now than you ever dared to imagine. Honestly, I come with the territory. All that is missing is your recognition that I am nearer right now than you ever dared to imagine. Hark, I am within you deeper than the surface by a long shot. We are speaking from the very depth of Oneness in the making and in its perpetuity,

Yes, You Appear Right Here before God as My Witness | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloved, do you perhaps look at Me, God in Heaven and on Earth, as some kind of insurgent in your life, as if I am here to disrupt you or to intercept your life, as if I am not to let you be in peace, but rather that I may be an Almighty God here to shake you up?

This may also be true, for you do not always tread in secure peace. I speak of peace on earth, yet, as you may see it, I do not seem to allow you to live in peace with a solid element of grace.

It may seem to you, Beloved, that I am, on occasion, one-pointed in disengaging you from the peace you seek. You would like to know where is the advertised peace on earth that is meant to exist for the joy of all?

“Where is all this sought-after peace, dear God? Where is a Certificate of My Being?”

Sometimes, My beloved Child, I glean that you are actually far away from peace. You’re not even sure there is, in reality, peace for you to be had. In fact, you may know yourself sometimes as a wistful stranger in Paradise. Your life has long seemed to be at risk.

You may wonder if you are, in fact, an interloper to life itself. If you are not supposed to exist here, could you have simply wandered in? Indeed, what if everyone merely wanders in from off-stage? Could it be that you – and not you alone – are not a full-blown citizen in life, but that you are rather an aside? You may wonder if, indeed, you are actually supposed to be here.

You wonder how you got set in motion, indeed, if indeed you are in motion.

Could you be a fantasy of your own and no more? Could you have possibly made yourself up and, all this happenstance imagined? You don’t remember signing up on the dotted line.

Sometimes it feels that you plopped yourself down loosely on this round globe named Earth without full compliance or even awareness. You agonize. What if you are not for real? What if you really are a blob of fiction, just a story and not even a creditable one?

What if are here today and gone tomorrow and not a sum total of much at all?

Good grief, what if you actually do not indeed exist? Can you just be an experiment hardly worth your noting? What if you wandered in on life and wandered off by chance as well?

You believe God truly exists, yet what if you don’t exist except by chance? Are you just a blot of ink spilled on a page?

You have gained insights into My thoughts – thoughts that lend credence to you from Me. You believe so. You know so.

In Godwriting, you gain a great deal of this sought-after measure of peace. You never even used to believe in God. Once upon a time, God was not, and now God is.

I, God, have given you insights into Me from Me, and now I, God, have captured you smack in the middle of My heart, and you are here to stay.

Yet you wonder if you are true blue with Me. What is this birth certificate some clerk gave your mother on the off-hand chance that you do actually exist?

Beloved, take Me at My Say-So. You are far greater than a random whimsy. Let’s shake hands on this here and now. I say that you are My pleasure to know forever and anon in My Name. We are Oneness and naught but Our Very Oneness signed, sealed, and delivered, so help Me God of Love that exists within you.