Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 12 July 2019

There is no doubt that the vibrations of Mankind have increased considerably within the years that followed 2012, when the New Age officially commenced. It is notable amongst the younger generations who had a head start because they had already lifted up their vibrations prior to their incarnation. Their influence has helped many individuals reach new levels of Light, enabling them to achieve their objectives in a much quicker time. Much of their good work is acknowledged but goes unpublicised, yet in fact they do not seek recognition for it. Generally evolved Lightworkers do not seek a reward for what they do, and it is the satisfaction of doing work for the good of humanity that is their first concern. Nevertheless, should your work be acknowledged it is a credit to your efficiency and dedication to your tasks.

Every soul that takes an incarnation upon Earth comes equipped with the means to successfully complete their task. That includes advice and guidance to set you upon your right path, and at different times during your life souls will help you with your tasks to ensure your success. Inevitably sacrifices have to be made, but you will have agreed to them prior to your incarnation. Yet having freewill you could easily defer your work or ignore it in full and it would not bring any recriminations, but a similar task may follow on to test your intent to carry out your work as planned.

Some souls ask why Lightworkers do not always identify themselves when working for the Light, and it is because it is often best way to ward off unwanted attention to enable them to complete their work satisfactorily. The dark Ones will go to great lengths to interfere with your work, as their motives are to cause as much confusion as possible. Naturally in some circumstances you cannot avoid publicity but you would be protected in your work. The secret to your safety is your vibrations as high as possible at all times, and the Light will protect you from the lower energies.

Whatever effort you put into uplifting your Light, it will be rewarded as you will have expressed your intent and it will benefit you. What you focus upon will be attracted to you in the course of time, which is why it is wise at all times to guard your thoughts. Following the same line of approach you can for example help those souls who need help, by sending them healing bands of colour according to their needs, and the purer the colours the more potent they are. However with the new way of expressing things in the New Age, you do not need to send specific healing energies repeatedly, as once you have sent them to do their work it should be sufficient.

You are currently in a great stage of change as the new ways and methods that are available are waiting to be introduced. It will take time but ultimately they will be successful, as it is in accordance with your wishes to move on from a period of slow changes and growth because advancements have been deliberately held back. Know that there has always been a plan for your evolution, and those who oversee your progress will ensure that it is followed. It is your right to benefit from the advances made over many years, and whilst some have filtered through in areas such as medicine and electronics many have been deliberately denied you. That position cannot remain for much longer as more and more people are demanding that the information is released for the benefit of all mankind. When you become aware for example that the surgeon’s knife will no longer be needed, and that “operations” could be carried out without the use of it you realise how far behind you are in medical matters. You may question why such a situation is still allowed and it is because we must respect your freewill to arrange your own destiny.

You could say that the Earth is a pictorial of “Life through the Ages” as examples of it can still be found all over the world. It was not through design but inevitable as various groups of souls at different levels have incarnated upon Earth. They were at very contrasting levels of evolution and kept apart so as to allow their advancement to suit their needs. Through the passing of time such souls have evolved but are not necessarily ready to take a major step forward. Again those who have advanced are often further ahead of younger groups than ever before, and in some instances there has been a deliberate policy of keeping them in ignorance so that they could be used as virtual slaves. Clearly those souls being held back must be helped to advance, just the same way as in the very near future you will also be given an opportunity to ascend to a higher level.

You have been kept in the dark for many Ages and suffered many unpleasant experiences, yet you have come through them to be much stronger and have emerged as souls capable of expressing yourself in love and joy as one that has “Seen the Light”. By your example others will follow in your footsteps having seen the peace and light that you radiate around you. Even now by doing so some of you are radiating your Light to all and helping to uplift the vibrations. In general terms evolved spiritual Beings have an instinctive feeling and desire to help other souls lift up, and when you are ready to do so you may be sure that your talents will be used accordingly to help them.

Whatever your role in this lifetime you may be certain that at some stage you will be called upon to help others to evolve. It is a matter of using your knowledge and experience to help a soul who may benefit from your experience. Taken a stage further you may desire to become a teacher of spiritual matters yourself, and that can happen either inside or outside of the organised religions. You will have already reached a stage of understanding in which you know that you only give a soul as much as they are ready for and can comprehend, as too much may confuse them.

I leave you in love and blessings and may your dreams be fulfilled and the Light brighten your days. This message comes through my Higher Self my Godself.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

Website: Tree of the Golden Light

The Bakery of Heaven | Heavenletters

God said:

Right now I pour a treasure into your lap. Unceasingly, I pour down treasure from Heaven, aimed at you. Avail, beloved. Avail. All the coins from Heaven are yours to pick up. This is your lucky day. Yesterday was also.

The sun shines. Birds sing. There is a blanket of love in the world. The world is a hammock of love for you to lie in. Rock and receive the sweet delicacies I serve you. Pop them into your mouth.

Think about the sweet food I have prepared for you. Let your mouth water for it. Taste it. Absorb it. Absorb it even before it physically reaches you. Absorb My love that comes along with the fare. My love precedes the food as well. My love is the tray it comes on, and My love is the food, and My love is the aroma. Let the aroma reach you now. Be sensitive to love and nothing else.

Love is My gift to you. It comes in many forms, yet there is One Love, and it is perpetuated upon Earth. And it is yours free for the asking. It is yours free whether you ask for it or not.

Heaven is not a bakery that you stand outside looking through the window. You may like that sweet torture, but you can come into this bakery at any moment. You can come in right now. There is no waiting line. You don’t have to wait for a number. You can come inside and pick out all the chocolate-covered cherries you like. Come right in. This is My office. This is where the candy is made. And this is where it is given away. And this is where I abide, and this is where all the sweetness it is.

The sweetness of Heaven reaches all the way to the center of Earth. Earth is inundated in the sweetness of the Heaven bakery. And everything is fresh, freshly-made in a thrice, in an instant of love. There is an outpouring of love and nothing else but love.

What is baked in the oven of Heaven today? Love. Love alone. Love original. Love individually wrapped. Love like lemon drops. Love dropped from the sky. See it coming. It falls to you. Look up. Put your hands out and catch it. Catch it on your tongue like snow. Savor it.

This is the love cooked up for you. Special-order. It is personal and universal at the same time. Consider it as a giant pizza. There is enough to share with all. All will eat, and still there will be more. No one will be hungry for love because you will have shared it. You will have waved it around as though it were a wand. Love, like stars, fills your heart It spills all over. You are meant to trip over it. There is nowhere to go where it is not. As your heart becomes rife with love, so does the universe.

You had to pick up the love first, and you had to strew it. It was never yours to step over nor tiptoe around.

Swab the deck of Earth with the love from Heaven.

Catch it like the sun and shine it everywhere.

Ignite the love in your heart, and see the world lit up with it.

See the difference your love makes when it is not denounced, nor kept secret, hoarded, hidden, relegated to the back burner.

See the difference your love makes when it is brought out into the light of day. It will turn night into day. Twenty-four hours of love every day. How natural. How Divine.

Surviving the Fourth Dimension ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have begun to appreciate the urgency with which many of you are seeking massive changes on your world. We see so many of you crying out and feeling the depths of despair over not fitting in, not wanting to be, not resonating with the majority of the human population, and we see this as the tragedy that you all experience it as. We are not going to attempt to minimalize what you are feeling and experiencing there on Earth as you wait for the massive changes that you’ve been promised time and time again.

We know that there are many avenues and opportunities to escape your lives. You have drugs. You have alcohol. You have video games that seem almost real, and you have more ways than we care to count here to remove yourselves from the harsh conditions of reality in the fourth dimension. So we invite you to come together as a community of awakened individuals. We invite you to support one another, and we know that a lot of you are spread out so far from the nearest awakened person that this suggestion seems preposterous, but we also know that there are plenty of places on the internet where you can find people who are sensitive, heart-centered, caring and compassionate, and just as awake as you are.

And you can lean on those individuals. You can share your stories with each other. You can create networks, and certainly the possibility always exists for you to come together face to face. Therefore, as much as we love hearing from you and supporting you, as do our colleagues here in the higher dimensional realms, we particularly love to see you supporting each other and coming together to unite under the awakened flag.

Now, that’s not to say that we want you to feel separate from those who are not awake or that you need to exclude anyone from these groups that you form. But we do understand how challenging it is for many of you to connect with those who do not share in your knowing of who you really are. Therefore, we are suggesting that you look to one another, to those who get you, those you can speak to about ascension symptoms, visitations from e.t.s, and so on.

This world will be better served by people such as yourselves coming together peacefully and loving each other and showing compassion for each other, and in so doing, you will inspire others to do the same. And when you unite with the intention for the greatest and highest good of all as your mission statement, think of what you all can accomplish while still being there in the fourth dimension.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

You Have… | The Creator

As the path you travel becomes more intricate, you will begin noticing the actions and reactions from yourself and those around you.  As you clear and release, there may be people that say, “Wait…no, this is yours, you get to keep this”, in an attempt to project it back to you.  They sense a change and will often attempt to keep you exactly where you are for their comfort.  Whether you accept or deny this is completely up to you.  Just having a conscious awareness of it will alter the circumstances.  Remember, dear one, you have a choice, you have free will and you have the Unconditional Love and support of The Universe. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

If You Welcomed All Seasons, What Would You Resist? | Heavenletters

God said:

What if every single thing that occurs, no matter how it may seem, is the right thing? If you could know that all that befalls, no matter how distorted, has its value, how fraught with tension and worry could you then be? If all accidents were not accidents, if all crimes were not crimes, if all illness were not illness, how anxiety-ridden could you remain? If you knew that everything, no matter how uncalled for, served a good purpose, what would you bemoan? If you didn’t ask why and try and try to figure out the ins and outs of events, how much time and energy would you conserve?

If you didn’t have to be in dismay at anything, what then would you occupy yourself with? What would you rue? Anything?

If you took everything in your stride, how differently might you walk?

If you did not resent anything, how would you like it?

If you welcomed all seasons, what would you resist?

If you accepted, even welcomed all circumstances and all people, would you be further ahead or behind?

It is obvious, and yet you do not see what you don’t see.

You have maintained that you must resist what befalls unless you see what befalls as a windfall.

Look not so much for grades. Someone imposes an A on you, and you are happy. Someone imposes a C on you, and you are unhappy. Someone imposes an E on you, and you are desperate, or you say you don’t care at all. However, you do seem to learn others’ evaluations of you and call them your own, as if evaluations were law, as if someone’s seal of approval or disapproval were gold, or as if you were branded and that was all there is to it.

In the relative world, you are mobile Beings, beloveds. You can go up and down. Let no one else be the lever that propels you up or down. No one else is to be the sayer of you. You and I are the sayer of you. What I say counts, and if you agree with Me, then what you say counts. If you have bought someone else’s opinion of you, you bought poorly. Opinions are not to be taken as gospel. Anyway, opinions are here today and gone tomorrow. You might say opinions are changeable like the weather.

There is an alcove in your heart that knows the truth about you, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Know you are worth something. Know you are worth a lot. If you are not convinced of that, then reveal yourself so you will know that My appraisal of you is absolutely correct. You are what I say. Do not be the last one to know.

Armed with this information, let’s see what wonderful deeds you perform. If you do not know what you are made of, find out now. Find out fast, and get yourself high in your estimation. If you think you aren’t worth much, how will you deal with life? If you think you are worth shining My light, how will you deal with life then? True, life is dealt you, and yet you also deal the cards. Deal from the top, beloveds. Know you are tops.

You have an image of yourself, and you act accordingly. If you know you are king, you move in the world like a king. If you know you are a wastrel, you will prove it. Know that you are the Child of God. Know it. Know you are here for Me. Know you are My representative, and then you will represent Me as I would have you represent Me.

I understand a lot, yet it is hard for Me to grasp that you would choose to represent less than the Truth of Who you are when you can represent greater. Does this make any sense to you?

Fifth Dimensional Energies ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very optimistic about the chances of humanity bringing forth more of the fifth dimensional energy that you have within you and using it to begin the creation of the fifth dimensional while still inhabiting the fourth dimensional frequency range that you are all in. We, along with other groups of higher dimensional beings, have been helping you along, giving you transmissions of high frequency energy, so that you would get accustomed to it. We have wanted to get you hooked, and that little experiment has been effective, but there are times when we pull back. There are times when we do not transmit as much of that fifth dimensional energy, and your sun and Earth are also in on it.

This withholding of that energy is designed to get more and more of you to seek your inner stores. You see, all dimensions exist inside of you. You are Source Energy Beings after all. The fifth dimension is not out there somewhere. It’s a frequency. It’s a state of being, and it’s within you. It’s yours for the taking. And so, what we are optimistic about is the notion that with less of that fifth dimensional energy coming from outside of you, there will be more of a desire to go within and get it. You have already been activated. You know what it feels like when the energies coming from outside of you activate you.

The activations are of energies that already exist within you. So now it is up to all of you. You can be yet another awakened human waiting for the event, or the shift, or a solar flash, and looking all around for the next prediction about when it will be, or you can be one of the more maturely awakened beings who understands that this experience of being fifth dimensional is available to you right now. It is a matter of focus. It is a matter of being heart-centered, and it most certainly is a matter of going within, rather than looking outside of yourself for who the hero or the savior of humanity is going to be.

The savior of humanity has to be humanity. It has to be more than just one soul making the decision, deciding what is truly important. You are going to get more high frequency energies from beings like ourselves to support you, but in the meantime, go within and see just how powerful you are.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Caring For Your Emotional Self | The Creator

Not just for today; be sure to nurture and care for your emotional self. There may be a child vying for your attention, there may be a teen looking for validation during a world-altering moment, there may be a younger self feeling alone and needing someone to tell them that yes, in the future, everything is going to be OK.  They all exist within and are a part of your emotional body.  Ignoring any/all of them may put you in a place where things remain unhealed, unresolved and very painful.

As you embrace the changes going on in your existence, it is also vitally important to embrace all parts of yourself. That child, teen and younger self helped you get where you are today. You are functioning in the world and have moved through many challenging experiences because they were right there with you. Hold them close, thank them for helping, treat them with the same respect and love you give others. You (and they) are so worthy and deserving of that love! ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

Stars | Heavenletters

God said:

Every day is auspicious. Everything is in place. The planets are lined up in a perfect configuration. You are on the brink of discovery. You are at the peak of a mountain, and you look at the vast terrain. Where do you place your foot? On what do you get a foothold? Where do you begin your ascent into the world?

You are taking off today. You take a flight. You are soaring. Your arms reach up. You catch a butterfly. You catch it in your heart. It flies free, and you follow. You carry a net with holes in it. This is your seeming situation. You fly through the universe, and you catch nothing. You fly with everything.

You ascend. You tip a wing at the stars. The stars become your eyes. You have been bound for the stars all your life. The stars have no points. Their light is soft and palpable.

There is you. You are the stars. The stars grab you as your heart nabbed the butterfly. The light of the stars holds you high. Starlight propels you further.

You are on the mountain peak of life again. You have surrendered to take off’s and landings, even though you are aware that you have never moved. The stars came to you! You made the stars. You created them. And you and the stars are spun-gold.

What you may consider unfounded knowledge is pure awareness. All that you have wondered and imagined about the cosmos is true. It is not a flight of fancy you have been on. It is a flight of the heart seeking to reclaim itself.

This is not your maiden voyage. You have grasped the innermost secrets of the universe before. You wrote them! You wrote the universe with a song in your heart. You are recapturing the song now. You are recapturing it from memory. You are catching on. You have pursued a fallen star. You flung it far so that it might return to your awareness.

You are a discus-thrower. You are a mighty being of light succoring the universe. You hold it in your hand. You rotate it on your finger-tips. It has a spinning that doesn’t cease. You spin a story. You are a kaleidoscope that turns itself and is amazed at what it sees.

You think you are somewhere when all the while, there is nowhere at all. You are the heart of the universe, for you have stolen My heart. I am the God of you. You have traveled with Me everywhere and nowhere.

You stole a golden thread of My heart. You tugged on it, and it became yours. It was ever yours because I had bequeathed it to you. You held it to you, fearing that it might not be rightfully yours. Truly, all the light in the universe is yours. If it is Mine, it is yours. That’s how it is. You have been My thought flung to a seeming Earth.

You are the discoverer of all that you have always known. You turn pages rapidly. You choose a tree. You pick a leaf of the tree. You pick a flower. You put it in your lapel. You disperse the flower seeds. You create the wind and the seas. Everything fits in perfectly. You fit in perfectly — only you speculate on this.

The flower seeds come from the cusp of your heart. Every light of thought appears as a star. There is no twilight. There is only light. There is no dawn and there is no setting. All is light. All is light from your eyes. All is a reflection of the original light which you carry still.

You are My light, beloveds, on Earth as it is in Heaven. You are My light transference. Behold My light in you. Behold My light in every one, in everything. Behold.

The Recent Downloads & Upgrades ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are beyond satisfied with how you all have been handling the recent energies that have been coming in. You are doing such a wonderful job of handling the upgrades and downloads that have come with these energies. We have noticed that a large majority of those of you who are awake have been able to utilize what you’ve been given to provide assistance to your fellow humans.

This is a big part of what you will be doing moving forward. You’re not going to be receiving upgrades and downloads just so you can feel special, or just so you can impress your friends. Everyone is getting exactly what they need in order to be of service to those who are closest to them.

Those who have a bigger reach and are serving a larger portion of humanity are going to receive more, and some of you are going to be asked to step up more so that you can reach a larger group of humanity. All of you are going to have the opportunity to give what you have received to the human collective consciousness. That happens automatically.

But some of you are going to need to step up to be of service because there are more individuals awakening now than ever before on your planet. You are going to see large scale awakenings happening, which means there will be more individuals looking for those like you who have been doing this ascension work for quite some time.

And of course, many of the individuals who will be seeking you out will be those who have known you for your entire lives, or at least most of your lives. And they will want to know what to do about what is happening. You have been sharpening your skills, and that is precisely why you are able to intensity of these energies that have been coming in to light a fire under you, but also to support you. We know that you can handle it all, and we are counting on our knowing that you can handle even more. The party is just beginning to get started there on Mother Earth.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Priceless | The Creator

During this newest wave of change, it is imperative to stand in your honesty and integrity.  Yes, The Universe knows this may make you ‘unpopular’, you may feel very lonely as you progress through the process but remember, you are never alone!

As people who do not understand what you are accomplishing move out of your sphere, a multitude of others will be willing to step up and join you in your growth.  Healthier connections will develop as you shed your old layers and happiness, peace and joy will become a part of your daily life.  Allowing this to happen may be one of the most challenging things you will ever do, however, the reward will be priceless! ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings