Mike Quinsey – Channeling His Higher Self – July 8, 2016


The break-up of the EU has commenced and will achieve the long term objective of returning power to the people. It is the beginning of the end of the Illuminati plans to control the world, and as their authority diminishes you will see that those who put serving the people first come into their own. There will be no going back despite any attempts of the dark Ones to change the inevitable destiny that is now unfolding. Many Lightworkers have been waiting for this time, to push ahead with their plans for the establishment of a free society. It will take time to get the changes through but nothing will be allowed to delay them, and soon you will see the desired changes take place. Humans tend to be impatient for action so that they have proof of what is promised and they will be satisfied, as circumstances are changing that allow for them to be made more public.

Many people can only see what is before their eyes and do not understand that Humanity is on the verge of great changes that benefit them. There are powers in the higher dimensions that control events on Earth, and also ensure that the wishes of the people are upheld. Power is shifting from the dark Ones to the people who are now finding ways of exercising their new found authority, to establish the Light where it can directly help the people. Be assured that if you are working for the Light you will have help and protection, unless for karmic reasons you are destined to experience a different outcome. However, such instances will be the exception and you would not normally have a need to be concerned. Go ahead with your work knowing that this is the time when it will produce the desired results.

These are testing times for those well on the way to Ascension, as when you are at your strongest you are given your final tests. It is always when you are best equipped to deal with them so do not be unduly concerned as to what may happen. Having come this far through many lives it would be surprising if you did not sail through the end times. However, be prepared and know that your Guides will be beside you giving help and encouragement. You are never asked to do things that are beyond your capabilities, so you have no need to worry. Some of you are so advanced that you are already clear of any karma of importance, so do not fear any difficulty in getting through the final stages before Ascension.

Have you noticed subtle changes in the animal kingdom, as they are also affected by the rising vibrations. For some time now you should have become aware of some strange “partnerships” developing between animals that are enemies when in the wild. It is another sign of the lessening of the predator type urges that are normally common place in the animal kingdom. That “the Lion shall lay down with the Lamb” is beginning to come true, and you will find increasing evidence if you keep your eyes open. There is a time destined to come when animals will live peacefully together, as will Human Beings. At present it may sound impossible but it will come much sooner than you imagine.

Your destiny is to ascend and many of you have already risen to a point where you have little or no karma to clear. So keep on your path and if possible share your knowledge with others without imposing it upon them. All souls will eventually rise up but at different rates of development. You cannot therefore expect all souls to respond to the truth. Many have been mind controlled to follow a false creed, but in time they will see the imperfections in their beliefs and start to seek the truth. However, when the opportunity arises a word here and there can often plant an idea that may help them awaken to the truth.

At last you can now look forward to a speeding up of the changes from which you will know beyond doubt that the New Age is really underway. You will look back and marvel at the way the changes were achieved, in spite of the many obstacles placed in the way to delay or prevent them from happening. Even now individuals with vested interests in keeping your advancements back will try time and time again to stall such developments. In the long run it will be to no avail as the Light is now too strongly established to be stopped from achieving its goals. You will still have to deal with the desperate moves by the dark Ones to prolong the time it takes to bring in the changes, but as their power is diminished they will be unable to dictate the course of the future.

The break-up of the EU is now underway and other countries will seize the opportunity to take back their power. There is no reason why you should not be able to form new alliances that establish a free market, that will give you the freedom to follow your own interests. As time passes you will also be able to fully benefit from new advances that have been deliberately held back to keep you in the control of the Illuminati. The changes will be welcomed by you, as they will enable you to take a leap into the future, and you will have a more acceptable life without the demands placed upon you to simply enable you to exist.

There is more than sufficient wealth in the world to allow you to live comfortably, and have more than enough time to follow your own interests. At an appropriate time your Inner Earth friends who are in fact directly related to you will surface and help you to move forwards. There will also be direct contact with advanced Star Beings, who are overseeing the changes to ensure that progress is made according to the instructions given by the higher authorities. From a time when you were deliberately led to believe that you were the only intelligent life forms in your Universe, the circumstances upon Earth have now changed dramatically and the truth shall be revealed. You have lived a false life for too long and it is now time that learnt of your true history and took your place with the Star Beings. However, these matters will take time to sort out so allow things to develop naturally and all will be well and come to you.

For quite a while the future will look uncertain, and it will be ever changing until it becomes apparent that events have given you back a great deal of freedom. Not only that but a new lease of life to move into the New Age and enjoy all of the benefits that come with it. War and all of the weapons of war will be disabled and a great era of peace will be experienced by the Human Race. No longer will you be confined to Earth, but as Ascended Beings given the freedom to travel out into Space and able to visit other worlds. Your journey from hereon will prepare you for a wonderful and exciting future.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.


Website: Tree of the Golden Light

Mike Quinsey – Channeling His Higher Self – July 1, 2016


The people of Great Britain have exercised their personal individual power to bring in changes that will one day be looked upon as world changing events. At present the world is rapidly heading for a melt-down, but the consequences will in no way be as bad as some are suggesting. You could view it as the end of the old ways that no longer serve you, and out of it will arise beneficial changes that will firmly place you on the road to a new Earth and your freedom. Many people have already given of themselves working for it and very soon events will enable you to help bring the changes into being. This time has been planned for many, many years and the Forces of Light are well organised to move into action at a minutes notice, to ensure your success.

The result of the voting in Great Britain in respect of their membership of the European Union, has sent shock waves around your world. Although there were indications before the result was known, that there would be a very close vote with “remain” looking successful,but the trend suddenly changed towards the end. The final votes resulted in an unstoppable swing towards “leaving” the EU. Viewed from our higher level it was the most desirable result that will ultimately prove to have released you from control by the Illuminati. The far reaching effects will result in more countries leaving the EU, thus further reducing their hold over you. Be assured that those souls that oversee your future, were encouraging you to leave the EU and are therefore very pleased with the outcome.

You may not yet understand the benefits of leaving the EU but as time passes it will become more evident. The British people are to be commended for their intuitive choice resulting in the right action being taken. Yes, there are tough times ahead but the extent of the problems are in no way as far reaching as some are predicting. Always bear in mind that many souls are working for the Light and are with you all of the time, and those of the Light will be guided in their work. It is now time to get together working where possible as one group, to restore freedom and prepare for the coming Ascension.  The more the dark Ones are suppressed and stopped from fulfilling their plans, the more freedom you will have to push forward and take your rightful place in the New Age.

Understand that all of you were aware of the difficulties to be encountered before you regain your freedom from “prison” Earth. Now so many of you are awakening to the truth, and any attempts by the dark Ones to mislead you are being seen through for what they are. As more of you begin to realise how you have been held back, there will be an awakening and a rebellion against those who have perpetrated the actions that have misled you. However, revenge should be left to those who seek to hand out justice, as you can rest assured that no sins against the people or Gods Laws will go without being noted. Rise above Man’s normal reaction where such problems are encountered, and by setting a good example you help others by showing them the way forward.

For most of you, apart from being on Earth at this time because of the opportunities it offers to speed up your evolution, you are present because your experience shows you to be ready to handle the difficulties that the changes will inevitably bring. Inwardly you know that all will work out satisfactorily, but at this particular time there is such chaos that it is difficult to comprehend.  Nevertheless, keep looking straight ahead and do not be put off by what is happening around you. There is much that you are totally unaware of and in the circumstances it is as well, giving you the time and opportunity to concentrate on your own needs. You should know intuitively if you are rising up into the Light, and if you need to maintain your progress particularly at such an important time. Ascension beckons and although your Guides are working beside you, success lies with you and your intent to be successful. If in doubt, ask for help and it will surely come but as you have already been advised, be open to it coming in a different way or form to which you may have anticipated. Your Guides will know how to take the best action to help you.

History shows that the Human Race is at its best when circumstances are at their worst, and many, many exceptional deeds take place. Compassion surfaces and there is often a coming together of those who give of themselves to help others in need. The Earth is presently a wonderful place to serve those who are often in desperate need because of hunger or deprivation. The love that goes with such help lifts the recipient up and generally raises the vibrations all round. It is indeed the increasing level of the vibrations that will eventually lift you up out of the lower ones for all time. In reality energy is all there is moulded by the power of thought, and even in your present time has an effect although the result is slower to manifest.

You have a lot to bring back to your memory as most of your knowledge lies deep within your subconscious mind. However, the time has already commenced when the vibrations are speeding up and lifting you up out of the darkness that surrounds you. There are many kind sweet loving souls who work in the lower vibrations, to bring Light and Love to the inhabitants who flounder in the darkness. Can you imagine what an unwelcoming level it is where very little can keep its shape or form for very long. Souls at such a level are not in any way being punished but simply reside where the vibrations are at a level consistent with their own. It is why they need a lot of help to rise up again.

Whatever you may think of those who have fallen into the pit, please bear in mind that they still carry the Light Seed of God that is immutable. Therefore they have every chance of rising up again, and help is always on hand to assist them achieve it. In their time such souls are revered for having been to “Hell” and back and for having grown all the stronger for it. No soul is ever beyond hope and at every step help is available to lift them up again. So be compassionate when you are involved with those who are still finding the way home, as often they are following the very path you have created. The Earth is a school that tests you to the limit but never beyond, so remember that you are progressing much quicker through being in the lower dimensions, so take life seriously and ensure you come out on top. As you progress on your journey, you will always find that souls who have gone ahead of you are reaching down to give you a helping hand.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.


Website: Tree of the Golden Light


The Blue Avians and Blue Sphere Being : Do You Know What Love Can Do?


June 7, 2016, by William Henry at www.WilliamHenry.net

While in Boulder taping my new Gaia TV show, “The Awakened Soul: The Lost Science of Ascension,” I sat down with Corey Goode and David Wilcock for three episodes of their hit program “Cosmic Disclosure: Inside the Secret Space Program”.

Corey is a “SSP” whistle blower who tells an astounding story of advanced human civilizations in space, and extraterrestrials called Blue Sphere Beings and Blue Avians,  who are guiding humanity. Hundreds of thousands of people have flocked to “Cosmic Disclosure” to listen, to lend support to Corey, and to advocate for a reshuffle of the ET-human relations deck… and a new beginning for humanity by disclosing the existence of our true place in the solar system.

Critics say Corey’s story is straight out of the fantasy and scifi pulp magazines of the 1920s and 30s. The first question David Wilcock asked me during the interview was if I thought Corey was crazy.

I have no idea, I said. People believe what they want to believe. Seeing is believing for some. They want proof: pics, video, something. Others see it and believe Corey, trusting in his sincerity and the vetting of David Wilcock, who is known for his links to ET insiders and whistleblowers.

All I know is I enjoyed talking with both of them. When I first heard Corey’s story, I thought, wow, he’s talking about two of my favorite subjects; the Bird Tribe and the blue sphere wormholes or ascension spheres of the ancients. Any minute now I thought he might get into some of the ancient beliefs about these subjects.

By the way, neither of these subjects are out of scifi magazines. That is, unless you read the ancient Egyptian religious texts, Hindu literature, Native American spiritual tradition and the Bible as scifi and interpret Christian art portraying the ascension of Jesus on a blue sphere as fantasy art.

Clare and I discussed aspects of these topics, especially the blue spheres, in an episode of our ARCANUM series called “Ascension Thrones of the Ancients.” I revisited the subject directly in an episode of THE AWAKENED SOUL called “The Blue Sphere and the Soul.”

After seeing my show, and the historical art I presented, the Gaia producers immediately booked the interview with Corey and David. What I was saying corroborates Corey story, they said.

The result was an exciting conversation.

Well, one interview turned to three. We left A LOT more to discuss. Continued…

I loved this article, am familiar with this vast subject and personally follow David and Corey on Gaia TV. For those interested, much more, including pictures of ancient art, can be found here with the original article at THE BLUE AVIANS AND BLUE SPHERE BEINGS : DO YOU KNOW WHAT LOVE CAN DO?  🙂 Denise

Mike Quinsey – Channeling His Higher Self – June 17, 2016


The Earth is alive with secret activity but little of it reaches your ears, because the dark Ones still control the Press in spite of the fact that their power is quickly weakening. However, desirable changes are still taking place, and the next major one will be when the new Republic of the United States of America can be officially announced. A new President has already been appointed which along with dramatic changes will give power back to the people. It has been a long hard road for those involved but well worth the effort. It will bring freedom from those who would hold you all in bondage. The “silent war” over who controls the Earth and its people is coming to an end very soon, and you will be relieved to know that the threat hanging over your heads has been removed. To be prisoners on your own planet would have been bad enough, but plans had been made to drastically reduce the population. Some of you have learnt who is responsible and in time all will be revealed to everyone so that you understand what had been planned for your future.

No doubt many will wonder how and why such circumstances can arise, and be assured that in time you will informed of your true history. Bear in mind that through their many incarnations, all souls have shared responsibility for the ultimate conditions that you have experienced. Because freedom of choice operates where you are concerned, and as a civilisation you have projected your own future onto the fabric of time and have created your own experiences. Naturally the dark Ones have taken advantage of the warlike Race of Humans, to create situations to their liking that have perpetuated the conditions of lack and disarray.

Over a long period of time each soul has had many incarnations, and now that the old cycle has served its purpose you are seeing the process of change that will result in the new cycle coming into being. It has been one where freewill has been honoured. However, the dark Ones used the opportunity to imprison you on your own planet. Their ultimate aim was to control the Human Race, take away their freedom and reduce the population to a manageable size. Having insidiously worked for many years to keep you in a state of ”lack” and hiding the truth from you, they have left you in a time warp where progress has virtually stopped. However, the Hierarchy of Light have kept a constant watch over you all, and ensured that matters did not get out of control. Your future had already been decided upon and through their efforts and the loyalty of Light Beings upon Earth who have overcome the challenges given them, they have risen above the negativity and set out a path to Ascension that can be joined by any soul that has lifted its vibrations.

Being on Earth is a powerful challenge yet many, many souls have begged for an opportunity to experience life upon it. They have realised that if you can overcome the challenges to be met, you are on a quick route to evolving beyond the 3rd. dimension, and can leave that cycle behind. Whatever you are doing there are always Beings of Light who are at your service if you need them. They do not otherwise interfere with your life and you are able to experience as you wish. However, if you make the wrong decisions you are responsible for them. Through them you grow spiritually, and adapt your thinking to the realisation that All are One.

At present the Earth is in a state of unrest and Mother Earth desires to create changes so that she can begin to cleanse it and gradually restore it to a pristine condition. She has given of herself many times by allowing Man absolute freedom of expression, and suffered at the hands of uncaring souls that have abused her. That can no longer continue and if Man does not change she will have to take matters into her own hands. Even so care is taken to avoid harm to life but in some instances it is unavoidable. There are also karmic situations to consider and they can be a natural part of the changes, as nothing of any consequence happens by chance.

Each soul is helping to create the future as your collective energy leads the way. Of course the actions of individuals can have a pronounced effect one way or the other. Your senses are constantly being assailed by thought forms that you attract to yourself as “like attracts like”. Few people understand that what you focus on whether it is in your reasoning “good or bad” links you with more of the same. So it is best not to get involved in matters that are of a negative nature. You may wish to read of them but avoid giving them energy that would attract more of the same. Life can sound very complicated but most souls simply follow their desires with little thought for the consequences.

Bear in mind that you came into birth with a life plan to allow for opportunities to come your way so that they could be played out. Every soul to a greater or lesser degree has goals to reach, that providing you are successful move you on quite quickly. Most experiences will involve other souls who will also gain from them. Karma can sometimes weave a tangled web but at the end of your day all involved should benefit. Of course what you do not know is what lessons are being learnt by each one. You have a saying “that one good turn deserves another” and in essence it is true, and the more you give of yourself the more it comes back to you through the Law of Attraction.

In some respects it is as well that you are unaware of what is going on in the real world. You have enough to cope with as you are whilst the powers that be fight over world control, and the Forces of Light exercise the powers they have to ensure that nothing is allowed to get out of hand or interfere with the higher plan for your Ascension. Many people cannot understand how the dark Ones have gained so much control over your lives. It has taken place very slowly and over many, many years and as a result you have not realised how your freedom has been eroded. In reality you have been severely held back, and subjected to conditions deliberately brought about to enable you to be controlled by the dark Ones.

However, do not be too concerned as in reality the Forces of Light are in overall control, and apply limitations of their own to prevent the dark Ones from taking full control. Their plan for your release from their grasp and control is in place, and all is proceeding well in spite of the conditions that presently exist upon Earth. At the right time many benefits are ready to be given to you that will immediately lift you up. You have already heard of the many devices that await you, that will totally change your way of lives forever – the future is Golden.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.


Website: Tree of the Golden Light

Preparing For First Contact-8 Multidimensional Energy Streams – The Arcturians | Suzanne Lie

“We the Arcturians wish to send this Transmission to Earth. We see that many of you are beginning to remember how YOU create your reality. Therefore we wish to remind you that three powerful tools of creating your reality are your state of consciousness, your perceptions,and your attention.

The focus of your attention is very important, as “Where your attention is, there you are also!” There are things that you want to put your attention on, and things that it is best that you ignore. Your attention is your conscious awareness. Thus, the reality on which you place your attention becomes the reality that you have chosen to experience.”

Continued …

Original source here @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie.


A Message to Lightworkers – June 1, 2016 | Caroline Oceana Ryan

restingbearsThis week, the Collective answer a question from a Lightworker who wrote in to say:

Some of us Lightworkers have only recently been fully awakened to our true Higher identities. We are constantly having an inner fight between “normal” human identity vs. our identity as a being of Divine Light.

For those who desperately miss their true Home and have constantly been praying/asking to go back there; who always felt like they were “different,” like an alien who’s been dropped off on a strange planet; who are strong empaths who feel everything, and find it too overwhelming at times . . .

What advice can the Collective give, for us to get through this challenging phase, so that we can acclimate to life as a Light Being on a third (though soon, fifth) dimensional planet, and fulfill the mission we came here to do?

The Collective:
Greetings, dear ones!

This is an excellent question, and one that every Lightworker holds daily in their hands, asking intuitively for guidance, even when they do not form the exact phrases as you have done.

And we would say, that this is a challenge that is appearing on two levels.

You are indeed awakening to your true, Higher identity, and this is a blessed and miraculous moment for you, and for the humanity that experiences your Light.

Yet you are also an intermediary; you are at every moment, whether you are aware of it or not, absorbing the higher energies now coming to the Earth in increasingly powerful levels and amounts, and anchoring those higher forms of Light into Earth Herself, and into humanity’s consciousness.

And so we would say, that if you didn’t feel odd, out of sorts, out of place, and missing your real home and body many days, that that would be very strange indeed!

For it is natural for one on such a mission to feel that you were one day simply “dropped off” by your home culture, who then lifted off from the Earth’s surface and returned home without you.

And perhaps you imagine some days, when you are feeling most alone, that they were unaware of the severity of the situation, and the isolation you would find yourself in, in this Earth life.


Or that they knew you would suffer and feel alone and quite different from others, yet somehow missed the fact that they had the power to bring you home, and left you in this strange, cold, unfeeling place of some beauty but also considerable violence and chaos.

We wish you to understand, and they wish you to understand, that you were not abandoned, and that you have never been forgotten.

Nor are you consigned to feeling strange and out of place indefinitely—the very fact that you speak of other worlds and other Galactic cultures and orientations, speaks of an awakened spirit who is open to seeing themselves as a member of an intergalactic community of Light Beings!

This journey you are on has been about your own re-awakening, and the growth gained in that awakening process, on a soul level—this time, from within a human body.

For there is always an awakening, when you leave your body. There is always a returning and a remembering of Who you really are, and how you generally move through the Universe, including what dimensions, planets, and solar systems you prefer to inhabit.

Yet this particular awakening is occurring while you are in a human body—the lowest, densest, and most fragile form of physical expression in this Universe—the third dimensional expression of physicality.

You joyfully took on this astounding journey, as a powerful explorer takes on a new adventure, with vigor and great anticipation of new vistas to be explored. It was a journey that no one could dissuade you from.

Your loving soul family do in fact nearly envy (if envy were among their emotions) your experience of being physically present on Earth as this move from third to fifth dimensional reality is unfolding.

They look on with fascination and in-depth admiration at your bravery, your brilliance, your strength, your tenacity.


They see you never letting go of the ship’s wheel, no matter how hard the winds blow, how much freezing rain blinds your sight, how many roaring sea monsters claw at you.

No matter what trusted colleagues and shipmates abandon you by either doubting your ability to steer to safety, or jumping ship altogether.

Your soul family are among those hovering just overhead, feeling the immensity of the task you took on, sending whatever encouragement and support they may—that which you told them would be acceptable to you, before you incarnated here, and that which they are able to offer within the constraints of the Ascension process, which cannot be done for a planet or Her people.

And look, friends! Look at how far you have come, how amazingly and powerfully you have evolved, in the astoundingly short time that is an Earth life.

Look at how you are aware, unlike nearly all your past lives, that you have been here many times before, and this time, to aid in Earth’s Ascension.

Look at how much stronger you are now than you have ever been, in both releasing the ego-mind’s need to argue, to defend, to judge, to identify as a victim, or to consider it a loss when you must release something that is no longer for your higher good.

Look at how you have come to honor the heart-mind and all its beauty and depth, in both accepting that there is Joy in life, and that it is your determination to find it, no matter the outer circumstances you are facing.

Look at how you are increasingly aware of your support team of Angelic guardians, spirit guides, and higher self, speaking and conferring with them each day as if they were friends in the room with you, for indeed they are—very powerful, very wise ones.

Look at how you are beginning to remember, even in the depths of the density that is the remains of the third dimensional Earth, Who you are in the larger sense—your soul work and identity, and your connections to those in the higher realms—those amongst the Angels, Faery, Elemental, and planetary kingdoms and Ascended Masters whom you count as your friends and colleagues in the higher dimensions.

Could you have been dissuaded from coming here, dear ones, whatever the risks? No—that was not possible, though many tried.

Most understood your feeling of urgency, that Earth had cried out for help, and that help must arrive. And that Earth’s people were now ready to throw off the shackles of eons-long oppression, to claim their sovereignty once more.

And so you came, and yes, you left your loved ones, your culture, your music and dance, your beautiful star or planet or dimension, your twin flame and soul family—or at least, left the outer appearances of such.


And the miracles you have created, merely by being present upon this Earth at this time, have created the platform for nothing less than the unprecedented occurrence of an entire planet moving from the third to the fifth dimension.

This is something your Universe has not yet witnessed anywhere else.

Yet because of the bravery of Earth’s people, and the Light Beings who came forth to assist them, it will occur elsewhere now, on other third dimensional planets.

And so as you consider that you are alone, that you wish to go Home, that you are feeling dispossessed and cut off from all that is real and precious to you—consider the brilliance of the miracle, that you are able to be aware that this is not your real home.

That is an Ascension property and process, to be aware of such, and you are living under that pressure with ongoing bravery, strength, and astounding patience.

In truth, all whom you love are not separate from you, and could never be. They are with you in all ways, at all times.

Your true Home exists in your heart, and if you will allow it—if you call it forth—the miracle of your Home life presence in your own spirit will come forward and express itself in beautiful and empowering terms.

You are also capable of meeting those on this Earth who are of your Home—your Galactic race, your culture, your soul mission.


Call out to them inwardly, and instruct your support team to connect you with them in your daily life wherever possible, and to connect you more fully with your soul family and twin flame, that you will feel and fully know their beautiful loving presence with you throughout the day and night.

And then realize, dear ones, that you can only move forward from here.

Forward into more joy, into more realization of your own strength and adaptability, into the full beauty and power and necessity of your mission, and the Love that empowers it at all times.

Namaste, friends! We wish you to know, now more than ever: You are never alone.


Copyright 2016, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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As We Shift – Sorting To All Out | Sophia Love


There are so many prophecies and predictions today, mine included. They are each either believed or denied.  It matters not what you read is true.  It matters what you feel about what you read is true.  You hold the resonance for your life, and no one else.

“Everybody’s Right”.  This is not a place where an ultimate authority decides your life.  This is a place where you chose to be so that you would realize the physical result of your intent. In real time, we are actualizing our beliefs.  What you see as your life is, in a very real sense, who you are. Manifestation results from your deepest held truths.

There is no blame or praise to be given.  Not one of us will be looking for validation throughout this process.  No, we will be too busy looking for ourselves.  This shift is all about sovereignty.  It is about love.  It is about trust. It is all about forgiveness.

Forget about the names or past incarnations.  “Now” is all that is happening. What is written here is a conclusion and nothing more.  I appreciate the questions and conclusions so many of you have shared at this time; we are here together for a reason.

You are gods, here to shift a planet.  It feels as if we need a Hogwarts “Sorting Hat”, none the less.

What is on your mind is financial and physical safety, as well as details.  “What to believe?” and “What should I do?” are both questions to ask within.  The answers for you are those that resonate the strongest.  Trust.


This article (here) offers ideas about what possibly is coming up. A few additional questions are answered below, yet it appears we are getting close to transition, and any of the following are possible for us (not in order of preference):

  1. We could leave the traditional way (death)
  2. We could leave temporarily (by ship) and return
  3. We could remain in our current location
  4. We could pop right in to our new earth

Somewhere inside you are aware of your choice. It is guiding what you are motivated to do right now.  Listen Trust.  you are the one you’ve been waiting for.

Several additional questions were asked of One.  The answers follow.

What can I tell my readers about where they can go for safety?

There are safe zones in almost every part of Earth.  These will be in some cases centralized and in others elevated and in others just not on any fault lines.

There are plans and safe havens.  There are some who won’t need to move yet that number is a small one.  There has been a plan for removals and relocations.  There are ships.  They wait now the words of some and the signs.  The physical signs will be in-accessible to human ears but to those watching the planet and listening they will not be.  These will serve as warning bells and the ships and beings will move then.

There is a plan.  Many will be taken.  These will happen while asleep so that they can happen easily and smoothly.

Some of the ships are planet sized.  Know that going or not going on a ship is a choice made in many cases to continue or not, to live or to die. These are personal choices and no one is “taken” against their will.  It is personal decision every time.

What precisely is Ascension?

Ascension is a raising.  The confusion around the term is because of the very polar atmosphere on Earth.  It is indeed a raising up yet not a physical up, as in the opposite of down, but an increase (raising) of speed/vibration.

Who, how and when?

Ascension has been and is now happening.  It happens for all alive now and part of the Earth.  People, animals, every sentient force is increasing in vibration.  It is the cause of some upsets in chemistry in the body – things aren’t moving in the same way they used to.

The “when” is answered in the “now moment”. It is completed with the coordination of your vibe with earth vibe to a resonance that is singular.

This is not clock/calendar timed but event timed. The final push and cleanse is the icing on the cake and completes the process for everyone.  This is true regardless of where you find yourself – alive or not, on planet or not, in a ship or not.  Rest assured all are ascending.

Ascension is not death.  It is acceleration and a step along the evolutionary path of life itself. It is truth and where humanity has progressed to. The fact that you and the planet are doing it en masse is the unique expression of this ascension. The Earth and her people are ascending at once.

The term “two Earths” is a misnomer.  In fact there are simultaneously Earth’s at every “level” or “assumption”.  It’s just that you are currently focused on the shift now from one to the next.

Once you leave your “3D” focus – a “4D” earth will be your earth. If there are some who choose to remain steadfast to “3D” focus, they will stay there.  They will not remain behind and this is not a race or a contest.  It is a switch of focus.  The vibratory uptick will provide a different view.  That is all.  You may exist simultaneously on the same block.  You will see.


What happens with the financial collapse?

For sure the financial collapse of the dollar will affect everyone – most devastated by the loss will be those who are invested in trade, interest and gain from it – from the masses of you paying that interest.

For most of your readers, this collapsing economy will impact an ability to get food and other items.  A stock of surplus and spare cash will insure that you make it through, as within a short time there will be aid and exchange and supplies.

A working together is foreseen – a very human approach to each other – now seen as fellow man and not an enemy; the beginning of everyday oneness.

How much time in between the financial collapse and earth cataclysm?

Time is a difficult measurement, but what is seen is weeks, maybe days – not months and not hours.  Take stock of the markets and the news as the collapse is imminent.  It is not the entire collapse referred to here but the collapse of the American dollar and once that becomes public – MAINSTREAM – the earth shakes soon after. Not hours, but days – at most two weeks.

Is the E. Cayce map correct?

Which Cayce map?  (There are several of them) It is recorded as a best guess.

And that is it. I hope this offers a bit more detail for those of you interested.

With so much love,
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A Message to Lightworkers – May 19, 2016 | Caroline Oceana Ryan

whitemooseThis week, the Collective answer a question from a Lightworker who wrote in to ask:

Many of us on Earth are becoming increasingly aware that hierarchical structures—those governed “from the top”—are often detrimental to the consciousness of those at the “bottom.” As a result, I find myself mistrustful of any hierarchical organization.

How is the Collective organized? If Lord Admiral Sananda is commander of the Ashtar Command, does this not represent a hierarchy, rather than a collective where each component of the collective is equal to all other components?

In the past, humanity has been manipulated by information from so many sources, that it seems the only thing there is to trust is one’s individual connection to Universal Divinity.

Maybe I have to release any mistrust that I feel.  But I don’t understand why the Collective appears to be hierarchical in nature and I wish that could be explained.

The Collective: Greetings, dear one, and to our Lightworker friends! We are glad to have this time to speak with you today on this very crucial issue.

Your understanding of hierarchy, as being something that has been exploited for negative purposes on your planet, is entirely understandable.

You are correct when you say that on Earth, for too long those at the top have exploited and suppressed the consciousness of those held at the bottom, and that this very old, increasingly defunct way of doing things is not to be trusted, or even permitted any longer.

We would say, that while hierarchy is the particular model or paradigm you are thinking of, that that is not how we in the higher realms characterize our functions, roles, or our “place” in the Universal scheme of life.

We do not see, for example, that some powerful Angel of Archangel is “above” or “better than” or more empowered than a small elf or faery, merely because of the Angel’s very great size, or special abilities, or astounding, far-reaching insights.


Every single being, every single petal on every flower, every leaf or droplet of water in the forest, is held in equal weight and importance by the Universal Source of Love and Light that created it.

There is as well, the spark of consciousness that strove to come forward, that asked to be born, to express itself in “outer form.”

And that individual consciousness, interconnected with the great Whole that is this Universe, is regarded by all of us with great respect and honor.

Due to your mental and cultural training, your expectation is that because someone is apparently more powerful or seems to have a bigger job to do, that they stand above others in the hierarchy that is the Company of Heaven.

That is understandable, because the image of the higher realms, and of Divine Beings, that you have been fed all your life, is that “these over here are quite powerful, and quite amazing, and these over here are rather small and weak, yet joyful to be serving the higher purpose of these larger, more powerful Beings.”

And that is a funny idea—in fact, as we speak, our writer can see in her mind’s eye, the elves and other faery folk laughing and giggling, rolling about on the ground with a joyful spark in their eye, at the very thought that any one being is more or less important than any other.

Now, are some beings further down the path than others?


Are some perhaps wiser, and have some more fully arrived into great possession of their innate Divine Power and beauty—into their awareness of such, and their use of such?

Have some glorious, beautiful beings of the higher planes—those of the Ashtar Command, and those of even higher realms—Ascended to a point of being able to see and speak with and answer directly to Mother/Father God/Goddess?

Are they able to oversee the Ascension of whole planets, such as your own, and to set in motion those actions of allowed intervention, that are at this very moment moving you ever closer to the enactment of NESARA law, to full disclosure of the Galactic presence—to the return of human sovereignty upon the Earth?

Most assuredly, yes. These beings exist.

But the Law they live by is one of Love, dear one—not of ego. And most assuredly, they do not follow any dense or lower system of hierarchy built upon a sense of self-importance, or lack of it.

At heart, your question is, “How powerful can I become, before I get too full of myself, and make the same mistakes that the usurping rulers of our planet made for thousands of years?”

And we would say, keep in your heart-mind at all times, Light Being, the very great desire to serve the Light and all of its Divinity, and you will serve the beings of this Universe with the in-built humility that comes with knowing that “all are precious in God’s sight” as the child’s song goes, and that none are considered more or less important than anyone else, whatever their function, their role, or their current point development.


Are some further along the path of evolvement than others? Most assuredly. Yet none are devalued or condescended to, wherever they stand, as they Ascend in forward movement into great alignment with their own Divinity.

You inquire regarding our own structure. We do not call this “hierarchical” in the sense that you mean it, any more than Lord Admiral Sananda assumes that he is in charge of others in a way that takes away their free choice, or that denies a group or individual their importance as an invaluable presence.

We see the line of continuation, as we prefer to call it, as being fluid, and open to all.

So that if you are willing to do the experiential work of moving into higher soul growth, you may become nearly any level of being that you wish, Ascending to increasingly higher dimensions and levels of Divine Wisdom, Love, and Understanding.

There is no limit to the growth you may engender, nor to the responsibility you may take on, in the service of others, at each level of the path.

The question is, Are you willing to learn and to grow as you must, in order to take on those higher roles?

Will you “earn your Angel wings” as they say, by feeling small? Or by realizing your innate power and astounding ability to reinvent and rebirth yourself to higher and higher levels, every day of your life, every moment of your existence.

And so we say, When shall you join us, in the Archangel realm? In the Faery Realm? In and amongst the spirit of the Elementals of your beautiful Earth?

Among the Angelic legions now surrounding Earth with tones of liberation and empowerment?

Among the highest beings of Light, made purely of beautiful sound frequencies and higher etheric Light?


For all is open to you now. And we call to you, dear ones, to join us here—to exceed the places we have reached!

We ask that you realize Who and What you truly are, and that you remember, with joy in your heart-minds, that as tall a mountain that seems to stand before you—in our structure, or that of the Ashtar Command, or any other group you can name—that you have placed that before yourselves as a grand Adventure, a great and glorious Ascension climb.

It is why you are here on Earth, and it is why you are here in the higher realms.

And so no, dear ones—we do not judge, and we do not oppress. We await your joining us.

And so take up your Light saber, Light Warriors, and follow us, for this path is the one you have chosen.

Namaste, friends! We are with you, at every moment.


Copyright 2016, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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A Message to Lightworkers – May 11, 2016 | Caroline Oceana Ryan

dolphinThis week, the Collective answer a question from a Lightworker who wrote in to ask:

Question: Why it is so difficult to stop “self-sabotage”? Most people I know really struggle with that. I realize that self-love is the cure, but that seems to be tough to do for so many.

The Collective: Greetings, friends! We are glad to have this opportunity to speak with you once again.

This is an excellent question, and one that merits real thought.

For you are here to learn to love yourselves, whatever your life experiences have been in the past, and are in the present.

And this can be a challenging road, to love who you are and to learn to release the unconscious desire to “protect” yourself from possible dangers and future trouble, by stopping yourself from moving forward in your journey.

Some of you possess great ability in the arts, such as music or drawing or dance or theatre.

Some of you possess great ability in math or science or technology.

Some of you are brilliant at nurturing, at facilitating healing, or at comforting and encouraging.

Others at envisioning, designing, building, or producing.

All of these are areas of genius.

And though some areas are valued by your societies more than others, all are badly needed in your world.

We would say, that one of the biggest ways you could ever hold yourself back, is to wait for some perceived moment of perfecting of your abilities before you go out to offer them to the world.

The vast majority of Lightworkers are what is termed “sensitive souls,” people who feel things deeply and take life seriously, even though they love to laugh and enjoy life at times.

“Angel in the Sky in Stamford, Connecticut” – Photo by Lynne Newman

“Angel in the Sky in Stamford, Connecticut” – Photo by Lynne Newman


Most of you feel that you lack the skills or innate abilities—the “talents”—to offer the ideas or abilities you most love to others (“talent” being an odd word, as true talent is doing the thing you were born to do, not because you are better at it than most, but because it is the thing that makes you most joyful).

Then one day you notice that whole decades have gone by, and you still have not lived out your dream.

You have never believed yourself “good enough” to publish your book, even though numerous self-publishing channels are open to you now.

Or you have never competed in a sport or dance or music competition, or performed before others, because you were pushing that moment ever forward in time, thinking that someday, you would be good enough.

This is the self-sabotage you refer to.

It is not simply a matter of not doing what you love, or of not allowing wonderful things—Love, Abundance, Peace and Freedom—to come to you.

Self-sabotage is allowing them to come, but in small amounts or low levels that approximate your dreams, while not letting you express them fully.

And so we would say, ask yourself today (not tomorrow, but right now), “If I were already famous or successful (however you define that) at this, what would I do next? If I had already proved myself at this, and heard everyone say, ‘You are wonderful at that!’—what would I be doing right now?”

And then do that thing, or some version of it.


Begin to break the unwritten, unconscious rule you were taught as a child, that only the wealthy and famous get to do what they want in this life.

Or that only those who are young and beautiful deserve or get to experience Love. Or that only those in certain professions can earn well, and so on.

Release all those lies long enough to imagine yourself already at home in the vibration of doing or having or being what you love–already having whatever you dream of in those moments that you allow yourself to feel at home in your true joy.

Fully feel to be in that reality for a moment.

See and hear and feel what it is to experience that, whether it is independent wealth, a healthy and joyful family life or a joyful romance, fulfilling work, a successful business, a new artistic creation, months of sailing round the world—whatever it is, take a moment to imagine yourself as if you were living it at this moment.

Look down—how are you dressed? Do you weigh a bit more or less than you do now? Are you healthier, and feeling more vital?

Who is with you, if anyone? What is the weather like on that cruise ship, or on the hill above the sea, looking out from the window of your new cottage, where you’re painting or playing music or writing plays?

This is your fifth dimensional life that you’re letting yourself see.


This is your New Earth life, where there are no longer any excuses not to live out your dreams, and no impediments such as “I won’t have the money,” or “My family and friends wouldn’t approve.”

Self-sabotage is a defense of the ego-mind.

Whereas, in the New Earth reality, it is the heart-mind that will inform you, with wisdom and clarity, what the next step in the journey is to fulfilling your dreams.

You are all of you learning to love yourself enough to allow that beautiful moment when you realize that you are now living the life you once only dreamt of living.

You are coming into a time when “can’ts” and “shouldn’ts” will not come into your thinking.

You are releasing the old tendencies to protect yourself from possible “failure” (though there is no such thing, only steps along the path).

You are allowing Joy and Creativity and Fulfillment, because that is what the energies now reaching the Earth are supporting, enlivening, and empowering you to experience.

Yes, it is most assuredly exhausting some days to take on all of these changes.

We know that many are feeling very tired, almost ill some days, as if you had just been set down upon some strange planet where the atmosphere is very different, and you are adjusting to new air to breathe and new ground to walk upon.

Your bodies, minds, and spirits are most assuredly making huge adjustments.


But understand that increased self-love—allowing and accepting the level of self-love needed to accept Abundance and fulfillment of your dreams—is part of the heart-opening miracle of the New Earth, the New Human.

And so we welcome you to this new level of life and living, and we say,You were born to grasp this beautiful new Truth in both hands, and claim it as your own.

Namaste, dear ones! We are with you, always.

Copyright 2016, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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