A Message to Lightworkers – April 21, 2016 | Caroline Oceana Ryan

2babybirdsThe latest guidance from our friends, the Galactic and Angelic beings known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends! We are glad to have the opportunity to speak with you again today.

And we would say, that things are greatly shifting in your world, even if at times, it appears that all is “business as usual.”

The “business” has changed from that of the third dimension to the fifth, and the “usual” is not at all what you are used to.

We will speak briefly of those who look into or as you might say, “look down upon” your planet “from above”—those of Galactic origin, some of whom equal the Angelic and other higher beings of this Universe, in terms of their own Ascension paths, and some of whom are barely above your own station.

These are not, as they say, your garden-variety ETs.

They do not come merely to “test or do experiments” such as your governments have led you to believe is their interest.

That is in fact mainly the work of the dark hats, disguising themselves as ETs, or working with those of a lower density vibration, and great was the cheer on our side of things, when the truth of this was explained quite clearly on a recent telecast of your resurrected television series, The X Files.


You have indeed been reduced and shackled by experimentation and negative ET influence, but those are actions that were taken many, many thousands of years ago by those who have since taken up the role of your overlords.

Where you stand now is in the place of Ascension, very far beyond what they, in a darker era, consigned you to.

You stand now in a Light that they saw coming but hoped would never arrive.

Yet it has arrived. 

And the waves coming to your planet now, ushering in ever-higher levels of that Light, have not only rattled them down to their teeth, but have shown them what they had assumed could never occur, which has occurred: humankind, rising to the next level of consciousness—and no method or technology can stop it.

We have spoken of planetary souls, and what one might call whole “movements,” similar to your social and spiritual movements—a joint decision involving large hosts of higher beings and Galactics, agreeing to aid certain planets and star systems that have, on a higher level, called out for help due to some oppressive force or difficult evolutionary stage.

Such was the case of your Earth—She called, and we came, all of us here in the Ashtar Command, and many others besides, who support Lord Admiral Sananda and all serving below him.

We came forward in part to aid Lady Gaia as She cried out for support for Her own Ascension, Her own liberation.


And we came forward to witness and assist your own astounding development and evolvement from being made to serve as mere “cogs in a wheel”—individual souls and soul groups caught in the karmic wheel, and used physically and etherically to serve the machine of a corrupt planetary system.

We have watched with both amazement and admiration—can anything be braver than drawing oneself up and out of the third dimension, and while still in a body?—as you took the decision to return to Earth to experience Ascension in the physical, while aiding Earth in Her own Ascension.

Two very powerful and complex undertakings, taken on with the extremely limited understanding available to humans—the heavy veil over the third eye, experienced by all who come to third dimensional Earth.

And what we have seen, in regards to beliefs about the existence of Galactics and any help they might offer Earth and her people, is a mixture of hope and disbelief, in terms of how humankind feels Galactics ought to behave.

We have said previously that we are not here to “rescue,” and that is so.

Even if that level of intervention were allowed by Universal Law, you do not require rescuing.

You are in fact freeing yourselves from unjust tyranny, from technological systems and social and mental programming that has disarmed your consciousness, denied you your rightful 12-strand DNA, and trained you to believe you are powerless, when in fact, you are utterly powerful beings, as you are increasingly aware.

You did not, and Earth did not, ask to be rescued.

You asked that should the actions of the dark hats break Universal Law, in the sense of denying free will and denying Earth’s basic rights, beyond a clear and certain point, that we intervene in the level of no longer allowing those actions.


We have and are fulfilling this role.

For example: You do not see significant nuclear arsenal being deployed. 

You do not see a repeat of the events of September 11.

You do not see that World War III has broken out in the Middle East.

You do not see a continuation of certain levels of mass programming, to the extent that no one dares think beyond what church or temple or synagogue tells them is the nature of life or God.

You do not see the old forms of cover-up continuing in ways it did for centuries—if Edward Snowden’s and Julian Assange’s revelations have not shown you this, look at the Panama Papers “leak” as they are being called.

You do not see the poisoning of citizens from air, water, and food going without notice, with only small isolated protests, quickly covered up or ignored.

None of this is due to lack of trying—the dark hats have attempted to enact these and many other forms of oppression over the past few decades.

But the energies of higher awareness, the growing Light in human consciousness, the growing evolvement around the planet, have not permitted it.

When your own resources have not been enough, we have stepped in to remind those in “charge” what the Laws of this Universe are.

Whether it was a government meeting, an industrial meeting, or a private closed discussion, we are there—St Germain is there, Mother Sekhmet is there, Lord Sananda is there, among others—and the dark hats are not capable of facing down any one of these, let alone all of them, and all Whom they represent.

This brings us back to the fact that there has been a powerful shift on the planet over these past few months.

You are barely aware of it, except in your etheric state, so we will remind you of what you already feel, of what certain white-haired gentleman running for president in the US reminds you of, though he can only say so much, without uttering the word “NESARA.”


And that is, that the dark hats are no longer in control of the planet.

All of you, as part of the Forces of Light, and every newborn child entering this world, every tree and flower, every beautiful animal grazing on the land or caught in a tiny pen—you are all in charge now.

Claim and fully realize your independence, which grows daily!

Claim and fully realize your beautiful soul power to create and recreate whatever you need for your soul path in this life, for your communities, for your own joyful expression on this New Earth.

Claim and fully realize your place in the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds!

Stop looking to the skies as if ships landing were your only recourse. Yes, of course, we are here—we are your soul families, your guardian Angels, your guides, your own higher selves and twin flames.

We are not incidental, or unimportant.

But you are our brave captains, who volunteered to come forth—do you suppose it was the weakest or least capable of us who would do so?

We assure you, you are our bravest and most powerful.

Remember your Divinity!

Claim your ability to create worlds, for you are recreating this one, to new and nearly unrecognizable heights.

Believe us! And yes, “Expect us”—but know that the ones you are “expecting” arrived at the moment of your births.

Namaste, dear ones! You are never alone.


Copyright 2016, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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Ingredients for Moving through the Transition with Ease – Galactic Council of Light


Posted on April 20, 2016 by

It is with great pleasure that we are here to speak with you today. The Ascension plan for earth and her inhabitants has gone as planned and has in fact accelerated in the recent weeks. More are opening and accepting love, compassion and understanding into their hearts which allows them to partake in glorious changes happening at this time. We ask that you not become discouraged when you hear of tragedy or of abuse on your planet. All this will come to the light and be transmuted in time, once the lessons for all involved have been learned. You must understand the power you hold as you become the light being you are destined to be. Each of you that allows for these changes, allows for the ego to become integrated and balanced will affect all around them in subtle ways. Your very presence will help to activate and shine a light for others to follow.

We understand that many are struggling especially as the intensity of the information and life altering codes has increased. The fastest way to release all density so that the transformation will progress smoothly is to be in a place of gratitude. This is not the act of listing all you are grateful for but actually being grateful in each moment. We understand that this will take practice, but it is a goal worth accomplishing. To be in a state of gratitude means that when things do not go your way, when you are inconvenienced, when you are feeling out of balance, that you are still grateful because you know to your core that this is in your highest good for your growth. It is the knowing that all is taking place for your soul’s growth and expression. It is leaving behind the feeling that things are being done to you and exchanging it for the feeling that things are being done for you, even when it is unfathomable.

When one is in a state of gratitude they are not only manifesting their desires but also emanating the highest possible frequency within. It is from this space that one is able to bring forth opportunities and clear direction. When one is so focused on all that is wrong, they often miss the synchronicities and connections that have been created. Understand if you will, that at all times your highest aspect is working to bring about your desires that are in alignment with your purpose and soul. That when your vehicle breaks down and requires repair that during that transaction you may cross paths with someone who is able to give you an idea or even a connection to your next step on the journey. If you are so overcome with fear, worry, and anger because you feel that life is not going your way, you will miss the opportunity that was presented.

As lower timelines are being dissolved in these moments and the collective timeline is being chosen it is important to maintain your awareness and intention at all times. The dissolving of lower timelines collectively does not mean that all will automatically find themselves in the highest expression of frequency. This violates free will and does little to help you remember your mastery and the control you have over energy and vibration. For this reason, each person needs to actively work to maintain their presence in the higher frequency. This may sound complex but it is not. Simply maintain gratitude, love and trust. With these as your dominating emotions, you will find yourself open and experiencing all that is intended.

We understand that there is much in your world to distract you from this perspective and at times you will find yourself shifting into a lower frequency. This is understandable and expected as you learn to walk in your mastery at all times. By being aware of your emotions, by being present and by reinstating your intention to live in gratitude, love and trust; you will easily return to your natural state. Doubt, fear, and hopelessness cannot exist in the same space of open heartedness, so understand that it is you who must choose which vibration you would like to create from.

With continued support of the collective mission,

Galactic Council of Light


The council began working with me approximately 6 weeks ago. Their collective vibration was so high that I was only able to communicate with them briefly before falling asleep to integrate their energy. Thier energy is one of calm, peace and love. Over time I have been able to speak with them more freely and for extended periods. Our ability to access these higher realms is like a muscle that must be strengthened. They have helped me understand (remember) greater truths and walk in my own power. So it is with much excitement and anticipation that I am now ready to channel brief messages from them. Thank you to all those who have supported my work and mission by sharing these posts. Much love and blessings to you all! Jenny

To book a Spirit Guide reading or Ascension Guidance session with Jenny Schiltz, please go to jschiltz.appointy.com


Copyright 2016, Jenny Schiltz

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**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! **


Mike Quinsey – Channeling His Higher Self – April 1, 2016


Time is not the only thing that is speeding up, as some events that you have been anticipating for quite some time are on the verge of manifesting. More Beings of Light draw closer to Earth, and some will participate and others will play a role in them. You have many different groups wishing to witness your Ascension whilst some will play an active part. However, the emphasis is on you to determine the manner in which your future is revealed, but regardless of which path you take it will lead you to Ascension. Your role is to help bring the Light to Earth at which you have been successful, but it requires a complete focus on your goal at all times. Because of the changes that are necessary to bring the New Age into being, every Light worker is needed because the dark Ones are becoming desperate as they see their opportunity to bring in a World Government moving away from them. Their reaction is to throw away caution and in trying to prevent the Light from succeeding will even put themselves in peril. Nevertheless, we are aware of their intentions and will not allow matters to get out of hand.

It does not take much to realise that massive changes are necessary to propel you into the New Age. The Forces of Light are already prepared to intervene and assist you to bring the changes about. Any form of discomfort will be kept to a minimum and you shall leap into the New Age with our help. The first priority is to make you self-sufficient, so that at the very least you have the basic needs supplied. Clearly the needs of many people in the Far East tend to be more urgent, and they will be quickly supplied according to their needs. Once the people are settled it will become much easier for them to welcome and accept others. The energy of coming together will create a strong bond between you all, and without the interference of the dark Ones who will have been removed it will be lasting.

In the future you will eventually be guided to your Star Family when you will continue your evolution. It is ever on going and once you rise up you will have more choice of your own as to which direction you go in. For many this journey is the opportunity to find your true home, as every soul that has come to Earth has come from elsewhere. You may wonder why it is attracting so much attention, and that is because Ascension will be unique as never before has it been attempted by souls still in a physical body. Naturally in the course of ascending the cells of your body will change to match the higher vibration. So it will be an exciting time for those involved and the many civilisations who also have an interest.

The cycle that is just finishing has taken you through many experiences and given you mostly very hard lessons about life, yet at the same time enabled you to evolve much quicker. Every life time you have had has been chosen so as to give you the opportunity to make progress, yet at times you have probably missed the point of them. However, your Guides always know your life plan and will do their best to ensure you follow it. Bear in mind that you choose it, and would normally agree with your Guides who really do know what is best for you.

As you have found out, life is not specifically all lessons and you do enjoy relaxation through many different interests. Yet these can also bring you tests of how well you treat your opponents where competition is necessary, and perhaps prizes are at stake. Now you can understand why life on Earth is such a big challenge, and why if you come through it you will be well on the path to the higher vibrations. Very few people are aware that after a life on Earth you yourself review it, and in the higher vibrations only the truth can exist so you cannot speak other than of your true intentions. However, do not be concerned about it as no one is trying to punish you for times when you have strayed from the truth. All experiences are something you can learn from and hopefully there may not be any need for you to go through certain experiences again.

You will find that every effort you have put in to achieve success in your spiritual life will have been more than worth it, as you will almost certainly have made progress and that is the main objective of everyone. Be assured matters will become a lot easier once you proceed beyond the third dimension, where you will find more opportunity to express yourself and follow your own interests. You will have much to learn as life is somewhat different to what you have been used to, and offers more opportunity to travel off planet. However, your experiences will serve you well and you will be adequately equipped to deal with the new challenges that will confront you.

As you raise your vibrations you will find that you enjoy a better life free from the ravages of the various illnesses that seem to beset you on Earth. Aging is no longer an issue as your life expectancy becomes much greater. Things are so much different to what you are used to at present, but far more enjoyable as you are not plagued with problems that you experience with the aging of your physical body. Those souls of the lower vibrations cannot follow you into the higher ones, but you can lower yours and if necessary visit them. It means that as much as you might wish for a certain soul to join you, it is not possible unless they are of the same vibrations.

As you are beginning to understand, your present life on Earth is but a pale reflection of what lies ahead. But for the Illuminati holding you back, you should have already been far more advanced than you are at present. Although advancements have been made, in real terms matters have become stagnated and in real terms you are at least some 50 years behind where you should have been. However, it will not take us long to quickly make up for lost time and you will be propelled into the New Age in next to no time at all. So any hardships you are experiencing now will be very short lived.

Keep your lives on track for eventually a quick change to enjoy a new way of life. It is what you knew was coming to you as you completed your time in the lower vibrations. In many ways it will not be as new to some of you as you might think, as many dropped down from the higher vibrations to experience the lower ones. Life at all times is a matter of finding a level that gives you a chance to evolve in a direction chosen by you. However, if you have expressed an interest in a specific experience, as long as it adds to your growth it will not be denied you. It is the same where the amount you take on is concerned, as long as you can handle it.

This message comes through my Higher Self. I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion.
In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

A Message to Lightworkers – March 17, 2016 | Caroline Oceana Ryan

barfamilyThe latest guidance from our friends, the Galactic and Angelic beings known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends and fellow Lightworkers! We are glad for the chance to speak with you again today.

We are aware that as we have mentioned before now, that you are all experiencing the immense shifts and restructurings brought about by the eclipse energies, and increasingly now, the spring (or autumn) equinox energies.

We see you juggling a great deal now, as you reroute your physical energies to more completely fall in with your etheric aspect.

Your bodies, and as a result, your minds and emotions, are pushing through the density of the air that has for so many eons represented life on third dimensional Earth.

Your physical selves are transmuting the old carbon-based structure—and not only for the sake of a new physical form.

Your bodies—spurred on by your souls and higher selves, and the evolving nature of life on Earth—are evolving not only into Lightbodies, but into open and receptive vessels of higher Truth, Divine Love, Peace, and the freedom that in lifetime after lifetime, you have cried out to experience.

There is a closing of the gap between that which you call “the physical” and that which you call “the spiritual” or etheric.

There is a closing of the gap that once stood between “logical thought” and the Truth buried deep in the heart, called intuitive wisdom—your soul’s own voice.

There is a widening gap between those who prefer the old service-to-self requirements of third dimensional life—the belief in the separation of all persons, rather than the Oneness of all—and those who are being swept up in the growing tidal wave of service-to-All.

And no, you will not lose who you are, once you turn to realize that this small tugboat you have called your life is a very great vessel, floating in a sea of blue and holding every other living thing on the planet.

You will not forget your own preferences and individuality, nor lose track of those you love, even if some of them prefer to remain on a third dimensional level.


You will not forget the hearty struggles and sense of adventure that you came to third dimensional Earth to experience—the thrill of living in the densely physical body, and exploring both the shadows as well as the Light, and witnessing the mystery of the greater Light that emerges when shadow is overcome.

It is impossible that you would forget any of this, dear ones.

You are not releasing your experiences as if they never occurred, even those in which you were captive, starving, enslaved, or imprisoned.

Of course those experiences—all that is You in the fullest sense—shall remain with you.

But you are taking now only the beauty of the wisdom, understanding, growth, and new realizations that you have gleaned from those powerful experiences.

You are reaping your harvest now, as the gardener reaps full and ripened fruit and other joyful new plant growth, taking only the refined gold of each experience, and releasing the emotional residue, even the bitterest of responses, as remainders that you need not carry with you.

Forgive yourself now for all of your reactions to all of the lives you have lived on this planet, if you have not yet managed to do so—forgive the anger and the feelings of loss, the shock over betrayals and abuses, the disappointment you felt when love or good fortune seemed to eluded you, the questions you’ve carried that no one could answer.

Forgive it all. For this grand experiment has nothing to do with your receiving what you wanted on a personality level.


It has had to do with your experiencing all that you could never experience in your real home, a place of sheer Light and joy, where loved ones surround you and fill the air with laughter and the beauty of their heart messages to one another.

Where you absorb the pure tones and brilliant colors of the Universe’s music, and perform the joyful work that is your higher mission.

In that place, you could never have evolved so fully or so quickly (in Earth time) on a soul level.

This has been a sort of crash course in dark versus Light, and you have been and are an integral part of that beautiful dance.

And now, do those who have for so long ruled your planet with a terrible iron fist, intend to step aside and admit their defeat, and allow the Light to reign once more?

You know already that they do not intend such, just as you know that their denial and refusal to cooperate until the very last moment is part and parcel of the revolution that Earth Herself is now experiencing—in all ways, and on all levels.


And that there is no one to hold back Earth’s Ascension, or to hold back your own individual evolution any longer, as you are the only one capable of that.

This was not always the case.

Yet now, your consciousness is poking up through the imposed ceiling placed upon human awareness for many thousands of years, and what you are finding there, particularly in your dream state, is both thrilling and astounding all who witness it.

Yes, most assuredly, these are rocky times, if you count only the feelings of being tossed from one side of a great vessel to another.

If you count only the days you are dizzy or exhausted or feel your energy has left you feeling low and vulnerable.

Yet we would say, in addition to these strange reconfigurations of your cells and orientations, count the miracle of knowing that your time in this strange mechanism of lower consciousness that was once the Earth is ending.

Count the fact that you are not only witnessing the rise of the human race; you are partaking in it, and that of the Earth as well.

Count the fact that this is your greatest dream, your highest vision—your masterpiece of insight and intention, and your soul’s own creation.


And that in all of it, no matter what, you are constantly buoyed up by a crowd of loved ones—support team, soul family, twin flame, and the legions of Angels now surrounding Earth and those called the Galactic families, in the trillions).

And that you asked for this, pushed forward to experience it, and were overcome with joy at the thought of being part of this grand evolution of new Life.

And that lately, you have begun to realize, though you haven’t yet allowed yourself to put it into words, that the worst is over.

And so it is.

Namaste, dear ones! We are with you, every moment.


Copyright 2016, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling His Higher Self – March 11, 2016


The events that will change the course of Human evolution are proceeding well, and are your assurance that Disclosure will take place. Many, many souls are working for the Light, and have the strength to overcome the interference from the dark Ones. They still try to take some advantage from the changes in hand, but the Light is strong and holding its position. It will grow even stronger as more souls awaken to the truth. It can therefore be said that all proceeds well and will fulfil expectations. The timing of these events is always uncertain, but suffice to say that the ultimate outcome will be Ascension. Regardless of what course events take your success is assured.

So much is taking place that you will find it almost impossible to keep up with, and it will ensure that you quickly prepare to take your place as an ascended being. At the level where all is in the Now, it would seem that Ascension has already taken place. However, in your level of vibration events occur in a sequence, that is subject to the outworking of your freewill. It makes exact predictions more difficult to make, but it can be stated that your Ascension is assured. For some time now you have been given glimpses of the future that awaits you, and it is full of promises that will lift you into the New Age. As you will soon begin to realise, it is rapidly going to propel you into the higher dimensions. You will exist at a level where all is of the Light and Universal Love abounds.

At present few of you know where you came from but in time you will learn the truth. You will renew friendships with your “family” who have patiently waited for your consciousness levels to return. Reunions will be joyful occasions where you will once again share your Love and Light with all other souls. If you so wish you will have no need to return to the lower levels, although some will do so in service to others. Rather than remain on your home planet, you may choose to join like-minded souls and operate as a group. You will have decided on your next course of action in the interests of furthering your evolution. It never stops until you finally achieve complete perfection and return to the Godhead. However, you have only just started your journey, and many wonderful and satisfying experiences will still be yours to enjoy.

Many souls will be stuck with their beliefs, so much so that they will refuse to accept a greater view of what is needed to evolve. However, to be present on Earth at such a time means they cannot totally ignore what takes place, and their experiences will lay down the basis of a new understanding. Help is always available to those who need longer to rise up, and they will be guided along their path to ensure they progress. Since all is in the “Now” such souls have all the time they need to move on, as it is impossible to stand still and inevitable that their consciousness will grow. However, there is nothing to be gained by trying to force the truth upon an individual, as it may cause the opposite to what is expected.

At the higher levels much is being done to influence those people who hold positions of power and authority, so that decisions taken on your behalf will take you forward. Presently the efforts to bring countries together in a mutual agreement for changes are proving successful. It means that it is possible to commence them and that will lead to a “Revaluation of the Currencies”. These are difficult changes to make but those involved can see the benefits even though their own currencies may be de-valued. The new system will ensure that everyone enjoys a fair system of monetary exchange. Eventually you will reach a stage when money will not be needed but that is quite a way off, so there is no need to be concerned with the consequences.

Many desirable changes are waiting to be introduced and the actions of the dark Ones have not prevented progress being made. In fact the delays have given more time to those researching new innovations, and now there are severable options where there was previously only the one. No time will be lost once the changes can be introduced without interference. Of necessity some will have to be introduced more slowly so as to ensure they do not cause complications. However, others will swiftly be put in place with the help of your extra-terrestrial friends. Be assured that plans are already in place that will activate as soon as it is safe to do so.

As you may now have realised, many of the craft you see in your skies are those that have been long developed by the dark Ones. Those of the Light who are of the Galactic Forces tend to keep out of sight, as they avoid confrontation because of their peaceful intentions. They would otherwise be more than capable of defending themselves. There is what can be called a “no-go” area around your Earth, but it poses no problems to advanced civilisations that have far superior technologies. A time that is not that far away will come when all weaponry will be made inoperable. So do not allow yourselves to be frightened by what you learn about the dark Ones. They are under permanent observation and their activities are fully tracked.

On Earth there are changes that are taking place that are unavoidably causing hardships, but these will be short lived. Once you understand the nature of the changes you will be more than pleased at the outcome. Life will become so much easier and the days of “lack” will soon be over. For some time you have been given some ideas of the nature of the coming changes, but they will undoubtedly far exceed your expectations. No one will lose out and you have everything to gain. The plans for your upliftment have been in place for a long time and can now be put into action.

The outer happenings may at times appear chaotic, but everything is gradually falling into place as has been indicated in recent messages. Many souls are still involved in karmic situations and loss of life will still occur, but as sad it may seem to you it allows for the outworking of karmic issues. It is all part of evolution and necessary experiences if such souls are to continue rising up. You simply must clear outstanding karma by taking every opportunity to progress. As with many aspects of your life, you are always accompanied by higher souls who guide you through your experiences.

There is nothing new in the Universe, and you are attracting to yourselves solutions to your problems and needs that have been well tried and tested. You attract the answers through your thoughts and actions, which is why when a number of people are seeking answers to the same problems they come up with them at about the same time. This is another example of the help you are being given.

This message comes through my Higher Self. I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion.
In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

Mike Quinsey – Channeling His Higher Self – March 4, 2016

mike_quinseyPeople who are able to help bring Ascension that much nearer are very active, but they are for the time being still up against the actions of the dark ones who adopt delaying tactics. However, their attempts to delay the inevitable are futile and will do little to stop disclosure coming out within a reasonable period. It has been decreed by higher forces that the necessary action should be taken to ensure completion as planned. Those doing the work of the Light are protected and are helped to carry out their tasks. The Blue Avians continue to oversee what is taking place but will not interfere with our freewill should we elect to follow a different path to the Light. There is however a plan in place that will lead us ever onwards to a successful Ascension. It cannot be allowed to fail and it is expected that the followers of the Light will succeed. There are a number of powerful influences at work, and it is expected that they will overcome any obstacles placed on the path of the Light. So be confident and do not allow doubts to creep into your thoughts.

The dark Ones are concerned that they can no longer dictate what takes place, and obstinately try to overcome the power of the Light Forces that are preventing their success. They threaten those who stand in their way to no avail. Their power has been severely diminished and they can no longer do as they choose. Although they still threaten to use nuclear devices, they know that in reality it will not be allowed. The Forces of Light are by and large protected but some souls have already agreed to sacrifice their life for the good of others. Be assured that any such actions will be adequately rewarded, but naturally in some situations karma is being played out and the outcome is pre-planned. As you have no doubt learnt nothing really happens by chance, as your life plan is arranged to suit your specific needs.

If you cannot directly help those who are strongly fighting for full Disclosure, you can assist by visualising it and giving it the power to be successful. It is certainly considered to be the most desirable outcome, and many souls are working for it. As the net closes on the dark Ones full Disclosure almost becomes a certainty, and many Beings of Light are helping to raise the vibrations. You look around you and the Earth seems to be in a turmoil, but know that Mother Earth with the assistance of your Space family are able to cleanse it quite quickly, and there will be no undue delay when the time comes for it to be done. You should bear in mind that you are being helped by Beings who are thousands of years ahead of you. For them problems that you consider to be difficult are simple and easily handled.

All around you souls are awakening to the realisation that Humans are One Race. Each of you is your brother’s keeper and have been separated for far too long. The Earth has given you many varied experiences as you have moved from one Race to another, but now the time has come to see all of them as One. In life after life you have been deliberately led to believe that you are all different, and this has led to many wars and troubles. Humans have to be reminded that there is only one Race on Earth, and it is now time to come together. Help each other as many are suffering through wars and deprivation, largely brought about by those who are of the Cabal. There is a time approaching when the Cabal will no longer be able to stay on Earth, as their vibrations will be too low to ascend. From that time onwards there will be great rejoicing as the Light will have been victorious.

All of you have come a long way to reach the point where you are now and you have every right to feel satisfied, and in the course of time you will learn more about your experiences. You have had many lives and numerous experiences from which you have quickly evolved. It is just part of your journey back to full consciousness which enables you to leave the lower vibrations behind. From that time onwards you will once again learn the truth of your travels through the different levels, although you will be more concerned with your new life in the higher vibrations. You will in fact have much more say as to where you will move and continue your evolution.

As you are in the last stage of your present life, accept that Mother Earth is also preparing for Ascension. She has held on as long as possible to give every soul the maximum opportunity to rise up. So focus on your immediate tasks and keep them in your sight and do not be distracted by the outer happenings around you. Many are overwhelmed by the events taking place and unaware of their true nature, but they will be getting help from their Guides so that they gain the maximum advantage from them. In all possibility you are part of a family that are likely to evolve together but that is not always the case, as some members may have a different life plan. In each life you will have chosen experiences that satisfied your particular needs to ensure that you have continued to evolve, and they would not necessarily have been the same as your partners. So you will follow your path whilst allowing others to also follow theirs.

On Earth so much is happening, most of which you are unaware but very soon details will start to emerge. Once this period really gets under way life will move on very quickly, and you will make up for the time lost by having been denied the advantages of new discoveries. Because you will have advanced civilisations helping you, they will enable you to make up for lost time. You will be moving away from fossil fuels and use instead free clean energy that will supply all of your needs. At a stroke it will make a tremendous difference to your lives, and make you self-sufficient. You will have more independence, and never again suffer for the want of heat or adequate clean water supplies. There is much more that will follow once people have had their essential needs covered.

One thing that often cannot be positively given is the exact timing of the events that are mentioned. However, every effort is made to bring them about, but sometimes unforeseen factors come up that result in delays. One thing you can certainly be sure of is that important events will take place even if slightly delayed, and revaluation of the currencies is virtually ready to go ahead. There are as always interested parties who stall for time but if they deliberately or unnecessarily cause delay, they will be removed and left behind. The powers that be are determined to go ahead at the first possible opportunity. You may not get regular updates on all such matters but some progress is always being made.

This message comes through my Higher Self. I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

Website: Tree of the Golden Light


Our Neighbors in the Cosmos‏ | Sophia Love


This conversation took place on February 27, 2016.

“Is there someone who wants to connect?”

There is, yes, someone. That someone is more than one. It is us.

Okay, hello. Please introduce yourself.

We are your neighbors in the cosmos – not the skies, as you first heard (the first word transmitted/interpreted here, was “skies”), for we are non-local to your earth atmosphere. We are beings, human like and bi-pedal in form; from a different system of stars.

It is our wish now to share our story. We’ve progressed through a time of ownership and slavery, not unlike your current situation.

GlowingHumanWe are not “owned” today, not in this now moment and OUR OWN FREEDOM WAS URGED ALONG BY SOME OF THE VERY LIGHT WORKERS PROMOTING WHAT YOU ARE CALLING “DISCLOSURE” NOW. (Bold type mine – Sophia)

You sense this – those of you who are so very tired feel as if you’ve been here for such a long time. You are sensing a stale-mate and an even longer drawn out process.

You, without fully realizing it, are remembering the fact that you’ve been in a similar situation.

Breaking free of a prison is not a simple task, but a complicated one. Here you are attempting to be let free – while the prison guards argue and complain and cry “Why should we free you?” Their hope and plan is for prolonged power – always prolonged.

These beings in the group of controllers of the surface population will not go unless forced. This is how it went for us.

There was devastation, a majority of poverty level sustenance at the slave demographic and the time of awakening also was upon us. What we found most troubling and ineffective was that the majority of the population had given up; were so sick or stressed or overworked that they spent every free minute, of which there were few, attempting to find love or joy.

LotusMeditatorAs the search for simple pleasures increased, our people turned away from the massive mind controlling and programming that was promoted by the prison guards or controllers as you refer to them.

These quieter simple pleasures opened people’s hearts as they rejected the “MORE” and “COMPETITION” promoted by those in control. This process took some time, as the majority were still well fed, and had no idea life could be different.

IT WAS YOU LIGHT WORKERS THAT CHANGED IT AND NOT WITH A SHOW OF FORCE. It was a rapid acceleration of your light. (Bold type mine – Sophia) This over-rode any negativity or obstruction to our freedom – what you are calling Disclosure.

The force of light is so much greater and the light workers now on your planet know how to do this.

The draw into negativity and anger and depression and (subsequent) focus on these ideas is strong.

It is not necessary that the majority of the population change focus – but in order for the transformation to be initiated it will have to be done by the majority of the light worker force. This is what they came to do. Transform the world with their light. (Bold type mine – Sophia)


We wanted to talk to you today because of your audience and your current now moment. It seems as if you are on the threshold of freedom and this is true. What will push Disclosure over the line into now is a rapid influx of unconditional love. This cannot be taught – it has to be realized. (Bold type mine – Sophia)

Those here to push this forward are to do so with a gentle touch. You have done so once before. You are battle weary and falling into despair as you notice what appear to be physical signs of delay or failure.

LightMeditatorWe come to you now to remind you – “This is not your first rodeo”

Do not underestimate your power or the worth of your work. You came to spread the light because YOU KNOW FROM EXPERIENCE THAT IT IS LIGHT THAT SHIFTS WORLDS, not darkness or frustration or any aggressive or combative action. (Bold type mine – Sophia)

The reason this transformation is a guarantee is because YOU ARE THE ONES WHO ARE HERE TO SEE IT GETS DONE. YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN the exact circumstances of your prior success but not its method. Its method is the realization and actualization of your deepest core. That core is light.

HeadLightThe world we inhabit continues to live in harmony and peace due to your efforts at another now moment. This is the promise for the world you walk upon now – for Earth.

Now we have said what we came to say. Do not resort to a fight mentality as this is not a war and that sort of engagement only reinforces an aggressive and physical attitude. This is a transformation. It has been accomplished already and done so with light.

Is that all? You seem to have stopped.

LightBeingInSkyYes. We thank you for your rapid transmission of our thoughts and message. We wanted you to know we are cheering you on.

Okay then, thanks!

You are so very welcome!

This conversation ended.



It is through mutual support that we’ll grow a sustain-ably conscious world.

No one can do this but us.

We are the gods we’ve been waiting for.

With absolute love,


Sophia Love

Words in bold and parenthesis are my own unless otherwise specified.

This is verbatim. Before conversing, the following declarations were made: “Highest and best for all concerned. No ego. Complete and absolute truth only. For assistance only. Just love. Pure love.”

Via Newsletter from Sophia Love received March 1, 2016

Arcturian Group Message February 21, 2016 | Onenessofall.com

WinterPondFEBRUARY 21,2016

Dear ones, greetings from the Arcturian group.  We see you eager and aware and growing more so each day.  It is a time of celebration on this side as we observe the Light of mankind becoming ever more bright.  These times have been anticipated eagerly by all on this side working with Gaia and her people.  Know that you are loved immensely and honored for the courage and bravery you show in the midst of so much turmoil and struggle arising to be cleared at this time.
We wish to speak of the great gains you have made in your journey because many believe nothing has changed.  This is because without your realizing it, your evolving consciousness has become your ordinary.  Take a moment to examine the you of ten, five, or even one year ago and you will see how much you have grown and changed in attitude and beliefs.  Issues that seemed important, valid, and unchangeable to you, no longer seem even worth the effort of concern.  You have moved to new levels of awareness.
Some of you still believe that a powerful religious  experience must take place or you are not truly evolving.  No dear ones, the spiritual journey consists of one footstep at a time (some of which may be “bloody” footsteps),  each one bringing you ever forward into a new and higher state of consciousness.  Some will have powerful inner experiences and others will not, but do not seek them as proof of your spirituality or believe that they are necessary.

Never judge your spiritual worth based on stories of the “saints” and sages. Their miraculous experiences more often than not, have been exaggerated and embellished by those wishing to impress others and validate their own personal beliefs.  The mind forms energy.  If a seriously religious  individual were to dwell on the wounds of crucifixion continually, it is very possible he could  manifest them for himself.  Just a thought to ponder.
Arcturian group wishes to discuss awareness– physical, emotional, and mental awareness.  What am I aware of on each of these levels?  Awareness serves to illuminate the belief system–the ideas you may still be holding that resonate with old and finished energy.
Physically, do you  believe that the body governs you, that you at the mercy of it?  Are you giving inordinate power to  the medical profession, drugs and treatments?  How completely do you accept the many beliefs regarding age and deterioration, many of which are promoted simply for the financial benefit of drug companies?
You are  evolving into a consciousness of Oneness with Source.  You cannot be Divine consciousness and at the same time be a victim of the  body you yourself formed for use on earth.  What are you creating, what do you wish to create?  Are you aware that you– YOU/consciousness formed and govern your body?
Begin to understand that this YOU is in charge and is the power and energy maintaining and  sustaining the body. The body does not govern you, YOU govern it–manifesting the outer according to your soul plan and attained state of consciousness.
The general public is not aware that every bill board or action promoting some fight against a particular disease, establishes it more firmly in world consciousness.  The choice of when to leave the physical body is made by each soul on a level they are not consciously aware of.  Their disease may be their chosen “out”.
Now, many of you are saying; “My friend was very spiritually evolved and she/he died.”  Yes, this is not to say are to ignore a problem or are never to consult the medical profession because to stubbornly stand in absolute truth before it becomes an attained state of consciousness is very human.
These are the steps we speak of.  Firstly know the absolute truth– I am Divine Consciousness and therefore complete and whole in every way.   State your intention to find the solution that most closely resonates with your energy.  Go within, listen, and then take whatever human footsteps you feel guided to take. You may get direct information on how to handle the situation without outside help or you may be guided to the medical person or  holistic practitioner that is right for you.
Intuition speaks very softly like a nudge or an “knowing” guiding you to the right person be the need legal, spiritual, or medical.  Guidance comes in unlimited ways; as a name that stands out  in the phone book, someone mentioning a person in conversation, or your remembering a particular professional that you resonated with at another time. The manifestation of a consciousness of completeness is limitless.  Believing that solutions must or can only come in a certain way limits the flow and acts to block the experience.
Awareness of the emotional body is the process of honestly examining any issues that “push your buttons”.  When you find yourself reacting to some person, place, or thing, and  judging it as good or bad, it indicates an issue in cellular memory needing  recognition.   Reactions are gifts, tools not to be shoved aside with guilt or repression, for they serve to make you aware of issues needing deeper examination.
Emotions of anger and hurt from some  past experience long believed to have been  resolved can and often do reappear even when the experience was many years ago.  This never indicates failure on your part but instead indicates your attained spiritual readiness now to go deeper and more completely realize, release, and move beyond  the experience.
Powerful experiences leave an imprint in cellular memory and continue to  manifest as inordinate fears, attractions, desires  etc. until cleared.  Much of what you are now spiritually resolving you have  carried with you through many other lifetimes but only in this lifetime were evolved enough to address.
Awareness of the mental body means taking time to seriously and honestly examine everything you think and believe to be  truth.  Beliefs presented and accepted by you through   parents, schools, churches, and  “experts”, as well as strongly held beliefs brought with you from past lives serve to form your belief system.  However, much of what individuals hold to be true simply represents whatever beliefs are popular at the time.
Examination of one’s belief system often results in recognizing a need to detach from some organization or group– one that served fully at one time, but no longer resonates with the individual’s new state of consciousness.  There are those who choose to stay in outgrown places simply for companionship and familiarity but this will serve only to stagnate the evolutionary journey.  The window on earth for ascension is NOW.
We  remind you of the importance of self examination on all levels because it is a powerful  tool for discovering beliefs you may be ignorantly still holding. The material world manifests concepts of the spiritual reality–interpretations of a collective consciousness  conditioned by beliefs of good and bad and separation.   You are ready to pull aside the curtain of material sense and fully embrace the realities you will find there.
Some, after discovering God and being “saved”  choose to coast through life in the belief that once “saved” they need do nothing.  They then wonder why their lives may seem to fall apart at some point along the way.  No dear ones, it is true, your innate Self does embody all the qualities of the Divine but this must become your attained  state of consciousness before it can fully manifest outwardly.
It is important to have quiet time at least once a  day in which you contemplate and rest in truth after stating your intentions and sending Light to your cells, chakras, and the world. You will be intuitively guided to other actions as well because in silent awareness, you become receptive.   This is the evolutionary journey, and these are the footsteps.
Examine your belief system on all levels, discovering for yourselves the areas  in which you may be more susceptible to world beliefs.  Past life experiences and cellular memory cause individuals to be open to some beliefs more than others.  A person who has experienced many lifetimes of poor health is often more receptive to world concepts of disease while another  tortured in one or more lives for speaking out may be more susceptible to beliefs regarding laws and regulation–always fearful of not doing what they are told.
A person who has spent many lifetimes committed to organized religion may still blindly and without question, be drawn to it again in the belief that all religious doctrine is truth.  The ability to recognize one’s deeply held false beliefs and move beyond them comes when you start to seriously  work with and trust your intuition, not dismissing what comes to you as unimportant.
If you have not already done it, state your intention to evolve, to clear and move beyond all remaining obsolete cellular memory.  Withdraw attention from all the third dimensional promotions and hype that constantly bombard you.
Become your own authority, taking back the  power you ignorantly gave away, and be who you already are.
We are the Arcturian Group                                                             2/21/16


A Message to Lightworkers – February 18, 2016 | Caroline Oceana Ryan

pinktreeblossomThe latest guidance from our friends, the Galactic and Angelic Beings known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends! We are glad to have the opportunity to speak with you again today.

We are seeing many changes occurring now in your world.

For example, many have pointed out that two of the “frontrunner” presidential candidates (the fellow with the white hair, and the fellow with the orange hair), stand at the two opposite ends of the pole.

We would say that this is not an accidental occurrence. And that it is the perfect metaphor for the direction your world has taken.

For there is a great shift occurring now.

Earth’s population are increasingly opting to either to move on—to move into a world where NESARA is not only possible but actual and real—or opt to stay where they are, and remain within the third dimensional frequency.

There is no shame and no judgment, either way.

Should you feel that you prefer to remain on a third dimensional Earth, you will drift quietly, in ways mainly unknown to you, into that reality—that particular hologram.

Should you feel it is your path to move on to fifth dimensional Earth, then in ways both noticeable and less noticeable to you, you will find yourself moving into that reality.

In truth, you have already made your decision as to whether or not you will Ascend in this lifetime, and you are well aware of this.

And so the question then becomes, What do you do with the situations, relationships, attitudes, beliefs, thoughts, and leftover “realities” in your life that are so clearly third dimensional?

How do you shift upwards in ways that ensure that you are increasingly aware of your Divine origins and Creator abilities?

How do you upgrade your frequency on all matters of life—health, work, relationships, finances, spirituality—so that you naturally begin to manifest that which matches your own and your higher self’s vision for you?


And we would say, that you are already doing this, and that you are coming into the position of moving into the driver’s seat in terms of creating your fifth dimensional life, or you would not be asking these questions.

You have, along with many millions of others, noticed an increasing dissatisfaction with certain areas of your life as of late.

Perhaps you wish to eat more healthfully, to drink only pure water throughout the day, to exercise more, and to spend more time in Nature.

Perhaps you are seeing your longtime partner, job, home, or other roles or situations as no longer right for where you are now, and are wondering if it is time to move on.

Or perhaps you are looking at the world, as so many millions are right now, and asking, “Why must we have wars, when everyone detests them, except for a tiny minority of the human race?”

“Why must we pay so much money for gasoline and other energy sources, when free, clean energy was discovered more than a hundred years ago?”

Or, “Why would I have anything in my life that is not completely joyful, or for my higher good?”

These are excellent questions, and millions are asking them every day, more and more.


You will find yourself in fact no longer seeing the sense of many situations—in your life, and upon the Earth in general.

You will find many now moving forward with new ideas that, in the past, would have been suppressed, ignored, or laughed at—such as energy medicine and energy healing were for so long—but which are now seriously entertained as real possibilities upon humankind’s path.

The energies upon the Earth are such now, that increasingly, you will only be able to do that which is for your and others’ higher good, in all situations.

You will increasingly find it harder and harder, and then impossible, to pretend to be or do anything that is not a part of your true, authentic self—your fifth dimensional self.

You will find it impossible to do any job that is not fulfilling, that does not serve your life purpose in some way.

You will find it harder and harder to eat animal products, to drink or eat anything that is not of a high and pure vibration, or to feed it to your children and animals.

You will find it increasingly difficult to hold onto anything—old objects, relationships, beliefs—that no longer resonate with who you are fast becoming.

You will in fact, require a world in which honesty, transparency, accountability, and decency are not just high ideals, but the norm.


And how do we get from here to there? you may ask.

Dear ones, you are doing it now.

We see your astounding progress in every hour of your lives—we see your higher selves more and more active in your words, your emotions, your ability to hear your intuition and the Divine instinct that lies within it.

We see your increasing ability to spot lies, unhealthy choices, cover ups, and even unconsciously hidden facts and realities, and we see you saying, “No—this is no longer who we are on this planet.”

Believe us when we say that you grow stronger in your remembering of your Divine origins, each day you live, and each breath you take.

And that no one perhaps, could be more surprised than you yourselves, and yet as sure as you breathe, your New Earth day is dawning.

When you doubt this, go within for a moment and say to your support team of higher self, guides, and Angels, “What would make me most joyful right now?”


If you hear no answer, tell them that they must send you the energy of that answer, so that you absorb it into your heart-mind and receive it clearly there.

And when that answer comes, whatever it may be—follow it.

For there has never been a celebration upon Lady Gaia, such as you are all energetically preparing now, at every moment.

Namaste, friends and fellow Lightworkers! Builders of the New Earth!

We are with you, always.


Copyright 2016, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it exactly as you find it here, and including the link to this original post. Thank you.