The Awakened Collective: Answer the Call ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been looking for a way to address the idea of separation that you have there on Earth, and what we have decided is that now is the perfect time to be sharing with you our perspective. Separation from Source was a necessity in order for people to truly believe in their mortality and the mortality of their loved ones. When you awaken to the truth that separation from Source is and always has been an illusion, then you can start to recognize that all other concepts, all other notions of separation are also illusions. They are illusions that you play with to give yourselves an opportunity to come together.

You come apart, and you come back together, and the coming back together is so much sweeter because of the time that you spent apart. Now, the issues that you have there on Earth that involve a sense of duality, polarity, and the idea of us versus them, are all a part of that big picture strategy that you all had for moving apart so that you could come back together. When you recognize that everyone and everything is Source Energy, then you can let go of your judgments, because you will know that no matter what that person is doing or saying, they are really just Source playing a role, a role for you to experience, and for all of humanity.

Rising above the separation and us-versus-them mentalities is necessary at this time on your world. It is necessary in times of crisis, and the ideas that people have in their heads about who is to blame get magnified. They are amplified in their speech, in their writing, and even in their actions. Whenever you are facing a problem there on Earth, it is always an issue for the consciousness of humanity. You are always being given an opportunity to raise the consciousness, and when we address you as the awakened collective, we are implying that it is you who are raising the level of consciousness, and we are inviting you to do even more.

Let yourselves feel into the vibration of the level of consciousness that is needed on Earth at this time to bring people together, people who are seemingly enemies. You as awakened ones must hold the level of consciousness within you to project onto those individuals the truth that you are all one, separation is an illusion, and that the biggest common denominator that you all have is that you are Source Energy Beings. Those of you who know that and embody it can help to raise the level of consciousness on your world by going beyond pointing fingers, blaming, and politicizing tragedy and trauma.

Now, will you be able to convince anyone with your words or your writing? Perhaps not. But as you hold a vibration and you send love and compassion everywhere it is needed right now on planet Earth, then you demonstrate that truth. You put that truth into action, and that goes beyond the mind of the person who could argue with you and dig their heels in to further their agenda, their beliefs about how everyone should think.

You are there to move beyond thought and belief. You are there to move into a heart-based experience of reality and to spread compassion and love wherever you can. Now is the perfect time to do just that, because it is needed, and you are the ones to answer the call.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Your Great Adventure | The Creator

Dearest one…do not give up on hope, faith and Unconditional Love.  Do not give up on trust, belief and knowing there is a better tomorrow.  The current world you live in may have you believing that those things do not exist anymore, that they are in shreds floating in harsh breeze waiting for their last thread to break so they can float away from your grasping hands. 

The Universe is here to tell you…those things are very much alive and well on your Earth plane!  Even though you may feel wounded, battered and bruised, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, one that will lead you home to yourself, so you can continue your great adventure there. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

Fears Are like Potholes | Heavenletters

God said:

Fears are imagination. They are real only so far as you say. In general, you make much of them.

There is a difference between fear and common sense. I recommend that you not cross a trafficked street without looking both ways.

You need not overcome all your fears. Your life is for more than undoing your fears. But your fears do not need to be the foundation of your life either. You do not need to spend your life dodging them. Are fears really so ominous?

If you think you must vanquish all your fears, you are giving them too much importance. They are not a mighty magnificent opponent. They are only fears. You have nothing to prove to them or about them.

You can consider them like potholes. You do not get frantic every time you come across a pothole. You go over it or around it, and you do not write in your journal about it. Potholes are just there, that’s all.

Imagined fears are baseless. Certainly the one about speaking before groups is baseless. Are you really so fearful of public opinion? Do you think that an audience will stone you? Your ego is at risk, that’s all. What is the big deal if you fall flat on your face? What do you think will happen? Do you think the whole world will banish you? They might even applaud you.

Is this the same fear as worrying what someone will think of you but magnified?

Fear of loss of finances. This hovers over you. You think money and public opinion are your livelihood.

The fear of loss of health. Oh, that’s real, you say. It has been made real. Do not give so much awe to illness. Do not suffer it ahead of time.

The fear of death of the body? That is the most baseless of all. That is only another fear of change. That is only fear of breaking boundaries. That is only fear of letting go of the body and the outer life that you complain about so much. It is big fear that says you can lose anything.

That is the premise for your fears. Your worship of loss. You worship it even when you know that you cannot lose that which is yours eternally. And you cannot lose that which was never yours to own anyway. Even so, you put loss on a platform, and you worship the possibility of it.

When you return a book to the library, you do not feel that you have had a loss. You merely returned something that all parties understood you would. You do not become so attached to the books you know you will have to return. Read them, enjoy them, for that is what they are for. They are not for the purpose of holding or shelving in your house. They are to go back from where they came.

When you shake hands with someone, do you feel you have lost your hand? Or when you finish shaking hands, have you lost the hand you shook? What can be taken from you that is yours?

Your life is indubitably yours. It is yours forever, as it always has been. Your body can pass away, but not you. That is such an impossibility, it is not worth considering.

You have ownership of your thoughts, your actions, your responses, your heart, your eternal life. Anything else you think you own is a false presumption. That is why you worry so much about losing it; you know it isn’t really yours to keep forever or even as long as you may want. You keep waiting for what is not yours to be taken away.

Right now, in your heart, fling to the skies all that which is not really yours. Instead of fearing for it in your imagination, let go of it now in your imagination. No longer need you worry about the hour of your body’s demise or the state of it while on earth or of any other thing you hold to you so tightly that is not yours by Divine right.

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Receive More from the Archangels, Ascended Masters & Others ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are so very consistent in our offerings of energy to all of you, because we are offering you energies even when Daniel here isn’t channeling us. We want you to know that you can open up to our transmissions at any time, and you will receive the latest. We also want you to relax into the receiving. We advise you to let in our energetic transmissions. There is no trying involved, and struggling to feel for them will not help. But if you can relax into what is coming to you, and you can do that consistently, day after day, moment after moment, you will feel the expansion of your consciousness occurring in leaps and bounds.

Now, as we have said many times before in these transmissions, we are not the only game in town. We are not the only ones who are offering you higher-frequency energies. We are not the only helpers you have here in the higher realms, and so at times you may feel like opening up to Pleiadian energies, or the energies of your favorite ascended master or archangel. You may even feel like faerie energy is what you would like to attune to in that particular moment. It’s good for you to know that your spirit guides and higher selves are also very consistent in their offerings to you.

The transmissions just keep coming and coming, and many of you feel for them. Some of you realize that you have been feeling them after the fact. You may notice some changes in yourself or in your world, and then when you look back at the past several days or weeks, you will realize that you have been receiving energies and you have been working with them. For some of you, this is not new. You’ve been doing it for a very long time, and you know then that it is part of your journey to help others to recognize that they too have energies they can tap in to, receive and work with at any time.

A lot of people who are receiving this transmission are wondering how to do it. It’s quite simple really. You just have to relax. Let go of all of your tension, your anxiety, your thoughts, your worries, your fears, and then you naturally open up to receive those higher-frequency energies that are coming to you from above. And as we’ve said, you can point yourself in any direction you like. You can receive archangel energies one day and Sirian energies the next. The day after that, perhaps you will be more into faerie energy. Think of this as choosing what you’re going to wear today or what you’re going to eat today, and know that we are always open for business. We are always seeking to help, to heal, to guide and to support.

Most of what we offer is just love, healing, compassion, peace, and all the other high-frequency vibrations, and sometimes it is more specific. And when it is, Daniel here usually tells you about it with our help. Right now, just luxuriate in all the energies that are positive, playful, and helpful, and all around you all the time, and you will never feel alone again. You will never feel separate or abandoned again, and you will always feel full of everything you need to create the beautiful 5D Earth you are continuously moving towards.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Are You Listening? | The Creator

As challenging as it may be, keep your heart open!  Many things will test your strength and fortitude but keep your heart open.  Some may betray the love you give but, please, keep your heart open!  Your heart is the receiver of the voice of The Universe, your direct connection to The Divine.  When the heart is disconnected, there is no way to hear what is being relayed to you.  As you step boldly into your new world, listening to the guidance provided will assist in your growth and learning.  Are you listening? ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

Angels | Heavenletters

God said:

A tyrant could not exist when everyone is his own sovereign. How could there be a bully when everyone is strong in his own worthiness? There would neither be bully nor bullied.

Govern yourself. Do not be unruly. Attune to a greater rule.

You are not subjects in the world. You do not bow your knee to any one person, you bow to all. Bow to yourself.

The world is yours. It is not someone else’s. I do not even call it My world, although I created it. I created it and flung it to the furthermost realms of the Universe, and I cast it upon the waters, and I cast you in My image. Therefore, I cast you in beauty, strength, glory, and the sweetness of love. I tendered you a tender being, beloveds. No one is to assault tenderness. No one is to take one ounce of your strength or beauty from you. You are to give it all, not as a gesture of friendship, but in fealty to Me and therefore to your fellow man. I surrendered you to all that is good. You are good. Now surrender yourself

You are not made in a false image. You are not fake. You are made in an image of Truth. There will be no tyrants on Earth. There will be no tyrannized. There will be angels on Earth, and you are one. Concede, beloveds, concede to your true nature.

Angels are not necessarily angelic. They don’t have to be picture-perfect. Angels can be rascally people who have great fun, but never at anyone’s expense. All My angels, on Earth or in Heaven, are strong and hearty. They are never diminished. An angel in a coal mine is still an angel.

Now you will begin to spot angels on Earth. You are surrounded with angels, and you stand with them. Yes, you are one of the angels I sent to Earth. I sent you as a blessing. I blessed you to bless the Earth and all its inhabitants. You are co-rulers on Earth, sent to till it, sent to harvest souls like roses, to nourish every heart so that all may know themselves and their true character and what they are made of.

You are made of My love. You are not made of anything else. You are not a cardboard character. You are an angel of gold. This is not too good to be true. This is true.

What else can you be but an angel on Earth? You cannot be so far from Heaven as you have believed. You are not far away at all. Within My heart, you are in Heaven, and heavenly you are whether you believe Me or not. But believe Me, and wings of our love will begin to sprout before your very eyes.

Perhaps you have a false picture of Heaven. Pearly white gates is a metaphor. Heaven Itself is a metaphor. All of life is a metaphor. What shall I compare you to? I can only compare you to Myself. There is no other comparison. You are My True Love. I have one True Love, and it is you. I love you with all My heart. I love the wonder of you. You are wonderful in My heart. My heart is full of you. Where could you be but in My heart? My heart is one with yours. We are in love. I am most assuredly in love with you. Therefore, you are deep in My heart, deep in the Heart of Love that has conquered the world with Love Itself, for there is naught, beloveds, there is naught but love, and now your heart is ravaged with love which is to say that your heart is primed and plump with love abounding. Hear the love. Feel the love. I pump your heart with love now.

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Get Eager about the Grand Plan of Ascension ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very interested in the evolution of consciousness of all beings throughout the galaxy and the universe. We are not just focusing on humankind there on Earth, but rather, we are able to compare your journey as a collective with the journeys of so many other beings who are also shifting their consciousness at this historic time in our universe.

We enjoy the process of analyzing what is working for some and why, and we have determined that those beings who are doing the best right now are the ones who have recognized that something big is happening. It is the vibration of eagerness that is assisting those who are awake in other parts of the galaxy, and it is our observation that a lot of the eagerness that those of you in the awakened collective had has been diminished by the current circumstances that you are living at this time.

Eagerness is not the same thing as neediness. When you are fed up with life on Earth, and you throw your hands up in despair and look for the shift to save you, or to make everything better, that’s not eagerness. You want to see everything as a part of the grand plan of ascension, and you want to see yourselves as the ones who are taking an active role in the deliberate creation of the ascension experience.

You can, of course, sit quietly and comfortably, knowing that everything is going to work out for the best, for you and for all of humankind, but you wanted to play a role. You wanted this to be something that you could feel yourself as being one of the ones partially responsible for the elevation of the human collective consciousness. You can and do contribute to the shifting of humanity’s consciousness, and you don’t need to do something that affects billions of people to have an impact. But when you let go of that despair, and when you process your fears and your anger, you can make enough of an impact as an individual to get humanity back into that very helpful state of being of eagerness.

The expansion and evolution of your consciousness is something to feel very good about. It’s something to get excited and enthusiastic about. And it is now and always has been in the hands of the people, no matter what anyone outside of you is doing. You have the power. You are the ones, and you have more support throughout this galaxy than you ever have before. Let the eagerness flow once again.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

On Hold? | The Creator

Ponder this today; while you are waiting for other things to materialize, your life is in process.  There are people you meet every day, places to see and things to do.  However, you may put them on hold because you are waiting for one very specific moment to occur.  The laser beam focus you put forth does not make this thing materialize any faster, it does not make the wait shorter and it may very well cut you off from opportunities The Universe is lovingly sending your way.  Dearest one, remember the existence around you, enjoy your life, revel in your humanness!  That way, the wait will not seem quite so long. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – May 13, 2022

There is still a way to go before there will be any signs of normality, and even then it will be a new way of experiencing what was normal for you. However, all changes will be for the better so as to place your feet firmly onto the new path that awaits you. Everything has to start somewhere and it is no mean task to do so without overwhelming you. As you see the benefits from the changes you will be eager to participate in them. Be assured that the old will be considered cumbersome by comparison and the net result is that you will have more time to follow for your own desires.

The war in the Ukraine will be the last one and bring countries together who resolve never again to participate in or allow another one to take place. The futility of such actions and the waste of life have been totally unnecessary when matters could have been dealt with peacefully. Man has a long history of failing to learn from world wars but there must come a time when the absurdity of such actions is recognised. The big powers must get together and resolve never to start another war, and eventually disarm to show their intent and goodwill. It only requires strong leadership and the intent to get things done.

The people of Mother Earth could live in peace and happiness, and feel secure and safe in their own homes. Defences against intruders from outer space does not necessarily mean weapons, but deterrents can be protective means that shield the Earth from attacks. You can be certain that the technology already exists and requires the cooperation of all countries to be successful. All you need now are leaders who are far seeing into the future to realise what can now be achieved. Think peace and you will be helping bring about permanent peace upon Earth.

Presently you have a major problem with inflation and seem unable to control it, and it will get worse before it peaks. There is a lesson to be learned somewhere in this situation but will the powers that be learn it. Be assured there are people being influenced with ways that can lessen the effect of inflation, but it will take time before they can intervene. The lesson is not to return to the same position as before but overcome the problems for once and for all. It simply requires the will to do whatever is necessary to ensure it is permanently overcome.

The people have been used to “tightening their belts” but can lose heart when those who control events on Earth seem incapable of controlling what is happening. Hard times require hard decisions and the sooner the problem is overcome the quicker life can return to normal. People are used to hard times but in peaceful times do not expect draconian like events to dominate their lives. We on our side of the veil will do what we can to get you to make the right decisions that will minimise the problems you face.

We oversee your progress as always and are on hand to help you within the scope we are allowed. We want to see you come out of this difficult period with a better future set up than previously. We know you can do it and give our support and help. We have a vested interest in seeing you successfully come through these testing times as we are as keen as you are to see you rise up into the higher vibrations. It is your destiny and in one way or another so be assured that you will get there.

You are in a unique situation as you are being prepared for a new experience, one that is given in peace and tranquillity to bring you joy and happiness. By then the dark Ones will have gone onto their path, destined to bring retribution for their many misdemeanours. You do not get away with anything and at some stage will have to answer for your actions. However as we often point out, there is no punishment but simply a way of experiencing the result of your actions. It will be presented in such a way so as to give you an understanding of the effects upon the victim.

Many of you will have passed the time of incurring karma and lead your lives with every consideration for others. Once you reach this level it would never occur to you to carry out actions that would be negative. It becomes a frame of mind that maintains your desire to be gentle, fair minded and compassionate. You might be surprised that when you have reached this level, how easy it is to maintain your peaceful approach to life.

Everyone wants a happy life and one that is fulfilling. You have an opportunity to enjoy such a life but first the present problems must be overcome before you can really enjoy it. At present the Earth abounds in so much negativity that it is difficult to see an end to it. But it will come so start being the new human now and be ready to focus on your goal. This way you will not be distracted by what is going on around you although it will not be easy. It may mean being more selective where your friends are concerned but you will know when to stand back and simply be an observer.

Nothing of any consequence ever happens without good reason whether it is positive or otherwise. So when you continue to read of the war crimes know that it is karma for all who are involved. Sometimes souls get involved who are present for no other reason than to ensure the war goes a way that will lead to less death and destruction. As sad as it seems there are lessons to be learned that only come the hard way. Cruelty on one side has to be cleared, and be assured that those involved will “feel” everything they have handed out.

It gives us no pleasure to mention wars and the result of them, but the truth must come out if people are to accept it as a way of making such actions known. In time it will help to stop a recurrence as people refuse to participate in any form of negative actions. It is certainly heading the right way as the vibrations continue to lift up. There will be very subtle changes and in the long run it will become apparent.

The changes to everyday life will continue for a long time, but there will be an end to the difficulties you experience of that you may be assured. But give it time and you will notice that the changes are introducing the new and leaving the old behind.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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Do Not Believe So Much in Your Beliefs | Heavenletters

God said:

When you say that something should be one way or another, you are imposing. Should is a judgment that allows no argument. Where does should come from? It comes from past beliefs. Beliefs are opinions, usually strong opinions. Because you believe doesn’t make it so. Your belief has nothing to do with it. Sometimes your belief in your beliefs is like the story of cutting the feet to fit the bed.

You can believe in something all you want, but that does not make it so. I exist, but I do not exist because you believe in Me. I exist because I exist.

The world thought the earth was flat, but that belief did not change the curvature of earth.

Do not try to make the world match your beliefs. That is an attempt at ultimate control.

A belief imposed is a judgment. A judgment is an altercation. It is a denial. It tries to erase what has already transpired. Trying to erase says it was a mistake. It may not have been to your liking, but you do not know enough of life to say it was a mistake.

Some so-called mistakes have been great blessings. Much good can come from what you call mistakes. Is every try that doesn’t accomplish what you think it ought — is it not a step?

Be wary of your strong opinions. Why must an opinion be strong? Why must it be a conviction or a long-held belief? Why must your thoughts be like gavels that come down hard?

Why must your toast always be buttered?

Why must all your beliefs be so? What is at stake, do you imagine?

Beliefs come from the past. Beliefs are a holding on from the past. Beliefs are not inviolate. They are not a one-thing only.

Openness comes from the present.

Let in what comes in today. You do not have to buy it all, but you can consider. When you go into a marketplace, you do not condemn the items you don’t want to buy. You buy those that make sense to you.

But let Me tell you this: There is no belief you need. Beliefs are not what you need.

Awareness is what you need. Awareness is what I give to you. I do not give you beliefs. If something is true, it doesn’t need belief in it. If something is not true, all the belief in the world doesn’t make it true. Beliefs are commonly-held world thoughts. Beliefs may not be dependable.

But Truth can be relied on. Truth opens itself. It is not a closed book. Truth, unlike beliefs, does not go only so far. Truth goes to the ends of the earth. What is true is true everywhere.

Do not mix up facts with true. What you call facts are pieces. Truth is always whole.

Beliefs are names for certain ideas, just as you name a certain range of time as yesterday or Wednesday. It is a name. It is not inviolable. In another country, the same frame of reference has another name. But those names serve a universal purpose. No one believes that the name made the fragment of illusory time.

Concepts hardened become beliefs. Do not believe so much in beliefs.

Bringing others to your beliefs — what does that accomplish? Does that confirm you are right? Another person’s opinion bolsters yours?

Jesus did not look for bolstering. And he did not try to make people believe. He tried to reveal. He said, “Here God is.” He said, “Come out of the darkness, and see what is right before you.”

Once you see, you have seen. What you have seen cannot be upturned. Maybe you do not see it today, but you did see it. Can you pretend you did not? And yet you have done that. You have pretended away and submerged your own vision.

Even to see truth and the beauty of truth may seem like a revolution. But truth is not unheard-of. It has been heard of, and it has been seen. You have seen it.

Look for awareness, and not hardened beliefs.

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