Give Freely ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

When you are able to find the ability within you to give of yourself, freely, you will know what it is like to be the Source Energy version of yourself that you truly are. When you give without any need for compensation, without any need to be acknowledged, this is when you know what it’s like to be Source Energy.

Your gifts that you have, that you brought with you to this lifetime, are the gifts of Source Energy. Using those gifts to help others is the ultimate experience. It is why you incarnate and you have this illusion of separation. It is all so that you can experience yourself more fully as Source Energy, and there are many ways to accomplish that aim. This is just one of them. This is just one of the many traits of Source Energy.

Source Energy gives, and gives freely, all that It is. And so when you feel compelled to offer one of your gifts to someone else, just because you can, you will feel lighter, you will feel happier, and you will feel more connected. In the moment of your act of service, you are more of Source Energy, more of your true self. And we want you to know that every little bit counts. Even just smiling at someone is an act of service. It is sharing a piece of who you are.

Now, of course, when you offer your gift freely to another, whatever it is, you also become vulnerable. The person may not receive your gift. The person may throw it back in your face. They might not appreciate it, but your willingness to continue to offer that which you can to be of service is another trait of Source Energy.

Source Energy never stops giving. Source Energy is unconditional, and when you find yourself being unconditional, you are most certainly tapping in to that energy that Source so freely gives.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Where Is There Not Beauty? | Heavenletters


God said:

The act of being a human Being doesn’t strike you as a walk in the park, yet, here you are. Here you are, a high flier without an airplane. There are many ways to describe the process of living on Earth as a human being.

You can describe yourself as an innocent. You can describe yourself as up a creek. You can describe yourself as an angel without wings. An angel misplaced. An innocent hapless bewildered spirit thrown into the wilds in a human body, seemingly fending for yourself in a foreign land that often makes no sense to you, as if you had been thrown into the middle of an arcane mystery novel where clues are not easy to find.

You may feel that you started off on the wrong foot, yet what is the right foot?

You would like to be free, yet you also want boundaries. You may not like them, yet boundaries can catch you in case you fall.

Then I come in and tell you that Life on Earth is not to be taken so seriously when, right now, so far as you can see and hold onto, this is the only Life you have. This Life you have is serious to you.

Beloveds, be as light as air. I personally am body-less, and yet, wow, how powerful and Eternal and Infinite am I. So are you. So are you.

Given that you are a stranger in a strange land, let’s take another look at Life.

Of course, you like blue skies with sweet powder puffs of white wispy clouds. You like to see rays of the sun filtering through trees. You love flowers in bloom and to sniff them. You love to see a perfectly round full moon and you love to see a tiny crest of a moon as well even as you know the Moon Itself is always full.

Remember to look up at the Moon and the Stars. There are sights and sounds and tastes and touch and scents that give you pleasure. Yes, there are the little things in Life. Be sure to notice them, and know that you are capable of great pleasure in what the world may call little things.

How you have sorted Life into big and little, favorable or unfavorable, good or bad. What if you didn’t? What if you are in reality an artist who paints dark pictures and yet find exquisiteness in the dark as well as in bright sunshine with golden leaves?

Are not darkening clouds also beautiful? And a mixed sky, one side dark and crowded, and another side with pockets of light. Even when the sky is all dark and thunder rolls in and rain pounds, you know that the Sun nevertheless shines somewhere and that it will be fully visible to you again. Hands hold hands. And God is in Heaven, and God is on Earth.

There is beauty in winter in cold. There is beauty in every season. There is Beauty. There is God-given Beauty, and you can see it through your eyes. There is beauty in everything. There is beauty in you. Beckon beauty to you.

I won’t ask you: “Where is there not beauty?” I won’t ask you for never do I wish you to look for where beauty is not.

There is beauty in a lifetime. There is beauty in your lifetime. There is beauty in death when eyes close for the last time that trip, and the spirit rises to Heaven. To think of Heaven! You do know that Life Continues — even as you don’t accept this. Dear Ones, you will let go of your allegiance to Earth. You will transcend death of the body not for the first time.

There are Infinite Aspects of Beauty, and they are all for you to behold no matter where you happen to think you are.


Source Energy Becomes You ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

When you are ready to admit to yourself that you are a creation and a creator, you will be ready to embrace all of the potential that is stored within you. When you look at yourselves as powerful creator beings, you hold a quiet confidence within you that enables you to go past where any individual has gone before.

When you recognize that everything in this universe is building upon itself, then you will know that you are not here to repeat the same experiences over and over. You will see yourselves as you truly are. You are the creation of Source, and you are the result of Source looking back upon Itself. No creation will ever stop, and you will never stop becoming more of that which you have been created from.

That means that when you are ready to admit that you are Source Energy beings, you will also recognize that Source Energy is not the finish line. You are not just returning home, returning to the place where you came from. You are the reason why Source Energy becomes more of Itself, knows more of Itself, and extends more of Itself out into the unknown.

When you realize that the known reality and the known experiences are meant to be built upon and not repeated, then you will see everything in your life for what it is. Everything in your life is a catalyst. It is a starting point, and it is the fuel that you use to flame your desires into reality.

We invite you to feel for the newness of every experience, because we also invite you to acknowledge that every experience must be new when it is viewed through the eyes of the new Source Energy. You have opportunities in front of you all day, every day to recognize your own expansion.

You have opportunities to know yourselves more deeply as Source Energy beings, and you are ready to put what you know to be true into practice. You are ready to feel into that which you were created from and that which you are creating with, and you are ready to expand beyond any limitations that could possibly be upon you at any time.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Marching Across the Universe | Heavenletters


God said:

Sometimes you feel that Life, as it appears, is too much for you. I understand how you feel, yet the fear conclusions you come to are amiss.

Your body and mind may suffer, may suffer greatly, yet it is your mind that keeps your suffering lively. Such a delicate sensitive picture your mind paints of you. All the while, the Truth is that you, the indelible you, is Eternal. What you feel you go through in the world, impinges upon your soul not a whit. What you feel you go through in the world is false support for what is fallacy in the first place.

Life does make you stretch. At the same time, it is you who identify yourself as in need. It is you who designate yourself as strong or weak. It is you who go on and on about how difficult your life appears to be. If you think your life is miserable, you are as miserable as you say you are. Your own thoughts victimize you. Don’t be in a hurry to adopt the popular world views and excuses and make them your own. How you perceive is all temporary stuff.

In general, will you admit that your life is not intolerable? Your life is pretty good, as a matter of fact. To complain is a common choice and not worth the merit you give it and attach to your Life. Come from a broader spectrum.

It is understood what you mean when you say Life is too much for you right now. You call out: “World, I need a break.”

If your mind would take a rest from its over-hyperactivity, of course, you would be more calm. Instead, you tend to wind yourself up. You tell yourself intense stories. Beloveds, what is too much for you is the weight you put on your activity in Life. Keep telling yourself that Life is too much for you right now, and chances are good that you will convince yourself that you are stretched beyond your endurance. Believing that you are stretched beyond endurance hinders you from getting out of a maze that you sequestered yourself into in the first place.

The tigers of thought that pursue you are your multiple fear thoughts. The panic you feel feels true, yet it is based on elements of untruth, and so you panic on false notions. Slow down. Don’t be so fast to attribute fear to your Life. You do get through whatever Life holds for you, and you will continue to do so.

Of course, you believe totally in the fears of the world. Change your mind about the enormity of imbalance between goodness and fear, this enormity of imbalance you foist on yourself.

Attribute yourself now to the thought that Life and you are amenable. Now you are circumspect with Life. You are on speaking terms with Life.

When you are quick to cry wolf, instead, shed great Light on your view of Life. Instruct yourself that you are not going to deplore Life any longer. Look beyond whatever fear thoughts you may have accumulated. You can, so to speak, get over Life and reconcile with it. It is not necessary that you stay knee-deep in the mire of Life that you, yourself, put yourself through.

No, My dears, keep up with Life. Keep up-do-date. Fear thoughts do not have to push away all the promising thoughts that desire to be cultured right in front of you. Opportune thoughts would be right in front of you were they not ousted by all those other habits of thought that may have consumed you.

There is no failing. Failing is just an idea. Come, join with Me. Let Us march together across the Universe.


When you open yourselves in Love you have nothing to hide.

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Saul Audio Blog for Friday March 17th

Humanity IS awakening!  There numerous signs of this appearing all across the planet, signs that are plainly visible except to those who choose to remain unaware or in denial about the true nature of humanity – that humans are immortal spiritual beings having a temporary and limited physical experience embodied as humans.  There are indeed many who, being unaware of their spiritual essence, see only the physical world and wish to remain harshly judgmental of those with whom they disagree due to their own intense inner sense of unworthiness from which they can only hide or escape by projecting that unworthiness out onto others.  But, as compassion for others becomes more and more widespread, those onto whom they angrily project their fears are refusing in increasing numbers to fight back or defend themselves.  That is an enormous change in attitudes.

Love envelops you…

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Extreme Waves of Energy ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are able to give you a reading on the current energetic situation on planet Earth, and it looks like there are waves of energy moving around with high highs and low lows within them. What this means is that you are giving yourselves one last look and taste of extreme polarities. If you feel that you are being tossed around, or if you feel like you are high one minute and low the next, it is a result of you encountering these waves that are executing a plan.

They have the intention of showing you how much polarity there still is, but they also have the purpose of giving you the choice to let go of that way of living. When you feel done with the rollercoaster ride, you will choose something that is less extreme and less polarized. You will feel more heart-centered, more present and more grounded, because you will have found the stability within yourself that is necessary in order to experience these waves of extremity.

You will demonstrate to yourselves that you can handle the downs. You know you can handle the ups, but when the downs come along, and they are measured against such extreme ups, it can be very challenging for you to maintain any sort of equilibrium. No matter where you are and no matter what you are feeling, it is always going to benefit you to return to your center, to find your balance point, and to look for stability within yourself, rather than in the events and circumstances of your life.

Even in a state of complete chaos, you can find your center and you can operate from your heart. You can let these waves toss you around and be the cause of your loss of hope, or you can use them as an opportunity to decide once and for all what type of life experience you would like to have as you move forward. It is entirely up to you. The choice is yours.

We suggest that you say your goodbyes to extreme polarity. And even when in the midst of one of the lows you will be able to find the strength to get through it, because you will know that this type of rollercoaster ride is on its way out. It is the third dimensional experience, and you are simply having one last go round before you leave it all behind for the much more peaceful experience of the fifth dimension.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Come Out in the Front Yard | Heavenletters


God said:

Every emotion you feel is your choice. Love is your choice. Frustration is also your choice. No one makes you lay yourself low.

You always have options. When you feel defeated, you can feel something else.

When you feel overloaded with difficulties, you can choose to feel another way. When you feel like a victim, this is a choice you made. Take a walk around the block and get a little distance. You can come back having dropped off the self-imposed verdict you made that you have been a victim. Dear Ones, if you feel like a victim, you can also feel like letting go of that idea. You are not bound to being a victim except as you tell yourself.

It is not a worthwhile idea to convince yourself that you have been victimized. Even if you literally have been victimized, let go of that Identity, for you are a Child of God who has choices to make, so make them, these choices that are yours to make.

Choose to be something else besides a victim. Absolutely, do not put your name under such a victim list. No more “Woe is me” thoughts.

Look, you may honestly be frustrated beyond endurance, yet you are free to call yourself something else besides frustrated beyond endurance. Situations in Life do not have to claim your identity. Someone else’s inability to give you good customer service, for instance, clearly is not to be the making of you. You are far greater than to suffer some kind of heartache due to a manufacturer’s poor instructions for telling you how to assemble his product. Have you forgotten that My Creation of you is well-based?

You are not to go around tossing faulty adjectives at yourself. If you were foolish a moment ago, you don’t have to call yourself a fool. If you find yourself at a disadvantage, who said you have to proclaim this? Is there some law that says you have to be a scapegoat?

Because you have failed a test in life does not – I repeat – does not mean anything but that now you keep moving forward. It is not for you to be so easily led astray.

I have confidence in you. Reveal some confidence in Me as well and, therefore, have confidence in yourself.

Recover yourself. Recover your True Identity. Be true to yourself, and be true to Me.

You have a responsibility to reclaim yourself. Better yet, you have a responsibility not to deny yourself in the first place. You are not to keep yourself in the back yard. Come out in the front yard. Relish yourself.

For one thing, you are a person who cares. Be glad of it. Yet never are you to indulge in lack of belief in yourself. The world is not to get a good man or woman or child down. When you are truthful, you will boost your child, and you will, therefore, boost yourself. Not even boost yourself. Allow yourself to love yourself. Loving yourself does not undermine anyone else.

Heal yourself. Heal your hurts. You are to rise above. There is no height that you cannot reach. Pick the fruit high in the tree, for this fruit is closer to the Sun.

Also, never are you out of My Reach. I stand beside you at all times. You are a representative of Mine. We hold each other high. We are pledged to this. There is no place in the Life of Ours for recrimination or regret. Honor all, and all includes you.

Welcome your Life on Earth. How brave you are to give yourself to the world for this interim. You come in response to My request. It is on My behalf that I invited you here to serve the Universe. Therefore, keep your shoulders straight and yourself high. That means you honor Life, yourself, and everyone as you are meant to. I rely on you to serve.


Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 17 March 2017


Although you may not be aware of it everything is going in accordance with the plan that leads to Ascension. It may bring forth different periods of time for completion and one thing is certain, and that is the changes for the better are destined to manifest and nothing will be allowed to interfere with them. You can therefore withstand the uncertainty, knowing that all proceeds well. There is a greater plan that will ensure that the vibrations continue to rise, and you will eventually become Galactic Beings. However such a time is well into the future, but at least you know where destiny leads you. At present chaos appears all around you with so many changes taking place, and it was to be expected as the old is falling away. Bear in mind that much karma is being cleared because of it, and in fact no longer can it be held back as previously, and must be met for immediate action.

Be assured that all is progressing in such a way that it is inevitably leading to the changes that will enable the new Republic to be announced. Obviously the timing will be such that any likely obstruction or interference with it will be immediately removed. The people have spoken and are moving beyond the chaos and uncertainty of the old system, and as the changes take place the new Republic gains strength. Timing on such occasions is so critical, so be assured that many friends off world are overseeing your progress and will ensure it is not halted in any way. The desires of the people for peace and happiness have been noted, and the continual wars and loss of life and property is no longer acceptable to them, and they say “enough is enough” and look to their leaders to respond accordingly.

Knowing the course of your future empowers you, and you can take adversity in your stride and not be affected by it. By doing so you set a good example that others will follow and the more people you can influence in this way, the more will it will bring about energies of peace and love. Already two pathways are forming separately as those who cannot raise their vibrations must follow another one. This will no doubt worry some groups of people but it has to be remembered that all souls have their own path to follow. Families do create strong bonds between them but each member must be allowed to follow their chosen path. Love between souls creates a bond that cannot be broken so contact can continue even if they have left your group.

There is much to be learnt about your true history and in time all will be revealed. You accepted the challenge to find your way back to the Light knowing that you would always be helped along the way. It must be remembered that you were given freewill to choose your own experiences, and unless you ask for help another soul is not allowed to interfere. You grow through experiencing the result of your own choices of experience, but it must however be said that you can call upon others for guidance. This really brings you to the Guides who follow your life plan, but they too do not interfere unless you ask them. Even so your life plan is to your agreement made before you incarnated and not normally subject to change. So your Guides will encourage you to follow it.

As much as there are beautiful experiences to be had whilst on Earth, they cannot really compare with opportunities given when you are in the higher realms. To eventually have the freedom to travel where you like in your Universe, can give you endless choices. You will also have a much longer life span to suit your needs and when finished you literally step out of one body into another, and unlike now you do not have to “die” to leave the body. It is also worth noting that you never reach old age but always maintain a mature body that does not age.

The immediate future is full of surprises, not least of all the fact that a number of Alien groups have lived inside your Earth for thousands of years. They keep to themselves because they are not allowed to influence or interfere with your lives, because you must find your way yourselves. In fact that was your challenge when the veil of forgetfulness was pulled across your memory. It is only in recent times that some of you have started to remember your true selves, and have developed an expanding consciousness. It is precisely for this reason that you are amongst souls at all different levels awareness.

Many people are in state of despair and currently famine threatens vast numbers running into the millions. It is a call to the rest of Humanity to wake up and help those in such desperate state of need when almost hundreds that are mainly children are dying each day. Hopefully sufficient of you can rise to the needs presented and show that compassion and love for your brothers and sisters is alive and well. It is your response to such situations that shows how far you have evolved, and whether you have help to offer those in desperate need. Of course there are groups that specifically help in such circumstances, but the size of the problem is so overwhelming they can no longer cope.

As individual souls you cannot do much to alleviate such mammoth problems, and sometimes it needs many people to ensure that those in your governments are doing all they can to help such desperate people. In reality you are One World and One Humanity, and it is almost certain that you have all experienced the extremes in other lives, although you no longer have memories of them. You are One and always were, and as such you evolve together and need to help each other where you can. Competition has taught you that only the fittest survive, but that approach should have been seen for what it is and help freely given to those in desperate need.

It is a fact that your world has sufficient resources to ensure that no one goes hungry or wants for medical attention, but you have been deliberately kept down by those who wished to rule and control the world. However, it is all changing for the better but it takes time to introduce them whilst some dear souls do not have much time left. Of course many organisations are already trying their best to help alleviate the problem, but it is so big it almost impossible to do what is required to save all lives. Initially it is money to buy the necessities that is the problem and even so the public are generous but sometimes it needs more than they can immediately offer.

Be assured that many souls are eagerly and generously offering their services, and are to commended for rising to the occasion. Obviously not everyone is in a position to be able to help, yet their message and prayers of love for their brothers and sisters sends an energy of upliftment and hope for those that are suffering. We know that there is a lot of compassion and sympathy for those in need, and it helps in its own way. Clearly you cannot all directly help and answer appeals for help as it depends on your personal circumstances. Thanks will go out to those who can offer direct help, and those who assist in other ways. Every little helps and many thanks go out to such people

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.


Website: Tree of the Golden Light

Your Role in the Shift ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We come to you with our own agenda, but our agenda is in alignment with your desires for evolution, expansion, and growth. We benefit from your expansion because we are extensions of you. We tell you what we know to be true because we want to help. We do have compassion for you as well, and in our compassion for you, we demonstrate a love for all of humanity.

There is not one of you who is less important than any other. This particular lifetime that you are living is of great importance to the shift in consciousness in the entire universe. You are the dominoes at the beginning of the formation, and we are helping to nudge you forward so that not only can humanity experience ascension, but so that all others in the universe can have that experience.

The shift is upon you. It’s real and it’s happening, and your ways of experiencing it are increasing in number. One of the easiest ways for you to notice that something bigger is happening is to recognize synchronicities as they occur in your lives. We also invite you to feel the amount of compassion that you have for other humans and to see that as an indicator. And then of course, there are beings like us who are coming through in greater numbers to support you energetically and to give you the proper nudges when we can.

As you continue to move forward on your ascension process, remember that your lives are the most significant aspects of anything that you could be contributing to this collective consciousness. When you recognize that the shift happens within each one of you first, that’s when you can acknowledge that things are happening, and they will continue to happen and to be reflected in the outside world.

Noticing your dreams is another way to see the shift in action. As you realize how many times you are connecting with other aspects of yourself from other lifetimes in your dreams, you demonstrate to yourselves how much shifting is going on. More than anything else we would invite you to feel for the energies that are around you. Feel for the energies that are available to you. Don’t just ask for support on your journey. Feel for it, recognize it, and tap into it so that you can use it to boost yourself up in your times of need.

We are here to be one of those boosts, and we are very happy to see you all coming along.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Know God for Yourself | Heavenletters


God said:

What is upheaval? Upheaval is the sense of Life’s moving too fast for you. More Life coming at you than you would like to deal with. Too much multi-tasking for you all at once.

Sometimes you would postpone Life if you could. You would retreat if you could. You would choose a pause button, a back button, or, best of all to you, a fast-forward button where you could have a sneak preview of the future. How you long to be briefed and have reassurance.

My Word isn’t satisfying enough. I say all is well while you may see mayhem all around you. The unexpected happens. You see danger. You see all possibilities of pain and loss, and you fear all the possibilities. The possibilities strike you as outrageous, for you live in the fearful illusion of time. I could tell you that time is not real until I’m blue in the face, yet time spins its web before you, and you get wrapped up in time.

At this current moment, Eternity and Infinity are not your main interest. Later on, okay, you will try to figure them out. Some other day you will. Some other day, you really will.

Anyway, you haven’t been able to quite catch on to Infinity and Eternity. You say that you are focused on the moment, yet that is not really true. If you were focused on the present moment, you would not be so familiar with fear. You wouldn’t live with fear so close by your side.

Okay, you don’t expect to escape from death this time around in the relative world, yet must you have death hanging over you as if your death were imminent and ready to strike? Look, you feel death looking over your shoulder. Death hangs around. Death steps lively, as it were. As you see and feel it, death follows closely upon your heels while you don’t see Me watching your back every moment. You may tend to focus on all the unwanted possibilities than on any of the desirable possibilities. As it is, you are out of breath in your attempt to avoid danger, as if your concern actually protects you. Of course, your concern sabotages you.

Yet Life has a way of perpetuating itself and making you move forward – ready or not.

Not all of Life is up to you, beloveds. This isn’t a great revelation. You may be used to not having your breakfast toast the way you prefer. Or you can stub your toe. You can be late. You can be early. You may miss breakfast altogether.
At the same time, unknown to you, you and your Life may be right on schedule.

One way or another, Life will reach you. It is not for you to rush ahead and anticipate dangers. If you must anticipate, anticipate the joys waiting in the wings for you. Look forward to Our Meetings. Look forward to your awareness of Our Meetings. The Truth is that We meet all the time.

My beloved sons and daughters, you have some blank spaces in your hearing. Otherwise, you would know Me. Knowing Me would not be a matter of trust. It would be a matter of knowing, as close as knowing what fresh air is like on any clear day or what sunshine on your skin feels like or what a glimpse of the night stars looks like and beams to you.

I AM in every pulse of your heart. I wake you up in the morning, and I put you to sleep at night. I AM the Impulse of Love in your heart. I AM the Power of Your Life. You are forever and always My Beloved. You are My Self, only, right now you are encased in a human body. This does not have to mean, however, that you are limited. I am Unlimited, and so must you be. And here We are, stepping out onto a new adventure.