Humanity’s Ascension Journey ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

There are many possibilities in front of the human collective right now. There is not one future that has been set in stone for all of you. There is not one path to your ascension. You are the ones deciding how you want to move forward in this period of evolution, and you will continue to explore different possibilities with your consciousness before you take yourselves to any of these probable realities with your physical bodies.

As you entertain different possibilities, you gain knowledge from exploring those paths, and you bring that information back with you. The same is true for you in your personal lives. You may not know it consciously, but you do these types of exploratory missions when it comes to the choices that you have in front of you. You are benefitting from all of these possibilities, even if you never explore them physically.

You are the foundation of what you are creating from. You will bring forth more of yourselves, as you continue on in your journeys. That much is for certain. If you feel stuck, or if you feel that humanity is stuck in its evolution, look within yourselves. Look at the foundation from which everything is springing forward. See what more you can bring to the experience of your personal evolution and the evolution of humanity.

Don’t wait for something outside of you to happen that is going to light a fire under you so that you are then pulling forth more of who you are in a desperate state. Bring that more of you forward from a desire to experience more, to give more, to shine more of your light. If each and every one of you does this, you will for sure take the human collective on a most enjoyable route to the fifth dimension.

It is up to you. It is your journey to create, and if you are aware of this message, then you can consider this to be a calling. You can consider this to be an invitation for you to assist humanity in taking that path to ascension that is filled with joy, with ease, and with love.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 23 June 2017


Events on Earth are gathering pace as uncleared karma is working itself out, and as you are experiencing it would seem to getting worse. Please bear in mind that only those who need to clear karmic debts are directly involved, and it includes those who are often viewed as innocent bystanders. As unlikely as it seems to many of you, all souls involved are able to clear old karma, as they will want to start the new cycle with as little outstanding as possible. Always bear in mind that they have pre-agreements prior to incarnating, so nothing that happens is by chance or accidental.

However, some souls may be caught up in events that leave them with an experience that was unplanned, and that will in a manner of speaking be held as a credit for them. In other words it may result in a reward of some description. It is natural that you feel great sympathy with all souls caught up in karmic situations, as you can obviously feel the grief and sorrow experienced. If possible send them your love and healing energies to help their recovery. Very soon matters on Earth will greatly improve as the positive energies of change take hold, so your experiences will become more acceptable and less upsetting.

Never lose sight of the fact that you live in a freewill society and it is the reason that events are sometimes unpredictable. Nevertheless, where actions are being considered that can lead to turmoil and are not due to karmic reasons, Higher Beings will do their best to influence the outcome without over-riding your freewill. However, it has been very difficult to guide you and keep you on a path that lifts you up out of the lower vibrations. The last three cycles of Humanity have sadly ended in failure, although it would be true to say that your experiences have enabled many souls to lift up their vibrations, whilst others have slipped back. So it is with complete joy and happiness we know that your present cycle has reached the point where Ascension is assured for many, many souls. Souls of Light have helped create the pathway to it, whilst another one is active that takes souls to a new Earth where they will continue their evolution. Again I assure you that you that if you so desire, you will always have a link with souls where there is any kind of a love bond. In the higher vibrations time is not experienced in the same way as on Earth, and passes so quickly you soon realise that All is in the Now. It may sound so different to what you have been used to on Earth, but realise that you have probably spent more time in the higher realms than on it.

Many souls ask what is life all about and what is the purpose, and the immediate answer is experience. You are gradually returning to the higher vibrations and will ultimately become a Galactic Being, although it is quite a way off at present. Your immediate aim to rise above the dual energies of Earth is most important and well worth every effort or sacrifice you make. There are no short cuts and every soul has the same opportunities to ascend by rising above the negative energies of Earth. It is a hard challenge when you are surrounded by people who live a “normal” life lacking in real understanding.

You so to say, have to insulate yourself against the negativity, by for example keeping your aura intact and in place at all times. This is achieved by your power of thought that is in fact much more powerful than you imagine. In your mind’s eye see your aura like a cocoon around you, and providing it is not damaged you are protected. Assuming you know your prominent colour, use it and see it as pure, bright and unblemished. Negative souls most likely have dark and murky colours that lack the light. The energies are felt by other people and are partly responsible for a feeling of either love or repulsion in some of the more extreme cases. This partly explains why you feel more at ease and relaxed with some people and not others. It means that you will be instinctively drawn to some people as opposed to others.

You have probably read that the Earth provides more opportunities to evolve than anywhere else, because you are likely to face challenges every day of your life. Those of the main importance will obviously stand out, as they are not merely trivial. So be careful how you handle yourself and treat all others as you would be treated. This way you will not go far wrong, and be generous if possible with your time and assistance. Consequently good karma is created and collected by you, and it is very much like your saying “one good turn deserves another” Where you work for reward that is clearly different, but if the intent is to be helpful it becomes more positive. It comes down to being helpful where you can, and even a few kind words can sometimes lift a person up.

Since you cannot know why a particular soul has chosen a certain type of life, it follows that all should respect each other for that reason. The world is a place that holds many different beliefs and customs so these should be understood for what they can do for a soul’s evolution. Each has teachings that try to make god-like people, but in some cases have become distorted, negative and self-promoting. Basically religion is a disciplined teaching that demands obeyance and focusses on love and prayer. However, it was never meant to separate people from each other or cause the many historical wars that have resulted. Things will change as peoples understanding grows and they cease to be so reliant on organised religion.

Remember that you are immortal and you have all the time in the world or beyond, so do not be concerned if you feel that you have not done what you would have liked to have done. Sometimes your life plan focusses on some particular aspect of living that you need more experience with. So be assured a life is never wasted no matter what type of situation you find yourselves in, and of course your Guides will be working with you at all times. They have your best interests at heart and know what challenges you were set before you incarnated. However, with your freewill you can also follow your own interests and are given many opportunities to enjoy yourself, but not of course at the expense of others. Sports and simiIar pastimes teach you how to be considerate and play fair.

The future is not so far away from bringing out the long awaited changes, and know that the people involved are not idle and continue to make plans for it. The issue is still finding a time when it is safe to go openly ahead. However, slowly but surely the news gets out and goes around, so people can be prepared.

The days are getting nearer when you will be able to freely talk about the truth regarding your immortality, and religion will be revised to include the new truths that are to be revealed. It will be so because many souls will prefer to follow their beliefs for the time being.

This message comes through my Higher Self and carries the energies of Light and Love.

Mike Quinsey.


Website: Tree of the Golden Light

Our One Truth | Heavenletters


God said:

Beloveds, I gave you My troth. We are betrothed. I give it to you now. We are Truth. The Truth is that We are One.

Beloveds, it isn’t so much that you are to trust Me. From the world view, how can you trust Me, rely on Me, depend upon Me when, at any moment, something untoward and inexplicable can happen to you in the blink of an eye? From the world view, somehow, somewhere, when you expect it or when you don’t, in whatever manner it may occur, your body will lie down, and it is bye-bye for you — as you may see it.

Yeah, you feel certain that you can trust Me about about your body’s dying all right! You can count on Me for that. It will inevitably happen. How and when, you don’t know. You do know that a moment will come when a seeming Big Hand out of the Sky will whisk you away.

The cause of your death can be unknown. There can be no rhyme nor reason, and still you will not live in your body forever, so you have heard, and, so there you are. Even as a young child, you caught onto the meaning of what is called death.

At the same time that death — this closing of your eyes and your ceasing to breathe –is inevitably yours, you can’t quite believe it. It just seems eerie, not real at all. Not your death. No, not yours.

Furthermore, you may be the finest person in the world all your Life, and, still, even as the miracle of adjudged death reaches out for you, you may feel you are singled out for a disastrous end. The idea of death has throttled the Life out of you.

No matter who you are in the world, something is going to topple you over. Neither wealth nor poverty will exempt you from this fate. Beautiful or not beautiful — makes no difference. Young or old, the same. Before you were born, you were given a death sentence and not told when.

Nevertheless, as you feel chagrined about death and equally chagrined about Life Itself, you may cry out to Me:

“God, I am not ready to let go. It is too soon. God, don’t let me go. God, still too soon — Ka Boom! for this which is called death to get me.”

You might further say to Me:

“God, some moments, I do feel Your good intentions. Some moments, I feel Your Love reaching me, and Your Love raises me high, and almost I trust, almost I dare trust. Nevertheless, almost doesn’t pay the bills. Almost doesn’t save lives. Almost hasn’t stopped strife and war. Unbelievably, Beauty and Love and cruel wars coexist. I wish I didn’t mind all that goes on in the world, but, Oh, God, I do. Life in the world is worrisome. Still I want it. Let me keep it. I have no objection to being in Paradise, yet must death be a requirement for it?”

Oh, yes, so deeply do you plea.

I, God, look deeply into your eyes and say to you straight out:

Dear Ones, no, death, as you perceive it, is not a requirement. If our Troth were known, you would know you are in Paradise right now. Even all your Life, even in your moment of letting go of Earth, even in the moment referred to as visited by death, you can know without doubt that there is more to you than meets the eye.

Beloved Ones of Mine, does a flower die the moment when it reaches Full-Bloom?

Beloveds, when an Ocean ebbs or when an Ocean reaches High Tide, is either one or the other death?

Beloved Children, when the Ugly Duckling becomes a Full-Grown Swan, is he experiencing death?

A transition from one state to another does not toll death. It tolls Life. Beloveds, there is no death. Hear Me, there is only Life. Hear Me once and for all. There is no death.


Past Lives & Integration ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

When you are faced with something in your life that you find more than just upsetting, you are looking directly at something from one of your past lives that you are still carrying with you because you need to experience some healing, some release, some resolution, and some clearing around that particular circumstance. You are not blank slates when you are born into your physical bodies. You have with you at the moment of your birth an agenda and many different aspects that are seeking some sort of resolution or redemption.

You often come in contact with these aspects of you through the traumatic experiences of your current life. You are always giving yourselves opportunities to release that which is no longer serving you, that which has been a burden on you for quite some time, and this lifetime is the one where you will continue to give yourself those opportunities until you are willing to face that situation that’s more than just a little upsetting.

The reality that you experience is always giving you what you need, and it is giving you what you need based upon where it is that you want to go in your personal evolution. The end result of all of it is going to be a happier you, a more creative you, and a lighter you. So no matter what you are facing, no matter what you are in the midst of clearing right now, it is a wonderful opportunity for you to do more than just lighten your load in this lifetime.

You are also here in service to all of those other aspects of you in all of those other lifetimes that could use a little help, that could use some compassion, and that could certainly use some unconditional love. This journey of yours is one elaborate plan, dreamt up by your oversoul, to give you the best possible opportunity to experience and to feel everything. You are doing magnificent work just by living your lives, just by facing these things that you would rather not have to deal with or look at.

And if you ask these past life aspects of yours for help, you will get it. If you see yourself as a team, a collective, a collaboration, you are going to empower yourselves. You are going to bring forward more strength than you knew you had, and you are going to quicken your integration experience.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Dream Your Dreams on God’s Behalf | Heavenletters


God said:

That which is called Enlightenment is a natural progression. It is inevitable. As sure as the Sun rises every morning, Enlightenment will also arise within you. It is included in your birthright. It comes to you at My Behest.

Anyway, Enlightenment is a part of you right now as We speak. Stay in step with Me.

When I say Enlightenment will arise within you, I mean Enlightenment will come to your awareness of all that which you already are. You are My Divine Child no matter what you think of yourself or whatever ways the world might think of you. I am the Director here.

But, ah, for you to have the actual awareness of the True State of Affairs is another story, and one which bodes well. All is within your grasp right now. So grasp it.

Everything is connected. No one is unconnected or disconnected from Me. The Awareness of Enlightenment Bells ring throughout the Universe. Look at you! One more Enlightened Being to resurge the Glow of Light. One more Enlightened Being to rack up all the pool shots in the Name of Peace. One more Enlightened Being to change the world before you. Other Great Beings cast their Light without much ado, so why not you? Dare to, dear Friend.

The thing is you are as familiar with yourself as you are with an old portrait. Maybe you just don’t want any upheaval. You may feel it is better to live the Life you know than to take on the Life you don’t know. What if you can’t get back to where you were? What if you don’t want to have the responsibility of being Enlightened? Why do you have to see differently from how you have always seen? What if you are not so gaga about being Enlightened as everyone else seems to be? You don’t want to have dug too deep a hole for yourself and not get a fair exchange. You didn’t notice a money-back guarantee. If a change were not be so momentous, you might be open to trying it out in installments.

Can you bring yourself to trust a little more? If not total trust, a tiny bit more?

Beloveds, your hands are not tied behind your back.

You just haven’t as yet woken up from this continuous and contiguous dream you have been accustomed to dreaming. Your dream was so real, you thought the dream had to be true, whether it were all peaches and cream or not. Why did past thinking have to be proclaimed as true and you left on your own without coming to attribute a new picture of yourself? Perhaps a new picture of yourself seems farfetched or flamboyant to you.

As it may presently be, you are attached to these random old thoughts about yourself. You have been a featured star. You had this chosen identity all your Life. Even if you had been the pauper, you didn’t want to change in order to become the Prince. The pauper was real to you whereas the Prince was not. You may think you would feel out of place as the Prince. Better to stick with what you know rather than to even lie down in green pastures.

You have convinced yourself that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. You are confident that you are to remain as you have thought you were and not have a revolution in your mind about how you will see yourself in the World. You don’t want to upset the apple cart. You may want Life to stand old hat even as I beckon you to Me.

Dream your dreams for Me, Beloveds.


Knowing & Experiencing ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

It has come to our attention that you are seeking knowledge over experience, and we want to encourage you to seek experience over knowledge. Now, we witness many of you seeking answers, seeking to know about the past and the future. We see you wanting to understand what star system you are from, and we want to enlighten you to something that will serve you very well.

You are here now to experience all of it, and sometimes that requires you to not know certain things. We want you to understand that there is a great deal to be gained from having an experience that you did not expect to have. Therefore, knowing the future doesn’t actually serve you. If it did, you would know it.

Sometimes it does serve you to know something that is coming, and you get a premonition, or you have a dream, or your intuition kicks in, and you are able to make a choice, a choice to experience something else, something that does serve you. Now, when you are facing the unknown, when you have absolutely no idea about what is coming your way, there is a greater likelihood that you’re going to feel something. That is the purpose of experience, after all.

Having an experience helps you access a feeling state. Accessing a feeling state helps you to identify a vibration. When you are able to identify a vibration and remember the experiences that you have had, you are then able to create using vibration, and that helps you to select from a vast array of experiences that are in front of you.

Now that doesn’t mean that once you master offering vibration that you are going to know everything that’s coming, because that still wouldn’t serve you. What it does mean is that you get an idea first of what types of experiences you like to have and what those experiences feel like, how they vibrate. And with that information you can choose your vibration wisely.

But all of this hinges on you being willing to have experiences, to access emotions, and to tune in to the vibrations underneath those emotions. So let go of your need to know, and certainly let go of your need to know about what is coming. It is far more important that you tune in to what you are feeling, and it is far more important that you allow yourselves to have all sorts of experiences, especially the unexpected ones.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

One Blaze of Light Across the Universe | Heavenletters


God said:

You live on a whirling planet. The Sun, Moon, and Stars shine on you. You reflect the Orbs above.

You are made of cells that whirl.

Dancers whirl.

What looks solid is whirling nevertheless.

What is to be made of this whirling whirling whirling you live in and all the whirling inhabitants, whirling thoughts, and whirling blenders? Can the substance of the world be such whirling?

Sometimes you feel you are in a tailspin as you spin like a top in this verified round place called Earth. Furthermore, you have been told that everything is really upside-down and twirly-whirly.

At the same time, you are above it all. You are Essence greater than motion. You are Stillness. Still your Heart Beats Its Universal Tune.

Do individuals really exist? Are you an individual? Really? You guess not, really, and, yet individuals can be seen everywhere in a Field of Oneness.

Look at a Field of Wheat. Each strand of wheat is blown by the wind as a Whole Field of Oneness. A Crowd of People is made of many forming into Oneness, yet how on Earth can Oneness be formed? You don’t see how, yet, somewhere in the alleys of your mind and the phalanges of your heart, this is so.

You would love to feel less bound to Earth at the same you wish to attach somewhere or everywhere. You don’t want to be whirling out there in the Universe, for you wonder wherein lie Safety and Circumference.

Beloveds, I hold you. You cannot come apart. You and I are fashioned as One. We are bonded one to the other even as there is no other. You, as a body could be blown to smithereens, and still, We are intact. We are One, and Oneness is Oneness and never less. You could fly the coop, and still We are One Blaze of Light across the Universe.

You are a Posse set out to find yourself as if you were a foreign object when you are, in fact, the Subject seeking Itself. You are Being and totally with Me without a care in the world.

We are A to Z. No, We extend beyond. We step beyond the far horizon.

Where We look, We are everything and everyone We see.

We are Everyone We see and don’t see. We are Everything. Truth be known, We are Infinity Itself. We are beyond it all, and We are the All. We are within, and We are the outer limits as well even as there are no limits conceivable. There is nothing We are not. And yet We are nothing at all but Infinity, Eternally Infinite — how amazing is this!

We are full speed ahead, although there is no speeding up the pace and no slowing down either. What a hubbub Life is even as Life is Silence and Stillness all in One.

What a Fantastic Journey this little spin on Earth is. You, too, are set to leap, and you are set to dive, and you are set to rise and, yet, there is no top to rise to and no bottom. You fly the way you fly in dreams. Only, there is nowhere to fly to. Nowhere to fly from. Only flying in order to fly.

You are out of this world even as you are based in it without even a glance at the dial.

What have you gotten yourself into, and where have you not, when you are everyone and everything rolled into One?

You are a Glob of Life. You are a Cipher. You are Nothingness and Everything-ness. You are the Whole Shebang, and you are nothing at all. You sit waiting at a train depot. You wait for the train to come. You hear the choo-choo and never see it.

You know very well Who and What you are. You admit to nothing, and feel nothing except all this assorted Wrestling with Life. It is fine to be Nothing even as you are Something, for you are Something All Right.


Unconditional Love & Soulmates ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

There is something that needs to be experienced firsthand in order to be truly understood by all of you. There is a moment that you will always grant yourselves in every lifetime, and that moment is an opportunity for you to know yourselves as unconditional love. It’s not a test. No one outside of you is administering the test, and it is not something that you pass or fail.

It is simply that moment where you are given the option to love someone anyway, to love someone in spite of something that you find to be unlovable. Now, in countless past lives, you have been given the opportunity to love someone unconditionally, and you have chosen to hold a grudge. You have chosen to not forgive, to hold resentment and anger within you, and those lifetimes create for karmic relationships with others because you need to give yourself the opportunity again and again and again until you give yourself the experience.

The experience of loving unconditionally is truly liberating. It is a magnificent experience. It is about freedom and joy, and it connects you so deeply to the person that you are offering it to that everything else that has ever existed between you melts away. That is when you know you are face to face with a soulmate.

Your soulmate is usually the one who continues to give you the opportunity to love unconditionally, and you will do the same, just by being yourself, just by doing and saying the things that come quite naturally to you. You will trigger that soulmate, and you will give the other person the opportunity to love you unconditionally. Now what happens in that moment is also beautiful, because when someone else loves you unconditionally, you are able to see yourself differently. You are able to see yourself through the eyes of Source. You are able to love yourself unconditionally, and that is also very liberating.

You feel free, as you let yourself off the hook for having to live up to your own standards for love. You open yourself up to receiving more love, and of course, you are more open to giving it. Knowing yourself as unconditional love is an experience that you will most certainly want to have, and we certainly wish for all of you that you give yourselves this experience many, many times.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Receiving Specifically Calibrated Energy ∞The 9D Arcturian Council


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are the perfect resource for you as you move ahead, and we are not bragging as we say this. We are beyond having an ego of any kind. We simply want all of you to tune in to the help that is being offered through us, because it is assisting you in more ways than you know.

We are calibrating the energy that comes through in these transmissions for very specific purposes. You are beautiful beings to behold in your process of ascension, and nothing brings us more joy than to see you lighting up because of what we have activated within you.

For example, in this transmission, you are receiving the energy that is going to activate within you receptors that will then allow you to receive more of the energy, information, and vibration being offered by your sun. It delights us to see how all of that comes together and results in a moment where you feel something you’ve never felt before.

We are overjoyed to see you receive and be able to acclimate to all that you are being offered in the transmissions from us, and subsequently, from your sun. We love to behold you making progress, and we also want to give you the credit that you deserve. You must be willing to receive that which we are offering in order for it to take effect.

The more time that you spend relaxing and absorbing the energy that we transmit, and the energy that your sun transmits, the better you feel and the higher the frequency at which you vibrate. We can offer you words of encouragement. We can offer you energy transmissions. We can offer you codes and downloads, and even upgrades.

But until you put yourselves in a position where you are open enough to receive all that we offer, it just sits in your energy fields, waiting for the opportune moment. Let now be one of those moments, and let yourselves receive what we are offering. Know that you are orchestrating the entire thing, and we are just playing our role for all of you.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Panning for Gold | Heavenletters


God said:

Look for the gold. It exists.

When you are digging a gold mine, you don’t dig for tin. You don’t look for plastic either.

Consider Life as though you are digging for gold, or consider Life as though you are panning for gold in a mountain stream or are about to.

Look for the gold, and it will come to you.

This isn’t high intensity mining We are speaking of. Let gold be the stance you come from. It isn’t as if you have a quota you must fulfill. Be easygoing about finding the gold. You are set in the direction of gold. You are certainly not mining for coal. Coal has served a purpose, yet gold is what you look for now and claim.

It can happen that you find gold without looking for it. However, you are more likely to win at cards when you are playing cards than when you’re not.

By now, you’re onto fool’s gold and aren’t so easily taken in as you might once have been. Yet if you are taken in by fool’s gold, you might as well have a good laugh at yourself.

Finding the gold in Life is easier than finding a wife right for you, yet you can find a right wife for you, too. Have some clues as to what you want to fill your Life on Earth with to overflowing.

Of course, there are many kinds of gold awaiting you. There are many kinds of gold for you to share, just as there are many good kinds of horses to run with and to say Giddy-yap to.

There are many choices in Life to make. In one sense, all the choices you make are good, even when they do not turn out what you call well. Now you know, and now you keep going. You won’t go on a troublesome road again if you can help it. You keep your eyes looking high. Living Life can have some mistakes. Life is not about avoidance. Life is about finding out.

In Life, you can only find out. So what if you trip over yourself. You can be down for the count. What do you care? Get up.

In one sense, you can forget where you put the gold. Nevertheless, as it is said, there is gold in “them thar” hills.

All the while, as you lead Life or are led by it, you keep your picture of the horizon of gold that is in front of you and waits for you.

Here is the point: All is gold. It may not seem so, yet all is gold. If you think what you have received is not gold, then, perform alchemy, and turn tin into gold. Tin can be a stepping stone that leads you to gold.

There is a rainbow waiting for you. You can ride a rainbow and see the gold in it.

The Sun that shines emblazes you in gold. Ultimately, the gold you seek shines on you and is pocketed in you. You are the gold you seek. And you are the gold you mine, and you are the gold you find. You are never without gold.

We can easily exchange the word gold for God. God is what you will find and claim. Or you will trip over Me. Sooner or later, I, God, will walk into your Life, and you will know without reservation that you have come across Me.

Who finds Whom? Finding God and finding gold in Life are both inevitable. Where I am, so are you. What I am made of, so are you made of.

Keeping your eye on Me is akin to keeping your eye on the gold. Keeping your eyes and ears on Me is better.