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God said:

Beloved, woes occur in life, and so does good fortune. Forsake woes, and focus on your blessings. There are more ways than one you can honestly look at life. You have the freedom to focus on what you see as misfortune. You also have good fortune to look in the eye. Everyone may seemingly be pursued at one time or another by tragic misfortune. Top-notch blessings also fall on everyone. Everyone on Earth has the choice of regrets his whole life long, yet why persist? Blessings fall where they may. Everyone is also blessed.

You are not obliged to cling to the tragic. You can remove any coat you are wearing and put on another. You certainly can remove the label attached to your present coat. There is no law that says you must cling to a past that you do not favor. Maintain your ability to smile. Truly, what is the point in pouting? There isn’t much now, is there?

If you carry scars, you don’t have to feature them. Not all that is considered tragedy has to stay wrapped so. You are under no obligation. As a matter of fact, you have an obligation to brighten up your surroundings. You do have an obligation to recall good cheer to you. Practice!

Sometimes, life cautions you to take a deep breath and rise above what seems to be before or after you. Brighten your perspective. Who told you that you are required to hang onto the seemingly hard portions of life?

I visit a simple man who is raising his three children by himself. Sometimes he has to take a deep breath in order to be the father he wants to be rather than the impatient father he feels like. He uplifts himself and therefore his children. He doesn’t have to stay in the impatient mood he finds himself in. He makes a deliberate decision to lead his life and not take himself so seriously. He no longer sees that it is his life at stake. He wants his children to know their father welcomes them. He lifts himself and therefore his children. He introduces them to his world that cannot be called self-centered. He acknowledges the opportunity he has been given to give. He outshines himself. Of course, he might rather take a nap or want to be uplifted rather than to uplift. Like the Little Prince who was lame, he finds the hero within himself. He stands up straight. He may not receive applause, yet he blesses his children.

Sure, his life could have been different from what it is. Nevertheless, he makes his life better for all.

He is a hero of Mine. Day by day, he is. He is heroic in that he pulls himself up, and therefore, raises his children with grace. Bravo, dear children’s father. By no means do you sacrifice your life. You honor your children’s lives and yours for the sake of all. You rise to the highest rung of the ladder with aplomb. You are someone to be remembered. Bravo, you take hold of life in all the right places. At the highest, you do.

I dub you Soldier of Good Fortune. You smooth the path for all to come. You restore your children. Oh, no, you are not a martyr. You are a father.

You discover resources within yourself. You take kindness by its shoulders so that you may be kind. All the circumstances of your life and your children’s’ lives are not perfect, yet you are as good as you can be. What an example you set for your children. You give them goodness and mercy. Well-done, good friend. Well done!


Navigating the Lionsgate & Eclipse Energies ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been noticing the effects that the recent energies have had upon all of you, and we are surprised at how beautifully you have been integrating them. We also recognize that this is an opportunity for all of you to take a break from some of your spiritual practices and even from some of your physical practices.

We recommend that during the more intense times, you slow down completely and give yourselves a break from all that you have been doing to further the evolution of your consciousness. And we also recommend that you pay attention to when your bodies need a break. So if that means taking a day off from your regular exercise routine, then you have our permission to do so. It also means that at times you can indulge in a distraction, something mindless, something that no one would label as a spiritual pursuit.

What you need at times more than anything is permission to take it easy. Let the energies do what they do, and then wait for the inspiration to come to you. It is not necessary to be rigid about any of your practices, or even your self-care. When you need a break, you simply need a break, and we just want to remind you that the task you have taken on in this lifetime is enormous.

You are shifting your consciousness and making the biggest leap dimensionally that you can make. You also have been receiving those chakra upgrades, which means you may be experiencing disruptions in the way your body normally functions. So again, taking it easy, listening to your body, hydrating, and resting are the keys to making it through a rather intense energetic time.

The third eclipse in just around a month’s time is about to occur, and you are all feeling a bit worn out from all of the celestial activity. Sometimes you feel that you are on overload. So just remember the importance of grounding yourselves in your physical bodies and to your planet, so that you give these energies a very welcome conduit for the physical realm there on planet Earth.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

You are all loved beyond measure.

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As so many channels are telling you, humanity is moving collectively forward very rapidly toward the moment of awakening.  And there are signs of this in many places where loving concern and compassion are arising in discussions about the major issues that need to be practically resolved in order to prevent further, and possibly irreparable, catastrophic damage from being done to the planet, which could cause mass extinctions.  Humanity is at a tipping point, a point at which balance must be restored allowing and encouraging a whole new way of living to be established that honors all life forms.

There is no separation, and to attempt to live as if separation is real, while at the same time refusing to honor all life forms, is truly insane.  Much of humanity now sees this, but there are still many people with power and influence whose sole agenda is to maintain their…

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Become… | The Creator


As time goes on and you move further along in this shift, things that used to bother you are no longer an issue.  The little annoyances of everyday life become inconsequential and easily put aside because, quite frankly, they no longer matter.  When you choose to focus your attention on the beautiful and amazing things on your Earth plane, the negative falls away, leaving you lighter and brighter ever before.  Dearest one…this is what growth and learning is all about!  Releasing lower vibrational energies and ‘moving on’ is exactly what you are meant to do!  Rise above the noise and become the you The Universe has always known you can be. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

What am I doing here? | The Council



One of the questions most commonly asked these days is “What am I doing here?” Another is “What am I supposed to be doing?” We have discussed this many times, through many channels. But you continue to ask, so, we will assume that either you have not seen the answers or you did not like them.

You learned at a very young age that not liking something, on your plane, did not change it very much. You may, therefore, not like our answers. But as they are true, they will not change very much. We will, however, explain them in differing ways to amuse you, and perhaps allow you to expand your understanding.

For the purposes of this discussion today, let us begin by saying that when we say ‘you’ in this message, we intend it to mean everyone in a body who is trudging around carrying a bag of confusing ideas and responding to life with equally confusing emotions. Sometimes your ‘What am I dong here?” is almost a scream.

Well, as you would say, chill out for a bit and we will explain something that may make you understand why you volunteered for this duty. “Did NOT!” Oh yes, you did.

Now remember, you means all of you.

You were here when this world was even more of a jewel then she is now. You were here when life upon her was very much a paradise and you were far higher in consciousness than you are now. Your current state is an aberration, you see. You were here when ‘The Fall” occurred. It was not very much like what your stories say it was, but it did happen.

You have come back over and over again, living, working, loving, hating, birthing, killing, and everything else you can imagine. Each of you has done it all, been it all, and seen it all. Why?

You want your paradise back. And you want to be, once again, who you KNOW you are.

This long, immensely difficult, journey has taught you, collectively, what you don’t want, and how to create what you do want. Experienced as each of you, you do not quite see that yet. But you are beginning to, and you will. And you are not very likely to allow this experience to happen on your watch again.

Now, some of you are called Wanderers, Warriors for the Light. You have served in this capacity of consciousness raisers many times, in many places. You also have been here before. But this time, there are billions of others who have raised their consciousness enough to push through to what you call ascension.

Of course you are all experiencing a great deal of help with this, whether you know it or not. But that is all in the plan. You knew that all of these alignments and all of this ‘outside’ help would be employed. You, your planet, your solar system, and even your galaxy are moving into an entirely new environment. Such conditions as you are moving out of at this time cannot exist where you are heading. You will have your paradise back.

But this last effort is teaching you something that you have forgotten, something very important. We can tell you what it is, but intellectual understanding is not what it is about. You are relearning who you truly are and what you are capable of, never to forget it again.

A certain very advanced soul asked you a question once, and it was recorded in one of your texts. The question was, “Know ye not that ye are gods?” And until now, very few of you do. That is in the process of changing. THAT is why you are here. That is what you are doing.

In the being, humanity, that you are a part of, you have an important part to play. The part you have to play is YOUR part. And without your part being played, the entire play would be changed. Do not judge yourself as anything less than any other, for you are not. Do not judge yourself as any more than any other, for you are not. You are simply, and always, divine creations of Source from which you come, whatever you choose to call that. Raise your heads and BE that.

You chose to be here because, after all of your efforts, you were not about to miss the final act. Enjoy this! Congratulations.


There are two published books available on Amazon that contain the collected messages received by Ron Head (that’s me). The first is The Wisdom of Michael, available HERE, and the second is It Rings True, available HERE. 

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What Does Freedom Mean? | Heavenletters


God said:

Beloved, the way you perceive is modeled from where you sit or from where you stand. You have your own seeing range. You see from your point of view. You may adore something the way it is, or you may have no tolerance for something the way it is depending upon from where you take a look. Cannot life be fair game, or must life be proscribed?

You may see your view solid and down to earth, yet someone else who sees differently from you is equally convinced as you are of his rightness. The same book read is seen as marvelous or as not worth reading. The same color, perhaps chartreuse, can be your favorite color and to someone else, his least favorite. It has been said that there is no accounting for tastes.

Everyone on Earth observes what he observes. Does anyone truly make a decision, or is everyone encamped where he happens to be? The view from under the bridge isn’t identical to the view from the top of the bridge. Everyone may gauge everything differently from you.

For one son, mathematics may be joy. For another, grammar or fixing cars may be, and so on. Must there be only one correct temperature? Must all people scale the same heights? Must all digging be only yay deep?

What is to get in the way of anything and by whose say-so?

Is anything what it seems? Is this tree you touch the same tree your friend leans on?

Oh, yes, life itself seems to be a mixed bag, or is everyone simply mixed up, or can everyone be correct in his own way then?

Do any two people actually see the same or grasp the same at all? Is there any reason why any two must or must not? And how do you know this?

Is the world topsy-turvy, or is it each individual who is, and what does it matter anyway?

Must anyone’s take on life be the same? Why must everyone see the same or tell the same story and what for? Upon what thread therein hangs the tale hang?

Is there any reason why what means the most to your brother has to mean the most to you as well? If you say yes, by why divine right would that be? Just because? Because you want it to be, and that’s that? Can it also be that no two people need to see alike? Cannot it also be acceptable that everyone sees as he sees? Can this also be what is meant when it is said that there is room for all at the Inn?

Who is it that says that all must agree? Tyrants perhaps? Dignitaries or the indignant? Who would put the same glasses on properly or take them off at the same stroke of noon?

Exactness does not have to be extracted in the same dose, does it? What does freedom mean, after all? Freedom must indeed allow variation. Freedom cannot include some and exclude others. By whose say so?

Nor must everything be en masse, nor must anything be appropriated and something else not, and, upon whose say-so or not?

I say live and let live, and let the bells ring. I do not say to dictate nor to be dictated to. Is not freedom more desirable than imprisonment? Who is free to disallow another’s freedom? Upon whose say-so then?

I like bananas and you like banahnahs
I say Havana and I get Havahnah
Bananas, banahnahs, Havana, Havahnah
Go your way, I’ll go mine
Ella Fitzgerald

What You Will Do with Your Power ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have begun to get excited about the way that humanity is taking so many steps forward as a collective. There is so much promise that you are showing to the rest of the galaxy, and as a result, there is quite a bit of chatter about the evolution of your consciousness. We are all excited to see where you will go once you step into the power that you have as a collective.

You are not just the receivers of help from beings like us. You are not just recipients of high frequency energies from higher dimensional realms. You are the ones who take what we give you and use it to create. There is so much innovation and creativity within the human consciousness that you are the ones other species steal ideas from. You have no idea how many of your inventions are out in space.

When you come together as a collective, and pool your ideas and resources, there is no telling what you will do. This much we can be certain of, however. You will go further than any other beings have gone. And the reason we are so confident in that statement is that you have such a tremendous desire to go beyond where humanity has been able to go thus far.

We are not just talking about your technology here. We are talking about the ways in which you can create using consciousness. That is the most powerful gift that you have, and when you awaken, it is the one that you usually start exercising first. Therefore, all of the time you have spent using your consciousness to create your reality has been like sharpening a very powerful tool.

And when you fully access your powers as creator beings, you are going to astound many out in the cosmos. You are the ones with all the ideas and all the desire, and soon, with the help of the energies we have given you, and that others have provided, you will be the ones accessing all of your power. That will be a sight to see.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 10 August 2018


You have so much to look forward to and we have given you ample indication with a picture of where you are heading. Time and time again we have informed you that the old energy is dead and you are no longer bound by its dictates, and have relative freedom to choose your own path to Ascension. It therefore follows that matters develop according to the activities taking place on Earth, although encouragement is given to keep you pointed in the right direction. Out of the apparent chaos and uncertainty that presently exists, there are changes taking place to create a basis for a new way of looking at things with a view to achieving permanent peace on Earth.

You cannot achieve total peace overnight as there was and still is much that needs uplifting. Be assured however, that although it has been difficult to dislodge the dark Ones and their minions, good progress is being made and things should really start to slot into place from the time of a revaluation of the currencies. It remains the key to the commencement of many advantageous and welcome changes that are ready to be introduced. Much happens out of sight, and for many reasons is kept secret for safety reasons as the dark Ones are everywhere but not all of them present a danger to the plans for your freedom.

To many peoples surprise President Trump is still in office, and that is because he is making changes that are necessary for the future of not just the USA but the world. It may not seem apparent on the face of it and some of his decisions have caused much concern. But come a time when people look back at his term in office, they will agree that he helped bring in necessary changes that have benefitted the world. Some have not been well received but you have to give sufficient time for the benefits to be appreciated. Major changes nearly always cause much objection and that will always be the case, until the full effects can be fairly judged.

Understand that the appointments of those who handle immense power and wealth are now “helped” by the unseen who have a complete picture of the future, and use their influence to guide mankind. As always the final decision is yours, so ensure that the right people are in power that have your wellbeing at heart and not self-aggrandisement. In the last Age many recent appointments were made simply to promote self-greed and personal power. That time has now passed and the best people will be the ones in office that are able to lead you into a new era of joy and happiness. The future is bright and planned to give you a way of life that you are entitled to without the threat of war.

Be assured that every soul has a certain degree of influence where the future is concerned. There is a collective energy that has an effect far greater than you can possibly imagine, and it is becoming more positive as time passes. Already it has moved beyond the “war” influence, although those with vested interests in selling weaponry, normally to both sides are still hoping for World War Three. Be assured dear Ones that it has been decreed by the Ancient Ones who oversee your progress, that it will not be allowed. You only have to go back a short time to know that when the silos were on red alert and ready to release their nuclear weapons, they were all made inoperative. That has happened more than once and hopefully the message has now sunk in, that nuclear war will not be allowed – never again.

Humans have a habit of looking outside of themselves when things go wrong, and clearly not all problems are necessarily related to their actions. However, some are brought upon them through earlier actions that have incurred a karmic response. So when you question what you have done to deserve problems, realise that nothing of any importance to you happens by chance. The circumstances may appear so, but those who organise karma have to take opportunities as they come up. Often it involves other people and it is not always easy to get them to come together for that purpose. Some situations are so involved that you find it hard to believe that it is pre-arranged.

Yet they are to the extent that even the outcome is intended to comply with the lessons to be learnt. You could say that your Guides work overtime to ensure karma is cleared. Your evolution depends on lessons being learnt, that are repeated if you fail the first time around until you do. Realise that karma can be carried forward from one life to another and sometimes it is because you are more able to cope with it. A sensitive issue would be the break-up of a relationship, and even that is planned in advance where lessons are learnt by all involved. So the message is to take your life experiences seriously and do your best to learn from them, and you will not have to go through such experiences again.

Although you have been seriously held back, in the long run you will not miss out as once the dark Ones can no longer interfere with your evolution, withheld inventions and advancements will be released. It will be done in such a way that you are not overpowered and are allowed to become familiar with the changes that are more personal. Clearly you will soon take to easier and faster forms of travel, and the constant availability of all the things you need for day to day survival. Furthermore there will come a time when you will be sufficiently powerful and knowledgeable, to create all of your needs by the power of your thought.

Travel will become almost instantaneous, much like stepping into a cabinet that you program with your destination, and when you step out you will have arrived. Mention of these advancements is to let you know that the old problems will eventually be put behind you. With extended life and the ability to keep your body in its youthfulness, you will have ample time to fully enjoy it in the higher vibrations. Not least of all travel outside of the Solar System will also be possible. All things come in good time and nothing will be allowed to interfere with your progress and development.

By keeping your focus on what the future will bring, you are helping to draw it nearer to fruition. It will also move your attention away from the last Age, and able to forget the difficulties and problems you faced for millennia of time. There is no point or advantage in holding on to your previous experiences. The important thing is that you will have learnt from them and have no further need of them.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

Website: Tree of the Golden Light

Pure! | The Creator


A gentle reminder…

Manifestation are happening more and more quickly every day!  Positive or negative; your wish is The Universe’s command.  Amazing and wonderful things are waiting for you so, take a few moments today and really think about what you want.  If manifestation is a lock on a door…what is the key?  It is within you!  With pure love, pure thought and pure intent, anything is possible. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

The Lionsgate Portal & Your Chakras ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been observing the way that you have handled the energies of the Lionsgate Portal, and we are noticing that more of you are absorbing the energies and utilizing them than even we could have anticipated. You are receiving the energies and letting them into your seven main chakras, and while this is a very appropriate way to utilize the energies, you are also are finding that there are certain side effects.

When your chakras receive high frequency energies, they also purge that which is of a lower frequency. So this experience can bring up a lot of pain, physical and emotional, memories, and even past life traumas for you to process. Allowing yourselves to take it easy for the next few days is a very good idea. Let yourselves rest, relax, and receive more from your guides and other high frequency beings who want to help you.

Your lives are going to get so much better because of the work that you are doing, because of your openness , and your willingness to endure the pain that comes up. The worst thing that you could do at this time would be to try to run away from what you’re experiencing, or to try to numb yourselves from it. Be willing to experience it all, and you will be rewarded. The more you show you are capable of handling the high frequency energies, the more you get sent.

And the more work you get done on these seven main chakras of yours, the more you awaken your fifth dimensional abilities, and the more room you make for your higher self’s consciousness. You are on quite a magnificent journey, and we are enjoying the front row seats that we have. Remember that this journey was, and is, your creation as Source Energy Beings, and that will help you to maintain the course that you’re on.

And we will help you on every step of this journey, in whatever way that we can. That is our promise to you.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton