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                                        MAY 20,2018

Dear readers,  we come in love and with continuing respect for the work you are doing both on inner and outer levels in the face of the turmoil, confusion, and anger manifesting around you.  Present times are bringing change which is empowering those who do not like or want change to plant themselves firmly in what is familiar and look fondly backward to “the good old days”.
Currently there are a great many films, books, and television shows  built around perceived ideas of these “better times”.  This is because many are confused by the intensity of what is taking place the world over and have come to believe that earlier times were better, more peaceful, and that the issues they see today did not exist.
The past will always look better to some because humans tend to forget the bad and embellish the good.   However, beneath those seemingly carefree times the very same issues of today were simmering, alive and well, but  not recognized for what they were by an unawake majority.
Ponder the state of women’s’ equality, racial prejudice, and war mongering of the “good old days” and you will quickly understand the illusory nature of nostalgia and how a great portion of it is ignorance accepted as reality.
The  high frequency energies of Light now flooding earth as evolution unfolds is serving to expose much that has been  heretofore  hidden.  Keeping people ignorant is always possible when  personal power is freely surrendered to others–governments, experts, family and friends, or organized religions in the belief that these others know what is right for them and would never deceive.  This is rapidly  changing as more individuals open their eyes,  reclaim  personal power, and start to make their own decisions.
At this time every student of truth needs to examine world concepts of gain versus loss, concepts that perfectly reflect duality.  Third dimensional energy being an energy of time and space, duality and separation, always expresses as pairs of opposites for anyone living fully in third dimensional consciousness.  Manifestations of gain and loss appear on all levels  (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) and are accepted as normal.
In its attempt toward more gain and less loss according to present day standards,  the three dimensional belief system holds specific concepts  regarding the gains a person must strive for.  The un-awakened state of consciousness has accepted these concepts as truth and  struggles  to attain them.
Physically, many men and women intensely strive to attain (gain) a “perfect” body  according to TV, film, advertising, and fashion industry standards.  It is believed that having a so called perfect body  brings acceptance, love, and admiration, making the person superior to others.  Those  satisfied with a normal or even a “not so perfect” body are automatically relegated to the  “loss” side of the scale.
Intense focusing on physical perfection at any cost has resulted eating disorders, depression, lack of purpose, suicide, self loathing, lack of confidence, and ill health for the many who still accept false concepts of who and what they are and who as of yet do not know that they are consciousness, not just  physical bodies.
Emotionally,  many strive to gain perfect emotional stability as  defined by  “experts” who often change their ideas from day to day.   The desire to attain some concept of emotional perfection and eliminate undesirable emotions causes many to simply bury unwanted emotions in the false belief that they are then gone.
If you experience some emotion you dislike, simply refuse to judge it as good or bad but rather love and honor yourself through the realization that it is simply a part of who you are at this time while asking yourself;  “Is this emotion old energy clearing, or does it represent something I am still holding in my belief system?  What am I believing that is making me feel this way?”  Know that nothing  is good or bad, it is only one’s accepted concepts  about something that determines it  good or bad.

Often those struggling to gain some concept of emotional perfection, turn to legal or illegal drugs which seem to make things better but which in reality only  serve to mask the very emotions needing to be addressed.  Drugs block spiritual  progress.  At some point, perhaps even in a future lifetime, every individual must begin to accept, understand, and heal the emotional body through self- love rather than self- loathing.
Many negative emotions have to do with cellular memory and  past lives which is why certain unwanted emotions  may seem to be coming  now or have been with you your whole life.   You are now able to  realize that these emotions once served a purpose but are no longer needed.  Love them, thanking these parts of yourself for the service they may have provided in other lifetimes, and let them go.
Mental level gains for some (not all) is frequently about attaining as much intellectual knowledge as possible which provides them a sense of worthiness and value.  You all know people who tout their intellectual prowess on every topic to anyone who will listen in the belief that this makes them superior to others.
The intense drive so many have to gain ever more wealth and material goods even when  not needed,  is  a manifestation of the belief that wealth will give them the acceptance, credibility, and love that every soul yearns for.   The loss of wealth (duality) for those who identify themselves as their wealth,  has caused many to take their own lives.
Spiritually, there are those who continue to see spiritual gain as reaching some imagined  pinnacle through certain rites, rituals, teachings,  and products which often only serve to keep them ignorant of the fact that what they seek is not in the outer things.  Then after many years devoted to some spiritual path, these dear ones experience a tremendous sense of loss and failure because their efforts did not result in their self created expectations.
Those driven by a desire for the physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual gain within the third dimensional belief system will experience some success, often great success, but will also have failure simply because duality and separation consciousness manifests  as pairs of opposites.
The reality existing behind all actions for gain on the three dimensional level is the soul’s yearning for recognition.  This yearning  is an inner nudge to awaken  into the real completeness , wholeness, and unconditional love/Real Self/Oneness  that is already present.
The un-awakened state of consciousness does not yet know that what they strive for is already within and so when they experience an inner push for more (physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually)  they  interpret it according to their attained level of awareness which is usually  in and as forms of achievement (gain).
That inner yearning and hunger experienced on all levels will always remain even after the perfect body, partner, bank account or any other goal has been attained because the wholeness, completeness, and love sought through these things does not exist in them.  The soul can never be satisfied with baubles.
As individuals awaken to the reality of who and what they really are, they begin to understand  that everything they sought in outer has only served to hold them in bondage to these things.  At this point the  intense striving and struggle for outer gain  begins to dissolve.  The awakening individual begins to understand that the material gains he believed necessary for his health, wealth, and happiness,  represent what is already present within.
This is how evolutionary learning happens.  Along the way of many lifetimes, every one plays the role of seeking and searching, finding and losing, success and failure, according to the concepts and beliefs of the time.  The three dimensional tools and actions of gain work when a person is in alignment with their energy but at some point of spiritual readiness, they stop working.
At this point there often comes an intense but fruitless period of struggle and effort to make things  go back to the way they were.   Here many lose hope and declare themselves to be failures rather than understanding that these experiences are graduations, not failures–indications that they have outgrown and are no longer in alignment with some previously held three dimensional belief or concept.
We are not saying that all goals are unnecessary.  In third dimensional living many goals are necessary for learning and surviving  until a state of consciousness is attained in which everything needed automatically manifests.  What we are saying is that serious students of truth must not allow three dimensional concepts of “gains that must be attained” or “losses that must be eliminated” to hold power over them.
Never allow these concepts to validate or define your worth.  Every individual is a Divine Being.  Since there is only ONE reality, law, cause, and substance  there is nothing else anyone could be. What would it be made of?
Many experiences of  gain or loss are chosen events, facets of one’s personal soul contract put there with the help of one’s  Guides and honest self evaluation before incarnating  for the purpose of creating a necessary learning experience. Gain is every seemingly small bit of spiritual awareness that bubbles up into consciousness as you go about the ordinary activities of life.

This does not mean you do not seek some gain as you exercise, go to the gym, or do the physical activities  you enjoy for the physical body needs exercise in order to be healthy.  Many physical  activities such as Yoga have energy balancing techniques at their root.
Many individuals are now ready for goals (seeking gain) regarding emotional  balancing.  On the spiritual level letting go of gain versus loss concepts does not mean you cannot take a spiritual class, or study with an evolved spiritual teacher if you are guided to do this.  What we are saying is that you are ready to move beyond beliefs that declare certain three dimensional gains as being absolutely necessary and the loss or absence of them as being failure.
Ask yourselves;  “Why do I going to the gym?  Why am I on a continual diet?  Why do I look at myself in the mirror and see failure?  Do I believe that every negative emotion is wrong, or that because I don’t have lots of  degrees and formal education, or am not yet a spiritual master  I have  failed?”

Never resist anything for resistance simply gives power to whatever is being resisted making  it even more real and firmly entrenched.  Just say; “Oh you again” to  beliefs, concepts, and emotions you know to be false and simply go on with the activities of your day.
The  mind is an avenue of awareness,  not the end all of superiority over other living things as you have been taught.  Not everyone contracted to live the life of an intellectual  genius or to manifest in this lifetime their intellectual attainments attained in  previous lives or on other planets.  Some have chosen the experience of being mentally handicapped specifically for their or the caregiver’s  spiritual growth. There really are no accidents.

It is not possible to revert from an attained state of consciousness although there are many who try in order to please those around them.   Attempts to continue living  from an outgrown state of consciousness can only fail because there is no longer alignment with that energy regardless of how familiar.  Some pretend for awhile,  but within   are well aware that it is not working.
Relax and rest in the realization that everything is proceeding according to plan, governed by the Higher Self and not by continuous striving, struggling, or doing.  Your Higher Self knows what you are ready for and when.   If you read these messages the “train has left the station” and you  no longer need to be ruled  by three dimensional concepts of gain and loss.
Every lifetime and every experience has been about remembering,  thus making all experiences gains, and so called losses, nonexistent.

Cease the struggle, and rest in what is.
We are the Arcturian Group
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Through The Camera’s Eye | The Creator


For today, view your life through a camera lens.  Each photo represents a moment in your life.  Some are good, others are not so good.  There are traumatic moments, lovely ones and quiet ones.  Now imagine yourself putting together a photo album of your life experiences…what theme did you create?  Did you take all the amazing photos and leave all the not so great ones out?  Does your theme focus on happiness or pain?  Compassion and kindness or discontent?

Please remember, my amazing child, you have the ability to change whatever is there to something different as you see fit.  The choice has always been yours. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

Hello, I AM Here, God! | Heavenletters


God said:

Beloved, if the beautiful created world We live in has been taken over by outside sources or wayward inner sources, We, the lovers of life, are reclaiming the world now. We reclaim the extant world with simple grace and truth. We rise with Our hearts attuned to love, and that’s it.

Love is Our motivating factor, or forget about it. To prove anything is not Our purpose. To receive can’t be Our goal. Our aim is to give back to the Universe the joy that may have been eclipsed and hidden away for one kind of misinterpretation or another – from foolishness or short-sided importance of less than truth when love is Our straight goods. It’s clear now that individual self-importance is no kind of importance at all.

There are directions to go in, and there are directions to leave behind. Reclaiming the world in no way is a coup. We certainly aren’t kidnapping the world. We take love seriously and not rule to heart. We supply nutrients. We give the world back to its origin. We do not have to be very serious, yet nor are We frivolous. No one here with Me today lacks awareness that the world, as it was created, may have been somewhat tossed aside. It may be that ignorance was exalted, whereas goodness and mercy may have been fragmented. There may have been awareness, yet lack of alertness.

Always, who is responsible for anything? No pointing fingers elsewhere. Reclamation begins with all who are here today. Now, look, this is no big deal. This is no grand sweep. We set Our intention to the return of generosity to all the world – which means for everyone. No one is singled out for more, nor is anyone singled out for less.

We speak of constituents of a world that somehow unzipped themselves from Paradise when no one was looking. This happened without full realization. Too many were snookered. Those who led the list were also snookered. Now, let’s return to rebuilding and restitution. We are talking about loving your brother as your Self or more.

This is not an all-at-once action. This isn’t ganging-up. There aren’t any factions. This isn’t splitting anything in two. Everyone is a winner, and there are no losers. This is reassembling and realigning. Start off on your right foot aligned with Mine. This is all it takes to uplift the world. Come with Me. We are on a Peace March. We are right out in the open. This way to Heaven. Return to Heaven.

In truth, We go forward. Peace and love are on the rise. Make a commitment to give your heart to the truth of goodness and mercy. You do not try to make up for anything nor to placate anyone, least of all not anyone’s little self. Simply now, all are lining up for peace on Earth and Good Will to all. This is what We do. We are speaking of this wonderful Room at the Inn. Beloved, what else is so fitting as to make more room for all? Frankly, I know of no other way.

Somehow, Room at the Inn was being cramped. As this was happening, too many were not looking. This isn’t about having regrets. Now We are about an upsurge of more rooms being built. This is all. This isn’t stretching boundaries. This is using the space there always was and building anew. Perhaps there was hesitation for the mistaken idea that you or someone would be left out. Come, return to the land of milk and honey. This is where your Consciousness rightly belongs and has been meant to be all along.

More Than One Path ∞The Creators


“Because there is no one answer, many of you get stuck. You are looking for a single and solitary truth to guide you through your lives. You want everything to be cut and dried. You want there to be only one way, only one path. This is causing many of you to feel stifled. You are waiting and wondering when you will receive what it is you think you need in your lives.

You are creating it all. It is not that you are here just to discover your path. You are here to create it. We want you to get out there and start throwing some things up against the wall to see what sticks. We want you to have more fun with this and see it less as a do-or-die situation.

Many of you were taught that you only have one life, and that if you don’t get it right, something very, very bad will happen to you upon your death. And this has created much fear in you, for if you do not choose the right way, the right path, you could wind up in that horrible place. We say to you, you are not ever going to find yourself damned for all eternity or in a situation that is irreversible.

Sometimes when you find yourselves in a pretty bad place, that is when you get your best ideas. So take what you would consider to be a risky step so that you can see what happens. See where it takes you. Take a chance on something that you have some uncertainty about, because when you are a creator there is nothing that cannot be undone.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

A Better Person… | The Creator


As you travel on your path, those small set-backs may seem like insurmountable obstacles.  It may be the only thing you can focus on in the moment…all the emotions may leave you drained and unable to move.  This is when you have a choice, my love!  You can let this moment overwhelm you the point of remaining still or…see it for what it really is.  Any ‘trial’ is The Universe giving you a gift of change.  Give thanks and accept it with as much grace as you can because, after it is all said and done, you will be a better person for experiencing it. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

Leaving Your Legacy ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are beginning to understand the motivation that exists within humanity to have a legacy, to leave something behind. And we want you to know that while we respect all of your desires for experience, you never really leave, and therefore having something in the physical that represents you or represents the life that you lived is not necessary.

You really do need to change your concept of life and death as you shift your consciousness, because you no longer need to have the death experience in order to transform yourselves completely. That is what ascension is all about. Ascension is about bringing yourselves into such a high frequency state that you transcend death. You become more of who you are without shedding the physical body, as you have in so many previous lifetimes.

There have been so many deaths throughout your incarnational cycle that it has become something you expect, and you have come to realize that you only have a certain amount of time in each lifetime. Therefore, the need comes up within you to do something, to make your mark, and many of you feel that need now because you sense that the big changes are coming, and you still have that third-dimensional need to have an impact on the physical realm that will outlast you.

And we just want you to relax now and stop counting the number of years you have left, because again all of that is changing as you shift and ascend. You don’t need to die anymore. You have no need then to accomplish something that will be here as proof that you existed. Focus more on existing and less on doing. Focus more on becoming and less on accomplishing, and make this journey easier on yourselves.

Let go of this very third-dimensional need to get something done before you die, and embrace your immortality as eternal and infinite beings of light and love.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

On Consciousness and The Event | The Council via Ron Head


We told you that your kitties would become more kitty and it caused some amusement and loving feelings. Good! That is what it was intended to do. But now we would like to explore that a bit more deeply.

Now, there are a lot of theories – emphasis on theories – about what this happening, this Event, will bring. We have to tell you that a great deal of it is rooted in human misunderstanding, some even in intentional misdirection. And we are not going to stir that pot here. But one thing seems to be fairly universally agreed upon. And that is the overarching truth that it is an increase in light that is in the process of enveloping your solar system and planet.

Are you aware that light is conscious and brings consciousness and information? Are you aware that everything, everything, everything is made of light? You say Love? Same thing. You say Truth? Same thing. But the meaning contained in consciousness is what we wish to discuss.

As the light of which we speak arrives, it will raise the light frequency of everything where you are. Are you aware that everything you can see or touch is conscious to some degree?

Your kitty is conscious. You have no problem with that. Your puppy is conscious. There have been laws passed granting rights to animals. There have, for many years, been understandings that plants demonstrate feelings when they are hooked up to electronic recorders. There are recordings of forests singing. Now your scientists are telling you that trees form communities and care for each other. We will take you even further along this path.

Everything is light. Everything is conscious. There is nothing that is outside of the field that contains you. Said another way, nothing exists outside of God. Your own logic must lead you to this conclusion.

When the higher consciousness arrives, as it is indeed in the process of doing, it WILL raise all consciousness. It will raise yours. It will raise the kitty’s. It will raise the trees’. It will raise the entire planet’s and everything upon and within her.

All of the other desired changes that you seem to be so wrapped up in may indeed occur. But we are sorry to tell you that the consciousness that is the True You could not care less. Those changes are things that you will bring about – or not. It is your world after all.

You are being handed a magic wand. It will change everything when you wave it. And you ask us “What will it be like?” Well, it is an excellent question. Perhaps you should ask yourselves that before you wave the wand.


There are two published books available on Amazon that contain the collected messages received by Ron Head (that’s me). The first is The Wisdom of Michael, available HERE, and the second is It Rings True, available HERE.

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Music! Music! Music! | Heavenletters


God said:

You and I, as Oneness, are as close as close can be. One is One. Yet, this Reality may continue to seem far-fetched to you. Alas, you may well feel closer to the presence of loneliness than you feel to the beat of My Heart.

Our Oneness does not mean that I own you, or that you own Me. If I were a guitar, it would mean that in Oneness, you and I are One and the Same Guitar. We’re not talking about two guitars. There is One Guitar, and it plays Itself for all to hear. We don’t have to get down to brass tacks with this metaphor, you understand. Music is Self-Evident.

Ah, the Music of the Spheres.

There are no two ways about it. We speak of music being played, and We speak of music being heard. Who is the Listener, and Who is the Player? In one sense, We can say there is the Music Supreme, and that’s it. We may speak of an observer as well as a player. There is no observer. I suppose I (or We) could say simply that music plays itself. A song is sung. The song sings itself. Humanity is attuned to it.

It could be said that there is a host and there is a guest, yet who can differentiate, and why?

Music exists. Music is heard. Love is. There is a piano, and its keys go up and down. Music creates itself. You and I are the Music We hear.

It could, perhaps, be said that We or I, the One of One, am the Music heard. I can be delineated as the Music itself. What matters is the Music and not any delineation. There is nothing to find out but to hear the Music that the Universe plays for one and all. Music is no secret. Rhythm exists. Bang the drums.

Who discovered music? Can something that has always existed be identified as discovered? When has music not come across? Ever since Creation, does not the wind whistle in its wake? What about rain beating its tune on the pavement or a pond? What about little feet running up and down and breaths being taken and a baby’s gurglings? What about the percussion of hands clapping?

Yes, the world makes music. Music is to be heard far and near. There is no missing a beat or the shape of music.

O, My, Yes, there is a chorus of heartbeats in a symphony.

The waves of the oceans play their songs. Does each soul hear the same tune? How can this be known, and what does it matter? The oceans sing. Even when you are not present at the shore, Music of the oceans may play in your ears. Yes, Music is contained within you. Music is the speech of your heart.

You also have been granted bird song to listen to at your leisure.

What does it mean to strike up the band when there never was not music at the ready for you to hear and feel it running through your bloodstream and tapping into your ears as if from somewhere within you? You are the music you hear. Cicadas appear, and they sing to you. Your response is to listen and to know that the cicadas intend their music for you. Cicadas sing for you, or they rub their feet for you. Music! Music! Music!

Music was always. Sticks were rubbed. Leaves unanimously fell as a chorus of leaves. Your heart cries out for music, and music appears as naturally as dolphins swimming in the ocean.

Who makes the music? Who makes the ears that hear?

You also have something to do with the entrance of music into the world.

Hmm, without silence as a precursor, how else would music exist?

Following Blindly? | The Creator


In this great shifting time, be aware of who you follow blindly and what you choose to believe.  There are a great many opinions and ideas floating around your world; some positive and others that are not so positive.  Be open to hearing all sides and listen to what your heart says before coming to a concrete decision.  Time and discernment are some of your most valuable tools…allow yourself plenty of both!  If you come from a space of transparency, openness and honesty, you will always be pointed in the right direction. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

Your Garden Grows New Fruit Now | Heavenletters


God said:

Beloved, to what do you devote your time and energy? Sometimes, perhaps too often, to toil and trouble, sorry to say. No go in the direction in which you truly want to devote your mind and heart.

Beloved, and I mean, Beloved, does it make sense to divert your attention to what you don’t want in the first place? I ask you not to carry a sense of dread about what might be coming up in your life and the world you happen to live in. What possible advantage can there be in this for you?

Yes, soon or late, so-called death awaits you and awaits your loved ones. To your sodden heart, this is sorrowful news beyond measure. It must not be allowed – I understand that this is the way you see it, yet I am asking you, what possible virtue can there be in your mourning ahead of time? Simply, you don’t know how to desist. You seem to be held captive by the idea.

When it hasn’t rained yet, for what purpose would you carry a big black umbrella before the actual occasion?

Beloved, must the thought of pulling up a chair in Heaven for you or a loved one present its entry to you as a somber event? Leaving Earth offers up more than doom. Beloved, there is more than one color to choose from in your pencil box. In fact, there is a whole line-up of colors. Help yourself.

Permit me to tell you that all is well. In truth, there are greater glorious possibilities than you dare dream of. The water is fine. All is well. Let go of your fears. You are going to be happy, very happy. There is gold waiting for you, yes, for you and your loved ones.

Even in the world, when you move out of one apartment, soon you begin to live your new life in your new quarters. It may take a little getting used to. Or it may not. You live in your new home now. You sure can’t bring the old place along with you. No longer are you concerned with repairs or redecorating of the old place. You have a new place now to paint and a new garden to plant. To think of your new garden pours happiness upon you.

From the vantage of Heaven, there is no cause for sadness. You do live in a fortuitous new land now, and your garden grows new fruit now. The Sun still grabs you to shine on.

Wherever in the world you happen to inhabit now, every thought you have and every sound you hear influences you. Every bird call zings your heart. Every word has its vibration that affects you. In your song dictionary, the word tonight and the word spell take longer than the word but. But cuts itself off short. Each word has its sounds and syllables and its influence.

There is nothing where you live that is inconsequential to you. Sun and snow have their own vibrations. Big city or little town, dry or moist, all words paint their own portraits as do the illusory when and where and how come.

One view of life is that nothing is as it seems. Another view may be, oh, yes, everything is just what it seems, take it or leave it, yet, in habit, you may ask again and again. With all the fullness of your heart, you feel duty-bound to know for sure. Beloved, let go of all this pre-knowing and put aside the idea of forestalling what may come.

All you really need to know is to live in this moment right now as a bird on the wing. A bird does not have to ask ahead of time for a date on which he is to fly south before winter or about anything at all.