Ascending to the Fifth Dimension ∞Archangel Michael


“Welcome. We are here to serve and assist you.

Taking the energies into consideration, you are all doing very well. It is no small task to ascend. It is not something that comes with an instruction manual either. You are learning as you go. You are gathering information from various resources, such as ourselves.

And many of you are still dealing with day-to-day concerns of living on planet Earth, while you make this gigantic leap in frequency. So no matter how your life looks at this time, you can rest assured that you are making progress, you are right where you need to be, and the next resource that will assist you is already on its way.

Having said all of that, we also want to convince you that it is worth it. What you are doing by shifting to the fifth dimension is serving not only yourselves. You are not just making this shift for your own personal benefit. You are assisting all of your other incarnations. You are assisting your brothers and sisters all across this universe.

You are beginning to grasp the enormity of this endeavor. And we are not going to stop congratulating you on every step of this journey, because our job is to support you. Our job is to energetically encourage you, and we also get to observe like proud parents as we watch you learn, expand, and grow.

Put your awareness on the distance that you have already traveled in this one lifetime, and let all of your accomplishments sink in. There is so much more to come, but there is always time to celebrate.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton


An Emotional Day Approaching At The Speed Of Love ~ Pertinent Information For The Day Of The Event

7th Nov 2015

As we grow closer to The Event the Love/Light energy from the Galactic Central Sun/Pleroma intensifies/peaks in Waves.  These Waves have been coming now at regular intervals for the past 2-3 years.  As we approach the time of The Event these waves are arriving at closer intervals and in increasing strength. One of those peaks of energy within the Galactic Wave of Love will be the One…


First Wave of Ascension Predicted for Sept. 28, 2015 – Golden Age of Gaia

If there’s anything no one around here wants to talk about, it’s dates. Anyone who’s ever given a date for any event – Ascension, Disclosure, the Reval, whatever – has only always been wrong. A perfect batting average. Now we have a number of people coming forth and giving the date of Sept. 28, 2015, …

Source: First Wave of Ascension Predicted for Sept. 28, 2015 – Golden Age of Gaia

Archangel Michael, Ashtar Sheran – Because the Sky Is Forever – A Message from Us to Ourselves – 12-31-14

We are all in this Together!

Higher Density Blog


Archangel Michael/Ashtar Sheran

Those who had stayed on the Day side of the chasm, who had not gone on toward their destination, stood looking at the smoldering wreckage of the bridge that had once spanned the gap. Those on the Night side continued to lament their predicament.


The Day-siders discussed the situation amongst themselves.


“Maybe there’s a way they can rebuild the bridge. Maybe we can help them”, some of them suggested, while others disagreed, “There’s nothing left; not even any wreckage to salvage and begin anew.”


“But there must be some way” still some in the group of Day-siders insisted, “We KNOW that EVERYONE was supposed to make the trip this time”.


Some of the more optimistic Day-siders went to the edge of the chasm and began shouting across to those on the Night side, “Maybe there is a way we can rebuild the bridge…

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