Major Reset in Consciousness | Peggy Black and the ‘team’

We are here to support you as you experience the turmoil and the dismantling of the reality that you have known. This is the first time that your planet has come close to a full stop. It is shocking, disturbing and frightening. This is a major reset in consciousness.

This experience is offering the opportunity to observe all that was out of balance. This imbalance has been present for eons. It is global, financial, personal in its inequality. Individuals have lost their connection with nature and the consciousness of all other living things.

Now, in the moment when everything that is normal and natural has come to a stop, individuals are pausing and staying quiet. It is in this quietness and in this pause that they are becoming aware, aware that things will be different.

Individuals are having the opportunity to pause in their busyness, to sit quietly and reflect on the truth of who they are. In this time of reflection they are becoming aware that they are more than this physical body. They are not rushing, pushing, running, from one event or activity to another.

This level of quietude is allowing the light that is bathing your planet to be anchored more fully within each and every individual. We invite you to hold steady in your awareness and your connection to this truth. Understand that there is going to be a great deal more disruption and struggle before this is totally complete.

There is an ascension shift that is affecting your planet, however understand that it will impact the entire universe. This magnification of light is designed to energize all that is light upon the Earth and within all humans. The power of this light has created a disturbance of fear and negativity which has been hidden, buried and locked into the earth, waiting for a time when humanity was ready to transmute the energy.

Lifetimes of abuse, negativity, and injustice are waiting to be transformed. Some people are exerting control over others using fear and wanting to suppress the spiritual awakening process that is taking place. This virus is a product of the negative and fearful energies arising to be released and transformed. This virus and its impact upon the world are allowing humanity to recognize the presence of fear, of negative and misqualified energies, to recognize suffering and to begin to create  positive shifts within their being.

So your balance and stability will assist your planet in this transition. You are in the midst of the changes. There is always discord and confusion when things begin to change. Human consciousness wants things to go back the way they were, to go back to “normal,” even if that “normal” was out of balance, unfair, harmful to others and to nature.

You and many others are observing, as well as dismantling, layers and layers of dense beliefs and old energy that is stored in your very cells. We celebrate the work that you are doing. If you could see the energy of light that your collective consciousness is expressing you would be stunned and amazed.

Many lifetimes ago, there was a period you have called the burning times. For several hundred years individuals were killed because of their connection with nature and with plants, when healers, mystics, midwives and herbalists were burned at the stake. This evoked such fear in the collective consciousness that people were very cautious to express intuitive abilities, or their connection with the spirit beings, the gnomes and faeries. They suppressed these divine connections and gifted abilities in their children. This was a grave injustice upon humanity. You are experiencing the results of this injustice today.

People felt disconnected from nature, therefore allowing for nature to be raped, trees to be cut down without any protest or concern for the well-being or balance of the planet. This imbalance is causing the next great extinction, with the disappearance of the rainforest, the melting of the permafrost, and climate change with all its powerful destructive weather patterns affecting the global population.

The result has been the unconscious, arrogant thinking and behavior of humans who believe that they are separate and superior from all other life forms. Human beings were never given permission to harm, destroy and devalue other life forms. This thinking has harmed the other kingdoms, plant, animal, devic, elemental, nature spirit as well as even other humans. Animals, trees, plants, and even rocks have levels of consciousness. This truth needs to be recognized and honored.

We acknowledge that the presence of this virus is causing a feeling of distress, depression, desolation, anxiety and anger. We are inviting you to step into a level of trust in Divine Consciousness.

It is this level of trust which will allow you to transform these negative and misqualified emotions. Use your tools as an alchemist to transform these negative energies with sound vibrations. Use your conscious heart portal to call upon divine beings to support you and this planet as it transforms and transcends. Use the powerful tool of Saint Germaine’s Violet Flame to transmute all energy unlike the divine love and trust available to all.

You can observe how the air is clearer and the waters cleaner while there is a stop in most all activities. We invite you to stay centered in your own understanding of truth, trust that all is unfolding as it should. Transform, transform, transform all energy that arises that is not life sustaining.

This is your job. You came here to be present while this massive global stop was taking place, so you could plant the seed of this new beginning and this new reality that is coming into form. We are here for you, to support, assist, guide and honor you as you move through these incredible life changes. the ‘team’

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Life Sustaining Energy | Peggy Black and the ‘team’

We are here. We are here offering you insights and guidance regarding the challenges that are being expressed in your physical reality. We are here reminding you that you are powerful beyond measure. You physical consciousness deals with the beliefs and programs of limitation, however your divine consciousness does not express limitation.

Your goal is to recognize and honor your divine knowing and divine consciousness.  Each time a limited belief arises, notice that and make a conscious shift into your personal power to transform that limitation.

We are here, witnessing the incredible chaos and reaction to the pandemic enveloping your planet.   Many are being triggered and saturated with feelings of fear and powerlessness. We want to encourage you to shake off any discouragement and any feelings of hopelessness or powerlessness.

These feelings actually add to the energy matrix that is being played out on your screen of reality. It is important to remember that you are a magnificent creator, you are a being of divine light and consciousness. You are here, so to speak, on assignment to support and transform these misqualified energies.

Consider for a moment that fear is actually a vibration of energy. Fear could also be considered a virus. The energy of fear spreads very quickly throughout your collective consciousness. As empathic individuals you are easily triggered by this energy wave of fear.

This collective field of energy and emotional vibration infects the thoughts of everyone. Everyone is empathic and feels this dense energy. Most suppress this because they do not know how to deal with it. Nevertheless they are a part of it.

You could say that there is a pandemic outbreak of the virus of fear. It is manifesting in the actions of individuals as well as in the assembly of groups. The antidote to this pandemic of fear and helplessness is your awareness of who you truly are and your willingness to hold and anchor a new reality. Each awakened being who continues to radiate the frequencies of well-being, love and gratitude into the matrix and the collective consciousness is offering powerful work.

You are not helpless in this reality. You are powerful beyond measure. So step up and step into this personal power. Begin to generate frequencies and vibrations that are life sustaining.

When you recognize that you are responding to the events from a fearful state of mind, STOP! Reset your thoughts and projections which are only adding to the very thing you are disturbed about. This is a practiced skill that we are inviting you to master. You know this; it is a matter of remembering.

We invite you to step back for a moment and acknowledge who you personally are. You are a transformer of dark, misqualified energies and actions. You are a member of the family of Light. You are a divine, magnificent, multidimensional starbeing who is here on this planet to uplift and shift all that is life diminishing.

We know that this is what you might call big work. Let us assure you that you are up to the task or you would not be here on this planet at this time.

Your assignment is to observe events in your personal life as well as what is occurring in the collective and to offer an uplifting frequency of your focus of love and light into the very thing that wants to polarize you.

Remember, negative emotions are addictive. Remember that emotions are contagious. It is time for you to be honest with yourself and begin to honor who you are. You are a divine being who happens to be caught in the frequency web of this pandemic of the virus of fear. The virus of fear is just as toxic to your body as any other virus. Viruses are contagious, as are panic, fear, hysteria, calm, love, enthusiasm, kindness and joy; choose wisely.

Remember it is all vibration and energy. We invite you to be mindful and responsible to your personal well-being. Take the necessary actions that physically protect you from any virus.  Practice good physical hygiene as well as good mental hygiene. Notice when your energy drops to match the collective fear. Quickly shift your vibrations to a sense of divine well-being as well as physical and mental health.

Remember that your divine knowing and vibrations of well-being are the best vaccine to any virus.

It is with your intention and your connection with the truth of who you are as a galactic citizen that you can offer your light frequency into any situation with the intent to transform it.

As you observe the events that are broadcast on your television remember to not judge or condemn or become triggered. This adds energy to the very situation you want to change.

Call upon the non-physical beings of Light to support and assist in this transformation. Call upon the legions of divine beings and angels to minister to these situations, assisting, uplifting, and healing all that are affected by this physical virus as well as the virus of fear.  It is when each human owns their power and truly steps into that power that your reality will shift.

Let us assure you that there are more and more awakened individuals who are beginning to anchor a life sustaining reality. Your numbers are increasing. Each one is adding more light, love, forgiveness, gratitude and well-being to the collective matrix.

You are an important element to this unfolding. Join this increasing number of awakened conscious beings and begin to envision a reality that supports life, that supports well-being and the honoring of all. In whatever manner and at whatever level, begin. Each time you uplift your attitude or judgment of another, each time you offer a prayer of gratitude, each time you invite the support of the non-physical beings of light to assist you and the situation you have focused upon, you are making a significant difference.

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Everything Is In Your DNA | Peggy Black and the ‘team’

“We are here, supporting and encouraging you to step fully into this new energy. A new cycle has begun. This is the opportunity to design, imprint and co-create a new reality. Please reread those words, they are your truth and your power. Every message we have offered has reminded you of your personal power to create your reality.

This new decade can be and will be different. You are selecting and calling forth this reality by your vibrations. It seems there is a possibility that timelines will be converging. There are those who will remain stuck in the old paradigm, unable to shift from their negative, misqualified thoughts and energy and there are those eager to step into the new possibilities. There is no better time than now to make the decision about which reality you want to be a part of.

You can choose your reality by the awareness of what energy and vibration you are offering. Your positive, joyful, loving vibrations are the golden ticket to enter into the higher dimensions. This profound shift has been longed for and awaited by all those who are awake and aware. The waiting is over. Now is the time to call forth this reality. Now is the time to step into the 5th dimension. Watch the vibrations that you are offering.

Welcome the coming shifts and be aware of the people with whom you want to co-create this new world. Allow all else to fade away. Keep your force and focus on the new paradigm.

This happens to be a crucial year of change. The celestial beings, the planets, are assisting and supporting this possible change. This is an alignment that has not occurred in 15 years. There is also a conjunction of two powerful planets, Saturn and Pluto, that has not occurred for 38 years. The seed of a new age and transformation are at hand. Remember you have the power to create a sustainable future that will embrace multiple generations. So take advantage of what is being energetically offered.

This is a year that will benefit you to embrace and practice quantum thinking, stretch and go beyond your ordinary expectations. Do not allow yourself to be boxed in. You can reach beyond space and time and allow new mental and energetic breakthroughs. The energies of the world are moving, reacting and responding at quantum speed. The current digital age has helped expand consciousness beyond ancient knowledge. Step into this accelerated flow.

You find yourself in new territory with this acceleration of energy assisting humanity to enter a new age.

Individually and collectively humanity must embrace wholeness. This is the time to truly face your fears and consciously release them. Let go of all acquired limitations. We have invited you to take this action before and encourage you again to step out of your sense of victimhood, to release and heal your acquired wounds.

Now is the time for you to use your tools to transform any and all negative energies you might be holding on to.

Look at the shadow emotions that you project. Take the time to lovingly shine your light on those negative emotions of bitterness, anger, hatred, guilt or shame. Be gentle with yourself, you are your own healer. You are here to heal these misqualified energies that you have experienced. Each time you do your work and heal and release some painful wound, you are healing some painful wound in the collective.

Realize and recognize the possibility that the entire cosmos could be conscious and self-aware. You might ask yourself, is the universe conscious?

During this time of increased frequencies that are amplifying and supporting the shifts and changes, it is most important that you strengthen your light body. It is crucial that you have a strong light body in order to easily travel between the dimensions. With this great wave of light and higher frequencies that are being offered, do find ways to strengthen your energy or light body.

Imagine that your physical body is filled with divine light several times a day. Imagine or pretend that you can feel the difference as your physical body fills with divine light. Imagine yourself as a light body that can move between the dimensions. Play with this idea, become comfortable with this reality.

Each time you release some old limited pattern, remember to fill that space with light. Each time you forgive and heal some old wound, remember to allow divine light to fill that space. Practice being in nature and welcome the divine light that is available.

Remember each morning to start your day with this simple statement and intention: I am fully embodied, anchored to this planet; I am my divine self in physical form.

Laugh, be joyful, express your gratitude and appreciation. These energies add to your light body. Dance, celebrate, love, chant, sing, meditate, give freely, acknowledge. All of these actions will continue to add to your light body. Invite divine energies to flow into your physical form.  Go into your imagined alchemist chamber and envision your light body strong.

Realize that your very DNA is a multidimensional divine pattern and structure. Your DNA connects you to the universe. Your DNA carries all your records and experiences from the timeline. Your DNA carries your purpose and intent for this time and place. Everything is in your DNA.

Begin to imagine that you can connect to those records and that information. Imagine that you have the ability to read our own DNA.

You are a magnificent multidimensional being! Own it. You are a physical being having a physical experience in this third dimension and you are a divine being, an energy being, a light being observing as well as partnering with your physical self.

As this divine being, the being of light, you have the ability to transform, uplift, shift and create. Remember it is your intent and your focus. So now is the time for you to truly step into this power and be a part of the awesome shift taking place on your planet.

Shine your light on the collective shadow and negative energies that appear in your reality. Little by little that light will become brighter and stronger. Call on all divine beings to support and assist all that you do.

We rejoice and celebrate with you as you have invited this energy shift and energy portal to manifest in your dimension. Use this cosmic energy, this universal consciousness, to transform all that is limited.

We are available and embrace you with our love and deep gratitude for the work and service you offer.” the ‘team’

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The Faerie Realm ∞Ophelia the Faerie


“Faeries are very much like how we have been portrayed in some of your faerie tales. We have that godmother and godfather type of energy. We look over you as guardians would. We seek to comfort you in your quests. Mostly, however, we seek to align you with your own power, to give you back that power that you have dumbed down for the experience of the third dimension.

We seek only to assist you and to love you, but we are also quite eager to play with you, to reacquaint ourselves with our long lost brothers and sisters. We have set aside a frequency range just for you. We know that you will enjoy it as you would a playground that were constructed out of your own dreams and desires.

So we are holding this beautiful energy for you to step into, and we love the anticipation of your arrival. We seem quite magical to you, but you are quite magical to us. When you allow yourselves access to this realm, you will know more of who you are. You have been looking outside of yourselves for completion, to fill in the gaps and the holes that have been created by you.

But we are guiding you back to you. We want to play with beings of wholeness who have accessed more of themselves, and that is why we wait. There is nothing wrong with who you are at this time, and we know that. But you must know that in order for you to perceive yourselves the way that we do.

There is no instruction manual that I can give to Daniel to relay to you, but I can tell you that the tools are within you. Because you do not need anything other than your own awareness and your willingness to let go of your own judgments and doubts. I encourage you to see everything as a tool, as something that you have given yourself to increase that awareness. Everything is a gift. You are gifts.

Shake yourselves loose of all of the ideas that you are somehow less because you are third dimensional, or human, or because you have not been able to create the life that you desire. There is no need for perfection. All you need is the full embodiment of yourselves, and then you can inhabit this realm that we are holding, patiently, for all of you. I am Ophelia, and I am faerie.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

An Acceleration of Expansion ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

As you begin to accelerate your rate of expansion, you are going to see the effects of all of that energy moving through you. You are going to realize that there is no end to what you can become and that there are no limits to what you can do. We are pleased to usher you in to this particular period in human history. The acceleration is happening right on cue, and whether you realize it or not, you have been readying yourselves for it.

Perhaps you have felt the need to slow down and rest more often. Perhaps you have spent more of your time going within or being by yourself. Perhaps you have changed your diet or how much water you drink. And you most certainly have been accessing that which is of a lower frequency and needs to come up and out of you. All of these things are part of the preparations that you have subconsciously been making for the acceleration.

It’s not that you needed to accelerate your expansion and integrate more of the high frequency energy. It’s that you’ve chosen to do so as a species, as a collective. You all decide when you are ready for this type of exponential growth. And even though you all experience it differently, the effects are still the same, nonetheless. You are actualizing your destiny in this lifetime. You are accessing more of your true selves and integrating that which has been fragmented off and has been waiting for you to embrace it.

Your evolution will continue to skyrocket as you take on the energies that are hitting your world, and you once and for all realize what is happening. When you accept the intensity of it, you will then feel the effects and know that everything is all right, no matter what is happening in your life.

One of the ways in which you will experience the expansion is in feeling a loss of time. Your sense of time is going to change, and that is because you are moving outside of linear time in your perception of reality, and you are moving into a time where you will be able to select exactly where and when you want to be.

You are able to perceive more as well, and you will continue to be able to perceive more of reality. You will become more patient, which is a bit interesting because you will require less patience, as everything else speeds up in the physical as well. Look forward to this acceleration and enjoy the ride.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Why I Post Channeled Material



First off, let me say that I use discernment in deciding what I post and share with others. And upon reading this material, I strongly urge everyone to use their own personal discernment.

Looking thru a Google search on ‘what does personal discernment mean’ returned numerous results, including some with a ‘christian/Jesus’ slant. Ultimately, the basic meaning is shown with synonyms such as, wisdom, insight and perception, and these are used by everybody in many areas of life.

For me, the gut feeling and/or chills in my body are good indicators that something is worth following up on and/or sharing with others. These physical clues, along with mental indicators are part of my personal discernment skill. I’ve found this skill/ability has been refined and strengthened over time for me. and I try not to second guess myself. You could say that ‘that little voice inside my head has gotten stronger and is less timid than it used to be’. Hence this writing and my new blog Inner Revelations, which I just started and includes more of my writing (which also just appeared this year).

A different time, and we continue to grow and change, sometime in ways unexpected but interesting none the less.

❤ Denise

Articles referred to in the writing of this blog post were The Meaning of Namaste: Many Translations, One Universal Intention and 20 Spiritual Awakening Symptims That Change Your Life Forever.


On the Wings of Angels | Heavenletters


God said:

There is no decree that says you absolutely must finish everything you start. There are things that you can drop. You don’t have to prove your good character. There are times you can stop in the middle, or, perhaps, momentum will be so strong that it continues to carry you forward no matter what, and you just can’t get off.

In any case, don’t dally in Life. Make a decision. Dear Ones, don’t keep the world waiting. One way or another, you are to move on. You are on the Forefront of the Universe, and you move right along. The purpose of Life is not to delay it.

Slow and Steady is not always wisdom. Nor is Haste Makes Waste always so veritable. Instead of the idea that Haste makes Waste, have the idea that haste gets the job done.

Now, have We gone full circle with Momentum? Not yet.

Momentum is the fuel you run on, and momentum is the fuel the world runs on.

Momentum is momentous.

It is not necessary to whip momentum into a froth. Keep up with it. Run along with it.

Look to the inside. Listen to the puppy that you hear barking. What does your Heart say? Regard your Heart. Believe in your Heart.

Sometimes when you don’t dare believe in your heart, dare to follow it anyway. Your heart may well be better qualified than your suspicious mind.

Ultimately, your heart and My Heart are One. My Heart, My Consciousness, and My Mind are One. At present, your mind tends to be a wayfarer, a wanderer. Your personal mind is more like a butterfly that flits here, and flits there. It’s not so hard to catch your mind’s attention, but to keep your mind’s attention is a horse of another color.

At the same time, who takes a dim view of letting your mind be free to go where it has to go? The mind does not have to be a captive. Who said it did? You never know where your mind will zoom to. It will zoom. And you may zoom with it. Hold on to your hat, your head, your heart, your mind. Your Consciousness will go along with you anyway.

How do you, in the Midst of Life, or on the rim, how do you know what’s what, and what do you care? It is Life you are leading, and Life is leading you. You may think you are leading cows to the barn, yet you may be whirling around the Center of the Universe in a yet unnamed Galaxy. Or, it could even be that you are asked to give names to as yet unknown Galaxies. When it comes to this, who cares what the pay is? Accept the position.

Who knows with certainty your True Name? And what does it matter when you yourself are True?

Life on Earth is not intended to be a false front, yet sometimes it might. Sometimes, instead of paddling your own canoe, you are paddling or peddling a fragile ego. This is for no one’s benefit, yet, even so, this uphill ride could be worth a ditty. Certainly, you are worth more than a song. There is no song worth more than you. You yourself could be worth the Song of the Universe, and you do not know this. It would be good for you to know this.

How do you know that when you dream you are flying that it is no more than a dream? How do you know that you are dreaming you are flying or whether you are actually flying, and, I ask, what does it matter whether it’s actual or assumed? Either way, you gain Great Joy.

Anyway, if your unseen wings should falter, here I am to catch you.


Non-interference – The Council


There is a subject that we feel we must address at this time. This is a period of very chaotic energies. We want you to know that you would be better served to keep yourselves focused in ways that would keep you from interfering with those outcomes that you have dedicated yourselves to achieving. Now, what do we mean by that? What are we seeing that you, from your viewpoints, do not?

You have been carefully conditioned throughout your lives to rally against things that you do not agree with. You have even been taught to have wars against some of those things. Sometimes the wars against those things actually distract you from the successful practice of the very things you are fighting against, or at least those things that you are told you are fighting against. We will point out your ‘war on drugs’ as an example.

Your Greek philosopher, Plato, your current oracles whom you know as Abraham, and even ourselves have, in one way or another pointed out to you that you are far better served to focus upon what you desire than to allow yourselves to be drawn into the energy of opposition to things you do not want. This is absolutely true. And when heeded, especially in groups, great things may be accomplished in short amounts of time.

There is a place for such things. They can easily focus attention and bring large numbers of people together. However, we would have you see that the sooner you can transform those energies into more positive intentions, the more powerfully your energies may be.

Currently you are allowing your energies to be put into total chaos. You are being kept divided against each other. You know you are in a time of momentous possibility, but we see that your energy is being dissipated as it actually is interfering with the progress you intend to create. We are not telling you that your causes are wrong. We are saying that re-thinking your focus into more positive channels would serve you much better. As an example, how many of your different movements could easily come together under a banner of crusading for environmentally safe, renewable energy sources? Who is campaigning for the better health care that you all want? When are you marching for those things? Have you noticed that whenever ideas like that begin to emerge, they are easily sidetracked by simply slapping a label on them and then referring to them in a derogatory manner? Tree huggers. Kooks. It really is done too easily.

Now, what we are speaking of is simply your own use of your own thought, your own focus, your own energy. Do you see how many times we have used that word? Energy. At the core of this is the fact that you are the energy that produces things in your world. And whether you come together in groups over coffee or simply think alike, that energy, when it adds itself to that from others just like you, is far more powerful than you know. Why do so many spend so much time and effort to keep you distracted or to direct your thinking? Do you think it is because they know you are powerless? They need you to think in the ways they wish you to, or to at least allow what you do not see.

Now most of what we have just said is not news to any of you. You are aware of these things. But we see too many being distracted, or even being made fearful, by the shenanigans, and stories about shenanigans that are swirling around your heads. When your feelings are affected, withdraw for a moment and re-focus. Continue creating that which you desire. Continue living in joy and happiness. And know that the change that is engulfing you must result in the world you wish to live in, even if you cannot see how to get there from here. So be it.


 There are two published books available on Amazon that contain the collected messages received by Ron Head (that’s me). The first is The Wisdom of Michael, available HERE, and the second is It Rings True, Available HERE. A third book is being compiled now.

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Get Activated & Feel the Vibrations ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are happy to report to all of you that there is much peace within chaos and unity within divisiveness. You have an opportunity to seize that which you want to experience out of whatever is happening in the outside world. There are many of you who are coming together to express your views, your perspectives, and you are doing so because you believe in peace and you believe in unity.

You are taking that which you want from the predominant experiences of the collective, and it is wonderful to witness all of you doing this. When you are activated in the ways that most of you are getting activated at this time, you are stronger. You are a force to be reckoned with. It is much more beneficial to all of you to see what is happening in the outside world as an opportunity for all of you to be the creator beings that you most certainly are.

You must realize how powerful you are as individuals, and when you come together with a common goal of bringing people together, and of promoting peace, love, acceptance, and compassion, the impact you have is enormous. So we want you all to recognize how powerful you are. In fact, we want you to feel it. We invite you to feel the powerful vibrations that get activated within you and to offer those vibrations freely and without attachment.

When you are able to see everything that is happening outside of you as an opportunity for you to activate a vibration within you and to be more creative and more conscious about what you are focusing upon, then you are benefitting, then you are growing and becoming. Then you are being of service to all others, no matter what their point of view.

You can either fight against those who disagree with you, or you can be for what you want to experience so vehemently that you are able to completely ignore anyone who disagrees with you. It is important for all of you to not see anyone outside of you as the enemy, no matter what they are doing, thinking or saying, Instead, see them as the catalyst that got you to vibrate in the precise frequency that you want. See them as the ones who helped clarify for you the world you want to create.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Momentum Is Your Life’s Bread | Heavenletters


God said:

You know what it’s like when you procrastinate. It’s not pretty. You pay a price for every day you dally. Do you put your Life aside, as if ignoring the furtherance of your life is the best you can do at this time? Oh, well, it is the waning moon, and you excuse yourself.

There is a momentum in Life. It is like a fire you build, and it behooves you to keep the fires burning. The fire you add to is yourself. Either you go forward, or you allow your project to die on the vine.

If you have passion and you want to enrich your life, then keep moving. Momentum is your Life’s Bread. Keep that momentum churning. It is self-limiting to let your passion die by the wayside. There is no waiting time. This is a slow decline. A slow decline is a decline, and as fatal as a fast one.

It’s true, in the deeper Regions of Life on Earth, time does not exist. Only Infinity exists. There is no hurry, and there is no late.

In the grips of daily Life on Earth, however, seize the day. Unless you seize the day, you have thrown the day out the window.

Let Us call this what it is. It is dropping the ball. You sure aren’t making a touchdown. You guarantee yourself withdrawal of energy, and energy means heart. Better to throw away millions of dollars in one fell swoop than to dribble your energy away. Use your Creative Energy. Use it, and you have more and more energy replacing itself. When you have been letting your creative energy dry up, it is gone, and you have been selling yourself short.

Here We have a reclamation project. We are reclaiming your dwindling energy. If you have a project you are not giving your all to, pull it out and restore it to life. Start sorting. Give the project your undivided attention for until your eyes light up and you start thriving in the midst of the project. The solution is so easy, it is amazing.

The cure for loss of energy is respect for yourself and your project and – Lights! Camera! Action!

The time for thinking about your project is past-due. Now you roll up your sleeves, and get something in front of you. Wait for no man! Wait not for yourself. Plunge. Dive into the water. Get wet. This is how you restore your Creative Energy. It is 100% renewable. You are renewable.

Do not relegate yourself to doodling.

Consider your project a beautiful plant you chose. Water the plant. This is what you do so the plant can thrive. Water, give it sunshine.

In terms of growing your creative project, you cannot overwater nor can you provide too much sunshine. You cannot splurge too much on your creative project. It will flourish under all you give it. It will flourish only with your attention and hands on it.

A creative project is alive. It relies on you to bring it to Life. The idea of this project is not to let it lie fallow. If you have put it by the wayside, pull it out now. Wake it up. Get it going. This could be your most fruitful project to date. Wake it up. No more preview. Now make it happen.

When you want a cup of tea, you make it. You have to get up and boil the water. Get out a cup. Warm the cup up. Toss out the hot water. Drop in the teabag. Let it steep. Then you drink the tea.

When you want to make your Creative Project happen, you have to get up and bring it to Life.

Hut, hut, hut.