New Challenges ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

Bringing yourselves to a new point in your evolution means that you step up to new sets of challenges. These challenges are what give you a reason to feel something. They give you a reason to summon forth energy. They give you a reason to make a choice. They propel you forward.

So when you reach a new point in your evolution, and you find yourself facing these challenges, we invite you to see it as progress. Many times you will look at your lives and think that you are doing something wrong because of the challenges that you have in front of you. You will think, ‘How did I create this? What am I doing wrong?’ Or you will think that you are regressing in some way, as though the absence of challenges is what signifies spiritual enlightenment.

It is what you do with the challenges that matters. And as we have said, when you make shifts to higher frequency ranges, you put those challenges in front of yourselves because you want something to spur you on. Whether you admit it to yourselves or not, the challenges make life interesting. They light a fire under you.

Your challenges are your friends, and when you begin to see them in that way, you shift your perspective on them, and therefore you have more success in facing them. As soon as you switch from believing that the challenges mean you are doing something wrong to recognizing that the challenges mean you have up leveled to a new vibration, you will begin to handle those challenges with ease and grace. You will welcome them.

You will want to hone your skills as a creator being by continually upping the stakes. When the challenges get bigger, more of you gets revealed. And when more of you gets revealed, more of you gets integrated. And then you begin facing your challenges as your whole self. When you can laugh in the face of them, that’s when you know you are playing the game with all of your pieces. That’s when you know you are at the top of your game, and it is so much easier to get there than you think.

So as you move through your evolutionary process, you are going to discover that more and harder challenges are what bring more light and more love through you. And that is the ultimate experience. That’s what you all came here to do.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

The Key Is How You Look at Yourself | Heavenletters


God said:

It is up to you to open your heart and your mind. Ultimately, it is your job. You are the key. Expand your heart. Expand your mind. Expand the world you live in.

Wait for no one. It is you who has the key to fit the lock that allows you entrance to freedom, and freedom means expansion. Freedom can’t mean confinement. Freedom can’t mean the freedom to make yourself smaller and less noticeable. Freedom has to mean to untie bounds and to break yourself free from the bonds that bind you. What is lack of freedom but imprisonment? There are many kinds of imprisonment. The mind can be imprisoned. The spirit too. The mind can be in lock-up. You can be the imprisoner of yourself.

My desire for you is your freedom within so that you soar above the world. Accept the freedom to take off, to free yourself from inhibiting yourself from your God-given self-expression. Self-expression beats self-repression any day of the week. I speak of your unlimiting your own Self-Awareness. Wake up, darlings.

Note the thought you wake up with in the morning. You may wake up with a thought from a sleep dream that pushes through. You may wake up with a random thought. There are thoughts that pursue you. Wake up to your thoughts. The way the sun breaks through to the dawn, the way, when you crack open an egg shell, a whole bright orange egg yolk appears. Your thoughts are lining up for you to take care of them. You can’t push back these thoughts forever. Recognizing your thoughts is how you take care of them. You allow thoughts you have repressed to take their place in the world.

One thought after another is waiting for you to address. Most often it is you who has infringed upon your thoughts. You may wait to address thoughts until you feel stronger. Look, a thought is waiting for you to address it. This thought is no longer to be put aside as if it does not exist. No thought of yours is to be kicked aside or told to wait for another day. When you just take an honest look at a troubling thought you don’t want to look at, you can whisk away the troublesome aspect of the thought, and be freed from it.

Otherwise, the thought, no matter how much you try to submerge it, will persist in being addressed, rather like a virus that will make itself known. If the thought is there, it is there for you to nod to. Sometimes that is all you have to do, and then you are done. Face your thoughts. Wake up your thoughts. Tell them it’s okay for them to speak.

You may not have noticed thoughts that seek to wake you up. They are not the plague. They are your friends. Listen to your thoughts. Once listened to, your thought is heard, and it is reduced to size, and then there is another once submerged thought that can make its way through. Acknowledge your recurring thoughts. They have a message for you.

The message could be: “I am not well thought-of. I am disrespected in this world. I am not given my full value or value at all.”

Dear Ones, it is you who is not respecting yourself enough. Acknowledgment may be all it takes so you put your shoulders back and stand straight. And your whole demeanor to the world is changed. Treat yourself differently, and now, somehow, without effort, the world starts to look at you and give you your due. The key is how you look at yourself.

This works.

It is not your ego I am referring to. It is not vanity We are dallying with. Not at all. It is you who has to stand up and respect yourself. There is no other music you have to face. Now, finally, address yourself and give you your due.


Arcturian Group Message January 29, 2017 | Marilyn Raffaele


JANUARY 29, 2017

Dear ones,  in these times of global stress and conflict we remind you of the reality– that all is well and  proceeding according to plan.  Know that you are actors in a grand theatrical production written and produced by you.  The third dimension is not your real home and when you are once again back to your real home you will look on these times as powerful creations necessary to push the awareness of mankind  into remembering.
Resist the temptation to add more negative energy to world conditions, but instead consciously allow love to flow to them regardless of what you are seeing.  Love is all there is and is therefore the key to and the glue of every solution.  Outer conditions are quickly lifting many into the realization that love is the only power and thus the only solution to every situation.  Many who never before considered love beyond the human sense of it are awakening.
Love is the only solution because love is all there is.  Limited thinking would have you believe that love is only an emotion and it is this belief that holds many back from opening their heart to a higher sense of love.  Love is the essence of a consciousness of Oneness.  Everything within One can only be in and of that One–every life form made of the same substance and energetically connected.   This connecting energy is what the world calls love.
This does not mean that you are supposed to like everything see, or that you are not allowed an emotional response, but does mean that as spiritually evolved beings you are now able and required to start looking beyond appearances and recognize that what you are bearing witness to is the final act of a powerful play about separation, one that has for eons and still is serving as an  “awakening school”.
You are ready and it is time to move more fully into a consciousness of real Love–Love that is free of limiting three dimensional concepts  and that you live and express in  every experience of daily living.  Love is the realization of ONE.  As awakened individuals you are ready to begin to translate every situation, recognizing that the “bad guys” are Divine beings just as fully as the “good guys” within the evolutionary play.  Every time you do this, you add more Light to world consciousness.
Self cannot be left out of the equation but self love can be difficult for anyone still holding concepts about what constitutes valid spirituality.   Self love  becomes natural and judgement/self loathing  releases as individuals come to understand that negative emotions or experiences of the past or present are tools for deeper insight actually written into the play by self/Self.
Emotions can only be experienced if the energy of the particular emotion is resonating in one’s energy field–cellular memory, emotional body, etc.   Once you realize this, you are able use  your emotional responses as guides to understanding what you may still hold in your belief system.  Bless and thank all emotions  (this is loving self) when they arise instead of meeting them with  resistance in the belief that they are barriers to spirituality and something to be gotten rid of.
Higher dimensional frequencies automatically override the denser ones.  As you practice love, you will discover that the negative emotions disturbing you today are gradually fading  into the nothingness they really are and often without any awareness until the day comes when you realize that your responses  have drastically changed.
See and give gratitude for the perfection of the path of awakening you have chosen–the realization of Oneness attained through  experiences of separation.  Earth is a difficult school but one in which you yourselves have chosen to journey. There are souls on other planets evolving in less difficult ways without the intense sense of separation that is experienced on earth.  Graduation from “earth school” results in a PHD in Oneness because you have actually experienced a sense of separation.
Trust that all actions, emotions, and experiences are necessary facets of your evolutionary process.   At a certain point every soul chooses to awaken, and from then on nothing is random and there are no accidents.  The choice is often made on a higher level of consciousness when the Higher Self determines that “like it or not” an individual is ready.
Resist nothing dear ones, for resistance only bestows power onto something that has no power of its own to hold it in place, only the power of belief.  This is difficult in  these times of so much seeming turmoil.  Try not to immerse yourself in the news, negativity, and fear but instead use what you become aware of to practice truth realizing that nothing has power to separate you from who and what you are.
Yes, there is much you do not understand or resonate with right now but what you are witnessing is the struggle of the old  to remain intact.  The present outer scene is serving to awaken many who up to now have been content to live without real thought, simply accepting and  believing whatever they were told by governments, churches, leaders, experts etc., giving away their own innate power in the process.
Every individual must at some point embrace his true identity and claim his Divinely bestowed power–if not in this life time then another, but the energy is intensely present now for all  ready and choosing to do this.   You yourselves have chosen to be here for this energetic feast.  World conditions are serving to help a majority become aware of goings on that have been previously purposely swept under the rug for self gain.
Be not afraid dear ones, for the Light and all within it is held infinitely in place by Divine law, while the  illusions formed of false concepts and beliefs are simply balloons with their skins peeled off.
The energy of LOVE is the only energy and thus the only power.  Never forget this or allow yourselves to revert back to giving power to appearances.    Divine Love is all there is simply because it is all there is–One Divine omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient Consciousness.  If that is all there is, then how could there ever be anything real separate and apart from it?  What would it be made of?
The energy of the grand illusion of separation and its accompanying duality has formed the three dimensional world you have come to believe is the real world, but which in actuality it is the bottom rung of a very high ladder.
Mankind in general is in the process of moving up this evolutionary ladder.  Those of you reading these messages have already done so or they would make no sense to you.  However, in times of stress there remains for everyone the temptation to step back onto that familiar  bottom rung.
You are ready to integrate love in its truest form dear ones, a Love that recognizes the Divinity of every person , place, thing, experience, etc, and which NEVER excludes self because no one is or ever can be outside of ONE.
We are the Arcturian Group


A Better Life, a Better World ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

When you are able to see beyond the present circumstances of your life, when you are able to feel instead into the life that you are creating for yourself, that is when you become the creator being that you are destined to become. When you look at the world events in the present moment, and you can only see them as they appear to you, you are missing out.

You are missing out on an opportunity to feel for the world that you create whenever you see someone being oppressed, whenever you see countries at war, whenever you see corruption at the corporate or government levels. These are your opportunities for expansion. These are opportunities to call forth more energy to create something different, something brand new.

You’re just going to waste energy by railing against the corruption that you see, and you are just going to get depressed if you focus on what is not working for you in your personal life. When things are not the way that you want them to be, of course you must face the emotions that come up for you in response to those conditions, but it is much easier for you to face those emotions with your eyes closed. And with your eyes closed, you are not focused on the circumstances and events in your life and in the world around you.

You are focused on yourself. This is where you have the opportunity to enact your own policies. This is where you have the opportunity to connect with your own dreams, your own desires. And this is the opportunity that you have for feeling for what you are summoning forth, and then you can use that energy to create a better life, a better world, a better galaxy and universe for all beings.

We are all in this together, and when you summon forth that energy and allow it to flow, you join those like us who are not just observing and not just teaching. We are also co-creating. We are your partners, and we have just as much to gain from your creating a better universe as you do. So when you summon energy, we summon energy, and together we create peace, harmony, and love throughout this beautiful universe.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“You Can’t Catch Me!” | Heavenletters


God said:

Sometimes you feel that your Life has a Life of its own, that your Life is a runaway like the Little Gingerbread Boy in the folk tale where a little old woman baked gingerbread men. Gingerbread was her husband’s favorite food. One day, a newly- baked gingerbread boy, born with a Sense of Self, hopped out of the oven and ran off. The old man and woman chased the Little Gingerbread Boy who called back over his shoulder:

“Run, run as fast as you can.
You can’t catch me.
I’m the gingerbread man.”

Later, a cow and a horse and a chicken started chasing the Gingerbread Boy, and he called out over his shoulder:

“I’ve run away from a little old woman,
A little old man,
And I can run away from you, I can!”

And so the story goes. And so, it may seem to you that you can’t catch up with Life that is always hanging around the corner. To this day, and perhaps more and more, you haven’t caught up with the Little Gingerbread Boy. Life keeps whizzing along. You are still ready for a day off from life, a day where you are not chasing it, yet such a day never comes. You still wait for Life to slow down so you can catch up with it.

You wonder: “Where in Life is the pause that refreshes?”

Dear Children, how can it be that you need a day off from Life? This is your Life. Of course, it must be that you and your Life are close together. What does it mean that you feel Life must slow down so you can catch your breath? Life doesn’t go anywhere without you. You are precious to Life. Do you mean that it is your awareness of life that can’t draw a breath and get your hat on straight?

Can it be you who runs as fast as you can away from Life?

Do you see Life as, well, sort of, fly by night? Do you mean you are so caught up in drama, you don’t have a minute to think about even what journey you are on? Often you may feel jolted by life, sort of like your main connection with Life is out of joint, that you are ambling around while Life is flying past you, as if Life is like some kind of electric alarm system going off. Out of breath, you may notice all you can do is to hang onto Life Itself as you barely clasp it.

“Is this then Life?” is a question posed for a composition or oratory in the past when Life gave time to be thought about.

You say to Me within yourself:

“How would I know what Life is? I could be the last to know — I am holding on to dear Life with all I’ve got. How could I have a clue about what I’m doing? I’m giving all my might to trying to live a Life and come out unscathed. How would I have a chance to know who or what I am, dear God? More and more I feel that I may not even exist. I’m kind of a hanger-on, pretending I fit in, when I don’t even know what it is I am trying to fit into. Sometimes I feel I have been miscast, God. I don’t even know how I got here let alone who I am. God, yes, it feels like I’m a trespasser in my own so-called Life.”

Dear One, is this so bad? You have slowed down enough to ask yourself some questions. You have slowed down enough to know that you are crossing Unknown Seas.


The Fifth Dimensional Way ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

When you allow another to be as they are, to think as they think, and to do as they do, you are in harmony with your world. When you are in harmony with your world, you don’t see anything that anyone else is doing, thinking, or saying as a threat to you living your life as you want to live it.

You see, it is your belief that someone else is going to interfere with your ability to live the life that you want to live that keeps you from living it. It is your belief that the forces outside of you have more control over your life than you do that puts you in a position where you then feel like you have to stop them, or at the very least, you have to stop them from doing something.

When you are in alignment with the universe, when you are accepting what is, and when you are able to live and let live, the universe opens itself up to you. Once you take your attention off of those you believe are preventing you from living the life of your dreams, new possibilities find their way to you.

You can live in harmony on your world. It is possible. It is just not necessary to convince anyone else of anything. It is not necessary to stop anyone else from doing anything. It is not necessary for everyone else to evolve. It is up to you to have the relationship with your universe that you want to have.

And all of it begins with simple awareness. When you are aware of your state of being, and when you are aware of your beliefs, you can do something about them. So that is one more way that all of you can wake up from the third-dimensional way of approaching reality. You can wake up to the full knowing that you are beings of infinite power who have ultimate control, and an ability to create that goes beyond anyone else’s ability to get in your way.

This is the fifth dimensional way. It is the way of knowing yourselves as the creator beings that you truly are, and it is the way of letting everyone else create whatever reality they want to experience.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Sing a New Tune | Heavenletters


God said:

I ask you:

What emotion are you going through right now? Irritation? Outright anger? Are you kicking yourself because you didn’t speak up for yourself, or kicking yourself because you spoke up too much?

Either way, you may feel you are in a sorrowful shape. Whatever you’re upset about now, walk through to the present and correct it. What you accomplish is tantamount to reliving anguish and reliving it again. You’re good at reliving it, yet not good at all at getting rid of it once and for all.

You would give a lot not to be the fool you have been. Kicking yourself doesn’t express the weight of the burden you carry. Beating yourself up doesn’t say enough.

What is it exactly that you are trying to undo?

It has been said that whatever it may be you are upset at, it is really something else. Perhaps, if you knew what the cause of this anguish really is, you could throw it away once and for all. Well, not so much throw it away as to rise above its slings and arrows.

What is this guilt you carry that is unbearable to the point that you suffer for it again and again? It is not cut and dried. For some it is what you are guilty of letting slide, perhaps under the mask of not hurting someone’s feelings yet masterfully hurting your own. And for some, it is putting your feelings before someone else’s feeling, and then regretting this. Your theme may be: “With rue, my heart is laden.”

One way or another, you rue and rue again, and what the whole basis for this really is, no one seems to know.

You are beginning to get a clue as to what all this ruing amounts to – and that is more ruing.

“You sat down by the waters of Babylon, and you wept…”

You would give a lot to release all this ruing that has made you its slave. You rue rue. If you knew how, you would give up rue.

It feels like a spell that you crave to wake up from. It seems like some kind of acne you can’t get rid of, some kind of chronic torment you live with.

You are more powerful than you allow yourself to know. Instead of badmouthing yourself, do some good-mouthing yourself. It’s like you have been under a spell by a bad witch, yet the bad witch who set the spell is no one but you. Of course, you can say that someone far back in your life caused it, and this is also true, yet it is you who has been continuing to play the message back. Turn off that recorder. Record something else in your mind. Say to yourself now:

“Whatever I have drummed into myself, I change it now. Now I am free from undue influence from the past. The past’s tenure is ending. I am a Being of God. As a Being of God, I am free to sing a new song. In fact, it is my responsibility to do so. I announce to myself that I am replacing this old troublesome recording with a new truthful recording.

“I ask You, God, to put Your words into my mouth so that I can think, speak, write, and live the Words You say. Put these thoughts in my heart so I am of a new Heart and Mind. No longer do I wish to go down the Road of Redemption. If I know You at all, God, I know that You have already redeemed me, or You state I never did need redemption. If somehow I did, You already redeemed me, and that is the end of that. Now I reclaim myself. The past has ended, and I am now in my Truth under You, God.”

Dear Ones, according to Our Joint Will, the Holy You and the Wholly Perceived God Who I AM, you are now free of all the past that has held you back, and, now, here, I provide a good lunch for you to replace all negativity. Beginning now, any negativity stored within you cannot stay.

Consider yourself newly washed in the Waters of Babylon. This is a new day, and it is yours for the asking. Give it to yourself.


Pushing Your Buttons – The Council


We hear you saying “Something big is happening!” Please know that you are feeling, as one enormous impression, the accumulation of an uncountable number of changes that we have been speaking of for years. As more and more of these changes come to fruition, there will be moments when that feeling will push itself to the forefront of your consciousness.

Sometimes you will ascribe it to one current thing, such as a wave of incoming energy, for instance. And at other times you will just be at a loss for a cause of the feeling. But if you are able to stretch out your senses enough, you will almost always be able to sense the building momentum of planet-wide change.

One of the things that is becoming obvious is that individuals are having their ‘buttons pushed’. There are a great many necessary changes that have not yet begun to manifest. And time is running a little short now due to what has been a great resistance to change. Status quo has seemed best to many who wished to hold on to their position, power, and luxury, things that are truly ephemeral at best. What you have done as a group is to incarnate in places and in soul groups that would react in certain ways if certain things came to be. In other words, you would explode if someone pushed your buttons.

Well, those buttons are, in many cases, being pushed, some intentionally and some not. But the button pushers are finding that you are not as easy to control as they assumed you would be. And they will find that the results of things that they set into motion expand in directions they do not anticipate. For instance, someone decides to threaten someone else with a demonstration of female power. But now, you see, there are many millions of women all over your globe who have seen unmistakably exactly how much power they have. And now it may be a better idea to avoid doing that again.

We have spoken recently about the head-spinning amount of change that you will experience during this time. And if you keep your eyes open, you may now see that happening. It has not yet reached its full force. And much of it is still being kept from you, but you may rest assured that your lives are truly in the midst of a vast flood of change. Some of this must happen as older structures just will not be able to continue. That which is built on fear, on control, on darkness will not be able to continue. Not every change will be comfortable for everyone. But you are on the way to the new world you have dreamed of.

So, how do you get through this time? We would say, deal with what you need to deal with today. Today practice being the heart-centered being that you have learned you are. You do not have to deal with everything that is going on in everyone else’s life. It is not imperative that you know about everything that is happening in every city and countryside on your planet. We are not saying that you should not be compassionate. We are saying that you will have enough to be compassionate about where you are. That is why you are there. There will be compassionate hearts aplenty in those other places. And that is why they are there. Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to anchor the light where you are. But we assure you that our secretaries will not disavow knowledge of your actions. To the contrary, you, where you are, how you are, who you are, are writing history you can only dream of.

We will remind you of what we were saying to you a short few years ago. It was not believed that you could accomplish all that you have. But you did. You have changed the destiny of an entire planet. And this is change that is so far reaching as to be unimaginable.

You are the saviors of yourselves. You are the co-creators of a new world. You are the furthest thing possible from powerless. Know that and you cannot fail.


 There are two published books available on Amazon that contain the collected messages received by Ron Head (that’s me). The first is The Wisdom of Michael, available HERE, and the second is It Rings True, Available HERE. A third book is being compiled now.

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 27th January 2017


You are involved in making mammoth changes, that when you look back will be seen as the turning point in the history of the Earth. They are necessary to sweep away that which would have held you back, and make way for changes that will set the scene for the New Age to commence. The dark Ones no longer have sufficient control to dictate the way in which the future progresses. They are also going to feel the consequences of losing access to unlimited funding for their black projects. They are also finding it impossible to tightly control operations on Earth, and people who have been reluctant to come out with what they know, are now feeling the courage to do so. It all adds up to a shift in the powers upon Earth, and those working for the Light no longer feel so restricted. President Trump has a list of important changes he wishes to make and will lose no time in putting them into place.

Because most people do not know what has been taking place on Earth, they cannot understand what is happening, or the reasons behind the changes. However, in the course of time it will become quite clear, particularly with the coming official announcement of the new Republic of the United States. Events are due to happen quite quickly and you can be sure that those carrying out positive actions are protected by the higher Forces of Light. Your destiny and that of the Earth is to ascend, and the changes will continue in preparation for such a momentous event. So try to understand that the changes are necessary even if they cause some discomfort. One day you will look back and see that everything that occurred was directed towards fulfilling the prophesies in connection with the New Age.

News of events is very much controlled and the dark Ones still have sufficient power to restrict what you read. Consequently you will be unable to read of the true nature of what is occurring, but with discretion can find sufficient information on the Internet to get a general understanding. As the changes increase more sources will open up that are prepared to give out the truth. What is happening in the skies above you is again not reported, and has reached a point where craft from many sources including those from off Earth are engaged in a battle for supremacy. However, there is a protective shield around the Earth that is keeping out unwanted intruders.

The Cabal is losing its grip of the events taking place on the Earth, and that could lead to the downfall of the Hierarchy. Be assured however that your destiny has already been decided and you will end up victorious as you continue your way to Ascension. It has been decreed by those who are in control of events upon Earth, so no matter if things should appear otherwise, you cannot lose the battle as you will eventually see. Matters do normally proceed quite slowly but you are in a period when they will speed up quite a bit, and make up for lost time. You have been very patient and we recommend keeping calm regardless of the provocation, as it is so important that you keep your vibrations as high as possible. Otherwise the dark Ones will benefit from it, which is why they deliberately cause as much trouble, fear and confusion as possible.

For those who desire to tell others, be sure that they are ready for such information. Too much can sometimes have a frightening effect and achieve the opposite to what was intended. Ensure people realise that the cleansing is for the good of all souls, and is part of the plan to bring the New Age into being. The timing of changes is difficult to forecast as the situation has to be at a certain stage for them to take place. Of prime concern is the safety of those involved, so action will not be taken that may endanger their lives. There are a whole sequence of events lined up that will carry you forward with all speed, and it is important that they are not interrupted or stalled for any reason. Be assured that the plan for disclosure has been well thought out, and allowances have been made for a change of direction should it be necessary.

The time is approaching when you shall see the Inner Earth Beings come to the surface. They will naturally wait for a suitable time when any likely threat to them has been removed. Having evolved much further than Humans, they will have a lot to offer that will help you to go speeding ahead with changes that will propel into the New Age. There are also other civilisations that will help you and do so in the spirit of mutual friendship. It will be a new experience for many of you and very uplifting after all of the negativity you have encountered.

With the coming of revelations about your experiences upon Earth, you will be well tested as to your ability to hold back from seeking revenge upon those who are guilty of crimes against Humanity. However, you must not allow yourselves to seek it as justice will be carried out by those best suited to deal with such crimes. They come from the higher realms and are very experienced in dealing with such matters. They are totally of the Light and will seek to lift up the guilty ones to the higher vibrations, so as to give them an opportunity to rise up again. No one is considered as a lost soul without every effort being made to return them to the Light.

It is only in recent times that you have begun to realise that you have been living in a dream world that has little to do with your true reality. You have often been working your way through a jungle of lies and deceit, not that your experiences have been wasted, far from it as they have given you immense strength with which to be a mentor to others facing the lower dimensions. You have successfully battled your way through whatever challenges have confronted you. You now stand as one who can confidently face the Beings who believe that might is right, and have no love or understanding for other races that have evolved beyond such beliefs.

You might believe that those who are the dark Ones should be left to their own fate, and certainly they are allowed to experience as they chose. However, all their actions carry responsibility for the outcome, and will not be overcome until they realise the truth. God does not wish to see souls permanently consigned to the darkness and encourages those of the Light to help them out of their false beliefs. Time is the healer but some souls are so embedded in them that they cannot comprehend a better way of life. Each soul that turns to the Light will be welcomed with open arms and given every help to lift themselves up again.

I know that outwardly great confusion exists upon Earth, but as things become clearer it will be seen that there is a positive purpose in what is happening. So I will leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.


Website: Tree of the Golden Light


The Precipice of The Shift ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

Bringing yourselves to this particular point in time has taken quite a bit out of you. You have many scars, many wounds, and carry with you many traumas, but they have all helped you get to where you are today. And where are you today, you might wonder? You’re at the precipice of a global shift in consciousness. You’re at a time of awakening, not just of the human consciousness, but of the Earth itself.

This event was planned. It was something you all signed up for as an experience, and we want you to understand that. We want you to know that you don’t need to earn your way to ascension. It is not as though you suffered your way to this point in time. Everything that you’ve experienced that has given you cause to feel pain, suffering, and so many other things has been also about giving yourselves the opportunity to have those experiences.

You can only have those experiences from a third-dimensional interpretation of reality. And now that you are shifting, you don’t need to continue to create those types of scenarios for yourselves. You’ve moved past the desire even to create those types of scenarios. We also want you to understand that this journey is not about learning lessons. It’s not about becoming better human beings.

It’s about giving yourselves experiences so that you can make informed decisions. Once you realize how a certain decision feels when you make it, you then give yourselves that information, which allows you to make a more informed decision next time. You are becoming more of who you are, and that is also something that is preordained. It’s not up for debate, and it’s not in question.

You’re going to always feel attracted to the Source Energy vibration that is at your very core, and how you get there is always up to you. So now as you stand in this point in time, it is to your benefit to draw from all of the experiences that you’ve had in this lifetime and in every other to make more informed decisions about how you move forward.

So invite in that information, especially before you fall asleep at night. Invite it in because it is yours and yours alone, and it serves you very well to have as much of your history at your disposal as you possibly can. Your history propels you forward into the future, the future which is also the past. It is the past because you are returning home to the Source Energy that you originally emerged from.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton