Create Your Reality Using 5D Technology ∞The Pleiadian High Council of 7


“We are the Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and we are pleased to offer you our words of wisdom.

As you recognize the futility of creating your reality using third-dimensional methods, you clear the way for something that is much more effective and certainly faster. We are talking about fifth-dimensional technology. We are talking about creating your reality with your energy.

You are the creator of your reality, but what you sometimes fail to recognize is that you are also the tool that you use to create your reality. What do we mean by that? Well, you are beings of energy. Your energy is what you utilize to create everything. You utilize your energy to create your physical body. You utilize your energy to create the environment around you. And of course you utilize your energy to create experiences like thoughts and emotions. And when we say, ‘your energy,’ we really mean you, the real you.

So it really does serve you to get in touch with you, with who you are. It really is the only game in town to play with your own energy fluctuations. Now how do you modify yourself in order to shift the way that you are vibrating as energy? We recommend taking a multi-layered, multi-tiered approach to this. We recommend seeing yourself as a holistic expression of that energy.

So yes, your actions still count and your thoughts still count. And we are not suggesting that you simply sit in a quiet, dark room meditating on your own energy because that would bore you. And as we said, you need to take a holistic approach to this business of shifting your energy, shifting your self to the higher frequencies. So it is a team effort.

You want to get your body on board. You want to get your thoughts on board. You want to get your emotions on board. You want to take the actions that support the vibration that you want to hold. So it is really about paying attention and recognizing that which is of the frequency that serves your highest good and that which is not.

And sometimes in order to let go of something that is of a lower frequency, you must face it. You must face that belief. You must face that judgment. You must face that past life circumstance or event. And so that is what you are doing. Some of you are just doing it more willingly than others.

So the single most important thing you could in your efforts to create your reality, using the fifth-dimensional technology of yourselves is to pay attention. And as you do, you will notice what is of service to you and what is not, and then you will choose wisely.

We are the Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and we are very fond of all of you. That is all.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Extreme Waves of Energy ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are able to give you a reading on the current energetic situation on planet Earth, and it looks like there are waves of energy moving around with high highs and low lows within them. What this means is that you are giving yourselves one last look and taste of extreme polarities. If you feel that you are being tossed around, or if you feel like you are high one minute and low the next, it is a result of you encountering these waves that are executing a plan.

They have the intention of showing you how much polarity there still is, but they also have the purpose of giving you the choice to let go of that way of living. When you feel done with the rollercoaster ride, you will choose something that is less extreme and less polarized. You will feel more heart-centered, more present and more grounded, because you will have found the stability within yourself that is necessary in order to experience these waves of extremity.

You will demonstrate to yourselves that you can handle the downs. You know you can handle the ups, but when the downs come along, and they are measured against such extreme ups, it can be very challenging for you to maintain any sort of equilibrium. No matter where you are and no matter what you are feeling, it is always going to benefit you to return to your center, to find your balance point, and to look for stability within yourself, rather than in the events and circumstances of your life.

Even in a state of complete chaos, you can find your center and you can operate from your heart. You can let these waves toss you around and be the cause of your loss of hope, or you can use them as an opportunity to decide once and for all what type of life experience you would like to have as you move forward. It is entirely up to you. The choice is yours.

We suggest that you say your goodbyes to extreme polarity. And even when in the midst of one of the lows you will be able to find the strength to get through it, because you will know that this type of rollercoaster ride is on its way out. It is the third dimensional experience, and you are simply having one last go round before you leave it all behind for the much more peaceful experience of the fifth dimension.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

We want you to C E L E B R A T E ! Yes, CELEBRATE!

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Saul Audio Blog for Sunday March 12th

Humanity’s awakening process is accelerating very rapidly, so “hang onto your hats!”  On the mainstream news you see and hear increasing numbers of stories of large scale deceit and corruption being uncovered and investigated.  Corruption is and has been endemic on Earth for eons, but until very recently all the instances that were made public were of a relatively minor nature.  That has changed, drastically.  Love is honest and open, and the Tsunami of Love is flooding the world over and over again, and more and more of you are accepting its loving embrace and choosing to engage with the world around you lovingly instead of fearfully, and that is a massive change in attitude and intent.

Those of you who read and channel this kind of spiritual material are increasing in numbers daily, and the effect of your loving individual energy fields…

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As We Shift – Ascension Fatigue – Sophia Love


There is, perhaps, a diminished tension in the air, while a remaining floating physical stress remains.  Waking up is a lot to do (both literally and figuratively). Once awake, the sense of reckless shots of forceful energy blasts are not as prevalent as they once were.  What persists though, is a sort of fatigue. To muster enthusiasm for new projects or endeavors is a bit of a struggle. What’s weighing us down?  What force threatens to keep us pinned to the mattress each morning?

Contemplation leads us to a specific culprit. It is, I suspect, a symptom of this gradual 3D release.
There is no blueprint for this transformed human.  We are a WIP; work in progress. As we shed non-supportive patterns and let go of heavy attachments, there are parts of us new, bits of us reforming, and some of us still deciding what to hang on to and what to release.  We are doing this without instructions and we are doing a great job!

Watch carefully and you’ll see evidence in your every day.  Just today, one of my friends shared with me the fact that he and a mutual co-worker had reached a compromise.  They decided they were both right. Until this now, they’d been mostly arguing.

Other pieces of evidence spring from the children. One of them comforted a staff member when a mistake was made.  One more told me today, as he played a game with a younger child, that he’d “take care of her” so I could work with some of his older classmates. 😉 Still another left our table to engage and instruct a much younger child in a different and more age appropriate activity. All of this without request or instruction by myself or any professional in the room.

These may seem like unimportant moments.  Yet most days include a cacophony of “Me first!”, “I’m right!” and “Look at me!”; with little, if any, regard for anyone else.  These are minor miracles, indicative of major alterations.

It is the children who will first express the deep nature of this incoming energy. They are showing it in the way they watch and subsequently attempt to help each other. There is an emerging sense of collaboration.

In a place where self-love is consistently felt, the desire for constant reinforcement diminishes. This is what I see in the majority of interactions.

There is also a struggle witnessed in some. I’m happy to report that this is not most. The struggle is evidenced in their ever-increasing staunch refusal to be challenged or pulled closer. Their demand for authority, their refusal of close emotional contact. These are the hold outs. It is for them we must retain our vigilance.

It may appear they have no need of our approach or comfort or attention.  They would be the first to assure you that “they’ve got this”.  For sure they do. Yet our moments now are not superficial or isolated. In our choices to either embrace or refuse, we telegraph our answer.  Are we separate and isolated? Are we united and together? In each moment, we decide.

What I feel lately is an increasing degree of discomfort with those who cross their arms across their chests and declare their truth.  A far more comfortable place to be in, is that place or person or organization with open arms and listening ears.  Choose carefully where you are standing, for in each moment we announce our intention.

There’s been speculation around how we give our answer.  If you are not sure of the question, it’s being asked of you in the headlines as well as your relationships – “Unity or Polarity?” We are giving our answer in every choice and intent.  There will be a “you can’t erase your previous answer” moment, at some point. We aren’t there yet.

The polarity shouted from the news begins in our everyday relations.  What we are reading and watching is orchestrated to divide us. It won’t work if in our hearts, we are unified.

This is a gradual unfolding. We are not being asked to let go of every belief.  Only those that do not support a sovereign people.

It can be hard to release things you imagined were holding this life together; things like rules and systems and even a sense of history or god.  These things we imagined were the bedrock of society.

This switch will uncover the real foundation of society, and that would be us. For society is an extension of the individual. It rises and falls on what you hold to be deeply true.

Hold fast to your heart and realize in every moment you can love.  It is in each small choice to accept and welcome, that mastery resides. This is the choice before you now. It is one you’ve gladly taken on.  You knew you could do this. You are in the perfect place to get this done.

You are the one’s we’ve been waiting for.

With so much love,

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Raising Your Vibration ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

In your attempts to bring yourselves into a higher frequency state, you often employ mantras and visualizations. These are meant to trigger the higher vibrational states within you. And certainly you can have a very high vibrational experience with a visualization, a fantasy, or a mantra that you repeat and that is self-affirming.

We want you to use all the tools that you have at your disposal, including actions, to raise your vibration. So we are not about to rain on anyone’s parade here. What we do want to accomplish in this transmission is to convince you that the raising of your vibration is something that happens nearly automatically when you go within and you put your attention on that particular desire.

Certainly, when you are in a very low frequency state, you have your work cut out for you. It is going to be a gradual process of releasing the lower frequency energies and allowing in the higher frequency ones. So you may not see or feel the effects of your attempt right away, but this is where trust comes in and this is where discernment comes in as well.

Trust us when we tell you that your desire to raise your vibration has an instantaneous effect. It puts your attention on that which you desire to experience, and we also want to encourage you to use your discernment to feel your way into the higher frequency ranges. You may have been taught to mantra your way, or think your way in some way to the higher vibrational states of being. And again, we want you to use all of the tools at your disposal.

We just want you to recognize when something is effective and when it is not. So repeating a mantra without checking to see whether it’s actually affecting your vibration is an exercise in futility. A visualization in a state of anxiety is not getting you closer to that which you are visualizing about.

Tuning yourself to the frequency you are offering is a talent, it is a skill, and it is an art form. So use everything at your disposal to get you better attuned to whatever frequency you’re offering. And most of all, listen. Listen to the subtleties that are being offered. Feel them. Acquaint yourselves with them.

Get accustomed to recognizing when you are moving in the right direction vibrationally. And again, trust that your efforts are not in vain. You are always heard by this universe. You are always supported when you are raising your vibration, and every moment of every day you are surrounded by higher frequency energies that are encouraging you to let go of what no longer serves you, to let go of that which is a low frequency, and to let in the fifth dimensional energies.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Sensing Energy ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

It is one of your greatest strengths, and yet you rarely acknowledge yourselves for it. We are talking about your ability to sense energy, to vibe something out. When you realize that you have this ability and that you use it all the time, then you also must acknowledge that your ability to sense energy gives you an ability to create using energy as well.

Being able to discern differences in vibration is a true talent. It is a gift. Those of you who have been on your conscious journey for quite some time also realize that you are, and have been, empaths. What this means is that you are sensitive to energy. By being sensitive to energy, you know precisely what energy is needed to create something, and you know intuitively how to access it.

You access it within you, of course. You are the source of all of the energy that you experience. You are the creator of this reality, and when you acknowledge that all energy that you could ever want to access is within you, then you are really on to something. Then it just becomes a matter of what you want to create.

Something else that comes along with this gift is your ability to know what your desires feel like. Once you get a firm handle on what your desires feel like, then you have everything that you need. You have your ability to sense and discern energy, you have all of that energy that you need inside of you, and you know precisely which energies are going to take you to the desire that you hold within you.

Being sensitive means that you are very specific about the way you want to feel, and the way that you deserve to feel is as good as you can possibly feel. Letting go of your belief in limitation is a key component to stepping in to your power as a conscious creator being. Remind yourself over and over of what we have transmitted here, and it will help you to create the precise reality and the precise feelings that you do want to experience.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Why I Post Channeled Material



First off, let me say that I use discernment in deciding what I post and share with others. And upon reading this material, I strongly urge everyone to use their own personal discernment.

Looking thru a Google search on ‘what does personal discernment mean’ returned numerous results, including some with a ‘christian/Jesus’ slant. Ultimately, the basic meaning is shown with synonyms such as, wisdom, insight and perception, and these are used by everybody in many areas of life.

For me, the gut feeling and/or chills in my body are good indicators that something is worth following up on and/or sharing with others. These physical clues, along with mental indicators are part of my personal discernment skill. I’ve found this skill/ability has been refined and strengthened over time for me. and I try not to second guess myself. You could say that ‘that little voice inside my head has gotten stronger and is less timid than it used to be’. Hence this writing and my new blog Inner Revelations, which I just started and includes more of my writing (which also just appeared this year).

A different time, and we continue to grow and change, sometime in ways unexpected but interesting none the less.

❤ Denise

Articles referred to in the writing of this blog post were The Meaning of Namaste: Many Translations, One Universal Intention and 20 Spiritual Awakening Symptims That Change Your Life Forever.


Let Source Energy Flow ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

It is time for all of you to recognize how significant you are. It is time for you to realize that what you are is more important than what you do. It is more important than what you say, more important than what you write, and certainly more important than what you believe.

You are powerful beings who have massive amounts of untapped creative potential. If you could work together, join forces with your fellow humans and direct your energies on something that would be beneficial to all, you would demonstrate to yourselves how powerful you are.

However, each individual must first recognize that you are able to access more Source Energy through yourselves than you have ever dreamed possible. When you are capable of bringing Source Energy through your unique perspective, you are able to add so much to this world of yours, and to the entire universe. This is truly where your significance lies.

You change the world by bringing through more of that high frequency Source Energy. Now often you seek a mission, a purpose, or some goal to achieve that will summon forth the Source Energy that we are talking about, the Source Energy that is so powerful when grounded into the physical reality. But just by living your lives, just by having your relationships with each other, and by at times just struggling to get by, you are doing all of the summoning that is necessary.

You see, it doesn’t matter why you are summoning forth more of that energy. It only matters that you allow it to flow through you, and then we encourage you to recognize how your uniqueness puts a particular flavor on the energy that you bring through. It is a flavor that only you can add to the Source Energy that you ground into the physical.

It is your uniqueness, combined with your ability to access Source Energy and allow it to flow, that makes you so important. There is not one of you who is more important than any other. You are all equal in your diversity. You are all fully capable of bringing through more energy and putting your stamp on it.

If you were to just take five minutes of your time every day to seek out a place within yourself where you can access more of that Source Energy and allow it to flow, think of the impact you would have. Imagine how powerful you could be and feel if you could radiate that Source Energy out, even for just five minutes of your time. And as you demonstrate to yourselves just how good that feels, you will want to do it for longer. You will want to feel the flow of Source moving through you, and everyone and everything will benefit without you having to lift a finger.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Humans are Waking Up: For First Time in Recorded History, Schumann Resonance Jumping to 36+ – 2nd Feb 2017 – By Edward Morgan @Prepare for Change

Dawn of Divine Rays

Good news for the lay Spiritual Beings – We are all ‘waking up’!

We are transitioning towards higher consciousness – higher vibrational level/s etc. Keep up with being unconditional, loving, kind, compassionate and positive intentions.

We will be victorious over the dark era .. Listen to music that makes you happy .. and keep up the good work .. .and keep on … going on.

We love, bless and thank you. Namaste


On 1/31/2017, for the first time in recorded history, the Schumann Resonance has reached frequencies of 36+. This is a big deal. In 2014, it was considered anomalous for the frequency to have risen…

>>>   Read on …

Source: Humans are Waking Up: For First Time in Recorded History, Schumann Resonance Jumping to 36+ – Prepare for Change

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Non-interference – The Council


There is a subject that we feel we must address at this time. This is a period of very chaotic energies. We want you to know that you would be better served to keep yourselves focused in ways that would keep you from interfering with those outcomes that you have dedicated yourselves to achieving. Now, what do we mean by that? What are we seeing that you, from your viewpoints, do not?

You have been carefully conditioned throughout your lives to rally against things that you do not agree with. You have even been taught to have wars against some of those things. Sometimes the wars against those things actually distract you from the successful practice of the very things you are fighting against, or at least those things that you are told you are fighting against. We will point out your ‘war on drugs’ as an example.

Your Greek philosopher, Plato, your current oracles whom you know as Abraham, and even ourselves have, in one way or another pointed out to you that you are far better served to focus upon what you desire than to allow yourselves to be drawn into the energy of opposition to things you do not want. This is absolutely true. And when heeded, especially in groups, great things may be accomplished in short amounts of time.

There is a place for such things. They can easily focus attention and bring large numbers of people together. However, we would have you see that the sooner you can transform those energies into more positive intentions, the more powerfully your energies may be.

Currently you are allowing your energies to be put into total chaos. You are being kept divided against each other. You know you are in a time of momentous possibility, but we see that your energy is being dissipated as it actually is interfering with the progress you intend to create. We are not telling you that your causes are wrong. We are saying that re-thinking your focus into more positive channels would serve you much better. As an example, how many of your different movements could easily come together under a banner of crusading for environmentally safe, renewable energy sources? Who is campaigning for the better health care that you all want? When are you marching for those things? Have you noticed that whenever ideas like that begin to emerge, they are easily sidetracked by simply slapping a label on them and then referring to them in a derogatory manner? Tree huggers. Kooks. It really is done too easily.

Now, what we are speaking of is simply your own use of your own thought, your own focus, your own energy. Do you see how many times we have used that word? Energy. At the core of this is the fact that you are the energy that produces things in your world. And whether you come together in groups over coffee or simply think alike, that energy, when it adds itself to that from others just like you, is far more powerful than you know. Why do so many spend so much time and effort to keep you distracted or to direct your thinking? Do you think it is because they know you are powerless? They need you to think in the ways they wish you to, or to at least allow what you do not see.

Now most of what we have just said is not news to any of you. You are aware of these things. But we see too many being distracted, or even being made fearful, by the shenanigans, and stories about shenanigans that are swirling around your heads. When your feelings are affected, withdraw for a moment and re-focus. Continue creating that which you desire. Continue living in joy and happiness. And know that the change that is engulfing you must result in the world you wish to live in, even if you cannot see how to get there from here. So be it.


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