Separation is unreal, and has not and never will occur.

Jesus through John

As you wait most expectantly, and filled with excitement for the grand awakening, it is essential that you continue to visit the holy inner sanctuaries deep within yourselves every day to reset the intent to be only loving whatever arises. You are all Love incarnate, but for the most part you become so busy with your daily human lives, and distracted from the reality of who you truly are by the stress of those daily lives as humans, that you remain in your illusory or dream-like state of unawareness of your authentic nature. The world of form seems very real, because this was your intention when you built it, and this is indeed very confusing for you as you live within it today.

Visiting your holy inner sanctuaries and resetting your loving intent reminds you, for a moment or two, that you are Love incarnate, then you get re-distracted by…

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Every one of you is an absolutely indispensable master craftsman.

Jesus through John

Good day to you all, and, despite any worries or anxieties you may be feeling, it is a very good day. Humanity is awakening rapidly, the main event is very close now, and, of course, there is only Now! Yes, I and many others have told you that again and again to assist you to come to an awareness of the unreality of time. In fact your most recent science has come to the realization that time is flexible and variable, changeable, and therefore unreal, even though it continues to seemingly flow from the past through the present to the future. And as you can choose to be aware that there is only now, you are, therefore, always in the now; you may remember the past and dream of or dread the future, but you always do that now. When you allow yourselves to accept that, then fears and anxieties…

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Only Love is Real.

Jesus through John

As you are well aware humanity is awakening right now! This is God’s Will, God’s Will for humanity, and God’s Will always comes to fruition just as intended, and His Will is always for eternal peace, joy, and harmonious cooperation throughout heaven – Reality. When you awaken and see the divine gardens of heaven, their brilliance and beauty will most joyfully astound you. To awaken is your divine and fully assured destiny, and the moment for that to happen is closer than you can possibly imagine.

Renew your faith and trust in God regularly during your day, because doing so magnificently intensifies the power and effect of your individual human energy fields as they interact with each other all across Planet Earth. Your presence in form now is an irreplaceable and essential aspect of the collective awakening process, and it is why you chose to be on Earth at this…

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To awaken is to know yourselves as Love incarnate.

Jesus through John

We are, to put it human terms, working over time here in the spiritual realms as the human collective continues to move rapidly toward the grand and momentous event – your collective awakening! It truly is very, very close! Yes, we have for many years now been telling you that your awakening is close, that it will happen soon, and that was true. But time, as you experience it in the unreal environment of pure materialism, is variable, it is not a constant one directional flow, as it appears to you, and therefore it makes it difficult for us to address it in a way that makes sense to you. Having made that clarification, I will say again “Your moment of awakening is very close.”

Remember there is only now, and you can experience now, as many of you have, by going into a deep meditative state. Be of…

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Your awakening is divinely assured and guaranteed.

Jesus through John

As you await humanity’s collective awakening with eager anticipation, practice being in the ‘now’ as frequently as you can during the day and allow yourselves to enjoy the moments as they unfold. Doing this is very healing for you if you are dealing with trauma that you are in the process of releasing. You have all suffered trauma, and for each of you it has been personal, very intense, and has probably stirred up old emotions you had forgotten or did not even know were within you. Do not attempt to diminish those feelings by comparing what you have experienced to the experiences of other far more horrifically traumatized people you know of or who you have read about. YOUR experience, whatever may have caused it, was intensely traumatic for YOU, so honor and congratulate yourself for dealing with it as you did, knowing and acknowledging that how you dealt…

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You are Divine.

Jesus through John

We, your individual support teams in the non-physical realms, are with each one of you constantly, in every moment, offering you love and comfort if you choose to open yourselves to receive it from us. You are never alone, even when it perhaps feels to you that you are alone, or even abandoned. You have all experienced trauma during infancy and childhood, which has often left enormous emotional scars. Those traumas have passed, they are over, but when you revisit them – retelling yourselves your (hi)stories – you bring the resultant emotions into the present with almost as much intensity as you felt at the time that they happened; you bring the dead back to life! Mostly, of course, you had to shut them down back then, bury them below the level of your conscious awareness because it was not safe, and far too emotionally painful for you to express…

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You are the beloved children of God, forever inseparably in Her Presence.

Jesus through John

All are One, there is only One. You, each and every one of you are One with the One. It is that simple. The divisiveness and separation that you experience as humans in form is extremely confusing for you because, for the brief moment that you spend in form, experiencing the pain and suffering of separation, that state of separation appears to your human senses to be very Real. It is NOT! Reality is One, and the sense of separation that you are all experiencing is completely unreal.

The One in Whom you all have your eternal existence is Consciousness, the Effusion of life that flows through your human bodies, the infinite field of energy in which all of Creation, which is God, which is infinite loving Wisdom, or, if you prefer, Love is forever extending Itself in glorious harmony for the joy of All. Every sentient being – every…

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It is utterly impossible to be separated from Source.

Jesus through John

We are all one, and yet as humans in form that is not what you experience, and the reason for this is that you made a collective choice and decision to construct an unreal environment in which to experience the unreal, the impossible – separation from Source. And that is what you are experiencing, each one of you by your own individual choices because, by choosing to engage with unreality, you insisted on experiencing the individuality of separation instead of the unity of Oneness.And that choice remains an insane illusion. It is utterly impossible to be separated from Source, there is nowhere to separate to. It is a little like very small children putting their hands in front of their faces and thinking that you can no longer see them! God sees you, knows you, and is with you in every moment because you and He are One. You…

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You and M/F/G are in complete harmony in every moment.

Jesus through John

You are all dearly loved – infinitely loved by our loving Father. You always have been and you always will be because the Love of God is eternal and unchanging. Therefore there is nothing you can do to alter this divine truth. As you live your human lives you frequently experience doubts about God’s love for you because, from early infancy, you have all experienced some, or maybe much, shaming and punishment by those who were responsible for your well-being, and having naturally assumed that those who are caring for you are good, you therefore concluded (in very early life!) that there must be something wrong with you. This sense of not being good enough, of being unworthy, is very deeply ingrained, and I want to help you to dissolve every aspect of it so that you can come to a deep understanding of its total invalidity, as you awaken…

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You have chosen to enormously limit your full awareness.

Jesus through John

As you are all well aware, humanity is at a major moment of change, a turning point in its spiritual evolution, a massive moment of growth – it’s long planned awakening from unreality – with which it is engaging whole-heartedly as most purposefully intended from the instant in which it appears that separation occurred. The unreal has always been unreal, but because of your most powerful creative abilities as the divine children of God, it has, from the first instant in which you collectively constructed it, seemed absolutely real, which was your intent in the decision and choice to concoct it. Now you have decided that enough is enough. Separation, division, disagreement, and conflict have shown themselves to be insane ways in which to engage with one another, very frequently causing you untold pain and suffering, and so you have chosen this moment to let it all go, and awaken…

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