When you open yourselves in Love you have nothing to hide.

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Saul Audio Blog for Friday March 17th

Humanity IS awakening!  There numerous signs of this appearing all across the planet, signs that are plainly visible except to those who choose to remain unaware or in denial about the true nature of humanity – that humans are immortal spiritual beings having a temporary and limited physical experience embodied as humans.  There are indeed many who, being unaware of their spiritual essence, see only the physical world and wish to remain harshly judgmental of those with whom they disagree due to their own intense inner sense of unworthiness from which they can only hide or escape by projecting that unworthiness out onto others.  But, as compassion for others becomes more and more widespread, those onto whom they angrily project their fears are refusing in increasing numbers to fight back or defend themselves.  That is an enormous change in attitudes.

Love envelops you…

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God never judges you but only and always loves you infinitely.

Jesus through John

Jesus Audio Blog for Tuesday March 14th

This is a pivotal moment in human history.  Enormous changes are underway as your attitudes and beliefs go through extensive cleansing, releasing, reinterpreting, and renewing in preparation for your imminent awakening.  It is imminent, and the chaos and conflict that fills your news channels is a very clear indication of this.  There are many open hearted and loving people doing great work all across the planet to help the majority deal with all the core issues that are arising within them, seemingly unbidden.  Nothing happens to anyone without their agreement and permission.  On Earth that often does not appear to be the case, but that is only because your awareness of your true nature is so deeply buried that you cannot access the knowledge or memory of what you incarnated to do.  It is very confusing for you as you go through your…

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We want you to C E L E B R A T E ! Yes, CELEBRATE!

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Saul Audio Blog for Sunday March 12th

Humanity’s awakening process is accelerating very rapidly, so “hang onto your hats!”  On the mainstream news you see and hear increasing numbers of stories of large scale deceit and corruption being uncovered and investigated.  Corruption is and has been endemic on Earth for eons, but until very recently all the instances that were made public were of a relatively minor nature.  That has changed, drastically.  Love is honest and open, and the Tsunami of Love is flooding the world over and over again, and more and more of you are accepting its loving embrace and choosing to engage with the world around you lovingly instead of fearfully, and that is a massive change in attitude and intent.

Those of you who read and channel this kind of spiritual material are increasing in numbers daily, and the effect of your loving individual energy fields…

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See the Beauty | Heavenletters


God said:

Note the Beauty in the World today. Wherever you look, see something beautiful. Beauty does lie in the Eyes of the Beholder. Consciousness lies within you. If you do not see Beauty, it is you who is not seeing Beauty. You are the Beholder. Now, behold.

If today you do not see Beauty, look again.

At the very least, feast your eyes on every new day. A new day arises. You can also arise with new blessings today, new blessings that you give. Bless anew.

Love this world, this contrary world. Love it wherever you look. See the Beauty and love it.

See great courage. Be great gratitude for the new day I send to you with all the Love in My Heart. Think of it, I send you a new day every single day with Love. The sky is fresh and new. Be you fresh and new. Behold your new self. I renew you today. Now, renew the world while you look at it. Give the world Love, and you and the world are renewed.

Love is your gift, and Love is your sustenance. There is unending Love from you to circulate. All Love comes from Me. Pass it on. Say hello. Extend a welcome to this new day. Without fail, I bequeath each new day to you. To everyone, and to you, I bequeath this day. Find joy within this day from wherever you look. Capture the Love. Capture the Joy. Make the Love and the Joy and the Beauty your very own. I promise you a new day every day. Promise Me you will behold each new day as a New Blessing. This is how you fulfill My Desires for you.

Pay attention to the Beauty that surrounds you. Lap it up.

Today is the Greatest Day of your Life. And tomorrow is as well and more so. Look, and you will see the treasures the world abounds in. Look with your new Eyes of Love. Don’t wait at the portals. Charge right in to see the manna from Heaven yourself.

Be the Seer of All the Bounty. I will never let a day go by without Great Bounty for you. Dark skies, light skies, all is Exquisite Beauty for you. You, yourself, are Exquisite Beauty. How could it be otherwise when Love is at the wheel?

Humbly accept the Greatness and Beauty I give to you. If you do not yet see, look around for where this Greatness and Beauty may be hidden.

You understand now, I believe, that this Beauty and Greatness create great courage in you. Unafraid, you come from a higher height.

I will tell you a True Story. There was a young woman in a concentration camp who wrote she had had the happiest days of her life there. How could this be? Her world was bigger than ever before, bigger than her circumstances, bigger than herself, and she served. She served.

She was not preoccupied with herself. She served Me and she served the community in which she lived. Without the opportunity of the camp, she might never have found this reservoir within herself. From her previous life of choosing nail polish and boyfriends, she found herself with a great opportunity to serve.

When she and the others were bussed to where they would be killed, they were singing. She leaned out the window and called out: “Tell them we left singing!”

Thus, you can know that, in whatever situation you find yourself, there is something good in it for you. Of course, this young woman did not think this out and analyze this. She fell into giving. Therefore, she grew in grace and became a hero and not a martyr, and so she graced all the Universe.


Love Is in Bloom | Heavenletters


God said:

When there is clutter in your mind, there may well be clutter in your Life. Dispense with clutter. Clean your plate. Clear your slate.

Are you more at peace in the world surrounded with objects just on principle? Do you dust these objects frequently? Do you admire them? Do you really treasure them? If they are not treasures to you, ask yourself why you covet them. What do these possessions mean to you, and why must you keep them? Are they like worry beads for you? They must mean something to you, but what?

Everything on Earth is an idea. Everything you fumble with is an idea. Could collecting possibly be a way to help you forget who you really and truly are? Surrounding yourselves with things could be a way to block yourself from your True Self who ascends far higher than the surface of Life. It’s possible that attachment is a way to distract yourself.

You, who are a powerful Being, may veil yourself with all manner of things. You collect. You may even scurry to collect. Love human Beings, beloveds.

Beloveds, get away from hoarding anyway. Give instead. Certainly, do not hoard Love. Circulate Love. Love is not a distraction. Love is IT. Love is alive and moving. Love does not sit on a shelf. Love is always. Love is omnipresent. Living is meant to be about Loving and nothing but Love.

You don’t conjure up Love. You expand Love. Love is fluid. Love moves. There is nothing more vital than Love. Love gives. Love does not take away.

Love your collections of Beauty. Go ahead, indulge yourself. The True Beauty you create is Love. Know the difference between love and attachment. Foster Love, and let your Love travel the world, travel the Universe, travel from one heart to another. Love is not kept. Love does not know how to collect dust.

Love Life. Love. Just Love. No need to make a business of loving. Promote love, love of God, love of Self. For Heaven’s sakes, just love. Reveal the love in your heart to yourself. It is for you to know the Love that burgeons in your heart and deliver it to the world that hungers for Love, your Love.

Loving is immediate. Let go of the past and Love now. Love is alive and well, and cannot be collected and put on a shelf. Give out your Love to the world, to the masses, to the flowers, to every twig. Let your Love meet all hearts and leave an emblem of your Self. Love near, Love far. Just Love.

Love releases your heart to the Universe. Wherever you look, let there be your heart. Release your heart, now and forever. Your heart is not to be held back. Your heart is to be let go without cover-up. Love is Love, and that’s it.

Love is the Truth of you. Anything less is not the Truth of you. Love Love, and let Love soar! Let your Love ring out around the world, here and there, and everywhere. Let your Love be well-begotten. Live Love and give Love as if there were nothing but Love in the whole vast world.

Be a light Mist of Love that lifts the world higher and higher. Lift your heart, and you lift all other hearts.

Let your Love be like the morning dew. Let your Love be like High Noon. Let your Love also be like the peace of twilight.

I will see your Love blooming, and I will look upon your giving Love, and I will say: “This is good.”


There is no one God does not love.

Jesus through John

Jesus Audio Blog for Wednesday March 8th

All is unfolding precisely as divinely planned and intended, there are no other options.  Humanity has collectively chosen to awaken spiritually, and evidence of that choice is appearing all across the world and is being reported on by many news and alternate news sources.  Underlying all the disturbing or unsettling events is an intense desire and will for change, and that is what is driving humanity powerfully forwards towards awakening.  Your awakening is imminent!  Expect it because you have chosen it, and know that your choice is confirmed by your constant intent to terminate the game of separation which does not serve you.

Love is your nature and you have collectively chosen to open your hearts to welcome It in.  When you welcome Love into your open hearts you also allow and intend for It to flow out through you to all with…

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Humanity’s awakening involves addressing and releasing all its core issues.

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  Saul Audio Blog for Sunday March 5th

Here in the spiritual realms we are all on high alert as the moment of humanity’s collective awakening draws closer.  As you are well aware there is only the eternal now moment, even though you experience ongoing and sometimes seemingly endless linear time – time with no end in sight – but even for you in your human form there will be an end to time as you enter into full awareness of the Reality of the ever-present now moment.

You are far more than your physical bodies, but to experience separation as fully as possible you closed off from your human awareness the vastness of your being, of your eternal and unbreakable Oneness with Source.  Intellectually you can accept the truth of this but because of the all-pervasive sense of human physicality that your bodies provide your knowingness of this remains…

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You can only change yourselves, but when you do the whole world changes!

Jesus through John

  Jesus Audio Blog for Monday February 27th

As you move further into 2017 the changes that are occurring worldwide will intensify and increase in number because enormous alterations in the way in which humans interact with one another are occurring as you prepare for your awakening.  Part of the process is the recognition that the ways in which you do interact must change dramatically if you are to avoid self-destruction on a massive and planetary scale.

Humanity has chosen to awaken, and so self-destruction on a massive scale will not occur because of that choice.  Nevertheless that does not mean that everyone can sit back, relax, and assume that all will be well, that all will be divinely taken care of.  It is you, humanity, that will divinely take care of the multitude of major issues that must be addressed and resolved so that your awakening can continue…

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The way Home is through quiet time spent at the holy altar within yourselves.

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  Saul Audio Blog for Saturday February 25th

The changes now occurring on Earth are amazing, and they are due to people like you – those reading and listening to blogs like this – intending every day as you awaken to be loving and accepting in every interaction, in every situation, and releasing all judgmental thoughts without engaging with them.

As you are being consistently reminded: There is ONLY Love!  And you, the Light bearers, Light workers, Starseeds, and those of you who have seemingly only recently embarked on your spiritual paths, have now realized that and are constantly doing your utmost to live that divine Truth.  Of course, you have all been on your spiritual paths since you incarnated for your present human life, it’s just that some of you are only just becoming aware of that.  Despite your seeming unawareness you have in fact been following that…

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