The intent and the decision to go within daily is also the decision to awaken from the dream.

Jesus through John

  Jesus Audio Blog for Sunday June 18th.

As you all know, readers and listeners to these and other inspiring and uplifting channeled messages, enormous changes are in progress now as humanity enters the final stages of the awakening process.  It has been a long journey for you to return to your point of departure, the place you never left, at peace, in joy, and at One with God.  There is nowhere else, therefore you could be nowhere else, and yet it has seemed that you are far, far removed from that state, your natural and eternal state.

When you awaken from the dream you will be amazed, no astonished, at how close to Home, to Source, to Mother/Father/God that you have remained during these apparent eons of separation.  Utter joy will wash away and dissolve all your doubts, fears, and the attendant pain and suffering, leaving not a trace…

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Where Do Lost Thoughts Graze? | Heavenletters


God said:

You had a thought, and then, the next moment, the thought is missing. It was a revelation you had, and now it’s gone.

Never mind, it is still in your mind somewhere, and it can make its way in the world without your active presence. Lost thoughts continue to exist somewhere with or without you. A thought slips away from you the way a grape might fall from your fingers when you pick grapes from the vine.

This is not an alas. It’s an all right. Grapeness still exists when a grape itself may have fallen to the ground.

All of your thoughts – thoughts that called themselves to your attention — don’t have to hang on the Vine of Thoughts before you. All thoughts land somewhere. No thought has to hang on a clothesline where you can pin or unpin it later.

Lost thoughts will appear. Someone will have the missing thought you did. All the thoughts that come to you not belong to you. Never did.

The whole world is shared regardless of what you think and your intention may be. Therefore, consider sharing as I do share. Let freedom ring! What a blessing to let go of owning and clamping onto this and that.

Freedom from ownership is a great Bell-Ringer. We can’t call Freedom a possession! If we could call Freedom a possession, then, possession would turn into a grand thing!

It’s not that you dis-possess. Put up no bars. Like Me, welcome all.

You are free to Love. It’s not exactly that you dispense Love. It’s not quite like that. You are not a pharmacist of Love, nor are you a mere representative of Love. You ARE Love.

You breathe often, yet you do not have to remind yourself to breathe. Once in a while, you think about breathing, yet you breathe more easily when breathing is not on your mind or schedule.

Loving comes from the heart. Natural breathing is smoother than breathing on demand. Love pours out from the fount of itself. Love is the Jackpot of Life. We can say that you hit the right number, yet, of course, numbers and amounts do not enter into Love.

We can even say there is no accounting for Love, yet Love is. There is no need to account for Love. Love comes first. It heads the list. Love is a mountain stream. It is a waterfall that never runs out. Love splatters all, near and far. Love itself is an Embrace of Love. Love can only Embrace. Love never runs dry. Love Itself is Eternal, and Infinite.

All the Love in the World has no limit. Love is not sparse. Love may be cramped, however, held too tight and not freed up. To Love is the Greatest Freedom known to man. Love is My Great Freedom. There are no dams to My Love. Nothing backs up when it comes to Love Supreme.

Love is above all the senses. Love is above all the World. Love is evidenced, yet Love cannot be seen. Love cannot be pinpointed. A portrait cannot be painted of Love. No sound of Love can be picked out. Wait, Love is like Me!

I can sing Myself, yet you cannot record Me and play Me back. You can sense Me, yet you cannot fit Me into your hand. Into your Life, however, can Love and God reflect themselves, for you do reflect My Love.

Love is a riddle. It disappears yet cannot be seen. Love is in silence or in noise, yet there is always an Echo of Love. Love is beyond touch, yet Love ever-touches the Heart. Love is indefinable, yet Love is defined in a million ways. Love is felt. Love is honored, and yet Love is also besmeared. Love is commonplace, yet Love is not ordinary, nor is Love ever to be used as a gimmick.

Love is what you make of it, yet there is more to Love than what you make of it.

As it happens, in this Heavenletter, you see how one thought leads to another.


You are all creative beings because God, who created you, is creative.

Johnsmallman's Blog

  Saul Audio Blog for Tuesday June 13th.

All is well!  Do not focus with fear or alarm on the news of catastrophes and conflicts across the world.  Just hold the steady intent to send love and healing to those who are suffering, it will help them to release all that is bringing suffering into their lives.  Even in war-torn areas people can be happy!  Happiness arises when you accept what arises without judgment – negative or positive – and deal lovingly with the issues presented to you.  You are all on Earth to assist in humanity’s awakening process which is, of course, also your own awakening process.  Everyone on Earth is to awaken and needs to awaken into Reality, your natural state where you are Love and you know yourselves as Love.

To awaken is to allow the illusion and all its attachments and distractions to dissolve or disintegrate…

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Focus on Love and rejoice in the peace and contentment that arises within you.

Jesus through John

Jesus Audio Blog for Sunday June 11th.

There is only LOVE!  I will keep repeating this divine Truth because it needs to be repeated.

The human situations you all find yourselves engaged in and involved with in your daily lives seldom make room for your true natures to express themselves because you are generally so caught up in the emotions and issues that arise there.  You need to take time out every day to go within, to your holy inner sanctuary, and to renew your intent to be loving, and only loving, whatever situation arises.  You can do that, but often you choose not to because your egos encourage you to engage defensively and aggressively in order to “win” the discussion, argument, or altercation that is holding your full attention.  As a result you tend to find yourselves in endless and repetitive loops playing the same old painful games. …

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Humanity’s awakening is divinely willed and intended, therefore it most certainly will be achieved.

Johnsmallman's Blog

  Saul Audio Blog for Saturday June 3rd

Within the illusion the only constant is change.  You all know this, but you do need to remind yourselves that change is part of the illusion, an aspect of time which is the linear coefficient of the illusory concept that you chose to construct and maintain.  Now that the foundations or underpinnings are collapsing changes are occurring ever more rapidly.  And these changes are especially noticeable in relationships, from personal or family ones to intergovernmental ones.  Change is an aspect of evolution and you are all evolving, and your evolution is basically along a spiritual path, even though vast numbers of you appear to have no spiritual interest or awareness, apart perhaps from believing that anything spiritual is unreal, the result of unbalanced emotional needs being pandered to due to a sense of loneliness, unacceptability, and the fear that that engenders.


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Forgive Those Who Have Not Yet Forgiven You | Heavenletters


God said:

There is a Sanctity to Life. Consider Life as Holy. What could Life, this Myriad of Life, be but Holy?

Holy be My Name, and Holy be yours.

I will tell you frankly that there is no need for unholy. People may become irate and consider Life to be unholy and themselves unholy and to justifiy themselves to think so.

People may say: “Someone said this or that. Someone gave me an unflattering look. Someone disdained me. Someone doesn’t think well of me. Someone can’t treat me that way and get away with it.”

How pride raises its haughty head and does away with bare civility.

This is not the Life I had in mind for you. This is poor thinking and emotion. Such vacant pride is not advantageous. Did you think it was? Pride in goodness has merit. Pride in doing what is right is good. Sometimes you will do well to think about again in terms of what is good for the world and what is not. Shining Light is a very good thing. Keeping malice and heartache reduces you.

Arrogance doesn’t shine Light. Arrogance diminishes Light. Arrogance stomps out Light.

I said: “Let your Light shine before men. You are part of mankind.”

I said: “Forgive those who have not forgiven you.”

Dear Ones when, within you, you are truly happy in Life and happy with yourself, you won’t carry grudges. You won’t ever even think of it. It is always away from Truth to blame anyone for your distress.

It is your choice to be downtrodden or not. You are not helpless nor are you hapless. Take responsibility for your own thoughts and actions. It is not meant for you to be thoughtless any more than it is for you to be heartless.

If your heart has shrunken, extend your heart now. Don’t close your heart as if this were a righteous thing to do. Open your heartstrings. Stretch them like a rubber band. No longer are you to allow your heart to grow sloppy. Your heart is to be open until it makes room for all. It is for you to expand your heart as well as the hearts of others.

How many other hearts have you expanded today? Upon whose lives did you shed joy today? What songs did you sing from the rafters today? How did you treat the low in spirit today? What Light did you shine and upon whom?

No longer dally in Life and wait for a more convenient day. No longer even think of inconvenient. Think of goodness and mercy as something you give back to the Universe as a way of giving thanks. Grace is not for you to spatter here and there. You are to give. Giving means to give generously.

You are not a pauper who has to give sparingly.

Open your eyes to the Beauty within you and multiply it and never stop. Never close your fist. Open your hands, and let Greatness flow from you the way waves lap the water.

Be done with holding back your Love. Don’t wait for even one more day before you pour out your love. You are here to pour Love out. Spend your Love. Spread your Love. This is how you keep your Love alive and well. Certainly not by sitting on your love. How would you ever profit by stinting your love?

What is My Will for you to do but to invite all hearts and souls to your heart and to your soul? Do you see this now?

Have an impulse to spread My love wherever you go. Where else does your Love come from, after all? You can even send Love to and fro other lands and to other times. Be a well-wisher where you happen to be. Where you are is where you are needed, not somewhere else. Right where you are this moment is where you, the best of you, is to establish yourself. Right here and now.


Everything Under the Sun | Heavenletters


God said:

My Children could use some cheer today, is this not so?

You have the entire world at your service, and still you can use some cheering up. When you come down to it, how can this be?

For one thing, you tend to look away from the concept that Life Is Beautiful. You may beat yourself up in the world, as the expression goes, yet it really means that you beat yourself down. Naturally, you don’t look forward to a down side.

Wherever you may walk, you tend to predict a pot hole that you are bound to trip over. You predict a “Boo” in the dark coming up. You predict some sort of fear within, perhaps even fear of everything, and, alas, you may build your Life on fear.

Come to see the world differently. Look for and see the Beauty. There is Air to breathe. There are Birds on the Wing. Apples grow on trees. Night and day are assured. There is a Big Yellow Sun, and there are Stars blinking on and off, and a Round White Moon close to the horizon loves you. You may almost feel that your hand could reach out and touch the Moon. Yes, the horizon is a hand’s reach away. Closer than that – the horizon is within you.

There are leaves on trees. There are branches and twigs. There is a tree trunk and roots that go deep.

What is there that the Earth Beneath Your Feet does not elicit for you to sparkle? What do you think is missing from this Beautiful Gift of the World that is yours to drink of?

Take running leaps! Sure, you can fall down. You can also get up! You can stay on course. You can get off course. Regardless, you are a Mainstay of the Universe.

We can go further than that. You Are the Universe. There is nothing but you and I. We are True. Truly, there is no one out there but you and I. The world is as you see it. Well, you see many characters running around on Earth. You are the watcher watching yourself. You are the crux of the matter. You see that which seems accurate and real, yet can be a projection on the stage.

Oneness exists. Love exists. Yet you may not see Love. You may not see Oneness or get your mind around it.

When you see opposites, you are seeing a mirage. You see full-blown mirages every day. You ride on them. You think they are your stability. What you don’t see and perhaps don’t count on is your True Stability. What you ordinarily see may not be your building blocks but, rather, may symbolize the crane that knocks down your building blocks.

There is far greater than what you see in front of you. There is Hope, Love and Charity. There is greater than these! There is everything under the Sun in the Sky and beyond as well. Nevertheless, there is only you, and there is only I.

The world is a vast palace you live in. You may see it as over-populated. You may see all manner of things. All that you see or anything that you see isn’t necessarily so. What you see may well be your own projection. The likelihood is that you see the world as you are.

And there is a lot out there that your eyes do not see, nor does your mind necessarily configure what your eyes do not see. That which is hidden from your awareness exists, and what is hidden is well and alive. Wake up to what is not yet visible to you.

Open to the possibility that Life is good and that you are fortunate to be alive. Enough fear. Let Love be irresistible. Be done with fear. A fear-filled Life is too heavy.

Go ahead. Take a lease on a new Vision of Life, your Life. There is no rule that you must stay the same. Expand. Grow. Come with Me.


When you truly open your hearts all that is unloving falls out.

Jesus through John

Jesus Audio Blog for Tuesday May 30th.
Humanity’s awakening process continues to accelerate, and for many this is very unsettling, even disturbing.  The pace of technological change worldwide has increased enormously over the last one hundred and fifty years, and is continuing to do so in an exponential curve, and again, many are wondering how long this can continue and how people will be able to cope with it.  You have experts in various fields who are very knowledgeable, but most people have practically no understanding of how modern technology works, but everyone understands that if your electric grids break down almost all of your modern technology ceases to function, and that is a very worrying thought.

Will humanity be thrown back into the dark ages when all “technology” was hand-driven?  How could you survive such an eventuality?  Is the collapse of the illusion going to be an enormous step…

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You have become so accustomed to your severely limiting life as a human that it seems normal.

Johnsmallman's Blog

Saul Audio Blog for Friday May 26th

Humanity’s awakening process appears very strange to many who are just now becoming aware that they are spiritual beings having a very temporary human experience.  As they feel the nudge or hear the call to attend to their inner life, their spiritual life, having given it very little of their time or attention so far, it seems a little threatening and rather demanding.  New interests or occupations often appear a little threatening to humans because they have become accustomed to following a regular routine that works for them and they do not like to change it, and new interests or new occupations always demand change.  If sought they can be exciting and energizing, but if it seems that they are being imposed upon them they resist quite strongly.  With the latter scenario they often go into denial and refuse to address the subject…

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People learn a lot when they feel safe to talk freely.

Jesus through John

  Jesus Audio Blog for Sunday May 21st

Humanity is forging ahead as the awakening process unfolds precisely as divinely planned.  An enormous amount of preparation has gone into this divine plan to assist you all to awaken, and as humans lost in the illusion without insight or, more appropriately, awareness of what is unfolding in the spiritual realms, you truly have very little idea of what is involved in bringing this all together in a timely and effective manner.  Do not worry, all is divinely taken care of, and all you have to do is constantly hold the intent to be loving in every moment and in every situation without exception, and you must also intensify your own desire to awaken.

That sounds easy, and it is!  You have all been very much involved in the planning of this wondrous event while taking your well-earned breaks from living in…

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