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God said:

The way to open your heart is to open your heart. Keep your intellect out of it, and opening your heart will be a cinch. When it comes to love, your intellect is to take a break. Intellect complicates. Your heart doesn’t do well when the intellect supervises it. Your heart will open without your intellect’s interference.

Your intellect puts your heart on a scale and weighs it. The intellect says: “Is this a good deal for you/us? Will it all come out all right? What will your parents think about this? Think well before you act.”

The intellect takes the joy out of opening your heart. Your mind has a long-range goal in mind. Your mind is attached to a specific outcome. Your mind says: “This is good so long as it comes out the way I want it to.”

The intellect sees love as an investment upon which you must have a return. The intellect believes that Life must go by certain rules, or you are making a mistake.

Look, don’t interpret opening your heart only with a guaranteed return. You are not being wayward by letting your heart feel as it feels, loving as you love, even if for one moment. We’re not talking about your taking advantage of any other or your being foolish and out of your mind, nor are you being just trendy. Reliance on your intellect isn’t necessary. Odds are your intellect will make you cautious. Being cautious restricts you. Your Life does not depend upon what you think about it – I take that back – your Life does depend upon what you think about it.

It’s okay to let your heart have its say about Life. You are alive and living, not studying a manual.

The intellect has the idea that you are to be suspicious. You know what? You can be suspicious and be a fool. Of course, we don’t have to be talking about some great romance. Great romances have also been lost because of great caution. Do not play games with Love.

Anyway, we’re talking about openness to Love. Openness to Love doesn’t have to be about romance whatsoever. Don’t put a price on opening your heart. You are opening your heart when you smile at a young child. You are opening your heart when you offer a smile to anyone. Being friendly is opening your heart.

It isn’t that your heart has to be totally ajar for anyone to walk into it and set up camp. Simply, you come from friendliness. You don’t count scores any more than you count scalps. You don’t have to be supreme anything. We are talking about baring your heart and not barring your heart and limiting it as you may presently. You and your heart are unlimited. So be it.

No matter who you are, you are eligible for giving great Love from your heart. No one has to think you are great. You just want to be the Greatness you are. You are not to bottle up your Love and put a corset around it. You simply let your Love be. You don’t saran-wrap it, nor do you snip it.

Let your Love be free enough to live in the world.

Have a little joy. Give a little joy. You don’t have to beat the band and lead a parade. Just let your heart be warm. Your Love doesn’t have to do fancy foot work. Your Love can be just a breeze. It doesn’t have to be a big storm or tropical heat wave. Love doesn’t have to be a big deal. It doesn’t have to be a production. It doesn’t have to get all dressed up. It doesn’t have to be the Love of the century. Love just has to be the Love it is.

Love doesn’t have to be counted. Love doesn’t have to be promoted. Love doesn’t have to be a stand-out. Love doesn’t have to be a blockbuster novel. Love just has to be what it is for as long as it is. Love is your gateway to progress. Be the Love you are. Love.


A Song of My Self | Heavenletters


God said:

Begin to start thinking: What if?

What if you had more of everything, what would it be like?

What if you had less of everything, what would it be like?

What is really bountiful for you, and what is not?

Perhaps this is enough to think of for one day.

There is much you can simply accept. Sometimes people’s first tendency may be to say no.

Have more confidence in yourself, in Your Self.

I made you. I created you. I invited you to Earth to live with Me and all the seeming representations of yourself. I created you from the Clay of Love. I created you for harmony, beloveds. I created you in unison. I sang a Song of Myself, and it was you. I have never stopped singing. There is no interruption to what We have started. We never stopped beginning. We are ever new. We are creating still. The Water Wheel goes around. Life rebounds.

What have I not shared with you? Where cannot We go, and what can We not be? Where is Infinity not?

Do We select or do We include? Oneness is inclusive. Yes, let’s invite all to the Feast of Life. Let’s make everyone welcome. We do not make cliques. If We give one a shiny medal, We give a shiny medal to All. All warrant it.

In One is contained all. We share One Life on Earth. Join in. Congregate happiness. Come forward in Joy. This is how to come forward. Let’s congregate on Earth in the Fulsomeness of Joy.

I made you Joy. Your Name is Joy. I never named you suffering, and, yet, you firmly believe in suffering.

How did suffering catch on! How did it get to be so sought over and declared worthy.  Suffering is not worthy of your Name. Assemble yourselves in Joy. The bread you share is Joy. Break bread. Reach in deeply to the Gravy of Life. Share to beat the band.

How did Souls on Earth begin to share? There was naught but to share. Where did selfishness come from? How did it happen to appear?

Life on Earth is a Magnificent Opportunity.

Whoever said that man is made for woe? I did not create you for woe. I created you to keep Me company as an assemblage of One.

Goest thou in Sunlight and Joy. Daylight is broad. Follow the Sun.

Nothing is hidden. Everything is revealed. I request that you reveal yourself in your True Glory. No more hiding under a mushroom or under anything. Stand up. You are alive on Earth. There is nothing to wait for. All is provided.

You have purpose here on Earth. Yes, keep company with Me. Let the world revolve while We walk together. There is no uphill. There is no downhill. There is Life unending, and it is a Walk in the Sun.

Where We are, Life is. Where We are, Love is.

Come out with Me. Let Us walk together. Let Us dance together. Let Us sing together as One. Let Us sing together as a chorus. Let Our Song be heard.

Let Us have delight. Let us be done with the concept of burden. Travel light. Discover the Universe before you. Dance over it. Dance High in the Sky. Who says your feet have to touch the ground?

The Earth is a great gift to you. Refresh the Earth. Kiss the Earth you walk on. It is a great thing, the Earth at your disposal.

I deny you nothing. You are emboldened to Love. Love is your Figure of Speech. Love is what you notice, and Love is what you proclaim.

Your birthright is Our Love Intertwined. Love is Our Bond. Love beckons Us. Yes, let’s Love for the Joy of It. All together now, let’s Love.


Arcturian Group Message April 23, 2017 | Marilyn Raffaele @


APRIL 23, 2017

Dear ones, we greet you in love and with great respect as we witness the struggles taking place both within and without for so many.  Increasingly intense levels of Light energy are now flowing to earth for the purpose of assisting Gaia and all  who choose, to move forward in their ascension journey.
Never doubt that you are in body now because you chose it.   You recognized the value of being on earth during these times of tremendous opportunity to complete any remaining unfinished business with others, clear old cellular memory,  experience Gaia’s as well as your own ascension, and at the same time be of service to others.
Many awakened ones feel confusion and question because judging by appearances the world doesn’t look or seem to be anywhere near what was expected.  Be patient dear ones, and do not let yourselves become overwhelmed with discouragement for you are in the midst of intense inner and outer cleansing at this time,  much is yet to come as this process unfolds.
Release any concepts of how your life or the world should be, for the human mind is only able to bring forth solutions and ideas  already present in consensus consciousness.  The “new world” will  not simply be a  polished version of the “old world” but will be new because it will be formed of the higher energies of Light and unconditional love.
As more and more individuals hold and reflect truth and trust, acknowledging the reality of things seen and unseen, the world formed of falsehood and low density consciousness must begin to dissolve.  Lower density creations have no law to support or hold them in place because they are made of beliefs of duality and separation.
We wish to speak of forgiveness because most of you are  in the process of clearing  both old and new cellular memory which causes all remaining lower resonating energies to resurface.  Issues and emotions you thought you had long ago resolved may once again present themselves.  This is because the clearing of intense experiences takes place in layers as you are spiritually able and ready which is determined by your  Higher Self.
Many of you are now spiritually ready to clear all remaining old energy even those things you buried deeply, hoping  never again to feel or think about.  If you find yourselves experiencing unfamiliar or unpleasant emotions, physical symptoms, or crazy dreams, understand that they are most likely old energies flowing through and out.
Real forgiveness is not possible for  human beings living fully in third dimensional consciousness.  When one has been hurt, punished unfairly, or made to suffer from the actions of others, the thoughts of revenge that rise within a sense of separation are a normal reactions. The energies necessary for real forgiveness simply are not there.
However as individuals gradually move beyond the false beliefs of duality and separation (evolution) and into a conscious realization of Oneness,  the door to forgiveness begins to open allowing the already present energies of unconditional love and forgiveness to flow through, not from ,  because only God can love.

Forgiveness in its truest sense is  a recognition of the impossibility of anything or anyone existing outside of the ONE.  As long as there is a belief that someone or self needs forgiveness, there exists the belief in duality and separation.  At some point each evolving soul must move beyond concepts of forgiveness and into truth.
Love is the only answer because Love is all that exists.  Whether or not an individual believes this is irrelevant and cannot change the reality of what  IS.  We do not speak of the “wishy /washy” emotional nonsense so many consider to be love.  We speak of a consciousness that understands that no one can touch the reality of who you are, unless you believe they can for there is only ONE.
Outer experiences will continue to reflect one’s  personal consciousness as well as the consensus consciousness of the world until he/she  brings themself out from under the bondage of a consciousness conditioned by falsehoods.  You are creators, but have not known it and so for eons have been ignorantly creating experiences of duality and separation and then asking why God would allow such things.
These ideas about forgiveness will be confusing for some of you, and you may respond with resistance.  Take them into meditation and contemplate asking yourselves;  “What am I believing that is making me feel this way?   Is it true?  How can I possibly forgive and actually love this person, church, family member, business, etc. who did this awful thing to me?”
We do not say you must forget, nor do we say you are to suddenly become the best friend of someone who has hurt you, or that it is fine to take unsafe risks around those who may not have your best interests in mind.  Pretending to live out from a state of consciousness not yet attained, is very human but most of you have evolved into a readiness to understand and integrate true forgiveness.
The reality is that you are forever and always have been  expressions of the one Divine Consciousness/Source/God.  Would, or even could, God do something harmful and painful to Itself?   As you learn to recognize the true nature of things, you will discover that nothing real needs forgiveness because the idea of forgiveness indicates that there is someone outside of the ONE.
The pain of betrayal (the reason for most issues requiring forgiveness), remains long after the event, person, or organization is no longer a part of one’s life because the intense emotions of the experience are usually solidly stored  in cellular memory, ready and able to activate at the smallest provocation.
Try not to resist,  for resistance simply gives power and reality to the emotions, beliefs, etc. you seek to move beyond.   Instead be patient and loving with yourself when you are hurting.  Acknowledge that these  painful emotions for now are a part of your energy but that there is no law holding or supporting them.  Speak to the cells of your physical body, visualize them filled with Light and tell them it is ok and not to fear the release of old and finished energy.
Know that it is ok to pamper yourselves, there is nothing unspiritual about doing the things you love,  and just enjoying  life.  Teachings that separate the spiritual and the human are false, based in religious doctrine created by un-evolved human minds and not God.  There is nothing outside of the ONE,  it is only the human mind’s false belief system that interprets  some things as spiritual, but other things not.  The essence of all things is Divine for it is all there is.
Painful and unresolved issues between two people (often dominance/victim)  will remain in cellular memory and be carried into each lifetime continuing to  manifest  between the same people in different roles. This type of connection between people results in the formation of energy cords.
Energy cords are created whenever there are intense experiences of either good or bad  between two people and become a facet of ones’ energy field until removed or until one of the two evolves beyond the energy that created the cords in the first place (the cord no longer has anything to attach to).   The dissolving of energy cords does not remove a person from one’s life, but removes the intense and often unhealthy sense of bondage that accompanies them.
Energy cords develop  between sexual partners, frequently between a child and a parent, or with anyone with whom there has been shared intense experiences.  Energy cords bind those involved to low resonating energy and should be removed which is easily be done by energy healers, or by self through intention.  “In the presence of my Higher Self and my Guides, I consciously  choose to remove any and all energetic cords attaching me to_____. ”  Visualize  Light dissolving the cords which are usually attached to the solar plexus chakra and fill in the space with soft golden Light.  It is the intention, not specific words that is important.
Conscious awareness of self as SELF is the path to freedom, dear ones, and is how you  become free from pain and suffering in a world formed of energy that does not  even exist in Divine Mind.  Once you are able to acknowledge the reality of who and what you are, the outer scene will no longer have power over you  because  you now recognize it for what it is.
You are evolving  beyond concepts of forgiveness, into a realization of oneness.  Evolution is a process.  First comes an intellectual awareness of some truth followed by a period of time (sometimes years)  spent reading, taking classes, and inner contemplation.  When ready, the soul  integrates the truth and it becomes an attained state of consciousness.
If an individual has already attained the consciousness of some truth in a former lifetime, the intellectual awareness simply becomes “remembering” followed by fast and easy  integration.  This is why it is not wise to compare your journey with that of others, as everyone has had different lifetimes and experiences before this one. Trust that your Higher Self is putting you right where you need to be for what you need to learn.
True forgiveness is an attained state of consciousness that realizes  there is nothing  to forgive.   At the same time it is important to remember that not everyone is ready to understand this deeper sense of forgiveness, and so there may still be occasions  when it is necessary and appropriate to speak the words and take actions that define forgiveness.  Words and actions spoken from a conscious realization of oneness, carry a higher vibration than if spoken as a purely three dimensional exercise.
Those living fully in third dimensional consciousness are more subject to accidents and events because they are expressing and creating with energies of duality (pairs of opposites) and separation.  However, similar experiences (many seeming  to require forgiveness) that occur in the lives of those awake to truth, are not a sign of spiritual failure as some may think,  but are instead experiences usually planned pre-birth as being necessary for spiritual growth.
This never means you must remain in abusive or harmful situations waiting for the other person to change. It means  taking whatever human footsteps may be necessary, while remembering the Divine nature of those involved.  Refusing to allow others to dishonor you physically,emotionally, or mentally is empowering because it is the acknowledgment of self as SELF.
Never go back to old, familiar, and comfortable belief systems once you have awakened to the higher sense of these things.  It is tempting to align with the energy of crowds, experts, religious leaders, politicians, families, and friends  in order to be accepted and loved.  If guided, participate,  but do not align with lower resonating states of consciousness.
Reverting to a state of consciousness you have evolved beyond creates physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual discord.
Trust that your Higher Self knows where you need to be, what you need to learn, and how and when to get you there.
We are the Arcturian Group

The Magdalena ~ Be Prepared To Proceed Alone | Linda Dillon


Recently, my beloved and the entire Council for that matter have been saying to you, “Prepare for what lies ahead. Stay the course. Listen to who you are.” And now I add to that by saying, “Be prepared to proceed alone.” Not lonely, not rejected, but in the truth and the might, the benevolence and humility, the strength and the stamina – because this journey does require stamina, the same as mine did.

From Linda Dillon here at the Council of Love.

❤ Denise


Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 21 April 2017


Events are ever moving at a faster speed and they are heading for the days when the truth of your existence will be revealed. In reality there is not much time left before the changes come upon you, and it would be as well that you are prepared for them. Your main objective should be to maintain your poise and keep a calm temperament at all times, as you will find many people become upset and at a loss to understand what is happening. The turmoil and continual problems of simply living from day to day are not helped by the continuing cut backs and threat of war. Some will ask why we do not intervene and as we have stated previously, you are the creators of your destiny and must reap the results. However, you are not allowed to take actions that are in direct opposition to the Plan for Man’s evolution that has been laid down by those who oversee your progress. Any such attempts will be blocked or diverted in a way that prevents any major changes taking place.

Decisions have already been made to keep you on the path that gives you the opportunity to ascend at the end of the cycle. Patience is still necessary whilst the opportunity is being created that will finally allow you to learn the truth about yourselves. You are great souls on your way back to the Light from whence you came, and the truth will set you free from all of the misinformation that has muddled your thinking so that very few of you understand your true selves. We reiterate that you are Beings of Light who dropped down into the lower vibrations having accepted the challenge to find your way back again. However you have never been alone in your travels and Guides help you follow a path that has been pre-ordained to help your progress. Having been given freewill it follows that you alone are responsible for the outcome of your actions, from which you will see where you need to uplift yourselves.

If you are reading these messages you are almost certainly on the Path of Light, and you will have gained an opportunity to ascend. To succeed you need to keep focussed on your goal and not let outside events distract you. There is a lot happening that is out of your sight although you may feel the effects. At present much is creating a false impression of where events are going and until it is safe to bring the truth out, it is essential to keep an open mind. This year is one when so many things are happening that you will find it difficult find the truth, but it will be known within the next year or so. It will come out at a pace so that people will not be overwhelmed and can cope with the revelations that show how misguided you have been. The truth has been deliberately held back from you by the dark Ones who do not want you to know what great Beings you really are. The truth cannot be held back much longer and even now discussions are taking place about how it can be revealed. Those of the Light wish for a complete disclosure so that it can be made known to everyone.

Every effort you put in to remaining within the Light will be well rewarded, and your Ascension should take place with ease. As has been explained previously it is down to you, although every help is being given to protect you and stop any interference by those who would rather keep you in the dark. Clearly the Light will always be more powerful than the lower energies and all of time you remain in it no harm can come to you. Where you find exceptions it is invariably due to karmic reasons that can lead to either a positive or negative result. It means that all events in your lifetime will have been agreed beforehand, although changes can take place. Again these would be by your agreement. Most will be to your advantage and could for example be where an unexpected opportunity to clear old karma comes up that you have successfully taken.

At present the battles for control of the Earth are still continuing, but not for much longer as the end to wars is in sight. Clearly you cannot take conflict and warlike attitudes and actions into the higher vibrations. So there is a time coming very soon when war and all facets of it will no longer be possible, and souls that continue to be part of it will carry on with their actions elsewhere. Peace is coming even although it may seem impossible at present given the state of the Earth and the people upon it. Man is not totally to blame for the many wars experienced, and certain factions such as the Illuminati have been deliberately playing both sides against each other and supporting them with armaments. However, to make matters sound even more complicated, it must be stated that karma is again involved so that all participating may have the experiences they need.

Without a doubt life is tough on Earth but where else could you experience such opportunities to evolve so quickly. As souls of the Light your travels are always accompanied by a number of Guides who protect you so as to ensure that your life experiences are no interfered with. As evolved souls it is their way of helping others who follow on and may need a helping hand. In your Universe Mother Earth is one who has sacrificed herself to help the Human Race rise up. Soon her tasks will be finished as she ascends along with the many souls who are also ready. As you can see, the end times are a very important occasion, giving souls a special opportunity for a mass Ascension. One cycle ends and another begins giving yet another opportunity for souls to rise up along with the benefits that come with it.

If souls just knew or comprehended how great their potential was, they would apply themselves to finding out the way to evolve which is simply expressed as Universal Love. It sounds hard when you have not reached that level as for example you will be exalted to “love your enemy as yourself”. See other souls as your Brothers and Sisters where colour or customs have no bearing on their link to you. You are One with all else and all life is inexplicably part of God, and it illustrates why God is All Love that is given equally to all Souls, and also why God does not punish a single soul and only has perfect Love to offer. Some will believe in the so-called Devil yet that is an abomination created by Man.

Man is a confused soul simply because he has been badly misled by those with an agenda to enslave him and keep him from the truth. However, that is no longer possible as the Light has risen supreme and continues to grow in intensity. Heaven is a place of Harmony and Love where all is in a state of complete Love. It may be out of your reach at present but is the end of a journey you have just commenced. Some souls have touched such energies and tell of the ecstasy they have experienced. Joy and Happiness come through holding the energy of Love and as you give it out you are helping all others by lifting them up.

This message comes through my Higher Self and carries the energies of Light and Love.

Mike Quinsey.


Website: Tree of the Golden Light

The Way You Fill a Bowl with Granola | Heavenletters


God said:

You may wonder what I, God in Heaven, may look like. Physical appearance means a lot to you.

When I see you, I’m not looking at your physical body. I am looking at YOU, as you truly are, not as you appear encased in a body. I see the Bright Golden Light of Your Soul. I see Your Goldenness Swirling Around. You are Truly Golden Light. Our Light matches. We line up. I bequeath My Golden Light upon you. Of course, I extend My Light to you, who are not you at all, but rather One with Me.

Yes, We are Burnished Golden Light. We are Light Burning Brightly. We are Effervescent Light, and Our Light never goes out. There is enough Light for all in My Kingdom. No one is outside My Kingdom.

It’s not that you borrow My Light. Our Light is interchangeable. Our Light is Infinite. This is the Bold Truth. If We are Oneness – which We are – then We are also Light that is One and the Same. Yes, you – anyone you know well or don’t know at all – you are all the Fruit from the Same Tree. When We get down to it, I made you not as an image of Myself carved in stone, yet as I, My Self, Truly Light from the same Golden Tree.

When you see yourself as flesh and bone, when you see your pores, when you see your make-up smudges, when you feel tired and cross, when you note your imperfection, all that which occupies you is no more than your finetoothing illusion. What can be drawn as a picture of you is not the Real You. It is an identifiable you whereas the Truth of Our Oneness cannot be sketched, is not external, is not at all separate from you or anyone on Earth.

In the world, you come to love the unique differences. You love. You love someone’s eyes. You love someone’s dimples. You love the physical. You see the dear physical body, and you love your loved one’s hands.

Nonetheless, you also see the subtle. If you do not see, you feel. You sense. You are also somewhat aware of that which is greater than the physical. You have feasted on the physical with your eyes and attached yourself to a physical appearance. Beneath the physical fervor, what really has happened is that your Souls have touched.

Souls live forever, never die, always are renewed, and always are sending out new Tendrils of Love. Souls are not inert. Souls function deeply.

Souls are often known as equal to Hearts. Hearts are well-known to you the same way as everyone likes their hearts and the hearts of others to be wide open. How grateful you are when your heart is radiantly and selflessly open.

Everyone has a heart. Hearts are good things to have. Hearts are like a Welcoming Committee on Earth. Keep your hearts viable. If your hearts were candles, you would never let their Light sputter out. Keep your Light Lighted. Refresh your heart often. Let your heart spill itself out rambunctiously the way you fill a bowl with granola.

Nourish your heart with Love. Keep giving Love out. Pour Love out. This is what Love is for – to sprinkle the world with, to cool it down, to smooth out the misplaced pangs on Earth. Your Love unites the World and Love together as One.

I know you know you did not come to Earth in order to be stingy with your Love. You are to be generous with your Embodiment of Love. You do not balance accounts before you give out Love. You simply give out Love, the same way that the Sun shines equally on all regardless of perfection or imperfection. You are Light on Earth. You buoy so-called others’ Love on Earth with goodness and mercy for all.


Accept Truth When I Say It | Heavenletters


God said:

Beloved Beloveds, what shall I do with you? Of course I know what to do with you, and that is to continue the flow of My Love for you and to you, you who are My Beloved and from what can be called simply My High Regard for you. You must know, besides Our differences sometimes, you are My Beloved Pride and Joy.

From the first moment I thought of you, of the external presence of you, I loved you as Myself. This does not begin to describe My Love for you. Well, to say I love you as you love a newborn baby does not begin to say it. Nothing begins to describe the Magnificence of My Love for you as great as it is.

From the first moment I thought of you, you stirred My Heart. From the first moment I created you, I was emblazoned by your Light. We can say that from the very first moment, you stole My Heart. That is not quite correct. It is more correct to say that My Love manifested Itself into a Human Being the world identifies as you. You ARE Myself. How I love Myself. How I love My Creation.

To Me, there is no Dearest, for everyone and everything is dear to Me. No exceptions. I love every leaf. I love every ant. There is no one or no thing that I don’t love. I love every drawing of yours. I love every mist and fog and color. I don’t have to have an object to love, for I am Love Incarnate, and so are you.

If it could be asked and answered as a demonstration, what is the dearest of all to Me, I would say that you are the dearest of all to Me, you who stands before Me as a purported individual as well as the whole collective of you. At the same time, you have to accept that My Love is Infinite. My Love is all. There are no limits to My Love. Yet, as only an illustration, only as a speculation, I would say with all My Heart and with My Face Alight, that it is your heart within Mine that is the dearest of all to Me. I am talking to you. You are the dearest of all. You are My Most Beloved.

In Truth, I love everything in Creation as I love you. I love every beast of the field. I love every trickle of water. I love the mountain tops and the valleys. I love. I am Love, and so are you.

What on Earth holds you back from accepting this? From declaring this to yourself? Would you shuffle off as though you could be less than I say you are? Dear Ones, if you are I, and I say you are, then how can you not know the Love you are made of, and, therefore, the Love you are and, in Truth, the Love you can only be. You cannot be anything less. You cannot escape being the Love you are. Hereto, you have dodged this Truth, that you are Love and nothing but Love. In Truth, you can disguise yourself all you want. Your disguise is a far cry from the Truth.

Meanwhile, you have decided that you are on occasion Love. You have also decided you are, generally speaking, less than Love. You may be disgruntled, fractious, and malcontent to such a degree that you discount yourself and, therefore, others, as if there were in fact others.

You may turn away from others and turn away from Me Who Art Thy Very Self. The so-called others are also your Very Self. You see them as apart from you. You stipulate that it is a matter of course that they are not you or I and that you are not them nor I either, that no one is, and that even I may not exist. What kind of fiction is this?


Truly, you are all very wise and loving beings, that is your nature.

Jesus through John

Jesus Audio Blog for Tuesdy April 11th

Once the realization that there is no separation, that all are One, becomes generally recognized and honored by the majority of humankind, and this is happening very rapidly indeed now, then the conflicts across the world and the mistreatment and abuse of millions of God’s beloved children by a few severely damaged ones will cease.  There are signs of this being reported now throughout your media, particularly the alternate sources, and that news alone is uplifting and inspiring for many of you who had felt that things were almost constantly going from bad to worse on Planet Earth.

You can choose where to focus your attention as you work on awakening from the dream that is the illusion.  As has been realized by many, what you focus your attention on is what you experience, and there is an abundance of good news on…

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Within God you have your eternal and endlessly joyful existence.

Johnsmallman's Blog

Saul Audio Blog for Sunday April 9th

Humanity has chosen to awaken, it’s as simple as that!  However, although in truth the awakening has already occurred, it does take time to come to fruition for you because the illusion is largely about time and its passing, and until your awakening happens you are time-bound within your collective dream, the illusion.  It is unreal but, because you intended it to seem very real, it does seem utterly real to you.  That, of course, is very confusing for you, and because the vast majority of the human population believes that the illusion is absolutely real that is how it appears to you.

What is presently occurring is the unraveling of the collective belief in the illusion, and because of that you see apparent chaos, confusion, and conflict in many places across the world as the beliefs that hold it in place are…

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A King of Consciousness | Heavenletters


God said:

Aloha! Namaste! Greetings!

Arrivederci! Au Revoir! So Long!

Life in the world is made up of hellos and goodbyes. Temporary means there are beginnings and endings.

In Infinity, it’s different. Everything is all at once. Infinity is Fullness. Fullness is Fullness of Oneness. This is the State of Consciousness that is rumored to be Heaven and actually is.

Heaven can only be a State of Consciousness. The world has the illusion of space and time. Heaven does not. Heaven is not illusion. Heaven is the Truth of you. So Oneness is the Truth of you and the Truth of all human Beings.

We could say there are two versions of you. There is the obvious one of you housed on Earth in a body of one kind or another, and there is the subtle more savory version of you that lives Eternally in Infinity as One.

On Earth, you are squeezed into a body. You feel sequestered. Everything in the world tells you that you are separate. You may feel great loneliness, for you are adrift from your natural habitat even as you are not wholly certain that you truly exist at all. You may feel that you need protection from all the others who may ignore you or gang up on you. You are quite aware of a you and a them.

At the same time, you likely feel a kind of wanderlust, yet you do not know what it is you seek. I tell you it is your Very Self you seek. The recognition you crave is of your Very Self.

Being is incredible, and you are Incredible Being. You are Gold, yet you may see yourself as dross, a kind of leftover from another time and place. You identify yourself far from the angels. You don’t quite have the knowledge nor the courage to express and note your True Self. In a way, you are like Moses in the Bulrushes. He was taken care of, yet it wasn’t until much later that he knew who he was.

Of course, you are a Being of God. You are My Being. You are My Inheritor, and you are My Delight to Behold. I behold you. In Truth, you inherit the Kingdom of God. You are beyond Earth.

You may think of DNA as a concern for detectives or as mere TV fare.

There is a difference between a magnifying glass and a telescope. If you want a grand picture, look at Me through a telescope. Look not for Greatness in details, even as Greatness exists everywhere. The Greatness I speak of now takes a bigger picture. To look at Vastness, look with your eyes open wide. Be farsighted. Nearsidedness is of the past. Close inspection belongs to the Field of Science. You belong to the Field of Consciousness. Consciousness is My Field.

Everyone’s Consciousness comes from Me. It was My Joy to create you, yet you probably heard about Me in many ways before you became acquainted with Me. More or less, you stumbled on Me. You were on and off. You weren’t quite sure how to walk with the King of Consciousness.

You are finding out now. You are coming closer to My Vision and knowing that it is also yours. You are coming closer to realizing True Reality and accepting it as your own. Beloved, all that is Mine is yours. My Vision is yours. My Heart is yours. My Consciousness is yours. You are so near and dear to Me that it is hard for you to accept.

There is no need for you to wander off. We never say good-bye. Our Love is never breeched. Our Love is always. It never departs. It is your own heart you wring. Come. Come now into My Heart where you always are and always were. Welcome yourself. Admit yourself to Heaven right now. Feel the delight of yourself walking in and being where you truly exist. All your fuss was for nothing because now it is most assuredly your Self that you will greet.