Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 19 July 2019

When one views the unrest in the world, it is apparent that much seems to arise from the difference of opinion as to how life should or should not be lived. The problem seems to be one of intolerance to another person’s views or beliefs that all through history has led to confrontations, and even wars. From our point of view we see groups of people playing out their beliefs, but some are more extreme and wish to impose themselves upon others believing that theirs is more important and of the truth. Dear Ones, why can you not allow others to follow their own beliefs knowing that in the long run only the truth will remain. Historically forcing people to follow one set of beliefs has never worked and inevitably led to wars without achieving a peaceful co-existence. It is time to let go of the ego that stops you from finding peaceful solutions to your differences, because you could live quite happily together with the intent of creating a peaceful scenario. It will come in time as the vibrations are lifting and all thoughts and actions of war are slowly being rejected. In the latter stages the last Age was a series of non-stop bloody wars causing millions and millions of lives to be lost, and even more affected by the outcome. One day you will look back and wonder how such barbaric things could take place, and why you could not have lived in peaceful co-existence. The inequalities of life have much to answer for but without leaders who could broker peace in all nations when you were led by those who supported the Anti-Christ.

Many souls that lost their lives or who were badly affected by the experience of wars are now reincarnating, and they bring with them a strong desire for creating the conditions that will lead to permanent world peace. They understand that the New Age has left war and warlike actions behind, and as time passes even the thoughts of war will be replaced by thoughts of peaceful coexistence. Humanity has by its actions shown a genuine desire to create a pathway to a world where all nations strive for peace and dismantle or remove all things that are opposed to it. Can you imagine the goodwill that it would create and the happiness and joy it would bring to the people, who could finally live free from fear and deprivation. Already the seeds of change exist and peace-loving souls are ready to guide you to the “promised land”.

Thought is powerful, much more than you probably realise and if sufficient people concentrated on peaceful thoughts and actions, there is nothing that you could not achieve. Be certain that the warmongers are now in a minority and the largest nations are bound to get together to draft permanent peace. Imagine how beneficial it would be to the world’s population and how it would raise morale, and hope for a better level of existence. On another level the diminishing lower energies would result in a general upliftment of the vibrations to the benefit of all people. Think peace and discard all thoughts of war, and help to hasten the time that is approaching when mighty changes are about to occur for the benefit of all people.

Technologies are advancing at an astonishing rate and when they are used for the benefit of all people, the standard of life will change for the better, and the necessities of life will be available to all. It comes about because of major changes in the way that things become more automated. You are already seeing some advances but there are many more already in use secretly that are being denied to you. Such situations will gradually cease to be a problem as warlike operations will no longer become necessary. Naturally every planet needs overall protection even in peaceful times but they will not be bound by secrecy

Meantime the changes will go on until it all settles down, and you have a world with leaders that openly cooperate with each other for peace. World Government will work well in such circumstances as it is clearly to everyone’s advantage. Think beyond the old ways as you are not bound by them now and project positive thoughts that are your vision of a new Earth, because it is coming. By moving beyond the marker you have earned the right to now to move ahead into much better times and enjoy peace and a bountiful life. The old mixture of the positive and negative is no longer applicable and has run its course never to return. This will become more apparent as time passes but be patient as it has only just appeared on the horizon.

Your ability to comprehend and fully understand the messages is becoming much stronger. You have the power to influence what happens in the future, and it is down to Humanity to lay down the path you need to tread to fulfil your expectations for a peaceful and loving existence. It was always planned that way but was simply a potential that relied upon your ability to overcome the challenges presented to you. Freewill is yours and although the plan is for your evolution it still remains in your hands.

Many of you have expressed a wish to join the Forces of Light that monitor all activities within your Universe. They are like Cosmic Wardens that can relocate at any time through the power of thought and deal with any problems that arise. However their work is to deal with trouble before it becomes serious and they have the authority to override efforts to change their activities or ignore their instructions. Cosmic Law overrides other considerations and it makes their authority absolute. There are always greater Beings that maintain Law and Order in the Universe and those who serve the Light need have no concern about their own position that always has their support.

Your Earth has been in isolation for a very long time, to prevent the lower energies from affecting others who have moved beyond your level. Conversely it is also to maintain your chosen path to Ascension and stop other entities from interfering in any way that would alter the outcome. Your evolution has been closely monitored for eons of time, so as to ensure that you progressed in a natural way resulting from your own actions and thoughts. It is for example to your credit that you passed the marker in 2012, and why you are now in a far better situation that has given you a greater freedom of choice, and more help to guide you on your way. We hesitate to say that you cannot fail, yet the pathway has been laid out before you, if you would but take it.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 12 July 2019

There is no doubt that the vibrations of Mankind have increased considerably within the years that followed 2012, when the New Age officially commenced. It is notable amongst the younger generations who had a head start because they had already lifted up their vibrations prior to their incarnation. Their influence has helped many individuals reach new levels of Light, enabling them to achieve their objectives in a much quicker time. Much of their good work is acknowledged but goes unpublicised, yet in fact they do not seek recognition for it. Generally evolved Lightworkers do not seek a reward for what they do, and it is the satisfaction of doing work for the good of humanity that is their first concern. Nevertheless, should your work be acknowledged it is a credit to your efficiency and dedication to your tasks.

Every soul that takes an incarnation upon Earth comes equipped with the means to successfully complete their task. That includes advice and guidance to set you upon your right path, and at different times during your life souls will help you with your tasks to ensure your success. Inevitably sacrifices have to be made, but you will have agreed to them prior to your incarnation. Yet having freewill you could easily defer your work or ignore it in full and it would not bring any recriminations, but a similar task may follow on to test your intent to carry out your work as planned.

Some souls ask why Lightworkers do not always identify themselves when working for the Light, and it is because it is often best way to ward off unwanted attention to enable them to complete their work satisfactorily. The dark Ones will go to great lengths to interfere with your work, as their motives are to cause as much confusion as possible. Naturally in some circumstances you cannot avoid publicity but you would be protected in your work. The secret to your safety is your vibrations as high as possible at all times, and the Light will protect you from the lower energies.

Whatever effort you put into uplifting your Light, it will be rewarded as you will have expressed your intent and it will benefit you. What you focus upon will be attracted to you in the course of time, which is why it is wise at all times to guard your thoughts. Following the same line of approach you can for example help those souls who need help, by sending them healing bands of colour according to their needs, and the purer the colours the more potent they are. However with the new way of expressing things in the New Age, you do not need to send specific healing energies repeatedly, as once you have sent them to do their work it should be sufficient.

You are currently in a great stage of change as the new ways and methods that are available are waiting to be introduced. It will take time but ultimately they will be successful, as it is in accordance with your wishes to move on from a period of slow changes and growth because advancements have been deliberately held back. Know that there has always been a plan for your evolution, and those who oversee your progress will ensure that it is followed. It is your right to benefit from the advances made over many years, and whilst some have filtered through in areas such as medicine and electronics many have been deliberately denied you. That position cannot remain for much longer as more and more people are demanding that the information is released for the benefit of all mankind. When you become aware for example that the surgeon’s knife will no longer be needed, and that “operations” could be carried out without the use of it you realise how far behind you are in medical matters. You may question why such a situation is still allowed and it is because we must respect your freewill to arrange your own destiny.

You could say that the Earth is a pictorial of “Life through the Ages” as examples of it can still be found all over the world. It was not through design but inevitable as various groups of souls at different levels have incarnated upon Earth. They were at very contrasting levels of evolution and kept apart so as to allow their advancement to suit their needs. Through the passing of time such souls have evolved but are not necessarily ready to take a major step forward. Again those who have advanced are often further ahead of younger groups than ever before, and in some instances there has been a deliberate policy of keeping them in ignorance so that they could be used as virtual slaves. Clearly those souls being held back must be helped to advance, just the same way as in the very near future you will also be given an opportunity to ascend to a higher level.

You have been kept in the dark for many Ages and suffered many unpleasant experiences, yet you have come through them to be much stronger and have emerged as souls capable of expressing yourself in love and joy as one that has “Seen the Light”. By your example others will follow in your footsteps having seen the peace and light that you radiate around you. Even now by doing so some of you are radiating your Light to all and helping to uplift the vibrations. In general terms evolved spiritual Beings have an instinctive feeling and desire to help other souls lift up, and when you are ready to do so you may be sure that your talents will be used accordingly to help them.

Whatever your role in this lifetime you may be certain that at some stage you will be called upon to help others to evolve. It is a matter of using your knowledge and experience to help a soul who may benefit from your experience. Taken a stage further you may desire to become a teacher of spiritual matters yourself, and that can happen either inside or outside of the organised religions. You will have already reached a stage of understanding in which you know that you only give a soul as much as they are ready for and can comprehend, as too much may confuse them.

I leave you in love and blessings and may your dreams be fulfilled and the Light brighten your days. This message comes through my Higher Self my Godself.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 5 July 2019

I would like to introduce this week’s message with an extract from one of Kryon’s recent messages, as in my opinion it is monumental in its implications.

“I follow the God inside and that is pure, and everything that I control with the intent to listen to the voice and be that thing that is in line with the Creative Source, which is in me and talks to me, and that is why I am not going to age much anymore, because I dropped my karma and I am in control”

It is almost certain that the vast majority of people whether religious or not, believe that God exists as an individual entity separated from them. The idea of God being inside each soul is probably a difficult concept, but such a belief is self-assuring and obviously removes the necessity to seek God elsewhere. You can have an ongoing conversation with God where ever you are at any time, but it is appreciated that perhaps most people feel more secure and empowered when they worship or pray in groups, as at a religious gathering. Being able to talk with your personal God at any time you please as one would do so when with a very good friend, is extremely private and personal.

As you turn to the Light and Universal Love I feel sure your connection with God becomes stronger, and particularly so when you live in the “Now” and allow events to come to you rather than feeling a need to set them up in advance. Since the New Age began in 2012 you have been encouraged to follow your own path on the basis that the most important thing in your life is your own evolution. There is much more on this subject now coming through, and I have no doubt we will be encouraged to be our own person. My Higher Self is also my constant companion and my personal Guide, and in acknowledging that link we have a permanent one between us. That being so I invited my Higher Self to continue this message.

Dear Ones, you have just passed the half way point in this year, and I feel you will surely agree that time seems to be flying by faster than ever. These are challenging times and at times unpleasant but the lower energies must be cleared away, and that cannot happen without confrontation between groups that hold opposing views on how life must be lived. Opposition to change will not be able to stop the discarding of the old ways, they are essential to enable a great leap forward that will end with total peace and goodwill upon Earth. Each successive group of young people that are being born to the Earth carry a higher vibration that means they are well suited to ensure that progress is made to enable the New Age to commence in full.

We have spoken previously about the apparent lack of contact with Earth representatives by life forms from other worlds. The truth is that they cannot openly visit you with the idea of making open contact. It has been this way for millennia of time so as to protect you from interference by other entities. It includes those who would approach you in peace and look for a friendly contact. The evolution of the Human Being is considered as being most important particularly as it must make progress in a natural way, linked to your own development and the raising of your consciousness. You are however helped by the incarnation of souls who bring knowledge to you that helps to keep you moving forward.

The emphasis is on your ability to understand that Humanity is on a path of evolution that includes your spiritual progress. You are immortal and “Children of God” learning to express yourselves in the love of God for all life forms. Presently you are engaged in overcoming the idea of separation and starting to understand the Oneness of all Creation. It being so, you should understand that you are all One and should think in terms of dropping all ideas of separation. The ego has been largely responsible for perpetuating the idea that some souls are better than others, and in your time of great wealth it is in the hands of a privileged few who determine its use.

Greed and selfishness should have no place in a fair society. Its wealth should be used for the benefit of all, and that would do away with inequality and give all individuals a fair share, so that none would live in need of the basic necessities of life. Even now there is sufficient wealth in your world to give everyone a reasonable standard of living. You will need some remarkable changes to achieve a new and better way of living and the dream exists and is being projected into your future, where it will ultimately come true. Your destiny was always meant for your lives to be ones of complete peace and happiness. It is your natural state and as you continue to rise up above the lower vibrations, so the lower energies will no longer carry the power to affect your lives in a negative way.

You can help speed up the manifestation of the changes by projecting positive thoughts into the future, and we would encourage you all to help them manifest. As we have mentioned previously, thoughts are powerful and when enough of you empower them things start to happen that bring about the desired result. You can be assured that you have much more influence on your future than you imagine. You all have the potential for becoming powerful Beings, and even at this stage you should guard your thoughts and ensure that they are positive at all times. Miracles have been achieved through the power of thought and are recorded in your history.

You are destined to become great Beings of Love and Light, and it will coincide with the increase in your consciousness. You are presently working at a much lower energy level, but it will increase over time and not so far away as you might imagine. Think big about yourselves and never limit your ability to achieve what you set your sights upon. You really are greater than you realise, and when you completely throw off the shackles from the last Age you will realise your true self.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 28 June 2019

The turmoil of change continues as it clearly cause confrontation amongst you, as certain groups fight change not wishing to move on to more peaceful lives and leave behind all the trappings of war. It is clear that the people have had enough of continual warlike experiences and are tired of them. Even those younger generations who have had little or no experience whatsoever of wars seek a peaceful future, as they have a more heightened awareness and intuitively know what is best for Humanity. There is no doubt that slow but sure peace is being brokered all over the Earth, and even those in the hotspots are beginning to see the futility of continuing with warlike activities. There is a movement that is growing upon the Earth that seeks new ways of bringing about world peace, whilst at the same time still allowing the freewill choice of the people. It will come because it has been ordained so that those of the Light can evolve without interference or delay.

I include this short extract because it clearly spells out the function of Innate in relation to the brain, and it will figure more and more in our everyday life as time passes.



The Innate is responsible for spontaneous remission, for it can go in and pull out the things in your Akash and place them into your cellular structure – that is how smart it is. You can be your own medical intuitive about your cellular structure.

It is the brain that has the box of beliefs that has who you are based on experience and memory. It is Innate that knows the truth, it is your second brain. One of the attributes of the future Human Being is to build bridge between your consciousness and your Innate, so that you would not need to “Muscle Test”. Innate is your second brain, it is the hearts connection. Become your own medical intuitive.

Innate as your second brain does not function like the first one at all, but it is smart and intelligent and it knows what you need. It is the governor to stop you picking up the wrong things, just like your brain is in a different kind of way.

Innate is what creates emotions, helps you fall in love. It gives you the energy you cannot explain. I know all about it and it changes every cell in your body – it is able to ring true. Innate will serve you, it is you with you, but it is not an entity inside you.

You are from the Great Central Sun, it is where Kryon is from. You will know that you are Eternal, you will know that you know me. You have had more than one life.



When you have an out of the body experience such as when you have been knocked out through some accident or through intent, your thoughts are still perfectly normal. Nothing appears to have dramatically changed except you find that without your physical body you have complete freedom of movement, and your thoughts are much more powerful in manifesting your desires. It surely proves beyond doubt, that you are not your physical body but a free born entity with a soul. You may also find that your power of thought is empowered to the degree that you can create what you desire.

When I write according to my own intuition I know that my Higher Self still oversees my thoughts and actions, not to interfere with my intentions but to impart ideas to me as a form of guidance. Not everyone is aware that it exists but when your Higher Self is accepted it will come closer to you and is able to do much more for you. By allowing your Higher Self some space to work in you will find more events in your life become synchronised and flow more easily. Remember that it knows more about you than you do including your life plan, and is therefore better placed to be of guidance to you.

It is apparent that what you call the “old guard” is not suited to today’s needs, as the changes are being arranged so as to introduce new concepts and ways that are far more efficient and purposeful than the old ones. What has passed should now be left to rest as it has been surpassed by the higher vibrations that have no place in the old scheme of things. The new is here already waiting to be awakened and includes many great souls who are the forefathers of the New Age, who are patiently waiting for Mankind to awaken to the opportunities that are before them.

It is becoming more and more apparent that your history is far different from that which is recorded. It has become obvious that there were past civilisations who were able to fly their own craft, and had used technology far in advance of what we imagined they were capable of. The evidence is here now and even goes as far as the use of nuclear devices. It appears that everything goes in cycles including our own evolution.

Regardless of whatever is taking place on Earth it will carry on through the Photon Belt on course for Ascension, as after all Mother Earth desires to complete this cycle by entering the new level of vibrations. The time has come to remain steadfast and focussed upon your goal. There are many distractions because of the changes you are going through, yet many souls have already raised their vibrations and set their course firmly on ascending. We are getting much help and encouragement so be assured of success, and your Higher Self is guiding you according to your life plan.

The simple answer as to what you have to do to ensure your success is to treat all souls with love and kindness regardless of their outer appearance. Do not be put off by a person’s bodily features as the physical body is simply a means to an end, to adequately serve you for your physical experience. All souls are equal in reality and all have the God spark within.

I leave you in love and blessings and may your dreams be fulfilled.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 21 June 2019

The dark Ones have lost the battle but not the fight and their presence is still noticeable. However, the low vibrations that their kind carry around, can only influence those souls that are of a similar vibration, and it is apparent in many of the younger members of humanity. Nevertheless, it will not have any effect on those who have evolved beyond that stage. The dark Ones are no longer the power that they were, and their aims to take over the world have dismally failed following many centuries of growth. It means that the shackles that have been holding you back have been removed and you are becoming free souls able to take charge of your own evolution. It is entirely expected in the present times and you should now make much quicker progress.

It will be some time before you can fully understand the truth of your being, but it will come to you in all good time. As you journey towards Ascension you will be given much information about your past, present and future. You are breaking out of your cocoon of forgetfulness and it is necessary for your spiritual growth. In the past you dropped to such a low level it was feared that you would never wake up to the truth, but somehow sufficient of you were able to lift your vibrations up and reach the higher level. You could say that the few have helped the many get past the 2012 marker and it is helping others to do the same. As we have mentioned many times, once a soul awakens to the Light many helping hands assist you in making further progress. The purpose of life is to gain spiritual knowledge through experience and live accordingly, so that you increase your vibrations and become more of a Being of Light.

With the many challenges that seem to always crop up, understand that some are important to your evolution and should be carefully noted. Few experiences are without some lesson at the root of them so it is wise to question what that meaning is by looking within. Cleary if a lesson is to be learnt it is wise to try and understand what is meant by your experience. For those of you who personally passed the marker, you should by now be advancing spiritually and incurring little if any adverse reactions. Your experience can be put to good use by helping others who may come to you by being attracted to your Light. Some may personally know about you and your work but others may have been guided to you, so do not be surprised if that happens.

When the Earth and its population have settled down and peace has become the normal state, you will be open to visits from other ET’s who will help you speed up the evolutionary changes. You will learn much from them having been held back for so long. The first hints of growth and understanding must come from you and then you will get help to implement your ideas and desires. You will make progress quickly as you are destined to live on your “New Earth” that shall be of pristine beauty. There are really no adequate words to describe the changes from the old Earth to the new one. It will be a paradise unlike anything you have come across so far, and you will be thrilled by the life energy that exists in everything.

So you have much to look forward to and at long last it is within your sights. It must be so as decreed by the Supreme Creator. You are part way along the path to completion of this phase when you will be rewarded with existence in the higher vibrations of tranquillity and total peace, that cannot be disturbed by those of a lesser vibration. For such souls their time will come when they have accepted God and look for the pathway home, and each one eventually leads back to the Godhead. Since time does not exist in the higher realms as everything is in the now, there is no pressure placed upon those who need to go through another series of trials and challenges to evolve. However, as always help is on hand when a soul becomes enlightened and it will stay with them until that journey is completed. We know that many of you will already be aware of the situation, but may not realise that the present end times are special, inasmuch that every soul is offered the same opportunity to be part of a mass Ascension.

Your many lives have taken you a long way and today you are a versatile soul with many skills that can be called upon to help you through this particular lifetime. Realise that you draw upon your experiences to get the best results, as clearly you need to specifically benefit from those aspects that can help you get through your life plan. Through such arrangements it gets the best out of each generation because progress is “tailored” so that it occurs in increments that carry you another step in the right direction. Obviously in the early stages the dark Ones do all they can to stop you succeeding, but at all times progress is inevitable.

You are emerging from unsettling times so keep your sights on your goal and do not be distracted by outer happenings. There are still pitfalls on your path but if you keep to the straight and narrow you will sail straight past them. Indeed, depending on just how far you have progressed will determine how soon matters settle down for you, so keep yourself in the Light and do not succumb to temptations that will be placed upon your path. Bear in mind that you will occasionally still be tested but at your point of evolution you should be able to deal with it with ease.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 14 June 2019

Political views and opinions are being shaken up and down all over the world, and that should not be surprising in view of the effect the new energies are having. As we have stated on more than one occasion, you are in rapidly changing times that will eventually take you fully into the New Age. In most instances the higher vibrations that you are experiencing have brought about what you call the grass roots of a new way of living that will be far more acceptable and in accordance with the wishes of the people.

It takes time for needed changes to take place as there will always be some objection to them and attempts made to stop them occurring. However, that will be to no avail as the seeds of change are well developed and cannot be stopped. It is amazing how quickly the mood of the people can change and evidence of it is illustrated by the largely organised peaceful protests that are taking place. They are more informed than any earlier generations, and will not stand for any attempts to continue perpetuating the old ways. Change with a capital “C” is about you and in some ways it will be unavoidably disruptive, but if led by those who support democracy it will soon pass much to the peoples delight.

These are times when you must allow for new ways of thinking, indeed they should be encouraged so that solutions can be found for the new challenges that face you. The answers are already known and those empowered with the knowledge will be eager to step forward when the right circumstances prevail. Again we say look to the younger generations to make progress, as they have birthed with the knowledge and ability to provide you with the answers you seek. We support and help those working for the betterment of mankind which is allowed and in those circumstances not considered to be interference with your freewill, but quite the opposite.

What may at first not seem too welcome is that your life span is on the increase, and it is another effect of the rise in vibrations. Aging is slowing down and may already be evidenced by the increasing number of older people who are in relatively good health. There are more and more people in their 80’s and 90’s and it is not entirely due to better health facilities although it is a factor. Illness is sometimes self-inflicted by bad habits such as eating the wrong foods that do not sustain your body, or for habits such as smoking that can lead to all manner of illnesses including a shortened life span. However, you are waking up to the idea of healthy living and it has resulted in a change from food preferences that are lacking in the nutrients that you need. We mention these things not to admonish you but simply draw it to your attention.

Since we are on the subject of your well-being it must not be forgotten that adequate exercise also helps to ensure a long healthy life. Fresh air and a general limbering up keep’s your body in good shape and able to overcome the ravages of time. Of course much of this depends on your age but there is generally something you can do that will be beneficial for you. We do not propose that everyone should be rabbits but the intake of raw food stuffs does carry much more good and can help you have a balanced diet. To some extent your own body will “tell” you what it wants, and conversely what it does not want. Listen to your intuition in such matters and do not eat for sake of it as over eating is not necessary. We do not preach to you about such matters, but simply remind you as to what may be in your best interests and result in a happy healthy life.

Not all of you have gardens but what a lovely healthy way to spend your time, and you have the bonus of enjoying the results of your labour. In the course of it you bring yourself closer to nature and if you “love” your garden it responds to those higher vibrations. So you see, successful gardening is a labour of love that returns to you every bit as much as you give it, if not more. The energy of love is the Mothers touch that soothes a young baby or child and it illustrates how powerful it is. Can you then imagine the power of the Creator and understand how miracles can take place. Your destiny is to follow such a path as you really are Gods in the making, but do not let the thought frighten you as you have quite a long way to go yet, indeed a very long way. It is why each soul is revered because their potential is known.

Do not ever doubt your potential as regardless of how you view it now, you have lives ahead of you that will gradually raise your vibrations, so that level by level you gradually become a Being of Light. Once in your Light Body you will no longer need a physical body, but do not be alarmed as at any time you will be able to lower your vibrations and self-create one by pure thought. It is as well that you have at least an idea of where your evolution is taking you so that you are not misled by false stories. However, sometimes the wrong information becomes embedded in your mind, but with the help of your Guides and perhaps suitable experiences you will succeed in finding your true self.

Dear Ones you should by now be well aware that you are a powerful soul and that your thoughts can manifest into reality. So be careful what you wish for and indeed for other souls. You are a healer if you did but know it and by the same token you can harm others with your thoughts if you were so inclined. So as time passes it is incumbent upon you to take care with the spoken word, as harmful words directed towards someone who is of a high vibration, will so to say bounce off them and back to you. If you find it difficult to bring the changes to mind, be sure to ask your Guides to prompt you, as they can often plant things in your mind that are helpful.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 7 June 2019

Nothing can prepare you for the future except that you expect the best of everything. Be assured that you are already on a path to great changes that will be more than welcome, and fulfil your dreams of having everything that you ever needed and more than you can presently imagine. Already different groups are receiving promptings to advance mankind, but for peaceful purposes and to set up societies that work for the betterment of all without any exclusion. It clearly will take much time to reach the ultimate stages but everything has to have a beginning at some time and that time has already commenced. The goal that will be achieved is to promote more group plans, and as you would say ”small is beautiful” and that will be the challenge to arrange things accordingly. Already you have been finding that smaller set-ups operate more efficiently and you are being guided in that direction.

As you are entering a new period that will of necessity involve many changes in the way societies are formed, you may be certain that many souls that have recently come to Earth are here to give you the advantage of their experience that will help you advance in leaps and bounds. You will also have the benefit of new inventions that will be given to you as soon as it is safe to do so, without them being stolen or misused. As you will realise it cannot take place until the dark Ones and their cohorts are moved out of the way. They have been carefully monitored for a long time and their intentions have been known. Eventually they will be incapable of interfering with your progress that will then go speeding ahead.

Your Inner Earth is home to many E.T’s that reside at depths that are not usually probed, but with the changes many will have no option but leave. They certainly will not go forward with the new Earth that will be your ultimate home. However, some of the E.T’s that are positive and evolved are part of your evolution, and will openly work with you well before Ascension. In the long run you will find that all experiences help you to evolve, and it is because every soul has a life plan that is calculated to help their evolution, and would have been agreed by them beforehand. Planning your evolution is a complicated matter as it relies on many other souls playing their part with the help of your Guides and without interfering with your freewill.

Death is subject that some people avoid having to discuss and it often comes from not understanding the information they are given. There are a number of explanations that mainly come through religious sources but none are completely accurate. The main fact is that immediately upon death of the body – when your heart stops beating, you leave your body and are usually attracted to another level of Light where you will be met by family or friends who have obviously been waiting for your arrival. Because of religious teachings some will find a different reception upon arrival, but you will all be in your etheric body that is of a much higher vibration than your old physical body. If you can accept this much about life after death, you will understand that you have nothing at all to fear.

To stay on the path of Ascension bear in mind that there is a need to empower yourselves with the new energies. Do not look back and know that there is a sound reason for this advice as the old ways will no longer advance your evolution. The ultimate would be to live in the “now” and not try to pre-determine how your path would work out. Clearly there are many pathways to Ascension, but as a collective you are all treading a personal path that has been especially designated for you. Allow things to flow and what you need to evolve will come to you. We know it is difficult to suddenly change your approach and understanding of your evolutionary path, but you have entered a new paradigm that calls for a different reaction. Try it and see for yourself how your life progresses if you simply take it as it comes. You can then rely more on your intuition, and be assured that should you make a mistaken decision your Guides will do their best to redirect you to your correct pathway.

At this stage nothing should be able to put you off your goal to ascend, as you are now too advanced to fail. You have done all of the hard work by getting through the lower dimensions, and have established your selves as being worthy of continuing in the higher dimensions. You will never have to go back to the lower vibrations as they are unsuitable for the level you are at now. It is “fast speed ahead” and very soon the new innovations will start to be released having been well prepared in advance, knowing the inevitability of a grand increase in your vibrations. Not every soul is interested in moving out of their present dimension, as instinctively they know that they are not ready and they should therefore be allowed to progress at a rate that suits them. Nothing is to be gained from rushing them before they are prepared and ready to make a great leap forward in their evolution.

Dear Ones you are so loved for your dedication and determination to succeed in the tasks you have undertaken. You were so positive that you could be cut off from the Godhead and still find your way back in spite of the darkness that would engulf you as you plummeted through the depths. You have little if any idea as to how long you have been travelling the road back to the Light, yet it has been for many thousands of years, but you have finally made it. Your consciousness levels are now moving quickly forwards, and with it will come a greater level of awareness and recollection of your real selves as mighty Beings of Light. No wonder you are revered by those who have followed your exploits and given you every encouragement to keep going, regardless of the obstacles in your way. You have completed all of the hard work and experiences to move into a period of release from karma into joy and freedom.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

Website: Tree of the Golden Light

Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 31 May 2019

From our standpoint we see a world that is struggling to come to terms with problems that do not respond to the old way of working. It is clear that you are not going to solve them until you are prepared to look at them from a new perspective. The people as a collective are beginning to realise that a new pathway must be opened up and due consideration given to changes that need to be introduced if you are going to overcome your present problems. The answers are awaiting you immediately you show willingness to move into the new paradigm without any preconceived ideas, and are open to solving your problems in ways not considered before. As always your Guides are ready to assist as they are already aware of the answers to the problems you face..

The time for making important decisions has arrived as you must find your way out of the mess that you are in as a Human Race. There are new people ready to assume positions of importance with the foresight to set you upon the right path. It should be an easy transition as the help you need is awaiting your presence, and will put you on the path to the fulfilment of your needs whilst at the same time linking you with other souls that will also assist you. These are the times that so many souls have been waiting for as they are already primed for the work to be carried out. Realise that age is not an important factor in this present time, and that the souls making up the “New forces for good” are those of more recent incarnations. They are those Light working on your behalf who have been preparing you for this time that is the most important period yet, as it leads to your fulfilment directly to Ascension.

Progress is speeding up and already pointing the way to a future of the most exciting changes. What has been held back from you will soon come into being, and in fact has already made a start that involves moving on from the old ways of living. The net result will be a fairer way of distributing the wealth of the world so that living standards are raised and poverty eradicated. It may take time to become apparent but the seeds have already been sown. The wealth of the world is such that no one needs any longer to suffer hunger or deprivation.

The weather has been changing for some time now and will continue to have its ups and downs, but with modern methods of forecasting it should be possible to anticipate what problems are coming, and deal with them satisfactorily. Whilst the dark Ones continue with their aim to control other life forms within your solar system, humankind can progress in its own way to achieve a peaceful existence that will be supported by the higher powers. Freewill is at its best when sympathy and caring are supported by Universal Love, and Humanity is just beginning to realise that it is the only way forward. You are all brothers and sisters regardless of colour or creed and should support each other in their times of need.

In the rising vibrations more people are becoming extra sensitive to each other’s feelings and needs, resulting in more compassionate help being given. It is going to grow and in consequence it will bring people together in higher levels of companionship and understanding and will overcome any previous difficulty in accepting each other for what they are. You must have realised by now that all souls are equal on one level, and in essence are the same as you and because they are of a different colour or of religious beliefs, does not alter their relationship to all souls. It might be as well to remember that for experience and growth, all souls move around in their many incarnations so you should not look upon them as really being different to yourself.

The biggest currency changes that are coming are hovering in the background and still await the “right” time to go ahead. There are many factors involved and the most pressing is in respect of the false value that some currencies carry. There are moves to get the currencies to reflect their true values and the main reason is because some are greatly overvalued. In time your need for money in its present form will change, and become less and less needed. It is not new to you as in bygone times barter and exchange were the means of doing business. The money markets are often manipulated and false values shown by those speculators who operate it for personal gain. You have an expression “that money is the root of all evil” and that is very much the case, so a change for the better in the way it is used would help those who are poor and many who live in poverty.

Matters in general will change for the betterment of mankind when it is recognised that every soul is deserving of having sufficient of the Earths wealth to enjoy a comfortable standard of living. Education has gone a long way towards improving matters and reducing the gap between the “haves” and the “have nots”. People should now expect an upliftment in their living standards, and it should continue to progress until poverty is completely eliminated. Bear in mind that all situations are of value inasmuch they offer experience that helps a soul evolve, and with a succession of incarnations gain from many different levels of living.

The Blue Avians continue to monitor Earth and ensure that your experiences are not unnecessarily interrupted, as every soul has a life plan that when fully played out will contribute to their evolution. It is not given to other souls to know the reasons for another ones incarnation, and it means that matters can progress normally in accordance with each souls freewill. Know that many Higher Beings are present who will ensure that the change goes according to the greater plan for Humanity, They are ever present and sending waves of love and blessings to see you through this period of turmoil so that you can rise up again.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

Website: Tree of the Golden Light

Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 24 May 2019

The long wait goes on and matters seem to keep coming up that look as though important changes are about to occur, without there being a conclusion. Yet there are outcomes that suggest what is happening is all part of the slow process to move away from the old paradigm, allowing the new one ample time to take effect. It is clear much of the old ways that still remain must make way for the new to come into being, and in part that means removing those who stand in the way of progress. Changes at the top are essential if no time is to be lost in getting the changes started. The world has suddenly been seen for the state it is in largely due to man’s belligerence, a state that cannot be ignored at your peril. Public opinion is not a force to be overlooked and its demands for action must be heeded.

EXTRACT FROM KRYON. 2019 April 💕 Everything will change negatively in 2020.

Your future is often seen as a repeat of the past, but if you have a paradigm shift, none of the principles, the actions or interfaces, or the expectation of what has happened in the past can be applied to the future, and since none of you have been there yet, or experienced its changes you do not appreciate, like or understand them. The profundity of this goes further than just a paradigm shift for you. If you really understand the elements of physics that talk about time, you would know that is in a circle and in it you tend to run over the same energies you created in the past, then creating that episode that you will call “repeating history” and I told you nobody has been there yet, so some of you are way ahead of me and then you would say “What happened to the circle” and the answer is you broke it. You are on another path, call it “dimension shift” if you wish, call it anything you want to which says this – “you are beginning something new that has never happened on this planet ever before” and the thing that is driving it is not that outside source that some of you all fear, it is you.

It is the consciousness of individuals starting to have a coherence together, a confluence of energy that will start to guide the planet. Look at the timing you never had social media before, you have never had the ability to be alone in a closet and contact a million people and you can today. You never had the ability to form a consensus of what you are thinking and you do today. Tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of Human Beings collectively can do something they never could before, they can do things that would make politicians shake in their boots, because they are in such control and you do not know it yet but you will. Perfect timing for a paradigm shift that was predicted thousands of years ago way before modern religion, the ancients were involved for thousands of years it said from the stars.

There will come a day measured by the precession of the equinox, a 26,000 year wobble on the Earth. There will come a day when Humanity will end the time it was in and start another time. Profoundly the Mayans called it the calendar that ended in 2012. It was not a mistake because that calendar was 5,125 years long. It is time for a shift and you are in it. A time change, a paradigm shift, a dimensionality and the biggest will occur with the futurists. The track is now different, you cannot take what was and apply it to what will be based on the same principles and paradigms. What has taken place is systemic, you must have another track record you must go for a while before you can start to see the signs that measure differently than they used to. Even the most profound studies are based upon the past, not the future, so it gets in the way of logical thinking of what might happen next. Do not make up your mind that it will be this one or that one based on the past, or even that which you believe in is analytically accurate in the past. Human nature itself will change and how in the world do you track that.

When you mix the old with the new you have problems, moving into the new energy is difficult and some will see it as frightening and scary because the rudder that you counted upon in the past is gone. The rudder is missing, a new one is being built called the paradigm of how new Humans think and what they want and can collectively do in a new time in an age where coherence is being measured between the consciousness of countries. The old souls are the ones singularly one by one, perhaps by the millions who will change that coherence of the planet, that confluence of thought of the planet and when that begins you are going to see something. It is catchy and we have said this before, indeed the ones with the old energy will eventually die out, they will carry it to their graves, they will try to do this and that and for it and you will see the last of the old guard, the last of the Illuminati that you have known forever controlled Humanity and in its place things you did not expect, and that is why you have got to make things up with your intuition not logically but based upon human nature.

Some of the things that are not measurable at all are already inside of you, given to you as a futurist, where you can project things without data and then they will happen. You are moving from a darker place to a lighter place that the magnetic grid has changed for you to accomplish it. It is the place in Space you are as a solar system. It is difficult to accomplish it but the stars align for it to accomplish this, right place at the right time. Do not fear what you signed up for.


Nothing can stop the advancement of Humanity that has been ordained by those who oversee your destiny. You have a mighty following that are urging you on and sending you their love, so that you know you are not alone in your fight against those who would try to halt your progress. Never give up your resolve to overcome all obstacles placed in your way, as you always have unseen helpers giving you encouragement. The energy for good is growing day by day and aiding your positive actions to carry on moving in the right direction You attract such energies because “like attracts like” and soon you will realise that you are receiving help.

Keep looking to the future, it is golden, everything you ever thought it could be. It is what you have been heading towards for eons of time so never look back, all is well.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

Website: Tree of the Golden Light

Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 17 May 2019

This extract is based on historical facts and information from Kryon. It is most informative about a period that had a great bearing upon our present time, and enables us to place events in their proper order so that they are historically correct. Going back further completes the picture by confirming that previously there were highly advanced civilizations that have come and gone.



About 11,000 years ago, at the end of the last glacial age, a mini ice age if you wish, there were things happening on this planet and you can search for this and you will find it. These things have to do with what I will call an unusual plasmic activity in the atmosphere. The magnetic grid was much, much different. Mass ejections from the Sun, and the kinds of things that the movies are made of would arrive and hit this planet’s magnetic field. This would charge it with different kinds of plasma. It’s there for you to see in science history. It’s in the ice cores, and in the magnetics you would measure in the layers of the earth.

It was different then and I want to tell you what it caused. First of all, it caused a lot of death. We’ve told you this before, and we told you that, in part, Humans created it. Humanity has gone through at least four stages of civilization through different ages and have almost terminated each time. You may recall that your prophecies some years ago had you in a final war at the millennium, with mass destruction. It didn’t happen. That was number four, moving to number five. The year 2013 and beyond is number five. We’ve told you about looking at number three in “unknown history”. You won’t find anything easily that I’m speaking of, and the history wasn’t obliterated through weapons; rather, it was through plasma discharge – nature. But way before this, your planet had an atmosphere that was alive in a different way through the Sun’s activity (the heliosphere), and it charged the magnetic grid in a way where humanity was able to develop DNA to at least 50%. Remember, you’re at 30% to 35% at the moment. “Wait a minute, Kryon, you mean we went backwards?” Yes. eventually you will find evidence of this – an advanced civilization.

If you’ve had lifetimes where you felt you were part of an advanced civilization, you were. This is because your consciousness was advanced, not your technology. (Say that again slowly). You could do things with your consciousness that you can’t do now, and you could do them easily. You could heal your own body with your own consciousness. There were those who could create actual matter out of nothing, all this, through advanced thinking, not mechanical devices. We are giving you a principle that hasn’t really been thought of yet: “Consciousness is physics. It’s a real, measurable field that affects physical reality.” Ever crashed your computer when you were angry or put out a lightbulb? How? It’s physics!

Yes, you were there, not with flying cars and anti-gravity, but with a wisdom and high physics that you remember well. You remember advanced wisdom and consciousness. There is a reason for the fact you can intuitively remember all of this. It’s in your Akash! Listen to me, for this is the lesson today: You’re not covering new ground as you evolve – listen to me – you are instead bringing forward what you had. You are going back to achieve the future! Your Akash is slowly awakening since you passed 2012. There is already a pattern or template for this advanced reality, and you lived it eons ago. This Akashic pattern exists within you to fast track the evolution that you are going through now. You’ve been there before! Old soul, what you remember is an advanced civilization way before 10,000 years ago. But the seeds of it are starting to pattern themselves again. It’s not new, and it’s not unknown, and your Akash knows it. Your body’s Innate knows it. What has been will again be reality and for you it won’t be new. You’re coming back to it. We’ve talked about Atlantis, and we’ve talked about the fact that not all of you, not millions of you, could have all been on one sinking island! Yet you all believe you were. There’s a metaphor there for the destruction of humanity for many reasons, and it was real, and you all went through it. Most of you were destroyed through these times, and that was civilization number three. Number two had its own reasons, mostly earth based. Then there was the start-over of civilization number four (your current 11,000-year-old history). So everything you attribute to Human civilization, all 11,000 years of it, is actually the fourth civilization. I know this sounds very odd, but even some of the wise ancient information from the indigenous of your planet know these things. It’s part of their teaching.

Dear ones, your civilization has been here for 50,000 years. Science will someday agree that there appears to be lost history and see it for what it is. You’re not that young! Many of your souls are very old and wise, and you’ve been here a long time. Your Akashic record is filled with these kinds of things. Do you see what I am saying today? You’ve got the building blocks of the future because you experienced it in the past! Because of this, you’re not going to be afraid of it, and when you start to experience it, it’s going to be something that is comfortable to you. I want you to look in the eyes of the indigo children for a moment. Those who are young souls are confused. But those who are old souls are confident! Perhaps too confident? They’re not looking around or frightened that they are different. They’re instead looking at you and wondering why you are not scared since you are so… old energy! They’ve been through this before! they are old souls and they are remembering what is coming. and in their confidence, you can see it. Don’t let their countenance fool you. They are not headstrong. They simply are awakening to something they “remember” in a planet that hasn’t seen it for a long, long time.



I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

Website: Tree of the Golden Light