Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 15 November 2019

The waiting game for some indication of moves towards positive changes is soon to be over, and will come after major political changes in the U.S. These will be unavoidable and take place in full view and be the first steps to political freedom. For too long election results have been “arranged” by the Illuminati, and only a miscalculation for example when it seemed that their choice Hillary Clinton would be the declared winner but went wrong. They were careless and others took advantage of the situation resulting in Trump being empowered and becoming the President. His term may have to be terminated allowing for the first time an appointment to be made of one who will work for the betterment of all Mankind. You have little or no idea as to what goes on behind the scenes, but not unexpectedly cause your the strongest and most popular party generally ends up the Electoral winner.

Firm and honest politics are very necessary to ensure you get the right people with the right talent, experience and ability to carry out their tasks. There is a saying that you only get what you deserve, but it is more a matter of what you attract to yourself. It applies all around and it is your thoughts that are the true magnet. It is why we have often told you to guard your thoughts when expressing wishes for a certain outcome in your life, so we ask you again to think positively at all times. You may find it hard at first but it will become easier with time and practice. It may simply be a matter of turning the other cheek, but be prepared and ready to turn away from difficult situations. There is no question of you being cowardly, you simply do not want to get involved in arguments and cause your own vibrations to drop.

Realise that slowly but surely you are lifting your vibrations, and as you do so you will find it becoming easier to control your feelings and reactions. You will also feel good within yourself and understand how debilitating it can be when you lose control of your emotions. Believe it or not you will also substantially extend the period of your life by maintaining high vibrations at all times. You are not expected to put the world right but your presence will make a difference. There is much at stake as you move forwards and having made such good progress so far, will gradually find it becoming easier to maintain.

At present there is much in the way of changes taking place all over the world, and they are far reaching. Clearly the old traditional ways are under scrutiny and in most cases it is the people who have brought them to the surface to be reviewed. Much has changed over the years and what was acceptable previously is no longer fit to serve the purpose for which it was introduced. Many who see ahead and know how things can be improved are pressing for change. Old habits die hard and there is a reluctance for some to give up that which they have become familiar with.

However, when it becomes apparent that new ideas and inventions will raise the quality of life, the objections will soon disappear. Few like change that moves them from their comfort zone but when they fully understand that they will be the very ones to benefit it will be achieved. Your traditional way of thinking and doing things will rapidly change and often it is only financing that holds up progress. The resulting lifting up of Humanity will draw people closer together, and the result will be more cooperation that will dissolve the tension and distrust that has often prevented a coming together. Be assured that in the future you will realise the benefits of working for the good of all people, instead of seeing yourselves as separate units.

There is much help waiting to be given to you, but the world is in too much of a turmoil at present for it to be introduced. The approach of “every one for themselves” has to change and will once it is seen that by working together you achieve far more, and at the same time improve the standard of living. You are all One and those of the lower vibrations know it to be true and have continually kept you in a permanent state of war and confusion. The consequence is that you have been exploited and led into conflicts that have set you back many, many years. Also the financial cost alone has taken money from you that could clearly have been spent on improving your quality of life. That is of course in the process of change now that wars between countries has ceased. Not least of all is the cost in human life, caused by the destruction and poisoning of Earth.

However, in spite of the dismal stories that Mother Earth can tell, there are pockets all over it of small groups that have been formed by people with spiritual values and understanding, who have gone their own way and are contributing to bringing about peace on Earth. It comes naturally to those who have a genuine love of other souls experiencing their own life plan. These groups are the basis for a great community that will soon start to come into being, indeed it will embrace other beings regardless of colour or creed by recognising the Oneness of all souls. Understand that all are on a journey that started millennia ago and have experienced so many different lives and are much wiser for the benefit of them. Obviously your memory of them is delayed so that your experiences are not impeded by them.

You should by now begin to realise that you are far greater than you could imagine, and on return to the higher realms you will become more aware of your true background. You talk about heaven upon Earth and that will become your reality once you return to them. However, you must obviously be ready in a true sense of Universal Love for all life forms. There is no reason why you should not be successful providing you have learnt to control your ego self, indeed there is no necessity for it at all. See how long you can go without the influence of your ego and you may be surprised at how easy it is. Humans often have a propensity to misinterpret comments that appear to be made against them and easily take offence.

You did not come to Earth to become a wastrel although some souls take little or no interest in their own development. Even if you are unaware of the true purpose of life that is subject to a life plan that your Guides are aware of and will implement for you. As we have mentioned before, situations are set up for you so that you experience according to your life plan. At the same time you will be given every help to be successful, but of course you have freewill to take whatever path you choose. Clearly you are best advised to follow the one you are directed to although missed opportunities will certainly come round again, after all the object of life’s experiences are for you to evolve.

More people are beginning to wake up to their spiritual selves and instead of just service to self, are feeling an urge or prompting to help others, and there is no doubt the desirable changes are beginning to take hold. I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 8 November 2019

If we told you that the world was your oyster you might wonder what it had to offer, when all around you is the great mess that Man has left it in and is continuing to make worse. What you cannot see are the changes going on behind the scenes that would totally change your view about things. We have often mentioned the nature of coming changes, and an end to the disrupting activities of those who have ignored the needs of nature and Mother Gaia to satisfy their own greed. Clearly matters have to be taken in hand so as to put a stop to the destruction that is taking place. Plans have been made and all that remains is to put them into being at the appropriate time, so as to ensure success. We cannot say when that will be but due to the urgency of the situation we cannot visualise it being too much longer.

As you must know by now, on our side of the veil time is not as you understand it, as everything is in the now. So it becomes difficult to give precise predictions for events to take place, so we have to generalise based on what we know about your activities. Freewill always comes into it but on occasions we are “ordered” by higher sources to take certain actions regardless of any other situation. There is of course a greater plan for Mankind that at this time concerns your path to Ascension and no one will be allowed to interfere with it. Having passed the 2012 marker there is absolutely no way that anyone will be allowed to make changes to it. In the greater plan there are often Galactic considerations to be made as the result of your future actions are more far reaching than you might imagine.

The Human Race is now the focus of attention and largely because you will be the very first to ascend in your present physical body, and in the process it will become refined as a result of the higher vibrations. This is really what Ascension is all about and you would have known about it before you reincarnated. The trigger for it is your Sun as we have previously mentioned. You could say that the end of your journey is in sight although it will still take some years before you reach it. The imminent change is your release from the lower energies that have held you back, often deliberately by the dark Ones who have wished to prevent your Ascension. However, you have nothing to fear provided you keep on the straight and narrow road without deviating from the plan for souls desiring to ascend.

The spiritual truth can be mighty powerful, so much so that you feel like announcing it from the rooftops. It is understandable, but it is best to keep such information to yourself and only release it when you are prompted to do so. It is possible to give out too much too soon for some souls to comprehend and could deter them from going further. The best time to help other souls is when they ask for it and not until they do so. Remember that all souls have Guides who will ensure that they are helped to rise up when the time is appropriate. The soul holds an enormous amount of information and it will be used when it is best likely to help them to further evolve.

There are now many groups of people that have their own particular interest in helping others evolve. The feeling of “service to others” is growing and it is due to the continual upliftment of your vibrations. It is all part of the plan for Humanity, to prepare as many souls as possible for the ascension process as there is nothing difficult in it, simply a desire and determination to stay positive at all times and maintain your level of vibration regardless of what is going on around you. It is much easier than you might imagine but you must be careful not to be drawn into negative discussions. Always think and act positively and keep calm when others choose to do otherwise, and your presence may help defuse a difficult situation.

With Ascension gradually getting nearer and nearer you may wonder if you have reached a point where you are ready, and will be one of those who will go through. Know that you do not need to be concerned about your future, simply put Ascension will occur in the near future and if you have raised your vibrations you will go through. It is an automatic outcome which is why those souls who are not ready progress to their level and continue evolving on a different path. It is a wonderful system that is absolutely fair and helps all souls to continue with their experiences giving every opportunity to make progress. Many earlier civilisations have made such a journey and long completed their time in the Matter Universes. So the system has been long tried and tested and found to be perfect for the purpose it was intended.

The Human Race creates so many problems by believing that one group is superior to another, when in fact all are on the same level. The fact that there are many different races with different skin colours, religions and beliefs, is because over a great period of time they have developed their own belief systems. It allows souls that are re-incarnating a choice to choose the family that offers the best opportunities to evolve, meaning that you may select a different path from one life to another. It begs the question that since you have experienced many different religious beliefs should you not consider all souls as your brothers and sisters and respect them accordingly. Instead of seeing the differences between one Race and another accept that all souls are treading paths that eventually lead to the same conclusion.

As time marches on so small groups will start forming who have a common interest, and the predominance of extremely large groups will change. It is also the reason why people will move from vast cities for a more personalised existence. To use one of your phrases there is also the fact that “small is beautiful” and much more easily handled and supported. These are changes that may be some way off, but you are already beginning to see the decline of centralisation. Also bear in mind that you will become more self-supporting, and modern technology will help reduce the time spent carrying out your tasks.

History will tell you that for many lives you have struggled to exist and rarely lived without some threat to your existence whether from natural causes or through man’s activities. The latter period ended with the end of World War Two although many years on you have still been unable to achieve total peace, but for certain it will come eventually. Again it is the young people that will bring it about, having been born to Earth purposefully so that peace can be more quickly achieved. Listen to them and note their determination to change Man’s traditional ways of living for the betterment of all people and a caring approach to the needs of Mother Earth.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 1 November 2019

Changes around the world continue unabated and will do so until the old can be replaced by the new. Advances are happening so quickly now, that you must be allowed to benefit from them thus removing old ideas and systems that are no longer appropriate. In the short time the direction you are travelling in would not seem to be of benefit to you, but see it as clearing the way ahead to allow the new to manifest. You have already spent too long in the lower vibrations and instinctively know that better things are to come.

The old ways cannot serve you so as to bring the needed changes into being, however many people have been working hard to get new ideas and systems into being and they will succeed. Humanity is due a helping hand to get things moving and allow those being held back freedom to introduce new ideas that will immediately raise the standard of people’s lives. Progress can be slowed down through interference whether deliberate or not, but cannot prevent new ideas and ways of working coming into existence. There is in fact much to do in the preparations for your upliftment and absolutely nothing will be allowed to interfere with it, and of that you can be assured.

As individuals you can help the new energies manifest by not getting involved in negative situations, and focussing entirely upon the positive. You can be assured that the old energies are slowly ebbing away whilst the new energies are becoming stronger, and as you continue to enter the new vibrations it cannot be any other way. It is all for the good of Humanity and will ensure that you eventually reach a level where Ascension takes place. It may not necessarily occur within your current lifetime, you may therefore come back to Earth for that experience. You have gone through so many different lives to reach your present level and are well prepared for the upcoming challenges.

The period that you are in is exceptional inasmuch that souls from all levels of evolution are involved including the lowest densities. All will benefit from their experiences that help speed up their growth into the Light. No opportunity is lost to help you evolve as all experiences are carefully planned to give you the most appropriate help that depends upon your needs. You get so many opportunities to lift up your vibrations, and your Guides who are always with you will do their best to ensure you take them, without infringing your freewill. Life on Earth can be hard and difficult at times but whatever effort you put in will be well worth it and rewarded.

Do not be distracted by the happenings around you as it is important that you maintain your focus at all times. We know is easy to access news of activities on Earth, but not all of it comes from truthful sources. Often you are fed false information that the dark Ones send out to cause confusion and often fear amongst you. It is really best to ignore the details whilst still being aware of global events, and realise that it is often the reason that the news is sometimes omitted. In time all will change for the better and even terrorists will eventually fade from the scene seeing that their cause has no future or chance of success.

We admire your tenacity and determination to achieve success and know that you have been chosen for your tasks because you had the right experience and desire to help Humanity succeed in establishing peace upon the planet. The strength of your willpower has seen you successfully come through many tasks over many lives, and you are well loved by all who know you. You are just one of an army of individuals who hold the Light and are determined to make the Earth a better place for all life forms. You are succeeding and you are well known for your devotion to the Light. We say “Well done” and one day not that far away we shall be celebrating your success with you.

We wish you could see the same potential as we do as it would enable you to understand that better times lay ahead, and that already the foundations are being laid for their manifestation. There is a system that you might regard as one of “rewards” for the achievements of Mankind. You are set tasks to prove your worthiness to a higher vibration and all of the advantages that come with it. You came through your period of trial and error to achieve a remarkable result that was not necessarily expected. All credit to those who not only successfully rose to the challenges but were able to overcome them.

At present there is so much turmoil upon Earth it is difficult for you to see the potential, but we would assure you that so much is in preparation for a great leap forward. As the darkness gives way to the Light you will gradually notice changes around you that promise an upliftment that will see the end of much that is causing considerable negativity. Be one who spreads good news and the prospect of an end to all of the negativity that presently exists. Know for certain that we will be with you all of the way giving you every encouragement to keep spreading the Light. The dark Ones will go their own way to a different future that will also give them opportunities to turn to the Light.

It has been said before and we reiterate again that you all have a great potential and all it needs is for you to have faith in your own abilities to bring things into being. If sufficient of you focussed upon your needs you will find that collectively you have so much more power. Obviously those souls who focus on negativity can have a similar effect but stand little chance when opposed by the Light that is vastly more powerful, and in fact it can disperse the dark energies quite easily. As time passes you will find that the Light completely rids the Earth of the lower energies.

Your history is full of stories about clashes between the Light and dark, and in the last Age that you have just come out of you experienced two major wars that enabled so much karma to be played out and cleared, and it created the way for the Light to once more be fully established. You are now seeing the final efforts of the Light to clear the dark energies for once and for all, and without a doubt it will succeed. The key word for the New Age is “sympathy” and many souls have found that their feelings have gone into that direction. You can expect to see it bringing about more compassion and love for those souls who still struggle to exist.

The migration of people looking for a “better life” is awakening many to their plight, and with the recognition that you are “All One” it is only natural that you feel a desire to lift them up out of their poverty. At heart Humanity is caring and loving where all life is concerned and it is within its natural instincts. It is now blossoming as more focus is upon those who have suffered through lack and the bare necessities of life.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 25 October 2019

A solitary life is not necessarily one without needed experiences and offers much time for contemplation, and certainly those quiet periods in your life are opportunities to clear the clutter from your mind. Clear thinking comes with positive knowledge that enables you to follow a life plan that is assured of opportunities to further your evolution. Have a life plan and if it is in line with your needs it will be supported by your Guides. It will also enable you to make decisions that are going to advance your plans in a way that is beneficial to you. What are often called the coincidences in life are intended moments that have been arranged on your behalf, to keep you on track with your life contract. Be assured that there are often times when your spiritual progress is taking place in accordance with plans laid down prior to your incarnation.

Such arrangements will have been made with your agreement as although you might not accept such an idea, we would suggest that without a firm plan your life could be aimless and wasted. As you view it perhaps many souls around you seem to be without purpose, but be aware that you cannot necessarily know the reason for what others are experiencing. Also realise that you in part are also involved in other soul’s experiences, although it might not be apparent at the time. It is beginning to sound very complicated, but the Guides of all souls have the power to ensure that matters work out to the advantage of all concerned. However, if one soul should fail to “play” their part on behalf of another one or even for themselves, there will always be other opportunities. Spirit has more resources available to them than you would imagine and failure is not an option.

Now that you are part way into the New Age you should be aware that there is no going back to the old ways. You are in a transition period when the shackles of the past have to be thrown off, as they have served their purpose and allowed an immense amount of karma to be cleared. Think back to two World Wars and the millions of souls who gave their lives during that period. It was the greatest ever clearance of karma,and freed souls to have another opportunity to evolve through their own experiences. Having been given a clean sheet it has put the onus on each soul to help plan their future lives, and ensure constant evolution and avoid a return to the old ways of brute force and ignorance that created so much karma. Providing you take this opportunity to keep to your agreed spiritual path, you will have every help to be successful and reach a level that leads you to Ascension.

If you transgress and lose your way through life there are still opportunities to get back on track, but each time it is delaying your evolution. However, your Guides will never give up on you, and will be trying hard to help you overcome your problems. If you do not respond to help you simply make it harder for yourself to progress. There will of course be further life opportunities to evolve and understand that you will always have help, even if it is not apparent. Spirit wants you to succeed as they know your true potential, that in reality you are a very experienced soul and quite capable of overcoming the challenges that confront you.

Understand that between each life you always review the outcome, and decisions are made so that your next life is planned to overcome your weak points. It begs the question as to whether you will recognise the opportunities that are given you to overcome your failures. However, providing you have faith in your Guides and respond to their promptings, you will make progress and the more you understand the purpose of life you cannot really fail. Take note of situations you find yourself in and try to understand the lessons to be learnt.

Life is not all hard work and you are given ample time to also enjoy the pleasures. However, do not envy those who seem to have everything as sometimes the responsibility of it can be overwhelming. The poor man often dreams of being rich yet his values are simple and fulfilling. Remember that each soul will have all kinds of experiences over many lives, and the ultimate aim is to further their evolution. Those who are successful and seem to have everything in their lives may not be finding it as easy as you might imagine, wealth can be a great responsibility and even a burden.

As you evolve you will find that you acquire a greater understanding of life and its purpose, and you will see others in a different light. All become as your brothers and sisters and you realise that all have a responsibility to each other. Humanity as a whole cannot truly move on until the very last soul has achieved progress because you are One and cannot be separated. Yet some souls obviously advance quicker than others, but ultimately all must be brought up to the same level.

You should find life gradually becoming easier and progress straightforward and much quicker than it was in the last cycle. With the coming of the higher vibrations matters have speeded up and the influence of the lower vibrations has less impact than it used to have. As time passes life will definitely become easier and the Light will dispel the lower energies much more quickly. Things are definitely looking up and once matters settle down you will enter a new era of relative peace and happiness. At present however much confusion still exists and many small battles still rage, but the mood of people is changing and peace is becoming a matter of urgency. The old ways are no longer acceptable and the people have no hesitation in openly demanding a peaceful existence. The people are a powerful force for good when they all pull in the same direction and their voice will be heard and noted.

We mentioned previously that Mother Earth is very active making her preparations for the upliftment that is coming. There are efforts all round to try and make progress with the least problems to Humanity, but until there is full co-operation there are going to be difficulties. There has to be more help given to those who shoulder the responsibility for making things run smoothly. Much time and money is used on projects that are badly planned, and Man is heading for difficult problems unless there is co-operation between the countries. For our part we will be trying to influence the actions of those involved, so that things run smoothly.

Do not be discouraged by what is happening upon Earth, the upliftment comes after the cleansing has been completed of old energies that have run their course. You now have a better opportunity to link in with the new energies that will lift your vibrations, resulting in you being less affected by the lower energies. We ask you again to concentrate and focus on the new ones as these will carry you quickly forwards and help leave the old ones behind. You have been preparing for these times over many lives, and you have the experience to carry them forward to enrich your work for spirit. Now is the time to start using the talents that you have to help those that are ready to lift their vibrations.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 18 October 2019

Dear friends there are occasionally messages from Kryon that carry much more information than usual about our history, and this one is exceptional as it takes it back much further than any time previously. It is now apparent why the Pleiadians closely follow our evolution and even now are so near to Earth, in part to ensure that no other beings are allowed to interfere with our progress. It has been accepted for some time now that we came from elsewhere before we were seeded upon Earth.

It will be an amazing time when we are first able to make contact with other Galaxies. Understand that now we have passed the 2012 marker, we are being given much more advanced information about our history and as the vibrations lift up told where we are heading for. We are going through some tough changes right now but it is inevitable as the old must be first cleared away before the new can be fully introduced.

Kryon. 2019. Pleiadians will change Humanity.


We see you and the history of Humanity and over generation’s humans have changed. You were seeded on the Earth 200,000 years ago, and 100,000 years before that it was when life began on this planet in a significant way. When you get the invention that is coming it will change everything. When you are able to manipulate and create sustained Quantum energy on this planet, you will have the invention that will change Humanity forever. You will mark the beginning of your civilisation from that point. For in this Quantum energy you will then be able to create technically and tune into the Galaxy, and you will be able to hear the others for they are also tuned into one another in the Quantum state, and over generations humans will change. They know who you are and you will then know who they are, and rather than fear gripping the planet there will be a relief and a rewrite of life itself, it will honour God but in a different way. Those who planted the souls of Humanity in you after the change, came a million years before yours. You were there with the “Seven Sisters” as Pleiadians.

There is a plan/process of what we would call Galactic involvement, where certain populations in certain star systems become aware. The power that is created from that awareness builds upon itself and accelerates until they are able to create themselves in a Quantum energy, where life itself can be bottled in a Quantum. Transportation is instant and all these things are a meld between biology and technology that I cannot explain to you, it is not robotic it is the Human Being able to create with help from technology that they create with inside them.

You are still passing the marker right now and it has the potential of the Pleiadian marker. Things take a long time to evolve on certain kinds of planets, depending upon the sustainability of certain kinds of life.


Mother Earth has commenced her work to make necessary changes to restore the Earth to its pristine condition. It will then be ready to fully enter the higher vibrations, and as progress is made the Earth will be further refined. Those souls who are not ready will continue their evolution on another Earth like planet fully prepared for them. Not one soul can move into the higher vibrations until they are ready and would not want to, as they would find it uncomfortable and not to their liking or needs. Some souls refer to it as moving from the 3rd into the 4th dimension but in reality there is no such clear line between the two of them, as instead they meld together.

For those souls rising up there is no longer any need to continue with experiences in the lower vibrations, as they successfully responded to the challenge to continue evolving by lifting their vibrations. There has never been a more exciting time as it promises to take you to levels that are full of joy and happiness, as they will only accommodate you if your vibrations match the level concerned. Joy will abound as you will find all other souls are also very evolved and glory in the beauty and harmony that exists at the higher levels. Happiness is everywhere as all negativity will have been left behind having no place at your higher level.

Remember that in part you are creating your own future and will be attracted to other souls of a like kind. It is how groups are naturally formed and are one with each other, and It is the pattern for the future. To a limited degree it already occurs on Earth now and since there is strength in numbers such groups begin to have a greater influence upon others. Humans are naturally drawn to those of a like kind strangely enough with the exception of marriage, when they are sometimes prearranged before birth of the individuals. It gives you an idea of how hard your Guides work on your behalf, as they “arrange” events in your life so that you meet the right person and have the appropriate experiences.

Life may seem haphazard at times but in the long run it follows your life plan. Knowing that you all have freewill you may logically wonder how life can ever be orderly. However, there are ways and means beyond your comprehension that enable specific results to be achieved. Clearly it is important that your life plan is carried out, as at the end of the day it is arranged to further your evolution. If you miss out you will be bound to have another opportunity, perhaps in another life as being part of your evolution it cannot be overlooked.

The point to remember is that all souls go through the same lessons and regardless of whether they are aware of it, all are on a path of spiritual expansion and growth and a desire to find their true selves, and there is often a feeling of being lost and unable to find their true home. Those feelings will soon diminish in this new period of evolution as the time is now right for more revelations. All things come to all souls when the time is right.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 11 October 2019

The build-up for change is growing, and as we see the greater picture we can tell you that major changes loom large. The impetus has been growing for some time now and more delays are being minimised. The energy for change is now so powerful that it cannot be held back much longer, as many countries are in a state of confusion and the people are getting stronger in their demands. The old ways are no longer being accepted so expect changes that reflect the path the new energies are leading you. The New Age must establish itself soon and allow advancement that will lift people up to a new level that reflects their needs. The energy streamers are in place and as conditions arise that will become the bedrock for the future, people will come to the fore ready to lead the way. There is such a bright future awaiting you all, and more souls are waking up to their greater potential that has come with the New Age.

Battles are taking place in several countries and some are where there is a self-appointed leader who has exercised dictatorial methods to hold power. However, the people are rising up and seeking change to ensure a fairer society, where all are considered equal and enjoy the fruits of their labour. Regrettably it inevitably leads to confrontation and violence and is a path that so many have already experienced. The people will win such battles as it is time for changes that are needed to carry them forward, so that they can receive the benefit of new ways of living that offer a more pleasurable and beneficial way of life. It is all being prepared and will be waiting the outcome of future changes that should make life more comfortable.

The period that you are in has been described as a point in your evolution when matters will reach an all-time low, but it will be the trigger for the commencement of programs for changes that will quickly lift you up. So do not despair at the negativity when this period of time arrives as it may be a blessing in disguise. Certainly the world is in a turmoil and with the climate changes and sea levels rising, that may bring major changes to the coastlines with inland flooding. It is all speculation yet history and experience suggest Humanity takes good note and prepares for the possible outcome. Be assured that your Space friends who follow your progress are fully aware of events taking place and are doing their best to influence those who are ina position to help you.

Common sense will play a major part in helping you to prepare for the worse scenario, although as long as action is not delayed you can offset the worst threats. That way there would be no need for panic as you would have taken steps to protect yourselves and your property. Clearly it will be inevitable that there will be some casualties, but to be forewarned enables actions to be taken that will keep them to a minimum. Understand that the physical changes are natural and Mother Earth will largely control what takes place. It is unfortunate that your leaders do not take a more serious view of what is coming, as time is of the essence and much can be done in anticipation and so avoid major catastrophes.

Understand that you all took an incarnation at this time being fully aware of what was coming. Indeed some of you were greatly anxious to be on Earth for such a momentous time. Therefore many souls are awakening in this period, to their undertaking to take part in preparing people for what is to come. They are equipped to do good work with a great deal of experience behind them, and many are amongst the young people that have the vision to see what is coming and how to deal with it.

Be assured that the President Elect is waiting for his role in holding office until new elections can be held. It can be seen as the beginning of a new era when the old will no longer hold sway, and with the growing awareness and understanding of the importance of the coming period the “New Ages” will come into prominence. You will be surprised as to how quickly the new ideas will materialise and a new pathway created, that covers all that is good and necessary to bring the long awaited beneficial changes into being. These events are not that far away from coming into being, and come they will because the future has already been ordained.

Each of you can help things to manifest sooner rather than later by staying positive, particularly during the current period of much confusion and negativity. Be a beacon of Light and you will connect with others of a similar vibration and together make a formidable force for good. Never waver from your beliefs and know that you will be helping light the way for others that are searching for the path to completion. Obviously there are souls with all different degrees of spiritual advancement, and with the awakening that is taking place each one seeks a greater understanding. Many sense that something powerful is occurring, but only the enlightened ones have sufficient knowledge to appreciate what is taking place.

In view of the amount of Light that is being sent to the Earth it is not surprising that more and more souls are awakening and as soon as they do help is immediately on hand to guide them on their journey. That is the beauty of the spiritual system inasmuch that every soul is helped to evolve and keep to the spiritual pathways. If you need help simply ask for it and if your request is granted providing it is not contrary to your life plan. Karma should not be an issue amongst those of you who are well along the path, and in this New Age you are being helped extensively to a point that exceeds levels maintained in the last Age.

You are all spiritual beings having a human experience and when your life terminates you return to the higher levels that you may well describe as being for a relaxing period to allow you to recover. After reviewing your life it may at least in part enable you to decide what your next experience should be always with your spiritual evolution in mind. It is a joyful time to once again meet family and friends who have gone before you, and even meet those souls who are out of the body during the sleep period of their human body. Such levels are only open to those of a similar vibration so you are assured of a happy and pleasant experience.

The wonders of human experience are limitless and the higher your vibration the greater are the opportunities to seek further experience by travelling the Universe. Some such evolved souls spend their lives on board a Spaceship but since they are for example likely to be in enormous craft of several miles in diameter, there is no feeling of being restricted as it is very similar to being in a small town. You will no doubt understand that such opportunities give you greater experiences than being on Earth.

Knowing what the future holds for you should give you heart and strength to withstand any negativity around you, particularly as you know it can only last for a relatively short period before major changes take place, that will carry you into a period of peace and beauty that knows no end.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 4 October 2019

Events are moving so quickly that changes must come soon that will be for the betterment of Mankind. The old guard will not give up their remaining power of control without a fight, but there are new energies gaining strength that will ensure evolution continues as intended. There are many souls waiting to introduce new ways of living, that will help remove the need for labour intensive operation. You have been held back for far too long and now it is time for beneficial inventions to be released that will give you more time to follow your own interests. Changes never come easily, yet come they will and nothing will be allowed to halt their introduction.

Realise that the unrest throughout the world is a sure sign that people are restless, and either know or sense that they are entitled to a better life and seek the changes that will bring it about. From our side of the veil we know the potential that awaits you that will give you a great upliftment. It saddens our hearts to see so much suffering on Earth, yet it need not continue and we are doing all we can to assist you. We say again, that the old paradigm finished with the advent of the New Age, so you must focus on all that is good and desirable to bring it fully into manifestation.

Understand that you have much more power to achieve your goals than you realise. You do of course get help from us and other advanced civilisations that have your interests at heart. So do not give up and visualise all that is good and you will help it come into being. Be assured that when the time is right for your advancement we stand alongside you giving every encouragement. We have seen all of these changes previously and know what help you need so that you keep focussed on your goal.

Humanity is not unique and many older civilisations have successfully gone through what you now face, and they are aware of the problems. You may not see them around you, but you will feel their energy and sense their presence. They come in love to help their brothers and sisters through the lower vibrations so that you can take your place in the higher vibrations. They will bring peace to you and in your moments of meditation they can influence you, so that you know what to do next, but with the best will in the world they cannot present you with help until you are ready or have asked for it.

You are a very young civilisation that has only just recently awakened to your true potential, and you will be aware that you are far more than your body because you are a spiritual being. Your history goes back a long, long way, and you have experienced so many different lives that you now stand as an old experienced soul. Nevertheless you are unaware of them at present as such memories are held back so that in your present life you can experience without any distractions. One day yet to come you will be given your true “history” and undoubtedly you will be amazed and astonished.

Eternal life comes through the Supreme Creator and is accompanied by the most exotic form of love that you cannot imagine. Love is the energy of all energies and one day when your travels have been completed you will like all other souls return to the Great Central Sun. You are just one soul amongst countless others who share your urge to return to the Source. It is what you seek whether or not you are actually aware of it. So you see that all other forms of life whatever that takes are in essence just like you. We are all One.

Can you imagine what a wealth of experience you have and yet you are still creating new opportunities to learn more. As we have previously mentioned, evolution is not as most imagine a continual straight path but moves in a circular motion. It takes you an immense period of time to complete one circle of experience, and because events are always advancing by the time you reach the starting point again everything has moved on. It means that as an experience it seems as one that is continual without any breaks or any sign of completion. Also bear in mind that you attract events to yourselves through the power of thought, and as you evolve further you will reach a point where you will manifest what you want instantly.

Life on Earth is a pale reflection of what is in store for you, and when you look back you will wonder how you ever got through such testing times. Those of you who have been successful will continue to evolve at a much faster rate and the times you are presently in will seem but a distant memory. The old has little place in your present period of experience and we encourage you to entirely focus upon the future in a positive manner, as you are laying down your future pathway now. We speak mainly of your spiritual advancement, because as you rise up you gradually leave behind the material aspects because you will create from pure thought.

You will no doubt wonder how families are affected by the changes we mention, and the answer is that individuals may go their own way but the link remains so that contact is always possible. Understand that souls join family units by their own choice and for the experience that they can give. However, some souls continually join up with the same group and will take different roles within it. It comes down to exactly what you need to progress for your evolution. The soul is a free spirit and can select its own path of development, but usually following advice from those who are more spiritually experienced.

Life in the Universe of Matter is meant to teach you lessons that are necessary for your continual evolution. You who have successfully passed the marker are now on your path to the higher realms that you will find are so different to what you are experiencing now. It will be far more enjoyable and full of welcome surprises. Your immediate joy will possibly be that you are in a finer version of your etheric body that does not have to suffer the ills and problems you previously experienced whilst in physicality.

You have in some senses been babes in arms and have needed much guidance to get through your physical experiences. Yet here you are ready to go further along the path to the higher realms. The key factor is that progressively you will have more power of thought, so such thoughts must be tempered by good sense and loving intent. Start now and you will find it easier to adapt to a new way of thinking. Telling the truth at all times is another factor as eventually other souls will automatically know when you speak with anything less than the whole truth.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self and you too can be in contact with yours if you so desire.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 20 September 2019

With the young people of the world showing more and more independence and determination to bring about changes, the old regime cannot last much longer and must make way for the changes necessary to move Humanity firmly onto a new path that is opening up for them. People are sensing that changes are imminent and are eager to move onto a new path that is free from the old dictates that have become outdated. There are many souls who have incarnated at this time specifically to serve the people and help them understand what is required of them. They have a different outlook and understanding of events on Earth and know that they have an important part to play in bringing the new into being. The old energies are being played out never to return, and already the new vibrations are beginning to lift people up, and their sights are set upon creating a pathway to the New Age.

Time is running out for the old energies of confusion and disruption, and there is a new energy emerging that will leave the old vibrations behind. The time for suffering is up and in the near future a new and heartfelt approach will be taken to bring it to an end. Some souls are so involved with the old energies that they will find it hard to release themselves from them, but be assured help will be given providing they are responsive to it. Those higher Beings who oversee Humanity’s evolution are guiding you onto a path that will move you on from which you will never look back. The old ways can no longer influence your future unless you allow it, so be aware of the opportunities placed before you and take what is presented to you. Many, many souls are working hard to get you going in the right direction.

Many of you now know that you are not of the Earth and you do in fact come from a number of different sources. You all came to the Earth to learn about life and be tested, to see if you could find your way back through spiritual growth and awareness. It must be stressed that you accepted the challenge knowing that in the ultimate you would be guided back. The road has been tough and hard and through it you have become more spiritually aware and understanding, helping you to evolve to a new higher level. All will ultimately be revealed to you but has been hidden from you to allow your evolution to progress without interference.

Your governments may hide the truth from you about ET’s but it is unrealistic for them to think that they can continue doing so. You not only have ET’s working amongst you, some are revealing their identities as it will soon be time for a Worldwide newscast announcing their presence. Only a small percentage of you are aware of the truth surrounding this subject and it is time to prepare the ground for enlightenment on this subject. There is a degree of fear amongst some people who are ill informed about ET’s which is why the whole question of making an announcement is being handled very carefully. You have had sightings and contacts with them for over 70 years when the first big ones took place, and in spite of the subject having been largely ignored by your Press people have become knowledgeable of the subject. You are no longer in isolation and it is time to meet some of your closest friends such as the Pleiadians who have guided your progress.

A great time awaits you when the remnants of the last Age can be shaken off. Already many of you are aware that major changes are afoot but few comprehend the totality of them. All that you could possibly wish for will be yours as you are projecting your wishes into the future and at some time they will manifest. So keep your focus upon all that is good and positive, and do not be distracted by what is going on around you. Changes are happening all the time around you and will continue for a long time until you have fully entered the New Age. It is not an easy process as people tend to be attached to what they h have become used to for many years. However, progress marches on regardless of even the Cabal and their minions, who must yield to the overpowering need to let humanity enjoy the advances in technology that will make life so much more easier and enjoyable. Naturally some have come into being because they could no longer be held back, but many more that would considerably lift the standard of life are still waiting.

It is so evident that Mother Earth is also in the throes of massive changes that cannot be held back and the result is some discomfort for you. Having entered a new area of space she has to adjust and does it in a way that causes a minimum of damage and inconvenience to you. In the long run it will all be beneficial to you and welcomed. Your scientist can predict the coming of major changes so that the people can be forewarned and do what is necessary for their safety. Naturally progress will be monitored and ample warning given if you should be in areas that are at risk. Be assured that events on Earth are always closely monitored.

It may seem incredible that you are considered to be so successful for having passed the Marker and you do not realise what a great achievement it was against all expectations. That is not to say that you were left without outside support and you can be certain that all of the time you were being assisted. You are all greatly admired for having undertaken the challenge to experience life without memory of your real background and destiny. Now it is appropriate for the truth to be gradually released and not in a way that would overpower you. However, in a manner of speaking time is no longer on your side and progress must be made so that you move with the times. One day you will look back and fully understand why matters occurred in the manner in which they did and you will not be disappointed.

In the distant future but not too far away you will realise how difficult it was to introduce new advancements and also that it was largely due to those who have vested interests in the way things are now, and are reluctant to accept change that affects them. It is understandable that having invested much time and money into developing their market they do not like the idea of change. In a minor way at present you can see that the introduction of the electric car is considered a threat to the industries that rely on the present motor trade for their income.

Everyone will ultimately gain from the changes that will take place, and the medical industry will greatly benefit from them as will those who use their services. Already things are changing at a rapid pace and it is only “money” that will delay the introduction of new methods of treatment. Not for the first time we will mention that eventually the surgeon’s knife will no longer be needed, and that should give you plenty to think about. Progress will be made regardless of any conditions that exist at present. So take heart from the future prospects and know that all will turn out well, no matter how long it takes.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 6 September 2019


With the coming of the New Age we are slowly but surely being enlightened as to the significant changes it carries with it. The mystery of “who” or “what” we are is being revealed and Kryon is the principal source as shown by the following extract. Clearly there is a long path to travel before we are ready and able to make it back to the Source, but it is uplifting and heart-warming to know where our future is heading.


EXTRACT: Kyron April 2019. The most important thing for you to return to your Higher Self.

There is no returning to the way it was, the new normal if there is such a thing will be a road that never ends, constant change and with it will come new things, and they will always be better than the day before. There is a Creative Source that I represent that you are in. There is to be no channelling in the future, you will think alike and know what to do.

“Who are you” it cannot be explained, you are derivatives from the Central Source that is God. So many groups are part of you but they were once corporeal – all of them. There is an energy on your planet that has no rules but is packed with emotions and it is LOVE. Emotion is something forever at the core of everything and is LOVE. There is a love connection between all of you, if you allow it. The higher your DNA operates the more love there will be in the cells of your body – the Love of the Creator.

None of you are at Home, you are on Earth working. Do you know where Home is, it is where I am from it is where you are all from. I want to tell you this, when you are with me and there is the parity and a sonority of love, a confluence of love you cannot even imagine or fathom where you are from, and that is the part of you that wants to connect with you and is the part you are looking for and if you could put a name to it or a situation to it, it is the part of God that wants to reconnect to the part of you, it is the part of you on the other side of the veil that is literally blind to that part. You have awakened to the possibility that there is more to you than meets the eye.


Corporeal – Physical world. Sonority – difficult to understand. Confluence – flow together.



Mankind is showing the first positive signs of awakening to the rising vibrations, and is responding by becoming more aware of the true path that leads to levels of existence that leave all of the old energies behind. They have served their purpose and it is now time to move on and enjoy the higher vibrations that are safe from the interference of the dark Ones. To a large degree you are creating your own future, although the pathway has already been defined. The purpose is to ensure that you start to establish a new paradigm that will take you in the direction that is necessary to achieve a big step forward in your evolution. Those of you that are ready will easily adapt to the new levels that will delight you with the ease of working within them. Time saving devices and systems will make life very acceptable and enjoyable. However, first must come a cleansing of all that remains of the old so that the new can come fully into being. Ultimately you will look back and wonder how you managed, and your methods will seem to have been very crude compared to the new ways of living. You have earned a place in the higher realms and will enjoy many years of rapid evolution.

We are aware that you are tired of the confusion that exists upon Earth, but it is like a festering wound that has to be healed before the full benefits of Ascension can begin. In that respect you are getting help, but as you might say the decks must first be cleared to ensure success. Changes are still in the process of taking place and will form the foundation of a new civilisation. So many changes are planned and they will lift the gloom that presently exists. Be assured that we are influencing the outcome of present events, and although you may not see it yet all will eventually work out to your liking. You have earned the new ways of life that are manifesting even now and we know they will please you.

We will again approach the matter that seems to worry you the most, concerning the fate of those who are unlikely to be sufficiently advanced to be ready for Ascension. They will gain through their present experiences and it will give them a head start when they commence a new life on a new path to continue evolving. It must be emphasised that each soul comes into incarnation with a plan, and will know beforehand whether or not they are ready to ascend. If they have been placed within your family it is for the experience that will help them in the future. Be assured that each soul will progress at a rate that suits their ability to understand the meaning of evolution and what it entails. All souls are lovingly looked after and help is always available for them.

In the meantime world events are slowly but surely coming to a conclusion, and will set the scene for necessary changes that will enable you to participate in moves to bring them about. You would be surprised if in reality you knew how much power you have to influence those who represent you. Your task is to make your wishes known where your future is concerned, so that time and money is not wasted by going in a different direction. Your influence does greatly affect the direction that the energies go in, and the more you focus on what you want the more you will gain success.

We see movements throughout the world that are rapidly coming to a conclusion. Although it will take time to fully recognise your achievements, you will see the beginnings of major changes to the quality of life. For too long you have been held back and often denied the basic needs for a happy and fulfilling life. Do not doubt that things will change for better, they have to and the increasing level of positive energies will ensure that it is so. With the end of the old Age that which was unsuitable for your future and the plan for the changes, had already been put into action. It means that you are assured of a better and brighter future and more importantly, a life where poverty and need has been eliminated. It obviously cannot happen overnight, but nothing will be allowed to interfere or hold back progress.

Stay resilient and determined to meet the challenges that will carry you forward into the “promised land”. Try to feel the happiness, satisfaction and joy that is to come so that your spirits are lifted up. We are ever at your side and give every encouragement and are with a listening ear so that we can help you where possible.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.


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Dear Friends,
I shall be taking a 2 week holiday week commencing Monday 2nd September, so after this weeks message my next one will be for Friday 20th September.
Time is really passing so quickly now it only seems a short while ago that the New Year started. The immediate future is still sorting itself out, but for sure we have good times to look forward to.
Thank you as always for the great work you do, we rely on you so much and all the work you do is much appreciated.
In Love and Light. Mike Quinsey.

Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 30 August 2019


There is so much happening on Earth at this time and if the outcome is as intended then you should be well on the way to very acceptable changes. Those entities that influence you for the betterment of all people are trying to influence you to take steps that would hasten your days to Ascension. As we have mentioned quite recently, leadership changes are important so that you can be certain that you leave the old behind, making room for the long overdue advancement that can propel you into the New Age. Progress cannot be held back any longer, and if your Governments do not make the first moves others will. Whilst your destiny is in your own hands, there is a goal that we will direct you to so that you are prepared for a future much different to what you are experiencing at present. Without our help you would be at the mercy of those who have their own agenda, and in no way contribute to your evolutionary advancement.

You may quite rightly point at the way Humanity seems to have lost its pathway to better things, as you quite obviously realise that by now you should be enjoying a far more advanced quality of life. It is certainly there waiting for you but vested interests do all they can to hold it back. Their God is profit before people but they will eventually have to change. Sharing and caring for each other will the basis of lifting up the levels of life so that they are more acceptable to all people. Do not despair, it will come in many of your lifetimes and all of your sacrifices will have been well worthwhile. So we will say once again keep looking straight ahead and try not to be distracted by other happenings. In the big picture all is well and you have many different civilisations standing by to make sure you reach your goal safe and sound.

Regardless of what is happening on the world stage you are assured of making progress, as even now behind the scenes there are many people and organisations working to bring the changes to fruition. In fact they are growing in numbers as more people awaken to their life plan to help bring positive measures into being. You will find that there is a division taking place whereby those of the higher vibrations are having less and less to do with those of the negative energies. This is a form of segregation that is preparing you all for the time when you shall go your own ways and it is perfectively fair and reasonable, with no judgement being involved. The opportunities of the future are open to all souls with no picking or choosing and hopefully all will progress in accordance with their life plan.

Think upon the fact that you have all had hundreds of lifetimes, and have had the most extensive experiences as man or woman, a pauper or a Prince all adding to your broad spectrum of growth and fitting you out to be able to take your place again amongst those who have already ascended. Your last lifetime on the lower Earth is one of getting rid of your rough edges and allowing you to claim full benefits of your higher vibrations. So be it, and you will not in the slightest be disappointed in them.

Look after the young people that have come into life much more aware and awake than you were at their age. They view the scenario and find it difficult to understand how you arrived at the mess you are in, and given a chance will show you the way out of it. They not only bring experience with them but solutions to the problems that have beset the world. At present they struggle to make themselves heard above the many conflicts that are going on. The young people have the answers and the came prepared to help you move on and truly leave the old vibrations behind.

You have waited a long time to each this point in your evolution and it is well worth your patience while the matters that seem to trouble almost every country are sorted out. If you are able to read between the lines, you will understand that the people are seeking a way forward and clearly have their own ideas as to what is needed. Some seek no more than the home comforts that have been denied them, whilst others are looking beyond material possessions and know how important their spiritual growth is so that they can move with the higher energies. You are in fact creating your future now and it will gradually manifest and ease you into the new era with all of the associated benefits.

You are here on Earth because you have earned your place in the New Age. You have much to offer those around you, and have come to Earth as one of those souls who have much experience that will help others rise up. Be assured that there is a plan for your evolution and it is not left to chance and many souls support you with every intention that you shall be fully prepared when Ascension takes place. It is a time when you would be well advised to follow your intuition that comes from the prompting of your Higher Self.

Take things as they come without if possible deciding beforehand what the outcome should be. Truthfully you have little idea of your life plan yet your life has been organised around the experiences you need to continue evolving. You have always had help but more so now because you are reaching a critical stage when it is most important that you succeed. You do not realise how many souls are involved in your lives that follow you from one life to another trying as far as possible to ensure everything works to plan. Life experiences are always arranged so that if you are successful you enjoy the advancement to never again have to follow the same path.

Wealth and belongings are no longer of any great value to you, inasmuch that in time you will simply create what you need by the power of your thoughts. As we mentioned quite recently, as a collective the Human Race is projecting thought forms of what it wants and when sufficient give it the power to materialise, it will do so. You also of course attract the energies needed to manifest things when your focus is powerful and held strong. You tend to consider such things a coincidence but you will soon realise it is down to your own ability. So in the near future slowly but surely life will become so much easier and enjoyable.

Do not be distracted by what is going on around you, in many cases it is all very much a question of clearing out those festering spots where problems seem to be ongoing. No real solution looks to be possible yet it will come because it has to and enable new energies to manifest that will lift everything up. The old ways of settling your differences are becoming obsolete and cooperation will take over from force used to settle your problems. Compromise and understanding will take over from belligerent actions that will be seen as non-productive and damaging to all concerned. Put simply, it is time to grow up and find peaceful answers to your problems that satisfy all concerned.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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