Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – September 23, 2022

The world changes seem to be getting worse and compounded by financial problems that are adding to the general chaos throughout the different countries. There seems to be no way out of more anticipated changes that will cause people to need help to survive. It will test the will of those who are in a position to help, and see if they step forward to do so. A joint effort is the only way to overcome the inevitability of a great human disaster. As much as possible without usurping your freewill, we try to point you in the right direction that will eventually bring you freedom from the approaching catastrophe.

Help is at hand but waiting for you to see that peaceful negotiations are essential if you want a lasting solution to your problems. Understand that we cannot work with you under the threat of warlike actions. If you are to take the great opportunity waiting to be claimed, we can lead you forward into a peaceful era when much can be done to change your circumstances forever. So many advantages and opportunities await you if only you will give up your warlike attitudes. Is it not obvious that a peaceful solution to your present world problems is the only way to be sure of a happy and welcome future.

You are all souls having an experience in the matter Universe that will enable you to lift up your vibrations so that you can rise above the negativity and chaos that exists upon Earth. You can be prepared for Ascension that is your ultimate goal and it looms large as there are not many years to elapse before the Great Flash occurs. It is your lifeline to a wonderful future of which you have little knowledge.

The present level you are in is of a very low vibration which is why it attracts many souls who are also of a similar vibration. It is little better than conditions that you call Hell which is why we do our best to lift you up out of it. The dark Ones do not want you to know that you have a marvellous opportunity to do so that is open to every soul upon Earth.

You have come a long way through many lives to reach this point in time when a new era commences full of opportunity for you to follow your own desires. No one keeps you down except yourself by getting caught up in negative situations. Be the Light you really are and through your determination to overcome all obstacles you will lift yourself up beyond the reach of the dark Ones. As you must know by now, they feed off the lower energies which is why they keep the vibrations as low as possible. At present you are at the door to freedom so do not lose the opportunity to rise up that is being made available to you. Stay within the Light and ignore the lesser happenings going on around you but help those around you who come to you for help. You will attract those souls and know you can share your knowledge with them. Some will find it hard to accept the truth and find it beyond their understanding. When you touch the truth you cannot help but be uplifted by it, and that helps those who are just awakening to it.

Dear Ones you have probably had hundreds of lives, many of which were simply to give the experience you needed to evolve. However, in so doing you acquired an understanding of the mysteries of nature. You became able to live by it and with it as a partner. You knew how to use the land to good advantage and even started to grow your own crops. You grew up with nature and knew how to treat it with respect, regretfully it is somewhat different today. However, in the future that awaits you a closer understanding will develop where man fully understands the needs of nature. It follows that Man must learn to co-operate with nature to get the best results.

The animal kingdom will eventually become placid and peaceful by losing their instinct to kill other living things. Indeed, the first indications have already been happening, and you have seen the most unusual pairings of wild animals that would normally be enemies. These changes will continue and eventually no wild animals will exist as all live in peace together. It will come for the Human Race but it is a long way off at present.

There is so much waiting in the wings that will help you take a great leap forward and give you advances you have never dreamed of. It will be yours in time when you are considered to be ready for it. It will be well worth waiting for and is yours when you can be seen to embrace all that is peaceful and have put away your weapons. You have yet to learn how to sort out your disagreements peacefully for the sake of all other life forms.

It is hardly the time for celebrations but we see a final end to armed conflict and hope world peace will soon come. I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – September 9, 2022

With the climate and the political changes you have enough to contend with in a world that is changing at a fast pace. Then behind all of that is the threat of more world upheavals as Mother Earth is concerned with her own needed changes and the cleansing of the planet. You sometimes do not know which way to turn without being faced with the resultant changes that are having a worldwide effect. If your governments had taken notice when warnings were given of what was to come, it would not have resulted in such far reaching effects.

We regularly warned you to be prepared for major changes in your climate, but insufficient action was taken. Now you cannot avoid the consequences of your failure to comprehend the many changes that have already commenced. We have stood by you, and even helped to keep the extent of problems to a minimum. However, we cannot go too far as we are not allowed to intervene in a situation created by you. The problem all around is that you have to experience the result of your actions. Yes, we can give you advice that leads to a satisfactory outcome, yet it is you who have to decide your course of action. Peace on Earth is your ultimate goal but at present it seems out of your reach or control.

By your thoughts and actions you are projecting an image of what you want or expect, and through the Laws of the Universe you get it whether it be positive or negative. However, a very small number of souls can create a positive response. Be yourself and stay as positive as possible and you will be serving the Light. Try not to be distracted by what others are doing as the dark Ones will try anything to stop you being successful. It should be encouraging for you to know that the Light always wins these battles in the long run, regardless of whatever moves are made against it. The sooner those souls of the Light start projecting the Light, the quicker the end will come into sight.

We can see the possibility of a sudden change coming that will be responsible for removing the threat of a global war. From that time onwards the dark Ones will lose their grip on things and be unable to regain their dominance over you. You can release your fear of another world nuclear war as it will not be allowed. Greater powers than those on Earth are at the helm, and able to prevent the resurgence of the Reptilians who have been prevented from returning to Earth. The Beings of Light have been behind the positive energies being sent to Mother Earth. You have never been left to battle on alone and we do our best to influence you to take the right action to advance your cause.

Realise that you are in the last stages of establishing the Light upon Earth and you will be successful. You have the Forces of Light with you and cannot fail to achieve your objective so do not despair as you go through this great period of change. You have waited a long time for this time to come and it is so near to manifesting. Keep your sights on the future that beckons with the promise of great times as the Light overcomes the dark Ones who will be confined to the lower vibrations that they have created. We know that it is difficult for you to visualise the future but stay positive and all will come to you. After waiting so long for these days to arrive please do not lose heart as the finishing line is in view. All that you could wish for will ultimately be yours and the memories of the dark times will soon fade away.

You have been carefully picked to experience the end times knowing that you would survive the stern rests you would be going through, and by your example would also help others to succeed. Many of you have a lot to offer from your experiences of recent times and past lives, and willingly serve others who are your brothers and sisters who are severely being tested. We expect them to come through with “flying colours”. You may well point out that on the Earth there seem to be souls at every level of evolution, and you are correct in your observations. For a multitude of reasons they have been chosen from all levels of attainment, and many are experiencing life that will expand their consciousness and awaken to the truth.

It would be difficult to explain how such a complicated setup can be achieved, but it has been tested and proved to be the most successful method with worthy results. Every soul learns from a life upon Earth and not one is wasted which is why they are keen to return to it time and time again. Understand the object of each incarnation is to further your expansion of consciousness. Your true home is amongst the stars where you will freely travel through the power of thought.

The truth would as you might say “blow your mind” as very few have sufficient knowledge of the truth to know what lays ahead. The dark Ones try their best to keep you in the dark, as knowledge of the truth about your being would lift you up and open up a path to freedom. We know that there is not a better time to help raise your consciousness levels as the Light now permeates all areas upon Earth, and is continuing to rise. The battle between the dark and Light is becoming one sided as the Light gains prominence and is defeating the dark Ones. At a glance it is difficult for you to see signs of what way the “war” is going, but we do from our vantage point.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – September 2, 2022

You are beginning to wonder where it all ends assuming that the changes cannot go on forever, but how much longer will the suffering have to be experienced. We have to say that major changes cannot take place without bringing about some sorrow and despair. Yet if you can see the reason for it you would surely realise that nothing happens by chance. A key word is “cleansing” at a physical level and allowing humanity the opportunity to start bringing in new ideas that will move you on to levels that no longer support the lower vibrations that may be holding you back.

The timing of changes is often related to those that are healers and place ideas within the minds of humanity, so that the collective thoughts create an energy for change that can gather sufficient power to bring them into being. It is welcome when it is positive but you have to remember that it equally applies to negative thoughts, and you are beginning to realise how powerful they can be. Some people practise voodoo and it is an example of just how powerful the spoken word can be, and of course it also applies to those who are healers having learned how to use the energy positively. As you evolve your thoughts become more powerful whilst at the same time so does your ability to control them.

The present situation upon Earth calls for patience and understanding. There seems to be no end in sight to the troubles you are experiencing but the seeds for change have been laid down, and they will bring about some uplifting ones much to your delight. The Light grows brighter at the end of the tunnel and will continue to do so until the darkness has been completely removed. Joy and happiness is not far away but first you must address the conditions that are causing the upheaval upon Earth. They are so negative and will continue so for quite a time as the changes become more frequent.

The demands upon you are bringing out the best side of humanity, and there is a coming together of people who put others first. It is quite normal in times of change as humans are at heart loving souls that care about their fellow companions, and are quick to lend a hand when it is needed. Again we tell you that you are all One in the eyes of God and all seen as equal, as in reality you are all the sons and daughters of God having an experience outside of the Godhead. In essence you are all Gods and your adventures outside of the Godhead are to enable you to grow in knowledge and understanding that will eventually take you back to it.

The forcible bringing together of people in ways that would not otherwise have happened, has given you a better understanding of how others live their lives and it has very much been an eye opener. For too long different groups have kept themselves apart from others often on the basis of their religious beliefs. Now there is more understanding and acceptance of those differences and an appreciation of their history. We are not suggesting that a universal religion will take the place of what exists at present, but in the future there will be more of a coming together in understanding. For too long wars have been fought over religious differences and caused much death and misery.

In the present time organised religion has lost a lot of support and it is clearly time to make it more desirable without using enforcement. In the most simplistic terms religion glorifies God, and that is common throughout the many that are practised. The message is that you are immortal and all have everlasting life. So make the most of each opportunity given you to evolve further along the road back to the Godhead.

Some will wonder what happens to those who have no belief in everlasting life or God. They are still evolving albeit at a slower rate than most others, but are destined to eventually “wake up” to the truth since all exists in the “Now” meaning all that ever was. Understand therefore that in reality there is no such thing as time as you understand it. At your present level of understanding it may be difficult to accept a totally different picture to what you have been taught, but rest assured in time you would arrive at a truthful understanding.

However, do not be worried if you cannot comprehend the idea of the truth being vastly different to your beliefs. In time the truth will gradually come out and at no time will you find it overwhelming. You will not be rushed to follow a path leading to it and it is best that you arrive at it in your own good time. You may ask how you sort out the truth from all that exists but your intuition will keep you on the right track providing you take notice of it.

We try to gently widen your knowledge so that you are able to handle it and hopefully you will be discerning and able to accept the truth. If this time around you do not it doesn’t matter as no one is pushing you and you have all the time you want. Be sure to keep an open mind and ready to accept a greater truth than you may have now. All will be well after all you have your Guides to help you be discerning.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – August 26, 2022

When you may have thought matters were settling down, they have taken a turn for the worse. The problems seem endless as Mankind experiences changes that they never anticipated or expected. Yet they are necessary to bring about those that are needed to keep your feet upon a path that leads to the New Age. How far away it is depends upon you and your reactions to what is happening that is uprooting many things that you are familiar with and had no idea that they are unsuited for your future needs.

You are being forced to look at how you lead your lives and being encouraged to consider how they could be improved. Although that sounds a bit simplistic when society is under such pressures as at present and some just do not know which way to turn. Yet out of the precarious situation you are in, ways will be found to successfully overcome your problems. It clearly cannot happen overnight but with the will to overcome them, and help where possible from us we see you eventually creating the opportunities needed to successfully deal with them.

As all experiences are arranged for you every soul gains from them, yet even those who have not yet reached a level of understanding of the real purpose of life upon Earth that is really a school of learning. It is why we keep other entities who may interfere with your life away from you. They often visit your Earth out of curiosity and there is no intent to cause harm to you. We keep them away so that you are not distracted from your life plan that has been prepared specifically, so that you get the experiences you need to evolve. The average person would find it hard to believe that there is a plan as life seems to be the result of random occurrences. However, much is achieved by “fixing” events in your lives particularly where the outcome achieves positive results.

You can go wrong through personal choice but you will soon be back on track with our help. We want to see you achieve satisfactory results and that is what we strive for on your behalf. You often achieve them that are above expectations and we are delighted at your success. We can in effect reward you for them and you will find things going your way much more to your enjoyment. So it is not hard work all of the time and there are relaxing times so that you can enjoy a restful period. How are we able to be so successful you may ask, and the answer is that we can see the bigger picture and know what options you have even if you are unaware of them.

Civilisations come and go all of the time as experience calls for the need of change so that you can continue to evolve. As we have already informed you your present cycle is about to end but do not be alarmed, as it is normal progress on a solar level. It is all due to take place in the very near future which you are at present preparing for even if you are not necessarily aware of doing so. Life never stands still and is always on the move and with it comes changes that are beneficial for everyone. Solar cycles are perfectly normal and take place to give you needed experiences for your continued evolution.

In your present time there is obviously much pressure on everyone, as what you have considered the “norm” must change to allow a great step forward. It is necessary to allow those souls who are ready to take a quantum leap and settle in a new vibration that is more suited to their needs. As the final years pass by you will gain knowledge that will help you to clear any doubts about what lays ahead. The most acceptable fact is that you will no longer have to suffer the actions of the dark Ones, who will have been settled at a level consistent with their lower vibrations.

When you feel low, lift yourselves up by thinking positively of a bright future that awaits you and life where all is in a near state of perfection. In the higher vibrations it cannot be otherwise and you would find it hard to imagine the beauty and joy that exists at that level. So you have everything to look forward to and it is not too far away. Many of you will live to see it through, and those who have gone before you will be able to re-incarnate into that period of time.

Console yourselves by knowing that you have virtually done all of the hard work needed to keep you in the higher vibrations. You cannot really fail having come this far so do not allow yourselves to start flagging and keep positive all of the time. The dark Ones deceive you and try their worst to stop you learning the truth, as they know you will no longer fear their attempts to keep you in the dark, and see through their lies and distortions of the truth. They try to keep you down when you are great souls who are of the Light. So do not berate yourselves when you make mistakes as it is a human trait that you lose as you lift up your vibrations.

Tell yourself what a beautiful soul you are at heart and remember that you are an aspect of God. You can achieve anything you put your mind to if you have sufficient self-belief. You are wonderful souls having an experience away from the Godhead and doing very well by lifting yourselves up. Keep smiling and live in joy as a new life awaits everyone in the course of time.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – August 19, 2022

Many ask themselves how much worse can matters get when predictions for the immediate future are not in the slightest way promising. Yet behind all that is happening is the slow movement towards better times, and the promise of some kind of recompense for all the problems you have had to endure. The changes had to come as you could not continue in the old ways much longer. The necessary changes needed for the upliftment of mankind had to start somewhere and as painful as the experience has been, you will look back and see that there has been purpose in what has taken place. Be assured that we exercise a certain degree of control so that matters follow the great plan for humanity’s release from the grip of the dark Ones.

Many lessons are being learnt and bringing to light conditions that are no longer appropriate for the coming success of the Alliance. You could say that it is written in the stars and that is not far moved from the truth. Great Beings hold humanity’s future in their hands, and in one way or another you will reach the destiny that has been planned for you. It is in no way working against your freewill that is guided by those who are fully aware of the greater plan for your evolution. When you have reached a certain level you will be ready to understand and appreciate the enormity of what has been taking place in your name. It is only now that it is considered appropriate to start putting you “in the picture”. You will need to be aware of what is really taking place so that you may play your part in the proceedings.

Hitherto you have been kept in the dark so to say, as you have had so much on your plate to deal with already and still the demands upon you carry on. We are only too aware of the misery and pain being caused, and it will be of little help to know that many of the problems have been brought upon you by your own actions, and at times the lack of action. However, all experience has its benefits and as the Human Race you have developed a strong determination to succeed regardless of whatever challenges you have had to face. So we encourage you to continue standing up to the dark Ones as so far you are winning the battle. Humanity is revered for its courage and determination to be successful.

Slowly but surely you are accepting the Oneness of all life, and realising that much more can be achieved by working together whilst accepting the differences in each other’s lives. At different times all souls will experience the various ways of life both as male and female. This in part explains why some souls have difficulty in accepting a new way of life after spending too many as the same gender, and cannot adapt. As with any similar problems help is always given where it is requested. You are therefore aware of such possibilities before you are born, and the options would have been discussed beforehand.

Life is not as random as it may seem and each soul starts with a life plan, intended to speed up your evolution. It means that you can be placed with souls that compliment your personal needs and we would remind you that you agreed to the arrangements beforehand. It all sounds complicated but the system has been well tried and tested and works very well. Whole families can be interlinked so that all play their part in each other’s lives. They may also incarnate as a family on more than one occasion so that their experiences can be more fulfilling. It is why in general terms most families have a bond that holds them together as they help each other to evolve.

Realise that families are normally equipped with whatever is needed to help their experiences be successful. Clearly some for whatever reasons go off track, but normally are brought back to it in short time. It is clearly in everyone’s interests to make the best out of their experiences although they can be given another opportunity if necessary. With each life you can raise your vibrations, and it is how you climb the ladder of evolution until you reach a point where you no longer need to remain in the lower ones. It is the object and aim of your different lives that are planned accordingly. The dark Ones try to hold you back and prevent you from knowing the true purpose of your many lives.

Dear Ones, life probably sounds very complicated and indeed it can be at times but bear in mind that your Guides are always trying to direct events for the best results. They are that little voice that often whispers in your ear when you need guidance to keep you on your chosen path. In an emergency situation when your life may be under threat they would obviously be ready to help you overcome it. It comes back to your life plan that gives you the experiences you need, that can also clear unresolved karma. Much more thought goes into your life plan than you would probably imagine, as no opportunity is missed that could help you evolve, Above all is your own determination to succeed in life and your beliefs by putting things into action that help your progress.

Do not despair if thing’s do not appear to be working out well for you as it is the final outcome that is important. A problem faced and overcome should not present itself again, so handle them with care knowing that it is in your own interests. At this stage in your evolution you should be aware that you are advancing in your day to day lives and face the challenges they present. There is an aspect of life we have not touched previously and that relates to your involvement in other souls experiences. There are times when you play a small part in them but it is as important as any others to ensure matters play out as intended.

The most demanding and difficult circumstances are yet to come so be aware that you may be put under yet more stress, but that of course depends on the individual governments. However, there is a collective effect that comes from the world changes and the effects on you will be felt. Fortunately nothing lasts forever but it will ensure a more positive result than may otherwise have been achieved. There is so much going on all over the world that it is sometimes difficult to forecast the outcome, but as we have told you all will eventually turn out to your satisfaction. Some of you will obviously leave the Earth and incarnate again at an appropriate time that is beneficial to you and carry on with your good work.

These trying times will usually bring out the best in people who are quick to offer their services where needed. We encourage it as so many services are under extreme pressures and likely to come apart. In actual fact there is much goodwill on Earth that it will carry you through such a testing period. People are getting to know about each other and appreciate their different customs and way of living, and recognise a soul much the same as themselves and with the same desires for a peaceful and happy life. The Oneness of all life is at last being recognised and the responsibility for each other through Universal Love.

There is undoubtedly a coming together of all races as you begin to accept the Oneness of Humanity and realise that all souls are equal in the eyes of God. In reality there is no difference between them, as all are the path back to the Godhead. Few recognise the true reality but all seek the love of God.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – August 12, 2022

Rather than matters taking a turn for the worse they are gradually reaching a point where the dark Ones will be facing defeat. Do they come quietly or act like madmen, the outlook is the latter as they seem determined to fight to the last not wishing to admit defeat. There is so much that you are unaware of that will mostly shock you to think that you are living a lie deliberately imposed upon you by the dark Ones and their cohorts. In the time of Tesla you were given many advanced ideas that would have raised your quality of life, but you were denied them. However, nothing stands still forever and new ideas and inventions are waiting to be introduced that will tremendously raise your quality of life. You deserve it and nothing will be held back when the truth is revealed. Be assured that the souls capable of handling such a situation are already with you waiting their call to action.

All along the dark Ones have been foiled in their attempts to take over the Earth although they been allowed a certain degree of freedom. They gained it through abiding to the “rules” that have demanded that they had to indicate what they were about to do and they complied. Strange as it may seem there has been a battle for minds and even bodies as they set their heinous plans to decimate the world population. To some extent it has been successful but is by no means as extensive as they planned. At this point we stress again that in a freewill situation the “good” and the “evil” have the same opportunities to take whatever action they choose. Clearly however those of the Light play by the “rules” whereas the dark Ones simply ignore them with a total disregard for human life. However, they will have to answer for their actions in the future and atone for the hurt and devastation they have caused.

Life is a game but a very serious one in which all of you were briefed prior to incarnating. There are no excuses as you have all been aware of your undertaking and acceptance of your life plan. Bear in mind that it is intended to give opportunities to gain experience that will enable advancement on your path of Light. No one is given more responsibility than they are capable of dealing with, and it is intended to overcome your weaknesses and strengthen your positive aspects to ensure success. All of you have been through many, many lives as you have grown from experience. Now you have reached what you may call a “milestone” as the end of a cycle means a new start – a new beginning.

You are soon about to reap the benefit of your progress and carry it with you into a new cycle. What that means is to some extent up to you as through your thoughts and actions you are setting up your next adventures that this time will bring you joy and fulfilment. The world will truly be your oyster and the more you project positive thoughts you are creating your own path to completion. You can leave behind all that no longer serves your needs by concentrating on the future, but be sure to keep an open mind and allow things to come your way and not block them.

Meantime you have plenty of things to do in preparation for the immediate future, as conditions are worsening and your troubles seem to be piling up. Clearly matters are coming to a head and something must result from the turmoil. Problems are mounting and no immediate solutions seem to have been found. Hard times appear ahead and it will test humanities ability to keep going in the face of immense problems. It is certainly a daunting time to be on Earth with the dark Ones coming at you from all sides. However, there are people already working towards a solution but it will take time as there is no “quick fix”.

Rest assured that in the near future many acceptable changes will have occurred, and you will have laid down the beginning of a New Age. The cleansing will have restored life as you desire and set down the bedrock of a period of peace and happiness. It is there waiting for you to raise your level of awareness and be able to enjoy the fruits of a positive life. We cannot do it for you but we can help in many ways that will speed up progress towards a new acceptable life free from the interference of the dark Ones. Their influence will have been overtaken by the new vibrations that do not carry anything negative.

So Dear Ones do not despair at what you see happening around, as much of it is only temporary. As usual there are many great Beings overseeing your lives and helping you to follow your life plan. In some ways you are only a speck in the Universe in which you reside, but because of the important stage you have reached you attract the attention of many other civilisations who are interested in the outcome of your attempts to move on from the negativity that surrounds you. Indeed many observers wish to make friends with you and exchange information that is beneficial to both parties.

Life is a lot more interesting than you realise particularly when you can share knowledge with those Beings who are very similar to yourselves. You will find that there is much friendship between civilisations as all are on a path to higher levels. There is so much to experience that is fulfilling and gives pleasure and satisfaction. We could say that you have not yet lived a full life and experienced all that the higher vibrations have to offer. It is coming your way in the very near future.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – August 5, 2022

Time marches on and the situation upon Earth seems to be getting worse as sides are being taken over the conflict in the Ukraine. Stalemate appears certain and already talk of all-out war is being played down as Russia seems to have achieved its aims to protect its own country. It will take some honest talking to settle the issues involved, and there are always answers no matter how big the problems are. As usual our presence helps decisions to be made that are in the interests of all parties concerned.

The people are facing even worse situations as the problems mount. It seems that no one has emerged who has the authority and power to take charge of events that are in danger of running out of control. Leadership is a great responsibility that few are able to handle in a way that is fair and even handed. As individuals your role is to maintain your focus on your goal to lift up the vibrations. You would be surprised if you knew the truth of your power and how you stop the negative energies from taking over. In fact as more people realise their own potential to bring change into being, the more certain they can be of success.

We would remind you that just one person focussing on the light to help raise the vibrations, has a substantial effect greater than you possibly realise. Light workers are the key to your future as their presence ensues that the Light progressively grows stronger, overcoming the dark energies by taking away their power. So we encourage you to never lose faith in your own ability to change the course of mankind’s future. In the middle of your troubles they can at times seem overwhelming. However, we are with you and help you keep on your chosen path. Call on us when you need help as we are never far away and pleased to assist you where it is permissible.

Bear in mind that your path may cross that of a Master and you have no way of knowing it, but you may be uplifted by their presence. It is the “feel good factor” that makes you realise that you have “met” a greatly gifted soul. It is no wonder that the souls wandering around with no apparent purpose in mind cannot understand what life is all about. However, that is where their Guides come in by trying to get them to find a reason for life and seek upliftment. You have to get out the lower vibrations if you are to progress, and follow a path of evolution. It is surely clear that there has to be a purpose to life otherwise there would be nothing to aim for and no apparent goal.

Do you realise that family and close friends often meet up in several lives playing different roles. They help each other to evolve and progress as a group. In a freewill Universe just anything goes, but if you have made the wrong decisions you obviously have to experience the consequences of them. It is the only way you learn but once you have, you do not have to experience the same again. The ultimate aim is to get off the cycle of re-birth by evolving to a higher dimension. There are no short cuts to evolution it is through experience you gain more understanding about the purpose of life.

So what is the key to rising up when you are often surrounded by souls who are oblivious to the true purpose of life. Focus on your immediate need for experience and do not be distracted by goings on around you. If it is intended that you need certain experiences to raise your vibrations, then it is incorporated into your life plan. Life can seem full of random experiences yet in reality they are all linked to your need for certain types of experiences. Shared experiences are quite common where they benefit both souls. Man and wife would be a typical example and they are matched in the first place for that reason.

The time is nearing when you will meet extra-terrestrials who have followed Humanity’s path for eons of time. Many have lived deep within the Earth’s crust safe from interference where they have very much kept to themselves. Your experiences have led you to find various links to the ET’s, and their craft are quite commonly seen in you skies. There are rules about first contact that ensure your population are not overwhelmed or even scared by such an experience. But it must come and Humanity is quickly approaching that point in their evolution.

Many different E.T’s have contacted individuals for a long time but very soon it will become more commonplace. However, they will not appear in great numbers and contact will be limited so as not to overwhelm you. Appreciate that the idea will initially frighten some people who will need to be assured that they come in peace and love. Clearly advanced civilisations have much to offer us but only at what may be called the “right time” when Man has become a peaceful being. E.T’s can quite easily protect themselves against aggression but would achieve it through peaceful means. There are strict rules concerning “First Contact” and the protocol connected with it.

It is obvious that Man is not ready for an outright “First Contact” although there have been many close contacts over the last hundred years. The idea has been to gradually get you used to seeing our craft in your skies knowing that they come in peace. Craft with an ulterior motive would not get past the protective barrier that we have put in place. So you can see that outright contact will eventually take place, but we take our time so as to accustom you to the idea. As your brothers and sisters we care for you and are always on hand when you need help. We keep you safe from inquisitive visitors who may not always have the best intentions.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – July 29, 2022

When matters appear to be changing from bad to worse you could be forgiven for believing that the end of the world was approaching. Certainly what was acceptable in the past is no longer adequate, which is why things had to change. Bear in mind that you are already at the start of a New Age and the period of cleansing is essential if you are to make way for changes that will uplift the vibrations. There is so much that is new to you and waiting to be revealed, that will finally see the end of the low vibrations and the commencement of most welcome changes that will totally change the quality of your lives.

Look around you and see the new ideas emerging as they overcome the old ways of doing things. Many of the changes will come as soon as you are considered to be ready for them. Some are so obvious already and we have in mind the electric car that in a very short time has advanced quite quickly. You simply cannot hold back progress although many with invested interests in what already exists will try to avoid the changes if they can.

Man has always been adventurous and inventive and is forever looking for improvements to what already exists. When we consider you are ready to move on you may have noticed that new ideas seem to come out simultaneously and this is by design. It is a way of ensuring that new opportunities are taken to introduce them that will ensure they are worked upon. So as you can see new ideas are not conceived by chance but by design.

When are you going to realise that there has always been a plan for Man’s evolution, and although the dark Ones have a free hand to try and prevent progress it will be to no avail. Of course they can cause delays and do so, and will go to any extreme to be successful as with the collapse of the Towers. Yet, progress still takes place and with help from us we know the outcome will achieve success. We oversee your activities and through the powers we are given can ensure that your aims are fulfilled.

Some things that seemingly happen by chance are of no consequence, yet the majority are part of the greater plan for Man. It must seem odd to you that you enjoy freewill yet much in the way of your experiences is planned for your advancement. Each life of yours is arranged to enable opportunities to come your way that will help your evolution, as what would be the point if there was no real purpose to your experiences. All is revealed between lives when you go back to the higher dimensions for a life review.

The problem you have is that you can look upon another soul yet cannot tell how advanced they are on their evolutionary path. However, you carry your level of understanding with you through each life and that ensures your progress without having to go through the early stages again. Evolution is the key to everything and your whole reason for experiencing in the Matter Universe. It is a wonderful way to evolve allowing you free expression whilst at the same time making you responsible for your actions. It also makes you strong willed and able to set your mind on your goal.

You can make mistakes and have the opportunity to make them good, most likely in the same life. Failure is not an issue as you can try to overcome your problems as many times as are necessary. You always have help on hand if it is required, and you may never need to face your problems single handed. Humans use punishment for those who break the law and it is acceptable from your point of view. It has a way of teaching souls that they have a duty to each other to help them through life’s problems. Putting others first is a quality that is acquired through sheer experience, and the realisation that you all have a link to each other at a soul level, hence the teaching that you are All One.

At your present level there is a tendency for people to look after themselves, without necessarily feeling that they have any responsibility for another soul. However, the higher your rise up the more you understand that you are “your brother’s keeper” and it becomes quite natural to care about those souls around you. There is great satisfaction to be gained from helping others in need and the more you see them in that light the greater the bond becomes between you.

Life is a game but quite a serious one as in your present dimension wherever you turn there are obstacles on your path. Many of these are there to test you and challenge you to handle them satisfactorily. When you can take charge of your life it becomes more purposeful, fulfilling and enjoyable. Try not to get involved in arguments and be prepared to walk away from them if necessary. You will feel all the better for it and avoid an upset that may in any event have been unnecessary. Egos are powerful energies and tend to intrude when you have a difference of opinion with someone. It is easier said than done but allow another person to be ”right” if necessary if it is a means of closing a difference of opinion without bad feeling.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – July 22, 2022

Life at the moment is one problem after another, you seem to get one cleared and another takes its place. Yet what is happening is part of the cleansing of the planet to prepare for what will be seen as most welcome changes. Naturally, it all takes time and is no mean task when viewed from where we are. The urgency for prompt action is beginning to be understood, and action needs to be taken now whilst there is ample time to cope with changes that are vitally necessary. We are doing the prompting from our end but we cannot force you to take action if the urgency of the situation is ignored.

It is beginning to dawn upon you that you have been prevented from taking the required action to deal with changes that are becoming vitally necessary. Perhaps first and foremost urgent action should be taken to stop the war in Europe before it escalates out of control. Understand that nothing happens by chance that involves changes, and that includes the personal experiences of the people of the Ukraine. We wish matters could be different but it is mankind who creates the situations that lead to death and destruction.

However, there is always good news as it is not one sided, and the outcome of all of your troubles is to be given positive changes that lift you beyond the negativity of this present period. It is why we have emphasised that it is important you keep an open mind where the future is concerned. Allow things to happen that will give you the advantage of advances that will propel you into the New Age. The old ways are being left behind to be replaced by new ones that will make life so much easier for everyone.

Many changes are on the horizon and the souls who are needed to implement them are already on Earth. Everything is planned way ahead and new ideas are released as and when you are considered to be ready for them. So progress is really up to you and the sooner you can leave the old ways behind, the quicker opportunities will be given you to advance.

Look on the bright side and cut your ties with what obviously has no place in the times ahead. Change really does mean just that and was surely expected after the closing of the old Age. Realise anything is possible in the near future as nothing is set in stone, it is all there for the taking and you can set your sights as far forward as you wish. There is a wonderful time ahead so think positively and the best things will come your way.

It is naturally within Man’s nature to want to help others which is why so many groups exist that voluntarily do such work. They ask little if anything in return getting the most satisfaction from knowing the good they have done for others. As the vibrations continue to lift up it will become apparent that putting others before self is more widespread. It is also bringing about more compassion for those souls who through no fault of their own live in poverty. The feeling of wishing to help others less well off than yourself and compassion for those in need of assistance has never been so strong as it is now. It is something to build upon that will attract many others to the cause.

Selfishness and greed have been endemic in the past, but now is the time to level up matters so that no one should be in need of assistance simply to exist. There is sufficient wealth in the world to ensure that no one should have to live below a certain level that would leave them able to cope and have the essentials of life. It may be a dream just now but if mankind is to care for his fellow travellers, some semblance of fairness in the distribution of wealth is essential.

We do not like to preach to you so please take our advice as good common sense that has been sadly lacking for such a long time. Life does not end at the time of death of the physical body, the soul continues to lead a life in the higher vibrations by creating another body that is a copy of the original one, but of a higher vibration meaning that it does not carry over any physical afflictions that it had experienced. The power of thought is so strong that you can “think” yourself better of any problems that existed with the old body.

You have so much to look forward to as time passes and the lesser vibrations will gradually fade into the past. There have been many instances where a soul has come back simply to make it known that life continues after death of the physical body. Thought is so powerful that you can think into being whatever you desire. But be aware that you cannot circumvent your life on Earth, and it must run for the purposes your life plan was arranged.

There is so much evidence to support life after death that with an open mind it is difficult to fault the evidence for it. Many people on Earth are certain that they are aware of their loved ones visiting them, and they often have a powerful vision of them. There are however those souls on Earth who reject life after death as their reality.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – July 15, 2022

As fast as you clear one problem another turns up to take its place and so it goes on, a seemingly endless number that gets more difficult to deal with. In reality you are seeing the result of many, many years of mismanagement that need putting right if you are to clear away the rubbish that has accumulated. It needs a clean sweep to enable you to start afresh as you lay down the basis of a new period that will carry you forward with all speed. As we have said previously, you have entered a new era where small is beautiful along with advancements that are yet to be given to you. Much that is very acceptable awaits you but first the old must be moved out of the way.

No one could have foreseen the way matters have worked out however it has fitted in with the greater plan to haul you out of the grips of the dark Ones. They have played their last gamble on holding you back and preventing souls who are ready from ascending, but to no avail as their strength to resist attempts to delay it is greater. They are aware of their achievements and are holding fast where the interference of the dark Ones is concerned. There is no reason why they should not now go all the way to Ascension.

Meantime there is much work to do to prepare the people for major changes, so that any who feel ready to go all the way to Ascension are helped. It is the right time at the end of a cycle to take the opportunity to do so and every help is given to ensure success. Clearly not everyone is ready to go ahead, but evolution still goes on regardless. The cycle goes on and those who have prepared for it will reap the benefits. Others will be given every help to evolve as when this cycle ends you will carry forward with all that you have achieved.

Your journey has taken a long time to reach this point, and you have successfully overcome many ploys of the dark Ones to try and hold you back. Understand that in a freewill Universe virtually anything is acceptable, and they will use all of the tricks they can to be successful. Universal Law states that the dark Ones must make it known what they intend to do. So if the Forces of Light take note they have the advantage of knowing what is planned in advance and prepare for it.

You may have thought that in a freewill situation anything goes, but that is not the case as those who oversee your actions are also responsible for guiding you so as to keep you to your life plan. If you refuse to follow it then that is your freewill choice, and you suffer the consequences. Bear in mind that you will have discussed it beforehand and accepted it. Logically you in turn are involved in another soul’s life plans and it is here that it gets rather complicated.

Once you have cleared your karmic responsibilities you are virtually a free soul and will have become aware of the greater truths. It is not difficult to do so and you will be amazed at how easy it is to become a free soul. So many of you have no idea as to how you evolve and what you need to do to achieve it. Again your Guides will be active in ensuring your life plan will help lift you up even if you do not realise the significance of it. There is a simple answer for those souls who do not know what to believe. Simply live your life with goodwill towards other people, and the rest will take care of itself.

On the one hand life is very simple and straightforward yet it can seem so complicated. Trust in your Guides to ensure you are on the right path as they are fully aware of your life plan. The key points in your life are set in motion and you will be unlikely to miss them. In the final reckoning you will have to be clear of any karma, that is the aim so as to be ready for Ascension.

When you consider how families are affected it all gets rather complicated. At this point it is best to stop as the intertwining of lives begins to get difficult to comprehend. Simply be assured that every soul’s life plan is discussed after death of the mortal body. The whole purpose is to show you how you have dealt with the challenges you faced, and how if necessary you could have overcome them. Help is on hand all of the time and the best advice given to ensure you achieve the best results.

The beauty of the system used is that it has been tried and tested for eons of time, and proved most adequate in helping souls advance. You are to be congratulated for your “never say die” approach to problems encountered giving you a better opportunity to be successful.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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