Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 6 September 2019


With the coming of the New Age we are slowly but surely being enlightened as to the significant changes it carries with it. The mystery of “who” or “what” we are is being revealed and Kryon is the principal source as shown by the following extract. Clearly there is a long path to travel before we are ready and able to make it back to the Source, but it is uplifting and heart-warming to know where our future is heading.


EXTRACT: Kyron April 2019. The most important thing for you to return to your Higher Self.

There is no returning to the way it was, the new normal if there is such a thing will be a road that never ends, constant change and with it will come new things, and they will always be better than the day before. There is a Creative Source that I represent that you are in. There is to be no channelling in the future, you will think alike and know what to do.

“Who are you” it cannot be explained, you are derivatives from the Central Source that is God. So many groups are part of you but they were once corporeal – all of them. There is an energy on your planet that has no rules but is packed with emotions and it is LOVE. Emotion is something forever at the core of everything and is LOVE. There is a love connection between all of you, if you allow it. The higher your DNA operates the more love there will be in the cells of your body – the Love of the Creator.

None of you are at Home, you are on Earth working. Do you know where Home is, it is where I am from it is where you are all from. I want to tell you this, when you are with me and there is the parity and a sonority of love, a confluence of love you cannot even imagine or fathom where you are from, and that is the part of you that wants to connect with you and is the part you are looking for and if you could put a name to it or a situation to it, it is the part of God that wants to reconnect to the part of you, it is the part of you on the other side of the veil that is literally blind to that part. You have awakened to the possibility that there is more to you than meets the eye.


Corporeal – Physical world. Sonority – difficult to understand. Confluence – flow together.



Mankind is showing the first positive signs of awakening to the rising vibrations, and is responding by becoming more aware of the true path that leads to levels of existence that leave all of the old energies behind. They have served their purpose and it is now time to move on and enjoy the higher vibrations that are safe from the interference of the dark Ones. To a large degree you are creating your own future, although the pathway has already been defined. The purpose is to ensure that you start to establish a new paradigm that will take you in the direction that is necessary to achieve a big step forward in your evolution. Those of you that are ready will easily adapt to the new levels that will delight you with the ease of working within them. Time saving devices and systems will make life very acceptable and enjoyable. However, first must come a cleansing of all that remains of the old so that the new can come fully into being. Ultimately you will look back and wonder how you managed, and your methods will seem to have been very crude compared to the new ways of living. You have earned a place in the higher realms and will enjoy many years of rapid evolution.

We are aware that you are tired of the confusion that exists upon Earth, but it is like a festering wound that has to be healed before the full benefits of Ascension can begin. In that respect you are getting help, but as you might say the decks must first be cleared to ensure success. Changes are still in the process of taking place and will form the foundation of a new civilisation. So many changes are planned and they will lift the gloom that presently exists. Be assured that we are influencing the outcome of present events, and although you may not see it yet all will eventually work out to your liking. You have earned the new ways of life that are manifesting even now and we know they will please you.

We will again approach the matter that seems to worry you the most, concerning the fate of those who are unlikely to be sufficiently advanced to be ready for Ascension. They will gain through their present experiences and it will give them a head start when they commence a new life on a new path to continue evolving. It must be emphasised that each soul comes into incarnation with a plan, and will know beforehand whether or not they are ready to ascend. If they have been placed within your family it is for the experience that will help them in the future. Be assured that each soul will progress at a rate that suits their ability to understand the meaning of evolution and what it entails. All souls are lovingly looked after and help is always available for them.

In the meantime world events are slowly but surely coming to a conclusion, and will set the scene for necessary changes that will enable you to participate in moves to bring them about. You would be surprised if in reality you knew how much power you have to influence those who represent you. Your task is to make your wishes known where your future is concerned, so that time and money is not wasted by going in a different direction. Your influence does greatly affect the direction that the energies go in, and the more you focus on what you want the more you will gain success.

We see movements throughout the world that are rapidly coming to a conclusion. Although it will take time to fully recognise your achievements, you will see the beginnings of major changes to the quality of life. For too long you have been held back and often denied the basic needs for a happy and fulfilling life. Do not doubt that things will change for better, they have to and the increasing level of positive energies will ensure that it is so. With the end of the old Age that which was unsuitable for your future and the plan for the changes, had already been put into action. It means that you are assured of a better and brighter future and more importantly, a life where poverty and need has been eliminated. It obviously cannot happen overnight, but nothing will be allowed to interfere or hold back progress.

Stay resilient and determined to meet the challenges that will carry you forward into the “promised land”. Try to feel the happiness, satisfaction and joy that is to come so that your spirits are lifted up. We are ever at your side and give every encouragement and are with a listening ear so that we can help you where possible.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.


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Dear Friends,
I shall be taking a 2 week holiday week commencing Monday 2nd September, so after this weeks message my next one will be for Friday 20th September.
Time is really passing so quickly now it only seems a short while ago that the New Year started. The immediate future is still sorting itself out, but for sure we have good times to look forward to.
Thank you as always for the great work you do, we rely on you so much and all the work you do is much appreciated.
In Love and Light. Mike Quinsey.

Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 30 August 2019


There is so much happening on Earth at this time and if the outcome is as intended then you should be well on the way to very acceptable changes. Those entities that influence you for the betterment of all people are trying to influence you to take steps that would hasten your days to Ascension. As we have mentioned quite recently, leadership changes are important so that you can be certain that you leave the old behind, making room for the long overdue advancement that can propel you into the New Age. Progress cannot be held back any longer, and if your Governments do not make the first moves others will. Whilst your destiny is in your own hands, there is a goal that we will direct you to so that you are prepared for a future much different to what you are experiencing at present. Without our help you would be at the mercy of those who have their own agenda, and in no way contribute to your evolutionary advancement.

You may quite rightly point at the way Humanity seems to have lost its pathway to better things, as you quite obviously realise that by now you should be enjoying a far more advanced quality of life. It is certainly there waiting for you but vested interests do all they can to hold it back. Their God is profit before people but they will eventually have to change. Sharing and caring for each other will the basis of lifting up the levels of life so that they are more acceptable to all people. Do not despair, it will come in many of your lifetimes and all of your sacrifices will have been well worthwhile. So we will say once again keep looking straight ahead and try not to be distracted by other happenings. In the big picture all is well and you have many different civilisations standing by to make sure you reach your goal safe and sound.

Regardless of what is happening on the world stage you are assured of making progress, as even now behind the scenes there are many people and organisations working to bring the changes to fruition. In fact they are growing in numbers as more people awaken to their life plan to help bring positive measures into being. You will find that there is a division taking place whereby those of the higher vibrations are having less and less to do with those of the negative energies. This is a form of segregation that is preparing you all for the time when you shall go your own ways and it is perfectively fair and reasonable, with no judgement being involved. The opportunities of the future are open to all souls with no picking or choosing and hopefully all will progress in accordance with their life plan.

Think upon the fact that you have all had hundreds of lifetimes, and have had the most extensive experiences as man or woman, a pauper or a Prince all adding to your broad spectrum of growth and fitting you out to be able to take your place again amongst those who have already ascended. Your last lifetime on the lower Earth is one of getting rid of your rough edges and allowing you to claim full benefits of your higher vibrations. So be it, and you will not in the slightest be disappointed in them.

Look after the young people that have come into life much more aware and awake than you were at their age. They view the scenario and find it difficult to understand how you arrived at the mess you are in, and given a chance will show you the way out of it. They not only bring experience with them but solutions to the problems that have beset the world. At present they struggle to make themselves heard above the many conflicts that are going on. The young people have the answers and the came prepared to help you move on and truly leave the old vibrations behind.

You have waited a long time to each this point in your evolution and it is well worth your patience while the matters that seem to trouble almost every country are sorted out. If you are able to read between the lines, you will understand that the people are seeking a way forward and clearly have their own ideas as to what is needed. Some seek no more than the home comforts that have been denied them, whilst others are looking beyond material possessions and know how important their spiritual growth is so that they can move with the higher energies. You are in fact creating your future now and it will gradually manifest and ease you into the new era with all of the associated benefits.

You are here on Earth because you have earned your place in the New Age. You have much to offer those around you, and have come to Earth as one of those souls who have much experience that will help others rise up. Be assured that there is a plan for your evolution and it is not left to chance and many souls support you with every intention that you shall be fully prepared when Ascension takes place. It is a time when you would be well advised to follow your intuition that comes from the prompting of your Higher Self.

Take things as they come without if possible deciding beforehand what the outcome should be. Truthfully you have little idea of your life plan yet your life has been organised around the experiences you need to continue evolving. You have always had help but more so now because you are reaching a critical stage when it is most important that you succeed. You do not realise how many souls are involved in your lives that follow you from one life to another trying as far as possible to ensure everything works to plan. Life experiences are always arranged so that if you are successful you enjoy the advancement to never again have to follow the same path.

Wealth and belongings are no longer of any great value to you, inasmuch that in time you will simply create what you need by the power of your thoughts. As we mentioned quite recently, as a collective the Human Race is projecting thought forms of what it wants and when sufficient give it the power to materialise, it will do so. You also of course attract the energies needed to manifest things when your focus is powerful and held strong. You tend to consider such things a coincidence but you will soon realise it is down to your own ability. So in the near future slowly but surely life will become so much easier and enjoyable.

Do not be distracted by what is going on around you, in many cases it is all very much a question of clearing out those festering spots where problems seem to be ongoing. No real solution looks to be possible yet it will come because it has to and enable new energies to manifest that will lift everything up. The old ways of settling your differences are becoming obsolete and cooperation will take over from force used to settle your problems. Compromise and understanding will take over from belligerent actions that will be seen as non-productive and damaging to all concerned. Put simply, it is time to grow up and find peaceful answers to your problems that satisfy all concerned.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 23 August 2019

The changes that are taking place are all the result of the uplifting of the vibrations, and they are continuing to rise up and for those souls who are still tied to the lower vibrations. it is proving to be an uncomfortable time as they are unable to adjust to the changes. Consequently they are destined to stay at their present level until after Ascension when they will find themselves moving onto a similar planet to Earth. Naturally, those who have lifted up their vibrations will ascend with Mother Earth. There is no picking or choosing as you simply go to the level that is compatible with your vibrations. It is what you have been working for since the last Solar Cycle began and you are to be commended for having reached the higher level.

The importance of getting close to nature cannot be sufficiently emphasised, even to the extent of running barefoot through the grass. It is a way of getting closer to the Earth and benefitting from the energies coming from it. They are healing and uplifting helping you relax and enjoy the “feel good factor”. Not least of all the Sun itself gives off energies that are vital for your good health. Nearly all of the best healthy foods are provided by Mother Earth and the more you can feed yourself on fresh unadulterated foodstuffs the better it is for your body and digestive system. As soon as chemicals are added the quality the goodness can be affected and could result in illness or disease taking place. Your body is like a superb machine that does need looking after to get the best performance.

You talk of a balanced diet and indeed it is essential if you are to maintain your body in good health well into old age. People believe that because there is not necessarily an immediate effect from a bad diet they are not at risk, but beware of the long term danger that exists. We do not like to preach at you but with the vibrations lifting you have the opportunity to take full advantage of them by extending your life expectations and still enjoy good health, and you will need less and less solid food and eventually live off the energies around you. Oh yes, we can hear some of you saying that you enjoy your food as it is and would not want to go without it, but you will find it quite different when you actually experience the satisfaction of eating less solid food. The answer is that when you are ready you will have no hesitation in changing your lifestyle and enjoy it.

Your task now is to avoid situations that could result negative in changes to your vibrations and to maintain the highest level possible thus ensuring that you take your place in the 5th dimension. The differences compared to the old vibrations will be substantial and very much to your liking. The most acceptable change would undoubtedly be a beautiful environment that is self-sustaining. Your joy and happiness would be in knowing that you will at last have reached a level where the negative or unevolved souls are unable to exist. You will as a result have that never ending peace and happiness that comes from throwing off the shackles of the lower vibrations. So bide your time until the change comes about by helping to raise other souls to also raise their vibrations, and sending out thoughts of love and harmony thereby helping the changes to take place as soon as possible.

You are in a New Age and the operative word is “New” so eventually the old ways of living will change for the better in good time. Yet already there are those who have made progress and are ready to introduce new ways of doing things that are to your advantage. There are new ways of looking at old problems that can make life more comfortable and usually more pleasurable. The present time may not be right for their introduction but major changes are afoot simply waiting for the right time to go ahead. You have great help to enable you to go forging ahead and much relies on the right people being able to emerge and announce themselves. At different points in your evolution people always emerge who have specifically incarnated on Earth to assist you take some major steps forward in your evolution. You can be assured that higher Beings oversee your advancements and are active in “waking up” souls who are on Earth to help you.

Dear Ones you could consider yourselves as living in a time warp, because as we have mentioned previously, you are some 50 years behind the progress you could have made. For example your news sources are not as free to report events as you may think and are subject to a form of censorship. It largely arises from the intent of the major countries of the world desiring to keep new discoveries to themselves. There is a continual race to be the first to gain knowledge that will put them ahead of their competitors. Naturally some advancement cannot be concealed and you benefit from them. However it is becoming more difficult to maintain the level of secrecy and there are sources that are independent and keen to publicly bring their inventions into view. It must happen in part to alleviate the suffering that many people experience in the underdeveloped countries. So keep faith that soon there will be revelations that will lift you up onto the next level of existence.

Through the system of reincarnation it has been possible to give you souls who know what is needed to give you the advantage of their knowledge and experience that will benefit you. Matters cannot be changed overnight, but the foundations can be laid that will ensure that beneficial changes cannot be held up indefinitely. The Age you are now in is for growth and the introduction of new ways of doing things that save time and make life a lot easier for all people. The Big Brother approach and enforcement of what they deem suitable for you cannot succeed, as progress must be allowed to follow its own path. Life could be so much easier and more comfortable if you were allowed to benefit from time saving inventions that do exist already.

Not too long ago you were told that you were not ready for the advancements that could have been made, and that it was more a matter of the poor living standards that many experienced. That scenario has improved over the years and what you call the Third World has progressed and is ready to become a major player where the world’s needs are concerned. It has often been only a matter of confidence to fully enter the world markets. Their potential has been recognised for some time now and they will eventually take their place amongst the big countries. You cannot hold back progress indefinitely and there is so much more that could be released for the betterment of all people.

That you are in the midst of big changes is in no doubt and the people are ready to take those steps that will take them fully into the New Age and all of its benefits. So do not feel so frustrated by the lack of changes that would improve your standard of life, as they simply waiting for the best opportunity to be introduced.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 16 August 2019

Many of you are aware that the Cabal was allowed comparative freedom to try and prevent Humanity reaching Ascension. However, they have been unsuccessful in spite of being able to use all means at their disposal against you, and were prepared to go as far as destroying the Earth. You had the support of the Light Forces yet they were not allowed to intervene where your freewill was concerned, but at the same time could assist you once you made positive decisions to bring more Light to the Earth. In other words, they could not do your work for you, but could help you to be successful and you were. The Cabal threat no longer hangs over you, and you have the assurance that you will safely reach that moment in time that you know as Ascension. The Cabal still has some power, but only to delay your progress in reaching your goal and not stop it altogether.

Your future is now starting to take shape and you are on course to become Galactic Beings, and that was always the intended future that you were being helped to reach. By comparison you are only at the commencement of your journey, but it can now really get underway and your progress will grow faster. Currently it is a matter of finding your way out of the muddle and confusion that exists upon Earth. We lament the fact that so many souls do not understand that you are not just part of the whole but in essence are all One. The differences between you all because of religion and custom, should be acknowledged and accepted knowing that there can equally be beauty and love in another souls beliefs. There is no need to fight over whose are true to the original teachings, because as you grow and understand more of the truth you will all gradually come together as One.

In spite of the perceived threats of war be assured apart from local skirmishes, you will not be allowed to promote it against another nation. The page has turned over and there will be no going back to the old warlike ways and times. Once trust has been firmly established between countries, in quick time you will come together for peaceful co-existence and all the trappings of war will be removed. Humanity as a whole is naturally peaceful and it is has usually been politicians, despots and the military that have harboured ideas of world domination through war. Humans are very adaptable and accept the subtle differences between Races, and can appreciate their life styles and beliefs. In the near future you will only elect those souls who have proved to be sympathetic to your beliefs. Only looking after “self” by putting “self” first is normally frowned upon, but in this particular time it is nevertheless important that you give every attention to your own needs. Each soul has their own plan for this period and their Guides will ensure that they adhere to it.

The current cycle is the time period that you have yearned for all along knowing that there must be something better than an almost continual state of war, perhaps without realising that it is you who determine what the future may hold. That is why it is difficult to predict the it as from moment to moment the potential can change. Your thoughts are more powerful than you realise and your influence upon events can change the outcome. That is why we have of late emphasised the need for you to be positive at all times. Remember that you attract to yourselves whatever you focus upon, and that all souls are at different stages of evolution at this time. It is why you are encouraged to allow others to progress to their chosen level at their own speed.

Have you noticed that there is more of a balance between you that is ensuring that all get equal opportunities in life, rather than allowing one dominance over the others. In part this obviously depends on which souls can carry the changes forward to break the dominance of the male souls. Each had qualities that could be used for humanities advantage and it has been used to get through the last hundred years. Now you have entered a period with more potential for world peace, and in general the female souls are better suited to establish and maintain it.

Man has always been the warrior and normally even in physique has been well suited to play that role. Napoleon and Hitler were the extreme examples of the anti-Christ, and whilst both achieved a great degree of success in world dominance, in the end they were beaten by the Forces of Light. The whole episodes gave an opportunity for all souls involved to clear their karma, that could have accumulated over many lives having now entered what will become known as the beginning of World Peace. You will no doubt recall that the New Age commenced with the clearance of outstanding karma that gave every soul what you might call a new lease of life. Can you now see how matters are guided for the best results, yet without infringing upon your freewill.

As time continues to speed up so events are also doing the same and the changes that we have mentioned so often are drawing closer, the main one for you being the revaluation of the currencies. It has to come to bring some sense of fairness to the countries that struggle to survive. Clearly a New Age must address such issues and the plans to do so already exist, it will be a great step forward to bring all countries closer together, bringing about more equality and fairness into the money markets. In the past some countries have been held back deliberately so that their progress has been much slower. All matters of this nature will be rectified in good time and all souls will enjoy a happy and prosperous time

You are still taking part in an experiment that was to see how you would handle your freedom to set up your own lives and experiences. With our encouragement and guidance sufficient of you rose up above the lower levels of vibration, to enable Humanity to enter the new cycle that you are now in. You could say it has opened the floodgates, let in more Light and lifted you up. Your reward is to be allowed to get more help from your Guides and move more quickly to your destination. Regardless of what path you take it will result in you rising up into the higher vibrations. You have achieved a level that you were not necessarily expected to reach so you are to be congratulated for doing so.

The distractions of those still caught up in the lower vibrations must not cause you to waver from the higher path. Each soul is responsible for their evolution, even so that help and guidance is available from the Angelic Realms. There is no limit to your time in the lower vibrations as you can go through another cycle if necessary and will still benefit from your earlier experiences. Understand that much effort is put into getting you through the lower realms, so that you are never without help if you should need it. Just ask and your request will be noted and karma permitting you will get a response, but not necessarily in the way you would wish it to be.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 9 August 2019

Have you ever wondered about your previous lives and how long ago it all began for you, well the following extract from a Kryon message goes some way towards providing the answers. The comfort of knowing you are immortal and have left the old ways behind and have everything that is grand and beautiful before you. There is a plan for Humanity and you will create the pathway, so it is important that you only project thoughts that are pure and of the highest vibration. The past will become a mere drop in the ocean of experience, with everything you could wish for manifesting in the course of time. Let doubts and fears remain in the past where they belong and bathe yourself in the love that awaits you.


You are the seeds of the Creator and even if you can grasp this in a small way with your personality today, I am telling that you can be all of it. If you could look at yourself and understand you are not just worthy, you are above it all, all of it. No matter what you think tomorrow holds you can soar above it. Every single one of you including your partner will take a last breath someday and humans fear that last breath. I want you to soar above that because it is not your last breath, it is just the last one in that body and you return rejuvenated and young, and vibrant and ready to go, and I say it again this will be the first time you rejuvenate as a human Being in a brand new energy, and you will have things to remember that you never knew this time around. Death will have no sting at all except to the people you leave behind, and even they will have a renewed idea of what it all means, because you can soar above it.

You were here before the Earth was created The millions of years that it took you to develop you were here, time was not time and some would say well what did I do, and I would tell you dear human Beings. That is such a human question – there is no doing when you are on the other side, there is just love, there is just the beauty of being, and there is no time because there is no resting, there is no activity, there are no cycles of anything it is just the purity of being. I cannot explain it but you have been there, and there is part of the remembering. I am asking you to be and do just a little bit – will you soar above everything that you are today. Some of you have actually said I can feel the camaraderie, the family, the warmth and fuzziness, there is so many Lightworkers who are not warm and fuzzy and I want to talk to them now. You can soar above it and the “warm and fuzzy” let it come from us. Do not depend on other human Beings to give you the sense of balance, go inside and find us the family of God, you are never alone. You can be different because you soared above everything contrary to the reality of frustration and tears.


Be aware of what is happening on Earth but as an observer and do not allow yourself to be pulled into arguments about the future, it is bright and you will be uplifted as the vibrations continue to speed up. There is no doubt about the changes that are coming and you will go through two short cycles, one hot and then a cold cycle, all part of the cleansing of the Earth that is normal after a Solar Cycle has completed. You will never need to go through the lower vibrations again, and you have emerged as a greater and wiser soul destined to fulfil a role as teachers to another group that follow in your footsteps. The Pleiadians are a perfect example and you will follow in their footsteps and benefit from their guidance. Not a single soul is left alone to wonder how to progress and every help is given if requested.

There is no doubt that the future holds many welcome surprises for you that are the result of you having passed the marker. You have proved you are ready to rise up and you are now on a different path that has left all of the old ways behind. Naturally some souls still cling to what they are used to and familiar with and do not seek changes but instead reject them. It means that having made that decision it will be respected and they will continue to experience in the lower vibrations. Be assured that they will still be given every opportunity to evolve, and their destiny is to rise up when given another opportunity.

Life on Earth may suggest to you that you are not free souls to determine your own future, yet you are because although help and advice is given it is not imposed upon you. Realise that it is you who is making the decisions that affect your immediate future, but understand that you will have agreed a life plan before you incarnated. So you will be guided to make the most of your experiences, so that in your next incarnation you will not necessarily have to go through the same ones again.

In reality there is nothing that you cannot do but it is dependent on your “programming” so that in any one lifetime you have all the attributes needed to be a success. Your Guides know of your life plan and will do everything possible to help you through it. Of course as a free soul you can change course, but the question would be whether by doing so will you be gaining or losing progress. By losing it you may incur karma and have to face the same problems again.

You may have noticed how already the New Age is beginning to reveal new advances that are speeding up the evolution of the Human Race, and so it will continue. You have for too long been denied opportunities to fully enter the New Age, but not for much longer, as new inventions are surfacing that will improve your quality of life. Many are in the process of being made public whereas previously they have been deliberately held back.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 2nd August 2019

It seems that there is hardly one Country of late that has not experienced problems within their political set-up, and what you presently see in Hong Kong shows the determination of what are mostly young people who insist that politicians and authorities truly represent them. The days of confining people and muting their expressions desiring free speech will soon be over. The wind of change blows hard and it cannot be ignored for very much longer, and those in power will be forced to take note of what is desired. We certainly do not agree with the use of force on either side, but sometimes it seems unavoidable unless you are prepared to concede your right to free expression.

You are now well into the New Age yet advancements that you expected are held back, and will be ignored until you get a more powerful voice in politics. It will come because it has to as the old ways are no longer applicable in times when the vibrations are rapidly lifting. The old must make way for the new and there is no way the needed changes can be permanently held up. Avoid violence if possible but know that you are entitled to protect yourselves.

Although your soul journey commenced a long, long time ago, we know that some of you sense the experiences you have gone through and there is relief that it is soon to end. Certainly there is much rejoicing that many of you are firmly on the road to Ascension and there will be joyful celebrations when that journey has ended. You cannot yet conceive of how exalted you will be, because you will have achieved a result that was not necessarily expected or taken for granted. You will have become the first souls to have ascended in your physical bodies and that will make history.

You are entering the better times when the vibrations will have been lifted and there will gradually be less and less negativity until it virtually disappears out of sight. You might recall that the prophecies have spoken of the 1000 years of peace, and that will come in the near future. It has been expressed as the time when “negativity shall be shut up” so as to ensure you can enjoy that time period. By then many of you will be living a lot longer than you do now and eventually for several hundred years. This may not surprise you as your history talks of times when people lived a lot longer, indeed you have very old records of your leaders living for many hundreds of years. Understand that the aging process will over a period of time all but stop unlike your present experiences.

The future will become so different to what you are experiencing now, more acceptable and more enjoyable. So do not be stuck in the times you are more used to experiencing, as the old is rapidly being replaced by the new and it is all leading to an even greater experience after Ascension. Realise that it is you who are setting the pace so be positive and think of the times that you are creating by projecting the thought forms ready for manifestation. Naturally you are helped along by those who are especially appointed to respond to the ideas being put upon you, that are intended to introduce new innovations to you to help you progress.

You are actually helped in many ways that you are unaware of, including the services of ET’s who have been with you for millennia of time. Evidence of their involvement with humanity is all around you and only now being recognised for what it has been in recent times. The fact is that without help you could not possibly have advanced so quickly. Never believe that you are left without help but know that there are some situations entirely of your making that you have to deal with yourselves. We hold your hand, we whisper into your ear but we cannot do everything for you otherwise you would not evolve. Furthermore it may prevent you from evolving into a unique soul through your own choosing. We can of course offer guidance but only when you request it, as we might inadvertently cause you to move to a different path to what you would otherwise have chosen.

Life can seem to be quite involved and at times is certainly hard by presenting you with challenges that test you to the limit. You can certainly take it that there are very good reasons for doing so and understand that those Beings who help you progress are fully aware of your life plan, and know exactly what you are capable of achieving. They ensure you do not take on too much at any given time, and are able to give you just the help you need knowing you better than you know yourself.

Humans can at times be quite irrational and stray from their life plan. In such circumstances your Guides will do their best to get you back on track, whilst at the same time taking care not to interfere with your freewill. Most of you will be able to look back upon events in your life where seemingly you were saved from causing karma for yourself by what you would call coincidence, where something unusual happened that saved you from what would otherwise have proved to be a difficult problem. You could almost certainly put that down to the intervention of your Guides who are with you all of the time to keep you to your life plan.

Whenever you move on and decide to take up a new challenge, you can be sure that a Guide will join you accordingly who has the experience to help you be a success. In your spiritual work you may for example decide that you want to undertake healing, and you will need help to point you in the right direction and to the right people. To become a healer you would need a period of training that included the value of using colour or any other method of healing. If that is what you feel prompted to do and it comes over quite strongly, then undoubtedly you would find it was part of your life plan. A similar path would be where you want to learn how to be a Clairvoyant, and again your Guides would do their best to direct you to a spiritual group that does that type of work. So you can see that whatever you think strongly about does get your Guides attention who are only too pleased to be of help, and direct you to someone or a group that could fulfil your ambitions.

You will by now know that nothing of importance in your life happens by chance, so you should always be open to information or offers of help. Without such help you could miss an opportunity to progress and it might be a long time before it comes around again. Normally every soul comes into life with karma to work out, but in this new cycle you have come into life with what you would call a “clean sheet” giving you every opportunity to avoid making new karma. If by chance you did however incur new karma you would have an opportunity to immediately clear it. However, with the ongoing lifting of the vibrations it will become much easier to remain positive and avoid any karma at all.

I leave with love and blessings and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

Website: Tree of the Golden Light

Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 26 July 2019

The unsettled countries of Earth continue to sort themselves out, suffering troubles and strife as major changes are often hard to introduce. People become used to a system of management and are reluctant to entertain something different, often fearing the changes that may be necessary. When the obstacles are those who govern some form of confrontation seems inevitable, yet it does not deter the people for holding out for what they want and believe in. It means that conflict is often unavoidable and no matter how long it takes the people will emerge as the victors. Since the New Age commenced in 2012 you are helped by new energy that has taken hold and it is lifting people to a level where ultimately only the truth can exist.

It means that as the vibrations lift up it will disempower the lower vibrations that will eventually be unable to continue. It will not create a vacuum as the new energies are bringing out a different and more acceptable way of life. At this time people find it difficult to foresee the outcome not realising that the old unworkable ways must be replaced if you are to lift up. Those of you that are ready and awakened to what is being placed before you will be the ones who will show the way forward. The changes are inevitable and Mankind will become more mature and able to handle the responsibilities for introducing them. It will be soon realised how much better off you all are and with it will come a peaceful way of coexistence.

In view of the way things are at present you could be forgiven for thinking that finding a peaceful solution to your problems would be virtually impossible. Yet already the seeds for a peaceful world are growing, and it will manifest in the not too distant future. Help the changes along by promoting peace wherever you go and allow others to see how confident you are. Obviously with peace there are many changes that need to be introduced and be assured that by then the world will be ready for them and adjust very quickly. It is your destiny and you shall see much of it take place in your lifetime. Thoughts come first and are then energised and become your reality.

Dear Ones, we know that patience has been asked of you many times and yet again it is most important, as a degree of calmness is needed to get through the present times. The prize is peace and happiness and is yours to take and enjoy, so whatever effort and determination you put into achieving success it will ultimately be rewarded. We of the higher realms see the whole picture, so whilst we talk of events to come it may sound as though they are much nearer than they actually are. However, we do see the potential and know that exactly when and how it comes into manifestation is very much up to you. The more of you who focus on a positive future the quicker it will come about.

The Earth is the focus of a lot of attention and in recent times it has increased because of how near you are to ascending. It has to come as so many of you are ready to do so and in the context of the last cycle that you have passed, you have much outside help to ensure that you do so. Ascension of souls who are ready is at any time one of great celebrations, as we know only too well how much you have gone through to reach this final surge to completion. It is a great accomplishment with yet a final feat by ascending in your physical body. Naturally it will change in the course of going through, so that it is in accord with the higher vibrations. What an experience that will be, and it will be echoed all through the Universe.

Do you begin to understand that you are special in our eyes as you will have achieved a goal that was thought to be too much for you. Not only that you have come through with “flying colours” and exceeded expectations. You will have achieved a marker that will be recalled many times. You will have realised by now that there is absolutely nothing to fear, indeed it will be a great fulfilling experience that you will feel privileged to have taken part in. With our assurances you can look forward to an exciting experience that you have well earned.

The question often seems to arise regarding as to who will ascend, as those families and friends that feel close to one another would like to be assured that they will all ascend together. On balance the likelihood is that close groups of any kind will most likely stay together, but it must be remembered that souls are not necessarily on an equal level when it comes to spiritual advancement but it is recognisable to us, yet some souls may defer their opportunity to ascend for personal reasons, that may well include a loyalty to their close ones and it will be honoured. When you are in the higher levels It is of course possible to still connect with others who have not yet ascended, and where a love link is concerned it will always be possible to keep in contact.

When you look around and see other souls playing out their roles bear in mind that you are not seeing them in full, as when incarnating on Earth you only need the skills or attributes that are necessary to fulfil your life plan. In the course of hundreds of lifetimes you have virtually done it all, and seen it all yet with each life further progress is made, even if sometimes it is two steps forwards and one step backwards. Your life plan is such that you have every opportunity to advance by your experiences, but as you must know by now there will always be another chance should you fail. Believe us, you get so much help to be successful, and if you would only listen to your intuition or Higher Self you are guaranteed success as the vibrations continue to lift up, and you will find that it becomes easier to achieve a clear contact with the higher realms.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

Website: Tree of the Golden Light


Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 19 July 2019

When one views the unrest in the world, it is apparent that much seems to arise from the difference of opinion as to how life should or should not be lived. The problem seems to be one of intolerance to another person’s views or beliefs that all through history has led to confrontations, and even wars. From our point of view we see groups of people playing out their beliefs, but some are more extreme and wish to impose themselves upon others believing that theirs is more important and of the truth. Dear Ones, why can you not allow others to follow their own beliefs knowing that in the long run only the truth will remain. Historically forcing people to follow one set of beliefs has never worked and inevitably led to wars without achieving a peaceful co-existence. It is time to let go of the ego that stops you from finding peaceful solutions to your differences, because you could live quite happily together with the intent of creating a peaceful scenario. It will come in time as the vibrations are lifting and all thoughts and actions of war are slowly being rejected. In the latter stages the last Age was a series of non-stop bloody wars causing millions and millions of lives to be lost, and even more affected by the outcome. One day you will look back and wonder how such barbaric things could take place, and why you could not have lived in peaceful co-existence. The inequalities of life have much to answer for but without leaders who could broker peace in all nations when you were led by those who supported the Anti-Christ.

Many souls that lost their lives or who were badly affected by the experience of wars are now reincarnating, and they bring with them a strong desire for creating the conditions that will lead to permanent world peace. They understand that the New Age has left war and warlike actions behind, and as time passes even the thoughts of war will be replaced by thoughts of peaceful coexistence. Humanity has by its actions shown a genuine desire to create a pathway to a world where all nations strive for peace and dismantle or remove all things that are opposed to it. Can you imagine the goodwill that it would create and the happiness and joy it would bring to the people, who could finally live free from fear and deprivation. Already the seeds of change exist and peace-loving souls are ready to guide you to the “promised land”.

Thought is powerful, much more than you probably realise and if sufficient people concentrated on peaceful thoughts and actions, there is nothing that you could not achieve. Be certain that the warmongers are now in a minority and the largest nations are bound to get together to draft permanent peace. Imagine how beneficial it would be to the world’s population and how it would raise morale, and hope for a better level of existence. On another level the diminishing lower energies would result in a general upliftment of the vibrations to the benefit of all people. Think peace and discard all thoughts of war, and help to hasten the time that is approaching when mighty changes are about to occur for the benefit of all people.

Technologies are advancing at an astonishing rate and when they are used for the benefit of all people, the standard of life will change for the better, and the necessities of life will be available to all. It comes about because of major changes in the way that things become more automated. You are already seeing some advances but there are many more already in use secretly that are being denied to you. Such situations will gradually cease to be a problem as warlike operations will no longer become necessary. Naturally every planet needs overall protection even in peaceful times but they will not be bound by secrecy

Meantime the changes will go on until it all settles down, and you have a world with leaders that openly cooperate with each other for peace. World Government will work well in such circumstances as it is clearly to everyone’s advantage. Think beyond the old ways as you are not bound by them now and project positive thoughts that are your vision of a new Earth, because it is coming. By moving beyond the marker you have earned the right to now to move ahead into much better times and enjoy peace and a bountiful life. The old mixture of the positive and negative is no longer applicable and has run its course never to return. This will become more apparent as time passes but be patient as it has only just appeared on the horizon.

Your ability to comprehend and fully understand the messages is becoming much stronger. You have the power to influence what happens in the future, and it is down to Humanity to lay down the path you need to tread to fulfil your expectations for a peaceful and loving existence. It was always planned that way but was simply a potential that relied upon your ability to overcome the challenges presented to you. Freewill is yours and although the plan is for your evolution it still remains in your hands.

Many of you have expressed a wish to join the Forces of Light that monitor all activities within your Universe. They are like Cosmic Wardens that can relocate at any time through the power of thought and deal with any problems that arise. However their work is to deal with trouble before it becomes serious and they have the authority to override efforts to change their activities or ignore their instructions. Cosmic Law overrides other considerations and it makes their authority absolute. There are always greater Beings that maintain Law and Order in the Universe and those who serve the Light need have no concern about their own position that always has their support.

Your Earth has been in isolation for a very long time, to prevent the lower energies from affecting others who have moved beyond your level. Conversely it is also to maintain your chosen path to Ascension and stop other entities from interfering in any way that would alter the outcome. Your evolution has been closely monitored for eons of time, so as to ensure that you progressed in a natural way resulting from your own actions and thoughts. It is for example to your credit that you passed the marker in 2012, and why you are now in a far better situation that has given you a greater freedom of choice, and more help to guide you on your way. We hesitate to say that you cannot fail, yet the pathway has been laid out before you, if you would but take it.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

Website: Tree of the Golden Light

Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 12 July 2019

There is no doubt that the vibrations of Mankind have increased considerably within the years that followed 2012, when the New Age officially commenced. It is notable amongst the younger generations who had a head start because they had already lifted up their vibrations prior to their incarnation. Their influence has helped many individuals reach new levels of Light, enabling them to achieve their objectives in a much quicker time. Much of their good work is acknowledged but goes unpublicised, yet in fact they do not seek recognition for it. Generally evolved Lightworkers do not seek a reward for what they do, and it is the satisfaction of doing work for the good of humanity that is their first concern. Nevertheless, should your work be acknowledged it is a credit to your efficiency and dedication to your tasks.

Every soul that takes an incarnation upon Earth comes equipped with the means to successfully complete their task. That includes advice and guidance to set you upon your right path, and at different times during your life souls will help you with your tasks to ensure your success. Inevitably sacrifices have to be made, but you will have agreed to them prior to your incarnation. Yet having freewill you could easily defer your work or ignore it in full and it would not bring any recriminations, but a similar task may follow on to test your intent to carry out your work as planned.

Some souls ask why Lightworkers do not always identify themselves when working for the Light, and it is because it is often best way to ward off unwanted attention to enable them to complete their work satisfactorily. The dark Ones will go to great lengths to interfere with your work, as their motives are to cause as much confusion as possible. Naturally in some circumstances you cannot avoid publicity but you would be protected in your work. The secret to your safety is your vibrations as high as possible at all times, and the Light will protect you from the lower energies.

Whatever effort you put into uplifting your Light, it will be rewarded as you will have expressed your intent and it will benefit you. What you focus upon will be attracted to you in the course of time, which is why it is wise at all times to guard your thoughts. Following the same line of approach you can for example help those souls who need help, by sending them healing bands of colour according to their needs, and the purer the colours the more potent they are. However with the new way of expressing things in the New Age, you do not need to send specific healing energies repeatedly, as once you have sent them to do their work it should be sufficient.

You are currently in a great stage of change as the new ways and methods that are available are waiting to be introduced. It will take time but ultimately they will be successful, as it is in accordance with your wishes to move on from a period of slow changes and growth because advancements have been deliberately held back. Know that there has always been a plan for your evolution, and those who oversee your progress will ensure that it is followed. It is your right to benefit from the advances made over many years, and whilst some have filtered through in areas such as medicine and electronics many have been deliberately denied you. That position cannot remain for much longer as more and more people are demanding that the information is released for the benefit of all mankind. When you become aware for example that the surgeon’s knife will no longer be needed, and that “operations” could be carried out without the use of it you realise how far behind you are in medical matters. You may question why such a situation is still allowed and it is because we must respect your freewill to arrange your own destiny.

You could say that the Earth is a pictorial of “Life through the Ages” as examples of it can still be found all over the world. It was not through design but inevitable as various groups of souls at different levels have incarnated upon Earth. They were at very contrasting levels of evolution and kept apart so as to allow their advancement to suit their needs. Through the passing of time such souls have evolved but are not necessarily ready to take a major step forward. Again those who have advanced are often further ahead of younger groups than ever before, and in some instances there has been a deliberate policy of keeping them in ignorance so that they could be used as virtual slaves. Clearly those souls being held back must be helped to advance, just the same way as in the very near future you will also be given an opportunity to ascend to a higher level.

You have been kept in the dark for many Ages and suffered many unpleasant experiences, yet you have come through them to be much stronger and have emerged as souls capable of expressing yourself in love and joy as one that has “Seen the Light”. By your example others will follow in your footsteps having seen the peace and light that you radiate around you. Even now by doing so some of you are radiating your Light to all and helping to uplift the vibrations. In general terms evolved spiritual Beings have an instinctive feeling and desire to help other souls lift up, and when you are ready to do so you may be sure that your talents will be used accordingly to help them.

Whatever your role in this lifetime you may be certain that at some stage you will be called upon to help others to evolve. It is a matter of using your knowledge and experience to help a soul who may benefit from your experience. Taken a stage further you may desire to become a teacher of spiritual matters yourself, and that can happen either inside or outside of the organised religions. You will have already reached a stage of understanding in which you know that you only give a soul as much as they are ready for and can comprehend, as too much may confuse them.

I leave you in love and blessings and may your dreams be fulfilled and the Light brighten your days. This message comes through my Higher Self my Godself.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

Website: Tree of the Golden Light

Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 5 July 2019

I would like to introduce this week’s message with an extract from one of Kryon’s recent messages, as in my opinion it is monumental in its implications.

“I follow the God inside and that is pure, and everything that I control with the intent to listen to the voice and be that thing that is in line with the Creative Source, which is in me and talks to me, and that is why I am not going to age much anymore, because I dropped my karma and I am in control”

It is almost certain that the vast majority of people whether religious or not, believe that God exists as an individual entity separated from them. The idea of God being inside each soul is probably a difficult concept, but such a belief is self-assuring and obviously removes the necessity to seek God elsewhere. You can have an ongoing conversation with God where ever you are at any time, but it is appreciated that perhaps most people feel more secure and empowered when they worship or pray in groups, as at a religious gathering. Being able to talk with your personal God at any time you please as one would do so when with a very good friend, is extremely private and personal.

As you turn to the Light and Universal Love I feel sure your connection with God becomes stronger, and particularly so when you live in the “Now” and allow events to come to you rather than feeling a need to set them up in advance. Since the New Age began in 2012 you have been encouraged to follow your own path on the basis that the most important thing in your life is your own evolution. There is much more on this subject now coming through, and I have no doubt we will be encouraged to be our own person. My Higher Self is also my constant companion and my personal Guide, and in acknowledging that link we have a permanent one between us. That being so I invited my Higher Self to continue this message.

Dear Ones, you have just passed the half way point in this year, and I feel you will surely agree that time seems to be flying by faster than ever. These are challenging times and at times unpleasant but the lower energies must be cleared away, and that cannot happen without confrontation between groups that hold opposing views on how life must be lived. Opposition to change will not be able to stop the discarding of the old ways, they are essential to enable a great leap forward that will end with total peace and goodwill upon Earth. Each successive group of young people that are being born to the Earth carry a higher vibration that means they are well suited to ensure that progress is made to enable the New Age to commence in full.

We have spoken previously about the apparent lack of contact with Earth representatives by life forms from other worlds. The truth is that they cannot openly visit you with the idea of making open contact. It has been this way for millennia of time so as to protect you from interference by other entities. It includes those who would approach you in peace and look for a friendly contact. The evolution of the Human Being is considered as being most important particularly as it must make progress in a natural way, linked to your own development and the raising of your consciousness. You are however helped by the incarnation of souls who bring knowledge to you that helps to keep you moving forward.

The emphasis is on your ability to understand that Humanity is on a path of evolution that includes your spiritual progress. You are immortal and “Children of God” learning to express yourselves in the love of God for all life forms. Presently you are engaged in overcoming the idea of separation and starting to understand the Oneness of all Creation. It being so, you should understand that you are all One and should think in terms of dropping all ideas of separation. The ego has been largely responsible for perpetuating the idea that some souls are better than others, and in your time of great wealth it is in the hands of a privileged few who determine its use.

Greed and selfishness should have no place in a fair society. Its wealth should be used for the benefit of all, and that would do away with inequality and give all individuals a fair share, so that none would live in need of the basic necessities of life. Even now there is sufficient wealth in your world to give everyone a reasonable standard of living. You will need some remarkable changes to achieve a new and better way of living and the dream exists and is being projected into your future, where it will ultimately come true. Your destiny was always meant for your lives to be ones of complete peace and happiness. It is your natural state and as you continue to rise up above the lower vibrations, so the lower energies will no longer carry the power to affect your lives in a negative way.

You can help speed up the manifestation of the changes by projecting positive thoughts into the future, and we would encourage you all to help them manifest. As we have mentioned previously, thoughts are powerful and when enough of you empower them things start to happen that bring about the desired result. You can be assured that you have much more influence on your future than you imagine. You all have the potential for becoming powerful Beings, and even at this stage you should guard your thoughts and ensure that they are positive at all times. Miracles have been achieved through the power of thought and are recorded in your history.

You are destined to become great Beings of Love and Light, and it will coincide with the increase in your consciousness. You are presently working at a much lower energy level, but it will increase over time and not so far away as you might imagine. Think big about yourselves and never limit your ability to achieve what you set your sights upon. You really are greater than you realise, and when you completely throw off the shackles from the last Age you will realise your true self.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

Website: Tree of the Golden Light