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denisesmallDenise Sierra
Wisconsin, USA

Bio: I am a cool Mom and Grandmother. A retired Accountant, who during the years worked for several nonprofits helping disabled persons and troubled youth. That’s what I did during my “working” years while raising a family and keeping it together. As an avocation, I was a part-time Yoga teacher for thirty of those years. I walked away from teaching Yoga once, but it came back to me through no effort on my part. That’s when I decided it must have been meant to be. However, both working and teaching Yoga ended in 2012 when I had several major health crises. Since then, I’ve been on a path of healing, being thankful for my life and family and the love we share. I’ve always been spiritual, not necessarily religious and I recently realized that I’m a Lightworker / Wayshower, showing others the way. I post things I find spiritually uplifting, interesting and important for us all. Things I’m moved to share with others. Blessings and Namaste to us all!

Articles written by me and posted on this blog:

My Personal “Light Bulb” Moment by Denise Sierra

Why I Post Channeled Material

Science Fiction as Soft Disclosure

I recently started a new blog called ‘Inner and Outer Revelations’, which includes mainly blog posts written by myself and items from others. Check it out and thanks for reading and liking my blogs, which originally came to me as ‘out of the blue’ thoughts and quickly manifested in my life and are now a part of your life.

Love and Light to YOU and Yours!


❤ Denise

Available on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/denise.sierra1

23 comments on “About Me

  1. Thanks again for sharing, dear Denise, today’s post from Caroline Oceana Ryan. I found out, reading your blog that we have one thing in common: we are both retired accountants…and I must add that I retired from that profession at the age of 29, and never looked back! Love & much Light, dear Sister


      • One more thing we have in common, dear Denise, is ….Wisconsin! WI was my first “US homebase” when I studied in lovely Oshkosh in the early 90s. That is an old story; one where I learned quite a bit about myself, and a tiny bit about cheeseheads! 🙂 ❤

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  2. Impressive selection, Denise, thank you! Because Marilyn doesn’t seem to allow links to individual posts, I’m linking to your version of her wonderful January 15, 2017 message from astrobuss.wordpress.com . Thanks again and Namaste!

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  3. Dear Denis,
    I like your project and to help humanity is the big job…
    I am a Medical doctor, retired but not tired at the age of almost 80 I would like to help our community and as a Healer and Master Teacher …taking classes also for our brothers and sisters who are interested in helping the community.
    I have served the people for my whole life and thatś why am happy and healthy because of Blessings…
    I am sending you Lots of Love, Light and Blessings…
    Your site is a treasure like….and will give you congratulations fro the depth of my heart…
    Dr. Sohini Shukla

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    • Why, thank you for the kind words. I feel this website is not a job or project but instead a way to spread light and love to everyone so inclined and willing to receive. And I’ll be 70 this year. Blessings to you and yours. Namaste Denise


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  5. Hi Denise! This is a beautiful website. I love what you are sharing. I am wondering if you know the creator of the image of the eye with the world/universe. I am writing a book and love this image and would like to find someone who can create something similar for me. Thank you! 🙏🏼 ~Alex


    • I have no idea who created the image you asked about. You can search Google images for it which is probably were I found it. Glad you like the site. I also love what I’m sharing and try to find the most beautiful and relevant images I can for any particular post I make using Google images. 😉 Have a great day! Denise


  6. Denise! I found you! Thank you again, from my heart, for your recent reach-out.

    I am a raving fan of your site — breaking up ascension literature into digestible pieces is a brilliant idea.

    You know, it seems to me a lot of us got an awful drubbing in 2012… I know I’m still recovering!

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    • Ana! Glad to help you out and yes, a lot of us got slammed in 2012. Was a year that totally changed my life. And I’m also still dealing with the aftermath. But hey, if it didn’t happen the way it did, I probably would not be doing this site, so all things work out for the best.
      I also love your site and yesterday I shared it on my regular Facebook page. Hope it helps and blessings to you. Love, Denise

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