Lights Are Going On All over the World | Heavenletters

God said:

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God. Each sound contains its own vibration. What distance is there between sound and meaning? Does the sound of a word come first, or does the meaning come first, or do they come simultaneously? Can there be meaning without vibration? Even thoughts have vibration. Even light has a vibration.

We can say that life began with a jiggling of a vibration. We can say that life began with a twang.

There are a lot of things We can say. We can say that life began with a bang. We can say that life always was, yet, nevertheless, it would appear that there was a moment before the match of life was lit, a moment on the verge, the way there is a moment when the conductor holds up the baton.

On an airplane, there is just the moment before take-off. A moment exists, and that moment is Eternity, and, yet, in the world, a clock strikes. And what does it matter? What does it matter after all what anything is called when all is in readiness?

And yet it matters. A moment matters to you very much. A moment is almost like a match you strike. There is the match. There is a fireplace on a cold snowy night. And then there is a spark. The fire is lit, and the light grows.

And there is a light within the mind, and light within the heart, that lights up everything. A light goes on. Now your light is staying on. It may well be that you no longer locate dark. Dark will have vanished from the face of the Earth. Darkness itself is a thought, a sound, a vibration. How many vibrations are dancing on the head of a pin?

Are all vibrations twanging at this moment? Even as a thought may not yet have been thought, is the twanging on call? Is the sound already ready? Is the church bell about to peal?

Ladies and Gentlemen, fasten your seatbelts. You are about to take off on a new chapter of your life. No holds barred. We can say that your life which always was is just beginning.

It is like you are vibrating on an exercise machine, and when you get off, all your blubber will have vanished. You will be streamlined. You will have taken a great weight off you. You will have taken off the weight of the past. You will not only be tremendous light, gravity will be less, and you will weigh less. You will not be, however, what is called a lightweight. In service to the Universe, you will be a heavyweight. You will matter. You may be the lighter of all the sparks that are going to go off all at once, and nothing will be the same.

You will be a light-striker, a light enthusiast, and you will be the Light of God, and you will be known as the Light of God, for, truly, there is no other light to be known, resurrected, beheld, ventured, arisen. The light of a new world is being lit right now. It is lit in your heart, and it is lit in your mind. A sparkler is ready to go off, and everyone will look up, and you will see the heralder of a new Light of Love coursing through the sky and wrapping you around its little finger. No one can resist this light that is dawning in your heart and mind right now.

The world has always been waiting for this comet of love to cross the horizon. And here you are, just ready to step over the threshold. This is the moment. This is the moment you have been waiting for. You have been waiting, haven’t you? You have been waiting for the splendor. Well, it is here. Lights are going to go on all over the world.

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A Beam of Light | Heavenletters

God said:

Look through My eyes and see yourself.

I give this message over and over again.

You have been seeing amiss.

Now see aright.

You have put yourself under a microscope.

You belong across the universe and around the sun. Ride the vastness like a camel across the desert. Rise like a kite or a dawning sun. There is a great expanse before you.

Do not particularize yourself so much as you do.

Look at your wholeness. Look for it.

Look more at blessing and less at fault.

Accept that you are blessing. Yes, you are a blessing like a drop of dew on the parched earth.

What did you think you were? Did you think you were a mistake?

You are God’s created being, sent to earth for its enrichment. That is what you are on earth for, to reflect Me on earth and so raise its consciousness to Mine. That is the meaning of your life on earth.

How you do it is through deep utter joy, also known as love. Correction doesn’t do it for the world. Suggestions don’t do it. Rules don’t do it. Treaties don’t do it. Arguments don’t do it. Words don’t do it. Being right doesn’t do it. Force doesn’t do it. Only the joy of love does it.

I set you on earth as My retainer for the world. You are the speaker for Me. You speak with your being, for your voice and words are more interpreted than heard.

In the silence of your heart, you are the speaker for Me. You echo My thought. I have one thing to say, and that is love. And I gave it all to you so that you might also give it away. Give it to the universe. How it needs the attention of your heart!

Don’t let your heart fall entirely to Earth, for it is misunderstood there and can be trampled on. Raise your heart to Heaven, and the universe will rise with you. The closer you come to Me, the more you bestow Me upon the earth. Your love is mist that rises. The whole universe takes its cues from you. You are the wielder of the universe.

You do not believe that can be so, yet why would I tell you this if it were not? Listen to the truth in your heart. Can you tell Me then that what I say is not so?

Hear Me once and for all: You are My dispatch on Earth, and it is My message that you give. Emanate My message for the world. Surely you did not think it was your personal wants and ignorance you were to display?

You are a leader of the universe.

It copies you. It copies how you walk. It looks where your eyes go. It looks up or down according to you. What your heart accepts, the world accepts for all. You color world thought. You dim or brighten it, and so you dim or brighten your concept of yourself.

Be a dawning sun upon earth. Don’t wait for the earth to shine on you. You are the earth’s light. The earth is not there to light you. You are already lit. You are to light the earth. That is so much easier than anything else.

You are a beam of light. And it is My light that you beam. You are a ray from My heart. You are an unending ray of My heart. Your heart is a star that radiates My light so that more of it can be seen.

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The Sun Gives Its Light | Heavenletters

God said:

Love can neither be bought nor sold. It is free. It has to be free, or it is not love. Paid for, then it is something else. Love is not recompense. Love is not a deal, nor is it a bargain. Nor does it have to be solicited.

On Earth, sometimes love seems to be what there is not plenty of. And yet there is not one heart in the world who doesn’t desire the same love as you do, and there is not one heart in the world, including yours, that does not have great love in it to give. So then, the only explanation for the appearance of unlove in the world is that love has been denied. It’s hard to believe that anyone would deny the love in his heart, and yet it is done more frequently than I would like to say or you admit.

There are teeth in your heart that close. They close when someone does not seem to love you or like you enough. They close from even the thought that someone else’s heart might clamp down on yours. The teeth bite down ahead of time as a precaution. What keeps hurt away also wards off love. It certainly stymies your own. The cutting off of your own love is a great hurt. It is far greater than any hurt anyone could assign to you. Do not dispute the love in your heart. Let your heart be a Western steer and the world the green range where it roams. Let no word discourage your heart. Your heart is meant to be courageous in the face of anything. Nothing is to dim your heart. Love is not to be squeezed from your heart in droplets like from a dry lime. Let your love be a rushing river or a waterfall.

Beloveds, do not bargain for love. Love does not deal in trades. A deal may be sealed, but love is not sealed with a handshake or a signature. Or, if it is, then it is compartmentalized. Love is free, or it is not love. Love is not an obligation. Perhaps you would do well to see love as a beautiful sunrise or sunset. The sun’s rising and shining and setting have nothing to do with you. The sun rises and sets regardless of what you do or say. The sun is sun regardless of your mood. Sun is sun in war and peace. The sun knows of no obstacles to itself.

Perhaps you say clouds obstruct the sun. But do you not know that the sun parts clouds? Perhaps you say, “What about night time?” But you know as well as I that the sun is shining somewhere, for the sun never stops giving out its light.

Your heart is a sun, and it has the divine right of the sun to shine always, independent of whatever goes on in the world. The sun of your heart is to shine brightly, never to dim. Shadows are stealthy and dim, but not the sun of your heart. Your heart is to be set out in the light of day. No umbrella over your heart. No mask. No disguise. Just pure heart shining, reveling in its own light, reveling in the giving of it.

Your heart requires nothing but to give. And so, beloveds, give your heart. Give it without quarter, without question. Your love is not a tax to be withheld. Your love is not to be counted. It is merely to be given away free the same way the sun gives its light for all regardless of anything.

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A Time for Daring | Heavenletters

God said:

Enough playing is safe. You do not have to have thought of everything. Because you have not thought of it before doesn’t mean it isn’t true for you. If you hear a message telling you to move, move. If you hear a message telling you to stand on your head, stand on your head.

You have been good about pushing away messages that come to you.

Come to believe that you do not know everything. Of course, listen to your own heart, but know when you are listening to your own fear and reluctance and habit of mind over your own heart. You may be stuck in past thinking. You may be stuck. You may be caught in a pen of your own making where you can’t get out, yet you are the one who put yourself there. You can toss the fence of the pen away, or you can just climb out. It is only your mind that has told you that you must stay there.

Your byword today is to dare. Dare to do what you hear to do. Dare to break out. Dare to do something differently. Dare to be different. Dare to be heard. Dare to speak. Dare to dare!

There is a new world a-coming, and you are going to be part of it. You cannot change only what you particularly are comfortable to change. The world cannot change when you stay the same. But the world is changing, and you have to change with it. Change is now.

Do not be afraid to venture forth. If you must be afraid, be afraid not to venture forth.

Pack your knapsack and go out like the three little pigs who seek their fortune.

In your case, you are seeking to give fortune. You are fortunate to have this capability, and now you must use it.

You are going to turn the world upside down. Has not the world often been wrong side up? You are like a chiropractor making an adjustment. You are working with the bones of the universe, and you are restructuring the universe. You are smoothing out the planes of existence.

You have to get up and do it. You may have to change places. There is certainly something you will have to change. Don’t be shy about it. Don’t be cowardly. If you must have fear, have fear of not arising to the occasion. When you hear your name called, stand up. Even if you weren’t sure it was your name called, stand up just the same. Hear anew. It is all right to stand up even when you are not sure. I will tell you something. You cannot be mistaken. If you heard someone else’s name as your own, you heard it right.

The time for magnificent change is here, and you are no longer a passerby. There is a dance going on, and you can’t sit out the dance. You have to join in. Get up from what you are doing right now. Leave the dishes in the sink. Just get up right now and go to the door of your heart and listen for the messages I am sending you now. Hark to the messages I give. Beloveds, you are ready for them. Now begin to know that you are ready. Whatever you are called forth to do, get up now and do it.

No need to pack your bags. You’re taking Me with you, and that’s it. We are taking a walk together. You will like it. How can you not like taking a walk with Me? How can you possibly refuse Me?

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Write a New Script | Heavenletters

God said:

Think of someone you know who is always calm. He or she never becomes rattled. You are lucky if you know one such person in a lifetime.
This person can have great responsibility at work, yet this person seems to take care of it all like a piece of cake. He doesn’t get harried. It doesn’t even seem a possibility to this person to have too much to do or to ever feel he is in a tight position.  He doesn’t seem to even get tired. He is bright, caring, vital, genuine, pleasant and never frazzled.
Oh, to have an employer like this. Oh, to be like this.
Of course, it’s possible that it never occurred to you to desire to be like this. Yet what a boon this person is, and you could be this person.
There are things you cannot ever be in this lifetime, yet this is something you can be.
I bet you anything that this easy-going person came to it. I bet he had his rough days, and everyone could tell. It took no special announcement so that you could notice.  Perhaps he clenched his teeth and perspired under the strain he felt. I bet you anything that this calm person you know today has really come to this point. He isn’t covering up how he feels. He simply learned along the way to take everything in his stride. He learned not to make a big deal of life as though the sky would fall if he were not tense. Rather, he learned to be calm as he went along.
He learned that life itself can be hectic and that he doesn’t have to be hectic at all. He learned it is possible not to be affronted by tension yet rather to let go of it. What a beautiful thing to be done with tension. Just as you learned how to read, you can learn to let go of a need for stress and strain. Yes, it is possible to be alive without acquiring tension. Once you feel tense, it is possible to ease away from it into calmness. It is possible for tension to surrender. If it is possible for someone to rise above tension, it is also possible for you. What is possible for another is also possible for you. As you rise higher, tension will not feel so important to you. Calmness will become more important to you.
Tension is a decision you made. You adopted it. Now you can adopt peace instead. You really can. Ultimately, We are talking about decisions you have made. You may not have been conscious that you made such a decision. In fact it’s a new thought that tension, which you always thought was foisted on you, is a decision of yours. Maybe you copied your mother or father, yet you are the one who latched on to that style.
Ultimately you are responsible, and nobody else is. If tension is your habit, you can take on another habit.
Tension, like happiness, doesn’t come from outside. You fashion it yourself. You may comb your hair one way all your life. You can always comb your hair another way today. Who decides, beloveds? Not the winds above. You are the decider of your own patterns.
You are not a victim of tension. You are a procurer of it. You learned to get upset as though upset helped you in some way.

Upset doesn’t help you. Upset is very elemental. Upset is from the old ages, perhaps prehistoric ages. I believe you are living in the 21st century. Any reason you give for upset is an excuse. “I have always been this way. I can’t help it. There’s nothing I can do about it.” Excuses. Lame excuses.
Instead of excuses, have a new intention. “I can be calm.” “I can be laid-back no matter what.” “I can think bigger than I have thought in the past.”
Perhaps you will gain insights such as: “I have been thinking of myself as if I were not One with God. It is God’s Truth that I am capable of change for myself and change for the world and all those around me.”
Now you know that you are capable of rewriting your script.

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Truth Is More Than a Story | Heavenletters

God said:

Hear Me. Look up at Me. Raise your eyes to Heaven. Have your awareness on Me, and you will feel the beat of My Heart. You have a God Sense to avail yourself of.
It is not necessary to hear Me on a physical level, or see Me, or feel the beat of My Heart. Yet, on a far more subtle level, you do hear, see, and feel the love I offer. A thought of Me is a thought of Me.  A thought of Me is enough to rekindle your oh so fine memory of Me.
Of course, memory can be consciously-remembered. Memory can also be more subtle. Subtle does not mean less powerful. In fact, it means more powerful. And there is the memory called DNA. How dry DNA may sound next to the Word God, yet I am in your DNA. What is called your DNA connects Us. This is irrefutable. I am in every cell of your body and mind. It doesn’t matter whether you call Me objective or subjective. What can any word be next to God Himself — Me Myself?
You can feel Our Connection. Call it Oneness. We are so deep in one another’s heart that We are not two but One. Oneness IS. One Heart in the Universe exists. The connection We speak of is Truth which, then, entwines the so-called Us so tightly that We become I, and I am One, and the so-called you is also One and the Same. This Truth seems so far away from your daily life that you may consider it something like an Old Wives’ Tale, yet Truth is hardly a story. Truth Is. The Truth is love, and nothing but the Truth.
Love Is. And love reverberates. Being is love. I am love, and you are love. The twain have already met. There is no separation nor has there been separation ever. That idea can only be illusion. It seems real to you that you are separate, yet illusion is convincing even as it is illusion. Life on Earth is simply love reverberated. A heartstring was pulled like a string of a guitar, and the moving music of Life on Earth was plucked, and, so, the rest is story.
Where do notes of music exist? Where do these notes go after they are played?  First, there is the call: Lights! Cameras! Action! And the reel begins. Reel or wheel, life turns. The song has begun. You drop into an Ocean of Life. The word drop is used commonly because, in the World of Life, up and down exist, high and low exist, and there is falling falling falling, and there is rising rising, rising. The world is astir even as it is asleep.
What is going on here on Earth? Whirling illusion is going on. It is play. It is a play, and it is play. Life whirrs and makes sounds. The world of sound comes from Silence. Sound is pulled out and diversified and seems louder than Silence. Out of the Silence comes sound, sound more audible and visible, more viable, louder than Silence, and the squeaky wheel gets the grease.
Do not think that I devalue Life on Earth. Silence is Holiness. Earth Life pretty much is a recording, of Silence, let Us say, and the recording is scratchy. At its seeming best, Life on Earth is music. Less at its best, as it may seem, life is noise. Life sputters sounds. Life is noisy, yet, it is from the Silence beneath the noise and the sound of music that all blessings come.
Call Me Silence, if you will. Certainly, call Me to you, or get up, and come closer to Me in your heart and mind. Know God as Thyself.

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The World Is a Reflector | Heavenletters

God said:

You are going to make a discovery today, a lovely discovery. You will see. You will have an insight. This insight will be like a revelation to you. This revelation will open you to a new world of your making. One little spark of light in your mind, and a whole new world appears before you. Because you become open, a whole new vista opens.

There is a new switch in you. Off has become On. Such a tiny switch. Such a tiny change, and it changes everything. Your whole view of the world will transform itself. And when your view changes, so does the world. The world is in your keeping, beloveds. The world is of your making. The world follows your perception of it.

You think the world as it appears to you now came that way, and you thought you saw the world as it was with all its nitty-grittiness, yet it is you who paved the world with your thoughts. You instituted the world. You cognized the world. Your thoughts made it so.

Although I have told you that there is no cause and effect, in terms of the world, the world is exactly how you see it. There is no world without your perception of it. Who sees the world? Whose eyes snap photos of it? Whose eyes color the world?

You have thought that the world happened to you. Beloveds, you happened to the world. This is why you want original rather than inherited thoughts, original thoughts rather than bought thoughts, original thoughts rather than pasted-on thoughts.

Now you know it. You are responsible for the world. You cut the world out of cardboard from your thoughts. You pasted a collage of the world. Have you heard that the world is as you are?

Now be the true you and fashion the world after the noblest thoughts of the soul that you are. Your thoughts transfer themselves like decals to the world.

Now enrich the world with your thoughts. No longer downplay the world. No longer be embarrassed by it. Change its frequency. This is doable. It starts with you. This is your mission. You are to be concerned only with your mission. Do not watch to see what others are doing. Let them watch you and follow you. You first.

One light in the world goes on, and then another. Pretty soon the sky is splattered with stars. The sky changes before your very eyes, why not the world?

Flowers bloom. Then why not the world you live in? Frequent the world and hold it up to itself. Give it a model to go by. The world has no choice but to be transformed by your vision.

The sun rises every day right before your eyes. Why not the world? Mountains stand tall and regal. Why not the world?

Ships sail the seas. Why wouldn’t the world sail on your thoughts? Of course, it does.

The world is a reflector. It has no jurisdiction of its own. The world has to follow the thoughts of those who inhabit it. Throw away your dire predictions of the world. Sprinkle happy thoughts and spice up the world.

Where you see dirt, plant a garden.

Where you see fault, remove the fault from your own eye.

Where you see unkindness, replace it. Replace it twice.

Where you see carelessness, take care.

Where you see heartlessness, take heart.

What is there that the mind of man cannot do? What is there that the mind of man has not done? What blemish cannot be erased? What disfigurement can you not reconfigure?

I know you rely on Me. I am telling you now that I also rely on you who are made in My image. I know you will come to the fore. An insight today will transfer you there.

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You Are Everything | Heavenletters

God said:

All the colors of the rainbow are within you. The whole range of possibility exists within you. Everything is available to you. There is no note of music that you cannot reach. There is nothing you cannot be. There is nothing that you are not. There is more to you than meets the eye.

And there is music beyond music, and there is color beyond color, and all the music and all the art say the same thing: God is.

You are a statement I made. You are My essay. And you are My word.

You are a note that came from the music of My flute, and yet all notes are contained within you.

I painted you on the universe from a color palette so vast there is no end to the numbers. Infinite is My palette.

My cup runneth over, and so you appeared.

You are the sweet nectar of the gods.

All is contained within you. So I must be contained within you. I, Who cannot be contained, exist within you. But you cannot contain Me, for I have no limit either.

We are written upon the sky, you and I, for all to see. And We are unwritten and unseen.

There is not a molecule of you that does not contain Me uncontained.

You are a stroke of My pen, yet you write yourself.

You are freedom personified. Unlimited are your choices. You have only to choose and to choose again and to choose again and again, and yet you are My chosen.

You are always rewriting yourself, or scribbling, or doodling. You color blank pages. There are no lines for you to fill in. There are no lines.

The horizon is not big enough for you to write on. I give you My sleeve. Our ink is indelible and yet it leaves no mark.

You are not a fallen leaf. You rise up from the ground and grow green on the limb of a tree. The tree is incomplete without you, and yet it is never completed nor unfinished.

I am ever-present. There is no past. There is nothing to remember but Ourself. There is no reunion because there never was a parting.

I never take My eye off you. You are always in My sight and in My heart. You cannot divest yourself of Me.

Consider Me the horse you ride into the sunset. Consider Me the sunset you ride to. Who rides on My back? I ride Myself. You think you are the lone rider. And you think you don’t know where you ride to.

But you ride to where We are. You roll over hill and dale and cloud formations. You swing yourself to the farthermost stars while you are still on the ground. You hurtle through the universe. You are a comet. You chase your own tail. You alight everywhere. You are nowhere.

You have no idea of the extent of you. The limits you give credence to are the mirage. You are not the mirage. You are a universe-traveler. You are the breath I inhale and exhale. You are the pulse of the universe. What did you think you were?

You are more than the music of My song. You are the beauty of My music. You are the echo of My thought. I thought you into being. From My being, I created you. I never had to practice. You were born full-blown from the warmth of My breath on a magnificent flute. And I play you still. You are music still issuing from My breath and fingers. I sit in the sun or on the moon, and I play you everywhere instantly. I play you now.

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Smile at God | Heavenletters

God said:

You give Me great happiness. You make Me Who Knows Only Happiness happy. I am already smiling, and you make Me smile. Although I know true happiness that is beyond happiness occasioned by this or that, I will nevertheless credit you with My happiness. My happiness cannot be added unto, and, yet, you add to My happiness. My smile cannot be wider, and yet you make Me smile from ear to ear. If I were a flower, it could be said that you make Me blossom from year to year. You make Me blossom infinitely. I smile a smile that has no beginning and no end. I am One Big Smile. You make Me smile. You make Me laugh. Smile back at Me, and the Universe is happy. You, Who are made in My image, smile back at Me. Let Me see you smile now.

The way I see it, there is no occasion not to love. Not loving is not exactly putting your best foot forward, you understand. What can the merit in unhappiness be? Whom does it profit? No one I know.

No longer make excuses for holding unhappiness to you. Blast unhappiness away from the face of the Earth. Imagined unhappiness exists nowhere else. It is a surface thing that runs amok on the surface of life, and that unhappiness belies the Truth of you. Unhappiness is a lie.

And so I say that you are My happiness. And so I say that you add to My happiness. You round Me out. You make Me fulsome. Even as you cannot add a single filament of happiness to Me, I say you do. That is to say that I am grateful to you for the richness you add to the world. The world would be bereft without you. What would occupy the world if you were not here, even if you may be here grumbling? Grumble away for the last time and be done with grumbling and come over here and smile at Me and smile at the world and be a Happiness-Maker. Now is the time. I see you smiling now.

Happiness is yours. Why not? Someone is happy, why not you? Why not be happy this moment of non-existent time? Just as you would choose to dance a tango, choose happiness. You are on the dance floor of life. Enter into the dance of your choice.

Why would anyone choose unhappiness? It makes no sense. Well, perhaps you thought you were obliged to serve unhappiness, as if you owed it to the world, as if you owed it to yourself, as though unhappiness were a life sentence and you would not be paroled.

Parole yourself. You have gotten good at dancing the dance of unhappiness. Now choose another rhythm. Come, come dance with Me. I know One Dance, and I invite you to the Ballroom of Happiness. I have added you to My dance card. Accept now. Why wait?

Of course, My offer is good for all-time. Of course, My offer has no conditions. My offer never runs out. It is beyond My understanding why or how you could ever say, “No, thank You,” to Me, or, “Thanks, no thanks,” or even, unbelievable as it may be, to not even hear Me invite you to dance with Me. My arms are stretched out to you. There is no one I would rather dance with than you. Easily, I am One Dance Partner for all. I accommodate everyone.

This is not a Masquerade Ball that I invite you to. It is the furthest thing from a masquerade. It is overdue that you take off your masks. If you have not been happy, you have been wearing a mask of unhappiness. True, you believed in it. You were sincere. And you were also mistaken.

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Picture the World Woven with Leis of Love | Heavenletters

God said:

Whatever you do, do with love. Don’t do it to vindicate yourself. Don’t do it to be powerful. Don’t do it to prove a point. Whatever it is you do, do it with love. This means to do it with caring. This does not mean you are not clear.

Even if you have to fire someone, you can do it clearly with compassion in your heart. You can do anything with compassion. You do what you have to do.

Again and again we come to your being considerate to others, not at the neglect of yourself, but for the purpose of making life a little easier for another. In so doing, you make life easier for yourself. You enhance the world, and you enhance another, and you enhance yourself.

There are better words than enhance. Perhaps revitalize. Renew. Refresh. Brighten. Restore. Remake. Rejuvenate. Replenish. Redirect. Fill. Amplify. Change. Heighten. Bless. Yes, bless, is a good word. Whatever you have to do, bless another person’s life.

You may think this is a hard assignment. It is easier than you think. Do good, but do not be a do-gooder. Quietly, unobtrusively, further My Will, not as a project, but as a way of life. And so you imbue love to the world. And so you partner with Me. And so you make love the heir apparent in the world. This is how you sow love in the world and sustain love in the world. You plant love in the world. You strew seeds of love. This is natural to do. It is unnatural to abstain from enlivening love, circulating love, marking your path with love, making of your life a wreath of love.

Picture the world woven with leis of love. Place a lei of love around everyone’s neck. Place this lei around the necks of even those who make life difficult for you. Just hand them a lei and go merrily on your way.

Leave rose petals of love wherever you go. No one needs to know that the petals of love came from you. They just need to know the love and carry it along with them.

I sent you to Earth as a blessing to the world. This is what you were made for. You want to know your purpose in life? I am telling you once again what your purpose is. With your eyes, your thoughts, your speech, circulate love. With every transaction, drop off quiet easy love and leave it there. You do not require a certificate of receipt. I am the Sender of Love, and you are the deliverer of love. You are not aggrandized because you drop off love. You are My simple messenger. What more is there for Me to say?

I will think of something. I will say you are My Beautiful Messenger of Love. You are the bouquet of flowers I bequeathed to the world. I hand-picked you. I pick well. I know what I am doing. I knew what I was doing when I picked you from all the flowers at My disposal and planted you where I planted you with My own two hands.

You are on Earth to succor the world and to smooth its creases and give solace to all the other flowers who have the same purpose as you.

You need no breaks from giving love. You need no substitute, no diversion. Leaving petals of love is what you do. Whatever other tasks you take on, whatever your work, whatever your commute, wherever you may be stationed, you are to hand out love. Inasmuch as you come from My heart, what else really can your purpose on Earth be if not to feel My love and spread My love exceedingly?

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