Do Not Believe So Much in Your Beliefs | Heavenletters

God said:

When you say that something should be one way or another, you are imposing. Should is a judgment that allows no argument. Where does should come from? It comes from past beliefs. Beliefs are opinions, usually strong opinions. Because you believe doesn’t make it so. Your belief has nothing to do with it. Sometimes your belief in your beliefs is like the story of cutting the feet to fit the bed.

You can believe in something all you want, but that does not make it so. I exist, but I do not exist because you believe in Me. I exist because I exist.

The world thought the earth was flat, but that belief did not change the curvature of earth.

Do not try to make the world match your beliefs. That is an attempt at ultimate control.

A belief imposed is a judgment. A judgment is an altercation. It is a denial. It tries to erase what has already transpired. Trying to erase says it was a mistake. It may not have been to your liking, but you do not know enough of life to say it was a mistake.

Some so-called mistakes have been great blessings. Much good can come from what you call mistakes. Is every try that doesn’t accomplish what you think it ought — is it not a step?

Be wary of your strong opinions. Why must an opinion be strong? Why must it be a conviction or a long-held belief? Why must your thoughts be like gavels that come down hard?

Why must your toast always be buttered?

Why must all your beliefs be so? What is at stake, do you imagine?

Beliefs come from the past. Beliefs are a holding on from the past. Beliefs are not inviolate. They are not a one-thing only.

Openness comes from the present.

Let in what comes in today. You do not have to buy it all, but you can consider. When you go into a marketplace, you do not condemn the items you don’t want to buy. You buy those that make sense to you.

But let Me tell you this: There is no belief you need. Beliefs are not what you need.

Awareness is what you need. Awareness is what I give to you. I do not give you beliefs. If something is true, it doesn’t need belief in it. If something is not true, all the belief in the world doesn’t make it true. Beliefs are commonly-held world thoughts. Beliefs may not be dependable.

But Truth can be relied on. Truth opens itself. It is not a closed book. Truth, unlike beliefs, does not go only so far. Truth goes to the ends of the earth. What is true is true everywhere.

Do not mix up facts with true. What you call facts are pieces. Truth is always whole.

Beliefs are names for certain ideas, just as you name a certain range of time as yesterday or Wednesday. It is a name. It is not inviolable. In another country, the same frame of reference has another name. But those names serve a universal purpose. No one believes that the name made the fragment of illusory time.

Concepts hardened become beliefs. Do not believe so much in beliefs.

Bringing others to your beliefs — what does that accomplish? Does that confirm you are right? Another person’s opinion bolsters yours?

Jesus did not look for bolstering. And he did not try to make people believe. He tried to reveal. He said, “Here God is.” He said, “Come out of the darkness, and see what is right before you.”

Once you see, you have seen. What you have seen cannot be upturned. Maybe you do not see it today, but you did see it. Can you pretend you did not? And yet you have done that. You have pretended away and submerged your own vision.

Even to see truth and the beauty of truth may seem like a revolution. But truth is not unheard-of. It has been heard of, and it has been seen. You have seen it.

Look for awareness, and not hardened beliefs.

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Compassionate Understanding | Heavenletters

God said:

Everything in the world is precious. Precious world. Precious Humans in the world. Precious is My heart in the world. You may not be able to go along with the word “divine” about the world, but you can accept “precious”, can you not?

Yet what is precious on the surface is divine beneath.

We can even say that all the back and forth struggles in the world also are precious. They carry their own deliciousness. It is delicious how much caring there is in the world.

Even those you oppose care as much as you. They just may care about different things. They see life differently from you. Their view not only contradicts yours, it conflicts. Yet they are the same Human beings you are. The Human beings are not different. Their views, their culture, their judgments are different. That’s all. The surface is different. Nothing else is.

If you traded places, if you had been born where they were, would you be you or would you be they?

This is compassionate understanding. This is what I have. It is miles away from judgment. It is an understanding. It is a bigger comprehension. It takes you to a higher mountain away from the particular situation and gives you a better view, a bigger view, an expanded view. The further you distance yourself from what you presently see, the better you see.

You are not a superior being who prays for another. You have a bigger view, that’s all. Those of you who are compassionate see the whole vista. You do not see only what is obvious and what everyone else seems to see. You see what is behind the tree and what is around the corner. You see the before and after, and you see them all at once. You see.

When you see only what is directly in your view, you are not seeing.

When you look through a keyhole, you see something. But a fraction is not the whole. A peek is not seeing. It is only a peek. You may be sure that the corner you quickly glimpse is not the whole picture. It is only a corner.

It is a big thing for My children to come to see that they do not see. You like to think you see and know everything. You do not want to have something more pointed out to you. You like the idea of already knowing and being unchangeable. You like that idea so much that for the sake of being right, you forfeit your vision.

Make a better bargain. Be willing to open your eyes and heart more so you can see more, better, further. A crack of light is not enough for you. Honestly it isn’t.

Staying exactly where you are, or where others are, gives you nothing but regrets. How many times have you said in your life, “Oh, if only I knew then what I know now.”

But the upcoming then is now, and you can know. You can step out of your skin into another’s, and you can come out, not only unscathed, but far greater than before. Opening your eyes and heart is useful. Keeping them closed is not.

When someone has a hangover, his mind is muddied, and he does not remember or see or think clearly.

When you are hung over in antiquated thoughts, you are clouded, and this clinging short-sightedness prevents your evolution and the evolution of the world. Repeating history is not evolution. Doing the same as has always been done is not moving forward. It is not growth. It is not purposeful. It is old, worn-out, and trite.

You are an evolving being. You are not meant to keep your same thoughts. You are meant to move ahead.

At present, if your thinking is the loud voice of mass world’s thinking, then you can know you are not thinking. If you are on the bandwagon that blares out easy popular thought, you are on a bandwagon of someone else’s thinking and not your own.

With what do you want to be aligned with? Is there really another Human you favor over Me? Is there really someone’s Human thought that you favor over Mine? Do you know anyone who thinks further and better than I do?

You think I am impractical.

Think again.

Begin to see what is before your very eyes and beyond. Seeing beyond is the same as love. That is how you can love. I am teaching you how to love.

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Be like a Western Cowboy | Heavenletters

God said:

See the passage of life as something visible to you and yet uninvolving of you. Observe life, or else you race. When you race, you hurry up. You urge life on. You rub your hands, and enter into the fray. You think there’s a race and that you must win it. There is no race, and you don’t have to win it. Draw back a little. You are not the runner of life. You are a passerby. Life races along, and it pulls you with it, but it goes fast enough without your help. Life has its own pace. You have yours.

You already have life so there is no need to win it. And life goes along fast enough without your huffing and puffing. Fast and slow are of time, and you are eternal. There is no race to win, and if there were, racing isn’t the way to win it.

Stroll through life. Take a breather. Rest a while. Catch your breath. Go to bed earlier. Sleep later. Rest this carcass you carry around. Of course, you are not your physical body. You are far more. At the same time, you can treat your body kindly. Give it a break. You have been urging it on. Gentle it, as you would a dear horse.

Run alongside life. No need to outdistance it. Be a partner to it.

Life is not so serious as you have thought. You seem to feel there is some urgency. Where are you running, and what are you running to? If there is an emergency, it is to slow down.

What do you gain by hurrying? Mileage?

Consider life a meal. You can eat leisurely. You don’t have to gulp it down. Faster is not better.

You may have thought that the Sabbath is a day away from life. It is a day to savor it. There is never a day off from life. Waking or sleeping, you are in the midst of it. But you can lean back. You ruffle through life fast enough. Whoa, now digest.

Be like a Western cowboy who ambles along. He sees what’s going on. He doesn’t miss a trick. He isn’t slow to respond, but he doesn’t waste motion. He isn’t always an action hero. His strength is in his calmness. He is strong and has no need to show off. Whatever he does counts. His silence speaks. A Western hero is akin to a philosopher. He ponders his moves. He considers his place in the drama he finds himself in.

He is not a bull in a china-shop. If life is the china shop, the Western hero is graceful in it. Hurry and grace are not compatible. When you hurry, you drop things or trip. Not that it isn’t all right to drop things or stumble. But that is not what you are after. Include life rather than chase it.

You rush to find out what your purpose is. Let it come to you. Let it dawn on you. You do not even have to know what it is in order to fulfill it.

Sit back now. It’s okay. Today I give you the courage to slow down.

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Your Thoughts | Heavenletters

God said:

Here is a thought that you are ready to change: “Into each life a little rain must fall.” Have you not believed that? Why do you believe that? Why must you believe that? What reason justifies that kind of thinking on the part of a child of God?

If rain does fall, you do not have to protest it or bemoan it, but why conjure the thought of it ahead of time? Why be a so-called realist whom life can prove right? Why continue to be a small thinker who predicts the past? Why not be a big thinker whom life can also prove right? Or, why prove anything at all? Better to just live life.

There are other songs in life that you can hum: “Everything is going my way” is one. Now, that can be heard on more than one level. The truth is that everything is going the way you think, but not necessarily the way you want. You have been living your way. You have been predicting your way. Perhaps you now want to elevate your way. To do that, find new ways of looking at things. Change your thoughts.

You have great purpose in life. Your life is not small. It is not infinitesimal. It is not a fraction. It is not a portion. Your life is life itself. It is not for later, and it is not for what has been. It is for now. What are you presupposing for now?

Come, wade in the water. Do not plan it. Just know it is glorious. It is deep enough. And it cannot be too deep for one such as you.

Do not think that you need to learn to swim ahead of time. Do not think that you need any preparation at all. Do not think you need to prepare yourself for life as if girding yourself for battle.

Treat life as a friend you trust. Treat your life as you would Me. Treat life as a treat from a dear friend. Treat life like a wonderful surprise you are opening up. Treat life like a letter you open, knowing that it holds good news. Or treat life like a letter you are writing with a heart full of love.

Consider how you look at life, and then you will know how you treat it.

You have often considered how life is treating you. But life answers your invitations.

You have heard that you create your life, but you haven’t believed it. You have thought you were life’s bauble to be tossed here and there at an anonymous random whim. But your life is not random. You are making it.

The evaluation of your life is not in its touted successes. It is in your contentment. What are your thoughts about your life? Therein lies the story of your life. Worry less about it. Contain more of it in your heart.

You have been waiting for life to appear, but life is here right now. This moment is life. It is yours.

When you read My words, you have moments of contentment. You feel yourself surging forth. You begin to rise to your own level. Keep rising. Don’t stop. Absorb life the way you do My words. There is meaning here for you in every step of life on earth. There are messages, and there is Good Will.

It is not that you must get out of yourself in order to live life. Discover more of yourself. You have untapped resources. There is a lot more to you than you have let yourself see. You have more of yourself to see and more of yourself to express. Express yourself along the path of your life. Do not wait for life to find you or come to you. Do not wait for later. Commit to life now.

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Wings of Gossamer | Heavenletters

God said:

I befall you. No matter what else befalls, I befall you. I AM.

You are never without My protection, My guidance, My attention, and yes, My love. You are not certain about this because you believe you are your physical manifestation, and you go by that. You go by your prowess in the world, as if that is My blessing on you, as if you need your body and the physical world in order to be blessed by the God Who made you, as if you are unblessed in what you call death or woe.

You believe in death and woe more than you believe in anything else. But death of the body and woe are small potatoes next to eternity.

What is this endless eternity, you wonder. What is so wonderful about it, you ask. You cry out, Why should eternity be considered more than the constant perturbation of regular life? You feel that stress and strain in life are eternal, and you would just as soon turn them in. Well, you can be done with them.

Furthermore, you might even trade reversely, eternity for security and success in the world right now. You might give up eternity for time-out now.

But you do not need to give up anything but all the past associations of thought you have made. The concept that life is pain has long been supported. The world upholds the concept that what has been will always be. You have upheld it too.

You see, you have believed in eternity, only you forgot what it consists of. You packed the right suitcase with misplaced belongings.

Pain and all that do not belong to you. They are external to you. Do not clutch them. Pain is not precious. Separation is not precious. Fear is not precious. They are not eternal. Why do you treat them as though they were?

Whatever transpires, it is the world that attaches pain to it, and you have bought the promise of pain more than the truth of Truth. Pain has been more accessible to you. It has been more noticeable. You have even felt it was your due, but it is only your prerogative. Free your will.

You do not have to escape the world. Change your thinking about it. Start thinking anew. Now you will honor yourself more. You will begin to think more Realistically.

Life is not a long howling tunnel.

It is a privilege. Start reminding yourself that it is. It is a favor that has been bestowed upon you. It is a gift given to you to spend. Not sit out, not endure, not get over with, not undo, but spend. Consider your life a huge bank-roll, and you can do with it what you like. You have unlimited backing. Your funds will never run out. You have good credit. Spend your paper money, for it is backed by gold. Endless gold.

You are not disposable. I created you. I made you forever. Wherever you find yourself in the outer world, you are not outcast. You are child of the universe and you are child of God. You are Heaven’s child. You cannot fade. You are My eternal creation.

Give yourself credit. You are a butterfly. Your wings may be gossamer, but your ability to fly is inviolate. It cannot be wrested from you. Do not lay yourself down in defeat. There is no one on earth mightier than you. No one can fly higher than you. This is what you forget and forget again. You are made in My image.

You can rise as far as your eyes see, and you can rise higher than that. You rise in increments because you believe that is how it is done. Who taught you that?

The elevator does not have to stop at each floor.

You do not need to unwind yourself slowly.

Take off your heavy shoes.

Be light-footed.

Lift up now.

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Very Close to Truth | Heavenletters

God said:

What if everything you have done in your life is really right and not at all what you have thought? What if, despite whatever you might think, you played your hand well? What if, impossible as it may seem, you have no cause for regret for deeds done or undone? What if your mistake was thinking mistakes exist? In that case, you have been mistaken!

The concept of mistake has a short-ranged focus. You see A and then you see B, and that is as far as you go. You lost the spelling bee because you misspelled a word, but what if it were right that you misspelled it? All you can know now is how the word is spelled. You cannot know the significance of the misspelling; therefore, you cannot know that you were wrong to misspell it. How do you know that the slip of a tongue was a slip?

You hammered your thumb. How clumsy. Yet, what if that were, unbelievably, a great finesse? What if, because you hit your thumb, events in the world and your life swung into place? What if hammering your thumb heralded something wonderful, perhaps in the future, perhaps in the past, or how about right now?

You will never know, but perhaps you can imagine it.

You lost your wallet, or your wallet was stolen. How do you know that was a dreadful event? Dreadful is only a conclusion you draw. What interlude does the loss of your wallet perhaps create, unseen and unheard by you, but played nevertheless? Of course, you will never figure it out.

What if foolish is not foolish?

What if loss is not loss?

What if victory is no more victory than loss is loss?

Not only are you a critic of life in general, and yours in particular, you have also made yourself judge. It isn’t only people that you judge. All day you sort through your life, you sift it. You are judging right and left. Whenever you come to conclusions, you have wrapped up a segment of your life and filed it away. You can be sure you have overlooked something.

Whatever has happened to date is erased. That’s what clean slate means. What you are erasing is your attachment. You have been very attached to the concept of error. Error is an either or thing. To your mind, you erred or you did not err.

What if error and non-error are both possible at the same time? Then one cancels the other, and neither error nor correctness exist, if they ever did. In truth, error and non-error cannot coexist because error is a concept like any other.

So long as you think in terms of success or failure, you are missing the boat.

So long as you think of right or wrong, good or bad, you keep yourself from sailing.

The coexistence of opposites does not exist. Or, they exist ephemerally so long as you say so.

Can there be loveliness, you ask, without unloveliness? I say there can.

What if the one adjective in the world was lovely? Or magnificent? What would you make of things then?

What if the life that goes along beside you has no influence at all upon your state of being.

That is, of course, absolutely true, but you have not yet perceived that. How you feel, what you think, are not part of your being. Being is being regardless of anything else. How you feel, what you think, do affect your ego, however. That is all that can be affected. What is your ego but your picture of yourself? Draw another.

What if you could utter no word but Yes?

Start saying it. Yes is a lovely filler.

Today, in your heart, say Yes to everything. Then you will be very close to Truth.

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The Rumor of Fear | Heavenletters

God said:

Fear is a rumor that got started. It is a study in contagion. It is a wayward bus. It is a fire that burns everything in its path. It is a cold sweat. It is an anomaly. It is a habit. It is a way of looking at things.

Change how you look at things. No more need you bow to fear. Fear tricked you, and it tricks you still.

Fear is a noise. It is a caged lion’s roar. Fear became the tamer of you.

Notice how you honor fear. You let it overshadow you by overshadowing your awareness of Me. You think fear is real, and that I am not. Some things you have gotten wrong.

Somehow fear taught you that it was your friend. Well, it certainly is a companion, but a friend? I think not. Fear is a pretend friend who all the while plots your demise. It keeps you captive. It keeps you in its thrall.

It cries wolf to you. It sends you running. It flashes lightening as if a storm is coming, but all the while, fear itself is the storm. It warns you really of itself.

Fear is the rumor that a storm is coming. And fear makes a production and coaxes your imagination. Fear becomes your chief advisor. It warns you of itself. It catapults you into a frenzy of itself. Fear cuts your legs off, and it chains you to its shadow.

Have you not had enough of fear? Must you know it so well? Must you get to know it even better? Must you keep it?

Fear will not walk away from you. It’s time for you to walk away from fear. Cut its head off, and you will see it is made of straw.

Fear is a football player that blocks your every move. You become a dodger of fear, and so your life is lived, bouncing off fear. Fear leaves you little. It doesn’t want you to have anything.

Surmount your fears. Kick them out of the way. They are not your sustenance. They are your undoing. They make you inert. All the fear energy of the world engages in itself. Trade in your fears. Return them to the distortion they came from. Get your money back. Get yourself back. Undermine yourself no longer.

Fear is a tracker. It hunts you down. It is a virus. It is rampant. Fear coaches you to be wary of everything but itself.

Now it is time to abandon fear.

Adopt love. Adopt it now. Adopting is choosing. Choose love now. Love is your natural state and does not push its way into your awareness. It doesn’t need to. It knows not of the existence of fear. It knows of the non-existence of fear. Love is not afraid of its own shadow or of rumors. It knows it outlasts fear that was only rumored in the first place.

Truth is the opposite of rumor, and truth is the same as love. The basis of life is love, not fear. But ego is well aware of fear. It is its servant.

Fear plays on your ego. Ego is that annoying prickly red-faced youth that thinks it must raise itself on the shoulders of humanity and be looked at in certain aggrandizing ways or it has failed. Ego is in love with the illusion of its grandeur, and fear uses your ego to keep you controlled all the while it kids you that you are the chief controller.

Ego is a jukebox that fear plays at will.

Remove your ego, and fear vanishes like a stone thrown in water.

Fear is a gnawer that has eaten its way through your life.

Think of life without fear.

Just think of it. What a relief!

Fear is a stimulant you do not need. It is really a depressant.

You need no stimulants. You need no depressants.

You need to be who you are, and you need to come to Me so that you know who you are. You who are without ego know that you are grander than ego. You rise to the occasion, and the occasion is love, and I am the Provider of it. Come to Me and not to fear. I am real, and fear is not. Fear is a rumor that got started and was fanned by the world, and you jumped on to that popular train of fear. Now jump off, and begin your life with Me.

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Sit Back | Heavenletters

God said:

Step back from events in your life. When you are amidst the upset, you do not see far enough. You must remove yourself from the fray in your mind, and sit back a little. Let go of it. When you let go of the fray, you will see more choices. You will see possibilities that, in your excitement, you overlooked. You will even see that, if, indeed, your first fear does come to pass, it is not so dreadful as your dread of it, for you would be finished with it once and for all and walk away from it no different from when you entered into it.

So what if something doesn’t turn out the way you want? So what? Why is it so important that things turn out the way you want?

I will tell you why. It is because you have counted on it. It is like you have invested money in the stock market. You track those stocks because you have invested in them. When they go up, you are elated. When they go down, you are deflated. You invested money and more than money, and so their ups and downs make you their pawn.

In life also, you invest yourself, and you know what you want your return to be. You even delude yourself that it must turn out the way you expect, or you are ruined, mistaken, or a fool. In any case, you judge yourself harshly.

It is fine to care, but when it is vanity or pride or control or always being right that you invest in, you are in the wrong game and you set yourself up. Invest, let go, invest, let go. Do not tie yourself up in your investment.

Life is not a rigged game. Life is not at your beck and call. You take your chances like everyone else. If there were no chance, cards and sports would not be games.

Life is not a sure thing, and you don’t have to be right every time. Applaud yourself for making errors. You got out there and played. Congratulate yourself. What you have been doing, to My dismay, is calling unwanted results mistakes. No wonder your shoulders are down.

When things don’t go the way you want (you would say when things go wrong or against you) instead of assigning yourself names of defeat, what if you love yourself just the same? What if you even love the events and the others’ investment in them? Life upheld itself. There was a meeting and a departure. Now you have more roads ahead of you to take, more adventures, more choices, more expansion.

You do not know the beautiful meadows to which your so-called mistakes may lead you.

With life, all you have to do is live it. Do not make life your master any more than you are the master of every event of it. You were created in My image, but that does not mean that you control all the curves in life, that you can, or that you are even supposed to.

Not even do I proscribe your life in fine lines. I do not corral every inch of your life. I gave you your life to play in and delve into. I did not say, Make your life perfect in your eyes.

I said, Get out there and play. Toss up this world. It is the playing field. Play in the adventure. It is made of discovery. And more discovery.

Take not your investments in life so seriously. Take not life so seriously. There is always more. You have ventured out into the world of earth. The game is really easy when you let go of outcomes. Keep Me close to you, play well, enjoy the playing, don’t count results, for results are not your story. I am, and you are.

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Remembering and Forgetting | Heavenletters

God said:

Often I speak to you about letting go of the past. Letting go is akin to forgetting. At the very least, letting go is putting aside something of the past. Much of the rest of the time I talk to you about remembering.

What you forget is unimportant. You don’t need to keep it with you. You don’t have to carry a great deal of information with you. That is how you stuff your head. I suggest you clear it. Do a lot of forgetting. Let go of facts and much accumulation of knowledge for it clutters your arteries.

What it is vital to remember is Our connection. Yes, remember Me. Remember My existence. Remember My presence with you. Remembering Me clears your veins. You become more clear-thinking. You cannot remember everything and be clear-thinking.

You cannot keep your closet jam-packed and have it clear. You will have to forage through a stuffed closet before you can find what you are looking for. Time and time again. Every time. The same with your refrigerator. You have to move things to find what you want or to even see what you’ve got. Keep only a few things, not everything. Then you can see.

And so you want to keep clear paths in your mind.

So much of your life you were taught to remember this and remember that. Now I tell you to forget. All the tidbits of knowledge you have, it’s all right to forget them. Your life is not a quiz show. Nor is it a court trial. You do not need to carry testimony of your existence or worth. Facts and details are only facts and details, and they are not what you are made of, and they are not what you are for.

Remembering Me is clearing your path. Remembering Me is a snow shovel. Remembering Me erases the debris.

Now, although I say, “Remember Me”, that is not exactly what I mean. I do not know a word in your language for what I mean. Yes, it is good to have a thought of Me, but I do not mean thought alone.

Maybe what I want to say is: “Have a recognition of Me.”

“Turn towards Me.”

“Think of Me with your heart.”

“Look for Me.”

“See how close I am.”

“Look for Me in a crowd.”

“Keep an eye out for Me, day or night.”

“Get ready to move closer to Me.”

“Expect Me.”

“Reacquaint yourself with Me.”

“Welcome Me.”

“Accompany Me.”

“Keep our appointment.”

I mean all that when I say to remember Me. So you see I don’t really mean to keep thoughts of Me in your head. I do mean to remind yourself of Me, however. Remind yourself of Our perpetuity.

Do I also mean to love Me? Love is not an order I give. It is not an instruction either. Recognizing Me is enough. Of course you cannot separate love from recognition. Every time you discover Me, love rushes in, love meeting love, love bumping into itself, love overflowing, love for the sake of itself, love for the occasion of love, love leaping, love dormant woken up so it can see itself everywhere.

We are meeting right now. Our hearts touch. Where are your thoughts now? Our immediateness of love doesn’t leave much room for thoughts. Who wants to think in My embrace? What shopping list can possibly be on your mind when We are immersed in Our love for each other? What can possibly be left out? What on earth is there to remember besides Us?

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Patterns | Heavenletters

God said:

You may expect too much of yourself at the same time as you do not expect enough. When you disappoint yourself, your disappointment puts your attention in the wrong camp. You put it on the past. Past decisions weigh you down. What is before you now is optimum.

Uncling yourself from what occurred even yesterday. You have been quick to remonstrate with yourself and slow to make changes. Perhaps looking back gives you some kind of comfort the way touching an aching tooth with your tongue might. Take comfort now in what you can do. What you can do is lift yourself up from the seat where you have been sitting and see a new vast vista before you.

There are patterns in your life, and you do not welcome them all. It could be that all your life you were quick to take offense at life’s unfolding. Perhaps now you can be more carefree and resist less or resist not at all.

Someone made you wait today. Do you really have to tap your foot in annoyance, or talk about it in capital letters? What if you told yourself that these things happen, that they are part of life, and that you can deal with them differently? First off, you can let go of making them into calamities. You can just let go of them, the same way you put a book down.

Whatever befalls in life that you do not want, you do not have to perceive it as awful. Perhaps what you perceive of as dire is a blessing because it calls your attention to a higher plane. You don’t have to erupt in anger. Did you think you did? Perhaps you have thought you have to prove something, prove that you will not be put upon, prove that you can stick up and fight for yourself, and, so then, you have a good reason to make a fuss and wear yourself out.

You can make a statement without fighting over it.

You can live life without fighting at every turn or every other turn.

Honor yourself, and you will not be so ruffled when someone doesn’t honor you. He is thinking about himself, not you, pretty much the same way as you are thinking about yourself and not about him. It is for you to change the focus of your life. Raise it a notch, wouldn’t you like to?

Simply don’t get in a huff anymore. If the world is not dancing to your tune, perhaps you want to put on a different song.

Perhaps you have been giving the world ultimatums, telling it how it should behave. Consider now how you may broaden the ways you respond to the world. Have a larger repertoire. Offense and defense need to retreat to the past. Pull a new arrow out of your pack. Count your blessings, not battles. Count occasions for love.

What is a great occasion for love than the moment right before you?

Consider that love is creative. What are some creative ways to deal with an escalating situation? Will you consider trying a new way?

Life is a play, and you are an actor in it. You can try out new roles, beloveds. If you have been a swashbuckler, maybe now you can be a peace-giver. If you have been in the middle of forays, maybe now you can step aside and see from a greater distance and kindly dispense God’s Grace.

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