Wake Up, Beautiful Dreamer | Heavenletters

God said:

Of course, messages from on high are from your Higher Consciousness. What do you think I AM but that? Every single person on Earth has Higher Consciousness, for I am within every single person on Earth. God Within is not a new expression to you.

Do not mix up Consciousness with conscience. Consciousness is devoid of conscience. In regard to consciousness, there is no need of conscience or reason to have it. Consciousness is pure of itself. Yes, Consciousness grows. It expands. What a neat idea. Consciousness Itself is Infinite. You are not this or that. You are Consciousness, growing expanding Consciousness. You are always moving a step up. Somewhere within you, you move up a notch. Conscience is not what moves you up. Consciousness is.

The less you feel bad about yourself, the faster you grow. Do not let conscience be an ego-device to keep you moored in remorse and guilt, for then you play into ego’s hands.

You who are born from God, and that is everyone, grow from inspiration. We can also call inspiration love. You grow from love, not superficial love, but you grow from the deep love within. Even when you feel the intensity of hate, the energy is of your love, love gone amok, love shadowed over by ego. Oh, that ego. Harness that power of ego, and you will fly while on Earth. The fact is that you, the real you, the Higher You, the soul of you, is lighter than air.

Density is of Earth and not of Heaven. How much does Light weigh? Does it weigh at all? Light of heart, Light of the Sun, you are the Light of the World. You will enlighten yourself, and you will enlighten others. All it takes is Light. There, you have it.

Are there not moments when you are aware that your soul lights up? There is only Light if you but knew.

Come now, be light-hearted. Light dances. It shimmers. It sparkles. Light touches everyone and everything. You are made of Light, and Light you are. No one owns the Light. Light is for everyone. You would not be alive on Earth unless you alighted here and began as Light. Your Light may be dimmed, or your Light may be Blazing Light. In every case, you are Light regardless of how much Light you reveal.

First, reveal Light to yourself, this little self that roams the Earth. Reveal yourself to yourself. Reveal the God Light that shines through you. Reveal in your revealing the Truth of Your Self. Know God, and know Your Self. Introduce yourself to God.

I’ve been dangling Myself in front of you, vying for your attention. You are so involved in distraction that you may have not noticed Me right in front of you or beside you or right in back of you, offering My Light, My love, My True Vision of you.

Of course, I am everywhere. There is nowhere I am not. At the same time, you keep looking for Me outside of you, from far away from you. You have sought a God from the distance when I am right here. I wave at you. I am waving at you right now, and I, God, call out, “See Me. See Me,” or I call out, “Hear Me, hear Me.”

Or I call out, “Know Me, know Me. Here I am. Where are you? Do not look away. Look at Me right now. You can’t miss Me. I am on all sides of you, and I am inside you, in your heart that We share. Wake up! Wake up to Me.”

Something Wonderful | Heavenletters

God said:

You have often thought that confusion was a condition of life to strongly object to. But now you can let confusion take its course, and wring from it all it gives. Without confusion, how would you reach clear thinking?

Consider confusion like a pile of socks that you are to sort. Without a multitude of socks, how could you sort? And when you find you have an odd sock or two, you keep them for a while but you do not spend your life bemoaning that which you cannot find the mate to.

So, when you are embroiled in confusion, sort what you can and leave the rest alone. You do not need to understand all of life. Life does not depend upon your understanding of it. After a while, shrug your shoulders, and move on to another drawer.

Certainly, you can request life to uphold certain ideas of yours, but you know that you are not the boss of life. You may be the inducer, the greeter, the recipient, but you are not the chairman with a gavel to maintain order. Life has its own order, and often you contemplate the discrepancy between what you envision and what arrives and call it confusion. Every time you feel disappointed, you feel confused.

If you did not appoint events, you would not feel disappointed, and how confused can you be when you take life as it comes in the same way you take mail from the mailbox? So what if unannounced mail was put there?

There is no need for you to pre-empt life. There is need for you to accept life as it happens. No need to hold on to regrets. Find other fruit to pluck from the tree of life.

Life moves, and you are to move with it.

Confusion is one thing. Rebellion another. You do not throw all the socks away because some are mismatched.

Perhaps you wanted to find chocolate ice cream in your freezer, and you found vanilla instead. Would you toss out the vanilla simply because it wasn’t the flavor you desired at the moment? Would finding only vanilla cause you confusion? What is to figure out? If you choose to eat ice cream right then, it will be vanilla. Or you can choose to wait or to go to the store or choose an apple instead. There are many choices, and they are all yours.

Many times you go to the freezer, and chocolate ice cream is there! You are not confused when you find exactly what you are looking for. Most likely, you are not bedazzled either. Perhaps when chocolate is there, you take finding it as a matter of course. Why then must the absence of chocolate be momentous?

Confusion, which can be your friend, often just means you are refusing to take a step.

You clear your life when you keep moving in it. Let go of the past, including your ideas and presentiments and all the varied attachments that keep nipping at your heels. Be done with the past, and life will be more smooth. It will be smoother because the past is no longer dangling like rattling tin cans tied to you. Of course, the past exists only in your mind, so all the past you keep is merely an idea anyway. Only an idea.

Ideas are a dime a dozen, so let go of yours. Sometimes you have to dig up the field and turn the ground over so that new seeds may grow. Why hang on to what has gone by when there is new awaiting you? Put away the past. You can do it.

Clear the way. Something wonderful is waiting for you in the wings.

A Knock on Your Door | Heavenletters

God said:

What can the matter be when you are a light of love in God’s Heaven? This is the Truth but not the Truth you see. You see illusion and become embedded in it. Illusion has become a way of life. It is like getting involved in how pretty words may look on the page while forgetting their meaning. You calligraph words with great swirls. You get lost in the swirls rather than what the words themselves mean to say.

You embroider the world. Rather, it is like you undo the embroidery of the universe. And yet you don’t succeed. Whatever you do on the surface of life, the innards of life keep their hold.

Can you imagine an angel losing his way and not knowing what to do next? Can you imagine an angel who gets so distracted from his purpose that he forgets what it is? Well, that is you. You are an absent-minded angel. You have forgotten where you live. You have forgotten your name. You keep looking for it in a telephone book. You knock on doors, and find not your name.

I give you your name, and it doesn’t penetrate. You are so busy looking for who you are that you don’t hear. You deny yourself. It’s true. You are the one who denies or rewards yourself.

Decide now to give yourself plenty. Decide now that you will go to the bank, open the vault, and take out the fortune secreted there. Decide now that this is the time to start spending your life the way a generous millionaire spends his fortune. No more hoarding or saving. No planning on rainy days. The sun is shining now. Do not deny yourself the joys of the world. Practice being in Heaven where all is as you see and say.

The difference between Heaven and Earth is exactly what you say and what you see.

Can you imagine anyone in Heaven grousing about things? Can you imagine anyone in Heaven for even one minute thinking there is something they can’t do or have or be or give? Can you imagine stinginess in Heaven? Can you imagine an angel saying No? Can you imagine angelic self-denial?

Yet on Earth, you have unopened boxes of chocolates. You have yourself denying yourself all the time. You say no to yourself and no to your children when you could be saying Yes, and Yes, and Yes. Try it.

Let the word Yes trip from your lips today. Let Yes be your mantra. Say Yes and more Yesses. Say, “Yes, I will.” Say, “Yes, I’d love to.” Reach into the pocket of your heart, and Yes will spill out all over the place.

When you say Yes, you are saying Yes to Life. Rewards come in all shapes and sizes. You would not turn any away for the sake of…for the sake of what? Principle? Habit? But you are not an automaton. True, you may have been programmed to say No, and now program yourself to say Yes winningly.

If someone approaches you and says, May I help you? answer Yes. If someone approaches you and asks for help, say Yes. Let your first impulse be to say Yes. Consider saying Yes. Yes is sweet and appealing. No, however, may put a stop to an unknown possibility.

Possibilities are not sure things. There is nothing certain about life on Earth except for the Heaven behind it all. Peek around the corner. Let no opportunity be defeated before it arises. There is a knock on your door. Open it.

In Life, You Have Choices to Make | Heavenletters

God said:

Lessons, knowledge, habits, do not hammer them into yourself. You are not a piece of wood that is to be hammered into. Learn at your pace. Let life take you gently by the hand.

When you go swimming at the beach, you do not have to be dunked in the water. Swim and enjoy.

Live life, learn, and enjoy. Beloveds, there is no emergency. There is no purpose in demanding too much of yourself.

You can be leisurely in life, well, depending upon your definition of leisurely. When you go to work, work. The point I want to make is that urgency or desperation don’t belong to you. Neither holds you in good standing. Be easy with everything. You don’t have to be obstinate or resistant anymore than you have to be all-embracing.

If you are a child in school, and you are obliged to learn something that is not meaningful to you, go ahead and learn it, yet know this is not really an emergency. In this case, it is something the world makes you pay attention to. It’s not worth fighting it. So just do it, and know that your life doesn’t depend upon it. Count your causes.

It is not for you to be adamant about life. You don’t have to take a stand on every matter. You do not lose your integrity by getting something done and out of the way.

Maybe you are the mother, and you don’t like doing the dishes. Okay, don’t like doing the dishes, but get them done as you go along. Take washing dishes in your stride. Don’t make doing dishes an issue. Doing dishes is a way of life in the world.

Maybe you don’t like getting up in the morning, yet getting up in the morning is a part of life. It does not have to be arduous to get up, even when you are getting up in the dark. It would be lovely if you had to get up only when the sun came up. However, life in the world at present may well not accommodate this idea. Very often, beloveds, it is for you to accommodate to life. Not everything is worth fighting. You don’t have to dig a hole for yourself in the interests of self-authentication.

Ah, now, there can be something that is false to yourself. Know when it is, and don’t be false to yourself. There is a line beyond which you cannot go. You don’t have to break the law. Even under duress, you don’t have to. You don’t have to prove anything. Fighting everything does not you a fighter make. It might make you a squabbler.

You don’t always have to give in to life, and you don’t always have to push back. You do have choices, and choices are for you to decide. A firefighter who fights fires doesn’t fight everything in life.

Nor am I saying that you must always compromise, as if you are to sell yourself short. If your wife wants to eat in a certain restaurant, what do you give up by going to the restaurant of your wife’s choice?

Everything in life may be much more simple than you may see at a particular moment. Has this not happened to you? Later, after the fact, you wonder what all the fuss was about.

We are not talking about winning a hand, beloveds, nor are We talking about playing a losing hand. Let Us be talking about being equitable in life, as if we were on a seesaw, and it is the same really whether you are up or down. What difference does it make? All aboard in life! What do you want your life to be consumed with? What is important and what isn’t important? What might you change, and what might you keep the same? Your reaction to life does not have to be automatic, beloveds. You simply have choices to make.

Life Unwinds Its Spool of Thread | Heavenletters

God said:

Have you ever wondered if you had been born somewhere else, how different you and your life might be? What if you had been born in the Himalayas, what would you be like? What would you be doing? Or had you been born anywhere else, what would you be like? What if you were born to different parents even in your same town, even next door, what would you be like? How different might you be then? And what if you had been born at a different juncture of time? Would you be you or someone else?

When all is said and done, you were born to the parents you were born to in the land you live in the juncture of time you are, and you are as you are, and you have the tendencies you have.

That fact that there are no accidents has to change your view. You were born or adopted right where you are supposed to be. And you are learning and developing just as you are meant to no matter how much you value your upbringing or do not value your upbringing. I suspect you value your upbringing more as you go along in life. Maybe yes, maybe no.

Of course, you held meaning for your parents as well, whether you brought sunny days or cloudy nights.

Here is what I want to tell you. It’s all right. However you are, wherever you are, whatever talents you have or don’t have, you are all right. And, regardless of how you were brought up or not brought up, you develop your talents regardless of disadvantages, and you may not develop your talents regardless of being born with a silver spoon in your mouth.

It is not always possible in the world to know what is an advantage and what is not. Anything can be either.

At the same time, there is something of you that is you regardless of anything else. You cannot hold your advantages or disadvantages responsible. You have great say in who you are and how you are and what you do next.

It is said that I work in strange and wondrous ways. And so do you. So do you.

Everyone’s life is different. Two brothers in the same household are much alike or not all alike. They may perhaps be incomparably different, and yet, and, yet, they are brothers who sprouted miraculously from the same parents.

It can be said that every aspect of your life influenced you, the books you read, the songs you sang, the teachers you had, the teachers you didn’t have, your language, the snow, the forests, the rain, the droughts, the mountains, the trees, the valleys. There is something you are grateful for that someone else is not. No matter what, your life is up to you.

It can be said that you follow your destiny even as you may have no idea what your destiny is. You follow unseen clues. It can also be said that you make your own destiny.

Some of My children seem to be certain from an early age how they want to serve in this world. And there are others who switch around and are unsure.

Here’s My point. It’s okay. You are okay as you are today. Life is unwinding its spool of thread. Your life can change overnight. There is no knowing. You may be sure of something, and your life just keeps going along as it is. You can even be sure that your life will stay the same, and it changes before your very eyes.

How would you know that your life is or isn’t as it is meant to be right now? And tomorrow it is meant to be as it appears tomorrow? No matter how much you know, how little you know, how little the world knows.

Come from Good Will | Heavenletters

God said:

Come from love. Unless you are coming from love, don’t say it. Unless you are coming from love, be quiet. Even in little things, in little things that seem insignificant, unless you’re coming from love, don’t do it, don’t say it, don’t think it.

Even when it comes to deleting an email, if you are feeling resentful, let go of the resentment before you delete. If you are feeling spiteful, let go of spite. If you cannot let go of antagonism in the little things, how are you are going to manage negativity in bigger things?

You can let go of negativity. You can. You really can. Here is where you learn humility. I will tell you that nothing is worth negativity. Nothing. Have an ace up your sleeve. The ace is good will. And if the ace up your sleeve is not yet good will, then don’t play that card.

You have a magic card, and it is good will. And if you do not yet have this magic card of good will, go for it. You can go for it in baby steps. The thing is that you go for it.

Now I will tell you that there is no small negativity. There is negativity, or there is positivity. There is no scale when it comes to negativity, nor is there a scale when it comes to positivity. There are no gradations. Hard feelings are hard feelings. A tiny bite of venom is, nevertheless, venom.

If someone you thought was a friend lets you down in one way or another as friends sometimes do – let’s say he sent you an email that annoys you and you resent the email, think twice before you delete his email rudely. Deleting is okay. You have to delete emails and even loving emails. You can’t keep them all, yet you can delete without passion. Try it. Try it now. Pay attention. Delete with a blessing for the sender of it. Yes, even spam. .

This is so important what I am saying to you. When you feel peeved, when you resent that the sender of the email no longer seemingly considers you important, consider your good will as important. What someone else does is not so important. What you do and how you do it matters very much. I am talking to you right now and not to someone else.

I am not suggesting that you mask your negative feelings, I am saying that you remove them.

Unless you come from love, don’t do it. Come from love, or don’t do it. Remove the negativity. Bless the person rather than dismissing him or her. Will you do that? Will you do that for the sake of the world, for the sake of the person, for the sake of yourself, and for My sake? For God’s sake, will you make an end to negativity? What are you doing by keeping it?

Let go of animosity. Let go of hurt feelings. Let go of anger. Whatever is not love, let go of it.

This is the meaning of turning the other cheek. Turn away from negativity. Turn toward positivity.

I cannot be clearer than I am. Do not allow yourself to hold on to negativity. Do not allow yourself to act from negativity. Do not allow yourself to justify negativity.

Remember how I value you. Remember that I reside within the one you perceive as other who has ignored or downplayed you. No longer are you to deride the heart of another. You will not say it’s okay to relish deleting. Even if not spoken, what you think is communicated, and what you think falls back on you.

You are too wonderful to play with negativity. You are wonderful enough to drop it. Negativity is a hot potato, and no longer will you touch it, not even with a ten-foot pole.

Is it so hard to come back to Me?

The Open Ocean of Love | Heavenletters

God said:

When you are going through a sad time, whether from current moments or from memories of the past, know that you are getting close to great insights. The insights may or may not take you deeper into sadness, yet, in every case, the insights are pulling you up from the well of sadness. The sad thoughts are not going to drown you. They are lifting you out.

Sadness is being washed away from you by torrents of rain, and then the sadness is dried by a golden sun, and you are restored to your original State of Being. Sadness is not a terrible thing. It does not have to be banished. Yet deeper insights even of sadness are wiping the slate clean. Don’t be affronted by sadness. Let sadness have its day in court. Much has been hidden from you that you are now seeing.

You may feel that your heart is melting in sadness too deep for you to understand. The sadness is melting, not your heart. Your heart is gaining strength. Both emotionally and physically, your heart is gaining strength. The sadness is leaving. It is sad to leave. It was comfortable bolstered by the pillows of sorrow in your heart it slept on. Much is leaving your heart. Do not be sad to see it go. Honor the parting sadness. It simply could not come up to the surface before. Now it is leaving. Your heart will be fine without it. You will be fine without it. The sadness held you together, and now you don’t need it. The seeds of your sadness are clearing you.

Negativity and sadness are not the same. Negativity you may have to sweep out. Sadness will leave of its own accord once it gets unburied from the leaves of the past that covered it. Yet both negativity and sadness come from a belief in loss, and sense of loss can grow only in a world of time and space.

You can’t keep the baby booties of the past forever. The baby’s feet have grown. The birds of the past flew away long ago, and you are mourning them. You are mourning what once seemed to be and no longer is. You are mourning that which you sought and never found. You are mourning loss of dreams and loss of almost anything you can think of.

You fear that you have not caught on to life and that you never will. You fear that life has passed you by.

You know very well that life is meant to be made of much more than loss and sorrow and wishes deflected. You simply can’t hold on to anything right now. You only thought you could anyway. That is a vanished dream as well.

It has been said that you are born with nothing and leave with nothing. In terms of the world that is true. I would speak a bigger Truth, and say that you were born with everything and you leave with everything, and yet everything does not mean the things of the world or anything of the world, or anything of the world as it is seen to be.

You were born with all the love of Heaven and you leave with all the love of Heaven. There is the nothingness of everything. You can’t put it in a pill. You can’t bottle it. You can only be it, beloveds.

You are My dream, and you have not left My dream. You are fulfilling My dream every moment. Even in dried tears, you have been following your story by living your life. From the ashes, you rise, and you rise to the love that you always have been yet which you have hidden away.

Now, on Earth, you are coming out more into the open, into the Ocean, into the open Ocean of Love.

A Stream of Beautiful Wild Horses | Heavenletters

God said:

It is sweet to yearn for whatever you yearn for. Yearn to your heart’s content. It is good for you. Your yearning is a practice with your heart. Your yearning comes from your heart, and you begin to listen to it. Give yourself permission to yearn. Yearning is your heart’s calling. Your yearning takes you in a direction that you might otherwise not go.

Yearning is different from bemoaning. Bemoaning discourages you. Yearning wakes you up. Yearning is like a treasure map that you open and then follow. From the beginning of yearning comes the outcome of yearning. We can call your yearning the first step and what you yearn for the last step. It is the in between then that you encompass.

You do not need to know all the interim steps. Your intention, your yearning, will get you together with that which you yearn for. Do not give up on your yearnings simply because you don’t know how to get to them. Just start going. Maybe you will go the long way round, but at least you are going somewhere. You have to be going somewhere in your life, so you might as well get going toward that which pulls at your heart.

Within your yearning lies the fulfillment. Yearning is powerful. Yearning is a sweet desire. What you yearn for may not be quite clear to you as yet, and that is all right too. Perhaps your yearning is for yearning, not yet knowing or daring what to yearn for. If you don’t know, it is likely because you have cut off your yearnings at the corral. You negated your yearnings. You may even have advised yourself to yearn for something else or nothing at all, and you did a good job of convincing yourself to put away your tender yearnings, as if they did not matter.

Your yearnings are feelers from your heart. They are tentative. You will do well to hear them out. What you truly yearn for may be quite different from what you convinced yourself of. You wanted your yearnings based on present Earth reality, but yearnings are a different critter and cannot be sanctioned by the light of the present day. If your whole vantage comes from where you presently represent yourself, you abandon or outlaw the very stirrings of your heart’s yearning. You cannot yearn for what you presently have. Yearning is for something that is not yet evident. Your very yearnings are trying to reach somewhere where you presently are not, or they would not be yearnings.

Certainly, appreciate where you are now. By all means. But appreciating is not yearning. Both appreciating and yearning are worth acclaiming. Perhaps they are the two ends of the same lasso.

Be a cowboy in life with a stream of beautiful wild horses. You have to single one out to catch. Then you can catch another. But first you see the horse you want, and then you go for it. You could throw your rope out and let it catch what it catches and in life that often happens, but a cowboy has a horse in mind. It is not always the one nearest to him.

Your yearnings, by their very nature, are mavericks, or they would not be yearnings. And there must be something of a maverick in you for you to seek them out. If you were a horse without yearnings, you would be a nag, but you are a cowboy, and you get ready to rope in that which your heart yearns for.

The Gold of God’s Heart | Heavenletters

God said:

You may feel that it is difficult for you to love others, yet it seems that the hardest thing for you to do is to love yourself. You may think you favor yourself over others, yet you do not. Because you are not crazy about others doesn’t at all mean you love yourself more.

You may give yourself the biggest slice of pie, yet that may be a sign of your loving yourself less and needing the biggest piece of pie as a substitute for the love you don’t feel for yourself.

Self-serving is not a sign of self-love. It is a sign of lack of self-love.

When you love yourself well, you are able to give others more. You are naturally more generous. I am speaking of more love from your heart, not more proof of love you may need to bolster your sense of nobility.

It is good to be giving. It is good to be noble, and yet it is better to serve from your heart and not for any self-seeking. You can’t help but feel good when you come from generosity, but when you give with the idea in mind of enriching yourself, then giving is more like taking. Perhaps if you keep a record of your givingness, you are not really giving. It can be you are trying to raise yourself in your own estimation as well.

Come from the premise that anyone I, God, love from My full heart is worthy of love. This means you, too, are worthy. I don’t care what you may have done or not done, you are worth gold to Me. In fact, you are the gold of My heart that shines and calls Me to your side.

Be generous to Me, beloveds. Be generous with yourself.

You may see yourself as needing when the Truth is that you are needed.

You came to Earth to make My vision come true. My vision is simple. A world of love. A world of love can only be a world of peace. May you and all on Earth flourish.

May your hearts take off like birds flying to the sun. Yes, let your hearts fly to Me and melt in the sun of My love. Melted hearts are not frittered away. Melted hearts become molten gold. Any cracks or crevices in a heretofore dry heart are fixed, and hearts become seamless, whole and perfect in the goldenness of love itself.

Who would really want a dry heart, a hard heart, a wizened heart, when a heart can be love-filled, abundant, secure, simply being what a heart is for?

Your heart gets stirred so you will know that love is your natural state. A stirred heart has its love blended so it is reminded to love and to love all, as I love all. Hearts of love do not ask questions. Hearts of love are so full they are already satisfied. Hearts of love can accept that they are to give their love like orange blossoms that fall from a tree. Hearts of love know that their love is to be given away and that nothing is more wonderful than love given away the same way that the sun shines its light on all. The sun asks no questions about merit. The sun knows how to love, and I tell you that you also know how to love, and yet you can love more and more, and you can have more and more love to give. You cannot run out of love.

Who Could Think of a World with Birds Singing? | Heavenletters

God said:

Tell Me, who could think of the singing of birds but I? Who could have thought of such joy as this, such beauty of sound, so in rhythm with the beat of the Universe? The sweet song of birds sings that all is well. Birds sing that I, God, am taking care of everything, and that everything is on cue.

Birds sing My song. Listen and hear. They sing: ‘”God is love, and God loves you!” Their songs have many variations, but that is the sum and substance: ‘”God is love, and God loves you.”

And birds also are singing that they are very happy communicating the song of My heart to you. What a natural thing it is for birds to sing according to the sun!

Birds know what to sing and when to sing it. And now you know to listen. It is important that you listen. Go outside and listen to the singing of the birds, for they are singing to you. They want to be heard. They want you to hear them. It is exhilarating for My birds to have an audience. They like to sing for you. They are My messengers just as much as you are, only they have been better at it than you.

They do not question. They do not ask: “Am I on cue? Should I really sing? Who am I to think I can sing? Am I on key? Am I singing too much? Nobody will want to listen.” No, My beloved birds do not go to the volumes of steps that you do. They merely sing for the glory of God. So, in that sense, they don’t care if you listen or not. Singing is the thing, although they do like it when you listen.

Birds sing in delight as they announce the world to itself. How close to Me and all of nature are the birds! They sing well and they listen well. They do not intellectualize Me. They don’t try to make themselves something more than they are, or less.

If a bird is a red cardinal, it sings for My joy and entertainment. If a bird is a sparrow, it is glad to be a sparrow who sings for My joy. The sparrow does not envy the red cardinal and wish for the color or voice of a cardinal. Oh, no, the sparrow acknowledges its worthiness to Me just the way it is. You might say that a wren is not ambitious because it doesn’t want to be anything more than it already is. It doesn’t even occur to a wren to want to be a cardinal. You might say that you have higher standards than a wren because you desire more. A wren doesn’t have low standards, beloveds. It’s simply that a wren values himself. In that sense, his standards are higher than yours! Frankly, a wren doesn’t care what you make of him. He recognizes His connection to Me. He covets no more.

If you were more content with yourself, you would be more like a wren.

A red cardinal is not stuck on itself. It is happy with itself. It’s happy to be a red cardinal. Only humankind thinks a cardinal is more than a wren.

All birds know their worth, and they know yours, and yet they are not dependent upon what you think of them. It matters not one whit. A bird simply knows it’s wonderful because I know the wonder of it.

Now if you will only know your wondrousness, how happy you would be. And how happy I would like you to be.