Great Good in the World | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloved, there is Great Good in the world, if I do say so Myself I speak every day and night from within you again and again. You do want this, don’t you? You desire that I talk to you more and more? You want to catch the words I whisper to you from the depths and heights and subtlety of what I say. I do speak sweetly, although I do not speak solely sweet nothings. I am solid of purpose. You like it when your ear is pressed to My Words. All aboard. Let’s find out more.

Of course, this that you refer to as you is open to sweet talk, yet I extend the strength beyond sweetness alone. I love lightness with you, yet, of course, there is also a higher setting according to what you are open to hear fro, what comes along with all of Me and, therefore, you – more than you may imagine.

We have known each other for more than eons. Oneness is well-known.

Certainly, you are in My heart safe and sound and found within what is called for all time.

Within My heart, you may well find your heart blossoming as you hadn’t noticed before. All is within you. This is a matter of fact. Be patient. Of course, naturally, We are patient with Our Vast mutual longing. I call our longing Vast, that for that which you have been a long time seeking. You really are beginning to get the hang of Oneness for old times’ sake.

There is much to do with life in this land of earth and spirit, and how you yearn to catch up and get far ahead. I tell you to be slow-paced and patient at the same time as I excitedly tell you to zoom ahead, because what on earth are you waiting for? A rainy day?

You may not have noticed when you get caught up to the brim of Oneness. And that this can happen more than once. You will always get another chance and another.

Of course, even before learning to give love comes an actual ample loving presence filled within what you call yourself.

Sometimes you may feel like a slow traveler when it comes to giving love as a simple giver of love will do. You have often yearned to be loved more than you desire to love. You have been good at struggling to give love and actually distributing a good wealth of love – you’ve long been waiting for actual love to appear right at your fingertips. Somehow, it’s not quite natural-seeming to you to spill out your bounty of love. You may feel that you are the runt of the litter and a slow learner when it comes to love.

No matter, you will catch up before you know it. Now will be the time for you to fulfill your quota. This giving of love will be the easiest thing in the world. It will be a snap. You will never cut love short. You will find that you do know very well what it is to give love rather than to grab it for yourself. You don’t have to love everything and everyone all at once. Just love. Love somewhat somehow. Love someone over and over again, for you are someone who is learning that you can fill up a balloon of love over and over again.

Sometimes you come to the conclusion that you would really rather fill up someone else’s heart to the brim before you fill up your own lagging heart. Fill your heart and others’ as well. There are plenty of choices of hearts to fill up for the joy of the world as We speak. Love is how you bless.


Surviving Astonishment | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloved, We are so strongly attracted to Oneness because of the truth of One’s Beingness that thou and I represent. I do My utmost to assure you of this amazing Oneness that exists. Be assured that you and I singularly and definitively exist as One beautiful Oneness.

There are no two of Us. Never was. Twoness does not exist. Oneness alone exists. One Heart is not the same as two hearts drawn together. Be One Heart that recognizes Its One Self so dearly. No One is to pull the One Heart of Oneness apart.

How amazing this Oneness Is. It is phenomenal. It is worth writing home about. Oneness is worth everything, and Oneness, once and for all, is all there is. Oneness exists as the whole kit and kaboodle. There is nothing more wonderful than Oneness – no indeed.

All the world’s treasures and money in the King’s Treasury cannot light a candle to Oneness. Absolutely, there is nothing so grand as Oneness. Please accept Oneness as the existential truth in the world.

Recognize, once and for all, that you exist as Oneness the same as I do – more Oneness than you may have yet begun to see. Let’s absorb more about this Oneness from the bottom of My One Mingling Heart that stands above the erstwhile crowd. Let’s accept this mutual Oneness Blessing.

Happy Day for you and Me, Beautiful Oneness! There is nothing else. Oneness Is, and nothing else is. There is no multitudinous except as thoughts that have not yet blossomed into truth. You may figure out much that leaves the truth of you running in the dark. Yes, you would like what I say to be the whole truth and nothing but the truth, yet the truth may leave you lagging in the dust, as if this truth could not be the real thing. It may seem too impossible for you to accept. It may well be easier for you to disbelieve in what I say than it is for you to believe in the truth with all your heart. Oh, yes, you would like to believe. How you would love to believe all there is. You would be delighted to believe this, and yet you don’t quite.

Tell Me, please, why would I bother going around saying Oneness, Oneness, Oneness if this were not the God’s Honest Truth? I do not play a joke on you. I do not speak just to hear Myself speak. I am not, absolutely not, any kind of big talker. I am the most truthful and sincere there is in the whole world and within the total height and depth and breadth of innocent Heaven. One good deed leads to another. You don’t need to expect less than what I say. In respect to Me, expect more. How about now? Yet not to have to have.

If you want to take a chance on the course of your life, I am telling you now as simply as I can how you can change the course of your life around in this very instant as you live and breathe. Own up to it, Beloved. There is Oneness, and you and I exist as the whole as you live and breathe. Oneness exists right now. Give up any suspicion you may have about the true state of affairs on Earth.

What does it mean that you and I are the truth of Oneness and nothing but the truth so help you God, and Oneness is said and done? What can this hullabaloo be about? This is astonishing to you, yet you are well capable of surmounting astonishment!

Behold, today, happiness is right before Our – My – One – pair of eyes!

The Life You Live | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloved, today you may feel that something is coming around the corner for you. You don’t exactly know what, yet you feel it’s on its way straight to you. You can hardly wait. It’s something you clearly welcome. In fact, you run to your computer in case a blessed email has already arrived.

You are aware that an easy-going hands-off approach to life generally is more effective than an insistent one.

You don’t want to scare good news away. After all, extra good news usually comes when it’s good and ready. Your role in life isn’t to be a bill collector. You will be a happy receiver rather than an impatient one who seems to demand of life: “Where have you been? What took you so long?”

You get it. There is a fine balance to keep. You are delighted to receive life as it comes, full well knowing that life has your interests at heart and is always looking out for you. You don’t want to be taken for an irate customer. All is well. You can do it. You can take life as it comes on its own terms.

You may have had an unrelated dream out of the blue, an inexplicable dream about old friends of yours, as it happens, a genially married couple that were always good friends to each other and to you. In real life, the couple had moved to California years ago. In this dream, you and the couple had been in business together and not only friends. In this dream, they arrived at your door with business-related packages for you. Your friends have been especially thinking of you and brought you some products. In the dream, this was a nice gesture but also somewhat confusing.

Anyway, you do not dream of dream interpretation. You want your known dreams to come true. Why would you have your big dreams if they were not to come true? You desire the real thing to come true right in front of you. Speculation does not satisfy you.

You ask Me: “God, let’s get right down to it. No more shilly-shallying along. No more wild guesses.”

Pretty much your favored dreams that do come true came through as surprises to you.

In retrospect, you may see some signposts. In one long view, you could have predicted some aspects of your life, but not all. And you also realize that if you had known in advance, you cannot be sure that you would do a rerun any better now even so. You are aware that what you have to do now is to be glad to have received all that did come your way. Never mind what you would have left out if you could have.

All in all, you did quite well. And, yes, if you could do it all over knowing what you know now, would you really have done it differently? You do have one clear desire, and that is to have appreciated yourself better all along the way.

You also understand now that nothing is for naught. Even if you didn’t make out as a one-day wonder, you did great. This is your life that you lived, and, indeed, you did live it. You have carried it through so far. I may even hear you say:

“Thank You, God, for staying by my side. You see me through the shallows and through the heights. Right now, God, I do not see what is to come. What I do know is that You will be with me hand in hand, and I will know the grace that You see in me, and I will know it well. Take me where You will, God, and thank you for the ride. Wherever you lead, that’s where I want to be with You.”

Be Done with Guilt | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloved, there is something I would like removed from Earth as soon We can. With the removal of this one thing, the entire world will feel lighter than air, and the sooner there will be a wide sweep of the universal longed-for Ascension. Be done with the concept of guilt. Guilt isn’t worthwhile. Guilt is a heartbreaker. Stay away from guilt. Run away from it.

For too long, it has been thought that guilt is a good thing. Guilt is not a good thing. Burdens are from the past. Blame. Shame. You are innocent, Beloved. Claim your innocence instead of hanging on to guilt. Most guilt does not come from a deliberate act. You didn’t know better. Or it may have been a happenstance. Now be over all the qualms about it. Get out from under the twists of gut-wrenching guilt. Enough, enough, enough, I say. Hear Me. Forget this old-time mystique or fraternity called guilt without end.

Favor a clean slate. Don’t point the finger of guilt at anyone and, most of all, at yourself. Self-guilt holds you back from enjoying life. Guilt is no one’s reward. Have I not told you to leave the past behind? Go forward.

Guilt isn’t good for you or anyone. Guilt retards you and the world from expanding.

Remove the shroud of guilt. It is too everlasting. If I could just remove all guilt with a snap of my finger just like that, I would.

“Out, out, dark spot! Dissolve yourself, dark spot. You are a bane on Earth. Guilt, get outta here.”

It has been rumored that I recommend atoning through guilt. Do not spend your time on Earth agonizing over a sense of guilt. Let go of ruminating over all the causes of guilt. By and large, many who harp on their own guilt come to it by mistake and not deliberate action, yet they keep stabbing their hearts and don’t stop. Those who might commit grievous errors over and over again may well take their offenses casually. At least seen from the outside, they may not be grieving.

One theme I repeatedly tell you is to let go of the past. Hop to it. Cease going over the past and giving sad accounts of all the profound suffering there has been. Be done with it. No longer point a gun of retribution at yourself or anyone. You are not here on Earth to ruminate over guilt which is past to bring up to the present.

You are sorry. You would undo the past if you could. You can’t. In the world, guilt is too big a weight to carry. Sentence no one to the albatross of guilt when the best thing you can do is to remove guilt pronto. Righteous sense of guilt is not anything to hold on to or be proud of.

Loud and clear, I urge you not to assault yourself with guilt. Don’t think you are wonderful to support guilt. Get guilt behind thee. Remove guilt from your presence once and for all. Banish the concept of guilt right away. Guilt is no favor. Put away guilt-bearing stories as fast as you can. Wave the flag of freedom.

No one is wonderful to dredge-up guilt-bearing stories. Guilt is contrary to life. If you want to be a good citizen, toss guilt thoughts out once and for all. Guilt carries no badge of honor. Stay away from guilt like the plague. Let go of the heaviness of guilt once and for all. Don’t do guilt to yourself or anyone.

Oneness No Matter What | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloved, here is a fine distinction: Nothing passes between us, One from the other, for We are One. A great deal passes through Our One Self, the way a breeze passes through the air.

In the first place, there is no separation to begin with. Separateness? Separateness is a surface view that you may believe certifiably happens to you as it’s cracked up to be. Can Oneness, True Oneness with God, something like Ascension, really consciously happen for you, and will it really be worth the long wait you expect it’s going to take? Can you sit out the longtime wanting, you wonder?

Okay, start thinking greater than you presently do. Grab onto other thoughts. Look at life the way I heartily recommend. Go for the mountain peak. What is the point in not going for the mountain peak? Or, what is the point in anticipating blessings in dribs and drabs and on a slow simmer? Starting now, anticipate what you really want. Go for it. Life doesn’t necessarily have to go along less than your heart’s desires.

Life could, of course, come along in quick time and not let you down. The good thing is that, in going for what you deeply desire, you are supporting the life you desire. Bravo, Beloved, Bravo! Bravo! Compliments to you for your aiming high!

Why not bet on yourself? Why not have the the inclination that you have as good a chance as anyone else? Be upbeat!

In no uncertain terms, aim for the highest time and time again. Be like Winston Churchill and say: “Never never give up!”

Get the idea that I am betting on you and the possibility that you might come out on top! The idea is that you truly do deserve all you ask for. Why NOT?

By the same token, you can ease up on the pedal that you absolutely must win in the world. No matter how important whatever is happening may be to you, it’s not a life and death struggle you are embroiled in. Even if you believe so, I tell you that the idea of even losing your physical life is not the huge loss you believe except as you are convinced it is. Absolutely, your life is valuable, and it is major, yet, the idea that you can only be bereft without the physical’s bluff and bluster isn’t exactly how it is.

Listen to Me. Losing your life, your livelihood, your memory etc. are not at all the most you are made of. In no uncertain terms, I am not telling you to forfeit your life. Just don’t hang on to it so forcefully as if your present outer life on Earth is the sum and substance of you and is all that counts.

You are greater than your current life on Earth. You are not your work. You are not your body. You are not your legs, you are not even your mind. You ponder your present outer life. This is not the most significant role you play in your present life. You are greater than all of these.

You are truly more than anything you appear to be and perceive yourself to be on Earth. You cannot be one whit less than I say you are, for you are nothing but Infinite! You are One with Me.

Hurray! There is no one and nothing that can cut Our Oneness in two. Oneness is!

You Are Inspired on Earth as It Is in Heaven | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloved, moving right along, consider life on Earth a fabulous menu that I created and put together. You are the creative chef who prepares the meal and the server who serves the food effortlessly and joyously to the throngs who are eager to be served.

This is like sailing on a smooth sea. There is nothing to it. There are the hungry throngs. It takes no effort to be hungry. It happens naturally. To pass on the food also happens naturally. I am thinking along the lines of serving and/or being served. Life may be compared to a serving line.

And, yes, there are also those who clean up later. Cycles are repeated.

Living isn’t meant to be complicated or arduous. All prepare, serve, and are the served. Humanity wears all the hats. There are no class distinctions. There is Oneness.

Oneness seems to be a big topic, yet it isn’t exactly a topic. Oneness is a given. It could be said that Oneness is My pride and joy. It could also be said that Oneness is My humble love and your constant realization – the summit of Our Oneness.

Regarding Godwriting, it could be said that, on its own, the Godwriting that comes from your hand takes its own shape. You find the Godwriting coming to you, and you begin to see what it looks like, the clothes and styles it likes to wear from your hand, the shapes and the colors, its tone of voice, its sense of things and the form it takes and the radiance and revelation of its Self.

A dictionary defines inspire as: To guide by divine influence, instruct and infuse with spiritual or divine knowledge.

Thus, I am the Inspirer of Godwriting. Thus, I am the True Godwriter, and you are the Godwriter by proxy.

And so you are a Godpainter, a Godcomposer, a Godgardener. a Godblessing, even a Godwriter of Fiction Books and Stories. Whatever you give the world, you are a Godgiver of it. You are a Godhousedesigner or Godhousebuilder or Godarchitect or Godmachinest. A Godwriter isn’t more special or divine.

All of God’s designs are Divine and echo My Voice. To My Beloved Self, I assign you. Believe Me that I choose you. Your finding your way to Me is God-given. Your smile is Mine. Along the same lines, I choose the Godwriting that falls to your ears. You lean into what I ask of you or nudge you to and to all your speculation.

Whatever trail in life you follow, you chose, yet you are also chosen. I choose for you. We are both happy.

Godwriting is one trail. House cleaning is another. No matter how you serve, this is how you serve. The world sets a status, not I. Serving is serving. I point you. This is nothing new. As a baby, you served. Shaking your rattle, you served, and I chose you to serve as well. You may call it nature that serves, if you like.

The world may say to you: “Find your joy.”

I say to you: “I supply you joy. You will see. I am your Creator. I encourage you to establish My joy on Earth.”

It isn’t true that fools rush in where angels fear to tread. This sounds classy; however, there is nothing that angels fear to tread. You may be sure that angels tread anywhere and everywhere there is to tread. Angels tread on Earth, and you are one of the angels.

It is a brave thing to Godwrite. To tread on Earth is brave. To be a human Being, bared as you are to world opinion and world events, takes guts for Earth angels to comport themselves on Earth amidst the hustle-bustle life may prepare itself to be. Go High.

What the World Needs Now | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloved, know once and for all, what We do on Earth is to tour the Universe together. I will say that We do handstands together and fly across the trapeze together and discover the way of things together, and together We, as One, dance the Light Fantastic as One Enlightened Light of the World.

Never are you stranded. Never are you adrift. Never am I without your hand to hold, and never is your hand without Mine to hold as We stroll around the Universe on a walkway to Heaven. Where did you think you were going? You aren’t just lollygagging along to mark time.

You take great strides, and you make great strides, and we whisk around the Universe in good spirits. We are something to behold. I – We – are all wrapped up as One Enlightening Light. The point is that there is Oneness, and that’s the truth, and that’s all there is. We are One. There is no longer the concept of many. There is One!

There is One. Let’s have a good time. Laugh out loud. Wake up laughing. Go to sleep laughing. You and I as One are here to make merry, so heap laugh upon laugh. Is there something else to do? Taking life utterly seriously isn’t a great thing to do. Taking to heart is a good thing, yet taking to heart is too often taken to mean to take life very seriously, even studiously.

If you desire to feel beautiful impending events, be like a little child and stick your little hand out for joyous times wherever you turn. Expand your lungs with laughter. There is no need for tears to dry any longer unless they are tears of laughter.

Oh, yes, laugh your life away. Row your boat with laughter. Kick up your heels with laughter. Take not even Me so seriously. Take Me with joy. Life in the world has been laden with seriousness. Put seriousness away. There are no burdens to keep. Laughter is to swell the consciousness of the world. From now on, if you must personally write seriously, write in invisible ink. Create a chain of laughter. Let laughter ring out!

Be a smile walking down the street. Leap to the stars. Take only laughter seriously and give laughter to spare.

No one needs help in taking life seriously. I tell you frankly that the world is crying out for less seriousness. It seems that joy has been going out of style as if there were no more use of it whereas joy is the purpose of your lifetime right now.

Do you feel it? What the world needs right now is love, more love, more love.

What the World Needs Now

What the world needs now is love sweet love,
It’s the only thing that there’s just too little of,
What the world needs now is love sweet love,
No, not just for some but for everyone,
Lord we don’t need another mountain,

There are mountains and hillsides,
Enough to climb
There are oceans and rivers,
Enough to cross, enough to last till the end of time,

What the world needs now is love sweet love,
It’s the only thing that there’s just too little of,
What the world needs now is love sweet love,
No, not just for some but for everyone,

Lord, we don’t need another meadow,
There are cornfields and wheat fields,
Enough to grow
There are sunbeams and moonbeams,
Enough to shine,

Oh listen lord, if you want to know,
What the world needs now is love sweet love,

It’s the only thing that there’s just too little of,
What the world needs now is love sweet love,

No, not just for some,
Oh but just for every every everyone

What the world needs now (oh)
Is love sweet love (is love)
What the world needs now (oh)
Is love sweet love (is love)
What the world needs now (oh)
Is love sweet love (is love)

Songwriters: Burt F. Bacharach / Hal David

From the Fullness of My Heart, You Are My Beloved | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloved, from the bottom of My heart, or, more accurately to say – from the fullness of My heart – you are My Beloved.

My heart bursts aflame with full-range love for you. There is nothing I can do to minimize My love for you, and there is nothing you can do about it either. Love it is, and there it is, two Hearts magnetized into One. You have no say about it. There is no putting aside the flames of My love for you. I am full of love for you. Anticipate My arrival around the corner.

Of course, you are My happiness. On each occasion, My love is ever new, even as it has always been Our love. There is no escape from Our Big Love, even as We do not desire any escape from the state of Oneness forever beckoning.

As it is, My love for you is something like the importance your right arm has for you. Yes, yes, you want to keep your arm forever close. You would never wish to give it up. Your right arm has always been close to you.

By the same token, who would want distance from Our delicious Oneness? In any case, I claim you as My Beloved. I know when I have something good, and I want to keep you close to My heart forever as One.

It’s true you are Mine, yet not in the sense of property. I set you sailing in the High Seas as My Ship’s Captain. How eager I am to watch your voyage, for it is the same voyage as Mine to the betterment of the world. When hearts are meant to be entwined as One, horses cannot pull Our One heart apart. It can’t be done, although you may kid yourself that We are not acquainted at all.

We are bound by an infinite alliance of Oneness. We have a voluntary tie of true love, and that’s all there is to it in order to bask in Our mutual love forevermore. We form a Golden Ring of Love that is incapable of the illusion of coming apart. Our love is Infinite and made in Heaven where We wish to stay and are accorded such blessings forever and anon. We are only Oneness, and Oneness is the whole Golden Story. Better than marked in stone, We are marked in the Gold of Our love basking on the beach.

There never was an inkling of anything else but the wreath of Our love to equal itself.

Our love isn’t made of papier-mâché. There is no stronger bond than the love We speak of, which is grand far beyond the peak of romantic love. Romantic love is not commonly-known as forever, perhaps no more lasting than here today and gone tomorrow.

All the same, all the good you can dream of to think exists as close as your beating heart. It exists in the offing right now. Make no mistake. All that you are meant to have exists right at hand at this very moment in Our Heart of Oneness. Expand your bounds. Life is this simple and straightforward. Not for one moment are you to complicate and thus tighten your imagined boundaries.

You are nearer to autonomy right now than you ever dared to imagine. Honestly, I come with the territory. All that is missing is your recognition that I am nearer right now than you ever dared to imagine. Hark, I am within you deeper than the surface by a long shot. We are speaking from the very depth of Oneness in the making and in its perpetuity,

When Oneness Dawns | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloved, when I speak, would you like to sit in? Even when you don’t grasp what exactly I’m saying, you gain something by listening even casually. Together, We make leaps forward. You don’t have to look for a set plan or accomplishment. Together, We, you and I as One, shall rise simply in the East the same way the morning sun does. It is natural.

Together, you and I, We don’t set out with a grand plan. We do not plan. We do not make a big splash. We are not setting out to break any records. We sit together. We don’t ask for more than to be together with Our hearts beating in One thump.

Something good comes through My voice that stirs Our heartbeats in pure simplicity. Of course, listen to all the music you already like to listen to and add Me. From your readiness to hear Me, the world takes a leap.

Amazingly, there is always more going on than at first appears – most especially when I speak and you listen. By your very openness, what I commune takes a foothold in your heart. There is more than what goes on behind the scenes than may at first be apparent. We are simply together, and no more than this. You don’t have to be thinking about Our connectedness. In fact, it’s good to just live Oneness.

Even if you had no ears to hear with and could not hear Me at all, there is a refined subtle influence of hearing – an Essence of God – whereby there is not anywhere Oneness cannot be.

If I speak to you in a language that you know not one word of, you will be enriched just the same – a subtle influence of sound available even in a language unknown to your conscious mind that reaches you.

You are not out for serious intellectual instruction. Oneness has an easygoing kind of communication. You’re not signing up for anything. I give you simple open entry to the beat of My heart. Come right in.

If I, God, didn’t move My lips, and you are aware I’m not moving my lips, you gain from realizing that Oneness sits in the same Universe together.

With whatever kind of ease you feel in My presence, you will absorb Me effortlessly at your own pace. There is no quota you have to fill. You don’t have to race lickety-split or to ponder.

I am where love and strength come from. Step over here, please.

You don’t have to ask questions of Me. We are primal. We are nature itself. We are immeasurable. We start from where We happen to be, and it is good.

In Silence and without a list of gainful desires in mind, Oneness goes deep, and We go high. We bypass any focus, even on Silence. Silence isn’t even a thought. Together We exist as an impulse. We are One beyond thought of Oneness. We are Oneness. We do not have to pray for it or anything like that.

We are out of this world. We don’t have to announce that Oneness meets as One.

Even when you do not remember My Name, We go deep. We are not Self-Conscious. We are Oneness. We are deeper than any thought or non-thought. We are pre-thought. We are pre-concept. We are primal. We are eternal. We are nature itself on a lark. We are the One Self that has always been. You were Oneness long before the idea dawned on you.

Now I hear you say: “All Glory to You, God.”

Beloved, I am the One Self, and so are you.

Depending Upon the Angle You are Looking From | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloved, regardless of the angle you may see from at one time or another, We, you and I, are in perfect harmony. We, as One, are the best of friends. I am never out of sorts. You may be in a desolate mood. I do not have moods. I am not in a good mood one day or in a rough mood another. I love always. I love you always.

Nor do I ever hide from you what I am thinking. I am not a patsy with you ever, nor am I an over-riding disciplinarian. I am the straight goods. I see clearly. I do not pretend otherwise. I don’t try to soften you up, nor am I fiercely strict with you.

There are no two ways about Me. I am a constant in your life.

It may seem to you that some days I may be cross with you. This is your take on life at the moment, for you do have moods and good days and bad days. The thing is that you take a dim view of some days and a brighter view of other days. You look through various colored lenses. Life can be touch and go for you. Of course, you favor some days more than others. This is your predilection. This is how life hits you.

I am your Beloved God. I am not a flighty God nor a treacherous God who goes up and down depending upon how I feel. You are My Beloved. No matter what turmoil you perceive yourself in, you are mistaken. I am pure clear-sighted love. I just may not be your favorite DaDa at this moment, yet I hold you happily in My arms just the same.

Life has its seeming paths to you. Let go of the idea that I am ever out to get you. Sometimes life seems to be tough on you. You don’t have the whole picture. You are unable to connect the dots. You call this terrible. No one likes these times that you see as loss.

I don’t pin you to the wall, yet you are in a spot. The days you feel My love strongly, these are the days you are ON. The days you feel beleaguered, you are OFF. On the OFF days, you see us as two zig-zagging. No matter; in the long run, you will see from a wider angle. When you perceive life as hurtful, Beloved, you are picking up faulty signals. You just aren’t on the sunny side of the street. Regardless of your take on life at a given moment, you and I, We are on good terms.

No matter how painful your view of life may be at any moment, no matter how your apple cart may be upturned, no matter how stunned you are, no matter how darkly you may see your present path, no matter how much you fear what you are going through, the sun will shine again. I don’t say that losing a loved one or other circumstances are nothing at all. Oh yes, life can hit you hard.

Oh, yes, you may see huge bumps, and you wonder where My good heartedness has gone. My heart is never gone. Life may not seem golden to you from one day to the next. Nevertheless, My heart holds you high. I am not your detractor. I am for you 100%. When you feel you are on a muddy path, know the muddy path will dry soon.

When you may feel at the bottom of a pit, you and I are not at loggerheads. We are One and not two. No exceptions. This is the God’s Honest Truth.