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God said:

There is no frittering away Life, even as you may be certain that all your Life on Earth may seem to identify itself as passing time.

You have to be doing something while you are here on Earth even as you sometimes may feel sure that you waste your Life in details. Beloveds, obviously, you don’t know what Wondrousness amounts to even as you stare Wondrousness right in the face.

Begin to salute Life no matter what Life may seem to look like. Give Life a run for its money. There’s more to Life than you credit Life to be. Credit your Life highly. This is a Great Journey you are on. There has never been another Life just like yours nor will there ever be. Take My Word for this.

You may think that your Life is old hat when Life is the Newest of the New. There is no other Life like yours. You are the only One leading your Life. You may think your Life is a dime a dozen. This is impossible, of course, for you venture forth.

Unless you are on a Great Journey, why would you desire a pillow to rest your head on and Room at the Inn?

Beloveds, perhaps the most amazing thing of all to you is that you are to twirl your Life around to serve Me. You may have thought that your Life is all about you, and that I am, above all, to serve you when it is for you to serve Me! It is for you to serve Me even when you may have no idea what this means.

Unless you rise High in Life, dear ones, well, you are mistaken, as mistaken as can be.

That’s okay too cuz you are in process of finding out your True Identity. You do not remain in ignorance forever. You grow and expand and take flight. You are, in actuality, a High Flyer. You may think you take a swan dive often. Here’s the thing:

Regardless of what bells the world may intone, you cannot fail. So long as you are alive on Earth, you can only succeed in living your Life. There are no 
ifs, ands, and buts about this. Whatever you achieve or think you do not achieve, you are a High Flyer. You are here for a High Purpose. Well, yes, you may still be holding on to ignorance, yet you are gaining in awareness right and left.

No one fails in Life. No one else holds your Life seemingly in the details but you. Your Life is singular. Have no doubt about this. Your Life may serve differently from the way you see it. Later, you will see more clearly from a larger picture. Hallowed be Your Name, beloveds.

In any case, you are finding your way, and I am with you. As the Sun rises in the East, so do you. You are always rising, and you are always rising Higher.

You may well be stubborn. We know this. It may be hard for you to surrender. What surrender often means is to let go of a stopgap that you hold dear. This stopgap has often been called ego. You really don’t require it. Not at all do you. You are far better off without this illumination of imposing ego. You are not this so-called ego. You are not this ego at all.

That which is called ego is far from the Truth of You. Decidedly far from the Truth of You is this offshoot of self-importance. You never needed it. It is misbegotten. It is a sham. Come, establish your Self in Me.

Wild Adventure in Life | Heavenletters


God said:

In terms of the world, everything is important to you. Dear Children of My Heart, at the same time, note that everything in the world is fleeting.

Your feet may seem to be on the ground, yet the Earth you walk on stands in mid-air.

Life on Earth is, more or less: Now you see itnow you don’t.

The world is wily. You can’t quite keep up with the world, even as you go far beyond the world.

It is possible to say that the world is a mile a minute. It is possible to say that the world is preposterous. There isn’t anything you can’t say. There almost isn’t anything you haven’t said.

You Sing a Song of Sixpence, and you hang your Life on a Star. Now you are getting closer to the Truth of It All.

Life is a passing fancy, yes, and yet Life is far more than that. Life may seem to you like a commodity. What seems is not what always is. You are greater than you conceive. I conceive you great.

Join Me in this Wild Adventure in Life. You come across Life. You stumble on Life. You cognize Life. Life is a dream you have. Ah, what a dream. What a dream you dream. Yet there is more to your Life than you ever dreamed of. There is more going on than you fathom. Even as nothing is really happening, there is more to Life than what you dissemble. Hang your Heart on a Tree.

Much of Life is an attempt to be more than you think you are, and, yet, the Reality is that you are far more than you think you are.

You may imagine that you are a diamond in the rough. You may attempt to fake at being alert and alive when there is no necessity to fake at all.

Once upon a dream, you denied the Truth of Who You Are. You thought you were something you aren’t, when you are something greater than all your dreams rolled into One.

You are a smashing Hit in Life. You are meant for Stardom. You cannot escape this. Whatever dissembling you may attempt, you are the Real Thing. You don’t wander so far afield as you may think.

You are alive with the Sound of Music. You follow a tune you heard in the distance and don’t quite notice. You, I, everyone, the Earth, the Heavens are One. Oh, yes, you play games, yet you are the Truth just the same.

We share the same roots, We do. We surpass mountains.

You are a Celebrity of Mine who far surpasses your boundaries. I celebrate you. Hand in hand, We celebrate Life as the Great Occasion It Is, even as you doubt with all your Heart. The Truth is that you are Marvelous.

You celebrate Riding the Waves, so you think, when in Actuality you are the Stillness of Stillness. You may make a fuss even as you are a Supreme Dancer. You may think you stumble. You may think you do not Love, and you mourn this disability of lack of Love when the Pure Truth is that you are beholden and devoted to Love and to Me, the Source of All Love.

No longer deny the Love you are made of. Bet on your Self and not everything but your Self. You are a Star in the Firmament. You are wedged into the Magnificence of Life. Yes, you.

You are a Knight in Shining Armor. You are the Horizon of Life, and you are more than that. You discern Everything. You are Supreme. You and I, We fly together. We take off. You and I are not just fooling around. We are purposeful.

There is Vast Meaning to your Being Here on Earth, and you are more Lively than you dare say. Hurray for Life and the Great Meaning Life Holds. Think more of yourself, for you are a High Point in this Parade called Life on Earth. You excel, so mighty are you.

Accept Yourself | Heavenletters


God said:

When you are extremely sensitive and tender to nuances, dear ones, do not see yourselves as lifted high above the crowd. Your sensitivity is not a raised flag in salute to you. Your sensitivity may be nothing to make you proud. Consider your sensitivity more like a rash.

By all means, wear lace and ruffles – that’s lovely – wear what gives you Joy – yet in terms of your interaction with the world and your response to it, wear hardy denim and no longer sensitivity on your sleeve. In relation to yourself, your sensitivity isn’t a badge of honor.

No longer boo-hoo about how Life and people treat you. How people treat you has to do with themselves and is not all that much about you, even if both you and the other party habitually think so. You tend to be all about you. Truly, if someone doesn’t like you and is rude to you, it’s about them and not about you at all. Dear Ones, it doesn’t behoove you to take offense.

From this day forth, take nothing personally. In this way you will no longer perceive affronts. You will be smooth satin and ruffled not at all. You will not entrap yourself. At present, you may prefer to notice affront and be ruffled.

Affront may be to you what coffee is for many. You may drink coffee because drinking coffee stirs you up. No longer rely on affronts to stir you awake. Have a longer view of Life. Attend to what you are feeling in a different sense. What you think about your life matters. What others may or may not think isn’t meant to be your difficulty. What others think belongs to them and not to you. Their thoughts are up to them. Give your concern a chance to settle down before you presume to raise your blood pressure.

When all is said and done, there are no opponents. It certainly isn’t My desire that you turn yourself into an opponent. See bigger. Raise your vibration. Do not respond with outrage. Go play badminton or ping pong or walk it off.

The world says: “Don’t burn your bridges.” This time the world is absolutely right.

The world also says to express yourself and not to repress yourself. Perhaps wait to express yourself, if you must, until you settle down. Wait until you don’t feel so disheartened as you felt at first. Keep Heart and mind open.

Sometimes, you may read what someone wrote to you in an email. You are fit to be tied. You have, on occasion, read your email again later to find that you hadn’t read the letter carefully. Hasn’t this happened to you? You may have read your email too fast and missed what the writer had really said to you. You may have been in haste to take offense. In any case, you misread what was there. You fumbled the ball.

Be sure that you, as a receiver of words, written or spoken, share a responsibility to communicate first by listening. Listen, and you may not take so much amiss. Don’t keep the fires burning within you. Don’t start them in the first place.

I, God, think the world of you, regardless of any guilt you may carry on your shoulders. You may have had practice in not being given credit. You may be quick to pounce, for you are not going to allow anyone to discredit you.

You deserve peace and comfort, and it is My desire – My Will –that you have it. No longer get fraught by what someone else thinks, anyway. Care more about Me and care more about yourself and what We think.

Mind Me, beloveds, and not struggle so much for wholehearted acceptance from others. Accept yourself.

Weaving Straw into Gold | Heavenletters


God said:

Here’s one idea that will hasten the evolution of the world. When enabled, this one idea will move the world forward at the Speed of Light. This has to do with letting go of a habit of thinking that is prevalent in the world. It seems like a simple thing, yet it isn’t so simple for My Loved Ones to let go of this worldwide habit. It may well be difficult for you.

Within this world you live in, no matter how it may seem in dark moments, there is nothing that is impossible. The sky is the limit, which is to say that there are no limits at all.

So much will be taken care of with this one change in awareness. As you change, so changes the world. Your simple awareness of the value of the possibility of change alone will affect the world you live in. You will enter a Universe of Peace.

You will transform the world. Peace will be like a rocket taking off! Tumult in the world will fly away. No one will know frustration. No one will oppose, and no one will be opposed.

This new way of thinking will close Pandora’s Box.

This is not a quick and easy for you to accomplish, not even in theory. Yet, even so, there are these who live this way now. You may think that the ones who succeed in such flexibility are just lucky. And, yes, they are lucky to have acquired this skill. At present, you may be at a loss to implement this.

You may compare yourself to the beautiful but innocent miller’s daughter in a Grimm’s fairy tale. Her father boasted falsely to the King that his daughter has the ability to weave straw into gold. Hearing this, the King imprisons the daughter and orders her to weave a huge amount of straw into gold. She must succeed. If she succeeds, the King will marry her. If she fails, the King will execute her.

The miller’s daughter has no idea whatever as to how weave straw into gold. With all her will and desire, she would love to be able to weave straw into gold. And her Life depends on it. She has everything necessary but the skill. She would if she could.

The rest of the fairy tale doesn’t really apply to this Heavenletter because Rumpelstiltskin, half villain, half rescuer, offers to weave straw into gold for the girl in exchange for her first child. She grabs Rumpelstilskin’s offer which she later reneges on.

At present, you may well believe that you do not have what it takes to actually live Peace, yet alone keep Peace in your awareness.

Here is what you can do to bring Peace to the world:

No longer will you pin your dissatisfaction on anyone else. Instead of looking to change others, you will change yourself.

No longer will you think of what others are not and what you want them to be. From now on, you will highlight good qualities of others and never mind about featuring any annoyances you may feel.

No longer will you say even to yourself: “Why can’t all the multitudes of seeming others be perfect in my eyes? Can they not be perfect?”

Beloveds, they are perfectly who they are.

O! to be grateful for what you see rather than ungrateful for what you don’t see.

O! to appreciate what is. O! to no longer declare disappointment.

Now, dear Hearts, here is the crux:

Let go of having to depend upon any other for your happiness. Or blame anyone or anything for your unhappiness. O! may you discover your own happiness.

Focus on what is right with the world and the people in it. You can do it. How many of My Children as One have to let go of being pleased by others before they will move mountains?

Think High, Beloveds | Heavenletters


God said:

Wake up to My Love and wake up to all the Love that fills your Heart. You have stored or hidden much Love away, yet all your Love is still in your Heart waiting for you to free it. You may fear that your Love might be unimportant whereas all Love, and all your Love, is of the utmost importance.

Your Love may have been kept handcuffed, blindfolded, gagged, Beloveds. Who is the culprit who has done this? Across the board, you are the culprit. Your Love is not responsible for this. Your Love is innocent. Even unbeknownst to you, you are the one who has chosen to repress your Love, hide it, make it small.

C’mon, let your Love out. Loose the Love in your Heart to go where it wills.

Perhaps, you used to be brave and daring to let your Love out, and one way or another, you felt your Love unappreciated or downright slapped. More or less, you decided to keep your Love hostage, to wait for your Love to receive an invitation, and try to see guarantees before you let even a little bit of your Love out, as if even a drop of Love might be wasted. You told yourself en garde.

If you are looking for a return to your Overtures of Love, not everyone is in the same place as you. They may not care the way you do. They may not have even noticed. Must others be just like you? Must you require this?

Make sure you are not mixing up your giving of Love with your personal need to receive Love.

Oh, yes, how much the Fact of Love Returned is seen as essential in the world. There is a cure for a lack of Love withheld or not responded to at all or perhaps not even noticed. The cure is for you to radiate out more Love by your very Being. Radiate an aura of Love out to the world, will you?

You do not have to see yourself as owed Love. No, no, no demanding a return. No longer see yourself as a non-receiver of Love. Give out your Love to the Universe. It will land somewhere. And your Love may well be received and recognized and valued in a far-off corner of the world. Be glad you have Love to give. If you haven’t read the Heavenletter directly before this one, read it now.

Change the platform you come from.

You are responsible to Love. You are not responsible for greater Love from another or any other. Take care of yourself, and accept the winds that blow.

Yes, on one hand, you are responsible for the whole world. Yet you are also responsible to free everyone from being responsible to you. You are responsible for how you will respond. This is your decision to make.

There are no barriers to Life. It’s not for you to oversee another’s Life in the sense of correction, nor is it for you to continue thinking of personal obligation from others to you. Nor does this suggest that you are to stay bound to any other more than you regard yourself.

It is for you to smile. If another does not return your smile, bless him and don’t instill within yourself the conviction that you are owed a smile in return. Let it go. Nor do you owe, Beloveds.

Parent yourself. Be good to yourself. Be accountable to yourself.

This realization of your place in Life also applies to your children. Let go of the idea that your children are YOUR children and, therefore, that they have to be perfect according to your standards. Free them even as you raise them. They have their own souls and their own ways of Being. Bless your children more than you correct them. Bless your peers more than you instruct.

Think High, Beloveds.

Today’s New Heavenletter As It Writes Itself | Heavenletters


God said:

Beloveds, in the Heavenletter, The Grand Inquisition, which came out yesterday — the day before this Heavenletter – today’s Heavenletter is just about to be born as I speak. Please note in the very last paragraph of yesterday’s, these contrary words:

We will sink/rise into Love.

In the world, the words sink and rise are opposites. The world says that no one can sink and rise simultaneously. If you sink, you sink. If you rise, you rise. There are no two ways about it, so says the world.

Now, in Heaven, there are no such distinctions. In Heaven, yes, it is very possible to rise and sink simultaneously. There is no difference whether you rise to happiness or sink to the very depths of happiness — the wonderfulness is the same.

Yesterday, as you read sink/rise, you may well not have noticed any disparity between the two. You got it!

Yes, yes, in the world, there are disparities. The world is full of opposites, whereas I vehemently say that there are none. This is hard for My Children to see, for the world, all, is filled with contrast and contradiction. In Heaven, for instance, We can say that there may be different gradations of beautiful colors yet none is opposite. In Heaven, there is Love, and Love is for all sizes and shapes and the multitude of diversity in the world as well. No, no, no! No opposites. Not at all.

The world can do all the categorizing it wants, yet rain is rain, and snow is snow, and both fall from Heaven.

The world says that red is red, and green is green, yet red and green are complementary colors. Colors are shades and depths of whatever they may be. All colors are colors. Can it not be be said in Truth in the world that which is called colorless is also not about color? A certain color may be drab or dull or bright and vibrant. There is no measuring scale in Heaven.

Then you see glass and clear smooth waters. Yes, it can be said that there is transparency as well. I will go so far as to say – I give Myself the go-ahead to say as I see it – that the clearness of transparency is part of the essence or of color.

Of course, I would go farther and say that, in Heaven, We know that there is no need to weigh colors, nor do I close My eyes nor do I see through rose-colored glasses. Indeed, there is no reason to measure. Beauty is Beautiful, and I Love All.

Polished and rough both have their Beauty and both have their Glow and both shine their Beauty.

Perhaps he biggest opposites of all are Good and bad, bad and Good. Bad makes a hash of you. Good is approved of. Good gives you roses in your cheeks and an A on your report card. Good makes you rise, and bad puts you down. All that Good and bad can be are opinions. Remember that My Opinion, which is not opinion but Truth, is High, Very High. Seen from a fuller perspective, there is no Good, and there is no opposite to it.

Do you really think I hold any one of My Children higher than I hold you! Nonsense! For one thing, I have better things to do, and so do you.

Regarding the sheep of the field, do you really think I Love one of My sheep more than another? Or that I Love one puppy or kitten more than another? Or one ant? Or one hippopotamus? Or one drop of water? Or one Lily of the field? I Love all. No one do I Love more than I Love you. No one do I Love less than you. Why would I? And how can I, for My Vision is clear.

The Grand Inquisition! | Heavenletters


God said:

How do I, God, located as I am in Heaven, help you, My Children, to remove any and all obstacles to Love? And how in the world do I help you step over the act of judgment, for, of course, I have made it clear you are not to judge.

You might say: “Whoa, God, You find me wanting. Isn’t that judgment pure and simple?”

I understand how you feel.

You wonder: “Why would God try to have me see differently unless God finds fault with me?”

As you see it, from one side of My mouth, I say: “You are perfect.”

As you see it, from another side of My mouth, I say: “Yoohoo, get better. Smarten up.”

You have a point.

Yet I wonder, Dear Friends, in words, how can I want you to partake of greater happiness unless I see your turmoil from the way you see it, ahem, from a limited point of view?

Certainly, you feel: “If You, God, see me as perfect – You keep affirming and affirming I am – then what are You talking about, God, huh?”

I see your qualms and dilemmas and outright unhappiness, and, yes, I want you to be without them. I see you with energy and joy and making choices that benefit you and those around you, and those far from you as well. Beloveds, at the same time, excuse Me, I also see through you and all your shenanigans.

And, Yes, I see further than you do see.

I see you without guilt, without reprisals, and without fear. I most certainly have told you time and time again, one way or another: “Be the Love you are. Know that you deserve more than what you may presently accept. Be the joy of your Life. Accept the gift you are.”

It is you who accuses yourself.

Were it all up to Me, I would erase all that holds you back.

Let Me put this another way: I have removed all that holds you back. You have not seen. You may be like the elephant who has been unchained and still walks around and around within the same limits.

You may wonder: “How can it be that God can say with a straight face that I am wonderful but lacking at the same time?”

You, dear squirming human Beings, are more attached to perfection than I. How can I be attached to perfection when perfection is all I see? I see perfection, and I see you unaware of Who You Are and, too often, let Us say, your nose out of joint.

Now, you may nod and say that I remind you of your errant parents who would have you believe that all they want in all this world is your happiness. They insist that all they do, they do for you. It is for your good. All they want is your happiness, and you may not believe a word of it.

Do you sometimes consider Me in this vein?

So long as there are words, there are choices. One word is chosen over another. Are all choices judgments? Can language, perhaps, be all about seeming judgment of one kind or another?

If you choose chocolate ice cream over mango ice cream, have you made a judgment? Your judgment may be simply and innocently: “At this moment, I would like a chocolate ice cream cone.”

By choosing chocolate, you are not condemning any other flavor.

When I suggest that you keep rising notches, I do not condemn you. Personally — if the word personally can really apply to Me — I love you, and, yes, I do want you to wake up to a Higher Reality.

By saying the word Higher, a word lower is implied as well. This is language, and this is Life in the World, Beloveds.

Some day, and it is not so far off, We — you and I – the plurality of you who is in Truth One with Me – so We, the so-called We – We will commune without words. We will sink into Love and rise into Love, and there will be nothing to say, for all IS Being, so help Me, God.

The Animal Kingdom | Heavenletters


God said:

Animals on Earth are sentient creatures. Of course, it is said that humankind is the most advanced of all. This gives humankind responsibility. You already know that the most learned human Beings learn from the beautiful animals on Earth. Blessed animals are often good models for you. Many-layered are their abilities to guide you.

Beloved animals have their instincts as do you. Mother animals have great connection with their young. They clearly know how to raise their young. Their instincts are simple and strong. Instincts vary, of course, from one breed to another. Human Beings tend to have more individual inclinations.

Monkey babies cling to their mothers’ underbelly, and the monkey mothers take this as a matter of course, for this is their God-given way to take their one-at-a-time baby with them up and down trees and across roofs. Kangaroos carry their babies in an outside pouch. How exquisite is Nature!

Of course, the raising of animal babies is so much simpler than the raising of human children. Of course, this is no secret. Animal babies have no outfits to choose and put on and no concern about style; no schools, no homework; and blessed animal mothers know when to let go of their children. It is all mostly built-in for Our beloved animal friends.

Elephants are known for their memory, yet they do not hold grudges. They do, however, remember well all the goodness and mercy given to them and will return to show gratitude.

Animals don’t think again and again about injustices done to them.

Animals do not feel sorry for themselves. Four-footed animals with three legs don’t think of themselves as handicapped.

Pets who live in your home do not crab about what channel is on TV to watch, whether the TV is on too loud or too low, the temperature too hot or too cold, about the style of décor, or that the house is a mess. Pets roll up and go to sleep under all circumstances.

Yes, there is a lot of good nature to learn from Our beloved animals. Our beloved animals do not feel sorry for themselves. They can get over rough situations. They don’t compare. They accept Life. They recover with Great Love in their hearts. Yes, they are innocent.

Every day a dog is excited about going for a walk or a ride in the car. Animals are enthusiastic every day. They do not get jaded. They welcome every day as if it were their first day on Earth.

Pure are the hearts of animals. And, as with human Beings, each heart unique, and, yet, One in the Holiness of Life.

And, ah, the loyalty of the dog kingdom. How they welcome you. What a pleasure it is for your dogs to lick your hand and wag their tails. Devotion is what they know.

Are not animals naturally grateful for the moment they live in?

What animal makes a problem out of the color of fur of another animal? No animal is so ridiculous. Animals make Life simple.

Animals who live in the wild and may face danger at any moment, they, too, know how to Love, and how to stay loving. They don’t look for fault. It does not occur to them. They love each day for being a day. They love the sunshine, and they love the fresh air. They love without expectation. They know how to relax, and they know how to be alert.

What a gift to you are the animals of Earth.

Animals also know the Great Gift you are to them. Yes, you love the Animal Kingdom that you are blessed to take care of. You take many into your homes and love them as your own. What dear hearts the dear animal kingdom blesses you with. They give their utmost Love to you. In daily Life, there may be no Love to equal theirs.

There Is a Preciousness in Life | Heavenletters


God said:

As you keep climbing in Life, you wonder when you yourself will reach the peak you have been waiting for, or if you ever will.

Surrender, beloveds. Just climb. Keep going higher. You desire to reach the peak. You may well have reached it, and you find that beyond is another peak and another peak. Life features climbing. Peaks are incidental. The achievement is climbing. Life is made of climbing. Reaching peaks feels wonderful for a while. After awhile, reaching the peaks isn’t enough any longer.

Reaching peaks is a point of view. Reaching peaks is incidental.

Achievements are like mile markers on the road. You keep going. When you reach a peak, you keep going. No matter if you slide back, you keep going, one foot after the other.

The process of climbing matters. You are not setting out in Life to make a record. To be a high achiever is nice, yet this is not your purpose. Going forward is your purpose, not what the world may or may not make of you.

No matter what, look high. The Sun, Moon, Stars follow you. Let your eyes follow them and the Sky, the Blue Sky, Gorgeous Sky, Rainy Sky, Cloudy Sky, Thunderous Sky. While you are on Earth, be glad for all Earth’s Gifts. No matter the appearance of the Sky, the Sky is yours. You don’t have to ask for the Sky, nor are you ever without the Sky Above. Even in blindness, you know Sky exists. All this is already yours without fail. Notice all your free gifts that abound.

When an advertisement comes in the mail, and you can get something 50% off, you pant to have it. Alas, all that is free is not always valued.

Here on Earth you have values of million of dollars, and they are free to you. You already have them. Name the value of a Million Stars and Galaxies and Moonbeams and Sun’s Rays.

Never say that Life is not worth a nickel. You don’t mean it. You look at picture after picture in a magazine when, all the while, you have Infinite Images right in front of your eyes wherever you look. There are prize photographs of slums and one leaf or one pair of eyes or one baby crying. What about your hand? Isn’t it a magic thing, your hand? Your hand can write. Your hand can type. Your hands can wash dishes. Your hands can embrace. Your hands can soothe away a child’s crying.

Of what value are your hands, your feet? What do they mean to you? What would you insure them for? Confess, you do love them. You love all they do for you.

There is preciousness in Life. What is not precious? Only that which you take for granted and do not really look at. Start looking with Eyes of Love.

Ah, yes, you take a lot for granted.

If a dish breaks, thank that dish for all its service.

All of nature rushes to serve you.

If you have ever said that Life is not worth living, take your words back.

Let the advice: “Count your blessings,” have a new meaning for you. Who are you to be a cynic? I swear to you, you are not meant to be a cynic, a scoffer, nor a dilettante, a complainer, a victim or anything else but a Child of God. Smooth the world for all. Smooth the world for someone else and, by golly, you smooth the world for you.

Just between Us, have the idea that you are here on Earth to be its public relations director. Oh, yes, you are here for more than one purpose. Stand with your shoulders straight and chin up. You are definitely here for something. You are not here for nothing.

But never mind all this. Do what is in front of you to do, and, c’mon, smile!

From Where Cometh Joy? | Heavenletters


God said:

Where is your Heart going? Do you go with your Heart, or do you doubt the direction of your Heart? Do you follow your Heart all the way to your Destiny? Or are you under the subjection of your mind? Your mind may keep you stilled in place. Often, your mind follows a trodden path.

But, ah, your Heart. Your Heart roams. Your Heart takes you places where the Specialty of the Love within you flourishes. This is not pinning your Love on an object outside of you, not even to a Soul Mate. The Love We speak of is deeper, more like the art or music of your Soul. What makes your heart tick?

Your mind, as beautiful as it is, seems to corner you. The mind sure seems like a safe haven, yet, within the mind, ego may lurk. To be sure, ego carries its emotion, and your face goes red with it. No matter how strong mighty ego may propose to be, ego fears to let Love come out of hiding, for Love gets in the way of ego.

See your Heart as the Captain of Your Ship. See your Heart as the Truth of you. Your Heart isn’t a wild card that leads you astray. Your Heart isn’t synonymous with ego. Heart is strong. Ego is full of bluster because it is weak and has to pump itself up. No, don’t mix up ego with Heart, not even once.

In your Heart, you are in your element. Ego is something like a particle of grit caught in your eye. It momentarily blinds you as you seek to see. Ego clogs your Heart. Ego is by no means the key to your Heart. Love is.

With all honor to accountants, for they belong in Life, your mind is given over to accountancy. Your mind likes to keeps count. Your mind stores records. Records are right on the surface. Records are like a ship’s log.

The Heart is more like the ship’s rudder, hmm, perhaps steering wheel.

You may have thought of your Heart as a bit grungy. Not so. Your Heart is unlimited. Your True Heart has no boundaries. Therefore, your Heart may well be more capable than your mind.

Your mind may say to you:

“What is in your best interest now? What will lead you to the most gain in the world? Be sensible now.”

Your True Heart sings out to you:

“What in the world fosters your joy, my matey?”

Your Heart is not thinking of a reward, although, of course, following your Heart is great reward. Your Heart isn’t calculating. It is does not parry with questions. Your Heart has one question:

“What is in my Heart? Where is the Stream of My Love? How do I find this Love? How do I express it? What fills my Heart to overflowing? May I discover where my Heart is drawn at its depths. When I find the venue of My Love, all this Love will spill out and nourish the world. I must know what my Love looks like, and what makes it flow.”

This is not quite the same as taking measurements, you understand. Love is much more an Undertaking of Great Proportions. It is finding out the Essence of your Heart and going further. Love certainly is not staying where your mind happens to be or where someone outside you has relegated your Love to be.

Honestly, your Love is looking for what truly lies within.

Love doesn’t seek for itself with a profit motive. Love seeks to express itself. Love will out. The Love within you wants to know what its avenues in the world really are.

Does the Love in you ride in a gondola? Does the Love in you live in a glade? What beckons the Love in your Heart?