Beyond Adversity | Heavenletters

God said:

One of My dear children has asked why are lies believed. Why are lies believed over truth? Everyone has had truth belied one time or another, just as everyone — I say everyone but perhaps not you — has had their own lies believed or semi-believed and started to believe them himself.

Why do My holy and beloved children often hold on to lies more than truth?

The deeper question is: Why are there lies? Why would a child who is Mine resort to lies? Why does he fear he needs to?

I will say that lies are often spoken, lies that they may be, because they are closer to the truth. Even as the facts are misrepresented, they represent a greater truth. This what I say is not to endorse lying but to reveal the good behind even lies and even lies that are aimed straight at your heart.

In lying, one portrays himself as he would like to be and would like to be seen, not as he may have done. Even in lying, he wants the truth of himself to be known, that he is capable of only good, and would never do that which he has done, or, if he accepts that which he has done, then he accepts it only so far as he has done it for good and not for wrong, so it was not, in his case, a wrongdoing. To his mind, it was a necessary defense or attack. He lied consciously or unconsciously to get what he thought he had to have.

Be wary of attachment to that which you want.

One who has lied has fought tooth and nail for what he wants and wants to believe, and he pays mightily. But whatever another’s design in telling less or other than truth, We are not here to talk about him. The subject is you and the consequence of his lies that have hurt you to your core.

If everyone is here to be your teacher, then what is your lesson? This seems very hard to bear. You are the injured party, and I tell you to find your lesson.

I know you feel that you are screaming in the wilderness, and no one hears you. You feel that even I do not hear you. You think I fluff off your pain and the pain you feel accruing to those dear to you because of hurtful lies and a judge’s decision that alters your life and those who matter most to you.

Let Me tell you something you are not ready to hear. No matter how unjust this appears to be, no matter how unjust this is, there is good here. There is good for you and, and, as unbelievable as this may seem, there is good for all involved. You cannot predict the good, and you cannot begin to see it now, but there is good nevertheless. That which is yours cannot be taken away. That which is in your heart is within your heart. Your love is not lessened. That which is yours, you keep. Whatever happens in the physical does not begin to equal what happens in the spiritual. And your spirit is intact. Your influence is no less than if the judge had said Yes to you.

You, who have been hurt to the core, will rise from the ashes of this decision. In this, if We must speak of win or lose, you have won. Even in your loss, you have won. Your life is going to triumph, My beloved.

There has been a fire, and in the ashes lie diamonds unscathed.

If you have to love from afar, then you will love from afar.

On the surface, your life has turned upside-down. The changes are in circumstance. Circumstances are not forever, and circumstances are not the undoing of you. There has been no change except in circumstance. Circumstances may seem like everything to you, but they are not.

Keep moving forward, My beloved. You are, despite the injustice, gaining new strength and new direction, and you will see that there is a happy beginning in all this.

Leave off blaming yourself, another, Me. Keep your heart on target. Do not abandon Me nor your belief in good. More than injustice, cynicism is the bane to your heart.

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A Call to Arms | Heavenletters

God said:

I have put out a call to arms. Arms in this case means love. The love We speak of now does not mean affection. It is much larger than that. It means understanding. It means being pliant, receptive, awarding. It means being something like a Buddha sitting still with a smile and seeing beyond the obvious.

You talk about life as an entity: How you greet it. What you make of it. You say to face it, as if life were your foe, as if life were a wrestler opposite you, out to get you, trample you to the ground.

Consider how you are disposed to life. What is your disposition? What is your position? If you have heretofore been looking at life with suspicion, perhaps now you can look more kindly toward it. Life is innocent.

And so with all the other people who inhabit the Earth. The most sophisticated are just as innocent as you. They are off on tangents just as you. They are just as blind.

Another word for “blind” is “unseeing”. The unseeing have been blinded by fear. Whatever it may be called — greed, ambition, anger, lust, control — it is fear.

So, as My child, you want to help others be less fearful.

I have told you that your greatest fear is that you are not lovable and, therefore, not loved. And everyone who looks at you, that is their fear too. It is no more nor no less than yours. It is yours. The manner in which and the degree to which they compensate for their fear may be different and greater than yours.

All the authorities who scare you are trying to scare away their fears. Why else would anyone want power and control? What are they afraid of? No matter the particular name of a fear, it is fear, and they seek to prove the illusion that they are safe and above fear. The truth is that they are, but that is on another level beyond their present belief.

Those who are blinded by fear and are unseeing are seen as self-centered. They are selfish because they think they have to fend for themselves. They believe they live in a grasping world, and that they must look out for themselves. They do not dare see beyond themselves. They do not consider being considerate.

But now you are a leader of people, and you lead them gently. You must look kindly at them. You, above all, go beyond the surface appearances and treat all with kindness. You see all with kindness; therefore, you can be kind. But you are kind without anyone knowing that you are.

When you are obviously kind, it is unkind. When you are obviously charitable, it is uncharitable. All you are aiming to do is to see more clearly so that others may also.

Today, consciously pause and find another way to meet what is not pleasant to you. Perhaps a co-worker offends you — you feel offended by a co-worker. Distance yourself a little, and respond in some way never done before. Pause a little. Rise not above the other. Rise above yourself.

You do understand what We are talking about here. We are talking about turning the other cheek. That does not mean you offer your other cheek to be slapped. It means you perceive from a different angle. The angle you perceive from can make all the difference in the world. It will make a difference in you.

The strands of life are not to be wasted. Enmity is not to be incurred. It is to vanish. And you can vanish it by seeing a different way. How important it is how you look at the world and the people and events transpiring within it!

You are not going to be everyone’s buddy. You are not going to fake that you love the entire world and everybody in it. You will simply accomplish much by sitting like a Buddha statue who greets silently and changes the world.

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You Are a Golden Filament of God | Heavenletters

God said:

Jump into the flow of life. Life flows for you to catch. Embrace the life that flows for you. Dive in. Get wet. Splash.

Do not be timid with life. Do not withdraw from life. Only know that your life does not have to be like any other. Your life is yours to choose but not to refuse. Journey you must. You are here for it. You are already on it. You already chose to set out. And now you choose which way to go. Right this moment you can choose. In fact, you are choosing every moment.

Everything you do is more than you think it is. Every drum roll of your heart is a call to other hearts. Every step you take bounces off somewhere else. Your every move reverberates in the universe and has far-reaching effects.

Amazing, isn’t it?

And you are also affected by the motion of others. A common boat you sail on rocks according to the ocean, but it also rocks according to the leanings of all those on the boat.

You who are before Me may be the far-reaching effect of a motion made elsewhere.

You do not know from where you have come. You do not know which star gave birth to you. Nor do you know where you are going. What transpires does not tell. What transpires does not matter so much as you think, but you matter more than you know. Your thoughts matter. Life rises and falls with your thoughts. The outer events are the lapping of the waves, but you are the waves supreme.

Your actions may be representative. Or they may not. How you seem may not always be the true event.

Let your thoughts follow your heart. Do not be an actor on stage. Be a liver of life on or offstage.

In a secret moment, reveal yourself to yourself.

You are not the frightened fish caught on a line. You are the Ocean. You are the whole Ocean furling and unfurling. You swim in yourself. Give yourself a nod to begin your swim.

Signal your entry into life. Do not divert from your life. Follow others only so far. Never forget the uniqueness of you. Your expression is vital to the universe.

But you do not have your own style for yourself. You have it for Me. You have it to exalt Me. I Who am exalted cannot be exalted more, yet it is your purpose to exalt Me through your swim on Earth. Consider that you weave My threads. And of course you do. We are connected by golden threads of thought, and as you think and as you move, you weave Me across the universe. You are My golden filament, and you weave the web of the universe. You hold it in place and you expand it. You venture forth on the loom of existence and pull all threads with you and you cross over all threads, and that is how you weave.

Do you begin to note your importance? You are vital. You thought you were a silent violinist who went through the motions of playing, as if the sound your one violin could make was not integral. You thought you could fake it, but the whole orchestra has been waiting for your music. So now play. You are playing more than your own violin, and you play it for more than yourself. You play for Me, the Great Musician, Who gave you the music to play and the violin and the bow that are in your hands.

Do not be overwhelmed as you steer the helm of the universe. You turn the wheel, and you steer, and I am ever guiding you. We sail together. We weave and We sail and We play the violin, and We listen to the music and We sail on and We weave some more. We furrow the waves of the Ocean.

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Where Are You Going? | Heavenletters

God said:

You do not know what path you are following. You do not really know that you are following a path. You think you just stumble along, not really knowing where you are going. That is better than thinking you know exactly which way to go.

The path in life you follow is trust.

Trust in Me, and you will have more trust in yourself.

You do not have to grope in the dark.

You can trust that I lead you.

You can walk with confidence even in the dark.

Pick up your feet is all. That is all you have to do.

Keep going. Keep going forward.

I have given you a rope. It is Our golden connection. It is a sure thing.

I pull, and you follow. I give you lots of latitude. It is called freedom. Nevertheless, I urge you forward. I entice you. You want more knowing, and you want more freedom. You are free to come to Heaven whenever you wish and whichever way you wish. You can make it harder or easier.

It doesn’t have to be hard, your stalwart journey to Me. Don’t be in such a hurry. Consider your life a meal you eat. Don’t rush through it. Don’t try to get up from the table too soon. Be easy with your meal. Eat all the courses, and enjoy each one for what it is.

You do not try to make the entrée dessert. You do not try to make dessert the main dish. Be happy with what is put before you.

Your outcome is assured, so why then do you rush so? And where do you rush to?

I am right where you are. I am looking over your shoulder right now. I am right with you at every moment. Feel My presence. It is a loving presence, is it not?

When you let your sense of presence supercede the events around you, then your presence and Mine are alike. They set the same tone. Then you become the Listener. You become the Exuder of Love. All it takes is to let the outer noise fade a while, and set your heart to My station, which is clear and has no static.

Static does not come from Me. My voice is as clear as a bell. In the midst of anything, you can hear it. You just have to tune Me in. You don’t have to tune everything else out. Just turn in My direction, and I will set your antenna.

So today We are talking about direction, the direction you go in, and the direction you set your ear and heart to.

Somehow you think there is something hard about following Me when it is the easiest thing in the world.

All your life you have followed something. You have followed world thought, or you have followed an individual, as if they knew the way for you.

But now you can walk directly to Me and let Me take you by the hand. I will gather you into My heart and keep you close to Me. Your awareness will unfold, and you will know where you are and what the purpose of your being is.

Be with Me.

Stay with Me a while.

Keep Me company.

Treasure Me. Keep Me with you. Hold Me in your heart.

Run away with Me. Let’s elope, you and I. Let’s fly to Heaven. Wherever your feet are, you can stay with Me in Heaven. In other words, you can knowingly place yourself in the center of My heart and stay there no matter where else you find yourself.

Once you have found Me, found Me in your awareness, you cannot lose Me. I am irrevocable. I am irrevocably yours. You and I are One.

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Vision and Imagination | Heavenletters

God said:

Sometimes I am the furthest thought from your mind. Yet I am beyond your thought. I am irrespective of it. I may be out of your thought, your eyesight, your hearing, your conscious awareness and all, but I am never out of your sphere. That is, you are never out of Mine.

We exist, and We can say We live in the same life. But it is a different movie I see from the one you believe you are watching. We go to the same theatre, but We see two different movies. Seated side by side, with one screen before Us, We see different pictures.

We engage in the same sport, and yet the name is different. I play in Love always. You do too but you think you play Fight and Withdraw and other things like that.

What you consider Real Life is not Real Life at all. It is not even an imitation. It is far-flung. You think your feet are planted firmly on ground when you swing your bat, but you have never been more groundless.

All the troubles in life that you swing at are flights of fancy. You imagine a reality that is not true. It is a façade. It is a stage prop that a little finger of truth can knock down. But you hold dear to the cardboard set, and run away from, or mock, or refuse to look at the sterling gold that is everywhere. I will not say the gold surrounds you because that would imply another wall, but the gold is the essence of you and of life everywhere always.

How often I am considered responsible for the circumstances in the lives of men! I am responsible for your great imagination, for I gave that to you along with all else that is unlimited, but I am not responsible for your flights of fancy which are limits you chose to set upon yourself and others. All limits are imaginary. I don’t set any limits.

You might say that your Human body is a limit. Of course, the physical can go only so far. The Human body is one of those stage props you have sold yourself on as the undeniable truth of you, when it is not truth at all. That which you can touch, see, hear, is not true. Tastes are not true. Tastes are just tastes. Everything in the physical is just a taste of the truth that is. Tastes are echoes of Reality.

It is like this: You push a door open. You see sights within the border of a room. And then there is another door. You open it. You stand at different thresholds and beyond each is yet another. The threshold — the opening of it — is called Infinity.

And yet you have held the view you have seen from the first door as the extent of all that is. You accepted a farthing for a tuppence.

You think there is an entrance fee to the other rooms, but entry is free. All it takes is your walking up and opening the imaginary doors that separate one supposed room from another.

You stand in a roomless mansion.

You stand in a mansionless mansion because it has no walls.

You stand in a universe with no borders, or it could not be universe.

Yet you think you live in a box, and you make that box as cozy as you can. You shore it up. You pad it. You decorate it. You move around in it and add things to it. And you think this tiny box is the universe, and you think that everyone else lives in a boxed-in world like yours too.

When the walls of your box go down, nothing is destroyed. The walls did not exist. All you ever had to do was walk right through them and begin to see with greater vision and less imagination.

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Under the Stars | Heavenletters

God said:

You feel grounded in familiar places surrounded by familiar things. You feel settled, and that is how you think you are supposed to feel. You feel you are the person who lives among these belongings and who, of course, belongs among them. It is as if you sit on a couch, bolstered by pillows on each side. You don’t slouch, but the pillows nevertheless keep you upright. They support you. They keep you in place. You depend on them. They help you identify yourself. “I am the person who lives here.” You feel safe and sound at home.

It is as if where you live tells you who you are. The walls demark your universe, yet it is a far vaster universe that you live in. The walls are a little illusion within the Great Illusion.

Spend a night under the stars.

Yes, the walls around you protect you from the elements. They also confine you. Your pictures on the wall are not really the guide to who you are. When you rely on your environs, you are like a swimmer who swims in the bath tub, and yet is meant to swim in the ocean. Anyway, the bathtub is located in the ocean.

Loose yourself from the bonds of your usual habitat, and you will remember what you are part of and where your true identity lies.

You are more than a resident of your house, town, state, country, continent, planet. You are far more than a citizen of the world. You are an angel of Heaven. And you are a resident of My heart.

Expand your boundaries. Be not confined to one space. Travel far. Float. Fly.

A star blinks in the night sky. A star reaches far. Its light reaches you. Where does the star belong? Surely it covers a greater area than where the compass says it is.

You are an expanded Being in a universe of love. You are a star set in arbitrary space to give light. You are a star who emanates light from Earth. Stars do not object to where they are. They know they are not limited by where they are, for their light reaches everywhere.

Let yourself loose amidst the universe. You are not a settler. You are a traveler. You are an explorer. You are on a tour. You belong where you happen to be, and you belong everywhere else as well. There is no space where you don’t belong. There is no space, beloveds. Your true location is My heart, and My heart is boundless, and so are you who resides in My heart. There is no end to My heart. There are no borders to it, nor are there borders to you. You have none.

You like to feel grounded in reality, but what you call reality is a passing fancy. You think the ground holds you up. It is My unbounded love that holds you up. Glued to the ground, you are not held up, you are held down. Come aloft, beloveds. Fly with Me. That is the Reality. That is the Actuality. That is the Truth. Where I AM, are you. I am the Immovable Stillness and Silence that go nowhere and yet are everywhere. What I AM, are you.

That you are located in one place, or even one place at a time, is merriment, beloveds. It is an idea you have. You are My great idea, and My ideas are vast. I have no little ideas. Did you think I did?

Your hand reaches further than your eye can see, unless, that is, your eye can see to Me.

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The Great Awareness | Heavenletters

God said:

Outside success is a thrill for a moment, and then you are left bereft. Inner success stays, for I come with it.

Inner success is a knowing. It is not contrary to outer success, but outer success by itself is a paper parasol. It twirls itself, but it twirls with effort, and it is not kept. It has its moment of glory, and then it fades and gets shattered. Only the eternal is kept. Only the eternal is.

Universal and eternal truths feed you. Truth relaxes you. It eases you. Parasols are pretty, but they can keep you from noticing My light, from even remembering it.

I am not something you force yourself to remember or to oblige. I am a memory of a happier time, but I come on My own. Yours is to let Me enter your awareness. You lift your heart like a warm blanket that welcomes a guest. Only this Guest is not shivering. It is you within the covers who shivers. The blanket is not enough. You need My warmth and My resolution, and I offer them to you. You offer your blanket, and you are warmed.

Yes, consider Me a guest. Just have Me in your awareness as I have you in Mine. You do not forget your guests. You welcome them.

I am not effort. I am not achieved. Performance does not bring Me. You do not set an alarm clock to waken you to Me. You merely set an intention. And awaken to Me you will, for that is My Will.

It is such a little thing to have consciousness of Our connection. It is not that you are indebted to Me. It is that you let Me endow you. Be the willing receiver of My goods. They are not stolen. They are yours. They have your name on them. They have been waiting for you to pick them up. Like a package at the post office, they wait for you. I wait for you. Your treasure waits for you.

Doesn’t your step quicken when you know something awaits you? That something has come for you? It is not more nor is it less when you know that it is there for you. It is the same whether you know it’s there or not. And yet…

Of course, you might stumble on your gift. Or someone might run after you and say they know you have a package waiting for you. Someone might. But you are the only one who can pick it up. You have to sign for it. First you pick it up, and then you have signed for it.

Anticipate this Great Awareness that is aware of you and holds itself in abeyance for your arrival. Do not wait for Me. Come pick Me up.

Most guests do not arrive uninvited.

The thing is you have invited Me. You may have forgotten that, and so I wait at the train station or the airport. Meanwhile, I am not idle. I send My scouts out for you. I send messages. I phone you. I cable you. My everpresent awareness takes care of you, yet I long to be your welcomed guest, picked up at the station.

Sometimes you like to be surprised. But there is no need to be surprised. Is not the anticipation of a guest a wonderful thing? You get ready. You make place. There is an alacrity in getting ready for a guest’s arrival. Imagine your alacrity in anticipating Me.

Well, anticipate. Am I your Host or your Guest? I am both. I am your Father. I am well-received. Awaken to My arrival. Tell Me to come in. I am at your door. Open it.

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See Anew | Heavenletters

God said:

Nothing has to be the way you thought. Nothing has to be the way it has always been. All the rules in life are boundaries. Boundaries are departure points. They are not the limit of you.

Depart, depart from your frame of reference. Peek under. Peek above. See from other angles. See more. See another way. See the relative world one hundred new ways. And Me, only one.

Take a moment to look rather than remember what you thought yesterday. See what is before you with new eyes. See with new thoughts.

Turn your head. Stand upside-down and see what you see.

What if your life is a holy thing? What if your presence on earth is sacred? What if you were dispersed to the world for its betterment?

What if your juncture on earth is the flight of your wings?

What is there you have never seen?

What if your life is for far more than the dailyness it is immersed in?

What if every moment is a rich stew that you have only to stir?

What if you are a secret ingredient, secret to yourself?

What if you are a giant who strides across the ocean? The waves make way for him. The waves move before him. He walks through waves and the forest too. No bramble stops him. He walks through.

What if I, God, have energized you and set you on your footpath?

What if the birds sing for you, to tell you stories of great heroism and the possibilities of your scope?

What if every leafy branch that rubs against you is a caress?

What if every stranger is an old friend? Every old friend a new one?

What do you see anew today?

You are new. Each night’s sleep renews you, so you must be new. You are not who you were yesterday. Get over that thought. Wake up to yourself. Yesterday you were not even who you thought you were. There is so much you haven’t seen because you saw something else.

The sun shines new rays today. The sun doesn’t shine last year’s light. The sun always has more of its new light to shine.

You are the sun in your sphere of the world. You shed your light. The light is your wings that carry you.

Rise to Me. It is only in your awareness that you must rise. I am easily reached. I am accessible. I am here for you. I am here to bless you. I can only bless you, for you are My blessing.

Today bless someone you don’t know. Increase your circle.

It happens that you are in the physical longitude and latitude that you find yourself in. It happens like that, but it is not happenstance. You rose from somewhere, and you are rising still. You are a spiraling circle of light. You are a whirling dervish of light. You spatter My light as you twirl. But you do not go around in circles.

You step forward. You are never in the same place. You are forever rising. Let your thoughts rise with you. Take them with you. Don’t let them keep you bound. Your thoughts are not more meaningful than you.

If your present thoughts restrict you, change your thoughts. Try out new ones. Explore. Do not settle. Ask for more, and you will have more.

Consider the riches I have put before you and reach your hand out for them. They await you. They are at your bidding. Call them to you.

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Remember You Are Being | Heavenletters

God said:

Your motif need not be tension. What merit has tension but to wind you up? Now it is time to wind down. You will do well to relax more. Rest more. Fight fatigue less. It is not so terrible to get tired. Allow yourself the pleasure of rest as well.

Be not consumed with activity. Be not consumed with accomplishments and results.

I would tell you to be consumed with being, but being is non-consumable. You are being. Be less consumed.

Amidst anything, you can be. You can be without other attributes. Just know you are My beloved and be. Be being. Be that which you are. Strive less. Attain less. Be more. Accept Me more.

Your being and My Being are the same. Being is being. There are not many kinds. There is My One Being, and it is yours. You may not yet express My consciousness fully, but you have My Being. It is the inner essence of you. It is the Truth of you. We are Being, you and I. We are Being.

When did tension become such a wonderful thing that all embrace it? Who said that drive is more important than being? Who said running is better than sitting?

Surely, you were made for activity. But you were not made for only activity. When you run, you pass by many things. You were also made for absorbing. Between activity and being is observation. Observation links.

Allow time for reverie. Allow time to be by yourself. Get to know yourself. You are someone to get to know. You are not someone to run away from. Enjoy peace with yourself. Allow yourself to be one with yourself.

Man has searched for his identity outside himself. No one else but you can identify you. They are too busy. You are the identifier of yourself. The remarkable thing is that everyone has the same identity. But each must find it for himself or herself.

Your identity is already established. Only you haven’t caught on.

In solitude, you will catch on.

As a good swimmer in the ocean, you go past the seaweed into the clear sea.

In your life, you are getting past the seaweed.

A good swimmer also knows when to float. A swimmer is a swimmer when he floats as well as when he swims.

And so, in life, you are learning to lean back. It is a skill you have yet to learn, most of you, that is. It is a great skill to lean back and to observe.

You cannot catch up to everything anyway.

On earth, when you swim, you cannot encompass the entire ocean. You would swallow too much water. On earth, you cannot encompass everything, or you wear out.

Sail the seas, and go to shore.

Both are good.

And you are good.

You are splendid.

Awake or asleep, you are splendorous.

There is nothing you have to prove. There is nothing you have to have. There is nothing you have to be but what you are. And you are that regardless of what you do.

Doing is not more important than being.

Be in activity, and be in stillness.

You cannot be more than I made you to be. And you cannot be less.

Be all that you are by not trying so hard.

Be at peace with yourself.

You are all right. You are fine with Me. What, then, must you accumulate?

A swimmer swims in the water but does not hold on to it.

Learn to let be in life. Let life be. Remember you are Being.

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Powerful Thoughts | Heavenletters

God said:

Whatever you are doing with your thoughts, you are doing with your life. Your thoughts are the inciters and enrichers of your life. Your thoughts are your advance guard, and then you follow. Your thoughts wend their way through your life. In a sense, they pursue you, at the same time as they lead you. Now is time to set your thoughts straight.

Pull down from Heaven thoughts that benefit. I don’t mean wishful thinking. I mean pulling down useful spirit-raising thoughts. Accept no less.

Consider your thoughts like clothes you hang on the line. Whatever clothes you hang up, those are the clothes you will take down. Those are the clothes you will fold, put in a basket, and carry home with you. The thoughts you put out are the thoughts that you take home with you.

What thoughts do you want to have? Then have them. Discard unwelcome thoughts. Take on thoughts that meet your requests.

One thought follows another. This you know well. Your mind is always rambling on. Now point your thoughts in a direction. Your thoughts are like children. Tell them which way they should go.

Heretofore, you have sorted people and countries. Now I suggest that you sort your thoughts. Make two categories. Thoughts that you greet with open arms, and thoughts you step aside from. You do not have to welcome every thought that comes. You can send it on its way, or you can stop it in its tracks. You can substitute one thought for another. Accept only the very best.

When you eat strawberries, you don’t eat the ones that won’t taste good.

You don’t eat burnt toast.

You don’t spread your bread with spoiled butter.

You would not accept broken merchandise from the store.

You would not eat food off the floor.

Yet you would accept tainted thoughts, down-turning thoughts, thoughts with rough edges, thoughts that will cause you discomfort, thoughts with only three legs that will unbalance you, thoughts that you would not want to pass on to your children, yet you will pick up thoughts from off the floor, and pop them into your head.

Request the thoughts you want. Ask for them.

When you are in a hotel, and you have room service, and you order one thing, and they bring you another, you send the food back. There is nothing you have to accept as if you have no say.

It is unlikely that you will get the best without asking for the best.

Why should you not have the best, most forward-moving, most uplifting thoughts in the world? They are free. They are for all, the wealthy as well as the poor. The powerful thoughts are for everyone as well, not only the mighty. Perhaps the mighty are mighty because they chose powerful hard-working thoughts that surmount obstacles.

You have been inculcated to expect obstacles. Now expect miracles instead. Call them to you, not in desperation, but as you might call a dear friend to your side. Call up miracles. Your thoughts will call them to you. The vibration of your thoughts will call them to you. Miracles will rush to you. They are lined up waiting for you to catch them.

They have wanted you to till your mind as a farmer tills the soil. Be ready for miracles, and miracles you will have. When I suggest that you settle for only the best, what can I be talking about but miracles, that which you call miracles, which are only, after all, the return of the line you cast into the waters.

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