The Heartbeat of the Universe | Heavenletters

God said:

Be still. Listen to the heartbeat of the universe. Listen to its love. Listen to how it enjoins you, this beat of love, this heartthrob that robs you of all that you have diverted yourself with. Love ta-tum ta-tum, love ta-tum ta-tum goes the beat of the universe. It reverberates in you. This beat of love. Set your heart to it. You set your heart to Mine.

From love arose more love. The initial sound of love continues, and so the manifest world was born. Love had to go somewhere. It chose to create. It chose to create you. You chose to be created. You also chose to create. There isn’t anything you can’t create, but start with good will. Start with peace. Start with love.

There is a fountain of love within you. Avail yourself of it. There are disparate things as well, but foremost, chose this fountain, chose to have your heart burst forth and reign over the world. If you have wanted power, this is it. The Sun shines brightly. It makes no big-to-do. It is just being itself. It asks for nothing but to shine and so to bless. Be you like the Sun who gives its all.

The Sun is like My eyes. The Moon is too. The Stars are My love blinking in the Heavens. I make no secret of My love. I emphasize it wherever I go. All is lit by Me, by My desire for light, and so shall it be.

No matter what dark place you find yourself in, My light shines. I say My light so you know it is personally given to you. My light belongs to all. I say My light so that you may feel My love entering your heart, love from the One God personally to you. Notwithstanding, the love you feel, the love you receive, the love you give are all part of the whole. Love is as much yours as it is Mine. The soup of love comes from one common pot. This love is stirred, and this love overflows, from Vastness to Vastness, from one heart to another, until all hearts know their love as Oneness.

Oneness is the Truth of you. Nothing else is. If you do not yet know yourself as love, then get to know yourself better. Every time you look into the mirror, think of Me. Think of yourself as basking in the Sun of God’s light. Think of how happy I am to be love and to love you. Let yourself be aware of your magnificence and know it is Mine. I would share with all. I share with you abundantly. Love Me, love Me not, but hand out love in the world. There is nothing else you have to do but reflect the light I have given to you. I have poured it out to you. This is the manna from Heaven. It is love, beloveds. Pick it up. Throw it around like breadcrumbs, or like rose and orange blossoms, or like confetti, or like wedding rice. Let love be far-flung, and flung by you.

You are on Earth to spend My love. Do not apportion it. Simply dish it out. Dish it out from your eyes. Lavish the Earth with your love. Spend it right and left. Adorn the world with your love that issues from Me. Give out that which I have given to you. Give it out royally.

You are like a king, and all the coffers are yours. Your riches come not from the people of Earth but from Me. It is you who gives to the people. You are My cashier. You are My hand.

You Are God’s Messenger | Heavenletters

God said:

My heart beats, and the reverberations of My heart reach to you, and your heartbeat becomes synchronous with Mine. Do you understand that your heartbeat echoes Mine? The more your heart is in tune with Mine, the happier you are. When your heart does not beat with Mine, it can only be because of interference.

We can look at it a different way. Your thoughts dominate your heartbeat. When your thoughts naturally align with Mine, your heart beats like Mine. Deeper than your thoughts, of course, is how you feel, and yet your thoughts play a great part in how you feel. It is as though your thoughts capture your heart, take your heart prisoner, bend your heart to their will, not Mine. The thoughts in your mind become the music played, and so your heart dances to the tune of your mind.

Your mind is limitless. The thoughts that your mind can drive around are limitless. The range is huge. Your heart, however, is more simple. Its range is love, and that’s it. Too often your random-seeming thoughts become impediments to the beat of your heart.

It is like the mind is a vise, and it clamps off your heart.

Let your heart soar and be the leader. A lot depends upon the beat of your heart. Your happiness does. And your happiness reaches near and far. So, I can unqualifiedly say that your heart influences the world and all the other hearts in the world, and every other thing.

This is hard for you to fully accept because you have been led to believe that your influence in the world is about nil. You don’t believe that your vote counts as you once thought. You tend to think you don’t matter at all. The world has tried to beat that into you.

Beloveds, I assure you that you do more than take up space on this land of Earth. I wonder, if you could accept and know to the depth of the marrow of your bones that you are My Messenger on Earth, might you then begin to suspect the convergence of the role you play on Earth? If you travel in the world, you give out silent messages that are heard round the world. If you are bedridden, you also give out silent messages that reach to the farthest corners of the world.

There is no escaping the world, and there is no escaping your importance. Yes, you escape it more often than not in the thoughts you have. You do not escape your importance, except only in your mind do you.

You are an All-Heaven player. You are part of a championship team. Is there a player in football who has no importance? If that were so, why would the player be there? In baseball, if you let go of the thoughts of the world, then in the big picture what you see is that the water boy is no less important than the one who hits a home run. You are My All-Heaven player, and you are My All-Heaven hero. Day in and day out, you are a hero. Whatever you may think of yourself, you put in a day’s work. You may think you barely survive, yet you are far more than a survivalist.

You stoke the furnace of the world. You row the boats. You pick up the litter. You swim the English channel. No matter how menial your role in the world seems to be to you, you are playing a big part. Your name is on the billboard. I have written it in My own hand across the sky.

In This Moment of Being | Heavenletters

God said:

What would happen if the past tense were removed from language? And the future tense as well? What if you have only present tense to work with? Then you are conscious of the present. Then you say: “I am knowing God’s Presence right now.”

You might say: “I am growing closer to God with every breath. God is loving me right now. God is mine right now. I am alive right now. I am living life. I am living life the best I know how. I am getting better at life at this very moment. I am walking to God. Now I am running. Now I am with God. God and I are One. Right now We are. I am walking with God. I am moving ahead with God. God and I love each other. I am grateful to God. I am marvelous as I greet God and serve in the world on God’s behalf. I am God’s child. I am God’s child right now. I am loving God as He is loving me. God and I are all for One, and One for all. Blessed are We.”

The past is not needed, and yet the past tense of language is rampant.

Experiment today. See what happens to your focus as you use the present tense only. I have a feeling that happiness will bubble up more. Acknowledge your happiness, beloveds.

Say: “Right this moment I am happy. I am as happy as can be. When I look ahead or when I look back, my happiness feels put aside. Past happiness is only past. Future happiness is not right now. Real happiness is right now. And so I focus on what is right now. My life is bigger right now than in the past or the future. Right now I leave the past behind me, and I leave the future to itself. I am serving God right now. The past and the future do not need any service from me.”

While We take out the past and future tenses, we also remove conditional tenses. No longer can it be said: “If I were a rich man. If I were nineteen again.” No longer can it be said: “If I were prettier. If I were smarter. If I were loved.”

Now I hear you say: “I am wealthy. I have everything, and more is arriving all the time. I am young. I am new every day. I am beautiful. I am smart. I am loved. I am loved, and I love. I am loved, and I love, and I am love. All of God’s Creation is love. Therefore, all is love. I belong to this love. I am love right now. Right now, I am. I am, I am, I am. God IS. I AM. You ARE. We ARE. The One of Us IS.”

And now your heart does somersaults of joy. Now the sun comes out early because you are right with the sun. You are the sun. No longer do you wait for the sun. The sun is now. You are now. All is now.

Say to yourself: “Now that I live in this moment of being, my energy is strong. My zest for life is stronger. No longer do I have regret, and no longer have I fear. Regret and fear and such things cannot and do not exist in this moment of Eternity that I call now. Now I am free of regret, and I am free of fear. Regret is retrospect. Fear is of the future. Where can fear or regret exist in this moment that I live with God? I live now. Not a while ago and not later. I am alive now. I AM right now.”

The Beat of God’s Heart | Heavenletters

God said:

The beat of My heart is a steady beat. I do not have palpitations. I do not have mood swings. I do not get red in the face. My temperature does not go up and down. I do not frown. The songs I sing have perfect pitch. I hear everything. I understand everything. I am changeless. I know I am God.

You are changeable, up and down, back and forth. You do not yet know your basis. You do not yet know Who you are, Who you really are. You feel it is too presumptive to think you are anything but an unfortunate human being, or you think it is too conceited to think so, or too unbelievable. You do not know nor accept the Godness of you, and, therefore, you are changeable. Your thoughts and moods are like the wind. You think you are insubstantial.

Of course, you have to change, beloveds. I do not mean to say that change is a poor thing. Take no offense, but change is in order for you. You cannot stay the same. Change is the name of the game on Earth. Fortunately, you have Me to balance you. I am solid like the Rock of Gibraltar – solider — because the Rock of Gibraltar is changing too. While you learn to walk on Earth, I hold your hand. You are learning to balance yourself. You are learning that you are your own Father.

Beloveds, I do not speak of belief. Certainly not, for what do I believe in? I believe in nothing. I know everything. Belief is only an opinion, a mere opinion, perhaps an opinion held by many. What does belief have to do with Truth anyway? You have beliefs that may be true and beliefs that may not be, and so you have misbeliefs. Beliefs don’t really have to do with much. It is good to believe in Me, and it is good to believe in you. It is better for your relaxation for you to believe in Me than to disbelieve in Me, yet what do your beliefs really have to do with anything? I don’t just believe in your capabilities. I know your capabilities.

What does it matter if you think water is wet or you think water is dry? Water is what it is. What does it matter if you think a mountain is high or medium? Mountains are the height they are regardless of what you think about them. What does it matter to the weather if you think it is hot or cold? Of course, you are certainly affected by your thoughts.

This does not mean to say that your thoughts are powerless. Your thoughts influence even the mountains and the water and the weather, for your thoughts affect everything in the Universe, everything except Me, naturally. Most of all, your thoughts affect you. Your thoughts make you hearty, and they make you ill. They make you happy, and they make you sad. You are more than influenced by your thoughts. Your entire life depends upon them.

This is a good reason why you don’t want to be a grouch. This is a good reason why you don’t want to moan and groan about anything. It is really true what the children say, that you will stick that way. The thing is when you are grouchy and/or complain, you are listening to every word you say. Be careful what you listen to. Do not say I didn’t caution you.

You are growing toward balance, beloveds, towards an even keel. Havoc is on its way out. No longer will you play havoc with yourself.

Let Your Love Flow | Heavenletters

God said:

You may feel you flounder in a maelstrom of lack on Earth. Despite how you may flounder, I tell you that you live in a maelstrom of Love.

It is Love that is hard for you to accept. This must be so because you want Love to prove itself to you. You want to be assured that you are Loved. You tend to be unassured of your Truth.

The Sea of Life may be deep and yet, you rock the boat. Even for one day, if you could accept the Bounty of Love that you are and that you merit, how different your Life would be. How different you would be. You would not falter.

It seems that you may go at Love backwards. You do everything to assert that you are overlooked, and insist, that Love must be so plump and full that it knocks you over. And, yet, Love in the world doesn’t come forth strongly enough and consistently enough for you to feel certain of it.

Do you see how you may approach Love in a backhanded way as you bide your time?

When you take a walk, you do not teeter and totter. If there is a place you want to get to, you stride there. You don’t test the waters first. You don’t fiddle around. You walk there without tiptoeing.

Dear Ones, when it comes to Love, count on Love even as there is no accounting for Love. Of course, what you are to have your attention on is the Love that lies within yourself. Add up the right columns when you think about it.

Let your Love flow. It is your Love Within to give that you are to nurture.

When you play tennis, you may be the one who starts. When it comes to Love, start with what is referred to as your Love. Dear Ones, Love is in your Court. Start up your so-called Own Love. Then Love will surface from others and reach you.

If you don’t feel Loved or Loved enough, you have not come to the Scrimmage Line. Dare to throw your Love. Be concerned more with your throwing your Love than you are concerned with its being caught the way you would like. Throw your Love high and low and this way and that.

Where are you to look for the Beauty of Love? Within yourself, of course. Chase your Own Love. Toss your Own Love hither and yon. Where are you to seek Love from? From your Own Heart. It is your Own Love you are to discover in Life around you. First things first.

It is not for you to accumulate Love. It is for you to give Love. Be the first. Not that you really are taking notes, but rather where your Love is found is within all Love that flows from you. Ah, then, beloveds, you will ride the Waves of Love. It is your Own Love to rely on. You are the dispenser of Love.

I say you are Love, and yet you do not assume the role of Love. Be it. Be the Love. Open the windows of the Love that you already are. You don’t have to import Love or manufacture Love. You just have to let your Love go out. Love will be known. Love will flow from the ramparts. Love will be known from on High wherever you look.

It is not that everyone has to Love you. It is you who is to Love in all your Glory. In and out of a room on Earth, you are the One Chosen to Love. Oh, what a world it will be where everyone Loves and never stints on giving their Love.

It is natural to Love. It is unnatural for you to withhold Love. Go ahead. Be free. Love the Universe. Flow on, sweet Afton, River of Love.

Flow gently, sweet Afton! amang thy green braes
Flow gently, I’ll sing thee a song in thy praise…

Robert Burns, 1791

A Sense of Adventure | Heavenletters

God said:

Life is like your thoughts. You don’t know what is coming next. But you think you have to know. You insist on it, or you think you must brace yourself. The predominance of your life is not tragedy, although much of your thinking goes in the direction of preventing it.

A thousand lovely things happen to you. Tragedies are few. Why would you let tragedy consume your life? Of course, “tragedy” is often your word for natural events in life.

Life changes.

Nothing can stop it.

Get out of the way.

You were not meant to be a blocker of life. Yours is not to dam it up. Yours is to let it flow. There is no need to do otherwise. In any case, you cannot succeed in stemming it.

Attachment, fear, displeasure and so forth come from your perceived need to keep life the same and/or to change it according to your preference i.e. make it under your control.

Take neither the defensive nor offensive towards life. Free it. Observe it. But do not command it. Do not force-feed your life.

Your desires and intentions will lead your life. Your forcing it will not. Be kind to your life. Do not order it around. Invite it the way you want it to go. Encourage. Do not balk at it. Do not whip it. Maybe it is doing well, despite what you may fear.

Your life is a story, and stories unfold. You are the reader of your story who waits to see what happens next. At the same time, you are the author, and how you feel about your story influences what happens next.

Perhaps you wanted to read a romance, but you find yourself reading an adventure. But there is always another chapter and another book. Enjoy whatever chapter you are in.

Accept the fact that there is meaning in your life. You are for a purpose beyond any purpose the world designs. Perhaps your life is a hunt for your purpose. A hunt leads you onward. Yes, you are a discoverer in your life. You find clues along the way, and you put them in your pocket, or you toss them away. It is enough that you have found them, and now you go on to the next.

When you read your story, you don’t spend all your time rereading what happened before. You don’t have to memorize any chapter or paragraph and keep yourself there. You don’t have to turn down the corner of any page. Just turn pages. You don’t have to skip any chapters either.

If you like, you can think of titles for your chapters. You can name them ahead of time. You can name them whatever you like. You do entitle your life. Your naming of your chapters may have a strong influence, but your story is not bound to the title you choose. Even so, whatever life does, you can live up to the title you choose.

When you free your life to go forth, you free yourself. You are not bound to your life. Your life as it appears in the world is not your whole story. There is much written between the lines and between the chapters, and there are whole books ahead of you waiting for you to enter them.

Do not hold so tight. And do not push away. You cannot know what you may be denying yourself.

I will tell you a secret. Whatever the genre of your book, whether it is romance or science-fiction or technical or spiritual… it is an adventure story. The one genre is adventure. So enter your story with a sense of adventure. Just as in the story books, you are setting out, and you are seeking your fortune.

The Dreamer and the Dream | Heavenletters

God said:

What is love but inspiration? What is inspiration but that which lifts you higher? When you feel inspired, you love yourself more. Loving yourself more is acceding to all possibilities. Inspired, you aspire to greater heights, and you have only just begun. Once the world was a little place to you, and now the world extends and extends, and there is more to Creation than you had ever dreamed of. Although dreams are great, Vastness is greater than a dream. Have in mind that a dream you aspire to is also real. Dreams are real, and you have a real one.

Consider a dream a seed you plant, and now you wait, and now you watch the seed sprout, and then your dream is right before you. Dreams come true. Just be sure you dream big enough. Then you may just have an inkling of all the power you do fuel with your dreams.

Where do dreams come from, beloveds? I am speaking of ideas you have and not the dreams that come with sleep, not that sleep dreams are limited either.

Your waking dreams are not to be bounded. Dream your dreams, and dream some more. You have to see an apple tree before you can pick apples from it. Dreams are your visions, beloveds. Be sure you dream big enough in My eyes. My children often dream of great monetary fortunes. Understandable, yet, even dreams of great fortunes are limited dreams.

Beloveds, life is your Great Fortune. I am your Great Fortune. Love is your Great Fortune. The love in your heart is your Great Fortune. And you, yes, you, you may be the world’s Great Fortune.

What did the Great Spiritual Ones dream of? What were their dreams? They made their dreams a Reality. Or, were their dreams theirs, or were their dreams Mine? Who is the Dreamer, and what is the difference between the Dreamer and the Dream, if any?

Aspire to have big dreams. It is as easy for a big dream to manifest as it is to find an apple in your refrigerator. Propel your dreams forward. Hail to dreams. How fortunate when you hold a dream in your heart. A dream you dream of, by your very dreaming of it, is planted. That which is planted grows. May your dreams grow to encompass all of humanity and, yea, the galaxies beyond. May you dream big dreams, for dreams are a blessing. Any way you slice it, dreams are a reality. They don’t have to come true, and, still, they are a reality.

Your thoughts are real, beloveds. What you think exists. It exists somewhere and, not necessarily, over the rainbow. Thoughts are real, and thoughts are powerful. You don’t begin to know the power of your thoughts. Well, you are beginning to know. Catch up to your dreams, beloveds, for your dreams may very well be Mine, just as you are Mine. I don’t own you, yet, still you are Mine. You are My dream bearing fruit. I sent My dream to Earth, and I blessed it, and told it to multiply. Multiply My dream. Multiply My dream of you. My dreams are big. I never thought small. Of course, in My mansion, there is only Greatness. Small does not exist. Of course not. I am a God of Greatness, and you are a ramification of Greatness.

At the same time, even a blade of grass is great. Even one pebble is great. One grain of sand. One smile. One tear. One grace. One blessing. One of Us. One is Greatness. All is Greatness. Nothing but Greatness exists.

A Thousand and One Tales | Heavenletters

God said:

I Myself have used the expression from the beginning of time. The expression could just as well have been from the beginning of time and space, even as I have stated more than once that time and space do not exist, no matter how much they may seem to.

Closer to the Truth would be to say from the beginning of imagined space and time, imagined-space-and-time have been imagined. We could have said from the beginning of the dream, from the beginning of story, from the beginning of a very fluid made-up tale entitled: The Many-Volumed Imagined Tales of Life on Earth Taken Very Seriously and other such titles.

The platform, the whole thing, is made-up and not real at all.

Of course, some stories you would wish with all your might to be true, and some stories you would wish to be erased, and, yet not one of the stories is true. They may be what you call real, yet from Infinity and Great Vision not one of the stories is true. This is Truth I tell you whether you agree with Me or not, which you probably do not.

Infinity is true. Oneness is true. The stories the Dream tells are fiction. Fiction believed true is still fiction. A blank page would be more representative of Truth. This is hard for My beloved children to digest as well. When you stub your toe, it hurts! What you call real life is A Thousand and One Tales of Dreams Dreamed of on Earth. Only in the World of Dreams are there such actions and inaction, yet, within the Dream, there are Themes of Truth. Love is Truth.

Running through the stories are Multi-Themes of Love. The stories may often be tales of love lost, yet, nevertheless, they are tales told with streams of love running through them. There are stories that embolden laughter, and laughter takes away the reverence of all the fictionalized stories, for humor notably says that life, as you know it, is a joke, one great joke, and you might as well laugh at it as cry.

It is so hard for My beautiful children to accept that they are living in a dream which often seems to be a nightmare itself and is a very long ongoing dream from which they do not awake, yet, each day, the dream seems to take flight from where it left off the night before.

There is a lot of great fiction out there with plots twisting and turning beyond what any imagination could think of, yet it is all imagination circling the plains of time and space. Sometimes imagination circles like predatory birds and sometimes like birds of song.

Oh, yes, your fictitious lives are also musicals with all the cinematic and operatic drama. Your very existence on Earth is drama. You, who are made by God, live in a world made of drama, drama upheld, drama exalted. Note the commonality of the words dream and drama.

Most everyone is so wrapped up in the drama of the moment to which there seems to be no end that the stories unfold and unfold, taking you with them, and you become all wound up in tension and suspense with occasional moments of relief. This is how it looks to you.

There are individual stories and collective stories. There are hysterical stories and historical stories.

Once in a while stories of True Truth get mixed in, stories such as mythology and fairy tales and occasional other truth-telling stories that arise in tales far richer and deeper than the stories many stories tell.

The end of the Paradise Lost stories, whether stated or not, return to Paradise Found, and the Truth is known once again at last.

“Ah,” you say, “blessed with Truth I AM once again. Once again I have alighted on Truth and left the whole concept of consequences. I have finished with fiction, and I have been restored to Truth and the lovely Universality of Oneness. Thank God, I am Home.”

And I say once again: You are Home from where you never really left. Only in your Dream did you ever think you had left. You have returned to where you always are.

What Music Have Ears Not Yet Heard? | Heavenletters

God said:

Expand your vision, and your life expands accordingly. In the act of greater vision, you are already expanded. What is within your sight is within your sight. What is out of your sight is out of it. Bring more opportunities into view.

You are the viewer of your life. The canvas is Mine. I have given you paints to make a picture on the canvas. First your painting is a sketch, and then a more definite painting arises. But the sketch was integral to your painting. The sketch is your vision.

Your life is like an accordion that you move certain ways. Unlimited are the ways you can move your life. Your life is like a banjo that you strum and tap. It is an instrument that requires your participation. Your life is like a silent drum. Your fingers give it sound. You make the music in your own life. Your mind is the instrument at hand.

Let your mind explore rather than confine. Let your mind move mountains and lift clouds. Churn the ocean to get to the bottom of it. Push waves up and mount them.

For the most part, you think you are limited to your body. Your body sighs. Your mind says, “If only …” Your mind says, “I wish I could, but I can’t. I am where I am.” Your heart has a better concept of your scope but often lets the mind tamp it down. Do not let your mind dishearten your heart. Let your heart sing louder.

The heights of the world have spectacular possibilities not yet encompassed. What music have ears not yet heard? What music in life is waiting for you to make it?

Infinite are you, and infinite are the possibilities of you. You are not locked-in. There is no key to throw away unless We call your thoughts the key. In that case, throw away all the old keys your mind has kept that are too small and cannot turn the door of your life.

Bigger thoughts fit bigger doors.

In fact, you must go beyond thought. Go with vision. Without thought, great vision will take you beyond the borders of the world, as you have seen and accepted them, and take you anywhere and everywhere you want to go. There is a spectacular range before you. It is unlimited. Therefore, it is beyond range. It is rangeless. Only some fog covers it. Or window blinds you have pulled down.

Vastness awaits you. Vastness calls to you. You hesitate to step where you have not stepped before. You hesitate to step into the vastness because of its very nature of vastness that is without borders. You like a railing to hold onto.

The name of this game is letting go.

Limits exist in your mind. They are arbitrary. Will you accept that? Someone has pinned them to you and you accepted them as fact. But you can unpin them, and then the limits no longer exist. Even your limits have been limited. All limits are limited. No need to replace limits with other limits. You are going beyond limits now. You are stepping up to a new threshold that is not a threshold at all. There has never been a threshold. All has been open and vast from the beginning. But, of course, We can think of your mind as a threshold. It is only your mind that you have to get through.

The Human Mind has a habit of clanking doors shut, tying things up neatly. It plays with tying up as a hobby. Now its real work is to let go and give you the vision that allows you to venture into a greater … a greater … a greater — there is no name for it — but for now We will call it a wide open pasture or a green glen in the vast woods or a far-seeing far-seeming star in the nethermost sky … or the non-place of boundlessness you call Heaven where you long and belong to be.

Life Is a Story-Teller | Heavenletters

God said:

To each his own on one level makes sense. Individuality exists. Individuality abounds. It is perceived in the world of perception. You couldn’t dream up all the amazing differences between people. No two are alike. Twins share similarities, and they also are emblazoned in uniqueness. From this individuality arise all the stories in life, the comedies and so-called tragedies. I say so-called tragedies so you will take a balanced eye in your view of life on Earth. I don’t want you to think of life on Earth as a battering ram. Life is not out to get you. There are no multifarious designs on you in your life on Earth. Life is not a vulture. Ah, but, yes, life is a story-teller.

Amidst all the perceived individuality lies the Unity, the Brotherhood of Everyone, the Oneness. It could perhaps be called the blank slate, or We could call it the Great Sun, the Great Light, the One Great Light that shines on All and shines from All, from that One Wonderful Place that is not a Place and where there is no ownership and no such thing as each to his own. We could call this inaccurately, if We choose, the Melting Pot, and yet it is more like a Rising Pot. It is the Highest Dimension. It is the Basic Dimension, yet it can hardly be called a dimension. It is a foundation. It is the Well-Spring. It is the Truth Unveiled. It is the One Reality. It is like a still photo of Paradise beyond or before habitation, no matter by what name it may be called.

It is the Hall of Silence. It is the Foundation of the World, and yet it is Above the World. It can hardly be described. It is the seed. We could say it is the seed within the seed within the seed. It is the Wholeness and the Nothingness. It is the Oneness which cannot be extricated and set apart. You cannot look at it. You cannot be at a distance from it. You are not even a you who can discuss it, for Who is outside this Oneness? No one. Who is there to tell about it, and Who is there to ask about it? There is no one, only Oneness of Everythingness before Everythingness is born.

You do understand that I have no form. You have always gathered that. Nor am I exactly a void. I am not a cipher, yet I am Oneness, and so are you, and yet there is no you, only Oneness.

None of this can easily be swallowed in the extant world. How could it be in the extant world where the five senses rule and diagrams can be drawn? Even as you are created in My Image, I am beyond Image. Even so, you know what I mean or close to it. You are not your mere body. This is not to take your form down a peg or two, because in the physical world, the human form is also beautiful, far more beautiful than you can perceive yet beautiful just the same. Human perception is also more beautiful than perceived. It is a wondrous thing, yet it is not fully perceived within the eyes of the world.

You can only guess at the Heights You Attain. You can desire. You can wish. You can love, yet, of course, there is no putting your finger on love or anything because the Heights have no dimensions. The Heights are where measurements do not exist but ARE. The Heights are where Love Is, and that’s the whole story.