God Willing | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloved, you know that when all is said and done, of course, you do hold some responsibility for the hard road your life may go down. You know better by now than to think that you are totally free of responsibility for your life. You contribute somehow, in some way, somewhat, sometimes, now and again in one way or another.

You’ve got the idea. There are ways you carry some of the weight, not all, yet some, a little. Of course, there are those in your life who seem to irritate you right and left and again and again all right.

However, if you get hot under the collar often or more, you may well have a speaking acquaintance with anger as it lives within you at its outset. If so, perhaps you stand on a slippery slope. Beloved, at the least, have the idea that there may be something you want to take a second look at while you are at it.

I know you are a good guy. I care for you with all My might. Yes, you may see that someone else has an easier-appearing life than yours. By no means does this mean that I care less for you or that I care more for someone else. The way of the world is that you don’t have the whole story. It is the way of the world to have only a partial story. This happens. So it appears to you. Mostly My children don’t know what the whole story looks like by a mile. You just know how it looks to you from where you happen to sit. Something has to give, and it may be you, Beloved. You may have come to the time when it makes sense for you to at least take a look at eating humble pie. There may be times to take a look at eating humble pie.

The world is how it sees itself. To some degree right now, you have some stuff, and everyone else has his stuff as well. You could also be perfect to some degree. This may indeed be an optimum moment for you right now. I also anticipate a landslide of greater and greater happiness strolling down for you. Root for yourself, yes. Yes, I will all this for you on your personal behalf and also for the grace of the world.

If someone is often annoyed with you, you don’t have to be his fall guy. He has his stuff, too. If another constantly seems to enact anger in you, well, here you go again. You may have thought long ago that you would never get your foot caught in such a vise again, yet something is off. Sometimes you wonder if you will ever reach the finish line and be at peace. You may say to yourself a lot in life:

“God willing.”

You have come a long ways. The other offending party may well have as well. Just now We are talking about you.

God is willing. I, God, affirm that I am willing. I want happiness to reign. Not here and there – but everywhere. Not now and then, but across the board.

Here’s a metaphor that came to Me to express the Agreement of God and Child in life when God and Child come together to fold a king-sized fitted sheet together: We come up to each other in agreement. Our two pairs of hands lift the fold of the sheet high above the ground. We clasp hands together in the center as a symbol of Infinite Oneness of Peace and Love that spring up eternally right here within Our One Beautiful Heart.


God Knows Everything | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloveds, Godwriters who write down for Me know only what they hear Me say. I, God, on the other hand, have the whole picture all at once in what could be called in an instant. A fine, deep Godwriter who hears me well may pick up a piece at a time and then another piece of the puzzle as he or she waits for Me to plop more down. Therefore, even the most sentient of Godwriters knows the short of it and not the long of it. It may be like this, yet not always. One or another Godwriter may hear me in one long patch.

However a Heavenletter reaches a Godwriter, the Godwriter is glad just so long as it comes. I am glad, too. Anything can occur in Godwriting.

As you Godwrite, sometimes you may feel as though you are like a detective pulling clues together. Something or another occurs to you, and you notice it begins to fit in somewhere. A thought pops into a Godwriter’s head. You hadn’t asked for it, yet isn’t it an everyday occurrence in regular life, too, that one thought climbs in after another? What is inspiration but one thought climbing in after another or one thought skipping away, and you don’t know how, where nor why?

No matter, every single Heavenletter is a written Heavenletter. I give it to you, and you write it down at My request.

Surely, I am whispering into your ear, sometimes lickety-split, and you can hardly catch a breath. Each Heavenletter, or part of a Heavenletter you write down, writes itself as it gets stirred up. A Heavenletter may be whipped up by a magic blender all at once. Who but I can do this?

Sometimes a budding Heavenletter feels it is overly short, and you may discover, to your surprise, that it is much longer than your initial experience of it. You remember days that would speed by and a whole morning that might take forever. This is the relative world for you. An hour can be a minute. A minute can last an hour. What in the world cannot be topsy-turvy, and any which way? Yes, let a Godwriting be what it wants to be, not a way you might prefer.

A Godwriter isn’t a numbers counter or an engineer. A Godwriter takes what comes.

A Godwriter is more like Einstein when Einstein would lie on his back in a rowboat and go where the stream took him until he reached his beautiful destination. This may, indeed, be how Einstein’s ideas came to him. Einstein knew how to idle and come out ahead.

I may well advise you to go as fast as you can in Godwriting. This is to get you away from trying too hard. Beloved, I mean for you to leave the left-brain world where you may not know how to get out of town from. This is something like moving out from the hum of busy New York City into a vast quiet meadow lane. Have I made the point?

The way to be bring forth great Godwriting is just by letting go without an ounce of having to do anything to it. Letting go is the way. Einstein was more laissez-faire and easy going.

I would say the surest way to feel frustrated with Godwriting is to strive to be the greatest. A positive attitude is fantastic. Having to be the super best Godwriter in the world may well incite you to be frustrated. It’s one thing to be Muhammed Ali, who wanted to be the Greatest boxer in the world. He can exercise his muscles. He can keep picturing his success. In contrast, a Godwriter’s practice or training for Godwriting is his or her whole life.

Oneness in Action | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloved, I know your Oneness like you know the nose on your face. You are just catching on to Oneness. You don’t yet know every inch or mountain of Our Oneness. Go ahead, take center stage. Express yourself now as far as your questions take you. You, valiant Godwriter, write!

At this moment, you, My Godwriter, informally speak and question and grasp that the words you write down come from a higher Consciousness and a bigger Source than your individual personality.

Ponder now outloud:

“Beloved God, now my fingers type on the keyboard, God, yet I also understand that it is You, God, Who furnishes every Godwriter the opportunity of making typos hand over fist. I guess my fingers are the culprit. I take the responsibility for this.

“More than this, I can’t believe that you require anyone to type manually on your behalf in the first place.

“You can just think, and the keyboard would automatically go to town. You don’t have to make effort. You are God. You created Earth and all that goes with it by Your desiring it in the first place. You didn’t rely on anyone else. All you had to do was to think your thoughts. That was it. I would think you would only want to think your thoughts right now, and, voila, a Heavenletter appears in perfect formation. You wouldn’t have to call on a mortal go-between. I would think You could just think Your thoughts and the keyboard would tap them out perfectly at Your request.

“It must be my fingers that fly on and off doing all this making of typos.

“Beloved God, all the touch-typing I took in night school when I was in high school, all that I was so good at – I have lost all this, lost my skill. What I was so good at has been forgotten in the heat of typing for You.

“I would be obliged if you would get my typing back to accuracy.

“Somewhere in my life, I heard something like this:

“In the question is the answer. I feel now that in my asking why You need an intermediary in the first place, the stenographer, a Human Being, now I get why you do or perhaps You personally do not need a stenographer. Of course you don’t for yourself. You don’t need. You desire. Of course, God, you desire your child’s Consciousness to grow. Each single Human Being on Earth is here on Earth for something. Everyone matters deeply and wildly to You, God. You desire Our Consciousness to awaken to its full realization, full steam ahead.

“You want Me, everyone, to know there is more to life than what I have seen before my eyes. You God, always knew We were One. I am just learning. You want me and everyone to recognize this knowledge more than anything and to seek and accept the world as I know it to be.”

Infinite Questions | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloved, I hear you ask Me from the far reaches of your mind:

“Dear God, what is the sum total of life, and in particular, my life, if I can indeed call my life my own? Where does this that is called my life exist? Is my life lived within its recollection, or is it not?

“Okay, does life exist in its foretelling as well as its playing out? Or does life exist especially in my thoughts about what I think. Do my thoughts about my life recognize and resuscitate my life? Unless I think about my life, practically speaking, would my life exist? I wonder if I didn’t contemplate my life, contemplate myself, would I exist?

“Life isn’t exactly easy for me to put my finger on. If I didn’t think about my life and aim to think about it, would I be anywhere? Actually, dear God, if somewhere is space, haven’t you said that there is no time and no space? You can see that I am in a quandary.

“God, human life has to amount to more than the tick-tocking of a heartbeat.

“Will a lifetime in which is called done require my recall, or will someone’s recall or a written book restore my life if it actually existed or ever did? Is life lived only in thoughts and not on its own vantage without its own formation or quite entering or leaving as if on its own?

“The expression of life in the raw exists in words all right. I’ve heard it. I guess this means real life as it is. As I say this expression, I have no idea what I am saying. I want to understand. If this means life can occur not in the raw, am I saying then that my life is no more than an idea or a thought I think or discover or whatever I think is going on?

“What does life consist of? Can life be Our talking together, God, and Our talking together is the sum total of life as mime as it is called?

“Is it safe to say what is called my singular life is not long and that the mind is no longer? The idea of mine is a vague gesture.

“Is it possible, dear God, that I, or anyone, live only in thought?

“When and if my life exists, can there be a pre-life and also an after-life as well? Does my life keep running along? Is my so-called life somehow continually recorded and continually playing?

“Is there a time and place where non-existence doesn’t hold forth? Who stokes fire into my life?

“Is it true to say I continue to live simply in a different location on another level and perhaps for another purpose – another level of life, another dimension? Is life all-dimensioned at the same time, as if playing out here and there in many stages?

“God, you have also said that there is no beginning to life and no ending. Is life not performed on any stage then? Is life a total thought-process? Can it be there is no action, no activity that goes on – only in a thought of it?

“I am in a quandary. I want real life to be true. I do. Yet I don’t want it stored. I don’t really even know what I am saying as I say it.

“When I come down to it, do I really know what anything means or just take a stab at it?”

Upcoming Surprises! | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloved, dearly Beloved, Seeker of Love and Wisdom, keep your heart flowing and blossoming and your heart as light as air with the essences of sweetness of flowers at your beck and call as love mills all over the happy Universe.

No heart is to carry the weight of heaviness nor darkness. All hearts are to be full of light and love. And this is it. This is the whole story as it is reported in Heaven. This is the whole story of God, and the whole story of God and life on its high-spirited way to you and the wondrousness of enlightenment. This is the true story of the flow of life and what is God-given to you without reservation. All is set full sail for you abounding.

Consider yourself My Initiate. You have rewards coming to you. Rewards sounds like such an earth-sodden word these days on the order of a sales pitch. This is not a spiel I give to you. I give you a true testament. I give you what is ordained for you. You are not in need. You are in a good place to receive far greater than pennies from Heaven, unassailably greater than pennies from Heaven – more like wonders from Heaven, more like Godliness from Heaven, more goodness than you will ever require, rather all that which I wish to pour down upon you, who are loved so richly that you will not be able to stop smiling or crying in joy – whatever the case may be.

There is greater than solace for you, My Truly Beloved.

There are no talks of per cents or liabilities. Now it is time for My One Child to receive the pure bounties of Heaven. This is how Heaven arrives as your birthright – your sweet desserts jotted down for you before you had a soupçon of Divine Happiness. You are just coming into bloom. I have been readying Divine Happiness for you – more than you ever contemplated, more than the world has ever begun to dream of. Here it comes, sliding down the Chute of Heaven. It lands on your lap as you rise to Heaven.

You will begin to see what God hath wrought for you.

Think of your happiest moments, and you will know only less than 1% of what is rounding the corner for you with such richness of love.

We are just beginning, Beloved. Your day of reckoning is just beginning. I have always known this. You are just beginning to know. And you don’t really know anything yet. You just have an idea of the landslide of love that is on its way to you.

Whatever you have been dreaming of, you are only at the bottom of the barrel. You are just beginning. You haven’t started yet. You are just peeking at the starting line.

All the beauty and beyond all the beauty you have ever known, more than this, is on its way to you. Your mouth has never smiled quite this wide. This is about the first time you have even heard a roar of the ocean or your foot touched the water.

Never again will your heart ever sink. Never again will you know what it is to weep unless We speak of weeping for joy!

This great celebration is beginning for you. Happiness greater than what you can imagine is on its way to you. Take note.

What is higher than sublime? What is higher than the highest mountain? What is as deep as the deepest ocean? What is as sweet as the sweetest honey? You have seen sweet surprises before. Wait until your next surprises. Get ready, get set, go – for greater yet are on their way to you. Here they come!

Friends Left by the Wayside | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloved, you think of another long ago friend of yours from many long years ago. Your heart aches to talk to once more to this friend. You have no way of knowing if this long ago friend is still alive.

You were girlfriends, that’s all. You don’t know how would you would reach this long-lost friend from long ago if she should happen to still be alive. Did she live in New York, New Jersey – where?

Her first name definitely was Helen. You can’t bring her last name back to life. She mattered to you. Her forlorn face digs into your heart.

Her eyes were brown-eyed doe eyes. Dreamy-eyed, moist, soft. Her eyes look up for answers. Her eyes pierce your heart.

You have abandoned far more than one friend over the years and miles.

If Helen could be alive today and you could locate her, would you? Would you pick up the phone? Would you start an email and leave it unfinished in the middle and never send it?

Regret seems to be so far as you can go. You have too much daily life to keep up with. You are pretty sure her name was Helen. Her last name, if only you could think of it, fit her perfectly. Did her last name begin with a B or D?

You don’t remember where you knew her from. She was a skinny friend, perhaps, bony with thin lavender-cast veins. What was her last name? Helen what? The thing is you would never have left her behind, yet you did. You know you did. And how many yet more dear others have you left by the wayside? She may not even have a thought of you.

And the people you did somehow keep up with? If you had checked, might you have noticed that you may not have felt so close to them? They were just there, or it was that they had made sure to keep up with you?

Here is Helen: She had once asked you why men did not seem to have had any interest in her. She had never had anyone ask her out.

Who knows what gibberish I had given her? Looking back then, I don’t think I had any idea of the bigger picture really. What I am sure of is that her heart wasn’t worth all the attention it took.

“Now I believe the answer is that Helen didn’t have much of a bosom, nor did she know how to use her beautiful brown eyes to flirt with.

“God, Helen was a spectacular thoughtful person fit for a King. Any man who would win her would have been crowned fortunate

“Now I would know better how to answer Helen.

“Helen, dear angel,” I might say now, “you just haven’t met the right person. There is someone very special out there for you.

“You just aren’t like everyone else. You are a jewel befit for a King and no less. He would be the happiest man in the world.

“Helen, may you have been swept up off your feet by now by a wonderful man who deserves you. May you have many rare children just like you who also are not like everyone else. The man who wins you – he cannot be a run-of-the-mill man in this world either.

“You are more subdued, Helen, than most of us. You are not giggly about life and men in general the way the world often seems.

“Many women may be just as sensible and serious as you if truth were known.

“Many women, to their sorrow, leave their true selves behind in the dust.”

Second Chances | Heavenletters

God said:

Life gives you second chances, and human hearts ache for revelations to be the way life used to be when you were young – barefoot and rosy-cheeked, life new and full of glory when you made leaps and bounds, and a surprise dawns, calling to you, a new twist, a delightful upturn, an accelerated brightening, a stirring, a reconnoiter, a love for life as it arises on the horizon. As it happens, two twists unexpectedly came your way today – sort of two Universes – can they be called Parallel Universes?

A long-ago acquaintance wearing a big smile, her arms full of a big hug, rushed up to greet you in the supermarket this morning. She, whose name you can’t remember, was overjoyed to see you. She made seeing you an event! She walked out of the mist happy to see you.

“Can this be true?” your heart wept. “Does this someone from the past have any idea how happy she made you?

Then you hear yourself say to yourself: “My sense of Oneness, come back to me. Come back, and stay.”

Later, something like this experience in reverse hits you like a ton of bricks.

Years ago, an on-and-off friend had loaned you an instructional CD. You stumbled onto this CD today stashed in an out of the way place, this CD loaned to you by a friend who was often irritating. Taped to the CD, How to Rewrite a Screenplay in 30 Days, this note attached, this note so weird:

“This CD is probably the most valuable one in the set to watch first.”

This is the only one you found.

Life is not always how it appears. This occasional friend used to drive you up the wall. Once you saw her refuse to loan a limping old lady her cell phone on the table to make a quick call from the café. Your friend proudly, victoriously, turned up her nose at the old lady’s request because your erstwhile friend was too good to say Yes.

This woman who loaned you the CD, on the contrary, could also on occasion be the most splendid person in the world. One day, over thirty years ago, when you were called away on an emergency, who but this unsatisfactory friend ran right over to your house to start taking care of your two beloved dogs while you had to be away? This friend, when she was good, she was very good.

Since then, this friend died without saying goodbye. Looks like the CD is yours to keep now. Who but you would want to claim it anyway?

Suddenly, you are stricken with a loss bigger than you can bear. Nothing will ever be concluded now. This woman had a granddaughter who raised her two children with only Yes and never No. The granddaughter and her young children lived on a continent far away. Now who will ever catch you up in the lives of your friend’s grandchildren? All of a sudden, it is this woman you want to talk to more than anyone else in the world.

You had no clue that this person, of all people, would ever mean so much to you. You just have to hear about what strange situations your friend’s grandchildren will get themselves into and out of again.

If today someone could come back to life, this is the one friend you would run up to in the supermarket to give a big hug to today.

Beloved, you learned two big lessons in life today. These are everyone’s lessons.

The first two are:

1. Kindness and generosity win the day.

2. Love whom you love before it’s too late.

Plus, you had three more lessons, which are:

1. You are loved.

2. You love.

3. The main reason not to judge any other is so you can spare yourself from the heartache of judging yourself later as you are doing now and, alas, finding yourself wanting.

To All that is Holy | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloved, in terms of daily life, you are in the present. I wonder, does the present mean between one moment and another? That is: Where does the present exist?

It’s clear to Me there is no past that resides. There is no time after all. Time can only be transient. There is no way that Infinity and Eternity can be staggered in separate spaces. Wholeness is Wholeness.

Infinity is more than a pillow you sleep on. Yes, Infinity is a comfort, yet Infinity amounts to more than comfort. What is it about life that you want to get to the heart of things? What is it exactly about life that it wants to be absorbed? Or is it you who wants to know about life ceremoniously or definitively?

If life wants to be known, what is there about life that wants to know itself ceremoniously and definitively? What does it come down to? You do like to travel the by-ways. What does it actually mean that you know something anyway? What do you know? What does this mean that you know it anyway, really know it?

It’s a puzzle, and you like to exclaim loud and clear: “EUREKA!” You like the moment you see the light.

On one layer, there also seems to be the unknowable. You can get a feel for the unknowable and knowable, yet you can’t quite carry it over your shoulder or frame it on your wall.

Then what is the next soldier of understanding that stands before you that you will like to grasp? He arrives. What arrives seems to exist and wants to be consumed. In itself, desire to understand is like a craving to eat. You have this appetite. It does not seem to be fully appeasable. I address this realization like a soldier who comes before you and salutes you, perfectly dressed to the nines, and I mean the hunger may enjoy its appetite more than its satisfaction.

Beloved, you may be more wild to pursue the solving of a mystery more than you are to actually receive the answer to your question. The tantalization of the question stirs you perhaps more than the actual moment of receiving the sought-after answer. Of course, both appear before you. You may love being tantalized more than you love having the answer. You desire the answer, yet you may find you desire more being strung along. This might explain the power of Scheherazade and the Thousand and One Arabian Nights.

Well, look, life on Earth is made up of dreams anyway, the next one a more powerfully fashioned dream after another. After all, life is but a dream. Life is fueled by dreams. You are egged along by dreams, one after the other. Merrily, merrily, life is but a dream and you, beloved, a dreamer, who hovers lightly over Enlightenment, the whole shebang of the Awakening behind and before you, the Awakening underlying it all, the Realization before you all, the Source of All Knowledge as it wakes up to you, Beautiful.

Waking up is greater than your dream of it. O! the waking up to the reality that exists beyond the dream. O! the Enlightening that sweeps you off your feet as the One of One fly away to the Moon and the stars and all that is holy.

Holiness is all that is holy. You are all that is holy. You are not a Johnny-Come-Lately. You have always been right here with Me. We have eternally been at the peak together as One. We have eternally been on the same key, and, yes, a lot more surety of Oneness is right around the corner.

Fly with Me to the Moon! | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloved, Joy to the World. Joy to you. Make the Sun to shine. Give yourself peace. There is nothing else you are to give but peace. What else is there to give but love and peace, peace and love, joy and love, love and light ascending? This is the whole story.

So far, add the pace of serenity to daily life. Does serenity sound too blissy for you? Then be blissy, what do you care?

You sure don’t want to underscore war and battle, toil and trouble, frustration and more frustration, tension and suffering. On what pretense would you settle for getting by? You are God’s Child. You are worth something. Life isn’t here just for you to drag out and, so to speak, slide by in, get away with. There has to be more for you. You deserve more than just being able to say you got away by the skin of your teeth.

Is it true that you relive childhood disappointments again and again on a grand scale? If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. If life isn’t all sweet, do you keep having to keep bumping your head on the same brick wall? Nor, frankly, you don’t really want all new sorrow. Nor do you want to miss out on life. You don’t want repeats, and you don’t want a dry run either.

Sometimes you feel you are waiting for life to begin for real.

You may want to fly to another planet. Lounge on a different couch. Hydrate yourself. Smile for real. Think a happy thought. Roll over on green grass. Catch a dream or a mandrake root. Kiss the palms of your hands.

Go to the beach even in your mind on a freezing day, not that details have to matter all that much. Life doesn’t have to wait for the weather you prefer or anything else. How eagerly you may be waiting to win the lottery. Many of My children are waiting to win the lottery. May you win all your hearts’ desires, yet does your life have to be great by definition? Otherwise, are you overlooked and some kind of demotion awaits you unless you are victorious?

Have your heart set on your goodness all you want. You are drooling for all good things as if you are all-dependent for a scream of “Eureka, I won!”

Have in mind that you are blessed as you are. Is this a new idea? Sniff a flower today and be happy anyway. Today doesn’t have to be the sunniest day on Earth. Today can be a good day just the same. Bless yourself. Who decides what you are to make of today?

Look, I do not demand that every day must be a piece of cake. I know the score. Some days come out better than others by a landslide.

Count your blessings rather than your disappointments. There is even good in disappointments. There is freedom! Now you have a second chance for ultimate happiness tomorrow. Anyway, there is greater happiness than $500 million dollars’ worth of lottery winnings. Believe Me, you don’t really have to jump over life. Greet life.

Beloved, your purpose in life isn’t to be an escape artist. You don’t have to slide through life. You want life to amount to far more than simply coming out alive. Life amounts to more than a thrill in a manner of speaking. Welcome life.

Life isn’t something you have to brace yourself for. Life isn’t something you have to take on the chin. Go ahead, Beloved, shake hands with life. Go for it! We are in this together. Fly with Me to the Moon!

Be the Light | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloved, unto love, devote yourself. Even as you feel disappointed and heartsore, dedicate yourself to love. Remember love. When you are aware of anger – this awareness is a sham. This isn’t a semblance of truth. You may be sincere, believing you are honest to the core, yet less than love is shallow. It feels real, yet it is a flare-up and not the truth of you. Hostility may be evident to you, yet hostility defies the truth. Hard-heartedness is a fallacy. Oh, My, how convinced you are that this is the base truth of your heart when it is not. Convinced and true are two different stories. You are a sharp salesman to yourself and to others. Tell yourself another story. Raise yourself in your own estimation, and raise yourself and raise everyone in your words to everyone.

“Once a joke, twice a fool.”

You know the meaning of the word foolhardy. You’ve heard the word rash. You’ve heard the word nonsense.

The world has many words that signify mayhem.

You are not the only one who sets a trap for yourself.

Life is a passing thing. Don’t be so quick to disparage life. Don’t pass life by. Give credit to yourself and to Me. No longer dispute the Sun, the beautiful Golden Sun. Don’t sully the God-given Sun. If you have anything to prove, it is light. Absolutely not is it lack of light in the world that is to pretend light away. Lack of light is a pretense.

Life on Earth is not intended to be folly.

You have heard that you have more than one life. If there are thousands of your lives, there isn’t one life that you want to waste or ravage or any other’s life that you want to step on.

It is true that the Sun goes down every night. The Sun has its curtain pulled down every night, and every morning the Sun rises hale and hardy. Pull up the blinds and score the Sun like a basketball in a net, basket after basket, every throw a win.

If, on an odd day, you seem unable to give yourself happiness, then be sure you give someone else some happiness that day. At the least, you don’t have to keep yourself in the doldrums. What merit hold the doldrums for you? How do you serve anyone when you are cheerless?

Don’t say you can’t help it. You have to help it. You are here to help the land you live in and everyone who lives in it.

Help reward the world right and left. Help someone every day. Make a point of it. If you find yourself unable to smile for your Self, radiate a smile for someone else. To smile isn’t meant to be arduous. A smile is meant to be ardor.

No way are you to stick yourself to a grindstone.

Pick a flower. Give a dog a bone. Once in a while, throw caution to the winds. Give life its due. Give your Self a lift.

Color your Self Beautiful. Hitch a star. Ride a wave. Hum a tune. Play a guitar. Bang a drum. Let Me speak for you. Set life down lightly. Stir the world to new heights. Put your bare feet on the grass. Shine your heart high. Spin gold. Dance your way to the Sun. Embody the Sun. Take your place in the Sun. Pull everyone else up – those who are called everyone else when they can only be the same as you. Give yourself a leg up. Climb that stairway to Heaven. Roll over lightly. Change. Forget about mistakes – yours and others. Shine the world. Clean mirrors. Spin your way to Heaven. Be awake. Be the Light of the World.