Affirm Reality | Heavenletters

God said:

Announce to yourself that you are releasing yourself from the past. You are freeing yourself from attachment to the past. As you recede the past, you accelerate forward.

Announce to yourself that you reclaim the accessibility of your power.

Announce to yourself that you are cleansed from the past. You have dived deep into the Ocean, and now you resurface bright and sparkling new.

Splashing from the depths, you rise to the Sun. You have the energy of the Sun. Announce to yourself that you have the energy of the Sun.

Announce to yourself that you now reflect the Light of the Sun on the many moons around you.

Announce to yourself your new freedom. You are free from everything that once kept you captive. Nothing now can keep you from your destiny, for you are freed from the past.

The past was not your destiny. The past was your thralldom.

Announce that you are meeting your destiny now. You have a tryst in the meeting-place called earth. You will be in the right place, and you will be joined by many, and you will be joined in the union of love.

Announce to yourself that you are love incarnate. You are its embodiment. You are surely that. Say this in a loud clear voice. Say it three times.

Announce to yourself that you will see with new eyes every day.

Announce to yourself that you will breathe with new breath, with new lungs, with new posture. You cannot walk the same. You cannot speak the same. Now you will announce yourself.

Announce to yourself that you are My treasured Being. Say loudly that you are the holiness of My eyes, you are the holiness the earth has been waiting for. All whose eyes fall upon these words, I am speaking to you.

Announce to yourself that you are entering Truth. Once entered, you will be incapable of leaving it. You cannot abandon it. Where could you leave Truth once found? Where does Truth belong if not within you. No longer capable of non-truth, not to yourself or anyone else, you are only capable of Truth in all its forms of love and beauty and exquisite Beingness.

No longer can you put yourself down or anyone else who co-exists with you on the planet you find yourself on, for you, who are an embodiment of Truth, are a proclaimer of Truth as well.

Announce yourself into the chamber of My heart. I have been waiting for you to announce yourself. You have always been here. All that was missing was your declaration. This is your declaration of independence from burdens of the world.

No longer will you carry heavy things, for they are of the past. Now you carry love, and love is very light.

In your new state, you will dislocate from your former vocabulary. Words like burden will no longer exist for you, for you are a Light Speaker as well as Light Giver.

I am teaching you to reach into the fountain of yourself and splash the world with light.

You, whose electricity is turned on, cannot keep it to yourself. This is how you light the world. You cannot help it.

This is the emergence of your True Self.

This is your identity. Only now you are past identity. You are in a new realm where words like thou and I are immaterial. They do not represent Truth. They represent illusion. And you are a purveyor of Truth. Truth will be known, and it will be known through the illusion of you.

As You Pour, So Will You Discover | Heavenletters

God said:

Speak to Me of love. Leave off searching. Give up. Tell Me how many times you give love, love which is countless, and yet which can be gathered. Speak to Me of love, the indelible love in your heart. Sow it. Sow it bountifully and not even think of reaping.

You are a giver of love and nothing less. You are privileged to be able to give love, even where love seems to be not. Love is not one-way, and yet you are to be concerned only with love from your heart. That is clear, isn’t it? Your concern is the love you give out, not what reaches you.

Love yourself enough so that you will give great love for the sake of giving what I ask you to do and what is yours to do for the sake of all. It is gratifying to give, so be glad that you can give. Your name is Giver. A giver carries grace. He delivers grace, and he delivers on My behalf. My behalf is also your behalf. All I have I give to you, and you give it back to Me through varied avenues. How many ways can you send love back to Me and through how many Earth ones can you do it?

In one fell swoop, you can send love to everyone on the planet Earth. You can do it right now. You can send your love out everywhere in one titanic wave of love. An ocean doesn’t keep his love to himself. An ocean knows he is for all. An ocean gives his waves, and, so, many ride on him. You could say that those the ocean gives to are the ones who keep him afloat. The ocean gives, and his waves reach to Heaven.

Are you not the ocean? Are you not the water of love sparkling? And do you not lap the shores? And do you not carry ships across? And do you not fill up the pails with water for the children? Are you not the mud-maker? And do you not let the sun shine on you and sparkle your waves?

Who would not like to be the ocean who gives himself so generously and tirelessly. You never saw an ocean get tired of giving, did you? The ocean, guided by the moon, pulls back on its arrow only to gather more of itself and then to burst forth, itself the shining sea, itself the bounding main, itself churning itself so that all may float on it.

Does the great ocean, any more than any Great One, add numbers up? Does he keep credits and balances? Does he regulate the flow of himself? He is the ocean and he is the roar of it. Surf’s up! The ocean needs only himself and himself to give. The ocean never diminishes himself by giving. He replenishes himself by giving.

Give love generously. Tip well. Be a big spender of love. If you are not feeling love this minute, give it anyway. No longer analyze your love and how you don’t feel it enough. Give it, and you will feel it. Stop thinking about it, and you will have it. You are not meant to place your orders for love. You are meant to fill orders for love.

An ocean does not go dry. Perhaps you are fanning yourself too much. Give this mysterious love away, and you will know it. Get off the lounge chair you are lying in. Change your position.

When you take your money out of your purse, that is when you see it. Spill love out. You will never empty the bucket. As you pour, so will you discover.

The Grand Illusion | Heavenletters

God said:

Within the Grand Illusion lies illusion within illusion, one illusion on top of the other, illusion illusion every which way.

Within the illusion that this life as experienced on Earth is life entire, lies the illusion that you can lose something and be bereft. Of course, it is a subdivision of illusion that loss exists.

How many times have you lost something important only to find you haven’t lost it at all? It was right where you left it. You had commotion in your heart for no reason at all.

Perhaps you couldn’t find your car in the parking lot. “Oh, my car has been stolen!” you wail. And then you remember where you had parked it. Or you remember you had driven a different car.

You hunted and hunted for money you had hidden. You couldn’t find it in all the special hiding places. Then, without effort, you stumble upon the stash later. Nothing was lost. Because you couldn’t find it at a particular juncture of space and time – that doesn’t mean it was lost.

This is what I mean by illusion upon illusion. You portray many illusive scenes within the Grand Illusion. The Grand Illusion of life has its value, beloveds, or it would not be, yet you waste a lot of time in life ravaging yourself with tiers of illusion.

You not only think you can lose that which is not lost, you also may think that you yourself can be lost when you can only be where you are at the moment. Where are you if not where you are? Of course, the Truth is that you are with Me wherever your body stands.

Perhaps you stand in the middle of a forest, and you do not know which way to go to find the structure you call a home. You have set up a puzzle for yourself. You tell yourself you must be somewhere else other than where you are. You forget about the other 90% of life that goes on without your cognizance. You may not have found it, but it is going on all along just the same.

Beloveds, too often you worry frantically over what has not transpired but could. You worry about matters that are physical and about the more subtle as well. You worry that you will not get the part in the school play, the job you wanted, first prize in a cook-off. You also worry that someone else will no longer love you. There is no limit to the matters you find to worry about.

Wonders transpire as well. Today you could find a treasure. Today you could love. Today you could be pleasantly surprised. Misdemeanor does not have to befall. Tragedy does not have to befall. Glory can befall.

Everything you desire can befall. Desire that which your heart calls to you, and let it befall. Crumple up concerns as you would crumple up paper and throw it away. Concerns are no longer of use to you. They never were. You do not need to get roiled up for what you do not wish to occur. Get elevated by what you do wish to occur. There is every likelihood that what you desire will come to fruition, perhaps even more wonderfully than you dared to dream of.

While you are in the Grand Illusion, while you are at it, make it Great.

Your Own Being | Heavenletters

God said:

You have known what it is like to feel as though you are without Me. You know what that feels like. You need no further training in that.

Now explore what it feels like to have Me right beside you. What a Companion you will find in Me. Always, I will understand, and always I will care. I will listen to you and never interrupt. I will lay down My cape over puddles for you to walk on. I will call cabs for you. I will offer all kinds of service. Foremost, it will be just enough for you to just know I am with you, looking into your eyes, following every movement of yours. You will not feel hovered over. You will feel the kind of companionship that is not obtrusive at all, just companionable, just there, side by side, as if you are doing your thing, and I am doing Mine. Companionable silence. Or companionable talk. Just as you like whenever you like.

I will never tire. You will always find Me as fresh as a daisy, and, you, too, will never tire, for as you move and live in the world with Me, you are, at the same time, resting. You will be energized at the same time as you are peaceful. You will be a candle steadily burning. You will be a constant energy of love. Your gears will run smoothly. Friction will be unknown. There will be no bumps in the road. Or, if there are, you will have risen above them. Therefore, where will they exist?

It is not that you will rely on Me. Knowing that My Presence is a given, there will be no need for relying anywhere but with yourself. You will truly be self-reliant. As We walk together in Our companionable silence, you will be your own Sovereign Being.

It is not that you will defer to Me on all things or any thing. You will defer to nothing but your own heart of gold. You will refer and defer to your own Being. You will know what to do without having to think about it. You certainly will no longer over-think. It will be like when you are sitting at the dining-table, and food is before you, and you simply pick up your fork. You don’t have to think: “Do I pick up my fork?” You will just easily know what to do. There will be no separation between mind, heart, and hand.

You will know only loveliness to perform. Just as the sun knows when to rise and when to set, so will you effortlessly rise and set. You will equally know when to perform an action and when not to perform an action, when to speak and when to hold your tongue. You will be at One with Me, beloveds, and you will be at One with yourself and all the Universe. You will be in the swing of Oneness where there is no separation of any kind. All impulses will rise, and they will be good. From the basis of love, all impulses will arise so effortlessly, so naturally, as if you had been born to it, which, of course, you have.

No longer will you even think happiness or unhappiness. You will live in a state of consciousness where comparison does not exist, the same way you don’t compare white to white on two pieces of the same cloth. What will there be to compare on a summer’s day to when there is only summer in your heart?

Abandon Fear | Heavenletters

God said:

Where did mockery and disdain and negativity come from?

From fear.

Where did fear come from?

From misunderstanding. From ignorance, beloveds.

Somewhere along the line, My children chose fear instead of confidence, instead of confidence in Me.  My children became confident in arrogance. As fearful as fear is, you gained confidence in fear and all its predictions and lost your confidence in your very Creator.

Fear creates nothing but more of itself. It is like you stand up for fear as though you were fear’s best man at his wedding, or as though fear poses as the referee in a boxing match and holds his own arm up, declaring himself as the victor. Fear thinks, fear can’t lose. Certainly fear is strong.

Fear’s propaganda is so wide that it is considered natural to pledge your allegiance to fear. Fear seems like a sure thing to you. You would rather be on the side of fear than on the side of Truth. Sometimes fear lives in every bone in your body. It may hide out there and then pounces and says, “Boo.”

Why am I describing fear in such detail when you already know fear so well?

I say to all who enter Earth: “Abandon fear. Don’t listen to it. Don’t let it run rampant over you. Fear is nothing to rave over.”

Be fearless. Be without fear. Live your life with the sure knowledge that you are in My care. Whatever transpires in life, I am with you. I am with you and for you, and I am before you. I will lead the way. Understand what My Will is. Certainly, My Will is not fear. Let your understanding of My Will not be fearsome. My Will is not opposed to yours. It’s just that you have a limited view. Your view of My Will has been cropped. All that fear teaches, you take for the gospel truth.

Fear shouts, “Danger!” And you cover your head.

Look, fear is a blowhard. Fear has a loud voice. His voice reverberates all over the place, and yet fear is a made-up trump card. Fear is a base marauder. Put fear aside. Bring love to the fore.

Love is at the fore. Love is embedded within you. Fear has been added on to you. Fear is not intrinsic. Fear is an outlaw. He has gotten away with murder. Fear tries to take over your heart, and I have to admit that he has done a pretty good job of it. I ask you to desist from being in fear’s thrall. Fear is such a promoter of himself. I think it’s fair to say that fear is ego. Fear is certainly ego-based. I have no use for fear. Fear is no more than a fraud perpetuated upon you.

Long live love. Love abolishes fear. Fear runs away from love. Love is true, and fear is false, yet fear is big, and fear is popular and well-noted. The opposite of fear is love, and I am Love, and I brook no fear.

The antidote to fear is love. You can even love fear and wrap it up and let it go. Fear, that lowlife scalawag, can be picked up and exiled to an island where he can relax and scare himself with his reflection in the waters of the sea.

Fear has such bravado. Fear used to convince you.

Now you see fear for what he is. He is fear, no doubt. He is fear-based, and, at the same time, fear is baseless. As love enters, fear leaves. Fear is diminished, and love prevails. Listen to love and forego fear. Be done with it. Fill your heart with love and extricate yourself from fear.

All the Love | Heavenletters

God said:

All the love in your heart is Mine. This means that all your love is a reflection of Mine. It also means that your love is ultimately directed to Me. You know the feeling of love. You know what love is. It is your intimate nature as it is Mine. With love there is no distance and no separation. What is love but union? It is the entwining of hearts until there is Oneness. In Our case, We have Oneness Supreme.

This is why the woes of the world do not have to affect you as they may have. The beautiful sunrise, the beautiful blossoming of a rose, a bird’s sweet song, a child’s face lit up – the power of all these lies within you. They are a reflection of the love that Our hearts are full of.

Let no one say he is loveless. Has love lain dormant in the world? Yes, like a turtle, but not asleep. Drowsy perhaps. Nudge love awake then. Nourish the love in your heart with your desire to love again, your desire to love again and again, to love non-stop, to notice this love within your heart, to spotlight it and let it star center-stage in your life. This is your life, beloveds. What is there to wait for?

The love in your heart is not to meant to be thick molasses. It is not meant to have its vessels clogged. Nor is the love in your heart meant to be a licorice stick tugged on bit by bit. The love in your heart is like spring water that bubbles up regardless of whether anyone is there to drink it or not. Even if people pass by the spring of your love, you are a fount of love regardless.

The wellspring of water does not cry out for attention. Rather it stands at attention, ready every moment to give drink. And from a corner of their eye, even those who pass by may notice the fount of water and feel it. Even if unbeknownst, some of the water will have spattered onto them.

No one wants to be a dry well. Reclaim the love in your heart now. Prime the pump, beloveds. Moisten your heart with love. Wait not for moisture from the outside. Be the first to love. Even if you are the only one who loves, love with your full heart.

Love is the First Cause. It is the only Cause.

Machination is not love. Initiate love, but do not instigate it. Give it, and do not balk at it. Give it. Giving love first is not a ruse. It is a gift that is yours to give. Everyone warrants your love. No matter to whom you give love, you are granting it to yourself. Not a portion, no, all of it. When love rises from your heart, it lands everywhere. And that includes the heart from where it arose.

Your heart is like a furnace of love that heats up the whole world. And the furnace itself that gives off heat has the highest temperature of all. The giver of warmth is warmed. The giver of love knows love. He who gives love receives the love he gives.

Love is love. It has no quarter. Even the most personal love is universal. Love is love.

Love is pure or it is not love. Pure means without ulterior motive. The only motive for love is that you want to give it, not for a return, but for the blessing of itself.

The only thing on Earth worth its weight in gold is love. And, of course, gold does not hold a candle to love.

You Are Your Own Storyteller | Heavenletters

God said:

In terms of your own life on Earth, you are the receiver of your life, the perceiver, and your own benefactor or thief. You may well be the one who steals joy from you, denies you joy, makes sure you don’t have joy, reprimands you so you won’t have joy. You may say that someone else, a particular person outside of you, denies you. Yet there is something within yourself that denies you. You are the whole story. You are the whole kit and caboodle. You are your own story-teller.

Odds are you will fault anyone but yourself. On the other hand, there are those who seem proficient in faulting themselves for all personal troubles and everyone else’s too. It is really true that everyone is responsible for everyone else, even when that seems impossible.

Too much or too little seem to be the by-word of many of My Children on Earth. There is so much that goes on in life that you are not yet aware of. There are shades and shades of meaning to your life and more and more. You, yourself, are multiplied. You appear in front of yourself, behind yourself, on your right, on your left in addition to which, everyone is you, you in another form of you, a reflection of you. How distant you may have become to forms of yourself.

There is no blame. There is no reprisal. There is no fault. From a millennium of fault you find, the one fault could be wrapped up as ignorance. You have called ignorance a fault. Perhaps that is the only fault there is. You may not know how to put two and two together, yet you can well be fluent in awareness of the significance of the heart, yours and others’.

Every single person in the world is doing the best he or she can, and there is an aspect of you in everyone, those you adore and those whom you do not tolerate well. There is something for you to learn from every person and every situation. With or without words, everyone appears before you so that you may learn a new aspect of yourself. The person may well not know why he is there or why he said what he did or didn’t.

Don’t overdo on the learning, beloveds. This learning is not to figure out or analyze. Let your mind be still. Your mind is not to tell your heart what to feel.

Your heart is simple.

Come from a place where no one disappoints you, beloveds. No one has to be what you want. Everyone has to be what he or she wants. If someone is disloyal to you, for instance, it’s all your perception anyway. Whether your perception is correct or incorrect, why would anyone have to be what you want? Why do you need someone to stick up for you? What makes you think so? What defense do you think you need? And why must another give it? Because you are loyal? You are  beginning to see how expectation is a demand and barrier.

In your heart, thank the one you saw as a signal to hurt your heart and be glad for the awareness you gained, and now move on.

Your life is not meant to bounce off other people, nor are all your thoughts to bounce off your own opinions. Other people have other things on their mind. What others say or do has nothing to do with you. You are not the subject of another’s life.

You have heard that there is good in everything. Find the good. Find the good in it, and you gain. You are ahead. You are far more than your perceptions, your experiences, your possessions, your faults, your promises. You are far more than hurt feelings. You are far more than any perceived aspect of you, and others are also far more than any aspect you perceive of them and insist on.

You Can Change Your Destiny | Heavenletters

God said:

It is not for you to have concern about your status in the world. Whether the world looks up to you or away from you – it is not the making of you. Plaudits from the world feel very good, and displeasure from the world does not feel good, and yet you are not here for the pleasure or displeasure of the world. You are not a branch of a tree that is snapped at the flick of a wrist. Your life is meant for more. The foundation you stand on is greater than the audience you have. The eyes of the world do not have to be upon you.

You don’t have to be the star of the movie you are in. The bit players also play a significant role. No one owns the play. Whatever it may seem like, all parts are equal. The director is important. The cameraman. The editor.

Which vine of the grape is more important than another? Every leaf plays its part. Each contributes to the whole. The root of the vine supports all. A fledgling vine matters. Every leaf matters. Some may seem to be more favored than another, but the truth is that all are favored.

Everyone in a play is favored. Everyone is favored to be in the play. It is not an affront to be in the play. It is not discrimination to have a small part, nor is a more dominant role in the play exaltation.

You are all gears of the Universe. Which gear tooth matters more than another?

Whether you play the prince or the pauper does not determine your significance. And if you are the prince today and the pauper tomorrow, you are not more or less. As the world perceives, you are more or less. The world does often perceive amiss. The perceptions of the world are no more and no less than the perceptions of the world.

There is a higher court. It is a court of love. It is a court of true recognition. It is a court that gets to the heart of the matter.

The heart of the matter goes deep. You contribute significantly. Even if in your own eyes, you are a dodgy scoundrel, you have great merit in the court of love. Everyone goes to the maypole. Everyone is significant. The chorus is significant. Every child of Mine is significant. You must know that you have great meaning to Me. To say that you mean a lot to Me does not begin to say what you are to Me.

There is destiny. There is also free will, and you can change what you see as your destiny. The destiny that you all share is that you are coming to Me speedily in your awareness. You who have never left are zooming back to Me. Like rockets, you are. That is your destiny, and that you cannot change.

Circumstances in your life, you can change. You can change what you may consider your lot in life. You can start flying with the angels if you like. If you have lived in a mud pit, you can arise. There is no limit as to how far you can rise. How far would you like to rise? And when you have risen to the highest, then there is another high to reach, for, of what We speak now, there is no limit.

High or low in terms of the world, first or last, you can reach Heaven and beyond. In Heaven terms, there is no first or second or last, and this is how you are to Me. First.

Lily-like Sensitivity | Heavenletters

God said:

You may consider that lily-like sensitivity and subsequent hurt feelings are virtues, yet it is not smart to call excessive emotional involvement in hurt feelings high on the scale of virtues. First of all, there is more going on in the world that needs your attention than your hurt feelings. Do you imagine you bless the world with your tears? It’s good you have such a vent, yet it is not good that you overwork that vent and make it a frequent gusher.

Sensitivity has its place, yes. However, if your sensitive feelings, even for the sake of others, lay you low, then certainly it is not a virtue but rather a weakness. You may well be flying under false colors to call excessive sensitivity a strength.

Look at it this way, beloveds: If you were physically excessively frail, overly delicate, pale, would you consider such frailty a virtue? It may bring attention to you, yet it may be attention that keeps you wiping your tears and doting on your frailty.

Nor am I suggesting that you be cold-hearted. Heavens, no. Cold-hearted insensitivity and hard-heartedness are far from the way to go.

Of course, you are understandably thinking, how do you possibly lower your sensitivity ratio? How do you stop this track you are on?

One way might be to draw yourself up sharp and understand that frequent hurt feelings can be like soaking in a hot bath too long or too often and may well be self-indulgent. A bath has its place, yet your soaking in it again and again is not likely its place.

Overwrought sensitivity may lead to bitterness. I know you don’t want to become a bitter person. Hurt feelings may well be tantamount to your gaining a vision of the world as cruel and uncaring. You started out as a caring person who now may feel too sensitive for this world, and your very sensitivity may lead to resentment toward this perceived uncaring world that does not honor and respect and treat you and your sensitivity well. It is not a giant leap from repeatedly hurt feelings to bitterness.

In any case, feeling wounded a lot isn’t a contest you want to win.

What is the name given to a state you can reach where you do not take your hurt feelings so seriously? When someone else has an oversight or intention and vents his insensitivity, and it lands on you, and you shrug your shoulders and don’t take it to heart — what is the word for this? What is the name of this quality when you don’t take something personally even when it was expressly personal for you? What is the name of this big-visioned quality? What is the name of this strength? What is the name of this strength that allows you to shrug your shoulders and not take something to heart, not to feel bad nor have any thought of resentment?

I believe it is called love. Love is strong. Loving yourself enough will allow you to not take your sensitivity to heart. For a moment, you will observe the poor manners or whatever it is, and you don’t let yourself get sidetracked. You decline to take it on. Redressing others’ errors simply isn’t a bus you take any longer. You go on your way, not oblivious, but simply not taking on someone else’s difficulty and making it yours.

This is one secret to youth, beloveds. This secret is equivalent to eating more than an apple a day and beats all the beauty treatments you can imagine. You are the designator of your day and the roads you take and not anyone else. You are the driver of your life.

Another Horizon | Heavenletters

God said:

Are you beginning to feel your union with all other beings? Do you feel an extra surge in your heart when you consider that you are a part of something great? Is it a relief to know that you are not, after all, one little being alone, a waif on earth, secluded. Is it good to know that you are a blessed integral part of the universe? And that it is My universe you live in, given for the joy and use of all who inhabit it?

All do inhabit it. And the universe includes Heaven. How empty the world would be without it! How forlorn! How abandoned! How rudderless!

But, fortunately, Heaven exists, and you and I exist, and all else exists along with Us.

You are not a stranger to Heaven. It is not unknown to you. You are familiar with it. Its name alone conjures a happiness in your chest. Your eyes try to visualize it, and you try to remember it, this Heaven, this blessed location of you.

Certainly you have tried to find yourself. Mostly you have looked on earth. Yes, you find something of yourself there, and you see that it is good. Yet a virtual part of you is not lost to yourself; it just often is not included in the scheme of things rampant in your awareness.

Now, it is time to take it into account, this Heaven part of you. You recognize it when you see it. You recognize it in all beauty that gives you pause to take it in.

Everyone is trying to describe Heaven in their lives. All want a picture of it hung high on their wall. All wish to attain to it. All wish to rest there.

But do not think that it is death that takes you there. Life takes you there. Death is merely a continuation of life in another dimension. “There are many mansions in my Father’s House” means dimensions. You do not need death to know Me.

With or without your recognition or acceptance, you do not live on earth alone. You are more acquainted with earth because you give it more attention and, therefore, more credence.

Earth has a beautiful horizon. Earth’s beautiful horizon leads you to the horizon of Heaven. Why do you think your attention is drawn to the horizons before you? Horizons are reflections of greater horizons beyond earth’s bounds.

There has to be more to life on earth than life on earth. Else it is a prison cell. All boundaries tie you up. Therefore, it is up to you to expand the boundaries, or to go beyond them. It is the same, expanding or going beyond. Even the boundaries on earth can be expanded. You have the skill. Now have the will.

Boundaries are meant to be jumped over. Fences are not meant to keep in or to keep out. Every child who has ever jumped a fence knows that. Have you forgotten?

And even tall thick fences have slits through which you can peek through and see beyond.

As far as your eye can see is very far indeed. As far as your eye can imagine is further. It takes only a little leap from fact to truth.

Will you consider that there is a reality beyond that which you presently see? Will you consider that the five senses do not tell you everything? They tell only a part of the story. And yet, you are blessed with senses, and they can lead you to the heart of the story. The five senses can lead you through the setting, through the characterization, through the plot, through the words into the meaning.

And it is, after all, meaning that you seek. Do you think you would seek it if it did not exist?

All that you have imagined and dreamed of exists. Existence exists. And I love you with all My heart.