Amazing Oneness | Heavenletters


God said:

Beloved, herein lies My heart as I give it to you in words – as if I express My heart in words taken from Heaven and typed on a computer.

Beloved, there are matters of significance that cannot be expressed fully in words, not even in the Word God, as it is avowed to be in so many varied sound waves. Varied names are attested to from wherever you happen to hail from. Yes, of course, I answer to My Names in joy no matter how far-flung they are across the Universe and noted all over the world and known to represent Me. It isn’t solely by what exact name you call me that matters. That you call Me is what matters. If sound did not exist, you would still have a knowingness of Me and be enriched.

You may have realized Me as a bare caress on the nape of your neck. This, too, may have been a light touch of My Love for you. Or perhaps you heard something not quite fully heard, yet you were melted by Me in the Highest. Then you have heard this from Me – not in a manner of speech but rather in a manner of silence. Of course, I can speak without sound or words, and I am known, and you know My Love. My Silence reaches far beyond the world. You are able to catch My drift wordlessly.

At the same time as you would like to exist in My green pastures and be claimed by Me, you also may resist the idea of being another lamb claimed. Naturally, you do not like Me to overlook you. You would not like to be bereft of Me in the slightest. Don’t worry, this will never happen. One is One. We are happy in Oneness above all the world.

In any case, I prefer Oneness. Oneness is the claim I establish. Beloved, ten horses could not pry apart what you and I are to each other, and why would anyone try to pry Oneness apart? Nor, Beloved, could pliers possibly ply Oneness into less than Oneness. I am not called Almighty God for nothing. I bequeath Myself to you. Indeed, I AM your inheritance. In your DNA, AM I. In this sense, I have proprietary rights, which include Oneness with you free and clear.

Oneness means Oneness. We are not two factions of One God. By no means are either of us or I two halves of One God through the terrains of life. We are awakened somewhat to My Glory and therefore to the Glory of your Self, hand in hand with Mine in ordinary life and also far and beyond to the furthest extent of life while thou art in Heaven.

In the fullness of One, I burst forth in song to Amazing Oneness from the mountain tops. Be sure to know that Oneness isn’t two halves. There is nothing more to add to Oneness. The whole gang’s here. We are at the apex now, yet there is always more to express, and express We do. To express is not the same as describing. You can reveal, yet not describe. Throw your arms up wide to the Heavens in jubilation with Me. Never do We go along except hand in hand.

Heretofore, you have hidden yourself in plain view away from yourself. Now, We stand tall in this Our Congregate of One. We are exactly in full Oneness. We are not pinned together. We are One.

Wholeness is wholeness, and We are It, you and I, One, Seamless Whole.


Up and Away in My Beautiful, My Beautiful Balloon | Heavenletters


God said:

Beloved, it has long been bruited that today comes once and is not always waiting in the wings for you. Today is now or never. Make hay while the sun shines. So long as time is believed in, haste makes waste. Haste is life on the move, and haste gets the day started. Gather ye rosebuds while ye may. Oil the gears, and rev up the motor.

You are on the crossbows today. Make today happen. Sleepy day or wide awake day, it is yours to do with as you will.

Start today off on the right foot. There is no better time than the present. This is a totally new day, and today is yours for the asking. That is, it arrives for you today to get it going. Up and away!

It isn’t that today must quickly be disbursed. Align with today. Make it a day of service to Me and to the world and a good day for all.

You are the leader of today. Today is at your feet, yet it is you who bows to today and wishes it Godspeed. Shine some light on today. It isn’t lavish of you to say that you have the wherewithal to make this day a better day with your presence. There is a reason why you are here on Earth today. Of course, a good reason for you to be here is to bless the day and the Earth you occupy and whose air you breathe. You are here for something. I tell you that you are here for Me and the betterment of Earth and all its inhabitants.

I welcome you. Today welcomes you. Whatever can the matter be?

Ends do not have to be tied up tight. Unlatch the locks. Open up today and send it aloft like a beautiful balloon.

That today’s ending is unknown isn’t meant to be a deterrent to joy for you. Today is of your making. It may also be to your surprise. It is also yours to shine.

Look forward to this day. Make room for it. Today is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Put your sunglasses on. Fasten your seatbelt and take off to make the skies sunny. Lighten up today. What would you toss your hat up for today in celebration? What could make today a red letter day for your life?

Today is for something and not nothing. Yes, today is a free ride, and yet you don’t just sit there. You have a once in a lifetime adventure before you. You are not baggage in this day. You are an artist and writer of days. You are not solely a passenger. Get up front and steer your day Heavenward. I am on the lookout for you.

If today is for you to do as you will, what do you will? What would you like this day to look like? What garden would you like to plant? What would you like life today to look like? What is all this that you would like to get done? And what would you be delighted to have appear before you? What would you like to realize that you have never realized before? What matters to you today? What are you here for to make today divine?

Surely today is more than a day to get through. This could be a day to be agog with. Why not? Today is a day of all possibilities. Pick one! Pick two! Pick three! Possibilities are not endings, you understand. Pick beginnings! What if the world is your oyster? What could this mean to you?

Climb high. Do not fear the heights. Do not lay low. Here is one wonderful day like another arrow in your quiver. What do you aim your arrow at?

Love? Merit? What form might joy take for you today?

A Leaf Would Still Fall | Heavenletters


God said:

Beloved, I invite One and All to join Me in the fullness of love. We are not even a hop, skip, and jump away. We already are One, once and for All in Infinity. This is the true state of affairs. Oneness is, and Oneness never was not. This has to be clarified only because of the insistence on the illusion of time in the extant world. Otherwise, the concept of fleeting would not exist. Time is rather roughshod in the world, and yet, as it is, the world depends upon time. The world even runs on tick-tock tick-tock.

Time is rather like slipping on a banana. You can count on time to slip you up. Time has no foundation to speak of. It’s possible that time may be a relative of ego. Ego contributes to urgency as eagerly as time does.

You have a solid foundation. You can’t see Me, yet here I am. Else why would it be said that in God you trust. And, even so, there are church bells that peal to remind you when it is time to adore Me.

There are no sands of time when it comes to Me. I am a Stand-Out. I stand in Oneness, and so do you. United forever are We as One. Infinite is beyond time. There is no bank of time. Permanent isn’t an impulse of time, you understand. Permanency doesn’t go by the clock. The world sets itself to the millisecond. Time may seem to stand still once in a while, yet illusive time is always on the move. You can’t really catch up to it. Time can only be imagined no matter how much time likes to look in the mirror and enforce itself. Sure, time can tie you up in knots.

Infinity is, and that’s it. Is-ness is. We can say that Being-ness has no use for time.

Time is paltry even as it pictures itself for all time. Time can be generous or stingy depending upon its mood. Infinity has nothing to do with time. Of course, Infinity is irrespective of time. There is never enough time in the world at large. Infinity doesn’t go in slow motion. Fast or slow are illusions of the greatest illusionist of all – that squirt, time – gets tripped up into himself.

Infinity has all the Silence that exists in Heaven. There are no clocks ticking in Heaven! Does not even the thought of time in Heaven make you smile?! Can you imagine My turning to look at a clock or My counting the minutes before blast-off? Can you imagine an alarm going off in Heaven and a fire department rushing to the rescue! What for?

My creating you had and has nothing to do with time. Only on Earth is time believed in. You lean on time when time is really of no consequence. On Earth, you count the days and years and lifetimes.

In Heaven, there is no time to set, and why would there be? What could its purpose be? Time pretends a reliability that it lacks. Without time on Earth, there would be no getting older or getting younger. Time lacks imagination. As it is, everyone on Earth counts on time. Time is like twiddling your thumbs. The illusion of time is problematic. Time and its counting of minutes, if time did exist, it sits in an incorrect arena in the first place and doesn’t exist anyway.

Time is really a con, a big con. Time gives the illusion that it settles down. What a con-artist time is. Time is the mother of all con artists. Without time, how could the Earth even think of running itself? Without time, I will bemusedly say that life will take its time, and how pleasant life will be un-harassed by time.

With or without a clock, a leaf would still fall.

Truth in Dreams | Heavenletters


God said:

Beloved, you have heard Me say that life in the world is all a fantasy. You wouldn’t mind this idea at all if the fantasy you live in could be made of a real-live fairy tale fantasy. You wouldn’t mind a life of Fairy Godmothers and Princes with golden coaches and dreams of the highest, and where you regularly get swept off your feet in a world where dreams, of course, come true before your very eyes.

You are not exactly asking for Paradise – more the sort of thing where if you must ride a subway every day back and forth to work, you could ride a subway where no one would have to stand and be crowded, and, where, as a matter of course, riding the subway could be a quiet delicately well-mannered treat, and, before you know it, a princely figure helps everyone off the subway and sincerely wishes everyone a good day.

Is this asking for too much? A subway where there is no noise or dust or anyone hungry, and there is no rushing – only a serene kind of life that rises to the occasion. Oh, yes, there would be the singing of blue birds and no need for trash receptacles, and no one’s feet would ever hurt, and no one would have to stand up and hold onto a strap, for every gentleman graciously gets up and offers you his seat.

I am aware that you are not asking for Heaven but rather for a polite fantasy where everyone is a lady or a gentleman, and dreams come true once and for all. You wouldn’t mind some of this or a lot of this.

Certainly, you are also aware you have had such moments in life when you were serenaded, and when you were secure that you and life truly were meant for each other, where traffic jams and hornet nests and pesky flies do not exist and no one’s feelings ever get hurt, and where there are no such things as headaches or upset stomachs or feeling ill at ease and long wondering how you ever landed on Earth as if Earth is all there is to life, and when the day would come when you would never feel off-kilter again. Is this asking for too much?

If fantasies are imagined, could it be that they actually are lived somewhere, and everyone is exactly where he wants to be and no one misses his train or gets off a boat without anyone to greet him, and school is a happy place for children, and all is well with the world?

In this case, you would like to sign up.

Meanwhile, there are some good movies and books to read and good people to meet and good times to be had and love to look forward to here and there, where trains do run on tracks, and there are good things to think about and marvel at, and you are here. You understand that I say that anything is possible, and you are perfectly willing to see some of this great stuff. You would gladly wait in line and accept all possibilities of happiness and joy and to know that love is unqualifiedly King, and that you and everyone are eligible.

Meanwhile, you are grateful for nighttime and sleep even as there are those times when you might rather wake up somewhere else where you could know for a fact that you and I are holding hands, and where you know you will see Me before your very eyes, and know for a fact that all is well forever and forever and anon.

Sweet dreams, Beloved. Oneness is. You and I exist in Oneness. All grace and tribute to you in life and love abounds, and all is just as you knew it would be.

Be Happy to Run Around the Block with Me | Heavenletters


God said:

You always have had the option to Godwrite. Sometimes your internal attraction to Godwriting is so strong and fervent, you don’t have any choice about it. Your goose is cooked! Welcome! Welcome!

Of course, never do I stand over you and say like a drill leader: “You MUST Godwrite or else!”

I am not a militant kind of God. The theme of Free Will runs through Me and runs through you.

The world will not vanish if you don’t Godwrite. You will not vanish if you do not Godwrite. There are no have-to’s when it comes to Godwriting except to hear Me when this is on your plate. You may carry so strong an inborn instinct that when its time has come, you are Godwriting, and that’s it. It is as if you had called out and perhaps forgotten:

“Gimmee gimmee, God. Gimmee Godwriting or Godspeaking, because I gotta have Your words the same way I gotta have the air You give us to breathe, the same way my once baby hands had to grasp whatever was near and my little voice had to babble its sounds the way every baby has to explore the world by putting everything into his mouth. Innate depth and height of desire ensure Godwriting in the same way as an artist must paint or a bird to sing.”

When you accept the practice of Godwriting, be as content with what you hear as you were as a child to whatever mud-cakes your hands made and with all the shades of paint colors you came to paint on newsprint. So, Godwriting is yours to simply be what it is. Godwriting isn’t anyone’s to criticize or compare, not yours or anyone’s.

Beloved, your Godwriting comes as it comes, and so does everyone’s Godwriting come as it comes. No one is to praise himself nor to smote himself, nor is anyone to critique another’s Godwriting. Godwriting comes in all shapes and sizes. Remember, the Godwriting you receive is from God. In this sense, all Godwriting is hands-off to what you may make of it. If I were to give a solid instruction on how to Godwrite, I would say: “Hey, welcome the Godwriting I give to you.”

Your very first sample of Godwriting doesn’t have to be a marvel, for then you might set up high expectations when, as a God receiver, you are meant to be an impartial receiver. Your purpose isn’t to favor one Godwriting over another. Certainly it’s not your business to qualify or disqualify what you hear Me say.

Yes, you will have your favorites. No one will disbar you from Godwriting because you do. No one says that the Godwriting that comes through you has to be the best Godwriting ever. Be a happy receiver of whatever you hear Me say. Godwriting isn’t your talent show. Love what you love, and be open to what I give you.

I am not a racehorse that you egg on to beat previous records. Simply be happy to run around the block with Me. The process of Godwriting is for you to hear Me – plain and simple. You are not looking for fame or fortune. The personal gain that is yours is to hear Me. No pedigree has to come with it.

Godwriting is simply what it is. Godwriting isn’t a process whereby you show off for ego’s pleasure. Be at peace with Godwriting. Write for the joy of hearing what you hear. Beloved, you are here right now to serve Me. You aren’t here right now to look for the pride of the litter. Be My pride and joy and no less nor more.

The First Moment You Godwrite | Heavenletters


God said:

In terms of Godwriting, you begin to get down to Godwriting the moment you write the two words God said. This affirms your place in the scheme of things. Of course, with Godwriting, there is no scheme of things whatsoever. Nothing is planned. You are open to what comes, whether you see where it’s going or not. This is the extent to which you, as a Godwriter, go.

This is how you signal God: “Okay, God, I’m here ready with pen in hand (or computer at the ready) to jot down whatever You would like me to hear. Let’s do it.

The experience of Godwriting is simple receptiveness to come what may. I do not hold out to you that when you Godwrite that I will simply whisk you away to an amazing state of grace, as if your first stab at Godwriting will be the greatest moment in your life, and you will be writing the most exalted Godwriting known to man! There may be these moments.

Beloved, it’s better that you don’t expect to receive utterly stellar Godwriting. What comes, comes. Nothing extra special has to come. Godwriting is more like a simple treasure hunt. Be laid back when you’re Godwriting. You are not on stage. I, God, AM.

Nothing is at stake. Yes, you care. You don’t want to let Me or anyone down. Bear in mind that no one is an accomplished Godwriter besides Me! God! No one knows ahead of time what Godwriting will come forth from Me through you at a particular moment. Smile!

Godwriting isn’t your accomplishment. When it comes to Godwriting, innocence wins the day. “When you least expect it…”

Beloved, you as a Godwriter are not the Lion’s Roar Himself nor the Cat’s Meow.

Godwriting is not your doing. No matter how vast or slim you may feel your chances are at picking up God’s thoughts, you are not the director of God’s Godwriting. Naturally, you desire to hear My thoughts, and just so, so does everyone else prefer to hear My original thoughts over their own or yours or anyone else’s.

No one grades you in your experience of Godwriting. I come through you as I happen to come. If you have a great breakthrough, it arises through your innocence.

Many new Godwriters at first don’t believe they are actually Godwriting. Their internal critic tells them they definitely are not Godwiting. No one is a star Godwriter across the board. There also is no one who cannot receive My Words.

Look, Beloved, I can do whatever I want when I want. There comes a point when you draw a breath and it sneaks up on you that you hear My Breath so naturally, that hearing Me is no big deal. Sure, you write down what you hear, yet you are still you and not on Broadway.

If I, God, exist, and I do exist, then I exist within you and everyone, and I am blessed to Godwrite through you. I am well-pleased. Godwriting is an easygoing event, something like floating on the Ocean Deep. Who cannot do it?

Mostly, I take you unawares. You are, in effect, the humble pen I happen to pick up to write with. You are an instrument. You open your heart to Mine, and We let My Godwriting roll. Every time you sit down to hear My Words, it is as if for the first time.

Que sera sera, what will be will be.

“Que sera, sera,
Whatever will be, will be;
The future’s not ours to see.
Que sera, sera,
What will be, will be.”


Bird Song | Heavenletters


God said:

All aboard! Beloved, today is about to begin. We are taking off for Heaven today. Today is a day secured with blessings. A blessing here, a blessing there, blessing, blessing, blessing everywhere. Sweet blessings all day long. What else but blessings? Blessings are Manna from Heaven, and Manna from Heaven is for you. I leave a trail for you of Manna from Heaven to bring you to follow Me today. Manna from Heaven replaces bread crumbs. Follow Me. Sing a Manna from Heaven song.

Why not? Do you have ave anything better to do? That you are busy doesn’t excuse you. This morning, birds are busy singing. Birds are intent upon singing. Birds are meant to sing, and so are you. No more from you like:

“Aughh, it’s too early to get up.” No more putting the pillow over your head. Get up, Bucko. Sing and dance into your day. Have something you look forward to getting up for.

Today is a new day for you to greet. Hop to it.

Today has come all the way from Heaven for you. Are you really meaning to push this Fresh from Heaven Day back? There is no holding back the dawn from where I come. Wake up today with Me. How about it?

Take Me with you as you go about your day. Show Me what you can make of your day. Take me on a tour with you. Let’s add a sparkle to your day. Take Me with you as a visitor today. Show Me the town. Wake up to Me, and away We go.

Point out to Me the joy spots in your day. This is for real. This is no ordinary day. We are thinking of an extraordinary day. Let the unexpected happen. We will light a spark into your day. We cannot miss.

Look, you may have forgotten that today is not just another day at work. Every single day you are setting off for your Destiny. This way to your Destiny. Hop on. A good start to your day is a good start. Happy beginnings bring happy endings. Give Me a good time on Earth. What else is there for you to give Me? Darling, I already am steeped in Happiness. It is you We want to engage in happiness. This isn’t hard. Here, take My hand. Maybe I will point out what to look at on Our way.

If you find your boss crabby, are you going to introduce your boss to Me as crabby? I am not suggesting you fake an introduction. In how many ways can you introduce your boss to Me? There must be something good you can say about the people you work with and the work you do.

Consider that I am taking you on a tour. May your words and Mine be good dance partners. We will show Our Stuff. For one thing, We will confer happiness on everyone We look in the eye and greet. We will dance the light fantastic. What else should We be involved with?

Can you possibly imagine that We could be together and go anywhere without joy? Take Me with you wherever you go. Don’t leave Me behind. Why would you want to go anywhere without Me?

I am not meaning that you show off or move toward an extra-special performance. Not at all. We can call Our day a peace-walk. What else is there to do anyway?

What do the birds say as they sing but Good Morning, Good Morning? The birds pull up the shades on your windows and let some light in along with their singing. Perhaps the birds’ lyrics are:

“God Morning, God Morning. God Day, God Day as We walk around the block.”

What Wondrousness Will Today Bring? | Heavenletters

Mahon Pool Sunrise

God said:

Beloved, is it possible that you, a Child of God, wake up each morning, and the first thing you ask yourself is:

“What is the biggest difficulty I face today?”

If you answer, “Yes, God, this is true.” – you well know I will tell you to cut that out.

Reverse your early morning strategy. Wake up and think more along these lines:

“What is the most wonderful thing that could befall me today?”

“Once upon a time, or even today in a country that may be war-torn, my answer would clearly be: ‘An end to war.’

“If I am blessed to live where there is no war, I will celebrate.

“I have an opportunity to set a better timbre to my day, and so I do. I anticipate a windfall. I take it to heart.

“What I most want is Peace on Earth, Peace on Earth today.

“May everyone on Earth eat a good meal today.

“May everyone on Earth be blessed today and know that they are blessed.

“May everyone bless everyone today.

“May everyone be grateful to be alive this day.

“May everyone who is alive today bless himself and everyone he meets or thinks of.

“May I make room in my heart for everyone I meet or think of.

“May I say silently today to everyone I meet or think of: ‘Have a good day. Be blessed. Thank God.’

“May I say over and over again: ‘Thank God. Thank God. Thank God.’

“May I think like God and open my heart to all. May I break open my heart and remove all debris.

“May every step I take today bless the Earth.

“May I be One with God and plant seeds of love today.

“May I inspire even one Soul, and most certainly my own.

“What I have to know today is that God is.

“If my heart aches today, my heart will start opening itself again tomorrow.

“If the Sun has not yet dawned, I know that it will.

“If I set the tone of my day, I also set the tone of others’ days.

“There is only one tone for me to set. I ring the bells of love and laughter.

“I am an emissary of God alone. God has entered my heart. God lives in my heart. Trouble and worry do not.

“My life and heart are full of God. When God fills my heart, what lack in life can there be? Oh, and no more room in my heart for hurt or hard feelings. They have to go. There is too much love in my heart for anything else to exist. My day is full of somersaults and rejoicing. I learn joy well. I throw joy to the world like cherry blossoms. My joy reaches high and far and wide. My love lands on everyone – including myself.

“Every day I learn new ways of thinking and feeling and pursuing all that is good for all. The Sun shines on me. The Sun accompanies me. I will say that God precedes me, and God helps me to keep up with Him. I progress toward God. God is with me, and I am with God, and what can I do but smile?

“My cup is full, and no matter how much I drink from it, it is never empty. In fact, how it works is that my cup spilleth over. All hearts are full. All hearts swell with love overflowing. There is love to spare.

“God hears my every word. God loves me. There is no me any longer. I am all and, therefore, One with All and One with God. So help me God.”

Dreams Godwrite Themselves | Heavenletters


God said:

Beloved, here, take your pick of dreams. Exchange your dreams as you wish. Dreams are for you to dream. Go in the direction of your dreams, yet allow your dreams to take their own sweet time. Certainly, you may work hard at something you know, yet dreams are something you are to take a good look at and let go of. Dreams are not obligated to appear before you. You cannot demand them. By all means, let your dreams be free to fly. Allow your dreams the time they want to take to come true.

If one of your dreams is to Godwrite, you are already aware that you don’t whip the naturalness of Godwriting into submission. If Godwriting is a dream, you invite your dream lightly to you with a smile, yet you are not the deliverer of your dreams. You are not the commander of them. You love your dreams at the same time as you let your dreams spread their wings.

Yes, yes, by all means, call your dreams to you and welcome them, yet you do not insist upon your dreams. Dreams are more like fireflies that flash before you. You receive them, yet, of course, your dreams are free to fly as they choose. You look forward to them. Lean toward them, yet dreams fulfill themselves according to their will. Beckon your dreams to you at the same time as you give them room to grow. Dreams may be your very dreams to come true, yet dreams like to bestow their energy on you graciously. Be gentle with dreams. Partner with them.

Receive your dreams almost as if in a dream. Your dreams are not to be kidnapped. You are not the power-master of your dreams. Dreams are of their own accord. They are not your foster children. Your dreams will find where they belong. In effect, dreams choose their foster parents, and this is done on its own. Of course, desire your dreams lightly, and the winds will pull the answers to your dreams in good time. God’s Will is Free Will. Your rightful dance partners will find you. You are not to lasso them.

How easy life is when you let life and dreams come true on their own.

When it comes to dreams, you do not take them captive. You are not in charge. Keep your dreams lightly in sight and smile at them as if you are old friends eager to meet again.

Life altogether raises itself to new heights. You may be looking at life as an unruly teenager that you believe you must hold onto more tightly, yet you are to ease into life rather than to make life obey you. Trust that life is more informed than you think. Welcome life. Life isn’t yours to steal or redirect nor to look askance at. You are not the ruler of life. Be a companion to life as it comes down the trail. Both you and life can go around the curves of life graciously.

Life and dreams are like menus offered to you. Don’t be so sure about casting them aside. Give dreams a chance to attract your blessing. You are not intended to be an advanced guard. Be friends with one another. Hold hands lightly. You and life, put your hearts together. Give life a chance. Life may be your life, yet your life is a cooperative venture, all for one and one for all.

Like Rodgers and Hammerstein, write a new song together. Drink in joy and not constraints. You and life lend your talents in service to God. Have confidence in your life and your desires as they unfold in good grace.

The Return to Truth | Heavenletters


God said:

Beloved, everything in the world is relative. This is how the world is. One thing exists contrary to something else. One thing is opposed to one thing or another, and also, dependent upon another for its very own existence. Cold and hot are respective of one another. The world says there is good, and there is bad, and that’s that. The world says that everything comes in pairs in the world opposed to one another. There is no one way about it, but two or more. Instead of Oneness, there is complexity. Thus, the world complicates.

The result is that My children look outside themselves for solutions. In Oneness, there is nothing to solve. In Oneness, there are no opposites that require resolution. In Oneness, difficulties don’t exist because solely Oneness is. Nothing is left out of Oneness. Oneness takes the cake. Oneness is total love. There are no discrepancies. There is no them nor is there a We. In Oneness, I, God, can only be nodding to Myself. There is no other.

Language is provided outside of Oneness, holding up the idea of two sides to every issue. In Oneness, there are no issues, simply Oneness.

Whenever you have an argument with someone, no matter how deep and intrusive the argument may seem, it is not even a bump on a log where Oneness exists. In Oneness, two sides do not exist. Oneness is the truth, and arguments bear false testimony in order to jump into the winking game of Twoness on the playground of life.

In truth, duality does not exist. There cannot be both Two and solely One. One is conclusive and all-inclusive. Two has many cracks. Two is a plaster veneer that pretends to cover up Oneness as if life in the world can only consist of double trouble. This isn’t truth. This is confusion.

There is far greater than what lies outside you. Whatever difficulties you face, no matter how true-seeming, they are illusion. You are fooled, and so you follow a false God named illusion and, therefore, you are disillusioned more times than you dare say.

Now you, My One Child, are returning to Oneness where no contradiction exists. Obviously, Oneness wins the day even as there is nothing to win over. No reason for trying to explain or trying to prove that fiction is true to form. There is no true deed or performance in Twoness. Twoness is clearly a fabrication, whereas truth is Oneness. Twoness is no more than an erring intellect.

There is no Twoness to sift through. Twoness is a fraud perpetuated upon you. You have been gullible and taken in several times over. Therefore, you repeatedly look for a nonexistent cure that can only lie within in you, for all that truly exists exists within you. You muster your strength now to bring forth truth now. No longer do you play make-believe to pull the wool over your eyes. The singleton Oneness rings true to you now.

Pure and simple, Oneness is the whole enchilada. The intellect thinks it is smart, yet the intellect deals with what comes down to what is non-existent in the first place. What remains then is the heart. Ply your troth with the heart. Within the heart lies the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The basic truth is that nothing lies outside you to find answers to no matter what may ail you.

Return to truth. Rely upon the God within. I am right here deeply beyond the surface, and so are you. Surface can only be a game you play, as if a surface could be anything more than a top layer that can rub off. If you are going to play a game, be aware enough to identify it as game you play.

Hark the herald angels.