Our Covenant | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloved, be beholden to this day that connects Us as One. The day isn’t beholden to you even as today is at your feet. A day is to lead you. A days sets itself before you. What will you do with this day that is before you? There is something in this day that you are to make beautiful.

Who says your day, as it is first offered to you, has to be your heart’s desire and not an inch less?

Follow the day set before you. You have choices to make, yet you do not call all the shots. This is how life is. Life doesn’t have to be exactly how you desire it to be. Who says that life has to be your cup of tea? Who says that you are to have days of only sunshine and never rain?

On some days, you receive a day that is beyond your highest dreams, and some days you may feel left out. Either way, this is life, and it is yours. You are the beneficiary. Each day comes as it comes.

I put clay into your hands. Whatever clay I put into your hands, every day the clay that arrives is yours to knead. You give your best to the God-given clay handed to you and make the best God-given pottery you can. Every day has that which is up to you to wed.

There is always more beauty to come. Make your day as you will. Sing today’s highest praises. This is your day, not someone else’s. Today is in your hands.

There is an aftermath of joy that comes to you. More joy is on its way. This is Our Covenant. We shake hands on it. Here is where your free will comes into its own.

My Will is that you uphold life. Give life all you’ve got to give.

Consider that you are not lacking or lagging. Make a list of all the benefits you have received in life to this day as opposed to what you may think you are missing and may have been denied. The benefits win by a mile. What then is your complaint? Be gracious. What else can you be, Beloved?

It takes less effort to be grateful for all your blessings than to complain once. When you feel worn out, complaint is likely the reason why you are so tired. You are looking at the downside when you could be at the top of the arbor. Make good choices for where you put your attention. It is your attention after all. Remind yourself that you are made in My image. Don’t waste one moment feeling sorry for yourself. Be all the goodness you long for. Diminish what you don’t want and have had too much of based on your own point of view.

Want to know the secret of how to get what you want? I will tell you. Here it is:

Never mind that you think you didn’t receive. Go for what you want and never mind the rest. Be what you want to be. Take the bull by the horns. This is your one life right now. Give it your nod. Downplay what you don’t want. Be your own marching band. No feeling sorry for yourself. No crying: ”Wolf!”

Whatever the circumstances, it is up to you to depend upon yourself now to raise your spirits.

Say: “God, thank You for showing me the way to come nearer to Thee. God, what I want most of all in the world is You.”


Moving Forward in Life | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloved, life is tried and true, and yet each day is new. Life is forwarded to you every day. Life is an experiment. You may tremble at life’s inconsistency as if certainty is supposed to be the law of the land. Life is not a debt owed you. Life is given to you. Life moves along, yet life can choose any route it chooses while it is at it.

Life is not regimented. Life takes its chances as it moves along.

Surprise in life seems to be a certainty. You are trawling along in a boat on a river. No one knows how many fish your net will catch on any one day or not. That you are trawling every day seems likely, yet there are no guarantees no matter what you say.

Yes, life is an idea, and ideas change. Your perceptions of life also change.

To be alive means you grow and change. You don’t stay the same. You can’t stay the same. Beloved, you cannot stay the same as you always were or thought you were. Nor do you have to change every minute of the day. Still, change is your fortune. You can’t predict all the upcoming changes.

Today is not a past event. You can part your hair on the other side. You don’t have to dye your hair purple. It isn’t exactly that you must keep up with the trends. It’s just that you can only live now and not in the past. You don’t have to be a flibberty-gibbet any more than you have to repeat the past. Life is new. You do not walk on a treadmill and tread only the past. There is greater than the past. You are ever new. Open to the present. You are not meant to be freeze dried. You can’t ride the same old horse forever.

Change is the name of the game of life.

Once upon a time, blue jeans were dungarees and were worn for work on the farm. Now blue jeans are fashion forward.

Once a flying machine was a conjecture. Today airplanes fly in the sky every day.

Once computers were imagined. Once computers were bulky and slow. Look at them now.

Once television was black and white.

Today the whole world is before you. Mosey on. You can’t stem the tide. Nor can you pretend the tide away. New is here.

You want your joints flexible, and so you want to be flexible with life as it comes to you.

Every year is a New Year, and you are new as well.

And then there is also something called human nature that seems to stay the same!

Indeed, there is NEW under the Sun. Look up! As you roll out of bed, the Sun rolls itself across the sky. Welcome, Sun!

Life is unprecedented and ever new. You can’t leash life. Nor can you slow it down.

Who knows what tomorrow brings? Who says you have to know? You’d like to know, or do you?

Pretty much you have to take life in bite-size pieces. Pretty much you have to take life as it comes.

It is said that God is the Doer. Where does that leave you? You and I are One. You participate, and, yet, you as you perceive yourself – you are also a receiver. We are One, and you are also a Witness even as Oneness Is.

Oneness is, and you, as the individual, imagine you are a distinction as you sit in the Heart of God. You cannot depart, and yet you also observe God’s Doings. Well, which is it you would be, beautiful Doer of God’s Will?

“To Thee I Sing” | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloved, of thee I sing. To thee I sing. I sing a song of Myself to Myself.

I am the notes I sing. You are the notes I sing. As you see it, I sing a song of what you call your little self as separate from Me.

I do call you My Self. It may not always be easy for you to make this transition. It is as easy as pie to Me, for I see Truth, and I am Truth. You are My Truth, yet you do not always see.

What I offer is the most natural thing in the world, yet not to you as you see yourself as existing. You may see this naming business as vain. It is awkward. You call yourself a world-given name like Jack or Jill. You are so associated with the world and the thunder and gossip of the world, so you ask yourself, “How can I possibly be in the image of God?”

You can accept that you are a piece of the pie yet not the pie entire. You fear you can only be abashed, as if you are taking on airs and walking on stilts. You are eager to be someone and someone great, yet…

You do not want to overextend yourself and be fooled. Life is serious to your little self. You prefer to be out of sight. Out of sight, out of mind. If your Greater Self were to be included, you would be hard-pressed to ignore your Greater Self. You would rather gaze upon your Higher Self as if your Higher Self were far, far away at a distance from you.

You wouldn’t mind singing and humming to a God in the distance. The fact is, however, you don’t know how to sing. You may not dare to reach a high note or any note in My Presence.

You may conjure that you are not good enough to sing or even to speak up in a whisper in My Presence. You are too humble to even be heard.

You might mumble to yourself: “What God would want to hear me?”

You may have no idea of your worth and your worth to Me.

You would not debate with Me, and yet you step over what I say as if what I say could not be so. And so, you seemingly discount what I say as if you do know better when, in actuality, you don’t know quite how to read Me. I am saying that you are My Word made real. This veil that is bruited about, you put it here. Come right up to the availability and responsibility of Oneness.

For God’s sake, as you see it, your shoulders are not broad enough. This is short-sighted of you. Perhaps you think I ought to have tattooed on you “Child of God.” Maybe then your shoulders would have widened and your heights heightened.

I say: “Sit at My right hand. Choose to be with Me.”

You overlook yourself. You may say: “Dear God, not right now. Maybe later.”

I offer the Kingdom to you, and you postpone Our wedding. What? Do you require yourself to put on lipstick first? What impossible heights do you say you have to reach because of an imagined demeanor that I don’t even notice or care about in the first place?

When I say to you, “Come with Me,” I mean exactly that. When I say: “Jump!” well then, “Jump!”

When I say: “Will you dance with Me?” Then extend your arms and dance with Me. Make no further delay. Certainly, not from shyness.

Your Crowning Glory | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloved, before you were born, you chose to take on the role of hero. You didn’t choose to accept the role of slug-a-bed. Absolutely not. You chose a hero’s role. If not a flashing Superman role, at the very least, you chose the role of slow but steady. You made a commitment to not jump ship. You pledged to be here steadfast for the long haul.

You are not here to bite your fingernails.

You are not here to wish for escape from your role on Earth.

Oh, yes, it may seem to you that you are no hero at all. Nevertheless, someone is looking at you and following you and learning from you.

As a matter of fact, you also follow yourself as well. Remember joy. The least you can do is to cast joy on yourself. You have a role to fulfill. It wouldn’t be yours unless you were capable of rising to magnificence. This is yours to do. This is what it means to be a hero. Certainly, a hero is not down on himself.

To be a hero, you accept that at every moment, you have a choice to make. It is your choice to make. This means you are not helpless. You always have a choice to make, and you make it. Choose to be of good courage.

You don’t make a choice to lie down on the job. Not even once more can you make a choice to cry: “Foul!” What is courage really but to make a choice?

A hero is a pleasure to others and to himself. Beloved, you are the illustrator of the book you write. You take a firm hold of your life with the decisions you make.

You don’t know what lies right around the corner. You don’t sit down on the job. Bolster yourself. Begin to see yourself as My hero. Give yourself glad tidings. Right now is your very chance to do Me honor. Even if you are bedridden, this could be your moment of Crowning Glory.

Lift your head. Smile at a visitor. Don’t mourn. Not at all. By all means, you are your own Crowning Glory. You state your Self. You align yourself with Me. It isn’t only that you have courage. You inspire courage in yourself and in others. My Will be done. My Will be done through you.

You are a herald Angel on Earth. Immerse yourself in the love that you are here to give. Give it. Part of giving love is to receive it. You accept love as well as you give it out. It is a natural thing to see love revived. More love is to come and to come through you. You may not know what bounty of love you express that uplifts a fellow traveler. You contribute to the journey in another’s life who also inspires you. You may be the saving grace of one imagined another.

It is you who is to shine brightly. You brighten life for others by your very existence. Someone follows you as you rise to new heights.

You are not imprisoned within old thinking. Of course, you star in your own life. You gain speed. More and more people see in you that which you may not have yet seen in yourself until this moment. Never are you a bump on a log. No siree.

Life Deferred | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloved, may you live well and long. May you know what is of significance and pledge yourself to what matters rather than to what is really not so important that you cannot leave it behind you when this is all you can do.

When all is said and done, when you sift through your imagined possessions, when the dust settles, what do you take with you? What fits into your heart and soul and leaves its mark on you? No one takes steamer trunks anymore these days. Who could ever fit so much in your baggage now? One handbag may be too much.

When you come, bring your heart and soul. You may not even care anymore about taking your diamond ring with you. What sentimental value do you even insist on taking with you now? You don’t want all your memories packed in any longer. The items you would have to take with you – you wouldn’t even bother to take them any longer. What are they to you now? Now you would like to travel light and be done with it.

You probably won’t have a desire to take anything more, as if anything physical matters to you now. Who up here in Heaven would want to glance through your keepsakes with you? And, when you are done, what then? Who wants a what then? No longer will there be a before or after.

What do you want to pore over within yourself any longer to speak of?

All your life long, you have had something important to say. Now, at this imminent moment, you can’t think of one thing. What can you not leave behind? Be glad to be freed from the past.

You want freedom. You don’t even want to excel. You don’t even care about making points. No longer do you care to amass now. You don’t care if you score or not. What need have you for numbers or the alphabet, as a matter of fact? What need or longing do you insist on now?

What do you see, and what must you remember or account for? No longer will you add stature. No longer will you even require your initials or a computer. Whatever for? Why would you want a head stuffed with what?

You might well prefer having an empty head rather than a crowded one. What is it that you supposedly transition from and to? No longer do you want more details to hang onto.

Now, I, God, hear you say:

“Once upon a time, I could sew a fine seam. Where is this skill to be kept now, and what happens now? Do skills remain or trot off somewhere like life itself?

“As it was, once I could hardly embrace the present, let alone the past. What really is there to embrace, God? Life itself, and You alone, and Peace and Love to fill up on.

“I can’t even think of a tree I want to be buried under or which ocean or another to sink under. I ask to hold Your hand and remember You, God!”

Look into My Mirror | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloved, how might life look differently to you when you see Me as top coach in your book – not as a possibility but as an absolute reality? What if you saw Me tossing basketballs into the net of your life, not now and then, but every second of the day?

What if you could see Me playing out in your life fervently, as if you can see Me meaning everything to you as I run interference for you, doing everything for you? How might you find yourself feeling more eager about life? You wouldn’t have to put the wind into your sails.

When you can feel that I am YOUR basketball player, wouldn’t you be relieved? Might then your life be more of a bird in hand?

Would you not have more of a spring in your step?

When you would think or say: “MY God!” how enlivened you would feel! Might you not bet more on yourself? Wouldn’t you be more self-empowering and running a mile-a-minute with infinite energy? WOW, you would be jumping for joy! You would know the God You are made of.

Why aren’t you solidly aware of Who You are right now? I cannot believe you would be dragging your feet. Have you ever heard of an angel dragging his feet and leaving his heart in left field? You would be more like the Little Engine Who Could. You would have all the steam in the world.

How could you not?

You are as you think.

I ask you to absorb My view of life. Wait not a moment longer to be Who I say you are. See as I see. I see you as the spitting image of Myself. You, too, would see miracles before your very eyes. You would be the gold standard. You would have no doubt.

See your posture now. Boy, would you be standing straight and tall. You would be a whiz-bang. You would be a horse at the gate ready to run a race with great enthusiasm.
You would not have to urge yourself on. You would, of your very nature, be chomping at the bit.

It seems to Me that you may see yourself as draggy-down. What’s the good of your being low energy and heavy-laden? Be as light as air. Be the subject of your life and not the object. Be substantive. Be alive. To be alive is why you are here. Reach the stars.

Grow the muscles to leap tall buildings. Be High-Spirited. Build your life of huge building blocks. You yourself are to be your inspiration. Be it.

Shine Like the Stars | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloved, you have your choice as to what you make for breakfast this morning. Make oatmeal if you like. Make a frittata. This is your option to decide. Ultimately, you are responsible. If you are out of eggs, who is to pick up another dozen?

Such is life in the world.

If you want to crochet a sweater, crochet a sweater. If you want to fuss and fume, this is also your choice. If you want to let go of what you hold to yourself, this is up to you. If you hit the ceiling, whose choice is this?

Yes, Beloved, I understand that there are times you feel that life has cornered you, and you are up the creek.

By and large, you choose what comes. You may refuse responsibility, or you may get over aggravating about what turns out to be a mistake.

You have the choice to move on in life. You can play your cards right. You can pay your debts or skip around your debts and turn a blind eye to them. You can put off your responsibility, or you can forget about it altogether or live up to your responsibility lickity-split.

You are the maker of your life. You can turn cartwheels or dance a jig. You can go forward or backward. You can be on time, or you can be late, or you can be early. You can be whatever you want to be. You contribute.

You can be svelte or chubby. You can be new. You can be young and move forward. Life is not something for you to give up on. Your life is in your hands. At the same time as life influences you, you influence life. Everyone and everything has an influence. You are influenced by something. And you influence far and near.

Smile your joys and cry your tears. Not once savor feeling sorry for yourself. You are under God’s sky. No matter what, you are here for a mighty reason. You are never on Earth for naught. I hand-picked you from the Garden of Eden.

Now pick the flowers in front of you. Plant new flowers of your choosing. Water them. Love them. Cheer them. Love and cheer yourself.

Come with Me. Serve Me with all your heart, and serve yourself.

Be a lit sky. Be the Sun Who Lights up Itself and all you shine upon.

Take credit for your mistakes and for all your good fortune, or, do you say that your life on Earth is altogether up to the stars?

Somewhere in the Midst of Life | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloved, in the midst of life, you are beset with life toppling all over seemingly at once. There is hardly a break for you to settle down for a while to take a good look at what actually is going on, indeed, in your life.

Sometimes you may feel you are shoved along by a snow plow, lifted up in a flurry of life from moment to moment without knowing what is going on really. At the same moment, you still have to sign in without a moment’s breath to get your bearings and take a breath and reconnoiter and lower the volume.

“Hurry, hurry,” says life. “Get this all done. Before you can finish, you will have been assigned more work and hardly a chance to catch up, let alone get ahead.”

The fact is, in the slap-dash of turmoil, you seek peace. Nevertheless, you try to keep a schedule and do not always succeed or even get started.

Who is it, Dear One, who puts you in such a pace you can’t maintain and can’t get out from under?

O, for the life of a pirate on the High Seas.

Remember when summer vacations took a good two and a half months from the end of June through the beginning of September. Back then, a day lasted a day, and a day was long, and summer lasted a summer. Summer was complete before it was over. Seasons lasted a whole season’s worth of joy before they drew to an end. Time was real then and lasted a whole season of joy. Back then, seasons gave you your money’s worth.

In those days, you had an Easter coat in Easter colors. You wore the coat as though it really were for an occasion, and then a fall coat and then a winter coat and leggings and then a winter coat that was wool and not a parka. Coats were seasonal.

Then, summer was scraped knees and bee bites and days that lasted forever.

Now days are short, and you are older. Does anyone know where the time went?

Now the computer asks you like a broken record on the screen: “Tell me what you want to do.”

The computer asks me as if I am a person. The computer is most considerate, as if the computer really spoke to me and cared for my well-being. The computer doesn’t call me by name.

Who is this caring computer anyway?

Where are my friends who, from a veil of tears, left me without saying a fond good-bye or even a by-your-leave? They left, just like that, along with the summers that once took their time in summer.

Now it is acknowledged that seasons actually used to be horses of a different color. Now seasons may be called climate change. The only things that last now are perhaps grapes on the vine. It seems that apples no longer grow on trees. Apples have little paper seals that you don’t have to lick, and yet the little seals announce apples in place of blossoms.

Now a nickel does not buy you a cup of coffee nor a newspaper. Why are you waxing nostalgic? You might long for the future now more than the past if you knew how.

You do have glimpses of the past; however, nothing is at all like the past that is nowhere to be found anymore if it ever really did exist. Long ago you lost the tunes of yesteryear and no longer cling to them.

You admit it now. God is right. Time does not exist. Time has come to a stand-still. There is no longer a gloaming. There is no longer lying on your back in a meadow chewing on a piece of straw. You don’t recall that you ever did this really, yet you miss it just the same.

A Heavenletter is Born | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloved, you are the heartfelt song I sing. You are the music to My ears. I, God, even as there is Oneness, in terms of the world, I alone speak forth to an individual Godwriter from the depth of My Heart, and a Heavenletter is born. And another and another is also happily born.

The whole world can hear and listen to what I whisper gladly, and what I whisper, I would love to be heard by all.

What you receive from Godwriting as offerings from Me to the world are for all. My chosen Words, however, aren’t to be modified by any other individuals as it may occur to them down the road.

Godwriting is between the original Godwriter and Me. No other Human Being is to intervene. No one is to improve nor improvise on Godwriting which is, after all, Mine.

There is a certain path of Godwriting. Read a Heavenletter. Relish it. And do not take it asunder. My choice of original Godwritings stays in the hands I first hand it to! Beloved, no one is to take asunder what God has put together..

Godwriting appears as it appears. Godwriting is Mine. It is not for a bystander to stir the waters.

There is a certain intimacy between Me and the Godwriter who first hears My Words whispered and writes them down. A certain intimacy may include a certain rhythm, a certain beat, a certain undertone, certain words and expressions. It is My desire that Heavenletters be read as they are originally given.

Every Godwriter has his personal imprint. No one else is to take it on himself to change words of any Heavenletter from its original form as given and received by its Godwriter.

My Desire is that everyone in My Kingdom read Heavenletters as they are originally written. No one is presumed to know better than I. I, Who create and do not own, I affirm that My words in Heavenletters are to be left My Words as they are written. My God-Written Words as first written are not intended to be anyone else’s spin in the park.

Beloved, there is one big exception to this, and it is indeed a good one.

I invite translations in your native language for the benefit of Heavenreaders who would like to read God’s Words in their native tongues. Heavenletters come from on high and not from the everyday world to be taken as free game. Stay humble.

It is a great service official Heavenletter volunteer translators give – and a responsibility they take on. In the case of translators, I give translators the privilege to follow the original heartbeat of a translation to the best of their ability. Of course, translating Heavenletters is a special art.

The language of a Heavenletter cannot be translated literally because of the specifically high levels in which I immerse Heavenletters. It can be said that Heavenletters are read between the lines, and translators have to translate between the lines.

Of course, translating Heavenletters is not the same as translating directions on how to cook potatoes.

There are tried and true volunteer translators who say that they feel that translating Heavenletters feels like what an original take on Godwriting must feel like.

May you find joy. This is a good reason to translate Heavenletters into your own tongue.

At the same time, may your heart be here for greater than its joy alone. May it be for the joy of the world.

Please know, Beloved translators, you, who as a team and as individuals, volunteer from the bottom of your hearts. So long as you are happy, in you, I, God, trust.

Hearts are to follow joy for themselves and and give joy to others. Joy alone.

Love is Life | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloved – of course, Yes, Yes, you are My Beloved. Let’s clear the slate. Own up to your accepted place in My heart. You have no other choice. It is not only sometimes that you are featured in My heart. It is all the time, love around the clock.

Set your heart to Mine without further ado. Our rapport is a given. Without Oneness, love would be beating about the bush. I don’t only declare you as My Beloved. I swear you are My Beloved once and for all. Not sometimes, not only often, not mostly, but once and for all.

I raise my right hand, and Oneness is swept up in love for all the world to applaud. One good fortune you have is that love is good.

I hold hands with Oneness altogether, and so do you. Never doubt love for even one bewildering moment. Once and for all, Oneness is permanent – lock, stock, and barrel.

Yes, Oneness, One Heart beats. Love is. Oneness is. Life is. One pulse of love beyond a shadow of a doubt – this is love. Doubt is not love. Love is, and never was not. Love and life go together. Love is tried and true. Love doesn’t just linger. Love is the high point.

All the fuss in life is wayward. Your belief system may be derelict. Once a derelict is too much. You have entered My heart. Oneness is more than a happenstance. It is the content of life.

Love is known. There is no existence without love abounding. Call a halt to dissension from love.

Oneness is the foundation of life. You cannot miss out on Oneness. Oneness is tried and true. This is Eternity. There is no severance from love. Love is known. Lean back into love once and for all. Give up distracting your so-called individuality from its train track of love. Love is a given. There is no going away from love. Stay on the straight and narrow of love. You are My Heir to love and to nothing less.

Your DNA is love. Your DNA is not loveless. Lovelessness does not factor into life. Love is the sole purpose of life. Love is life.

Consider this: You are the sole purpose to which I am dedicated. I am the God of Love, and so are you the extension of My love. You are smack in the center of My love. You are My love. You are My Beloved, and I AM yours. This is Oneness once and for all.

What else can love be but true? Love is the only True there is.

Anything other than love is falsehood. Burst into love. Love is all.

Love songs are sung for a reason. There is nothing but love to sing out. Let Me hear you sing out love loud and strong. Why on earth would less than love seem to pursue you day in and day out? I will not have it otherwise. Let love catch in your throat. Do not let resentment build smoke-fires. Let resentment fizzle out once and for all for all time. Time and resentment are not at all the substance of life. Be done with them. Don’t start with them.

Stop wasting this nonentity called time. Drop the pretense of non-love in its tracks. Love is firmly set. Love is King. Love is Queen. There is naught but love, so help Me God.

Love is the treasury. Nothing else is. Love alone is. Naught else but love climbs aboard. Love is true. Love from your heart is true. Love alone is the true existence of life. Follow love. Love is the True Goods.

And that’s it.