Be As You Are | Heavenletters


God said:

Beloved, be as you are with Me and with everyone else. I put no pressure on you to be more like anyone else. Be your True Self. Your True Self is what I ask you for.

My Love for you doesn’t come with a price tag. It’s perfectly fine for you to be you. Of course, I welcome you to the Universe with open arms.

Of course, accompany Me. I hold you close to Me and honor you, for you are My Beloved.

Certainly, it is easy for Me to love you just as easily as I tell My children to love one another. I do not stand on My high horse. You may be sure that My Heart’s desire isn’t to squash anyone. I would not be so foolish as to try to make you into someone else. I not only love you. I LIKE you!

Sometimes, the world seems callous.

What you are to know is that you are My Beloved. I do not give lip service to My ideals. I am incapable of not loving you with all My Heart. With all My Heart is the only way I know how to love.

Of course, everyone likes to give and receive love. Not everyone is ripe with awareness of love. The truth is that I am a natural, and so are you.

It may seem to you that the world has not welcomed you as you and I would wish. You have not seen all the evidence. Never mind, allow Me to fill your heart and take you with Me. Open yourself to Me. I will fill every nook and cranny of your heart and keep you close to Me, keep you deep in My Heart where love spills over. You are established near and dear to My Heart in My Heart. In My Heart is where you are loud and strong.

For one reason or another, you may feel that someone who isn’t you is seen more favorably. Dear Ones, this can only be a mistake of your intellect. Restore yourself. You are with Me. You accompany Me. I take you with Me. I take you with Me gladly.

It is said that I restore your Soul. Your Soul has never been missing. It may feel to you that something in you might be missing, or you would not feel misbegotten. You are right here with Me where I want you. I am with you. You belong in the Kingdom of Heaven, and here is where you are. Uplift yourself, Beloved. Rally around yourself.

Not one of My Children has to wait in the hall for Me. Step right up now. Accept yourself as the Beloved of God. Acknowledge Me as My Gift to you. I am your God full-square, and I love you fully. Walk through My gates. You will see how easy this is for you to do. There is nothing like you, and I adore you. Enter Heaven. Do not tiptoe. Never mind what you’re wearing. Forget prerequisites. My eyes are clear. I see beyond the eyes of the world. I see into your eyes. I love meeting your eyes. We exchange glances. We are entwined as One, and nothing can change this. I know how to love, and I love you fully and deeply. Try as you may, there is nothing you can do to miss out on My Love. Accept all of My Love. Hold My Hand. Swing your arms. We shall climb the ramparts of the world as One. We are doing this right this moment. My Strength is yours. My Love is yours. Be My Love. My love belongs to all alike You are My Beloved.

Claim My Love. You have every right to it. Once and for all, you are My Happiness. Thank you, Beloved.


A New Commandment | Heavenletters


God said:

Beloved, every responsibility you accept is a gift you give to Earth. No burdens are to exist in any corner of the world. Remove from any contemplation the faintest idea of heaviness of heart. Lightness of heart hails as your New Commandment. Under no circumstances are you to feel dragged down. Absolutely not. I state light of heart as yours. This is My Will for you. No one is to be laden with a burlap bag of heavy stones. Joy is your tribute to the world.

Be light of foot and light of heart. Life on Earth is to be for joy. Sense of burden is not to be allowed. Life is a high-stepping dance. Oh, yes, by all means, dance a dance of joy. Do not even think of feeling responsibility as a weight. Make joy right and left. Once and for all, joy alone. No foot-dragging. Let there be no excuse for anything less than handstands and cartwheels and dancing and singing in the streets. No word of dismay is to pass your lips or ears.

Be joy to the world. Hark, the herald angels sing. You are a herald angel who sings a beautiful song. What a chorus of joy you sing to Me and to the world. Would I choose you for less than joy? No. I choose you for joy, and that’s it, the whole story. Joy is easy to remember. Your to-do list is to be made of joy alone. Center front, no exceptions. Wear a t-shirt that says Joy Alone. There is to be no less than joy for even one child of God.

It isn’t for you to muddy the waters. Joy alone is for you. Wear all the colors of joy. Forgo any concession to anything less than joy. Joy heads the list. Joy alone. Experience joy even with your right hand tied behind your back. Zippity Doo Dah. Hallelujah. I assign you joy on earth. Joy and joy alone.

Sainthood is to be joy. Nothing whatsoever is be less than joy to the hilt. Your freedom is to shine joy. You are not on Earth to signify less.

Let whatever you engage in be outright joy. Allow all joy to precede you. You are to drink of joy alone. There is within you a bubbling stream of joy. Drink to your heart’s content. Let thy name be joy unending. Joy is foremost and unrestricted. There are no boundaries to the joy that is to beam within you. Hut. Hut. Giddyap to joy, little dogie. Surround yourself with joy. Hie to joy. Joy is to radiate from you. Joy alone. For sure you are not destined for moil and trouble. There is no merit to less than joy. Less than joy is worth nothing at all. There will be no miserliness when it comes to joy. Abundance alone. Once and for all, joy pure and clear and hearty to all. No one is to mince joy. Strew joy abundantly. No faking joy. Hear Me. True joy is the Commandment I give to all on Earth. Make no bones about this. There are no exceptions, not one. Joy is the ground-breaker. Joy to all is foremost.

Your lesson is to learn joy no matter what. The more joy you give, the more joy there is. Fill the rafters with joy, joy unabashed. Your life is to be decorated with joy. Happy hearts are to abound. Ring the bells of joy lightly, and ring them clearly. Joy is now the way of the world. Is joy second to the Commandment to Love All? Which comes first? Joy or love, love or joy? There is no first or last.

Clear Your Space and Clear Your Life | Heavenletters


God said:

Beloved, whatever is on your mind today, get past it. Have no backlog hanging over you. What is this compulsion to be in arrears? Be free instead. Get away from the whole idea of obligation to the past. Don’t entrap yourself in the past. Your purpose now is to jump over the past. The past clogs your clear sailing. Have free space. Free space clears your lungs as well as it opens your heart wide. Clear your arteries.

If you want clarity, clear paths in your life. Make room for new.

Lose obstructions. Shake yourself. Expand space. You have heard that all there is is the present. The past doesn’t belong right out in front of you. The past is the past. The past isn’t for keeping. The past is for letting go.

The past may call out to you: “Keep me. Keep me.”

Say to the past: “You’re finished with me now. Make room for more.”

Just think of it – you don’t have to collect more. Let your ambition be to let go of anything more. Physical goods may represent treasures to you, yet accumulating takes up your breathing space.

Make space for space. Make empty space. You don’t have to fill every inch of space. Making more empty space is your new ambition. Let nothing old get in your way. Have nothing to trip over or to count. You don’t need the material world to remind you of your worth. It isn’t the physical means that mean the most to you. Possess nothing, and you own all.

There is much more to you than meets the eye.

That which is not seen goes deeper and further. What is seen can only go so far, and too often, only too far. Suspend abundance for a while, for you may be inundating yourself and not even notice.

No need to try to keep up with the past. The past gets in the way.

If you have clutter in your house and basement and attic, it’s clear that all of it is from the past and you are hanging on. You don’t have to take up physical space and block your gateways. Unblock yourself. Be free from baggage. What is it exactly that you think you must keep in plain sight? Why collect when you can have free space and room to grow? Collect empty space. Make room for the new and for you to grow.

Beloved, every season, do I not make make way for the new?

You might enjoy having less to put away and less to dust and to pick up and turn over.

Be generous of heart. Be huge of heart and slim in bulk. In many senses, slim down the material world and see what happens then.

You are not obligated to be a busy bee of possessions. You don’t possess your life anyway. There is no need to store your life. You may well not need a big pantry to fill. You don’t need more closets. What are you doing with all these hangers and shoes that get in your way.

Collect the giving of love. Wealth comes not from the items you keep. Abandon the old ways. Acclaim new. Possessions amount to accumulated upkeep.

Clear your space and clear your life. You are not here to squeeze whatever you can into your life. Make room for life. New life comes not from accumulation but from room to grow. Gain space. This is how you expand your heart and bring more essence of life into your life. Leave room for air to flow. Accumulating wastes time and space even as time and space do not exist..

Forget Not Even One Heart | Heavenletters


God said:

Beloveds, keep in mind the hearts and souls of all you meet. Certainly, you don’t fawn over anyone. Keep yourself on an even keel. Regard yourself as well. Overlook no one. No one is to be disregarded. No one is to be made small. Kick no heart into oblivion. No one is to be discounted, and this includes you. Regard all, including yourself. No one is to downplay anyone. Never are you to make small of anyone – certainly not yourself.

No one is run of the mill. No one is to be disregarded. Recognize all Souls. Come from simplicity and not flash. Discard no one. Minimize no one. Neither dismiss even one person nor aggrandize even one person because of some kind of world stature. Take no prisoners. Adulate no one. Care about everyone. Be true to Me whether you are in public or private. Be true to your Self. Be true to Me.

Regard all highly, and not the least, yourself. No one on Earth is incidental. Everyone is of significance. No one is to be tossed aside.

Remember hearts. Align yourself with love. Love accepts everyone on Earth as a tribute to Me. You don’t bend down as a matter of course. You do, however, bend your knees to tie others’ shoes when the laces are untied. You do this for Me.

You are no one’s servant except as you serve Me. Never are you obsequious. Everyone matters. You matter. Regardless of anything, everyone matters. No one is to be put on the back burner.

The famous do not matter more than anyone else. No one matters more than you or less than you. There is parity of Good Will. There is to be no lack of Good Will. Every Soul matters.

This isn’t a big deal. Everyone shares in common. Everyone on Earth is a representative of Me. Everyone has to know this. You must know this. You must own up to this. You must sing on behalf of every other representative of Me as well. Beloved, it is incumbent upon you to herald all life on Earth. No one is more important than you. No one is less. Every single Soul is heralded. Everyone is of note. Be clear on this. No child is to flunk. No one is to be denied. There is a rightful place for all. See to this.

No one is to lag. All are to be held high. No one is to be put aside. No one is to be sidetracked. No one is to be put under the table. No one is to be last. All are to shine in My God-given Light. Make no mistake. This responsibility is incumbent upon you and everyone, most certainly upon you. Speak for Me. Abide in My Light. Make My Light known before all. The Sun shines for all. No one is to be hidden away from My Light.

If anyone is inclusive, all are inclusive. There is a commonly shared humanity. No one is excluded. No one is in the shadows – no one. My Light is for you to shine on everyone the way the day meets the Sun. No one is raised higher. No one is put down.

No one is walked on. Honor is due all. This does not mean only some – some of the time. Homage goes to all. This is the least you do on My behalf. Raise yourself. Raise all. Attend to everyone, for everyone is My guest and due to shine My Light everywhere your glance may fall. Holy are All. No one is set apart. All are One, and One for All. You are One. Oneness holds the Earth high. You are the Highest, and so is everyone else. No one is to be less. Hark My Words once and for all.

In Partnership With God | Heavenletters

Friends having fun in Queen's Bath, Kauai, Kauai County, Hawaii, USA

God said:

Beloved, dear Being, you who overflow with My Love, you are surrounded by angels. You are a mainstay of all the everyday miracles in Heaven and on Earth. You are a miracle set before your Self in tribute to Creation and to what We, you and I, embrace. You toss Earth like a softball through the galaxies all the way to Heaven. You set Earth in place without further ado.

As an emissary of Heaven, you stabilize Heaven. You may not yet quite see your Oneness with Me. You may still see separateness, yet not for much longer is this even a possibility. No longer can separation pretend to exist. There are no two ways about it. You do cartwheels in Heaven. No longer do you even imagine that you ride the rails.

Falling from grace does not even exist, for I am with you, and you are part and parcel of Me. We are integrated. Our cup runneth over. The Oneness of Love permeates every heart and soul more than you can believe. You will believe, however. You will furthermore know. You will take love and Oneness as a matter of course. This realization is long overdue. Hop to it right now. No more lollygagging. No more extending your stay between truth and consequences. You are here on Earth and not suspended between worlds. You are the sum of all that is valid and beautiful.

You are My own True Love. Come, sit at My side, for here is where you are meant to be. You are My everything, and I am yours. We are the meeting of Oneness. We are the truth of existence. We are definitely not fly-by-night. We are It. We are One. We are the song of life. We sing to beat the band. We, you and I, We discourse in Heaven. We set the record straight. We have set the record straight, only you have been lax about sitting up and owning your very Self as truth.

Truth is to grab, not to be hesitant about. Get yourself in place right now. Your place is the whole Universe. All of life is patently yours. You require no permission to be who you are. You are a gift of Mine set before the Universe. You are stellar. You are My Sunshine. You are no less. You are the Sun and the stars that I have bequeathed to all. Accept. Take My offer at full value. What else is there for you to do?

Accepting is your parity. Sign right here. Of course, there is no dotted line to sign on. You can sign only on the unboundedness of the Kingdom of Heaven where you reside in My Heart in its entirety. You need no seat belt. Of course, where can you possibly reside except in My Heart? Only truth exists. Truth is alive and kicking, which means truth is the ocean you swim in.

Dive in. The water is fine. You are fine. Life is fine. The song of life is fine. Life is better than ever, and life goes deep, and life explores Heaven with ease. Heaven is the content of life. And you are the content and revealer of Heaven.

You don’t just breeze into Heaven. You are Heaven’s Spokesperson. You set the tables. You decide the menu. You send the invitations. You accept the invitations. You are bona fide. You pull up a chair and seat yourself. You know all the heights and depths. You write the place cards. You are good at what you do. Everyone is invited, and everyone accepts. This will come to you as plain as day. What is more meaningful that remains to be said than this?

To What Do You Attribute Your Good Fortune? | Heavenletters


God said:

Beloved, woes occur in life, and so does good fortune. Forsake woes, and focus on your blessings. There are more ways than one you can honestly look at life. You have the freedom to focus on what you see as misfortune. You also have good fortune to look in the eye. Everyone may seemingly be pursued at one time or another by tragic misfortune. Top-notch blessings also fall on everyone. Everyone on Earth has the choice of regrets his whole life long, yet why persist? Blessings fall where they may. Everyone is also blessed.

You are not obliged to cling to the tragic. You can remove any coat you are wearing and put on another. You certainly can remove the label attached to your present coat. There is no law that says you must cling to a past that you do not favor. Maintain your ability to smile. Truly, what is the point in pouting? There isn’t much now, is there?

If you carry scars, you don’t have to feature them. Not all that is considered tragedy has to stay wrapped so. You are under no obligation. As a matter of fact, you have an obligation to brighten up your surroundings. You do have an obligation to recall good cheer to you. Practice!

Sometimes, life cautions you to take a deep breath and rise above what seems to be before or after you. Brighten your perspective. Who told you that you are required to hang onto the seemingly hard portions of life?

I visit a simple man who is raising his three children by himself. Sometimes he has to take a deep breath in order to be the father he wants to be rather than the impatient father he feels like. He uplifts himself and therefore his children. He doesn’t have to stay in the impatient mood he finds himself in. He makes a deliberate decision to lead his life and not take himself so seriously. He no longer sees that it is his life at stake. He wants his children to know their father welcomes them. He lifts himself and therefore his children. He introduces them to his world that cannot be called self-centered. He acknowledges the opportunity he has been given to give. He outshines himself. Of course, he might rather take a nap or want to be uplifted rather than to uplift. Like the Little Prince who was lame, he finds the hero within himself. He stands up straight. He may not receive applause, yet he blesses his children.

Sure, his life could have been different from what it is. Nevertheless, he makes his life better for all.

He is a hero of Mine. Day by day, he is. He is heroic in that he pulls himself up, and therefore, raises his children with grace. Bravo, dear children’s father. By no means do you sacrifice your life. You honor your children’s lives and yours for the sake of all. You rise to the highest rung of the ladder with aplomb. You are someone to be remembered. Bravo, you take hold of life in all the right places. At the highest, you do.

I dub you Soldier of Good Fortune. You smooth the path for all to come. You restore your children. Oh, no, you are not a martyr. You are a father.

You discover resources within yourself. You take kindness by its shoulders so that you may be kind. All the circumstances of your life and your children’s’ lives are not perfect, yet you are as good as you can be. What an example you set for your children. You give them goodness and mercy. Well-done, good friend. Well done!

What Does Freedom Mean? | Heavenletters


God said:

Beloved, the way you perceive is modeled from where you sit or from where you stand. You have your own seeing range. You see from your point of view. You may adore something the way it is, or you may have no tolerance for something the way it is depending upon from where you take a look. Cannot life be fair game, or must life be proscribed?

You may see your view solid and down to earth, yet someone else who sees differently from you is equally convinced as you are of his rightness. The same book read is seen as marvelous or as not worth reading. The same color, perhaps chartreuse, can be your favorite color and to someone else, his least favorite. It has been said that there is no accounting for tastes.

Everyone on Earth observes what he observes. Does anyone truly make a decision, or is everyone encamped where he happens to be? The view from under the bridge isn’t identical to the view from the top of the bridge. Everyone may gauge everything differently from you.

For one son, mathematics may be joy. For another, grammar or fixing cars may be, and so on. Must there be only one correct temperature? Must all people scale the same heights? Must all digging be only yay deep?

What is to get in the way of anything and by whose say-so?

Is anything what it seems? Is this tree you touch the same tree your friend leans on?

Oh, yes, life itself seems to be a mixed bag, or is everyone simply mixed up, or can everyone be correct in his own way then?

Do any two people actually see the same or grasp the same at all? Is there any reason why any two must or must not? And how do you know this?

Is the world topsy-turvy, or is it each individual who is, and what does it matter anyway?

Must anyone’s take on life be the same? Why must everyone see the same or tell the same story and what for? Upon what thread therein hangs the tale hang?

Is there any reason why what means the most to your brother has to mean the most to you as well? If you say yes, by why divine right would that be? Just because? Because you want it to be, and that’s that? Can it also be that no two people need to see alike? Cannot it also be acceptable that everyone sees as he sees? Can this also be what is meant when it is said that there is room for all at the Inn?

Who is it that says that all must agree? Tyrants perhaps? Dignitaries or the indignant? Who would put the same glasses on properly or take them off at the same stroke of noon?

Exactness does not have to be extracted in the same dose, does it? What does freedom mean, after all? Freedom must indeed allow variation. Freedom cannot include some and exclude others. By whose say so?

Nor must everything be en masse, nor must anything be appropriated and something else not, and, upon whose say-so or not?

I say live and let live, and let the bells ring. I do not say to dictate nor to be dictated to. Is not freedom more desirable than imprisonment? Who is free to disallow another’s freedom? Upon whose say-so then?

I like bananas and you like banahnahs
I say Havana and I get Havahnah
Bananas, banahnahs, Havana, Havahnah
Go your way, I’ll go mine
Ella Fitzgerald

Free to Give | Heavenletters


God said:

Beloved, sure, We can sit around and talk things over. For the most part, you and I, We get down to business, which, in this case, means love. We get right on with life. We don’t haggle. We don’t make deals. We don’t barter. We don’t owe each other. Of course, We just are, One to One.

We are up front and don’t make trades, as the world does indeed make deals. We, the One of Us, is inviolate.

You and I are good and wish to uphold Our tryst. In Heaven, there is no owing. One hand does not feed the other. We give from the Goodness of Our immaculate Hearts. There is no obligation to be reimbursed. We give and give because it is in Our Hearts to give without indenture. Beloved, Our contract is not bound in steel. It is bound in love. You and I are free to give all We – I – have to give. We do not enact a forfeit. We are Free Will. This is how We like it. We do not have legal contracts whereby there must be recompense. The idea of freedom carries great lightness. We give because it gives joy to give. By no means are we chained to any reimbursement.

You might see that because you save ten lives that your physical life must stay intact. Only from fear of lack can there be an imposed weight of obligation. Free exchange is how it is. We do not encourage debt. We are here to encourage freedom of Will and freedom from anything requiring servitude. Service is another thing altogether.

Beloved, the significance of a free Heart of Love is quite different from indebtedness. Oh, for the life of a sailor, free at sea.

There is no book of debt between Us. There is no setting up of accounts. No one owes. We proffer. Giving does not have a due date. We don’t do exchanges. There are no pay-offs. There are no debts to write off in the first place. What We give, We give from a willing heart. What We give, We give freely, or it is not giving.

We, as One, do not incur debt. We are not here in life to add up columns. We don’t dot the I’s nor cross the T’s. We do not wash the hand that feeds Us. We love.

That We trust doesn’t mean that We have to compensate or to be compensated. We simply do not look at the other side of the ledger. We are not about paying wages. We give and let go, or We do not give. It is not giving unless We let go.

We do not hedge our bets. We do not make conditions or enforce results. The result of giving is the giving.

We engage in freedom, and We engage freely. We don’t carry adding machines with Us. Why would We? There is no gain in insisting. There is gain in giving for the joy of it. This is what We do, and this is where the joy is. Happy is the heart that gives because therein a fruit may grow.

We do not give to be seen as wonderful. When what a heart most desires seems to be withheld from you, you tend to see this as unfair. We do not incur nor establish debts. There is no expenditure, and there is no repaying that which is freely given. Beloveds, We do not attend debtor court. Let’s shake hands on this. We are free from obligation. We love.

Summertime, and the Living is Easy | Heavenletters


God said:

Beloved, make the most of life, of your life, and the gifts you are to give freely on Earth. You are deserving to give all you are worth to Earth and to all those who live on Earth with you as One. Sport around and abound on Earth for the joy of it. Blaze a path of joy in life. You are here – not for yourself – but to serve well on Earth as My devoted helpmeet. Have no other Gods before Me. My Will, not thine.

You are to be a friend to all and nothing less. Greet to Heaven all who cohabit the world with you. Move over a little and make life on Earth comfortable for everyone at the party. There is a welcoming required for you to give to all. Move over gladly. It is in service to Me that you welcome all to your door. You are My emissary on Earth. You are the One I have sent to make all welcome. Special courtesy is yours to hand out to your heart’s delight – and to Mine.

Serve My Will. Specialness is for you to give, and that’s it. You are a giver of God’s Will. Pass out Good Will right and left. This is what I ask of you in all humbleness. Be happy to give. No longer do you require assuaging of your ego. What use have you for the specialness of ego any longer? None at all. In Truth, you never did. Previously, you may have thought you had some need of personal embellishment.

You have no such fantasy now. Now you are aware that what you really are to give on My behalf. You are here to be true to Me and pass out God’s Card and to give again and again. You understand now what fulfillment feels like. No longer do you kid yourself that you are one big mojo. By now, you have given up ideas of grandeur. No longer do you play with ego as if ego serves you when you know now that ego holds no greatness for you. You cover a far greater radius in the world than ego.

You’re not sure when or how this happened. You do know that your ego got flattened out. You got out of it somehow once and for all. You have bigger fish to fry. You have more in life than sporting and supporting anyone’s ego – least of all your own.

This didn’t actually come as a revelation. It comes more like the way a cup of tea brews on its own. It is like you lean back in a rocking chair on the back porch. No longer do you have to sit front row center. What an easing to your heart this is. What a good thing it is to not have to hoard ego and simply serve.

You no longer have to come first. You are in no hurry. You can walk. You don’t have to ride in a tasseled chariot. Wonder of wonders, not at all must you. What a relief to be just anyone. No longer is there a hullabaloo about your importance.

What can you be missing when all of life is yours for the asking? Of course, you don’t have to make the headlines. Easy does it. You don’t have to do cartwheels to be magnificent. You can lean back and not have to be magnificent. Gain the idea that life is magnificent without any folderol. It is easy to acknowledge now that you never did need a drum roll, and you are glad for simplicity without fanfare. This is living life, and the living is easy.


One of these mornings you’re gonna rise up singing.

And you’ll spread your wings and you’ll take to the sky.

Ella Fitzgerald

In God’s Image | Heavenletters


God said:

Beloved, you, who may protest changes in life that arrive when you did not personally ask for them, may not fully acknowledge all that you do request and all that you do receive fulsomely. You may accept this as a matter of course and forget about it and miss out on an opportunity to say: “Thank You, God.”

Every limb of yours, every answer in your life, and every person in your life – whether present for long or briefly passing by – is here for a meaningful purpose, an essential purpose, even as you may take their entrance in your life for granted or for annoyance.
Every single person in your life, past or future, is a special gift hand-picked for you. You are also hand picked for everyone who travels in and out of your life as well. You may not know the purpose, yet purpose there is. We can say I am the Purpose.

There is meaning beyond measure in everything in life. Everything. Every incident fulfills a purpose. There are no accidents and no coincidences. When all is said and done, there is meaning. There is a reference point. There is a gift.

This is enough to know. There is also nothing that you have to wrap up tight with a ribbon or string. You don’t have to define. You don’t have to prove or not prove. You don’t have to know or not know, for a fact. You don’t have to have every curl of life in place to your satisfaction. Just know that your life is fulfilling itself up to the rafters.

When others don’t always please you, offer to others something worthy of giving. You can mean to give more, and you can succeed.

Your path is not decreed to follow what seems to get in your way. This is a wonderful proposition of life that you don’t have to follow others’ small steps. You can strike out on your own. You don’t have to follow another’s steps – not at all. Fulfill your dreams.

Step further ahead and give more than your heart may feel was given to you. You have your own heart and soul, and I ask you to follow Me. I will lead you to still waters and to green pastures and to a mountain top from which you can climb to this high peak from which, with My compliments, you take a deep breath of air surpassing the known capacity of your lungs.

You can follow a new path of your own making. You can yet begin to know the extent of your Self that is yours to follow and to reveal, most especially, to yourself. You may well have had pulled the wool over your eyes, covering your True Image.

You are not exceeding yourself. You are reaching out your hand to yourself. You are greeting yourself along the way. You are waking up to the depth and height of your existence. You are waking up your sleeping Self. You are learning the outreaches of your Self, Who Art in Truth, My Self.

Happy day. The day has come.

It isn’t exactly that you have turned over a new leaf. Not at all. You just are finding the treasure and expanse within you, which, in Truth, have always been free within you. You are not a new you. You are your True Self you always carried around inside you, and, perhaps, kept hidden from yourself and from all those around you as well. Shake hands with your Self now. I introduce you to the Truth of You, which is the Truth of Me. We have been a long time knowing the Oneness of love.