What’s in a Name? | Heavenletters


God said:

Coincidences are what you see in front of you as unlikely bizarre occurrences. Coincidences carry a certain aura of unbelievability, yet such combinations do occur, and they occur frequently enough to be common even in their seeming impossibility. Well, you have heard that there are no limits, so why are you so surprised?

Some remarkability appears as rare and odd to you, for you do not expect the improbable. You see limits whereas Life sets none. This includes what you are thrilled with as well as what you are appalled at. Your view is your view, and it is you who puts your view in place. It is you who doesn’t hold conscious awareness to seeming coincidence.

You bought a certain size bag chock-full with sundry items for $5.00 at a yard sale, and the bag, as it turns out, contains either a cubic zircon or a rare diamond, all seemingly by chance. Which is for your shopping pleasure? You call yourself out of luck when your bag includes a zircon. You find yourself whoppingly lucky when it is a 2-carat diamond you come home with!

You have good fortune regardless. You simply have one experience, or you have another. Of course, it matters to you, yet, in the long term, what difference does it make?

There are many ways you can look at the feats in Life. It’s all in your mind, isn’t it? Something is as you say it is — it is like this or like that. You make appraisals often, one you favor and another you don’t. In this way, it can be said that you call the shots. You are the one who considers yourself an authority. What if you aren’t really? What if everything you vouch for is simply a label you paste on? You declare conclusions.

Inevitably, what does it matter when the tables are turned, and glass is called rare and diamonds common? If gold were seen as dross and tin held the rank of gold, you simply could say up-sa-daisy! Regardless of reasoning, is everything, after all, a matter of opinion? If everyone has his or her own opinion, who can declare the validity or fallacy of another’s opinion? Who has the right or might to judge, and what for?

In the world, votes generally come down to numbers. Is Life a matter of pecking order? Who has the right to say another is correct or incorrect? Your heart may say one thing and another’s heart something else, yet which of My Children insists on one way or the other. What is the difference between a squabble in first grade and a war in the adult world?

And so people line up, and choices are made, and someone wins, and someone else loses. The one who is called victorious — what has he won? Anything? Pride perhaps, yet what is pride but an empty promise? For a moment, he is prideful. His arm is raised for only a moment as winner. He will pass the winner’s cup on soon enough.

What is winning but another stamp of approval here today, I say, and gone tomorrow.

Even when Peace is won, what is the meaning? Forced surrender isn’t peace. Forced surrender isn’t so quiet. Forced surrender can be a brewing storm. Declaring Peace may not mean Peace, so what is the good of it? Does the world think that silenced uproar is the same as Peace? Peace has to be more than the absence of riot.

Only beautiful is beautiful. Declaring something beautiful is a declaration of beauty. You can declare righteousness or anything until you are blue in the face, yet what good is it?

You can declare fallacy true, yet fallacy remains fallacy.

No one needs to declare himself a Prince. Declaring doesn’t make it true.

I declare you a Prince. I speak Truth — yet when will you believe Me?


With Silver Spoons in Hand | Heavenletters


God said:

The reference to everything in the relative world being relative in its appearance cannot be overlooked. Relative means relative to everything else. This means that everything is compared to something else. This implies opposites and constant comparisons. Thinking in terms of opposites can be looked at as not so hotsy-totsy. Looking more deeply, it may be wiser to not compare and contrast so much. Life on Earth is not always made up of what someone else may be doing better or worse than someone else.

On a surface layer, We can honestly wonder about Suzy’s comparing her dress to Lily’s. Whether the comparison is up or down for one or the other, wherein lies the merit? Possibly, when Suzy and Lily are both dress designers, there can be a business reason to contrast and compare.

Let Us take another look at comparisons and contrasts, for from another direction there can be some merit in contrasts.

Let’s say in the land where you live, you have just had two weeks of rain and now the Sun comes out. Without having to speak of it or figure it out, you are brightened on this day. You smile up at the Sun. You take a deep breath. You are heartened. This is good news – the Sun Is Shining Once Again. What a good day! These are the circumferences you assign.

If you live where there is a lot of smog, and you visit the country, again you take a deep breath. Once again, you recognize the good fortune of fresh air.

Perhaps you haven’t been a good dancer. You’ve been too stiff. Then, one evening, you have a breakthrough, and you really find yourself dancing as you had dreamed of dancing. You spin in air!

On another day, your heart is broken. On another day, the heaviness you took on fades for a while, and, as with the Sun, the heaviness lifts, and your heart begins to hum a tune.

Perhaps your country is at odds with another country. Perhaps your own country is at odds with itself. Perhaps two countries have been war-torn, and now Peace has been declared. The country that loses the war may feel defeated while the one that wins is overjoyed. There are three matters here – winning, losing and the end of war.

There is the declaration of no more fighting! Think of it! Of course, both countries have won regardless. Peace has been declared. And so, there is at least a modicum of Peace. Let there be dancing in the streets! Let there be hugging and kissing and jumping and leaping and singing! Now there is absence of active war. The contrast is marked.

Because this is relative life, the Joy may settle down, and now you may see or question other battles to fight. Absence of war is no longer so Joyous until you spot a flower in bloom.

Ah, the little joys that can sprout like weeds.

Beloveds, even in war, there are still remnants of Joy and remembrances of Peace.

Of course, wherever you find yourself, you can find that which lifts your Heart. Lift it. Lift your heart and lift others’ hearts. Lift the world. This is an assignment I have ever given to you. I have given this assignment to everyone. Remind yourself of the Great Power that lies within you.

Your Great Power to spot Joy is ready to spring up from you for all the world to see. If not see, to feel, to embrace, to blossom along with. The Bells of Joy in Life’s Potency can rise from anywhere, and, therefore, everywhere, including bursting from you!

All is not lost. It is a scientific fact that no energy is lost. You know, of course, that I did not really clasp onto the details of Creation. When Creation began, you could compare me to a hungry diner who goes into a fine restaurant to put my order in and wait for it to appear.

“This is what I would like,” I say to the waiter in this seedling restaurant in which the whole world will be served, and, voila, you arise and all the confluence of the world perfectly created arises and is still here — this world born anew. Life may not always have been well-used, yet Life is still here in the world just the same, and it is still your Life to play in and to love playing in wherever you may be and with whomever you happen to be, including with Me as We sit down at the Table of Life with silver spoons in hand.

Let’s Turn the World Upside Down | Heavenletters


God said:

Hello, Beloveds, how are you today? Actually, let Me tell you how and Who you are. Let’s have a new take on you and all this that you call Life.

You may have been thinking that Life is worrisome. Surely, you have thought to one depth or another that there really is something the matter with you, or, you are soon to be in some kind of trouble or turmoil, that it is inevitable that you will be undone sooner or later. How about getting out of the whole concept of trouble and so erase fear and fatigue from the whole of Earth?

As it is, there are costs My Children apply to living Life on Earth. You may think you are to pay up all the presumed costs of living. One is financial and your tribute to the idea that costs will always be going up. Let’s remove this idea from the face of the Earth. Let’s better suggest Blue Skies and Sunshine and radiate them.

What if My Children have the idea that, if everything is going to go up in smoke, everything is going to come up roses! Oh, yes, please rise to this thought, and the whole world will change before your eyes. This isn’t pie in the sky, Beloveds. This is Celebration. What a Celebration every day will be! About time, wouldn’t you say?

What if you had the idea that you never had to replenish anything? And the idea that you never had to be repaid for anything, that no one has to even say thank you to you? Rather, uphold the idea that everything is A-OK — just the way it is!

What if you let go of the idea that you are to be the fixer of the world? Cast yourself in a different role that you are here for one reason, and that is to enjoy the world and to bless Joy to the World and bless Joy to everyone in the world. Never mind so much what others have to do and be.

Consider yourself a Great Artist in Life on Earth and everyone else as a Great Artist in Life as well. No one pretends. No one pretends there is loss, and there is no urgent need to finish a Painting of Life to a preconceived idea.

Turn the world upside-down indeed. This isn’t a big deal. Do you recall pineapple-upside down cake? Enjoy. Yes, let’s turn the world topsy-turvy. Turn the world upsa-daisy. Be sprightly. Be all you want to be. This is not a performance. This is a revelation. Reveal Truth as I do from the Sunny Side of the Street.

Truth is Beauty. Oh, yes, you may have thought that Truth was a Trick of the Mind. Immerse yourself in Revelation. Revelation is when the Sun comes out. The Truth is that the Sun never dims. The Sun ever shines brightly. You may have been looking from a different angle.

Remove from your mind the thought of any concept such as unhappy Truth. Truth is Light, and Light is Beautiful. Un-dwell your mind from gossip about the world. Let’s shake hands on this.

Get it through your head that you are here for Love, for the Love of Everything. To be a Knower of Truth is to be a Knower of Love and Joy. Jump for Joy!

Enter into the world with joie de vivre and no more unending discussion. Enough moaning and groaning and pursing your lips about the state of the world.

Beloveds, enlighten the world. Enlighten the world simply. All you have to do is to herald the world. Make room for the world in your Heart. In your Heart is where the world exists anyway.

Make Your Stories Be True | Heavenletters


God said:

You are more than a Greeting card I give to Myself. You are a Gift I give to Myself. As you have heard along the way, you are a Grand Gift I make, and you are also a Grand Gift I receive as well. Regardless of any outer expression and appearance, you are My Treasure. Make no mistake. I am not a fool. Where does My Heart travel to? Where does My Heart come from, and of what is My Heart made?

Even as you may mistake yourself, all the same, you are My Treasure. You don’t have an obligation to be a buried Treasure. Whether you are stuck in mud or not, you are My Treasure. You are My Treasured Self. You might say you are My Counterpart. The True deal is: What I am, so are you.

Make this known to yourself without delay. What I am, so are you. Know this deep in your Heart.

You tell yourself Stories. There are other Stories you can tell yourself and act on. Life in the world is a Story any way you slice it. Look, Stories are made up.

Look, tell yourself a Story you never told yourself before, and make it come True.

Tell yourself the Truth. You don’t have to caterwaul. You don’t have to exalt yourself either. You exist as much as anyone else. Whatever condition you may see yourself in, you can accept yourself as My Beloved. You are My Beloved. Extend yourself to Me. You know very well that I wish to bring you close to Me. You also know that I also extend Higher than the world. I am naturally Higher than the appearance of the world.

Remember how it is said that when a Stranger knocks at your door, invite the stranger in, for he may be a blessing to you. You never know Who it is knocking on your door. It can be Christ at your door in whatever guise Christ may be wearing.

The same is true for Me. Assuredly, I am at your door, for you and I and Christ and Buddha and Allah and every Great One, by whatever Name, in whatever pose, We are One and the Same if only you had the eyes to see. There are no exceptions.

Knock on My door, and I will welcome you. No matter how you are dressed, it is you who do not know Who You Are. You have no idea. You most are most definitely Soul. You may well surprise yourself as Christ. Hey, you could be Christ in wolf’s clothing.

One day, everyone will recognize himself or herself as Truth. Give yourself a break. Unto Me, a Prince was born. Be it then. Be a Prince. Now give birth to your True Self with the Honor due you.

I created you, this is for certain. I created you in My Image. Now, you can also put your conception of yourself together in My Image. You can be anything you want. You don’t have to follow the crowd, for, following the world, is following the crowd. You don’t have to. Nor are you obliged to follow your supposed past. At whose pleasure do you want to be? the world’s pleasure or Mine?

The thing is that you can have both. Taking Joy in the world isn’t the same as following it. You can take pleasure in the world without imitating it.

You make choices every day. Hark unto yourself, and hark unto Me. Be your own Coat of Many Colors. Be the arrangement you choose to be. Be new in your own eyes. Make more of yourself than you may have made of yourself before. Be the Truth of Me. The world gets by. The world passes for the world.

Hear Me! Getting by is not enough for you.

Life as It Seems to Be | Heavenletters


God said:

It can be said that you get in the way of yourself.

If you did not gravitate to interference, I am thinking you would zoom along in Life. Of course, you do not have to zoom along. That you have to zoom is a contrasting idea you have like so many other contrasting ideas. Opposing ideas seem to start and halt your ideas.

Many of these particular ideas are called doubts. The world is full of them. Doubts are yours for the asking.

You have doubts because you hold fears to you. One of your monumental fears is fear of failing! The joker is that you cannot fail! How can you fail at Life when it is your Life to Live?

You are the author of your Life. I created you, indeed, and I also gave you free-standing Free Will, undeniably yours.

No one fails at Life. The common concept is, of course, that Life has to be fail-safe, as if your Life has to be one way, and, of course, one perfect way. Who is it in the world that says what is right for you or not right for you anyway? Is it they, them, others? Who?

How can you or anyone be so sure that you are not already perfectly right as you are, with or without stumbling blocks? How would you know that it is not perfect for you to be dyslexic or a stutterer or whatever else you may hold yourself accountable for?

You blame yourself in the world inasmuch as you believe someone else knows better than you. You may even believe that everyone else in the world knows better than you! There tends to be at least one counterpart who is always certain that he knows better than you, and you know less, and so you lose faith in your own inborn nature.

You might desire to change aspects in your Life — or to change everything — and you find your hands tied. Of course, you would have meant to please your parents and your teachers and your brothers and sisters and this neighbor or that, yet it’s unlikely that you succeed in this anyway.

What would such a Life be anyway had you left you, yourself, out of sorts and out of the equation? It has happened.

I desire that all My Children had been loved more — had, at the very least — felt more loved.

There are parenting rules laid down in the world. Rules may change and then change back and change again. Certain styles are in favor one year and out of favor the next.

Fortunately, I do not set down all the rules that have been ascribed to Me. My rules are few. Love is good advice — Great Advice — and I will shout it from the rafters. I will also shout out again and again to my beloved frayed children:

“Love! And Love more, and, Dear Ones, don’t worry so much. Perhaps peace is simply letting go of worries.”

Certainly, I favor Peace. Everyone knows this. Yet I also give you Free Will and never do I take it away from you. I give Free Will to everyone.

Basically, this means:

Smoke the Peace Pipe — or even raise your tomahawk, if you must, if you really must.

Give — or take.

Smile, or, if you prefer, frown.

Everyone wants to breathe on his own. At the same time, everyone has a clue as to what, from a bigger picture, I, God, find meaningful.

There seems to be a recurrent desire that the Earth be cleared and started all over!

Yes, there are different drummers who hear different tunes.

Just think, you strive to be perfect.

How do you know that your Life is not perfect just as it is? How do you know that the often accepted right way is perfect for you or not? Who is it who establishes what is right for you? Who is it who knows for certain what is the right way for another anyway, dear ones?

Helping Your Neighbor | Heavenletters


God said:

Beloveds, come close to Me. Set yourself apart from some things but not from Me, oh, no, dear ones, no, no, no, not from Me. Stay with Me, close to Me.

Set yourself aside from being consumed from past choices you may have made. Do not continue to hold decisions you have made and regret against you. Must you take your choices in the world so to heart? Don’t wrap regret around yourself.

Help others. Help others a lot, yet not harrow yourself unduly in the process.

When you conceive of many dangers, it is easy to run away from daring to help your neighbor. In the world, as you know it, there are many occasions for danger. It becomes easy to emblazon yourself with the ideal of serving you and yours before others as a fact of Life. It is easy to think this. It is easy indeed.

Often this way of thinking can be a way out for you, for you to see yourself as duty-bound in every instance to stand up for yourself: “Obviously, my family has to come first before all. This goes without saying.”

Nevertheless, great heroes in the world have chosen the Highest. Yes, it can be wise to take risks on behalf of others. I don’t see selfishness as a virtue. With all this being said, there are those of you, My Children, who just can’t go as far as you — and I –might wish you would. In the process, if you make a wreck of yourself, you serve no one. That is the kicker.

Oh, there is such a fine line. When you are beyond your endurance with your own difficulties and unable to cope with others’ difficulties as well, well, you simply may be unable to. You just can’t make yourself, no matter what, go beyond your endurance. This is the way it sometimes is when you do not have the constitution to lift 200 pounds. The task is simply beyond you now.

If, in striving to be a hero, you become hysterical and overtaken with fear beyond your reckoning, to whom are you going to be of help anyway?

On the other hand, there can be times when you are stronger than you imagine, times when you may surprise yourself as to what you are truly capable of and find yourself sailing with flying colors.

Bear in mind, dear ones, that you don’t have to prove anything to anyone or yourself. You are not here on Earth to prove matters to yourself. You don’t have to take dares. Others also may not have known until this moment what decisions they could make freely on their own. They once may have been unable to. Who yet can make choices that they are, so far, are unable to make?

Those whom you see as sacrificing are doing what happens to rise within them to do — or, it could be said, a choice arose and chose them.

No one is obliged to live with guilt over the past. Guilt of the past — you must let go of it.

Don’t accrue guilt and punish yourself. Surely, guilt is not the purpose of your Life on Earth. Guilt is not a purpose I would unleash on you or anyone, for you all, each one of you, are My Beloveds. Let this heaviness of guilt go for because of what you in the past could not muster. Let go of guilt. Forgive yourself. Move out from the past when the past harbors guilt. You must.

You, Yes, You, Are God’s Glory | Heavenletters


God said:

Beautiful Children of Mine, at the Heart of you, am I. Do not think that I glorify Myself, nor do I glorify you. You ARE My Glory. You ARE the Glory of God. This is how it is, plain and simple. This is Truth. This isn’t illusion or fanfare. This is not an attempt at cheer or encouragement. I am not spoofing you. You just can’t quite take in what I say, and so you scoff as though I make a joke out of you, limited as you may be in your trust in Me.

Granted that you are imperfect in your day-to-day enterprise, you are convinced that you are the ignorant. You have no doubt. Of course, this platform you come from is absolute folly. You just about respond with: “HA-HA.” You have not only convinced yourself of your ignorance, you prove true to it.

You would rather proclaim yourself outside Heaven’s doors than to bluff your way or take a chance that you can be more than you are generally thought to be. How you don’t want to fall flat on your face. You would rather not presume at all than to proclaim fabrication. You can lie about a lot of things, yet you feel preposterous to lie about your Identity so boldly on this Earth.

Honestly, you are not going to kid yourself and be caught out.

You might like to theorize that you would like a promotion at work and become the CEO, yet you simply don’t have the bluster to carry it off. You could fantasize that there is nothing you are afraid to tackle. You may play with the possibility only in terms of ego. You are perhaps more afraid of being ridiculous than of even the possibility of rising to Godhood even as you would wish to. You can only laugh hardee ha ha at the absurdity of your being more than you believe.

While you hardly dare contemplate the frivolity of this that I maintain — that you are Myself — you are certain you are incapable of any such thing. You are sure this is an absurdity. You think I must be out of My Mind to say such a thing.

Yet, even so, there are the reserved moments when you have a vague wondering at why I would exclaim this unless it were true. For what reason would God state this? There are miracles in the world you can readily accept, yet, not this one. You don’t want to fall flat on your face.

There are brief moments when you might like to believe that you have Vast Ability, yet you shake your head. No matter how many times you protest your inability, a slight thread of doubt runs through your doubt, barely an imagined glimpse of doubt, the possibility surely too much to hope for.

In any case, it is a moot point to you, for you see yourself blundering day after day.

Once in a blue moon, you might hear a refrain that perhaps you are more gifted than you know, that somehow the rare possibility exists within you that you are greater than you think and greater than anyone thinks except for Me.

When someone in ordinary day to day life asks you how you are, you may say, “Great,” and not mean it at all. You may feel low or even slatternly.

Dear Ones, reconnoiter. In a corner of your mind, retain the flash of an idea that you are what I say, that there is more to you than meets the eye, that I am clear and know Who you are, and you are not a little pipsqueak but a Great Being hidden from sight Who will walk out into the Bright Sun and declare the Reality of All-Knowingness with Humility and without Ego, and you will know this is the Truth..

There Is Something Good Here | Heavenletters


God said:

Everything changes, and yet nothing changes. Oh, yes, momentarily, every moment Life and change proceed. There is constant change that changes nothing. There are the seasons. The seasons do their thing, yet, inevitably, another season pops up, and here you are again.

Leaves on trees change all over the place. A leaf buds and grows green. A flower blossoms. The leaves change color. The leaves are covered with snow. The leaves are dormant. The leaves start all over again. These are no surprises, and yet there are anticipations.

Changing colors and budding of flowers take your breath away. You have an idea of the miracle you are witnessing. It has happened a thousand times, and it will happen another thousand times and more. Nature is battened down, and Nature is freed. You can only look on in awe at a glance of Infinity in your observation and in your Heart, your Infinite Heart thrown out to the world as it may.

Change — here today, and change — gone tomorrow. Change seems to be unchanging. What is new under the Sun is unchanging change which comes out as no change at all even as it happens again and again.

Even as Nature is repetitive, Nature is ever new. Life will not be cold-shouldered. There is something good here even as Life on Earth is the same again and again and yet ever new as it blossoms and as Life folds its tents or spruces itself up.

The world makes you gasp in Joy. This is just right. Your heart bursts, and every moment penetrates your heart with enchantment and a certain disarray.

Life sometimes seems to be like a man’s shirt electrically folded and unfolded again and again by virtue of a speedy contraption. The shirt of Life perks up as it is spread out before your very eyes, patted neatly, and then done and undone again and again, as if there were nothing more important than the folding and unfolding, the doing and undoing of spontaneous folds in this simple man’s shirt, done and undone to the Beat of Your Heart. You could call this ceremony a Rhapsody or a dirge depending.

What is this Life anyway that bobs along to your Heart’s content or to your Heart’s dismay?

How did you and Life seem to get here, and what on Earth are you doing with Life when you may be dunning it or it may be dunning you? What is this seeming tax agency, this avenger who chases you day in and day out, causing you to run in terror, so it seems, or perhaps leaving you alone now and then only to pounce on you later when you may have thought you were done? What are you suspected of when you have no idea of who and what you are as you run over the Earth having no idea what is really going on.

You dreamed otherwise. You have dreamed dreams. Sometimes your dreams came true, and sometimes they have been snatched away from you by and by.

Through all your Life, through all of Life’s ravages and its surprises, We can say you have gotten away with Life. Not only that, you wouldn’t have missed the Story of Your Life for anything, not in a million years. Not in a million years would you have undone the spell cast on you. You would grab Life by the hand again, and you would call out in your loudest voice:

“Life, come and get me again. We will sail over the Bounty Main. We will be fast friends, and we will all treasures find and Life’s Meaning and know that Life is like the world You made, God! We will look at Life and say with a round of applause: ‘It is good. It is filled with Joy Overflowing! Thank You, God.’”

The Electrical Sparks Called Thoughts | Heavenletters


God said:

What is disturbance but a thought? What is Joy but a thought?

Every day My Children set out on a Journey of Thoughts. It is as though the sentiments of thoughts take you on a journey near and far, as though your own thoughts may kidnap you.

You abscond with your thoughts. You run off with your ragtail thoughts. Of all the thoughts you can run off with, these are the ones you take with you, as if you have no choice, as if you are not a Free Being, as if you are a captive of your thoughts, as if you are railroaded by them. Yes, indeed, you are taken by your thoughts, or you run off with them. You run off with your chosen thought pals, or they take off with you. You’re not sure how it works.

Sometimes your thoughts rally you, and sometimes your thoughts invade you. Sometimes you are ravaged by your thoughts, as if they have all say over you, and you have no say over them.

And, yet, whose thoughts are yours except yours, even when you feel that your thoughts carry you in tow, that you are indentured to them, as if they take you captive and you have no choice at all.

Are your thoughts, even your deepest thoughts, vagabonds? Your thoughts race through your mind, and will not let you be. Some you cannot forget. Are your thoughts your consciousness? You have wondered. Are your thoughts the sum total of you? This thought may make you tremble.

Where do these so-called thoughts of yours come from? They slip in and attach to you, and, yet, your thoughts can change at any time. They do, or they don’t.

What is the reason for all your thoughts, some of which seem like paying a debt, occasionally a few like rewards.

If only you do really have a choice of thoughts and are able to bring some to your rescue.

You have even thought that you do not think at all. Sometimes I daresay I think you think too much.

You would love to be at peace, yet, how can you be at peace with so many thoughts running around in your head and heart?

Are thoughts lessons you are never to forget? Are they apportioned to you or mis-apportioned? Are the thoughts that crowd your mind haphazard lessons, perhaps, not your thoughts at all, or possibly someone else’s messages that got flagged onto your Heart.

Sometimes you would like to trade your old thoughts in for new, yet you are cautious about checking out your old thoughts and capturing new ones.

You would love to be wise and reverent, yet, too often, you feel ravaged by thoughts that wrangle you and won’t leave you alone.

What happens to your old wrinkled thoughts when you hop off from Life in the world and hitch a different train?

What about all you truly learned, math and history and such and telephone numbers and addresses and songs, oh, all the songs you have learned and cannot forget, and, oh, all the stories and all the joys and, yes, all the heartaches! Where do the Joys of Yesteryear go! Were they ever really somewhere?

And who are you really, or were you ever really anyone in Truth?

What if you never did exist and only imagined you were? Was this whole vivid and unknown Life just a play on thoughts anyway? What is the long of it, and what is the short of it? You wonder if you will ever know and what difference it may make when you do or you don’t.

What can anything mean anyway? You don’t really know that something transpired, and yet you hope it did and that it was meaningful. Perhaps you would never have wanted it otherwise than it appeared to be. Perhaps you would never have gone through all of this. You can’t even imagine what it was or could be or that you could know that anything was for whatever it was.

The Sun rises, and the Sun sets.

Gold Mines Exist | Heavenletters


God said:

I, God, hear what you might call your thoughts. You seem to think them. I hear you forage for Me. I hear you say:

“Beloved God, I personally have been absent from You. I go my own way under the umbrella of time, God. Am I too busy for You? Hah!

“I have also felt that sometimes You would like me to be more Self-Reliant, less personal, sort of less reliant on You, more independent of You, something like that. Are You wanting me to come of age? Well, God, are You?”

Well, dear One, dear Godling, you are everything to Me. Yes, I want to nestle closely with you, and I want you to be your own Sun in the world. I’m not across from you at the table. We are reciprocal. We sail the Seas together. We are never apart. We do converse. There is no in between Us. It isn’t exactly that you dance solo from Me in the first place.

You feel Me now, don’t you? You feel Me surging through your blood stream, don’t you? I am, in one sense, the only vitamin there is for you to take. Take several doses of Me a day.

Now I see you smile at Me and I hear you say:

“Yes, God, I feel You. I feel Your embrace, and You take me above the world far into what seems like oblivion, a Land of Love where Love is not really noticed, yet there is nothing else but Love and no need for it to be separated and noticed.

“I also feel You, God, as down to Earth. I feel Your hand massaging my heart. Your hand goes in gently. You smooth my Heart. Steadily You squeeze and release. How I love to feel Your Presence, God, your Ever-Present Presence.

“Sometimes it feels to me that We, you and I, God, are Native Americans sitting before a fire with Our One Heart beating like drums. We are simple musicians who exchange the Peace Pipe. We are such simpleness and purity that there is only You, so that it seems as if I sit down by my Self in revelry, as if I don’t even breathe, that there are no breaths to take or any movement to make or anything at all but You, God. You, God, fill the Universe and my Heart, and my Heart beats in You, God, in Richness and Oneness.

“God, is this True? Are You True, am I True, True in Oneness? Is this what Oneness is even as I cannot put my finger on it? It must be that Oneness is nothing to delve into, that I do not exist really, that there is just Existence and nothing more to be said.

“I do not exist as a person and never did. I do not exist as a part of a civilized sophisticated culture nor do You, God. You don’t drive a car or pilot an airplane or sit at a computer. You are Simplicity and Innocence Your Self, God. You are so simple resting in Infinity. You are a far cry from complexity.

“You sear my heart as an Elemental Oneness that never interrupts, nor are You interrupted. There are no segments of You. There is You. There is only simply You.

“You are not an Attribute. You are simply God. All You do is exist. I do not even exist in You yet I AM You even as no one would believe this, no one on Earth, that is, would believe this, even as there is nothing else worth believing in, which is the same as to say I too exist so simply that I do not exist at all but am rather Pure Existence, and, somehow, marvelously, so is everyone else.

“Am I in Your Embrace? Or am I simply Your Embrace? How can it be that I am simply You, and there is nothing but You that exists and who would want anything else, who would yearn for anything more when You are the Height of Existence? There is no vacancy, not on Your Life, or, anyway, if Life on Earth does actually exist.

“Does a gold mine exist before it is mined?”