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God said:

Everyone has a unique story. Born into the same family, both parents the same, no two children are alike. For all you can tell, the children could have come together from the ends of Earth, yet somehow they find themselves living their childhoods together. As you may see it, it is a puzzle that children so disparate could have ever somehow come to live together. It seems impossible, and it also seems destined.

Had the children been assembled in an orphanage together, the chooser’s eyes closed, could they have turned out so unmatched as they were? Yet there is family, and desire for family and desire to belong and perhaps desire not to belong as well.

Everyone is unique. You are unique. Wherever you were born, no matter the circumstances, you are you and, often, you are a surprise to yourself.

There is a song called Getting to Know You.

Gettin’ to know you,
Gettin’ to know all about you.
Gettin’ to like you,
Gettin’ to hope you like me.

Your Life on Earth is a remarkable opportunity to form a relationship with yourself. Bouncing off of other people is one way you find out who you are.

Yes, in the world, you are getting to know this personality you are this lifetime. At the same time, you are also discovering the underlying Truth of You.

You are all One in the relative world regardless of individuality. Oneness is the Reality in the midst of individuality. No matter what you look like, what family you were born to, in terms of personality on Earth, there is no other just like you. You are incomparable, yet in Oneness, all are United with All, and you are Oneness.

Appreciate Oneness, and appreciate Uniqueness. The twain shall meet.

Oneness, in terms of the world, does not mean you have to assume the characteristics of everyone else or anyone else. You don’t have to try. What a relief to be yourself and not have to play a different role and be away from yourself.

Everyone’s story in the world begins with Once upon a time. Regardless, Once upon a time is how stories on Earth begin.

Your story on a higher and deeper level has nothing to do with time, for you have always been, and time has nothing to do with you, for you are timeless, and timeless means Eternal. Eternal is not long-lasting. In terms of Eternal, there is no counting. Long or short do not have anything to do with Eternal.

You are not a deck of cards laid out here and there every now and then. You belong to the Lineage of God. You are My Radiance. You are My Being on Earth. We, the noted you and I, are so full of dimensions that We are out of the Realm of Dimension. We soar beyond dimension, or you can say that We never run out of dimensions, for We go deep. We are endless. We are Eternal. We are Eternity and Infinity rolled up in One.

I had a thought, and My thought became an idea, and you have chased My Love, even as Love goes far beyond the concept of idea.

Even on the level of Once upon a time, even in costume, even through illusion, you are still Oneness, only you have been Oneness without the realization that you are. You are still seeking the Oneness that you are and always were.

Circumstances have been major to you, yet circumstances are not relevant to Who You Are. What do circumstances have to do with Oneness?

You may still be playing Hide Go Seek with yourself in the world. In fact, you most certainly are.


God never judges you but only and always loves you infinitely.

Jesus through John

Jesus Audio Blog for Tuesday March 14th

This is a pivotal moment in human history.  Enormous changes are underway as your attitudes and beliefs go through extensive cleansing, releasing, reinterpreting, and renewing in preparation for your imminent awakening.  It is imminent, and the chaos and conflict that fills your news channels is a very clear indication of this.  There are many open hearted and loving people doing great work all across the planet to help the majority deal with all the core issues that are arising within them, seemingly unbidden.  Nothing happens to anyone without their agreement and permission.  On Earth that often does not appear to be the case, but that is only because your awareness of your true nature is so deeply buried that you cannot access the knowledge or memory of what you incarnated to do.  It is very confusing for you as you go through your…

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A State of Consciousness Called Heaven | Heavenletters


God said:

When you read a Heavenletter silently or out loud, when you hear a Heavenletter read out loud, you are in the Doorway to Heaven. Enter. All you have to do is to enter where all are welcome. All are restituted here in Heaven, in Heaven with Me. There is nothing mundane about Heaven.

Heaven is out of this world, the world that seems so real to you, yet isn’t, while Heaven, which may seem so far away, is Real. Heaven is the Real Goods. Isn’t Life amazing?

Heaven is Now. You imagine all this Life in the World. Life in the World is unforgettable. It is so much with you. You put your attention on Life in the World. What a novel it is. What an adventure. It is an ongoing adventure story, page after page, each page different. Your Life on Earth is a page-turner. Who can wait to find out what is next?

And you never know when you are turning the last page of this Fantastic Voyage.

Of course, you continue in Heaven which is quite a different kind of book. Heaven is not fiction, not at all. Even as Earth consumes you, Heaven is of great interest.

On Earth, or in Heaven, I am your Sponsor. Of course, you are never without Heaven. If it were not for the cooperative Presence of Heaven, you would not exist. Despite what you perceive, you are never without your whereabouts in Heaven. Heaven is the main factor in your life on Earth. There are no two ways about this.

Of course, in Heaven there is not here and there. Heaven is Heaven succinct. You are One with Heaven as you are One with Me. Oneness stars.

When you know Who you are and Where you are, all agonizing will stop. In Truth, agonizing doesn’t exist. You know agonizing well, yet agonizing is not the Truth of you, not at all. No matter how you may convince yourself otherwise, you are nowhere but here with Me in a State of Consciousness called Heaven.

No matter how much you may see yourself on Earth, none of what you see is true, for you are in Heaven with Me. Herein is the Reality. How blessed you are to be in Heaven and to peek in on the world. Your True Home is in Heaven. Life on Earth is a story you read. You are fascinated with Earth. You discover something new every day, and none of Earth Life is actual, except for Love, of course.

The Door of Heaven is always open. Infinite is Heaven. Infinite are you.

Earth Life is a bag of tricks. It’s got you fooled. On Earth, you are but a character in a book. As an individual, you, and everyone else, are real-seeming. Real-seeming is not true. All wear a cloak on Earth. On Earth, you hardly know yourself let alone your Self.

In the world, you locate yourself on the fringes. In the world, you are, more or less, fiction. That you are evident on Earth is not the Truth of You by a long shot. Of course, you keep turning the pages of Life on Earth. You are an avid reader. What you read is so interesting to you. Despite your intellect, you have forever, not forever and a day, but forever. Forever isn’t long at all. It cannot be added to nor subtracted from. There is no true division nor true multiplication when the Truth is that you and I are One. We are One indivisible. We are One. Two-ness does not exist except in your fantasy. Yes, how you do fantasize. You go on and on with this fantasy you partake of. You twirl and whirl like a ballet dancer on Earth.


Arcturian Group Message February 26, 2017 | Marilyn Raffaele @


FEBRUARY 26, 2017
Dear readers, we meet with you in love during these times of so much seeming turmoil. Be not afraid, as all is as it needs to be for the evolution and growth of the majority. It is a time of confusion even for you who are awake, leaving many of you to question whether or not there really is an ascension process happening.
You are witnessing the baby steps of awakening for those who have up to now accepted as truth everything they were told by governments, churches, and so called experts. Inner eyes are starting to open and with it, tiny buds of awareness are beginning to unfold. Many are suddenly realizing that much of what they have accepted without question has not been for the good of the majority, but has been instead for the good of a few.
Observe the many beginning to stand up for themselves and demand answers. The Light is beginning to shine on those comfortably hidden within self serving agendas and they have no answers–the emperor (world illusion) is finally being recognized as having no clothes.
Accustomed to blind obedience, many in positions of power are not prepared for questioning nor do they feel any obligation to answer. Obedience without question is facet of old energy that is quickly dissolving in the presence of the higher frequencies of Light now bringing the truth of individual empowerment to world consciousness.
As the majority begins to recognize and claim their innate power it is creating great fear in those comfortable and profiting from the status quo. This in turn is causing them to respond with what they know, tools of the three dimensional belief system– repression, violence, and punishment.
The reclaiming of innate power is one of the first and most powerful steps of the evolutionary journey, but many as of yet do not fully understand what it is that they are beginning to feel. Since individuals can only express their current state of consciousness, you are witnessing a surge of actions that reflect concepts of resolution, some peaceful and some not.
Be not afraid dear ones, for all is as it needs to be for now. As we have said before, this does not mean that awake individuals cannot take a stand as long as actions are done with the intention of service, giving example, and unconditional love for the purpose of helping to awaken others to higher methods of resolution.
We wish to speak about love in action, love that is not simply emotion or awareness, but love expressed outwardly through words spoken or actions taken. As with all actions, intention sets the energy on which the activity flows. When unconditional love is the intention behind an action, it will always carry a high resonance regardless of how mundane it may appear to others.
There are times when stern words or actions are the only way some group or an individual can comprehend that their words or actions are not acceptable or that what they are doing is interfering with another’s freedom or good. Parents do this all the time when they discipline their children.
Sadly, not all stern action is based in unconditional love. Frequently the discipline of children, prisoners, church members, or anyone under another’s authority is not done for the good of the one being disciplined as they tell themselves, but is instead an excuse to indulge in the self-serving misuse of power.
The misuse of power is a tool used by those who unconsciously carrying energies of inadequacy and low self esteem. Exercising power over another without love, provides these dear ones with a false sense of having the strength and power all seek but which can only be found within.
Love in action means taking the time to ask yourself; “Why am I taking this action? Is it to punish or to inform? Is it to dominate, or to teach? Or is it simply because I am now choosing to express love in all my actions?”
Having experienced many lifetimes on earth, the mind and reflexes of many are still programmed until cleared, to act from fear, judgement, and criticism in unfamiliar situations. These reactions are either old energies still active in cellular memory or learned concepts from this lifetime regarding 3D rules of how everything must be in order to be right.
The gradual and ongoing evolution of mankind is easily recognized by observing how the “rules” of one generation seem old and silly to the next and then completely change. So much unnecessary suffering has taken place in the past and still does today simply because of “rules” imposed upon the un-empowered by someone in “authority” be it politicians, church leaders, parents, or adult children.
When you react negatively to some person place or event, pause and take time to ask yourselves what the reaction was about. “What am I believing that is making me feel this way? Is it true?” Negative reactions are your teachers and blessings, serving as tools to help you discover what you may still hold in your belief system, allowing you to then release and clear whatever you find.
This is a most powerful time on earth. High frequency energies of Light are streaming in and available to all. These energies affect everyone, allowing them to easily recognize everything that does not resonate with universal love. Universal consciousness is in the painful throes of birthing individual empowerment. It is being born now, today, in the world around you.
Unconditional love must be brought in to every action, no matter how seemingly mundane. Holding the door for someone while silently acknowledging that they are a divine being makes you a Lightworker and allows this simple act to carry a spiritual frequency. The same act of holding a door for someone when done from a sense of duty or concepts of separation, does not flow with the same energy but will appear the same.
Actions of service done with no awareness of oneness (unconditional love) are a very important phase of the journey because they are the first steps toward attaining of a consciousness of oneness. All actions of service are in reality, love even if the person acting is far from realizing it.
Every individual is required only to live out from their highest attained state of consciousness. If a person chooses to live from a lower state of consciousness than he has attained (pretending, in order to please another), he will experience guilt and unease because he is out of sync with his inner self/SELF.
Intention- intention- intention–dear ones. In the beginning you must stay aware of the intentions behind every word and action, but there soon comes a time when this conscious effort is no longer needed because your practice has become your attained state of consciousness allowing all actions to automatically flow on streams of unconditional love.
Attaining a consciousness of the oneness of all within the ONE is the goal of the spiritual journey. Many of you are already there, and have found that you rarely react to things as you once did. You have become the way-showers and the time for way showing is very close as many rapidly become ready to be shown.
The rites and rituals of organized religions are simply tools–some effective and some not, usually created by well intentioned humans, not God, for the purpose of informing others about truth (their concept of it). Every soul reaches the point at which there is no longer any benefit to continuing organized religious practices because there has come the realization that the only real church is within. This is not to say that church activities can never again be enjoyed or shared with friends, but the belief that they are necessary is no longer there.
All organized religions begin with messages of truth received and taught by an individual who has attained a highly evolved state of consciousness. However, within a generation or two the purity of the original messages is always lost and begins to fill with falsehoods.
This happens when the purity of the original teachings are interpreted and then taught by those of a much less evolved state of consciousness. These teachers, ministers, authority figures may mean well, but because of their inability to grasp the real meanings of the deeper truths as taught by the original teacher, they teach concepts, not truth.
There are still those who need the guidance and structure of organized religion to help them learn how to behave, but every soul reaches a point where teachings presented to them by others feel old and finished–trust that feeling. Truth lies quietly within, awaiting the recognition of every person, for where else could Truth be, you being what you are–the One Divine Consciousness, all there is.
At a certain point every person must stop seeking outside of self for truth. “Truth” as taught by others can never rise higher than the attained state of consciousness of the teacher who is often well intentioned, but is still holds many third dimensional beliefs.
A true spiritual teacher always guides and teaches the student to seek within, the only place truth can be found. This is the purpose of meditation, nature, and silence–practices that quiet the mind so that the still small voice within can be heard.
The evolutionary journey is simply the process of remembering who and what you already are through experiences of separation. Every bit of realization attained must then be lived and expressed much like the fruit that seems to appear out of no where on fruit trees. If the fruit is not picked, it remains unexpressed and rots.
Allow the fruits of your awareness to abundantly flow without fear into every situation carried on streams of unconditional love.
We are the Arcturian Group

The way Home is through quiet time spent at the holy altar within yourselves.

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  Saul Audio Blog for Saturday February 25th

The changes now occurring on Earth are amazing, and they are due to people like you – those reading and listening to blogs like this – intending every day as you awaken to be loving and accepting in every interaction, in every situation, and releasing all judgmental thoughts without engaging with them.

As you are being consistently reminded: There is ONLY Love!  And you, the Light bearers, Light workers, Starseeds, and those of you who have seemingly only recently embarked on your spiritual paths, have now realized that and are constantly doing your utmost to live that divine Truth.  Of course, you have all been on your spiritual paths since you incarnated for your present human life, it’s just that some of you are only just becoming aware of that.  Despite your seeming unawareness you have in fact been following that…

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Leap to the Sun | Heavenletters


God said:

You started out today saying: “Beloved God, give me the guts to reflect You on Earth. I’m getting tired of myself. Help me get out of my mud-hole. I want to leap to the Sun. What holds me back? Why don’t I just do it without further ado? The Sun reaches out its arms to me, and I can’t seem to fully open my arms. It must be I hold myself back?”

Beloveds, I say: Who is responsible for you if not you?

Staying asleep in the world of matter takes away your energy. I refer to your sleeping as you race around in the physical world. Your physical eyes may be open, yet your consciousness stays asleep. You do know something isn’t right.

Don’t fear what the day might bring. Truth delivers Sunshine to you. And it delivers Me. There isn’t anything else to deliver. Well, you will want to deliver yourself, and then you will begin to know Our Oneness once-and-for-all. Where are We? We are side-by-side as always. We are so blended, there is only One of Us. I say only. HA HA  — imagine ONLY Oneness. It is enough. It is all that there is, and Oneness fills the entirety of Life. Oneness overflows. Dear Ones, you have tasted it, and so you yearn for it.

Remember the story of the Prince and the Pauper? The pauper was the actual Prince, only the pauper didn’t know it. Because the pauper did not have the accoutrements of a Prince, this didn’t mean he wasn’t a Prince. Alas, the True Prince held a limited belief. He was in ignorance. He didn’t know his identity. He had moments of a possible glimpse of His True Identity but only a sketchy moment.

Nor do you experience your True Identity.

You don’t have to be called a Prince in order to be a Prince. Of course, there is much more to being a Prince than a title and a crown.

Nevertheless, right now, I declare every single Child of Mine a Prince or a Princess. This is not new. It has ever been so and never otherwise. My sons and My daughters can only be something special. And you are something special. I know what you are worth. The world may not. Mostly likely the world does not know. Let My saying this sink in to you. You are Somebody! You ARE Royalty.

The world doesn’t know much despite its vested authority. You can’t ignore the world while you live in it, yet you don’t have to buy into the limits of the world. I mean, don’t. I mean, you must not. Do not limit yourself according to world measurements.

The world, as you know it, is a scared little thing. You already know that the Sun and the Moon know themselves better than the world knows itself. The world over-estimates itself at the same time as it underestimates itself. It builds itself up, and then it knocks itself down. That is the mock-up of the world as you know it.

You see the world as a world power and then you dislike how the world seems to conduct itself. C’mon, you knock the regulations that squeeze you. You long for Free Will and being as free as a bird.

Lift the world. Don’t knock it. Lift the world, and you will be free.

As you see it, somehow you got here on Earth in a kind of frenzy. You landed in a strange habitat of illusionary space and time. What a land contrary to the Truth of Life.

You, too, became blind. You forgot. You didn’t remember Truth any longer. Truth became the dream. You longed for the Truth, yet you called the Truth a Fairy Tale.

Stand up now with new posture.


Arcturian Group Message February 12, 2017 | Marilyn Raffaele @


FEBRUARY 12, 2017
Dear ones, we wish to express our congratulations for the courage you hold in the face of  many issues appearing to be in opposition to the peace and harmony you were expecting.  Never doubt that what you are witnessing is the necessary process of a world  waking up. There remain those who require  powerful experiences in order to wake up or even move a little beyond complacency.  Many remain stuck in the glue of illusion.
The true essence of every individual is Divine, regardless of how they may act or what they believe themselves to be.  Everyone living on earth has chosen to experience a sense of separation in order to re-remember  Oneness.  However, along the way of lifetimes, many got lost in the experiences of separation and became hypnotized inadvertently  creating a collective consciousness of duality and separation–the third dimensional belief system.
Observe and give gratitude for everything, for you are bearing witness to the awakening of the masses and the disintegration of the old.  It is what mankind has desired and brought into manifestation.  Those living with closed eyes are beginning to open them, and those with already open eyes are seeing more clearly.  However, be alert to any judgements  you may hold with regard to how the awakening process must appear.
Now is a powerful time to be living on earth dear ones, for the Light and assistance coming from the other side has never been more intense or available to the masses.  Know that you chose to take advantage of these times  in order to personally evolve, and then assist others through your work, words, or by simply holding the light.
It is time to once again discuss power.  All fear is based in the belief that something has power over something else,  be the body, germs, laws, persons, circumstances of all kinds, or even a  God of judgement looking down on you from on high.  Fear comes naturally to humans because having lived lifetimes fully enmeshed in duality and separation, all have been  well educated by their  experiences.  Fears still held in cellular memory will continue to express throughout lifetimes until cleared, manifesting  for no seeming reason and with no apparent cause.
You are ready to realize and embrace the fact that the new times are already here,  not coming in the future. It is time to accept that false concepts and beliefs no matter how familiar must be left behind if you are to evolve further, much as a child leaves behind his toys when he matures.  You have evolved beyond the need to continue seeking and searching, or depending upon  tools for awakening– you have arrived.
Through lifetimes of learning experiences, some good and some not so good, you have finally  arrived at the more evolved part of your journey which involves the  process of disengaging from a third dimensional belief system and all its seeming powers if you are to reclaim and move into your own power as a spiritual expressions.
All there is is ONE and  you can call that ONE anything you wish.  Because there is only one of IT, whatever it is.  Thus this  IT must be the only law, reality, cause, source, and substance etc.–complete and whole in and as  ITSELF.  In reality, there  is no way anything could have power over you because you already are the embodiment of the one and only power there is.  That is, unless you don’t believe it…
This means that anything external  seeming to have power over you,  must be  illusory.   Illusions are mind formed, taking place within minds conditioned by beliefs of good and evil, duality and separation. Because there is only ONE, all see the same pictures.
Manifestations of the third dimensional belief system reflect  either fear or happiness (duality).  Know that good appearances are just as illusory as the bad ones.   This is how it works for everyone because there is only ONE,  until an individual chooses to come out from under the umbrella of the collective illusion begin his journey into freedom.
ONLY ONE POWER is the absolute but to pretend to that state of consciousness before it is attained is very human.  Do not rush out into busy traffic shouting; “God is the only power, nothing can kill me.” because an intellectual knowledge of truth doesn’t make it true for you. Knowing an absolute truth is the first step, followed by the practice and integration of it until it becomes an attained state of consciousness and can be lived easily without effort.
Never  beat yourselves up  or rigidly resist some fear that may still seem to have power over you.  Every human still carries (but is now clearing) old cellular memory from fearful experiences of the past.  Long buried  fears often manifest when clearing, so if this happens do not panic, claim it back in as your personal fear, or see it as something to get rid of,  simply allow it to flow through and out.
Generally when emotions of fear, anger, frustration, etc. arise, just allow them while loving yourself and recognizing that they are guiding you toward a deeper examination of your belief system–“What am I believing that is making me feel this way?  Is it true?”.
Begin to recognize and practice Oneness, knowing that if there is only ONE, then nothing can exist outside of that ONE.   In ONE Divine Consciousness, there is only completeness, harmony, peace, joy, abundance because that ONE is self-sustained and self-maintained with  nothing to be in opposition to IT– unless you believe there is.
When individuals disengage from giving power to the external, fear and other negative emotions begin to simply fade away because the only thing  holding them in place was a belief in them. This does not mean the whole world is going to be immediately free, but as you become free, your Light in turn automatically adds more Light to the collective because there is only–ONE.
Light is how higher frequencies are perceived with the eye but energy can be felt on all levels.  The lower and slower  vibrations feel heavy and dense, and are easily felt in certain places–places you usually want to leave soon after entering even though others may not even notice.   The higher frequencies of unconditional love and truth appear as bright and clear  Light and are experienced as joy, peace, harmony. The more aware you become of who and what you are  the brighter and more refined your energy field becomes.
This is why angels and ascended beings are seen as Light, and is why saints are always portrayed with halos which reflect the high vibrating energy field of an evolved consciousness. We tell you this because more and more of you are beginning or will soon begin to see and hear higher dimensional energies and beings.
As ones energy field  becomes more refined, there gradually unfolds the ability to align with like energies within the higher dimensions–energies which up to now you have only been able to read about, believing them to be separate and un-approachable which is the case when you are unable to align  with them.
The ability to rest in truth  despite circumstances is what dissolves appearances.  Everything you become aware of, is in reality a spiritual idea within the One Divine Consciousness (remember IT is all there is, and therefore there can be nothing separate from the ONE).  How truth is  understood depends entirely upon the state of consciousness of the individual which in the beginning simply reflects the collective belief system.
Divine Reality never changes, held in place by Divine Law.   IT just  IS.   How IT is understood and lived depends upon how completely ones mind (an avenue of awareness) is conditioned and programmed.
For example, violence toward  others is in reality a low resonating interpretation of the constant flow of energy that takes  place between all within the ONE.  When this energetic connectedness is interpreted through a mind  heavily programmed  by a consciousness of separation, it expresses outwardly as low resonating,  distorted, and hypnotized forms that the perpetrator unconsciously  believes offers solutions.
Every individual, regardless of where they may be in their evolutionary journey, seeks peace and love because peace and love is the true nature of every soul.  However, how each strives to achieve that peace and love is individual.  Even the murderer believes he is making things better in some way.
The desire for self empowerment has woken, but for most is still being sought through three dimensional solutions.  However this  is as it needs to  be right now,  for many are just beginners on the  path toward self empowerment.  You are going to find yourselves very busy very soon for the many now awakening are going to  be drawn to your Light seeking to know what you know.  This is why so many of you have gone though so much yourselves up to now, you have been preparing.
Stay centered  in each now moment, holding to truth in spite of what outer appearances may be knocking at the door of your consciousness for admittance.  The Light of truth is held in place by Divine law, whereas illusions are only held  by the belief in them.  Higher frequencies always supercede and dissolve the lower which is how you are assisting the world to evolve.
Because you have chosen to assist the world’s awakening and are ahead of the masses in awareness, it may seem at times as if you are alone, not being listened to or even respected by those around you still convinced that the three dimensional world is the only reality.
If this happens to you resist the temptation to defend yourself and simply smile, remembering that  life on earth is not about overcoming one power with another through words or actions but is instead a journey of awakening into the realization of ONE POWER.
What about death?   You need to ponder this.  Does or can anyone ever really die?  Everyone of you as well as  everyone else on earth has done it hundreds of times.  There is no death– period.  This is true for animals as well, they too evolve.
It is a new time, the old is finished but is refusing to go without a great deal of kicking and screaming.
Rest is what is in spite of all appearances.  Do whatever you are guided to do, be it signing a petition, or marching, or simply quietly holding the Light.   Whatever you choose to do must carry the intention of helping awaken others to their own innate power and not simply be a resistance to some external power.
Intention is a subtle but powerful energy that is involved with every action you take from the smallest decisions to largest.  Always ask yourself;  “What is my intention?”  If your intention is to resist something you believe to be a power over you, you are in old energy.  If your intention is to become more Self empowered or help others to also become that, then your actions will be carried on  high frequency of Light.
Intention sets the energy for all actions and  words no matter how seemingly trivial.
Actions may  look the same to observers  but will flow with an energetic vibration capable of lifting anyone receptive if done from a consciousness of truth and empowerment.
The awakened ones are the wayshowers and you are them.
We are the Arcturian Group                                                             

You Are the Sun and the Moon and the Stars… | Heavenletters


God said:

You may feel like a small human Being on Earth, such a tiny portion of the Universe, miniscule really. You have no idea of your magnitude.

Let Me tell you that you take up the Whole Universe. There is you and there is I — One. We fill the Whole Universe. Another way to say this is that you, the individual you that you imagine you are, contain the Whole Universe within you.

Even as this idea is beyond your vision, you are the Universe Entire, that is to say, you are the Oneness of Life. You don’t inhabit the Universe – you ARE the Universe. The world is contained within you.

This is hard to fathom, beyond your comprehension, so it seems.

Your physical body is not integral to the Universe. Rather, what is called your heart and mind – therein lies the Universe. This is how magnificent you are. This gives you an idea of your magnitude. This is how it is when We are One. Beyond your understanding, We are One. You may not recognize this as yet. You almost certainly don’t have a grasp on this yet. Regardless of your picture of the Universe, this is the case. The world exists of you and Me as One.

When Lights go on all over the Universe, you are the Lights. You are this amazing circuitry. Without you, there would be no Lights. That you are the Light of the World is true right now.

No matter how you may see yourself – as a scoundrel, as a rake, in poor shape – whatever, the world does not exist without you. The world exists because of your Presence. The Universe has its Identity because of you.

We are of One Consciousness, you and I and all the fish in the sea by which I mean all the Souls, are One. You have asked:

“What of all the other Consciousnesses in the Universe?”

I have answered:

“You and all these other imagined yet tangible perceived individuals are you. You might translate this as particles of you.”

You do not yet get this. You don’t have to get this. Your understanding does not make this true or untrue. Your comprehension is beside the point.

Does the Sun exist? Yes, the Sun exists. It exists in Consciousness. If you see the Sun, you are radiating it.

Do you see the Moon? You are the Moon. You are the Stars. The Wholeness of Heaven and Earth are contained within you.

This is the fiction – that all of Creation is outside you.

There is no outside. There is only within.

Now, don’t start asking detailed questions. This is Reality, all this is presently beyond your ken.

Where is Creation? It is within you.

There is no outside. Creation appears outside you. The bottom line is: There is no outside you. We as One are creating and recreating. No longer think that this is far-fetched. I don’t rebake the clay from which Creation came. This is how the dreamed-of world creates itself again and again. Consciousness grows. Thus, the world changes.

Only so long as you are asleep is the dream you dream real-seeming.

You are in a dream now in daylight, a dream from which you will awake. We will have jubilation. All your life is but a dream. You are a part of this mundane dream. The Reality you will wake up to is beyond your present undertaking. Truly, you do get caught up in this dream. You call it Life.

Always, when you are asleep, you wake up. The world you wake up to is not the world as you perceived it before you fell asleep. The world, as you know it, has always been observed from one level of consciousness of which there are far Greater.

You are far Greater than you grasp right now.


Kiss the Earth | Heavenletters


God said:

I am your dear God. That’s it! What did you think I was? Did you really think that I am a despot who delights in making you dance through hoops?

In one sense, there is only one choice I give you, and that is the choice to grow. Willingly or unwillingly, you will grow, and you will grow higher and higher like Iowa corn. You will grow even higher than Jack and the Beanstalk. Not even the sky is the limit. There is no limit to the heights you can climb. There simply are no limits. In other words, you are limitless.

This is a wonderful thing, yet you fear it. You may protest the ground that you walk on, yet you don’t want to let go of it. What do you think I would say to you?

I say to you: Kiss the Earth beneath your feet and kiss the Unlimitedness of your rising higher and higher. You will not have to stand upon your tiptoes. You will get off the ground and fly. You will fly. Do you know the happiness this is?

Has not everyone had dreams of flying?

Dreams come true. You will soar. You will fly beyond your wildest dreams, and dream anew yet Great Dreams, and they will also come true.

I have heard you say: “There has to be more to Life than this.”

How right you are. Shakespeare penned it: “There are more things in Heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

Yet you have dreamt them all in your psychology.

It has been said that I have wonders to perform. True. And so do you. Think of how it will be when you reveal your True Self to yourself. This is not a wonder, for it is natural, yet it will be wonderful and magnificent. It will be true.

You are going to step out. You are going to take a leap. You will find yourselves dancing in the streets. You will find yourselves dancing in the sky. You will find yourselves dancing in all hearts, for where I am are you.

I do not stand alone in a High Tower. Never am I alone. Never is there a time when anyone is alone. There are trillions of possibilities — correction – endless possibilities — Infinite possibilities. To be alone in the Universe is an impossibility. Nevertheless, you have experienced a woeful sense of being alone.

Dear Ones, each of you desires to rejoin consciously with your Self, which is to say with Me. There is nothing hard about it, for Oneness is natural.

It is natural for you to hear Me. Therefore, it is easy for you to hear Me. You will find yourself hearing Me as naturally as you feel the Sun on your face. You will feel My Presence. Feel it now.

You are here with Me now, and I am here with you. We are all here together. We are here together as One.

There is nothing in the world or in Heaven but Oneness.

I am your prerogative. You are entitled to Me. Come closer to Me, even as there is no closer. There is nothing closer than Oneness. In Oneness, We are One. Separateness is a fantasy that many have held onto as if for dear Life.

What is your reasoning? No matter. Jump in! Get wet. The water is fine.

The fact is that We do swim in the Water of Life as One. Close your eyes all you want – it is still true. There is no departure from Truth, and why would you want to run away from such a Truth as this that I give to you?


You have always been good enough.

Jesus through John

Jesus Audio Blog for Wednesday February 1st

All across the world great changes are in progress, changes that many are finding very unsettling indeed.  But they are essential changes that will greatly assist in humanity’s inevitable and rapidly approaching moment of awakening.  Yes, a moment of awakening, because to awaken takes but a moment once you have chosen to awaken.  Many are nervous, anxious, and holding back, and one of the purposes of these enormous changes is to help you to release those doubts and anxieties so that you can wholeheartedly embrace your individual moments of awakening.

In truth there is only one moment of awakening, and that has already occurred, but within your illusory environment where you have your human life experiences, it will occur, honoring the free will you each have, at the moment of your own choosing.  It is not an event for which you set a…

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