More Words For You | Sophia Love

There are other things you may need to hear. Perhaps these are not obvious things, yet they are true things.

You exist beyond your skin. That part of you, the essence that was gently ushered in to this body of yours, encases you completely with love.
Astounded by the grace and fortitude you walk in each day; it blazes forth with pride and oozes compassion.

You are cherished beyond what you know is possible. Feel that. Hold it close.

Dear, dear human, you are doing the best you can, and your best is enough.  In every moment and with every effort, you fulfill your mission here.

What is that mission, you wonder?

It is to explore life itself. It is to respond with passion to every nuance you are presented with, to the best of your ability, with all of your current wisdom and as much consideration as you believe is necessary. It is to live, full out. It is to offer this one precious life of yours, maximum expression and deep curiosity. It is authentic exploration of all that you are.

For you are so much more than you know. And it is your discovery of yourself that supports life itself; bolstering each of us, embracing all of us, expanding the whole of us – Oneness.

So, thank you, radiant one, for joining our journey and for lighting the way. Your efforts have been noticed and you are so very much appreciated for all of them,
​past, present and future.

Without you, there can be no us. And we,
are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

We have anchored the light.
It is done.


Oneness | The Council


Today we want to take a closer look at the concept of oneness, unity. So many of your questions would be resolved if you were to really examine your own thoughts more completely. We choose to include the question below, but once again, it represents many others.

“Does the divine source (all-that-is consciousness) at all concern itself with our human matters or is it entirely detached from our lives given its “no free-will interference” directive? And if this is so, would it imply that the creator does not really give a damn about what we do and what we don’t and how we experience our lives and how reality shapes itself?”

Divine Source does concern Itself with human matters. Divine Source concerns Itself with feline matters. It concerns Itself with arboreal matters, with planetary matters, and with astral matters.

We have said, and we say again, that God, Creator, Source, call It what you will, is in all things. We have said many times that all is energy, all is fields of vibration, there is no separation. We have said each of you is a divine being because of what we just stated.

Does It or He or She concern itself with your matters? It is you! It is us. It is that. It is this. You cannot find anything in the multiverses that it is not.

Do you concern yourself with the matters of your left hand? The matters of your heart? Of your knees? These are silly questions, correct? Why? Because they are you. There is no separation between you and any of your parts.

Now, it is a part of the illusion that you have built that you and Source are separate. We are telling you that it past time for that to end. It is time to begin dispelling that entire illusion and to begin returning to the realization of the oneness.

It is the fear of the ego, that has enjoyed the feeling of being in control, that this return will end its existence. It will not. If you did not need an ego to function there, there would not be one. But dominion over your personal world is not its designed function. This you added as a necessary part of the illusion.

You also added “Fear God!” “I am a God fearing person.” Why? Because you allowed yourselves to be taught that your unconditionally loving God, the God who is love, will damn you to everlasting torment if you do, say, or even think this or that. How unconditional is that?

Now, about the Oneness thing. And this answers a great many other questions that you have asked, as well. It is obvious to all that within the oneness there are many individuals. There are untold billions of life forms on untold billions of planets in untold billions of galaxies. Each and every one of those creations, and we are including those cosmic bodies, are living and conscious. They are not going to cease to exist as consciousness. Nor are you. Nor are various entities that are communicating with you. Nor is your cat.

Each of these viewpoints of experience, if you look at them in that way, have the purpose inherent in all life. Go! Experience! Be!

Yes! God concerns Itself with you. You often ask, “If there is a God, why does He allow this to happen?” And we answer, “Good question. Why do you?”

Search for the unity. Search for the oneness. Search for the knowing. You may consult with others. You may ask us. But ultimately, the answers will be known by you, remembered, as soon as you encounter them. This is ‘within’. This has always been taught. “Seek and ye shall find.” Probably not by tomorrow morning, however, although there is that possibility.


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A Message From One – Now Is The Time | Sophia Love


Hey everyone.  This post refers to a quote that I learned to type (yes, on a typewriter)
with.  It may or not be familiar to you, but it is one of those things I have had no reason
to think about for lots of years. I was woken up in the early hours of this morning
with it going through my mind.  I did not get up then.

The following conversation happened a few hours later…

February 13, 2018

I am looking to connect with the being who woke me last night. When I awoke, this was
going through my head: “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country”.

Is this being available?

It is I. It is One.

Hello & thank you. What are these things you want to say?

These things concern all beings.  Most of them, for this transmission, living in the
country you occupy, the United States of America.

Okay. There is a mix of people who will read these words.

It is okay. This entire planet and race is in need of assistance from within. The infiltration
into the ranks of humanity runs deep.  The various coalitions of organized law
enforcement are working to take care of physical arrests.  This is not the job of most
humans, but certainly for some.

The job I am here to talk about, and the reason for your waking realization of that phrase,
“Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country”, is one of raising
awareness. You must all come out of your respective closets, regardless of how long
you’ve been in there or how large your audience may be.

It is no longer helpful to sit on the sidelines and watch the unfolding.  You are here,
in fact if you are reading this, you came here to roll up your sleeves and unfold
some of this massive covering that shields your people from the truth.

Most of your audience understands social media. This is a tool which can now be utilized.
More voices, more songs, more art, more poetry, more words – spread the truth as
you have discovered it to be.

The stage is set for a mass awakening and disclosure.

The shock will be eased for those unaware if they have access to their places on the
internet that now expose them to the truth, to something other than the story fed to
them these many years.

It is time to come out of the closet. This means in your social groups. In random

Know this – there is no part of your current main stream society narrative that is not
touched by this. The depth and breadth of this goes deeper than even you have imagined
Sophia. Your tears are shed for it all now.  Imagine getting this story over days, maybe
hours, instead of years, as you did. The shock and feelings of loss will be/could be
catastrophic. It doesn’t have to be though. It can become a coming together.

A re-claiming of your own power and sovereignty; an igniting of passion.

Humanity is stubborn and determined, independent and loyal. You’ve chosen this course.
It is the course that allows for help, yet not takeover and instruction by outside forces.

You’ve chosen to get this done yourselves, thank you very much.

It is one of the reasons you are considered, along with the earth, a jewel. Your light is
strong, individual and deeply provocative.

The saying I chose to woke you up with evokes memories for you. I wanted to inspire a
sense of duty.

For this time right now is one of the reasons you came.  Not meaning for you to aid
your country as in join the military forces, but aid your country’s people from the place
you stand right now.

All the information you can share with your loved ones, friends and associates
needs to be shared.  They will soon see a replica of it on their evening news.

Share it with love and compassion. You are One people. In truth, the saying should read
“Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their people”.

This is what I woke you to say.

Okay, thank you.

Thank you. Goodbye Sophia.

So, I’ve been inspired to begin a free daily “love note” delivered to your box.  It starts on
Valentines Day, 2.14.18, but you can join anytime.  You can find the link to join on the
home page of my website – (click here) The love note will be in the subject line, less than
70 characters long!  No need to click to get the love!  Feels like we are all going to need
some surplus love to hang on to in the coming days and weeks… Join us!  I began these
love notes before I heard from One this morning… seems as if we are heading for some
intense moments.

Take care of yourself.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

With gratitude,

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There is only Source, Father/Mother/God, and that is what you are, each and everyone of you.

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Saul Audio Blog for Saturday July 22nd

As all the channels are reiterating, enormous changes are happening right now, right as you are typing this!  They are essential aspects of humanity’s awakening into the awareness that all are one, that there is only ONE and that all are at one with That.  The idea of separation would be an enormous joke if only you had not convinced yourselves so firmly that separation is REALITY!  It’s not!  There is only Source, Father/Mother/God, and that is what you are, each and everyone of you, without any exceptions.  How could there be exceptions when there is only the ONE?

Many of you are now awakening to this knowing, this realization, and as you do your energy fields change vastly as Love flows through you abundantly instead of in the dribs and drabs to which you have all become accustomed.  Consequently others, many, many…

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Oneness, Oneness Again and Again | Heavenletters


God said:

Understand that in the State of Oneness called Heaven, whatever you call faulty or inadequate does not exist. Questions do not even exist. Faltering does not exist. Oneness exists, this is what all you want – Oneness. If there were a less or a more — Oneness would be the most.

In Heaven, as in Oneness, there is no quantifying. There is no qualifying. There are no ifsands, and buts. There are no ins and outs. There is no easy and no hard, though, of course, everything is how you look at it.

In Truth, everything is easy. There are no obstacles. There is no interference. There is nothing to interfere with. There is nothing to contradict, and no one to do so.

There is Oneness, and no one to contradict. There are no dispersions. There are no debates, no arguments. There are Soul Strings, so to speak, all set to create their own Harmony. Yet, Holy of Holies, there is no Harmony that does not exist altogether in the first place.

Are you confused? This is good. Confusion is not True, yet it lets you know that you are missing something in a Reality of Truth within which you cannot miss. You question rather than accept. You are busy making a mountain out of a molehill when you are in the midst of the Height of Oneness. You are at the Peak of Oneness while you imagine you are on a flattened mesa looking for an alternative of one kind or another.

You are mixed up when there is nothing for you to mix up. There is actually no Height to be at, and no low either. Oneness is Oneness. This you partake of even as there is Nothing else for you to partake in.

You are a song I sing in Silence and not at the top of My lungs. There is no static to disguise Our Silence in this Nothingness that also bears the Name of Love.

You have no size. There is nothing to measure in Nothingness. There is nothing to add to, nor is there anything to subtract from.

You seek attributes. Love isn’t an attribute. It isn’t an add-on nor can Love be distracted or missing when Love is the whole shebang. Of course, there is no shebang. There is Oneness. Oneness can’t clap. Oneness is. Oneness blooms, so to speak, as the Fullness of Emptiness is ever in bloom and cannot be unbloomed, so to speak.

Everything We talk about is only so to speak as in a manner of speaking. If there were speech as such, its meaning is communicated before a sound is made or not made. There is music, and not a sound made. The music is yet to be played, yet it is already heard. It is known without being heard. You are the music. You are the heart strings of My Violin.

You may think I am talking gibberish. Don’t think. Love instead. Speak with your Heart of Silence. Speak for yourself in the Silence of My Heart. Intellect can be fun, yet intellect is not a master string.

Only in the world is there thought as you know thought. In True Reality, you are not thought-based. You pluck your thoughts from your Own Innate Wholeness of Oneness.

You were found long ago. You were not found, for you always existed. It is like you burst your seams. You imploded, as it were, even as you are unmovable. Does Stillness move? Stillness seems to move and catches you in its grip, even as no separation ever is possible. Stillness is stillness, and you are My Stillness of Oneness seemingly replicated, as it were, in an unfathomable number of sequins all bright and shiny in the Glow of Oneness.

Hallowed be thy Name.


You Are a Song You Sing | Heavenletters


God said:

The Word God in every language has a vibration identified as High. Other words will carry other vibrations the world would say are low. Of course, every sound has its unique vibration regardless of its identifiable vibration.

At the same time, a sound in one language may mean God whereas the same sound in another language may carry a different meaning. There is wiggle room here because the meaning or intent of a word affects its own vibration, as if there is an image of the word that its sound conveys. Definitely, highs and lows of sound are conveyed in languages all over the Universe according to geography and such.

To say God or think God in any language carries its imprint. A vibration is like a trademark. Choose your words well, if you please. Please the Universe. Console the Universe. Uphold the Universe.

And so, the same sound in one case can sing out, and the same sound in another case can drone or set you back. There is no end to vibration.

Your choices of vibration influence and reflect your take on Life, display your angle of thought, specific and non-specific. You are uplifted or taken down. You also, as you vibrate, uplift or take down or take apart that which is seemingly separate from you. Apartness is not the same as Oneness, not by a long shot.

Everything carries its vibration. It isn’t that you assume or profess a higher or lower vibration in the words of your language. You are the vibration for a moment.

Atoms have a vibration. Health carries its own vibration and vibrations. Illness carries vibrations of divers kinds. Individuals carry vibrations. Vibrations have varying wave lengths, just as hair styles vary and yet share their characteristics. The sound of your voice is unique and, by its tone and inclination alone, speaks.

Even in Silence, your vibration speaks loud and clear. Your voice says something and speaks for itself.

No matter how individual lives may appear to be, there is more than a meeting ground under the Sun, and this more than a meeting ground is named Oneness. We can say that Oneness breaks through all boundaries. Oneness can hardly be called common, for Oneness is greater than the Beauty of Oneness. One bell rings in the world even as thousands of bells ring all over the world.

There is no one else in the world just like you, and, yet, there is the Oneness of Oneness, and it is Great! Great is far and away more than an adjective.

Always, there is a you balancing the world. You never did not exist in one dimension or another. Always you are on the wings, ready to embark. You are always ready to appear in this world of dreams dreamt. You are off-stage, and then you appear on stage, and then you leave the stage and return.

On stage or off-stage, you are. You are always Greatness yet sometimes you are seen in different ways. You are Wholeness sometimes apparently sectioned off. You are the Indefinable encrusted with Life in the World, confined and yet not confined. You are of no small dimensions although it may seem so to the world at large. Seeming so and Truth are not identical. Your True Identity is Oneness.

Oneness is a Gift from the Universe to the Universe, and you serve it up.

Your intent makes a difference to your sound value. Love carries a sound value. Love can carry its own vibration just as each dancer carries his own style, or as a nation reflects its uniqueness.

What is called goodness will take the prize, win the show, and favor the Universe.

Love can transcend anything and everything. Love gives meaning. Love embraces, and Love releases. Love cuts through all the nonsense in the world.

There is nothing that is not possible. All good things are possible. Not only possible, but dance out in front to their own beat.


A Divine Quest | Heavenletters


God said:

You have heard the advice: “Don’t be on a fool’s errand.”

You may look at this guidance in several ways. One way is: What else is there in the temporal Life on Earth but a fool’s errand? HA HA!

All the running around you do and all the dreams you dream, and soon or late, dreams change their appearance, and, soon or late, you walk out of this worldly Life and wave a fond good-bye and enter the Highest Heavens which, I remind you — you have never left.

To enter the Highest Heavens is everyone’s Destiny.

At the same time as this is true, you do not always feel confident in your Destiny. Regardless, you are on a Divine Quest. As you seek, so shall you find. I am wanting to clarify that in your seeking intimate and ultimate Truth, you are not a fool, and Life cannot quite be a fool’s errand, for your God’s Honest Truth will come to you.

That which you seek is your Self, beloveds. Whatever quest you may believe you are on, no matter how worthy-seeming or worthless-seeming, it is your Self you are seeking. To seek your Self – this is great privilege and happiness. As you come closer to your Holy Self, the greater the mastery you reveal. Closer to your Self are you as you continue in Life. Surely you will come to see your growth. Hail to you, Beautiful Soul of Mine.

Living Life on Earth is your project. Everyone has the same yet so different a project. Yes, there is this Infinite Oneness, and there is also the Wonder of Individuality.

No two human Beings are alike. There is a whole world of Oneness, and there is a whole world of separate uniqueness as well. Instead of one ribbon of Life, each Child of Oneness is two-ribboned, two-pronged, We can say.

You live in a world filled with wonders of diverse kinds. The world is entirely filled with royalty that looks like royalty or may look like ruffian-ship and poverty of one kind and another. Nevertheless, all the differences are on the surface. In the Depths, there is Oneness. There is Oneness, Beloveds.

Surely you know you live in a magical world where anything can seem to be or not seem to be.

Just think of all the varieties of language, of countries, of soil and scenery, and waterways. What a great Kingdom of Kingdoms you live in. What a blueprint I have given you. This is your Destiny, and you will fulfill it.

You hardly dare dream of what is coming around the corner for you. You are going to meet something Great, for your destiny is embedded within you. Of course, you are made for Greatness.

The Greatness you are made for consists not of ego. O My Goodness, ego can’t even light a candle to you. One way or another, ego will trip you up. Even when ego delivers the honorariums you like, somehow or another, it will lay you low. In Truth, ego plays tricks on you. Ego will cheat you. The best ego can do is to lead you on.

In the world, you have had bouts of ego. As powerful as you are, ego has had its way with you and trounced you. At the same time, no matter how ego may have had its fun with you at your expense, there is absolutely nothing lacking in you. You have paid attention to the blackguard ego who seems more real to you than the world of Spirit that may elude you.

You are learning all the tricks of the trade of this Great Life on Earth right now. Faster and faster, you become closer and closer to your Destiny.

You and I, We meet head on.


Arcturian Group Message June 4, 2017 | Marilyn Raffaele @


June 4, 2017

It is our loving work to advise and assist everyone  awakening into a new and truer state of consciousness.  You are doing a fine job of it, in spite of the confusion often resulting from the discovery that many tried and true beliefs were nothing more than concepts  accepted as reality.  The first step of all change is awareness.
Gaia and all her people are experiencing the energies of a massive shift into higher and truer ways of understanding.  The blinders are coming off and this can be traumatic for the un-prepared  because everyone has  lived hundreds of lifetimes in the dense three dimensional belief system, embracing  it as reality.  Opening to and accepting that it was formed from illusory concepts of duality and separation can be very difficult to accept.
The early stages of awakening often bring about emotions of guilt and shame.  This is because when certain past actions are remembered with new awareness,  they are recognized as having been negative and selfish.   When and if this happens, lovingly accept that that you were acting from  your highest sense of right at that time which is all anyone is required to do, and call to mind that guilt and regret are emotions based in identification with a false sense of self.
At the same time, be aware that many of those past experiences now causing shame or regret were actually pre-planned interactions, opportunities important for the spiritual growth of all involved.  Be alert to emotions as they arise, not resisting them but seeing them as perfect signs pointing to lingering false beliefs–“What am I believing that is making me feel this way?”
It is time to begin thinking of, believing in, and accepting yourselves as Divine Beings, as I AM instead of the personal sense of self as Mary or Jim.  Yes, the world will continue to see you as human and you will continue to go about your human activities, but until you can accept and know yourself as I AM,  you will forever be on a journey of seeking.  Journeys are meant to lead somewhere, not meant to go on indefinitely.

Continuing to hold only to the personal sense of self blocks the attaining of higher states of consciousness.  Many intellectually accept the idea of oneness, but continue  holding tightly to a false sense of self that believes itself to be only human, separate and  unworthy of being One with God.  Many, especially those steeped in religious doctrine, still consider the idea of oneness to be  sacrilegious–the same unenlightened beliefs that resulted the crucifixion of Jesus.
Identification of self as SELF, one with Source and all that Source is,  is the next level of spiritual evolution, and until a student of truth is willing to take the step of accepting that all life is an expression of the ONE  Divine Life including themselves,  they can go no higher in  spiritual awareness, but instead remain on a wheel going nowhere, and perpetually seeking.
As you go about your day, use every experience to practice knowing “I AM”.  For example, when you look into your wallet and find nothing there, instead of saying to yourself;  “I have no money”  which will serve to perfectly create that exact thing,  say instead;  “Yes, I see and acknowledge the appearance of lack, but I know that the I that I am is self- sustained and self- maintained and therefore I am the very substance of abundance.” Then get the flow going, living out from  “I have”  instead of   “I don’t have”  in the realization that you are powerful creators.
The flow can take place on all levels, physically giving away those things you no longer use or need and donating money, even a penny.  Emotionally taking time to listen to someone who needs an ear, and mentally knowing the truth about another. The key to shifting awareness from “I lack” to “I have” with regard to all things (not just money),  is to realize that all good  flows through you, not from youPersonalizing  good caps the Divine well within.
Do not expect a basket of money to suddenly drop from the sky, but know that you are on your way to shifting into and experiencing the fruitage of your realization of Oneness,  a consciousness that knows God does not give abundance, rather God IS abundance and therefore “I  am abundance” in all its forms–(ideas, creativity, wisdom, peace etc.) A consciousness that knows the substance of everything needed is already present within SELF.
You are spiritually ready to separate “seeking” from “being” and move into the realization that  “I am everything I seek”.  You have done the work and are ready to move beyond;  “If I can just know enough truth good will come to me”. Think upon these two statements for there is a subtle but very important difference.
It is the ability to live every situation as best you can  (even when needing to take some very human footsteps)  from a place of;  In spite of appearances, I stand in the truth that I am the very substance, energy, and reality of completeness and wholeness in all its forms because the I that I am is Divine, God, Source  manifesting and expressing Itself as me. 
Truth  always seems ignorant and naive to the un-awakened, but you who are ready, must begin to come out and be separate, living your awareness. This does not mean that suddenly there are no more discords because you have not yet fully attained, but does mean you have begun the process of being “in the world, but not of it”.
As old energies carried  through lifetimes are seen through, cleared, and released and you start to trust and rely more and more on the reality of who and what you are, this will begin to be reflected in the outer scene.
Continually translating the seemingly ordinary things of daily living into the truth they represent opens and trains the mind to new ways of interpreting.  Left on its own, the human  mind simply draws upon what is already present in personal and  consensus consciousness.  Mind is an avenue of awareness.   Most of the experiences of those who live fully in the third dimensional belief system are expressions of habitual and unenlightened thinking–mind chatter translated into manifestation.
You are Divine Beings.  You are One with Source.  You are complete and whole– NOW, not after more years of study, classes, books, and ceremony.  Evolution is simply the journey of moving from an unawareness of ONEness,  into the full awareness and experience of IT.
This does NOT mean you can never take a class, read a book, or do  specific meditations you may be guided to do, but rather means you do these things with the understanding that they can not make you spiritual, but may instead awaken you more deeply into the realization that you already are spiritual.
Spiritual evolution must a process because the physical body could not withstand the fullness of Light energy all at once.  There have been instantaneous shifts, but these are rare and occur when an individual has been fully prepared from other lifetimes, or when an already fully evolved spiritual Being takes on human form in order to assist the world.
Every cell of every organ in the physical body carries cellular memory associated with that organ or function from other lifetimes.  These old energies are based in illusion but nevertheless still resonate and effect an individual until seen through and released or a state of consciousness is attained in which they simply dissolve into the nothingness that are, freeing the person from their physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual influence.
The energies of truth are the reality but energies of illusion  still hold dominant sway for most of the world because unenlightened beliefs are manifesting outwardly as form and are what the physical eyes can see.   Enlightenment comes by Grace  when a person is evolved enough to understand and embrace truth.  You who read these messages are ready or you would not be reading or even understanding them.
The time is now to move into truth, not simply thinking about it, talking about it, and seeking it, but be it.  When an individual continues to seek outwardly after knowing that everything they seek is already within,  they hold themselves in old energy that will continue to manifest as duality and separation, often questioning why.  Because everyone has free will, choice is always honored.  Do you believe in ONE and that ONE manifesting Itself as you or not?
Avoidance can go on for lifetimes because in many respects it is an easier.  There is the presence of the consensus consciousness supporting third dimensional choices.  Living truth is difficult in the beginning because it takes constant alertness to shift one’s thinking throughout the day and often there comes a sense of disconnect from those around leading to feelings of loneliness. “Am I the only person who sees things in this way?”
This sense of disconnect is temporary because it has no law to hold it in place, and is simply the expression of old energies of separation still resonating.
The beginning stages of living truth are more often than not thinking and acting out of habit in the comfortable but illusory ways you are accustomed to with a great deal of effort toward correcting ones thought processes.  With time, persistence, and  serious practice (as well as a good sense of humor),  living as “I”  instead of as just Mary, Joe, or Jim,  will  gradually becomes an attained state of consciousness lived without effort.
Only Source in Its  infinite completeness IS.    IT is what you are.    Be IT.
We are the Arcturian Group

In the Palm of God’s Hand | Heavenletters


God said:

I hear you. I have always seen you and heard you. One day I heard you sing out:

“Good morning O God, I am in Thy Presence, Thy Service, Thy Heart. I am Thy Provence and Thy Happiness. Imagine, that this could be. You tell us that we, Your Children, are Your Happiness. I would love to be Your Happiness. What a lovely billowing thing that would be. I don’t know that I could contain so much joy. I fear I would burst.

“I pull myself back to Earth. God, please allow my actions today to be guided by Your Grace. Thank You for Your Friendship. Thank You for allowing me into Your Heart. Thank You for my Existence.

“God, that You see me and pay attention to me, that, from my perception, You put up with my ways, Beloved God – You are My blessing and so necessary and so welcome to stay in my heart.

“For me now, I don’t believe I could exist without Your Overflowingness in my Life. I would be lost without You, My God. Earth would be a desert without You. Life would be barrenness without my awareness of Your Presence. I am happy to declare You My God and acknowledge Your Presence in my Life.

“I lived a long time without Awareness of You. I know the difference, God. I never want to know what it is like without You even once again. You came spontaneously to me. A thirst to know You grew out of the desert, and then I knew You were here with me. I came to know that You had always been here with me through thick and thin.

“ You are Everyone’s One God. You can only be Everyone’s God or You are no one’s, and yet I understand You to say that All of Us are One. Therefore, Oneness We are.

“What would Life be like if when all of us on Earth could all know Our Oneness as One with You, not that I totally do know. But if we human Beings could, Life would change gears, wouldn’t it? We would live on High Octane, wouldn’t we? Then we would all Great Wonders perform!

“I would love to perform wonders on Your Behalf, God. And yet I am also aware of a strain of ego that runs through me. I confess I would love to jump for joy and proclaim:

“’I did it! I did it! See? No hands!’”

Now, Dear Child of Mine, you speak for all. All would like acclaim, and, yet, I also know that, in service to Me, when it comes down to it, you wouldn’t care at all who gets the acclaim. In Truth, your Life on Earth is not really about acclaim. It is about giving. You would give all the acclaim away to anyone on the street. In Truth, it is I, God, Whom you acclaim. What was all your speech about above but acclaim for Me?

There is Oneness. In Oneness, there is no one to give acclaim to. Acclaim matters not. It is Love that is acclaimed. If there were not Oneness, then We would acclaim the group. Instead of group, there is Oneness. There is Great Acclaim in Oneness, Greater Acclaim, the Greatest Acclaim, although, in Truth, in Oneness there is nothing to acclaim. Acclaim doesn’t exist. Oneness exists, and Oneness is Full of Beauty, simply Full. There is no room for more.

Now you want to ask Me something more. What is it?

“God, when You happened to me, did You say the time was right?”

I answer you. Dear Ones, remember, in My Being, there is no time.

You wondered: “Was it then, God, that I myself declared it time?”

You can say that. We can say We don’t know, like the song, How or When? You did not always have Me on your mind, yet I say unequivocally, that I was always in your heart. You had Me in your heart. You hadn’t looked. You looked everywhere but at Me. You looked around Me. You spaced out on Me. You focused on everything else but Me. Your eyes could not see, nor were you consciously seeking to see. Nevertheless, at the Core of You, was I. You could not escape the Truth of Me forever. It was always My Desire that the Truth Dawn on you. My Desire inevitably comes True. I am your Truth, and you are Mine. There is no getting around this. All is said and done.

You had a particular advantage. You did not fear Me. You had not acknowledged Me, for you were in Awe. You did not think Heaven was for you, yet you were in Awe of Me, not fear. You did not see Me as antagonistic to you. We could say that you believed in Me too much, as it were. You did not see yourself as capable of entering the Kingdom. Then one day, to you, it was like I had scooped you up. All the while, like everyone else, you had been in the palm of My Hand all along.