World Peace Prayer/Meditation

“If there is to be peace in the world, There must be peace in the nations. If there is to be peace in the nations, There must be peace in the cities. If there is to be peace in the cities, There must be peace between neighbors. If there is to be peace between neighbors, There must be peace in the home. If there is to be peace in the home, There must be peace in the heart.” ~Lao Tse

A beautiful, light-filled peace meditation fitting for us today.

SaLuSa Full Moon Message 15th Oct 2016 via Multidimensional Ocean

Multidimensional Ocean

hunters_moonDear ones, it has been a long time since we communicated with you. We needed to see how much of our teachings and prayers remained with you, even though we did not send you any message for a prolonged period of time. It has been an important test for us to see how things would evolve on your planet, should we stop sending love and light messages and how this would affect many of you, as well as the planet.

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Your Vibrational Core ∞The Pleiadian High Council of Seven


“We are the Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and we are pleased to offer you our words of wisdom.

When you are in your perfect frame of mind, you are gathering information that will guide you on your journey. You are capable of receiving more. You are capable of arriving at more conclusions that will serve you and others. Everything that you need to know becomes automatically downloaded into your consciousness.

But the path to being in that perfect frame of mind does not originate in the mind. It will originate in your vibrational core, and when you have created the ideal frequency in your vibrational core, everything becomes aligned within you. Not only will your mind be able to conceive and perceive all that we have stated, but your body and your emotions will also come to a place of perfection, and all three will be aligned.

This makes you more powerful in your actions, in your words, and in your ability to create the reality that you prefer. So we highly recommend meditation to arrive at this state. If you are not already meditating, then we recommend that you start. If you are meditating, then we recommend seeking to find the vibration within you that is going to result in the perfect alignment of your mental, emotional, and physical bodies.

So the ability to think clearly and access thoughts that will serve you originates in your willingness to let go of thought altogether. When you stop trying to figure it all out and arrive at the conclusions that you need by yourself, and with only your physical mind, that is when you open yourself up. You open yourself up to receiving. You open yourself up to everything that is of a high vibration, and you can allow in the thoughts that serve you most.

You are, at your core, vibrational beings who are creating experiences of thought, emotion, and physical action. And you are creating these experiences through the vibration that you hold at your core. We recommend tuning in to your vibration as often as you possibly can so that you can align yourself and all of your various bodies to bring you into the best possible place to create that which you want to experience.

We are the Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and we are very fond of all of you. That is all.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton


Your whole way of human life is based on a very powerful belief in limitation!

Jesus through John

Jesus Audio Blog for Saturday July 9th

We are All One! That is easy to say but very difficult for you to accept and understand because in your illusory world all seem separate. Your modern physicists have finally discovered and accepted that absolutely everything is connected to everything else that you can see in the observable universe. And yet in your daily lives you live constantly with an intensely strong sense of separation because you are surrounded by individual impenetrable or non-integrated forms, forms that resist coalescence, unlike the air that you breathe and the water that you drink that easily and constantly flow and intermix. Sometimes in powerfully loving relationships there is a strong sense of oneness, but nevertheless you still occupy individual bodies. It is indeed very confusing.

Here in the spiritual realms, from which you truly are not separated, we mingle and mix with one another easily…

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The nagging feeling that there must be more to life.

Johnsmallman's Blog

  Saul audio Blog for Easter Sunday

The Easter celebration is a reminder of your oneness with God, and therefore with one another, an annual commemoration of the Resurrection which was a major step in moving all of humanity forward toward awakening from the dream of separation.  The Resurrection brought into humanity’s awareness the possibility of remembering the knowledge, hidden for eons beneath a cloak or veil of indifference and self-imposed ignorance, that you are One with God.

That memory is now arising into humanity’s collective consciousness and leading to an intense collective desire to return to Reality, to awaken from the dream or nightmare in which you have been ensconced since the moment you chose to experience separation from your divine Source.  Truly that moment of choice was but a moment ago, but the environment of separation you invented in which to play your games had rules that had…

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The nightmare of worldwide poverty, conflict, and suffering will cease.

Jesus through John

Jesus Audio Blog for Saturday March 26th
We are all evolving spiritually because Creation, Reality is ever ongoing, there is no final destination, just a continual growth in joy and happiness that continuously uplifts and inspires. God, our Father, the Source, All That Is wills our happiness and joy and so it will be accomplished. Life within God, where all Life occurs, is an ever-expanding journey of joy. In contrast the human life experience is one in which you strive to accomplish something and on achieving what you intended soon find it unsatisfying, and so you seek something new to replace or supersede it. Satisfaction is impossible within the illusion, because nothing there is Real. Temporary pleasure or satisfaction does of course occur, but the pleasure or satisfaction cannot and does not last. Life is eternal, but human life is a very limited experience in which there is great striving…

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Are You Listening? – The Council

are-you-listeningWe speak today to those who wish to become more aware of us, of this council, and most importantly, of their higher selves. We say most importantly because your own higher self is your connection to everything that is not in your physical dream. Your physical dream will all pass at some point. These higher planes will not. So we know that it would behoove you to begin becoming more aware of this connection now instead of waiting for it to be thrust upon you by your ‘birth’ into these other dimensions when your physical vehicle has reached its ‘sell by’ date.

Now there are a great many of you who have no daily meditation practice. You have in mind a vision of a person dedicated to spending hours, days, and years in a physical position that you cannot reach, contemplating their navel, and seeing and hearing miraculous things. You have no time for that.

We would like to make a small correction to that picture, if we may. There are as many different methods to do what is required as there are individuals. What Is really important in the picture is that the person, and they are only persons just like you, is reflecting on their inner reality. They are basically listening. They are making the connection we spoke of in the first paragraph.

Can you do this while you are sitting in your comfortable chair? Can you do it while you are gardening? Can you do it while you are fishing, or golfing, or sewing? Of course you can.

There are a great many things that would be of help. Breathing patterns, diet, digital recordings to control brain waves, etc. Are any of these necessary? No. What is necessary is that you be still and listen. You can be still while you are walking in the woods. The stillness we speak of is a deep listening to what your Self is saying, is feeling. But before you can know that, you need to be fully aware of what you are currently feeling. You need to be aware of what your inner chatter is bombarding you with.

Now you have likely heard that you need to shut this off. You’ve tried and it just keeps chattering. Well, now that you are aware of it. Why not just turn your attention aside to those deep, deep feelings that they are covering up? You do that all the time in your outer world, do you not?

Start asking your Higher Self some questions and listen/feel for the answers. “Self, if we, you and I, could make one small change right now, what would you like us to do?” “How do you feel about our life right now?” “How do you feel about my efforts to _______ ?” “I have been told that I need to love myself. I’d like to begin by loving You.”

Just listen. Just feel. You will doubtless come up with many, many other things to ask and to say. But get the conversation started. It is a conversation that you have been conditioned to ignore. It is a conversation that, if you persist, will change your life. And it will change it in all the ways that will make you the happiest. There is no one in this entire universe that is more interested in your happiness than You.

When this begins to happen, you will soon discover that you have made the connection with something far greater than even your Highest Self, because that Self is the direct connection to your Source.

We have one final comment for you. When you are connected, if you wish to stay connected, make efforts to put what you receive into use in your life. Don’t file it away for a better time. Use it. It will grow.

Good day. Blessings and love to you.


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Arcturian Group Message January 24, 2016 |


JANUARY 24,2016
Dear ones, we come in love with greetings to all of you who are working so hard to assimilate the new energies now pouring into you and your dear planet, Gaia.  As you are well aware,  these are times of change and questioning.   Everything you once held as true and unchangeable seems to be dissolving around you with replacements that do not seem to be much of an improvement.
As the old concepts and beliefs dissolve, new and better ways will/must appear but understand that those guiding the changes are often themselves struggling to see and understand the bigger picture.  Send Light to the leaders of all governments and when voting be guided by your intuition and not media hype or perceived personal benefit.  Vote for the candidate  best qualified to bring forth a new and higher sense of governance that serves all people and not the candidate who refuses to acknowledge or move beyond ideas reflective of what is quickly becoming old and obsolete.
Some are called to simply be still and hold Light for the world, while others are called to do hands on- feet running, work.   Both are necessary, both are serving as Light workers, and neither is more spiritual than the other.   The garbage man who carries away your trash with love and friendliness is a Light worker.
Every seemingly mundane action of daily living when done with love is Light work.  Know that in truth you only serve your Self, for there are no “others”.   Let go of any concepts you may still  hold regarding the belief that only those who teach, heal, or channel are  Light workers.  Unconditional Love must be lived on all levels–this is what you came to earth to learn.
Examine and release any remaining concepts you may still hold about love.  This is easily done through remembering that unconditional love is simply the activity that flows from a consciousness of ONE and then examine your belief system by this standard.  It is not necessary to know the all the how or whys, it is only necessary to live ordinary everyday moments from a place of oneness and connection and soon this will be your attained state of consciousness.
There are those who are the essence of unconditional love and yet seem to have no intellectual knowledge or even seeming interest in spiritual truth.  These souls attained their state of consciousness in previous lifetimes and are now simply living their lives from that place.  When truth becomes your state of consciousness, it becomes who you are and there is no longer any need to even think about it.  This is evolution.
Learn  not to  place limitations or qualifiers on love and release all beliefs regarding  your or others  worthiness to be loved.    Patting the dog who doesn’t get much attention, holding the door for someone who needs it, or  giving an honest compliment to a child or adult with low self esteem are actions of unconditional love.
Conditional love is what the world is most familiar with. “This person is not worthy of love.” or “If you act, dress, look, or behave in a certain way, then I will love you.”  Many in the quest to be loved, surrender  personal power in exchange for so called “love”.  Conditional love still predominates in relationships of all sorts including many marriages.
There comes a point in every soul journey where the individual must embrace and begin to practice the higher sense of Love–unconditional love– or the spiritual  journey can go no further because unconditional love reflects a realization of Oneness, the foundation of all truth and goal of the journey.
You have all had the experience of feeling cranky and down hearted and then feeling a lift when  someone  you may have not even know very well, patted your hand, spoke a few kind words, or simply smiled.  This is unconditional love and always flows without care or interest as to whether or not the receiver was “worthy” or even interested.
Unconditional love becomes automatic after attaining a consciousness’s of oneness and often goes un-noticed until the individual begins to realize that the “should’s” and “musts”  have disappeared from his thinking and daily living seems to hold a new sense of joy.   This new state of consciousness  has become who you are–you are your state of consciousness.
The whole spiritual journey is one of remembering who and what you are, and each truth integrated and lived, becomes your state of consciousness until there is no longer need to practice, read, study, search, for you simply are it, IT is living you.
Divine Consciousness is and never can be  limited in any way because IT is all there is.   Many still hold to the belief that ordinary human experiences are not spiritual.  Everything “ordinary” is every bit as spiritual as the things society  has deemed to be “spiritual”.   Individual consciousness interprets outer appearances,  so as you evolve and begin to understand that nothing is or can exist outside of the ONE, you will begin to see the world and have experiences that reflect that.
There comes a time when all the seeking and searching must end.  Many of you are already there but you do not trust this and continue to seek and search outside of yourselves in the belief that you are “not there yet”.   It is time to live truth.  You already know what you need to know and more intellectual knowledge will not change that.  As you begin to actually live truth, more is always given and comes when you least expect it.  You may be mowing the lawn or  washing dishes when suddenly a truth, insight, creative idea, or something relating to your work, interest, or need is revealed.
This is how you learn to be taught from within with no middle man to add his/her concepts about the issue.   It is time to move past always seeking answers from outside of yourselves.  You are ready and able to get whatever information and answers you need from within.  The only thing holding many of you back from doing this is the belief that you are not worthy, spiritual, or evolved enough. As long as you believe that you are just a limited human, you never will be worthy, spiritual, or evolved.  Ponder seriously and honestly what you still hold regarding who and what you are.
The answers to all things that concern you lie within. Do not label your  inner work “for spiritual answers only”.   A  consciousness that knows self completeness to be SELF COMPLETENESS will begin to manifest this in ways that represent completeness for him–the surgeon won’t get ideas for a car repair unless it is something he is seeking.  An artist may find himself guided to paint in new and creative ways.   A hair stylist may begin to get images of the perfect style for each client. The scientist will get insights he could never have imagined when working simply with scientific facts already known.  It is Infinite…
Ideas  may come visually and powerfully,  but  more often come simply as a “knowing” about some facet of your life, or something you have been seeking more insight into.  Individuals must learn to be more still if they are to hear this still small voice, which is why so many deny that there even is a “still, small voice”.   Anyone going through each day hooked to  phones and other electronic devises  will never hear the still small voice.
Anyone serious about their spiritual growth must learn to be still.  Make it a habit to have a quiet time each day where you can be uninterrupted and spend time simply pondering truth, and then resting it for about 10 or 15 minutes.  This need not be long, just long enough for you to center, and make a conscious connection with your Self.  It is during this time that you state your intentions and choices, always then allowing time to simply listen.
Prayer is you talking to God and is often preying not praying.  Mediation is a quiet and centered receptivity.  Never believe you have failed if you hear nothing, or do not have the same experiences someone else may of had, for the action of sitting quietly and listening indicates to your Higher Self that you are ready for more, seeking, and receptive–you have started the process.
Make time  during the day and even at night when you wake up  to simply be still for a second or two–closing your eyes, focusing on your Divinity within, and just listening.
You are all well along the Way or would you would not be resonating with these messages.  Know that, trust that, live that, believe that, and be that.
We are the Arcturian Group                                                               1/24/16


A Unity Consciousness World

Sananda TrueGood Morning!  This is Sananda, so happy to greet you this morning.

In the illusion, moods occur in your subjective experiences that flow like the weather. Sometimes that emotional or experiential “weather” stays dull for long periods. Some have referred to it as “the dark night of the soul,” meaning a time when they are feeling very down and seemingly unable to connect with their spiritual side, their oneness with Source. That is depressing to experience, but it is a time in which great and important spiritual work is being undertaken beneath the level of your conscious human awareness, and when you come through it, as you will, it is as though a great burden had been lifted from you, and enthusiasm for life once more bubbles into your consciousness, and your inner knowing that you are an indispensable and infinitely loved aspect of God comes back into your awareness.

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