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As you receive your upgrades, a bit of your ‘old self’ may come out as a means of self-protection. One of the things you need to remember is that everyone is experiencing their own version of this and will respond in different ways. Again, practicing your new skills may be necessary.
Instead of ‘popping off at the mouth’, take a moment to think about how you want to act/react then ask yourself, ‘Is what I am about to do/say going to serve anyone but me?” If the answer is no, then it is your signal to choose another path. (Smiling)
As ever-expanding beings of light practicing compassion and kindness, this is your chance for more growth and learning. Do not let it pass you by, dear one. ~ Creator
Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings


Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 20 July 2018


Dear friends there is much in the way of important news coming from Kryon, and we need to awaken our awareness to the changes that herald the commencement of a new cycle that is going to take us far beyond the limitations of the old one. We are heading for a new area in Space that will take us into higher vibrations. It will finally see the end of the dark Ones as they simply cannot exist in them, and will remain in a level that resonates with their present one. Meanwhile you are gradually being introduced to Quantum Energy that you will need to understand as soon as possible. A parting of the ways is coming so play your part in helping the New Age to continue manifesting, and all will be assured as going well and proceeding as expected.

The following message is welcome news where the future is concerned, as it clearly indicates that major changes are coming and in general Mother Earth can handle the bigger ones. All in all, awareness already exists regarding future changes, and they will cause little if any of a catastrophic nature. It may seem that the Human Race is expected to face the changes alone, but help is already on hand to deal with any problems that may arise. There is a plan for Humanity that is destined to succeed and absolutely nothing will prevent its successful completion.


I want to give a fact just to think about, because I was here a long time ago. There was a time before you were here when the Oceans were constantly having oil spills, guess where they came from, they came from oilfields beneath the Ocean’s surface that was ruptured and would spill unbelievable amounts of oil naturally from the Ocean floor, and that’s where you drill for it now, so figure it out and connect the dots. Spill after spill after spill and there were no ships around spilling oil. Where is it today and did it ruin the environment, and the answer is no, and what happened to it. There is a system and there always has been where the Ocean scrubs itself and takes care of this in ways you do not know. Figure it out and connect the dots, you are not the first ones to spill oil in the Oceans it is a natural occurrence, ask a geologist what is down there right now if there are spills bubbling up and there are, it’s a natural occurrence – the Ocean knows about it, recognises it and takes care of it. The planet is fast tracking by cleaning itself up. Gaia is a friend of Humanity and sees what is going on and is working the issue with you.

You are moving into another kind of radiation and it’s going to affect your Sun. You are already starting to see it. Meteorologists are reporting it, it’s part of the shift in the weather, the radiant cycle of the Sun itself will be different, the amount of sunspots will be different because the radiation you are moving into as a Solar System, you have never seen before – not as humans, and you are afraid and you are not looking at it and some are saying this is the end. There are ways of neutralizing and changing it you have no idea about it and it’s already happened one time and can you not see that and figure it out and not be afraid, be circumspect, take a look at what is going on and stay away from the hot areas as measured, but understand the Ocean is going to work it all out.

Others are saying it’s going to be dangerous, and here’s what I am going to tell you, this radiation is going to move right into your magnetic grid, and it’s going to change your DNA and you are going to get another 10% efficiency, its right on time, it’s right on schedule, its benevolent physics that knows what you were doing. What others will fear is going to be your evolution of consciousness, what is going on is a benevolent system. Our clock is not your clock, we see this coming and when it does you might say “Well it took longer than I thought” the timing as you would say, it’s not anything we are aware of – we know about your clock. We see how you are impatient because things do not happen on schedule, that is in three dimensions but what difference is it, it will arrive when it arrives and you are going to be here now.

Some of you may not be the same age or of the same gender, but you will be here. What difference does it make you are going to see its invention. When a planet moves into what we would call a fast track inventions start to even increase beyond what you thought was high technology, but the technology you were about ready to receive is beyond third dimensional technology, and it will be quantum technology, and it starts slow but just like the evolution of so many inventions that you have had in technology that you have had in the past, it has a ramp up that is slow at first then lightning fast in the end.

One thing leads to another and starts to show something else, and I will give it to you one more time. Planets that move into Ascension states, must have an eventuality of understanding quantum energy, and the beginning of understanding quantum energy is the ability to measure it and see it even if you cannot produce it or alter it or work with it, you have got to be able to see it. When you can see quantum energy in any form you start to understand how to see it in a better form. You will see the patterns contained in it, and when you start seeing those you will have a million questions that cannot be answered but it will start a progress of invention as you discover one thing after another of what you are seeing, that you never saw before and the colours will be outstanding, and that is a metaphor for second sight. It is going to bring physics into a brand new perspective and you will see the missing laws.

Get ready for medicine to change forever, get ready for the elimination of one kind of healing and the opening of another. Get ready for intelligent quantum healing to occur. I have no way of describing a healing paradigm that you cannot see, you cannot imagine and that marries you and the Innate intelligence of your body with the ability to imprint itself and heal itself using its own DNA – that’s as far as I can go.


The two big Western Powers play games to manipulate matters to bring a desired outcome, and eventually you will see that progress is being made that will enable countries to move on. Be assured that no matter how highly positioned a person may be, they can still be motivated and inspired by those beings who oversee their progress. Knowing what is expected in the near future they can lead people in such a way, that they are feel prompted to do things that ultimately can be seen as most appropriate for continuation of the plan for Mother Earth and her people.

The outworking in many countries of plans for their future well-being is proceeding well, even if outwardly it appears shambolic now. At the right time a turn of events will lead to a new step forward being taken, that leads along the path to desirable change and a peaceful conclusion. Be assured that all actions are intended to bring about an end to confrontation and the path to endless problems. In the past karma has played a big part in what has taken place, but as the new vibrations take effect so a peaceful end to hostilities is possible. You will gradually see that where leadership changes have taken place, a more settled outlook is achieved. It is time now for peaceful transitions that will ultimately lead to permanent peace. It is your planned destiny, and greater powers than those on Earth will ensure that the bright future ordained for you will manifest in good time when it is appropriate.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

Website: Tree of the Golden Light

Remembering Your E.T. Heritage ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been observing the way that the energies have been affecting you, and we must say that we are very impressed by how well you are receiving the higher frequencies that are coming your way. You are receiving from all parts of this galaxy and beyond, because you have many helpers, friends, and well-wishers out there in the stars.

And when you receive their help, you become more of who you are. You are not just human, but you are also not just Pleiadian, Arcturian, Sirian, Cassiopeian, Lyran, or Andromedan. You are all of the bits and pieces from all of the various star systems, and you are bringing all of those energies together within you, because you need strength and stability. And the best way for you to get that strength and stability is for you to become more of who you are.

You are travelers. Some of you refer to yourselves as wanderers and starseeds. You’ve been around, and you’ve had some wonderful experiences in other parts of the galaxy. You’ve been in higher dimensions in past incarnations in other parts of the galaxy, and so these aspects of you are quite valuable to what you are becoming now on planet Earth.

It’s like you are flipping on the switches of your higher self, activating it, and downloading those wonderful aspects of who you are and who you have been. When you receive, you have more to give, and you remember more of who you are. Therefore, receiving is a big part of what you have in store for you as you move forward here on your journey to the fifth dimension.

You are remembering who you are by accessing who you have been. You are getting activations from all parts of the galaxy and beyond because as we said, you need that strength and that stability to handle what else is coming your way. And most importantly, you need to be grounded there on planet Earht. You need to accept that you chose this mission for yourselves and that by bringing in more from out there, you change the landscape of planet Earth. You change it for the better, of course.

You are making so much progress in such a short amount of time, and we could not be happier with what we are sensing in the human collective consciousness now. We are seeing you take ownership of the fact that you are the extra-terrestrials that you’ve been seeking contact with. And yet, you are also doing a wonderful job of grounding yourselves there on planet Earth.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Godwriting is Service You Do for God | Heavenletters


God said:

Beloved, yes, I speak a lot. I sing a lot. Of thee I sing.

Yes, most of all, I am silent. I live in the halls of silence. My silence isn’t with My lips pursed, not at all. My silence is an embrace. In Godwriting, We embrace. My silence is love flowing out to you. You are included in My silence. You are not kept outside My silence. You are right here on the hearth of My heart.

At the same time as We embrace, We settle in. Our love doesn’t have to be over the moon, nor do We crave for Our love to be anything but what it already is. Our interweaving of love does not have to display itself as in great emoting. Simple love is present yet not on display.

We are down to business. We commune more than We communicate.

There does not have to be a big to-do about the presence of Our mutual love. We are by no means blasé about it either. Our connecting is a natural event and does not surprise nor overwhelm. We don’t have to have a crashing crescendo of waves announce Our love. We can take Our silent exchange of love as a matter of course. We are not out of Our minds in love. We ask nothing of Our love but to be simply how it happens to be. Godwriting doesn’t have to be a grand scene rocking the pillars. Simple awareness is good. Quiet is good. Quiet doesn’t obscure subtle joy. Subtle joy is good.

In Godwriting, we do not set up whopping requirements. There are no record-breaking requirements. This is in the same way as when you buy a car. You can be quite happy with a car that is not razzle-dazzle.

The arrival of Godwriting has a mind of its own. It doesn’t have to be record-breaking. Godwriting is what I give you. You do not set up requirements. Godwriting doesn’t have to appear as amazing. It doesn’t have to. What comes is what comes. You don’t call the shots. What arrives doesn’t have to be impressive. It may be, yet the Richter Scale rating isn’t your call. It can also happen that a specific Godwriting may not seem like anything at all to you, yet when you read it over again later, you see that more meets the eye than you saw at first glance.

Or the reverse – a line or two that at first dazzles you may no longer. There is no Godwriting that is obliged to be stellar.

Godwriting comes as it comes and isn’t looking for your say-so to be outstanding. It comes as it comes.

I, God, ask nothing of you but to receive what you happen to hear so faintly.

Everyone who Godwrites has his or her own filter. We are glad for this. There is more than one style of Godwriting. So be it. It isn’t for you to shake up what you hear.

Godwriting isn’t meant to be an ego trip.

In the Roman days, a slave rode behind a popular hero who was being cheered by a great throng. The slave’s express purpose was to remind the hailing hero: “Remember you are just a man. Remember you are just a man.”

In terms of Godwriting, remind yourself – even as you are One with Me – that at this moment of time in the world, you are simply a stenographer, and this is all I ask of You and no more. In effect, you are setting the table for Me. Just as you would clear the table for Me, you write down what you hear Me say. You require no more. You act in My Name. Thank you for your service.

All In! | The Creator


Get grounded, dear children of The Universe!  During this particular phase it will be very important to remain in your body and fully aware of what is going on with your Earth plane existence.  If you see others floundering, reach out a helping hand.  If you see a brother or sister untethered and floating away on the energy wave, help them put their feet on the ground and tell them how important being here, now is.  This is going to be an all-in experience…each and every one of you is needed because things are going to ‘flip on a dime’.  It is time to come together in peace/love to change your world and you are the key! ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

The Power of the Heart | Heavenletters


God said:

Beloved, of course, you, yourself, your very self, are filled with inestimable power. You go beyond inadequate power. You have radiant blossoming extraordinary powers. There is nothing déclassé in the word power, as if the word power can only be relegated to comic book POW and WHAM!!!

We’re speaking of the power of the heart, not magic tricks. I suppose the expression “magic tricks” implies something sensational, tricky, not quite ethical, perhaps even low-class.

There is nothing shabby about walking on water, nor is it particularly phenomenal. There must be a worthy purpose beyond showmanship. There is purity of desire and intent. This is not about making an impression or proving a point. Of course, integrity of motive matters.

To make wine from water held a high purpose.

Once upon a time, lighting a fire was a miracle.

I come from the place of: “What is not a miracle?”

That eyes open and eyes close – what a miracle! So simple. That you sleep and that you wake are miracles, old-fashioned miracles.

Just think that there is speech, and there is silence.

Is it not as much a miracle that the seas stay together than that they part?

On all levels, understanding hovers over you. Of course, what happens in the world matters. Mainly, the light you shed on life matters more.

If you were about to catch on fire, and someone throws water over you in order to put out the fire, you would thank them. If someone ran across the road and pushed you out of the way of a speeding car, you would welcome his presence of mind and kiss his hand. Circumstances and interpretations are part of the package of life. And so you channel the directions of your life.

Life isn’t objective. You like to think so, yet your life is how you describe it.

Someone may be chasing after you – not to scare you but to hand over to you your wallet that you dropped without noticing.

You may have been certain that you have no choice in life. You were born in a certain country to a certain family in a certain century, and so goes the fortune of your life. You may never have noticed an angel or two lifting you up. This doesn’t mean that you have not been lifted high and landed down gently.

You may not be attuned to all that you could be attuned to. Perhaps you focus on what scoundrels might be up to.

It is well possible that you have been lifting up your life or dragging it around. Life may not have overlooked you. Rather, you overlooked life and dug your life into the ground. It’s possible you bullied life here and there and slammed a door on life. Start over.

Consider your dealings with life as if you play a certain note on the piano, and this is the note you hear played back to you. Play a higher note, and see what happens. Choose notes at a tempo you would really like to hear. Set the tone for your own life. Be your own orchestra leader. Who stops you? Never mind. No longer tell the same story unless it’s a story you want more of.

What table of contents do you write down for your life? If your present table of contents seems like a hardship, then, by golly, write a new table of contents. Life will pick up the tune you give it. Even if life continues as it seemingly has, then start humming your new tune and see what difference this makes in how you feel.

If there can be a new Heavenletter every day, can there not be a new tune for you to come up with?

Depositing Codes in Your Fields ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been sending you some codes that you will unpack from your energy fields when the timing is right, and the timing will be different for each of you, as you are all on different paths. These codes are meant to activate within you the full expression of who you are as Source Energy Beings. This is the ultimate experience of being physical.

Maintaining your physicality, while still being able to access the Source Energy frequency is what you all aspired to do before you incarnated into physical bodies. Now, we are not granting you the ability to do this. You have always had it. You have always been able to connect to that truth of who you really are, while still maintaining physical human bodies, but we, and others like us agreed to be the ones to remind you of who you really are.

And we give you those reminders through the memories that you have of being higher dimensional. If you were able to fully experience us, we would appear to you as gods, and extra-terrestrials have done this throughout your history. They have posed as gods, and even though they had physical form, you believed in them. When you descended through our dimension, you had certain experiences, you felt things that you could only feel as ninth dimensional beings.

And we have access to those feelings and those memories, and that is what we have deposited into your fields. Those experiences and feelings will bring you back to a time where you remembered the truth of who you really are as Source Energy Beings. Now, we can do this without interfering with your process because, as we said, you won’t unpack those codes and have those memories that will elicit those feelings until you are ready.

But just know that they are there, compliments of us, and that there is so much more where they came from. There is so much more for you to discover about who you are and who you have already been.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

This Little Light… | The Creator


As the energy and anticipation of the next phase begins to build, you may feel giddy and full of butterflies. (Smiling) No preparation is needed; these specific shifts and periods of growth have become ‘old hat’ for you.  What you are being asked to do this time around is to really feel into the changes, see what it has, has in store for you and put them to good use.  A kind, gentler world is emerging!  Amid the chaos on your Earth plane is a small light that, over the coming weeks, will continue to shine brighter and brighter every day.  Be sure to enjoy and nurture it in every way you can…it is your future! ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

The New Light Warrior | Sophia Love



Let’s start with a telepathic conversation that took place a few days ago with a light warrior.

“Sophia, you will find me willing to communicate frankly and honestly while also feeling it is abrupt.

This is because I am a warrior myself. I am not someone who has spoken to you before this now or spoken ever in this way.

I reach out now solely to assist fellow warriors as I honor their journey. It is not one I would have taken and not for the faint of heart.
(Those who do) are indeed strong willed.

What has occurred is interference into the timeline, into the energy available to the warrior, into their very will. This is edging deeper into personality. All interactions are seen as a call to action.

This is indeed a call to bisect (intimate, personal) relationships – to divide everything.
Any contact without clear instruction is seen as a call to conquer. Their very nature is being infiltrated – there can be no softness, no letting down. No weakness. Yes, this was intentional.

Its purpose is to break (those of you who are not warriors), to split relationships up. It will not break the warrior for the warrior is unbreakable.

If the warrior gives in to the (perceived) weakness of allowing feeling, then the warrior could falter. This programming does not suit the warrior in this now moment. The warrior is being primed for the divide, not the union. The warrior will let everything go, inflict deep pain, to win now. First on the list of the warrior is him/herself. Second is winning.

Who wants this?

The general goal of the Archons is trauma, so that they can feed.

Without loving energy, many will feel a void. This current struggle becomes your global journey.

This is a delaying tactic. There is no one (of the Archons) who care that this end with union, not anyone who is emitting these energies and waves at you.

The thing is, once this tactic/technique is seen and stopped – you become invincible.

How does it get stopped?

You must appeal to the higher self (of the light warrior) directly, now that this has been seen.

Thank you. Anything else?

Only this. Realize that this is a war & the most powerful techniques are being employed in these final stages.  That is, your most deep and personal components. This war is for all of you and these component parts – your heart, your loves, your sympathies – are all a part of you.

Everything must be considered as a possible target. Do you see?

I think so.

This is (seen as) a war Sophia, these beings are about to lose everything and they will hang on just as long as they can. Everything is in season and a possible target if it serves their agenda. Their agenda is to feed.”

The conversation ended.

Now… on to today’s post…
Raised in a world where winning is praised and losing is despised, we are ill-equipped to navigate the dialogue of a unified planet. Our responses instinctually follow the socially accepted narrative, fully promoting the warrior spirit.

These conversations are chock-full of heroes and villains, good and bad, right and wrong, someone to idolize vs someone to reject.  We can’t help but think winner or loser into every conversation.

Our heads are full of comparisons, criticisms and judgments; enlightened or mis-informed, left or right, liberal or conservative. Each carries its own arrogance.

If you read this article (click here), you’ll see that these dysfunctional, unharmonious energies are and have been purposely directed at us. This may be true.

Yet using the Archons or anyone else as an excuse for continuing maladaptive behavior is, at the very least, not self-aware.

The conversation you just read happened as I considered the article linked above. This is not a post about what is happening exactly, it’s a reminder that whatever it is – we’ve chosen this journey and are creating it with each thought.

The massive shift in consciousness from polarity to unity will only play out on a world stage when it happens first in our kitchens and our bedrooms.

Acceptance and agape do not magically show up as we are showered with light in some future Event. These spring from within.

This conversion is more than an upgrade; it is a replacement of an operating system.

We are switching from ME to WE in every case, each conversation and all situations.

The conversation I had with the light warrior the other day, brought to mind this song from an old Christmas movie (click here)

It would seem that many of us came for the initial “clean-up” and remain here still. The strength and power necessary then is still needed now, yet methods differ.

The change we’ve chosen to undertake is nothing short of magnificent.

We will not only stop fighting on the battlefield, but in our hearts and minds. We are choosing the embodiment of unity. This looks like acceptance, without exception or condition, of every other point of view as valid. This looks like joining as one, not winning over anyone.

Some of us chose the dark t-shirts for this moment and refuse to take them off. They (those dark shirts) will not be sustained in one unified field. There is no need to hate them into leaving. What is needed is consistent promotion of love, unity, compassion and consciousness.

It is time now to love. Those of us who know only to fight need new strategies, new words and other alternatives.

If we remove the idea of opposition and replace it with clarity, those who are ready only to fight will have no enemy with which to do so.

This new earth we are building needs solid ground.  It requires a field of consciousness.  It will expand in love. It will brilliantly and quickly engulf every one willing to open to it with immeasurable power.

The new warrior is one now willing to take up these unused weapons and expertly wield them for the benefit of all of us. For the work to remove and conquer changes now, into the practice of accepting and surrounding.

It’ll look like the same place, only instead of lines and walls to divide, there are intertwining circles with no end or beginning.

This new warrior looks always to assist with compassion and clear sight.  These new warriors are us. We are the ones. We have anchored the light. It is done.

With appreciation and love,
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What World Is This We Ride On Anyway? | Heavenletters


God said:

Beloved, at one time or another, life certainly seems madcap. How can anyone take life in the outer world so seriously any day of the week or year? The world seems like a TV series where laughs abound if only you could laugh and smile. As you watch the series, your life seems to be off in a distant cabbage patch obvious or oblivious before you, yet who can really say?

Who begins to know when you are onstage or offstage or anywhere at all? You would reside in the song of the nightingale outside your window if you could. Maybe you do, for all you know. Do nightingales really exist, or are they kept for princesses in ancient lands? What you do know is that what is dubbed life is afoot. This so-called life is always on the move. You are captured on Earth, for whatever reason you may not quite guess. Perhaps you are captured here so you will make guesses about whether you actually landed here and there or not or when you leave or not, or are you just caught in the craw of the world?

Whether dreams come true or not, dreams are here to stay. Sometimes dreams are carried over from lifetime to lifetime, so it seems, and perhaps the range of meaning is simply to cover existence, not to be tempered with or made either light of or too much of. Every day of life is like a new book you take out from the library to read. You may well check your books out of a special world library where you receive special admittance and fast service.

Life seems to get serious. You are the last to know or not to know until someone taps you on the shoulder – as amazing as this may be.

You peer at the Moon and travel to it, and you also return before visiting hours are over.

You suppose that wherever you visit is something of yourself in one mode or another. You figure you need a light bulb in your head turned on or off so that you can see or not see depending.

Suddenly, the world bears new representative angels. You have been looking for something, yet, what you have been looking for, you are absent-minded about – no matter how deeply you have been seeking. This is fine with you, too. You have no purse to reach into at this time.

You would like Me to have a prince and a carriage waiting for you before the grass grows greener. You seem to be seeking a journey close in tow. You wouldn’t mind something great happening with a simple wave of your hand. You try to introduce yourself to your Self, yet it’s more likely that you are casually sitting on a city bus.

You wonder if you are starting a journey. You don’t really know when this adventure starts or ends nor do know where you are really going and whether where you land will ring true to your heart. You would like it to be true to your heart, yet how do you really know there will be something somewhere deeper for your heart to drink in on another day or anywhere else? Does anyone really know what awaits after the engine revs?

It would be nice if hearts meet wide open, and all hearts be straightforward the same way birds sing and chirp in the morning when windows are open and the bird songs make your heart a receiver tuned into every other heart anywhere in this world or in any other world here or abouts or out of sight and as yet undiscovered. Hearts are meant to be serene and to send and receive love abounding. What else matters so much?