You’ve Been Given More Power ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

You have arrived at a point in your evolution where you are being given more power. You have always been powerful beings, of course, but certain activations are occurring that have been initiated by your guides and other helpers that will grant you more access to the power that you have within you.

As more strands of your DNA become activated and as codes within you also become activated, you will become more powerful creator beings than ever before. This power comes to you because you have demonstrated that you are capable of handling it.

Many of you who are listening to this message will relate more to the feeling of being disempowered because of the paths that you have chosen for yourselves in this very important lifetime. And so you need to awaken the sense of power within you. You need to activate the memory of your power, and the easiest way for you to do that is by activating memories of when you existed as physical beings who also knew yourselves completely as Source Energy Beings.

Now you haven’t had this experience on planet Earth yet, but you can connect to other lifetimes that you have led in other dimensions, in other star systems, in other times, and you can activate those memories by simply acknowledging that you have led many more lifetimes than you think. You have access to so much more of those powerful memories than you have any idea about.

Right now, we want you to accept that this is true, and then we invite you to access those memories, even if all you can remember is the feeling of being powerful. You don’t have to remember a specific lifetime, but if you can remember what it feels like to know yourself as a powerful creator being, you are going to help in accessing the power you are being given at this time, in this lifetime, and with that power you can and will be the agents of change that your world most certainly needs.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

You Are Living a New Life Now | Heavenletters


God said:

There is no frittering away Life, even as you may be certain that all your Life on Earth may seem to identify itself as passing time.

You have to be doing something while you are here on Earth even as you sometimes may feel sure that you waste your Life in details. Beloveds, obviously, you don’t know what Wondrousness amounts to even as you stare Wondrousness right in the face.

Begin to salute Life no matter what Life may seem to look like. Give Life a run for its money. There’s more to Life than you credit Life to be. Credit your Life highly. This is a Great Journey you are on. There has never been another Life just like yours nor will there ever be. Take My Word for this.

You may think that your Life is old hat when Life is the Newest of the New. There is no other Life like yours. You are the only One leading your Life. You may think your Life is a dime a dozen. This is impossible, of course, for you venture forth.

Unless you are on a Great Journey, why would you desire a pillow to rest your head on and Room at the Inn?

Beloveds, perhaps the most amazing thing of all to you is that you are to twirl your Life around to serve Me. You may have thought that your Life is all about you, and that I am, above all, to serve you when it is for you to serve Me! It is for you to serve Me even when you may have no idea what this means.

Unless you rise High in Life, dear ones, well, you are mistaken, as mistaken as can be.

That’s okay too cuz you are in process of finding out your True Identity. You do not remain in ignorance forever. You grow and expand and take flight. You are, in actuality, a High Flyer. You may think you take a swan dive often. Here’s the thing:

Regardless of what bells the world may intone, you cannot fail. So long as you are alive on Earth, you can only succeed in living your Life. There are no 
ifs, ands, and buts about this. Whatever you achieve or think you do not achieve, you are a High Flyer. You are here for a High Purpose. Well, yes, you may still be holding on to ignorance, yet you are gaining in awareness right and left.

No one fails in Life. No one else holds your Life seemingly in the details but you. Your Life is singular. Have no doubt about this. Your Life may serve differently from the way you see it. Later, you will see more clearly from a larger picture. Hallowed be Your Name, beloveds.

In any case, you are finding your way, and I am with you. As the Sun rises in the East, so do you. You are always rising, and you are always rising Higher.

You may well be stubborn. We know this. It may be hard for you to surrender. What surrender often means is to let go of a stopgap that you hold dear. This stopgap has often been called ego. You really don’t require it. Not at all do you. You are far better off without this illumination of imposing ego. You are not this so-called ego. You are not this ego at all.

That which is called ego is far from the Truth of You. Decidedly far from the Truth of You is this offshoot of self-importance. You never needed it. It is misbegotten. It is a sham. Come, establish your Self in Me.

Wild Adventure in Life | Heavenletters


God said:

In terms of the world, everything is important to you. Dear Children of My Heart, at the same time, note that everything in the world is fleeting.

Your feet may seem to be on the ground, yet the Earth you walk on stands in mid-air.

Life on Earth is, more or less: Now you see itnow you don’t.

The world is wily. You can’t quite keep up with the world, even as you go far beyond the world.

It is possible to say that the world is a mile a minute. It is possible to say that the world is preposterous. There isn’t anything you can’t say. There almost isn’t anything you haven’t said.

You Sing a Song of Sixpence, and you hang your Life on a Star. Now you are getting closer to the Truth of It All.

Life is a passing fancy, yes, and yet Life is far more than that. Life may seem to you like a commodity. What seems is not what always is. You are greater than you conceive. I conceive you great.

Join Me in this Wild Adventure in Life. You come across Life. You stumble on Life. You cognize Life. Life is a dream you have. Ah, what a dream. What a dream you dream. Yet there is more to your Life than you ever dreamed of. There is more going on than you fathom. Even as nothing is really happening, there is more to Life than what you dissemble. Hang your Heart on a Tree.

Much of Life is an attempt to be more than you think you are, and, yet, the Reality is that you are far more than you think you are.

You may imagine that you are a diamond in the rough. You may attempt to fake at being alert and alive when there is no necessity to fake at all.

Once upon a dream, you denied the Truth of Who You Are. You thought you were something you aren’t, when you are something greater than all your dreams rolled into One.

You are a smashing Hit in Life. You are meant for Stardom. You cannot escape this. Whatever dissembling you may attempt, you are the Real Thing. You don’t wander so far afield as you may think.

You are alive with the Sound of Music. You follow a tune you heard in the distance and don’t quite notice. You, I, everyone, the Earth, the Heavens are One. Oh, yes, you play games, yet you are the Truth just the same.

We share the same roots, We do. We surpass mountains.

You are a Celebrity of Mine who far surpasses your boundaries. I celebrate you. Hand in hand, We celebrate Life as the Great Occasion It Is, even as you doubt with all your Heart. The Truth is that you are Marvelous.

You celebrate Riding the Waves, so you think, when in Actuality you are the Stillness of Stillness. You may make a fuss even as you are a Supreme Dancer. You may think you stumble. You may think you do not Love, and you mourn this disability of lack of Love when the Pure Truth is that you are beholden and devoted to Love and to Me, the Source of All Love.

No longer deny the Love you are made of. Bet on your Self and not everything but your Self. You are a Star in the Firmament. You are wedged into the Magnificence of Life. Yes, you.

You are a Knight in Shining Armor. You are the Horizon of Life, and you are more than that. You discern Everything. You are Supreme. You and I, We fly together. We take off. You and I are not just fooling around. We are purposeful.

There is Vast Meaning to your Being Here on Earth, and you are more Lively than you dare say. Hurray for Life and the Great Meaning Life Holds. Think more of yourself, for you are a High Point in this Parade called Life on Earth. You excel, so mighty are you.

Your Intuition is Your Greatest Asset ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

You have entered into a phase of your evolution where your intuition is going to be heightened, and it is going to be more important that you listen to it. When you are in a phase where everything is moving faster, and you are jumping timelines left and right, your ability to hear and listen to your intuitive hits is your most important asset.

Your intuition is always guiding you. It represents your connection to your guides, your higher self, your oversoul, future versions of you, and of course, Source Energy. It is data that you are receiving and interpreting. Therefore, you will want to get to know your intuition very well so that it becomes second nature to you. You will want to know how exactly you interpret the data that you are receiving.

Are you more likely to feel something, to know something, to see something, or to hear something? What is your mode of receptivity? This is very important for you to acknowledge so that you can tune in when you need to. And what we are saying is that you need to more often now than ever before. You can always make course corrections, but in the past you had more time with which to do so.

Now you are manifesting faster and faster, and the physical is speeding up to synchronize with the energetic. Anything that gets you to pay more attention to what is going on within you is a good thing. So embrace this new phase of your evolution. Embrace your heightened sensitivities, and embrace your ability to shift your reality in a heartbeat.

Your intuition will get louder and louder, and your ability to sense it will increase as well. You must rely on yourselves and not go looking for answers outside of you as much in order to navigate into the fifth dimension and in order to thrive once you find yourselves there.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

As We Shift – How Do You Want It To End? | Sophia Love


Hey everyone.  It’s like we are living an end times science fiction thriller, right now. Regardless of where you are on the “scale of skepticism”, some pretty extreme stuff is happening.  It’s happening right now, to people you know (or know of).  You cannot make this stuff up.

In July, two people, Randall Keith Beane and Heather Ann Tucci Jarraf, were detained by agents under very sketchy circumstances. Their story can be read here. They are still in custody.

Last night, the radio program “Fade to Black” with Jimmy Church, reported several blatant aggressive actions by a group which is participating in this deception of control.  Corey Goode’s family has been threatened, Pete Peterson’s entire home has been emptied and buried, and it looks like David Wilcock’s brakes were sabotaged. Listen to that show here.

These are American citizens who have done nothing other than speak or act on the truth.  

The Eclipse is coming up in just a few more days. In South Carolina, here is what they are saying about it (click here); it is really quite bizarre. Lizard’s seem to be on everyone’s brain.  I’ve seen several references to them in the last few days; my own (here), Wisdom Teachings (from August 14th) on Gaia, and this radio show with James Gilliland. There are others.  The purpose of mentioning them here is to show that our consciousness is raising on an epic scale. The population is feeling it, all of us.

I want to help.  I write, pray, meditate, send cards and love where they are needed, but truthfully, what is the most effective thing that I or any of you can do right now?  Some of us, light warriors and light workers, are working “the night shift”.  Others of us are heading to Knoxville, TN to be present for that effort. Many, many of us are making videos and pushing on the system with withdrawals from our Treasury Direct Deposit Accounts, or whatever they are called in your country of origin. This is incredible and felt exponentially by every one of us.

I felt that there could be more, so this morning I reached out and asked “What more can I do?  What more can we do?” Honestly, I’ve been gradually more and more horrified at the scope of this destructive effort by those who would keep us enslaved.  This is real and has become quite personal. It took a bit to even center enough to ask the question.  Once I did, the words that follow came flying in.  I hope they will help you as much as they did me. They are from One.

These forces right now on your planet are beings who’ve turned 100% service to what they perceive as self.  This “self” is a distorted image and in fact it is not self, but rather an imaginary view of a controlling force now embodied on earth as the cabal or deep state or the dark alliance or all of the above.
This force now present on your planet means to push their agenda forward to what they deem as an inevitable conclusion – domination of the planet.
It is important now for you to know that they are wrong about the inevitable conclusion – they will not dominate the planet.  Their agenda is one of total destruction and will not be carried to completion.
How this ends however, is up to the beings involved – not just human, but all. There are many races now stepping in and up to the plate.
They are here for the final moments and these moments are here.
Do not lose faith.  This agenda, the one put forth by the dark ones, is not the final story.
Your story has yet to be told. You are writing it now. Hold fast to every knowing you have of what is true, important and life sustaining.  Now, perhaps to the greatest extent ever in your history, you need to remain clear and true to your purpose.
You’ve come to enrich a planet with love and unity.  It (the planet) has felt you, and your intentions are seeped into all beings on her, on Gaia.
It is for this reason the push back is so blatant and aggressive.  Fear predominates the agenda of the controllers.
Love must predominate the force of those here for other reasons. This would be all beings focused now on the light, on unity and on evolution.  Continued focus and determination are paramount.
It is this moment now that all of your formidable power comes into play.
Use these most recent, blatant, aggressive and destructive actions as a catalyst for your own force. It is a force of love and it is this force that controls and sustains all of creation.
You come now to the table fully armed and prepared. Stay. Not to fight, but to propel the light that you are.

You are the ones you’ve been waiting for – let’s do this.

With gratitude and so much love,

PS – I will be traveling for the Eclipse and unavailable for a few days.  Please join the global meditation at the moment of the full solar eclipse on Monday 8.21.17.  Focus on Unity. Corey Goode and Cobra have shared details in multiple languages,  here.  It is time.

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Choose Love.



Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 18 August 2017


Be assured that everything is proceeding well in spite of the outer appearances. The new energies are becoming established, and in consequence the old ones are struggling to maintain a place upon Earth. It is like a battle to survive except that the old energies have had their day and losing their power to continue existing, and eventually will die away. It is very much how it is with the negative energies that the Illuminati and their minions depend upon for their continuing existence, which is why they perpetrate fear by their actions. However, they are losing their power bit by bit and are no longer able to control you as before. The campaign to remove them in a way that denies them continual power over you is succeeding, and quietly with little publicity the Forces of Light have become the dominant force for good. It means that it will not be too long before it will be safe to go ahead and introduce the many innovations that will lift up your quality of life.

Everything is alive with energy and in reality nothing can stand still for long, and are driven by the higher energies that are lifting you up to a new level leading to Ascension. Therefore no one can predict exactly when it will occur but it is very near, and nothing can now stop it from manifesting. So you can live day to day with the assurance that whatever happens around you the future is now certain and only God could alter the outcome. Things will remain rather hectic and seem a complete muddle, but as it settles down you will see positive signs of where your future is taking you. For your part you can help keep a level of peace by continually sending out your Love and Light. Be assured you are much more powerful than you imagine and should never feel that your contribution is making little or no difference. It would after all only take a minority sending out pure love to change the world.

As time passes you are going to hear or read about many changes that are coming, so please keep an open mind at all times and be ready to accept a greater meaning to life than you might have already accepted. Evolution cannot be fast tracked and is often set to a slower pace that allows souls more time to grasp the meaning of the messages being given. However, a time is coming when effectively time will have run out for those lagging behind, but it will not be held against them. Help is always on hand and you can be assured that every effort is made to raise the consciousness of as many souls as possible. It is not easy as it takes much dedication and determination to help souls rise up. However, no one is given up as a lost cause except that they refuse help and are therefore the architects of their own demise.

You understandably wonder about the immediate future, and having been given information as to what you should expect are partially prepared. However, nothing could really prepare you for the great leap forward, as though times will be entirely different to what you are used to now. Even your life span will increase in the higher vibrations and your potential if you should choose it, is to eventually live for several hundred years. You would immediately wonder about aging, but you would remain in a mature body that was always healthy. Perhaps the most welcome change will be a return to a twelve Chakra system that you had until it was reduced to just two only by Enlil. Enlil and Enki were an important part of your recent history and responsible for many major changes including the Great Flood. Enki who cared more about the people, planted a latent DNA coding within you that would activate at a much later time. That time will be when you ascend and once more become Galactic Beings.

In your position where the truth of your history has been deliberately held back, it is very difficult for you to comprehend exactly what changes are going to take place. You will certainly make up for lost time and quickly receive the benefits of advancements and changes that have been held back. The result is that you have been left in the dark where the truth about your potential to become Galactic Beings has been kept from you. You have also been kept from benefitting from new discoveries that have been hidden from you whilst the Illuminati have taken full advantage of them. However, you will eventually receive them and they will quickly come into being when the dark Ones can no longer interfere with your future. In the wider sense it was foreseen that you would have to go through many years of learning, but also realised that given time many more of you would at last ascend.

You have to remember that Humankind was given freewill, and no one is allowed to interfere with your choices. So now that you are well on the way to Ascension, it is you Dear Ones who can take the credit for such a remarkable achievement. There is happiness and celebrations in the higher realms where it is seen for what it is, and an appreciation of how your determination has carried you through some tough situations. You will be all the stronger for your experiences and well qualified to help others who are following in your footsteps.

Archaeological finds are dramatically altering your ideas of your true history. It is becoming very apparent that many variations of Man have existed, and evident from the many skeletal remains that have been unearthed over the last century. Clearly there has been a cover up of your true history to prevent you from realising how it really was, and to stop you finding out your true heritage. It is only now that you are beginning to understand what a great potential you have, and a destiny that will return you to the great heights that you can hardly begin to imagine. All of that will change very soon as the truth cannot be held back much longer, and already it is being revealed.

The truth is almost too hard for some to believe so be of an open mind when it starts to be revealed, because at times it will sound unbelievable. The proof of your true history is being uncovered almost every day, but there is still some reluctance to make it become known publicly. When it does it will hit certain religious beliefs very hard, but by cutting out teachings that do not fully reflect the truth, it will make them much easier to understand. Of course the Church will still have a role to play and many people will still turn to them for their guidance. Personal beliefs are something you carry until you are confronted by yet a greater truth, and you will then refresh your understanding accordingly. There are however many advanced souls who have come to Earth specifically to spread the truth, and already have an understanding of how best to convey it to you in a way that it will be understand.

Much love is coming to you from the higher realms and you deserve all praise for your achievements that are fully understood. Much has been done through personal sacrifice, and one day you will receive thanks from all those you have helped. I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

The Balance of Light & Dark in the Universe ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

The entry point for all souls into this universe is the Gate of Arcturus. It is a passageway through which all souls not only enter this universe, but it is also the opportunity that we and other gatekeepers have to ensure that the individual souls entering this universe are of the proper frequency. Now, once a soul enters, there is free will, and there is polarity in this universe.

So some souls choose to play on the side of darkness, and more souls choose to play on the side of the light. There has been a shift in the balance that has created a preponderance of light and those who are working on the side of the light. Ultimately, we are all on the same side. However, in order to give everyone in this universe the opportunity to experience all possibilities, there must be some who are willing to play in the dark.

Now the coming together of the light and the dark brings us all to a new position. The position that we are all striving for in this universe is to see dark and light as not enemies or opposites, but differences and different choices. We know you are all choosing to be a part of the movement of light in this universe, and we also know that in order to do this many of you are facing the darkness within you.

We applaud you for that. We applaud you and we support you in knowing yourselves more fully. And as you choose to know yourselves as the light, while still acknowledging the darkness within, you restore balance. You give the universe an opportunity to reflect upon itself, to see all of the beauty within itself, alongside the darkness, and to choose to become more, to choose to expand without eliminating any part of itself.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Accept Yourself | Heavenletters


God said:

When you are extremely sensitive and tender to nuances, dear ones, do not see yourselves as lifted high above the crowd. Your sensitivity is not a raised flag in salute to you. Your sensitivity may be nothing to make you proud. Consider your sensitivity more like a rash.

By all means, wear lace and ruffles – that’s lovely – wear what gives you Joy – yet in terms of your interaction with the world and your response to it, wear hardy denim and no longer sensitivity on your sleeve. In relation to yourself, your sensitivity isn’t a badge of honor.

No longer boo-hoo about how Life and people treat you. How people treat you has to do with themselves and is not all that much about you, even if both you and the other party habitually think so. You tend to be all about you. Truly, if someone doesn’t like you and is rude to you, it’s about them and not about you at all. Dear Ones, it doesn’t behoove you to take offense.

From this day forth, take nothing personally. In this way you will no longer perceive affronts. You will be smooth satin and ruffled not at all. You will not entrap yourself. At present, you may prefer to notice affront and be ruffled.

Affront may be to you what coffee is for many. You may drink coffee because drinking coffee stirs you up. No longer rely on affronts to stir you awake. Have a longer view of Life. Attend to what you are feeling in a different sense. What you think about your life matters. What others may or may not think isn’t meant to be your difficulty. What others think belongs to them and not to you. Their thoughts are up to them. Give your concern a chance to settle down before you presume to raise your blood pressure.

When all is said and done, there are no opponents. It certainly isn’t My desire that you turn yourself into an opponent. See bigger. Raise your vibration. Do not respond with outrage. Go play badminton or ping pong or walk it off.

The world says: “Don’t burn your bridges.” This time the world is absolutely right.

The world also says to express yourself and not to repress yourself. Perhaps wait to express yourself, if you must, until you settle down. Wait until you don’t feel so disheartened as you felt at first. Keep Heart and mind open.

Sometimes, you may read what someone wrote to you in an email. You are fit to be tied. You have, on occasion, read your email again later to find that you hadn’t read the letter carefully. Hasn’t this happened to you? You may have read your email too fast and missed what the writer had really said to you. You may have been in haste to take offense. In any case, you misread what was there. You fumbled the ball.

Be sure that you, as a receiver of words, written or spoken, share a responsibility to communicate first by listening. Listen, and you may not take so much amiss. Don’t keep the fires burning within you. Don’t start them in the first place.

I, God, think the world of you, regardless of any guilt you may carry on your shoulders. You may have had practice in not being given credit. You may be quick to pounce, for you are not going to allow anyone to discredit you.

You deserve peace and comfort, and it is My desire – My Will –that you have it. No longer get fraught by what someone else thinks, anyway. Care more about Me and care more about yourself and what We think.

Mind Me, beloveds, and not struggle so much for wholehearted acceptance from others. Accept yourself.

Your Collective Field – The Council via Ron Head


Image Credit: NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio

In five days, there will be a total solar eclipse, the path of which will pass across the whole of the 48 contiguous states on the North American continent. This event has received more attention than any eclipse in your history. Of course, it is the first to occur in the era of the internet. We have had nothing to add to the discussion of this until now. It hardly needed to be hyped any further. In fact, there has been such a frenzy built up that your guardians and guides will be kept very busy for a few days.

Please, if you are traveling into the ‘Path of totality’, be very careful when traveling and be prepared. Do not expect to find everything you may need where you are going. Some of the smaller communities will be well beyond their normal capacities.

But what we want to discuss is the magnificent opportunity being taken to unite your communal field around a positive event. It has been experienced before within your memories around calamities, but this is not a calamity. You are coming together to gaze in wonder. And that is wonder-full.

As you are already going to be doing that, we wish to suggest that another opportunity, an opportunity to hold your world within feelings of love and unity be grasped. Many millions of you will be feeling uplifted. It will be a perfect time to be uplifting. It will be a perfect time to feel and be united.

There is much being done these days to divide you. You will know of what we speak even though we refrain from including particulars here. We are not about particulars. We are gratified that the backlash caused by some events is greater and more intense than the events themselves. The original events are actually causing unity to emerge. But here we have a cosmic event that will trigger a great shift in consciousness. We ask you to ‘milk it for all it is worth’, as you say.

It is time for you to cease being on the short end of your proverbial sticks, and to begin being the cause of what appears around you. It is not necessary for you to ‘fight’ for or against anything. It is imperative, however, for you to broadcast what you want in your fields, and not just to receive whatever is being broadcast by others. As has been said, there is nothing missing from the party that you have brought yourselves. Bring love. Bring tolerance. Bring appreciation. Bring unity. And bring enough for everyone.

Realize that whatever is being done or said that would bring you down, or cause dissension, is only being done by a divine being who has no concept of who he or she is, or what they are actually doing. This is true on both sides of any issue. The issue is not the issue. Your reaction to the issue is the issue. While there may be things that you cannot, and should not, condone, there need not be anything that you cannot forgive. Just surround the entirety in unconditional love and light. Unconditional love is not always an easy concept to employ, but it is always the correct one. And it is only possible when you know the truth of what you are looking at.

Remember, you cannot change what was done. You cannot change anyone else. You can change how you see it. You have total control of what you broadcast into the field. And you are never not broadcasting into the field.

It is our sincere hope, and well within possibility, that his solar event will trigger a sea change in the greater mind of humanity. We feel this beginnings of it already.

Blessings be.


 There are two published books available on Amazon that contain the collected messages received by Ron Head (that’s me). The first is The Wisdom of Michael, available HERE, and the second is It Rings True, available HERE. A third book is being compiled now.

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Massive Changes Start with You ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

You are beginning to question the stories that you have been told since your youth. You are beginning to notice that those who tell the stories have an ulterior motive. They want you to believe what they want you to believe. Usually, you are told that something is for your own good, for your protection, and for your safety. These are the ways in which those in power have used their power and influence to control you.

But the people are waking up and realizing that the beliefs that have been handed down from generation to generation are not the beliefs that you all want to hold. Part of the de-programming process is occurring on the energetic level, and part of it is occurring because of the access that you have to information.

It is impossible for secrets to stay secret in this day and age, and as the word gets out about the lies and the manipulation that occur within governments, within corporations, and within the media, you all are deciding that you are going to empower yourselves.

As you take your attention away from those who want to lie, and manipulate, and cover up, and you put your attention on what you can do, you take back your power. We are not talking about protesting the ones in power. We are not talking about acknowledging them at all.

We are talking about accessing your own truth, accessing your personal power, and becoming your own authority. You don’t have to tear down the house of cards. It will fall all on its own. All you have to do in order to create the reality that you want to experience is put your attention on that which you want to create. You don’t need to look outside of yourselves for anyone else to create that for you.

What you need are new systems, and who better to create those systems than the ones who have been railroaded by them for their entire lives. Therefore, we suggest that you put your attention on the spark of Divinity that exists within each and every one of you, the power that you have to focus and to create, and the desire that you have for massive changes in this world of yours.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton