Kryon – “Parable of The Back Yard” – 2019

This live channeling was given in Boulder, Colorado – Annual Meeting – January 11-12, 2019.

This is good! Love Kryon’s parables! Denise


Time To… | The Creator

There are things you are born into and there are things that you grow to become.  Your ‘original gifts’, the ones you have used all your life are the foundation on which your current growth is based.  If the skills you were born with were muted by society or so you could maintain a sense of safety, it is time to open up and reacquaint yourself with them.

It has been said before and The Universe will state it again; every single human on Earth is being called into service.  Your world is experiencing a shift unlike any other and your help is needed!  You may be saying to yourself, “I don’t know what to do” and that is okay. (Smiling) If you listen to your heart, you will be guided in a way that works for the highest and best.  Regardless of where you feel you are, your participation is being requested and will be most happily accepted.  Remember, this is why you chose to show up now! ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

Win or Lose, Love Anyway | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloved, if you are estranged from love, you are estranged from Yourself. If I say you are One with Me, you are One with Me. Recognize the Oneness you are. Return to Oneness with confidence. Stand up with Me, for Oneness is. This is the long and the short of it. Oneness reigns.

There is naught but Oneness. There is no fuss to make of it. Oneness is established. In this case, there is no discussion. Whether you believe in Oneness or not, Oneness Is. There is no fuss about it. Of course, your road in life will be easier when you can accept the glory in which you live and that I attest to.

All is well, whatever you may think of it or not. I speak bluntly. Life is good. Death is good. All is good from the Eagle’s eye view. Opinions are opinions. Opinions don’t change Truth. Truth is Truth. Opinions are opinions. You may affirm that the sea is blue or the sea is green. No matter what you affirm, the sea is what color it happens to be.

Naturally, your opinion matters very much to you. Your opinions are no more than votes, here today and gone tomorrow. You ponder and go round and round about why life seems so hard.

Sometimes you tremble, and you are all worn out. You draw conclusions, although they may not be so. You can’t really bow down to your opinions. The final answer isn’t yours no matter how convinced you may be. Nevertheless, you tend to be attached to your opinions and consider them to be the end-all and be-all.

Today butterscotch may be your favorite flavor of ice cream. Tomorrow you may be back to chocolate. In this case, your opinion, indeed, may be true and not arguable.

I wonder what is the actual importance of your being justifiably right as you see it; what is the importance of this? Right or not right from your view, life keeps on just the same. What if you are right – why is this essential? By the same token, if you happen to be seen as incorrect this time around, why does this seem to be of the utmost importance as well? Is this attachment?

Of course, you are doing the best you can. What is quite so crucial that you must be cheered on? If you happen to be found incorrect, what is the big deal? You are not exactly thrown out. You still exist.

What is so momentous over what seems to be a mere exchange of opinion? It seems to Me that life itself matters more than whether you are esteemed this time around or not.

Perhaps someone will explain to Me why a difference of opinion is so heavy-duty to you? Do you know? So far as I know, when you and a friend see something differently, no one flings you into the ocean so you will never err again.

Have great compassion for others as well as for yourself. Think of a world that has compassion for all. I don’t grasp why life on Earth isn’t already compassionate to and fro and back and forth.

When you play Solitaire and you don’t win, you are not distraught. You shake your head and keep going. In fact, it would be no fun if you always won every game of Solitaire.

Is it possible to give up the idea of winning or losing and therefore letting life be as it is? You don’t need applause when you swing on a swing at the park. Cannot interaction be sufficient? Win or lose, love yourself anyway. Cannot life be good enough simply how it happens to be?

Downloads Are Coming ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very interested in witnessing the next several months that humanity has in front of you. We are very optimistic about what we will witness, and we are collaborating at this time with many other higher dimensional collectives to assist you in bringing about the age of enlightenment on planet Earth.

Now, this will be achieved through many downloads that you will receive. Sometimes you will receive these downloads in the bath or the shower, other times when you are asleep, and at other times during meditation or when you are relaxing or enjoying yourselves. These downloads will contain more of the galactic history that you have been a part of.

You all have taken part in the history of this galaxy, and therefore, you have many different perspectives operating within you all at once. This is why humanity is so important for the rest of the galaxy and universe, especially when it comes to the shift.

You will be able to hold many different perspectives all at once as a result of these downloads that you receive. You will be able to see how each group of beings, or each star system, has its perspective on how the lack of harmony in the galaxy was created.

You will be able to see both sides of every argument and every dilemma, and you will use this to not only help the rest of the beings in our galaxy, but also to help all of you who are there on Earth now, navigating through a time when people who disagree with one another get very angry, very triggered by those disagreements.

The reason why is because each of those individuals carries within them the history of the galaxy and all that has occurred. So these downloads will help each individual to see each situation from multiple sides, and that will help to lessen the polarity, and that will help you to no longer see anyone else in this galaxy as your enemy.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Have Faith | The Creator

During this current shift and consequent ‘upgrade’, your existence may feel more than a bit challenging.  You may be questioning your own thoughts, intuition and experiences.  It may feel as if everything is “wrong” when you want “right”, and all your manifestations seem to have been put on hold.  Have faith, beautiful one, and do not give up!  You are loved, The Universe will always provide, your truth will sustain you, and thousands of angels support your every move. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

Look Toward the Sun | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloved, who does not prefer the Sun to shine? Look toward the Sun. Seeds plant themselves. Flowers don’t have to grow in greenhouses, and you do not require special protection. I would like to write an Ode to Safety. Not everyone dares to high-step it in the world.

You don’t have to look around every corner seeking safety in one form or another. Be done with the idea that you are in jeopardy. You don’t have to put your fisticuffs up. Have you had the idea that you have to protect yourself and your rights on Earth at all costs? All good can happen without an arsenal looking to get you. You don’t need a defender! Beloved, I am your Escort. Innocence is the key. If you must look around every corner, look for the blessings that are on their way to you.

Look up at the Heavens. Be gentle with the world. Put down your fears. Rest your head on My pillow. Look for the Good Will that attends you. Breathe. Be not attached to looking for trouble around every corner.

The bottom of life does not have to drop out from under you. Choose the side of harmony. Why not, beloved? Make the choices you favor.

There is good in the world. I insist on it. Look for the good and from whence it comes. Spot love. Hasten your heart. It matters very much what you speculate on. Speculate on glad tidings. Every day there is a dawn. Be a bird who sings and greets the dawn every morning. Awake!

Once upon a time, you may have tended to wake up in trepidation. What danger will appear before you, you would ask yourself.

I poke you in your shoulder, and I remind you:

Beloved, have expectancy of peace. No one is out to get you. Put fear thoughts aside, and you will gain. Why terrorize yourself? It’s not necessary. It could well be that the world is bowing down to you and not looking to pounce on you whatsoever. Kindly stop counting possible dangers. Make short work of them.

Beloved, it is possible that every thought of yours contributes to your very life. Concede that it makes sense for you to contemplate good fortune. Good fortune is out there to be had. Why, then, fill a wheelbarrow with causes for fear?

Have a beautiful mind and fill it with rainbows and be done with fearful thoughts. You are not obliged to bow down to danger. Where did you ever get that idea? If you do accrue danger to you, leave danger behind you.

I understand your fears, and I ask you to get onto a different track. Fears are not holy. Why oh why hang onto random fears for dear life? I suggest you hie to other thoughts that help you to hold your head high. I suggest more thoughts of love to support your life. I suggest love thoughts on the double.

How can it happen in a world I created that fear thoughts could become a leader of the band? Even the thought of love is the best vitamin in the world. Here, I slip you tablets of love. Swallow these tablets with water or swallow them with sweet cream as many times a day as you like. You cannot overdose. Make sure you take enough. Love love, and know love is yours for the asking. Love is here for you to swim in. Fear is to be done with. I encircle you in My arms of love right now. Our One Heart flies high and carries enough love to bless the world entire!

Defeating Others is not a Part of the Shift ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are more than satisfied with the progress of humanity, and furthermore, we are certain that your progress will continue to impress us. Now, we know that it is easy to find the faults with where you are as a collective and to focus on them because they are right there in your face, very loud and somewhat destructive.

So your approach now to helping humanity as the lightworkers you are has to be aimed at changing the way you perceive those noisy, low frequency aspects of the human collective. We invite you to see that humanity is getting all of this out of its system in preparation for the shift in consciousness. There are very old disputes that you have on planet Earth, and they actually extend back even further than when human life on Earth began.

You are there settling very old scores, and you have needed to try the old way of going about it for quite some time. Again, you need to realize what works by first realizing what does not work. Seeking to defeat the so-called enemy, no matter how bad they appear to be, will never work for humanity, and there’s a reason for that. The reason is that you are there to bring together all aspects of you so that you can become your higher selves.

You cannot bring together all of the parts if any of the parts are eliminated or destroyed. Again, we invite you to see the attempts to destroy one group of humans by another as the last gasp, the last ditch effort for certain aspects of humanity to cling to the third dimensional ways.

If you are receiving this transmission, you are not among those who wish to do this. And so again, we urge you all to be the peace, and the sanity, be the calm at the center of the storm. And in so doing, you will integrate yourselves, your human collective, and this beautiful galaxy of ours.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Arcturian Group Message January 13, 2019 | Marilyn Raffaele @

                                    JANUARY  13, 2019

We are the Arcturian Group, a collective of ascended Arcturian beings from the eighth dimension here to assist Gaia and her people during these times of ascending consciousness.
Know that these messages as well as others that may resonate with you are in reality your own state of consciousness manifesting as the particular message.  If this were not true, you would not be drawn to or be able to understand them.
You, who are spiritually prepared to expand beyond the illusion and integrate truth are the forefront of the ascension process.  You chose to be on earth during these times of intense energetic chaos and change in order to complete your own third dimensional spiritual journey and become the first wave of ascension and example for those following.
You are preparing the way for those of the second wave–individuals spiritually ready to awaken but who until now have resisted doing so.  Know that the Light of so many now awakening out of three dimensional sleep state, is shifting and dissolving the old paradigm, even when things appear to getting worse.  Try not to give up hope but rather stand back as an observer for you are soon going to see much that will restore the  hope you may have lost.
You serve as living breathing examples of unconditional love for those around you when you realize and begin to live out from a consciousness that knows unconditional love is the only reality and that anything else simply represents conditioned beliefs about love such as; its absence, concepts about, or its reality.
Unconditional love can only ever be all there is because there is only ONE–one substance, one life, one reality, one law.  Love is the energetic glue connecting  everything within this Infinite ONE and those who ignorantly continue to believe in and live out from a consciousness of separation and duality create for themselves the illusory forms of these beliefs.
You can ignore, but never change the reality of Oneness by judging from outer appearances as proof of its nonexistence.  Continuing to hold to the third dimensional belief system after outgrowing it only delays a person’s spiritual evolution because Oneness is the foundation of all reality and must be acknowledged at some point.  For some it may be in a future life, for you it is now.
There are some who present a very religious face to the public, preaching ideas of love, but who do not practice them when confronted with experiences or opportunities that may result in personal inconvenience or lifestyle discomfort.  Unconditional love cannot continue being flowery words spoken or written, but must become an attained state of consciousness.
Because Love/oneness is the only reality, all false concepts about love must be allowed to fade away and be replaced by a deeper realization of what love really is.  The third dimensional belief system has created and promoted hundreds of concepts of love, the grandest of them being romantic love.
Romantic love is based in the belief that everyone is half of a couple. This concept would be true if humans were simply physical, but they are not and never have been.  Although appearing to be just physical, the reality is that everyone is a whole and complete expression of Divine consciousness having the experience of being in physical form.
Many, even the very evolved are reluctant to move past their favorite three dimensional concepts of love but as long as an individual continues to seek wholeness, happiness, and fulfillment from another, they remain just that– half of a couple.
This does not mean that spiritually awakened individuals will or can never have happy and fulfilling relationships, it simply means that their relationships will unfold in new and higher ways, without the seeking, yearning,  and intense game playing that constitutes most three dimensional relationships.
When a person attains a consciousness of being whole and complete, the mind interprets this outwardly in forms that represent wholeness and completeness for the individual–a surgeon may get new ideas for surgery, the mechanic may get new ideas for fixing something, and the right life partner may show up–or the opportunity to live alone–whatever represents fulfillment for the individual.
Those of you hoping for right partnership must accept, live, be, and integrate the truth that  completeness and fulfillment already fully exists within.  Consciously bring to mind; “I am one with and can never be separate from my perfect partner-Divine Consciousness”.   Once again we remind you that you are creators.
Attachment to another even when there is no energetic alignment has to do with many things. Two people may of had happy relationships in other lifetimes as partners, siblings, or friends and are drawn to do it again.  This is why some are drawn to same gender relationships.
Frequently, and especially in these times of closure for many, two people will come together in order to compete some unfinished lesson or experience from an earlier lifetime.  For some it is their opportunity to once and for all resolve some long standing karmic situation in a loving way.
Occasionally two people come together in spite of intense dislike because sub-consciously they know that the higher frequencies of Light pouring to earth at this time will enable them to clear and move beyond the negative past life issue between them.
Anyone who understands higher truth is spiritually  ready to let go of and move beyond concepts of love promoting that family, friends, country, church, etc. must always be fully supported and accepted whether right or wrong because this is love.

                    Love is the unconditional realization of another’s Christhood.
Since in reality there is no time, you can always acknowledge another’s Christhood after the fact, when you remember that you forgot to do it when with the person.  This is how you practice living, breathing, and being Reality.
Let go of concepts  proclaiming that things need, should, or must be a certain way in order to be correct. Most of the worlds’ “should’s and shouldn’t’s” have been carried in collective consciousness from earlier times when they may of actually made sense for personal safety.  Others are nothing more than rules and regulations given by third dimensional thinkers, governments, and religious leaders often to promote their own agendas.
You are ready to come out from under the bondage of three dimensional thinking because you have evolved beyond the need for someone to tell  you what is right and what is wrong–you already know what is right and wrong.
Allow yourselves to be who and what you are.  If family or friends think you have become a  “weirdo”,  simply laugh, bless them, and move on.  Does God need outer validation?    Where could it come from since IT is all there is?
You validate yourselves and it is called evolution.   When you can finally move past commonly accepted beliefs and replace them with truth, you stop energetically feeding the manifestations of duality and separation.
You must accept that you have attained a consciousness that no longer needs to seek, search, and struggle to find God.  You are no longer beginners or you would not understand the deeper truths.  It is time to live your attained state of consciousness without further doubt and procrastination.
Many come to intellectually accept truth but continue to live exactly as they always have,  considering truth to be a nice idea, but not practical.  Many go to church regularly in the belief that this makes them spiritual.  There is nothing more practical for a whole, complete, and joyous life than a consciousness fully aware that these qualities are ever present and available within.
In order to get to  where you are today, you have had thousands of experiences and studied truth in its various forms  and modalities throughout  many lifetimes.  In this lifetime, some of you are now living or have lived and carry with you in cellular memory strict religious beliefs with all their rules and regulations but finding that you no longer resonate with the teachings.
For some it takes a great deal of courage to live truth when it begins to unfold from within.  A person may be afraid to speak of these things  to those of his old mindset be they family, friends, or church elders.  Living truth is not for the faint hearted especially in the beginning,  but continuing to align with some organization or individual out of fear of criticism serves only to keep the person in energy he has outgrown and where he will continue to create experiences reflective of that energy.
The choice is yours, dear ones.  Do you choose to be what you already are or do you wish to continue with the illusion of being a poor human constantly suffering third dimensional problems and continually seeking a savior, human or Divine, to save you?.
Stop  waiting for someone or  something to change the world for you.  Only the awakened consciousness of the collective can and is shifting the three dimensional world out of illusion.
Allow the real YOU  to create your experiences.  You are your own Light should you choose to accept this fact.
You are Divine Consciousness in expression.  Claim it.
We are the Arcturian Group  
Via Marilyn Raffael at 

It Is Time… | The Creator

It is time to get moving again, dearest one!  The incoming phase will bring more releasing.  During this time, know you are protected and loved by The Universe.  You have been learning, growing and practicing what you need to move through what is coming with safety and comfort and one of the most important things to remember is that The Universe will send what you allow. (Smiling) Keep your thoughts and actions positive, send Unconditional Love whenever you can and know that everything is going exactly to plan. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

Make Merry! | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloved, how you want Godspeed. You urge it on. How you want to grow, and how you may feel you lag, and how eager you are to do cartwheels to please Me. You want, with all your heart, to extricate yourself from the past that holds you tight. You want to leap ahead, yet something deep within you seems to hold you back. You almost step across the ocean, and then you stop to think.

Beware of thinking! Let your heart drive. Too much thinking may make you frown and keep you from dancing across the starlit stage that awaits you. Never mind that you are onstage. Allow Greatness to arise. You may tend to try too hard and overlook the grace of life as it is. This may be the same as it is in Godwriting. In the the trying, or rather in the over-trying, is how you miss the target. This is a secret to life.

When I created the Universe, I didn’t try. The Universe arose before My eyes. I called the Universe to Me, yet, I let the Universe happen. I did not contrive the Universe.

Creating isn’t quite the same as constructing. I did not use blueprints. I burst into joy seeing what appeared before Me. I didn’t build a model. No, I saw a model, and there it was.

Then I said to Myself:

“Wow, this is Creation. This is a done deal as it comes down the spout. Creation belongs to Creation Itself. Hallelujah!”

Creation popped up of its own accord. Creation is not some kind of razzle-dazzle invention. Creation bursts from its own flame.

Then I said to Creation:

“How do you do, Creation! Happy to meet you! Yippity do dah! Hot dog! Look at You!!”

I took joy in what created Itself!

How does an author innocently write a great book? He feels an urge. He closes his eyes and lets what comes forth come forth from his pen as it comes in joy. He lets it rip!

How did Shakespeare write? It has to be that what he wanted to write wrote itself from within him through his delight in writing. Desire and writing met in mid-stream and, voila, Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, and Theatre were born. Shakespeare’s plays existed, and Shakespeare’s hand pulled them down from the stars in a certain progression. Shakespeare discovered.

This is how life simply lets go of itself like an arrow.

A target appears on the horizon. Ready, set, go! Life pulls pack on the arrow and lets go. Life doesn’t run around chasing life all over the place. Easy does it!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. When you succeed – when you find a job you want, when the deed is done, it was easy. The job was yours set before you before you knew it.

Generally speaking, you don’t wrest something away from the world.

Generally speaking, something reaches you of its own accord.

There is something that is drawn to you and something in you that is drawn to the apple in the tree that falls into your hand.

Generally speaking, here you are!

Have the idea within you that life is meant to be easy. Let life happen as it wills.

Here is the Secret to Life to go by:

Life is not meant to be a struggle. So don’t struggle. Don’t declare war on life. Know that life works on your behalf. Shake hands with life. Allow life to befriend you, and you befriend life.

The advice of life is to make merry.

Begin now!

You may ask how you accomplish this. That’s just it. You don’t accomplish it. Life comes to you the way the Sun does.