How to Anchor in the Arcturian Light ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been looking for new ways of entering into the consciousness of humanity with our positivity, our light, and our love. And we have discovered that you all tend to open up to us more when you are out in nature, experiencing stillness, experiencing the wonder and the beauty that is supplied to you for free by your mothers – Mother Nature and Mother Earth. And so, those are the moments we have been choosing to access your consciousness to share with you our vibrational signature, as well as the downloads, upgrades, and activations that we feel you are ready for.

We invite you to spend some time connecting with the trees, the sand, the dirt, the flowers, the plants, mountains, rivers, and streams. We invite you to feel the energy coming off of the birds and the wild animals. Feel the energy coming off of your sun, which is also a part of your nature. If you live in a city and find it hard to get out into any kind of natural setting, or if it’s getting too cold for you as you are receiving this transmission to go outside and really appreciate all that Mother Nature has to offer, than just get some sun on your skin, breathe in some fresh air.

You will find that you are instantly calmed by these experiences.

Get some more plants and flowers in your home, connect with crystals, and even pieces of wood, branches, twigs, whatever you can get your hands on to harmonize with that energy. And if you can take a vacation, go somewhere that has the type of nature you enjoy. Spend some time there, and you will naturally open up to us and to all that we have to give you. We are looking to merge as much of our consciousness as we can with as many of you to help raise the vibration of the entire human collective, to help bring about peace on Earth, and of course, to remind you of who you really are as Source Energy Beings.

We can do this when you are sitting in your homes, in quiet meditation, and you’ve felt us in those moments, but we want you to open completely up to become the conduits of our energy and to plant those seeds into the grids that you have there on Mother Earth. And so we extend this invitation because we love you and we want to see you happy. We want to see you living lives of freedom, abundance, and peace. We want this for all of you, and you are the ones, those of you who are receiving this transmission, who can anchor in that Arcturian light and make it available to everyone.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Going To Ground | The Creator

My dearest child, it is time to go to ground.  Prepare yourself for the energy releasing and clearing to continue for a few more weeks.  This is necessary to make room for new and interesting changes to arrive.  Practice self-care and know it is perfectly okay to be a cave-dweller for a while. (Smiling) Once the release has concluded, you will be able to look at the world with new eyes.  As always, The Universe is wrapping you in Unconditional Love! ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

The Grand Event | Heavenletters

God said:

When you feel your life is in a slump, sit up straighter. Reach your arms up. Immediately, you will feel better.

If you could know that this very minute, I am before you, I do not think you would slouch. You would sit up straight. Oh, how alert you would be. I am not mistaken in this.

And yet, here I am, right in front of you. All the while, I am here.

If you cannot really believe or imagine that I am eye to eye with you right now, then imagine that We have an appointment, you and I. Let Us say, In one hour, I appoint myself to meet with you.

Of course, you will think that you must get ready. How you will scramble! Certainly, you will become alert, and your whole posture will change. You will prepare yourself somehow for the Grand Event which is, in actuality, the day to day reality. What did you think “I am always with you” meant?

Your posture has been a posture. It has been your stance in life. All because you couldn’t quite believe in My presence.

Maybe you can believe in My presence at a distance, but as an intimate companion of your life — you are not so sure, for you wonder: “How can Almighty God deign to pay attention to me, as I am, in this unkempt world? How can God Almighty possibly spend any time with me, let alone all of it? Wouldn’t that be a waste of His time? Surely He has better things to do.”

You may think that you are not equal to an occasion of Me. Perhaps you feel that My eternal presence at close range would be too much for you, you couldn’t keep up, and when all is said and done, you would rather get along without Me. Perhaps you feel that I am the kind of company you have to knock yourself out getting ready for and that then, when they leave, you breathe a sigh of relief.

Yet it is not possible for Me to leave your side for even one minute. If that were possible, you would know the difference instantly. You may have spent your life in an imagined state of existence without Me but the actuality of life without Me is unimaginable. It is too terrible to think of. Fortunately, there is no way to experience My absence, for I am never absent, and I would never pretend to be.

But you do pretend life on your own. You have thought you can go somewhere without Me. You may have thought you have been without Me right along. That is how far from truth your thinking has been.

I am One Who lives with you. Your life is shared with Me totally. I am a close participant in your life. You may think I am in the background, but I am in the forefront. Whatever you may imagine you are going through, I am with you. I am in your corner, and I am right smack in the middle of your life. I am everywhere. I am not your detractor nor do I distract you. Truly, you would not have made it this far without Me. There is nowhere in life and nowhere in what you call death that you can be without Me. I am the only Absolute in your life. I am the only reliable there is.

You have great imagination, you who have imagined your life without Me. Now use that selfsame imagination to conjure life with Me. Pave your way in life with thoughts of Me.

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Let go of your doubts and BE yourselves with courage and determination.

Jesus through John

We are all connected, we are all at one with each other, we are in a collective and intimate relationship with each other – always, in every moment. There is NO separation because there is only the ONE! Life is eternal, It is forever, It is Mother/Father/God, the infinite energy field of Love that is REALITY!

Presently you are experiencing a dream, an illusion, a game of separation in which multitudes are suffering greatly because the human collective believes that life as a human in form is real, is a one time event that unavoidably and inevitably terminates finally and forever in the death of your human bodies. But you are NOT your bodies, your conscious awareness is Who You are and is inan eternal and joy filled state of existence at One with God– even if that awareness, as is the case for the majority of humans…

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Breaking Free from the Matrix & Manifesting ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are perpetually grateful for our existence, for our ability to expand and become more of Source Energy. We know that is what our existence is all about, and so, it becomes easier for us to experience that. On Earth, when you begin to believe in the illusion, or what some have come to refer to as ‘the matrix,’ you forget that your existence is about expanding into the newest creations of Source. And of course, you also forget that you are that Source that is both creating and experiencing simultaneously.

You do have the idea of this in your quests to manifest certain things, relationships, experiences, money, jobs, and so on. There are so many things that you could desire to manifest that we could go on listing them for the rest of this transmission and still not even get through a small percentage of them. You can see the physical realm as a representation of what’s happening on the nonphysical level. You are creating within the illusion, or the matrix, if you prefer, and then you are allowing what you have created to flow to you so that you can experience it.

And if you see it all as Source, then it becomes more fun. Now, as we were listing all the various things you could desire and then manifest, what made that list something that could be infinite is that you can manifest experiences, feelings, states of being; you can manifest bliss. You can manifest the state of oneness. You can manifest the feeling of infinite love, and those who have already experienced everything in the physical realm that they have ever desired to experience, then tend to go for the nonphysical types of experiences, the feeling states. They are much more infinite in nature than what is physical, which can break, be lost, be stolen, or simply no longer serve you for some reason.

Perhaps that fancy gadget you wanted so much five years ago is now obsolete, but the experiences that you can have that are nonphysical upgrade themselves, just like your phones and other devices need upgrades and need to be replaced every once in a while. And so, the feeling of bliss that you experienced yesterday is not the same feeling today, and that’s what makes manifesting outside of the matrix so much fun. That is why people who have spent some time developing their spirituality understand that the illusion is to be transcended to a certain extent. You will still ultimately be there in a physical body, and you will want to have certain experiences over certain other experiences, but you won’t get attached to them. You won’t feel like a failure if you don’t manifest your dream home in the timeframe that you have decided is most appropriate.

You can realize that even playing within an illusionary matrix is fun and is meant to stimulate growth within you spiritually, rather than being the measuring stick by which you determine how good you are, in one way or another. Think about the types of feelings and experiences you want to manifest, rather than the things, and realize you have access to what is nonphysical right now, whereas something physical may take three to five days to arrive in the mail. And then know that nothing is stopping you from breaking free from this so-called matrix. The only thing that ever could stop you is you.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Choosing Good | The Creator

If you choose one thing to be, be stellar! If you choose one thing to say, say a kind word. If you choose one way to act, act honestly and with integrity. If you choose one thing to do, choose to live life the way The Universe meant you to live your Earth-plane existence, PERFECTLY! ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

The View from the Mountaintop | Heavenletters

God said:

There is One Heart in the world, and it is Mine. I share My Heart with each seeming one of you. In truth, I share My Heart with Myself. The way you see it is that I share My heart with little pieces of Myself, for that is your perception, yet that is not true. That is how it seems to you. You can only perceive as far as you perceive.

The fact is that there are no little pieces of Me. There are no fragments. There is One Heart, and I share it only with Myself including the outlined forms of Myself. Created in My image, you are reflections of the One Self, and yet you bank on the reflections.

Externals are only externals, beloved Myself.

Let’s say there is one prism in your hand, and, let’s say, you hold it up to the sunlight. Ah, now you see many prisms reflected on your wall and ceiling. You see the refracted light all over the place, and yet you are clearly aware that there is only one prism in your hand. That there is One God has an expanded meaning now. There is One God, and that is all that there is! Well, it is enough. It is wonderful. There is no least of you.

In the world, cloaks are put on the reflections. Appearance is only appearance. The reflections of Me appear in many guises. You are My reflection. You see the reflections and not so much the Source of the reflections. You who are reading My words or hearing My words hear them through Myself. Who can the Seer, Reader, or Hearer of My words be if not I? There is no one else except in the accepted meaning in the world.

The world focuses on the many-lotus petals. The world is a many-lotus-petalled world.

You ask: “How can it be that I who am sitting here am really You Who art in Heaven?”

I say to you, “Tell Me, is there anything I cannot do? Do you think I cannot sit in your office within the little framework of you? I AM One, and yet you see the disparate reflections and believe in them more than you believe in Me. You see yourselves as a bunch of marbles. If you pick up a bag of marbles, they do not spread themselves out on the floor unless you put them there. It is you who shoots the marbles so they then bounce one off the other. You see untold numbers of people who are reflections of the One God. They do not of themselves get into action any more than they created themselves. The Creator is the Doer. I move your arms and your elbows. I get up and sit down within the reflection of Myself. The world is simpler than you can contemplate, but you are used to loose ends.”

It is hard for the human reflection of Me that seems to look up to Me to fathom what I say. The word Oneness may thrill you. You may worship the Oneness. Nevertheless, at the same time, you are imbued with the reflections of the Prism far more than the Prism. You call the reflections reality when, in reality, the One Prism is the only Reality. Until you reach the top of the mountain, you don’t see what you don’t see. It is not yet in your view. Nevertheless, you are getting closer to the view from the mountaintop, and then you will see.

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What You Came to Earth to Master ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have the capacity to feel joy, love, freedom, and power, and we recognize that more and more humans are discovering their ability to feel the way they want to feel. It is an exciting time for all of you, as you are developing an ability to determine what type of energy you are putting out into the world. We would say that humanity has been largely reactionary in terms of how you would feel what you feel. Something good happens, you feel a good-feeling emotion, and when something bad happens, you would feel a bad-feeling emotion.

The way that humanity has dealt with the issue of what you feel in a positive way over the millions of years that you’ve been on Earth is by putting yourselves in monasteries, caves, convents, anywhere you could find to essentially hide from the world. Humans on a spiritual path have typically attempted to transcend feeling, as if that is the answer. Other humans will deny their emotions, numb themselves to them, or try to think their way out of them. We do not recommend these approaches. These approaches are showing themselves for what they are.

Emotions are not to be escaped from or ignored. They are to be embraced, and you are to activate the good feelings in order to create the reality that matches those feelings. You cannot do that if you’ve closed yourself off to any emotion. Any emotion that you do not allow to flow through you is going to stifle the rest. So if you are one of the ones who is saying that you don’t really feel much of anything anymore, then you have to start by feeling what you’ve been avoiding. Allow yourselves to experience what has been right there beneath the surface of your conscious awareness for quite some time. And in so doing, you will open the floodgates.

You will be able to experience more love, more joy, more peace, and more of everything else that you want to feel. And that is true spiritual mastery. It’s not about hiding away in some spiritual sanctuary that keeps you from experiencing the rest of the world as it is. It’s not about making your lives smaller so that less can go wrong and affect you and elicit an unwanted emotion. This spiritual evolution that you are taking part in consciously is about feeling it all and then choosing from within what you’ve been able to access. That’s how you create your reality, instead of letting your reality dictate how you feel all the time. This is what you came to Earth and the Solar System to master.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Live And Feel | The Creator

What you live and feel, you draw to you. If you live in thoughts of fear, desperation, hate, poverty or blame; The Universe will oblige. If you choose to live in peace, love, abundance, responsibility, integrity and truth; The Universe, again, will oblige. Exercise your free will! ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

Singing God Out Loud | Heavenletters

God said:

You may have spent years unaware that you hear even whispers from Me. And yet all the while, you have been singing My song from the top of your lungs. You have been, in effect, buying and selling My wares. You have acted on My behalf. You planted seeds of My love. You planted them absentmindedly, not realizing what you were doing, yet you were strewing My love across the world. You may not have noticed how tall the seeds you sowed have grown. You may not have noticed them at all. It is almost certain you didn’t notice.

You may not have heard My words coming out of your mouth. You may not have felt the surge of My heart springing from yours, and yet you may have been representing Me all along. You may even have been the last to know. You may never have caught on. Even to this day, you may not have been aware of the song you sing.

You may or may not have been searching for God. Whether you were or were not, nevertheless, you indentured yourself to Me. You trailed after Me, listening to My tune. It hummed in your heart. Your heart gave you the notes, and it gave you the words. And then little by little, you were singing My song and dancing it. And yet, for all you knew, you were shuffling your feet, dragging life around, unaware of the lightness of light and your true relationship with it.

You not only sang My song, you were singing it as loudly as could be. You were singing My song from the rooftops. You were My singer of songs. You were a Godsinger.

Of course, I have no copyright on My song. Of course, it is My joy that you take My music and My lyrics and take them as your own, make them your own. How well I have known that My words and thoughts and love and Being are yours right along. It’s you who may not have noticed. It’s you who certainly has not noticed. Will you know this now? Will you know that you are a carrier pigeon for God? I sent you from My hand. I flung you out into the sky, and you flew and you flew, and you delivered My messages. Of course, My messages are My songs. They cannot be separated, My words from My song. I only sing. I sing the song of love, and you, My dears, run off with it, not even aware of what you are running off with.

You think you are trudging along, shuffling your feet, and all the while, your feet have wings, and all the while, you are a flier for God, flying high and passing Me out and passing yourself out too like pamphlets. All the while you are soaring the galaxies with Me, and all the while, you are oblivious. I nudged you so many times, and you blithely did not feel a thing! But, here, now, do you feel Me nudge you? Do you feel that little poke from Me, making a dimple in your cheek, making you smile a little bit?

Don’t you know you have been serving Me right along? What did you think you were serving? Perhaps you didn’t even know you were serving at all. Perhaps you have downplayed yourself. Perhaps you thought you were a vagrant, passing time, not doing anything at all. Perhaps you thought you served the god of riches in the world, the god of ambition, a self-serving god of some kind who raced through your mind and to whom you gave obedience, yet, beloveds, you have been working for Me. You have been in a fog, and now the fog is clearing, and now you sing My song exultantly. I hear your singing. Soon the whole world will hear your singing, and My song will be known, and everyone will sing it, and you will hear it better than ever before.

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