Mike Quinsey Channeling his Higher Self 24 February 2017

For me, sometimes it’s just easier to listen rather than read. So, instead of posting the usual written article by Mike Quinsey, I decided to post a YouTube video of his channeling.

There are several YouTube channels that post videos of channeled material and I decided to post a link to Mario Gattoaladino’s channel which has numerous postings in many languages other than English. Mario’s channel generally posts videos using a female voice, which I find easy to listen to. 

Additionally, this message spoken of by Mike is a powerful one and is worth the time to listen to. 


Preparing For First Contact-8 Multidimensional Energy Streams – The Arcturians | Suzanne Lie

“We the Arcturians wish to send this Transmission to Earth. We see that many of you are beginning to remember how YOU create your reality. Therefore we wish to remind you that three powerful tools of creating your reality are your state of consciousness, your perceptions,and your attention.

The focus of your attention is very important, as “Where your attention is, there you are also!” There are things that you want to put your attention on, and things that it is best that you ignore. Your attention is your conscious awareness. Thus, the reality on which you place your attention becomes the reality that you have chosen to experience.”

Continued …

Original source here @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie.