God gave you All that He has and Is at the moment of your creation.

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God’s plan for humanity’s collective awakening is unfolding PERFECTLY! It was created at the precise moment that you chose to experience separation and independence from Him, because He knew that once you experienced such a state you would immediately seek to return home to be once more and forever in His divine and infinitely loving Presence.

The thought to separate from Him was insane, because He is All, there is only God, and there is no place, space, or possible alternate environment beyond or outside of Him. You knew that, and yet you chose to build an unreal and illusory state of existence as an exercise in using your free will, just to prove that you could. It was a little (only a little) like the teenage rebellion that most human children express as they believe themselves to becoming adult NOW! You of course have infinitely greater power than human…

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Time is unreal and makes no demands!

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As your collective awakening unfolds before your very eyes – CELEBRATE!

Yes, it is unfolding right now, in the only moment there is, the eternal moment of now. You do of course know this, because when you allow yourselves to be aware you are aware that everything you think, say, or do is happening now, the only ‘time’ in which it could happen. It’s just that NOW keeps on continuously renewing itself without ever a break, that is what now is – NOW! Within the illusory state of material form, of which time is a major component, it flows constantly, whereas in Reality it is eternally stationary. That is a concept that is very difficult for you to imagine or to accept, and yet modern physics at the highest levels of research has found that this actually is the case. It is quite shocking to realize this because it is…

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Love in action is being massively demonstrated all across Planet Earth.

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As you have been told so often, and increasingly frequently over the last few moths, humanity’s collective awakening is proceeding precisely on schedule, as divinely intended, and is indeed now very, very close. To be prepared to embrace this wondrous event make sure you do not forget to take quiet time out at least once daily to just be, while holding the intent to be a channel or conduit through which God’s love can flow most abundantly out through you to embrace every human presently incarnate. Each of you incarnated to do this at this moment in the awakening process simply because you generously chose to assist in adding massively to the energy of Love enveloping the planet. You are now bringing it to maximum effect as Love continues to nudge or even shake people out of the dream state, the illusory sense of separation from your infinitely loving Source.

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The divine Will is also, and in every moment, your will.

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All are Love. All were created from Love, and there is NO OTHER INGREDIENT! All are One with God as in “I and my Father are One.” And all do know that Mother/Father/God is Love, and that therefore all of you are also Love, and that there is absolutely no other possibility. If you, in your human ego-driven forms, can accept that divine Truth and then choose to allow Love into your hearts so that you feel It, you will move most positively toward a full knowing of that one eternal Truth – thatLove Is!

The sense, the intense experience of separation from each other, that is a major aspect of being in form as a human, has caused everyone without exception to be severely traumatized, because separation from Source, were it even remotely possible, would cause total terror, because it would mean your personal eternal extinction! The unreal

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Not even one sentient being is in any way unworthy of Love.

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Humanity’s awakening is truly imminent! In fact it is happening now, even though there are no reports of this most wondrous event on any of the media to which you have access. The media, and those who control and direct them, wish to distract people’s attention from this astronomical outpouring of Love that is embracing all of humanity, and their intent is to keep focusing on drama, pain, and suffering so that people will be encouraged to align with these negative and physically draining feelings and emotions. However, this ‘censorship’ cannot and will not in any way at all disrupt this event, it is divinely directed and will, therefore, blossom beautifully just as God wills. No other outcome is remotely possible.

If you feel yourselves being drawn into the negative energies of resentment, anxiety, or fear, that others may be expressing, then call on your support team in the non…

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Let go of any doubt, anxiety, resentment, anger, or fear.

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Today we are going to address issues that are of major concern to many of you – time, waiting, doubts, and anxieties. We have been informing you for some time now that your collective human awakening is extremely close in time. And it is! But your experience of time is somewhat variable within the illusory game in which you are engaged as humans. Many of you as small children could not conceive of becoming adults because such a state appeared to you then to be eons away in time. Now, many of you, especially those who are in old age, are wondering where the time went! So avoid focusing on the future, on what may happen, or on what you hope will happen, or on what you sincerely hope will not happen, because to do so is a big distraction from living, and can provide you with no meaningful answers…

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You are all divine beings whose true nature is LOVE, and NOTHING else!

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As the collective human awakening process rapidly approaches fruition, there is much happening around the world that would appear to indicate that the levels of conflict and corruption are increasing. This is not the case. What is happening is a massive release of information about the enormously corrupt practices that have been ongoing for all of human history, and which those in power have done their utmost to conceal – until very recently they have been very successful at doing this – and which they no longer have the power or support that they need to continue doing so. This has naturally led to an inordinate explosion of anger and resentment among the vast numbers of people who have been so deceitfully misled, and an intense desire for justice through criminal indictments of those involved at every level, followed by judgment and the imposition of suitable levels of punishment.


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As you know, separation from Source has never occurred.

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As the year of 2022 draws to a close you are all well aware of the enormous numbers of experiences and events that have occurred, many of which were neither happy nor uplifting, and which have mostly served to increase the suffering that so many worldwide are undergoing. However, this growing awareness of the unnecessary but sometimes intentional increases in suffering is effectively leading to a major release by large numbers of people of the ingrained, judgmental, and unloving intentions and behaviors that have plagued humanity for a very long time. It is the time NOW for each human to release all within them that is not in complete alignment with Love, and this is happening. The numbers of you who are finally realizing that judgment and competitive thoughts, words, and behaviors never resolve conflicts, but only increase their frequency, are growing rapidly as the insanity of these sorts of…

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Vastness is of God, because He is All.

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Today, like every day, is a very good day. Days are always good, it’s just how you choose to experience them that changes. Change and uncertainty are major aspects of the dream or illusory state in which you spend most of your ‘time’ during your lives in form. It’s unavoidable because you do need to attend closely to what being alive as a human means and then behave in a manner that aligns with your interpretation – life is dangerous I must acquire the means to protect myself and my loved ones; life is good as long as I pay attention and remain alert to my environment; life is difficult because it is far too often throwing me a curve ball; and so on – and, of course, you can always alter your interpretation, in fact you often do as new information comes into your awareness.

Part of the game…

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All is well, humanity is awakening.

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Doubts are arising for you who are reading or listening to this, and of course for many, many others. And I can fully understand why they arise; it appears that you have already been waiting a long time for humanity’s collective awakening, a wonderful event that was seemingly promised for December 2003, and then again for 2012 . . . and still you wait. It is, quite understandably, very frustrating, and reduces your trust in us here in the non-physical realms whose only intent is to assist you all to awaken NOW!

Hang in there, it really is coming to fruition very soon, even as you continue to experience the unreality and confusion that is time in your illusory but very painful and frustrating dream state. Keep trusting us as you have been doing and are doing, because you do know deep within yourselves that to do so makes complete…

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