To awaken is to remember and rejoice.

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Here in the non-physical realms we continue to watch with joy and admiration as humanity continues to move most positively forwards on its rapidly accelerating path to awakening. Yes, your progress is accelerating, even though to many of you it appears to be moving at a snail’s pace! There is so much unraveling now in the world of form as ever more whistle-blowers come forward to report on deceit and dishonesty in the work place – multi-national corporations, governments and their agencies, the media, etc. As a result people are finding themselves unable to continue to ignore so-called ‘conspiracy theories’ as it becomes ever more obvious that they are not just wild and crazy theories, but reports of extreme misbehavior that need to be investigated so that the perpetrators can be called to answer for their actions, and so that honesty and transparency can be established where corruption has been…

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Your Oneness has never been in doubt.

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All is well, humanity is awakening very rapidly, even though perhaps that does not seem to be the case as you see and hear all the bad news in many areas of your planet on which the MSM and the social media continuously focus their and your attention. Place your trust where it belongs, in God, and in your own brilliant intuition where He is constantly offering you love and guidance. You know that you need to do this, and yet you allow your egos to fill your minds with ‘what if?’ thoughts that serve only to cause you anxiety, or even fear. You, every single sentient being, are at all times, in every moment present in the divine Presence from which it is impossible for you to be separated for even the most fleeting instant. You are One with Source – but asleep and dreaming that you are in…

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You are not in form to save the world!

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All are One, you know that, and yet you have difficulty accepting the truth of it – your egos are at work here distracting you – and thus you find it difficult to feel that you are One, to feel Realitywhen you take time out to connect. It truly is a question of trust. You need to trust that you will connect when you settle into your quiet contemplative or meditative state, and then allow yourselves to feel the connection. When you set the intent to connect you always succeed, but, because of your doubts, your ego-driven sense of sinfulness or unworthiness, you do not allow yourselves to feel or experience the connection, and you then assume that it has not occurred. The One, M/F/G, Source, and your support team members here in the non-physical realms have connected with you – in fact there is never a moment when you…

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You are never alone, although it may often seem that you are.

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All is NOT as it seems! There is much going on in the spiritual realms as humanity moves ever closer to its collective awakening. So do not be alarmed by the chaos and confusion that is being reported by your media, because all is moving forward most splendidly in preparation for your grand and illustrious awakening. It truly is extremely close! Many of you are finding that hard to believe, as you have, for a number of years now, been hearing that same forecast, while at the same time all across the world conflict and confusion appears to be increasing. And, as many have explained, to awaken is to become fully aware that there is only Love – nothing else is necessary – and in that state of Love – your natural, unchangeable, and eternal state – you are told you will be in Joy, interacting creatively and harmoniously with…

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There is only Love, therefore YOU are Love.

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We are rapidly approaching the moment for humanity’s collective awakening. I know that we have already, and frequently, talked about the imminence of this most magnificent and wondrous event. This is because it is essential to keep you ready to respond instantly as it happens. You all know that time is an aspect of the illusion, and is therefore illusory, unreal, and that there is only NOW. So continue to expect it to occur very soon, NOW, and continue to set the intent to be always loving whatever may arise in your daily lives, knowing that you are making it happen. That is why you are presently incarnate, you are massively assisting those who are deeply asleep to enter into and participate in your collective awakening process. The awakening of the sleepers is crucial, because M/F/G wants no one left asleep and dreaming, and your power to assist in…

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You have most effectively fooled yourselves about who you are.

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You are never alone! There is only One – and this is NOT a limitation! You, every sentient being, are One with Source always and without interruption; for you to be separated is impossible. However, by incarnating as a human each one of you chose to experience separation and amnesia. The separation that you are experiencing is unreal, illusory, and when you awaken the illusion and all its effects will just dissolve, leaving behind no trace or memory whatsoever.

The way lovewards, towards your awakening, isvia yourdaily periods of quiet and stillness within your holy inner sanctuaries, where Love waits constantly and most patiently for your invitation for It to embrace you. Because of your doubts about your worthiness to enter into the Presence of God you have placed a shield, a veil, a faint mistiness between you in your human form and the Oneness with which you…

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Without even one of you Source would be incomplete.

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We are, as we keep reminding you, very, very close to your collective awakening. Therefore it is essential that you maintain your daily practice of setting the intent to be only loving whatever arises during the day, and to open your hearts as channels or conduits thus allowing and inviting Mother/Father/God to direct their immense energy of Love through each and every one of you to each and every human – without any exceptions whatever – to bring your collective awakening to its most magnificent moment of fruition. The plan has been set, the NOW moment has been chosen, so continue to do your parts extremely consciously and conscientiously, and as you do, Celebrate! Your awakening is inevitable, so celebration is utterly and completely appropriate, it intensifies the awakening energy flow and arouses joy in all who are awakening.

Yes, to awaken is a free will choice that each individual…

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In God there is no judgment or condemnation.

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Many are presently experiencing uncertainty, anxiety, and even extreme fear as unexpressed but deeply felt emotional conflicts arise within them, seemingly in response to the worldwide divisive confusion being constantly reported on news and social media. This is the final stage in the karmic release of eons worth of ‘stuff’ that is not in alignment with Love, and which must be acknowledged, thanked, and freely released before your collective awakening. The intense intent to be only loving whatever arises, that so many are now embracing, is permitting this massive and necessary eruption of ‘stuff’ all across the planet so that it may be thanked and rapidly released.

Love is your nature, and that is becoming apparent to increasing numbers of people, thus greatly assisting in revealing the very large number of loving communities that are forming worldwide with the basic intent for all to awaken, accompanied by the intent to…

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The universe did not arise from the Big Bang by chance.

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Life is an ongoing creative explosion of Love! In the physical realms at present the explosive nature is readily apparent, but the Presence of Love is not as clearly visible, felt, or experienced. However, this is changing. Many who have been unsure, in doubt about Love, Its Presence, and Its meaning are growing in awareness that It is the only sane way with which to engage with life and with ‘others,’ in so far as there truly are no ‘others,’ there is only One.

It is becoming clear to many millions that the physical environment in which you live your human lives is not, and never could be disconnected from even one of you, and that your complete interdependence needs to be recognized, welcomed, and honored. What you have perceived, in this modern age since the industrial revolution, as resources to be mined, harvested, tamed, and controlled solely for the…

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Practically everyone who incarnates forgets that they have a spiritual purpose.

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Love is everything, only there is NO THING! Love is ALL, and ALL is pure energy in abundance, boundless, limitless, and in infinite profusion, bountifully providing for all your needs and desires. As humans experiencing the dream/illusion of separation this does not appear to be a valid statement, because in form limits are normal, to be in form is to be in a state of limitation. In fact in today’s world limits are endemic, prevalent, sweeping, and leading many to wonder how life on Earth will be maintained when you come up against the major ones that finally prevent further expansion, as demands for clean water, fresh food, and energy appear to be very rapidly indeed outstripping your ability to find new reserves to satisfy your human earthly needs.

But, as your life in form is simply a dream from which you are awakening, truly there are no limits, they…

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