Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – February 3, 2023

As events unfold it is becoming apparent that it is going to take some time before things can settle down, the effects are clear to be seen and a worldwide change looks inevitable. There also has to be a coming together of all countries so that the eventual benefits are for all concerned. However, the hardest thing seems to be getting an agreement between you all as politics seem to rooted in advantages for self and not to the advancement of all people. Sooner or later there has to be a coming together as time is not on your side as you need to really get started and down to some serious thinking and cooperation.

Much of which you have taken for granted is suddenly being scrutinised and reassessed as to whether it is appropriate for the future. Consequently there are decisions to be made that will determine whether your present actions or intentions are sufficient to bring about the changes that are needed. At this point in time you must set your directions in such a way that the results will elevate you onto the next level. The old ways are no longer appropriate and the sooner you envisage what is needed to propel you forwards the less hardships will be entailed.

It is sad that at a time when you are experiencing all kinds of obstacles, the dark Ones have unleashed their weapons of mass destruction destroying the country of Ukraine. However, they will not succeed in their efforts to create a Worldwide War, as such aims are of the past and will not be allowed to happen. Be assured that those responsible will be called to account for their actions, and punished in accordance with your Laws. Looking to the future those responsible will learn their lessons and eventually turn to the Light. Every single soul is treated alike and given every opportunity to do so.

Your interpretation of Universal Laws is somewhat out of touch with reality, but where it is harsh and imposed out of revenge it causes great harm and resentment. Punishment should be aimed at rehabilitation as all souls can be lifted out of the abyss of despair, if still considered as Human Beings and treated accordingly. Rarely is any soul beyond reproach and rejuvenation, and is brought back to a level of understanding where they realise that their salvation can be achieved through sheer determination.

You would be surprised how much time and effort is given to help the stragglers to open their eyes and minds to the truth of their being that is all around them. Each lifetime they are presented with the opportunity to follow a different path, as every soul is considered worth saving and no effort to do so is spared. The most heinous souls that put no value on life except their own are still worth saving and the time it takes is of no significance. Outside of Earth time is not set as yours is so your concept of it is not really relevant. There is as you might say” all the time in the world to put things right” so there no urgency involved.

Even although you live on a planet of low vibrations it does have its bright spots when you momentarily experience harmony and happiness. Fortunately there are many souls who have brought the Light with them, and see beyond the darkness and negative actions. The mixing of souls at many different levels causes its own problems which is why more advanced souls tend to find others who resonate similar to themselves. It is not necessarily a conscious decision but “like attracts like” because people feel comfortable with things similar to themselves.

Life is meant to be fulfilling and a happy experience but at your level such things are normally fleeting experiences. However, by living your life in a positive way and helping others along their path where you can, much happiness and satisfaction can be achieved. That is why we give you every encouragement and help to stay positive and help others where you can. It will give you great satisfaction and pleasure to know that you have helped another soul on its way. You may not seek rewards but they will come through attraction to your higher vibrations.

Your hardest tasks are likely to be in your personal relationships as before you incarnate your life plan will cover the experiences you need. It means that some will be very trying and stretch you to the limit, and it will be intended to help you evolve. It is the same with friends but normally your relationship will not be so intense. All in all you will meet many people during your life, some stay awhile whilst others may be just fleeting experiences. However, each is like a building brick that should lift up your vibrations, thus helping you to evolve.

A good lesson is to “do unto others as you would have done to yourself” thus giving and receiving by being aware of the Oneness of all life. Sharing is an important aspect of life as you have many opportunities to help others that are in need, but there is clearly a limit to how much you can do, so share your kindness and generosity sensibly. What goes around comes around, is a very good expression that tells you in other words to be careful and if you look after yourselves sensibly you will have the best defence you can muster.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – January 27, 2023

It is clear that the world cannot get out of its present troubles without making major changes to the way it operates and it would be futile to expect that you could return to the old ways of working. Many of the happenings come about because it is clear that you have to move on and introduce new improved ways of living. The flaws in the old ways have become evident and cry out for new ways that take you forwards as you prepare for the New Age. Matters are not helped by the changing climate or threats of a global war. Much has to be done to bring peaceful changes into being that will lead you onto a new path, one that will incorporate advancements that will benefit all upon earth and give them a better quality of life.

There are many changes that are already lined up that hitherto have been delayed or blocked. The opportunities for advancement must be allowed to bring mankind into a period of focus upon co-ordinated moves to get a sensible and controlled state of change. It obviously requires all countries to support a new approach to your world problems without politics getting in the way. You are one world poised ready to start anew and bring hope and joy to everyone who has suffered war and its after effects, and those who have had the foresight to see what is necessary to make much needed progress. It can be done and be assured that once you start on such a path we will help you.

You hear stories of likely world events that could decimate your planet or even destroy it, but it is fear mongering by the dark Ones, as you can be assured of your safety and that of Mother Earth’s and that is a firm promise. Natural changes are a different matter and usually you get adequate warning before any life threatening occurrences, and we oversee such matters on your behalf. From a scientific point of view you are of course aware of dangers that might come your way, and with adequate warning from us you know that you will be safe. With our technologies we know of likely earth events well before you do, and we can help to avert the dangers to human life.

Dear Ones we do not stand around and simply observe you and your Earth, but keep a very close watch on what is taking place so that matters do not get out of hand. Certain necessary changes that are beneficial clearly must go ahead and inevitably there will be dangers to man and beast alike. Change is the key word at this time in your lives and it will cause a lot of upset to many people but we have to say that in the long run it will have become worth it. Events upon Earth largely add up to a plan of which you are unaware that is in place to ensure that Ascension takes place. Nothing or no one will be allowed to interfere with it as it has been decreed by the high and mighty powers that oversee your destiny.

You can help matters to move on in an orderly fashion by being positive and focussed upon what you perceive as a bright future. The effect of the actions of the dark Ones will become less and less, as the expanding Light continues to lift up the energies and transmute those of a very low vibration. Time continues to be speeded up and you cannot have failed to notice it on a day to day basis, when there never seems enough time to do what you want. It all adds up to a great change taking place as the Earth has entered a new area in space, and so it will continue until all of the lower vibrations have been left behind at their appropriate level. It is historically recorded that it will result in a 1000 years of peace before they are let loose again.

Every soul upon Earth has the same potential except their plan intends they should experience more of the lower vibrations. It can be for karmic reasons but once they have completed that experience they will regain their higher position. Believe us that your experiences are arranged with your needs in mind, but of course you still have freewill so the final outcome is up to you. It is all amazing when you consider the number of people that will enter your life that may to some extent influence your actions. No wonder we emphasise your need to follow your life plan that should have become apparent to you as you progress through life.

The ability of Spirit to guide you and your life so that you benefit according to your life plan is truly amazing, when few really understand how much guidance you receive. Of course at all times you still have freewill but planned important events in your life are organised to ensure you have that experience. If you go off track and so to say lose your way, much help is given to get you back on line although you have to answer for karma incurred. If a soul is particularly troublesome and makes little headway then their next life will cover those needs again, and one would hope that your experience gives you the strength to overcome your weaknesses. Realise that your life Is never wasted as even if you go astray you are still learning that you are responsible ffor your actions.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – January 20, 2023

The uncertainty about your future that you have been experiencing has caused you to take a long look at the value of continuing in the old ways. It is becoming apparent that you cannot carry on as before, and already people are recognising the need for change. You have been deliberately held back for a very long time by those who believe in service to self. However, with the rising vibrations an awakening has been taking place, and it will be your guarantee that the future will be somewhat different and more acceptable to what you are experiencing now. It will be more in line with your needs and desire to fully enter the New Age and enjoy the benefits that it will give you.

So what can you look forward to that you do not have now that will lift you up. Certainly a more peaceful life as entities of the lower vibrations will gradually have less power or even opportunities to interfere in your lives. Eventually they will cease to exist at your higher level and peace will at last descend upon your Earth. It is not as far away as you may imagine but first you must deal with the problems that are currently causing you so much grief and even pain. You have to realise that you are all responsible for putting matters right and that comes from the result of your many lives and the karma involved. Again we stress that it is not punishment but simply putting right that which has led to your present predicament.

Go about your work with your heads held high as you achieved your upliftment through hard work and determination to succeed. So much has been at stake and to your credit you have found success by overcoming the challenges that have confronted you. In time you will be able to look back and see exactly how you fared and faced up to them. Be assured that you are far greater through your experiences and will never lose the advancements you have made. Your experiences will carry you forward never again to have to tread the same paths.

You have done the hard part that will enable you to get through the remaining years leading to Ascension. It has been a matter of self-control and determination to achieve your goal, through your dedication to your life plans that have been carefully arranged to ensure you had every opportunity to be successful. We applaud you for your tenacity and determination to follow your life plan, when in fact you were not necessarily aware of what it was, but were equipped according to your needs and as always had your Guides on hand to assist you.

You might ask where do you go from here and there is no easy answer as whilst the future is mapped out to ensure your continued evolution, the path you choose to get there is your freewill choice. Fortunately, there are leaders amongst you who have a firm belief in their future role, and will make sure they work to it and will help you. There are of course obstacles and challenges all along the way but the plan will eventually work out to your advantage. However time is an important issue and milestones must be achieved within a certain time period. We are with you to help in every possible way and ultimately you will be successful.

In isolation many of you despair at the thought of what is to come, as there is no real indication of what is happening that would point to a new period of life that would be more acceptable and put an end to the activities of the dark Ones. It will come without a doubt and the seeds are already coming to life as planned and will eventually bring lasting peace. It has been that way and nothing will change the final outcome. Keep that in mind when doubts arise and be sure that everything will work out well in the end.

Those of you who are ready to ascend should forge ahead knowing that there is little to worry about, and most of you will have a welcome future that is assured to be peaceful and fulfilling. Life is intended to be a pleasant experience and an opportunity to expand your knowledge of the real world that has been deliberately hidden from you. You will also learn the truth of life in general and understand about the abundance of it all around you. The truth has been difficult to find whilst on Earth and has held you back. How nice for you to know that the truth cannot be hidden from you much longer and that eventually you will be freed from your imposed prison, and learn the truth about your isolation upon Earth.

You have much to thank Mother Earth for as we recently mentioned. We say again, you have a wonderful future to behold and a freedom to travel where your curiosity and desire to learn takes you, both on and off the planet. Yet a purpose still remains as you gain experience that will continue your evolution according to your desire to evolve. You cannot really stand still as opportunities will always come your way to further your experience. The cosmos awaits you as fully fledged traveller in Space.

Many of you are old souls helping those who need an experienced soulmate to show them the way home. There is an innate urge inside you that drives you along, to find that elusive path that leads you ever higher in your quest for knowledge and experience. Everything you will ever need lies ahead of you and you will find it as you continue your search for the truth of your being.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – January 13, 2023

A Light is always at the end of the tunnel and the question is how quickly can you reach it and that is down to you. How quickly can you center yourself with the Light and keep your focus upon it whilst you are rising up in vibrations. It sounds easy enough yet all of the time there are distractions that sometimes can be difficult to ignore. Success comes with a positive outlook and ability to keep focussing upon your goal. Many of you have already successfully maintained a strong position, and are able to keep calm regardless of what provocation you experience. You are the living proof that it can be done and once you are on that path and acknowledge our presence, we come to you with our guidance and protection.

Our influence is far greater than you may imagine and we do protect all of those souls who are of the Light. We play by the rules whereas the dark Ones are a law unto themselves. It may seem that they have an advantage that is true up to a point, but be assured that the Universal Laws still apply to them. Ultimately they will have to answer for their actions, and their return to the Light will be a very hard lesson. Naturally the Laws apply to all souls but those of you who have lifted yourselves up will be unlikely to lose your way. Your Guides as with all souls are always working with your best interests at heart.

Most of you have had many, many lives in this cycle and through those experiences have evolved and fully deserve this “end of cycle” opportunity to leave all of the old vibrations behind. Your reward is to never have to return to the lower vibrations, and so to say be able to spread your wings with much more freedom to follow your heart’s desire. You will be the master of your choices and have the freedom to decide where your next adventures take you. The “prison” that you called Earth will also be freed from the responsibilities placed upon it, having supplied all of the opportunities needed by the Human Race to evolve.

You have a lot to thank Mother Earth for and she has now commenced to clean up and has sacrificed much to allow your freewill actions that have destroyed much of the planet. Yet it can be put right quite quickly by means of technologies of which you have no real concepts. For a start there is more than one Earth and those of you that are ascending will go to one that already exists and is ready to receive you. It will be in pristine condition having been prepared in advance for you and you will be over awed and stunned by its beauty.

So do not allow yourself to be pulled down by the experiences of Earth, because what you have been seeing is the unsuccessful attempts of Man to accept the responsibility of looking after the planet and the life forms upon it. The vibrations continue to rise up and slowly but surely the dark Ones power is diminishing, and be assured that they too are evolving and will continue their experiences on another planet prepared for them. Realise that nothing happens by pure chance that has any bearing on Humanity’s future, there is a greater plan of which you are probably unaware. There is too much around that has the handprint of God upon it to account for all things that are wondrous and of utmost beauty. Think on a greater scaler than ever before and be prepared for many revelations as you steadily move into the higher dimensions. Everlasting peace will soon be within your grasp as the vibrations continue to rise. Most of you whether incarnate or not are being given the opportunity to ascend and that day looms large and will come in most of your present lives.

With chaos and much unrest around you it is hard to relax and not be distracted from your objectives, yet the more peaceful you can be you are also helping others to be the same. The energies within your aura stretch out quite a long way and people around you can sometimes pick them up – so they are helping to introduce the “feel good factor”. At the other end of the scale many have experienced the opposite energy that feels cold and uninviting. If you could see auras you would get another indication of high vibrations with beautiful harmonious colours and gentleness. The opposite is very off putting and unpleasant to feel.

The people are very resilient and have the strength to get through present problems having survived many obstacles to make progress so far. The older generations have additionally experienced the effects of a World War and handled it admirably and are all the stronger for it. The Human Race in general is very adaptable and able to survive the most pressing situations such as the current crisis. It makes for a brighter future when changes to the “normal” bring Humankind a new outlook more suited to their needs.

If you could see the potential for the future you would not have any concerns about it so press on with full hope and expectations, even if you cannot yet see it coming. Every cycle at some time has to end and make way for a new one and you are at that beginning now. Be assured that all of your experiences will have been well worth it. A lot of old karma is still being cleared but the end is in sight, from which point a great leap forward will take place.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – January 6, 2023

I hope you all enjoyed a restful pleasant break and like many people look forward to a more peaceful and fulfilling New Year. The threat of expansion to the Ukraine War hangs over us, but greater powers than ours also try to direct it in such a way that a resolution will soon be found. It should put an end to the war altogether so that permanent peace can settle upon Earth. From my understanding it is apparent that we have moved onto a new time line that has a more settled outcome and a peaceful conclusion. By concentrating on it you will help it to manifest and lessen any possibility of the war escalating and causing a worse scenario.

Baba Yanga a Bulgarian who died on the 11th August 1996 aged 84 years old, was a blind Mystic and Clairvoyant who had an amazing record for the accuracy of her prophesies that were proved 85% correct. At times like this people look for some reliable indication as to what the future holds, and many quote from her prophesies that cover the immediate future. She claimed to contact the “dead” and spoke of the coming of 1000 years of peace as have many before her. She also foresaw official contact by ET’s after a period of 200 years.

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year. Mike Quinsey.


6th January 2023. Mike Quinsey.

We are pleased to see the world at large celebrating the New Year with hopes and wishes for a peaceful outcome after experiencing a return to the bad old days of warlike actions that threaten world peace. It is a difficult time for you in not knowing what the outcome is likely to be, so far the major powers are sabre rattling but holding back from initiating an escalation that could lead to a world war. We for our part go as far as we are allowed to without direct interference, hoping our influence will enable a peaceful solution to be found. The higher energies of your prayers and wishes for peace in your New Year celebrations has helped to commence the year with hope and love for your future and all Humanity.

Try to keep calm when all around you are getting embroiled in the battle for peace. Be assured that even when a small number of you gather together to send out positive energies of love you have a great effect far beyond what you can imagine. On a higher level you are winning the conflict and so it will permeate down as it overcomes negativity bit by bit. Every little effort you make helps to eventually achieve the peace and harmony that you seek. Conditions upon Earth seem far removed from the future you seek but be assured that it may be hard going, but in the end you will be victorious as it is your destiny, and each incarnation will endeavour to expand your level of true knowledge.

Understand that the Law of Attraction has no way of discerning whether energies are positive or negative and simply responds to your thoughts and prayers. It is therefore very important that you give your energy through the love of Mankind and not for negative reasons. It is possible to discuss such matters without energising negative aspects that happen when people start getting annoyed and angry. The dark Ones feed off negative energies which is why they encourage wars. Fortunately there is an energy for change amongst the people who have tired of continual conflicts and disregard for their well-being, and they are beginning to demand a change in leadership that will focus upon peace. Unfortunately, the despots and others that favour warlike actions are loathe to relinquish their power but will eventually be forced out by the people.

Your general experiences show how difficult it is to run a country when politics are dominant and controlling according to the doctrine of each party. Even when a Leader is elected who has total control, there is no guarantee of fair and honest policies that are not biased in one way or another. Money appears to be the dominant factor and can “buy” favours that may not otherwise be given. You have much to sort out if you are to reach a level where honesty and fair dealings are the normal way. It is all facing you and begs the question, what are you going to do about it to create a fairer society. The World is crying out for real leadership that recognises the true needs of the people it was appointed to represent.

There are many decent people amongst you who understand what is needed by you to establish a fairer world. However, because many prefer “service to self” they are not favoured when it comes to being appointed to represent their country. Given time it will have to change but first you have to sort out the troubles so that there is a clear pathway that offers a solution that helps all people and not the favoured few. You now have more multi-millionaires that you have ever had who will no doubt claim it has come from their own hard work, that is fine but is it helping the world as a whole, as money should work for the betterment of the people. Obviously some Millionaires do make their wealth work for the people yet much more needs to be done if Man is to rise up again in a fairer society.

We offer our observations hoping they may inspire people to participate more in supplying the needs of the people. After all they are the backbone of society and have a lot to offer by way of experience. How you solve your problems is a learning curve for you as it would not be as beneficial if we did most things for you. Indeed it is quite the opposite as we give every encouragement for you to find your own solutions. In your quiet moments we can come to you and often do so that we can pass on thoughts and ideas that may help you make wise decisions. Some of you who are more sensitive often feel us around you and that is not your imagination. More direct contact takes place when you are out of the body as in your sleep state but few remember it. However, you will nevertheless have possibly received help from that contact to overcome some problem, or sought some general help or advice.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – December 16, 2022

I recently came across a very uplifting message by Ronna Herman. I have taken an extract as follows because it answers many questions regarding our past and future, explaining how we came to be on our mission that is now ending. It is appropriate at a time when so many souls are unsure where Humanity is heading, and struggle to get through such testing times. This extract will give you a boost and the strength to boldly carry on knowing that all is well.

Extract from Archangel Michael’s message through Ronna Herman May 2003.

“You are in the process of finding your way back to the “love of the sacred heart,” which is unconditional love. Love with conditions became the norm as humanity sank into the density, and from these negative thought patterns all other self-limiting concepts sprang forth and became your truth. Now is the time to reverse, release and restructure your present reality, a new reality that encompasses all the lessons in mastery we have given you over these past years. We have given you ways to monitor your thoughts and still the mind in order to reprogram your sub-conscious and conscious minds with higher wisdom from your Divine Self. We have helped you to bring the multiple minds of your chakra system into balance so that once again they are working in harmony, one with another. Any wonder you are at war with those around you, for you have been fighting a losing battle with yourself for such a long time.

As you begin to experience peace within the mind, you also begin to experience joy and bliss within the heart, for they are inexorably connected. It is time for you to release all those concepts that do not support highest, most-empowering vision for the future, for whether you believe it to be so or not, each and every day you are becoming more powerful and co-creators. Just as in the drama that is being played out on your planet today, there was a time in your ancient past when you when you, too, stepped forward, saying, “I am ready to serve” You left the beauty, safety and comfort of your homeland and journeyed out into the unknown. You spent many hundreds of years as you count time preparing yourself for your mission, and you were tested over and over again to see if, indeed you were ready. You took an oath and agreed yourselves to be diminished in Light, wisdom and power to whatever degree necessary by fragmenting your wondrous Self, over and over again in order to fulfil your assigned task. Your loved ones wished you well and watched you go with great sadness, but with pride welling up within, for they knew you were going forth on a great mission mandated by our Father/Mother God. They knew that you would be away for a very long time, and they also knew that you would forget them but they would not forget you. Now the members of your spiritual family are sending you beams of Light from home, love letters telling you how much you are missed and that it is time for a spiritual reunion of monumental proportions.

The cosmic trumpet call for the battle to end has sounded and it is time for you to return to your true estate as a fully-fledged Emissary of Light for the Creator. A new assignment is being offered to you, an assignment that requires you reclaim all of that which you left along the way on your descent into the material realm of reality. As you move forward you are being reunited with your spiritual family as well”.

16th December 2022. Mike Quinsey.

Another year comes to an end very shortly one that many of you wish to see end, yet know that there is more upset and distress to come with no end in sight. It is forcing people to look again at how they run their lives and how their actions may be affecting other people. Everything seems to be under scrutiny, and it is highlighting those aspects that need changing to lift up the quality of your lives. By your thoughts and actions you are laying down a path to a new way of living that incorporates many advances that are already known to you.

Looking back few can really be satisfied but no doubt pleased to have the opportunity to bring in desired changes. The old ways are inadequate and not in line with your vision of what you believe is needed to give Humanity a great lift. We are certainly on your side and encourage all efforts to make progress. Naturally the Ukraine war is a stumbling block but should not escalate or last an unduly long period. But Russia is reacting like a wounded animal and lashing out at all around them. We cannot allow it to grow out of control and are authorised to take suitable action to do so. We try to influence those who are able to change the outcome so that there are opportunities to bring the whole sorry episode to an end.

The people of Earth are strong willed and do not give in too easily, but stay firm in their beliefs. Many of the older generations have already been through a lengthy war and tire of the continual conflict between nations. It is however changing and circumstances will bring nations closer together, and the move to peaceful co-operation is growing. It has to come before you can move on and benefit from the new way of life that is waiting to reveal itself. Dear Ones, do not give up and instead be part of the movement that will grow and grow until its demands are actioned upon.

It will come, it has to because you are in a changing world that is offering you that opportunity and we know it will not be turned down. We see a year ahead that offers so much and it will happen to raise the vibrations upon Earth. To what extent we do not know except that there is a plan for your advancement and it is up to you to take it. It is a matter of degree because many souls will advance through their own determination and positive approach, regardless of the general conditions around them. It has always been so but of course the difference now is that is that every effort is being made to enable as many souls as possible to seize the opportunity to ascend with the rising vibrations.

I thank Kees de Graaff and Rob van Voorst and our tireless workers at the heart of everything, their work goes worldwide and that is a credit to the team that is behind what has been and still is a successful operation. Thank you dear friends everywhere.

I wish our team and readers alike a happy end to the year and a bright future for the New Year 2023.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – December 9, 2022

Humans have not experienced such big problems in their lives since the last World Wars. In some ways it is worse as they affect everyone in some way or another, and the prospects for the immediate future look very bleak. It seems that the worst is still to come yet knowing so you can do little at this stage to avert it. The whole World seems to be in a turmoil and people that are amongst the poorest face a very uncertain future. There is a lack of people that are needed to deal with various problems that have arisen, also a lack of food and even water that comes about through an extended drought. Man was ill prepared for the extent and depth of the problems and many organisations that are mostly funded by private donations are overwhelmed by the size of the demands upon them.

We for our part stand by you trying to direct you in such a way that you use your resources to their best effect. We realise that the demand’s for help exceeds what is available at present, but hopefully things can become more organised as time passes to give even more help. Most countries only have limited resources to cover such unexpected demands. We help in our own way so as to ensure the maximum help is gained from the resources you have. We also try to keep your weather under control so that it does not add to your troubles.

The great changes you are experiencing will force you to look again at the way you live and already some changes have taken place. We try to influence you to take a path that will give you the best advantages. We see the potential outcome in the long run and a clearing out of the old ways and adopting the new. It will result in a much better life for you all and enable your feet to be placed upon the right path that is most beneficial. You have yet to make use of the free energy around you, and how welcome that could have been at such a time when the cost of it is spiralling beyond many peoples means.

There are many souls that have incarnated at this particular time to use their knowledge and experience to help see you through the changes. They are active and when their work is acknowledged it will help to spread it for the benefit of all people. There are others with useful skills that will help you overcome the immediate problems that have arisen. Realise that we see the greater picture and can identify what your needs are going to be. You get more help than you imagine but at present you are overwhelmed by problems that seem to be mounting up quite quickly. Modern methods are speeding up your actions but often it is lack of people who can assist with the immediate problems.

What you have been finding out lately is that some of your methods are outdated, but fortunately those with the knowledge to help are within your reach. At an appropriate time they will help you and save you considerable time and sometimes money. We want to see you safely come through these difficult times and create a path to even greater developments. It is all there and waiting for you and will be given at the appropriate time when those who are able to do so will find you, advancement nearly always happens this way.

The average person has little knowledge if any of the activities that take place behind the scenes especially at a time like now with so many problems facing everyone, people need encouragement and help to overcome their anxiety. We try to convey a feeling of certainty for your future that will be much to your delight and very acceptable. The New Age beckons with its promise of a happy and peaceful life and we assure you it will be so. You have come a long way to reach this point in your evolution and will soon reap the rewards for your achievement. You have passed through some really testing and tough times and here you are now within reach of the final stages in preparing yourselves for a great leap forward.

On Earth you are but a reflection of your real selves as you are prepared for each incarnation according to your needs to see you through that particular lifetime. It means that all other souls are prepared in the same way, so it cannot be easy to judge another one. Sometimes your lives are like an ongoing story, one chapter is for a particular experience and so forth meaning you acquire useful knowledge that will see you through them. From your present life you will carry the knowledge gained with you unlike earlier ones when it was erased from your memory, but it can nevertheless be recalled if necessary. In other word’s you normally start life with a clean slate that is necessary so that you are not distracted and can concentrate on the new one.

To help with your evolution you each have a life plan already agreed that helps you have the experience you need. You also have Guides who help you keep on your chosen path and can also keep you out of harm’s way. So, help is always there when you need it even although you may not be aware of it. Much is done during your sleep period when you leave your body to meet up with others such as your family including deceased members. If only people knew so and accepted it, so much sadness and sorrow could be avoided.

Your spirit family often comes close to you especially if you need comforting and are sensitive to their presence and “feel” them around you. They sometimes do things to attract your attention just to let you know they are with you. For example they will move things around although Earth bound souls will do much the same to attract your attention, but some are of the lower vibrations and simply become mischievous. It is possible that you will see souls in spirit just when you are dropping off to sleep or just awakening and it is usually only momentary. As the vibrations continue to rise up there will be more people experiencing contact with spirits, and when it is family or friends, they will try to make themselves known in some way.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – December 2, 2022

Our interest in your future goes much further than you might imagine. You are going through a series of necessary changes to ensure those of you who are getting ready to ascend continue on that path. We are aware that some of you were taken back by the forceful nature of recent messages, but that had become necessary to ensure you fully understood the importance of the present time.

From our position we know that many souls have been surprised at our forthright approach to getting the message out to you, because time is passing so quickly you need to be aware of how important it is that you understand the critical times you are in. We felt the need to spell out the precarious situation the whole world is in so that you would appreciate the need for your attention to detail. The coming period is one of the most demanding you will have experienced, and you are not yet aware of what is to come. Do not fear change as it is in your best interests as the old must make way for the new and it will all be to your liking.

The important thing to remember is that you will get through these tough times so take the changes in your stride and be prepared for a period of tough decisions. We have kept the damage to a minimum to enable you to cope and will continue to oversee future happenings. We will not allow matters to get out of control and encourage you to help others in their times of need. Can you put aside your personal needs for the greater good of all so that Humanity has a better chance of getting through the immediate challenges it faces. One good turn does deserve another and in the time of excessive demands upon your resources they need to be fairly shared around. The poorer nations do not have the backing to overcome the demands upon them, and their people suffer the most pressing needs for help. Again we try to direct you in such a way that you give priority to the most needy by helping where you can.

As you must have realised by now, the weather has also been affected by the changes and some of the animals are on the move because of them. They are more susceptible to them than you are, and in particular where it has caused changes to their food supply, so naturally they will move to more suitable areas. The climate changes are also affecting your normal food supplies in some areas, and is resulting in near starvation. It is a growing situation that is going to need some rapid action to avoid unnecessary deaths. Be assured we act behind the scenes to encourage you to take the right action. We will never standby and watch needless deaths and destruction but sometimes we cannot “interfere” in matters you have brought upon yourselves, and that is karma.

We are in fact pleased to see that more and more of you are giving of your time and even help financially for those in need. By doing so you in effect enable us to assist you that gives us great pleasure. Sometime in the future you will all see and understand how much difference your help has made. We have the greatest sympathy with you and fully understand the trauma and pain many of you have to go through. Fortunately it will soon be forgotten once you see the difference your efforts have made. At heart we know how much you care for each other and fully understand the difficulties you have to bear. The dark Ones still try to influence your actions but are getting less successful as positive energies gain strength and power. The news is normally too one sided, but by being positive in your actions you are forging ahead regardless.

Your planet is guarded so as to ensure there is no major interference to the greater plan for future. There are extra-terrestrial ships surrounding your planet that keep other curious visitors away. You are at a most important stage in your evolution that every precaution is being taken to ensure what you would call a “happy landing”. Exactly how you will do it we do not know except success is guaranteed in one way or another. The threat to destroy your planet has been nullified and you are safe with our protection. After all we are children of the Supreme Creator on a seeking journey that has led to this point in time. We are One except that passing through the lower dimensions has dimmed your memories as to your real self.

Even miracles are coming within your capabilities as the vibrations rise up and your creative powers increase. You are great souls having an experience and understanding of the lower energies. We commend you for your determination to overcome the challenges that you have faced. Many of you have overcome the attempts of the dark Ones to pull you down and keep the truth of your real Self from you, and have tried to stop you from learning about your true origin amongst the stars. In the near future you will learn the truth about your origin but not just now.

Feel good about yourself and know in reality you are great Beings who elected to experience lives in the lower vibrations, always knowing that you would never be deserted by those given the task of advancing your evolution. We have always been with you and as time passes and the vibrations lift up, we shall be able to make a more direct contact with you. Some of you know us well and converse with us during your sleep period and you can sense when it has taken place by waking up with that feel good feeling.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – November 18, 2022

As time passes it is becoming obvious that the period you are going through is bringing about changes that will affect your whole way of life. Most of them will be seen as bringing about very acceptable changes that will make life a lot easier. However, it is relationships between the different countries that will need to bring about a greater coordination that is beneficial to all concerned. Bear in mind that as one Human Race there must come a time when you work as one unit where the benefits achieved are open to everyone. The population upon Earth is growing very rapidly and will become unmanageable unless there is a coming together to share the resources of Mother Earth.

For too long you have had different levels of existence from the very poor to the very rich, and it is necessary for the riches of the Earth to be shared in such a way that all may live in comparative comfort. Medical issues also need adjustment so that all may have at least health provisions that ensure people have a decent standard of health. You already know that it is necessary if you are to have a population that has the means to deal with medical needs to ensure they are healthy. You already have the knowledge and means to achieve it so there is no real problem preventing you going ahead. The expectancy of life varies from one country to another and is largely down to medical issues that can be overcome by raising living standards.

You have all experienced various lives at many different levels and deep down you know what it is like to live in deprived countries where even life expectancy is much less than elsewhere. You are all brothers and sisters and need to care for each other and help those that often need help just to survive. They are rarely responsible for living in such circumstances and their quality of life is very poor. Until recent times they had little in the way of education and clearly that is a stumbling block to making progress. We really do not need to emphasise the point we are trying to make, but until these problems are dealt with you cannot really claim to have made much progress.

Your technological advancements are massive and should be used to generate a better standard of living, whereas much is kept secret and used for ulterior motives. When you are given help by us to progress we intend it to benefit all souls upon Earth and not be held back for a privileged few. We say again, you are one family and should live accordingly so that all people have a reasonable standard of living, as upon Earth there are sufficient resources to achieve it.

As the vibrations continue to lift up you will find life will become easier as the negative influences will begin to lose their power. Those souls of the Light will be empowered and able to do good works without as much interference as previously. It will enable better opportunities for those who are involved and progress will be much faster. Clearly there has to be what you would call a parting of the ways and ultimately that will occur through Ascension. It should be the aim of every awakened soul so that they are ready to ascend and leave the lower vibrations behind.

Your path is beckoning and as long as you keep it in your sight you should not have any problems in achieving completion. You have incarnated at this time for the very reason that Ascension is due to take place very soon. The exact time is only known and controlled by those higher forces that oversee the events on Earth. However, an approximate time has been given that is around 2029/2030. It is obvious that this time scale means there are many changes to come in the near future.

However, there is no need for you to worry or be concerned about your immediate future as it is set to help you achieve completion. Indeed, there is so much help available you cannot really fail unless you go completely off your life plan. We will always do what is permissible to keep you on the right path. Your success will give us great pleasure to greet you in due course and there will be great celebrations at your wonderful achievement.

We have been with you all of the way and at your elbow so to say, and your success is shared by us. You have had a hard journey but to your credit have stayed the course to arrive at this point in time. We know the tears you have shed and enjoyed the good times with you but the best is yet to come, so keep going and never look back as you have nearly completed the course much to our delight.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – November 11, 2022

Things around you seem to be moving faster than ever and your main concerns are the climate changes that are affecting your daily lives. Some you can deal with, but others are happening on a worldwide basis and need an equally quick solution. Your whole future is in the balance yet if you take action that is needed now there is no reason why you should not be able to keep matters in check. The alternative is a situation that will be left too long and beyond your current abilities. Words are fine but action is needed now to hold back the inevitable outcome leading to world problems of a great magnitude. It has taken time for you to realise that you are facing a crisis of such proportions, that only a combined and coordinated effort by all countries will change the outcome. We stand by and through the power of thought hope to see a response that indicates you understand the seriousness of what is taking place.

Seeing the overall picture and knowing what you need to do to deal with it, we hope those with an eye to see what is happening are listened to and taken seriously. Time is on your side for the time being and we are impressing upon those who will listen to the right way to approach your problems. On a higher level nothing will stop the progression of those Beings who have shown themselves to be ready for Ascension. However, the pathway forward can be less troublesome and made easier if you recognise what is required from you at the present time. Cooperation between countries would result in a better outcome as bear in mind that worldwide problems are too big to be left to just one, it would be too overpowering.

We know that efforts are being made to reduce the use of energy sources that are creating problems, but speed is of the essence. You are beginning to recognise the implications of what is taking place and the people are also becoming aware and look to their Leaders for action, as so many lives are already being affected. The people are very concerned as they do not feel sufficient attention is being given to the problems seriously affecting their lives. You have the means to overcome the challenges that you are experiencing making the leadership of the people so vital and important. When you show willingness to get things done, we are allowed to help you in various ways, but the first moves must come from you.

Know that any situation can be used for your ultimate benefit and that is where we come in and ensure that no opportunity is wasted to advance your evolution. After all, when you come into a new life there is always a plan that you have agreed that ensures there are opportunities for you to continue evolving. The whole set up is very complicated as you would understand it and it is reliant upon many souls playing their part to the “script” so that all involved gain experience and advancement from it.

For example, your parents, relations and friends are all linked to you in some way, and together you all play your parts in each other’s lives. It may sound impossible to guide the outcome, but if you were on our side of the veil with a greater perception you would understand as we do. Your evolution is considered so important every possible step is taken to ensure you progress. Naturally there are some souls who are obstinate and single minded who have little or no interest in their future and rarely believe in life after death. In such circumstances upon their death, they will become aware that they are still conscious but have no idea of what they should do. Help will of course come when they are ready to awaken to the idea that they are still alive after the death of their physical body.

It must be mentioned that in between lives when you are in the higher realms you do normally gain an understanding of how your evolution is planned, and a review of your previous lives. Very few carry that knowledge with them upon reincarnating as the focus is upon the next life when it is best that you start afresh. However, some souls are aware of previous lives, and it is usually given to them so that they have knowledge needed to fulfil their next life plan.

As individual souls you are given tasks that are no more than you are capable of handling and can cope with that are within your abilities. You would be born with certain links to talents needed to enable you to carry out your life plan. So you see that many events in your lives are pre-planned and arranged for you at an appropriate time. Exactly when is sometimes reliant upon other souls coming into your life. From this you can see that major events are planned for you, and if necessary involve several other souls, and so it goes on until you finally reach that point when you ascend, and that is to be the experience of many of you very soon.

In view of the importance of this lifetime that for many will be their last one upon Earth, it is vital that they use their experiences from previous lives to see this one out, by helping others understand what is at stake each time they reincarnate. There is nothing better than talking to others from your own experience and understanding.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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