Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – May 13, 2022

There is still a way to go before there will be any signs of normality, and even then it will be a new way of experiencing what was normal for you. However, all changes will be for the better so as to place your feet firmly onto the new path that awaits you. Everything has to start somewhere and it is no mean task to do so without overwhelming you. As you see the benefits from the changes you will be eager to participate in them. Be assured that the old will be considered cumbersome by comparison and the net result is that you will have more time to follow for your own desires.

The war in the Ukraine will be the last one and bring countries together who resolve never again to participate in or allow another one to take place. The futility of such actions and the waste of life have been totally unnecessary when matters could have been dealt with peacefully. Man has a long history of failing to learn from world wars but there must come a time when the absurdity of such actions is recognised. The big powers must get together and resolve never to start another war, and eventually disarm to show their intent and goodwill. It only requires strong leadership and the intent to get things done.

The people of Mother Earth could live in peace and happiness, and feel secure and safe in their own homes. Defences against intruders from outer space does not necessarily mean weapons, but deterrents can be protective means that shield the Earth from attacks. You can be certain that the technology already exists and requires the cooperation of all countries to be successful. All you need now are leaders who are far seeing into the future to realise what can now be achieved. Think peace and you will be helping bring about permanent peace upon Earth.

Presently you have a major problem with inflation and seem unable to control it, and it will get worse before it peaks. There is a lesson to be learned somewhere in this situation but will the powers that be learn it. Be assured there are people being influenced with ways that can lessen the effect of inflation, but it will take time before they can intervene. The lesson is not to return to the same position as before but overcome the problems for once and for all. It simply requires the will to do whatever is necessary to ensure it is permanently overcome.

The people have been used to “tightening their belts” but can lose heart when those who control events on Earth seem incapable of controlling what is happening. Hard times require hard decisions and the sooner the problem is overcome the quicker life can return to normal. People are used to hard times but in peaceful times do not expect draconian like events to dominate their lives. We on our side of the veil will do what we can to get you to make the right decisions that will minimise the problems you face.

We oversee your progress as always and are on hand to help you within the scope we are allowed. We want to see you come out of this difficult period with a better future set up than previously. We know you can do it and give our support and help. We have a vested interest in seeing you successfully come through these testing times as we are as keen as you are to see you rise up into the higher vibrations. It is your destiny and in one way or another so be assured that you will get there.

You are in a unique situation as you are being prepared for a new experience, one that is given in peace and tranquillity to bring you joy and happiness. By then the dark Ones will have gone onto their path, destined to bring retribution for their many misdemeanours. You do not get away with anything and at some stage will have to answer for your actions. However as we often point out, there is no punishment but simply a way of experiencing the result of your actions. It will be presented in such a way so as to give you an understanding of the effects upon the victim.

Many of you will have passed the time of incurring karma and lead your lives with every consideration for others. Once you reach this level it would never occur to you to carry out actions that would be negative. It becomes a frame of mind that maintains your desire to be gentle, fair minded and compassionate. You might be surprised that when you have reached this level, how easy it is to maintain your peaceful approach to life.

Everyone wants a happy life and one that is fulfilling. You have an opportunity to enjoy such a life but first the present problems must be overcome before you can really enjoy it. At present the Earth abounds in so much negativity that it is difficult to see an end to it. But it will come so start being the new human now and be ready to focus on your goal. This way you will not be distracted by what is going on around you although it will not be easy. It may mean being more selective where your friends are concerned but you will know when to stand back and simply be an observer.

Nothing of any consequence ever happens without good reason whether it is positive or otherwise. So when you continue to read of the war crimes know that it is karma for all who are involved. Sometimes souls get involved who are present for no other reason than to ensure the war goes a way that will lead to less death and destruction. As sad as it seems there are lessons to be learned that only come the hard way. Cruelty on one side has to be cleared, and be assured that those involved will “feel” everything they have handed out.

It gives us no pleasure to mention wars and the result of them, but the truth must come out if people are to accept it as a way of making such actions known. In time it will help to stop a recurrence as people refuse to participate in any form of negative actions. It is certainly heading the right way as the vibrations continue to lift up. There will be very subtle changes and in the long run it will become apparent.

The changes to everyday life will continue for a long time, but there will be an end to the difficulties you experience of that you may be assured. But give it time and you will notice that the changes are introducing the new and leaving the old behind.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – May 6, 2022

Here is an extract from Kryon March 2022 message “Do you belong to the 1% world population that awaken humanity”. It is a look into the future that is not far away.

“The next step past the wisdom barrier enhances those very patterns of consciousness that you are going to discover as part of physics that close the door. When the rules of physics are applied in certain situations you can control what happened, it’s the same in consciousness. When you reach a point of understanding the physics of consciousness, how it works and the mechanics, the distribution of it, the spiral delivery that is going to make sense to somebody. You shut the door and the things that have visited this planet cannot anymore, and those places of darkness that would want to come is endplay with your consciousness, because it is at the teenage level of physics and cannot get in”.

”The Pleiadians are jumping up and down because they know what happened, it is almost an exponential evolution if you want it to be. One thing leads to another, it builds upon itself you do not have to start all over every single time you are born. You come in with the factors that you learned before and build upon them, and it’s going to change everything, and then when the physics are revealed you will understand why there are machines that can work with consciousness, but you are not going to need them for long.
How many generations are required, Kryon?
I am not going to tell you the reason is I do not want to give you a set up that will spoil the party, because every single planet has had its own time cycle of the delivery of this through their own free choice”.

”It has already started, you are at the wisdom barrier. Once you are at it I would like to tell you that the track record of all the planets that have reached it are the same, they all move forward, every single one. You threw a switch and nothing can stop it – Oh it will try. Humans interested in old ways like the kids on the playground who do not want to grow up, they will flail and bully until their last breath but they will awaken in a world and they have not got a chance to do it again. We are talking about the benevolent factor, the wisdom barrier. These things start to work to the Laws of Consciousness of Physics in ways that you will indeed figure out, creating increased DNA percentage activation. Creating generation after generation, eventually of a human being who can create things out of nothing, who have control over physics which is of a lower kind, the highest kind of physics is consciousness, and it can control 3D physics any day. All of you are going to be there to see it”.


6th May 2022. Mike Quinsey.

The turmoil continues upon Mother Earth with no immediate signs as to where it is going, yet the very nature of the changes are destined to lead you onto a path that will bring you the final peace upon Earth that you desire so intensely. There are factors of which you are unaware at present that will pave the way for major changes that will speed up your transition to a New Age. We have often mentioned them because they are a major part of every ones future. There has always been a plan that is controlled by the higher Forces of Light, and it will ensure that progress is made accordingly.

Keep in mind that your future is to achieve your path to Ascension, and providing you keep your focus upon it there is no reason why you should not be successful. It has always been part of the plan to advance your spiritual growth as part of your preparations. It is a normal stage in your advancement that has been used many times over and over. Successfully following the Path of Light will assure your Ascension, and leave the lower vibrations behind that have served their purpose.

It is your destiny to return to the Light from whence you came, yet that is not the end of your journey but only the beginning. It is the commencement of freedom of choice and spiritual advancement. It is a big responsibility but destined to give you the experiences you need to be successful, never to have to return to the lower vibrations again unless by choice. These advancements result from your successful effort to overcome the influences of the lower dimensions, that have done their best or should we say their nastiest to hold up your evolution. They have depended upon humanity providing them with the lower energies that are their life force. But that is no longer the case as many souls have now advanced through self-control and are leaving the old vibrations behind.

We hear you ask how can you uplift your vibrations when the lower ones are all around you, and we advise you to follow a positive path. It means keeping focussed upon your goal and not be distracted by what is going on around you. If you get involved and you are experiencing negative events, simply leave the situation as soon as possible. If for reasons beyond your control that is impossible so you cannot do so, remain calm and do not become involved. Place a golden band around yourself for protection and leave the situation as soon as possible.

Of course your Guides will in any event oversee your experience and within the guide lines that apply, will do all possible to help you to take the right action. Such experiences will begin to become less as time passes providing you continue to uplift your vibrations. Old habits die hard and it may take time to reach the necessary point of self-control. It is like all things in life, if you don’t at first succeed try and try again. You have a saying that practice makes perfect as you are undoubtedly aware and never a truer word has been spoken. You have a golden opportunity to leave the lower vibrations behind for once and for all time, so take it.

In reality you are all very experienced souls and you have much to look back upon that will strengthen your resolve to overcome whatever problems cross your path. You have had so much experience that subconsciously you know you have the strength and ability to overcome whatever confronts you. You have come a very long way over many, many lives and you should be well equipped to handle whatever problems you face. Be positive and assured of your own ability to handle whatever stands in your way to create a clear pathway to Ascension.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – April 29, 2022

The dark Ones gambled unsuccessfully on being able to take over the Earth and its inhabitants and nearly succeeded. They spent enormous amounts of money to produce a “killer” virus and released it to result in a worldwide pandemic. The results of such an action have led to many deaths including those souls with weak immunity systems. It could have been considerably worse but for the intervention of the Light Forces who oppose them. The overall effects of it have caused great problems on a worldwide scale, be assured that help will be given to overcome the problems that are already beginning to lessen, due to the precautions being taken to stop it spreading.

Some hard lessons have been learned and shown where you need to improve matters. Fortunately, you have taken the appropriate steps to enable a stronger response to the virus, and the people in general have responded by doing their part taking appropriate precautions. Much is being done on a voluntary basis to ensure the virus is under control. There has been so much to do and you are being successful due to your efforts to contain matters, and as always we stand in the background to observe your actions and help where it is applicable.

The trying times you are in are a good measure of how much you have evolved and to what degree you helped others less well-off who struggle to live a normal life. Compassion and help is needed more than ever as so many souls are suffering from lack of the basic needs to survive. There are always those who rise to the occasion but many more are needed to spread the load. Such trying times bring out the best in people and draw them together. We tell you so many times that you are all One and should treat each other accordingly. The continual pressures placed upon you are intended to keep you under control by the illuminati, who do not want you to awaken to your true potential or evolve. It is their way of keeping you from awakening to the truth but it will be to no avail as progress will continue in spite of their actions.

There has never been a better time than now to seriously consider what you want for your future, because as the vibrations continue to lift so will your level of consciousness increase if you allow it. You are in a unique time as the Light is increasing and will give you the opportunity to decide in which direction your life is going. An awakening is occurring that will make you realise that there is more to life than you have been led to believe. You have a future amongst the stars because you have the potential of an extra-terrestrial being. The changes that are coming will lead you down that path if you so wish as your freewill choice.

Break out of the mould you have been placed in and know that you have a great potential and abilities. You have for too long been held back and subdued by those entities who have been running the world for a long time. As we have mentioned on many occasions, you are dumbed down and prevented from reaching your true potential. In reality you are all great beings fighting to be allowed to express yourselves as you really are, and more of you are aware of it. It is time to break out of the mould you have been placed in and find your true selves.

Dear Ones, we tell you more about your true potential because it is the right time, believe in your capabilities to expand your level of consciousness. Truly you have the potential to do whatever is your heart’s desire for the future. Your friends from outer space draw nearer because they know that in the very near future the time will be right for first open contact. For a long time they have overseen your lives, and guided you so that each life has been beneficial to your spiritual growth.

“Reach for the skies” is an expression you use and is most appropriate at this stage in your lives. You are not destined to be earth-bound and you will travel the skies as you explore the Universe. It may sound unlikely but understand that you have been led to believe you are bound to the Earth, and that it is your permanent home. You have much to look forward to in the near future so think in the most expansive way.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – April 22, 2022

David Wilcock is a respected Author and Speaker who has stood up against the efforts of the Illuminati to block his videos that align with the aims of the Alliance. He is extremely intuitive and for this reason I have no hesitation in quoting from his message “End Times” given in 2020 as hereunder.

“The present period will be the last time our civilisation that will be in the third dimension. The World goes through a holographic transformation caused by a wave of Light. A city will materialise above Earth in the sky that has already been seen by Man many times, it is on a different level of vibration.

There will be a 21 degree pole shift and it is the times’ end and there will be a spiritual transformation as predicted in the Bible, see Matthew 13:12.43. It will be the day of enlightenment. You will have a luminous body and experience the Resurrection. It is predicted exactly the same in the Muslim Book”.


22nd April 2022. Mike Quinsey.

Dear friends, the changes cannot come quick enough for most people, so as to put the current period and all of its negativity behind you. It is a testing time even if you are only an observer of events happening all around you. Yet without being directly involved you are learning from the experiences of others. You are seeing the outworking of karma that can be hard to bear, when you are unaware of the events that have brought it about. Often karma is cleared through the experience of “like for like” as it is necessary that a soul fully understands the result of their actions.

Your sympathy and understanding can enable you to accept the consequences of a souls negative actions, knowing that they are never expected to accept more than they can handle. They will understand the reasons for a certain course of action that puts them in a similar position to one they have been responsible for. All souls go through a similar period in their life, and it is intended to open up their consciousness to embrace the reality of their experience. Once lessons are learned they do not normally have to be repeated.

Freewill is fine but it comes with a great responsibility to manage your life without imposing yourself upon others. It goes as far as accepting negativity without responding to it except in a positive way. There is no loss of face to simply “turn the other cheek” to one who is negative or hostile towards you. It is best summed up by seeing yourself as a good example of how people should behave towards each other. There is no sense of weakness to walk away from situations that are not to your liking. In fact you leave people with a strong impression of how they should react to provocation. Understand that when you are working for the Light you are protected. It means that you can walk into “trouble” without fear by being calm and positive. In this way your presence can help calm things down. Fear is the emotion that is hard to control, but you must overcome it if you are to become a beacon of Light. Your Guides will certainly help you through such experiences.

Be assured that by living the Light you will overcome any obstacles on your path and lift others up who can benefit from the experience. It may all sound difficult but practise makes perfect, and if you are genuinely trying to raise yourself to a higher level you will get help to succeed. Once you have attained it life will progress more easily and to your liking and be most enjoyable. It is all in preparation for your Ascension and elevation into the higher realms. By now you should have realised what an important time you are in so do not miss this opportunity to face the negativity. Be assured that a joyful and happy time awaits you that will completely leave the lower vibrations behind.

In a situation that looks as though matters are taking a turn for the worse, you can be sure that there are plans from your Guides already in place to quickly overcome the problems created by them. There is much more help around than you might imagine and your “unseen” friends in the higher dimensions are always with you ready to give guidance when it is called for, and sometimes what seem to be miracles do occur. You could rightly assume that such events are unusual but depending on your karma will so to say be allowed. Much depends on your life plan and how well you are progressing with it.

It should be reassuring for you to know that you always have many friends with you who delight in having contact with you, and most likely meet you when you are out of the body during your sleep period. Much can be planned this way and it is most likely you will have a “feeling” of such a contact without being able to recall the exact details. By now you should realise that you are looked after and protected so that nothing shall interfere with your work unless it is preordained. However, your freewill determines the reality of your experiences that have to be allowed, but clearly if they are not in your interests you will be influenced to change your mind. Your wishes are normally observed so as to avoid interfering with your preferred choice.

You have been down this path before and each time we do our best to help you achieve a satisfactory conclusion. In this period of much confusion and negativity you need all of your determination to hold your position as a Being of Light. You help lift up the vibrations by your mere presence and ability to maintain calmness in all situations. Even your voice will be reassuring as it also carries a positive energy.

Never doubt your abilities to bring peace to any situation, your positive energy is much more powerful than you probably imagine. Your aura as a Being of Light I most likely to stretch up to approximately 5 metres/15 feet around you, which explains why many people love to be with you without realising the reason. It is a healing energy that makes people feel good to just be around you. It is not uncommon for people to be attracted to you without realising the reason for it. The vibrations are increasing now and in general terms they are beginning to have an effect and given time they will bring complete peace to your Earth. Mother Earth herself is also helping to bring about the major changes and is so to say, cleaning up the mess of centuries of wars and misuse of the earth itself. Even now the “cleansing” is unavoidably causing problems due to the extent of the damage caused by Man. Fortunately, along with your Space friends rectification and renewal will not take as long as it would if left to you.

We can accurately forecast how long it will take to restore Mother Earth to her pristine condition in readiness for her Ascension. However, it will take a more peaceful situation to be achieved before completion is in sight. The beauty of Earth needs to be seen worldwide to appreciate how wonderful it is with its myriad of different countries with contrasting topography and animal life. You have a wonderful Erath that is not really appreciated and taken for granted.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self and every soul has the same connection.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – April 15, 2022

The unsettling times continue and it must be realised that you cannot continue to war with each other if you ever want to see lasting peace. There has to be an end to the use of force to get your own way. However, we know that it is easier said than done but there must come a time when permanent peace is called for and accepted. We say again that wars never solved any problem and simply make matters worse and harder to deal with. The war to end all wars seems to have come and gone a number of times and it is the people that always have to pay the price. They have a voice and will be heard eventually and acted upon to end all hostilities.

The sorrow and the pain wars cause is never worth the satisfaction of winning as it affects the loser and winner alike. A new leader will arise who will speak with determination and willpower, to bring in the changes that will settle the issues that are holding up a peaceful conclusion. When the acceptable changes will take place is uncertain but the energy for it is present now. As it grows so it will gather power and become so strong that it can no longer be ignored. There are numerous changes coming that will set your pathways on a course that will completely alter your lifestyle for the better.

At the same time the power of the dark Ones will have been curtailed and prevent them from having so much influence over you. The Alliance will gather more strength and continue to dominate the negative forces by making them weaker. Be assured that although you do not get to know much through the Press, mass arrests are still taking place which is helping stabilise your society. There is so much happening right now that is laying down a new way of living and the redistribution of wealth. So whilst you are not normally informed of such happenings be assured that you will hear of major changes in due course that will be very acceptable.

So whilst you may feel that life has little future for you change is being planned right now and cannot fail. By name the “New Age” will come to you and fulfill its promise. The dark Ones will have lost their powers to control your lives, and those responsible for misinforming you about the purpose of life will no longer be active. The new cycle you are in promises a truthful version of life to come that you will find very acceptable, peaceful and satisfying, and the thought of living a longer life will be eagerly accepted. Realise also that as the vibrations lift you up, so the negative energies will slowly disappear because they are unable to exist at a higher level.

It is difficult to convey the wonderful changes that are coming to you, because you have not yet experienced the higher vibrations. Words cannot always convey the whole picture and whatever you imagine will fall short of the truth. The power of thought will be a most enjoyable energy and that by itself will make such a difference to your life. A whole new vista opens up for you where everything is in a state of perfection, colours are much brighter and alive with energy, and nothing appears to age everything is immaculately clean and in pristine condition.

Realise that in the lower vibrations matter has difficulty in keeping its form which is why it disintegrates more easily. Yet mankind has made a great effort to raise the vibrations and is at present learning how to extend life. However there are limitations to what you can achieve but as time progresses you will have more success as the vibrations will lift up. To be able to think things into being is useful. It must all sound difficult to comprehend but you will have ample time to get used to new abilities.

The more of you who keep sending out good vibrations are helping raise them. Not least of all you are lifting up your own and the higher you get the more protected you are from the negative energies. You may not necessarily be aware that your Guides can also come closer to you to help you with their guidance. Naturally you first have to seek their help and it is always available to you. It is never forced upon you, as you can only learn from your own choices and mistakes. The only exception is when you are going against your life plan which has already been agreed. Keeping you on your path can be difficult at times but there are many ways of getting you back on course.

Naturally life plans can come together where more than one person is involved, yet again by careful planning it is usually possible to get the right people together for the outworking of a planned event. It will not take you long to realise that you cannot escape justice and it can be carried over into your next life. You have freedom of choice yet because of the energies around you, however, future experiences will be in accordance with your agreed life plan. Because subconsciously you are aware of it nothing out of the ordinary would seem to have occurred.

We have to comment on the vicious outcome affecting the people of the Ukraine, it is hard to accept that all events are for a purpose that will clear karma. Often it is people experiencing in ways they have imposed on others, and not necessarily in this lifetime. Some people never seem to learn from experience and are unable to see that it is they themselves who are the cause of the outcome. You would be forgiven for thinking your life is out of your control yet it is very much orchestrated by you and your actions. Few people feel that they are under the control of others simply because events are arranged to suit your life plan, that you have already agreed.

Be natural, be yourself and wish for others what you would wish for yourself. The thoughts you send out are attracted by others of a similar energy. Likewise negative thoughts and actions also find others who are of a similar vibration. Think good of everyone even those you may dislike, and you will be helping them lift themselves up. A few people of a high vibration have a greater effect on many around them than they realise. Remember, like attracts like so choose your company very carefully. The wrong company can lead you astray and create karma for you. Dear Ones, we seek not to run your lives but lead you to paths that will lift you up, if you choose otherwise then we must allow your choice. However, we always encourage you to follow positive paths so you continue to advance along the most suitable one for your evolution.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – April 8, 2022

Events on Earth have brought about yet another consideration as to how things are best carried out. It is becoming clear that the old ways are no longer adequate for your needs to operate in a more fair and generous manner. It is also apparent that the people are rising up against the War Lords, and look for leaders who also want a peaceful co-existence. The bullies of Earth no longer have the support of the majority of people and their wishes will be fulfilled. It has to come as the New Age has no place for rule by fear or dictatorship. The power for change lies with the people who have much more influence than they realise.

Your destiny was mapped out long ago but because of your freewill, you have been allowed to make your own way to this point in time. You have a history of war and bloodshed and learnt the hard way that using force is never the solution to your problems. Whilst it is true that you have still evolved, the fact remains that you could have reached this point in time a lot earlier if you had learned to live together peacefully. However, you have earned the opportunity to move on to the higher levels, and those souls who are ready and vibrating the highest are assured of ascending.

It has been a long journey of many lives as both male and female that ensures you are a balanced being. That may not be realised by the majority of you but in the far future you will experience a new way of introducing another soul into your family. You will actually choose the souls who will join you. After all even now you are a mixture of male/female, although some souls tend to be much more inclined towards one gender. It may help you understand why some souls feel that they are in the wrong body, and is probably the result of having too many incarnations running as the same sex. Such problems only exist in the present times and will disappear in due course.

No experiences are without value and all help you build your character so that eventually you become balanced. As you evolve you begin to have more influence as to how your lives develop and what path you follow. At each stage you always have greatly experienced souls who guide you so as to gain the maximum progress. Your life may at times seem to have no real purpose but that would be far from the truth. No opportunity is wasted to help you move further along your chosen path. Naturally there are also souls who have incarnated to be with you as part of your experiences and they too have their Guides who are aware of your life plan and help it along.

You can go astray but sooner or later you will be returned to your intended path that you agreed upon before you incarnated. You could of course totally disassociate yourself from your plan but that would be highly unlikely. One thing you can be sure of is that by the end of your life you will have experienced the key points of what was planned for you. Between lives you will have discussed matters before you incarnated, and you can therefore be sure that important experiences will have been prearranged. So take all opportunities to experience seriously as it is most likely they will be intended for your spiritual growth.

You have family and friends and wonder what will happen to them if their consciousness has not been developed. As you may imagine, they are like any other soul that is simply experiencing life on Earth, but are presented with challenges that are intended to help them evolve. Their lives are planned just like any other souls except they are unaware of them, but their Guides are on hand to help them through them. In fact they will overshadow them to encourage the right approach to achieve a successful experience. People do not realise how much attention is given to them to help achieve the right outcome.

Some souls do not respond to the help they are being given, but in subsequent lives the same attempts are made to “wake them up” and given time they will usually respond. Spirit has unending patience but if ultimately the soul will not respond at all another course of action is taken, as no one is ignored or left on their own. So you see that every effort is made to help you keep on your path to completion, and few if any realise that once you have ascended you have no need to incarnate into the lower vibrations. In fact you eventually choose each lifetime and your life plan.

Can you see by now that the reality of life is so different to what you imagine and you will enter those realms when you ascend. Everything you can do to lift yourselves up will be well worthwhile as we could say that you haven’t lived yet until you do. You have existed in vibrations that are so low they have very little light, and that is apparent from the degree of negativity that exists within them. You who have lifted your vibrations bring more light into them that helps keep the negativity at a lower level. People often realise that you have something about you that makes them feel good and at peace with the world, while the reverse makes them feel uncomfortable and on edge.

Helping others is a natural thing for humans to do as they have an innate feeling of the oneness of all life. They see in other themselves and feel responsibility for their wellbeing. How wonderful it would be if all souls understood their connection to each other – like brothers and sisters in one big family. Yet it will gradually take shape as the vibrations lift up and each soul feels love for all others. Each soul can help achieve such a level by remaining positive and not giving their energy to others who would abuse it. However, just your very presence can have a profound effect on others that helps lift them up.

You are all now beginning to move out of the lower vibrations but it will take time to be acknowledged and it is part of the plan to lift you all up, and eventually into a period of true peace and friendship that will be lasting. You who have gone through so much deserve it and will no doubt appreciate it after all of the trauma you have experienced.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – April 1, 2022

Below is an extract from a message Kryon gave in 2014 telling of a Quantum event in your evolution that draws ever nearer.

“Your ancestors and you are especially here now, you are looking at a Quantum event in the Evolution of Humanity following the end of a 26,000 year long cycle. Why does biology act the way it does, what is it all these things are going to be revealed with one invention. It will be like the new radio of the future. It will be the revelation of finally being able to measure and finally see Quantum energy. You are in the Divine Feminine Age, this is the life that matters.

Love, healing and compassion, it is a new Planet finished. Inventions are delivered through consciousness at the right time on the Planet. DNA is changing and is different. Chemistry is different to what it was 1000 years ago. You are evolving and the chemistry will prove it. The savants (beings of great learning) are the children born without structure, you call them autistic. I will tell you that in their brain the structure of the third dimension has been removed. They are Quantum individuals to the maximum, they respond very badly and poorly in a three dimensional structure.

Some of them do not even want to put words together, because they do not understand one word after another. I want to tell you this Dear Ones, that it is a savant and that is what you would call Mother Nature, and we call Gaia and Spirit together testing the water of what is next a Quantum human being – and you would think it was a problem, well it may be Dear Ones to the parents here who have them, but I want you to look at them differently and know what is there, and what is happening. Spirit is already testing the water with an evolved DNA. How far can it go before it pushes it back and creates the new Human being less structured, one that will think conceptually (an abstract idea) and then quantumly, it is coming.”

1st April 2022. Mike Quinsey.

Common sense is likely to prevail in the Ukraine war, and as usual there is much bloodshed and slaughter and much karma has been cleared. Do not worry yourselves about such outcomes, as virtually all of those souls involved were well aware of their life plan and agreed it before they incarnated. By clearing it they will have evolved more than they otherwise would have done. Experience is the master of these lessons and found to be the best way to learn from them. They are harsh experiences but necessary to achieve results.

However, souls that have experienced negativity first hand never forget the lessons learnt, and it is by far the quickest way for them to evolve. They are treated kindly and loving for facing their karma and making it good by their positive reaction to the consequences. There is no shame attached to karma, it is simply a way of bringing a soul’s frailties to the surface when they are able to face the consequences and put matters right. Such experiences often make a souls intention much more powerful. All of your life you have faced challenges and testing, and it would be surprising if you were not stronger willed as a result of them.

The fact that you would have discussed your life plan before incarnating upon Earth and accepted it, means that you are not expected to be overwhelmed by it. Furthermore your Guides are always on hand to help you within certain limitations due to your freewill choices. There is also no pressure put upon you to do more than you feel able to cope with. There is always a life plan but it can be adjusted or even changed if necessary. No one is more pleased than your Guides if you clear your karma, as it is not a punishment but a very well tried and tested fair system to give you the experience you need.

Often karma involves your friends or family and you can work together to be successful in clearing it. There are many permutations where karma is concerned and your Guides will influence you to achieve the best outcome. Also remember that there may be a testing to see if you have learned your lessons, and be assured that if you have you will not have to face them again. Fortunately like attracts like and as you progress you will make new friends who are most likely to be on your level. Some ask is there good karma and of course there is, and as you earn it so you will enjoy the rewards.

You have a saying that birds of a feather flock together, well it also applies to humans as you are attracted to souls with a similar energy to your own. However, when it comes to the soul who is to be your partner you may be opposites, because the choice has already been made and in part that may have depended on your karma. Even your parents to be are chosen for you as in most cases they are a very important part of your life that helps mould your character. Again it can be a “wheels within wheels” situation where even your parents are part of your life plan. How about placing people together that cannot get on with each other yet have karmic ties, it can certainly can get complicated.

Whatever your circumstances part of the challenge is to overcome your differences, and that may mean some hard lessons may have to be learned. Take them all seriously and the harder you find it the more you will have gained if you are successful. You may in consequence realise that your Guides have a very important role to play and they will do their best to keep you to your life plan. Get to know them as the good friends they are and speak out your thoughts to them and acknowledge their presence.

You passed the marker of 2012 and will have since undoubtedly made good progress and in reality should be well on your path to completion in this lower vibration. You are on your way to a level where you will leave all of the negativity behind, never again to have to go through such experiences. We say “Well done” keep up the good work and soon it will be all plain sailing.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – March 25, 2022

The time has come to reflect upon what you want out of life, because your actions will speak louder than words. You are projecting an energy that creates a path ahead of you and attracts what is needed for it to become your reality. It is like being careful what you wish for as few realise the power in the spoken word. It does not take much to imagine what you are creating for yourself with negative thoughts, after all these also attract similar energies so be careful as to how you express them.

We have often pressed home the need to express yourself in a positive manner by using “I am” rather than “I wish” You may for example say “I am happy” in which case you will attract more happiness to yourself that is clearly desirable. Try to be positive in your way of expressing yourself and your needs. This will allow the energy to respond in its own positive way. Unlike the past the present time is vibrating at a higher level and can respond more easily to your positive utterances.

By looking ahead and preparing yourself for a gradual upliftment, you will be assured of remaining on your chosen path to Ascension, and take a wonderful opportunity to evolve beyond the lower vibrations, never again to have to face them. It is a state of mind and not nearly as hard to maintain as you may imagine. You may be assured that we will be with you all of the way, supporting you to help ensure your success. If you could already see the potential that lies ahead, you would resolve to put every effort into it to ensure a positive outcome. If you stray off the path do not worry as you can soon get back onto it.

Be assured that we are with you and will help you through the coming period, and will do whatever is acceptable without infringing your freewill. We try our best to influence you to keep positive and in line with your life plan. Having come this far we are pleased to be with you and be part of your progress. You have already done the hard part by passing the marker and there is no reason why it should not be plain sailing from hereon. Naturally the negative energies will still be around you and try to tempt you to go off course, but with a positive attitude and strength of willpower we say that you cannot fail. You are strong willed to have come this far and nothing can override your determination and self-will.

By your example you are helping others to be positive by your actions. It doesn’t take long for people to notice your calmness and happy outlook to life, and they will try to uplift theirs to achieve the same peace of mind. Humans in general are always subconsciously watching out for ways to enhance their own lives. They love to conform and be part of the pack, yet some individuals like to be trend setters. It is why young people often set the pace of change, as they come into life full of ideas that they want to introduce. Some are truly helpful and enable Mankind to move on as for some change does not come easily.

In your present time period the changes are speeding up and it is typical of the time you are in, there are advancements that are going to take you into the New Age. Much that is new is as you say on the drawing board and will take you into a new way of life and make it much more comfortable, and give you much more time for your own activities. The present time would hardly look as if it was the precursor for a better way of life, but be assured out of the confusion and negativity those committed to bringing the changes in will come to the forefront. They are waiting in the wings and once things have settled down they will appear.

In view of the trauma that many are going through at present the question arises as to why it seems to be so widespread. It is the great cleansing that must occur at the end of a cycle, and as unpleasant it is please remember that it involves each person’s karma. What you cannot know is why a soul has to go through such lessons, except that it is teaching them what it is like to be on the receiving end of a negative experience. Experience has shown that it is the best way to ensure a soul understands the consequence of their actions, so much so that they are unlikely to repeat them and they are still tested to ensure they would not do so.

Those of you who are making preparations for your Ascension have already reached the point where you no longer need to prove your readiness. You are leading the way and others will follow in your footsteps having seen how well they make progress. It really does become easier the further you travel along the road to completion. Nevertheless the dark Ones are still trying to stop your progress and will stop at nothing to try and distract you. However, you have proved your strength of character to keep on your chosen path.

Remember that regardless of the role you are playing now, in the course of the many lives you have had to face so many challenges. They are intentionally put into your life plan to give you the strength of character you needed to continue evolving. After hundreds if not thousands of lives you will realise that you have a wealth of experience that will carry you safely through the most intense challenges. Clearly as you have a strong approach to them and have achieved a successful outcome, there is no reason why you should not go all of the way to completion.

The plan for Humanity is going according to plan and if that sounds odd at a time when there is so much unrest on Earth, realise that the changes must come if you are to continue making progress. It has been quite a task to advance you so that the old ways can be left behind, as you tend to hold on to what you are familiar with and reluctant to change. Time is an important factor in your lives and more so in the greater picture that we see. However, we mention these things not to worry you as they are under our control. We will help you overcome the many problems that face you, but in the final reckoning it is you who have to do the work. Looking ahead we see a successful conclusion and that is all that matters. You have all worked so hard to make things happen because you have faith in us, and know that we are doing all we can to help you succeed.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – March 18, 2022

As you might expect the Masters have something to say about our present period of chaos and St. Germain asks us to “Trust the Plan” and Sanat Kumara tells us that we are in the middle of the transformation of human society and the reconstruction of the World. The goal is to moderate the greatest upheavals and prevent future trauma. Archangel Michael says Beloved Ones do not allow your selves to be distracted, yes by the chaos. Do not get caught up in the drama of white hats or black hats, good guys or bad guys. All beings are birthed directly from the Heart of the One.

More detailed accounts are held by Steve Beckow on his website Golden Age of Gaia.

18th March 2022. Mike Quinsey.

Without knowledge of the plan for mankind you cannot be expected to know what lays ahead, but be assured that actions are being led by the higher powers that oversee humanity’s experiences without usurping their freewill. You can help by remaining positive and not giving your energy to the negative forces by keeping positive and not getting involved with the negative forces. Use your understanding and knowledge to give strength to the forces working for the good of the planet and its people. The more you are able to hold your highest level of vibration the more you are helping the Light to overcome the dark energies.

We see the greater potential for success over the dark Ones, and you are well on the way to achieving the overcoming of their plans for control of the planet and its inhabitants. Already there are plans to help you restore Mother Earth from the damage committed through World Wars that still needs clearing and cleansing. We are ever by your side and await our opportunity to help you to successfully overcome the activities of the dark Ones. There is a plan to rejuvenate the Earth and restore it to its original beauty that is fitting for a planet preparing itself for Ascension.

We look beyond your present troubles and see a time when they have been overcome and peace has descended upon Earth. It will be a permanent change as you make your way along the path to Ascension. Present troubles will have been long forgotten with the assurance that the vibrations will continue to rise, to a level where the negative energies cannot exist. The dream of Nirvana will have come true and the nightmare created by the dark Ones faded into the dust of their making.

Our feeling is that an agreement will be reached that will put an end to the war in Ukraine, thus avoiding the potential for it to become more serious. The dark Ones had hoped that it would lead to another World War, but we have told you all along that it would not be allowed. Be assured that our influence and direct guidance will put your feet upon a path leading to total peace and happiness. It all takes time but it is important that you know of an acceptable solution to your worldwide problems. Again we stress that our help is permissible once you have made the decision to broker peace.

The changes cannot come too soon as conditions on Earth are causing many problems, they need worldwide help and a concerted effort by all nations to make good the damage and harm that has been caused over many, many years. The ultimate aim is to quickly restore Mother Earth to her original pristine condition and with the help of our ET friends it can be achieved in a much shorter time than it would without them. Having the assurance of being able to live safely and in relative comfort is a priority, and once achieved full attention can be given to raising the standard of living for all people.

There will be a much greater level of acceptance of the different customs and beliefs of the various religions that will be freely practised. The Human Race is one and a coming together will be a most natural development. We hope that you can accept the changes that are coming as they will birth a happy civilisation that can work together for the betterment of all people. The lack that you have experienced will become a thing of the past and all countries will work for the best outcome.

Meantime you have an uncertain future as you see it because of world problems, but be assured that the Alliance is doing their best to bring about an acceptable conclusion. In fact they have often prevented the use of nuclear weapons by making them and the silos inoperative. The authorities are aware as to who is controlling their use and fully realise that the restrictions will remain. It is all part of the gradual moves towards a peaceful existence, the warmongers are on their way out and all of their weapons will eventually be made inoperative. Of course the planet itself will be protected as it is now, so that no unexpected visitors can threaten or harm the Earth or its inhabitants.

By now you must realise that your freewill can only go so far and your actions are monitored. If you choose to indulge in wars you will eventually learn the futility of doing so as they have never solved the problems that have brought them about. Diplomacy and common sense will come to be seen as the way forward to settle any differences between you all. By preventing the use of nuclear weapons we have taken the first step that will lead to a peaceful planet. The rising vibrations will also lead to a more peaceful time and continue to do so until it becomes permanent. By then those who still carry the lower vibrations will have left the planet for a more suitable level that is compatible for them.

The new cycle was always intended to raise the vibrations, as the old energies have no permanent place in the higher realms. Be patient as the changes will take time and that includes the coming of many that will lead you into the New Age.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – February 25, 2022

Changes have been taking place on many levels, clearing out that which is unsuitable for the New Age, and promoting the future from a different angle that is more in line with the needs of this moment and lays down the foundations for it. For some souls this time period is causing much anxiety and even pain. It is regretfully both inevitable and unavoidable due to the scale of changes necessary. However, it is all for a good cause and it will compensate you for your difficult experiences. Time is of a premium and the sooner you advance beyond the present period the sooner the better times can commence.

So much has been prepared in readiness for your advancement and obviously Ascension is the final goal. Yet it is the beginning of a new life for all of you as the past is put behind you. Peace is coming that cannot be disturbed or altered by outside interference because the perpetrators of negative actions will have been removed and given another opportunity to turn to the Light. There is no punishment involved as they make their own path according to their past actions. Rest assured that fairness and justice are supreme and no soul is abandoned.

These times are obviously very unsettling but the negative must come to the surface to be cleared. For too long they have dictated how your life should progress while at the same time withholding the truth to keep you in their clutches. The truth will always surface and cannot be held back indefinitely. Religion is one area where the teachings will need revising to come into line with the greater truth. People are ready for new revelations and have the ability to understand them. Consciousness levels have been growing for quite some time, and there is now an understanding well above previous times.

Given the truth you will be more able to understand the past, and see that all of your experiences have helped to expand your consciousness levels. False teachings soon fall by the wayside and only the truth can carry you forwards. The dark Ones have constantly tried to scare you with stories of the devil and punishment for your sins. God does not punish anyone and still loves his creations beyond measure. Almighty God is beyond understanding, that love is God’s presence in everything that knows no end. Yet for all of God’s greatness the most humble prayer is heard and responded to as God knows each of you personally and is with you all of the time.

You will find moving more into the Light a most wonderful experience, as with it comes a greater level of consciousness. You will have abilities you would not have thought possible and become a very independent soul. Life would be mainly spent in the Galaxy with no restrictions as to where your travels take you. On Earth you are isolated yet many ET’s live deep within it and come and go as they please. Your experiences are confined to the surface of the Earth except for those astronauts who are chosen for Space exploration. You have not yet experienced the real world but the opportunity will come in the near future.

All the lives you have spent so far to reach this point will be of immense value, and have given you a good grounding to face any challenges you may encounter. You have immense experience having come through the lower dimensions to get this far. In the latter stages you have learned to be patient and kept cool in the most exacting circumstances. Control of your feelings is essential if you are to continue rising up and made easier as the vibrations increase. To keep calm in the face of provocation will prove a stern test so remember to keep calm at all times.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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