Wake Up, Beautiful Dreamer | Heavenletters

God said:

Of course, messages from on high are from your Higher Consciousness. What do you think I AM but that? Every single person on Earth has Higher Consciousness, for I am within every single person on Earth. God Within is not a new expression to you.

Do not mix up Consciousness with conscience. Consciousness is devoid of conscience. In regard to consciousness, there is no need of conscience or reason to have it. Consciousness is pure of itself. Yes, Consciousness grows. It expands. What a neat idea. Consciousness Itself is Infinite. You are not this or that. You are Consciousness, growing expanding Consciousness. You are always moving a step up. Somewhere within you, you move up a notch. Conscience is not what moves you up. Consciousness is.

The less you feel bad about yourself, the faster you grow. Do not let conscience be an ego-device to keep you moored in remorse and guilt, for then you play into ego’s hands.

You who are born from God, and that is everyone, grow from inspiration. We can also call inspiration love. You grow from love, not superficial love, but you grow from the deep love within. Even when you feel the intensity of hate, the energy is of your love, love gone amok, love shadowed over by ego. Oh, that ego. Harness that power of ego, and you will fly while on Earth. The fact is that you, the real you, the Higher You, the soul of you, is lighter than air.

Density is of Earth and not of Heaven. How much does Light weigh? Does it weigh at all? Light of heart, Light of the Sun, you are the Light of the World. You will enlighten yourself, and you will enlighten others. All it takes is Light. There, you have it.

Are there not moments when you are aware that your soul lights up? There is only Light if you but knew.

Come now, be light-hearted. Light dances. It shimmers. It sparkles. Light touches everyone and everything. You are made of Light, and Light you are. No one owns the Light. Light is for everyone. You would not be alive on Earth unless you alighted here and began as Light. Your Light may be dimmed, or your Light may be Blazing Light. In every case, you are Light regardless of how much Light you reveal.

First, reveal Light to yourself, this little self that roams the Earth. Reveal yourself to yourself. Reveal the God Light that shines through you. Reveal in your revealing the Truth of Your Self. Know God, and know Your Self. Introduce yourself to God.

I’ve been dangling Myself in front of you, vying for your attention. You are so involved in distraction that you may have not noticed Me right in front of you or beside you or right in back of you, offering My Light, My love, My True Vision of you.

Of course, I am everywhere. There is nowhere I am not. At the same time, you keep looking for Me outside of you, from far away from you. You have sought a God from the distance when I am right here. I wave at you. I am waving at you right now, and I, God, call out, “See Me. See Me,” or I call out, “Hear Me, hear Me.”

Or I call out, “Know Me, know Me. Here I am. Where are you? Do not look away. Look at Me right now. You can’t miss Me. I am on all sides of you, and I am inside you, in your heart that We share. Wake up! Wake up to Me.”

Merging with Source ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have remembered to a greater extent than you all have, and what we have remembered is that we are Source Energy Beings. The process of becoming who you really are goes beyond the knowing of that truth. A remembering of who you really are involves living it. It involves being the truth, which is that all beings are unconditional love incarnate and that we are all exploring Source, which is another way of saying that we are all exploring ourselves. You, because of the density in which you chose to incarnate, had many other aspects of self that you could identify with, besides that true nature, and so you did.

And you’ve done this lifetime after lifetime on Earth. Now, it’s time to do something different. It’s time to be something different. It’s time to live that truth and experience it. When you get to this point, and you still have a physical body, it can be confusing because of your system of duality and how black and white things have always been for you. You tend to think that you either are Source or you are human and physical. And then some of you believe that very, very special people have had the experience of being both at the same time, and instead of being like them, most humans have decided to worship them.

You are quite beautiful in your forgetting because of all of the experiences the forgetting has allowed you to have, but what is even more beautiful is to witness you in your remembering. And what is unique about this journey that you are on is that you can be fifth dimensional, which means you’ll still have a physical body, and at the same time, you can remember yourselves as Source.

This version of the fifth dimension you are all creating is about integrating and merging the two, rather than seeing there as being a very solid border between physical and non-physical, human being and Source, and now you’re even moving beyond that belief that there’s a solid line between human and extra-terrestrial. And that is why dissolving barriers is so important. You are dissolving the barriers that have been placed in your own consciousness so that you can have the experience of being whole and complete once again.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Suzy Ward – Channeling Matthew Ward – August 18, 2019

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. We have had lifetimes on Earth or other worlds in foment and we know how difficult it is to see souls enduring extreme hardships and not feel sadness, distress and perhaps anger about the circumstances causing those. It is very difficult to keep in mind that most of them chose the experiences to complete third density karmic lessons so they can advance to fourth density spiritually and consciously.

Not for a moment are we suggesting being insensitive to lives near or far distant! Earth is known as one of the universe’s finest “emotional schoolhouses” because life there offers endless opportunities to learn, for instance, that joy enhances all aspects of life. Greed breeds contempt whereas generosity uplifts the hearts of givers and receivers. Compassion, forgiveness and gratitude are qualities to treasure. Laughter lightens the heart. Anger and deception can have grave consequences. Self-love and self-respect enable loving and respecting others.

Why are we speaking of this? Because everything on Earth is in acceleration mode, which is magnifying all feelings, and being emotionally drawn into the plights of others doesn’t end the situations causing their hardships. Only the power of light can do that, and there is no light in the emotions that world affairs are evoking in many, many people. The universal law of attraction can’t distinguish between what they do want and what they don’t—it brings back from the “universal soup” what most closely matches the energy they’re sending out.

This is why, beloved sisters and brothers, the light you are radiating is as essential in this moment as it has been all along in awakening Earth’s peoples and fortifying the efforts of all who are determined to right the world’s wrongs. Day by day you are helping them manifest Earth’s destiny: A peaceful world where everyone shares in its abundance and life is in harmony with Nature—the world that already is flourishing in fullness in the continuum.

“The increase of racial, ethnic, religious and cultural intolerance around the world is alarming. What can we lightworkers do to stop this hatred and bigotry from spreading further?”

First, let us mention the corruption, deception and greed that is being revealed in governments, multinational corporations and their controlled mainstream media. You tend to think of those as gigantic impersonal entities rather than what they comprise—millions of individuals with differing interests, ideas, opinions, beliefs and behavior. Collectively, those millions influence—it is not an overstatement to say control—life on Earth, however unwittingly on the part of all except those in the entities’ top ranks who have dark minds and hearts.

And, let us repeat the beginning of a previous message:

We have been asked if there is one particular aspect of life on Earth that lightworkers can focus on and speed the civilization’s evolution. For untold ages civilizations on the planet were devolving due to their inhumane treatment of each other and the animals. Therefore, that behavior’s opposite—love, kindness and respect for all life—must be the pathway to a civilization’s evolution.

Now then, as a civilization evolves, its world evolves correspondingly. And vice versa. What you are observing firsthand, so to say, is a primary reason that Earth’s once spiritually, consciously and technologically highly advanced civilization started devolving. When dark forces’ puppets manipulated the DNA of inexperienced civilizations, they removed knowledge of the Oneness of All, wherein all is love, and instilled fear and hatred of “different.” Ever since some of those souls incarnated on Earth eons ago in your concept of time, those feelings have grown as each generation ingrained them in the next.

So, it’s not that bigotry and hatred are starting to increase, but rather that incidents arising from them are in the glare of a global spotlight, where all can see their destructiveness and divisiveness. This frailty that the darkness inculcated in physical makeup had to be brought to light so the deep ages-old wound it has caused can be healed. And healing is happening—residents in communities directly affected by the tragic incidents are responding to hatred by uniting in love and people around the world are joining with them.

Lightworkers, you have been aiding the healing process all along by BEing the love-light that is the foundation of world transformation. A world doesn’t change by wishing it so—it is the power of love-light within the peoples that initiates and propels benevolent changes.

“Please talk about the plight of animals on Earth, especially the ones being raised for profit. Their suffering is so extreme and they are so innocent.”

This is inextricably intertwined with why Earth’s civilization started to devolve. Often we have spoken about animals, and I asked my mother to copy some passages of previous messages:

As consciousness-raising continues, people will learn that animal souls, not only human souls, evolve, and they deserve the same care and respect as humans. Some animals—usually those who are pets—are aspects of human souls who chose to experience in an animal body, and even when this isn’t the case, they have emotional and characteristic ranges similar to humans’, lacking only acquired traits such as tact, deception and wiliness. The higher orders of animals need to give and receive love as much as humans—in many cases, they do so more readily and loyally—and even those in the lower orders form bonds with people who tend to their needs. When we tell you that every soul is a part of God and all souls are One, this includes animals.


At soul level animals are aware of the angelic benevolence on their behalf. Even those whose lives are miserable have an angel force or influence to ease discomfort or end terribly painful physical lives. Some angels have greater numbers of animals or more intelligent ones to protect than others, but no angels’ responsibilities are more important than any other’s because all of those lives are meaningful in the universal balancing of animal energy.

The angels bring a sense of unity to their respective animals to preserve the species, but it isn’t their prerogative to wipe off the face of Earth those humans who are cruel to individual animals or even an entire species. Environmentalists who are acting in good faith—that is, not for selfish political, personal or economic reasons—are being inspired in their efforts by the animals’ angels.


During the seventy-some years Earth has been on her ascension course, the light has been raising the consciousness of your society to see animals’ critical importance in the balance of all life on Earth.

After some voices proclaimed that animals have the right to be treated humanely and with dignity and respect, groups started forming to act upon that premise; and a few courageous individuals were inspired to live in the wild and record their observations of specific species. Those beginnings burgeoned into today’s local, national and international organizations with the mission of saving animals and their native habitats. Some are making or expanding preserves for injured and orphaned wild animals, others are operating shelters or rescue and rehabilitation programs for maltreated domesticated animals, and many people are financially supporting these groups.

Outrage about inhumane conditions under which food animals live and die is forcing improvements in those areas. Zoos are creating or enlarging wildlife surroundings for their animals and breeding programs are saving endangered species. Circuses are responding to pleas to care for their animals conscientiously and kindly. National laws prohibit the export of native animals; part of enforcing anti-poaching laws is helping poachers find other livelihood; laws require breeders of pets to meet higher standards.

Extensive research into animal behavior, intelligence and communication is showing their similarity to you in those respects. Increasing numbers of companion animals are being adopted; school children are being educated about the need to spay and neuter pets as well as their proper healthcare and nutrition. Many petitions advocating for animals’ wellbeing are in circulation—the very act of signing a petition sends forth light streamers—and the Internet abounds with films and photos showing cross-species friendship, even in the predator-prey chain, as well as some wild animals’ willingness to befriend humans.

Thank you, Mother. We ask that you give special attention to the last passage because all of your correspondence pertaining to animals over the years has been filled with despair about them. Dear ones, please heed what we said earlier in this message about the law of attraction—focus on the significant advancements on their behalf! And in the years since we enumerated some, many more beneficial changes in animals’ lives have come about.

Raising your vibrations by feeling grateful for these improvements will help to expand these kinds of programs and speed the progress of all efforts. Envision lions, giraffes, elephants, donkeys—all animals you call undomesticated or working breeds—in golden white light in jungles, forests, deserts, plains, fields and polar regions, and marine life in crystal clear waters. Do the same with cattle and horses in pastures, pigs and poultry running freely on farms, all companion animals happily living in loving homes. Visualizing thusly produces great amounts of light!

If you can, participate in local animal welfare groups or financially support them or projects that are national or international in scope. Indeed choosing vegetarian or vegan diets is helpful, but please know that some animal species lovingly made soul level agreements with humankind to provide nourishment in exchange for a good life and a merciful ending. So that people know of this agreement and fulfill their part, the ever-intensifying light is raising awareness worldwide that treating animals with kindness, respect and gratitude is a paramount factor in humanity’s wellbeing.

Beloved brothers and sisters, when you return to the worlds you voluntarily left to help Earth’s peoples, you will see how diligently, bravely and steadfastly you accomplished your mission. All light beings in this universe honor your invaluable service and support you with the power of unconditional love.



Suzanne Ward
Website: The Matthew Books
Email: suzy@matthewbooks.com

[In Bookshop on www.matthewbooks.com you can read the topics and sample chapters of Matthew, Tell Me about Heaven, Revelations for a New Era, Illuminations for a New Era, Voices of the Universe and Earth’s Golden Age. There are excerpts from my little book, Amusing to Profound – My Conversations with Animals, too.

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A Valuable Skill | The Creator

Regardless of how long you have been walking your path, it is good to stop, look around and give yourself a few moments to take in your Earth plane as it is now. Rest…take some time for yourself and maybe a snapshot or two. When the world is truly at peace, you can use these moments as a teaching tool for future generations. Learning how to let go of the old to move forward will always be a valuable skill. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

August Accelerations: Its Time to Choose Your Timeline

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received August 15, 2019

The Arcturian Collective shares a profound message for all of humanity in this latest transmission in August 2019. Energies are accelerating and it is time for each of us to more clearly and consciously choose the timeline we wish to experience. How do we do this? By choosing consciously our vibration . . . moment by moment, step by step . . . through our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs every day. Admission to the timeline we wish to experience is by VIBRATION.

And so it is time to really listen to what our vibration is communicating to us, through us, and for us. It is time to remember ourselves as sentient beings, and therefore, as vibrational beings, journeying on and with this incredible planet, Mother Earth ~ who is also a sentient, living, and vibrational being. Please enjoy this latest transmission from Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council! Blessings and Light to you!

To learn more about Marie’s Soul Reading and Vibration Coaching Services that can help you to better understand your soul’s themes, patterns, challenges, lessons, and gifts through time ~ and their application or relevance to your life path in this timeline, please visit: http://www.frequencywriter.com

Something Wonderful | Heavenletters

God said:

You have often thought that confusion was a condition of life to strongly object to. But now you can let confusion take its course, and wring from it all it gives. Without confusion, how would you reach clear thinking?

Consider confusion like a pile of socks that you are to sort. Without a multitude of socks, how could you sort? And when you find you have an odd sock or two, you keep them for a while but you do not spend your life bemoaning that which you cannot find the mate to.

So, when you are embroiled in confusion, sort what you can and leave the rest alone. You do not need to understand all of life. Life does not depend upon your understanding of it. After a while, shrug your shoulders, and move on to another drawer.

Certainly, you can request life to uphold certain ideas of yours, but you know that you are not the boss of life. You may be the inducer, the greeter, the recipient, but you are not the chairman with a gavel to maintain order. Life has its own order, and often you contemplate the discrepancy between what you envision and what arrives and call it confusion. Every time you feel disappointed, you feel confused.

If you did not appoint events, you would not feel disappointed, and how confused can you be when you take life as it comes in the same way you take mail from the mailbox? So what if unannounced mail was put there?

There is no need for you to pre-empt life. There is need for you to accept life as it happens. No need to hold on to regrets. Find other fruit to pluck from the tree of life.

Life moves, and you are to move with it.

Confusion is one thing. Rebellion another. You do not throw all the socks away because some are mismatched.

Perhaps you wanted to find chocolate ice cream in your freezer, and you found vanilla instead. Would you toss out the vanilla simply because it wasn’t the flavor you desired at the moment? Would finding only vanilla cause you confusion? What is to figure out? If you choose to eat ice cream right then, it will be vanilla. Or you can choose to wait or to go to the store or choose an apple instead. There are many choices, and they are all yours.

Many times you go to the freezer, and chocolate ice cream is there! You are not confused when you find exactly what you are looking for. Most likely, you are not bedazzled either. Perhaps when chocolate is there, you take finding it as a matter of course. Why then must the absence of chocolate be momentous?

Confusion, which can be your friend, often just means you are refusing to take a step.

You clear your life when you keep moving in it. Let go of the past, including your ideas and presentiments and all the varied attachments that keep nipping at your heels. Be done with the past, and life will be more smooth. It will be smoother because the past is no longer dangling like rattling tin cans tied to you. Of course, the past exists only in your mind, so all the past you keep is merely an idea anyway. Only an idea.

Ideas are a dime a dozen, so let go of yours. Sometimes you have to dig up the field and turn the ground over so that new seeds may grow. Why hang on to what has gone by when there is new awaiting you? Put away the past. You can do it.

Clear the way. Something wonderful is waiting for you in the wings.

Leading Society into 5D ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have a very good picture of what it looks like for a human being to try to fit in to society, and we also have a very picture of what it looks like when someone is making a statement that is counter to societal norms. We also notice when one of you is willing to just be yourself and when being yourself is not an act of resistance to the societal norms that you’ve been made aware of. You find yourself in a sweet spot. The sweet spot is a place where you give yourself permission to be who you want to be and you don’t really care what anyone thinks. You are neither a conformist nor a rebel. You are just you.

And most people get there at some point in their lives, one way or another. There is a shedding of the skin of who you thought you were supposed to be or who your parents wanted you to be. There are even many adults who are single who are running around trying to be what their preferred gender wants them to be. Or at least they’re doing what they think the gender they prefer wants them to do, looking like they think they need to look in order to attract someone.

Now, there also comes a time in a person’s life when it’s time to examine whether you are operating as the part of yourself that lives in fear, or whether you are operating as that part of yourself that seeks out joy. You also have a survival instinct, in addition to this desire to fit in or stand out as someone who is purposefully not fitting in. The survival instinct means that you have to compete with others. It means you have to have more than enough, just in case. It’s the part of you that never really feels relaxed because something bad could happen. You could get a disease, or the economy could tank. Any number of things could happen that would potentially put your survival at risk.

We are speaking to those of you who recognized that survival instinct a long time ago and have shed that skin as well so that you could simply pursue your joy. You are meant to live in bliss and to be eager and enthusiastic when you wake up in the morning, but you still see people around you who are living in fear, and it’s very hard for you. It’s even harder to convince them that they no longer need to be afraid. And so, what can you do? You can live your life fully, shine your light brightly, and invite anyone and everyone who wants to come along with you on the joy parade to march.

You can be an example to others of how to live proudly as you are and to not fear your mortal nature. You have evolved to the put where you needn’t worry so much about survival. You have evolved to the point where you are becoming immortal, and when you can demonstrate to others how good it feels to not be afraid of dying and to not be afraid of what others think, you can lead society into a new age, into an entirely new dimension.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

The divine welcome awaiting you all will instantly dissolve all your fears, anxieties, pain, and suffering.

Johnsmallman's Blog

  Saul Audio Blog for Saturday August 17th

Enormous changes are occurring worldwide as an essential aspect of humanity’s awakening process.  This moment in your spiritual evolution was planned at the same moment that you chose to construct a dream environment in which to engage in the game of separation.  Having been gifted by God with all His Power, Wisdom, and Intelligence at the moment of your creation, in order that you would be One with Him in eternal joy, you chose to build an unreal dream world in which to play with your divine gifts in the way that human children often choose to imagine a world in which they are free from the oversight of their parents, until they need food, or sleep, or reassurance.  At that point they immediately demand their parents’ undivided attention!

That is the state that humanity has now arrived at, and more and…

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The Way Of Becoming… | The Creator

Very soon, you will begin to see yourself with different eyes.  The subtle shift from what you thought you were to who you are will begin to emerge, showing you facets of  yourself you did not know existed.  Nuances of who you will become will start slowly and become stronger as the days of this shift unfold before you.  Embrace this person just as you have embraced the inner child, the wounded self in need of healing, the bright star you are now.  Introductions may be necessary (Smiling); take it as slowly or as quickly as you like.  This is the way of becoming. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

A Knock on Your Door | Heavenletters

God said:

What can the matter be when you are a light of love in God’s Heaven? This is the Truth but not the Truth you see. You see illusion and become embedded in it. Illusion has become a way of life. It is like getting involved in how pretty words may look on the page while forgetting their meaning. You calligraph words with great swirls. You get lost in the swirls rather than what the words themselves mean to say.

You embroider the world. Rather, it is like you undo the embroidery of the universe. And yet you don’t succeed. Whatever you do on the surface of life, the innards of life keep their hold.

Can you imagine an angel losing his way and not knowing what to do next? Can you imagine an angel who gets so distracted from his purpose that he forgets what it is? Well, that is you. You are an absent-minded angel. You have forgotten where you live. You have forgotten your name. You keep looking for it in a telephone book. You knock on doors, and find not your name.

I give you your name, and it doesn’t penetrate. You are so busy looking for who you are that you don’t hear. You deny yourself. It’s true. You are the one who denies or rewards yourself.

Decide now to give yourself plenty. Decide now that you will go to the bank, open the vault, and take out the fortune secreted there. Decide now that this is the time to start spending your life the way a generous millionaire spends his fortune. No more hoarding or saving. No planning on rainy days. The sun is shining now. Do not deny yourself the joys of the world. Practice being in Heaven where all is as you see and say.

The difference between Heaven and Earth is exactly what you say and what you see.

Can you imagine anyone in Heaven grousing about things? Can you imagine anyone in Heaven for even one minute thinking there is something they can’t do or have or be or give? Can you imagine stinginess in Heaven? Can you imagine an angel saying No? Can you imagine angelic self-denial?

Yet on Earth, you have unopened boxes of chocolates. You have yourself denying yourself all the time. You say no to yourself and no to your children when you could be saying Yes, and Yes, and Yes. Try it.

Let the word Yes trip from your lips today. Let Yes be your mantra. Say Yes and more Yesses. Say, “Yes, I will.” Say, “Yes, I’d love to.” Reach into the pocket of your heart, and Yes will spill out all over the place.

When you say Yes, you are saying Yes to Life. Rewards come in all shapes and sizes. You would not turn any away for the sake of…for the sake of what? Principle? Habit? But you are not an automaton. True, you may have been programmed to say No, and now program yourself to say Yes winningly.

If someone approaches you and says, May I help you? answer Yes. If someone approaches you and asks for help, say Yes. Let your first impulse be to say Yes. Consider saying Yes. Yes is sweet and appealing. No, however, may put a stop to an unknown possibility.

Possibilities are not sure things. There is nothing certain about life on Earth except for the Heaven behind it all. Peek around the corner. Let no opportunity be defeated before it arises. There is a knock on your door. Open it.