Receiving Streams of Energy ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been taking the tidbits that we can get from our sources, and we have learned quite a bit about what is happening on the galactic level with the shift. We have analyzed the data that we have received, and it is clear to us that the movement forward, the progression of the shift, is resting on the shoulders of planet Earth and her inhabitants.

There is quite a bit of talk about the ramifications of the timing of the shift, as it occurs on planet Earth, and that information is used to determine how much more help is appropriate to give all of you. All of us who are watching can help without interfering. We certainly cannot do anything for any of you. The question remains, among the helpers in the galaxy, as to how big of a nudge to give you.

And the debate about whether it is better for you to shift sooner or later continues. One thing is for certain – there are many, many interested parties in your shift, many more than you are even aware of. And while we are doing everything that we can to help you, the amount of support that you are receiving is immeasurable. Even we are unaware of the magnitude of the energy, love, and information that you are being sent on a moment-to-moment basis.

Now, the help that you are receiving is resulting in energy streams that are popping up all around you. You are of course surrounded by energy, but when the energy has a common purpose, it gathers with like energy, and it flows just like a river, or a stream, of water. Therefore, the next time that you find yourself in a meditative state, ask to feel the power and the strength of one of these streams. Let yourselves be taken on a journey. Let yourselves be taken to the fifth dimension on a stream of energy that you have summoned and that others in the galaxy have provided.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton


Why Am I Here? | Heavenletters


God said:

Because time does not exist, there is no hurry. Therefore, there is no urgency, no emergency, no rush. There is nothing depending upon anything. In terms of Life in the World, there is no depending upon a whole lot anyway. So where does your sense of urgency and breathlessness come from? It comes from your attention on depending upon certain conditions.

You intend your rented sense of urgency as a condition to bring you what you want. I too want Life to bring you what you want. At the same non-time, I don’t desire you to insist upon Life the way you exhort it, for it is the have-to that entraps you. Free yourself from your attachments, and you free your Life. Sometimes you want to tie Life hand and foot. You want to make Life your slave. No, you are not to entrap Life, do you see what I mean? Do you get it now?

Of course, you think of your Life as yours. You play out your Life, yet your Life isn’t all yours. Your Life is in your hands even as Life is out of your hands. Even as distance doesn’t exist, for there is no space the same way there is no time, how can it be that you possess anything? In this way, your Life, your individualized Life isn’t yours to define anyway. It is said you live it. You do play it out on stage while you also live a Life beyond the daily one you go through the motions to perpetuate. You are more alive than you attribute your Life to.

There is more to Life than you realize even as there is less to Life than you realize. It feels to you sometimes that you have no clue as to what Life is about. It could be that Life isn’t even about anything at all.

In the world, Life is about activity. At the same non-time, Life is all Being, you are out of the factions and fictions of time and space and you exist in Infinity which you may see as high above the clouds.

Are you in Infinity or are you Infinity Itself? You feel like you exist as another dimension whereas you gather you are not a dimension. Surely, Infinity is higher than any dimension even as the word dimension means something set in place or time and the word higher may have non-dimensioned meanings as well.

You are not sectioned into any dimension, yet what is Infinity and what are you? Do you even exist? And if you do, where do you exist? If there is existence, does it exist somewhere?

Or, can you exist out of time and space? What is all this dimension business and what is all the fuss about existence and non-existence and shape and form, you wonder. Can a void be full? What is all this talk about Fullness of Nothingness then? Is nothingness fullness? What is this jabber anyway? Is this gibberish?

You might ask: “Did I just happen to fall out of the sky?” And then you answer yourself: “Well, I might just as well have.”
It is all the same mishmash to you. You ask Me:

“God, I believe You say there is Oneness. In my terms of understanding, You and I exist as One. I am unable to follow this. I can’t put a handle on it. Is this what You mean?”

I answer:

“Beloved, I won’t say that you are out of your depth just because you are from Greater than you can grasp and hold onto. The point of Our talks is to remind you to let go of boundaries and enter into Existence as apart from anyone or anything including all the questions and discourses. What is it exactly that you have decided you must once and for all know as well as you must know the alphabet? What? Anything?”

Wonderful Surprises | The Creator


A gentle reminder; your world is changing at a very rapid pace and sometimes, it may be challenging for you to keep up.  Even thought he changes are necessary for you to move forward, The Universe has an amazing plan and you are an integral part of it!  Please do not become overwhelmed by this, my beautiful child.  Just remember to breathe, find your center as often as you can and know you are well taken care of.  Wonderful surprises and magical moments are coming your way! ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

Arcturian Group Message December 17, 2017 | Marilyn Raffaele @


                                   DECEMBER 17, 2017
Dear readers, greetings to all at this special time of celebration and festive activity. The holidays  often serve as a trigger that activates a sense of oneness  within those normally unfamiliar these energies. The emotions of love and giving that freely flow throughout the Christmas season are often someone’s  beginning steps toward awakening if they are ready and open to it.
People of any and all belief systems can celebrate Christmas  if they understand  its true meaning.  Christmas is not just about the birth of a highly evolved child 2000 years ago, but is representative of the birth of the Christ  within every individual.  We have spoken of this in previous Christmas messages, but choose to repeat it for those yet unaware of the real meaning of Christmas.
The word Christ does not refer to the master Jesus except as his attained title, nor does it only have to do with the religion called Christianity.  The word Christ is not a man, or a name, or a religion, but means Light or full illumination–enlightenment.   Christhood is the birthright of every soul, each being the perfect expression of God/Source no matter how un-aware of this they may be.  There is only ONE Reality and you are IT.

Everything you see, hear, taste, touch, and smell in the human scene  is a mind formed interpretation of a spiritual reality–you cannot make something out of nothing.   The Christmas story and all that surrounds  it represents a much deeper reality, one that effects each and every soul.
The Christmas story is  the story of every soul’s evolution into Christ Consciousness.  Creation is already complete and you are already whole, but being on earth in a physical body that is governed by time and space brings with it a veil of unknowing, one that leaves the majority unaware of who and what they are, thus making evolution into a process.
Mary and Joseph represent the perfect balance of the Divine feminine and masculine energies necessary in order for the new and higher state of consciousness to be formed.
As the infant state of awareness begins to grow, there arise third dimensional concepts and beliefs to be examined and cleared. This gestation period can and usually does take lifetimes and usually leaves the individual often feeling depleted and lost as their known foundation crumbles, seeming to  leave them with nothing.  This is the stable.
The Christ cannot and never will be born  into a consciousness that is already filled with three dimensional concepts and beliefs.  The humble stable represents an attained state of consciousness  devoid of everything false and unreal–necessary  for birthing the Christ consciousness.
Those with eyes to see and ears to hear, easily recognize and are drawn to the energy of this state of consciousness, (the wise men) and think nothing of any inconveniences that may be involved in order to be in its presence.
At the same time, those living from a sense of their own power and importance within the energies of duality and separation are only able to comprehend the strength of others or  love as a threat.  They understand power only as power over something or someone,  rather than power being the birthright of every soul by virtue of their oneness with Source.  Thus we have the soldiers of Herod seeking to destroy the new born child.
The Christ consciousness will always be hunted and persecuted by those who believe that their very existence (ego) is threatened by the  power of another.  The newly born Christ consciousness must  be hidden silently and secretly, and nurtured within until it is strong enough to withstand the slings and arrows of the outer scene.
The Christmas story  is your story dear ones, and is the story of every person regardless of where they are in their evolutionary journey because everyone is the expression of Divine Consciousness and therefore already holds the fullness of the living Christ within.
No one attains this state of consciousness from outside of self, from some “right” teacher, or teaching for there is no such thing.  Rather, the whole journey of evolution is about opening up to the “imprisoned splendor” already present within.
Enjoy the season and freely give not only material gifts, but gifts of love, abundance, joy, peace, wholeness, harmony, etc., fully aware that you can never be depleted of these gifts for they are never yours personally, but rather flow infinitely from that endless Source within.

Let  Christmas be yours every day of the year.  Let Christmas become who and what you are in every moment, situation, and experience and you will observe it flow easily into each New Year (life).
Wishing all your own true Christmas.
We are the Arcturian Group

A Progress Report for the Volunteers ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are pleased to give you this progress report. It has been quite a ride for those of you who have volunteered to be here at this time, to help with the shift in consciousness, for humanity and planet Earth. You have endured so much, and yet it seems as though there is no end to how much life can throw at you.

The progress that we can see from where we sit is that all of you who have been struggling are gaining some momentum in your responses to what your lives have thrown at you. You have identifiable traction that we can see and feel. It is the energetic support that you have been calling upon and have begun receiving.

You are able to stand a bit taller, hold your vibrations a bit longer, and you are turning the traumas, tragedies, and frustrations of your lives into the fodder that you will use to create the new Earth of the fifth dimension. Those of you who have felt alone for quite some time are beginning to find each other, and you are sharing your stories.

More and more of you are realizing that you’re not alone, that there is power in your numbers, and it is not just the asking that you have been doing that is paying off. But because you are connecting and recognizing yourselves as a collective, you are benefitting from the asking of those other volunteers, like yourselves, who have come to help.

Now some of you often feel like you’re not doing enough, or you sense that there’s a purpose for you being here on planet Earth, but you cannot determine what that is. And that is because there are no actions necessary for you to take. Your presence here and your willingness to endure is your gift to the rest of humanity. It is your gift to the entire galaxy and the entire universe, as you summon forth so much more of that high frequency energy because of what you’ve endured, because of the struggles that you’ve faced.

Everything now is pointing you towards the ascension of humanity, and it is up to you to feel for the support that you’re getting, the connections that you’re making, and to remember the bigger picture here of what you are accomplishing. This is an historic time for the planet and all of her inhabitants, and you who are awakened are the ones who are leading the movement forward.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

No Matter What | Heavenletters


God said:

More or less, you thought the world had been brutal to you, and now you wonder about yourself and your culpability in it all. Now you count yourself in. Once and for all, perhaps you are getting real.

Have you been seeing yourself as others see you? What an awakening. This is not the kind of awakening you had desired. You had wanted to be right, meaning that you had been wronged. It may be that you had deceived yourself all along. How little did you know, and how sure you were you knew it all. You are taken aback a peg or two. This could be about time. This is revelatory awakening is actually not a bad thing at all.

What a world it would be if there were no justification nor indication of right and wrong. No one would be imperious. Life would just be.

A rose would be a rose. A daisy would be a daisy. No one would insist that one flower would be more like another and less than what it is. Cabbage could be cabbage in all its glory. Differences would be differences, and that’s all there would be to it. All would be acceptable. There would be no warring, no disputing. All would be okay. There would be no recriminations. There would be no judgments and final knelling of the bells of judgment.

There would be no less and no more. All would be good. There would be no bad.

There would be no perceived need for anyone to hurt another. There would be no cause. There would be no reprisals. There would be no objections. There would be no arguments. All would be well. Life on Earth would be to enjoy, day and night, dusk to dawn.

There would be smiles on every face. There would be nothing to frown about.

There would be no criminals. No murders. Nothing to be set right, for what could be wrong?

There would not be need for compassion. There would be no need for uprisings or compensation either.

There would be God’s Grace in the world contributed in My Name. Well, what else could there possibly be in the world, for hurray, all is well, and all is getting better.

At present, fault is seen. Therein is the rub.

Finances would work themselves out differently. The world would have no need for distinctions such as haves and have nots. Work would be Joy. Freedom would ring! This is how Life will be. Whatever might be needed will provide itself.

Worry would be a thing of the past.

Everyone would have free choice. Wise and sociable choices would be made. All for one, and one for all would be the Theme of Life. If someone wanted to be a recluse, that would be fine. If someone wanted to be a social butterfly, why not? There would be room for all at the Inn.

Whatever could the matter be when there is nothing to fight over?

There would be fewer accidents, of course. With less tension in the world, accidents would be fewer. When accidents occur and lives lost, as it is told, loss of Life would not be so momentous as it had seemed to be. So much more Joy in the world now and so much less strife, just so.

No one’s nose would turn up in the air. No one would be above or below or lagging another. All would be welcome. This in itself would be known as Joy. The Sun’s rising and the Sun’s setting would be adored. What would not be adored? Who would not adore, and who would not be adored?

To The Surface… | The Creator


As the shift continues, many things will come to the surface that you thought you already handled.  Sadness, rage, resentments, feeling like a victim, fear or apathy…it will be ‘in your face’, demanding your attention.  The Universe wants you to know; this is not to open old wounds or to take you back to the place you were when you first experienced these feelings.  It is giving you an opportunity to take a closer look, to see what else needs to be taken care of and released.

The ‘fun’ all begins with a choice; to let go or hold on.  The free will you were gifted will be of utmost importance in the months ahead.  These wonderful, life-altering moments are one of the reasons you chose to be here….now!  As you work through them, please remember you are protected and loved beyond measure. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

The Desire of the Masses ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

You have the place in history that many other beings have sought. You are at the heart of something that is so gigantic, and yet most of the people on planet Earth are unaware that anything at all is happening. This is as it needs to be at this time. To make history, it is still necessary for most humans to remain asleep.

The reason why it is necessary is because you need the intensity of the polarity that you are experiencing on planet Earth right now to fuel you. You need the desire for change to be great enough amongst the vast majority of you in order to make the shift. It is very appropriate that there is so much discontent among the masses. It is creating the ideal conditions for the shift that you have been waiting for.

Extreme polarities create a need for balance. If you were all content, awake, peaceful, harmonious beings, you would still be shifting and evolving, but you wouldn’t do it as quickly as you are doing it now. The desire simply would not be there. Desire can be a wonderful tool. It can be such a powerful catalyst.

Now, there is also the truth that more and more people are waking up every day, and the newly awakened have the propensity to feel empowered and to have the ability to sense that their desires will be fulfilled. Some of you who have been awake for quite some time have become jaded, some have lost hope, but all are holding more light within them.

And those of you who have awakened first on planet Earth are lighting the way for the newly awakened, and you are all capitalizing on the huge desire for change that is among the collective.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Walk Like an Angel | Heavenletters


God said:

What if I were to tell you that, on My Behalf, you can let go of holding on and begin to allow yourself to be akin to an angel? No longer are you to exult in disharmony. No longer are you to feel beleaguered and find arguments to extend even internally with yourself at great length. Have you thought that arguing and finding fault enhance the world and the Word of God?

You have the wherewithal to please and be pleased rather than to be displeased.

Bestow harmony. Harmony is a blessing. What is all this fuss you have made about how so-called others in the world treat you? Must you go around feeling put upon? What if you would expend greater Good Will and make Good Will shine on Earth?

Which of My Children hasn’t wished for Earth to be more welcoming and less disheartening than it may have seemed? Is it possible you would start the trend?

What would it take? It would take some letting go of your hard feelings. You might not yet be able to admit to the straight goods that: You have been more likely to latch onto discontent rather than content.

It seems to be easier for you to feel aggrieved than to feel pleased. It might even be that you may stir up an argument more than you are genial and likely to quell arguments. Your stance in Life may have been to look for a fight.

You may tend to feel that there is more honor due you. You are undoubtedly right. You never saw yourself as a rabble-rouser, yet now you are wondering if you don’t rig your Life in such a way that you might rally disturbance in the world.

You had thought you were the good guy, and now you wonder. You have thought you were stepped on. You may have been an underachiever in the world, mistreated, abused and, now, you don’t like to see it or say it, yet you begin to see that you could have been the one who has been looking for a fuss all along. You see the possibility that you are the disrupter, the arguer, the one who lacks appreciation for others that you always thought others were lacking for you.

Perhaps you have been the culprit all along, you the good guy that you now come to wonder about. It seems that you are quick to convict others of what you were oblivious to in yourself. You dwelt on an I and a thou, a you and a me. Alas, it is thee of little Faith.

You had seen yourself all wide-eyed and innocent. If anyone had been set upon, could you have been the troublemaker, not the other way around?

But to whom do you apologize? There could be a long line. This one and that one didn’t do well by you. You were sure that this one and that one didn’t care enough about you. All these years, you could have had the shoe on the other foot. You had sincerely believed that you were owed apologies. You had sincerely believed that you had been trespassed upon.

It is a lot for you to swallow that you may have been unkind, unthinking, and unloving, looking for fault. You were the displeased. You had been the accuser. Maybe you really weren’t not so merciful as you had believed.

Where do you begin now? You are seeing yourself in a new light, and not a brighter Light. Now you find yourself looking at yourself straight in the eye. How do you change the world when it is yourself who is to change and to grow? Now you have confronted yourself.

Beloveds, where do We go from here?

Time… | The Creator


The time you have on your Earth plane seems to be long, but, from the Universe’s perspective…it is very short.  There are many sources telling you that each moment is precious, lovely and should not be wasted.  However, when you are in a challenging situation, time will appear to move at a snail’s pace.

It is important for you to realize, dear one, that the slow times are put in place for your benefit…to give you time to process and learn.  Each minute, regardless of the negative/positive aspect is a gift.  Learning well from the negative will release the need to bring in similar situations.  Embrace and love each one! ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings