An Impending Event | Heavenletters

God said:

Something magnificent is about to happen. I don’t have any other way to say it but that.

Your range of thinking has expanded since you have been reading Heavenletters. Of course, you are always expanding. Now you are expanding and extending your heart and mind further.

So, now, when I say something magnificent is about to happen – may even have happened before this Heavenletter is sent out to you – it will impact your life although it may not specifically pertain to your personal life.

What would you like this magnificent happening to be? Do you want it to be a sign, such as a comet streaming through the sky, or do you want it to be a concrete event that can only make you know that you and I exist as One?

I tell you the magnificence that is about to burst forth is not a flashy event. It is not a movie in the sky or a dramatic performance on Earth, and, yet, this occurrence will be a portal to the opening of all hearts on Earth, including yours.

You will first wonder about it, wonder about what you feel, and wonder whether you really feel it, wonder whether your sense of it is really real, and that, really, life on Earth is taking on new dimensions. You have felt hopeful before.

For a long time, Heaven and Earth have been getting closer. You will wonder:

“Can it be that there is no longer division between Heaven and Earth? Can it really be that they have melded into One, just as You say, God, that You and I and everyone are One? Can it be that I live to see this day, and see it here on Earth? What will the newspapers say? Will they note this rising that I feel so strongly within me?

“God, You are telling me that there is an impending event or something like that about to happen, yet, it is subtle. It is not going to be snow in summer, or high temperatures rising in winter. It is not going to be a cataclysm, and, yet, it will be noticed. Will it be known, God? Will I know this magnificence that is going to spring up in life, in all lives, and in mine? Can this be true? Am I asking too much?

“Is this going to be a New World? Will I visit other planets? Are You, God, really everywhere, and are there many Kingdoms and lands that I seek to know. Would I seek to know them unless they did exist?

“Will I visit Heaven, or will I exist here as a human being who enjoys two worlds? That can’t be right because You have said – I think you have said – that Heaven and Earth will be One, in actuality and also in my recognition. Can it be that I will know, and know for keeps? What are You telling me, God, dear God. You couldn’t be leading me down a garden path, could You?”

No, I could not.

Together, We, you and I and everyone, are going to walk down an actual garden path, not a fantasy. Oneness will be known. And you will know it. In this magnificence I hint at, there will be overt change, subtle as it is. You will know that something is different. You will know that something has changed. Whether you can name it or not, you will know, and this change will not be a back and forth change. It is change that will stick. The changes inside you will be, not envisioned, but seen, seen and experienced, and you will experience naturally, for what is upcoming is part of your destiny. You are My envoy. You participate in the glorification of Earth as it rises. And, so, you rise with it. You will know something. You will know you are rising. All glory to My Self Who is God within you.

Humanity’s Challenging Path ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are familiar with the process that you all are in right now. We became ninth dimensional by ascending, and before we ascended to the ninth dimension, we of course had to ascend to the fifth. We are aware of the journey that you are on, even though yours is different from ours, and we want you to know that the path you have chosen for ascension is by no means easy.

You are showing the rest of the universe how it is done, how it is possible to move from such a polarized version of reality to an integrated one. We, and so many others like us, are in awe of you, and we want to share our appreciation for what you are doing. It is no small feat. It is also no accident that you are the ones who are taking this particular path.

You knew how challenging it would be, and you chose to be there anyway. Now, you did this not because you are masochists, and not because you felt you needed to prove yourselves to anyone else, or even to Source. You chose the path that you are on because you knew you were the best ones for the job. You knew that humanity’s ascension would have a domino effect on the rest of the galaxy, and you wanted to be there on the front lines.

So when it is particularly hard to be there, remember that you wanted this challenge, and you wanted this challenge because you wanted to feel what it was like to move so far in a single lifetime, to explode with love, joy, and freedom bursting from your hearts. You wanted this. You are ready for this, and you are going to enjoy the rest of this journey to the fifth dimension.

You are going to enjoy your shift to 5D more than we enjoyed ours, because we did not choose such a difficult path. And so, we also want to express how much we hold you in a high esteem. You have many fans out in the galaxy, and we are amongst the biggest.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Expect The Unexpected | The Creator

Dearest one, there will always be something changing or growing in your life.  More often than not, the unexpected has often come to be expected. How you choose to handle it is the key.

You can allow yourself to become mired in the emotions that come with it or you can see it as an opportunity to communicate what you truly want to see in your life.

You can forge ahead…static and unchanged in your ways becoming upset when the scene shifts, or you can slow down and listen to what The Universe has to say.

Whatever direction you move in, remember that it has always been your choice and your power. The Universe will always honor that choice. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

On Earth as in Heaven | Heavenletters

God said:

It takes no courage to be God. It takes courage to be Human. In Human life, opposites exist. But in Heaven, there are no opposites. There is only love and joy. There is nothing to be in Heaven but love and all that goes with it. Untruth does not exist in Heaven.

Therefore, there is no need for courage in Heaven. There is no fear. There is no fear of singing the wrong note or missing a beat or the boat or falling. There is no up and there is no down, so there is no way to fall and no need for what you call courage.

There is an evenness to Heaven, but it is an evenness that is very high. There is no middle road. Heaven is not a compromise. It is beingness at the heights, and yet there is no ceiling. There is no floor. There are no walls. There is pure being. Heaven is a chorus of angels. No note could be sweeter.

If Heaven is a vibration, then earth is too. If one can vibrate lower, one can vibrate higher. Even on earth, you can vibrate higher. Earth vibrates to your tune. Earth is not to pull you down. You are to pull it up.

Life on earth moves with your eyes. When you look up, the world is up. When you look askance, the world is askance. When you look down, the world is down.

The word “down” has come to mean “depressed”. The cure is to look up. The cure is to see further into the graciousness of life on earth. Graciousness from Heaven has misted onto earth. Look to the Source of life on earth more than the disparate pieces of life on earth.

Looking at life on earth is picking it apart. Looking at Heaven is putting it together. And you are here to put the earth together.

You are searching for wholeness. You really are not searching for the pieces of the puzzle. The pieces are scattered. The pieces without the wholeness they come from lack meaning. You do not need to put the pieces together. You need to keep the picture of the wholeness in mind. The trouble is, when you look at just the pieces, you wonder what they are doing there, and you cannot find their meaning. They make no sense. But when you know they are part of a vast picture, you can relax a little.

There is a place for you on earth. You are there. You belong there. You fit in. You have a purpose. You are not an extra piece. You are integral to the whole design.

Trust is not blind. Trust is far-seeing. Trust sees wholeness. Trust knows. Trust does not have to grope. It needs no bolstering. Trust knows there is a golden link to Heaven. It does not imagine. It does not conjure. It does not talk itself into it. It knows that link to Heaven is stronger than any metal on earth. It is stronger than earth itself.

The link between Heaven and earth does not have to be forged. It already exists. You shimmied down a pole from Heaven. The pole was never pulled away. You can think of it as a telephone pole from earth to Heaven or as a golden chain or as a ray of light that extends from Heaven to earth, and, therefore, also from earth to Heaven. Without Heaven, there would be no earth, and you are fully connected to Heaven.

You came from on high. Lift your wings. Take flight with Me. You will see a different earth. When you alight on earth again, your feet will touch a new earth, all because you flew with Me.

What Your Job Is ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have the ability to sense when you are asking for something, and we are able to detect exactly what you are asking for, even if you don’t verbalize it or think it consciously in your head. And we are just one council in one dimension, and we are only focused in this galaxy. So you can imagine how tuned in to all of you Source is.

Source is all that is, and yet Source still has the ability to sense and understand every single one of your desires. Now, we also want to point out that Source has many different ways of delivering that which you desire to you. There are many agents working on behalf of that very benevolent, loving, ubiquitous Energy that Source is. We tell you this because we want you to know that your job is not to make it all happen.

You are told from a very young age that you will have to work in order to not only survive, but also to get the things that you want for pure enjoyment purposes. And so you are regularly programmed into thinking that it is all up to you and that you will usually only be able to get something that you desire through hard work, blood, sweat, and tears.

The re-programming is underway now, and we are happy to be a part of that re-programming. We want you to have faith, to trust. We want you to relax and to know that you are also an agent of Source. It is your job to desire because it is through your desires that you create, and it is through those creations that Source expands.

We recommend that you do your jobs and that you let the rest of us do ours. We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Take A Closer Look | The Creator

The clearing and releasing going on right now may feel as if you are being put through the ringer…again.  The most important thing to remember is to let go of the old, what does not serve you and emotions holding you back.  The Universe is giving you a clear and defined path to your future without baggage.  Is what you are holding onto in your highest and best?  Is it really that important?  The decisions and answers have always been within you, my love.  It is time to take a closer look. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

Children Embrace Life | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloved child. You notice I do not call you beloved adult. Adult is a world thought. All are children. I see not one adult. You think it is an admirable thing to be an adult, that it is an accomplishment, and you are proud to be it, but adulthood is a pretend thing. All are children. To be a child is worthy of appreciation. Be more child and less adult.

The term adult seems to apply to increasing mind and depreciating heart. Adultness favors cool while childhood favors warm. Adulthood favors responsibility while childhood favors joy. Adultness favors length, and childhood favors spontaneity. Who is closer to Heaven? Why would anyone want to further themselves from Heaven and call this adulthood?

Remember, you are not your body. You do not age. Your body ages. You never do. You can have been around a long time, or you can have been around a short time, but you, the soul of you, the essence of you, the import of you does not age. Do not grow up, beloveds, if that means leaving your heart behind.

To be an adult often means to be more conforming. In truth, less original. Less free, more bound. All the no’s of life have appliquéd themselves on you. No’s are embedded like tattoos. Hard to remove. But appliqués and tattoos are add on’s. They are not really yours. Isn’t it symbolic that make-up is for adults, clear skin for children?

Adults contemplate death. Children embrace life.

To be as the little child is to be who you are. You are as innocent as the day you were born. All your sophistication is a false front.

That you are a child, that you are My child, is a statement of truth. Be wide-eyed again. Long experience restricts you. It doesn’t advance you. What does it save you? What does it cost?

A child doesn’t weigh life, but if he did, he would weigh it in terms of joy. If he hammers nails into wood and takes the nails out again, he has joy. If he trickles sand on his feet at the beach, he has joy. He has joy in the sun, and he has joy in the puddles of the rain. He has joy. If you must measure your life, measure it in joy. If you must add up something, add up joy instead of years.

If adulthood takes away from joy, how valuable is it?

Is adulthood sometimes a half-death? Is it a meting out of punishment? Then maintain childhood.

Turn somersaults rather than all the fear you turn in your heart. Be fearless. Fear is a thought, and thoughts are capable of change. Fear may not be amiable to change, but, in the final analysis, fear has to do your bidding. No longer be afraid of fear. It’s a thought like any other. The thought of fear makes fear appear, but fear does not exist separate from your thoughts. This is another way of saying that fear is at your beck and call. It has no existence of its own. Fear is a puff of smoke. Smoke by its nature will disappear.

Adulthood becomes complex. Childhood is simple. When did complexity and complication become valued, and simplicity not? Be simple. Be clear. Be bold, for what else is there for you to do? When you know you are the child of My heart and that I foster you, boldness isn’t even bold. Boldness is the simplicity of natural existence. You are Being. And Being puts its shoulders back today and stands firm in wholeness.

The Sensitivity of the Awakened ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

It takes a certain amount of sensitivity to awaken. You cannot just awaken in your mind. You must also awaken with your senses, your feelings, and sensitivity is a big part of the awakening process. If you do not know how you feel, how would you know when something is resonating with you? How would you be able to access the emotion of love?

Your sensitivity is a strength, and it comes with a side effect. That side effect is that you also can feel more pain. We are living in a dualistic universe where there are certain polarities, and you are beings that have been operating within a great deal of polarity. What that means is that you can go very far in either direction on a spectrum. The more pain you can feel, the more love. The more love you can feel, the more fear. And so, if you are afraid of feeling anything, then you are dumbing down your sensitivity to feel everything, and that simply is not going to work for those of you who are awakened. That’s why you chose to be the sensitive ones before you incarnated.

You chose to have deep feelings and big feelings, and some of you chose to ignore them for most of your lives, others chose to drown to alcohol, or numb them with drugs, but eventually, you came to this place where you are now. You are at a place where you can not only feel your emotions, but you also understand the strength and the power that you have access to because of them. By accessing your emotions, you become better at offering vibrations, and when you become better at offering vibrations, you become better creators.

And when you can sit with all feelings inside of you, and be at peace, at one with everything and everyone, then you will know that you have in fact become your higher self. And you will know in those moments that you have set foot in the fifth dimension.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

December 2019 ~ The Biggest News Story On Our Planet Today: RESPLENDENCE ~ The Rise of the New Light

In this December 2019 Transmission, the Arcturian Collective shares and spotlights The Biggest News Story Of Our Time: RESPLENDENCE ~ The Rise Of The New Light. In this beautiful and affirming message, we are invited to embrace the gifts we truly are, to receive the resplendent light we truly are, and to rise in the New Dream of the New Light for this New Earth!

Many treasures are found in this transmission for the holiday season in December 2019, for the new portals of profound co-creation opening in January 2020, and for the soul expansions and experiences we are dreaming and templating in our hearts higher visions today for this New Earth unfolding. Thank you for joining me in living, breathing, celebrating, and being this New Light!

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In Service | The Creator

You who have given up so much in service to the awakening.  The Universe knows of the sacrifices, things left many things behind, the standing alone in what felt like deep darkness and, even then, you continued to shine brightly!  You embraced these changes gracefully and with dignity and nary a whimper.  Yes, darling one, more is on the way and you will handle this as you always have…by being your amazing, awesome and wonderful self. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings