Movements Of Your Soul | The Creator

Today, take a few moments and sit with yourself.  Release everything that may be taking up ‘brain space’ and feel!  This will give you the opportunity to find and see the space you are existing in now.  The gentle movements of your soul will show you what needs to let go.  Even though you are moving through challenging times, there will always be a peaceful and loving center you can visit any time you like. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

The Light Given to You | Heavenletters

God said:

Everyone you meet, everyone you know, is looking for Me. Everyone who contacts you is hoping to locate Me through you. They may not know this, but now you know this. This is across the board. There are no exceptions.

Transactions in the world are so I can be exchanged. Everyone wants more of Me. You crave more of Me. Sometimes you are desperate for more of Me. You cry out in diverse ways.

Even though you have to find Me yourself and no one can do it for you, others can give you glimpses, some barely noticed, low-key, others dramatic, some short-lived, some long-lived. Regardless, every door you knock on, you are knocking to find the door to Heaven. While one script is played out on the surface, another one, more subdued and yet more constant, is going on beneath the surface. Sometimes the surface and the deeper belie each other.

All Humans who cross your path, or you cross theirs, regardless of their demeanor, are searching for Me through you, hoping above hope that you are the one to deliver the key to their hearts. All Human souls are asking to be delivered to Me or I delivered to them. All their wandering is their search for Me. Be it in bar or church, the search is on.

If you could accept this truth of life in your heart, what difference would it make to your life and the life of others?

Considerable, I would imagine.

You share Me with Me, for We are Seekers. I seek you. You seek Me. It is the same. Two magnets yearn to come together and never be separated again, even if the separation is illusion.

You would not deny Me My connection to you, would you? Would you deny another?

All this is another way of saying that you are My emissary on earth. You are meant to share Me. We are talking about your level of operation in the world. It does not have to be named. If it were named, it would be called in the Name of Love. This love you share is not proclaimed. It is not performed. It comes from your little awareness that this is what you do and this is what you are here on earth for.

We can call it in the Name of Energy. In the Name of Energy, you share My light. You emanate it. After all, all love and all energy come from a Source, and I am that Source. You are an outsource.

You are meant to be a Lighthouse that leads others safely to shore. Your light is seen for miles. When passing ships behold your light, they are heartened. You help ships find their way. A lighthouse is for all ships. Its beacon light shines for all the same. A lighthouse is not a reactor. It is a giver. You merely pass light on. It is My light you pass on. You pass it on without fanfare.

With the first person you see today, hold in your mind that you are an emanater of My light. All you have to do is start your day with that awareness, and then you become like a King who knights all those before him.

From light you came, and light you are, and light you give. There is nothing else to give, and there is nothing else you must. But this one thing, you must give regularly, for light was given to you to shine.

Energies of Massive Change Are Looking for You ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

We have been exploring the many ways that you have of receiving the energies that are present on your world at this time. We have noticed that more and more of you are willing to sit and open yourselves up to the energies that are so very significant to you, because you have been noticing that nothing else is working. In other words, you can complain, you can make lots of posts on the internet, and you can shake your fists until you are blue in the face, and whatever you are unhappy with there on your world doesn’t change. It’s not getting better because of outrage.

Things will get better on your world when enough people are able to recognize that change is quite literally in the air, but those energies that are there to spur on the big changes on your world need human beings to receive them. And being in an open and receptive state always serves you. Raising your vibration always serves you. Getting information off of the Internet about who is doing what behind the scenes almost never serves you.

Therefore, we are putting it out there to those of you who are awake enough to receive this transmission, and what we are putting out there is that if you take the time to sit, relax, and feel into the energies present right now, you are going to feel the massive changes that you want to see on your world. But notice we said ‘feel.’ You have to feel them before they manifest in your reality.

You are there to live through all of the chaotic conditions that you are living in right now, so that you can choose. You are there to choose what you want to experience, and you cannot choose what you want to experience while simultaneously pointing out what this person, this government, or this corporation is doing that is harmful, greedy, destructive, or proof that they are bad for everyone.

We are sensing that enough of you are aware of the futility of pointing fingers. That phase of the change is over. Now it is time for you to step into yourselves, to be more aware of what you are in fact holding within you, so that you can let it go and make room for the energies of change that are so omnipresent on your world right now. All they need is more of you to sit back, relax, and receive them.

There are energies looking for conduits, looking for channels, looking for those like you who want very much to connect, but you have to play your part. And that is what we are inviting you to do in this transmission.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Visit An Old Friend | The Creator

Remember when you first started walking your path?  The excitement, anticipation, joy and a little bit of fear of it all?  The learning had just begun!  The Universe is inviting you to experience those moments again.  You do not need to release all you have learned; that knowledge and wisdom is yours to keep. (Smiling) You are being guided to go back to the basics.  Just like visiting an old friend, reacquainting and reinforcing the familiarity will open you to the newly arrived energy in the highest and best way. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

God Speaks | Heavenletters

God said:

Today you will sit back and be receptive and learn.

Today you will put yourself aside and listen to Me.

You do not need your agendas anymore.

You were born attached to your mothers so that you could dis-attach yourself and learn your Oneness with Me. You don’t have to go anywhere. You do not have to distance yourself. You separate to learn there is no separation. Only, you have attachment to separation.

You have been attached to your individuality, and now you will make way for Me.

You are all pure receptacles of My love.

Receptacles are containers. A receptacle receives and holds, not in order to keep, but to be emptied.

As a receptacle of My love, you pour Me out. You don’t have to do much. You only have to bend a little, tip a little, and My love will flow of Itself.

Yes, you will be a pure receptacle of My love.

Pure does not mean what you think it means. It does not mean that you are perfect in the eyes of the world, that you eat perfect foods, behave perfectly. You, of yourself, cannot behave what you call perfectly, because the individuality you are attached to knows so little and understands even less.

You will go higher today. You will leave your past behind. You will not depend on your past so much anymore. You are making way for Me, and to do that, you (that which you imagine to be you) must get out of the way.

That is all you have to do. Move over. Then you allow Me.

The receptacle thinks he is the owner of his contents. But a receptacle is not an owner. He is a conveyer. He holds only in order to convey. The contents are not for himself. A receptacle is poised and ready to surrender what it has held. The receptacle does not hold on but lets go.

I am Purity.

And you become the pureness of love you are meant to be by letting go of your individual sense of ownership. Your individuality that you prize so much holds you back. You think it is your importance, but it is your trial and tribulation. You think it is your doorway, but it is boarded over with your attachments.

The individual does not want to change. He may say he does. He wants that which is around him to change perhaps, as he sees fit, but he really wants to hold himself to himself as he already is, or as he thinks he already is. He wants to capture the world to him rather than opening himself to it.

No more holding on.

Instead, allow Me to enter and dispense the love you have been holding in store for Me.

Today get out of the way of yourself.

You are not the topic.

I am the topic.

The world of life is Mine.

You have flanked the world.

Now I tell you to enter it.

And enter into it as you came.

You came with nothing but Me. You came with My faith in you. Now you learn your faith in Me. Be innocent.

You did not come with suitcases. You did not grasp. Your hand was open, and so you had everything to give.

You contain everything still. All is contained within you. But you look to the outside to fill you. You are already full. You have Me within you. Know it. Let My thoughts be yours.

Today awaken to your holiness.

Pettiness is a pretense.

It is not truth.

Today you are learning what Thy Will be done means.

At present you dig the earth with your fingers, and all the while there is a huge Mover at your disposal. You shovel with a stick when you only have to allow Me to open the earth. You draw fantasies with your stick and complain about what you have fantasized and question it and worry it from every which direction and ask for every description and analysis of it so that your will can be done, and, all the while, your will is a little stick.

Join with My Will and come from a higher wider place of great Truth and great Love. Do you really think the finite can overtake the Infinite? Be not attached to your small world. Open to Mine. Open to Heaven, for I have poured it into you.

Channeling & Throat Chakra Upgrades ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been excited about sharing with you the following information, and we have waited for the perfect timing to do so. You all have been receiving upgrades to your throat chakras because of the necessity for more of you to share your truth with the rest of humanity, and because many of you are interested in becoming verbal channels just like Daniel here. You are receiving these upgrades while you are asleep, and it is your spirit guides who orchestrate the mechanics of the upgrade to your throat chakra.

Your channeling chakra is right there, behind your throat chakra, and it is also receiving the benefits of these upgrades. You are ready to become more active, more vocal, and take on more leadership in your community and on the world stage. You have the ability to connect with individuals who live all across this beautiful planet of yours, and speaking up, speaking your truth, sharing your perspective, these are the ways that you can reach millions of people.

The reason why the upgrades are occurring to the channeling chakra is because you all are very interested in connecting with higher-dimensional beings, and you have done enough work on yourselves to handle the high-frequency energies that must move through you in order for that channeling to happen. The channeling chakra needs an upgrade because the energies keep getting more intense, and because so many individuals seek to channel a variety of beings, some recalibration has been necessary.

If you have been thinking about sharing your story, your perspective, your truth, with the rest of humanity, now is a wonderful time to do so. You will find you are supported by the upgrade to your throat chakra. You will find it easier to express yourself, to find the right words, and the same is true for channeling. Now is a good time to focus on connecting to higher-dimensional beings and collectives, letting their energy flow through you, and again, it will be easier than ever before to find the right words, to make sense of the energies, to allow those connections to occur.

You are ready, no matter what you want to do, and now more than ever, humanity is ready as well.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Let It Happen | The Creator

As you assimilate the most recent changes, be gentle with yourself and others.  You are learning a new way to be in the world, and some may embrace this more quickly than others.  When you encounter resistance, take a moment and breathe.  When you are ready begin the deconstruction slowly, releasing each layer as you go.  When you arrive at the root, send it off with unconditional love then set the intention of something beautiful and pure taking its place.  The Universe has designed shifting to be be graceful, peaceful and easy…let it happen. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

A Farmer of Life | Heavenletters

God said:

What are hurt feelings? You worry about your own sensitivities, and you worry about others’ as well. What can hurt feelings be but a mistake?

Caused by word or deed, or caused by imagination, isn’t it a mistake to quarry your feelings into hurt? This is a waste of good feeling.

Of course, you never want to hurt someone’s feelings. Be as compassionate and kind as you can be to others and to yourself. Yet you can’t really take on others’ burdens of hurt feelings. I understand you do.

The error is that you turn hurt feelings into reality. You say that little hurts are big. You say they are mighty. You say you are under their influence. I suggest that you live life more than in the little affronts to ego. We might as well call a spade a spade. Hurt feelings are ego-oriented, and you are to step beyond ego and any wisps or curls of it. Ego is nothing to make a fuss about. Free yourself from its thorns.

You are not to suffer hurts, yours or another’s. Rather, adhere to good feelings. Transcend the barbs that pierce you. Let your focus be on something else. Give love without bowing to personal hurts.

It is easy to take affront, yet it is not a requirement. Do you know what taking affront is? It is living in the past. It is reliving the past, as if the past were true. The past is past, and Truth does not lie in it.

Do not keep reading over yesterday’s newspaper. Come, start with a clean slate. This is not pretending anything. This is simply focus on good will rather than sad will or hurt will or angry will. Have some good will toward yourself, beloved. Hang on to nothing. Let go of everything.

Feelings are not the import of your life. There is more to life than your feelings. Hurt feelings are small. Nothing more than peeves.

You are stepping into a new world of other considerations. You are entering into another dimension where there is more to life than you have been used to. Small things can no longer occupy you, for you occupy a wider territory.

When a mosquito bites you, you do not let the bite become the focus of your life, not for an hour, not even for five minutes.. Hurt feelings are nothing but mosquito bites. They are not for you to take personally. You are far too important to be concerned with the unimportant.

Love is important, not hurts. Love yourself enough to get past hurt with ease.

You are to move forward in life.

Care about people but be not consumed by them. What other people think is not the end-all and be-all of your life. It is not even really your business. Pay homage to grace. Let shades of disgrace go. My grace is real.

The whole of your life cannot be spent in righting wrongs any more than the whole of your life can be in redecorating your home. Life does not always have to suit you. This is a big discovery. People do not always have to suit you. Let everyone suit himself.

Let your purpose be to suit more than yourself. Suit bigger than yourself. How about suiting Me? When I am with you, and you are with Me, are you not rising to greater heights?

As a farmer of life, given a choice, what crops would you choose to grow?

Negative Thoughts, Beliefs & Your Vibration ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very familiar with the processes that you all have for manifesting what you want to manifest into your reality. We have seen you using your thoughts, your minds, and your ability to focus on what you want in order to experience that creation. Some of you realize that you create one hundred percent of your reality, and therefore, you can get very upset at yourselves whenever you think a thought that contradicts the reality you want to experience. You feel as though you are sabotaging yourselves whenever you allow a belief to come to the surface that runs contrary to what you want to experience in your reality.

We would prefer that you saw those moments as opportunities. Becoming aware of a thought, or a belief, that you have been holding for decades of your life is a key factor in releasing that unwanted, limiting thought or belief. Once you become aware of it, then you can go deeper. You can ask yourself if what you are thinking has a particular vibration. The answer, of course, is always going to be ‘yes.’ Once you determine the vibration of what you are thinking, then you can come to a deeper understanding of what your typical vibration is. That awareness will serve you very well, because you cannot change what you are vibrating unless you are aware of what you are vibrating.

Therefore, we recommend that you get happy when you come across one of these unwanted and limiting thoughts. They are your clues. They are the breadcrumbs, leading you back to what you are vibrating at the very core of your being. And again, what you are vibrating is significant. It is in fact how you create your reality. You can think thoughts all day long, on purpose, to try to cover up what you are actually vibrating, but they will not affect your vibration all by themselves. You have to do the work. You have to acknowledge the vibration is there, feel into it, release it, and exchange it for a better feeling one.

And then we advise you to take note of the thoughts that come into your conscious awareness. They will then reflect to you the beautiful work you have done on shifting your vibration. You are the creators of your reality, but you need to go deeper than thinking thoughts and creating vision boards if you want to make gigantic leaps forward in your manifestation abilities. You are all capable of living beautiful lives, teaching others how to live beautiful lives, and affecting the human collective consciousness by demonstrating how it is possible to shift one’s overall vibration and climb out of the conditions that a person is living who is not happy.

You are the ones to lead humanity, and now is the perfect time to start demonstrating to your fellow humans how manifestation is really accomplished there on planet Earth.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Arcturian Group Message July 12, 2020 | Marilyn Raffaele

 JULY 12, 2020
Dear readers, we bring with our message a great deal of love and respect for we are well aware of how difficult things have become for so many. Remember that present times represent a large part of the journey you yourself chose for helping to create a new and better world. You are right where you are supposed to be at this time even if it doesn’t seem that way according to three dimensional standards.
The silence, the isolation, and the ceasing of that keeps people hypnotized, unaware, and always frantically looking outside of themselves for their good, is serving to awaken many who have never before taken time to look within and honestly examine their and the world’s belief system.
The basic structure of most three dimensional creations must first dissolve before reappearing in a higher form. This is what the world is now experiencing. The chaos will not last forever because manifested three dimensional concepts have no law to support or hold them in place without the energy of belief in them. As more and more awaken, these old creations will simply no longer have the substance necessary to keep them in place.
You have awakened and now understand that everyone including yourself, has always been and always will be Divine Consciousness in physical form. However, over time individualized expressions of the One Divine Consciousness became polluted, conditioned, and manipulated through the acceptance of duality and separation as reality and thus creating the “human condition”.
You now know who and what you are and thus it is time to cease judging or criticizing yourselves for actions taken in a previous state of consciousness. Accept the truth of your Divine Nature and stop dragging debris from the past front and center to moan about and regret in the false belief that this is spiritual humility. You are now able to see things from a higher perspective, so you must cease living from familiar but outgrown programming in order to “fit in” or please someone.
Many things taking place seem horrendous when seen with enlightened eyes, but do not allow yourself to get sucked into (align with) the negative and fear based information that constantly bombards you from news and politics. Also, be aware that there are some channels that do not reflect a high level of Light and that just because they are channels, they are truth. Channels can rise no higher than the consciousness of the one doing the channel. Always trust and be guided by your intuition in these matters. Be informed but not immersed– spiritual observers informed and aware, but able to withhold adding energy to appearances.
Understand that many “victims” chose their experiences as part of their evolutionary journey. Sometimes it is a necessary karmic resolution experience that they are ready to complete. A spiritually evolved soul may plan a life experience that will place him/her exactly where their experience will force others to awaken. These brave souls chose to assist the ascension process in ways they themselves choose but did not personally need for soul growth. Other times these types of experiences are simply on the “bucket list” of an individual who needs the experience for growth and learning.
It is not always the case, but examples could be that of the cruel slave owner who on the other side realized his need for energetic balance and greater understanding chooses to reincarnate in a black body. A person who killed and persecuted Native Americans 200 years ago may choose to experience life as a Native American living on a poor reservation. In spite of appearances, everything is perfect.
Energy is always seeking to align with ITself as the completeness and wholeness of ONE .
Knowing these things does not mean you ignore where there is some human need, but means you remember that there is a bigger picture happening that most as of yet do not know about. Stay centered in the realization that higher dimensional frequencies of Oneness are integrating into the collective at this time, exposing and bringing about the outer events. All is proceeding according to plan.
Chaos will continue to reign for awhile as the new collective consciousness struggles to be born. Let go of all programmed fear dear ones, and accept that you are right where you need to be at this time. Stand back, allow the process, and trust. As Divine Consciousness individualized, you need do nothing but hold to truth and allow IT to guide as you go about the ordinary “human” activities of daily living which then become not so much “doing” but rather “be-ing”.
You knew on a deeper level that present times were going to take place but you still chose to be here because you knew that the intense energies would allow you the opportunity to clear any remaining karmic imbalances, old cellular memory, and allow you to shift into a higher state of consciousness while in a physical body.
Look within for any remaining power you may still give to some person, place, or thing. Replace it with the realization nothing in the outer has power because there is only One Power, and that Power is omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient. This Power is you. Not your humanhood, not the Mary, John, or Bill, you believed yourself to be, but the real YOU. Hold this sacred truth foremost in your head and heart whenever you are tempted to give power to someone or something in the outer.
The reality of you is Divine Consciousness and until you can accept this and allow it to become your state of consciousness you will remain in and continue to experience old energy. It is time to step away from all old programing instilled into you by family, friends, religions, politics, schooling, military, or any authority figures regardless of how fully you may have at one time accepted or even still accept some of it.
This doesn’t mean that every law, rule, and all information at this time is wrong, it simply means to re-examine your current belief system about these things and begin to bring your beliefs into alignment with a higher expression of these things.
Know that forms of duality and separation consciousness can only ever be illusory pictures in the mind, concepts of whatever spiritual reality underlies them for you cannot make something out of nothing. Pictures of sense manifest in alignment with the state of consciousness of the individual and or collective. So called “good” pictures are no more real or better than “bad” ones. This is why things rot and disappear when the reality of them is no longer present.
There is only God and IT is, always has been, and always will continue manifesting ITself in and as all life. There is only ONE LIFE and that ONE LIFE can never be ended, manipulated, changed, or eliminated regardless of appearances to the contrary. This ONE LIFE is forever expressing Itself in and as infinite form and variety.
Protect, love, and honor all life in the realization that because there is only ONE and thus what you do to others you do to yourself. Everyone draws to themselves whatever energies they are in alignment with. Again, ONE automatically seeks alignment with the wholeness of ITSelf.
This information always brings forth the topic of abortion. We will not get into this today only to say that a soul doesn’t not fully enter at the time of conception as so many believe, but rather goes in and out often deciding if this is a right choice or not and frequently not fully integrating until birth.
The energy is allowing those ready and willing to move into a higher dimensional state of consciousness. The choice to accept the process is and always will be an individual free will choice but the choice is now. Now, not down the road, not after you feel a little more holy, not after you read a certain book or take another class, make pilgrimage to some holy site, or no longer curse and get angry.
The time is now dear ones, to know, accept. and thus consciously become that which you have always been.
We are the Arcturian Group
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