In Preparation… | The Creator

If you are still concerning yourself with other’s behavior then it might be time to look at why you are choosing to send your energy in that direction. If those actions have a direct impact on your existence, then act and state your boundaries. If not, then it is time to take a closer look within.

What is the trigger?

Why is it necessary for you to be wrapped up in the drama?

How would your involvement change the outcome?

Often, humans use drama as a distraction to avoid the inner work needed to continue growing. The Universe very gently stating that there are many things to be done in preparation for the huge wave coming your way. Use, rather than waste, this time to your best advantage and all will be well. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

Everything Is In Your DNA | Peggy Black and the ‘team’

“We are here, supporting and encouraging you to step fully into this new energy. A new cycle has begun. This is the opportunity to design, imprint and co-create a new reality. Please reread those words, they are your truth and your power. Every message we have offered has reminded you of your personal power to create your reality.

This new decade can be and will be different. You are selecting and calling forth this reality by your vibrations. It seems there is a possibility that timelines will be converging. There are those who will remain stuck in the old paradigm, unable to shift from their negative, misqualified thoughts and energy and there are those eager to step into the new possibilities. There is no better time than now to make the decision about which reality you want to be a part of.

You can choose your reality by the awareness of what energy and vibration you are offering. Your positive, joyful, loving vibrations are the golden ticket to enter into the higher dimensions. This profound shift has been longed for and awaited by all those who are awake and aware. The waiting is over. Now is the time to call forth this reality. Now is the time to step into the 5th dimension. Watch the vibrations that you are offering.

Welcome the coming shifts and be aware of the people with whom you want to co-create this new world. Allow all else to fade away. Keep your force and focus on the new paradigm.

This happens to be a crucial year of change. The celestial beings, the planets, are assisting and supporting this possible change. This is an alignment that has not occurred in 15 years. There is also a conjunction of two powerful planets, Saturn and Pluto, that has not occurred for 38 years. The seed of a new age and transformation are at hand. Remember you have the power to create a sustainable future that will embrace multiple generations. So take advantage of what is being energetically offered.

This is a year that will benefit you to embrace and practice quantum thinking, stretch and go beyond your ordinary expectations. Do not allow yourself to be boxed in. You can reach beyond space and time and allow new mental and energetic breakthroughs. The energies of the world are moving, reacting and responding at quantum speed. The current digital age has helped expand consciousness beyond ancient knowledge. Step into this accelerated flow.

You find yourself in new territory with this acceleration of energy assisting humanity to enter a new age.

Individually and collectively humanity must embrace wholeness. This is the time to truly face your fears and consciously release them. Let go of all acquired limitations. We have invited you to take this action before and encourage you again to step out of your sense of victimhood, to release and heal your acquired wounds.

Now is the time for you to use your tools to transform any and all negative energies you might be holding on to.

Look at the shadow emotions that you project. Take the time to lovingly shine your light on those negative emotions of bitterness, anger, hatred, guilt or shame. Be gentle with yourself, you are your own healer. You are here to heal these misqualified energies that you have experienced. Each time you do your work and heal and release some painful wound, you are healing some painful wound in the collective.

Realize and recognize the possibility that the entire cosmos could be conscious and self-aware. You might ask yourself, is the universe conscious?

During this time of increased frequencies that are amplifying and supporting the shifts and changes, it is most important that you strengthen your light body. It is crucial that you have a strong light body in order to easily travel between the dimensions. With this great wave of light and higher frequencies that are being offered, do find ways to strengthen your energy or light body.

Imagine that your physical body is filled with divine light several times a day. Imagine or pretend that you can feel the difference as your physical body fills with divine light. Imagine yourself as a light body that can move between the dimensions. Play with this idea, become comfortable with this reality.

Each time you release some old limited pattern, remember to fill that space with light. Each time you forgive and heal some old wound, remember to allow divine light to fill that space. Practice being in nature and welcome the divine light that is available.

Remember each morning to start your day with this simple statement and intention: I am fully embodied, anchored to this planet; I am my divine self in physical form.

Laugh, be joyful, express your gratitude and appreciation. These energies add to your light body. Dance, celebrate, love, chant, sing, meditate, give freely, acknowledge. All of these actions will continue to add to your light body. Invite divine energies to flow into your physical form.  Go into your imagined alchemist chamber and envision your light body strong.

Realize that your very DNA is a multidimensional divine pattern and structure. Your DNA connects you to the universe. Your DNA carries all your records and experiences from the timeline. Your DNA carries your purpose and intent for this time and place. Everything is in your DNA.

Begin to imagine that you can connect to those records and that information. Imagine that you have the ability to read our own DNA.

You are a magnificent multidimensional being! Own it. You are a physical being having a physical experience in this third dimension and you are a divine being, an energy being, a light being observing as well as partnering with your physical self.

As this divine being, the being of light, you have the ability to transform, uplift, shift and create. Remember it is your intent and your focus. So now is the time for you to truly step into this power and be a part of the awesome shift taking place on your planet.

Shine your light on the collective shadow and negative energies that appear in your reality. Little by little that light will become brighter and stronger. Call on all divine beings to support and assist all that you do.

We rejoice and celebrate with you as you have invited this energy shift and energy portal to manifest in your dimension. Use this cosmic energy, this universal consciousness, to transform all that is limited.

We are available and embrace you with our love and deep gratitude for the work and service you offer.” the ‘team’

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The Book of Life | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloveds, life as you live it is not orderly, and you cannot make it so. You cannot pinpoint life. You cannot make a map of it to follow. You can’t even really trace past events and determine how you got to where you are, even if you do know where you are now. There is so much conjecture.

Certainly, you can know that you are with Me. And that is all you need to know. There is nowhere else for you to be. Your life may not be as defined and orderly as you would like, but it does follow a natural progression whether your thumb is on it or not. Everything is on time and in place. Only your awareness lags. It’s true that you are at the right place at the right time.

As you have heard, there is no place to be nor no time to be in that place, for space and time are illusions, time the most illusive of all. At least you can stamp your feet on the floor and say your feet are on it, whereas you can only mark time on a token clock or calendar. You can’t put your finger on it.

And so on this New Year’s Eve, you have flipped a page of life and will get another calendar to mark time in. Do you begin to feel how it is that time does not exist? Do you begin to sense how matter does not really exist, and, if it did, it doesn’t matter at all? In life, it is like you have merely gone on a virtual holiday, like on the computer, while you never left your seat.

You have never left Heaven, beloveds. Your life on Earth is a mirage.

Don’t be sad that your life is not real. Certainly, it feels real enough. Nevertheless, you are mistaken.

Science says that the stars and galaxies are so many light years away, yet are they not present in your awareness? Can’t you conjure them up and touch them? You know they are closer to you than a measurement. Science doesn’t even try to measure My proximity. That which is immeasurable is true. Certainly, I am immeasurable, and so are you.

So, wherever you are on New Year’s Eve, it is a good place to be.

If you are alone, that is fine. If you are in a crowd, that is also fine. If you are asleep, that is fine. If you are awake, that is fine. Nothing in the world, dear children, has to be anything but what it is.

There is nothing to complain about. In that sense, there is nothing to cheer either, but I will say that all of relative existence is to cheer. It is an excursion of your mind into untrammeled places. It is quite an undertaking, and you have undertaken it. You are on your way. Don’t look back at where you have been, for your footprints have already been erased in the sand. As for what is ahead of you, your footfall makes no mark even as you tread.

Where are you now? Where is the Sun in relation to you now? And where is your heart? What does your heart beat for but this one split-second of illusory time, this seamless seam of non-time non-space, so full of love that you even believe you are somewhere when all along, there is only Oneness inside and out. Just for a moment your mind wandered off, and your finger went onto an illusory page in the Book of Life written, as it were, in ink invisible.

Connecting with Higher Frequency Beings ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are your biggest fans here in the higher realms. It is always a pleasure to connect with any of you, whether you feel our presence or hear words derived from our energetic transmissions. Just getting some attention from humanity is a supreme pleasure for us. We notice that when you do not feel something or hear something in response from us, you blame yourselves. You think you have failed in some way to receive us properly, but that is not how we see it.

We just appreciate that you’ve reached out, and we are not the only ones who feel this way. None of us in the higher realms feels that sense of disappointment that you might imagine when you are unable to perceive us. We like being around, and we appreciate the effort. Now, as you continue on there on Earth, in this journey to ascension, you are going to start hearing things and seeing things. You are definitely going to start feeling things and knowing things that you didn’t before. And so, it will be important for you to be able to discern whether what you are getting is from a higher frequency being or from a lower frequency being.

Now, we tell you this not to scare you. We tell you this to use that discernment that you have because it is such a valuable tool. What we witness is that humans usually fall on one end of a spectrum. You have your skeptics on one end, and then on the other end you have people who are so open-minded and so willing to believe in the impossible that they can be manipulated. We would like more of you to fall somewhere in the middle of that spectrum, where you have a healthy amount of skepticism about what you’re getting, whether it’s something you’re getting from someone else or from your own direct contact.

That is going to help you to tune yourselves to what you actually want to receive. That discernment will ultimately help you to create the reality that you want to experience as well, because you want to be able to feel the nuance within a vibratory frequency. When you are getting what you are getting, ask yourself a simple question: how does this feel? Does it resonate? And just because something resonates from a being that you connect with one day, doesn’t mean that what you get from that being is always going to resonate. So remember that as well. You get to continue to use your discernment, even after you decide that you have tapped in to something that is worth exploring further.

Be open, but also be aware. Be aware of the vibration of every experience you’re having and every being you’re coming into contact with, whether human or extra-terrestrial. That is the healthy way to proceed as you continue on in this journey to the fifth dimension.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Your Truest Path | The Creator

As you move closer to the massive wave of change coming your way, issues you thought had been resolved are reappearing.  Do not be dismayed by this, my dearest child!  The Universe is working with you to excavate the darkest parts, clearing out what no longer serves and helping you move toward the ultimate goal of being you in your purest form.  Any frustration you feel is only temporary…you are on your truest path and The Universe is right beside you. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

Who Is Your Life’s Companion? | Heavenletters

God said:

What shall I bless you with today? What would you like Me to help you with? I am at your side right now, and I am at your service. What else do you think I would be doing? What else do I possibly want but to serve you and serve you well? Keep that idea in your mind. I am Real whatever you may think. Still, your thinking of Me at your side will work wonders. Sense My Presence right now.

I am your Partner on your adventure. Consider that I am not a Partner miles or universes away. I am your Partner in your same office. I am your Partner as you drive to work, and I am your Partner as you drive home, and I am your Partner in all the in between. I am your Partner sitting beside you right now, and I never leave. I am full-time.

I lie beside you at night and wake with you in the morning. I am your Life’s Companion, beloved. I am your Friend Who listens to your breath. I am your Friend.

You may perhaps like to think of Me as a Godfather off somewhere that you call upon in need. Or a Rich Uncle. What do you think of Me as?

Perhaps you think of Me as a Genie who must grant every wish of yours, and you are disappointed in Me. Don’t be disappointed, beloveds. Have bigger dreams. My abilities are great.

I serve, beloveds. I am your Servant, and yet I am not a mere Servant. I am not your Tutor either, and yet you learn from Me. I am not really your Boss either, yet, beloveds, you do strive to heed Me. Perhaps you are My genie. Yes, I think you are very much like My genie. I supply you with My wishes, and you make them come true.

I am not the Nurse by your bedside. I am not a Surgeon. You may have well thought of Me as a Good Guy, and yet you may have thought of Me as a Non-Listener, even as I hear every thought of yours before you know it yourself.

I am the One Who has gone before you, beloveds, and yet I am right beside you. I hold your hand. I help you up the steps of life. My hand is on your elbow. I guide you, and yet I am more than a guide, and I am far more than a granter of wishes.

You might say that I’m a Juggler. I keep so many oranges up in the air all at once. I allow none to fall. You may, on occasion, think you fall, and yet, you who are already in arms, where can you fall to? You cannot fall from My Grace.

Sometimes you feel blows in life. You feel blown by the winds to somewhere you do not want to go. Sometimes you feel blown into a corner where no one really sees you. Sometimes you feel forlorn, and sometimes you feel blessed. Feel blessed now. Know you are blessed. No matter what it may seem to you in the times you call dark, I am still blessing you. You cannot reason this out, beloveds. You can just keep going, and keep going with your eye on Me, for I am right beside you. I never leave.

Would you really wash your hands of Me? Would you ask Me to leave? Would you give Me ultimatums? Would you stamp your foot at Me? Would you dismiss Me from your service?

Life is not perfect in your eyes, and life has been unfair to you and to others around you. You see this from astigmatism. Life in the world is not always on your terms, yet life in the world is not the only thing, beloveds. There is more than you can see. There will come the moment when you do see, and this will be a wonderful moment, this moment when you see.

Your Journeys to the 4th & 5th Dimensions ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been very interested in the journeys that you all took to get to the fourth dimension from the third. We have been exploring and investigating what you had to do to make that leap with your consciousness, and what we noticed in our investigation was how much love and compassion you felt for each other in the wake of the terrorist attacks that had taken place in the years prior to 2012.

You made the leap forward in consciousness because there were more of you who were feeling compassion for all people affected by those attacks than there were people feeling rage and demanding vengeance. This is something that you continue to show in the cataclysmic events that have occurred since December 21st, 2012. December 21st, 2012 was the date when you shifted to a fourth dimensional frequency range. And now, in the seven plus years since you have seen more natural disasters, along with continued war efforts and terrorist attacks, and the love and compassion continues to increase for all people affected.

This is huge. It is so important for you to see yourselves as one human race, rather than people who live under one flag or one religion, and it is so important for you not to use borders and beliefs to draw the line for where you are willing to send your love, your compassion, and your healing light. And so, when you see a natural disaster occurring, yes it is all right to ask the question of how it came to be, but that question should take a backseat to what you feel in response to the natural disaster. Asking yourself how you can help is the important response. It is the necessary response in order to become more of who you really are.

Fighting with others about what caused the disaster, the mass shooting, or the terrorist attack doesn’t serve anyone. And so, we enjoy witnessing that growth and evolution occurring. And as it continues to occur, we will remain hopeful. But hope isn’t even the right word for how we feel about humanity. We are certain that you are evolving and becoming your fifth dimensional, higher selves.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

All Is Well | The Creator

Another gentle reminder; you are in preparation for some intense incoming energy and it will be best to stay as grounded as possible.  The Universe is respectfully asking you to be patient, roll with the changes, maintain healthy boundaries and trust that all is well. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

What Happens Next? | Heavenletters

God said:

You ask yourself: “What is life about anyway?”

Even though you have a lot of answers, you still wonder and want to know and to make sense of it all. You know life is about love. You understand that it is illusion, yet you have only an inkling of what illusion means, for life really seems real to you, all too real.

The best you can make of it is that life is about nothing at all, just a dream-state that you get lost in. It’s just a rest stop in time and space on a far greater journey. It is only for a few moments, and this is a very important few moments. In fact, it is all-important while it is on screen. It becomes the only game in town until you learn otherwise. It’s a show, all right, and yet it is the theatre of the absurd, an all-important drama of nothing at all. Could it be that everyone is an emperor with no clothes?

Or life is a movie short, fanciful, and yet taken very seriously by everyone on the stage and in the audience. Everyone is gripped by it and wants to know what happens next. This is the attraction of the theatre of life. What happens next? This is so enticing. Even if it doesn’t matter, you’ve got to know, for, certainly, this is a drama of your life, and you are the star of it, and your life is a revelation unto itself.

“What is life about, and Who am I?” are two questions you ask yourself a lot. “What am I doing here?” you ask. “How did I get here?” is on the tip of your tongue. “And why?” You get some answers, yet not much, not much that you can really put your finger on.

You are here for something, and yet that is part of the illusion. You know you will not be on Earth forever, nor do you always particularly want to be. And yet you don’t want to leave either. You want one more day, one more turn of the page in the book of blank pages to read. That life is a mystery is part of the attraction. You always did like mysteries. Unsolved ones are always the best-seeming. And so We leave life as it is. We let it be what it is, and you venture forth daily.

What do the birds and other animals make of life? They do not seem to question. They don’t ask themselves: “Who am I, or what am I, and what am I doing here?” They are just here, doing what they do. They don’t ask: “What is love? Do I get enough?” They just give love. They do not ask: “What about tomorrow? What will I eat?” They do not worry about anything, for they will cross that bridge when they come to it. How smart are My animals. How delightful. They are spontaneous, while you are busy trying to teach yourself to be spontaneous. Yet spontaneity does not come with a manual. That’s just it. It comes with nothing at all. Animals carry no luggage. If you carried no luggage, your arms would be free of hindrance, and you would know spontaneity. You would no longer think about it, and you would be spontaneous.

The Human world is a world of thought, and now you are working on how to get out of the world of thought in order to be spontaneous and a few other things closer to your heart.

New Ways to Deliver Downloads & Activations to You ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have begun to discover new ways of getting you to open up to receive. We understand the importance of getting you to slow down, to stop altogether, and to allow in that which you have been summoning, whether on the physical or energetic level. And we have discovered that when you are confused about something, when you don’t know the answer, when you have given up on trying to figure something out, those are excellent times to get you to open up and receive.

We are very interested to see how you are going to receive what we are offering in those moments, as we begin to drip in little pieces of information, downloads, and activations to help you along on your journeys. Confusion is very similar to being in a space where you’re not thinking anything at all, because anytime your mind has to give up control, that’s a good thing. That’s an avenue for you to go beyond your physical mind. It’s a similar phenomenon to when you cannot find what you’re looking for in the physical realm, get frustrated, and give up. That’s usually when the item you’ve been looking for appears magically.

You need to give up sometimes with your mental processing. You sometimes need to stop trying to figure out the solution to an issue and just accept it as it is. You are capable of doing this consciously, of course, and you certainly can create enough issues for yourselves in your lives to get you in that place of giving up, but your guides can also help facilitate this process, while working with your higher selves. And that’s when we come in to deliver something that you can only receive in those moments when you let go of control.

You do need to let go of that desire to know everything and to have it all figured out. Right now, many individuals are trying to figure out what’s going to happen next, and certainly a great deal of individuals want to know when and how the shift will be completed. When all of the information that you run across is contradicting other information, that is by design. That is meant to get you into a state where you throw up your hands and recognize that there’s plenty of life to be lived in the present moment without knowing what’s going to happen and when.

There’s plenty of life to be lived when you just accept that this problem you’ve been facing has no solution. There’s plenty of life to be lived as you are completely uncertain about whether what you want to manifest will ever come to fruition, and that’s the sweet spot. That moment when you give up and just decide to live happily ever after, that’s the moment that we wait for, and we invite you to anticipate good things from now on when you’re in that moment.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton