Rest & Re-Align | The Creator

You may notice a slight lull in the energetic activity as compared to the past few weeks.  Many of you have been working so diligently that the breathing room may feel a little anti-climactic. (Smiling) Just like other energetic shifts, The Universe is giving you the opportunity to take a short rest and re-align.  There is still much to be done so use this time to self-nurture.  When you are ready, begin where you left off and know you are loved, respected and admired for what you are doing now. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

What Do We Want to Do in This Little Time on Earth? | Heavenletters

God said:

In the old days it was said that you trembled at seeing or hearing Me or even a shadow of Me. It was said that you trembled with awe. I want to be sure that it is not fear that you tremble with. I do not even want you to tremble with awe. Awe seems to signify that I am far away outside you. It seems to signify that I stand high above you, and you are a tiny thing beneath Me. Trembling seems to signify great separation. I do not want you to have trepidation about Me. There is nothing to fear from Me.

There is a great difference between being humble and being in fear. When you are without ego, you are humble. No fear is required.

Yes, have an awareness that there is a Beingness greater than the personality you may accept as yourself. You call this Great Beingness God. Great Beingness also lies within you. Great Beingness knows the power it has. You who hold Great Beingness within you and don’t recognize it, you do not yet know the power that is yours. Therefore, you bolster yourself with ego. If you knew the solidity of Who You Really Are, ego would also be recognized for what it is and recognized as being absurd. Who needs a little rubber sword when He holds the mighty sword of love?

There is a difference between image and shadow. You were made in My image, not My shadow. You are not a trace of Me. You are all of Me. All that I AM, you ARE. All that I have, you have. You know that in Our talk, as I say you and I, that this is a formality. It is I, or for the sake of another formality, it is We. We are One, seemingly broken in little pieces. The Reality is that Oneness cannot be broken, not even in two.

We can say, for convenience, that there is little you and Big Me. Yet there is no little you. There is only Big Me or, if you prefer, Big We. Yet it is hard for you to get past the idea of no barriers. It is easier for you to get past barriers than no barrier at all.

Relative life is split in two. It is as if We were separate. Relative life is all an As If. It is as if there is the material. It is as if there is heartbreak. It is as if there are disputes. It is as if there are crimes. It is as if there are lesser emotions. It is as if there is war. Life in the world has been a play filled with drama as if love had exited the stage.

Beloveds, there is One Love, and it is Mine, or We can say it is Ours. What shall We do today with all this Oneness of Love. How shall We exchange it on the market. Or shall We give it away the way We have scattered seeds on Earth. Shall We not be profligates of love, sharecroppers of love, masters of love? Shall We not be fluent in love?

Is there another language We should speak than love?

Shall We not become stirrers of love? Shall We not stir love like hot cocoa?

What shall We do with Our engagement in the world? What makes life worthwhile? What is lasting? What brings Earth closer to Heaven? What fills the heart? What do We want to do in this little time on Earth?

The Path to the Fifth Dimension ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very excited about the progress that we see you making there on Earth with the expansion of your consciousness. We know that we sound like a broken record, telling you this, day after day, but you must remember that we are non-physical beings who are tracking your progress through feeling into the overall vibration of humanity as a collective consciousness. And as such, your spiritual evolution is what we are focused upon. We want to say to you that there were bigger catastrophes that you all could have chosen for yourselves as a collective. There were more immediate cataclysms that you could have chosen.

But if you look at your situation logically, and you see how this pandemic has been affecting humanity as a collective, this was in fact the choice that gave you the biggest opportunity to heal from past life trauma and to come together as a collective through your love and compassion for your fellow humans. You are being given an opportunity to have your hearts opened, and a big part of the shift in consciousness is to stop operating from the consciousness level of your mind and to start operating from the consciousness level of your heart. And so, that is also why we keep telling you to stop looking for answers.

We want you to remember that addressing this crisis from a mental approach is going to leave you in that same vibration that you were in prior to it. But if instead of looking for the who and the why, you allow yourselves to feel what you need to feel and to get heart-centered, you will take all of the expansion that is available to you right now, and you will carry the rest of humanity into that higher frequency range that you all want to be living in.

The path to the fifth dimension was always going to be one that involved individuals going within and finding what was present inside of them. It was always going to be a journey of feeling, a journey that allowed you to notice an uptick in your personal vibration. And we have also told you time and time again that those of you who are awake would be leading humanity in the ascension journey that you are all on. You lead through your example, and you lead by holding a high enough vibration to affect those who are operating from fear, anger, and hate.

You present those individuals with an alternative by approaching the situation you are in and all of humanity with open hearts, with compassion, and with unconditional love. This is what you’ve been waiting for. This is your moment to shine, and the light that you have within you because of all of the clearing, all of the processing, all of the meditating, is brighter and stronger than it has ever been. And so, we invite you to use the light that you have within you to guide humanity into the higher frequency range that is the fifth dimension.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Whole | The Creator

How can The Universe create less-than, not-quite-good-enough or lacking? Always think of yourself as whole. You are and always will be bigger, better, more beautiful and intriguing than you could ever imagine. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings


Number 10 in a series of articles called ‘The Relationship Articles’

Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council.

We want to talk to you about something rather special today. There is nothing more beautiful than a rose in full bloom particularly when the rose has bloomed in trying circumstances.

We want you to understand that you are like a rose bud seeking to unfurl your beautiful petals one at a time to reveal the full glory and spendour of your being. We also want you to understand that you cannot rush this process and if you tried you would almost certainly cause the delicate rose bud to perish before it had a chance to truly bloom.

The true beauty of the rose is its delicacy combined with its beauty and sweet fragrance. Roses are not weeds that grow anywhere in any conditions. Rather they require care and attention to achieve their full potential.

You are that rose.

We leave you with a love that knows no bounds.

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

Channeled by Karen Woods, New Waves of Light

In Memoriam | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloved, the moment of what you call death is always peaceful. There is no struggle. There is surrender to what has always been, and that is Eternity. Life as experienced in the world has most often been struggle against the Truth of Life. You think Earth life is supposed to last forever, even though you give lip service that it is not. But the truth is that Llife itself is forever. There is only Being. There is no death. There is no after life really because life continues and never ends. Body falls away. Spirit stays with Me, and it stays with you. In death, it is only the physical that has changed. But how attached you are to the physical. Sooner or later you will loose the hold your fingers have on it.

The physical obviously has no life of its own. You consider the body the moving force. But you also know this cannot be. The spirit does not follow the body. The body is not a free agent. It accompanies you. You do not accompany it.

The body is a leash that follows you around. It ties you to Earth, and yet you are untethered.

You feel great loss in your heart at the body death of a loved one near or far. In the shadow of death you have a clue as to the connectedness of all souls. Loss is a trick of the mind, beloveds.

Your friend has stepped over another threshold. This threshold is vaster than any you are aware of on Earth. But friendship has not ended. Your friend is with you now. He is more with you now because no longer does he have the distraction of physical life. No longer is he pulled in any direction but in the direction of closeness to love. Closer to love, he brings all within her soul’s breath closer to love.

Your friend’s passage through the halls of Earthly death is symbolic. There is no passage. Nothing has changed. There is nowhere to go and nowhere to leave. The only difference is in your thought. You were captivated by the existence of a physical being and all the senses. The senses are physical. You miss the physical sight and sound. You miss the imagined space the body filled. You miss the Earthly responses. All the while, the connection is intact, and your sense of Oneness now has the opportunity to become more refined.

A party was held on earth, and now one of the guests deigns to go home and you are still at the party. Part of you would like to go home as well. Yet you grieve that your friend left the party. Because your friend left the party doesn’t mean he is gone. He is merely out of your sight right now. He stays in your thoughts but your thoughts are misinformed. Your thoughts tell you to be sad when you could be joyous that your friend has taken a cab Home, and one that you will also take by and by.

You want to join your friend at the same time as you are afraid to leave the party.

Friendship is in the heart not the mind. Do not let your mind tell you that a life is over and a friendship gone. The very fact that your heart yearns for your friend tells you that he is still here. This spirit that you cannot see but yet feel in your heart — this is the truth of your friend. It was ever so.

The physical was just a lot of scenery. Make-up. But underneath the make-up, behind the scenes is where life takes place. Whether the curtain is up or the curtain is down, what is changed? Merely a curtain, an illusory curtain. The curtain could be see-through net or thick velvet — it’s still illusion.

There is no separation. There is no apartness. There is no loss. Why must your heart ache so? Let heartache go. You have your friend. He has gone nowhere. Your Loved One is here with you now.

Getting Past the Pandemic Faster ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very happy to report that we can see all of you making progress there on Earth, and we can feel the ripple effect all the way here in the ninth dimension. We are also capable of sensing the direction that you are shifting into, and we can say that without a doubt, you are getting to the end of this crisis faster now because of the work that you have done as a collective. You are making that progress towards your ascension as well, because your ascension is all about seeing yourselves as a collective, rather than as a collection of individuals. There’s a difference.

A collective is a unit, and that’s what you need to operate as in order to harmonize and synergize, in order to catapult yourselves into a higher consciousness state. And so, you co-created something that would unite you as a collective, something that would allow yourselves to see that you are all the same, no matter where you are from and no matter what you believe in. And once you return to business as usual there on Earth, there will be a change in the way that you see your fellow humans. Right now, the desire to connect with others on your world has never been stronger than it is right now within the collective consciousness.

You are going to look for deeper connection. You are going to look for more than just physical proximity and physical touch. You are going to want to know what others went through during this pandemic. You are going to want to hear their stories. You are going to want to know how they were affected, whether they suffered any losses.

And in sharing your stories with one another, the compassion will build. Compassion and unconditional love are what bind a collective together. They are what accelerate your journey of ascension. They are what you really are as Source Energy Beings, and you who are awake have known this for quite some time.

You’ve been doing your part. You’ve been adding something positive to the collective consciousness, and now the rest of the planet is catching up. People are eager to grow, expand, and evolve, now more than ever, and you have been quietly leading them down that path, but your influence is getting stronger and stronger, and many who are asleep are starting to feel the presence of higher dimensional beings during this period of slowing down there on Earth.

Everything is about what you feel. And so, feeling for us, the archangels, the ascended masters, and others is a huge step forward and one that we could not possibly be happier about. Trust that your fellow humans are getting what they need, and continue to anchor in that compassion, and you will see yourselves through this faster than anyone expected.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Ready To Roll | The Creator

First of all, The Universe would like to commend you on the efforts you have put forth during this challenging time.  The strength, fortitude, kindness and love you have shown yourselves and each other has been awe-inspiring!  Now, it is time to get ready to roll again.  The Universe knows you are tired and a more than a little lonely but, your assistance is needed to continue raising the vibrational level of your Earth plane.  My dearest child…this is why you chose this lifetime and what you have been training for!  The Universe has faith in you! ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

The Present | Heavenletters

God said:

When you feel anxiety, you have been holding on to the past. Feelings of anxiety are not possible when you are in the present. Thoughts of past and future allow anxiety to take a hold. I and the moment are the same.

Consider the present a wavelength, and the past and the future wavelengths also. My wavelength is always in the present. You see into My eyes in the present, for I gaze at you now.

The present is not made up of thoughts, although it is its own awareness. Awareness is not self-conscious. Being in the present is like when you hug spontaneously. You do not think: “I will hug this person.” Or you do not think: “I am hugging this person.” You just hug. You are hugging. When you start to think about it, you have stopped engaging in the present moment, and have engaged in the thought about it. Thoughts are not where the momentousness is.

Of course, your mind is a ticker tape of thoughts. You were taught so. You were taught to think, and you were taught to do. Beingness was not in the script the world handed you, but beingness is encrypted within you.

Coming back to the present — being in the present is like the eating of a piece of cake. The present is not the digesting. It is the moment the cake enters your mouth and you taste it.

It is well to begin tasting life and to consider all the flavors. Sweetness is not the only taste. When you welcome experience more than non-experience, you will savor all the tastes. This is another way of saying that you will be glad to be alive.

Life is not an even line. You are the even line. Seek not for evenness outside you. Maintain your balance, and rocky roads will not deter you. You walk over them. They do not run roughshod over you.

Squeeze the juice from life like an orange. Drink it. Imbibe the God-given life that is yours. Relish it. Twirl it. You carry life. Life doesn’t carry you.

Be original. Be authentic. What do you wait for?

Life is not to come to grips with. Life is to walk over. Might as well enjoy the terrain.

Moving forward in life does not have to mean greater action, although it may. Moving forward is more like the platform you come from. Greater action in the same place does not move you forward. Greater vision leads you forward. It heralds your arrival.

Envision a great path, and then go on it.

Envision a great undertaking, and then take it.

Envision a beam of light straight from Me to you.

Envision it enveloping you, this beam of golden light, as it falls from My eye to crown you.

Envision the stream of My light cascading around you and through you.

When you step left, My light follows you.

When you step right, you follow My light.

There is no left nor right in Heaven, so wherever you step, I am with you. We cannot discern Who follows Whom because We cannot be apart. We are simultaneous.

When you are in the moment, you engage with Me, and that is the simultaneity of love.

Love is not a thought. It is not an action either. An action may consist of love, but the action is not love.

Aspire to love. When you cannot feel love, then engender appreciation. Appreciation will lead you to love. You can even appreciate that which you do not love and change how it appears. Your appreciation can turn discomfort into joy just as dross can turn into gold.

New Timelines Co-Created by the Truly Awakened ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have begun to investigate the timelines that have been created by humanity as a result of the covid-19 virus and all of its repercussions on you as a collective. Times like these are when you tend to be at your most creative, and luckily for humankind, there are plenty of you who are doing the work you need to do in order to heal yourselves and be in that positive energy that is required for creating something that will lead to a positive result.

You do not want to create timelines from a place of fear, sadness, or anger, and yet there are many on your planet right now who are attempting to do just that. As we said, lucky for humanity, there are those like you who are truly awake and who recognize the opportunity that is in front of you to put humanity on a much better timeline than the one you were on before this became a pandemic.

You are ready to establish some new goals for yourselves as a collective. You are ready to become the high-vibrational beings that you were always destined to become in this lifetime, and you are ready to help those who have been lagging behind catch up to where you are in your evolutionary journey.

This is a time where many individuals who will be looking for solace, comfort, and anyone who is able to hold a stable, high vibration is one who offers the comfort that people are seeking. But you are doing so much more than that. You are setting humanity on a better feeling track. You are opening up to new possibilities, new ways of achieving the goals that you have for humanity, and new timelines for ascension, which is what this lifetime is all about for you. Remember that, and keep in mind that there is only so much you as an individual have control over.

So you really want to take control of your vibration, to do the work that you need to do, and to get creative. We will continue to recommend to all of you that you stop looking for ‘The Truth’ about what’s going on right now, and instead, you create from your truth, and you harmonize with that new Earth you are co-creating, that fifth-dimensional frequency range that you are all spiraling towards in every moment of every day.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton