Focus Or Distraction | The Creator

How do you choose to present yourself to the world?  Do you choose to make grand statements wrapped up in an emotional charge to garner attention or do you quietly sit back and watch things unfold in a more organic way?

With the way the energy is shifting (and yes, you are on another upward climb) what you choose to focus on, say, think and feel will be more important than ever!  Polarized opinions are the ‘order of the day’ and it may be very tempting to jump into the fray but, what are you really doing?  Are you making a point that is really yours or are you using it as a distraction to keep yourself from more pressing matters?

Take some time today and think about how you are using your personal energy and be mindful of the fact that The Universe is reflecting exactly what you put out there. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

When You Weep for Love Lost | Heavenletters

God said:

Above all, don’t feel sorry for yourself. Don’t. Just don’t. Smile instead. Feeling sorry for yourself is like sitting in an oil spill and not being able to get up. Better even to feel angry than to feel pity for yourself.

You can give many reasons why you feel sorry for yourself. When you view your life in a pitying way, you can have a long list. You can have a list as long as a long scarf.

Feeling sorry for yourself is like sucking your thumb. You can suck your thumb for only so long. Self-pity is something to outgrow.

The thing is that feeling sorry for yourself, when you’re in that frame of mind, doesn’t get you anywhere. It digs you deeper in to where you don’t want to be. Stay away from self-pity like the plague. Self-pity is a plague. It is a torrential display of self-centeredness that you melt yourself into. You melt yourself into tears of a kind of gooeyness.

You are not one to be pitied nor are you to be one who pities another. No longer stew yourself in pity. Pitying, feeling sorry for yourself or another, is a form of indolence.

Of course, you can make a good case for self-pity. Self-pity sets you apart from everyone and from yourself. Self-pity says you have suffered and that you are suffering still. Self-pity may say you cannot get over feeling sorry for yourself. Self-pity may say you can cry tears forever. Self-pity may say you are the most sorrowful person in the world.

You may weep because you no longer have your parents. You may weep for your youth. You may weep for love lost. You may weep because you have not loved or loved enough. You may weep because joy has been wrested from your hand. You may weep because you are afraid of life and living of it.

How clear can you be when you look at yourself and life through tears?

You know what to do.

When you weep for love lost, be glad for the joy you had before it was lost.

When you weep that your parents are no longer on Earth, be glad you had your parents while you had them.

And if you were an orphan and had no parents of your own and lived in an orphanage, be glad you weathered it, and, now, no longer see yourself as an orphan.

For every sighting of self-pity, turn it over and allocate that which to be glad for. You can do it. You have to do it. Nobody can do it for you. Do not wait. Abandon self-pity this minute.

Come on now, if you saw two signs, one called Self-Pity and another called To Be Glad For, why would you choose self-pity? Self-pity is not a badge of honor. There is no virtue in it.

If you must feel sorry for yourself, do it for just a minute and then turn off the recording that attracts self-pity. Put on another CD. I am talking about your thoughts, beloveds. Thoughts bring on self-pity. The conditions themselves do not. Self-pity doesn’t happen without a green light from your thoughts. No longer go fishing for self-pity. No matter what, you are not to indulge in feeling sorry for yourself or anyone.

You can look at emptiness in your life, or you can look at where empty spaces are filled in. You don’t have to look at the holes. You do not have to underline them. You do not have to put a circle around them and an exclamation mark.

You are not here on Earth for self-pity. You are here on Earth for Me.

Practice Using Your Abilities ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

You have begun to explore some of the abilities that you will have once you are fully fifth dimensional, and you will get better at utilizing these abilities with practice. You cannot expect to master one of these abilities right away. They are no different than your musical instruments, or speaking a foreign language, or playing a sport. You get better with practice at all of those things, and your abilities are no exception. What we see many of you doing is giving up. You think it should be easier, and so you stop practicing. Now let us be clear about which abilities we are speaking about.

The easiest one for you to tap in to at this time is telepathy, but you don’t want to think of telepathy as you sending a thought to another person. You want to practice using telepathy by being of the same vibration as another person, and then you both know what the other one knows in that moment. Or you both receive the same download or inspired idea. Telekinesis will be another fifth dimensional ability that you will have once you complete your shift, and some of you are finding that you are successful in being able to mentally a spoon, for example. This is a skill that has been demonstrated on many different occasions.

But we recommend that you start with something less solid. Start with energy. Send energy to a different part of the room where you are, and then go to that part of the room and see if you can pick up on it. Teleportation and time travel are abilities that are very far off from where you are now, and so even attempting to engage in them can be quite discouraging. Now, you will all be healers and channels as fifth dimensional beings. These are other areas where it is easy to give up because you don’t feel something right away or because you don’t speak for the beings that you want to connect with right away.

But playing with the ability to move energy through you is one of the more satisfying experiences that you can have in the fourth dimension, and it is a very good way for you to create change in your world. As we have recently said, change will happen within you first. You will feel the energetic shifts before you see the shifts in the physical realm, the physical realm being slower than the energetic one. It will also benefit you greatly having patience at this time, as we know many of you are ready for full e.t. contact and ready for the shift to be completed. But instead, you wait. You wait for your fellow humans to catch up, and while you are waiting, you might as well do something with all that time you have on your hands.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

The Giving Heart | The Creator

In a world of ‘take’, it is time to find your greatest pleasure in giving.  Do not do it to make a point, to garner favor or keep score.  Do it because it is who you are and what you are designed to do. For each moment you give another, the rewards come back ten-fold.  Moving past ‘tit for tat’ thinking allows the joyous heart, free of expectation, open to the infinite possibilities of The Universe. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

What Happiness Is | Heavenletters

God said:

Whatever you have been thinking Heaven on Earth will be, it will be even more. You are going to have undreamed of joy. You — I speak to everyone who reads My words — are going to have untold happiness. You cannot imagine all the happiness that will be yours. Your happiness will be like popcorn popping, and there will be no stopping it.

Your happiness will shoot out like the way an expert dealer deals cards fast. Furthermore, all the cards in the deck are aces, beloveds, with a few jacks, queens, and kings thrown in to represent you and the people in your life.

In fact, all fortunes will be good fortunes now. The die is cast.

Heretofore, you have not known how marvelous life is supposed to be. Soon you will be living life as it is meant to be in all its glory. All suffering will be behind you. All the past will be behind you. You will be awed by all that will present itself to you. There will be one awe after another. You will pinch yourself a dozen times a day and find that you are awake.

Life on Earth will become the unfoldment of all Our dreams. Life will be piled high with dreams come true. The world will become one great big resounding Yes! The word “no” will become so faint you will not hear it, and then it will disappear altogether. It will come to pass that the concept of “no” will be gone altogether. “No” was like a spell that had been cast on Earth members, and now the spell has been lifted and can be no more.

No one’s throat will be able to form the word “no.” The closest sound approximation will be “now.”

There will be no stumbling blocks to evolution, no interruptions, no pauses. You will keep on rolling along, and taking all with you. You will go round and round in galaxy-hopping joy. In fact, you will revolve around the sun at break-neck speed. The stars will part before you and return to their original spot the minute you pass. You will stand still, and yet you will be transported anywhere and everywhere.

You will swim to the depths of the ocean, and you will fly to the heights of Heaven. There will no longer be an horizon line, for the merger of Heaven and Earth will be complete. You will easily pass through the eye of the needle. There will be no restrictions. All entrances will be as wide as the Grand Canyon. Everything will be wide open, most especially your eyes will be wide open.

You are learning to see. You are learning to read the Universe in Braille and in every other language. No longer will there be bedlam. All will be understood, for hearts will be known, and the language of love alone will be spoken. Speech will no longer be needed, and yet it will be practiced for the beauty of its sound and its rhythm.

Dance will no longer be known as such, for everyone will be dancing. No one will need lessons. And eyes will dance. Dancing will be like a chain lighted by bright smiles.

It will be a hop, skip and jump to anywhere you like. You will ride the dimensions and dimensionless the way you would ride a whale. You will choose to be any form you want, and you will be recognized, and yet you will be formless. You will be seamless. You will know that your girth surpasses Earth’s circumference, and you will know that Heaven is measureless, and yet Heaven will be measured in immeasurable love. Get your hat on, beloved, for you are ready to immerse yourselves in happiness and finally, once and for all, find out what happiness is.

Earth Day ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

It is a lovely day on Earth when you acknowledge the beautiful Being that is right beneath your feet, giving you everything that you could ever possibly ask for or need. Now, something like Earth Day still has the potential to create a rift amongst humans. There are extreme positions when it comes to the health and well-being of Mother Earth. We know that you are going to take better care of her as you evolve. We also know that the best way for you all to enact change on your world is to send love, appreciation, and compassion to this Mother and Creator Being that you have right there, underneath you at all times.

You don’t have to get into lengthy debates with climate change deniers in order to make a difference. All you have to do is your part in creating the consciousness that will be reflected to you in your Earth and her atmosphere, her water supply, and the very ground that you walk on. It all starts and ends with consciousness. So we recommend that you utilize the truth that you are consciousness to create the change that you want to see outside of you. And yes, you can also do your part by recycling and by boycotting certain corporations that you know are not respecting your Mother Earth, and you can do so much more by creating a lovefest like Earth Day in your hearts and holding it there.

Your love is so much more powerful than your facts and figures about what’s going on with the Earth at this time. You have over the millions of years that human beings have been on Earth gotten further and further away from her energy. You wanted to be safe. You didn’t want to get eaten by wild animals. And you don’t want to get stung or bitten by insects or snakes. So you have created these dwellings that you live in and these office buildings, and all the other places that you go that keep you more separate from Nature.

But you can find so much of what you’re looking for by going out there in Nature and getting some quiet time with your other Mother, Mother Nature. And so, that is how you will create the change that you want to see on this beautiful planet of yours. And we are excited to witness all of you doing it more and more often. We definitely want you to devote more than one day out of three-sixty-five to celebrating your beautiful Mother and Creator Being.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

The Spark | The Creator

Please remember to keep this in mind when you move through your daily existence;  Some are adjusting well to the newest energy arrival, some not-so-much and others not at all.  It would be wonderful if you could move about with like-minded individuals, however, that is not always going to happen.  It is important, regardless of where you on your path, to keep shining exactly as you have been.  Patience, kindness, compassion and love are the fuel…and you may be the spark that lights the fire for them. (Smiling) ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

Greater Fields | Heavenletters

God said:

Have a little faith in what I say. Only a little will carry you far. Attend to what you can embrace here. Look not for argument. What can you gain by argument with Me? Do you really think you know more than I?

When you learned algebra, you accepted that there was something you needed to learn. You accepted that you did not know it all. But when it comes to what I tell you of the grandness of creation, you are like the two-year old who says no automatically. He considers himself the arbiter of the world and its Heavens. He makes pronouncements and denouncements. As he duels with his father, you duel with Me.

But I do not duel with you. I play no game. I prove no point. I speak Truth. I cannot hear it for you. You must hear it for yourself. Put your energy somewhere else rather than debate with Me. I am not an adversary, nor are you an adversary to Me, no matter what your fussing and fuming. We are Love. What more is there to it than that?

Never mind trying to understand what I say. Understand Me. Understand My place in your life. Accept My friendship. I do not expound My precepts for anyone but you and for nothing but you. I do not talk to hear Myself talk. I lift you with My words. I am raising you. I am telling you what is in My heart to tell you so that you may find the grace in life.

You do not need lessons in finding the graceless. You are already good at that.

I will stretch you. I will not let you stay the dreary same. You will come out of your nest and awake to the Sun. You will sing a different tune. You have to change your refrains. Now you sing a new song, and I am teaching it to you.

Your intellect is weary. It assails itself. It courses and winds and ties itself up. The intellect is a spider caught in its own web. Rest your intellect a while, and recline in your heart.

Your heart knows not of arguments. Your heart knows of love. That is its natural state.

Because life does not always follow your bidding or arrange itself the way you think, do not use that as an excuse to encumber your heart with judgment. Leave your heart to itself. It is well aware of Me. It is not your heart that criticizes Me. Why would it? Your heart knows Me very well.

You are My generation. You are My seed. You are not meant to be My accuser. It is not your place to defend the downtrodden when it comes to Me.

Ego fans itself with argument. You try to catch My attention with argument. You already have My attention. My attention is called love.

You may think you want the last word with Me, but you don’t. You know you are insufficient without Me — as if you could ever truly be without Me. Yes, you argue with your very underpinnings.

If you seek Truth, let it in. Give it admittance. Start from the premise that what I say is true. Consider this certainty at least a possibility. I offer you Heaven, and you quibble. Why would you do that? Be chagrined. Look up.

Arise to your true stature. You are not smallness. You are greatness. Do not debate such matters with Me. Do We have time for debate? It seems that We have a lot to do for the world. All your arguments are just staying actions, and We move onto greater fields. Put down your sword, and come travel with Me. Haven’t you seen enough of the ways of the world. Come, let Me show you Heaven.

Energy Surges Continue ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been experiencing surges of energy ourselves, and while we cannot completely relate to what it has been like there on Earth, we want you to know that we can empathize with how unsettling the surges can be. You are all doing the best that you can to stay on track with these energies, and we applaud you for that. We know that the challenges before you are about maintaining your physical and physical existence while simultaneously having so many different spiritual experiences.

These spiritual experiences must be integrated into the physical realm, and what is very challenging about that is the fact that the physical human body is the most dense part of you. It is the hardest part of you to keep on track. This is why it is so important to stay hydrated and grounded at this time. It’s never going to be a good idea to be dehydrated or ungrounded, but with the recent energy surges that you and we have been experiencing, it is particularly important for you to take care of yourselves.

Recognize that the journey you are on is a very intense one, and that you’re not just there on Earth playing out the same old stories that you have in previous lifetimes. You are there to ascend. You are there to become your higher selves, and that is a gigantic undertaking, the likes of which you have never experienced before in this universe. It is going to be a rough and rocky ride at times, and you are going to need to listen to your bodies. Give yourself the rest that you need. Let yourselves off the hook, and enjoy the physical as best you can, because in your enjoyment of the physical, you are more likely to be grounded in your bodies.

Now is not the time to be taking on a lot of physically taxing and challenges tasks. Now is the time to be checking in with your body on a regular basis and seeing what it is that you really need, as opposed to what it is that you just normally do. This is a time for receiving these energies as well, and in order to receive them more fully, sometimes you just have to take a break, take it easy, and let go of your list of things to do. Taking care of yourself in that way is an act of self-love.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Open The Door… | The Creator

Take a moment and look at those around you.  Look into their eyes.  In that instant, you may be able to glimpse what path they are on, the battles they may be fighting, if they have begun their movement toward the light and if they truly like themselves.

This is not to place you in a position of judgement…it is an exercise in compassion.  When you can see and understand what your fellow human beings are going through, a connection is created, giving you a chance to see within yourself and what changes need to be made.  It also affords you the opportunity to see their innate beauty regardless of outward appearances.  You have an amazing life, with abilities, knowledge and wisdom you have barely explored…it is time to open that door and begin. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings