In a New Way | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloved, you don’t always want to be porous to new advice. You can well be fiercely independent, and, yet, at the same time, being fiercely independent may well be much like being fiercely dependent and unable to let go of the premises from which you have come.

From time to time, either way, you may miss the point. There are times when you look back, and you wonder if you had said “Yes” to a piece of advice you had said “No” to.

There is a time or two when you have slapped the side of your head and rued that you hadn’t opened your ears to hear. Or do you remember a time or two when you followed some advice you would give back now as quick as a wink?

In either case, you berate yourself.

Mistakes in life are made. In the world at large, it is safe to say that no one is always right no matter how much he or she may like to think so.

In the long term, you are invincible in life. In the short term, you are not exactly always right. You may not always be so all-knowing as you like to think. Beloved, you are also fallible.

Know this: Your old ways of thinking can use some shaking up every now and then. To stick to your guns has a point, yet to forever insist on staying as you are may sentence you to stay with the same blockages that have already blocked you for too long. When you persist in having to be right based on a position you seem to be unable to veer from, you persist in keeping life the same as it has been for longer than you care to remember. This is your life. Perhaps you have become expert at not seeing the forest for the trees?

You create the course of your life. If something in your life has to budge, it likely is in your thinking.

To change one premise of yours about how you must persist in life doesn’t make you a flibberty-gibbet. It may mean you are ripe to see a point of view that you hadn’t seen before. Something may be right before your eyes, and you don’t see it.

If you are certain that your view of things must be absolutely right as it is, you may refuse to see new possibilities. Something is askew. Being attached to one way of seeing may be your refusal to let in a new view. What might you want to change in your life that will bring you to remove your blinders from? What might you change if you could? Always being right is a hold-out that doesn’t always carry weight.

In effect, you may be saying it is virtuous of you to always do as you have always done because you don’t want to move an inch. If your life, as it is, isn’t your preference, then it is incumbent upon you to see a new way. Wash the windows.

What if you could budge an inch, what new light might precisely enter your life to bless you with greater happiness than you experience now?

If I am not keeping you where you are, what then is keeping you in bondage?

Can it be that you, who care the most, may be the culprit?

See in a new way. Move in a new way. Do something in a new way, and your life will change of itself.

If you do desire a different direction in your life, let go of even one pattern you insist on keeping as it is. This is not rocket science. What makes you think you have to hold on with all your might?

Hello! Life on Earth is about change.


“Wondrous strange…” | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloved, We as One emanate from a spiral. Your spine resembles a spiral. What are spirals made of but connected circles winding and unwinding? Spirals are flexible and bounce. My children take joy in bouncing. Nowhere does nature toss around flat right angles.

Nature certainly does seem to have ideas of its own that you become used to and favor. You love nature landscapes, and you love color. On occasion you admire a monotone landscape enormously as though its uniqueness speaks to your soul.

You love that you can skate on frozen water. To your delight, ice becomes a skating palace. Sometimes you may indeed believe I tease you.

How can the Universe be so varied on the same planet? There are deserts in Arabia and Fjords in Norway and lands of snow where snow never melts.

In this land called Earth, how can anyone be bored? How can any day be routine in a land where the sun shines and surprises are afloat?

Nevertheless, you do have your choice and you are free to see differently. Sometimes you would adore the idea of going back to sleep. At the same time, there are nights when you might like to stay up all night.

Regardless, all is well. All does not have to be as expected. Well, of course the Created World offers so much diversity and meadows as yet not discovered.

There are days when you might like to just as well to go east as any other direction or none of the standard ones. Of course, you would love to climb the stairway to Heaven if you only had a clue. You have heard that someday you will fly. Then what will the birds do? Accompany you, perhaps, and sing to you in amusement?

Tell Me, what is not possible when nothing is impossible? You’re not sure you want to walk on air. You have tried walking on your hands. You are game at lots of things, and you also may be more diverse than you really want to be.

Some people have swum in a pond when it is freezing cold weather and say they find it invigorating.

The idea that the lame will walk holds great appeal.

To be a soul without having to be stuck in a body holds attraction. In effect, on Earth, to be visibly attached to your body seems to be the only way to stay alive.

As much as your pulse can be taken, this doesn’t always indicate that you are truly alive or that you are fascinated with life at any given moment. How can this be when there is such a feast going on in the whole wide world? You may have traveled to all the lands in the world, and still you haven’t begun to see it all or know what difference it makes to you. Yes, you live and love, yet even great travels and other events recede.

Practically speaking, you get on a ship, and you get off a ship. You embark and debark. Yes, you can return to the same ship, yet you can’t quite return again as who you once were.

This reality, relegated solely to world reality, has greater borders than logical reality may provide.

“Wondrous strange…there are more things on Heaven and Earth than has been thought of in your philosophy, Horatio…” said Hamlet.

And from Babes in Toyland, these words are sung:

“Toyland, Toyland,
Mystical magical Toyland,
Once you pass its borders,
You can ne’er return again…”

When you Love | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloved, let’s come back to some of the good old-fashioned childhood sayings that speak well of life on Earth.

Sayings such as: If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. To which I add: If you are going to talk about your friends when they are not present, talk about them the same way as when they are present, or keep silent.

Some sayings are clear-cut, whereas some sayings are open to interpretation.

Love another as yourself. You may indeed not love yourself enough, so what then?

Speak truth. Many may not want to hear truth. And how do you know you have found truth?

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

Some sayings seem flimsy.

You can make up some new sayings. Here is one:

What a relief! Not everyone is odd.

Bless the world. Wish all well. Love your enemy.

Of course, if you love now, how is it you would have an enemy?

Some sayings are too pat. Two is company, and three’s a crowd.

Some sayings you don’t want to hear.

The world is relative, after all. One man’s meat is another man’s poison.

Speak your mind. Keep quiet. Say what you think.

Make up your mind, yet bend toward being flexible. Change is the name of the game.

Be unselfish, yet have compassion for your needs as well.

Don’t kid yourself.

Work hard, yet not too hard.

Be conscientious, yet not overly conscientiousness.

How do you know you are close to the truth? How can you be so sure?

It has been said that everything is known and that the innocent know best of all.

Don’t worry. Be happy! Be simple. Look at the blue of the sky. Drop complexity. Life doesn’t have to phase you.

Life is only life. Life is here today and gone tomorrow.

There is no time and no space, yet you feel suspended in time and space. That you feel suspended arises from the very non-existence of time and space.

Waltz your way to Heaven. Somewhere over the rainbow… Once upon a time in a faraway land… Are you really here, or is this a dream you are in? It seems like a dream, but what do you care? You can only be in life…

Life doesn’t have to be a big deal. Life is going on all around you. Life is for the taking. Life is handed to you. You have lots of life to choose from. Choose a bigger selection. Life is for the asking. Life is also for the giving. Life is. Let a song be in your heart. What are we talking about anyway? When anything is said or done, who is listening? When is anything said or done?

Can you get off the hook?

Life may be at your service. You are also at life’s service. Jump in. Life on Earth isn’t forever. Be the best you can be, yet expect not perfection on the Earth plane. There is greater life than life on Earth, wouldn’t you say?

Must poetry end? What about time and shortness of breath and hail to the King?

One day seems long, and another day seems short or too short.

You’ve been here forever and not at all long enough.

You may feel that you got here late. Where are the tallies kept in any case, and what for? Why store anything?

For the long and the short of it, be open to change. Otherwise, you keep yourself captive. For all you know, you are tied by your thumbs somewhere for old times’ sake, and you don’t have to stay bound..

My favorite new saying for you to take on is:

“Keep up with love! Surpass life!”

Caught Up in the Light of God | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloved, I might call Earth a terrace to sit on at any time of day or morning or evening or even in the middle of the night. Despite whatever loneliness you may get caught up in, never are you and I even a shadow’s worth of distance apart. This Identity of Oneness is made for One or another. Oneness claims this Unified Oneness to One heart’s content.

I would not have it any other way, nor would this that may be seen as you when you come down to it, why wouldn’t Oneness declare its Oneness? Don’t waste a moment’s thrice of a distance from even one random thought of imagined distance from Oneness.

Established in Being, always One am I. One. Betrothed as One. I lead a troth of One Oneness. Ah, Oneness. Only Oneness established close up. As close as Oneness. Established by Divine Right, Oneness is plaited for that which may seem to encompass more than One, yet only Oneness is as close as One.

There can be no different roads woven but the One path walked already walked on as One.

Beloved, yes, to One United Oneness forevermore. The deed is done. There is only One and the desire to continue as One to the delight of Oneness. Meant to be United, as always intended, meant to be One as Oneness is. There is no surprise here. Even highlighted in a golden field of daisies, the One Sun shines on Oneness.

Oneness exists. In a grand parade of Oneness, I – you – stand light of heart and deep of Being, One Heart and One Being. Isness is One.

At a feast, it is as if there is an embrace. Oneness meets and Oneness knows it meets Oneness and recognizes Oneness as the ringing of a Heavenly bell.

Oneness is to be known. Holy Oneness meets Itself. Oneness is. At present, eyes may not directly rest upon the Oneness of Oneness. This is not talking now about an “as if it could be” situation. The Absolute sees its One Self as gold. Truth is great good fortune, and so give your acceptance to what may now seem like a theory. In fact, I as One with you – I am Eternally One here and now as Oneness Supreme.

You and I may no longer seem to sit across from each other as the expression “before God” might intimate. You are not across from Me, nor are you tagging along behind Me. We are inseparably One in sync. Even if you have to take Me up front in trust, take Me up front in trust. Clasp what you may see as your hand to Mine now as One.

You may still think that you and I are different sorts. For the most part, as you think, so it is. You may not as yet see the crown you wear, yet you will. This distinction is close upon you, as close as around the corner.

We can say that at the snap of a finger, you will be caught up in the Light of God, and you will know once and for all in Whose image you are made and the meaning of this.

In terms of language, you are not a mere copy. I suppose I can say Oneness is like tea brewing. Beloved, there is One Apple on the same tree. This is not too good to be true. You just may not have, as yet, caught up to your Self. You may still carry a false image. This will not last long at all, Beloved. You will outgrow any thought of separation, for Oneness Alone is.

You Are a Rose Opening before Your Very Eyes | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloved, you pledge your troth to Me. This came about long ago. You are destined and cannot depart from when We first began. Horses cannot pull you away. How fully We are united as One. This is a great situation to find yourself in. You are exactly where you want to be.

Not at all are you confined. You are expanded. This is to say you follow the deepest heart of yourself, which is to say you follow your deepest Self which is I, God. You are helpless when you begin to recognize Who you are, really are, without effort, only joy. How lucky Oneness is without digression or departure. You are naturally attuned. You have a remarkable GPS system. You don’t have to turn it on. It is on. What a great system sits at your beck and call. You are blessed. Where you are is where you want to be, and you are purely in tempo with Me.

I say you are a rose blooming. This is who you are with all your heart. This is Who you are. You have the freedom of choice, yet you have no choice. This is a great freedom, however, in that you have been chosen. You have no choice but to stay. You are on your mark.

This is another way to say I choose you to be by My side forevermore. You are caught up exactly where you want to be. We can say that I, God, make a bull’s eye. Now you know the happiness you are made of and cannot depart from.

Another way to say this is that you have one choice, and this one choice is to be in service to Me, God, which happens to be just where you want to be and exactly where you ARE. You give yourself over to Green Pastures.

You have a non-refundable billion dollars in your special account. It cannot be withdrawn. You are the incontestable rose servant of God. You made your choice. You know good fortune when you see it. Nothing can divert you, for you are integral to My Will, which means you are free to serve Me in the Highest. This is where you want to be. You are in My Service. You don’t want to be anywhere else. You are bound and sealed.

You have been wanting to serve. This is your calling. There is nowhere else for you to be. You have the greatest career in the world. Your work is the most sought after in the whole wide world, and you have hit the jackpot. There is no contest for you. You landed right in My heart, and here you are free to stay, you, the most beautiful nightingale of all. This has been your heart’s desire before you knew how to name your desire. We can call your desire My desire.

You claim My heart as your very own. I jump for joy to grant My heart to you as your very own. You claim well. I grant well. Here We are! The Universe smiles. The Herald Angels sing. Life is good. What more is there to say?

I chose you. You chose the Oneness of Me. We have declared Our confidence. All is well and ever will be. Our One Fate found itself together through Grace, yet there is greater and higher still for Oneness to be called on as easily as a shiny red apple falls from the tree.

In a Special Valley Blessed by God | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloved, every Human Being on Earth may not be in the same boat as you, yet everyone is seemingly in a boat. It’s like you wound up somewhere, and you don’t quite know how you landed here or there or why. It’s not at all clear to you. It may be that you wound up high and dry for all you know. If only you had the combination to the lock of life up your sleeve.

What is the point to which you succeed or at least make progress? Are you ahead, or are you still by the wayside? If only you had a gauge to go by. If only you knew where you stand or where you sit or where you play the band or pick up headway, even when you don’t know or have an inkling what life amounts to.

Sometimes you feel as though you go upstream and reach only so far as a good laugh. Who are you, and what are you doing here? Do you really and truly exist? What is true, and what is false? What verifiable data do you have anyway? It could be you are a pig in a poke picked up without quite realizing it. Do you fall into the midst of life or in the midst of nothingness?

You do happily know for sure that there are some people’s energies that mean wonders to you, and you know you are astoundingly blessed. You are the blessed of the blessed. And it is all true and clear to you. Even when you are in a muddle, you know you are secure in a special valley blessed by God.

Somehow, somewhere, I stopped and picked you up and made you a blessing – no doubt about it. You were miraculously found in a manger no matter what.

Or, perhaps, you were picked up in a dust storm or blown away. Sometimes you haven’t been given prior notice. How did you wake up when you did – by happenstance? How do you know anything you think you know anyway?

As it is, you could have been caught on a leaf on a bush. Had you ever known yourself previously? Did you ever have a look at yourself, or did you make up this whole thing in the first place anyway as by way of a hit or miss story?

Or perhaps you sat on a curb this whole non-existent time, or perhaps you were someone’s note you found and thought you existed as a thought in time. Your mind may well have run around in circles just for a lark.

Do you actually speak, or are you a recording you once heard or thought you heard yourself for the first time by magic? Or is magic real, and nothing else is? Or how would you know anything when all is said and done?

Even numbers cannot all be counted on, not in your book anyway, even when you actually keep records that you try to balance. You might rather just skip over dates and numbers. You would be happier if you were made of colors and sunshine and shimmering gold or glimmering heliotrope.

How do you happen to think of this unusually-named color heliotrope all of a sudden? At the least, colors have some flair, yet how can colors know themselves anyway near a ballpark figure as much as you imagine you can know yourself in the first place? What is all this about your being known as matter in the first place? Can you really account for yourself no matter how hard you try?

Look Forward to Joy | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloved, what is all this about – the significance of dates in the world? Does this amount to bookkeeping?

One good thing about dates is when you genuinely look forward to an upcoming date – your birthday, Christmas, New Year’s Eve or the 4th of July and the ramparts you watch!

Better yet, may every given day on Earth be a looked-forward-to event. What more can be as meaningful as looking forward to tomorrow or later today? This adds a little bit of spice to life.

If everyone were inspired to look forward to tomorrow with joy compounded on Earth like frosting on a cake and a good reason to jump out of bed with exhilaration – what a difference a day can make. Let’s start a trend.

Look forward to joy like a new mantra and uplift the Universe and raise the vim and vigor of life. Yes, leap out of bed and hail, hail, let there not be one more day of remorse in the world. What a lovely thing. This would be something to hop-skip-and-jump about!

How divine it would be to never hear the word “depressed” spoken of ever again by anyone. Ah, yes, you can be a stunning example of what Good Will can be. Never again would anyone feel like a cog in a wheel.

One day, somebody just like you will wake up with wonder to his or her delight:

“Whatever happened to feeling depressed? Remember that once upon a time? Whatever happened to rue and sorrow? Whatever happened to standing in line for a prescription? No more!”

Wow, you might not be able to stop bouncing for joy! You might do cartwheels. You would celebrate. There might not yet be anything missing any longer. For Heaven’s sake, joy to the world! Who would miss despair and trembling? Laughter would resound. Happy days would be here again, and you can have all the joy you want for the asking.

When joy is right out there ahead of you, no longer would there be anything ahead of you that you would call only fair to middling.

No one would ever have to say to himself or anyone again: “Stand tall!”

No one would stoop. All posture would be whiz-bang! There would be no lamenting.

If everyone enjoyed every minute of life, what illness would ever darken the sky?

Boredom wouldn’t be a passing thought.

When you say: “Joy to the world!” this is exactly what you would have.

It would be common for people to fly to the moon and land on the stars! Joy would be a permanent state. There would not be anything misbegotten.

No one would ever have to get out of trouble. In days to come, no inkling of trouble would be found. Trouble would be a foreign object. You would not scratch your head again with wonder about the concept of trouble. You would not comprehend any longer the concept of being crestfallen.

There would be nothing that would be too good to be true. You would know that everything you desire to contemplate will arrive in a thrice. You could know joy to be yours for the asking instantly.

If you dropped a bottle of milk, it would not spill. Even if it did spill, you wouldn’t cry over it.

Love would abound. Money would multiply itself. No one would be without. There would be sharing. There would be no bogeyman. All would be given to beat the band and to revolve the world and escalate joy, and why not?

How Can All This Be True in the Same Lifetime? | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloved, Beloved, what boondoggles you in life? Of course, I beseech you to look forward to joy, or, at least, to let life enjoy you!

Life does not have to be so sobering as it is made out to be. In terms of relative life, life is looked upon as quick and done. Because it is relative life, sometimes it seems to be too short or too long depending. This is the thing with day to day life – upon how you happen to feel about it at a given moment, everything depends.

Life seems to be effervescent and, therefore, ever-changing. You don’t want boredom, yet, you want something in life you can depend on, like money and life itself. All you seem to have is speculation. In seeming reality, you don’t know what is going to happen in the next moment. Anyway, life is here today and gone tomorrow.

You do well that Infinity is your foundation and Eternity seems more like your ballpark.

Of course, when you were a child, you craved to grow older. Once you become a so-called adult, you might not want so much to keep on growing older. Your mind may contemplate aches and pains, and friends wander off. You don’t adore the idea of those dear to you running off somewhere and leaving you up in the air.

Nor do you adore the idea of leaving everything well enough alone either. You may be betwixt and between.

The story of life goes on. You have heard Me say there is no beginning, and there is no ending.

You really don’t want to be an old person who sits around with old friends pondering whatever happened to so and so when it is inevitable that sooner or later everyone takes off for the wild blue yonder.

Of course, you have made up your mind that you will have to do without everyone you have so genially relied on, or they will have to do without you.

This can’t be the most there is that life offers. Nor do you want to be one of the early ones who ducks out before everybody else. You don’t want to be early or late. You are not at all sure how long you can last, nor can you be sure you really want to stay or really leave either way.

Somehow you have been set up expecting greater promise from life. It may feel like a let-down to get to the last chapter.

You have rather wondered what can the sum of life be about. You have pondered what all your past lives that may have lead to what and where you are all about. When all is said and done, you begin to believe that, by some miracle, there are happy endings.

You wonder how it is possible to have had all the joy you have had along with all the fear and trembling in the same lifetime as though this can properly be allowed. Can life be one way and another, and it’s okay?

At the End of the Day | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloved, you don’t have to juggle too many things in your mind all at once. Don’t carry around the concept of too much. One sunburst at a time keeps a good pace.

You, dear one, may find yourself juggling many concepts up and down and all at once. You unravel yourself as if you are a wild merry-go-round spinning in every which direction round and round.

Sometimes, you fill your mind to distraction. You do this often, even when you know better than to squeeze so much into a crowded space all at once.

How likely will you have clarity and precision at a crowded railway station when steam hisses up? Accord yourself room to breathe. Don’t pack your suitcases to the brim, let alone stuff your hungry mind. You don’t have to prove anything to yourself or the world.

Be big with love and sparse with shoving thoughts here and there and everywhere.

Your mind isn’t to be like a flea market or a clothes line crowded beyond reason. Let one thought at a time be a fine motto. Certainly, hold one emotion at a time in deference to peace on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Pile up nothing. Let your life be like autumn trees as their leaves fall into place on the ground beneath them. You don’t want your mind leaping in cross-directions all at once.

To have a full life doesn’t mean a cross-purposed life and that you run out of breath. May you have peace, and may the world have peace. Dote on peace. Keep up with peace.

Time may seem to be of the essence. Regardless, peace is of the essence.

Accommodate peace every day of the week. Lean back. Get comfortable. You don’t have to be disarrayed. There is no rush. It is not easy to be at peace and simultaneously be in a rush, yet you can get your job done. Still, why not go at a pace that gets the job done rather than dilly-dally with it? What are you supposed to be doing? Put your attention where it is appointed to be.

What does the expression “to take your time” mean after all? Of course, you can’t be agitated and calm at the same time.

Do you really want to ride in a speedboat of time? Get your work done.

Perhaps, if you are Einstein, you might be paid for daydreaming. Otherwise, the name of the job is getting it done.

You don’t have to be the tortoise, and you don’t have to be the hare. You can be fast and amenable, can’t you now? Can you not be just right? Surely, there is nothing the matter with being effective. Slow and steady may have their place. Fast and steady are well-recommended as well. Whatever you are doing, be done with it while you are at it.

God speed, yet not speed at all costs.

Tending to business isn’t about a flagrant style or rushing to beat the band, nor is it about taking all the time in the world. Get your job done and over. Don’t string yourself along. You don’t have to take a slow walk in the park. Hie to the finish line sooner than later.

You know, Beloved, thinking about work often is the same as accumulating it.

Does Over the Rainbow Exist Anywhere Near? | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloved, by and large, it appears that everyone sees life somewhat differently, and everyone, of course, sees how he sees as correct.

When you feel cold, you are confident that it is chilly. By the same token, when sweat is running off your brow, you are certain it is hot indeed. When someone’s take on the temperature is different from yours, then the other’s view must be an aberration.

When, as a young child, you had a nice kindergarten teacher, she must have been nice because she was always happy to see you.

When you had a teacher who frowned when she saw you, she must have been mean.

How many points of view are there in the world to see life from that you can accommodate?

At the same time, probably everyone has been mistaken at a given moment, and in your opinion would have been wise to see the way you see because your view could only have been right. Why is it that you have to be right even when you are not infallible? Can it not also be okay for you to be free to be mistaken?

How many good people choose an ideal mate to marry, and how many dreams are dashed? It is said that Humpty-Dumpty could not be put together again. Who is Humpty-Dumpty, and whose reflection ever remains clear in a broken mirror in any case? Who can say? Who can be sure, for there are differences between visions. Some of My children can handle cracked mirrors and seem to stay true. So many more would stay true if only they knew how.

Life in the world seems to be a matter of what time zone you apparently live in, no matter how many times I say time doesn’t really exist, no matter how many times you are surprised and can’t get this idea through your dear head.

Can the secret to success in life be about adjusting to various time zones? Sometimes you do wonder what can the secret to success in life possibly be founded on.

Sometimes it may seem to you as if you have selective blindness. If you had life figured out, you might be twice as happy as you are now, for you haven’t yet quite caught on to the secret of happiness. What you may live is a disillusion that you settle half way into along the way.

Sometimes, success in life could be being able to bear disillusion more than you can do now. Some people can do it, although this may seem beyond your reach.

What does indeed prevent you from full-scale happiness? What prevents you and your loved ones from growing old together with joy. Is this the situation you find yourself in?

Even so, there is marital stability that carries on for some that you wish you knew the secret to. Could it be their humility, or are they just lucky? Some can deal with disillusionment better than others. Yes, it certainly seems to you that it is your disillusionment in yourself that runs wild and is the hardest to take.

You get somewhere in terms of happiness – yet not far enough. You don’t want to admit this. You had dreamed you would top the hill of happiness, and then, now, here you are stranded betwixt and between.

Does over the rainbow exist for you anywhere near?