The Light Given to You | Heavenletters

God said:

Everyone you meet, everyone you know, is looking for Me. Everyone who contacts you is hoping to locate Me through you. They may not know this, but now you know this. This is across the board. There are no exceptions.

Transactions in the world are so I can be exchanged. Everyone wants more of Me. You crave more of Me. Sometimes you are desperate for more of Me. You cry out in diverse ways.

Even though you have to find Me yourself and no one can do it for you, others can give you glimpses, some barely noticed, low-key, others dramatic, some short-lived, some long-lived. Regardless, every door you knock on, you are knocking to find the door to Heaven. While one script is played out on the surface, another one, more subdued and yet more constant, is going on beneath the surface. Sometimes the surface and the deeper belie each other.

All Humans who cross your path, or you cross theirs, regardless of their demeanor, are searching for Me through you, hoping above hope that you are the one to deliver the key to their hearts. All Human souls are asking to be delivered to Me or I delivered to them. All their wandering is their search for Me. Be it in bar or church, the search is on.

If you could accept this truth of life in your heart, what difference would it make to your life and the life of others?

Considerable, I would imagine.

You share Me with Me, for We are Seekers. I seek you. You seek Me. It is the same. Two magnets yearn to come together and never be separated again, even if the separation is illusion.

You would not deny Me My connection to you, would you? Would you deny another?

All this is another way of saying that you are My emissary on earth. You are meant to share Me. We are talking about your level of operation in the world. It does not have to be named. If it were named, it would be called in the Name of Love. This love you share is not proclaimed. It is not performed. It comes from your little awareness that this is what you do and this is what you are here on earth for.

We can call it in the Name of Energy. In the Name of Energy, you share My light. You emanate it. After all, all love and all energy come from a Source, and I am that Source. You are an outsource.

You are meant to be a Lighthouse that leads others safely to shore. Your light is seen for miles. When passing ships behold your light, they are heartened. You help ships find their way. A lighthouse is for all ships. Its beacon light shines for all the same. A lighthouse is not a reactor. It is a giver. You merely pass light on. It is My light you pass on. You pass it on without fanfare.

With the first person you see today, hold in your mind that you are an emanater of My light. All you have to do is start your day with that awareness, and then you become like a King who knights all those before him.

From light you came, and light you are, and light you give. There is nothing else to give, and there is nothing else you must. But this one thing, you must give regularly, for light was given to you to shine.

God Speaks | Heavenletters

God said:

Today you will sit back and be receptive and learn.

Today you will put yourself aside and listen to Me.

You do not need your agendas anymore.

You were born attached to your mothers so that you could dis-attach yourself and learn your Oneness with Me. You don’t have to go anywhere. You do not have to distance yourself. You separate to learn there is no separation. Only, you have attachment to separation.

You have been attached to your individuality, and now you will make way for Me.

You are all pure receptacles of My love.

Receptacles are containers. A receptacle receives and holds, not in order to keep, but to be emptied.

As a receptacle of My love, you pour Me out. You don’t have to do much. You only have to bend a little, tip a little, and My love will flow of Itself.

Yes, you will be a pure receptacle of My love.

Pure does not mean what you think it means. It does not mean that you are perfect in the eyes of the world, that you eat perfect foods, behave perfectly. You, of yourself, cannot behave what you call perfectly, because the individuality you are attached to knows so little and understands even less.

You will go higher today. You will leave your past behind. You will not depend on your past so much anymore. You are making way for Me, and to do that, you (that which you imagine to be you) must get out of the way.

That is all you have to do. Move over. Then you allow Me.

The receptacle thinks he is the owner of his contents. But a receptacle is not an owner. He is a conveyer. He holds only in order to convey. The contents are not for himself. A receptacle is poised and ready to surrender what it has held. The receptacle does not hold on but lets go.

I am Purity.

And you become the pureness of love you are meant to be by letting go of your individual sense of ownership. Your individuality that you prize so much holds you back. You think it is your importance, but it is your trial and tribulation. You think it is your doorway, but it is boarded over with your attachments.

The individual does not want to change. He may say he does. He wants that which is around him to change perhaps, as he sees fit, but he really wants to hold himself to himself as he already is, or as he thinks he already is. He wants to capture the world to him rather than opening himself to it.

No more holding on.

Instead, allow Me to enter and dispense the love you have been holding in store for Me.

Today get out of the way of yourself.

You are not the topic.

I am the topic.

The world of life is Mine.

You have flanked the world.

Now I tell you to enter it.

And enter into it as you came.

You came with nothing but Me. You came with My faith in you. Now you learn your faith in Me. Be innocent.

You did not come with suitcases. You did not grasp. Your hand was open, and so you had everything to give.

You contain everything still. All is contained within you. But you look to the outside to fill you. You are already full. You have Me within you. Know it. Let My thoughts be yours.

Today awaken to your holiness.

Pettiness is a pretense.

It is not truth.

Today you are learning what Thy Will be done means.

At present you dig the earth with your fingers, and all the while there is a huge Mover at your disposal. You shovel with a stick when you only have to allow Me to open the earth. You draw fantasies with your stick and complain about what you have fantasized and question it and worry it from every which direction and ask for every description and analysis of it so that your will can be done, and, all the while, your will is a little stick.

Join with My Will and come from a higher wider place of great Truth and great Love. Do you really think the finite can overtake the Infinite? Be not attached to your small world. Open to Mine. Open to Heaven, for I have poured it into you.

A Farmer of Life | Heavenletters

God said:

What are hurt feelings? You worry about your own sensitivities, and you worry about others’ as well. What can hurt feelings be but a mistake?

Caused by word or deed, or caused by imagination, isn’t it a mistake to quarry your feelings into hurt? This is a waste of good feeling.

Of course, you never want to hurt someone’s feelings. Be as compassionate and kind as you can be to others and to yourself. Yet you can’t really take on others’ burdens of hurt feelings. I understand you do.

The error is that you turn hurt feelings into reality. You say that little hurts are big. You say they are mighty. You say you are under their influence. I suggest that you live life more than in the little affronts to ego. We might as well call a spade a spade. Hurt feelings are ego-oriented, and you are to step beyond ego and any wisps or curls of it. Ego is nothing to make a fuss about. Free yourself from its thorns.

You are not to suffer hurts, yours or another’s. Rather, adhere to good feelings. Transcend the barbs that pierce you. Let your focus be on something else. Give love without bowing to personal hurts.

It is easy to take affront, yet it is not a requirement. Do you know what taking affront is? It is living in the past. It is reliving the past, as if the past were true. The past is past, and Truth does not lie in it.

Do not keep reading over yesterday’s newspaper. Come, start with a clean slate. This is not pretending anything. This is simply focus on good will rather than sad will or hurt will or angry will. Have some good will toward yourself, beloved. Hang on to nothing. Let go of everything.

Feelings are not the import of your life. There is more to life than your feelings. Hurt feelings are small. Nothing more than peeves.

You are stepping into a new world of other considerations. You are entering into another dimension where there is more to life than you have been used to. Small things can no longer occupy you, for you occupy a wider territory.

When a mosquito bites you, you do not let the bite become the focus of your life, not for an hour, not even for five minutes.. Hurt feelings are nothing but mosquito bites. They are not for you to take personally. You are far too important to be concerned with the unimportant.

Love is important, not hurts. Love yourself enough to get past hurt with ease.

You are to move forward in life.

Care about people but be not consumed by them. What other people think is not the end-all and be-all of your life. It is not even really your business. Pay homage to grace. Let shades of disgrace go. My grace is real.

The whole of your life cannot be spent in righting wrongs any more than the whole of your life can be in redecorating your home. Life does not always have to suit you. This is a big discovery. People do not always have to suit you. Let everyone suit himself.

Let your purpose be to suit more than yourself. Suit bigger than yourself. How about suiting Me? When I am with you, and you are with Me, are you not rising to greater heights?

As a farmer of life, given a choice, what crops would you choose to grow?

The Song of God’s Heart | Heavenletters

God said:

Of thee I sing. You are the song of My heart. You are the whisper of My soul. You are My entire Being flung to the world. You are the music of the Spheres.

You are My heart’s delight. You are not less. You are less only in the imaginings of your mind. That you are in a physical body does not hamper you. It is only a covering. Yet, so long as your mind thinks the body hampers you, your body hampers you.

Even so, you know that there is nowhere your mind cannot go. You are not imprisoned in your body. You are imprisoned in your mind. If your mind says you are imprisoned, you are imprisoned. You are My Divinity on Earth. Whose Divinity did you think you were? And yet you have thought that you lack Divinity. You may lack usage of it, yet you are Divinity Itself.

If you are a star, you are a wandering wondering star. There are millions of stars in the sky, and you can see many of them. Yet you are a star in the sky, and it may be that you see only yourself. I take that back. You do not see even yourself. You perhaps see holes in the sky, and you incorporate the holes into your mind, into your heart. Yet, no matter your blinking, you cannot change the Truth, and I speak the Truth. You are My Infinite Majesty. A fallen star? No, a star fallen only in your own vision or lack of vision.

You are My Mightiness on Earth. There is not one of you whom I did not choose. I chose every particle of you. I chose you for Myself. I chose you to act on My behalf, and when you do, it is no act. It is Reality.

Never consider yourself a fake, an imposter. It is not imposing for you to admit to yourself that I made you My wand on Earth. I sent My Light to Earth in the form of you. There is no discussion of this. It is you who has to change your mind about your proclivities.

It is you who is to sing a new song. Sing My song, beloveds. Sing a song of love so great that it hammers in your heart, and you break out in light, My bright light shining on Earth for all to see, for all to see Me.

Who would you be representing on Earth if not Me? Well, yes, you have spent a lot of time representing your ego self, and now you stand up. You stand up for Me. What a mighty Presence am I in you. What a mighty Presence you are, not in your own right, but in Mine.

Always remember Whose Child You Are. You are not anonymous. And you are not disparate. You are not separate. In illusion, you have believed that you are a little lost star of small dimensions. Oh, Beloveds, you will believe anything.

You believe whatever anyone tells you. Now believe what I tell you. Believe and be. I do not tell you to believe and become, for you already are all that I say you are.

You are like silver put away in a drawer. You put yourself in the drawer. And you are silver that appears tarnished. Tarnish is not you. It is a film over you. You are the true silver beneath. I would say you are gold, but gold does not tarnish. Otherwise, I would call you the Gold of My Heart and leave it at that. Now I have spoken, and now you have heard.

The Great Mystery | Heavenletters

God said:

I am a heartbeat away. I am not even a heartbeat way. I am within your pulse. Your heart beats with Mine. We are so intimate, beloveds. We are Oneness.

Oneness is not just a pretty term I use. All words fall short. No word can convey the depth and breadth. Even the one word Love becomes just a word. What encyclopedia could begin to reveal its meaning? Words do not begin to touch their meaning. And so with the word Oneness, the quality of One, a poor description of what is supreme. One is not a number! Oneness is the most. It is innermost. The best a word can do is invoke a resemblance of its meaning and harken you to its soul.

Oneness is a mutual association, but, of course, to be Oneness, it cannot be an association, but Wholeness. It is Fullness. It is Completion. But how can Oneness be complete when there is nothing incomplete? How can We be inseparable when there is no separation?

The great mystery, however, is that you can believe in Aloneness. You are perhaps more aware of loneliness than Oneliness. How can that be? How can My beloved children believe more in what is not than in what is? How can My children be Godblind? Colorblind is nothing. Godblind is nothing too, but it is everything. How can My children be Goddeaf when I am speaking My love at every twist and turn of life? How can I not be heard? How can you not hear Me?

You may think the miracle is to hear My Voice. The amazing thing is when you do not. How can you not feel My touch? The amazing thing is when you do not. How can you be thirsty in the middle of a reservoir? How can you imagine you are on dry land when you are afloat? How can you be sad in the midst of joy? How can you ever be anything but the love that you are? How can you feel vacant when you are Fullness? How can you be surrounded by a feast and feel hungry? Why would you abstain? It is not politeness that would have you abstain.

Perhaps you are waiting for a signal before you eat. The signal was given long ago. I said, “Dig in.” I said, “Eat all you want. There is more where this came from.” I said, “I give more than tokens of My love. I give My love. I never withhold it. If I do not withhold it, then it must be you who does, in which case, you deny your Self. What a game you play. You play false, not I.”

I gave you all the dice. Roll them. I gave you all the cards. Deal. I gave you all the good in the world. Take it. Make it visible to all and to yourself. Wrest the juice of the orange, the nectar of the peach, the beauty of life. Wrest the exquisite Oneness from the plethora of the world. Be Oneness. Represent Me today. Look in the mirror and, with My eyes, see the One Light We stand in. O holy light that penetrates your heart. O holy light that emanates from your heart. O holy light that absorbs and radiates and, above all complication, stays simple.

Oneness is simple. The very nature of Oneness is simple. Oneness is not complex. Oneness is not loud. It is not many-speared. It is not trident. It is Oneness never severed. It is incapable of being severed. Oneness cannot be undone. It was never tied. It was never twain. It was always Oneness. Will you accept that you are Oneness of the One Universe and all that it is made of, that you are this Vastness of Oneness that wraps itself in a coat of many colors?

Rejoice and Be Glad | Heavenletters

God said:

The way to get what you want is by appreciating what you have. If you want greater financial independence, then be grateful for the means at your disposal now. If you want greater love in your life, value the love that is in your life now. If you want greater health, support the health you have now. The way to plenty is to endorse the plenty you have now. Be grateful now. It’s obvious, isn’t it. If you want greater miracles, be grateful for the smaller miracles you have now.

When you think of what you don’t have, you support lack. Why, you may have kept thinking about what you want with an emphasis on your despair about what you don’t yet have.

Your wishes may be crying out about how much you are missing. It is good to desire. Desire all you like. Picture all that you desire, and start from where you are. You are not at the bottom of the heap. If you feel you are at the bottom of the heap, how are such feelings going to help you rise?

If you have a beat-up old car, be glad that it takes you where you want to go. You have wheels. You have tires to kick. Be glad for what you have. No more emphasizing what you don’t have.

If you have no car, be grateful for the buses you catch, the legs you walk on and places to go to. If you have to stay home, be glad to stay home.

If you look in a candy store window and see the beautiful sweet confections and want them, you don’t think: “Uh, the awful candy I’ve had in my life. Not good at all. I have been denied the sweetness of really delicious candy. I am only allowed to look at it through the window but not taste it. Always the bridesmaid, but never the bride.” No, you desire what you desire and are happy to desire it.

Well, Beloveds, if you keep affirming what you don’t have, what are you going to have but more of not having what you don’t have. You are saying: “Alas, I don’t have. I can’t have. I won’t have.” That is what you may be broadcasting to the Universe. Think.

Begin by giving thanks for what you do have right now. This works. This works to your benefit. This works better than a listing of a hundred thousand unfulfilled wishes. You are worth all you desire. I am telling you how to bring your desires to you.

Watch your thoughts and how you say them. The way you are thinking points to what you will bring to you. You may have been creating more of what you don’t have. Turn something around. No more plaints.

When you want more flowers in your garden, appreciate the ones you have, and they will blossom.

You are not a helpless waif who must wait for goodness to come to you. Goodness has already come to you. Why would more goodness go out of its way to come to you when you may kick aside what you already have? Value what you have, and more value will be added unto you. Happily, more of what you desire will rush to your side. More of what you desire will be clamoring to stake itself with you, for it is clear that you are already a good investment.

When you smile first, more and more smiles will come to you. When you frown, more and more frowns will come to you. When you love first, more and more love will come to you. When you appreciate, more cause for appreciation will come to you.

This is simple. You catch more bees with honey.

Why Grumble? | Heavenletters

God said:

I am a constituent of you. I constitute you. When you feel away from Me, it is pure illusion. The idea of distance from Me could not be further from the truth. You are a holy being, and I am the Holiness of you. You only think I am something you reach up for.

Were you in your natural state, fully as you are without interference from your wild intellect, you would know that the waves of your heart swell from My stirring within you.

Where did you think you were from?

Is your ego so large that you think you created yourself? You took birth, but it was given to you. You emerged from the vastness of My solid heart. I say solid because My heart does not waver. My heart is very confident in you and never strays.

If you could hold onto that one thought of My loyalty rather than your voluminous other thoughts, negativity would vanish; it exists only in thought.

You have been holding on to the concept of opposition. You have wooed it. You have called it other names. You have called it other people. You have called it devil. But it is you who has been opposed to yourself. You have inserted yourself between your true self and Me. You have made yourself a warrior of life like a football player on a football field.

Is it not true that you have thought life is some kind of battlefield or hard taffy that you must wrench?

You cannot choose all the roads of your life, but you can be your true self no matter what terrain you walk on. You do not have to fight brambles and enmesh yourself further in them. You do not have to bemoan hills you have to climb or the vales of life. Can there be hills or dales without the other?

Why grumble?

Do you really want your life to be an even plane? I tell you, it will not be, but you can be the evenness that walks on any road. Your gait is either the magnificence or the obstacle, not what you walk on.

You lay out the world before you. You have chosen to walk on it. Stumbling is illusion. You see before you a bumpy road of success or failure, when neither is the case. It is just road before you, and you walking on it.

When you enter a mansion, it is still you entering the mansion.

All that befalls in life is merely a banister that your hand holds on to in passing. Your manifested life is a touchstone, but you are far more than what your hands or feet lean on or rest on. You are the mainstay of your life, and I am your Foundation. The ground you walk on is not. You are the walker of your life. What you walk on is not the making or unmaking of you. Wouldn’t that be a silly thought?

You can think of Me as your Defender, but you need no defense any more than you need an opponent. What can be the opposite of you when there is only you and I? What can be opposed to you.

You have turned your fears into shadows and called them the enemy. Indeed your fears are your enemy because you let them rule you. Be your own ruler. Cast out fear because it is only dark imaginings. Be your own object of love and come to Me right now in the secret places of your heart, and, once and for all, claim Me as your truth and abundance.

Star of the Universe | Heavenletters

God said:

Good morning, class. Here is what We will participate in today. It is called happiness. I make this request of you to be happy and honor Me. You, who art My happiness, take happiness for yourself. Get used to it. Walk on this line that is called Happiness. It is for you. This is what I ask of you today. Be happy. This is more than being without cares, yet, also, be without cares regardless of what cares you perceive. Be carefree.

Carefree doesn’t mean careless. Be caring and carefree. Remind yourself that you are the Light of God. Remind yourself that God’s Light deserves happiness. And happiness is free for the asking.

What does it take to make you happy? First of all, don’t be unhappy. Second of all, don’t look for reasons for sorrow or dissatisfaction. You are alive in a brand-new world. You don’t have to be happy for a reason. Be happy because you exist and are My Child. Be My Child of Happiness. This is what I ask of you today.

Happiness is Being, of course, not doing. Be for Me and not so much for yourself. Be happy on My Behalf because happiness is the true state of affairs. All the rest is pasted on, even as you think all the rest is something serious going on. How serious can illusion be unless you say so?

Furthermore, I will tell you that you can be happy even in the midst of sorrow. Under the troubles you take for granted runs a pure stream of love. You ride on love, or you wade in love, effortless wading without any resistance to the pure stream that runs through you, beloved. Allow this pure stream of joy to be. This pure stream is beyond incidents that happen, those you consider favorable as well as those you consider unfavorable. Have an idea that there is no unfavorable. Now, that is a novel idea.

Whatever seems to assail you is not against you. You seem to be against that which you are convinced has assailed you. You are under My protection, yet this does not mean what you think it means in terms of the worldly world. You have words for things that you meet more than halfway, such as hardship, adversity, woe, trouble, heartache. These are your concepts. You decided them.

Within you, there is a little mechanism that you wind up. This little mechanism sets off an alarm that says: “Trouble identified.”

This alarm may go so far as to say: “Worst possible scenario.” This alarm is ever alert.

At the same time, you have available to you another mechanism that I would like you to use. This mechanism says:

“Smooth sailing ahead. The sun is out. The clouds are clear. Skies are blue.”

Further, this mechanism will say:

“Skies can look gray, and still life is okay.”

Beloveds, you are not dependent upon the weather for your happiness. You are not designed to be an automaton. You are designed to be a free-wheeling Star of the Universe. You are a Star of the Universe. I made you to shine light on the world. Light up the Universe then. Light it up with your Heart of Happiness.

Today is your day to make, beloved of My Heart. Have you been waiting for Me to make your day? Whatever the circumstances, leap above them which is another way to say:

“Dive deeply into the Pool of Love that you truly swim in, and keep your heart here with Me where the swimming is easy.”

Press the right button. Leave the dully predictive button alone. Press the rarer button that aligns your heart with the Sun, Moon, and Stars and opens the Universe wide for you.

Within you is the Universe. This is where it is. You are a reflector of the Universe, and the Universe also contains you. Reciprocal are you and the Universe. In this case, then, give cheer to the Universe. Resemble cheer. Be a cheerleader of the Universe. Inspire it. Motivate it. Live in the world and above the world. Go deeper, and acknowledge Heaven.

All this other is the dream.

The Engagement of God and Man | Heavenletters

God said:

I am not a jealous God. I am a God of love, and love shares. Love knows not of jealousy. But I guard you zealously from diminishing yourself before any man. I zealously guard your well-being. I oversee your soul.

Now, who am I, this God Who watches over you? Am I yourself, or am I someone else? Am I outside you and above you and far away from you, or am I intimately within you, or am I all of those every which way? I say that We are One. Well, if We are One, you say, how can there be two, a Thou and an I?

Consider this, for the sake of argument, you are a branch of Me. I am the Tree, and you bud and grow from the Tree. You are not separate from the Tree. You have the wholeness of the Tree, so you are the Tree, but you are not the Tree altogether.

Unlike its limbs, the Tree does not go off on tangents. The Tree does not get lost in its own leaves. The Tree does not speculate.

The Tree’s roots grow deep, and the Tree knows everything whereas the branches don’t know what they know. The sap of the Tree runs through the branches, but the branches got caught in the brambles around them. They get caught in the wind and the rain, and they look up at the Sun and the other wonders of the world.

You cannot say that a branch lopped off the Tree is the Tree. It is from the Tree. It grew from the Tree, and yet a branch separated is not the same as the Tree.

But what if a branch cannot be separated? It cannot fall off. What if it is only mirage when the branch thinks it is away from the Tree?

Are the Tree and its branches yet One Tree? The Tree knows its branches, but the branches don’t always know its Tree.

I am the Tree of thee.

But let Us not get caught in semantics. Truth doesn’t get caught in anything. And Truth knows no argument.

But you, as a wandering Human being, want Our relatedness at the same time as you want to wander off. You want Me to exist in you, and I do irrevocably — and you cannot wander off without Me — all of that is so. And you like that, to a degree.

Furthermore, you want to be Me. You would like to be Me, although you don’t really know what that means. You would like the say in the world, but you know you aren’t wise enough to take over the reins even if you could. You, as you seem to be in the world, cannot take on My cloak.

So what is going on? How many of Me are there if there is only One? And where are you?

Here’s the thing: it is you who doesn’t really exist. Your individuality is the mirage. There is no you. There is only I. You are the far-flung thought, not I.

Yet you cannot proclaim to the world that you are God, for what pomposity is that? Who would believe it? You don’t believe it. And you, that individual self-proclaimed self, cannot make the Sun to shine and so on.

Let go even of your hold on Me. I, Oneness, talk as though I am Another. But would you have Me be quiet? Would you silence Me. Would you have Me listen only to your individuated thoughts? Or would you listen to your Wholeness which is what you hear when I speak?

Let it be Our game. Let Us play Our roles. Yes, it is all I anyway, and if you could grasp, it is all you all the same. But meanwhile We engage in conversation. We roll over Our thoughts.

The time will come when you are fully aware of Our Oneness, and even then We will play.

The Beautiful Diversity in the World | Heavenletters

God said:

Imperfection in the Human realm is no surprise, for you have high standards of behavior and appearance. Better to have higher consciousness, and then your vision will transcend imperfection. When light is so dazzling, what imperfection can be seen? Aglow in the bright light, you savor light. You see beyond distractive details. When gold is before you, what attention do you pay to tin?

And if the gold in your hand is imperfect, what do you care? It is still gold. Even if it isn’t the prettiest piece of gold you ever saw, it is still gold.

Appearances and standards trick you on all sides, if not every time, at least a lot. What at first seemed terrific may lose its glow. And what you may have disdained turns out to be the most beautiful of all.

Oh, yes, it is necessary to get beyond the surface, beyond all the impressions, beyond all the perspectives you learned along the way, for they are impediments to your happiness. Dismiss the impediments and not My children who appear before you. The treasures of Heaven are everywhere and you may miss happiness by over-discernment.

If everyone or someone must look a certain way, or sound a certain way, you have restricted your life. The same way a gray overcast day can be a wonderful day, so can My children, bright or dim, be wonderful.

It is beautiful the diversity in the world. Give yourself a chance to embrace it.

Would you really want everyone to have the same religion, be a certain height, a certain build? Would you want all customs to change into yours? Would you outlaw different cuisines and different flavors and keep only one, the one you happened to fall into? Do you really want everything so uniform that you will fight for it and uphold that alone?

It is amazing to Me what you find to pick at. You feel one way about one last name and another way about another. What kind of basis is that? You even make a big deal about skin color, nationality, wealth, learning. Let there be coexistence. If you must rank everything in the world, what else will you have time for, and what would the value be?

The differences are not what create your judgment. You create your judgment. Why on Earth would you have to think that your way is superior to another if you were not frightened in some way? Why would you call your way superior and another’s inferior unless you are unsure?

If gold is gold, there is nothing to argue. There is nothing to debate. Yet all metals have their uses and their value. Metals are good. It is no secret that there are different metals. In the world of metals, gold is king. Yet all metals fulfill something in the universe that another metal cannot.

With jewels, it is the same. Do you have to choose between diamonds, rubies, and emeralds? Are not amethyst and opal and every other gemstone also beautiful? Must garnets be changed into diamonds? You would not waste your time.

Maybe you really do like diamonds and rubies and emeralds. Would you as much if you were innocent of the value the world puts on them? Like the child, you might pick a glistening stone from the river.

Cannot everything be precious to you? Must you sort My children as though they were stones?

Must you be anything at all but what you are? And must anyone or anything be anything at all but what they are?