From Whence Cometh Peace on Earth? | Heavenletters


God said:

Beloved, is peace a yearning or a fact of life? There do seem to be eruptions of less than peace at home and afield.

Is peace a requirement on Earth? Certainly, upset tends to be seen as a violation. Maybe there are some who yearn for confrontation and upset, as if confrontation and upset could hold salvation therein. Perhaps there are some who admire friction, because friction may bolster them with a sense of control, and anger seen as power prevailing.

Certainly, Oneness desires peace in abundance. Oneness doesn’t sit around thinking of offenses to fend off.

What causes the disruptions and frustration of uproar? Is there a cure? Is there a dissolution? What would make power so important that some in the world would risk everything on war?

Nothing is as complicated as it appears. At the same time, it would seem that nothing is as simple as it may appear either.

Nevertheless, every vote does count. Count yourself in. You do cast your vote. Don’t feel powerless and frustrated, for then powerlessness is your vote.

The fact is that you do have a horse to ride, so get up and ride. One way or another, you vote. Vote consciously.

My vote is inevitably for peace.

In this case, I certainly understand how you find it intolerable that you don’t see Me pro-actively taking the bull by the horns and doing something about it.

Peace and lack of peace also both seems to be a factor in life. You wonder why then I don’t step to the fore. You don’t see Me as helpless. If I opened all the keys to the world, then surely peace would be a no-brainer.

Why would a God in Heaven sit around when I could declare peace today all over the world and in every home? Why on earth would a God in Heaven take a back seat? And why would you or anyone?

What if every peace-loving person on Earth would also declare peace? Let’s do this then. Let’s see what happens.

From time to time, it seems someone declares less than peace and foments war. Many speak out in furor.

I am suggesting that deep in the silence of your heart, you call out for peace. May the silence of peace speak out out for peace more deeply and lastingly than any parade.

Unite in silence for peace from your heart of hearts. Cheer for peace from the gullies of your heart.

From peace, no tallies need be kept. Silent inspiration goes far. Simply cast your vote with every thought and breath.

You don’t have to go to a precinct. You don’t have to make a check mark or join a political party. Pull back on a bow of love straight from your heart. This is declaring peace, and that peace already is and is available now. Be Peace.

Remind yourself that We are love, and love is what We give.

There is no necessity for anyone to give consternation nor pity.

Strengthen. Cheer. Peace.

And you are My envoys. You are My house of representatives. You are My spokesperson. You are My press. You are My faithful. You are My honor-bound. You are My advanced guard. You are My messengers to the world.

Hark, you are My Herald Angels. You are My hands and heart and voices given to the world. You are a Chorus of My Heart in song to the world. You are My bells tolling to the world.

Be the Peacegiver.

Foremost, be My angel of Peace.


Death is Like a Debut | Heavenletters


God said:

Beloved, you may have always welcomed good ideas about death. You have heard that you have had the experience of death a time or two before, yet you don’t recall, and you may want to avoid the subject of death altogether. You are inclined to put it off. You hesitate about what may proceed death more than the actual moment of saying goodbye this time around.

Truly, you have had the tendency to hoard life. You are reluctant to turn life in. Given a choice, you might hold onto life forever. You would teeter on the precipice of death as long as you could.

You may not have loved every moment of life. Still, You don’t want to sign off and let go of your toe-hold.

Although there may have been times when you theoretically would have liked to sign off on life on a trial basis, you never did take the step. You might not now even if a trial basis happens to be available.

Look, you haven’t trusted life, and you don’t quite trust death either.

Of course, concerning death, the burning fires may be rumors and hearsay. You’ve also heard that the bad place may actually occur in life on earth anyway.

What you could look forward to is mingling in Heaven with Christ and Buddha and all the others of note and God Himself, of course, and the angels and seeing once again all who in life meant so much to you and you have longed for with all your heart to see and catch up on old times. You wonder if you really have to continue with crying. You like to think that God could provide less than sadness surrounding death.

What makes the first entrance into death so difficult is that, at least initially, it’s all or nothing. So, in this sense, you take your chances. Another life may not be guaranteed a golden one to you. Ouch, there are no money-back guarantees.

You don’t know, for a fact, that you are given choices or even a complaint department to go to. If there were a complaint department to go to, it might be so full, and it might take a lifetime before you would reach your turn in line.

Given the odds, you might give up on dying and just roll over and go back to sleep before going through any more thinking it through.Tomorrow is another day.

You do wish you could think of death as a beginning rather than a departure. Your situation is that you just never know. Death might come with a blank slate.

To the best of your knowledge, there are no try-outs, no dress rehearsals, no choosing beforehand. You just take your chances. There are no signed guarantees. How do you really know that death can be sweet? In death, there are no bibliographies, no order forms, and as best as you can tell, no trying on or refittings on request. It appears that there are no refunds. You just don’t know.

Wake Up to Life as If It Is to Your Own Making | Heavenletters


God said:

Beloved, you’re going along fine, when suddenly nothing seemingly goes the way you would like it to. Life is no longer your cup of tea. How can this be? You even ask yourself what could have changed but you?

Where joy was joy, now joy has flown. You want to get your joy back, yet you don’t seem to know how to get peace and joy back. This seems to be more than you can figure out how to deal with.

You know better than to feel the way you feel, yet you don’t feel better. You are aware that there has to be more to life than your taking an aspirin and getting up and fulfilling responsibilities that you may no longer feel like fulfilling. There has to be more to life than fulfilling needs that may not rank first place with you.

Surely, there is also more to life than having to put your own needs aside and put others’ needs before yours. Certainly, Beloved, as well, there is also more to life than lingering self-indulgence.

Yes, Beloved, try looking at life anew. Beloved, is it possible that you have put yourself into the position of saying yes, and now you don’t want to go along with going along any longer really?

Now, beloved, how you feel may not be the most important thing in the world any longer. Hello!

Grow to where you don’t have to be pleased. Now may be the time for you to choose responsibility instead of leisure. Sometimes you may not be able to sing the song you would most like to. Perhaps you don’t have to pin yourself down so fast in the first place. Life may not always be the song you prefer to sing.

Did you really think life has to suit you in the mingled world at every given moment? You don’t have to be a sleeping dreamer or the fulfiller of your own dreams and not another’s according to how you happen to feel.

Alas, all of life doesn’t have to suit you or anyone all the time. Long ago and far away you dreamed a dream, and then life changed your point of view.

Within your dream of your dream in the waking world, someone or something is opening your eyes for you. It could be time for you to open your eyes wide and get out of bed.

Hey, you still have weekends and vacations. Still, life has the right and privilege to ask more of you. Where did you get the idea that life is to do your bidding? Serve. Serve happily!

Beloved, be thee in faith within yourself. Go ahead. Jump in! The water is fine.

How Can Oneness and Patriotism Work Together for the Good of All? | Heavenletters


God said:

Beloved, patriotic in the world doesn’t seem to mean Oneness. Patriotic contains a certain amount of camaraderie, yet not seemingly Oneness. A limited Oneness isn’t the Oneness We speak of. A separated Oneness isn’t the Oneness of love. It is a limited Oneness. It is a Oneness that goes only so far. True Oneness includes total Oneness: Every family, every country, every planet, every gathering, every soul. I am thinking that every trouble in the world comes from lack of Oneness and the profusion of being under the power of differences.

However, it’s clear that differences are also to be loved. There are many varieties and personalities, and they, too, merit their preciousness. Ten children in a whole family are not alike, yet may each be held preciously, although there may be those who are more or less favored than others.

Nevertheless, love cannot be ordained. Love isn’t an attempt. Love loves, or it does not. Love is easy.

Every child is My favorite. I love all fully. I love all first-rank. I love. My love loves everyone fully up hill and down dale. Second best isn’t good enough. Love is natural, or it is not.

My children, the thing to do is to love yourself first. Love yourself first, and then you don’t have far to go to love all others as yourself. This could make love universal. It could.

I remember a story once of a loving man whose son was killed by a man of another race. In the story, the mourning father confessed that love no longer remained in his heart toward anyone of the so-called other race. He had lost all his love.

Whoever it was who counseled the father told him he had to soon adopt and raise an orphan child of the other race, and he, the father, would then become wholly cured.

You see the wisdom, don’t you? Divisiveness isn’t wise.

I also know a true story when segregation was being undone, and, about time, in American schools. There was busing. At a PTA meeting one night, included were the parents of the bused students who did not yet feel any more welcomed any more than their children. Now doesn’t this seem ridiculous?

A black mother in tears in front of the all the parents, said pupkicsaid to the white principal , “But Mister, these are our children.”

The principal replied: “They are my children, too,”

Oneness is unbiased.

Praise be to Oneness, and praise be to the erasure of hurt feelings and erasure to any hidden or outward sense of superiority. Simple goodness and mercy for all matters. Of course, all children are Mine front and center.

Oneness is of itself. And Oneness is truth, and love has to reach all corners to unite the One Love to all. Oneness means Oneness with love for One and All fulsomely – no reservations, no holding back, no love to be kept in a corner, no kidding yourself, no imitation, no excuses. All means all with a full heart, which is an even heart without any subterfuge nor necessity for doing better next time.

Be humane the first time.

Rise with the Dawn | Heavenletters


God said:

Beloved, a recently published Heavenletter brought up the randomness of life. You don’t know all that life holds in store for you, yet life is, and life brings surprises.

It is well accepted that the weather can’t be counted on. Once again, We come back to the idea of expectancy. Yes, come from a good frame of mind. Incline toward the beauty of life, for it exists, and may you love the weather!

Reconsider your insistence on the inevitability of life coming through for you even if it isn’t exactly as you had desired. Sometimes you are upset when life doesn’t fit your bill. Everyone does well to come to terms with life as it appears. Who can do this for you if not you? Beloved, you do not yet see the treasures within that years later you will see and be amazed

Not everyone in every land has every blessing, and yet everyone has and has had blessings.

I understand how you must feel. No one has what you might call a perfect day or a perfect life day in and day out. What I am trying to get at is what may be your insistence on what you may call a perfect life without exception. I do not know anyone whose life who is deemed perfect as his life arises his whole life long. Nevertheless, from the long view, it may well have been divine just as it was.

Yet there are perfect aspects in all lives, yet not every aspect is viewed as ideal. Not everyone has a livelihood. Not everyone has the health he desires. Nor everyone may t reap as richly as another. This doesn’t seem to be how life works. There are those who do seem to have more than their share of woes. All of life isn’t gift-wrapped beautifully.

I am questioning your expectancy of perfection when life in the world may not allow for perfect expectancy no matter how worthy you may be.

Accidents seem to befall all over the world and may well be to no one’s deserving so far as you can tell. Life is something that happens, and life isn’t always dressed in its best finery.

Who can pick and choose every area of his life or his children’s life? No one. Life is made of taking what comes and saying: “Thank you, Life, for being here just the same.”

When life seems to assail you, the trend has been for you to rant and rail. At some point, you manage to lift your head up and go on. You pick up the pieces. You may have a life to live that isn’t your choice, yet you are the only one who can live it. The life you live now may hold grief for you, yet it is still your life and no one else’s. I do tell you that life isn’t obliged to owe you a living. I do not tell you that you have to be cheery when you don’t know how. Yet, behind it all, I do tell you to be of good cheer.

At some point you recognize that you still have a life to live as it is. When you have a plant to water, you water it. Consider yourself your own plant and give yourself care. When you have enough spunk to lift your head, lift your head.

I do not say for a fact that life will recompense you well enough as you see it. If you have to limp on one leg in life from now on, then, okay, you do. If you can’t find something to smile at today, find something tomorrow. You can’t weep forever. Rise with the dawn. Feel the sun and rain on your face. Arise!

What Does Life Hold in Store? | Heavenletters


God said:

Beloved, do you perhaps have a picture of Me in mind as a statue – My head on My hand, deep in thought? In truth, My thinking comes less from thought and more from impulse. Sometimes you also find, in the same way, that a creative idea simply falls to you, yes?

My ideas are inspired. Like you, I love inspiration. I love to see where an idea will take Me. The same as you experience, so is it for Me. A color pops into My head. My hand starts moving the blue crayon that I yearn to draw with at a moment’s notice. Who can say why or how? Just is. Voila, you and I have taken a direction. Neither of Us researched it. The direction hops into Our hearts before We know it. Freely, We take off in an instant.

You found the table already set and the colors laid out for you just as you like them to be. What do you exactly have to do anyway? From where does creating begin? To whom do you give thanks?

Ideas are one of the gifts of life that you run off with into far-off lands you had not dreamed of. You never did have yourself pegged, did you? Come to think of it, so much in life seems to simply appear. Life could be a high-roller that prompts you forward. Your name is called, and before you know it, you are somewhere unexpectedly joyous or tremulous. You may appear, unbeknownst to yourself, as the advanced driver appointed for this surprise journey – imagine!

It is as if a hand moved your hand. A dawn rose. You may not know the exact confluence. What matters is that you are on your way. Joy to the world. You started somewhere. A choice was made – who knew? Perhaps in your youth, your hand knew your choice from the outset before you did.

Certainly, not all choices are long and ponderous. A lot of choices are Jiminy-Cricket fast. Choices may be instant – one surprise after another.

You thought one way, and life wasn’t like that. Or you had no idea, and life altogether appeared on its own. What you had been thinking of doesn’t light a candle to what flew into your heart as straight as an arrow.

All of life seems to drop into your lap. And, yet, how can it be it be that your whole life realizes itself by chance? How can so many lives and stars dance in such perfect harmony so seemingly randomly and perfectly without a guidance system?

Isn’t this unheard of up to this very moment? Now you’re on your way, although you hardly have any idea of where or when this would be until the moment it strikes. What do you know? You know nothing until the moment life is at hand. You didn’t know you would travel far and wide, or, you did know you wouldn’t travel to speak of and you did travel the world.

Just the same, why should it make such a difference to you what occurs, and yet it does, yet it does.

You always wanted to go to Zanzibar. You always wanted to marry a true love. You always wanted to travel the Seven Seas. You always wanted to live in the country, or you wanted to live in the city. You did, or you didn’t. Either way, at this juncture of life, you may find yourself wondering about life and what to make of it.

To Hear This God Who Art Thy Self | Heavenletters

Mohave Sunrise Delight

God said:

Beloved, I am a God of the people. I am here for you at your desire, yet not for your desire to rub off some kind of specialness on you, but to share My Self like the Sun to the world.

I speak now about Godwriting. It is clear now that we meet for Oneness and not for any fame or fortune, but to give. This isn’t at all like being in a fraternity together. Of course, We don’t punch Our fists together like eager sports figures exchanging high-fives of admiration of one kind or another. We are energized. We are glad and grateful, yet We are not so much hail fellows well-met. We are simply together as One.

Yes, you gain, yet you take what you gain on behalf of goodness for all. You are not propelled onto the stage like some kind of new rock star. You are as always. You are not staking out anything in your name for your own glorification – solely for Mine. Beloved, you are happy to hear Me, yet you do not assign dazzling gold stars after your name. We look into each other’s eyes.

You stand near Me. You pick up something from My reverie not solely for your personal gain. You garner more than humility. You do not make a grandstand play. You come to hear this God Who Art Thy Self.

You are not on display. You haven’t been added to any hall of fame. You are here to serve Me humbly as I, God, desire with all My Heart to serve you.

You receive something great from Our meetings, and yet, you transcend Our meeting. You are glad to be the servant who serves the cake God desires to serve to all. You are an impersonal recorder of what you reap. Yes, I send you an open invitation. Enter.

Godwriting is not about status whatsoever. You admit yourself to the realms of the Holy Grail. Yes, I, God, call everyone to Me. The acclaim is Mine, and you are amazed and humbled. You just want to hear more of Me and echo more of Me.

You are like the servant who holds the hem of My robe above the dust. You keep your attention on My words so that others will also hear. Everyone stands the same. You are a commoner who comes in with many others to My delight as well. There is no pride before Godwriting. There is joy. You simply bring My Words forth.

Somehow you got here. How on earth but by some divine intervention? You are invited in through any disguise. You are so happy to be here. It has to be from My Will.

I saw something in you that perhaps you didn’t see. I place you close to Me and invite you again and again. I, God, see you in plain sight. I open My door to you. Stay as long as you want. You don’t call more attention to your little self. You stay silently by Me forever.

Now, to your delight, before your very eyes, you see a place card delineated faintly with your name on it signed by God. Now you begin to know you are welcomed exactly where you are. It can’t be happenstance. Once God’s – God’s forever.

Oneness is Here to Stay | Heavenletters


God said:

Beloved, here is the true story: Oneness alone is true. Greater than Oneness isn’t the whole Truth. The Whole Truth is always simple. How many ways are there to say One? There are more ways to express what is more detailed than to express One, yet, to say One, says it all.

Anything that takes up more space than Oneness is erudite. Complex. We can call it a trip. Simplicity speaks of Oneness. How many ways are there to express Oneness when Oneness is?

In Oneness, We speak of Infinity. We are going for Pure Oneness. One is greater than multiplicity. We can call multiplicity scrambled. Multiplicity can be thrown on the table like jacks that children toss up in the air. In the sense I speak, there can be many jacks thrown out, yet only one essence of jackness. Love is of necessity Oneness. There is no getting around this.

Oneness is here to stay. Love is here to stay. Love is a miracle of Oneness. Love is Oneness in everyone’s heart. Everyone’s love is One and grand. Perception may not always see Oneness, yet Oneness is. Love defies description and definition. No two people who see the same movie see the exact same movie.

Does everyone see the same rose in the exact same color? Most assuredly, there is an essence of Roseness.

Beneath discernible dissimilarities, Oneness is. Why would I assign Oneness to you, unless this is plain Truth, not more or less, yet clearly One? Isness is Oneness. Being is One. You can personally chalk life up to Oneness or not. That there is Oneness, however, is a certainty.

Love can be revealed in many forms, yet love is One Wholeness. Wholeness permeates. Perceive all.

You may not perceive Me everywhere, yet I swear to you that I am everywhere, and you are One with Me.There is nothing more nor less than star-spangled Oneness.

One under God is Truth – no two ways about it.

Where does My Heart lie but within yours? Who is My Heart and Soul’s Companion if not you? There is no escape for you to make, and why would you? Who holds My metaphoric hand unless you do? Who, Beloved, am I unless I am you fair and square?

You don’t have to be strait-laced. You don’t have to be outspokenly serious. You are not booted out from joy! There is no being booted out. Joy is joy and not stern. Make your life a breath of fresh air. What would you make out of life but fresh air? At the same time, life is no joke. Indeed, life is a mixed bag and turned every which way in and out, so it seems.

Pretty much every inch of life is one kind of surprise or another. Hello, today! So long! In a minute, We’ll pick up again tomorrow or start all over tomorrow or meet again in another day or two or yesteryear or another lifetime.

Nothing separates us from one another. We catch up soon enough or later in a dream or two away. We inevitably catch up along the way, even as there is no interruption to catch up to. Life is a walk or two around the block. We’re just catching up with each other as you may have thought We were ever for a moment parted. We are in on this for the long haul.

Call Your Good Fortune to You | Heavenletters


God said:

Beloved, what your life too often comes down to is that you speak more often of a confluence of strife than you speak of a confluence of love and gratefulness. Why is this? Why would you give less of yourself to love? Does this give you some sense of perverse satisfaction as if you have covered all the bases?

Likely, it tends to give you sense of dissatisfaction, and you feel wronged, and you are inconsolably put out by how you feel. Better not to feel having been wronged. This may be evidence of a state of affairs you have long felt – perhaps your whole life.

This was never right, and never can it be righted. Your perception may be accurate, yet it is never right for you to feel wronged. It turns your heart smack towards the dial of resentment.

Absolutely, by a long shot, it is incorrect for you to feel virtuous by having been wronged. It is wrongful of you to feel wronged. It is not beneficial for you to feel triumphant to having been short-changed.

Then you are the one unfair to yourself. No matter however long you have been feeling wronged, it is an injustice to you. This is most certainly not what I signed you up for.

Let go of this omission. Probably you are up to your neck in trying to be compensated. When this is the case, it’s hard to let go. Grudges are not easy to be done with. They tend to keep piling up. You keep looking for them everywhere. You may not make them happen, yet you play a part in storing them up.

When you look for your car to break down, you may more likely run out of gas. Of course, it’s a better idea to expect your tank to be full. And why not anticipate goodness and mercy? The rich expect wealth, yes? The healthy expect a good check-up, don’t they? The sorrowful expect to weep, more or less. A lot of the appearance of your life depends on what you expect. You may figure it is natural to feel discounted. Better to be startled. The truth is that all goodness is your true due. Anticipate good for yourself.

When you expect to get to school on time, odds are you will. There is more involved than good timing. All is in your favor for you to expect good to come your way. When you lock your doors ahead of time, you may guarantee that you will feel left high and dry.

Please don’t always say you trip over your skirt on the top step or bottom step. There is only perhaps habit that says you must look for what you don’t want to appear on your doorstep. Don’t desire headache or ungraciousness. Anticipate something you would like. One way or another, you contribute to your reality.

Holy Moly, call your good fortune to you while you are at it! Be loyal to your own good will.

Certainly, don’t while away your good fortune. Don’t set traps for yourself.

Certainly, don’t store up an arsenal of resistance. Store up beautiful baskets of treasures one after another. Locate yourself in a whirlwind of good treasures desired.

By all means, get into the position of expecting the best. In this case, your odds will well be better. Why not increase your best chances? Bet on yourself at least somewhat. Stick with Me, Beloved.

Have you been mounting up despair rather than letting go of it? Does it mean so much to you that you must keep heartache close to you, Beloved?

Were You Very Influenced from Reading Romantic Novels? | Heavenletters


God said:

Beloved, do handstands. Leap into the air! Reach the stars. No two days are obliged to be the same. Not every rose has to be the same shade. Not every day has to repeat itself. Nor must one day compete with another. Easy does it.

Nor are two loves replicas of any other.

And why does it break your heart that each love is different, and one seems more or less worthy than another, or do you always play the same card and your heart is broken and wilted once again regardless?

You haven’t figured it out. Do you always expect too much, or is it that you don’t expect enough?

Sometimes you feel you never loved enough, or you feel you were never, by a long-shot, loved enough. Either you settled or you were simply not up for more. You gave too much or too little, or what can you make of it?

Why do you keep playing the same cards over and over?

Were you perhaps trying to win or lose, or did you really have any say about it?

You wonder if other people keep casting past loves back and forth. What should you have done? What else could you have done?

Sometimes, in terms of love, you have no idea, yet it sure feels that something didn’t come out right. Or is it only an idea that there is a right or wrong or just what is. How do you know if you climbed a fence or fell down it?

There are times you are perfectly clear that you look around too much. You are not someone else. You never were, yet you have never quite tallied who or what you are .

You do feel that you missed some steps. Of course, too, you also missed some slip-ups.

You really can’t go back in life and try it out again. You will never know what might have been and what might not have been. How do you know, and when all is said and done, why do you care? Do you ponder more about the past than others, and why do you? You don’t succeed in getting the past fixed up. Did you ever learn anything anyway?

Where you too influenced from reading romantic novels?

You may have become sadder, yet you not wiser. How can anyone full know what is wiseest or all?

Sometimes you feel you learned so much, and sometimes you are certain you learned nothing at all.

And, yet, honestly, would you choose another life? You can’t undo the life you led, no matter what. And you’re not done yet.

It never have been easy for you to make up your mind.

Sometimes you think that once a fool, twice a fool. Surely, you are a fool to weep over the past, that which is done and over with — or apparently not. You are not even sure what was good and what was not good, and how on earth would anyone know?

How did you, in this life, ever have the nerve to advise anyone else? You haven’t learned all that much but to rue. A fine how-do-you-do this is.

You see you’re like Lady MacBeth. “Out, damned spot.” Only you really don’t know what you have so much to rue beyond the fact that too many dreams did not come true, and why do you waste so much time thinking about why you aren’t more like other people, and why you ponder the past so? If you didn’t like the past that much, then why keep going on and on about it? Why don’t you get on a different bus now?