An Impending Event | Heavenletters

God said:

Something magnificent is about to happen. I don’t have any other way to say it but that.

Your range of thinking has expanded since you have been reading Heavenletters. Of course, you are always expanding. Now you are expanding and extending your heart and mind further.

So, now, when I say something magnificent is about to happen – may even have happened before this Heavenletter is sent out to you – it will impact your life although it may not specifically pertain to your personal life.

What would you like this magnificent happening to be? Do you want it to be a sign, such as a comet streaming through the sky, or do you want it to be a concrete event that can only make you know that you and I exist as One?

I tell you the magnificence that is about to burst forth is not a flashy event. It is not a movie in the sky or a dramatic performance on Earth, and, yet, this occurrence will be a portal to the opening of all hearts on Earth, including yours.

You will first wonder about it, wonder about what you feel, and wonder whether you really feel it, wonder whether your sense of it is really real, and that, really, life on Earth is taking on new dimensions. You have felt hopeful before.

For a long time, Heaven and Earth have been getting closer. You will wonder:

“Can it be that there is no longer division between Heaven and Earth? Can it really be that they have melded into One, just as You say, God, that You and I and everyone are One? Can it be that I live to see this day, and see it here on Earth? What will the newspapers say? Will they note this rising that I feel so strongly within me?

“God, You are telling me that there is an impending event or something like that about to happen, yet, it is subtle. It is not going to be snow in summer, or high temperatures rising in winter. It is not going to be a cataclysm, and, yet, it will be noticed. Will it be known, God? Will I know this magnificence that is going to spring up in life, in all lives, and in mine? Can this be true? Am I asking too much?

“Is this going to be a New World? Will I visit other planets? Are You, God, really everywhere, and are there many Kingdoms and lands that I seek to know. Would I seek to know them unless they did exist?

“Will I visit Heaven, or will I exist here as a human being who enjoys two worlds? That can’t be right because You have said – I think you have said – that Heaven and Earth will be One, in actuality and also in my recognition. Can it be that I will know, and know for keeps? What are You telling me, God, dear God. You couldn’t be leading me down a garden path, could You?”

No, I could not.

Together, We, you and I and everyone, are going to walk down an actual garden path, not a fantasy. Oneness will be known. And you will know it. In this magnificence I hint at, there will be overt change, subtle as it is. You will know that something is different. You will know that something has changed. Whether you can name it or not, you will know, and this change will not be a back and forth change. It is change that will stick. The changes inside you will be, not envisioned, but seen, seen and experienced, and you will experience naturally, for what is upcoming is part of your destiny. You are My envoy. You participate in the glorification of Earth as it rises. And, so, you rise with it. You will know something. You will know you are rising. All glory to My Self Who is God within you.

On Earth as in Heaven | Heavenletters

God said:

It takes no courage to be God. It takes courage to be Human. In Human life, opposites exist. But in Heaven, there are no opposites. There is only love and joy. There is nothing to be in Heaven but love and all that goes with it. Untruth does not exist in Heaven.

Therefore, there is no need for courage in Heaven. There is no fear. There is no fear of singing the wrong note or missing a beat or the boat or falling. There is no up and there is no down, so there is no way to fall and no need for what you call courage.

There is an evenness to Heaven, but it is an evenness that is very high. There is no middle road. Heaven is not a compromise. It is beingness at the heights, and yet there is no ceiling. There is no floor. There are no walls. There is pure being. Heaven is a chorus of angels. No note could be sweeter.

If Heaven is a vibration, then earth is too. If one can vibrate lower, one can vibrate higher. Even on earth, you can vibrate higher. Earth vibrates to your tune. Earth is not to pull you down. You are to pull it up.

Life on earth moves with your eyes. When you look up, the world is up. When you look askance, the world is askance. When you look down, the world is down.

The word “down” has come to mean “depressed”. The cure is to look up. The cure is to see further into the graciousness of life on earth. Graciousness from Heaven has misted onto earth. Look to the Source of life on earth more than the disparate pieces of life on earth.

Looking at life on earth is picking it apart. Looking at Heaven is putting it together. And you are here to put the earth together.

You are searching for wholeness. You really are not searching for the pieces of the puzzle. The pieces are scattered. The pieces without the wholeness they come from lack meaning. You do not need to put the pieces together. You need to keep the picture of the wholeness in mind. The trouble is, when you look at just the pieces, you wonder what they are doing there, and you cannot find their meaning. They make no sense. But when you know they are part of a vast picture, you can relax a little.

There is a place for you on earth. You are there. You belong there. You fit in. You have a purpose. You are not an extra piece. You are integral to the whole design.

Trust is not blind. Trust is far-seeing. Trust sees wholeness. Trust knows. Trust does not have to grope. It needs no bolstering. Trust knows there is a golden link to Heaven. It does not imagine. It does not conjure. It does not talk itself into it. It knows that link to Heaven is stronger than any metal on earth. It is stronger than earth itself.

The link between Heaven and earth does not have to be forged. It already exists. You shimmied down a pole from Heaven. The pole was never pulled away. You can think of it as a telephone pole from earth to Heaven or as a golden chain or as a ray of light that extends from Heaven to earth, and, therefore, also from earth to Heaven. Without Heaven, there would be no earth, and you are fully connected to Heaven.

You came from on high. Lift your wings. Take flight with Me. You will see a different earth. When you alight on earth again, your feet will touch a new earth, all because you flew with Me.

Children Embrace Life | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloved child. You notice I do not call you beloved adult. Adult is a world thought. All are children. I see not one adult. You think it is an admirable thing to be an adult, that it is an accomplishment, and you are proud to be it, but adulthood is a pretend thing. All are children. To be a child is worthy of appreciation. Be more child and less adult.

The term adult seems to apply to increasing mind and depreciating heart. Adultness favors cool while childhood favors warm. Adulthood favors responsibility while childhood favors joy. Adultness favors length, and childhood favors spontaneity. Who is closer to Heaven? Why would anyone want to further themselves from Heaven and call this adulthood?

Remember, you are not your body. You do not age. Your body ages. You never do. You can have been around a long time, or you can have been around a short time, but you, the soul of you, the essence of you, the import of you does not age. Do not grow up, beloveds, if that means leaving your heart behind.

To be an adult often means to be more conforming. In truth, less original. Less free, more bound. All the no’s of life have appliquéd themselves on you. No’s are embedded like tattoos. Hard to remove. But appliqués and tattoos are add on’s. They are not really yours. Isn’t it symbolic that make-up is for adults, clear skin for children?

Adults contemplate death. Children embrace life.

To be as the little child is to be who you are. You are as innocent as the day you were born. All your sophistication is a false front.

That you are a child, that you are My child, is a statement of truth. Be wide-eyed again. Long experience restricts you. It doesn’t advance you. What does it save you? What does it cost?

A child doesn’t weigh life, but if he did, he would weigh it in terms of joy. If he hammers nails into wood and takes the nails out again, he has joy. If he trickles sand on his feet at the beach, he has joy. He has joy in the sun, and he has joy in the puddles of the rain. He has joy. If you must measure your life, measure it in joy. If you must add up something, add up joy instead of years.

If adulthood takes away from joy, how valuable is it?

Is adulthood sometimes a half-death? Is it a meting out of punishment? Then maintain childhood.

Turn somersaults rather than all the fear you turn in your heart. Be fearless. Fear is a thought, and thoughts are capable of change. Fear may not be amiable to change, but, in the final analysis, fear has to do your bidding. No longer be afraid of fear. It’s a thought like any other. The thought of fear makes fear appear, but fear does not exist separate from your thoughts. This is another way of saying that fear is at your beck and call. It has no existence of its own. Fear is a puff of smoke. Smoke by its nature will disappear.

Adulthood becomes complex. Childhood is simple. When did complexity and complication become valued, and simplicity not? Be simple. Be clear. Be bold, for what else is there for you to do? When you know you are the child of My heart and that I foster you, boldness isn’t even bold. Boldness is the simplicity of natural existence. You are Being. And Being puts its shoulders back today and stands firm in wholeness.

God’s Greatest Miracle | Heavenletters

God said:

Will you remember that you are a Holy Being? This one thought will embolden your life on Earth. By dint of will or by chance, you are here, and it matters that you are here on Earth at this time. You are a Holy Being who happens to be in a physical body. Your physical body has its restrictions, and it has its fallacies. Yet you are not your body. You are not your physical presence.

Your physical presence exists, yet you are beyond physical. You are realms beyond. You are eons beyond. You are a miracle worker.

It may not seem so to you. You may see yourself as a drudge. You may see yourself as wanting. However, you are far more than your eye can see. Isn’t that the Truth, beloveds? Haven’t you always known that? Why would you be dissatisfied unless you were greater than whatever anyone in the world thinks of you? Public opinion isn’t much. It is fly by night.

Go by your own recognition now. Go by your own suppositions now. Go by My appraisal.

You are a miracle that I created. You keep waiting for miracles when you, yourself, are one of the great miracles visited upon Earth. The stars have nothing on you. The stars are amazing, beautiful, and bountiful, and so are you.

Know yourself as an unlimited miracle. You can change the face of the Earth.

You are on an unmapped journey. You have all the choices in the world and in Heaven. Never mind the past. You have a present, and you have what you perceive as future. You are all one ball of wax. You are incomparable. You are Vastness encompassed in a body. This in itself is a miracle. You are a wonder of wonders. You are not a minor miracle. Do not sell yourself short.

Every minute of the day, you are embarking on a new journey. You are not locked in. Don’t let yourself be. You are unlimited. You can reach the rainbows, and you can ride on them. You are greater right now than your present thinking may allow. You surpass your present thinking. You are here on Earth for wonders to perform.

You are a Great Light on Earth. You may have turned on a dimmer switch in your awareness, yet regardless of what disguise you take on, you are My Greatness on Earth. You are My coin, so to speak. You are more than a token Being of God.

We have a contract, you and I, and Our contract is inviolable. Take My word for it that you have a great purpose on Earth to fulfill, and your purpose is greater than whatever you can imagine. You are Columbus sailing to an unknown land. Columbus thought he knew his destination, yet he wound up somewhere else. You don’t even have an inkling of your destination, yet you are sailing there. You are on your way. You are on an illustrious journey. You are full of promise, beloveds.

Follow the waves where they take you. Honor your holiness. Bob along on the High Seas, and know that you are far deeper than you let on. Know that you carry Greatness. Know that you deliver it. As yet, you have no idea how great life is, even your life that you consider mundane. Your life is out of this world. Your life is a mystery, and your life is a miracle.

It is time for you to recognize your miracle-dom. The Kingdom of Heaven is within you, yes, you! All the power of God is invested within you. I, God, am within you. I may appear to be outside you, even at a distance from you, yet I am deep in your heart, and your soul is deep. We are journeying together, and, now, let Us create miracles and know that the perceived you, no matter how you perceive yourself, is one of My Greatest Miracles. So be it.

Ease Your Heart | Heavenletters

God said:

It is important that your heart be eased. It is important that you ease it. Whatever makes your heart tense, know that it is untruth. Tension is dependent upon untruth. The truth is that you are immortal. When you are immortal, what can befall you?

Your body is mortal, but you are not. Only you think you are your body. You mistakenly think that the physical dimension is the extent of you. And that is why you try to hold on to whatever it is you try to hold on to.

Light cannot be held. You can hold a candle, the conveyance of the light, but you cannot hold the light. It is unholdable. At the same time, it is everywhere, and cannot disappear. Just as you can never disappear.

You identify yourself with a name that was given to you. You think you are that name. You think you are the sound of that name in the wind. You think you are the reputation of that name. But then you would serve only public opinion.

And yet you know you serve greater than that.

You serve Me. Your service to the universe is your serving Me. But the world is not your master. You do not bow to the world, or then you would be serving illusion. Illusion is a poor master. It leaves you holding the bag. Illusion always rearranges itself.

With all your heart, you would serve Me if you but knew how.

Your life is that exploration of the how. And the how much.

The what is to serve Me.

The why is to express the truth of yourself to the insatiable world so that all can rise above the imagined boundaries.

The when is now.

The where is where you are.

Serve Me in your awareness.

Expand your vision, and the world will expand with you.

When you limit yourself, you limit the world.

Yours is to open the world to the wonder of itself.

Peel the layers off.

See what is within.

Let the finite know its infinity.

Let My Will be known.

Let My light be shown.

Let My light shine through you.

When you feel discouraged, you have taken your attention off your immortality. You have gotten yourself caught up in the details. The details have become important, and your reason for being has faded.

You have a great mission in the world. You are not here by accident. You are not here on earth just to live off it. You are not here to escape it either. You are here to find yourself again, to reconnect with the Wholeness from which you came. You are here to unburden the world. You are here to lift the cap off it.

How small is your vision when it is centered only on your body-self!

You locate yourself when you stop locating yourself in space and time. You are far more than a pin-point on a map. You are far more than your hand can reach and the eye can see. You are the limitless horizon beyond the line of the earth. And you are more than that.

You are sweep of My hand. You are the echo of My voice curling back to Me. You are the issuance of My breath. And you are My inhalation. You are My every thought. You are My pursuit. I am your reason for being, and you are Mine. We exceed. You are My passage through the world, and your journey is safe because there is nothing to pass through but the light of My love.

The gauntlet is imagined, for all is light and you are the bearer of it. You are My light on earth. So be it.

So That All the World May See | Heavenletters

God said:

Your intellect keeps you back from full enlightenment, and so you are busy with your brain and less attuned to your effulgent heart. You may have heard that you are already fully enlightened, but that is not your experience. In order to experience it, you have to be aware of it. You experience through awareness. I would say that you are aware of too many other things that get in the way of Reality and Self-realization. Knowledge becomes ignorance. The intellect takes twists and turns. A treasure lies buried among debris.

Enlightenment is not something you attain or have to attain. It is not work. Enlightenment attains itself without your interference. Your interference may well have blocked your realization of the light that shines brightly within you. But nothing has blocked your light. Only, you have kept it from your view. The world of blindness thinks it sees.

Static interferes with the sound of your heart. Noise interferes with the smooth flow of Our love. How dare it, but it does. In silence, the light of God within you is stirred. Silence courses through space so that it may rise to your attention. Discard layers of the mind like leaves from a tree, but your heart is a budding rose. You may have been pulling off the petals of the rose of your heart, cluttering your mind and dismissing your heart. This is not the first time you have gotten things backward.

Be with yourself on a sea of love. Walk on the water. Then the simple beating heart becomes the center of the universe. Unseen strings anchor you to the stars and galaxies. The strings connect you to everyone and everything and you see Oneness. The strings don’t matter. Oneness does. You don’t have to see the strings, but you do want to see Oneness. You have to know that you are connected to every beating heart, every sentient being, every inanimate thing, that your heart surges through the universe, capturing every one and every thing and releasing them all at the same time.

Hurray for love! Love is your heart of gold. Why keep a heart taut when its freedom unites you to yourself? Do not be taken aback by your heart. Move forward with it. Accompany it. Let it lead the way. Take your cues from your heart, for it functions through My grace. Adore your heart. Don’t shuffle it away behind the papers of your mind.

What a musical instrument the heart is! It is the violin of the universe. It is the speaker of the universe. It is the exoneration of the universe. Everyone has a heart, and everyone then plays his violin. Even when you are unaware, you play it. It is a good thing that you play, and it is good to know you do. Shh, listen to the music of your heart right now. Lean into it. Sway to it. Dance to it. Sing to it. Stand up on a table and sing to the silence of your heart. Honor it. Claim it. Proclaim it.

Your heart is connected to Mine. I am part of the equation. Indeed, I am the equation, and I am the occasion. Love needs no occasion. It just needs awareness of itself. There are many names for love, but all love is spiritual in that it would unite rather than take apart.

Love is the uniting force. Its power lies in its ease. It does not overtake with force. Love surrenders to love. Love melts love, and no heart is hardened in love. A strong heart is an open heart. Like a store, it is open to everyone. All can come in. Or your heart is like an inn where travelers come to rest.

Steel your heart no longer. Take it out of its wrappings. Uphold your heart. Let it be seen. Lift it so that all the world may see what it is really made of.

Who Is the Doer? | Heavenletters

God said:

When life becomes too much for you, as it sometimes does, look upwards. This will automatically take your attention off your troubles. When you raise your eyes, you raise your spirits. When you look up, you cannot remember your troubles. Troubles do not exist when you look upwards. And if by some chance you do recollect your woes, they don’t feel so woeful. Look up a lot. Catch My eye.

There is a huge canopy of love over you. The sky covers the Earth. The sky is embossed on the Earth.

When you look up, you see beyond the sky, and, as it were, you go to the other side of it, and you begin to assume your place in Heaven, and you see from a vaster view. You round the world and find yourself standing in the same place as you are now. You will not recall, but you will have touched all the points of the stars, played hopscotch on them, sat on the crescent moon. warmed your hands in the sun. Effortlessly your love skates over the universe and glides back into your heart.

Surely there is more than your eyes can see. Your heart can know everything. Your heart is a crater of love. The strings of love in your heart connect you to Heaven, and they connect you to the innermost Earth. You are connected, beloveds.

The golden ladder to Heaven is your heart. Judgment cannot enter, so your intellect is left behind. The questioning mind can take you only so far. It cannot go the whole way, try as it may. Poor mind, it stays with its feet on the ground while your heart soars. The wings of flight are heart-borne. Your heart has a tail wind that raises it aloft whereas the mind cannot keep up.

The world and Heaven are full circle. Once completed, there is another circle then, and another, because infinite are the Heavens. Heaven and heart are related words, and they are related in fact. They are related in Truth. Your heart can only know Truth. Anything less than Truth disturbs your heart. You have felt that with wayward emotions.

If truth be known, your heart is always flying to Heaven. It gets its nourishment there. Your heart loops the Heavens. It embroiders Heaven and courses through your veins. Your heart circulates the essence of Heaven.

Heaven is established in you.

Trouble is not. Trouble is a passing parade. It gets out of sight quickly enough. In fact, remove the word trouble from your vocabulary. If the thought of trouble or strain did not exist, would you then have them?

When the world becomes too much for you, look Heavenward, beloveds. Catch up with the Heaven vantage from where toil and woe cannot exist. They have no place in Heaven, and if truth be known, not in your heart either.

When you know that I am the Doer, then you know that you are not. When you know that you are not the Doer, what then would hang heavily on you? Only a mirage of your thoughts. Actually, you have been weighed down by the opposite of a mirage, for a mirage in the desert tells you that there is water when there is not. In your case, you live in the oasis, and you think you are in the desert and that water is not.

Look up, and you will know where you are and what you are surrounded with. Instead of letting your fearful thoughts overshadow Heaven, let Heaven overcome your fearful thoughts.

Look at the Stars | Heavenletters

God said:

Let’s have a lazy day today, you and I. Let’s lie awhile on a white cloud and ponder the blue skies and Heaven and Earth. Let’s be serene today with nothing on Our minds except how nice it is to be together in the Oneness of Love. How nice it is just to be. Nothing to have to do, nothing to take care of, to just be love escalating and revolving throughout the Universe.

Let Us just recline today. Let’s let the world take care of itself today. Everything is lined up, and everything will appear on cue.

Meanwhile we can sail on a white cloud or We can paddle on a blue sea and look at the blue sky and beyond. We can look up. We can be idle on this day and never mind hurrying up or hastening anything, for today We know that time does not exist, so no longer will My children think that there is not enough time to do all that has to be done. There is no time, for there is Eternity instead, and Eternity is a different game altogether.

We can recline on Eternity and watch an imaginary parade of life go by. We may even see Ourselves marching in the parade, and We don’t mind at all. Marchers and majorettes bounce along. We enjoy watching them. We enjoy watching all. What is there not for Us to enjoy on this day that We take it easy?

Without a sense of urgency, We accomplish more. What is urgency but a sense of hurry, hurry, hurry? Everything is not an emergency, beloveds. Not everything is a crisis. Maybe nothing is.

Instead of hurry, hurry, hurry, try out easy, easy, easy does it. When you don’t rush, everything is easier. I recommend that you sashay through life rather than skirmishing.

Let Us recline on a lily pod on a serene lagoon at night and look at the stars. Looking at the stars will put everything into perspective. Look at the stars more often and for longer periods. What do you really have to do that is more important than the light and messages of the stars?

Or let Us ride on the moon. The moon is serene. It pulls tides and does much more, and yet it is serene. Emulate the moon, and you will feel the coolness of leisure.

It is not that I ask you to pace yourself. I am saying there is no pace to keep up with. Keep up with silence and calmness over pace any day.

Stand on the top of a mountain, and you will see the hurly-burly at a distance. Stay close to Me, and you will be freed from the toil and trouble. There is no need for you to enter the fray. Enter My heart instead.

Be an emblem of stillness, for it is from the stillness that you accomplish, not from dashing around.

Imagine how I created the world. I did not race anywhere. I thought beautiful thoughts, and then My thoughts manifested. Although I am the Doer, I did not do. I thought. I dreamed. I imagined, and so creation was born. It was born from My heart’s desires. I did not work hard at it. I didn’t work at all. And you and all the extant world came into existence and haven’t stopped since. I created once, and all the merriness continued itself without any effort from Me.

You didn’t learn effort from Me, beloveds. Where did you learn it from? Where did you learn stress and strain? Never mind, get off that treadmill now.

Your Good Fortune | Heavenletters

God said:

You have had the idea that you are supposed to make things right in the world, yet that is not your purpose. Furthermore, it is unlikely that you can succeed in making things right when it concerns what other people are doing or thinking.

Certainly, you may be in the right, but where does that get you? Whether you are right or wrong, what is open for you to do is to make yourself right. Change will come from you. You have to change first. You have to change.

It is not so important as you think to be right. When you measure your rightness, you stop the flow of life. You are abrupt. You don’t have to be right, beloveds. Better than being right, you can be the beautiful person who doesn’t take an inch but who gives a mile. Would this not change yourself, to give more, and not expect another to give you your appointed share?

The more you perceive that someone else needs to be generous, the more you have to be. You do not give as someone who placates. You give because it makes sense. If you meet with a poor man, even when he owes you money, it is unlikely he can reach into his pocket, and give you a hundred-dollar bill. And, yet, time and time again, you expect someone who is poor in heart to give you your due. You are even adamant about it.

Justice is judgment, and We are not speaking of justice. We are speaking of progress. We are speaking of opening new channels so that you can let go of the past and move forward. As you move forward, you create a pathway for others to move forward. You want movement, don’t you? Movement is not about settling old debts before you can move forward, for then, you stay in the same place and you glue another there as well.

It is you who has to have a change of heart. It is you because I am talking to you, and you can hear Me. Be glad for your heart and good fortune that allow you to hear. You know, deep in your heart, that it is you I speak to.

Some might say that I am telling you to forgive. Well, forgive yourself then for needing Me to tell you to let go of what ails you. When you find yourself in a state of feeling put upon, then release yourself from that state. Step out of your prescribed limits. Be that which you want the other to be. Be as I ask you to be, and that is bigger than you have been in the past. That’s how you get out of the past – by being bigger than you used to be.

You let go of being right. You attain to generosity and even greatness. You do want to be great, don’t you? Start now with the little annoyances that won’t let you go. Let go of them. These small things do not have to be the rulers of you. They may feel big to you, yet your feelings of dismay have been something you have carried around with you long enough, too long. A minute is too long to carry a sense of self-righteousness. Be a humble person instead. So, someone else is mistaken. You do not make yourself responsible for someone else’s lack. That is their short-sightedness. It belongs to them, not you. Do not sink to a lower awareness. Rise above the throng. Rise to My Awareness. Thank you for rising. In a conflict, what else is there for you to do?

Teaching and Learning Are Equal | Heavenletters

God said:

If you have something to teach, teach without feeling superior to those who know less than you. There would be no point in your being a teacher unless there were those who didn’t know what you know. You know something more only because you know it now. Once you did not.

You are on a ladder and you help someone up a rung. That is the most you can do. Many helped you as well. Where you stand on the ladder does not make you a taller person. It just happens to be where you stand on the ladder.

The world is a kindergarten, and you are the teacher of it. If you are not a teacher, then you are a sponsor. Likely, to someone else, you may be the kindergartener. It balances out.

Underneath the knowledge and the ignorance, you are My plain simple child, and you are loved beyond any measure you conceive of. And so is everyone.

As a teacher in kindergarten, you are not surprised when the children don’t know how to read or what to think or how to behave. You are there to be the bridge they walk on to another land.

What are you on earth for if not to be a bridge?

Even those who are on a bridge seemingly far beneath — they are often a bridge for you. The distinction between teacher and learner is obscured. All are teachers and all are learners. Be a great teacher and be a great learner.

What teaching is really about is exchanging love. It is a barter system. When you give knowledge, you are giving your love of knowledge. When you accept knowledge, you are accepting it with love. Without love, there is only mimic. It is not knowledge. It is a trifle.

True sharing of knowledge is a very intimate thing. No matter how universal, it is very personal. Eyes meet, and something is exchanged. Love for teaching and love for learning are exchanged. Giver and receiver are melded.

On the occasion of loving learning, leaves on trees ring like bells. The sky does a jig. Clouds furl in and out. Bees buzz and butterflies wave their wings. Flowers give their nectar. Birds sing. There is an electricity in the air.

Let this be an everyday occurrence.

Learn, learn, learn. Teach, teach, teach. Receiving and giving. Which is mightier? Neither.

There is something for you to learn today, just as there is something for you to teach. You do not even have to know what it is that you learn or what you teach, but an exchange will be made.

Someone’s thought will reach yours.

It could be a word on a page, written thousands of years ago in a far-off land, and today you receive the message. Message received and accepted. And a thought of yours roams the world and alights on a heart you don’t quite — remember.

You will be surprised who your teachers are. You will be surprised who learns from you. And it is all indistinguishable, this mingling of hearts. Hearts are melted. That is good enough.

Today, be alert to learning, and learn as if it is the most natural thing in the world. It is not specious.

As for teaching, let it come from you unnoticed. It is no special favor you give. Be glad and grateful for those who happen to learn something from Me through you.