The World Is Waiting | Heavenletters

God said:

Into each life a little light must fall. This is the beginning of your new thinking. Think this instead of the old thought that a little rain must fall.

Soon you will comprehend that a great deal of light does fall. You are bombarded and cascaded with glimmering light. Right now you see only a glimmer. You see only a glimmer because your eyes are shaded. You have been wearing sunglasses that color your view. You didn’t know you could remove them and see a different way simply by changing the lens you look out through. You are the see-er.

When you see something a new way, you say that a light has gone on. Are you beginning to see now that the light that lights up is the light within you? You emanate it. You are the emanater of the light you see. Hold your light up higher so that all may see. So that you may see.

The world is waiting for your light. Cast it.

You have been waiting for it all your life long.

You have been yearning for more light, and you waited for it to come from somewhere outside you.

No one has more light than you. They may shine more, but they don’t hold more. They may reveal more, but they have no more to reveal than you.

I did not play favorites with My children. I did not give anyone more light than I gave you. This is what you do not believe. You believe that you were shortchanged. Thus, much of your resistant attitude comes from the belief that all that should have been given to you was not. You have believed that something was denied you. You look around and you see you have been denied.

You have denied yourself. You have not let in to your awareness all that you are. You withhold from yourself. You are miserly towards yourself. And that miserliness is what deflates you.

The barriers you see before you lie within you. The light you see before you also lies within you. There is nothing that does not lie within you. That’s where it all is.

Your life is just that — how you see it. Your view of the world is just that — your view. What happens to you is not your life. What happens is a minute portion of your life. You may not deliberately choose all your circumstances, but you do make them what you will. You are not stuck. If you think you are stuck, you have glued yourself. Let go.

Be the beholder of your life and not the withholder. Abstain from abstinence of joy. Instead, multiply joy.

Where did you get the idea that unhappiness is your lot in life? When was it you started to believe that unhappiness is part and parcel of life, in fact, the mainstay? Why did you determine that Human life was some kind of penance and that you had to pay dues for it? How is it that you thought you were plunked on Earth without any say in it, and that you were given no reprieve, no possibility of parole so long as you remain on Earth, no possible commutation of sentence?

You are not imprisoned. You far surpass any bounds around you. You surpass your physical form.

All the barriers, all the demarcations are man-conceived. Man did not make you. I did. There are no barriers to Me and there are no barriers to you whom I made. You are God-made, not man-made. You were made in My image which is to say you were made in My light. Therefore, you are My limitless light. Right now you are.

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Perhaps You Feel Adrift | Heavenletters

God said:

When you feel you are hitting hard times, or that your mood is dark for no known reason at all, know that you are cleaning house, just as you might empty a room of furniture so that you can paint and sand the floors to make the room as good as new.

Or you are moving, and for a while all your furniture and boxes are out front. You are vacating one place. You are entering another.

Perhaps you have already moved to the new property, and you are not sorted out yet. You have moved but are not settled.

This move seems as if it were thrust upon you, but you have been desiring to change, have you not? You just didn’t know it would be like this. Did you really think, knowing you, that you would make an easy job of it?

The dark mood is not you. First of all, it is transient. It is soot from the street. You will cough it up and be done with it soon enough.

You will get your new place straightened out. Corridors will be cleared. Boxes and furniture will no longer be in your way. You will have a chance to sit down on your couch and see where you are.

You may have had moments when you felt you moved to a lesser place, perhaps a tormented one, but now that you can sit on the couch a while, you have a chance to see how the light comes in the window and what a beautiful view you have from your new place. Perhaps you have moved into a high rise. Perhaps you have to get used to taking the elevator.

Perhaps in ascending, you felt barraged by all that you had to sort out and leave behind. Perhaps you are still carrying it in your mind. Perhaps you feel you have left some of yourself behind, which you have, and you are missing the good old ego days that you are disconnected from now.

Perhaps you feel adrift right now. Perhaps you are feeling more separated now than you ever have before. Beloveds, you just haven’t gotten your bearings yet. You will. Soon enough you will know where all the light switches are. Soon enough you will know your way around. You will find it’s not so startling to be in the new place. Soon you will notice the enlivenment of living here. Soon you will note the tune you are vibrating to.

You won’t even like the old music anymore. That’s what’s happening, isn’t it? You loved certain tunes, and now you don’t. For a while, you have been groping for a sense of balance, for the familiarity of it, the full-blown awareness of it.

Before you were unbalanced, but you were used to the imbalance. Now you have sea legs, as it were, and it’s taken you a little while to get used to walking on still land. This is transition. You are transiting. You are leaving old realms and entering new realms.

And you are resisting it. You are bracing yourself. Now Imagine you are in the sea for the first time. In order to swim, you can’t stay standing up. You have to let go. You have to practice moving your arms and legs in water. You are learning to float. You have been so accustomed to holding on, and now you are letting go of boundaries. Truly, you don’t need them. The boundaries never were a safe shore.

Now you are swimming in the ocean deep. You are the dolphin who leaps up. You are leaping up now.

In your state, you may feel like Alice in Wonderland falling down the hole, only you are rising, and I am here and I will not let you fall. If you must feel that you are falling, know that you are falling up, up into My arms.

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Children Embrace Life | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloved child. You notice I do not call you beloved adult. Adult is a world thought. All are children. I see not one adult. You think it is an admirable thing to be an adult, that it is an accomplishment, and you are proud to be it, but adulthood is a pretend thing. All are children. To be a child is worthy of appreciation. Be more child and less adult.

The term adult seems to apply to increasing mind and depreciating heart. Adultness favors cool while childhood favors warm. Adulthood favors responsibility while childhood favors joy. Adultness favors length, and childhood favors spontaneity. Who is closer to Heaven? Why would anyone want to further themselves from Heaven and call this adulthood?

Remember, you are not your body. You do not age. Your body ages. You never do. You can have been around a long time, or you can have been around a short time, but you, the soul of you, the essence of you, the import of you does not age. Do not grow up, beloveds, if that means leaving your heart behind.

To be an adult often means to be more conforming. In truth, less original. Less free, more bound. All the no’s of life have appliquéd themselves on you. No’s are embedded like tattoos. Hard to remove. But appliqués and tattoos are add on’s. They are not really yours. Isn’t it symbolic that make-up is for adults, clear skin for children?

Adults contemplate death. Children embrace life.

To be as the little child is to be who you are. You are as innocent as the day you were born. All your sophistication is a false front.

That you are a child, that you are My child, is a statement of truth. Be wide-eyed again. Long experience restricts you. It doesn’t advance you. What does it save you? What does it cost?

A child doesn’t weigh life, but if he did, he would weigh it in terms of joy. If he hammers nails into wood and takes the nails out again, he has joy. If he trickles sand on his feet at the beach, he has joy. He has joy in the sun, and he has joy in the puddles of the rain. He has joy. If you must measure your life, measure it in joy. If you must add up something, add up joy instead of years.

If adulthood takes away from joy, how valuable is it?

Is adulthood sometimes a half-death? Is it a meting out of punishment? Then maintain childhood.

Turn somersaults rather than all the fear you turn in your heart. Be fearless. Fear is a thought, and thoughts are capable of change. Fear may not be amiable to change, but, in the final analysis, fear has to do your bidding. No longer be afraid of fear. It’s a thought like any other. The thought of fear makes fear appear, but fear does not exist separate from your thoughts. This is another way of saying that fear is at your beck and call. It has no existence of its own. Fear is a puff of smoke. Smoke by its nature will disappear.

Adulthood becomes complex. Childhood is simple. When did complexity and complication become valued, and simplicity not? Be simple. Be clear. Be bold, for what else is there for you to do? When you know you are the child of My heart and that I foster you, boldness isn’t even bold. Boldness is the simplicity of natural existence. You are Being. And Being puts its shoulders back today and stands firm in wholeness.

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Fears Are like Potholes | Heavenletters

God said:

Fears are imagination. They are real only so far as you say. In general, you make much of them.

There is a difference between fear and common sense. I recommend that you not cross a trafficked street without looking both ways.

You need not overcome all your fears. Your life is for more than undoing your fears. But your fears do not need to be the foundation of your life either. You do not need to spend your life dodging them. Are fears really so ominous?

If you think you must vanquish all your fears, you are giving them too much importance. They are not a mighty magnificent opponent. They are only fears. You have nothing to prove to them or about them.

You can consider them like potholes. You do not get frantic every time you come across a pothole. You go over it or around it, and you do not write in your journal about it. Potholes are just there, that’s all.

Imagined fears are baseless. Certainly the one about speaking before groups is baseless. Are you really so fearful of public opinion? Do you think that an audience will stone you? Your ego is at risk, that’s all. What is the big deal if you fall flat on your face? What do you think will happen? Do you think the whole world will banish you? They might even applaud you.

Is this the same fear as worrying what someone will think of you but magnified?

Fear of loss of finances. This hovers over you. You think money and public opinion are your livelihood.

The fear of loss of health. Oh, that’s real, you say. It has been made real. Do not give so much awe to illness. Do not suffer it ahead of time.

The fear of death of the body? That is the most baseless of all. That is only another fear of change. That is only fear of breaking boundaries. That is only fear of letting go of the body and the outer life that you complain about so much. It is big fear that says you can lose anything.

That is the premise for your fears. Your worship of loss. You worship it even when you know that you cannot lose that which is yours eternally. And you cannot lose that which was never yours to own anyway. Even so, you put loss on a platform, and you worship the possibility of it.

When you return a book to the library, you do not feel that you have had a loss. You merely returned something that all parties understood you would. You do not become so attached to the books you know you will have to return. Read them, enjoy them, for that is what they are for. They are not for the purpose of holding or shelving in your house. They are to go back from where they came.

When you shake hands with someone, do you feel you have lost your hand? Or when you finish shaking hands, have you lost the hand you shook? What can be taken from you that is yours?

Your life is indubitably yours. It is yours forever, as it always has been. Your body can pass away, but not you. That is such an impossibility, it is not worth considering.

You have ownership of your thoughts, your actions, your responses, your heart, your eternal life. Anything else you think you own is a false presumption. That is why you worry so much about losing it; you know it isn’t really yours to keep forever or even as long as you may want. You keep waiting for what is not yours to be taken away.

Right now, in your heart, fling to the skies all that which is not really yours. Instead of fearing for it in your imagination, let go of it now in your imagination. No longer need you worry about the hour of your body’s demise or the state of it while on earth or of any other thing you hold to you so tightly that is not yours by Divine right.

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Angels | Heavenletters

God said:

A tyrant could not exist when everyone is his own sovereign. How could there be a bully when everyone is strong in his own worthiness? There would neither be bully nor bullied.

Govern yourself. Do not be unruly. Attune to a greater rule.

You are not subjects in the world. You do not bow your knee to any one person, you bow to all. Bow to yourself.

The world is yours. It is not someone else’s. I do not even call it My world, although I created it. I created it and flung it to the furthermost realms of the Universe, and I cast it upon the waters, and I cast you in My image. Therefore, I cast you in beauty, strength, glory, and the sweetness of love. I tendered you a tender being, beloveds. No one is to assault tenderness. No one is to take one ounce of your strength or beauty from you. You are to give it all, not as a gesture of friendship, but in fealty to Me and therefore to your fellow man. I surrendered you to all that is good. You are good. Now surrender yourself

You are not made in a false image. You are not fake. You are made in an image of Truth. There will be no tyrants on Earth. There will be no tyrannized. There will be angels on Earth, and you are one. Concede, beloveds, concede to your true nature.

Angels are not necessarily angelic. They don’t have to be picture-perfect. Angels can be rascally people who have great fun, but never at anyone’s expense. All My angels, on Earth or in Heaven, are strong and hearty. They are never diminished. An angel in a coal mine is still an angel.

Now you will begin to spot angels on Earth. You are surrounded with angels, and you stand with them. Yes, you are one of the angels I sent to Earth. I sent you as a blessing. I blessed you to bless the Earth and all its inhabitants. You are co-rulers on Earth, sent to till it, sent to harvest souls like roses, to nourish every heart so that all may know themselves and their true character and what they are made of.

You are made of My love. You are not made of anything else. You are not a cardboard character. You are an angel of gold. This is not too good to be true. This is true.

What else can you be but an angel on Earth? You cannot be so far from Heaven as you have believed. You are not far away at all. Within My heart, you are in Heaven, and heavenly you are whether you believe Me or not. But believe Me, and wings of our love will begin to sprout before your very eyes.

Perhaps you have a false picture of Heaven. Pearly white gates is a metaphor. Heaven Itself is a metaphor. All of life is a metaphor. What shall I compare you to? I can only compare you to Myself. There is no other comparison. You are My True Love. I have one True Love, and it is you. I love you with all My heart. I love the wonder of you. You are wonderful in My heart. My heart is full of you. Where could you be but in My heart? My heart is one with yours. We are in love. I am most assuredly in love with you. Therefore, you are deep in My heart, deep in the Heart of Love that has conquered the world with Love Itself, for there is naught, beloveds, there is naught but love, and now your heart is ravaged with love which is to say that your heart is primed and plump with love abounding. Hear the love. Feel the love. I pump your heart with love now.

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Do Not Believe So Much in Your Beliefs | Heavenletters

God said:

When you say that something should be one way or another, you are imposing. Should is a judgment that allows no argument. Where does should come from? It comes from past beliefs. Beliefs are opinions, usually strong opinions. Because you believe doesn’t make it so. Your belief has nothing to do with it. Sometimes your belief in your beliefs is like the story of cutting the feet to fit the bed.

You can believe in something all you want, but that does not make it so. I exist, but I do not exist because you believe in Me. I exist because I exist.

The world thought the earth was flat, but that belief did not change the curvature of earth.

Do not try to make the world match your beliefs. That is an attempt at ultimate control.

A belief imposed is a judgment. A judgment is an altercation. It is a denial. It tries to erase what has already transpired. Trying to erase says it was a mistake. It may not have been to your liking, but you do not know enough of life to say it was a mistake.

Some so-called mistakes have been great blessings. Much good can come from what you call mistakes. Is every try that doesn’t accomplish what you think it ought — is it not a step?

Be wary of your strong opinions. Why must an opinion be strong? Why must it be a conviction or a long-held belief? Why must your thoughts be like gavels that come down hard?

Why must your toast always be buttered?

Why must all your beliefs be so? What is at stake, do you imagine?

Beliefs come from the past. Beliefs are a holding on from the past. Beliefs are not inviolate. They are not a one-thing only.

Openness comes from the present.

Let in what comes in today. You do not have to buy it all, but you can consider. When you go into a marketplace, you do not condemn the items you don’t want to buy. You buy those that make sense to you.

But let Me tell you this: There is no belief you need. Beliefs are not what you need.

Awareness is what you need. Awareness is what I give to you. I do not give you beliefs. If something is true, it doesn’t need belief in it. If something is not true, all the belief in the world doesn’t make it true. Beliefs are commonly-held world thoughts. Beliefs may not be dependable.

But Truth can be relied on. Truth opens itself. It is not a closed book. Truth, unlike beliefs, does not go only so far. Truth goes to the ends of the earth. What is true is true everywhere.

Do not mix up facts with true. What you call facts are pieces. Truth is always whole.

Beliefs are names for certain ideas, just as you name a certain range of time as yesterday or Wednesday. It is a name. It is not inviolable. In another country, the same frame of reference has another name. But those names serve a universal purpose. No one believes that the name made the fragment of illusory time.

Concepts hardened become beliefs. Do not believe so much in beliefs.

Bringing others to your beliefs — what does that accomplish? Does that confirm you are right? Another person’s opinion bolsters yours?

Jesus did not look for bolstering. And he did not try to make people believe. He tried to reveal. He said, “Here God is.” He said, “Come out of the darkness, and see what is right before you.”

Once you see, you have seen. What you have seen cannot be upturned. Maybe you do not see it today, but you did see it. Can you pretend you did not? And yet you have done that. You have pretended away and submerged your own vision.

Even to see truth and the beauty of truth may seem like a revolution. But truth is not unheard-of. It has been heard of, and it has been seen. You have seen it.

Look for awareness, and not hardened beliefs.

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Stand Back | Heavenletters

God said:

When you experience your world as tumultuous, stand back a little from it. Standing back a little is not backing away. Become an observer for a while. Take a minute to look at yourself and what you are in the midst of. In the midst of may not be where you belong. You may have been hesitant to take a look, so attached are you to battle.

You resist whatever you resist because you resist. There is no other reason. To be sure, reasons and causes can be found, but there is no reason to put yourself through what you often do.

You can participate, but that does not mean you have to be caught up in the fray. You can disband discord rather than entering it and jiggling it further.

You have free choice. This does not mean you have everything the way you want when you want, but free will has greater meaning than you have given it. Your will is free. It costs nothing. You give up nothing to choose differently. What is your will? What are you choosing over something else?

When you are caught up in details between you and another, you have married argument. What do you think you would be giving up if you stop?

When you do not feel love, stop for a second and ask yourself: “What can I do or say right now that would undercut this disagreement that I hold onto so dearly? What is it, indeed, that is mattering so much to me right now that I cannot let go of it? What do I win if I do win this argument? What have I gained? What victory is there, and what is its reward? If I win, what will I have lost?”

What do you think is at stake when you are caught up in important-seeming trifles? You may think you are fighting for something, but often you are merely fighting against nothing. Ultimately, it is yourself you fight against.

That has to be so or else you would not put yourself through all the things you do.

If your perspective has been skewed, you can begin again. What is it that you have felt you absolutely must have?

Perhaps you feel you have something vital to say. What is it? And to whom?

Perhaps you feel you must be heard. Why is that? Who must hear you, and why?

Perhaps you feel your opinion must count. Who must count it?

You are the one who speaks to yourself. And you are the one to honor yourself. Your opinion must count with you.

If you wear your hair a certain style, you do not require that everyone wear their hair the same style. You know better than to expend your energy on such a thing. And yet what do you expend your energy on? Why has it become so important to you that someone else sees something the way you do?

Tomorrow you may see differently anyway.

There is nothing you have to hold onto. No idea, no opinion, no outcome.

What if you become the listener to another?

What if you graciously hear what they have to say?

What if you count what they have to say as important as what you have to say?

What if you were kind and understanding and genial? And why not be? Why would you choose anything else? And if you chose something else, why would you continue it, My beloveds?

Come now. Be friends. Let trivia go. Make room for greatness.

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This Dance | Heavenletters

God said:

Some days life is a waltz. Some days it is a tango. Some days, another rhythm. When one beat ends, there is another.

Your life is an ensemble of rhythms, one after the other, all connected in a stream of music called life. You dance to the music that happens to be on, and you can also make requests. In all cases, you are the dancer, and you dance to the music you hear.

And all music has pauses in-between. Sometimes you sit down, rest your feet, and revive yourself. And then there are intermissions while you take refreshment.

But even during the interludes, you are in the ballroom, and the music and dance go on. Whether you are in the center of the floor or on the sidelines, you are part of the music, and you are part of the dance.

The world whirls, and you whirl. There is pausing but no stopping.

There is a myriad of dancing, and a myriad of dancers. There are new dances all the time, new steps, new arrangements, new dancers, old dancers, meeting again and again.

Would you choose to have only one rhythm, one type of dance, one type of dress, only one way to dance rather than many? Fortunately, there are many dances to choose from, and many to watch. Even when you watch, part of you is dancing.

And so the world spins, and you spin. You hardly have time to take a breath.

And what are you doing out on the dance floor but dancing? You are a dancer.

And so you live your life, in and out, to and fro, back and forth, up and down, this way and that, and all the time you are part of a Grand Dance, and you do not know if you are foreground or background.

Where does the music you dance to come from? What instruments play the music? Where is the orchestra? Who wields the baton? Where are the musicians? Where do they get their music? And what is the point of the music and the whirlwind of dancing?

Is it for the dance itself?

What does the dancing express?

Who is it for?

What is it for?

Why this dance and not another? Why this one now and not another?

And you wonder, and you dance.

You dance. Your feet touch the ground. Your feet leave the ground. Although earth is where you leap from, it is not your starting place.

The heighths you try to reach — they are from whence you have come.

And, of course, you dance for Me. You cannot do anything else. You must dance. Your feet cannot stay still for long.

And whom do you dance with? Whose arms are around you? Why, Mine, of course. Oh, yes, We are dance partners, so intimate We don’t know where you begin and where I end. Of course, there is no end to Us.

We will find Ourselves dancing off the dance floor. You will look, and you will see that your feet are no longer touching the ground. You have been dancing on high long before you knew.

We take a waltz around the universe. We pirouette across the stars. We spin them. We recline on the moon and We warm Our hands on the sun.

How connected We are! Our fingers touch. We do not lose Our grasp. We are held inextricably together in this dance of Ourselves.

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Nothing Is Final | Heavenletters

God said:

Extend your vision. Look into the horizon. Look up at the sky. Look even higher.

And also look directly before you. Just don’t be hemmed in by any present picture. When your immediate life is beautiful, enjoy it and let it work its magic. When your immediate life seems unwieldy, surely, it is not to set you back. What happens in life is not meant to be the determiner of you. You are far more than the life you live at any one moment. So, enjoy what you enjoy and don’t take to heart that which seems to squeeze your heart and wring it dry. Don’t worry, not even a dry heart is permanent. Not even a hardened heart can turn to stone. You do not need to be stoic, nor do you have to beat life at its own game. What you do have to do is to move your thoughts on as quick as lightening. Reach another plateau.

When you feel wounded in life, do as you would do with a cut on your hand. You might blow on it to cool it for a minute, and then you would quickly wash it, put something on it, perhaps, and then go on about your life. The cut wouldn’t hold you back. It is only a nick. You might even kiss it. You would not relive how you got the cut a dozen times and how you didn’t deserve it or how you foolishly caused it. An accident happened. All accidents are foolishly caused. And now you leave the scene.

One thing you do know for sure is that the cut will heal. You do not feel that this wound will follow you all the days of your life. Why then be so obdurate about the emotional cuts you take such offense to? They won’t last either. You can’t even remember now what your last flurry was all about. You will not remember this one either.

Move on in life quickly. Do not react quickly. Just pick yourself up and go along your way.

Beloveds, you do not really know that it is an ill-wind that blows. Even so, ill winds clear the air. Whatever dust and debris that have steeped in your heart, the winds of change will blow them away.

Nothing is final. Do not think that anything is final. Your hurt is not final. Your relationships are not final. They also move and reassemble themselves. As with a kaleidoscope, a new picture is forming. Right before your very eyes, it is.

Whether it is a real tempest or one in a teapot, it is the same. You leave it. You do not stay there and mull it over. You go past it. Whatever amends you or the other can make, that is good, but in any case, you move past it.

You are in a moving van of life. Life does not stay still. Life forges ahead.

Beneath the churning ocean lies a stillness, yet surface waves lap. Sometimes the waves go high, and sometimes they go low and then the waves are little ripples. You cannot predict. You cannot stem. You cannot depend on the waves to do as you bid. You can know that there is the constant depth and stillness of the Ocean that the waves ride on.

When a hurricane rages, you do not take it personally. You may not like it, but you weather it. All storms blow over. You can count on change in life. You can count on that it is ever-moving, and so must you move along as well, knowing full well that you always, always have My love.

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Within Reach | Heavenletters

God said:

You try to settle in to life, but life is not like that. Life moves beneath your very feet, and you are escalated even as you stand still. One way or another, you move in life. You might as well give in and move with grace. Perhaps nothing in the world is to stay the same. If that is the case, and it has been proven to be time and time again, then perhaps you will do well to consider change as less of an intruder to be stopped and more as a guest to be welcomed cordially. In the relative world, change is supposed to be. It is not to be opposed. It is to be run with.

There exists that which is changeless, but that isn’t the way of life in the world. There has not been a moment of your physical life that was without change. With every breath, change. Blood courses through your veins. It does not stay still. And you, a Human Being, move along in life, sometimes fast, sometimes slow.

What would happen if you did not resist change? What if you welcomed all change and saw it as a wonderful overture, perhaps as a window that opens further, or as a new door to go through. Perhaps you are an enchanted being who must go through many doors in order to find yourself. Perhaps you will open an unsuspected door and find yourself on the other side of it. Certainly, there are doors you must go through.

Perhaps there are swinging doors. Let them swing.

There is rhythm and grace to life. And silence runs through it all. You, the opener of doors, are silence supreme. And yet I tell you that you are to move in the world. You are moving the world up as you go along. Because of all the activity and implosion in the world, you think you are noise. Please do not mix up the soul of you and your body. Of course, while you are on Earth, one accompanies the other. When you leave your body behind, the silence of you continues. The body is a gift you opened, and then you leave the wrappings. You are the content of the package, and you can only stay with yourself whatever form you happen to be in.

So now you know that on Earth you are always in transition. You are always moving from one stone to another in a beautiful stream of life on Earth. There is no arrival. There is always need to keep moving.

Life is something to be stirred. It stirs you and you stir it. Otherwise, it gets stuck in the pan.

This is how your life is an adventure. Your life is not a closed thing. It is wide open. That means opportunity. Are you afraid of opportunity?

Life is not a closet. It is not a storage place. It is an open docket. It is a page turner. It is one development after another. It is open. Life is an opening, and you are open to it. If there were no openings in life, where would you be and what would you be doing here?

Will you be even a little bit glad for change? Will you no longer push against it? Will you no longer tremble at it? Will you swim in the water of life? Will you surge ahead? Not because something is chasing you, but because there is something wonderful bobbing in the water right ahead of you. It may not yet be in sight, but it is within reach, beloveds.

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