Win or Lose, Love Anyway | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloved, if you are estranged from love, you are estranged from Yourself. If I say you are One with Me, you are One with Me. Recognize the Oneness you are. Return to Oneness with confidence. Stand up with Me, for Oneness is. This is the long and the short of it. Oneness reigns.

There is naught but Oneness. There is no fuss to make of it. Oneness is established. In this case, there is no discussion. Whether you believe in Oneness or not, Oneness Is. There is no fuss about it. Of course, your road in life will be easier when you can accept the glory in which you live and that I attest to.

All is well, whatever you may think of it or not. I speak bluntly. Life is good. Death is good. All is good from the Eagle’s eye view. Opinions are opinions. Opinions don’t change Truth. Truth is Truth. Opinions are opinions. You may affirm that the sea is blue or the sea is green. No matter what you affirm, the sea is what color it happens to be.

Naturally, your opinion matters very much to you. Your opinions are no more than votes, here today and gone tomorrow. You ponder and go round and round about why life seems so hard.

Sometimes you tremble, and you are all worn out. You draw conclusions, although they may not be so. You can’t really bow down to your opinions. The final answer isn’t yours no matter how convinced you may be. Nevertheless, you tend to be attached to your opinions and consider them to be the end-all and be-all.

Today butterscotch may be your favorite flavor of ice cream. Tomorrow you may be back to chocolate. In this case, your opinion, indeed, may be true and not arguable.

I wonder what is the actual importance of your being justifiably right as you see it; what is the importance of this? Right or not right from your view, life keeps on just the same. What if you are right – why is this essential? By the same token, if you happen to be seen as incorrect this time around, why does this seem to be of the utmost importance as well? Is this attachment?

Of course, you are doing the best you can. What is quite so crucial that you must be cheered on? If you happen to be found incorrect, what is the big deal? You are not exactly thrown out. You still exist.

What is so momentous over what seems to be a mere exchange of opinion? It seems to Me that life itself matters more than whether you are esteemed this time around or not.

Perhaps someone will explain to Me why a difference of opinion is so heavy-duty to you? Do you know? So far as I know, when you and a friend see something differently, no one flings you into the ocean so you will never err again.

Have great compassion for others as well as for yourself. Think of a world that has compassion for all. I don’t grasp why life on Earth isn’t already compassionate to and fro and back and forth.

When you play Solitaire and you don’t win, you are not distraught. You shake your head and keep going. In fact, it would be no fun if you always won every game of Solitaire.

Is it possible to give up the idea of winning or losing and therefore letting life be as it is? You don’t need applause when you swing on a swing at the park. Cannot interaction be sufficient? Win or lose, love yourself anyway. Cannot life be good enough simply how it happens to be?


Look Toward the Sun | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloved, who does not prefer the Sun to shine? Look toward the Sun. Seeds plant themselves. Flowers don’t have to grow in greenhouses, and you do not require special protection. I would like to write an Ode to Safety. Not everyone dares to high-step it in the world.

You don’t have to look around every corner seeking safety in one form or another. Be done with the idea that you are in jeopardy. You don’t have to put your fisticuffs up. Have you had the idea that you have to protect yourself and your rights on Earth at all costs? All good can happen without an arsenal looking to get you. You don’t need a defender! Beloved, I am your Escort. Innocence is the key. If you must look around every corner, look for the blessings that are on their way to you.

Look up at the Heavens. Be gentle with the world. Put down your fears. Rest your head on My pillow. Look for the Good Will that attends you. Breathe. Be not attached to looking for trouble around every corner.

The bottom of life does not have to drop out from under you. Choose the side of harmony. Why not, beloved? Make the choices you favor.

There is good in the world. I insist on it. Look for the good and from whence it comes. Spot love. Hasten your heart. It matters very much what you speculate on. Speculate on glad tidings. Every day there is a dawn. Be a bird who sings and greets the dawn every morning. Awake!

Once upon a time, you may have tended to wake up in trepidation. What danger will appear before you, you would ask yourself.

I poke you in your shoulder, and I remind you:

Beloved, have expectancy of peace. No one is out to get you. Put fear thoughts aside, and you will gain. Why terrorize yourself? It’s not necessary. It could well be that the world is bowing down to you and not looking to pounce on you whatsoever. Kindly stop counting possible dangers. Make short work of them.

Beloved, it is possible that every thought of yours contributes to your very life. Concede that it makes sense for you to contemplate good fortune. Good fortune is out there to be had. Why, then, fill a wheelbarrow with causes for fear?

Have a beautiful mind and fill it with rainbows and be done with fearful thoughts. You are not obliged to bow down to danger. Where did you ever get that idea? If you do accrue danger to you, leave danger behind you.

I understand your fears, and I ask you to get onto a different track. Fears are not holy. Why oh why hang onto random fears for dear life? I suggest you hie to other thoughts that help you to hold your head high. I suggest more thoughts of love to support your life. I suggest love thoughts on the double.

How can it happen in a world I created that fear thoughts could become a leader of the band? Even the thought of love is the best vitamin in the world. Here, I slip you tablets of love. Swallow these tablets with water or swallow them with sweet cream as many times a day as you like. You cannot overdose. Make sure you take enough. Love love, and know love is yours for the asking. Love is here for you to swim in. Fear is to be done with. I encircle you in My arms of love right now. Our One Heart flies high and carries enough love to bless the world entire!

Make Merry! | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloved, how you want Godspeed. You urge it on. How you want to grow, and how you may feel you lag, and how eager you are to do cartwheels to please Me. You want, with all your heart, to extricate yourself from the past that holds you tight. You want to leap ahead, yet something deep within you seems to hold you back. You almost step across the ocean, and then you stop to think.

Beware of thinking! Let your heart drive. Too much thinking may make you frown and keep you from dancing across the starlit stage that awaits you. Never mind that you are onstage. Allow Greatness to arise. You may tend to try too hard and overlook the grace of life as it is. This may be the same as it is in Godwriting. In the the trying, or rather in the over-trying, is how you miss the target. This is a secret to life.

When I created the Universe, I didn’t try. The Universe arose before My eyes. I called the Universe to Me, yet, I let the Universe happen. I did not contrive the Universe.

Creating isn’t quite the same as constructing. I did not use blueprints. I burst into joy seeing what appeared before Me. I didn’t build a model. No, I saw a model, and there it was.

Then I said to Myself:

“Wow, this is Creation. This is a done deal as it comes down the spout. Creation belongs to Creation Itself. Hallelujah!”

Creation popped up of its own accord. Creation is not some kind of razzle-dazzle invention. Creation bursts from its own flame.

Then I said to Creation:

“How do you do, Creation! Happy to meet you! Yippity do dah! Hot dog! Look at You!!”

I took joy in what created Itself!

How does an author innocently write a great book? He feels an urge. He closes his eyes and lets what comes forth come forth from his pen as it comes in joy. He lets it rip!

How did Shakespeare write? It has to be that what he wanted to write wrote itself from within him through his delight in writing. Desire and writing met in mid-stream and, voila, Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, and Theatre were born. Shakespeare’s plays existed, and Shakespeare’s hand pulled them down from the stars in a certain progression. Shakespeare discovered.

This is how life simply lets go of itself like an arrow.

A target appears on the horizon. Ready, set, go! Life pulls pack on the arrow and lets go. Life doesn’t run around chasing life all over the place. Easy does it!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. When you succeed – when you find a job you want, when the deed is done, it was easy. The job was yours set before you before you knew it.

Generally speaking, you don’t wrest something away from the world.

Generally speaking, something reaches you of its own accord.

There is something that is drawn to you and something in you that is drawn to the apple in the tree that falls into your hand.

Generally speaking, here you are!

Have the idea within you that life is meant to be easy. Let life happen as it wills.

Here is the Secret to Life to go by:

Life is not meant to be a struggle. So don’t struggle. Don’t declare war on life. Know that life works on your behalf. Shake hands with life. Allow life to befriend you, and you befriend life.

The advice of life is to make merry.

Begin now!

You may ask how you accomplish this. That’s just it. You don’t accomplish it. Life comes to you the way the Sun does.

To Be Among the Brave | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloved, the distance between what you call your heart and between My heart is no distance at all. Oneness is One. There is no distance between hearts. Of course, you may not yet have the confidence to accept Oneness once and for all. You would like to believe that what you call you and what you call God are One and the same. Wouldn’t this be nice? This sounds so good, yet you dally.

You mistake illusion for reality, hesitant child of Mine. How you desire Oneness, yet you are unsure that Oneness can really exist for you. You realize the rockiness you live with every day. Of course, you would prefer the steadiness of My stride, yet you fear you might topple.

Oh, how you don’t want to be disappointed. You may feel you have had all the disappointment you can live with in this lifetime and no longer can bear any more unsettledness. You may prefer established disappointment than a newly-dashed turn-down. Of course, you would like to be in sight of Home rather than to have the rug pulled out from under you. By and large, when is enough enough? You call for inner peace.

You want a semblance of security. The relative world seems to be about insecurity. You may feel you cannot take on any more. Not even one more down-turn on any other day. You say: “God, I beg your pardon. I’m just not up for any more.”

You would welcome being set aside and not under the eyes of the world for awhile. The carpet has been pulled out from under you too much. Your hair stands on end. You would even appreciate a little boredom for awhile now and then if that is not asking for too much, or, just to go unnoticed.

It’s not that you feel targeted. You don’t want even the possibility of one random upset. You might like a little walk in a lovely garden if this could meet your safety concerns. You whisper to Me that sometimes it seems that a lax excursion skips past you in the Garden of Eden.

All that you desire may not pass inspection. Alack and alas, My Child, you as I, God of the Angels, you would like to be on the sunny side of the street. Is it impertinent of me to ask You if there is anywhere that even angels do not fear to tread?

“Where, God, does all my panic come from? I don’t quite dare to lie down with angels because of the inconstancy of life in the raw.

“In the unexpurgated world, where does danger of one kind or another not exist no matter who I may be or in what land I may live? I hear that all humans are born with fear of falling. It may well be that that everyone is rough and tumble.

“O God, give me freedom from fear. This is what I ask. I can wear all the seat belts in the world, and still fear pursues me.

“I want to serve You well, yet I do not pass the first screening.

“Tell me, please, God, wherein does security lie for certain souls?

“What happenstance has not already happened to someone near or far? From my meager point of view, things should not befall as they may on even one of Your beloved children.

“Beloved God, please do not test me, for I already find myself wanting.

“I want no one’s heart to break, not ever. I never desire to let You down, not ever. It takes courage to be among the brave. I wait in line for an opening to serve as You beckon me to.”

Stand Up | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloved, there are times when you have to represent yourself, perhaps pull yourself up by your bootstraps. When you have to, you have to. The world isn’t always fair. Unless the world speaks up on your behalf, stand up. When something has to be said, it may be you who has to say it.

The world, as it reveals itself, may not always be looking out after you. You would love to be Cinderella and have your fairy Godmother ready with a carriage for you to step into. You would also like to have a prince who is looking for the tiny-sized foot that is yours to fit into the glass slipper just right.

No one wants you to become a wrestler, yet on the rare occasions when you have to stand up for yourself, stand up. Left to its own devices, the world doesn’t always play fair. You are not to be run over. You do have a place in this world. You are not meant to take life lying down. It is not for you to be a scrapper. Nor are you to be intimidated. There are times when life demands that you be your own hero.

Yes, I am with you. There are times when life performs a fairy tale rescue, yet not always. Better you speak up than to compress yourself into a shoe too small or, like the evil stepsisters, cut off your toes to fit the shoe.

Make sure you are fair to others and equally fair to yourself. You are also to set an example. Lying down in the middle of the road doesn’t set a good example.

How you wish that I, God, would intervene for you often and declare you the winner. You will get beyond this, whatever it is, and you will be up and running without a backward glance. Ever onward and upward, Beloved.

You will reach another shore and another. You will make life smoother for every soul as well. You will speak up, and you will be heard. Love in your heart will triumph, and then you will have established Truth in My Name.

Help others cross the street. Hallow-ed be thy Name as Mine. Giving is easy. Give in My Name. Bless the world you live in, and you bless life for all.

Create love. Lighten hearts. Ease the path to Me for everyone. Hasten all that which the world aches for. Remove yokes. Bless the rich and bless the poor. Bless the loved and the seemingly unloved. Bless God Who loves All. Allow yourself to be God’s Beloved. Abode as well for love. Love now as if there were no tomorrow. Life and love are Eternal. Nevertheless, know the preciousness of life and love and make a habit of extolling them for all the world to see and attest to.

Something wonderful is happening, and you are part of the design. Maintain love. Disburse love. Smile a lot. Dive in the deep waters. May love and life amaze you. Leap high from the deep waters with the splash of a porpoise. What an emblem a porpoise is as its heart dives deep and then leaps high. Life is to be known and loved and to be danced to and applauded. Love alone is sanctioned from on High. This isn’t a small project you are part of. It is a grand project, this unfoldment of the upliftment of the world you live in. Hark the herald angels.

From One Gold Tree | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloved, I know you hear Me. You may not know Me yet as much as you would like, yet I am well aware of you. I whisk you up in My arms, and I whisper in your ear to My heart’s content. You are not the roustabout you seem to think you are. All are you, and all am I exactly as One, Oneness all signed, sealed, and delivered.

I grant you a soul, and I take care of your Holy Soul on Earth as it is in Heaven. What more do you crave? Accept Oneness here and now!

Your heart swings with Mine. What is more joy than swinging One Heart Heavenward? You are a Divine Soul. You are a Divine Soul for good reason. Once God’s Soul, you are Mine unto Infinity. I, Who count on you, so can you count on Me from this moment forevermore. We are One Treasure. You are My Queen, or you are My King. In My Kingdom, beloved, One is Supreme. One. Lean back, and you will know what love is for the asking.

Sometimes My Words come fast or My Words come slow. What difference does it make when My Words sing the same song? I AM. You are One with Me. What more can you want, Beloved?

Oneness is Mine, and Oneness is yours for Eternity. Unified am I, and unified are you to My Delight and to the delight of the erstwhile world whether the world believes in Oneness or not.

If you like, write down My Words in gold or silver, or mark them in the sand with a gold branch from a Golden Tree. Is this not good enough? Yes, this is indeed good enough! Right here.

There is One Oneness in the sea to sail on. Oneness is. You and I are One Oneness for the sake of what you imagine as many.

This is the full joy of Oneness. Glory Hallelujah is the One Story. First the story, then its title flung to the stars.

You have always desired the stars. Claim them as One because you are One with Me. Star-filled, you and I are Oneness. Happy day. Reiterate My Words. I speak your language, and, in One Breath, you speak Mine. Oneness swings on the same star.

This is the Story of One Universe; One Voice speaks on behalf of Me, and that includes your Voice as One with Mine. As One, I am Star-spangled. It can be said I appeared first, except I always appeared at the same moment with you, all-inclusive. Never a separate entity, eternally One! What can beat this?

I love being One with you to the degree that there is no separate you at all. Pardon Me, this is Perfect Oneness. You may kid yourself that you are some kind of baggage, yet what kind of baggage would that be? You cannot be only part and parcel with Me. You are not an add-on. There is nothing extraneous about you. You can give up that idea, for it isn’t true and never was. Why on earth would you, this that you refer to as you, ever want it to be true when the truth is that you are I and I AM that erstwhile you. By God, I AM and you are I and ever shall Oneness be and no less than Oneness. Of course, there is no more.

Then multiplication was invented and thought to be a variation of addition. Nothing can be added to Oneness nor removed from it. Don’t get fancy or complicated on Me, My Very Self.

Walk the High Road | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloved, take comfort in Me. Take comfort in life. Take comfort in yourself. Alas, the relative world does not give you all the respect you seek and deserve. You look for some kind of proof that the world loves you as you deserve. You crave that the world honor you. Alas, too often the world forgets to respect itself.

Lift your own spirits. No longer believe that you are short-changed. Respect your own worth. Don’t starve for greater legions of love. Grow love from the High Heavens. Love is true humility.

Release the idea that you are somehow deprived. Instead, be a blessing to all, including yourself. Love yourself from the inside out. Bless all. Be bountiful and feed the hungry whose spirits are wanting. You are not the only one hurting.

Raise the spirits of all those who know no better than to lay low. Lay down your heart, Beloved, and raise the hearts of all.

Life needs no agitators.

Would that the world treat you right so that courtesy would be constant. Share your love and not so much fire with fire. Your heart can lie down on behalf of all who require more love than the world seems to bestow.

Beloved, acknowledge all others as you do seek to be acknowledged.

There is also Greatness in the world. What is Greatness but Great Humility? What is Great Humility but service? For example, Nelson Mandela served in prison with the beautifulness of his soul. And did not his soul know enough to bow down to humility rather than to blaze with pride? Mandela bent his knee.

In so doing, he lifted his compassion to new heights. He nurtured his love. As he bent his knee, My honor in this simple man grew at its own rate.

Mandela honored those in all humility who seemed not to honor him. Mandela’s humility is what made him great. On My behalf, he showed you how to manage the shores on Earth.

Hail to the world. Hail to the world and raise the world high. Is not peace, love, and honor for all hearts?

Spread the blanket of peace for all to walk on. Why not you? Why not you show the world how to raise hearts high amid burnt ashes? This is how to become free and to give Me honor. Lay down your arms by holding up the flag of peace.

Do not think of this as sacrifice. Rather, you give yourself great honor and simplicity. You do this for Me and for the world.

This is your way to Me. Most certainly, anger is not the way to Me.

To forgive means to give goodness to a seeming other ahead of time. Absolutely, you know better than to throw stones. Not on My behalf are you a spitfire.

If you want to find your way Home, complain not to yourself – not to yourself nor to anyone. Create the world you choose to live in. Try it My way. Kindly follow Me, so say I.

If time did exist, put time to good use at My behest. This is how to bless the world. Be done with anger from your wounded heart. Uplift the world.

Bein’ an Old Cowhand | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloved, Beloved, hands down, hip-slapping, you choose the sun. The sun does seem to be your natural habitat, yet you prefer not too much sun in your eyes. It can be too bright as well. Sure, to be in the world seems to require adjustments, and adjust you do again and again whether you want to or not.

Of course, you prefer clear sailing. You don’t always want to be on alert. Sometimes you like to while the day away without a care in the world, strumming your guitar, pronouncing it “gueetar.”

There is plenty of off-hand wording in the world such as: “Take it easy.” You take it to heart.

Sure, you’ve daydreamed, yet, I, God, never said you were a sluggard. You contemplate a new position in life now and again. You haven’t accomplished it all as yet. You have gotten taller lately. You also have wondered if you have ever gotten wiser, yet you can say for sure that you have had some fun in the sun.

You begin to hear an old song rumbling through your head. Here’s how it goes:

“I’m just an old cowhand.”

Oh, step aside, y’all ornery tender feet
‘Cause I’m about to sing my song
I’m an old cowhand from the Rio Grande
But my legs ain’t bowed and my cheeks ain’t tan
Well I’m a cowboy who never saw a cow
Never roped a steer ’cause I don’t know how
And I sure ain’t fixin’ to startin’ now
Yippee-i-o-ki-ay, hey yippee-i-o-ki-ay

I’m an old cowhand from the Rio Grande
And I learned to ride before I learned to stand
Well I’m a ridin’ fool who is up to date
I know every trail in the Lone Star State
‘Cause I ride the range in a Ford V-8
Oh, yippee-i-o-ki-ay, hey yippee-i-o-ki-ay

Look out, I’m gonna show y’all how to ride now
Here we go
I’m an old cowhand from the Rio Grande
And I come to town just to hear the band
I know all the songs that the cowboys know
‘Bout the big corral where the dogies go
‘Cause I learned them all on the radio
Oh, yippee-i-o-ki-ay, yeah yippee-i-o-ki-ay
Now my story’s almost done, so listen up!
You ain’t got much longer now

I’m an old cowhand from the Rio Grande
Where the west is wild round the borderland
Where the buffalo roam around the zoo
And the Indians make you a rug or two
And the old Bar X is the Barbecue
Oh, yippee-i-o-ki-ay, hey yippee-i-o-ki-ay
Hey yippee-i-o-ki-ay
I’m just an old cowhand

Above lyrics accredited to varied lyricists.

The following is new a little at the beginning as well:

Sometimes it may seem to you that you never really get down to learning anything so much fun like that, yet you have a go at it.

There are different kinds of success. One success is being good-natured and content. No complaints. So, be as you are. Live up to your own promise.

You play the guitar, an’ if you play this song, you laugh and you smile, hey yippee-i-o-ki-ay.

You make hay while the Sun shines. You are on your way, not someone else’s way.

Content instead of strivin’, right now you have your day in the Sun.

Oh, yippee-i-o-ki-ay, hey yippee-i-o-ki-ay
Hey yippee-i-o-ki-ay

You are an old cowhand, strummin’ your old guitar.
This is good enough for you, an old cowhand. Ain’t you happy more or less day in and day out?

This is mighty good bein’ an old cowhand.

Oh, yippee-i-o-ki-ay, hey yippee-i-o-ki-ay
Hey yippee-i-o-ki-ay

Are You Real or Surreal? | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloved, sometimes you may feel you are in a chamber of some kind where you cannot quite hear or see or be heard. There is not even an echo. You may not actually exist for all you know. What does it mean not to exist? Instead of added value, sometimes you feel nonexistent. Are you real?

It has to be you exist, yet perhaps you don’t feel well-established at this time or established whatsoever. If you went past a mirror, would you see yourself in the mirror, or would anyone see you? Could you perhaps be in some kind of soundless chamber? How long do you have to wait before the sound comes back on, and what then?

What has happened or not happened, and what does it mean anyhow, and what can you do about it? You call out:

“Knock, knock. Anybody here?”

Apparently not.

Is this what Rip Van Winkle experienced? He fell asleep and then woke up 20 years later. Did he fall into outer space? Where was Rip Van Winkle all this time? Asleep? You can’t say you enjoyed his story.

You wonder if it could ever be possible to sleep through life. On the contrary, can this be what everyone is doing, even as everyone is doing the best he can to stay awake?

Could the story of Rip Van Winkle actually be everyone’s story? Goodness knows, there is enough that you realize you forget and perhaps forget again and again. You sure hope you don’t forget what is important to remember. If you forget, how will you ever know? Is what you forget, is it forgotten forever?

It seems to you that possibly you have heard Me say: “Nothing is ever forgotten.” Hmm, what does this mean? Whatever are you supposed to make of that? Now you see it, now you don’t. What is the meaning of meaning?

It does certainly happen that you doze off. There are times when life and/or people in life seem decidingly unkind. It would have been wonderful to sleep through it or turn it off or be deaf, dumb, and blind for an assigned time or to be reassigned altogether. There are some walks in life you don’t want to go on; must you?

You don’t always want to be on the beaten path. You might not mind having to start over. Would you turn out differently if this could be something you might have a choice about, more like choosing certain chapters in a book?

Of course, life does seem to be, for the present, one whirl at a time. No second chances in the short run. Why not some quickie choices? Could it be possible to choose between entr’actes?

There was a old movie in which the leading actor started over every day yet did not really change his role, just relived the exact same role, and, drat it all, not get beyond it.

You don’t want to go through it all again at the same time as you don’t really want a second chance. It doesn’t seem possible that you can get a fresh start. How do you possibly know what all the possibilities are or whether you could surmount them or even get through by the skin of your teeth? You really don’t know how much more you can possibly go through in order to find out that you are not yet free. Is there possibly a way where you can just sit out the dance? Or is life simply a fait accompli?

You had your chance in the Sun, and you don’t want anymore, not that, as it happens, you are being given another chance anyway – or are you?

Yes, You are Meant for Love | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloved, love has your name on it right here up front.

Send out the love identified as yours near and far. Toss out love from your heart like fairy dust into the hearts of all. World-made restrictions in the world may or may not be true. What is common sense to one may be folly to another. Life in the world is made of change. Not all change is growth. Not all caution is wise. Not all that the world honors must you also honor. You are free to think for yourself as well.

You cannot stow love out of sight. Love clings to you. Love is only a hop, skip, and a jump away from you. You are at the mercy of love. Love reaches you in the blink of an eye. You yourself are at the mercy of love.

Give love a good send-off.

Value your thoughts as well as others’.

I hear you say:

“Oh, God, how happy can I be in the midst of a day as I am when I am so full of love in my heart?”

Beloved, I say to you loud and clear:

No one is obliged to send love back to you personally. There is no keeping score. Love is sustainable. You are not to be the comptroller of any other’s perceived love. Your own love isn’t all under your jurisdiction either.

Beloved, you are not here on Earth to sulk about love lost. You don’t have to worry about love. You are an eternal provider of love. At work or at play, you have more love to give. Be so busy giving love that you are lost in the love you give. One way or another, love will flow back to you of its own accord. You will be lifted up and disbursed to all four corners of the world.

Do you see how love echoes?

Beloved, you are full of love and no longer full of nonsense. Everyone is to follow his or her own heart.

You say you want to be happy. Are you so foolish as to hold fast your love and any other’s? Love is to alight as it does. You cannot lock love into another’s heart. All love has to be of its own will.

Now you are to transcend ignorance. You are to focus on love and growing and letting your love and all other’s love free to itself.

Unhappiness is you with your eyes closed. Open your eyes wide and keep them open so you may see the dawn before you.

If your will must supersede your loved one’s will, your dear tender love may have gone off track.

Remind yourself that Oneness is a far cry from loneliness. Oneness is filled with brotherhood, do you see?

Look up at all the stars in the sky. Out there in the night sky or in here in Oneness, the concept of loneliness can only be a misunderstanding of one kind or another.

You deserve the whole world. At the same time, the whole world is not yours to demand. Everyone chooses where to point his love. No one else’s love is your quarry. No one steers another’s love. You are not able to direct the love in your own heart – let alone in another’s. Let love lie where it lies.