Celebrate Your Days | Heavenletters

God said:

What makes one day different from another? What makes Christmas a special day for many? What makes the 4th of July a holiday in the U.S.? What makes the first day of school special? What makes Sundays like Sundays? What makes your birthday a special day? What makes any day special?

The day is the day it is. Days themselves do not call themselves the days of the week. They don’t even know the names of the days of the week. Days don’t say: “Today I am Monday. Tomorrow I am Tuesday.” Days themselves don’t even conceive of yesterday or today. Days themselves offer themselves to you the same every day. “Here, take me,” the day says, “and make of me what you will.”

And yet every day is not lived the same. What makes the difference between a great day and a so-so one? If it isn’t the day itself, it must be you then. A day is like an ace dealt to you. You can use an ace as a ten or one.

You set the dial of your day.

There are certain days you anticipate. Your very anticipation sets the tone of your day. Anticipate golden days, beloveds. By your anticipation, you set up your day to a certain frequency. When you don’t look forward to a day, you also set it to a certain frequency. Will you turn that dial and set your days to happiness?

You are the prime ingredient of your day. You make your day. No one else does. You set up the perimeters of your day. You are the one who gives a name to it. If Thanksgiving Day is your favorite day, then let every day be a celebration of thanksgiving. If you like birthdays, consider every day your birthday. That is the truth, of course. Every day is your birthday. You are born anew every day. Leave your old self behind, and recreate yourself today.

Celebrate life. What matters the number of the day or whether it is weekday or weekend? It’s a day. It’s welcome day. It’s a universal day. It is today.

Leap out of that bed and go to the greet the day that delivers itself to you so generously. Be generous with all your days.

Consider the day an express elevator you ride on. This elevator goes up. It reaches one floor at a time. The elevator keeps going up. Your days are a stream of life. The stream of your days doesn’t start and stop. There is no separation between the stream today and the stream tomorrow. The elevator of days you ride on is a continuum. There really is no pause, no break between one day or another.

You believe in days. Now believe in good days, and better and better days, and make them so. Celebrate your days ahead of time. You are riding in an elevator that goes up and up. How far will you reach today? How far do you want to reach?

You may roll over in bed, yet days just keep going on. They go straight up. Go with your day. Fly with them.

And, yet, live this day as it was delivered to you. Fill in the lines. Make this day magnificent. Make this day superlative. Make this a marvelous day. Grow the kind of day you want. Nourish it well. Give it action, and give it rest. Treat today like the royal guest it is. Lay out the welcome mat for today. Carry today over the threshold. Have a great day.

Every Word Has an Effect | Heavenletters

God said:

All your thoughts, all your words, all your dreams – while you are thinking them — you are creating them before your very eyes. Everything is what it is, and everything is more than what it may seem to be. You may stay still, yet you seem to move along. You may be wise to the world at the same time as you are without a clue, My Dear Ones.

Words make pictures. Words, whether spoken or not, are also vibrations. To say: Lie down in green pastures means more than the words themselves. There is a form, yet there is that from which a form is made. A form can assemble or dissemble. There is meaning greater regardless whether you catch on or not.

Songs are songs, yet a lullaby is not a march. Music is music, yet a harp and gongs playing the same notes are yet far apart in the paths they take. It can be said that music and you elope.

Even a made-up nonsense name has an effect. Every single word you speak or every single thought you think conjures up something somewhere. Hello! Every word, thought, action produces an effect that goes around the world.

Distinguished one from another or not — and never extinguished — words pass themselves on. Passages are passages. You may not hear the teletype tap-tapping, yet it tap-taps.

After the Sun goes down in the west, you don’t see the Sun any longer, and surely the Sun exists even when unseen. What you see and what you don’t see surely affect you. What you know and what you don’t know make a difference. Everything makes a difference, yet it can also be said, there’s no difference at all.

You can be a recluse. Still you are affected by everyone and everything around you and afar in the world. You don’t have to attest to being affected in order to be affected.

Consciously, everything that rebounds may or may not match up. You may get away with everything, yet there is somewhere awareness of even that which you seemingly are not aware. You favor thick ground, yet you may skate on thin ice.

Everything is known somewhere or another.

Life goes by the Speed of Light. This is another way to say that as well: “This moment is all you’ve got.”

Life is a flashing light. Flash, observed, gone. Flash, observed, gone. A shot in the dark and then another.

And, yet, in Infinity, you are insoluble in floating waters. You are immersed in the waters, yet you are not submerged. You skitter on the surface of Life even as you are deep within Me. You live in a Deep Tank at the same fictitious time you are the Essence of Me, more than the Essence, the Sole Factor of Me seeming to have conniptions in Life as Life jumps around and doesn’t give an accounting of itself. You are let off as free as a scouting plane that flies loop-the-loop and never lands in the make-believe world. You really exist out of this world. You never really landed in it. You assumed Life as you have assumed it to be.

Your Life was always a ghost story. Nothing existed. You had a dream. You have been living in two dreams. You watched two screens in which you sink and swim and dive in and out of a Life imagined. Whatever your Life is, it is more. It is greater.

You are greater, even as you are everything and nothing at all.

As One, We signify everything all at once.

Made in God’s Image | Heavenletters

God said:

A common thread runs through your life, and the thread is I. It is as if you ride the train of God. There is no getting off. God is here to stay. And I stay with you. You might say I am never far from you. It is more accurate to say that I am ever close to you, you who are so intimate with Me, so intimate, beloveds, that you are My very Self. How tenderly entwined are We.

You do not take a step without Me. Of course, you think you have. Sometimes you have thought that We are at opposite ends of the Earth, and yet, all the while, We move as One. We move as One, for We are One. We are One undeniable yet denied Oneness.

It is not possible for you to fall by the wayside. There is no wayside, for you cannot be out of the circle of My Heart of Love. You are stamped in My heart, and I am stamped in yours. We, beloveds, the One of Us, are the real goods. I am Love, and you are Love, and never shall the One part.

And yet, how far off the mark, in terms of thought, you have been. You are a master of fantasy. You are also a master of understatement. Even as you exaggerate, you understate. Even though all of your life has been a wild exaggeration, you never said enough. You drew pictures of your life, and yet even those pictures you covered with your hand. You thought you were doodling through life when, all along, you were an artist supreme. You were such an artist that you were sure the drawings you made were the real thing. You sketched in the air. You drew some lines, and you drew some curves. You interfaced with others’ drawings. You scrambled here and there, on good soil and poor soil, and you forgot that you were already grown. You forget in Whose Image you were. You were your own imaginer. Your imagination was great, yet you couldn’t even conceive of My image and what it might mean to be in My image.

You still can hardly conceive that you are a reflection of Me, that you are My light bouncing off a cave wall, or a house built of mortar and bricks, or thatched straw, or under a tree, in the city or in the wilderness. No matter where your body dwelt, you felt you existed in a wilderness. Beloveds, you existed in a wilderness of your thoughts. Your thoughts alone framed a picture of yourself. You are made in My image, and yet your picture of yourself has not been made in My image.

Whether you are a cubist or a landscape artist, no matter what your style, your drawing of life has missed the mark. Your drawing has fallen short. You and I have not fallen short. You and I have not fallen at all. Despite the utter wildness of your imagination, you have not recognized the Image of Me within you. You, who cannot go an inch away from Me, have imagined distance. You have believed in space and time far more than you have believed in Me. You want evidence of that which your very Self is evidence of.

You live in a miracle, and you call it humdrum, or you call it a wild ride. And yet you escape from Truth, and you call your picture reality. Your picture is hardly a semblance of Truth. It is surreal. Deep in your heart, you know that. Deep in your heart, you know, and yet you cover up the depth of your heart with other things that are easier for you to accept — all the other things that are far away from My thoughts of you.

The Tide of Love, Part II | Heavenletters

God said:

You will do well to stop thinking of yourself as in need. You are in need of one thing only, and that is awareness. There is nothing else you need, for all has been given to you. Awake your awareness, and then you know who you are and what you encompass.

My children have had the habit of pointing at what they don’t see and declaring it as their need, as if I overlooked one of you when I dispersed the contents of the earth. It is you who has overlooked what is in front of you, and, at the same time, looked not far enough.

You have one need, and that is awareness. When you awaken yourself to Me, then you are awake to yourself. Awareness is of Me. Awareness is looking into My eyes and seeing yourself there. You have been aware of almost everything else. You certainly have been aware of the troubles of the world and possible pitfalls before you. You have even dug up the pitfalls to make sure they are there so you can fall into them.

You think you look for solid earth, but density is not solid. All is light. And nothing is beneath your feet. All lies elsewhere. You are not locked into where your feet plant themselves. You locate yourself in a rotating universe, and you are upside-down or right-side up, but there is only up in a continuing circle. There is actually no up and no down, for space is nonexistent. You do not take up space, nor do you take up time, because time also is not.

But you are. Look not to your environment to know who you are.

There are no ceilings. There are no roofs. There is no ground.

Have awareness of eternity and your place in it.

What if you are eternity itself?

What if you are timeless?

What is it you occupy?

My heart.

That is your residence, and that is your occupation.

You exist in Me.

We are a union. Of spirit. Of love. Of energy. Energy is not the physical you think of. It is light. We are an energy of light and of love. You are the rays of love that radiate from My heart. Be My rays of love, and light the unenlightened. Radiate a spark that ignites them to Me.

Have Me in your awareness, and point Me out so that there may be Unity in life of the earth. Unity is all lights lit.

If there is no space and no time, where am I?

The Tide of Love, Part I | Heavenletters

God said:

My love seems obscure to you because it is everywhere.

You do not see air, but you breathe it.

You do not see air, but you see it wave the leaves of trees and the buoyancy of clouds in a sky made of air. Air is a manifestation of My love, as are the trees and the intimate clouds.

But I am much more than air. I am much more than a breeze. I am much more than what you breathe. I am not passive, and I am not confrontation.

I am the Neutralness of Love.

I am Love dispatched on the clear winds of joy.

I breathe you.

I breathe My breath into you, and you are My breath. You are the breath of My Being. You are My bread upon the waters. Yet you do not escape me. The waves knead you, and I knead you. My love massages you, and My wondrousness is multiplied.

You seek My understanding of you, and I seek your understanding of yourself.

But what is there to understand about love?

It is the waves of the ocean.

It is the stillness of the sea.

It is the energy of life, and you are the energy of life.

And your soul is your acquaintanceship with life.

Life is not what you think.

It is not a puzzle to figure out.

It is an ocean to swim in.

It is a tub of water.

It is a drop of dew extended from the air.

Life does not begin and end.

Life is perpetual. It rolls on a field of eternity.

You may dip in and out of the sheaves of grass, or the waves of the water, but you are never out of life.

Death is a grand illusion. There is no death. There is Beingness.

So long as I live, and I assure you I am Eternity Itself, you have life. Life is not one-dimensioned, though it is One with Me.

You exist in My heart.

The illusion that is called your body roams.

Your soul of Truth goes with it. Your soul encapsulated in a body of water, your body an ocean unto itself.

The tide of love pulls you. Where can it pull you but to Me?

And look what your resistance does? It blinds you. You are blind with resistance to My love. You are not blind to anger or defeat, but you are blind to My love. The love We speak of is not an emotion. It is the truth of existence itself.

Only love could have created you. Nothing else. And you resist what created you.

You are My love extended, and it is extended to you, and you are also the Extender of it, this, My love. That is the circle, and it is complete. You are the circle. You are love from love to love, nothing but love. All else is misdemeanor. Un-demean yourself.

You are the Ugly Duckling who was actually a swan.

Ugly Duckling was a name put on a loveliness that surpassed the understanding of those around it, so there was misunderstanding, and the little swan did not know who he was. There was misunderstanding until the light dawned. Another swan informed the Ugly Duckling of his true stature. When the Ugly Duckling became aware, the duck population became aware as well, but the key was with the Ugly Duckling himself.

I light the dawn, and you rise from the ashes of misunderstanding, not as a swan, but as a Human being with the whiteness of the swan. And the agility. And the regalness.

Now let’s add a layer to your understanding. There is nothing wrong with ducks. They are beautiful. Swans are not better. Ducks and swans are symbols of My love, as you are a symbol of My love. There is nothing else you can be. Aspire to My love, and you will float in it, and you will establish it on earth, and My love will be known like the light that it is, like a white Swan smooth on the water, or like a yellow duck paddling in a pond.

All the Galaxies and Stars and God’s Dreams | Heavenletters

God said:

You live in a tent called your body. You move your tent around a lot. You carry the tent; the tent doesn’t carry you. You are the carrier of the tent. The tent is at your beck and call.

I understand that you have felt otherwise. You have oft-times felt that this temporary tent holds you in its thrall. So often you have thought you are the servant of your body, as if your body were the be-all of you. You have even wound up slave to your body. You, your thoughts, your actions in truth suborn your body. Know now that you are in charge of your body, not the other way around.

Have an easygoing relationship with your body. You are encased in it. The body is all around you, and yet it is but a sheath. You can touch your body. You can see it. You can move and motivate it. You are somewhere within that body. You sleep in it. You move in it. And yet you are not its prisoner. You have a heart, and you have a mind. You are far from limited to the shell of a body you spend time in. It is only a body, beloveds. Without you, it is nothing.

And this realization everyone comes to.

You feel tremendously the loss of bodies when they are not a loss at all. A body is like an envelope that you eventually throw out. You exit the body. You step out of it. It is a tent you leave behind. It cannot go with you forever. You are forever. Your body is not. It is a throwaway thing. Must you become so attached to the body that you think you are nothing without it?

The body is nothing without you. Know your supremacy. Be kind to your body as you would be kind to a servant. As kind as you are, you would not put a servant on your throne. Your servant of a body is only a token prop for you.

Your throne is made of gold, and dulcimers play music while you sit there and while you get up. The tent you live in is placed in the Universe. We could say that the whole Universe is your throne. You are not queen for a day, or for a lifetime. You are queen or king forever. I share My throne with you. I share My Universe with you, and you share your worldly life with Me, day by day. You feel you are on the periphery of the Universe when, in truth, you are the whole Universe. You can conceptualize the whole Universe because it is contained within you.

I know that you have felt like a wanderer in the Universe, perhaps even an outcast, as if you had been evicted from the Kingdom, even this Kingdom that you hardly dare believe in. Never were you evicted. Never have you left Heaven. This is hard to believe, I know, yet, nevertheless, you are just as present with Me and all the galaxies and stars and My dreams as you are settled in your body right now. And, yet, I must iterate, that you are not within your body. You are not even within the world. You are not within the whole Universe, nor are you within Heaven. All is contained within you. You hold it all in the palm of your hand, so to speak. You are the within and you are the without. There is no outer. There is only you.

The Floodgates of Love | Heavenletters

God said:

You have ideas about love. Love doesn’t need your ideas. Love cannot be reduced to your descriptions of it. What occurs on the surface of life is extraneous to love. Of course, you thought that surface expression was what love was about. But, whatever goes on with love on the surface of life is but an inkling.

There is no decline to love. There is no upsurge. But that is how you watch love. You watch for it to go up and down, or down and up. You watch for love to commit an error, as if love could be anything but love. Strike the idea that love can ever be in error. Strike the idea that love can ever be absent. Strike the idea that love can ever be anything but whole.

Ups and downs of love are your appraisal. Love is the same independent of any ideas or charts you keep of it. Love is not a temperature you take. Love is infallible.

You make too much of love on Earth at the same time as you make not enough of it. But what you make of love has nothing to do with it. Love exists without your commentary. Your greatest experiences of love are but a smidgeon of awareness of love. We come back to your awareness, time and time again.

Perhaps your awareness is more on how you feel another perceives your giving of love than it is on your giving love itself. Never mind perception. Give love. Love is never to be withheld, but attachment is. Often have you mixed up love with attachment, but you are learning nevertheless.

Love holds not at all. Love is not grasping. Love lets go of anchors. It needs none. Love is as free as a bird. Set love free every day. Open the windows of your heart to let love out. Your concern is not what amount of love flies in the window. Your concern is the outflow. But, of course, that is no concern at all. When love flies out the window, that does not mean it’s gone. If you must measure immeasurable love, then measure the outflow. If it is not enough, open the valves of your heart wider.

Of course, love is uncountable. You may also think that there is no accounting for love. What there is no accounting for is the perceived absence of love. I opened the floodgates of love in the universe, and they have never been closed.

Are there those who would block it? Yes. But that is not your concern. If concern you must, yours is to keep the nonexistent gates of love open. Keep your hearts open, beloveds. Let the drum-beats of love roll.

Love is not an exertion. It takes no effort at all to love. Effort has blocked love, or it has forced it out. Effort has forced that which needs no forcing.

Often you have looked over your shoulder at love and wanted to track its repercussions. You have been afraid of being thought a fool. But is it not the height of foolishness to snub the love in your heart? Remember, I do not speak of show of love here. I do not speak of gifts or avowal. I speak of love itself. Love needs no declaration. It needs no bended knee. It simply needs to be allowed. Let the love in your heart flow. One example of love creates great cheering in Heaven. And is not love the cheer you give to the world?

Even if the world didn’t need upliftment, you would still emanate love. You would emanate it more because you would know that love alone is and that there is nothing else to do while you are here on Earth but love. Now emanate love, for that is why I have chosen you and what you have to do.

Wherever You May Be, Can Truth Be Far Behind? | Heavenletters

God said:

Let’s look at everything in a new way. Why on Earth look at everything the same old way? Why be bound with boundaries?

Life may be compared to an escalator that keeps going up. If you have been getting off at the second floor all the time, note that there are other floors above, and each floor contains something that the floor below did not. Of course, in a department store, the 5th floor may not be more wonderful than the 4th floor. When it comes to consciousness, each floor has different offerings, and each floor builds on the one before. Each floor is golden in the sense that this is the floor you are on and where you belong until you leap to what We call a higher floor.

Is each floor easier to assimilate? Yes and no, yet there is nothing to question. You don’t want to go back to a lower floor, and so you rise higher, ready or not. When you rise, you are ready, no matter how stretched you may feel. After all, you did advance to a new floor.

Of course, in life the floors are not so easily identified. You may have risen to the 7th floor without realizing it. Or, let us consider, that you have always been on one magnificent floor. This is closer to the Truth. There is something great about discovering what floor you are on, and you may hardly believe that you have been on the top floor all along. You just weren’t able to read the signs until, gradually or abruptly, you spotted the floor number you are on and are amazed.

All of life is amazing. The floor you end up on (as if there is an end) may indeed be the floor you were always on and yet you couldn’t assimilate this idea. Now, whether you want to or not, you assimilate it! You may have thought you lived in a hovel, and now you see that all the time, unbeknownst to you, you have been living in a castle. You had servants and angels ready to perform your will all along, and yet you didn’t see what you had available to you. In a way, it is like you had been struck dumb somewhere in the long past, and now the spell is over. You can see! You can hear! You can speak! And your heart takes a leap. You begin to see that you are where you always wanted to be, only your awareness was lagging. Wherever you may be, can Truth be far behind? Beloveds, Truth has been right at your heels all along.

What is changed? Your awareness is changed. Once you were asleep, and now you are awake. You are dazzled, and you pinch yourself. Yes, you are awake.

All the other floors were imagined. You lined them up logically. Unbelievable as it may be, even on the top floor, you can have a few bumps. You have to get acclimated.

And this is what life on Earth is about, getting acclimated to the idea that you have already risen. On Earth, there is more than one thing to acclimate yourself to, and glory is one of them. You arrived on Earth without a map in your hand. You arrived uninitiated to the Reality of Life on Earth, not the presumed reality but the Truth.

I speak of bringing Heaven down to Earth. Even so, Heaven and Earth have always been One, just as you have been One with Me regardless of how you see it.

Beloveds, if you are always with Me, where can you possibly be but in Heaven? There is nowhere else that anyone can be. You are with Me regardless of what you may think. Where I am, you are, and this is the Truth of the story you tell. Lost on Earth? Impossible. That can only be a theory you bought into. And now there is Truth to know and Truth to tell.

Welcome, lads and lassies, We are in Heaven where there is one floor, and no ceiling to it.

A Walk through the Woods | Heavenletters

God said:

When you let life take its course, you are not controlling it. You may think you have already let go of control, but you are yet staunch in adhering to what you think should be rather than adhering to what is. You still resist much that is for your enrichment. Yes, you turn away gifts. You put off your acceptance of them because of some predilection you have, from some thought you have that you honor over what is presented to you.

You make decisions about matters that are not for you to decide. You swim stiffly. You decide certain parameters of your life are acceptable, and that others are not. You are not in a condition to make such decisions. You stem life when you do.

You think lights have to be on or off at certain times. You object to certain sounds and favor others. But you need not hold yourself slave to your preferences. Prefer to be open to the universe and the gifts it would give to you. Close down nothing. All roads are open to you. All of life is open to you. What are you afraid of? That life will overtake you?

When you take a walk in the woods, you do not control what you will see. You do not control what will be growing. You do not control which flowers are blooming, and which have seeded. You do not control the ripeness of the fruit. You do not control the colors nor the scents nor the paths that others have taken or will take.

When you take a walk in the woods, it is wonderful precisely because you let go of control. You accept the woods for what it is. This is a form of unselfishness. You made a contract, so to speak, to walk through the woods as it is. You made a contract to enjoy your walk through the woods. You made a contract to delight in what the woods hold for you. You leap over rocks or sit on them. You leap over streams or you wade in them or even lie down in them.

You watch the sun through the trees. You do not object that the light comes from the direction it comes in. You do not object that the rays fall upon you or do not. You embrace what the woods has to offer you at the moment it offers. You do not waste your time deciding whether you will like the foliage. You accept it so naturally. This is a form of love, so easy it is.

But with daily life, so often you stamp your foot at it. You balk at incidents in your life. If incidents were trees in a forest, it is as if you come up to them and say, “Move! Get out of my way!” But in a forest, you would not be distressed because a tree grew there. You would not consider it an impediment.

Well, then, consider that there are no impediments in life. Only trees to walk around.

Each tree in the forest is telling you something. We can even go so far as to say that each tree in the forest is you, and you are telling yourself something. So when you meet yourself today in all your various forms, what are you going to tell yourself? Consider welcoming all the trees in the forest and allowing them to welcome you. This is how you welcome yourself. What obstacle can possibly be before you but what you name obstacle?

All the trees in the forest give you shade. Or they make you slow down. Or they mark your path. They give you sustenance. They do not go out of their way to present themselves to you. You present yourself to them! They were already there, and you have just come to them. The same way, your life is something you are coming to. Welcome all the trees. They belong here as well as you.

Welcome all of life for you are on a walk through it.

O Come to the Spring to Drink! | Heavenletters

God said:

Our relationship is just between Us. Our love is straight. Although nothing can really interrupt Our Unity, your attention can be interrupted. Not Mine.

No one on earth can define Our One-on-One relationship. No one can experience it for you. Words cannot define it. There are no words. Although many good hearts have spent more time thinking about it and are better at leaping words than you are, no one knows more about the love between Us than you. And no one can take it away, for the stream of Our Love flows no matter what or where. In disco or church, Our Love flows. In dungeon or on a plane, Our Love flows. Right now Our Love flows.

The truth is that you are flooded with My love. Even when you don’t notice, you are flooded with My love. What you notice of Our Love and Our Love Itself are not dependent one upon the other. They never were. What a blessing! And Our Love is a blessing that blesses all. Our Love is dependent upon nothing, only it seems to be dependent upon you and your awareness.

No one on earth or in Heaven is immune to My love. No one anywhere in the world has more of it than you. No one has less. I am God, and My love for you is immutable. How could it be otherwise? I am All Love. I am not Love sometimes and something else other times. I am 100% Love. I am 1,000% Love. Love alone is, and I am One, and I am Love.

You cannot escape from My Love. But you can look away. You can look to someone else to give you My Love. Others can give you samples of My love. They can even pour My Love onto you, yet all love originates with Me. There is no other Love than Mine in all of Creation. I invite you to drink Love from the Source. Love passed on is wonderful and catching. But Love direct and fresh! O come to the Spring to drink!

Even if you are alone in the desert, you carry an Oasis of My Love within you. Drink. Do not worry about spilling it. Spill it all you want. There is evermore. This Love you cannot run out of. The Oasis is true. The Wellspring is true. Absence of Love is mirage.

But a mirage looks real. But if what is seen and does not exist can look real, cannot then what is not seen be real and exist?

Why not see Love? Why not spatter it? Why not open the dike of love that is holed up in your heart? Of course, I store My Love here deep in your heart. But, of course, My Love is not meant to be stored. Why keep it bottled when Love is self-fulfilling and can never be less? Only, hoarded love is in a dark place. Better to bring it out into the light of day.

There is always room for revealing more Love. No one has seen too much of it. No one has been spoiled with it. And everyone seeks My Love, even though they are already soaked with it.

Look, there is a rainbow in the sky. Unless you look up, you don’t see it, and yet a rainbow is for all. When you see it, what you can do for another is to point to the rainbow, so everyone else may see it for himself.