The Grand Event | Heavenletters

God said:

When you feel your life is in a slump, sit up straighter. Reach your arms up. Immediately, you will feel better.

If you could know that this very minute, I am before you, I do not think you would slouch. You would sit up straight. Oh, how alert you would be. I am not mistaken in this.

And yet, here I am, right in front of you. All the while, I am here.

If you cannot really believe or imagine that I am eye to eye with you right now, then imagine that We have an appointment, you and I. Let Us say, In one hour, I appoint myself to meet with you.

Of course, you will think that you must get ready. How you will scramble! Certainly, you will become alert, and your whole posture will change. You will prepare yourself somehow for the Grand Event which is, in actuality, the day to day reality. What did you think “I am always with you” meant?

Your posture has been a posture. It has been your stance in life. All because you couldn’t quite believe in My presence.

Maybe you can believe in My presence at a distance, but as an intimate companion of your life — you are not so sure, for you wonder: “How can Almighty God deign to pay attention to me, as I am, in this unkempt world? How can God Almighty possibly spend any time with me, let alone all of it? Wouldn’t that be a waste of His time? Surely He has better things to do.”

You may think that you are not equal to an occasion of Me. Perhaps you feel that My eternal presence at close range would be too much for you, you couldn’t keep up, and when all is said and done, you would rather get along without Me. Perhaps you feel that I am the kind of company you have to knock yourself out getting ready for and that then, when they leave, you breathe a sigh of relief.

Yet it is not possible for Me to leave your side for even one minute. If that were possible, you would know the difference instantly. You may have spent your life in an imagined state of existence without Me but the actuality of life without Me is unimaginable. It is too terrible to think of. Fortunately, there is no way to experience My absence, for I am never absent, and I would never pretend to be.

But you do pretend life on your own. You have thought you can go somewhere without Me. You may have thought you have been without Me right along. That is how far from truth your thinking has been.

I am One Who lives with you. Your life is shared with Me totally. I am a close participant in your life. You may think I am in the background, but I am in the forefront. Whatever you may imagine you are going through, I am with you. I am in your corner, and I am right smack in the middle of your life. I am everywhere. I am not your detractor nor do I distract you. Truly, you would not have made it this far without Me. There is nowhere in life and nowhere in what you call death that you can be without Me. I am the only Absolute in your life. I am the only reliable there is.

You have great imagination, you who have imagined your life without Me. Now use that selfsame imagination to conjure life with Me. Pave your way in life with thoughts of Me.

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The View from the Mountaintop | Heavenletters

God said:

There is One Heart in the world, and it is Mine. I share My Heart with each seeming one of you. In truth, I share My Heart with Myself. The way you see it is that I share My heart with little pieces of Myself, for that is your perception, yet that is not true. That is how it seems to you. You can only perceive as far as you perceive.

The fact is that there are no little pieces of Me. There are no fragments. There is One Heart, and I share it only with Myself including the outlined forms of Myself. Created in My image, you are reflections of the One Self, and yet you bank on the reflections.

Externals are only externals, beloved Myself.

Let’s say there is one prism in your hand, and, let’s say, you hold it up to the sunlight. Ah, now you see many prisms reflected on your wall and ceiling. You see the refracted light all over the place, and yet you are clearly aware that there is only one prism in your hand. That there is One God has an expanded meaning now. There is One God, and that is all that there is! Well, it is enough. It is wonderful. There is no least of you.

In the world, cloaks are put on the reflections. Appearance is only appearance. The reflections of Me appear in many guises. You are My reflection. You see the reflections and not so much the Source of the reflections. You who are reading My words or hearing My words hear them through Myself. Who can the Seer, Reader, or Hearer of My words be if not I? There is no one else except in the accepted meaning in the world.

The world focuses on the many-lotus petals. The world is a many-lotus-petalled world.

You ask: “How can it be that I who am sitting here am really You Who art in Heaven?”

I say to you, “Tell Me, is there anything I cannot do? Do you think I cannot sit in your office within the little framework of you? I AM One, and yet you see the disparate reflections and believe in them more than you believe in Me. You see yourselves as a bunch of marbles. If you pick up a bag of marbles, they do not spread themselves out on the floor unless you put them there. It is you who shoots the marbles so they then bounce one off the other. You see untold numbers of people who are reflections of the One God. They do not of themselves get into action any more than they created themselves. The Creator is the Doer. I move your arms and your elbows. I get up and sit down within the reflection of Myself. The world is simpler than you can contemplate, but you are used to loose ends.”

It is hard for the human reflection of Me that seems to look up to Me to fathom what I say. The word Oneness may thrill you. You may worship the Oneness. Nevertheless, at the same time, you are imbued with the reflections of the Prism far more than the Prism. You call the reflections reality when, in reality, the One Prism is the only Reality. Until you reach the top of the mountain, you don’t see what you don’t see. It is not yet in your view. Nevertheless, you are getting closer to the view from the mountaintop, and then you will see.

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Singing God Out Loud | Heavenletters

God said:

You may have spent years unaware that you hear even whispers from Me. And yet all the while, you have been singing My song from the top of your lungs. You have been, in effect, buying and selling My wares. You have acted on My behalf. You planted seeds of My love. You planted them absentmindedly, not realizing what you were doing, yet you were strewing My love across the world. You may not have noticed how tall the seeds you sowed have grown. You may not have noticed them at all. It is almost certain you didn’t notice.

You may not have heard My words coming out of your mouth. You may not have felt the surge of My heart springing from yours, and yet you may have been representing Me all along. You may even have been the last to know. You may never have caught on. Even to this day, you may not have been aware of the song you sing.

You may or may not have been searching for God. Whether you were or were not, nevertheless, you indentured yourself to Me. You trailed after Me, listening to My tune. It hummed in your heart. Your heart gave you the notes, and it gave you the words. And then little by little, you were singing My song and dancing it. And yet, for all you knew, you were shuffling your feet, dragging life around, unaware of the lightness of light and your true relationship with it.

You not only sang My song, you were singing it as loudly as could be. You were singing My song from the rooftops. You were My singer of songs. You were a Godsinger.

Of course, I have no copyright on My song. Of course, it is My joy that you take My music and My lyrics and take them as your own, make them your own. How well I have known that My words and thoughts and love and Being are yours right along. It’s you who may not have noticed. It’s you who certainly has not noticed. Will you know this now? Will you know that you are a carrier pigeon for God? I sent you from My hand. I flung you out into the sky, and you flew and you flew, and you delivered My messages. Of course, My messages are My songs. They cannot be separated, My words from My song. I only sing. I sing the song of love, and you, My dears, run off with it, not even aware of what you are running off with.

You think you are trudging along, shuffling your feet, and all the while, your feet have wings, and all the while, you are a flier for God, flying high and passing Me out and passing yourself out too like pamphlets. All the while you are soaring the galaxies with Me, and all the while, you are oblivious. I nudged you so many times, and you blithely did not feel a thing! But, here, now, do you feel Me nudge you? Do you feel that little poke from Me, making a dimple in your cheek, making you smile a little bit?

Don’t you know you have been serving Me right along? What did you think you were serving? Perhaps you didn’t even know you were serving at all. Perhaps you have downplayed yourself. Perhaps you thought you were a vagrant, passing time, not doing anything at all. Perhaps you thought you served the god of riches in the world, the god of ambition, a self-serving god of some kind who raced through your mind and to whom you gave obedience, yet, beloveds, you have been working for Me. You have been in a fog, and now the fog is clearing, and now you sing My song exultantly. I hear your singing. Soon the whole world will hear your singing, and My song will be known, and everyone will sing it, and you will hear it better than ever before.

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You Are a Multi-Dimensional Being | Heavenletters

God said:

Surely suffering comes because you think this little bit of imagined time on Earth is all there is. When you believe this is the only hand you have to play, you invest heavily in it. Your involvement is utter. You bet all your chips.

When you know there are other establishments and other places to play, you are not so attached to one particular hand. Then your life becomes more like easy come and easy go. What once seemed like a huge event now becomes an episode. Life becomes a string of episodes like a string of beads or grass braided. It is not even that you have to wait until later for another life, for your existence is, in fact, many-tiered right now. You are like a terrace with many gradations, one seemingly following another yet all laid out simultaneously. You live more than one life right now.

Your life is like a spinning top. It revolves. Like the planets, your life spins. You hop from one stone to another while your mind is off somewhere on a journey of its own.

When you are in a little boat and do not see the land, you can only feel that you are in a little boat far from land. When you are in a little boat and do not yet see the land but know it’s near, you feel safe, and you are unfrazzled. No matter what the seeming cause, no matter how weighty, whenever you feel frazzled, you are picturing yourself in a little boat with no land in sight. Fear has overtaken you and stripped you of reality.

Fear, of course, convinces you that it itself is reality and an inevitable reality. Listen, fear never has a basis in reality. Fear tells you that you are finite. There is no finite, beloveds. Certainly, there is no finite when it comes to you. Of course, when you think this huddled body you are in is the whole show, you quiver. But Reality is infinite, and infinite are you. Nothing can harm you. In this plane referred to as life on Earth, your body seems like the basis for everything. Seems, but your body is merely a convenient tool in the third dimension, a conveyance, a little house you are in. Of course, the body is not you. The body is mere hi-jinks. When you feel that body is all that you have and that you can’t live without it, you have believed in a magic trick. You saw it with your own eyes, you thought, yet you deluded yourself.

Right now you travel many places, unaccompanied by your body. This is what it means that you are a multi-dimensional Being. You know so much more than you allow yourself to know. You have traveled to other galaxies and back again, and you don’t recall. You also can’t conceive how it is possible, so you give up on the idea. You concede only to what you can grasp in your hand. You have accepted belief only in whatever you have been taught. You have decided that what doesn’t fit in with particular boundaries you have been taught cannot be so. This is called close-minded.

Instead of being open to seeing what is, you have concluded then that it can’t be so. You believe what you believe. What an illusionist you are. And so you suffer. And so you discount or even disown yourself, believing in a lesser being.

What if you truly are an angel as if from another planet? What if you have found yourself transplanted to Earth, yet you pretend you are not who you are. You are very convincing. You pretend so well you have bought into your own fooling yourself. Oh, beloveds, if you would accept your absolute worth, you would be as happy as kings. You would be happy.

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Blessing of God | Heavenletters

God said:

What if you are blessing tossed on Earth? What if your real name is Blessing, Blessing from God, Blessing of God, Blessing to God, Blessing to bless all in the radius of the world and beyond.

What if you are, indeed, an angel on Earth? What then, beloveds? What then? How would you regard yourself then?

What if, before you were born to Earth, I said to you: “Would you like to bless the world?”

And you said to Me, “Oh, yes.” And you bowed your head, and I kissed the top of your head and gave you blessings and directions for a good journey.

In transit, you lost the directions. You forgot your mission. Nevertheless, there was like a thumbprint left, and your heart is stirred to know what.

You may have started to think that you were thrown out of the nest, and you don’t know why.

You forgot you were in great service to Me. You forgot you were to embody Me. And, so, you struggled to find a way, finding, for some time ways, that are not yours.

You tried on clothes, and nothing quite fit. Something would not be quite right. Perhaps the shoulders. Perhaps a cuff. Perhaps a pocket you kept your hands in. Perhaps you wore a suit that was popular, and yet it was not really your style. You spent your whole life on Earth trying to figure out who you were and what you were doing there. You forgot the purpose of your life.

Perhaps you were like a cowboy, and you didn’t know what to lasso.

Perhaps you were like a hunter. You didn’t know what you were supposed to hunt, and you couldn’t find your spear or whatever it was you were to hunt with.

Perhaps you sat down on a hillock. With a vague memory, you looked up at the sky, and you did wonder what was beyond that which your eyes could see.

You forgot the words I said to you, and you memorized words from others who also didn’t know what they were doing on Earth.

It was a cloudy life, and the sun couldn’t seem to break through. The sun was shining all the time, only you didn’t see it clearly through the mist. You saw, perhaps, shadows of the sun darkly.

And the sun’s rays started to peek through. You began to see them. It was like an awakening. Everything was the same, only you saw it differently. You saw the Heavens’ opening up, and so you opened. Which came first? The Heavens’ opening or your eyes opening? Which came last when there is no last?

Oh, beloveds, you are just beginning to look at your surroundings. You are surrounded by yourself. It was yourself you were trying to lasso. It was yourself you were hunting all along. The spear you could not find was a spear of love. The lasso was a rope of love. All along you were Jack and the Beanstalk climbing to Heaven where the only giant is love.

You looked into the stream of love and saw yourself. Also, if you saw a towering giant, it was yourself you saw. Whatever you saw, it was a shade of yourself.

As you kept looking at the sun, you began to remember your roots, and you climbed them, as it were, and entered the Heaven you never left except as you thought so.

At the beginning of this venture on Earth, you were right that you didn’t know where you were and what you were supposed to be doing here. Now you are beginning to remember, and you are beginning to know where you are and what you are doing here and Who you are. Your astonishment is great. And, yet, why are you astonished at what you have always deeply known?

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Out of Bondage | Heavenletters

God said:

Wrap a blanket of love around you from you. Bless yourself. Introduce yourself to yourself. Give yourself a good recommendation. All you will have to do is to tell the Truth. It is no fabrication that you are to love yourself and that you are someone worth loving.

No matter what you may have done or not done, you are someone to love. Perhaps you have to begin to forgive yourself for your trespasses. All trespasses by deed or un-deed are to be blessed and erased. Wrap them in a blanket of love, and throw them to the sky to be dissolved, or, if you prefer, toss them into the sea, or bury them and give them to the soil. You do this mentally.

What kind of blanket do you imagine you would wrap these fragmented errors from the past in? Or, look, if you prefer, you can throw each fragment away separately. The thing is that you are done with them. Finished. Kaput. Have they not weighed your heart down enough? You have kept errors in front of you from when you were a child.

Come, let go of the child you were. Let that child go. Would you be so hard on a child today as you are on the child you were once upon a time?

I absolve you. I absolve you as a child, and I absolve you now, and I absolve you now from any thoughtlessness that might crop up in the so-called future. All this is a given. If I can erase, why not you?

Whatever you hold against yourself, at most, it was a bad dream. You cast yourself in the role of error-maker. Now you choose another role. Now you choose to choose awareness. You choose to choose thoughtfulness. Now you choose mercy, and that includes mercy to yourself. Now you stop holding anything against yourself. Now you choose to set yourself free. You have chained yourself up for misdoings long enough.

Take a facecloth in your mind and wash your face with this cloth rinsed in warm water. Wash your face gently. Rinse that facecloth and wash your face again. Wash your heart. Free it of grime that never belonged there anyway. Wash your heart from any accumulated grit or grease. My Will be done.

It is time to let the hostage of guilt go. You may have thought that guilt came from your Higher Self. It never did. It came from that bouncing-around ego. Ego made your foolish errors serious events. Ego made your errors, big or small, major crimes. Of course, in a court of law, you can not stand up and say, “Your honor, I made a mistake. I’m sorry.” That will not absolve you in a court of law. You are not in a court of law with Me. You are in a court of love, and you must let My people go. Ego has kept My children in bondage long enough. There has to be an end to it, and, you, you who are reading My simple words here, are to put an end to it.

Today you are to walk free, and this is how you free the world. You walk free from the past, and you walk free from the future, and you unloose all the bonds on Earth. This is how you let My people go. First yourself, and then others are automatic.

You will have started a trend. You know how trends catch on. You will be a fashion-setter. You will accomplish that which I have long desired to be accomplished – the beginning of freedom for all on Earth.

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It’s Only a Movie | Heavenletters

God said:

Only your Oneness is marked in stone. All else is a mere mark on the surface. A wave washes it away.

All the marks on the surface are the past, beloveds. There is the past, and there is the Eternal. All you really have is the Eternal. And that is your Being, and that is you, and that is I.

There was never a moment that We did not exist, and We exist in the moment. The moment is Eternity.
You are made of soul. Soul you are and ever were. All the surface stuff is only surface stuff. There is much more to your life than the surface.

Of course, naturally, you have thought that the surface is everything. Even though the surface is washed away in a flash, you yearn for its resolution nevertheless. You are captivated by the surface of life. It intrigues you. You love the colors and the story of it. You love to go to the movies. Yet you, in the theater or out of the theater are the same. Affected by the movie, you are yet unchanged. The movie changes. Another one comes on. You see a double feature, and yet you are the watcher of the movie. No matter what variety of movie is on screen, you are the watcher of it. The movie moves, and you sit still. You are the audience of the movie. Even when you are an actor in the movie, still you are watching yourself. Your eyes are big. In or out of sleep, you watch yourself. All you can do is watch. You watch yourself experience. The experiences change. You wear different costumes, but they are only costumes. The wearer is not changed. The child, the youth, the older person, those are all costumes. But, now, let’s get back to the movie.

Sometimes you cheer the movie. Sometimes you don’t like it. No matter, it is only a movie. It will change soon enough.

And when the movie is over, and you go home, it is as if you had not been away. For you have not been away. You have not been absent from the Eternal. You just had your attention on the movie. Your mind was elsewhere. You had never been anywhere but where you can only be.

You were on a fantasy trip. Your dreams came true, or they did not. And whether they did or not, you are the same either way. The inviolable Truth of you does not change. Life in the world is like the weather changing, The weather changes, and yet it is only weather. Life goes on rain or shine.

Did you dream your life? You say it really happened. It really flashed on the screen, but no more than that. Your life was flashed on a screen. It was projected there. It was made of an interplay of light. The light goes on, and the light goes off, and yet you are still present. The scenes change. The lighting changes. And still you are you, sitting in a theater.

Even when you are the director of the movie, you watch it from afar.

A movie is only a movie.

Even the projectionist of the movie can only watch it.

The one who cleans the theater or the one who owns the theater can only watch the movies.

And yet you work hard at creating the fantasy that all that occurs on the screen is the real thing. You believe in movies.

Produce the movies. That is what you do. All the while, there is a silent movie going on, a lasting silent movie that never wears out, is always playing. Silent as it is, it is always heard no matter how faraway-seeming.

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Be the Diviner of the World | Heavenletters

God said:

Stay close to Me, beloveds. In rain or in shine, stay close to Me. I am not to be saved for only a rainy day.

I am ever-present, so make Me ever-present in your life. Make Me obvious. Let Me be your Friend Who goes everywhere with you. Let Me be your Friend Whom you welcome. Let Me be your friend Whom you invite. Let Me come with you today.

Talk to Me, your Life Companion. We have known each other longer than you have known anyone else. We come from the old country together, as it were.

The fact is that We have never been apart. This is established. We entered life together. We always had Being, and now We have activity as well. You could say We started a business together, and We are partners, partners who have great trust, partners with Our own surety. We have Our bond, and Our bond is love.

If you say We have a contract, then the contract is love. Despite what you may think, I never let you down, and you cannot let Me down. You may disappoint yourself but Me, never. I see clearly. I see past all the subterfuge you give such cognizance to. You are one of the good guys. Now all you have to do is become a good guy in your own eyes. Never mind about the times you tripped and fell. Never mind about the times you forgot Who you were and forgot to come from the height of Heaven. You see, sometimes you have even thought you were a snake, and sometimes, so it seems to you, you betrayed yourself. But lack of vision is not betrayal. It is simply lack of vision.

Today We widen your vision. Today you will see more clearly. Today you will see what you have previously missed. You are going to enjoy seeing with new eyes. We’re not fooling around with glasses any longer. To expand your vision, all We have to do is to remove the film that is over your eyes.

Are you agreed to expand your vision? Are you agreed to see life in the world and how it is configured in a new way? Are you agreed to step out of the past? Are you agreed to accept your place as Prince or Princess of the Universe? As My child, would you give up your inheritance? You say you wouldn’t, but isn’t that what you have done? For potage, you gave up your royal robes. You put yourself out for adoption. You picked up crumbs off the street and settled for them when, all the while, a feast in your honor is waiting for you.

No longer deny yourself the riches of Heaven. Whatever bad moves the world may have made, you have denied yourself. Now you know you can be the diviner of yourself. You can be the diviner of the world. You can lay out the plat of the world for all to see. You are the architect of life, and you can design the world as you like. You do not require opposites, beloveds. You require singularity, singularity of purpose. I consign you to create the world as you would like it to be. You have been used to it the old way, and now you envision and beat the gong of a new way.

You are going to be a permanent trendsetter. You are going to make the real goods. You are going to be on the forefront of the New World. You will be sending out the invitations soon.

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As Earth Rises | Heavenletters

God said:

Come sit with Me every morning. We are so close, We cannot come closer. However, your awareness can come closer. Your awareness will come closer. You are still at a little distance from trust. In this world you live in, you are guarded, and it is not so easy to put your trust anywhere. And for those of you who have put your trust in Me, sometimes you still have some reservation.

Understandably, you do not have a guarantee that I will give you exactly what you want. The opposite may arrive. You may do everything just right, yet even doing everything just right doesn’t guarantee you what you want. So much in the world is ambivalent. Either/or, good/bad, this/that are not absolute. When you were born, you were not given a certificate of guarantee. You came with the disclaimer:

Anything can happen. A lot depends upon you and, yet, everything does not depend upon you. Life will outvote you. Life will pick you up without notice, and you may find yourself in a tree, blown by a strong wind. That anything can happen means that anything can happen. You also can be discovered at an ice cream shop by an agent in Hollywood and become a star. You can write a book. The book can be published or not published. On Earth, there is no telling what will happen.

You cannot always be assured what you yourself will do. You are also a surprise to yourself or a disappointment to yourself.

Just the same, I invite you to trust in Me. You have not found Me God Accountable, because you have seen many a slip twixt cup and lip. All the while, I assure you of My reliability. I insist that you can count on Me, that I will never let you down, and then something happens that you see as loss and woe, and you are sure I let you down.

We, you and I, have a contract with terms that are not quite clear to you. You may believe that I will only uphold you, and, yet, some of your dreams are blown to smithereens. Still, I ask you to have your trust in Me.

Beloveds, there is no until death clause in Our contract because there is no death. There are guarantees in Infinity, yet on Earth you don’t know what a lifetime or a many-lifetime contract means. In fact, you did sign the contract, yet you don’t remember signing it let alone reading it. You have the idea that the contract includes love in it, love forever, yet what does consistency mean when it comes to life in the world? I guarantee you happiness and love, yet you are stuck wondering when and where?

You hear Me say that I never leave you, yet you have gone through trials where you feel alone and desolate. You have sometimes felt like the loneliest person in the world, and you may see no end to loneliness. Meanwhile, I assure and reassure you of Oneness, yet for so long as you remember, your heart has been torn in two.

I tell you again that what I promise, I deliver. You are invested in time. I only know Infinity. Well, then, let Me promise you Infinity. I give you an Infinite Warranty that you will find that everything I say is true. I do not lead you down a garden path. I take you down to where the barley grows and where lavender sways against the blue sky, and you see what is far beyond what the eye can see, and you know now that God’s Word is true.

As Earth rises, can Heaven be far behind?

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The World Is a Field in Which You Move | Heavenletters

God said:

When your heart craves upliftment, uplift yourself. When you require a hand up, give yourself a hand-up. When you feel blue, use a different crayon. You are not a leaf dependent upon the wind to move it. The wind may blow, yet you are your own mover.
You may have responsibility for others yet only to a degree. For yourself, consider that all the responsibility is yours. Certainly, life takes patience. You can’t just stamp your foot, and the world obey. On the other hand, you are the hand that wields your life. You are a power in your life. You are not a pawn. Your life is not meant to be entirely a waiting game. Get up and move yourself.
You may believe that you are at the mercy of life. There is much that is not under your direct control. Still, the same, you have say in your life. If life seems to be beating you down, get up. It is for you to arise. You are the maestro of your own life. If you have a box of crackerjacks, you open the box. You don’t have to wait around for someone else to open the box for you. You are the centrifugal force of your own life.
I gave you breath, yet, now, for the time being, you breathe on your own, so to speak. In any case, you are to make your own moves. When you are disturbed, undisturb yourself. When you are confused, unconfuse yourself. It is good advice to lie beside the still waters. If the still waters are not where you are, before you can lie down beside the still waters, find the still waters. They are located within you.
So much depends upon you, beloveds.
You are not meant to be aggressive. Nor are you meant to be passive. There is a juncture where you meet yourself.
Let’s consider for a moment that life is like knitting a sweater. You have a certain yarn that has a certain color, a certain thickness, and you have knitting needles, and you have in mind to knit a sweater of one kind or another. You are the knitter. If you drop a stitch, you are the retriever. Consider that you knit your life. It may be true that the light wasn’t good. In that case, turn up the light or move over to where the light is brighter. You can knit anywhere, beloveds. You carry your knitting with you.
Consider life a baseball game. You are not to drop the ball, yet it does happen.
Yes, I can make miracles, yet you do not sit around waiting for miracles to drop out of the sky. Be your own miracle-worker. You yourself are a miracle. From miracle comes miracle. Of course, look for miracles. Feel their arrival.
When you cook supper, you turn the stove on. The heat of the stove cooks the food, yet you are the preparer of the food. You thought of what to make, even at the last moment. You assembled the food. Even when you eat alone, you serve it. And you clean up afterwards.
You are the cook of your own life. Be a chef. Be a gourmet of life. Build your own fire. Grace your life.
All right, let’s come right out with it. I, God, am the Doer. I am the Ultimate Doer. That does not mean you sit around and wait for Me to do or undo. Life is made of thoughts and action. Life on Earth is a field in which you move. I am telling you that you are also responsible for your life. Make it good. Light the fire for your own life.

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