Thy Name Is Stillness | Heavenletters


God said:

Beloved, I put My Arms around you to hold you in place. To you, sometimes, unboundedness is akin to flying around in outer space.

You kinda yearn for railings to hold onto, walls to touch, something for your feet to abut on. Even as you crave all the freedom in the world, you feel wobbly without a base to stand on. How you want to be unbound, and then how lost you feel in outer space and away from the illusion of security that being glued to Earth does hand to you. You are grateful and ungrateful at the same time.

Indeed, you do want everything, including opposites. You may want to depend on opposites. You want apples and oranges to be One. You want Peace above all, while you may also crave excitement. You really don’t want boundaries, yet you want something to hold onto or lean against or put your hand on. You don’t like the precision of measurements or the Vastness of the Immeasurable. You don’t want to stay still at the same time as you hesitate to go forward.

Unless you find footing, how do you know what forward is or what anything is or means?

You may want to escape to High Ground while you don’t yet know how to walk on water any more than you know how to walk on air. As it is, you are betwixt and between. You don’t want to be an ordinary mortal, yet you don’t want to be out of sight or a wild card either.

You wouldn’t mind reaching inner Earth, yet you don’t want to be out of sight of the beautiful blue sky. As it is, you’re not sure you want to exist in 5-D any more than you a want to exist in 3-D. You don’t know how many D’s for Dimensions there are, or if you want more choices at your discretion any more than you know you would rather keep flying or on land.

I do not tell you that you can’t have everything, for even the reachless exists within your reach.

It would seem that instead of surrounding yourself with Angels, you may surround yourself with question marks.

You might prefer closed doors with words painted on them so you could know for a fact what you are opening yourself to and know with some security that there is floor beyond the door.

On one hand, you strongly desire Freedom. On the other hand, you are afraid to free-fly. You were never one to be like the heroes in the movies who jump from one building’s roof to the other. You also aren’t a friend to boundaries, yet you do clutch to the supposed security of them.

In terms of the world, security does not exist. The Sun is out now, and the next minute there is an unexpected thunderclap, and the world turns itself upside down.

Thus were loud decibels and lightening tossed to the Earth. The Gods of Thunder arose holding hammers and landed on Earth along with you so you would cover your eyes and ears. What is fear but division? What is smooth sailing but the Union of Oneness?

Be One with Me, and let Me be your anchor that keeps you safe wherever you may be. Come with Me. Come to the Emerald Isles. Come to Love, and partake of Beauty and Peace.

The Gods of Peace are not showy, yet they also exist. A God of Peace reaches you in a still moment, and so I, a God of Peace, tell you also: “Be Still.” Beloveds. Hark the herald angels.


God’s Mission | Heavenletters


God said:

Will you lean your life into Mine?

Will you lean on the Cruiser of Life?

I long for you to lean on Me.

Leaning on Me is great freedom.

It means you let go.

You let go of your hold on what is holdless, and let the Holder of All hold you.

Let’s cruise through life.

That means, no hurry. That means ease. That means seeing the sights. That means enjoying the sights. But it does not mean getting involved because involved means putting stakes down. Involved means an investment. And an investment always predicts something and therefore is predicated on something.

Enjoying is without predeliction. Enjoying is with Me.

It is sailing a ship. I am at the wheel, but you chart the course. I take you on all your little excursions, but I always keep your true destination marked. One day you will say, “Let’s do it! Let’s go! Let’s go, God!” And then We go straight and firm, plowing through the seas without a glance back, sailing over the froth, heading straight on Our course which We, of course, were always on.

Now you know it.

And what a difference your awareness is!

Without control, you set your course.

Without control, you allow Me.

You have always been going in this direction We go in.

You had little pretenses in between but now you go on a charted chartless course, and We are full steam ahead.

You can refer to Our destination as the heights of Heaven or the depths of the sea or the spread of a rainbow, for the sea, Heaven, and rainbow meet in an exquisite joining.

We leave quite a swath behind Us, and others follow in Our swath. Pretty soon there is a union of all the willing ships that sail with Us.

And, suddenly, it matters not where We sail. It matters that We sail. It matters that We sail together.

You discover there is no destination. That was metaphor. You and I were destined long ago. It was Our destiny to meet. It was Our destiny to sail on this destinationless journey.

Our destination was to meet and to sail together.

That is what We do.

That is what We have always done.

That is the one thing that stays the same.

We travel together, and that makes all the difference.

We glide on skates.

We ride a sleigh.

We fly on eagle’s wings.

We course through the universe, touching, but barely touching, and Our union is complete.

We dip Our wings, and the earth is touched.

We touch with impulses.

We are beyond the physical.

The physical seems like awkward machinery.

Our enterprise is seamless, smooth-flowing, and dynamic.

Did you know that We are in business together? We have formed a partnership, or corporation, and Our mission is to cover the universe and let Our majesty be known.

All who are related to Me are royal. And all are related to Me. All are intimately related to Me and are intimate to My every thought or glance or impulse of love.

This is My mission. To be known. For Our relationship to be known. Our relationship is One with all, One with all on earth and One with all elsewhere than on earth. One and One equals One.

You hold an office in My court.

When I say you, I mean you. I mean all whose eyes follow these marks on paper or the screen or whose ears hear the tone of My voice.

It is you I have appointed. Not someone else. I look squarely at you. Do not look away. Your eyes can meet Mine. Your eyes of love can meet My eyes of love and become one pair of eyes looking in and looking out. See what I see. Gaze upon what I gaze upon. Have My vision. It is yours. I have given it to you. I gave it to you long ago. Now do you see?

Thy Name Is Stillness | Heavenletters


God said:

Sometimes you wonder: Is Life just for a laugh? You’ve heard the expression – cosmic joke. This must be associated with time, comme ci, comme ça. What is Life, then, after all?

Beloveds, you know that sometimes you bend over in laughter, and, sometimes, you can’t even smile. Surely, you know that Happiness exists.

You call out to Me: “Dear God, please let Happiness be True.”

And yet you ponder. You ask Me in the Silence of yourself:

“Hey, God, there seems to be Happiness on Earth. If something is real, how can its opposite also exist as Truth? Confusion seems to be the pot I am in. If there is no space, how can I possibly be in or out of the in-crowd or anywhere at all?

“Hey, God, can there possibly be Words that exist for what of itself does not exist? I am in a quandary. I am almost certain that I have been in a quandary on Earth from the beginning.

“God, no disrespect to You, yet what is going on? Is it the Truth then that what is True, such as You, God, are not visible. Truth then isthat which is not visible to the ordinary eye?

“ Is it better that I do not question and simply not ask that which I have no solid answers to? Do I, who asks You questions, do I actually exist?

“Well, God, I may actually have no idea what I am asking and to Whom or What do I ask? If You and I are One, then do I ask Myself or at least ask a corner of Myself?

“God, I may just be jabbering and no closer to clarity.

“God, do I wait for Enlightenment to dawn? What did You mean when You said, as I remember: ‘My Dears, you are truly enlightened already, and you have never not been Enlightened.’

“God, I don’t believe for one second that you are kidding around. I believe You. I believe in You. You are Truth. You aren’t a Joker. Cannot be. I stand firm that You are indeed the God of All. You are True to your Word, and You are True to me and True to All. I am secure in You. You are God in Whom I Trust. You are not a Trickster. You are God, the One and Only. And, yet, miraculously, I am One with You, and You are One with me. You have said so.

“You are My Faith. All I require I have, and this is You. You are My Foundation. Nothing else is.

“Money is not. What a joke money is. It is hard for me to believe that every Human Being must have coin and/or paper in order to have Daily Bread. Even in movies, this seems like nonsense. God, You sustain Me, and I am sustained.

“God, what is all the big fuss in the world about anyway? The world is, or the world is not, yet You are always. You are Infinite, so then I must be Infinite as well.

“God, Beloved God, this is my Testament to You. Upon You, I depend. God, upon me, You can depend. We are Friends. We exist forever. We exist as One forever and ever. We can never not exist.

“This is Our Covenant. I know so. You have opened all doors to me, and You keep them open, and I am at Your Service. There is nothing greater than this — that We exchange Our Fealty. We are ordained as One.

“Thank You, God, for Your Trust in me. Hallowed be Thy Name.”


With God | Heavenletters


God said:

When you attach another to yourself, you have attached yourself to them. Attachment is a clinging, and when you cling to something else, you are clung to it. You give up something of yourself when you attach to something or someone. It is never worth it. Attachment is never cost-effective. You give too much or take too much, and you lose yourself.

Connect yourself 100% with Me, and then you cast love on others but do not adhere nor be adhered to. Meld into Me, not to any other. No one has the capability to give and accept love as I do. Furthermore, I offer My love so that you may give it to others also. My love doesn’t end anywhere. It stops everywhere; it stays everywhere, but it doesn’t stop in one place as a finished object left to stay there.

Blood flows. Is blood the same contained in a closed-in vial? Does it nourish life in a container? The answer is no.

And so, love that sticks itself somewhere and adheres as though that somewhere were life itself, loses its vitality.

Neither attach to others nor allow others to attach to you.

Attaching comes from a perceived need, perhaps that you are not enough, and you need more, or more substantiation. The truth is that power supreme runs through you, and attaching to anything makes you — and them — weaker, not stronger.

Perhaps you don’t know the difference between strength and weakness.

Do not misunderstand. It is not strength that says, “I can do it all myself.” That is weakness masked as strength. But strength is knowing from where help does indeed come.

Attach to Me because that is giving yourself freedom from attachment. Attaching to Me is aligning with Me. You follow where I go as I hold you in My vast love, and that is your strength, and that is your freedom. My love is your freedom.

There is no love without freedom.

Love cannot be contained in small objects.

Yet it is contained everywhere. It is the content of everything. It is the content of you.

When you have a dear butterfly who alights near you of its own free will, why would you catch it in a net? And if the butterfly wants to fly off without your immediate presence going along with it, why would you protest? Why would you mark boundaries for those you love? Why would you inhibit love?

Remember that you attach to ideas. Attachment itself is an idea. And most of your ideas are mistaken. They are mistaken for something other than an idea. They are mistaken as rights or virtues or debts or demands or penalties, all of which are also only ideas. But you think these general ideas of the world justify your personal illusions. You think perhaps your ideas support your personal denialship.

Know that when you have attachment, you also have denial.

But do not wrack your brains over these matters.

Simply turn your attention to Me.

Ask Me to remove justification and illusion and denial from you.

Ask Me to polish your clear awareness.

Ask Me to bathe you in My light.

They are pretty much the same. Clear awareness, My light, and absence of justification, illusion, and denial.

My light will remove anything that is less than My light. All impurity vanishes in My light. My light does not block anything. My light opens everything. My light does not merely light up your whereabouts. When My light shines on you, it takes you somewhere. My light lifts you up to where you can see yourself aglow in My light. When you are in My light, what can you see but My light? What is there to see but My light?

You have aspired to too little.

Aspire to more.

Aspire to everything that God gives you in the light of His love.

Aspire to My holdings.

Aspire to My light and My vision, and then you are everything. You are everything holy. All I have made is holy. And I have made everything. And all I have made is Light.


Our One Love | Heavenletters


God said:

Let sweetness be yours.

Sourness and bitterness do not belong in My child.

You are made from Me, the Father, and only love belongs to you. Anything else is distortion.

Anything else is imagined danger seen from an innocent shadow.

There is only innocence.

When you are innocent, you will know only sweetness, because sweetness is the truth of life.

Do not embalm your life in acidic thoughts.

Whatever danger you have seen is not true.

You misunderstood something. You misinterpreted.

See beyond your little disappointments.

You have looked for things in life to prove that you are worthy when your worthiness needs no proof. So when you look for something on the outside to establish your worthiness, you will come out empty-handed. You will have proved to yourself that you are unworthy, and that particular repetition is a familiar cycle you engage in.

Nothing has to be what you think it has to be. Or what dismality you think it is when it doesn’t match your preconditioned idea.

Be not ahead or behind your life. Let be what is, and be right now with Me.

The outside is not your life.

I am your life.

You have come here to meet with Me.

You are here for Me.

You are My companion.

Do not be caught in illusion of love.

Be caught in love, for love is the flow of you.

That is not a mandate. That is not a law. That is the truth of what is: You are the flow of My love. Is there something else you need to be? What false starts must you give yourself?

My love is yours, and it is for you.

Avail yourself of it.

Do not accept cheap imitations that fall apart.

Although all are Me, no one else can be Me to you.

That is the idolatry you have practiced.

Give Me your love, and let yourself be adorned with it. Don’t give so much to others who cannot love as I do.

The world is an errant lover.

Now, let’s get to Our love, this gazing and acceptance of what is in each other’s eyes. Our eyes match. They meet, Our eyes, and they bless what they meet. Your eyes bless Me, and Mine bless you. What is Our eyesight but the touch of love?

Do not let your eyes wander from Me. They belong on Me. And I will take you places. Have trust in Me that I know you, and that I know what I am doing. All the trust you put in human frailty you fear to put in Me Who is pure love of you. I am the Only One Who is. I am the Only One capable. I am the only One Who wants all of your love and knows what to do with it.

Love from others is easy for you to accept, even when it is illusion. And love from Me, which is Truth — is it so hard to accept? Is it so hard to accept more rather than less?

Accept My love, for it is offered you. Accept My blessings, for they are yours. Let Our love wash over Us, and there will be no boundaries. Our love will spill onto everything until the wayward world is bathed in Our love, and all will know that love meets love, and My love flourishes in the kingdom of man.

My eyes are on you right now. I cannot remove them. The love from My eyes follows you. I keep you in My sight. Have a little awareness of that, and you will have awareness of Me. Awareness of Me and My role in your life will take you out of the hold of attachment into the freedom of vast horizons where your truth abides.


Meandering in Life | Heavenletters


God said:

Beloveds, where do you meander today? Do you you go along as you hear the Sun call to you or the birds sing to you, or the spheres of the Universe, or are you led by the Stars or by the singing of the Sirens, or you know not where or how you are called?

Do you follow a momentum already begun? Do you just take off as a puppy might and race through the fields? Wherever the scents lead you, you are glad.

Today leads you somewhere. If you are an eagle high in a nest, you don’t worry about falling off a cliff or making a wrong turn.

Why then would a Human Being fear to fly when I am your Guide at your side?

The foolishness you get into are your thoughts wandering and weaving in and around. Let your Heart lead you to Me and our Mutual Fulfillment. Of course, as I say this, My Fulfillment is never a question. From My Perch, neither is yours.

You don’t require a precise map in order to reach where you are going even when you don’t know where you are going. You don’t have to appraise your life ahead of time except to know that your life is your Bounty and Mine. You can know that We fly High. We will knowingly reach Our Fulfillment.

There is not a moment when the Vastness of My Heart is not instantly being filled with more and more. This is how to spontaneously fill your Heart with or without fair notice.

Here We are Godwriting together, Ms. Gloria, and who is Who and by what name are We called?

I ask:

“Whither do We wander? Whose Woods are these We walk in?”

I say, “These Woods belong to All once and for all. On Earth as in Heaven, We cohabit as One.”

Are you certain Who is speaking? I AM sure. It’s fine for you to go out on a limb, for, of course, this is a metaphor. The Earth is a limb, so to speak. The Earth may seem shaky to you. Remember that I hold up the Earth. The Earth is in My Hands, and so are you.

I wove the Universe. I wove the Universe and you in perfect hand stitches. You and I are One inseparable, and so are you and the Universe, including Heaven and Earth and the Firmament and the Sun and the Moon and Stars. Wherever We look, Oneness is looking at Itself.

How Creative I am, and so are you.

What a day this is. What an Adventure as One We are on. Beloveds, We have hardly begun, although We always have been hand in hand swinging Our arms and exulting in the Miracles of Love and Life.

Yes, of course, for some of the imagined time you may well have been distracted by details.

From the wilderness, how can a dog born on Earth from ages old be prompted to ride in a car with his head out the window, breathing in the air, taking it in with joy wherever the car takes him? This is amazing how a dog in a car on Earth rides as if a car is his natural habitat on Earth and to so enjoy the ride that he wants to have his beloved ride every day? Is a dog on Earth truly a dog from Earth or is he from somewhere else far vaster?

If a dog is vaster than where he is planted, what are you but vaster than all the limits and details that you roll around in?

May you also look out open windows and love your ride.


The Tide of Love, Part II | Heavenletters


God said:

You will do well to stop thinking of yourself as in need. You are in need of one thing only, and that is awareness. There is nothing else you need, for all has been given to you. Awake your awareness, and then you know who you are and what you encompass.

My children have had the habit of pointing at what they don’t see and declaring it as their need, as if I overlooked one of you when I dispersed the contents of the earth. It is you who has overlooked what is in front of you, and, at the same time, looked not far enough.

You have one need, and that is awareness. When you awaken yourself to Me, then you are awake to yourself. Awareness is of Me. Awareness is looking into My eyes and seeing yourself there. You have been aware of almost everything else. You certainly have been aware of the troubles of the world and possible pitfalls before you. You have even dug up the pitfalls to make sure they are there so you can fall into them.

You think you look for solid earth, but density is not solid. All is light. And nothing is beneath your feet. All lies elsewhere. You are not locked into where your feet plant themselves. You locate yourself in a rotating universe, and you are upside-down or right-side up, but there is only up in a continuing circle. There is actually no up and no down, for space is nonexistent. You do not take up space, nor do you take up time, because time also is not.

But you are. Look not to your environment to know who you are.

There are no ceilings. There are no roofs. There is no ground.

Have awareness of eternity and your place in it.

What if you are eternity itself?

What if you are timeless?

What is it you occupy?

My heart.

That is your residence, and that is your occupation.

You exist in Me.

We are a union. Of spirit. Of love. Of energy. Energy is not the physical you think of. It is light. We are an energy of light and of love. You are the rays of love that radiate from My heart. Be My rays of love, and light the unenlightened. Radiate a spark that ignites them to Me.

Have Me in your awareness, and point Me out so that there may be Unity in life of the earth. Unity is all lights lit.

If there is no space and no time, where am I?


When Flowers Bloom | Heavenletters


God said:

Beloveds, you may think that all it would take to make you happy is to have every single desire of yours fulfilled daily. As yet, alas, not even in a million years, has this been proven True.

Courteous servants may be lined up every morning before you with all kinds of delicacies prepared for you to nibble on throughout the day.

You feel full at the moment — so of what value are all the treats to you then?

Nevertheless, you have the appetite to answer all the lovely questions the servants have in store for you, such as:

“What time do you want to go shopping for your new car today?”

“What time do you want your massage this afternoon?”

“When do you want to walk through the garden today to pick flowers and berries to brighten your table?”

“What else would you like us to do for you today? Your word is our command.”

Naturally, you think that having all your wishes fulfilled would indeed make you very very happy. This is gratifying to think about, no doubt. Indeed, thinking about what you long for does put sparkles in your eyes over and over again.

Currently, you may believe that if you have nothing left to desire, oh, My Goodness, you are on the road to happiness.

Beloveds, how many princesses in the world do you know that lived happily ever after?

In this relative world, you have heard of the rich child who has every toy in the world. He is bored. You have heard of the poor child who has only one rag to play with. He has happiness beyond measure.

Beloveds, you are your own happiness. When all is said and done, wanting, lacking, displeasure and ennui are your own Dream-Makers and your own waylayers as well.

True, all the gems in the world would give some happiness, yet the joy of all the gems in the world can last only so long. True, all the gems in the world could appear before you, yet when the day is done, objects can be only objects.

The idea of living in a palace seems joyous, yet living in a palace could be lonely. You might long to live in the house where you were born. Even as you may prefer to move into the house where you were born, living there might surely bring more unfulfilled longing to your Heart.

Who or what can give you all the happiness you seek but you? The Seeker is the Fulfiller. This is you.

You are sad to think that you could live your whole life long and leave Earth without ever having known your own True Love or without ever tasting the fruit of every dream of yours realized before you fly off to other fields.

The Truth may be that there is a hole in your bag of goodies that leaves you wanting. More and more does give you some happiness, yet there is more to life in the world than more and more. The Bluebird of Happiness is said to be found in your own backyard.

I go further to say that the Bluebird of Happiness exists within you by virtue of the thoughts you tell yourself. Your own Happiness may be in your own Story in your own words.

Your Heart continues to hope there is more Happiness waiting for you that will still reach you by and by with or without notice.

Verily, much of your Happiness has been in looking forward to it.

Look, Beloveds, if you want to have flowers to bloom and to pick in your own backyard, plant your seeds ahead of time, yes?


The Tide of Love, Part I | Heavenletters


God said:

My love seems obscure to you because it is everywhere.

You do not see air, but you breathe it.

You do not see air, but you see it wave the leaves of trees and the buoyancy of clouds in a sky made of air. Air is a manifestation of My love, as are the trees and the intimate clouds.

But I am much more than air. I am much more than a breeze. I am much more than what you breathe. I am not passive, and I am not confrontation.

I am the Neutralness of Love.

I am Love dispatched on the clear winds of joy.

I breathe you.

I breathe My breath into you, and you are My breath. You are the breath of My Being. You are My bread upon the waters. Yet you do not escape me. The waves knead you, and I knead you. My love massages you, and My wondrousness is multiplied.

You seek My understanding of you, and I seek your understanding of yourself.

But what is there to understand about love?

It is the waves of the ocean.

It is the stillness of the sea.

It is the energy of life, and you are the energy of life.

And your soul is your acquaintanceship with life.

Life is not what you think.

It is not a puzzle to figure out.

It is an ocean to swim in.

It is a tub of water.

It is a drop of dew extended from the air.

Life does not begin and end.

Life is perpetual. It rolls on a field of eternity.

You may dip in and out of the sheaves of grass, or the waves of the water, but you are never out of life.

Death is a grand illusion. There is no death. There is Beingness.

So long as I live, and I assure you I am Eternity Itself, you have life. Life is not one-dimensioned, though it is One with Me.

You exist in My heart.

The illusion that is called your body roams.

Your soul of Truth goes with it. Your soul encapsulated in a body of water, your body an ocean unto itself.

The tide of love pulls you. Where can it pull you but to Me?

And look what your resistance does? It blinds you. You are blind with resistance to My love. You are not blind to anger or defeat, but you are blind to My love. The love We speak of is not an emotion. It is the truth of existence itself.

Only love could have created you. Nothing else. And you resist what created you.

You are My love extended, and it is extended to you, and you are also the Extender of it, this, My love. That is the circle, and it is complete. You are the circle. You are love from love to love, nothing but love. All else is misdemeanor. Un-demean yourself.

You are the Ugly Duckling who was actually a swan.

Ugly Duckling was a name put on a loveliness that surpassed the understanding of those around it, so there was misunderstanding, and the little swan did not know who he was. There was misunderstanding until the light dawned. Another swan informed the Ugly Duckling of his true stature. When the Ugly Duckling became aware, the duck population became aware as well, but the key was with the Ugly Duckling himself.

I light the dawn, and you rise from the ashes of misunderstanding, not as a swan, but as a Human being with the whiteness of the swan. And the agility. And the regalness.

Now let’s add a layer to your understanding. There is nothing wrong with ducks. They are beautiful. Swans are not better. Ducks and swans are symbols of My love, as you are a symbol of My love. There is nothing else you can be. Aspire to My love, and you will float in it, and you will establish it on earth, and My love will be known like the light that it is, like a white Swan smooth on the water, or like a yellow duck paddling in a pond.


Pass Your gifts on Right Away | Heavenletters


God said:

Alas, Beloveds, you may have a tendency to rue some of what you say as well as rue words that did not even occur to you to say. And, if you had thought of it, you may have missed the deadline.

Perhaps the person you want to say the words to has left Earth by now. Now you can only whisper to yourself as the Sun is setting, and you wonder where are the Days of Yesteryear.

You may well have glossed over your Heart at the time. Which is better or which is worse, to have not thought of a kind act in the first place, or to keep playing the same sad song over and over again?

Unspoken words hang over you like bills that you can never make good on. If only you had a stamp that you could stamp PAID on your Heart and be done with it… Only, you don’t, and you simply don’t know how to walk away from these unwritten debts either. How will you ever get out from under?

“Too late, too late,” sayeth the Raven.

No one is chasing after you but you. You are the heavy debt-collector who leaves bills in your mailbox. You are the one who keeps knocking on your door. You are the one who has to stop filling your Heart with debts.

Believe Me, once and for all, debt-collecting is not My purpose. I cast off debts. And so must you.

Starting right now: Praise yourself for all the good you say and do. Beloveds, do Me a favor and let go of the past you belabor yourself with. What do you think letting go of the past means?

Sit up straight and say, “Nice,” to yourself. And say it again and again until you believe it.

Being exists. All this that feels heavy to you is all imaginary anyway. Feeling nailed to the wall is no more than a soap opera you watch and leave on in the background.

Furthermore, what is this about your being too late? Recant to your Loved Ones, dead or alive, right now directly out loud or in writing. Do it. Be done with it. Let yourself off the hook. Be free.

In terms of the world, it’s unlikely that you will finish with all you could have done or been. Let yourself off the hook. As it is, you can hardly keep up with emails. Demands on you are many. As I speak to you now, I look deeply into your eyes. Look into Mine and see yourself as I do see you.

Beloveds, pass muster on yourself right now. You’re not just so-so. You are good. Accept the fact that you are not a saint, and let it be good enough that you be the best you can be in the midst of this far-reaching life.

You’re not going to win all the races. This is fair enough. Stay away from making too many demands on yourself.

It’s really okay to be 50% perfect. 50% doesn’t mean you are sloughing off.

What must be accomplished is being accomplished with or without your foreknowledge. You are responsible for what you are responsible for.

In another sense, of course, everyone is responsible to everyone for everything, yet everyone, soon or late, has also to cast off his or her past from the confines of the world.

The next time you have the opportunity to say to someone in this life: “What can I do for you?” Go ahead and ask right then and there, and also answer, “Yes,” right then and there and pass your gifts on right away.