When You Weep for Love Lost | Heavenletters

God said:

Above all, don’t feel sorry for yourself. Don’t. Just don’t. Smile instead. Feeling sorry for yourself is like sitting in an oil spill and not being able to get up. Better even to feel angry than to feel pity for yourself.

You can give many reasons why you feel sorry for yourself. When you view your life in a pitying way, you can have a long list. You can have a list as long as a long scarf.

Feeling sorry for yourself is like sucking your thumb. You can suck your thumb for only so long. Self-pity is something to outgrow.

The thing is that feeling sorry for yourself, when you’re in that frame of mind, doesn’t get you anywhere. It digs you deeper in to where you don’t want to be. Stay away from self-pity like the plague. Self-pity is a plague. It is a torrential display of self-centeredness that you melt yourself into. You melt yourself into tears of a kind of gooeyness.

You are not one to be pitied nor are you to be one who pities another. No longer stew yourself in pity. Pitying, feeling sorry for yourself or another, is a form of indolence.

Of course, you can make a good case for self-pity. Self-pity sets you apart from everyone and from yourself. Self-pity says you have suffered and that you are suffering still. Self-pity may say you cannot get over feeling sorry for yourself. Self-pity may say you can cry tears forever. Self-pity may say you are the most sorrowful person in the world.

You may weep because you no longer have your parents. You may weep for your youth. You may weep for love lost. You may weep because you have not loved or loved enough. You may weep because joy has been wrested from your hand. You may weep because you are afraid of life and living of it.

How clear can you be when you look at yourself and life through tears?

You know what to do.

When you weep for love lost, be glad for the joy you had before it was lost.

When you weep that your parents are no longer on Earth, be glad you had your parents while you had them.

And if you were an orphan and had no parents of your own and lived in an orphanage, be glad you weathered it, and, now, no longer see yourself as an orphan.

For every sighting of self-pity, turn it over and allocate that which to be glad for. You can do it. You have to do it. Nobody can do it for you. Do not wait. Abandon self-pity this minute.

Come on now, if you saw two signs, one called Self-Pity and another called To Be Glad For, why would you choose self-pity? Self-pity is not a badge of honor. There is no virtue in it.

If you must feel sorry for yourself, do it for just a minute and then turn off the recording that attracts self-pity. Put on another CD. I am talking about your thoughts, beloveds. Thoughts bring on self-pity. The conditions themselves do not. Self-pity doesn’t happen without a green light from your thoughts. No longer go fishing for self-pity. No matter what, you are not to indulge in feeling sorry for yourself or anyone.

You can look at emptiness in your life, or you can look at where empty spaces are filled in. You don’t have to look at the holes. You do not have to underline them. You do not have to put a circle around them and an exclamation mark.

You are not here on Earth for self-pity. You are here on Earth for Me.

What Happiness Is | Heavenletters

God said:

Whatever you have been thinking Heaven on Earth will be, it will be even more. You are going to have undreamed of joy. You — I speak to everyone who reads My words — are going to have untold happiness. You cannot imagine all the happiness that will be yours. Your happiness will be like popcorn popping, and there will be no stopping it.

Your happiness will shoot out like the way an expert dealer deals cards fast. Furthermore, all the cards in the deck are aces, beloveds, with a few jacks, queens, and kings thrown in to represent you and the people in your life.

In fact, all fortunes will be good fortunes now. The die is cast.

Heretofore, you have not known how marvelous life is supposed to be. Soon you will be living life as it is meant to be in all its glory. All suffering will be behind you. All the past will be behind you. You will be awed by all that will present itself to you. There will be one awe after another. You will pinch yourself a dozen times a day and find that you are awake.

Life on Earth will become the unfoldment of all Our dreams. Life will be piled high with dreams come true. The world will become one great big resounding Yes! The word “no” will become so faint you will not hear it, and then it will disappear altogether. It will come to pass that the concept of “no” will be gone altogether. “No” was like a spell that had been cast on Earth members, and now the spell has been lifted and can be no more.

No one’s throat will be able to form the word “no.” The closest sound approximation will be “now.”

There will be no stumbling blocks to evolution, no interruptions, no pauses. You will keep on rolling along, and taking all with you. You will go round and round in galaxy-hopping joy. In fact, you will revolve around the sun at break-neck speed. The stars will part before you and return to their original spot the minute you pass. You will stand still, and yet you will be transported anywhere and everywhere.

You will swim to the depths of the ocean, and you will fly to the heights of Heaven. There will no longer be an horizon line, for the merger of Heaven and Earth will be complete. You will easily pass through the eye of the needle. There will be no restrictions. All entrances will be as wide as the Grand Canyon. Everything will be wide open, most especially your eyes will be wide open.

You are learning to see. You are learning to read the Universe in Braille and in every other language. No longer will there be bedlam. All will be understood, for hearts will be known, and the language of love alone will be spoken. Speech will no longer be needed, and yet it will be practiced for the beauty of its sound and its rhythm.

Dance will no longer be known as such, for everyone will be dancing. No one will need lessons. And eyes will dance. Dancing will be like a chain lighted by bright smiles.

It will be a hop, skip and jump to anywhere you like. You will ride the dimensions and dimensionless the way you would ride a whale. You will choose to be any form you want, and you will be recognized, and yet you will be formless. You will be seamless. You will know that your girth surpasses Earth’s circumference, and you will know that Heaven is measureless, and yet Heaven will be measured in immeasurable love. Get your hat on, beloved, for you are ready to immerse yourselves in happiness and finally, once and for all, find out what happiness is.

Greater Fields | Heavenletters

God said:

Have a little faith in what I say. Only a little will carry you far. Attend to what you can embrace here. Look not for argument. What can you gain by argument with Me? Do you really think you know more than I?

When you learned algebra, you accepted that there was something you needed to learn. You accepted that you did not know it all. But when it comes to what I tell you of the grandness of creation, you are like the two-year old who says no automatically. He considers himself the arbiter of the world and its Heavens. He makes pronouncements and denouncements. As he duels with his father, you duel with Me.

But I do not duel with you. I play no game. I prove no point. I speak Truth. I cannot hear it for you. You must hear it for yourself. Put your energy somewhere else rather than debate with Me. I am not an adversary, nor are you an adversary to Me, no matter what your fussing and fuming. We are Love. What more is there to it than that?

Never mind trying to understand what I say. Understand Me. Understand My place in your life. Accept My friendship. I do not expound My precepts for anyone but you and for nothing but you. I do not talk to hear Myself talk. I lift you with My words. I am raising you. I am telling you what is in My heart to tell you so that you may find the grace in life.

You do not need lessons in finding the graceless. You are already good at that.

I will stretch you. I will not let you stay the dreary same. You will come out of your nest and awake to the Sun. You will sing a different tune. You have to change your refrains. Now you sing a new song, and I am teaching it to you.

Your intellect is weary. It assails itself. It courses and winds and ties itself up. The intellect is a spider caught in its own web. Rest your intellect a while, and recline in your heart.

Your heart knows not of arguments. Your heart knows of love. That is its natural state.

Because life does not always follow your bidding or arrange itself the way you think, do not use that as an excuse to encumber your heart with judgment. Leave your heart to itself. It is well aware of Me. It is not your heart that criticizes Me. Why would it? Your heart knows Me very well.

You are My generation. You are My seed. You are not meant to be My accuser. It is not your place to defend the downtrodden when it comes to Me.

Ego fans itself with argument. You try to catch My attention with argument. You already have My attention. My attention is called love.

You may think you want the last word with Me, but you don’t. You know you are insufficient without Me — as if you could ever truly be without Me. Yes, you argue with your very underpinnings.

If you seek Truth, let it in. Give it admittance. Start from the premise that what I say is true. Consider this certainty at least a possibility. I offer you Heaven, and you quibble. Why would you do that? Be chagrined. Look up.

Arise to your true stature. You are not smallness. You are greatness. Do not debate such matters with Me. Do We have time for debate? It seems that We have a lot to do for the world. All your arguments are just staying actions, and We move onto greater fields. Put down your sword, and come travel with Me. Haven’t you seen enough of the ways of the world. Come, let Me show you Heaven.

What Do You Talk About? | Heavenletters

God said:

When you feel ache in your heart, did someone else put it there? Do you really think that’s possible? Outside events and people influence you, certainly, but must they to the extent they do? Must your life rise and fall according to what someone says to you or what comes in the mail? Must every event in life put a stamp on you, as if you were no more than a package at the post office?

You are a sovereign Being of Light. Your light is laser-like and can cut through anything. Despite what goes on around you, you are light. Keep that knowledge, and how dismayed can you be by an irrelevancy of the world?

You must think you are dependent upon what transpires around you. You must think you play the triangles in an orchestra and have to wait for signals from the conductor before you sound them. All the while, you have fooled yourself, for you are the conductor, and you can make any music you want. Choose the oboe or choose the drums, it’s up to you. You are the chooser of how you are affected by circumstances in life. You are the chooser of how much pain or joy you will have. If you cannot accept that, can you accept that you are, even to a small extent, a maker of what you will? You have made joy and you have made pain, and you have gone back and forth, dismissing one after the other.

When you make a choice of joy today, you will have more of it. Life will roll along, and whatever corner you find yourself in, you will find a tidbit of joy, or a barrel of it. Find that which you seek. Make sure you are seeking joy and not woe.

What do you pick out to talk about? Joy or problems? Let problems even be joy. That will put them in their proper place.

You are meant for joy. Joy is your due, but that doesn’t mean it’s coming to you. It’s not for you to complain or stamp your foot when it doesn’t. Catch joy as you would a butterfly. Your eyes are the net, and your heart is the branch the butterfly alights on. Once you have caught the butterfly, then you let it go as if joy were bubbles that you blow. Waft joy upon the Earth, and there will be more of it visible.

Replace the complaint department of your mind with a joy department. Make room for a joy department. Shove woe aside. You cannot go to a store to return your life nor exchange it for another. But you can make good use of what you have. There is no better use of your life than joy. Will you remember that?

You are more than a receptor of life. You are an interpreter of it. Translate life into the language of love and joy. Joy is your native language, although you may have forgotten it. Expand your vocabulary now. Focus on joy, and see what even an off-day can be. Consider your work week a vacation, and see what happens.

How can a day be joyful for you unless you admit the possibility?

Today, open your heart and mind to possibility. Call the angels to you by your joy. Angels are more than guardians. They are not so serious. They are joy-givers. Be like your angels. Capture joy, and then let it fly. Be a joy-giver. The message I have just sent to you is to give joy.

The Light You Shine ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very pleased to announce that you are making the progress that we would have hoped you would make from the recent energies that have been coming in and hitting some of you very hard. There is never any certainty on our part as to how you will handle the energies as they come in. There is only hope that we and the other beings who are sending you energy have done the correct calibrations. We are very happy to see how many of you are beginning to recognize yourselves as the brilliant beings of light and love that you truly are.

And when we say that, we also want to include that we notice when someone is in their ego and when they are not, and what we are noticing is that the vast majority of those of you who are awake have absolutely no ego involved when you shine your light. You have been shining your lights for the rest of humanity ever since you awakened in this lifetime, and now you are beginning to increase the amount of light that you allow to flow through you without hesitation and without fear.

You see, early on when many of you awakened, there was a period where you hid your light from the rest of the world out of fear that you would be ostracized or worse, and those fears have mostly been completely processed and cleared because of the work that you do on yourselves. We cannot process your emotions for you. We cannot clear anything out of you. That’s your work. We give you the upgrades, activations, and downloads that encourage you to do that work and that give you incentive to do that work. Because once you have cleared what you need to clear, you then have access to what we have deposited into your fields. And of course, we are not the only ones doing this.

So you have many reasons to be on top of the whole clearing and processing game. So that is what we see happening, and as a result, you have access to the downloads, the activations, and everything else that we send to you, and you’ve been shining your light without that egoic sense of being better than anyone else as you do. And that is why you don’t attract that negative attention. So you have learned through the clearing what you need to do in this lifetime to be the leaders, the healers, the guides, and the wayshowers that you are without getting yourselves in any trouble along the way.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Have a Heart | Heavenletters

God said:

How much focus there has been on imperfection. How much attention have you put on imperfection? You have perhaps specialized in it. Imperfection may be the subject of your every thought, your imperfection, others’ imperfection, the imperfection of the world! Endless has been your focus on imperfection. What an expert you have become!

What would happen if you genuinely changed your focus?

Light would happen!

Love would happen!

Peace would happen!

What if you welcomed yourself and others to your heart? What if you saw without hindsight? What if you were okay? What if you accepted yourself and blessed yourself? Then it would be easier to accept and bless others, and so you would be twice blessed.

It is easy to find fault. There is no lack of fault to find in the relative world. Yet, why would you be interested in fault? How does fault-finding make you feel?

There is always a down-side. When people are this, they are not that. Why do people have to be either this or that? What does your mind say?

Have a heart, beloveds. Have a heart for yourself and see how others bloom.

Look on life as you look at a garden. Sure, there may be weeds. Sure, the soil may be dry. Well, then, water the garden. Nourish it. Nourish it with your thoughts about it. What are you looking at, and why are you?

Take our children. They are everything they are, and they are not what they are not. Love them, and what will they be? What can they not be, nourished by your love.

Criticism is a dime a dozen. Everyone is a champion at it. Be a champion at something else. Become a cheerleader.

Most of all, everyone does not have to be like you. You are not so pleased with yourself either. We could safely say that you are hard to please. What if you were easy to please, what then?

What if everything is okay the way it is? What if you do not have to fix anything? What if you do not have to fix the world! When you do not feel impelled to fix the world, you are admirably letting go of control. What are you controlling anyway when it is hard to control yourself?

Let go of control. Let go of the need for control. Life has a mind of its own. You can let life be.

If life is a soup, you can stir it. You can add spices to it. You can serve it with love. You can enjoy it.

What you can do with soup, you can do with life.

Specialize in serving life. You are not to turn your nose up at it. You are to welcome it. Become your own best booster, and you will lift the world. You will raise it. You are raising the world. You are bringing it up. Lift the world high. You are indeed serving the world and you are serving the world to all others. What else is there for you to do?

You may think that all you do is to go to work or clean the house or pick up after others and yourself. And, yet, these are not your purpose. You have a much higher purpose.

It is incumbent upon you to serve the world. With every breath you take, you are serving the world. Serve it well. Serve it majestically. And serve the world to yourself with all credit to the world and yourself and to Me. Serve in the spirit of giving. If everyone served, there would be no need of taking or keeping or keeping anything away from you.

How to Take a Vacation in the Midst of Your Life | Heavenletters

God said:

Precious children, do not be hard on one another. You are, you know. Be benevolent, and be kind even when others are not. Others are not to set an example of Me. You are to set an example of Me. See wider, see further, and you will not be caught in illusion of smallness. You will be swept up in greatness.

Be not a reactor. Be a dissolver. When tension comes your way, do not put your back up against it. Evaporate it. Tension, if you have it, is yours. Whatever may have stirred it, nothing causes tension in you but you. And it is you who can release it. Give it to Me, your tension, unless you want to keep it for rigidity’s sake. There is no other reason for you to keep it. Dissolving your tension is not dissolving you. It is finding you.

Tension does not locate you. It dislocates you. It cuts you off from yourself. With tension, you have internalized what is external to you.

I am teaching you how to take a vacation in the midst of your life. You do not need a beach or a mountain cabin. You need to vacate the props that hold you in place. What ideas do you hold on to that tell you that you must be tense?

Tension is control. What is it you have to control? How the world treats you? I am afraid you cannot. How you treat the world? That is another thing, but let that come not from control but from ease. Nothing can demolish your heart of being, and yet you fend off every nuance of everything.

What if you were a mighty giant? What would you do differently in your life? Consider yourself a mighty giant, and live your life accordingly, for that is truth. You are not a puny helpless tossed-by-the-winds thing. You are a giant who moves the winds.

How tall will you carry yourself when you know you are a giant? How tender and kind you will be. All power is yours, and you will make gentleness yours as well, for who will if a great being does not?

Remember that it is My boat you sail. I steer it. You are tokenly at the helm. I steer the boat. Your hands are on the helm, and sometimes you think you steer it. But do not take the wheel out of My hands. Give the sailing of the ship over to Me, and you will not have tension. Tension comes from trying to take the wheel out of My hands.

You float on the water because I hold you there. I am the only One who has to hold. You have to let go. You have to unloose your hold on life. Taking life by the neck is futile anyway.

Let life unfold.

Welcome it.

Do not interpret it.

Even a storm can be a blessing on the sea of life.

Let even a storm be awash over you.

Anything that takes away your illusions is a help to you. Do not hinder it.

You can push against the storm, and that is your ego. Or you can accept it for what it is without recrimination, and that is My Will. Ride the storms, My dear children.

No storm touches you.

However much it may shake you up, you come out of the storm as My child just as you entered My child. Storms do not change you. They merely take you closer to Me which is the same as away from illusion.

Storms clear away the past.

The past needs to be cleared away.

Do not accumulate the past, and it will not need to be cleared.

Live in the moment, and there are no storms.

When you live in the famous moment, you are with Me, and what little storm on earth can affect Me?

Remember that you are not your emotions, and your emotions are not you. Emotions are learned things, something of the past held on to instead of being allowed to go. Release, release.

What you release was never yours.

Tension does not belong to you.

Ease belongs to you.

Accept what is yours, and no longer hold on to what is not.

Beyond the World of Appearances | Heavenletters

God said:

Come right in. Come over here to Me.

When We come down to it, I am what there is. We could also say that you, the so-called you, are all that there is as well. Call it you, I, We – take your pick – the One of Us is the Totality.

The world isn’t really out there. Oh, yes, it seems to be. It certainly does. You can touch it; you can hear it; you can be boondoggled by it. You can break it; you can put it together; you can love it; you can be outraged by it.

You can make anything of the extant world you like. You can prove it; reprove it; edit it; undo it; rewrite your script all over. You can also go beyond the world of appearances.

Here is where I come in. Here is the True Reality. Inside Us isn’t exactly the right expression. There is no exact right expression. We do the best We can. We attempt. Yet even language is not real. We palaver. We make sounds and shapes of sounds and combinations of sounds that We name language. We also call languages tongues while our tongues swivel and shake.

Of course, language goes beyond sounds and shapes. Some languages are called guttural. There is an affiliation between sounds and your guts – guts meaning where your world truth lies. You spill your guts out, it is said, when you tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Do you see how one word changes another, or amplifies it, or crosses it out. Out with it!

The Truth is that nothing exists but the Truth. Pretty much, languages and their words are something you play with, putting together a puzzle in diverse ways. Also a puzzle you pull apart in diverse ways.

You can eat your words. You can chop them up. There is the puzzle of language, yet the puzzle may remain in your thoughts. And where are thoughts located really?

Even the same one word may have many meanings.

Language is sound, and it is also sight. There are many kinds of sight as well. Second sight. Yet meaning can be reached without sight. It can be guessed. It can be felt.

Meaning and the world can be anything you choose to say it is. You set the rules. You engage or disengage. You spin the wheel. Where it stops, nobody knows. And even when you might know where the wheel stops, it doesn’t stay stopped. That’s why it’s called a wheel.

I am having fun with words today. I am having fun with you. May you be having fun with Me.

Let’s be jolly today. All this playground that you live on is a mirror. It is a mirror of you. It may be your worst dream or it may be the best dream you could ever have. The only True Content of this imagined world that is studied ad infinitum cannot really be studied because it dances away from view right before your eyes. You hardly remember what you have seen soon enough anyway.

You are playing in the Game of Life. It is very very serious to you. The Game of Life may mean everything to you.

So, what are We saying and seeing here today right now? Nothing and Everything, and nothin’ at all.

Yet We are whirling in love all along. Sometimes you mean it, sometimes you don’t. Make of Life what you will. In the world, this is how it is.

Out of the world, there is a different story. It is not even a story. It is Infinity where no dice roll.

The Essence of You | Heavenletters

God said:

Not what you want, but what I know.

Not what you crave, but what I give you.

Not what you fear, but what you love.

Look at what I know, what I give you, and what you love.

Then you will know as I do know, and you will give as I do give, and you will know the essence of you which is love unmitigated, love full-blown as it continues to find itself along the way.

Another name for love is acceptance.

Another name for acceptance is seeing.

That is how truth is grasped, by seeing and receiving.

Heretofore, you accepted pain more easily than truth. Can you tell Me that you haven’t?

Heretofore, you accepted the immediate more readily than the Immutable Eternal Truth I give.

The mirror you have looked in has been distorted.

Look at Me, and you will see true reflection.

The wavy lines are not truth.

Close your eyes, and see truth.

Close your eyes, and see light.

You are a spark of light.

And you are to ignite other sparks of light.

Ignite them.

Know that you carry the Light so that others may see.

This is no effort.

This is not conscious doing.

This is Being.

A lamp lights.

Souls sparkle on Earth.

There is greatness among you.

There is greatness within you.

Stop blocking it.

Get out of the way of your greatness.

You are like a quarterback who blocks his own team.

He runs everywhere, he knows not where.

He attacks, he blocks, he prevents.

He wears big shoulders.

He acts like a lion, but he is a lamb.

Why do you need to be lions?

Why need you halt your heart?

Merge with truth.

I will help you.

Call on Me to help you know truth, to know it when you see it, and to hold truth and nothing else. Why would you want to hold anything else when you can hold Me?

Hold Me, and you will have everything else.

You know by now that may not mean the riches of the world, those baubles that bob on the top of the ocean, but you will have the ocean and its depth, and its waves will roll and wash over you and leave you leaping up like a dolphin, for your hearts are My dolphins of the deep, and you will want what you have, for I am the treasure you seek.

I play a flute song that only your heart can hear.

The waves of the ocean are in your heart.

The waves of the ocean roll within you.

I flute them into existence.

You are buoyed by the notes of My flute.

That is your foundation.

The music I make.

The solid earth is not your foundation.

What appears solid is fluid.

The fluid is light.

And light leaps on earth.

And fishes fly.

And your hearts comes to Mine.

There is no wilderness.

There are only those who have wandered aimlessly.

Now accept your destination, and your wandering will not be aimless.

Point your heart towards Mine, and you will magnetize others and pull them to Me also.

Be swept up in the Ocean of Love.

That is your medium.

That is your artistry because it is Mine.

Know what you are for.

Know why you do things.

Follow your heart to My door.

It is open.

The sign says, “Come in.

“Heaven is open.

“24 hours a day.”

But once inside, there are no days.

There are no nights.

There is only Heaven Itself where time stops and love begins.

Dear Lovelorn | Heavenletters

God said:

My heart is embedded in yours. My heart is yours. My heart is for your use. I have given all of My heart to you. My heart beats in yours. Our One Heart beats the gong of love.

You, who may feel lovelorn, regardless, no one has more love than you. No one is more loved than you. It is also possible that no one is more skeptical than you. Remove your cap of skepticism and put on a crown of love.

Beloveds, I crowned you love. Love is not an add-on. For Our purposes, however, picture yourself putting on a crown of God’s love. What more do you need? What else is there? When all is said and done, what else is there but My love bestowed on you?

You live under the umbrella of My love, yet My love is far more than an umbrella.

My love is the sky above, and My love is the stars. I have given you the stars and the comets and sun and the moon, and I have given you the image of day and night. I have handed you the stars like pearls. When your heart aches, consider your tears like pearls from the stars. Let the stars enter your eyes. In truth, your eyes fill themselves up with the light of the stars. Take off glasses and lenses for a while, and bathe your eyes in the light of love that stars cast upon you.

Free the star of your heart to meet itself.

Come out from under the brambles that your heart hides under.

All the trouble in the world is but subterfuge. You have been playing Hide-Go-Seek with your heart. You have been playing Heart-Go-Seek, and so your heart that has everything goes on a mission to find itself. You are Everyone, and you are Everywhere. Has your heart been playing a Game of Solitaire? Has your heart been hiding under a bushel or under a mushroom? Where has your heart been hiding?

Literally, I tell you, rather than count troubles, count the stars. You will find yourself in the stars, for, from light, you have come, and light you are, and you cannot be anything but light, beautiful light, beautiful swirling light that sends a message from Me to all the land, and your message is love. In a kind of Morse code, you sprinkle the light of love around the Universe. You imagine you are a seeker, when, all along, you have been a sparkler of My light. You are Mercury, fleet of foot, and you are All That There Is. I am the Totality, and so are you.

You are far more than an individual personality locked inside a human body, and the Truth of you will out. You will stumble across it. You will trip over yourself, and you will notice that all is you, and that you are all. If I am All, so are you. All the senses become wrapped in One, or, more succinctly, unwrapped in One. All the subterfuge is unwrapped, and the True Light That You Are Stands Ablaze in the Light of the Stars. The Light of the Stars is the Light of Love. There is no Light but the Light that shines Above and Within, and, there is no above. There is no outside. There is only within, and what is within, will out.

No longer ask, Why? Why this and why that?

Now, simply say Yes. Say Yes to the Stars, and Yes to Love, and Yes, Yes, Yes.