Sometimes All You Seek Is a Little Peace | Heavenletters


God said:

Physical Life consumes most of your time. Every day, you eat. Many days, you commute. You sit. You walk. You stand. You talk on the phone. Physical Life makes its demands on you. And you fulfill these demands pretty much without argument. You wash your face. You put on your shoes. You tie them.

The Spiritual is also always with you. I am always with you.

Now, if time is not true, how does time have anything to do with the Spiritual and its development?

You are right to ask the question. In the physical realm, you make lists and check them off. You feel you’ve gotten somewhere.

The Spiritual Realm is not like that. The Spiritual Realm isn’t made of doing. What action can you take in the Spiritual Realm? What is the procedure? You may read books on growing spiritually, pray day by day — do everything you can think of to raise your consciousness, yet, how can you measure your progress? How much of your noticeable Spiritual Life do you really have that much to do with. You would hurry the Spiritual along if you knew how. You don’t know how. There may not be a how. You know of no way to whip yourself into shape spiritually just like that.

You can vow. You can apply yourself, yet, effort of Will doesn’t seem to pay off as much as you would like. You would come closer to Me every day if you knew how. Alas, time spent on Spiritual Growth does not necessarily equate with Spiritual Growth. You know of no determinant. Often you don’t know what claims you can make. You don’t know what the answers are. You’re not sure about what the questions are either.

You may not be looking for great rewards. Sometimes all you want in Life is a little Peace. At the same time, you would like to develop spiritually while you are on Earth. Sometimes you may feel you haven’t gotten anywhere – or anywhere far enough.

If you did actually grow spiritually, how would you know anyway? There is no yardstick with which to measure. Who can say?

Suffering seems to visit all. No one you know is excused from pain or disappointment. You don’t always feel you know where you’ve been or where you’re going, if anywhere.

You may feel your heart expand. You may come closer to Me, yes. Then another day, you may not find Me anywhere.

You want signs now. Sometimes all you want is to get through a day or two without your heart’s being wrenched and cut in two.

How do you find evidence of growth of your Spirit in the physical world? You seek yet perhaps see it not. Or you may see, and, then, you then the next day, you may see it not.

Sometimes you think that Trust and Faith are the most you have, and, yet, you are not sure how far Trust and Faith go.

You would take Me at My Word if you could. Of course, you would, yet every day you tremble before what Life may hand over to you in My Name.

Beloveds, you may sometimes feel that you love TV more than Me, and yet, and yet, you know you cannot compare Me to anything, for I am the Vastness of the Vast. You may feel I hold out Glory to you, and yet Glory is too often out of sight and out of reach. It is I you crave most of all, for I offer you Greatness.

You really don’t have to struggle or beg for what is yours. Yet, it does not always seem to be yours around the corner.

Just the same, you invite Me to you as I invite you to Me. Life is not inconsolable, nor am I unreachable.

You and I, We are already One. Our Oneness already is. Trust in Me, Beloveds, and trust in yourself – your Self. As you seek and yearn, your Self leads you closer to the seeming Far Seas that keep calling you to Me.


You Can Take a Back Seat in the Drama of Life | Heavenletters


God said:

Sure, Beloveds, have a degree of solicitousness for others, yet don’t overdo it. You don’t have to outdo everyone else in this Drama of Life you play in.

Dear Ones, it is not a tribute to you to see anyone as less than you. This is not courtesy from you nor is this to be your fulfillment. Serve in order to serve others.

As for concern for yourself and your sensitivity, you are not a hothouse flower that requires extraordinary attention and special favor. You are a hardy rose.

Yes, by all means, enjoy Life. Let enjoyment be a by-product of your Life. To enjoy is a priority, yet you are here for more than your own personal refreshment.

Be good to yourself, yet forgo pampering yourself. Go for a massage or whatever, yet you, yourself, as an individual, are not the be-all and end-all of your Life. You are greater than how you feel at any given moment. The purpose of your Life is grander than you may have ever thought. Have a bigger view now. You are part of a Grand Creation.

The aim of your Life isn’t for you to pick flowers all day. It is also your privilege to give to others from your heart some of the flowers you pick, not by decree of the world but by your own decree.

There is more to you than meets the eye.

Goodness and mercy do not mean that you are to be over-solicitous. You do not give all of yourself away. I am an advocate of service, yet you are not to sacrifice. You have nothing to prove. You have everything to Be.

In the natural progression, you would not be thinking in terms of giving or not giving, you understand. Nor is Life a directed action to prove your ability to give unto others. Your ability to love and your ability to give are not meant to be thought-out efforts. Loving and giving are not machination. Your ability to love is not set out in order to make you big man on campus, you understand. A good deed unnoted by the world is still a good deed.

To come from your heart does not mean you are maudlin. Nor does coming from your heart mean you must think Life through and measure your deeds. Live more than you measure.

Have no regrets. You don’t have to live your Life according to rules that others impose. You are not a cipher. Count yourself in. Serving Me and serving others do not represent giving your Life away. Nor does serving Me mean that you must hold your Life tightly to you. Live your Life.

Living Life isn’t something to measure or debate. Fulfillment doesn’t come from others’ approval of you. Enjoy approval, yet don’t require pats on the back any more than you welcome being criticized. You will grow on your own accord as well as at My behest.

In Life, it is not always clear what is the best action for you to take. You don’t have to be all this and all that. You don’t have to be the fairest of all, nor do you have to be a middle-of-the-roader.

The Great Spiritual Ones simply led their lives. They were not high and mighty. They just lived. They lived Who they were. They served by being themselves. They were not robots of Goodness, you understand. Never were they artificial. They were nothing but themselves. Nearer to God were they, yet they may never strived to perform Greatness. Greatness fell to them. You might say Greatness was their duty, yet they were driven by love. All Great Ones are the Truth of themselves and none other.


What a Difference One Person Can Make | Heavenletters


God said:

When you feel a complaint coming on, bless instead.

If someone feels like a thorn in your side, bless him or her one more time.

This lifts you out of the mode of complaint. Feel the difference between your wont to complain and your lack of giving blessing. What a difference.

Imagine the difference one person who turns his plaint into a blessing can make. Imagine the difference two people can make. Imagine the difference ten people giving simple homespun blessings can make. Imagine the difference ten thousand people can make, and why not? Then there really might be nothing left in the world to complain about then.

If you have a complaint, you may have good reason, yet it doesn’t matter whether you do or don’t. Life is not about being justified in your annoyance or short or long-lasting aggravation for even downright suffering.

If you would rather list your complaints, go ahead. This may well be what you have been doing right along. A question to ask yourself is: “Where does complaining get me?” I would say it digs you into a rondel of more and more complaints.

Dear Ones, complaining, whether rightly or wrongly doesn’t matter one whit — complaining takes you where you have been. When you complain, no matter the various causes and expressions, you are saying, “Poor me.” Where you have been is pseudo-victorious in your victimhood. Do you want sympathy more than you want freedom from complaint?

Transform yourself into a Real Live Blessing right now. Wherever you are, you can do this. In the middle of anything, you can do this.

To become one who blesses takes a very few words. Say the words internally. Say:

“Bless you, or, God bless you, or May you be blessed, or May all blessings reach you, or May blessings from my heart reach your heart etc.” And don’t argue with yourself. No longer say to yourself: “Yeah, but…”

When you bless, you are blessing the one who rubbed your heart the wrong way. Primarily, you are blessing yourself. One who blesses is blessed. You release yourself from bondage. Blessing someone is a short trip whereas complaining goes on and on and around and around. Furthermore, when you bless, you bless the world, and, if I may say, you are blessing Me.

Honestly, as it has been, you may feel that you cannot complain enough, is this not true? Complaining is like scratching an itch. You can scratch and scratch, and yet you are still itchy.

Consider that there is a balm you can apply to the itch. Concerning the itch to complain, there is a balm called Blessing.

Catch yourself when there is a complaint ready for you to tell the world about. Change the whole pattern to a simple blessing. Be done with complaining, or you could continue complaining your whole life long.

Put an end to your self-talk about what’s wrong with the weather and a dozen other things. Don’t belabor your complaints even to yourself. Note you will have more energy.

You can always conjure up a new complaint. For Heaven’s sakes, complaints are waiting in the wings constantly. There is no dearth of complaints. When you are complaining, you are harboring complaints. You might as well set complaints up on your mantelpiece.

Be attuned to Me, and not error. Hold no one responsible for how you feel but yourself. If you don’t like the way you feel, think different thoughts, and your feelings will change.

I give you today one simple formula. I hesitate to say that this formula is guaranteed to work. I hesitate because you might try to prove that this may work for some and I am mistaken because this formula is not fool-proof. You may prefer to debate than to grow.

Now, one more thing. You could legitimately ask Me: “God, how can I bless disease, for instance.”

Let Me tell you how. Bless illness to its journey home. You could say: “Illness, may you become a blessing of Good Health and be welcomed with open arms everywhere.”

Yes, it is My Will for you that you bless complaints to leave and that they come back as blessings.


Divine Rapport | Heavenletters


God said:

So many thoughts rule the world, thoughts escaping like a mass release of prisoners. Thoughts like cars entering the freeway. Thoughts speeding on electrical connections.

Thoughts come in so many languages, and thoughts tussle with each other to make more room for themselves.

How is it that so many thoughts crisscross the Universe, zooming around at the speed of light? How busy is the human mind. There is no lack of thoughts. It seems that you hardly choose your thoughts. It’s more like thoughts grab you, unending constant thoughts. Constant appraisals and conclusions drawn, the process of thinking something like riding the merry-go-round in every direction, up and down and sideways.

How busy your thoughts are. How random. How often short-sided. How often harried. Thoughts often like robbers, robbing you of your peace of mind. Bundled up thoughts, thoughts rushing in, each thought trying to keep its place in the cosmos. Indeed, thoughts seem to have a mind of their own. Thoughts upon thoughts. Thoughts running a race in order to confound you.

Einstein was known for his thoughts that came at quiet times when he was in a canoe. His thoughts were different kinds of thoughts. His thoughts quietly lined up and led somewhere. Of course, he didn’t really think his thoughts, you understand. He came across them much like Godwriting. His thoughts were soldiers of thoughts, as it were, precious thoughts discovered as jewels in a crown perfectly placed, bountiful yet not crowded. The concept of your cup overfloweth is not about jumping-around thinking.

Not every blank space needs to be filled. There is no need for filling up every trunk in the attic to overflowing, most especially with the same thoughts day after day after day, thoughts in a hurry, thoughts like an outbreak of a rash.

Peace, dear friends, doesn’t come with a rush of thoughts. Peace is a quiet time. Thoughts are calmed down and set aside for a while, and so you rise to Pure Being. Pure Being doesn’t rush around. Pure Being just is without a lot of noise in the background or at all.

There is no logic to Pure Being, no need of logic, no thought of logic, just a non-thought of peace, nothing to it, no interference with Pure Being. A deep breath and the fruit of thought ripens, and peonies and cherry trees blossom. You live in a veritable Garden of Eden where Life Itself blooms.

Thoughts are like radar, and somehow you find yourself going under the radar. You are not watched, and you do not keep watching yourself. There are no guards, and no check points. No overthinking and putting up guard rails.

Think of it! To be free of imposition. To be free from even having to draw conclusions. Free to be! Everything is all right. Everything is more than all right. Everything is first rate. All is by Divine Rapport. All is well. All is beautiful. Your heart and mind are filled with peace, and Life steps forward and is spectacular as it comes forth.

The Foods of Life and Love are just right. Nothing is overcooked, and none is left over. The Sun shines, and clouds are no longer real. Peace is real. Stillness is real. Life is in the gloaming, and at night, Stars shine brightly. You choose and live Life in the Stillness of Love.

Your time has come, even as time does not exist. You always were in your Prime. Anything less was illusion or, rather, disillusion.

Now you see clearly. Now the horizon opens up. You see Heaven before you. Heaven is everywhere. You can only be in Heaven. There is nowhere that is not Heaven. Your name card is here in Heaven. Step right up.


Our One Truth | Heavenletters


God said:

Beloveds, I gave you My troth. We are betrothed. I give it to you now. We are Truth. The Truth is that We are One.

Beloveds, it isn’t so much that you are to trust Me. From the world view, how can you trust Me, rely on Me, depend upon Me when, at any moment, something untoward and inexplicable can happen to you in the blink of an eye? From the world view, somehow, somewhere, when you expect it or when you don’t, in whatever manner it may occur, your body will lie down, and it is bye-bye for you — as you may see it.

Yeah, you feel certain that you can trust Me about about your body’s dying all right! You can count on Me for that. It will inevitably happen. How and when, you don’t know. You do know that a moment will come when a seeming Big Hand out of the Sky will whisk you away.

The cause of your death can be unknown. There can be no rhyme nor reason, and still you will not live in your body forever, so you have heard, and, so there you are. Even as a young child, you caught onto the meaning of what is called death.

At the same time that death — this closing of your eyes and your ceasing to breathe –is inevitably yours, you can’t quite believe it. It just seems eerie, not real at all. Not your death. No, not yours.

Furthermore, you may be the finest person in the world all your Life, and, still, even as the miracle of adjudged death reaches out for you, you may feel you are singled out for a disastrous end. The idea of death has throttled the Life out of you.

No matter who you are in the world, something is going to topple you over. Neither wealth nor poverty will exempt you from this fate. Beautiful or not beautiful — makes no difference. Young or old, the same. Before you were born, you were given a death sentence and not told when.

Nevertheless, as you feel chagrined about death and equally chagrined about Life Itself, you may cry out to Me:

“God, I am not ready to let go. It is too soon. God, don’t let me go. God, still too soon — Ka Boom! for this which is called death to get me.”

You might further say to Me:

“God, some moments, I do feel Your good intentions. Some moments, I feel Your Love reaching me, and Your Love raises me high, and almost I trust, almost I dare trust. Nevertheless, almost doesn’t pay the bills. Almost doesn’t save lives. Almost hasn’t stopped strife and war. Unbelievably, Beauty and Love and cruel wars coexist. I wish I didn’t mind all that goes on in the world, but, Oh, God, I do. Life in the world is worrisome. Still I want it. Let me keep it. I have no objection to being in Paradise, yet must death be a requirement for it?”

Oh, yes, so deeply do you plea.

I, God, look deeply into your eyes and say to you straight out:

Dear Ones, no, death, as you perceive it, is not a requirement. If our Troth were known, you would know you are in Paradise right now. Even all your Life, even in your moment of letting go of Earth, even in the moment referred to as visited by death, you can know without doubt that there is more to you than meets the eye.

Beloved Ones of Mine, does a flower die the moment when it reaches Full-Bloom?

Beloveds, when an Ocean ebbs or when an Ocean reaches High Tide, is either one or the other death?

Beloved Children, when the Ugly Duckling becomes a Full-Grown Swan, is he experiencing death?

A transition from one state to another does not toll death. It tolls Life. Beloveds, there is no death. Hear Me, there is only Life. Hear Me once and for all. There is no death.


Dream Your Dreams on God’s Behalf | Heavenletters


God said:

That which is called Enlightenment is a natural progression. It is inevitable. As sure as the Sun rises every morning, Enlightenment will also arise within you. It is included in your birthright. It comes to you at My Behest.

Anyway, Enlightenment is a part of you right now as We speak. Stay in step with Me.

When I say Enlightenment will arise within you, I mean Enlightenment will come to your awareness of all that which you already are. You are My Divine Child no matter what you think of yourself or whatever ways the world might think of you. I am the Director here.

But, ah, for you to have the actual awareness of the True State of Affairs is another story, and one which bodes well. All is within your grasp right now. So grasp it.

Everything is connected. No one is unconnected or disconnected from Me. The Awareness of Enlightenment Bells ring throughout the Universe. Look at you! One more Enlightened Being to resurge the Glow of Light. One more Enlightened Being to rack up all the pool shots in the Name of Peace. One more Enlightened Being to change the world before you. Other Great Beings cast their Light without much ado, so why not you? Dare to, dear Friend.

The thing is you are as familiar with yourself as you are with an old portrait. Maybe you just don’t want any upheaval. You may feel it is better to live the Life you know than to take on the Life you don’t know. What if you can’t get back to where you were? What if you don’t want to have the responsibility of being Enlightened? Why do you have to see differently from how you have always seen? What if you are not so gaga about being Enlightened as everyone else seems to be? You don’t want to have dug too deep a hole for yourself and not get a fair exchange. You didn’t notice a money-back guarantee. If a change were not be so momentous, you might be open to trying it out in installments.

Can you bring yourself to trust a little more? If not total trust, a tiny bit more?

Beloveds, your hands are not tied behind your back.

You just haven’t as yet woken up from this continuous and contiguous dream you have been accustomed to dreaming. Your dream was so real, you thought the dream had to be true, whether it were all peaches and cream or not. Why did past thinking have to be proclaimed as true and you left on your own without coming to attribute a new picture of yourself? Perhaps a new picture of yourself seems farfetched or flamboyant to you.

As it may presently be, you are attached to these random old thoughts about yourself. You have been a featured star. You had this chosen identity all your Life. Even if you had been the pauper, you didn’t want to change in order to become the Prince. The pauper was real to you whereas the Prince was not. You may think you would feel out of place as the Prince. Better to stick with what you know rather than to even lie down in green pastures.

You have convinced yourself that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. You are confident that you are to remain as you have thought you were and not have a revolution in your mind about how you will see yourself in the World. You don’t want to upset the apple cart. You may want Life to stand old hat even as I beckon you to Me.

Dream your dreams for Me, Beloveds.


Panning for Gold | Heavenletters


God said:

Look for the gold. It exists.

When you are digging a gold mine, you don’t dig for tin. You don’t look for plastic either.

Consider Life as though you are digging for gold, or consider Life as though you are panning for gold in a mountain stream or are about to.

Look for the gold, and it will come to you.

This isn’t high intensity mining We are speaking of. Let gold be the stance you come from. It isn’t as if you have a quota you must fulfill. Be easygoing about finding the gold. You are set in the direction of gold. You are certainly not mining for coal. Coal has served a purpose, yet gold is what you look for now and claim.

It can happen that you find gold without looking for it. However, you are more likely to win at cards when you are playing cards than when you’re not.

By now, you’re onto fool’s gold and aren’t so easily taken in as you might once have been. Yet if you are taken in by fool’s gold, you might as well have a good laugh at yourself.

Finding the gold in Life is easier than finding a wife right for you, yet you can find a right wife for you, too. Have some clues as to what you want to fill your Life on Earth with to overflowing.

Of course, there are many kinds of gold awaiting you. There are many kinds of gold for you to share, just as there are many good kinds of horses to run with and to say Giddy-yap to.

There are many choices in Life to make. In one sense, all the choices you make are good, even when they do not turn out what you call well. Now you know, and now you keep going. You won’t go on a troublesome road again if you can help it. You keep your eyes looking high. Living Life can have some mistakes. Life is not about avoidance. Life is about finding out.

In Life, you can only find out. So what if you trip over yourself. You can be down for the count. What do you care? Get up.

In one sense, you can forget where you put the gold. Nevertheless, as it is said, there is gold in “them thar” hills.

All the while, as you lead Life or are led by it, you keep your picture of the horizon of gold that is in front of you and waits for you.

Here is the point: All is gold. It may not seem so, yet all is gold. If you think what you have received is not gold, then, perform alchemy, and turn tin into gold. Tin can be a stepping stone that leads you to gold.

There is a rainbow waiting for you. You can ride a rainbow and see the gold in it.

The Sun that shines emblazes you in gold. Ultimately, the gold you seek shines on you and is pocketed in you. You are the gold you seek. And you are the gold you mine, and you are the gold you find. You are never without gold.

We can easily exchange the word gold for God. God is what you will find and claim. Or you will trip over Me. Sooner or later, I, God, will walk into your Life, and you will know without reservation that you have come across Me.

Who finds Whom? Finding God and finding gold in Life are both inevitable. Where I am, so are you. What I am made of, so are you made of.

Keeping your eye on Me is akin to keeping your eye on the gold. Keeping your eyes and ears on Me is better.


In Its Finest Sense | Heavenletters


God said:

In its finest sense, a great thing to be able to say about someone is:

“He really knew how to enjoy Life.” Or, “She really knew how to live Life and to Love it!”

Alas, you may wonder where you fit in on this scale.

I say in its finest sense to make clear I am not speaking of any way of masking Life with opiates or any other escapades away from Life.

Enjoying Life is also more than taking Life in your stride, although Life is that too. Taking Life in your stride means that having a flat tire doesn’t have to impose tension and urgency. Whatever occurs on the surface of Life, this is your very Life to enjoy just the same.

Mud tracked in the house isn’t a catastrophe. Life is meant to be enjoyed with or without mud. Of course, Life is to be taken one day at a time, one moment at a time.

If your meat for supper tonight is more gristle than meat, chew the gristle and enjoy it. Among other things, gristle contains collagen, and chewing gristle is also good exercise for your jaw.

No need to turn the little into big! At the same time, little things can be the joys of your Life. A dandelion. A lollypop. A morning hug. A note. A smile. A question. An answer.

Oh, yes, there is more to Life than meets the eye.

When a friend or acquaintance dies — dies as the world sees it — you may find yourself missing someone who actually was more dear to you than you had realized when he was alive. Given the chance again, your Love would have no bounds. You had missed out on pouring Love on someone you didn’t know how deeply you cared for. What a waste of Life, you feel. What an unremitting longing you feel.

On the other hand, there may have been someone whom you always thought was admirable. You had taken for granted that he was wonderful and flawless, of the Highest, most dear to you. When he left Earth, you began to see him in a dimmer light than you ever had seen him before.

Suddenly, it appears to you now that he was not the tried and true Being you had thought he was. Sad to say, you may even feel you had duped yourself about him. In any case you do not see him now as you used to think you did.

You have experienced both sides of this, pro and con. When these two were alive on Earth in what is called real Life, you saw such differently. Now, when these two have left Earth, you are astounded at how you feel. One you appreciate far more. One you appreciate far less. You hadn’t anticipated such changes of heart whatsoever, not at all, yet this is what you got.

You can only shrug your shoulders and wish you had given more to the one you find you love more deeply than you knew. Now, if you could bring the more deeply loved one back to Life, you would make sure he knew all he meant to you. You would be so glad for his presence and not take it for granted. If you could undo, you would.

And to the other who later seemed less beloved, you shrug your shoulders and say to yourself, “What is the harm? What does it matter. May he rest in peace.”

What else is there for you to say? What else is there to tell yourself?

Seeing differently happens and has happened to you. What you thought was in your heart changed. It didn’t stay.

On the other hand, now you would see more clearly. Oh, how you would hail your Loved Ones now, Beloveds. So take the opportunity beforehand now.

Otherwise, never mind. Life moves along as it does and takes you with it.


Nudge Life! | Heavenletters


God said:

It is well-known that there are times when you don’t want to wake up in the morning. You would just like to stay in your warm cozy bed.

What can We do so that you might like to leap out of bed, throw open the curtains, and look forward to this Gift of Today the way you used to on Christmas morning when Life was new everyday?

What if “Rise and Shine” were to return to you as music to your ears?

Surely, mornings are not for covering your head and groaning: “Oh, no, time to get up.”

In the days when people slept under the stars and woke up to the chirping of birds and the Sun’s rising, mornings were inspired, and it was lovely to get up. All who were still asleep were waiting for the moment to get up and greet the day. Everyone is to go to sleep, and everyone is to get up! Imagine, it was this way all over the world. Didn’t I think of everything? Sleep was blessed, and waking up was blessed.

Going to sleep is a beloved promise I made to you, and waking up also is My blessing to you. Beloveds, roll into bed, and roll out of bed with the same innocence of expectancy of joy. All of Life is Life!

Never was it My desire that you avoid sleep nor avoid getting up.

I ask you what could help you to like to wake up to in the morning and hop out of bed? What can you offer yourself that would spark your heart so that you could meet the day with zest?

You know, today, this very day, could rally itself to be one of the best days in your Life. This very day holds a possibility of Joy for you. Every day can. When this is the case, would not your heart hum a wake-up song? You could throw the covers off and leap out of bed raring to greet the day before you.

Keep the Idea of All Possibilities close to you. Begin to desire waking-up thoughts. Never is it your destiny to avert your eyes from joy in the a.m. Don’t slough off your Life as if it were to be gotten through and no more.

Spring out of bed, and let Life follow you! Life is awaiting you.

Something unexpected is going to happen today. Today has every opportunity of becoming an exquisite day. Today could be the day that your dreams come true. Encourage yourself in this idea. Why wouldn’t you?

Dream your dreams, and let your dreams come true before your very eyes. Undreamed dreams also come true. Part of the deliciousness of dreams is to anticipate their arrival. Welcome, dreams. Come true!

Participate in desiring everyone’s dreams to come true. Increase the odds that you receive a blessing or two or many from Life today. Nudge Life.

Little joys are joyful. Rejoice in spontaneity. Rejoice in surprises. Rejoice that you are a blessed Being ready to be blessed on this very day.

By all means, be on time for work, yet can there not be an interim where you are not rushing?

Let’s make the start of your day more evanescent. Allow the time to enjoy this day before you. What are you making for breakfast? I will be there.

If it is dark when you wake up, look for the Sun to come up in the East. If it is very cold, look for the day to warm up. Warm up your heart.

When there are people you are even mildly glad to see, look forward to seeing them and brightening their day.

Give time and space for nourishing your Soul. How do you nourish your Soul? Not in indenture. Set your heights high. Beckon Life in All Its Glory to you. Hail to joy! Reckon on joy. Be ready. Look for joy. Joy is available, so beckon it to you and welcome it gladly. Today is beginning for you.


Where Do Lost Thoughts Graze? | Heavenletters


God said:

You had a thought, and then, the next moment, the thought is missing. It was a revelation you had, and now it’s gone.

Never mind, it is still in your mind somewhere, and it can make its way in the world without your active presence. Lost thoughts continue to exist somewhere with or without you. A thought slips away from you the way a grape might fall from your fingers when you pick grapes from the vine.

This is not an alas. It’s an all right. Grapeness still exists when a grape itself may have fallen to the ground.

All of your thoughts – thoughts that called themselves to your attention — don’t have to hang on the Vine of Thoughts before you. All thoughts land somewhere. No thought has to hang on a clothesline where you can pin or unpin it later.

Lost thoughts will appear. Someone will have the missing thought you did. All the thoughts that come to you not belong to you. Never did.

The whole world is shared regardless of what you think and your intention may be. Therefore, consider sharing as I do share. Let freedom ring! What a blessing to let go of owning and clamping onto this and that.

Freedom from ownership is a great Bell-Ringer. We can’t call Freedom a possession! If we could call Freedom a possession, then, possession would turn into a grand thing!

It’s not that you dis-possess. Put up no bars. Like Me, welcome all.

You are free to Love. It’s not exactly that you dispense Love. It’s not quite like that. You are not a pharmacist of Love, nor are you a mere representative of Love. You ARE Love.

You breathe often, yet you do not have to remind yourself to breathe. Once in a while, you think about breathing, yet you breathe more easily when breathing is not on your mind or schedule.

Loving comes from the heart. Natural breathing is smoother than breathing on demand. Love pours out from the fount of itself. Love is the Jackpot of Life. We can say that you hit the right number, yet, of course, numbers and amounts do not enter into Love.

We can even say there is no accounting for Love, yet Love is. There is no need to account for Love. Love comes first. It heads the list. Love is a mountain stream. It is a waterfall that never runs out. Love splatters all, near and far. Love itself is an Embrace of Love. Love can only Embrace. Love never runs dry. Love Itself is Eternal, and Infinite.

All the Love in the World has no limit. Love is not sparse. Love may be cramped, however, held too tight and not freed up. To Love is the Greatest Freedom known to man. Love is My Great Freedom. There are no dams to My Love. Nothing backs up when it comes to Love Supreme.

Love is above all the senses. Love is above all the World. Love is evidenced, yet Love cannot be seen. Love cannot be pinpointed. A portrait cannot be painted of Love. No sound of Love can be picked out. Wait, Love is like Me!

I can sing Myself, yet you cannot record Me and play Me back. You can sense Me, yet you cannot fit Me into your hand. Into your Life, however, can Love and God reflect themselves, for you do reflect My Love.

Love is a riddle. It disappears yet cannot be seen. Love is in silence or in noise, yet there is always an Echo of Love. Love is beyond touch, yet Love ever-touches the Heart. Love is indefinable, yet Love is defined in a million ways. Love is felt. Love is honored, and yet Love is also besmeared. Love is commonplace, yet Love is not ordinary, nor is Love ever to be used as a gimmick.

Love is what you make of it, yet there is more to Love than what you make of it.

As it happens, in this Heavenletter, you see how one thought leads to another.