The Difference between Confidence and Knowing It All | Heavenletters


God said:

Beloved, there is a difference between lack of confidence and knowing little or nothing.

Lean against the ballast. Sit back in life. See from a distance. See from close up as well. In life, you walk back and forth just naturally in passing. You go away from home one way, and you come back home another way. You change your route tomorrow or the next day or from one day to another, or you change your gaze and gauge of things.

My One Child, from a worldview, is a Being whose mind changes. Even as you are forever and a day, you also flip-flop truth. This way today…yesterday another day, and even another way tomorrow…even a seeming turn-around and then another apparent way again. These seemingly are imposed upon you, yet you are somewhere in the wings watching. You may not have caught on soon enough, yet you can’t just wave away what seems clear now and pretend you don’t see. What I mean to say is that sometimes you skirt the issues as if they never were. This is not to say that infallibility does not also exist. Everything exists and falls as it may in the world.

As proof of the changeability of the relative world, take a look at the made-up idea of that which is called death. Just about everyone is scared to death of it and does not quite believe in it either. This, of course, can come across as wisdom. Death isn’t real – not by a mile. Time and space and the physical body do not truly exist. They are what fiction is made of.

There is a also a deeper stability that exists, yet stability doesn’t always reveal itself out loud in the world at large. The stable world is not made of physical reality. You can count on competition in a game played on Earth – a foxy game, as a matter of fact – not something you want to enter into. Competition is a fantasy of fantasies without substance. It may be as if fantasy has become your daily bread. If Truth Itself were on tap, love would rightfully declare itself your daily bread.

I second this with a nod of My head as if I were in church on a full Sunday morning or Saturday or on a Thursday evening – whenever it may be on the day your Sabbath falls. A Sabbath is holy on the day that it occurs. Holy is as Holy does. A congregation of full hearts swells in gratitude on whatever day may be your assigned day or night to acknowledge the appreciation that sings in your heart divinely. This is how I overhear.

Reverence and gratitude are inner jobs not to be attributed solely to echoes of repetition, which most definitely like to play their part on Earth as a reminder of love to be made holy and to be sung out in joy from the rafters of the heart and to echo throughout the Universe as an experience of Oneness to ring out more auspiciously around the world and to keep pealing and not to be forgotten, nor either the silence of love its embraces to ever cease. Hallowed be thy name and Mine which are One and the Same.

“Of Thee I sing” is a chorus of love open to view and embedded in all hearts on Earth as a testament of love on the wing and filling everywhere the Oneness of heart on Earth now and forever and to always be kept, not as an obligation but, as resounding joy to be heard throughout a world united on Earth. Hallowed be our One Heart in Heaven now and forever as it will come to be on Earth.


We Sail the Highest Seas | Heavenletters


God said:

Beloved, messages are sent out around the clock. That is, I send out messages on many frequencies out of the realm of time. Nevertheless, I am well-known for the depth of My Silence. You and I are One engaged in rapport. We also simply hold hands for the joy of it. We abound in friendship and exhilaration as the Sun meets the day. We love to engage in Oneness. We are inevitably One. As One, We hail from the same country of origin. Isn’t this beautiful! Who could have thought of such an idea and live it!

Let’s look deeper at this. It is no small thing to be a human Being on Earth, nor is it a small thing to be a God. That I exist and you as One exist within Me – this is no small potatoes. I give you good passage. I offer you hopscotch across the Earth or a dance across the Earth with Me by your side and you by My side to Our One Heart’s content. Our existence isn’t about a bicycle built for two. We are about Oneness rising by One Heart. We have one ticket always good for Infinity. There is no such thing as a shortage. Infinity is ongoing. Hop on! Come away with Me.

Feel My hand on your heart. Feel My hand! Feel Beautiful Oneness as it steadies and balances itself. Whether Oneness sits on the surface of Earth or Oneness jumps over the Moon – One tremulous Heart beats and never runs out.

If you want to know what forever means, this is it! We continue as One forever and ever. You don’t have to put a period at the end of this sentence which is as ongoing as Oneness. There is no tearing us apart. Oneness is Oneness. Oneness doesn’t get patched up. We are already established in Oneness. Yet in the world, there is a consideration given to an impression of something thought of as otherness.

One Universe means One Universe, One Unity is One. There is no being out of the fold. There are no seams. There is no stitching. No mending the One! Walls may require mending. You and I are seamless. We are bonded as One. We are wedded. You and I are wedded. Oneness arises from Oneness.

Never were We a duo. We have never been anything but One. This is the whole story. This is it! The story isn’t over. Infinite is Infinite. No break is asked from Our story, whatever for?

When We – the One of Us – share the same language at birth, why ask for a translation? What would prayers be about prayers be asked for without cease? There are no prayers to ask for. What can be asked for that could be greater than what has always been initiated as One?

Would you go on an egg hunt when you already have a golden egg?

You don’t seek a treasure island to live on when you already live on an optimum treasure island.

Does a waiter put his hand out for a tip when he was just given a big one?

Who asks for a second cab when the first arrives at his front door?

What prince seeks for his princess’ foot to fit a silver slipper on when she is already wearing silver slippers?

We are One signed, sealed, and delivered. Always Oneness has been One. Oneness arrived from the first instance as arisen. There are no seals that have to be stamped. Of course not, absolutely not. Never were there borders to pass. Together as One, We sail the High Seas. We continue. We surpass the heights of waves from the beginning, even as no beginning was there really to hatch from. Forever I have always been Oneness Oneness Oneness…

To the Ends of the Earth | Heavenletters


God said:

Beloved, there are no ends to the Earth, nor is there truly a beginning, yet there is indeed a purpose in the Creation of the world beyond speculation. Earth has something to the point. I, God, am true to the core. I am true from the get-go. Earth has something to the point, even within the trip of illusion that holds you in its thrall. Fiction is also a kind of journey, no matter how you may be fooled. There is a purpose in everything, even in fol-de-rol.

Even as you sleep, there is value in sleeping just so there can be value in waking up. Supreme value. Even in folly, you serve a higher purpose. Going around the mulberry bush serves.

Jack and Jill going up and down a hill serves.

Even Jack Horner sitting in a corner serves.

In this sense, there is purpose in everything – even including that which makes you cry your heart out. I do not suggest you seek out weeping. Nevertheless, it is good for you to know when to dry your tears and get back to life in the making rather than life in pain or disappointment.

Pursue looking at the trees and flowers’ unleaving and the connections of Oneness all over the place to see what a difference you, yes, you, make to the Universe. How present the Universe is, and how high you fly and how you don’t crash.

Believe in Me as I believe in you. Believe in the merit of life even when it is fiction and quite unreal. Sometimes you would like to be spared from what you see as blunder, yet how do you know what is a blunder any more than how you know what is a miracle right and left and day and night? Sometimes it takes you awhile to catch onto to what is what.

Turn your head on differently – not solely the way a cover to a jar holds onto its contents, yet also to announce that you serve a purpose and meaningfulness everywhere all over the land.

One way or another, you speed to Me. Oneness am I, and Oneness are you. In what a wholeness of Oneness We exist as One.

On any day of the week, start anew.

Unless you fall asleep, how will you wake up?

Come to think of it, without you, what would I be engaged in right now? You and I gravitate to a dot in the sky somewhere over the rainbow.

You are about to come true before Our One very eyes. Your service to the Universe is about to come true, and you will know this well. Congratulations. You are about to get your sights on straight and no longer portend that you lag. You are on track just as you are.

Have a seat, and you will well know where you are coming and going with perfect eyesight. You will no longer have any mix-ups or think you do. You are exactly at the helm of your ship. Make no mistakes. Do not let yourself be held up. Be on your way without further ado. Accrue greatness to you. This isn’t immodest. This is virtuous. This is how it is. Life is to befall and be worthwhile to and for you and on your path. Offer your worthiness all around the block without batting an eye. You are not here for nothing. You are here for something. Make hay while the sun shines.

Love and good fortune are before you. This is your day before you. Make no excuses. You don’t have to justify yourself. By the right of eminent domain, you are here, and you are here for all and no exception. What is before you to do is for you to do for your benefit and the benefit of all.

Look yourself squarely in your eyes.

See as I do see.

How the World Began | Heavenletters


God said:

Beloved, a thought of separation from the Creator and Creation never had a foothold. There were no second thoughts nor revisions made to Creation. You hold the original Creation in your hand, as it were, and the world is holy. Life is in the midst of Holiness. There isn’t all that much you can make of Creation other than how it appears. You are in the same realm as skies being blue, grass being green, and stars being starry. When you come down to it, how simple is life, even as it holds you in its thrall.

Give Creation its due. Creation created itself as it first appeared. There have been no improvements, no revisions nor retractions. Creation isn’t an explicated blueprint.

Creation appeared as a God Almighty inspiration. What could Creation be but a burst of inspiration inspired spontaneously all at once? Remember, time is not.

Oh, no, Creation cannot be a long thought-out and crossed-out prescription with a lot of time and energy spent on back and forth. Not at all. I desired Creation, and Creation appeared beautifully. Creation enacted itself all at once. Boom, boom, boom is Creation, all in place, not scratched out nor rescheduled in increments. Creation iexists before your very eyes.

Well, how does a flower in nature blossom? Flowers are curved affairs that steal your heart with a buoyancy far exceeding right angles. Do you see any square flowers? I love multi-colors and rounded shapes like bouncing balls blowing in the breeze. I doubt that My burgeoning heart could have been distracted, even at the peak of the glory of Creation – let alone in repose. I saw Creation was good, and here you are.

In Godwriting, I move the hand of the Godwriter who writes down for Me, and the die is cast. So is it with Creation.

Creation created itself. It is my desire and intention to have what goes through My head and heart reproduce itself on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Of course, admit, Beloved, you may well desire to make some adjustments to Heaven itself. You may not see Heaven perfect as it is. You may want to put on different music. You have a tendency to espy or conceive flaws and have doubts. Earth and Heaven both came out perfectly no matter what. Of course, you would love to be well-pleased, yet often you are not.

Also, you might wish that I could be a little less certain in My reckoning, and you could come across more capably and call life’s shots yourself. How happy you would be to turn the tide of events yourself. You are up in the air as it is. You don’t really have the say. You do understand that you have some say in life, yet not the whole say by a mile. Your hands are tied.

Life confounds you. You may act as confidently as you like for all the good it does you. You may still wind up tied to the mast, and there’s not much you can do about it – try as you may. That you could draw the line any better than you rank Me in the final analysis – where does this leave you just the same? The fact is that life, as you know it in the world, is uncertain. Even when you may feel certain, you have to confess that you could be off course. You simply don’t as yet have mastery over life to the degree you would like. Mostly you look on life in retrospect. And yet, and yet…

Hallowed Be Thy Name | Heavenletters


God said:

Beloved, you are vital to Me. You are My integral gift to Me, you Who art also My Self. You are true to My heart. You are a blessing I cannot keep to Myself. I never wish to keep you a secret. You are for sharing, and so I share you. I share My Self with you. Since We are One, and there is I, the One, then there is yourself, also My One Self. I share you in Oneness. There is naught else I can do. When I say: “Hallowed be thy name,” this is exactly what I mean to say.

I read over every word of a Heavenletter again and again. I recall you. I take you to My heart. I keep singing a song of you. I hold you out to Myself. I kiss My hands that hold you out to the Universe. I am in gratitude to you, that is, to My Self. What do you imagine I would do but to be beholden to you for the miracle I made without any fuss about it? You are My Self. You give Me and the Universe and everyone in it a great return – a return of Beingness Itself Originally Given. I account for Oneness simply.

I ponder you. That is, I relive the grace within which I found you, or, from which I discover you as a key to Myself without having any lock to turn. You are a divine key to the Universe. You are.

I hold you up to My window and embrace you again and again with such joy and wonder at what a marvel of a Creator I AM. I am true to My Self. I gaze upon the good again and again that I welcome, that I more than welcome, that I adore as My Self and find I cannot put down. I keep you within a briefcase close to My heart. Hallowed am I in you.

When I call you divine, you can believe Me.

We are a mutual offering. There is only One in the whole Universe. I have not made a dozen or a million or more of Me – just One in My completeness. I look into the mirror of Myself, and here I Am, you and I as One beautiful Being. You are ready for your Self and ready for the Oneness of Me as I display My Self in you.

What could be easier than Oneness? There isn’t much to it. You don’t have to pat Me on the back. Pat yourself on the back, even as the reality is that One and One is One. There is no doubling. The addition and multiplication and subtraction and division are awry. They are a fly in the ointment.

There is one Whole. There is no accounting or mathematics to fiddle with. Of course, I understand that you have thought otherwise. In fact, I keep telling you that Oneness Alone Is. Hunting for answers is no longer necessary, Beloved. Oneness is what is. Happiness is declared. The deal is sealed.

Oneness can’t be taken apart. There is nothing insular about Oneness. There is no way to slice Oneness open. In the eyes of the poet, no man is an island.

Furthermore, no God is an island unto Himself. Secrets do not exist. Love is no secret. Love abounds, and naught but love exists. What have you imagined Oneness was cooked up to be if not love?

What do you think happiness is anyway? Happiness is of the greatest simplicity, and happiness is built into the Oneness of One. There is nothing to look up. Oneness is! Naught but you and I exist as One, of course.

You Are Getting Somewhere | Heavenletters


God said:

Beloved, you are not standing still. You are moving forward. You certainly are getting somewhere. You may not be going as fast as you would like. Of course, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Now, for those who have been reading My Words for a while, you know that I also say strongly that time is not. Time is an apparition. You can’t go by it, for, in truth, there is no time at all. Many heads on Earth got together, and something called time was mutually agreed upon even as it is observable that time fluctuates. Time isn’t stable. It is a will o’ the wisp. Time calls its own shots. Time is like sparkling water that bubbles up. Time disappears the moment it appears. There is no catching up to it. No one knows where time goes. The minute time pops up, it is gone. There is no holding on to it. The effervescence of time goes flat.

You may long for time, or you may wish to avoid it, yet willy-nilly, time seems to haunt you. You never get the better of it. Of course, you can’t catch up to what is made up in the first place. Of course, time may plague you – that is, you may feel plagued by time. Certainly, time gives you a run for your money.

For something that doesn’t exist, time gets lots of attention, and you get fooled right and left. You step right up as fast as you can and are always taken aback at what seems like a loss. If time doesn’t exist in the first place, why spend time worrying about where it goes?

You don’t catch up to time, and you don’t always surpass it. Time is flimsy. Indeed, time pulls the rug out from under you. You really wouldn’t give two cents for time, although you sometimes feel you would give a lot for even a little more of it.

In truth, love is on a continuum, even as you may be sure that love has passed you by, while at the same time, you weep for it.

Truth be said, time gets under your skin and seems to jiggle you around.

Timelessness goes under the full name of Infinity. In Infinity, you get your money’s worth. In Infinity, you are never charged by the hour. As silent as Infinity is, Infinity stays by your side. Yes, Infinity exists, yet you don’t quite wrap Infinity around you.

It does, indeed, seem that you are more aware of the passage of time than you are aware of Infinity.

In a sense, Infinity has no playing field. There do not seem to be edges or moments to Infinity. If you were more acquainted with Infinity, you might believe in it more. As it is, you can’t touch it and catch up to it even as Infinity is real and no fooling.

Infinity embraces you. Infinity is secure. Not that you can run off with it. Infinity must be what peace looks like. Is there really peace on Earth as it is said it is in Heaven? What is the story here?

On second thought, you really do get a kick out of activity. And, so, you debate what is really not debatable. There’s not a choice let up on at this time. If you really have choices of the stature between forgoing shopping or a good movie – would you be so occupied?

You do like the idea of sitting up front with Me, God, in the cockpit, yet, at this time, you might well be without propositions to talk over with Me!

A Blaze of Glory We Are | Heavenletters


God said:

Beloved, a moment can take an Eternity. And, at any moment in time, an Eternity may also span a brief moment.

How you, My offspring, no matter how far flung you may feel, how your heart yearns to grasp all the mysteries of life and nature, to know full well how to find for yourself the patterns of existence and to see yourself as the true knower of reality that you yearn to be – realize now how your desire keeps your mind young and keeps you coherent as if you are truly the wholeness of mind and heart at play that I say you are, much in the same way as a forest is a congregation of trees. Regardless, you can explore a tree and a forest both as One. There is more to everything than you presently acknowledge.

In truth, you are well aware of everything all at once. You can see! You can see! You do know!

You do grasp everything at once, yet you don’t know how to put Greatness into words. You do have full swoops of knowledge, yet you don’t quite know to boldly say so. You are an innocent knower without knowing how to express yourself.

I tell you that you are forever-knowing. If time did exist, you would be up-to-the-minute. You may quibble over words. You may investigate too closely.

I say that you can be all-knowing and not have to enumerate details. You can know all without sprawling it out all over piece by piece.

If you dared to bespeak the big picture, you would see that you are a fount of knowledge. Knowledge is light. Knowledge is as light as air, and knowledge is worth gold, yet knowledge doesn’t need to be weighed on a scale. Details are not all-important. Details are only details.

You don’t need an IQ test in order to know that you have an IQ. In any case, IQ doesn’t light a candle next to love. Love outweighs IQ heads over heels.

Beloved, even if you are born the runt of the litter, nothing says you have to stay that way. You are free to gain great strides. Again, you may come up against time that doesn’t exist and isn’t even in the same ballpark. Contrary to general opinion, there is no slow, and there is no fast. There just is what is. You don’t have to go to such great lengths in order to establish yourself. Put away your scales. There is knowing.

Know Me. What else must you know that stands you in such good favor?

You sure don’t have to own glibness. It so happens, I am your Glory. This is the short and long of it.

You don’t have to have Me, for you are part and parcel of Me. You are My Beloved. We share existence, do We ever!

So One are We, in such a blaze of Glory are We, you hardly see your true existence. You may be out of sight, yet never are you out of My sight. It is a myth that you need anything. How can you who are everything in the world and beyond and lack nothing when you are already at the top of the mountain? Look up and see Vastness before you. By all means, see Vastness and embrace Vastness. Vastness wins. You are not a sliver of Vastness. You are the whole kit and kaboodle of Vastness.

You are more than a leaf on a tree. You are the whole tree. You are nature itself. You are the leaf on the tree as well as the environs of the tree. Whatever is the most you have thought of yourself, far greater than this are you.

We Are Going to Make Great Music Together | Heavenletters


God said:

Beloved, no matter how much and how deep down you desire wealth, you can’t quite believe that you are meant to receive greater than this. You will not be denied. Here’s how it is: Wealth can’t light a candle to the music that you and I are going to make together. Sit up. Get ready. Let’s go!

Your life is about to turn upside down. Do you begin to feel wonderfulness on its way to you? Know this. Feel this.

You are going to ride the escalator of life up to the fulmination of the miracles of upcoming life on its way to you. You are ready to catch up to long-awaiting miracles that are ready to emerge into full bloom.

Surely, you already know that miracles exist. Miracles exist for everyone, not just for some and not just once in a while. Ready, set, go! Miracles have always been on their way to you, yes, to you, and to every child of Mine – miracles in all their Glory.

The time is now. No more refraining from all your blessings. Non-existent time will no longer detain you. Now, the world is getting ready for you. Dreams are ripe to come true now. Reach up, and you shall receive. All of life is dancing before you. All of life is for you.

Be generous with yourself. It is high time that you open your arms, your eyes, and your heart to all that is on its way. Accept in advance. Perk up. Herald the joy before you. Joy has always been before you from the beginning. Widen your thinking and lift up your arms now to receive.

Never again will you drag your feet. Never again will you hang around for your day to come. I call you now “Awakened One” in one fell swoop, and so will you know Who and where you are, even as there is no separate identity for you to speak of.

Enough of fear upon you. You have had enough by now.

Everything in the past, let go of it now, for full glory is gazing upon you. Think anew. The day you have been waiting for is here right before you. You have been sleeping, and now you are waking up before your very eyes or, at the very least, with new eyes. Do you begin to feel yourself waking up to a new essence of life? Indeed, I am writing your name now on blessing after blessing in beautifully curved letters on a splendid new agreement that I eagerly await you to sign.

If you don’t believe Me, go ahead. If you are inclined, muscle-test! You have always been on the verge. It just happens you were napping or off on some other jaunt, whiling away the illusion of time. The illusion of time just hasn’t been moving fast enough in your favor by a long shot.

This is about to change, and the so-called you and I are going to change. Your life is going to change before your very eyes overnight. Actually, the change is not in your good fortune. The change is in you. Most of all, you will be clearer to yourself now. Now you will better suit yourself. Heretofore, you drifted off target in your life. You didn’t see yourself up to snuff. You meandered off-base. It was your timing that was off. You were your own disappointer. Your life is always up to you in that your life depends upon the way you see it. Make no bones about this.

Wonderfulness is on Its Way to You | Heavenletters


God said:

Beloved, welcome to life and all the treasures that wait for you as you wait for them. You have many dreams yet before you ready to arrive in this lifetime. To think of it! More than you know. I mean dreams made to come true in this lifetime. Royal dreams. Dreams that long have been awaiting you. Now the time is at hand. Be eager. Be ready. Fill your heart with readiness now. Make room for what has long been yours to make room for.

Life has given you many blessings, yet, life, by no means, has finished with blessing you. Some dreams have been too long waiting. Even as you have had many dreams fulfilled, many more dreams are yet panting to appear in full bloom. You are just beginning to visualize an avalanche of good fortune on its way to you. Not that you have to be dazzled with what is on its way to you, yet I say you will be bedazzled. You will be blown away by the dreams that now will be handed to you right and left and that you will accept with gusto. No longer will you continue to overlook your Self. No longer will you whisper even once more:

“This Good Luck is for me? Really? This is for me?”

Hot Diggity, Beloved, you are going to be happier than you ever dreamed possible. This isn’t daydreaming I speak of. This is fulfillment I speak of. Here it comes. Here you go! You are meant for joy and not for less. Have you perhaps missed out on this point?

If you have experienced less than fulfillment – and I realize you have – I now announce that not reaching your mark is just about over once and for all. Great truth is lining up to enter the arena of your life and take you higher, way higher, off your feet into a realm you have long deserved and did not claim as your troth. You thought yourself lacking. Wake up!

Consider yourself beginning to reach the height that your life is rising to. Yes, your life is just beginning. It has begun, and more is coming forth toward you over hill and dale. You are ready. Take a breath, because blessing upon blessing is upon you. Your life is going to spill over with splendor. You have been waiting when you didn’t have to wait so long at all. You were waiting here for the culmination of your and My dreams for you. You have just begun. Your waiting days are about over. You are past waking up as a hurdle. You are beginning to wake up once and for all. You may have thought you were impatient. You have been too patient.

I don’t tell you to cook up a storm. I suggest you just open your eyes. You are! You are getting ready to accept abundant goodness and know that all this readying goldenness is meant especially for you. Let’s call this your Own Awakening for what you are born for, yes, for you.

You have been waiting for a Pot of Gold from God to arrive to you now splendidly. You have been waiting for what I, too, have been waiting for you to receive. Now life will unfold beyond your dreams. You have dreams waiting to catch up to you. This is a foregone conclusion. You have dreams that are just about to become Earthen. Pick them up.

I speak of dreams beyond the ordinary. You have always been worthy, yet you haven’t quite grasped this at its full value yet. Probably, you have read and listened to off-putting ways. No longer. Let’s shake hands on this.

Godwriting, the Real Goods III | Heavenletters


God said:

Beloved, Godwriting is so simple, so easy, that it can escape you. Godwriting is like love – nice and easy when it volunteers itself. Godwriting can come to you, yet you cannot make Godwriting happen. You can’t achieve it. You don’t force feed it, nor can you necessarily bear to stop it. It’s a mutually agreed upon process, and you have fallen in love. Which comes first? I suppose My thoughts come first, yet My desire for your Godwriting keeps pace.

Look, Godwriting is a lot like falling in love or like cherry blossoms that fall where they may, and, yet, still, you can shake the tree. The season for Godwriting is in your heart. Your consciousness is the wind that blows the cherry blossoms. Godwriting delights you, and you delight in it. Gathering Godwriting isn’t a project. It needs no introduction. It simply comes about and falls into place.

In one sense, you have no idea how Godwriting comes to you. At the same time, why sit around waiting for it?

If you are going to elope with Godwriting, you don’t have to leave it to chance. Pull up in a golden coach, and take off for the hills.

You can give a nudge to even that which is destined. You can grab Godwriting by the neck and not wait patiently for Godwriting to run off with you. There is you, and there is God. You yourself are not just part of the scenery hanging around. You don’t have to wait to be lassoed. You can get down to it. Godwriting is whatever you happen to find out it is.

When you desire to swim, jump in the water. When you desire to dive into the water, dive.

Godwriting is initiated from above, yet you also get into the swing of it.

When you desire to be a guest, it is incumbent upon you to knock on the host’s door.

This region of Godwriting is forever, yet why wait forever? Do the deed. Beloved, sometime isn’t soon enough.

Wonders simply come to you. You can also beckon wonders to you.

When you are invited to a feast, sit down with fork in hand.

As for Godwriting, sit down with pen in hand… or keyboard in hand… or stick in sand.

May I, God, beckon you with sweet nothings,

You are not required to be the best Godwriter in town. Simply be someone who jumps in. Come to Me! How many times and ways must I invite you?

If you desire to be a great Godwriter or a dazzling Godwriter, you are putting the cart before the horse. Let go of the idea of being the fairest of all. Godwriting isn’t about looking in the mirror at all.

Be glad to be a Godwriter with or without renown.

My ambition for you is simply that you hear Me. This is your ambition as well, is it not?

You give Godwriting in service to Me. Of course, in serving Me, you are also served. Did you forget that We are not two but One? In any case, Godwriting is gonna fill your heart.

Beloved, go ahead and take a chance on yourself. Dare to Godwrite. Well, hey, what do you have to lose? Go ahead and lose a little ego if you must. What kind of loss is that? Go ahead. The water is fine. The day is splendid.

You and I, We are destined to make great music together. Let’s start! 1, 2, 3! 1, 2, 3! 1, 2, 3! May the good times begin.

Love, God