The Book of Life | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloveds, life as you live it is not orderly, and you cannot make it so. You cannot pinpoint life. You cannot make a map of it to follow. You can’t even really trace past events and determine how you got to where you are, even if you do know where you are now. There is so much conjecture.

Certainly, you can know that you are with Me. And that is all you need to know. There is nowhere else for you to be. Your life may not be as defined and orderly as you would like, but it does follow a natural progression whether your thumb is on it or not. Everything is on time and in place. Only your awareness lags. It’s true that you are at the right place at the right time.

As you have heard, there is no place to be nor no time to be in that place, for space and time are illusions, time the most illusive of all. At least you can stamp your feet on the floor and say your feet are on it, whereas you can only mark time on a token clock or calendar. You can’t put your finger on it.

And so on this New Year’s Eve, you have flipped a page of life and will get another calendar to mark time in. Do you begin to feel how it is that time does not exist? Do you begin to sense how matter does not really exist, and, if it did, it doesn’t matter at all? In life, it is like you have merely gone on a virtual holiday, like on the computer, while you never left your seat.

You have never left Heaven, beloveds. Your life on Earth is a mirage.

Don’t be sad that your life is not real. Certainly, it feels real enough. Nevertheless, you are mistaken.

Science says that the stars and galaxies are so many light years away, yet are they not present in your awareness? Can’t you conjure them up and touch them? You know they are closer to you than a measurement. Science doesn’t even try to measure My proximity. That which is immeasurable is true. Certainly, I am immeasurable, and so are you.

So, wherever you are on New Year’s Eve, it is a good place to be.

If you are alone, that is fine. If you are in a crowd, that is also fine. If you are asleep, that is fine. If you are awake, that is fine. Nothing in the world, dear children, has to be anything but what it is.

There is nothing to complain about. In that sense, there is nothing to cheer either, but I will say that all of relative existence is to cheer. It is an excursion of your mind into untrammeled places. It is quite an undertaking, and you have undertaken it. You are on your way. Don’t look back at where you have been, for your footprints have already been erased in the sand. As for what is ahead of you, your footfall makes no mark even as you tread.

Where are you now? Where is the Sun in relation to you now? And where is your heart? What does your heart beat for but this one split-second of illusory time, this seamless seam of non-time non-space, so full of love that you even believe you are somewhere when all along, there is only Oneness inside and out. Just for a moment your mind wandered off, and your finger went onto an illusory page in the Book of Life written, as it were, in ink invisible.

Who Is Your Life’s Companion? | Heavenletters

God said:

What shall I bless you with today? What would you like Me to help you with? I am at your side right now, and I am at your service. What else do you think I would be doing? What else do I possibly want but to serve you and serve you well? Keep that idea in your mind. I am Real whatever you may think. Still, your thinking of Me at your side will work wonders. Sense My Presence right now.

I am your Partner on your adventure. Consider that I am not a Partner miles or universes away. I am your Partner in your same office. I am your Partner as you drive to work, and I am your Partner as you drive home, and I am your Partner in all the in between. I am your Partner sitting beside you right now, and I never leave. I am full-time.

I lie beside you at night and wake with you in the morning. I am your Life’s Companion, beloved. I am your Friend Who listens to your breath. I am your Friend.

You may perhaps like to think of Me as a Godfather off somewhere that you call upon in need. Or a Rich Uncle. What do you think of Me as?

Perhaps you think of Me as a Genie who must grant every wish of yours, and you are disappointed in Me. Don’t be disappointed, beloveds. Have bigger dreams. My abilities are great.

I serve, beloveds. I am your Servant, and yet I am not a mere Servant. I am not your Tutor either, and yet you learn from Me. I am not really your Boss either, yet, beloveds, you do strive to heed Me. Perhaps you are My genie. Yes, I think you are very much like My genie. I supply you with My wishes, and you make them come true.

I am not the Nurse by your bedside. I am not a Surgeon. You may have well thought of Me as a Good Guy, and yet you may have thought of Me as a Non-Listener, even as I hear every thought of yours before you know it yourself.

I am the One Who has gone before you, beloveds, and yet I am right beside you. I hold your hand. I help you up the steps of life. My hand is on your elbow. I guide you, and yet I am more than a guide, and I am far more than a granter of wishes.

You might say that I’m a Juggler. I keep so many oranges up in the air all at once. I allow none to fall. You may, on occasion, think you fall, and yet, you who are already in arms, where can you fall to? You cannot fall from My Grace.

Sometimes you feel blows in life. You feel blown by the winds to somewhere you do not want to go. Sometimes you feel blown into a corner where no one really sees you. Sometimes you feel forlorn, and sometimes you feel blessed. Feel blessed now. Know you are blessed. No matter what it may seem to you in the times you call dark, I am still blessing you. You cannot reason this out, beloveds. You can just keep going, and keep going with your eye on Me, for I am right beside you. I never leave.

Would you really wash your hands of Me? Would you ask Me to leave? Would you give Me ultimatums? Would you stamp your foot at Me? Would you dismiss Me from your service?

Life is not perfect in your eyes, and life has been unfair to you and to others around you. You see this from astigmatism. Life in the world is not always on your terms, yet life in the world is not the only thing, beloveds. There is more than you can see. There will come the moment when you do see, and this will be a wonderful moment, this moment when you see.

What Happens Next? | Heavenletters

God said:

You ask yourself: “What is life about anyway?”

Even though you have a lot of answers, you still wonder and want to know and to make sense of it all. You know life is about love. You understand that it is illusion, yet you have only an inkling of what illusion means, for life really seems real to you, all too real.

The best you can make of it is that life is about nothing at all, just a dream-state that you get lost in. It’s just a rest stop in time and space on a far greater journey. It is only for a few moments, and this is a very important few moments. In fact, it is all-important while it is on screen. It becomes the only game in town until you learn otherwise. It’s a show, all right, and yet it is the theatre of the absurd, an all-important drama of nothing at all. Could it be that everyone is an emperor with no clothes?

Or life is a movie short, fanciful, and yet taken very seriously by everyone on the stage and in the audience. Everyone is gripped by it and wants to know what happens next. This is the attraction of the theatre of life. What happens next? This is so enticing. Even if it doesn’t matter, you’ve got to know, for, certainly, this is a drama of your life, and you are the star of it, and your life is a revelation unto itself.

“What is life about, and Who am I?” are two questions you ask yourself a lot. “What am I doing here?” you ask. “How did I get here?” is on the tip of your tongue. “And why?” You get some answers, yet not much, not much that you can really put your finger on.

You are here for something, and yet that is part of the illusion. You know you will not be on Earth forever, nor do you always particularly want to be. And yet you don’t want to leave either. You want one more day, one more turn of the page in the book of blank pages to read. That life is a mystery is part of the attraction. You always did like mysteries. Unsolved ones are always the best-seeming. And so We leave life as it is. We let it be what it is, and you venture forth daily.

What do the birds and other animals make of life? They do not seem to question. They don’t ask themselves: “Who am I, or what am I, and what am I doing here?” They are just here, doing what they do. They don’t ask: “What is love? Do I get enough?” They just give love. They do not ask: “What about tomorrow? What will I eat?” They do not worry about anything, for they will cross that bridge when they come to it. How smart are My animals. How delightful. They are spontaneous, while you are busy trying to teach yourself to be spontaneous. Yet spontaneity does not come with a manual. That’s just it. It comes with nothing at all. Animals carry no luggage. If you carried no luggage, your arms would be free of hindrance, and you would know spontaneity. You would no longer think about it, and you would be spontaneous.

The Human world is a world of thought, and now you are working on how to get out of the world of thought in order to be spontaneous and a few other things closer to your heart.

The Garden of Pride | Heavenletters

God said:

However you do things in life, there are other ways for you to do them. There are other platforms to come from. Because you have always been a certain way doesn’t mean you must continue being the same way. I ask you to adjure from saying: “That’s how I am. That’s how I will always be.” Why would you close the door on life? Why would you let so much in, and no more, and feel virtuous about it? I have seen those who sometimes are smug in telling someone off, for instance, as if that were a proud thing to do. How can that be a proud thing to do? Why would anyone wish to be proud of that?

You may want change in your life, yet you may want change without your changing. Let Me put it this way. You want change in your life, and, at the same time, you don’t want to have to change. You may want new gifts from life, and yet want everything else as before. It is your life I am speaking of. Life is meant to be a flowing stream, not a stationary object.

What is so hard about letting a little change in? I am suggesting you change your mind about something. I am suggesting you let the past go. Past ways are of the past. They have not always held you in good stead.

In a sense, when it comes to certain areas of life, you have been rigid. You have been for one thing and against another. You have held prejudices. You have said: “I will never change my mind about this.” And you have held on to an opinion as if an opinion were a rare antique to be polished. An opinion is just an opinion. Opinions do not have to be permanent. Your stance in life does not have to pretend to be permanent. If you feel you have been casting pearls before swine, you have some changing to do.

You do not always have to be at the peak of the mountain. Gain a wider frontier. Be humble rather than prideful. If you play baseball, learn how to pitch more gainfully, learn how to catch more gainfully. Take a chance on change.

Even when you are unwilling to budge, odds are that life will pull the carpet out from under you. Life is patient, yet it does not stay still. True, you are a creature of habit, yet you are more than that. Do not purse your lips quite so tightly. Do not be quite so sure that you know all the answers.

Rather than be smart, be kind. Rather than show off, don’t show off. When you put someone down and make him or her feel small, you don’t make yourself big. Rather, you are showing your size. Add to your arsenal of ways to reveal yourself in the world. When it comes to kindness and thoughtfulness, you are on the right track. Do not close out life by squashing anyone else.

Kindness and thoughtfulness do not mean that you put up with everything. It’s just that you don’t always every minute every time put yourself first. There is some truth to the idea that the one who comes last comes first when he who comes last is not inordinately proud of himself. Do good deeds, and disappear from the garden of pride. Be virtuous without pinning medals on yourself.

You don’t have to have the last word. You are not to punctuate life. You are to serve. You are not to capitalize on your assets in life. You are not to make a big thing of them.

Be kind and courteous. Be considerate of your fellow man. If this means changing your ways, then, by all means, change your ways. Be the sun that shines. Add to the happiness of your corner of the world.

The Garden of Hearts | Heavenletters

God said:

I pat the seat beside Me. This seat is for you. I have been saving it for you. Come, sit down beside Me. Do as I ask. Gladden My heart. Of course, your heart will be the most gladdened of all. You are invited to the garden of My heart. It is all tilled and waiting for you to come and blossom for all the world to see, for you to see, for you to see how much you mean to Me, and how much you are worth to yourself. See now.

Come, sit beside Me, and bring the world into its new blossoming. Help the world to know its worth. Neglect not the world. The Earth is the only planet you have to live on right now. I am talking about the relative world. This is the only world under your feet at this time, and your influence on this innocent Earth is great. You have a relationship with this manifest world. You are not independent of it, nor is it independent of you. There is something going on between you. Let it be a romance going on between you. Let the Earth be like a blossoming plant you put at the center of your table and love to see. Bless this Earth with your presence.

Why wouldn’t you bless the Earth you live on? Bless it now. Bless it later. Bless it. Give the world your blessings. Bless life on Earth. The Earth you live and love on has been good to you. Don’t kick it. Don’t despair of it. Bless it. Thank it. If you don’t like the way your beloved child combs his hair, comb it differently then. The Earth is as your beloved child and it yearns for your love.

It is not quite possible to separate your life on Earth from the Earth itself. This is the planet you cohabit. Restore it to its original state. Plant seeds of love everywhere. When you nourish one foot of the soil of the Earth, you nourish the whole planet. Your neighborhood rests on this planet and the planet rests on you. Its happiness right now rests on you. Nourish this world with your thoughts. Nourish it lavishly. Pour your blessings upon it.

Tear down the fences in your heart.

A trodden lot of Earth, dried up and neglected, can become the Garden of Eden. First it becomes the Garden of Eden in your heart, and then it reveals itself in all its glory. Who will plant a new seed first? Let everyone be first. Be the first to pat the soil and invited beauty to come, just as I pat this seat beside me. As loving as I am to you, be as loving to the Earth and the face it presents to you.

The Earth is more than the sum of its parts, and yet you can nourish the parts. You can extol them. You can create the beauty you so desire, and you can create the good will you have long been seeking.

You walk the Earth. Let Us walk the Earth together. It is good to plant in fertile soil. And if the soil is presently not fertile, then make it fertile. Make it healthy. Let your feet and hearts bless this Earth you walk on, and so you bless yourself.

Bless the house you live in. Earth is the house you live in. Make it beautiful. Make it beautiful for you, and make it beautiful for all to see. What you are really planting is good fortune. That you serve is your good fortune.

A Constant Star of God’s Light | Heavenletters

God said:

I speak to you from inside your heart. I speak to you from inside your cells. I speak to you from inside, and I speak to you from outside. I speak to you through everyone and everything. And I speak to you through yourself, that which is perceived as yourself, that outer flurry of you. Inevitably, you are hearing yourself.

It is like you play two pianos at once. On one piano, you are all over the place. You dash all over the keyboard and back and forth as fast as you can go. On the other piano, strong music is played. It is so strong it is quiet. There are no extravaganzas played on this piano. You may be so busy playing the dashing piano that you forget about this one.

Or We could say that you turn on a faucet, and you shortsightedly think that it is from the faucet that water comes. You forget about the spring in the mountains that supplies the water to the faucet.

In life, you swim in a swimming pool, and you forget about the Ocean. You may be acting as a little fish that swims in a little pond. You think the little pool you swim in is the whole world. More accurately, you are a big fish in a big pond, but you are a big fish in a big pond who thinks he’s a little fish in a big pond or a big fish in a little pond. Oh, well, the point is that you are far more than you credit yourself with.

You may be sure I am not speaking to your ego, beloveds. I do not recognize ego to speak to. I am not conciliatory with ego. I ask you not to get all puffed up, beloveds, at the same time I ask you to give yourself more credit. Give Me more credit. To be sure, when I created you, I enjoyed Myself. I enjoyed creating. At the same time, I wasn’t playing around. I was creating a Universe. I had a picture in mind. It was a Grand Picture I had, and it was of you as a Knight to the world. I had a picture of you as Myself, perhaps Myself as a child who is growing up to assume his rightful place in the world.

I never pictured you shackling the world to yourself. I saw you expanding the world. I saw you making a place in it for yourself and for others. I saw you widening the horizons. I saw you kissing the stars and bouncing the moon. I saw you entering the inner chambers of the sun and cooling off. I saw you residing in My heart, and I knew you were there. It is not that I have you on a leash in My heart, yet you are never free to leave it. There is no way out of My heart, and everyone is already in.

So it is like there is a huge light in My heart that shines out into the world. You are like stars in the world that reflect My light. Right now you may be a blinking star of My light, and that is wonderful, yet you are growing to be a constant star of My light. No more blinking on and off. Only on. Only lighting the world without pause, without exception, without ever turning off. And how restful that will be for you! No more switcheroos, just you, just I, Being. You are cushioned in My heart, and yet you are flung across the Universe. You are strung across the Universe the way stars are strung in the night sky. My lights are on.

The Movie on the Screen | Heavenletters

God said:

You have many questions, and you have been certain that you must have answers to all of them. Questions don’t have to have ready answers. Why do you think you have to know?

If you are looking for a particular job, do you have to know ahead of time that it is yours? Or that it is perfect for you?

If you love a certain person, do you have to know in advance that they love you too? Or that they are your soul mate and what your future holds?

How about letting life take its course. No more tying up all the loose ends ahead of time. They will tie themselves up soon enough. Life is about loose ends, beloveds. If everything in life were precisely mapped out, it would not be life. Life moves. It doesn’t stay in place. But life does not have to be settled anyway. Questions don’t have to be answered. Perhaps you have to ask them, so pose your questions, and then send them on their way.

In life, as it is, you don’t know much. You may think that all the past leads up to the present, but you can’t rely on the past to teach you a thing. The past does not necessarily predict the future. The past may have been a certain way, but that doesn’t mean that the past offers wisdom for the future. The past may be contrary to the future.

Let go of the past, and let go of the future! They are not yours to hold anyway. Nothing is for you to hold. Life is yours to look at for a little while as it passes in front of you. Life is a movie that you watch, yet it is a continuous movie. It never ends. You may leave the theater for a while, and then you enter the theater again. The movie is going on all the time, and you watch a part of it. That movie keeps going. Characters appear on the screen, and characters leave and come back. There is much coming and going, and you love it all.

The movie has previews, but previews are not the movie. They are just coming attractions. In order to know the story, you have to watch the movie. It’s filled with twists and turns and delightful surprises. Even when a segment is over, you are not certain of the meaning. All you may know is that it happened that certain way. It could have been another way, but it wasn’t. It was the way it was.

Add to the mix that everyone in the audience with you sees the movie from a different vantage. The screen is the same. What is on the screen before them is the same. But no two people see it identically. Whose perception is right? Everyone is right. Each saw what he saw. It is all true for someone.

Is life a puzzle you can figure out? Can you predict it? Can you keep it the same? Can you alter one frame on the screen when it has already been shown?

You can think about it. You can watch it again and again on the screen of your mind, or you can watch the movie that is in front of you right now. What are you going to keep your eye on? What are you going to engage in?

Come, beloveds, there is a vista in front of Us now. Let’s watch it together. Get out the popcorn, and let’s enjoy this film. It is art. It is the art of life, and it is Ours. Let us enjoy this one movie that is on the screen right now. Let’s love it.

The World Is a Picture of You | Heavenletters

God said:

No longer do you confine yourself to small parameters. No longer can you. You are expanding. Old clothes no longer fit. You are expanding to encompass the whole Universe within you. How great you have grown. All is contained within the bubble of yourself. You are your own crystal ball. Not only is your own future within you, the future of the world lies within you. It bursts forth from you. You are the creator of what befalls. By your thoughts, by the timbre of your thoughts do you create life on Earth. By the beat of your heart do you create the state of affairs.

You beat a drum, and that drum is heard everywhere, and everyone and everything dances to the beat of your tom-tom.

You may say that the world is out of sync with you, and yet the world sinks to your level or it rises to it. I am telling you that you may not yet have taken responsibility. You may have preferred irresponsibility to responsibility. You may have preferred pointing a finger rather than perceiving responsibility.

Beloveds, I do not say the state of affairs is your direct doing. I know you would do otherwise. I am saying that you have say in the state of the world. By your thoughts, do you. By your emotions, do you. By every thought and every emotion and action, do you. Even when you sit in a corner of your house, the world revolves around you. I say again that the world is contained within you.

Just as you buy a house, so do you choose the world. Buy a house in a lovely, love-filled neighborhood. The world is a picture of you that you have drawn. You put peace here and there and you put rumblings in many places.

You would never create war near or far. And yet you have had war in your heart, and you have fought battles. Fortunately, you have always had peace in your heart and love to give away as well. All the good rumors on Earth, you have created.

You deliver the news.

Be careful that you are not a warmonger. Watch your speech. Consider what you do and what you do not do. Consider the world that is within you and also at your feet. Be careful where you step, for others will follow in your footsteps. Where you tread, so will the world tread. Become peace, and the world will embrace peace. The music you make is echoed all over the world. No matter how far away, the troubles of the world were manufactured before they went on the market. Troubles of the world are worldwide. You reach every spot on Earth, and every spot of Earth reaches you. There is no far. All is near. Everything is as close as your heart.

Take out the extraneous from your heart. Anything but love is extraneous to your heart. The balm of the world is the love and peace in yourself. There is no room in anyone’s heart for a complaint department. The days of complaining are over. Now what will you do with yourself, beloveds? I think you have to come to an understanding with yourself, for all are you and you are all. You have woven the mural that hangs on your wall. You can change it.

Recognize that you are an agent of change. Become what you want the world to be, and the world will be as you are. It is as you are right now. The world is at your beck and call. Welcome it, and show it what it can be and will be. It has always been following you. The craziness in the world is your craziness. The beauty in the world is your beauty and vice versa.

The Warmth of Your Heart | Heavenletters

God said:

How warming is a heart of love. Receiving the warmth of love is like sitting before the hearth on a cold winter night. You warm your hands. Your cheeks grow rosy. This is how life is meant to be. Warm.

Everyone would love to receive the warmth of your heart. So then, beloveds, give it. Give your love generously. Let everyone live with the expectation of receiving your love the moment you appear.

When you enter a room, let all eyes turn to you as the nourisher of their hearts.

There are people like this. Whether consciously or not, there are people who love all and are generous with their love, not shy to give it, not shy to call attention to it. All eyes turn to such people. Eyes turn because it is a given that such people know how to give love, and so they give it. Whether in word or deed or in great silence, love is what they give. And those who see them enter the room they are in know that their heart’s longing for love is soon to be quelled. And when the person who really knows how to love leaves the room, his love is still warm and vibrant there. It has been passed on.

Let you be one like this who gives the thirsty to drink and fills up the hearts that long for nourishment.

If you must play a role on Earth, then play the role of one who knows how to give love and gives it. Be one who looks to fill the needs of others and not to foil them. Because your love is expected is no reason for you to withhold it. It is My Will, beloveds, that you love, and that means filling other hearts and, therefore, your own.

Be a sower of love. Be the initiator and giver of love. Be like the sunshine that shines for all. The sun simply shines, and it shines for all. All are in the range of the sun. The sun asks for nothing but to shine.

Be like the sun. Let it be your request that you simply shine love. See how well you can step into My shoes. Step into them, you will, but when? But what are you waiting for, beloveds? Today is the day to start. There is no better day than the one right now. It is in your grasp.

Think of a world where you give love generously, and everyone has a heart at ease, knowing that love from you is about to appear. Oh, beloveds, seas will part for you. The whole world will welcome you. You will walk down a sunbeam and shine the light of My love on all.

What else but My love would you like to cast on the world? The world has had plenty of everything except the love it craves. The world waits and waits for more love. It has been left standing at the corner. The whole world is waiting for you. It is waiting for you to come and reveal your love.

It may be that you haven’t seen your love. It may be that your love has been hiding even from you. You may have to open your eyes before others can open theirs.

Wouldn’t it be lovely if love were a given? Wouldn’t it be lovely if everyone today could expect love to come? To come even unbidden. To come from all sides and over and over again. What if everyone today could look forward to heaps of love coming from every which direction? What if everyone could pull out the love from their hearts and distribute it freely?

What if you would?

Arise | Heavenletters

God said:

Do not think that I make little of what you may be going through. At the same time, what you are going through is only something you are going through. You make yourself go through the paces. You say what you are going through is suffering, and so you suffer. You feel loss of one kind or another. There was something you had or should have had and have not. Who is it that says you have loss? Who is it that identifies trouble? Who pouts and shouts, beloveds?

Calm the storm within you. Whatever the world says or does or seems to, you are your own sovereign being. You are not at the beck and call of whatever life gives or does not give. Have you been stamping your foot at life? Have you been sucking your thumb?

You are an advantaged being. You must start thinking of yourself as an advantaged being. If you think of yourself as an underprivileged being, what are you then but underprivileged? In terms of relative life, you are what you tell yourself you are.

I tell you that you are loved beyond measure, and you say, “But, but, but…” There are no buts about it. Come now, you are My beautiful child, and yet you may try to prove that you are not valued by the world or, in fact, by Me. When you feel short-changed, who short-changed you? You did. It is better that you sit up and start thinking a different way.

It has been said that the world does not owe you a living. It is you who owes the world, beloveds. You are here to give something. At least give credence to yourself.

I have heard people say, “What has God ever done for me?” Can you believe that?

There are those who think of Me as Santa Claus. “What did Santa leave me in my stocking? Why, coal, dry ashes, or nothing at all. That’s what I got.”

What is it exactly that I was supposed to give you?

No more feeling sorry for yourself. It is a sorry thing for you to feel sorry for yourself.

How many times has it been said: “Count your blessings.” You are not bereft. You are blessed.

Negative thinking pulls you down. It is truthful to say that you are blessed. Even in what you see as catastrophe, you are blessed.

Attend to your attitude.

You may sit with your feet up and wait for Me to deliver gifts to you. Get up and out of your chair and give to others that which you crave for yourself. Be God in the world for a while, and give delight. Why are you waiting for Me to give you happiness? Go give some happiness, and you will be happier.

If you think you have been singled out for grief, it is you who handed it out. You linked cause and effect. You were too simplistic. Because you lost a loved one, for example, you may have decided that meant that I didn’t love you. You decided you were aggrieved. Better to decide something else.

You are the maker of your own life. No longer just sit there, commiserating with yourself.

If you tell yourself you are miserable, it’s quite certain that you will be miserable. What you think follows you. What you think you convince yourself of.

If you tell yourself that I, God, have neglected you, you are at a standstill.

Begin thinking anew. No more buts. Acknowledge the blessings that are yours, and more blessings will rush in. When you are unappreciative of your good fortune, good fortune may become timid. Look for good fortune, but not as a debt that is owed you. Spare yourself from being a debt collector.

Get up and out of the corner you have been sitting in. Arise.