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God said:

I pour blessings down upon you the same way all the stars in Heaven shine their light upon you. All you have to do is to look up at the stars. Even when you do not look up, you can still glimpse the light as it falls on Earth.

What if you could know that you are surrounded with blessings? What if you could know it without doubt? If you had not learned all the information you have learned, you would know. If you could see the world for yourself, you would see all the light. You wouldn’t have to believe in it, for you would be right up against it, and you wouldn’t make a mistake. As it is, you have believed in the absence of light more than it its presence. Is that not so?

Even if you could admit that you are mistaken, you would advance like lightning. Even if without comprehension, you could say:

“God, I have misinterpreted Earth. I have made a mistake. I believed everything I saw and everything I heard. In so doing, I have not looked further. I have instead been looking for explanations even knowing that explanations cannot succeed. Explanations go around in circles, and life on Earth is different from explanations of it. Words do not do Your gifts justice. I have to go where words are not. The Kingdom of Heaven is in another dimension where words cannot enter.

“The gift of life You have given us is beyond the greatest poetry, beyond the greatest imagination, beyond my greatest dreams and contemplation. The universe You have created and bestowed upon us is a nectar we have not yet allowed ourselves to taste, all because of preconceived ideas, and our not daring to. It seems we would rather stay with the known, find comfort even in its discomfort, rather than to risk a leap into the seemingly Unknown.

“God, despite my reluctance, I know there is something more for me. To call You the Something More is insufficient. The Truth of what You offer to us so willingly and graciously is far beyond something more.

“I know that You do not torment us. Yet there is plenty of evidence to prove that the world is tormented. Still, I have some awareness that there is evidence far beyond what I presently see that says otherwise. The world is a box within a box, and there is much tissue paper around each box. I have been so enthralled with the first box that I haven’t gotten to opening the others yet, even though I know they are there to be opened.

“I know You say that life is infinite, but I am still stuck on the finite. I am stuck on the big box I have presently opened. I haven’t even gotten to the next box. And I do understand that the smaller the box I open, the bigger it is. Yes, I begin to understand that there is always another box, and that the littlest is bigger than the biggest one presently in my hands.

“It is a great advance for me to know that I don’t yet know the whole story. If life is a book I read, I have read only one torn-out page, and I have presumed that I knew the whole story from this one torn-out page.

“I have the whole book before me, and it is written in ink that I do not yet see. The ink is indelible, but I think it seems invisible because my eyes have not yet seen.

“God in Heaven, open me to my own heart where Heaven is and You abide.”

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