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God said:

Will you remember that you are a Holy Being? This one thought will embolden your life on Earth. By dint of will or by chance, you are here, and it matters that you are here on Earth at this time. You are a Holy Being who happens to be in a physical body. Your physical body has its restrictions, and it has its fallacies. Yet you are not your body. You are not your physical presence.

Your physical presence exists, yet you are beyond physical. You are realms beyond. You are eons beyond. You are a miracle worker.

It may not seem so to you. You may see yourself as a drudge. You may see yourself as wanting. However, you are far more than your eye can see. Isn’t that the Truth, beloveds? Haven’t you always known that? Why would you be dissatisfied unless you were greater than whatever anyone in the world thinks of you? Public opinion isn’t much. It is fly by night.

Go by your own recognition now. Go by your own suppositions now. Go by My appraisal.

You are a miracle that I created. You keep waiting for miracles when you, yourself, are one of the great miracles visited upon Earth. The stars have nothing on you. The stars are amazing, beautiful, and bountiful, and so are you.

Know yourself as an unlimited miracle. You can change the face of the Earth.

You are on an unmapped journey. You have all the choices in the world and in Heaven. Never mind the past. You have a present, and you have what you perceive as future. You are all one ball of wax. You are incomparable. You are Vastness encompassed in a body. This in itself is a miracle. You are a wonder of wonders. You are not a minor miracle. Do not sell yourself short.

Every minute of the day, you are embarking on a new journey. You are not locked in. Don’t let yourself be. You are unlimited. You can reach the rainbows, and you can ride on them. You are greater right now than your present thinking may allow. You surpass your present thinking. You are here on Earth for wonders to perform.

You are a Great Light on Earth. You may have turned on a dimmer switch in your awareness, yet regardless of what disguise you take on, you are My Greatness on Earth. You are My coin, so to speak. You are more than a token Being of God.

We have a contract, you and I, and Our contract is inviolable. Take My word for it that you have a great purpose on Earth to fulfill, and your purpose is greater than whatever you can imagine. You are Columbus sailing to an unknown land. Columbus thought he knew his destination, yet he wound up somewhere else. You don’t even have an inkling of your destination, yet you are sailing there. You are on your way. You are on an illustrious journey. You are full of promise, beloveds.

Follow the waves where they take you. Honor your holiness. Bob along on the High Seas, and know that you are far deeper than you let on. Know that you carry Greatness. Know that you deliver it. As yet, you have no idea how great life is, even your life that you consider mundane. Your life is out of this world. Your life is a mystery, and your life is a miracle.

It is time for you to recognize your miracle-dom. The Kingdom of Heaven is within you, yes, you! All the power of God is invested within you. I, God, am within you. I may appear to be outside you, even at a distance from you, yet I am deep in your heart, and your soul is deep. We are journeying together, and, now, let Us create miracles and know that the perceived you, no matter how you perceive yourself, is one of My Greatest Miracles. So be it.

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