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God said:

Be open-hearted. Wave your heart around the universe so that the universe may absorb love. Love flows through your heart, in and out. Your heart is awash in love, love awash in itself. Like white on white, love is embedded in love, many-layered love, tilted at many angles, indistinguishable love, infinite love, tremendous love knowing nothing but its blazing self.

With love it is as if a shaft of light from Heaven enters the crown of your head and penetrates through your physicality entirely. The light of love radiates your entire Being. It opens every cell, every atom, and you are clearly pure Being shining. You are a pure Being of Love. Do not allow yourself to believe otherwise. Charcoal cannot adhere to love. It washes off. Charcoal cannot affect love.

You are solely love. Whatever you may have stuck on top of love must dribble away. In the process of life, you are learning that love alone is, and that you are pure unmitigated love. Why would you keep anything else to you?

That which you see as non-love is nothing but a mud pie. Mud pies cover up the goldenness of love but damage it not one whit. There is nothing that can damage love. Only sometimes love can be hidden for a little while, but hidden does not mean absent. It means unseen.

But even unseen, love is readily available. It is available for you to give, and it is available for you to receive. Love is 100% available all the time. There never is a shortage.

Even the ugliness you notice in the world is love turned upside-down. It certainly is not right-side up. But upside-down can be turned right-side up.

Keep your vision high, and you will be more aware of love and of the love in your own heart. The love in your own heart is exquisite.

Time and time again you fuss in life, and time and time again you come to ask yourself: “What was all the fuss about?” It was about nothing, you discover. It seemed so large at the time, but now you see it was nothing, nothing at all, pure waste of time, pure waste of love the hours you spent in closing your heart.

But now you are learning to open your heart and to keep it open so that the flow of love is effortless. Once you have set the thermostat of your heart, It goes by itself. Uninterfered with, love reigns. There is no contest when it comes to love. There is no competitor. Nothing equals it. Nothing comes near it. Nothing is more available than love.

Listen again to what I say: There is nothing but love. Love created love. Love cannot create anything else.

Nor could I. Nor would I. I, Who know love alone, create love alone. Created in My image, you are love. Will you stop fighting that inevitable fact?

Your heart is innocent. The mind covers up your heart. Your mind would mask the heart. Why, even as you read My words now, you are thinking, “Sure, God, there is nothing but love in creation. That’s why there is cruelty. That is why there are wars. Tell me another story.”

I am telling you a true story. When everyone can consider even the possibility that they are love and that love alone exists, ugliness will disappear. There is no saved place for ugliness. When there is no place for it, it can only leave.

This is not a trick of the mind I am giving you. The trick of the mind is that you believe in less than love, and you uphold it, and you find evidence for it, and you feel self-righteous about the proof you find. Aha, you say.

Now find proof of love, though, of course, it needs none. It need only be cherished. Love love, and you will know the Truth of Life and you will see the world — the world as you have perceived it — change before your very eyes.

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