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God said:

When the spoon stirs the pot, there is a disturbance. The soup is not changed. It is stirred and kept from sticking. And you are like a pot that is stirred, for life stirs you. With each stirring, something is accomplished. You are stirred for a reason. And when the stirring is finished, you return to stillness.

You do not need to be disturbed so much by what disturbs you. Stirring has a purpose. Stirring is good. It is not to be avoided.

Regardless of what sets you in motion, whether you stir yourself or life gets up and stirs you, you progress. It may seem to you that you are going round and round and getting nowhere, but your progress is spherical.

Soup is made of ingredients. When the soup is stirred, the ingredients unified become greater than the ingredients separate. And you, you are the same ingredients whether you are moiling around or staying still. Stirring calls attention to the greater mix you are.

It is not always comfortable to be stirred, but since when was the gauge of your life its comfort?

You cannot rise to new heights without getting out of where you are sitting. You cannot grow and stay the same. You can fight change, but on the surface of life, you cannot be unchanged. And whatever you may think, you are always ready for it.

You may fear the unknown, but the element of change is not unknown, so why fear it. And change is only on the surface. Only the skin of life changes. All change is geared to restore you to wholeness.

Restoring you to wholeness is merely restoring your awareness. Life nudges your memory. Your wholeness is not at stake. But your recognition is. In fire or in cold, your wholeness is. No matter how stirred, you are intact. Wholeness comes to know itself. Wholeness goes nowhere. It stays with you. You go out to play and you forget about wholeness, but wholeness sticks with you through thick and thin. Soup is soup, after all. And you are wholeness.

The process of life exalts you. If you knew Who you were, you would feel exaltation. You would know the heights to which you stand. Not even debasement would lower you. You are beginning to find out the incredible power that is yours. You learn and progress and come to know yourself better.

When all is said and done, you return to yourself. You are inescapable. You are learning to bow down to yourself. You are learning to respect that which God made. What is holiness but respect and reverence for what I have made?

When you have respect and reverence for what I have made, you will find that you love yourself. Regardless of any momentary condition, no matter how the surface appears, no matter what estimation the world holds you in, no matter what you wear, you will give holiness deference and abide by it.

Life stirs you so you will become still and recognize the God within. What other purpose could life serve?

Hold in mind that life is serving you. It knows what it is doing. And you must know that you are far beyond whatever life holds for you. You are far beyond all your thoughts. You are far beyond your greatest vision. This is all another way of saying that you are close to Me. Far beyond is right here in your heart with Me.

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