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God said:

Beloveds, a feast is heaped before you, and all you have to do is eat. Life is the feast before you. There is plenty for you. Perhaps you don’t need to turn your nose up and be petulant. Perhaps you can accept the food before you, and dig in, while it is still before you. You do not want to live your life in backward glances.

The life before you does not have to be perfect, as you define perfect. Sometimes it will seem too hot or too cold, in portions too big or too small, presented one way or another. There will always be something you can find fault with. You might as well like the food that is before you and just go ahead and eat. You do not have to pick at it or investigate each piece.

If everything has to be perfect before you deign to engage with it, you will forever hover in life. You may dip a toe into the swimming pool and consider it, but that is not the same as diving in. Life is finding out what it is like. That is life. Jump into the water and swim. You cannot figure out all the moves and conditions ahead of time. Life is not a waiting game. It is a game to enter. All are welcome. You are invited to join.

There is no point in waiting anyway because you are already in the middle of life. There really is no edge to the pool where you can just sit and think about it. To one degree or another, you are in the stream of life. You might as well know where you are and go on from there, moving right along, for life is motion.

Sometimes commotion. Sometimes emotion. But life on earth is always motion, for life is to be lived, not speculated about.

All you learn in life is so you can move on it. You cannot hold life still. It is moving right along with or without your approval. In any case, you will be pulled along with it. You cannot step outside life.

You are on a skating rink. Go ahead and skate, the same way as, when you are in a pool, you swim.

If you are on a roll, roll with it. If you are not on a roll, roll anyway.

If you are in a pit, climb out of it. Maybe it is not so deep as you think. And, of course, you lend a helping hand to anyone else there simply because you happen to be nearby and can.

Life is to be entered into and enjoyed. What else is there to do with it? You don’t have to fall down. Stumble all you may, but pick yourself up and keep going. Keep coming to My heart.

Understanding is wonderful. I encourage it. But life even goes on without your understanding. Your understanding is not a requirement. That you keep moving right along — that is a requirement. That is life. Nothing else is.

You may find yourself on stage under a spotlight and have no idea how you got there. You’re not sure what you’re supposed to do. But you do know you are supposed to do something and so you walk to the front of the stage, and you say something, and you do something. Bravo.

When the curtain comes down, then you can walk off stage. Meanwhile, you are on stage. The curtain is up. You rise to the occasion. The universe has counted on you, and now it applauds you for your engaging appearance on the stage of life. Applaud yourself. Now I am throwing you a bouquet of flowers.

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